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  • File : 1304461704.jpg-(151 KB, 778x1134, bored_wizard.jpg)
    151 KB Omnipotence Quest XVI Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)18:28 No.14802429  
    >Other areas: Unchanged, not enough time has passed for anything meaningful to happen.

    >Focus: Heroes

    The twins are good at what they do.

    You’ve had this thought before, but it is undeniable when you view them in their element. The myriad traps you left around the demiplane are almost all defeated well before activating, and the few that do are dealt with with swiftness and skill. Where Tissa ran through the blasts of fire and lightning under her protective shell only to be felled by suffocation, the two teens proceed far more cautiously and easily reach the lab without incident.

    Unfortunately for them, you did not leave a terribly large amount of random treasure on hand. They stash what miscellaneous gear you created to fill the place out -- scrying orbs, utility trinkets, magical apparati, rare tomes -- and quickly move on to the “bedroom” section. Some enchanted robes, enchanted mirrors, some gems and jewelery that have been enchanted to provide various benefits or useful spells, but this is all they find.

    “What was with this guy, Liss? He doesn’t have /anything/ good! I thought he was supposed to be an archmage.” Lann grumbles, simultaneously using a telekinetic artifact to systematically rip loose all the floorboards and check beneath them.

    His sister shrugs in response as she rakes gems into a magical bag, “Hells if I know. Maybe he keeps everything in the vault? There are a lot of books all around this place too, maybe this was just a library or something?”

    “I guess. You finished?” he replies, and she nods, “Okay then, let’s head down and see what’s down there.”
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)18:29 No.14802439
    The two meet with even less success in the “vault” you created. Nothing here was ever intended to be prolonged, and you didn’t create more than the standard trinkets one would find in a household. Artifacts, exotic devices, and things of that nature were simply too troubling to come up with, and the displeasure at their haul is apparent in the twin’s body language. Roughly tumbling over shelves and cases to search behind, ripping apart floors and walls, and generally venting their frustration on the surroundings.

    It is amidst this display of petty rage your materialize, floating in your standard twenty-something robed form. No point in silly disguises or alternate forms in such a casual chat, after all, but perhaps a few powerful dewomers upon yourself... yes, there. Satisfied, you hover for a few seconds before clearing your throat, causing the duo to spin and face you with weapons readied.

    No attack, highly on guard, assessing strength. A few minor movements and you see various arcane devices on their forms come alive with energy -- visible only to you or those with similar ability to peer at the threads of reality itself. They read nothing other than “Magical”, “Powerful” and in one case, “Unknown.” Another flash of power and you see some dull golden over-ear hooks flare with energy then transmit telepathic messages back and forth, warded so heavily you doubt gods would be able to break them in the short time they exist.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)18:30 No.14802444
    Fortunately, it is well within your abilities.

    *I thought this guy was dead?* Liss sends, questioning and annoyed even in mental communication.

    *Me too. You get anything? All I can tell is he’s way tough.* A slight shake of his sister’s head and he continues, *Well, what are we going to do? Apologize and give the stuff back? We didn’t find anything good here and I don’t really want to try killing someone we can’t get a read on. Last time we tried... didn’t go well.*

    *Well you talk to him then,* the girl mentally replies, *I’ll try to set up in case he does something.*

    About five seconds have passed since you appeared before Lann nods to his sister and speaks; “Heeeeey there, sir. Sorry about the whole... thing with us taking your stuff.” Lann says with a smile, slightly lowering his blades but not relaxing at all. “We thought you were dead. You can have it all back if you want.” At this he smiles weakly and you note Liss slowly inching to your right and stealthily activating several thus-far-unused artifacts about her person.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)18:30 No.14802445
    Omnipotence Quest hell yes
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)18:39 No.14802517
    Part 1: http://archive.easymodo.net/tg/thread/14304400/
    Part 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14309655/
    Part 3: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14330103/
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    Part 5: http://archive.easymodo.net/tg/thread/14397582/
    Part 6: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14420843/
    Part 7: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14452357/
    Part 8: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14474488/
    Part 9: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14498610/
    Part 10: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14536106/
    Part 11: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14605848/
    Part 12: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14638251/
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    Part 14: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14728319/
    Part 15: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14757126/
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)18:41 No.14802535
    join the IRC on irchighway.net #Omniquest
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)18:54 No.14802618
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)18:56 No.14802632
    lets take the twins to our office (the one we used with laressa) and find out what the twins truly desire
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)18:58 No.14802642
    we need more input . Vedi needs more input from us for this quest to go anywhere
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:02 No.14802672
    "If I wished to harm you, you'd know. There's no need to 'set up', as you put it. I'm just here to talk."
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:04 No.14802690
    what we want is to watch something interesting.
    what the twins want is to be together forever.
    therefore I think we should set the twins on the path to godhood or after laressa's knife.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:12 No.14802751
    Okay, so I'm reading yesterdays thread and it seems as if someone wanted to talk to the twins and maybe do the whole "offer of whatever you want" thing like we did with Laressa. Wasn't overly specific on how to go about it though.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:12 No.14802756
    >“We thought you were dead. You can have it all back if you want.”
    no that's all right you have the wrong person. I'm here for a completely different matter.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:13 No.14802760
    I guess whoever sugested this course of action had somekind of plan?

    Transport them out of the vault near the entrance where the bodies are.
    Fix the rapidly decaying demiplane to pristine form
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:14 No.14802777
    I say first we pull them out of this collapsing demi-plane and into that office we used last time.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:19 No.14802806
    >damnit why is there never any players anymore?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:21 No.14802817
    >path to godhood
    or some other way for them to stay together (eg. immortality)
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:23 No.14802832
    It'd be damn helpful if there was a summary. I'm trying to read through all the old threads now, but still, little summaries every fifth thread or so would be greatly helpful.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)19:24 No.14802838
    A dull rumble shakes the room, and you see a wave of distorted reality -- like a heat shimmer, really -- flow from one end of the room to the other. The twins makes faces, and you nod absently, “I have no intent to harm you, or even take back what you’ve managed to gather. But I do feel that it might be wise to talk in a less... rapidly deteriorating location. Don’t you agree?”

    “Well I--” Lann begins, “--woah!” he finishes, brown leather boots thumping onto your red velvet rug. His sister wavers beside him, unsteady from the quick transport, and places a hand on his shoulder to catch her balance before looking around in shock.

    “Now then, that’s better don’t you think?” A smile, and you seat yourself behind the huge black oak desk. You wave them to the pair of comfortable chairs sitting in front of it, but they don’t oblige, instead remaining standing with their eyes darting about the room and a deathgrip on their weapons.

    “Well, no matter. Stand if you wish. I simply wish to ask you questions regardless.” You lean back into the plush comfort of your high-backed chair and appraise them slowly before continuing, “I have been watching you for quite some time. Quite some time. And I have begun to wonder... what is it you desire? What is it /you/ want? You follow the paladin, Lady Tissa Voldire... but you don’t seem to have any impetus to be there. So then, why do you follow?”

    “That’s a good question,” Liss says with a slightly annoyed edge, glancing to her brother. He simply rolls his eyes and sighs before responding, “She got us out of Mardana-Fel, and we don’t have anything else to do. Why do you care what we want?”

    You shrug in reply, and the twins glance to each other before Liss speaks up, “You first then, what do you want? Why have you been watching us?”
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:25 No.14802847
    Because people don't ever want to do anything half the time and when people try to hash out plans, people either say it's stupid and want to just watch or don't comment.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)19:26 No.14802849
    There seem to be a lot of players, seven or eight at least. It's not a lack of players, it's a lack of players actually doing anything other than lurking and reading.
    >> tha/tg/uy 05/03/11(Tue)19:31 No.14802893
    Don't answer their question and press our original, also it might be prudent to give them a hint about the cure.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:33 No.14802909
    "My reasons are my own and you are not really in position to bargain no matter how you think so"

    turn off all of their magical equipment for the duration of this meeting
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:36 No.14802924
    >"Why do you care what we want?"
    so that we can reward/motivate them
    >"Why have you been watching us?”
    because they are with Tissa Voldire who was interesting, but is getting less so as time goes on.
    >> tha/tg/uy 05/03/11(Tue)19:36 No.14802925
    This is also a good idea, without their toys the children are likely to more suggestive.
    >> Guile 05/03/11(Tue)19:39 No.14802956
    Smile. "I am not here to chide you for looting a dead man's belongings, nor am I the Archlord here for revenge. You may consider me... an interested party.

