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  • File : 1309741327.png-(478 KB, 553x943, CommanderQuestPostOne.png)
    478 KB Commander Quest CVIII Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/03/11(Sun)21:02 No.15464771  
    >last time: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/15437373/
    >the irc on sup/tg/ is #CommanderQuest
    >goin without the summary until the end of the campaign, as action threads tend to fill up a hell of a lot quicker

    Agrenus breaks the silence "If they have arcanists, they will use them to keep their camp secure until they are ready for us, no doubt.History has shown the Desert Lords to be amongst the most adaptive of the Uurlanthi Lords."

    Renol heaves a sigh "It is late, we are better off letting our men rest. Come morning we can harass their aerial knights with our own flying cavalry wings, while the rest of us brace for the first probe. Justinian, I wouldnt be surprised if they sent a force to attempt to bypass us immediately as well."
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/03/11(Sun)21:13 No.15464890
         File1309741995.png-(827 KB, 3904x868, Pantheon v2.png)
    827 KB
    >bumping since its been a while since I showed up this early on a sunday due to Game of Thrones
    >> Starshadow 07/03/11(Sun)21:24 No.15464992
    Can we see the map again?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/03/11(Sun)21:27 No.15465020
         File1309742857.png-(26 KB, 930x801, Deployzone2.png)
    26 KB
    >heres the map of the immediate area, updated

    >innermost area is about mown-lawn height grass
    >next area is knee high
    >next area out is waist high
    >last area could hide a dwarf easily
    >> Maximus 07/03/11(Sun)21:29 No.15465045
    Don't think there's much we can do until the morning. I assume we have scouts trying to keep an eye on any force that might be bypassing us - aerial scouts using the night vision paste? Can't see how else we're going to scout any bypassing force.

    Only other idea might be to send out Blackbird and his people but I imagine they need some rest.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/03/11(Sun)21:42 No.15465176
         File1309743730.jpg-(1.45 MB, 4493x3158, Fusion3.jpg)
    1.45 MB
    >anyone have a second, or second opinion to toss up?
    >> Taffer 07/03/11(Sun)21:50 No.15465246
    Seconding this. We need more info. As Max stated, a quick NV-assisted flyby is fine. Maybe tell the night guards to be more alert tonight as they may spring an attack.
    >> Starshadow 07/03/11(Sun)21:51 No.15465256
    Does blackbird have any poisons or such that take a while to activate?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/03/11(Sun)22:00 No.15465335
    You sigh as well "We will be unable to do much of anything until morning, or our foes make their move. All I can really recommend at the moment would be a fight attack from our aerial cavalry."

    Salvius nods his head "Would you reccomend your own wings, or would you rather I send some of my wings?"

    Renol takes a drink from the cup of water he poured after being called to the huge tent " I would suggest we send Vibius' flyers, both to keep the surprises Justinians have held in reserve a bit longer." he sets the cup down "And, I would not be surprised if there were to be a force attempting to slip past our line already, which means it would be best for Justinians entire force to be ready to move with very little notice."
    >> Maximus 07/03/11(Sun)22:04 No.15465380
    I can agree with Renol's plan for now. Perhaps get some of our birds in the air for scouting purposes to spot anyone trying to get past us. No point blindly going out to look for a bypassing force and since we're so outnumbered, we're left sitting here for now.
    >> Anonymous 07/03/11(Sun)22:10 No.15465442

    (New to the whole quest thread thing, but I'll give my two cents, if its cool. It looks like the entire place is something of a trap if you walk into it and fight on the enemy's terms. Especially if they are used to such terrain and have elements amongst their force suited to ambush and hiding out in the tall grass. However, if you have a disciplined and fast moving force you could use, you could perform a false retreat to draw out a portion of their forces, and then take them out on terrain that they did not choose.)
    >> Anonymous 07/03/11(Sun)22:20 No.15465545
    Don't forget we promised to talk with Vi later.
    >> Starshadow 07/03/11(Sun)22:25 No.15465592
    So Venol's plan is a go. Do some scouting in the morning just after dawn, keeping a watch for enemy troop movement.

