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  • File : 1305347420.jpg-(14 KB, 134x128, 200px-logo_etnoginez.jpg)
    14 KB Ethnogenesis Quest Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)00:30 No.14919386  
    Your grand-grandfather in Russia just died, leaving you the sole inheritor of his meager possessions through his will. They include a small sum of money, several war-time regalia, a small box, closed with a wax seal (picrelated) and a letter.

    >Roll d100, highest of first three chooses.

    >Vote to determine gender and age.
    >Choose name.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)00:32 No.14919405

    AGE 20
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)00:33 No.14919419
    roll please
    also if someone is familiar with the series (it is only in Russia currently, so not likely, but still), please don't spoil.
    >> Secondary Overseer !H9RPpIGJhg 05/14/11(Sat)00:35 No.14919428
    rolled 71 = 71

    We are female and a trashy 22yo
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)00:35 No.14919432
    rolled 62 = 62

    Name: Elena Mikhailov
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)00:36 No.14919443
    rolled 6 = 6

    >> Secondary Overseer !H9RPpIGJhg 05/14/11(Sat)00:36 No.14919445
         File1305347811.jpg-(259 KB, 431x606, JennyMcCarthy4(Weeks).jpg)
    259 KB
    rolled 12 = 12

    Melinda Gretchev
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)00:39 No.14919469
    i should stop namefagging when im not running quests.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)00:42 No.14919503

    You're Elena Mikhailova, 22 years old.

    You're currently sitting in the main room of your three-room apartment in the Moscow suburbs, seeing the things of Grandpa Alexei before you, somewhat depressed. You knew that was going to happen sometime, but still.

    Opening the box you see a small grey metal figurine of a...
    >Roll d6, first chooses

    1. A spider
    2. A seahorse
    3. A wolf
    4. A snake
    5. An eagle
    6. A lion
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)00:43 No.14919518
    rolled 3 = 3

    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)00:43 No.14919519
    rolled 1 = 1

    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)00:45 No.14919541
         File1305348346.jpg-(82 KB, 420x420, 37574.jpg)
    82 KB
    nicely spotted. figurine of a wolf
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)00:49 No.14919583
         File1305348574.png-(65 KB, 222x297, 20.png)
    65 KB

    Once your fingers touch the small (around 3/4 of an inch at the biggest dimension) figurine, it vibrates once, slightly, as if your fingers got stinged by static, then lies still.

    It is already evening, your eyes feel like sandpapered, and you decide to leave off sorting the other things to tomorrow, it's a Sunday anyway.

    On a sudden impulse, you pick up the figurine and clutch it in your hand, twirling it between your fingers while you doze off.

    It both unsettles and reassures you.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)00:51 No.14919599
    It is now morning. You feel well-rested, the yesterday's sand in eyes is a distant memory.

    >Wat do?
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)00:52 No.14919616
    Go about normal daily routine, watch news.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)00:57 No.14919666
    Alright. what's our daily routine? What year is it?
    Who are our friends? What is our life?
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)00:57 No.14919668
         File1305349073.jpg-(10 KB, 89x40, 1289503707_000.jpg)
    10 KB

    While brushing teeth and washing up, you see that something changed in your appearance. It takes you a couple of minutes to realize your eyes have changed color, and you're now sporting ble and green boatlights for some reason.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)00:59 No.14919688

    2011, Russia (Moscow), student in a State University (you study for being a civil servant), student friends, both male and female, a boyfriend.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)01:06 No.14919779
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)01:10 No.14919831
    call your doctor and make an appointment to make sure nothing is wrong.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)01:18 No.14919946

    You don't have a family doctor. Making way to a hospital where you made an appointment, you take your little Peugeot and pull out on the road. You realize that your eyesight is completely unimpaired.

    Around ten minutes in, your car is overtaken by some 6'5 guy in an old Soviet classic, who clips you on the left behind light and stops in front of you, getting out of his car.

    You're okay if a bit whiplashed from braking, your car is functional, but cosmetic damage is there.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)01:18 No.14919953
    was me
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)01:26 No.14920046
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)01:37 No.14920166
         File1305351465.png-(561 KB, 400x600, 1305101270526.png)
    561 KB
    walk out as well.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)01:41 No.14920208
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)01:41 No.14920218
    please roll.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)01:47 No.14920274
    rolled 6 = 6

    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)01:53 No.14920326

    Nevermind, it's for tiebreakers, and there is no tie here.

    The big guy starts shouting at you, while you walk up to him.

    To the tune of "You bought your driving license, who let you on the road!?"

    You feel a slight vibration in your pocket. The guy trails off.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)02:02 No.14920416
    rolled 13 = 13

    Settle things in a civil, calm manner, like two grown adults with the proper mental maturity would
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)02:06 No.14920450

    the guy shuts THE FUCK UP when you start talking to him.He agrees to all your terms, reimburses the repair cost and MOVES THE FUCK out of dodge.