    "A disintegrating pocket universe is mildly interesting to one such as myself, as are you."

    "Amoral, greedy people have the ability to go far in this world, if they so desire. What is it the pair of you seek? Enough money to rest comfortably? To help the paladin with her goals? Or do you want more? Figure out what you want, and there are ways of making it happen. I know them all, and my prices.

    "You like trinkets, it seems. Perhaps you desire artifacts of fell power? I can show you the way to more. You have one yourself, in fact."

    Speaking of the God orb thing, of course. I'm rather fond of the idea of them gaining more power the more of the set you collect; it would give a reason for the twins, the druid and the BBEG innkeeper to work together for a little while before doublecrossing each other.

    "Perhaps it is power for its own sake that suits you, and there are many paths I can illuminate for you in that regard.

    "Merely decide what your dream is, and I will be the greatest friend you ever had."
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:40 No.14802964
    >This is also a good idea, without their toys the children are likely to more suggestive.
    some how I doubt that would work, and besides we don't need to seeing as they have noting that can threaten us. leave their toys alone
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:47 No.14803018
    I like the idea of the god orbs Increasing in power the more you have. and I'd like for there to be a way for the twins to both ascend at the same time
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:57 No.14803074
    we don't want their toys or to split them up. if we do turn their toy off, only do it for a moment.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)19:58 No.14803081
    "Because when I initially glanced at the city of (Insert Desert City Name here), you were one of the few people who had the potential to be interesting.

    I am here now, because you have become less so."
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:00 No.14803093
    >"Because when I initially glanced at the city of (Insert Desert City Name here), you were one of the few people who had the potential to be interesting."
    seconding this, but the twins aren't less interesting the paladin is.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:04 No.14803117
    >the twins aren't less interesting
    or if they are it's the paladin fault
    >> tha/tg/uy 05/03/11(Tue)20:04 No.14803119
    Ya never know what those 'holiest of holy' types will do.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)20:06 No.14803138
    So looks like you just make them an offer and see what they say without answering their question? Are you taking the magic away from their gear, y/n?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:08 No.14803148
    I vote yes to turning off their toys. A demonstration of our power where it will hurt them the most.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:10 No.14803170
    flick the items off and on a couple of time like a kid with a light switch, then leave them on.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:15 No.14803199
    wait why are we ascending the twins? their motivations will suck and their foresight is pretty limited, we should just tell them that back in the City of Gods, someone is on the precipice of GODHOOD and that for whatever reason you need them as mortal Champions to stop this upstart.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:16 No.14803205

    Turn off all but ONE insignificant trinket, like a cantrip type thing. Something that if they are perceptive enough they will notice has NOT been shut off like all their other lolhax artifacts have.

    Don't mention this to them. Make them think that somehow you could not shut off that one type of trinket, useless as it is.

    Their eventual, inevitable focus on this 'fact' regarding your power will cause eventual amusement for us over the long term.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:17 No.14803217
    appeal to their sense of greed(ITEMS from BEYOND THE UNIVERSE), their limited morals (the entire city will be SACRIFICED THINK OF THE CHILLDREEEN) and their own lust for power(drop subtle hints about the nature of the orb) then we have the druid, bbeg innkeeper, and then we BLOW THIS SHINDIG UP... figuratively
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:18 No.14803223

    You're an idiot, we never mentioned making them gods.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:18 No.14803225
    >wait why are we ascending the twins
    we aren't, and it isn't even on the table yet. but the path to godhood is one of the things that could make an interesting Quest, and give them their together forever after that they appear to be after.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:25 No.14803273
         File1304468728.jpg-(58 KB, 533x401, troll to do list.jpg)
    58 KB
    Oh fuck yes this.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:28 No.14803301
    I don't see a problem with answering their questions.

    "I watch because I am bored and you are interesting. I want you to remain interesting."
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:30 No.14803328

    That would be all we need, we set them up for future fun and when we turn their stuff back on something explodes and kills them both.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:31 No.14803331
    So are we not going to have them get a sacrificial soul to leave behind in the collapsing demi-plane to create a ring of power that is to be given to the wizard to see how he handles being given great power? Because I thought we were doing that.

    And the whole reviving Kaleb, empowering him with Far Realm powers, and turning him into a long-term antagonist against Tissa.

    Has all of that been discarded?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:32 No.14803339
    Yes, do this. Maybe add something that will read as a hidden enchantment with enough scrutiny.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:34 No.14803360
    Maybe not so much discarded as forgotten. The thread yesterday wasn't archived, so we're going on what people remembered. We could still do that stuff.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:34 No.14803364
    Okay, guys, I know this isn't the focus for this thread, but I just want to throw this out here, and I'm not sure if there ever will be a relevant time.

    What if we went to the Kamada and dropped hints about what Laressa and her mother are up to? I think interesting things would follow.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:35 No.14803373
         File1304469308.jpg-(121 KB, 227x320, img-1641331tr6t.jpg)
    121 KB
    more like we can't do taht right now seeing as we are talking to the twins but i'm all for making Kaleb like Nox
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:36 No.14803385
    Why do we need to turn off their stuff? Wouldn't it be more impressive to them if they looked around at all the crap we have and were able to see just how much of a badass we are?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:39 No.14803403
    The Kamada may already be partially aware, as they did mention they had plans set up for the elven lands. We can't be sure which of the groups is ahead of the other in that shadow game. Maybe we should devote a session to learning how they could be played off each other?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:39 No.14803405
    >Why do we need to turn off their stuff?
    I don't know but that seems to be what the majority want even if I think it's pointless.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:40 No.14803420
    ...it would be amusing to see how they react without their magic items, as they are so used to using them as a crutch. I want to see how flexible they really are, see how they cope, see what they do.

    ..and if we leave the one cantrip level one running, it will cause further amusment.

    ...and that is the point. Amusement.

    We'll turn them all back on when we're done with this meeting.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:42 No.14803433
    Precisely my meaning.

    It seems to me that nobody really knows that Laressa is actually working with her mother, though, so that's why I'm leaning towards giving tips to the Kamada. That and I'm with the people who're advocating that we stop giving Laressa overpowered presents.

    Whatever we decide on though, I think it would make an interesting conflict.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:45 No.14803463
    Actually, the plans were from the end of the last valid session, so it would be 2 sessions back.

    So we agree to turn Kaleb into Nox? How many of us does that make?

    Also, we can still get the twins to leave a person behind in the collapsing demi-plane and give the ring to the wizard; we just have to have them do it now, instead of impersonating a Far Realm entity.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:46 No.14803470
    Edit all of their magic items to include an ON/OFF switch that only you can activate.
    Then turn them off.
    Then we do >>14802956
    Afterward, when we return them we turn their items back on.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)20:48 No.14803485
    Suspicion, how boring. Sigh. “First, I am not the Archlord, ruler of the demiplane, or even someone who cares that you were looting it. I am simply an interested party, and my motives are my own. Currently I desire to find out what /your/ motives are and perhaps help you along with them. So, what is it you desire? Money? Power? Magical trinkets? To be together forever? Speak.”

    There is a short silence before Liss speaks, “Fuck that, who are you and why do you care? Just give us everything and go away.”

    You frown at the reply, and draw it down even further as telepathic communication flicks between them. Speculation this is an illusory trap, that you are trying to lure them into letting their guards down, that you’re a monster who wants to kill them... enough. Simply enough.

    You reach out and catalogue all their magical items and with an effortless flick of your wrist, remove their powers. The twin’s mental communication instantly shuts off, their gear becoming heavier and harder to move, and their myriad bags of holding now only revealing their brown leather insides.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)20:48 No.14803488
    “There, now I feel it is time you answ--” but you don’t manage to finish, the breath being knocked from you as several objects impact your ribcage. You look down, surprised, to find three (completely mundane) daggers lodged in it. A split-second later a spike of pain shoots through your face as a spearpoint slams through your ocular cavity and into your brain, followed quickly by both hands being severed at the wrist and your chair kicked backward. Your lifeless puppet flops to the floor and the twins stand above it, finishing the assault with a decapitation and rapid dismemberment.

    “Fuck! I told you he was going to attack us!” Liss almost shouts, “It’s because we waited so long that he was able to do that! H-how do we get out now?! There’s no way out!” Panic begins to rise in her voice, but her brother sweeps close and catches her in a tight hug.