    Before dawn our valks can use nightvision to do some scouting too, and get a look at the enemy camp. Fly as high as possible.

    If a target presents itself, rain some crossbow bolts onto it, but DO NOT descend and don't let it slow them down.
    >> Maximus 07/03/11(Sun)22:28 No.15465627
    Our valks don't need to get that close to their camp. Blackbird already gave us a good idea on what kind of troops they have and all we need to know is their location and if they're sending men out. I would prefer if they stay as far away from the camp as possible so they don't have to use the repeaters just yet. Hell, I don't want them to engage at all at this point since if any of them die, the desert lords might get a repeater they can fool around with.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/03/11(Sun)22:34 No.15465708
    You nod "I agree with your plan, Malcius" you reply, even though it is the mans request, the informality is strange to you. "Though, perhaps it would be better if the scouting wing were to use some moonseye paste. It has been a very short time since Blackbird and his raiders returned, but my medical staff has become quite skilled at making the stuff."

    Renol raises an eyebrow "Assuming that is the stuff that allowed you to earn your namesake, I would be glad to accept your offer, Justinian."

    Agrenus yawns "It would seem that that is the extent of our planning until morning. I will see you gentlemen then." at that, the white-haired dwarf stands, and strides from the tent." The other commanders voice similar opinions and leave as well, leaving you alone in the tent, realising that having Jayne around to keep you from tiring when you must be awake has... altered, your sense of what is devastatingly tired, and when sleep simply cannot wait.

    >so, anything else you wanna take care of before morning?
    >> Maximus 07/03/11(Sun)22:38 No.15465759
    All I can think of is keeping our promise to talk to Vi at this point. Don't think there's anything else we can do except get rest and prepare for our first engagement.
    >> Anonymous 07/03/11(Sun)22:38 No.15465761
    Uh... yeah? We promised to talk with Vi after the meeting and stuff.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/03/11(Sun)22:49 No.15465890
    You decide that you are not as tired as your peers, and head back out into camp to talk with Vi. You find her, in her own tent, idly growing a small tree, currently, into the shape of a rather viscous looking dagger. "Justinian!" she exclaims as you walk in, not bothering to pull her robes back up over her upper body, as she is noticeably sweating from crafting the dagger. "Did you need something, or are you just visiting?" she asks, wiping her brow with her robe.
    >> Maximus 07/03/11(Sun)22:51 No.15465920
    "Just keeping my promise to a lady. I remember you looking troubled earlier and I said I'd stop by after. How are things?"
    >> Anonymous 07/03/11(Sun)22:56 No.15465989
    "I always keep my promises, and have been wanting to talk to you as well. How have you been, and you looked troubled before... would you like to talk about it? Maybe I can help."
    >> Laurentius 07/03/11(Sun)23:07 No.15466117
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/03/11(Sun)23:15 No.15466189
    You smile, and drop into her only other stool "Simply keeping my promise from before. What is on your mind?"

    She shakes her head, before placing her hands a few inches from the growing plant and replying "We realize that we are the only member of your... retinue, that does not earn their place."

    You shake your head "Is that truly all? There is no rush, or need for you-"