    Apparently, he was intimidated.

    The vibration in your pocket ceases.
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 05/14/11(Sat)02:08 No.14920469
    rolled 96 = 96

    by the way, the dice is 1d100 at all times, I just use noko to stick with the thread

    Seems like we are ALPHA as fuck, but that is meta.....
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)02:10 No.14920488
    rolled 19 = 19

    Proceed to hospital. Attempt to not laser eye anyone. Also attempt to not intimidate the fuck out of people.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)02:10 No.14920495

    You're a waifish 22 year old girl. Apparently not.

    >reach in pocket
    >move on
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 05/14/11(Sat)02:13 No.14920521
    rolled 8 = 8

    other......maybe we should go check our car to make sure nothing is really wrong with it, I mean, I figure we have SOME mechanical experience since I know /tg/ likes their girls to be a bit gruff.....
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)02:20 No.14920592

    After a prolonged series of tests, the doctor tells that you have quite normal vision. He does not believe you that the heterochromia is not inborn at first.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)02:21 No.14920603

    the left behind light is ruined. Otherwise okay.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)06:53 No.14922575
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)09:19 No.14923252
    what is this?

    a quest thread?

    lets see how it is...
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)09:27 No.14923281
    >2011, Russia (Moscow), student in a State University (you study for being a civil servant), student friends, both male and female, a boyfriend.
    >a boyfriend.

    What. We have romantic relationship already?
    You probably don't read a lot of Quests, do you OP?
    This is a bad decision because if /tg/ taught me anything, they like to choose their romance on their own


    Anyway, lets go back and see what else Granpa left us
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)11:56 No.14924234
    my internet cut out, so I think this will be cut short until tomorrow morning.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)12:00 No.14924263
    There is a (yet unopened) letter. And some war-time regalia.

    >It's nothing really too romantic, just a guy you like and hang out a lot with mostly.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)12:24 No.14924435
    rolled 60 = 60



    Still waiting to see how good this quest will turn out to be. For now, there's not much to go on.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)12:28 No.14924475

    >To be fair, you missed half the hooks. I have soem tiem, so I'll continue this for a bit.

    >look in pocket?
    >go home, open the letter?
    >go to your favourite auto repair station?
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)12:35 No.14924532
    >implying a shameless OP bump
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)12:37 No.14924557
    rolled 93 = 93

    Where are we right now?

    LEts go back home and see all other shit that was left for us.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)12:49 No.14924654
    rolled 56 = 56

    Also, look in pocket
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)13:53 No.14925248
         File1305395602.jpg-(17 KB, 324x300, color_ur_eyes.jpg)
    17 KB

    Apparently, you slipped the wolf figurine absent-mindedly in your pocket. Your fingertips tingle slightly when you touch it.

    You're now in the parking lot near the hospital. Before you pull out, you see an advert with a fashionable female model in the nearby chemist's/apothecary. The ad is for cosmetic eye-color-changing lenses.

    >buy lenses?
    >go home?
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)13:58 No.14925296
    rolled 16 = 16

    yeah, lets buy lenses so that our eyes look like they did before then go back home
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)14:01 No.14925320
    Buy lenses then go home and read the letter.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)14:18 No.14925453
    Spending some cash, you buy a pack of grey lenses.

    >Cash left: 1980 RUR
    >Credit card: +98000 RUR

    The letter is thus:

    Dear Lena

    If you're reading this then I have died. Enclosed you find something that belonged to me. The money is insignificant and I hope you'll use it to the best of your ability. I know you're a pretty down-to-earth girl, but know this. The figurine you will get in the box is otherworldly, and not the only one of its kind. It works only for some people though, so I was never able to figure out what this one does. My pal in the war met the carrier of the Owl. That guy was some elite night sniper, they said that he never misses as long as it's dark. I gave it to you once, when you were a child, and it reacted to you - I saw it in your eyes. Keep it close to you and use it as you see fit, if you even believe the postmortem ramblings of an old, senile man suffering from PTSD.

    Good luck to you,
    I love you always,
    Alexei Mikhailov

    On the other side, there is the same symbol as on the waxen seal on the box, then rows upon rows of nonsense cyrillic and numbers, in some pattern you cannot grasp, written out in your grand-grand-dad's steady and minute hand.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)14:27 No.14925520
    Magical figurines?

    TO THE INTERNET I SAY, Find out what they do and if there are more.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)14:30 No.14925548
    Indeed! Even if all we can find are rumors, that should be useful to know.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)14:33 No.14925570

    You find there has been an inquiry in Singapore that someone tried to kidnap a daughter of a high-standing foreign businessman. Apparently the would-be kidnappers belonged to a sect or cult which emphasized or was somehow connected to metal animal figurines, and one of them had heterochromia.

    Blue and green, in fact.