    “Shhhh. Don’t worry about it. Remember the last mage who tried to disenchant our stuff? This guy got almost all of it at once -- my magical compass still works I think -- but it will come back in a few hours. Come on, come on, let’s just sit down okay?”

    The girl nods and Lann guides her over to the two chairs you had set up, an arm around her shoulder and the two of them sit together. Liss squirms into his lap, resting her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes. Lann takes out a small hexagonal coin with both faces worm smooth, idly rubbing it between his fingers or occasionally flipping it into the air.

    Hmmm. Well then.

    >Hey guise, let’s turn off all the magical shit of two highly paranoid and already on-edge at your presence teenagers who grew up with people trying to kill them constantly... after catching them in the middle of looting ‘your’ demiplane and completely refusing to answer any of their questions, instead making demands and being kinda a dick. What could go wrong?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:54 No.14803527
    Can't say I didn't see this as a likely scenario.

    So magic up our meat puppet, restore it to life.

    "Not bad, but still, completely ineffective. I can do this all day if I want to, you know. And the longer you're here, the less of that workshop is going to be left."
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:55 No.14803540
    wake up and hand them their daggers nicely.
    >> tha/tg/uy 05/03/11(Tue)20:56 No.14803551
    We might also like to give them a semblance of what we are, and what we can do. Like we did when we met Larissa
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:56 No.14803556
    Nothing, because we're omnipotent. Just appear back in the room with the exact same appearance. Appear mildly irritated.

    "So where were we?"
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:57 No.14803561
    Reconstitute, visible but intangible. Inform them that that was immensely rude, and try again.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:57 No.14803566
    Form a NEW meat sack, pop it into existance in the room behind the desk standing up, Sigh VERY loudly, push the remains out of the chair, and sit back down.

    Say "if you tire yourselves doing your childish antics before i tire of of you doing them, then i shall let you live and we shall continue. Otherwise, you shall cease to amuse me and thus cease to exist."
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)20:59 No.14803574
    Disintegrate our body, and reanimate behind them.
    Grab their ears and drag them into the chairs like the pair of children they are. We can think infinitely quickly and can have any physical attributes we choose. Bat away their attacks as if they were toddlers trying to assault an adult.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:00 No.14803591
    yea i second the make the second meat puppet idea
    >> Guile 05/03/11(Tue)21:04 No.14803634
    Stack the dismembered body parts back together and animate the remains.

    Speak in an otherworldly voice.

    "I suppose I deserved that. It's so hard to remember mortal niceties."

    I assume at this point they will chop us up some more. Look annoyed, continue putting yourself back together.

    "Look, just stick with Tissa for a little while, will you? Sheesh."

    Then 'die', and turn their items back on.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:05 No.14803642

    The loss of a meat puppet hinders us not at all.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:06 No.14803646
    Give back their items powers as we do so and tell them that being killed hurt as a good mesure.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:07 No.14803655
    it look they say they are suspicious of us because we are giving them a "free lunch" and it appears very odd, so we give them a quest to act as champions of our name and point them to the druid/inn keeper
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:08 No.14803663
    What? No. Why would we admit to any kind of weakness?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:08 No.14803667
    Don't go trying to force them to stick with Tissa, that'll just be boring.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:10 No.14803685
    Why must you always try and force our groups into each others paths? This can't be done like D&D, we need to stage this a whole lot better than just being some random questgiver.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:11 No.14803686
    To make us more human in their eyes. You'll fear something that can feel pain and ressurect at will less than something that can do the same and don't feel anything.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:12 No.14803703
    No, no i would not.

    I vote for the new meat sack / stop amusing us and you stop existing plan.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:13 No.14803706
    Let's not forget we recently gave ourself a refresher course in hero level swordsmanship. If they want to fight lets oblige them. They'll get the picture when we don't kill them after a thorough trouncing.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:13 No.14803708
         File1304471591.jpg-(70 KB, 620x350, old-spice-man.jpg)
    70 KB
    "WELP; THAT WENT ABOUT AS WELL AS EXPECTED." Make sure you say this in caps.
    "I GUESS I SHOULDN'T HAVE LEFT YOU WITH ANY OF YOUR TOYS IN THE FIRST PLACE." Remove them of any and all objects. Including clothes. Provide your own. They are now sitting on their chairs. You're wearing a towel. Swan dive into a hottub. You're on a motorcycle. You smell excellent.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:14 No.14803725
    But why do we WANT to appear more human? How does that serve our end of being amused?
    If the twins won't cooperate, or at least do something interesting, then we're wasting our time with them and should just get rid of them.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)21:16 No.14803751
    "lol I get up" is not going to be much of an update, kids. Especially if the twins jump right back on you with weapons drawn every time you twitch or attack you dozens of times over nearly an hour with varying tactics if you keep them from hurting you.

    In other words, how about a goal that doesn't /literally/ expire ten seconds into the future? While standing up and looking badass is cool, it doesn't do anything.

    I'm going to be playing EU3 until you actually work out a course of action you want to follow here. Will check in every fifteen minutes or so.
    >> Guile 05/03/11(Tue)21:16 No.14803753
    We're really going to treat the kids who think they're in mortal danger, trapped in a crumbling demiplane with an enemy, like children for acting that way?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:16 No.14803760
    Agreed. If we reappear, we're likely to just get immediately disemboweled again, ad nauseam.

    What's the point of this? Do we have a specific goal in mind? If not, we should leave. We won't get anywhere here without something to work towards.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:18 No.14803775
    the problem isnt looking human, the problem is that they are paranoid to begin with and we are highly suspicious, we should assuage some of their fears. if we at least have appear like we have a goal other then mindless amusement they will be much more open to our plans/
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:18 No.14803776
    If they stop being interesting we just forget them and give hint to our elf that they possess a orb of divinity... the only thing we gave them was a way out of the ruins anyways (and exploding that black hole artifact). Why should we destroy everything we touch once we get bored with it. Are we some kind of 5 years old?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:19 No.14803789
    Do this, minus the swan diving in a towel.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:19 No.14803803
    We're running this similar to how we dealt with Laressa. She had to "kill" us once before we were able to make our point too. This is going well I'd say.

    Let's go with something along these lines >>14803527 >>14803556 >>14803566 >>14803561
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:21 No.14803821
    or we can just cowl them into submission like the old spice image guy's idea... if you show that you are completely beyond their trinkets and power they will also likely to listen to you
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:21 No.14803822
    And we told Laressa the her killing us hurt. Your point?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:22 No.14803829
    Listen OP, that is why we tell them that unless they stop their shit, and soon, we will unmake them from existence.

    Either they get tired of attacking first, or we get tired of them attacking us first. If its them, we DONT unmake them from all of reality and we continue having a pleasant conversation.

    If its US, we turn them into a pair of sentient and aware (but unable to move or communicate in any way shape or form) rocks or something, and see how they enjoy a few years at the bottom of the ocean or something. We can always twist time around so that after that object lesson, we bring them right back to the current time frame we occupy, sans maybe 5 minutes or so subjective for us, but not for them.

    If after that, they STILL attack, we unmake them from reality because they bore the FUCK out of us and we move on to the druid.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:24 No.14803858
    We wouldn't be stuck with this problem if you idiots hadn't all voted to turn off their magic items.

    I like this, reanimate with a sword and smack them around. Hell, turn their enchanments back on so they can give us a really good show and we can get a good idea of the full extent of their skills.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:25 No.14803861
    So none of our acquired sword skills or ability to simply be invulnerable is for naught?

    Set up a globe of force to keep the twins trapped within, then revive our meat puppet. Make it so that they can attempt to attack but none of their attacks will ever land.

    If they won't listen to our demands, then simply snap our fingers and have them reappear back in their room at the inn. Oh, and none of their magic items work. Ever.
    Maybe their attempts to amass a similar collection will be amusing.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:25 No.14803871
    This. Give them 3 or 4 more 'killings' to get it out of their system. Then pull the rock thing.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:26 No.14803876
    i'm totally behind the idea of turning them into rocks and back, though years is a bit harsh... just turn them into a pair of sentient mittens or something and talk to them like the children they are, and then if they still try shit after you let them go... throw them into the bottom of the ocean
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:26 No.14803893
    We told her it hurt and then proceeded to erase any thoughts she may have had about us being human. Don't care about telling them it hurt, don't like the idea on "humanizing" our self at this juncture.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:27 No.14803904
    If we could not unmake potential source of amusement I'd be happy.