    Vi cuts you off "So, we took one of the stray branches from the portions of Crestus Syptionus that had grown out of control when he killed the other hive, and we are making a blade from it. We may not be able to fight, but we can still pay our keep. We... we have learned that much about how society works to know that we DO owe that much.
    >> tactical routine omicron !/tOwVz0x0k 07/03/11(Sun)23:19 No.15466234
    "I had been meaning to talk to you, about finding your place. I feel responsible for your being here, as I was the one who asked Nyetini if a human could be brought out of a hive once placed. I later asked her for guidance in regards to yourself, and she said she would always be more than welcoming should you decide to ever become one of her priestesses."
    >> GoldPanda 07/03/11(Sun)23:20 No.15466239
    Make sure that we get some rest after talking to Vi. It's gonna be a long day.
    >> Taffer 07/03/11(Sun)23:20 No.15466251
    And how would you like to do so, Vi? There are many ways for you to do so. Some of which are not immidiate or violent in nature. You could teach in my academy, be an advisor for the group that will be hunting Loukys, assist the rebuilding of the temples by becoming a priestess of Nyetini, or even becoming a singer. The world is open to you, Vi, and I will help you achieve your goal, although I hope you don't choose the last one I mentioned.
    >> Anonymous 07/03/11(Sun)23:21 No.15466261
    "Vi, listen to me. You do not owe me anything. I saved you because you deserved better than to lose yourself to that, and I keep you safe because I care for you. When she first arrived Lena was unskilled in even the basics of magic... indeed, did not even know what it was. With time you will know what you wish to do in life, and I do not need you to repay me for something I am doing willingly."
    >> tactical routine omicron !/tOwVz0x0k 07/03/11(Sun)23:23 No.15466274
    fff, hit submit just as I thought of something else.

    Add: "What help you can give will be appreciated. You have so many things only you are capable of if you just put your mind to it."
    >> Maximus 07/03/11(Sun)23:23 No.15466276
    "Is this what you want to do though? There are other ways you can help. Our life elementalists could always use additional help saving lives if you can stand being around the aid tent. Regardless, I don't want you to feel like you owe us anything. We saved you because what was done to you was wrong."
    >> Laurentius 07/03/11(Sun)23:32 No.15466358
    seconding these
    >> Anonymous 07/03/11(Sun)23:33 No.15466371
    We should really see about trying to get Vi on speaking terms with Laelith. She's a smart girl and clearly likes books, if she could become a sort of secondary researcher...
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/03/11(Sun)23:40 No.15466433
    You shake your head "You owe me nothing, Vi. It was I who convened with Nyetini to see you released from your life as a hive. That is why I took it upon myself to see that you are properly equipped to deal with the world as it is. If you wish to repay me, I will not stop you, but know that it is not necessary at all... and that there are alternatives to crafting weapons."

    Vi stops her work, the dagger now closer to the size of one of Sansas long-knives. The former Loukys hive turns to face you, a bead of sweat falling from her nose, and another from her bust "How else could we... serve, you?" she asks, pausing both in confusion, and most likely in search of the proper word, though if her face is any indication she did not like the one she settled on.

    You smile warmly "You could aid in the medicae tent, if you wish to continue to travel with the maniple. You could teach at my academy, and, once it has been moved to its new loacation you could advise the Loukys Hunters as well, or simply do the latter. Nyetini indicated to me that she would be more than receptive of you if you wished to server her as a Priestess, which would help me, as it would mean that the Temple of the Ten would be completed all the sooner."

    The woman ponders silently for a while, before responding "We, we will travel with you until your new academy and barracks for the Loukys Hunters is prepared. We, we are not sure how we will be able to be of the most help until then however... our knowledge of human, dwarf and lacertan bodies is not the same as that of loukys bodies are."
    >> Maximus 07/03/11(Sun)23:48 No.15466492
    "I know it may be difficult for you but perhaps you could try to overcome your discomfort of Laelith. She won't hurt you and the two of you could probably work well together in researching various things. If you're really uncomfortable, I can be there with you if you want to try being around her."
    >> Anonymous 07/03/11(Sun)23:48 No.15466500
    "That is fine. As with so many other things, you need only learn. You are smart and work hard, anyone would be glad to have you help and learn. I will always help you and teach you as much as I can, but there will be many things that you will learn as you come to understand the world more. Until you feel you have learned enough, though, I will always be here for any questions you will have and help you in any way I can."

    Then I would say give her a hug and ask about the dagger she's made so far.
    >> tactical routine omicron !/tOwVz0x0k 07/03/11(Sun)23:50 No.15466519
    "Most medicae staff apprentice to a senior staff member for a while. As well, it is not unheard of to have dissections of fallen enemy soldiers both for education and discovery during down periods. Your talent as a life elementalist should come in handy there, seeing as you could use it on instinct from the moment you could speak at my level."
    >> GoldPanda 07/03/11(Sun)23:50 No.15466522
    "We could always use more help in producing medicines, salves, and moonseye paste. Your help would free up our medics to tend to our sick and wounded. I'm sure your insights would also be a great boon to our life elementalists, many of whom are still getting used to their symbiotic vines.
    >> Taffer 07/03/11(Sun)23:52 No.15466533
    Then you can apprentice under under my cheif surgeon. He's also a life elementalist so there are things you might be able to teach him.