    Otherwise, except for tangentially connected shit similar to /x/ on a bad day or creepypasta, nothing relevant,

    The inquiry did not
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)14:34 No.14925580
    rolled 10 = 10


    But do it behind 7 proxies or something like that.
    I would think that someone is monitoring any searches and inquires concerned these things
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)14:35 No.14925589
    rolled 66 = 66

    Oh well,

    lets try to find out what else the figure can do for us except for intimidation
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)14:39 No.14925626
    rolled 84 = 84

    Where gramps lived? We should pay a visit and look for any additional clues. This wax seal looks interesting to say the least.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)14:39 No.14925627

    What exactly do you try to do?

    Once you consciously try to evoke it, it starts vibrating ever so slightly in your fingers. it's not visible though.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)14:43 No.14925663

    He lived in the deep-ass Moscow suburbs. Like 80 kms from center, in his own small house. He was 98.

    >Will expand on that line of thought once you finish testing the wolf
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)14:43 No.14925666
    Well. On the extreme off chance that there's some kind of built-in help guide, let's try to urge it to explain what it can do. If that doesn't do anything.... let's see if it makes us able to better smell things? Wolves have good senses of smell, right?
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)14:43 No.14925667
    rolled 72 = 72


    Honestly, I do not know.
    Do we feel stronger or faster? Can we sense presence of other people, maybe a better sense of smelling, hearing or vision?
    Change into sports clothing. I assume we try to jog in nearby stadium once in awhile, so go there and try out different things.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)14:44 No.14925679
    rolled 30 = 30

    try the same looking into a mirror
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)14:48 No.14925708
    Eh, my lukrfaggotry is painful and obvious. How do I roll w/o having mailto:?

    Also, a little not needed bump.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)14:50 No.14925739
         File1305399055.jpg-(211 KB, 1600x713, 1305264615680.jpg)
    211 KB

    Apparently, short of your vision being now 20/20 (you had small deficiencies in that regard from reading a lot and computer usage in studying, but nothing warranting glasses), your senses remain absolutely the same.

    Jogging in the stadium shows that your endurance limits are the same as before, but it is as if you're in a protective bubble no one enters.

    Currently there are several youths playing football, a couple joggers like yourself and a relaxing company of around 6 people at the edge, chilling with beers.
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)14:52 No.14925752

    Nothing changes. You feel as if not finding a target or direction, something pent up dissipates.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)14:57 No.14925802
    rolled 84 = 84

    Okay then. Let's look at one of the beer bottles (better tot est on an inanimate objecct that a person I think in case it's really dangerous) and focus on it.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)15:00 No.14925839
    rolled 94 = 94

    Walk over to someone busy, preferably irrated, ask him/her to use his phone. Observe reaction.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)15:02 No.14925854
    rolled 32 = 32

    Type "noko+dice+1d100" in e-mail field (without "")
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)15:03 No.14925861

    Focusing on bottle, nothing happens.

    >What is 'irrated'? My vocabulary does not know this, and English is not my primary language...
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)15:09 No.14925929
    Was >Irrated
    Should be >Irritated

    angered, provoked, or annoyed.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)15:10 No.14925950
    rolled 45 = 45

    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)15:12 No.14925969


    Looking around, you see that some guy at the far edge of the stadium is shouting in his mobile phone, using rather coarse language, flecks of saliva flying out of his mouth.

    Making a beeline for him, you see him clicking off in disgust.

    Asking for a call, you see him somewhat lose colour, but after some kind of inner deliberation he denies you, saying that he cannot really stay there. He turns to go...

    >you can feel the wolf vibrating in your pocket

    >try to actually intimidate him
    >try to plead
    >ignore him
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)15:13 No.14925979

    ок,ок, я понял

    irritated и irate оба подходят, да
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)15:15 No.14925996
    >>try to actually intimidate him


    And if that works give it back to him and tell him to go.
    Then we should go back home... I guess
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)15:17 No.14926027
    rolled 86 = 86

    No need to go power tripping and intimidating people just cause we have supernatural wolf parton thingy. It seems he'd shit his pants and do what we want.

    80km into Moscow burbs would be around 2h trip, right? I say we do that.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)15:24 No.14926097
    Archived on suptg

    I'd love to participate more, but I have to go drink myself to oblivion. When concluding tell us when to look for the next part.
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)15:35 No.14926216
    rolled 92 = 92

    >No need to go power tripping and intimidating people

    But what else could we do we our new-found powers if not powertrip over weak mortals?
    >> Anonymous 05/14/11(Sat)15:48 No.14926349
    rolled 90 = 90

    you should fix your connection, OP
    >> Gumilev !x59qz04G1I 05/14/11(Sat)15:52 No.14926380
         File1305402727.png-(72 KB, 222x297, 30.png)
    72 KB
    sory for the spotty updates, but I have to wrap this up for tonight.

    Will come back in 6-8 hours though.


    the supports are all sleeping

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