    My suggestion would be along the line of.
    Create a new corpse. "Well that hurt, now that we proved that killing me was useless if we could sit down and discuss, I'll give back their power to your trinket for you."
    If they sit down, we undo the disenchant.
    If they don't and try to attack us. We simply die again and go back to the start of the plan.
    If they don't and don't attack us, we are amiable anf ask them to excuse our rude behavior.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:28 No.14803919
    Okay, let me get this straight:
    >Appear randomly to two TEENAGERS (lol hormones)
    >Kidnap them
    >Refuse to answer questions
    >Demand to know their most private desires
    >Be a massive prick
    >Attack them without warning (that's basically what depowering them was)
    >Expect them to just sit down and converse over fine liquors while being dapper and unflustered

    Oh /tg/. You so crazy.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:29 No.14803926
    look right now we have 2 options, we either appear to them as something they would recognize(an employer, with a reward) or we show our ELDER GOD SIDE and show them that any resistance at this point is just dumb, because we are too alien to anything else they seen at this point.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:31 No.14803949
    and im leaning towards the elder god side, awakened paper weight just has such a nice ring to it
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:31 No.14803953
    The last part of your plan is fucking stupid, as watching the twins get into trouble could be a whole lot of fun.

    We should use our newly honed sword skills and godly strength and reflexes to fight them to a standstill. then try again when they are sutibly tired. Plus this way we get to read another of Vedi's fight scenes. Those are good.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:34 No.14803988
    Why the fuck did we decide to talk to the twins anyway? I wish I had been here for the last thread; we should have spoken to the paladin while either masquerading as her deity or maybe an evil entity of some sort (reverse psychology).

    Anyway. The twins are not going to listen to anything we say. They're paranoid to the point of being ridiculous. We should consider saying fuck it and trying another approach, maybe with talking to the paladin like I said above.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:36 No.14804028
    This. Rise such that they can't harm us, and explain that violence is a waste of time. Try to explain that if we wanted to hurt them they'd be hurt, and that we've helped them in the past. Maybe chastise them.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:37 No.14804033
    I agree with all the posts saying we should be nonchalant about the death of the meat puppet, and just reconstitute ourselves, and if the twins keep killing us move unto more drastic measures, like the turn to sentient rock for five years. at this point we already lost our ability to make a good first impression because of our past actions, only way is to show them our fangs
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:44 No.14804141
    After we deal with the whole wanting to stab us thing, we offer them what they want as a reward for helping us wit the small matter (probably to stop the rise of a god, or to kill him if its too late)... and that as a good will we give them a panacea for the ills of the pope the paladin needs to save.
    We get ourselves a party of god-slayers to be and they get an eternity of wincest.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:48 No.14804205
    >we give them a panacea for the ills of the pope the paladin needs to save.
    You're a little late to the party, man. Tissa already has the cure-all.
    >> Bro 05/03/11(Tue)21:49 No.14804217
    I can’t think of any way to appease them, so I'm thinking we should immobilize them and try to get them to talk. However, I doubt this alone will work, regardless of what we do. Perhaps separating them will get them to talk, especially if we keep them helpless, showing them that we could kill their twin if we wanted to.
    Oh, a way to appease them and show our lack of threat would be giving them their artifact powers back. At the same time though, we should keep them immobilized and prevent them from killing us again, taking us back to where we started. We can even let them use their telepathy thing, as long as we let them know we can hear it. Perhaps that would get them to stop scheming our death/looting our body/escaping.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)21:59 No.14804352
    Painful. Painful and unwanted.

    You restore your form and swing upright with a soft sigh, “That was unpleasant, I would prefer if you not do that aga--” but once again you are cut off, a razor-sharp throwing knife embedding itself in your open mouth. Your puppet drops, spine severed at the base of the skull, and the twins repeat their earlier action of beheading and dismemberment. You try twice more to the same effect, Lann eventually taking position over your ‘corpse’ with his sword at the ready. This is quickly becoming frustrating.

    A minor thought and the twins are pinned motionless three feet in the air, spread eagle. Another and you are upright once more, and your office restored to its pristine state. “I am afraid that’s not going to work. I have no intent to harm you. Here, I shall even restore the function of your items.”

    A few quick passes of your mind and their gear is as it was before, radiating power... still they do not cease struggling. Instead, they redouble their efforts. Though entirely ineffective, you must admit the myriad disintegration and dispelling effects being used are annoying. Your mouth twists in displeasure.

    “Tsk, tsk, tsk.” you admonish, “Come now, is what I ask so hard? What is it you want?” With that you free their tongues and wait, eager to hear their response.

    “To be together and have you leave us the /fuck alone/!” she cries, quickly speaking a few words that surround her in glowing light. A ripping pop and she’s gone, shifted through the planes back to a... magical homing beacon the two apparently set up in their room. As soon as she vanishes Lann activates his ring and follows, materializing next to his sister and quickly joining her in rooting through their bags and pulling out... well, some sickeningly powerful items that you can’t say you remember having seen before.

    Well then... what now? Shall you bring them back, you wonder?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)22:00 No.14804367
    That was me by the way. Character limit made me lose my trip.
    >> Erratum !!nlopyRAK2oH 05/03/11(Tue)22:00 No.14804368
    ...cripes, does the hivemind have a case of the downs today or what?

    Reappear, guards up, wall of stasis or something to prevent any more dagger or spear incidents. Just having them stop a foot from our person ought to be enough.

    "Let's try that again, shall we?" Say that we've been watching them for a while, and believe they have potential above simple scavengers - that impressive as their trinkets may be, there are bigger, stronger, and faster fish in the ocean. Ask them if they want to be more than they are.

    If they don't answer, just a simple, "Pity." Restore their items, drop out of sight, demiplane resumes its decomposition, accelerated such that they JUST enough time to reach the exit, plus a little bit of margin.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:04 No.14804425
    well then we just give them something shiny then =) nothing too weak like the crap they "stole", something like the portal pyramid the divine received in Divine Divinity maybe, a pair of portal stones that on use teleports to the other of the pair no matter where they are.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:07 No.14804460
    as someone who thought it best to have left the twins alone to do their thing from the start I'd say let them be.

    And check out those new items, who'd of though they could have hidden that stuff from us
    >> Erratum !!nlopyRAK2oH 05/03/11(Tue)22:09 No.14804487
    Alright, scratch my previous post.
    We give them some time to recover, to calm down. Eavesdrop on what they say about us. Then at some point, appear in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT guise - maybe female, just to make it less likely for them to draw a connection. Appear, hands up, but shields up - stasis field, something to prevent physical AND MAGICAL attacks.

    Say something along the lines "You seem to have attracted the attention of some dark powers, children." Of course, they'll probably reflexively attack here too, but we should be as non-aggressive as possible. Nothing done to them or their kit. Only stuff shielding us. Then... well, I'm not quite sure.

    This is all assuming we want to keep interacting with the twins right now, though.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)22:09 No.14804490
    >who'd of though they could have hidden that stuff from us
    They didn't really, you could have found it if you had bothered to look. It's more a question of them having so much shit to look through that you never bothered.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:11 No.14804503
    rolled 35 = 35

    They already have that in ring form
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:11 No.14804504
    So, was it just that they caught us off-guard with the power of the teleportation magic they had, that they were able to rip past our wards?

    Anyway, THIS might be fun.
    That sword fight with Fane was invigorating, maybe the twins can give us the same feeling.