    I don't mind if Vi becomes our concubine, but she has to make the first move. I'd personally prefer her to have a romantic relationship with vine guy, Crestus, I beleve his name was.
    >> Anonymous 07/03/11(Sun)23:53 No.15466541
    "You only need to do what you feel is best, and what you want to do. If you would like, you could help Laelith research things since you seem to like books. She is not a bad person, and I love her dearly... I would like it if the two of you could become friends. She knows much, and I'm sure that she could help you in many ways."

    Also seconding this.
    >> 風林火山 07/03/11(Sun)23:54 No.15466545
    There is a need to place those sensor arcana we got a while go.

    Find Blackbird and use his knowledge of the land to place them at strategic spots where he expects the enemy to attempt to infiltrate past us.

    A watch will need to be established to monitor the main crystal with orders for us to be awakened once that thing gives off an alert.
    >> Anonymous 07/03/11(Sun)23:55 No.15466555
    >I'd personally prefer her to have a romantic relationship with vine guy, Crestus, I beleve his name was.
    Eh, I don't like that idea. If Vi moves on anyone it should be of her own accord. We shouldn't try to set up anything with her with anyone except maybe us.

    But yes, we can tell her we care about her and be friendly with her. I wouldn't mind her being a concubine and would even like it but she should decide it's what she wants. We shouldn't force it on her.

    And honestly I think there's a good chance of it.
    >> Laurentius 07/03/11(Sun)23:57 No.15466565
    seconding all of these especially Taffer's point about vi
    >> Anonymous 07/03/11(Sun)23:59 No.15466581

    we can set it up but in the end it's her choice
    >> Maximus 07/03/11(Sun)23:59 No.15466588
    Don't think we should force her into the medicae tent. If she wants to do it, she can. Plus with how she is, I won't lie in saying I'm kind of worried she might do something silly in healing someone.
    >> tactical routine omicron !/tOwVz0x0k 07/04/11(Mon)00:03 No.15466610
    Ok, changing my vote to this.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/04/11(Mon)00:10 No.15466654
    You sigh "If you wish, you could work with my chief surgeon, as an assistant and apprentice during this campaign, or, perhaps, you could help Laelith with her studies."

    Vi bristles, and looks away "We... we are still frightened of the f- of Laelith."

    You scoot over to drape an arm around her reassuringly, totally nonplussed by the fact that she is nude from the waist up "Laelith... she wishes you no harm. I lover her dearly, and she truly is a kind, loving soul. If you give her a chance, you will learn that as well."

    She shakes her head slightly "We... we know that we should try, if we are to work with her, but..." she pauses, and takes a deep breath "perhaps, perhaps i you were there... she does obey you."
    >> tactical routine omicron !/tOwVz0x0k 07/04/11(Mon)00:13 No.15466673
    "Trust me, Laelith no more wishes to harm you than she would wish to harm Jayne or Crestus. It's her fire element that frightens you, isn't it?"
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/04/11(Mon)00:13 No.15466674
    "I would be glad to be there. You might be interested to know that once, when I first met Laelith, she was just as scared to talk to the others as you are of talking to her. I think the two of you might have much more in common than you think. Give her a chance."

    "So... would you like to tell me about the blade you have grown so far?"
    >> Anonymous 07/04/11(Mon)00:17 No.15466703
    >> Maximus 07/04/11(Mon)00:19 No.15466718
    Ohshi- Vedibere reads Commander Quest?

    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/04/11(Mon)00:34 No.15466840
    You smile warmly "Of course I will be there, Vi, the two of you may have more in common than you realize. Now, would you care to tell me about the blade you are crafting?" you press, hoping to change the topic to something she is more comfortable with.