    Prepare a suitably powerful body, arm it with some of the best magic items and artifacts we can gather from across a hundred planes, and appear in the air above the inn.
    Have our voice come from the very air in their room.
    "So, you've chosen to amuse me in this manner. For your sake, I hope you can put up something of a challenge."
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:11 No.14804507
    this has potential. I like it Seconding
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:12 No.14804523
    Leave a simple message on their bed telling them that we're sorry about our rudeness and will not importunate them without their consent again. Give them something that will allow them to contact us if they need anything that is beyond their current power. Make it a reasonably usefull artifact, Maybe a set of matching wedding rings that can make the users indeteclable to anyone but the person wearing the matching ring and us. What they do with them is up to them after that.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:13 No.14804528
    invade the telepathy link to speak with both of them at once, telling them that if lt would make them feel comfortable,that we can talk through mental link on their own plane of existance with their shiny toys to accompany them.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:13 No.14804529
    What wards? I don't think we put up any wards.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:16 No.14804553
    Of course, if we are feeling like brutes we can just drag them back to the demiplane, dimensionally lock them and just beat them into submission, just channel one of your old foes and some suitably powerful artifacts and throw down
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)22:16 No.14804555
    >rip past our wards
    Of course not, their puny mortal/divine/whatever magics could never pass your wards. But you have never once stated or even implied that there were wards on your office since it was created, or during creation. It's almost completely secure just because nobody knows where it is, how to get to it, or anything like that... but if they're already there you don't exactly have anything to keep them from going home. The twins are just the first people capable of interplanar travel who both knew about it and had a reason to go to/from it.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:16 No.14804560
    We really need to ward our office next time.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:18 No.14804572
    I'm pretty sure we're finding this fun... they are the FIRST one to actually leave our office on their own. aren't they interesting.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:19 No.14804582
    I'm finding them more aggravating than entertaining myself, but I suppose it's all the same to someone such as us.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:20 No.14804600
    >“To be together and have you leave us the /fuck alone/!” she cries

    I'm just going to point out that this could be considered as the wish we were going to grant them. Let's soul bond them and make it so that they can only truly die if they die at the same time
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:21 No.14804611
    Am I the only one who read that as "and have us /fuck alone/!" ?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:21 No.14804612
    i thought if they are soul bonded it just means that if one die, they both die... like soul forging...
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:22 No.14804616
    Do this, then observe.
    Maybe check up on our elf bitch.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:25 No.14804634
    This thirded, just give them rings that let only the other wielder see them, impervious to magical tracking and what not, and masks the aura from all the items they hold, and maybe add a teleport to the other function on them
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:26 No.14804645
    Jesus H Vedibere I just spent the last two days catching up between classes. This quest is delicious, though I'm a bit disappointed by the lack of imagination we've shown with the twins. They have the power and personalities to be truly interesting, but the fact that they have no apparent end goal in mind besides being left alone makes them... somewhat difficult to lead.

    It's been made clear that direct contact with them isn't gonna get the result we want. We were having moderate success in the past leading them with a more subtle touch, especially the brilliance with the temple ruins that forged them together Tissa. There is the potential for a solid party here if we can encourage the three.

    For now, we need to step back and give them some breathing space. No boons, no gifts, a note apologizing for our conduct at most, and then a complete cessation of attempts at direct contact. It's really best if they think they escaped and have seen the last of us, though unfortunately their rampant paranoia makes that unlikely.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:27 No.14804652
    make their room into a hybrid of our office and their room

    "riight, I think we got of on the wrong foot here... let's start again, shall we? Hello, I am an entity that find you a rather curious pair, interesting even. My motives are simply being entertained, something that you have never failed to provide so far."


    >“To be together and have you leave us the /fuck alone/!"
    add a piece of paper to their things reading "THAT IS ACCEPTABLE -You Know Whom"
    they are now physically pained if away from each other, from a dull ache when in the same room to irukandji and beyond depending on distance. The only time they are not in pain is when they are physically touching (holding hands will do)
    as a boon, when they ARE touching, they will feel no pain at all. They will be aware of the pain but they won't feel it
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:27 No.14804658

    They already have plenty of toys. Heck, that's their gimmick. The last thing they need is a gift from us.
    >> Erratum !!nlopyRAK2oH 05/03/11(Tue)22:28 No.14804672
    That's giving them a lot when they've already got a lot of POWERFUL shit we haven't really looked at. And I doubt they'll want to talk to that incarnation of us again - better to appear as someone else, quietly. Subtly. We can do subtle, right? I mean, we don't have to BAMF everywhere and always appear as a supergodlike deity, that's just what we do with Laressa, right?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:29 No.14804682
    Well, I think they can still make for an entertaining fight.
    I mean, victory for us is pretty much assured. But it's the method, how we achieve victory, that can be fun.
    I'd like it to be all flash and giant spheres of annihilation at first, but then just start mercilessly and relentlessly tearing away their defenses and idly batting aside their attacks. See the frustration and panic on their faces as they realize that they can't win, and we won't let them escape.

    Oh, and make sure that Tissa and Quorin don't interfere.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:34 No.14804746
    We used to be able to do subtle. I have the sinking feeling that todays majority were the same crop that was suggesting things like "Happiness Lich" in the first few threads.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:35 No.14804761
    maybe have the piece of paper be capable of a onetime contacting us.

    have it appear along with an envelope marked 'return to sender' that when sealed will vanish and appear with us
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:35 No.14804763
    I like this.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:36 No.14804778
    I don't like this... It means admitting defeat
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:37 No.14804788
    Alright. We need a plan here, one we're agreed on. It seems that we have most people agreed that we need to back off a bit. There's still the idea of appearing to them in another guise, though I'd really rather not appear to them at all. Can we agree for now to just drop a note on their bed, apologizing for the abruptness of our encounter, and promise them that we won't indulge in such encounters without their permission in the future.

    I'm gonna vote for no on any kinda of gifts/powers, and also on trying to throw down with them. We know they're powerful, but we're omnipotent, so no combat will really be a challenge for us.

    I still have hope that we can forge the twins, Tissa, and Quorin into a working party of, if not heroes, at least competent adventurers that can challenge some of our other players.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:37 No.14804789
    Here's a question, what do we actually want the twins to DO?

    'Be entertaining' is not a specific enough answer.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:42 No.14804860
    I'm of a mind that the twins attempts to live outside of the deathtrap that is their natural habitat would be entertaining without us needing to do anything.

    If we're going to leave them be then let's just leave them be. No notes, no powers. Just them waiting for an attack that never comes.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:43 No.14804868
    if we are going to let them take the initiative and decide whether they want to see us again then we should probably give a minor gift, just to let them know that we can

    nothing huge like what they already have, just something small and thoughtful
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:44 No.14804876
    There was some talk of having them join Laressa since they were the most interesting part of that party and it was headed for a breakup anyway. They would fit right in with all the other assassins too.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:45 No.14804884
    >I don't like this... It means admitting defeat
    nah, it's more like a flanking maneuver/surprise attack coming out of nowhere
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:46 No.14804899
    i thought the point was to maneuver them against the god/god-to-be that either the druid or innkeeper will become... so as to create a drama and conflict of epic proportions to amuse ourselves with. we already have an evil(not really) empire bent on domination of the world, an aspiring godling willing to sacrifice thousands for power(whether to save the world or to bend it to their will) and now we recruit the twins/paladin/wizard as the intrepid adventurers to tell the story...
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:46 No.14804907
    If we really do want to do that, then here's what I suggest:

    Show them a false image of the future, of them fighting Laressa and losing BADLY. Being forced to fight and kill each other in really gruesome horrible ways with her mindrape.

    Hijack their telepathy earrings and tell them that the only way to avoid this fate is to ditch the paladin and join up with Laressa.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:47 No.14804919
    I'd personally like to not ever have to have a direct meeting with them again, thus a method of direct contact wouldn't be necessary. I'm leaning towards just leaving though note apologizing and saying that it won't happen again (they can take that any way they want (they will probably take it paranoidally)). However, if we have to compromise to move this along, I'm ok with >>14804860 and just leaving them alone with no message.

    Let's let our Adventurer Party regroup and see what Tissa intends to do with the potion. I'm guessing she'll want to rush it back to her homeland. We need a way to keep the party together instead of everyone going their own ways here. (I know you'd rather have a short-term action Vedibere, I'm still working on that).
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:48 No.14804923
    I dislike using more than one form for either of our puppets.
    if we decide to stay off them then I vote we go that completely
    never bother them again
    We'll just watch them as before

    of course, that means we still have the issue of the 'hero' party being less than entertaining at this point
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:49 No.14804939
    >I'm leaning towards just leaving though note apologizing and saying that it won't happen again (they can take that any way they want (they will probably take it paranoidally))
    I'm good with that
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:50 No.14804948
    I'm much more partial to this idea: >>14804899

    If we let our paladin find out that either bloodmage or cleric is intending to achieve godhood, and may have the means within their grasp, I'm thinking her faith might look dimly on that. Perhaps we can use that to keep the 4 together? Especially since it's back where their story began.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:52 No.14804971
    That gives Tissa motivation, but not the twins. Laressa might give a crap, but she can bring the power of an entire nation to bear.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:52 No.14804974
    >They would fit right in with all the other assassins too.
    No, I really don't think they would.

    Dude, you just suck.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:56 No.14805017
    having multiple forms allows for more subtlety and so far we have only used a male form so no one is likely to connect a female form to us. said female form would allow for us to screw with those that know of the male form.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)22:57 No.14805024
    What? When did that become the plan? We've only put a single session into the druid, and we don't know precisely what he intends for the orb.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:02 No.14805068
    We don't know what the druid intends, but it seems likely he's trying to create/control gods in order to restore the ravaged lands.

    BUTTT his shit just might get fucked up by Blood Mage boy, who wants that Orb of Divinity for personal gain. Either way, that's someone with deifying power on their hands and questionable motives. I suspect a paladin would take a dim view of that.

    We certainly can appear in any form we want, and I agree that showing up as some (divine?) female figure at some point would be a good push for stalled characters. But not now. The twins are going to be suspicious of ANYONE mysteriously appearing, probably homicidally so.

    What we need is a method of assuring that Pally Girl won't go running home with her magic potion and let the party fall apart. I feel like the threat of the Orb in evil hands is a pretty good hook, but I'm not sure 1) it's enough to stop her from completing her mission and 2) the twins would give a flying fuck. Ideas would be very welcome.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:07 No.14805131
    If we're going with that, it might be better to have the note we leave them say something along the lines of "Run, little rabbits. Give me a good chase."
    Have their paranoia work overtime, make them seek out a source of power or deity that can protect them from us. That's when we could use the female form. As their salvation.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:07 No.14805135
    >What we need is a method of assuring that Pally Girl won't go running home with her magic potion and let the party fall apart. I feel like the threat of the Orb in evil hands is a pretty good hook, but I'm not sure 1) it's enough to stop her from completing her mission and 2) the twins would give a flying fuck. Ideas would be very welcome.
    we could have her arrive too late to save the pope, then have the twins find evidence that the Pope's illness was not natural and was really an Elven assassination.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:11 No.14805180
    Having her be Too Late is something I don't think we've considered. It's never really been made clear exactly what the timeframe on his illness is I believe? Would be very interesting to see the effect on her psyche. Then again, if the pope's "health" is the only thing holding his country together, she may feel obligated to stay and help battle the chaos that erupts.

    What if... the Pope's earlier-than-expected death is revealed to be linked to the Cleric's attempts to gather energy/souls to build up the power necessary for deification/restoration of the land? Too much of a stretch?
    >> Erratum !!nlopyRAK2oH 05/03/11(Tue)23:17 No.14805242
    Why bother stopping her? It's not like we're limited in timeframe as to when she can be a Big Guddamn Hero, after all. And I like the idea of her heading an army better than the idea of her heading a party of four, if she's going to go up against Laressa. The plot with assassination is too far in the future right now anyways.

    Right now, I suggest that we NOT contact the twins for a while. Look over those artifacts we don't recognize; see if there's anything that we might worry about, or that's particularly interesting. Eavesdrop on them, see what they have to say about us. But DON'T LEAVE A NOTE. Let them think they got away free and clear. Never appear to them in that same form again. They will NOT trust us, whatsoever, after the shit we pulled.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:24 No.14805297
    I'm ok with this. Leave the twins to sit and stew. I'd be mildly interested in poking around their hoard some more, though honestly at this point I just assume they have a nigh-infinite amount of infinitely-useful magical artifacts and an escape plan for every situation. Haven't been wrong so far.

    I suppose I'm a bit fixated on holding the party together because I had my hopes for them set really high by the whole "shared experience in the temple ruins" deal. If we want to play the long game...

    There may be potential there. We let them go their separate ways, subtly nudging each of them to success. We push Tissa towards becoming a leader among... whatever amounts to an army in her land. Twins could go on to be master thieves across the land, cuz, hell, they don't seem to know how to do much else. THENNN down the road we can arrange for them to run into each other and remember their old adventures, just in time to be presented with whichever of our evil plots is coming to fruition.

    If we go with that, what do we do with the wizard? He hasn't really had time to bond yet I feel.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:25 No.14805309
    That's probably best right now. Let the twins think they got away and they're free and clear.

    I still think Quorin has potential to be interesting; give him a massive boost to his power, and see how he deals with it, given his cowardly personality.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:26 No.14805320
    Is he a coward? I feel we haven't really given him a chance to be fleshed out. He's got skill and talent, though you're right he lacks in the power department. I'm just not sure we know enough about him to be giving him a kick-start. We don't even know which direction he would jump in.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:28 No.14805341
    >If we go with that, what do we do with the wizard?
    We could still give him the ring artifact made from the collapsed demi-plane. Make it appear that as the magic-user to have entered the demi-plane as it was collapsing, part of it synchronized with his soul, so now the ring will follow him, always.
    He tries to get rid of it, it appears on his bedstand the next morning. No matter what he does, it keeps coming back, the very next day.

    And I still want Kaleb to become the Nox of this setting.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)23:28 No.14805347
    This entire event has been... a fiasco. Left a bad taste in your mouth. Enough.

    You discorporate and observe the twins, both of them hurriedly setting up and activating traps, artifacts, and flipping through reference books for truly ancient protective runes to scrawl on the walls and doors. A small touch and a note, along with an unbreakable ceramic token engraved with your symbol appears on the dresser.

    ‘I appear to have alarmed you and left you with a bad impression. For that I am truly sorry and must apologize. I will wait to contact you again in the future when, hopefully, there will not be so much friction. Should you desire to contact me in the meantime, however, grasp the token I have left and desire to do so.’

    The note, of course, is immediately burned. It’s ashes, the tray it was burned in, and the token are then all immediately sealed in an isolated magical jar that is so heavily warded you imagine it was at one time in the past used for containing pieces of gods for experimentation purposes. The effects your message has, however, are mixed. While both twins agree that you are not to be trusted and they should continue fortifying against another abduction, Lann also points out “He obviously knows where we are and sent us this note instead of trying anything else. Maybe in a couple weeks we can think about ways to stay safe while meeting.”

    Liss’s response of, “Yeah well, it could just be that he did all he could for now and /can’t/ do anymore.” is well taken, however, and the decision to keep their defenses up for now is one of complete agreement.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/03/11(Tue)23:30 No.14805373
    Their bustle lasts for hours, but eventually do all they can realistically can in such a place. The walls around them are already beginning to warp and splinter with the sheer potency of the symbols engraved upon them, and reality has begun to take on the slightly “stretched” feeling one finds around the domain of the most powerful beings or natural magical phenomena. Satisfied and more than likely feeling more at home than they have in a while (though the refined magically receptive materiels the dark lords of Mardana-Fel used to construct their city allowed them to have far more defenses on their hideout there...) Lann takes the first watch while Liss slips into a deep slumber.

    Around them, however, the city Kaza stirs in the dead of night. The magical auras radiating from their room (some of which have even spanned and enveloped the breadth of Kaza in their sphere) have awakened every mage and over half the magic potential on the island. Quorin, just next door, has been rendered a weeping heap on his bedroom floor, clutching his head in overloaded pain. Most disconcerting of all, however, is the official response... a call up the chain of command, notice of a potentially dire situation developing. You feel a slight caress on your mind, like a ribbon of delicate silk flush against skin. Nothing intentional or a call, merely your own power recognizing itself. A mark you’ve left burned in the world, transitioning from a hundred miles away to the lone spiretop over Kaza in an instant.

    Laressa has arrived.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:33 No.14805398
    >Laressa has arrived.

    Aw, shit.

    She just got woken up in the middle of the night, our elf is going to be pissed.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:37 No.14805437
    >Quorin rendered weeping wreck
    Now might be a good opportunity to give him the ring. Aside from its other powers, it will shield him the mind-rending effects of being in such close proximity to such concentrated magic.
    How does that sound?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:39 No.14805461
    Alright, that's a nice consequence. Thank you Ved.

    How are we gonna handle this gents? Laressa is still way too far ahead of our adventurers to throw them together now, so I'm voting we find a way to get them out of here before the hammer drops. Worst case scenario is straight up PvP with the characters we've built. I suspect Laressa would win, just with her elven assassins and the strength of an empire behind her, but the twins have enough magical shit to make that a very Bad End. It also makes me wonder about how Lar would handle Tissa's Invincible Shield. I think we've avoided Unstoppable-Force v. Immovable-Object territory, but only because Laressa doesn't have anything that could break through invincibility.

    Also a note, I'd rather not have to expose ourself to Laressa in this. We don't want her knowing we have other plans in motion, and I'd rather not even see her for a little while. We gave her plenty of attention with the (masterfully handled) dinner, now she needs to take the reigns on her own for a while again.