    Vi shakes her head, before turning to face you again "We are crafting it from a syptionus vine, and, unless we have made a mistake, all but the finest of blades will be unnable to cut it. Once the sword is done, we will add toxins... Crestus' vine is so very useful for that, and the wood of syptionus holds and secretes toxins very well if properly soaked before allowed to fully perish." she blushes slightly "We, we know that you insist that we owe you nothing, but you need a proper weapon."
    >> Laurentius 07/04/11(Mon)00:38 No.15466878
    "I appreciate the gift. Speaking of crestus, what do you think of Him?
    >> tactical routine omicron !/tOwVz0x0k 07/04/11(Mon)00:39 No.15466891
    >> Taffer 07/04/11(Mon)00:41 No.15466904
    >> Anonymous 07/04/11(Mon)00:41 No.15466905
    "If you want to make it then I will not tell you no, but I don't want you hurting or exhausting yourself doing it. You are more important to me than any blade, and if it would harm you I would rather use the one I have already. Thank you for your concern though either way, Vi."
    >> Maximus 07/04/11(Mon)00:42 No.15466912
    I'm curious. I remember people saying you didn't want us hooking up with Vi since she doesn't understand the world and all that and it would be like going out with a child. How come people are so eager to try to hook her up with plant dude then?

    "Then I'll gladly accept this gift from you when it's ready. Take your time and don't rush it."
    >> Anonymous 07/04/11(Mon)00:42 No.15466917
    No, stop that.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 07/04/11(Mon)00:43 No.15466919
    I would rather we not try to influence her to fall in love with X Random Person, thanks.
    >> Laurentius 07/04/11(Mon)00:46 No.15466940
    not trying to influence her in any way I'm just curious about how she feels about him
    >> Anonymous 07/04/11(Mon)00:47 No.15466958
    I was busy posting this
    so I didn't see
    but I disagree we shouldn't try to hook her up with Crastus wtf? I thought it was going to be her choice?
    >> Laurentius 07/04/11(Mon)00:53 No.15467008
    it will be I just want to know what she thinks about him
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/04/11(Mon)00:57 No.15467041
    You smile warmly "And I will gladly accept the gift, just dont over-exert yourself crafing it."

    Now it is Vis turn to smile "We thought that you had already learned from Jayne, life elementalists do not become exhausted, we save others from such fates."

    You shake your head, sighing "I suppose you are right. So, I take it you have been working with Crestus lately?"

    Vi shrugs "He is busy often, and not the most interesting of people. We find Kyria to be more engaging conversation, to be honest." is her reply, as she turns to go back to work on what will eventually be your blade.

    >so, anything else for Vi, or move on to the morning?
    >> Maximus 07/04/11(Mon)01:00 No.15467079
    Let's move on. If we want to talk to her more, let's wait until she's done with the blade and let's move on to the morning and see what surprises the Desert Lords will have for us.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/11(Mon)01:00 No.15467082
    Tell her to remind and come get us before she visits Laelith (like she will forget, hah!) and to be careful. Life elementalist or not, we've see them run out of juice before. She's not as vulnerable to exhaustion, but should still be careful.

    ...maybe we should ask her if she can warp the wood grains into the shapes of runes, since she's friends with Kyria. A poisoned sword that has a permanent anti-magic rune. Heh heh.
    >> tactical routine omicron !/tOwVz0x0k 07/04/11(Mon)01:06 No.15467149
    >> GoldPanda 07/04/11(Mon)01:16 No.15467267
    Get some sleep! We can't keep using Jayne like a mobile battery.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/04/11(Mon)01:23 No.15467333
         File1309757026.png-(14 KB, 930x623, Enemycamp.png)
    14 KB
    You chuckle "You may be more difficult to tire out, but you can still overwork yourself. Do be careful, Vi." you reply, as you rise and walk from her tent. the rest of the night passes fairly uneventfully, as nights go for you. With Laelith studying, and Kyria working on her runes, it is only you, Jayne and Sansa... not that you are complaining.