    Where's Tissa in all of this? I believe she went to sleep after the demiplane affair, so I'm guessing she plans on staying that way until her morning devotional?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:39 No.14805463
    .. .. I sort of think the twins have an extremely good chance of outright slaying Laressa in a combat situation. Maybe not with the eyes thing, but damn.

    I don't know about you guys, but I think Laressa's appearance will be interesting enough to watch. Do we really need to do anything? Looks like we have pleasantly set ourselves up for quite a show - if she does kill them it might even set the Paladin against her.
    Watch and wait, perhaps one of them will call to us.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:42 No.14805487
    let see what happens, the room is warded and the twins can teleport, and probably have things in their bag of tricks to make an eldritch horror weep... though we should intervene if any of the major players is about to die
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:47 No.14805534
    Urg.. a good consequence indeed. I get the feeling that the twins would put up such an insane fight it would be fun for us to watch, certainly more fun then sitting around trying to figure out how to deal with such a volatile duo. I doubt anything they do in the future will be half as interesting as seeing how this entire situation unfolds. Their apparent lack of goals aside from survival will probably not make for long term entertainment.
    I'll get the popcorn ready.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:48 No.14805538
    That's just it. If we let this go down... someone is very likely to die.

    Well, take a step back. If they detect a huge, reality-stretching magic presence in town, Laressa won't be the first one there. We'll have recon/strike teams of some sort, probably SWAT equivalent. Once the twins start fighting back and they realize what they're dealing with we'll probably get assassins. Twins will most likely mess them up to, at huge cost to local geography, and possibly the fabric of reality itself. This is not looking like a good endgame. I thought we were setting up epic confrontation between powerful heroes/villains, not half our toys wiped out in a surprise raid on some inn.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:51 No.14805554
    well... fiasco or not, this is turning into a quite interesting development

    I'm inclined to let things unfold 'naturally', only intervene if one of the major players get hurt/is about to die/get killed. Should we need to intervene do so with a flashbang-like effect and a teleportation of both parties to separate locations.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:51 No.14805556
    Dude the twins will get their stuff together and bail rather than face a prolonged fight like this. Tissa on the other hand might very well fight to the death.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:52 No.14805562
    Wait wait wait, we're an omnipotent being that does whatever the fuck we want to, and we're apologizing to these two arrogant shit stains for /their/ misconduct? Since when did this become pussy quest?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:53 No.14805575
    >Tissa on the other hand might very well fight to the death.
    >invincible armour
    yeah... let's not let that happen...
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:53 No.14805582
    can we raise Intelligent undead/demilich/lich or true resurrection/reincarnate people if they die?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:54 No.14805587
    So let some one die. It's been said over and over again lately, a D&D style party of adventurers just won't hack it at the levels we are working with.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:54 No.14805593
    There is a non-zero chance that Laressa will figure out that we have met with the twins. I wonder what her reaction will be? If we want to prevent this, what shall we do?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:56 No.14805606
    What? people have been whining about laressas advantages for quite a while now. This could be a good point to remove, oh say, the bodyguard?
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:56 No.14805608
    we're omnipotent and have copied information from beings so long dead their ashes don't even exist any more.

    So, yes, I doubt that a true ressurection would be challenging
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:56 No.14805613
    look the twins manged to escape from our office, they escaped across planes from an omnipotent power... and Laressa wont personally attack them that is just asinine, and outside of this party, Laressa herself, and the druid/bloodmage, we have no vested interest in this universe... let this go down I wanna see how well our toys do, and again we are OMNIPOTENT, if it gets out of hand we warp everyone to personal demi planes and planar lock them...
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:56 No.14805615
    the orc is so good that Tissa would fall unconscious with fatigue before getting the better of him.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:57 No.14805628
    I see your point, twins would probably get their asses out of Dodge (thought not before wrecking some serious shit).

    Tissa on the other hand... this could actually be the hook we're looking for. Yeah, her invincible shield is pretty boss. But eventually, I assume she'll just get dog-piled into submission? At that point, when it seems all is lost... we spirit her away, preferably making it seem to Laressa's security forces that she was killed (do NOT want our pretty princess to suspect we're playing other games).

    Perhaps that would be the time to throw on the Divine Female disguise? I don't want to go impersonating her god, since that's gonna raise a lot of questions from the deity in question. But if we can somehow frame ourself as a benevolent power, and suggest that she has a "higher destiny"...
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:58 No.14805633
    The twins have to run, and we need to tweak things so that they escape relatively clean. We can change the marker we gave them, but they can still describe our physical appearance if they get captured. Unless, of course, we mindfuck them before they do.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:59 No.14805645
    I have no issue with letting her know.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:59 No.14805646
    you guys are all looking at this the wrong way.

    who says Laressa and the twins would naturally get in a fight?

    tissa probably wouldn't like her but she has done nothing outright illegal or evil that they should know about.

    Quorin i doubt would want to fuck with her

    i think given our elf's past she would be more likely to see a useful asset in the twins more than anything
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:59 No.14805648
    >we're omnipotent and have copied information from beings so long dead their ashes don't even exist any more.
    yes but minds are a tricky think in this setting. we have on multiple occasions left people dribbling husks.
    >> Anonymous 05/03/11(Tue)23:59 No.14805649
    and stop just trying to remove shit, we agreed it wasnt happening multiple times. laressa also is not stupid, she WILL NOT GO PERSONALLY IN at best shes cautious and sends investigators, at worst she just sends assasins... and even if she sent the body guard the twins would just lock him away in a pocket plane...
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:02 No.14805671
    look let this play out, its a really interesting scenario and no one important will die... thats all i can say
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:02 No.14805673
    It should be noted that Tissa has made it clear that she will fight back when attacked/threatened, no matter who the actual attacker is.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:02 No.14805679
    Well the rest of us don't want her to know. It'd be a chore to have her not take us at face value anymore.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:04 No.14805687
    Invincible doesn't mean unbeatable, orc buttler could simply beat her on stamina alone, and no matter how powerfull her armor is it won't save her from suffocation or being burried under 50 tons of rock, Eck even a big enough fall could kill her.

    Also this is getting so interesting, a bit soon for the party to meet the BBEG but I'm fine with this.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:04 No.14805692

    Hmm.. I like this. Violence probably wont start until the twins lash out in paranoia though. I doubt Tissa doesn't notice the reality bending shield that is originating from the Inn though. Would she attempt to confront the twins over wtf they are doing?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:04 No.14805697
    I'm not sure why you're so certain that no one will die. While it's likely that the twins would get out before being seriously hurt, I can easily picture the half-orc bodyguard catching them by surprise and killing/maiming one of them before they can react...

    Or he could get to Tissa, and I suspect he'd outlast that shield of hers.

    For all those saying "if things get out of hand just send everyone to their room", that's showing our hand in a massive way and completely ruins the entire point of the subtle games we've been playing. We DON'T WANT our toys to know that we're playing them against each other.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:05 No.14805709

    Dude, yes. I weep for our lost alpha points here.

    So much for this. I'm all for Laressa pwning these incestous little shits, and that will happen WITHOUT our intervention, sos I say we Omniressurect the wiz kid, make him an insane lich and send him against the pally. inb4thatwouldrequireomniscence!

    Ok, ok, abduct random child, impregnate him with the fake memories of the wiz kid PLUS the pally killing him, make him go mad with images from the Far Side, ultralich him, and release him.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:06 No.14805713
    and Laressa isn't really BBEG material id hate to say it... all shes done so far was to reunite a human kingdom... on the other hand, we have 2 poweful casters with the potential to become GODS via blood sacrifice... this is more just a encounter... and i doubt the twins will die here, they are survivors...
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:08 No.14805733
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:08 No.14805735
    We apologized because it was the classy thing to do, and also because we wanted to fuck with their heads and let them know that while we had no ill-intentions, we also were still perfectly capable of getting to them whenever we want.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:08 No.14805740
    Alpha point don't alway mean for interesting, we transformed into rat and that's about the lowest you can get in term of alpha points.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:09 No.14805748
    look there is no way laressa is going to send her PERSONAL bodyguard, into this... laressa isnt even personally invested at this point, all thats happened is that shes been put on alert... no sane leader would send their last defense at the first sign of danger... hate to say it but that is retarded.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:10 No.14805756

    This is happening because of our own decisions and misreading of the twins. The consequence of our own foolish mistake might be losing a pawn or two.
    I have no doubt the twins are going to run like hell (and easily escape), hopefully Laressa can be reasonable after the twins flee, if not we might have to fake Tissas death and do the divine thing. The mage will probably be fine.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:12 No.14805765
    While I'm all for working our little crazed wizard-puppet kid back into the story later on, now is not the time. What are we going to do about the shit that's about to go down?