    The next morning starts quite early, as a runner from Commander Renol awakens you, though Sansa and Jayne springing up as quickly as you sends the poor soldier into a deep blush. Once you reach the Central Command Tent, those same two women in tow, the meeting is just begining, all three commanders and their aides hunched over a rough sketch. "Justinian, I do apologize if my man interrupted anything, but we need your input as well."

    Salvius chuckles, shaking his head "Malcius' man got a very good look at our foes camp. From the look of it, they had some earth elementalists create a series of walls of sorts, using stone spikes of varying height. They erected several spires as well... most likely using the same technique, as I recall you bragging that you could create spikes of that size on our ride here."

    "Is the cordoned off area..."

    "Yes" Agrenus interrupts you "Zales brought their slaves."

    "And, it would seem that we were right about our foes moving early today." the turban-clad commander adds "A detachment of rabble is moving across the field, and a combined force of soldiers is gathering at the rear entrance to the enemy camp." All present turn to look at the man, confused. "My pegasi riders have the watch this morn, they signaled me as I made my way here."
    >> Anonymous 07/04/11(Mon)01:27 No.15467364
    Operation Steel Rain? I'd like to down as many of their aerial cavalry as possible before the fight so we will have the ability to drop nastiness on their heads with impunity during it.
    >> Maximus 07/04/11(Mon)01:27 No.15467371
    "I assume nothing on any force trying to bypass us? Regardless, it might be time to send out more aerial scouts to ensure that. Did your man get an idea on how many troops had arrived at the camp?"
    >> tactical routine omicron !/tOwVz0x0k 07/04/11(Mon)01:32 No.15467427

    No steel rain yet. We need to thin their numbers first. Save it for the second-to-last FUCK YOU before we curb stomp their shit.
    >> Maximus 07/04/11(Mon)01:34 No.15467450
    It's mostly rabble coming at us. So it's either a distraction or probe into our tactics. I'd say limit our use of our repeaters and no steel rain for now. Let's not tip our hand too much although I imagine one of the other maniple will engage them at this point.
    >> Maximus 07/04/11(Mon)01:36 No.15467486
    In reference to why I asked on what kind of numbers they had at the camp - it might be worth trying to push to their camp and destroying the outer earth walls with an earth elementalist if only parts of their force have arrived and we have the time to do that. See if we can get the slaves out of there since I imagine Eago might appreciate that.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/11(Mon)01:45 No.15467576
    If we can manage that then more than just Eago would appreciate it.

    Plus, we hate slavery.
    >> GoldPanda 07/04/11(Mon)01:52 No.15467645
    I think they know about our repeaters by know.

    The enemy have numerical advantage in air cavalry. We need to even up the odds fast, otherwise it will be the enemy dropping crap on us, not the other way around.

    I say:

    1. Loan the other commanders some of our siege equipment, if they need them.

    2. Offer them air support with our air cavalry as well.

    3. If they decline air support, maybe some sort of high-altitude air raid into their main base while they probe our lines. If not steel rain, then just drop oil jars and fire arrows.

    4. As previously agreed, our maniple hangs back and catches any enemy forces that try to push through or bypass our lines.

    5. Depending on how many elementalists/arcanists the enemy deploys, we might have to send our elementalist corp to reinforce our front lines.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/04/11(Mon)01:53 No.15467654
    You sigh "Do you have any idea on the numbers at their camp, or the forces we can assume are martialing to attempt to move past our own forces during the battle?"

    Renol shakes his head "Unfortuanately we do not, Justinian. My best guess would be that the force is no larger than you own. These slaves, if Blackbird is to be believed, and, as he was quite accurate with his troop count I see no reason why he wouldnt be, are mostly generational slaves, brought from home. Such folk believe that it is their rightful place to die at the bidding of their masters."

    You sigh "Now would be a bad time to utilize the iron bolts and arrows I had prepared to be dropped from our aerial cavalry then. Perhaps harass them with our own cavalry, and let them die on our traps."

    Agrenus shakes his head "It is a shame to waste the asset on them, but it is better than having our soldiers butcher slaves."

    Jayne steps forward to interject "Commanders, the enemy has griffons, and as you have already expressed that you would rather Justinians flyers remain with his forces, to ensure his efforts are successful, how will your own flying cavalry deal with them?"

    Salvius shrugs "My own griffon riders and flying cavalry will likely be engaged in a more traditional engagement above the slaves. It will no doubt be over by the time the main Uurlanthi force is ready to move. I doubt my men could be properly trained to use repeaters in the time we have, which is no doubt running short."
    >> GoldPanda 07/04/11(Mon)01:55 No.15467678
    Also, Raynha might be willing to put up some free aid if we are rescuing the slaves. Or we can save up the brownie points for later, in case any of our captains get wounded again.
    >> tactical routine omicron !/tOwVz0x0k 07/04/11(Mon)02:01 No.15467743
    >are mostly generational slaves, brought from home. Such folk believe that it is their rightful place to die at the bidding of their masters."

    Don't think they'll take help from us. It's sad, but we may just have to give the usual "stand up for your right to not die" speech and hope for the best.
    >> Taffer 07/04/11(Mon)02:01 No.15467745
    OK so no slave rescue. Fine. I think we leave Kyria's regiment here to help with the anti-air and help the others cope with their new repeaters. Then lets go scout for any flankers.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/04/11(Mon)02:17 No.15467924
    You sigh "It is a shame that anyone could be so degraded as to think their rightful place in the world is as property, but it cannot be helped. If needed I will offer the aid of myself, my own rangers, and any other assets you feel necessary to ensure the aerial battle is a success. Aside from that, I will keep my own maniple on standby to deal with any possible flanking enemies, or any foes attempting to bypass us entirely."

    The other commanders nod in agreement, though it is Agrenus who replies "Will you be bringing your mage along as well? I would also like to request that it be commander Renols forces to deal with any slaves that make it through the trap fields. My maniple is ill-suited to receiving any manner of charge, and it is more... humane, for legionairy battalions to deal with such a force than it is for berserkers and warlords to do so."
    >> Anonymous 07/04/11(Mon)02:17 No.15467935
    If nothing else, we can give them the freedom of choice. Liberty, or Loyalty. Even if they choose to fight, I feel better about the deaths of loyal servants then I would a rabble of terrified unfortunates.
    >> Starshadow 07/04/11(Mon)02:19 No.15467960
    Sounds like a plan. Lets roll with it and see what happens when they arrive.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/11(Mon)02:21 No.15467975
    A waste. We would lose valuable men freeing almost nobody.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/11(Mon)02:23 No.15468001
    I would prefer to keep Lena with us. Better for her to stay with her "family" since Wulf is away. Keep her more grounded and less prone to do those heroic sacrifices that can be so problematic.
    >> tactical routine omicron !/tOwVz0x0k 07/04/11(Mon)02:23 No.15468002
    "I will be, yes. Lena is, until an actual unit has been trained, my sole source of mage hunting aside from myself."
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 07/04/11(Mon)02:32 No.15468083
    You nod in agreement "I will be, as she is my sole mage hunting asset until she finishes training the other mages I found in DragonsReach. Personally, I believe that this plan is quite solid, shall we set it into motion?"

    Renol and Agrenus both nod. Salvius replies "It could become rather bloody for my maniple, if they begin flanking attacks immediately, but yes, I agree with the plan."

    At that, the assembled commanders and their aides disperse to their own personal command tents, to see that their maniples are ready for the coming slaughter.

    >well, its gettin to be that time of the night, and if I go much further we'll be in a battle, so I'll call it here.
    >I'll be back tuesday at 9pmish server time
    >comeone archive please
    >if you have any CQ/setting questions just email me at paxcomquest@yahoo.com
    >> Anonymous 07/04/11(Mon)02:33 No.15468092
    Just be cautious when dealing with them, they might place hidden elite among the slave rabble, either to hide their best until they strike, or to give them thatelement of suprise.

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