    Here's the assumptions I'm working with:
    -There will be some sort of raid on the inn
    -Twins will wreck shit and escape, because that's what they do
    -Tissa, on the other hand, will strike out in self defense (after all they've gone through she'd be crazy NOT to be a little paranoid by this point)
    -Tissa can't handle the shit Laressa's forces will drop on her, and will be subdued, if not killed

    Any or all of these assumptions could be wrong, and that's what worries me.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:12 No.14805771
    >>14805562 here, >>14805709 wasn't me. But I did really like the potential BBEG lich kid for our pally.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:12 No.14805777
    Also, they're opportunistic little shits. If things get bad enough they'll give us a call. They're too driven to survive not to take a chance at life when it seems certain death looms.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:13 No.14805783
    I wasn't involved in the twin abduction event and joined trying to repair the broken plate. Being omnipotent doesn't mean being smug about it we tired of that long ago. I'm still saying that we should wait and see, once we know larissa move we try to minimize the collateral to our long term plans.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:13 No.14805784
    Tissa has also nothing to do with this, she wasnt even at the room, she is also a paladin of an esteemed order and has clout in situations like this. no one would link this to her, the wizard though would get flak for it
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:14 No.14805789
    I vote to step back and see what happens. I am curious how this encounter will play out. Curiosity is good.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:14 No.14805795
    i second the vote for wait and see
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:15 No.14805803
    Laressa won't send OrcBoy in at the first sign of danger, of course not. But after the Twins's traps fuck up, oh, her best friend Assassin Girl? (Sella I think?) The twins have laid protective enchantments down that are /warping reality/ around them before they are even activated. Response is gonna be fast and hard, and I suspect it's going to lose.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:17 No.14805811
    >Laressa isn't really BBEG

    She's mindslaved almost everyone she has to deal with on a regular basis.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:18 No.14805821
    not really, just the wait staff and the first wave of people that challenged her rise to power... now she does things with political/martial force instead of the powers we gave her... when was the last time she consumed a soul?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:19 No.14805827
    She's not in the room, but she's a member of the same party staying in the same Inn (I believe?). Besides, we've seen in the past that they're perfectly willing to rent out entire inns. Tissa is highly likely to be nearby, and when her companions are attacked she will get involved.

    We can wait and see, but definitely be prepared to step in (without revealing ourself if at all possible!) and minimize damage to our plans. I'll stick with my original idea of faking Tissa's death if she gets in over her head, and pulling her away to give a confrontation with a much more benign facade than we've previously shown. This sets her up to be the great crusading hero who will seem to rise from the dead to overthrow Laressa later.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:20 No.14805838
    fine so basically everyone agree to let shit go down, we will intervene if anyone important is about to die, we can decide then
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:21 No.14805845
    >her best friend Assassin Girl? (Sella I think?)
    If she gets killed we should raise her as some sort of non-rotting undead
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)00:22 No.14805861
    Well, this is a significant point and I think I'll pick up here with Friday's thread. So far the consensus seems to be "wait and see for now, maybe do something depending on how things go." correct?

    Not that it will be set in stone. Whatever gets decided on eventually is what I will open with on Friday. 18:00 sharp, I think. Hope to see you guys there, though if anyone can't make it until later then say so here and leave your general feelings on how to proceed (if/when) shit goes down.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:24 No.14805877
    >fine so basically everyone agree to let shit go down, we will intervene if anyone important is about to die,
    or dead if we can>>14805582
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:25 No.14805884
    Perhaps if we wisk her away from Laressa in our "divine" form we could try and convince her of Laressa's future iron fisted empire. Perhaps show her a few "divine visions" of Laressa ripping the souls from people to drive home the evil overlord thing?
    Still though, gotta let it happen first.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:28 No.14805905
    my opinion about what to do is to keep shit going, we have gotten too far to let pieces die haphazardly. we need to keep our pawns alive, Laressa(and her small group of friends we were personally introduced to) Tissa, and the Twins.(wizard really isnt important enough to risk breaking cover), other then that anything goes
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:28 No.14805910

    If anyone is getting undeadified, general opinion seems to support Kaleb, our fake Mage's-son who was killed in the collapsing pocket dimension. I have an idea floating around of creating a lich of some sort later with his memories, and set it on a quest of vengeance against Tissa.

    >As the plane collapsed around him, Kaleb felt his blood leaking out from the wound in his stomach. His fingers were no use, and he slumped in the pool rapidly forming around him. Through dimming eyes he could see the bodies of his mother and sisters lying around him. That woman... she said she would help them... But now the ground was crumbling away. The cracks in the sky had grown, and the purple and green light that flickered through hurt his brain even more than the wound. As the ground began to crumble, he reached futilely for the body of his youngest sister. But the stone gave away beneath it, sliding away. Down, into the darkness...

    But that's a story for later.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:29 No.14805913
    I won't be here until 20:00 Friday, so let me say that I agree with the sentiment of sitting back and watching the fireworks while consuming a bucket of buttered popcorn.
    I also want that artifact-ring given to Quorin to see how he deals with sudden arch-mage levels of power. Include the bit where the ring will always come back to him in a day.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:30 No.14805916
    our tries at messing with shit like that has not worked well, remenber the soul worm that fucked up the half orcs mind? I dont want to permanetly destroy them, we would just make a meat puppet clone and swap them at the last second before any fatal blows.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:33 No.14805944
    I agree with this anon that'd I'd rather not risk tipping our hand with a showdown now, but it seems the majority has spoken. So I'll settle for doing what we can to minimize the damage from this encounter, and maybe using it to hook Tissa into future growth.

    I was hoping for an explosion of some type, maybe setting off one of the Twins's traps and making it seem as though Tissa was vaporised in the blast.

    We're going to need to be prepared for how Laressa's people will handle the aftermath. If they fight these hugely-powerful magical artifacts in the heart of the Empire, major questions are going to be asked. This cannot be traced back to us. Question is how.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:35 No.14805962
    Random idea for later- if we go with the kid as a lich, could we justify using that ring as his phylactery? His soul was sealed into it when the dimension collapsed?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:35 No.14805963
         File1304483759.png-(32 KB, 449x847, 1280610292268.png)
    32 KB
    make Kaleb Nox. driven to travel back in time to save his family, driven crazy by an artifact responsible for "giving" him the power necessary.

    Plus seeing as we are omnipotent we can undeadify as many people as we want.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:37 No.14805974
    I'm not sure that we can. The only time we've tried to bring someone back from the dead resulted in a retarded half-orc. So... might not want to count on that one.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:39 No.14805991
    >driven crazy by an artifact responsible for "giving" him the power necessary.
    The Ring created by the collapse of the demi-plane? If that's the way it's going to be used, then I can accept that. I still like the potential that Quorin has for being entertaining, but this is too delicious to ignore.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:41 No.14806019
    >I'm not sure that we can. The only time we've tried to bring someone back from the dead resulted in a retarded half-orc. So... might not want to count on that one.

    the Orc is exactly what we wanted to make.
    we have a demilich god for a fountain pen so Intelligent undead are not impossible
    if we can't do undead then the Nox look a like is the better option.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:42 No.14806023
    I feel like we haven't really found a good slot for Quorin to fit into yet. He helped the Adventurers out for a bit, but it seems they're likely to split soon and he really has no role to play. Makes me sad, I had high hopes for that party.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:45 No.14806050
    Not what we wanted to make... The only way we were able to capture his soul was with the nether-worm thing we remembered. And, to quote the original thread:

    >Unfortunately it appears having his soul eaten by a nether-worm has left him... less than mentally capable. Good enough to carry drinks, though.

    This also implies that we needed to grab the soul as he died... which we didn't do.

    Now it has been established we can rewrite memories, as long as we have a large enough population and don't care about collateral damage. If we can gather/create enough liches, it may be possible to sculpt a backstory that will drive them for revenge against Tissa.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:46 No.14806057
    *enough lich bodies

    *drive him
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:47 No.14806071
    You've been spamming this request for multiple threads, and it's getting annoying.

    Creating an anime character in the quest thread is just dull. Instead of that, why not think of something original?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:51 No.14806088
    Why not? We've done it before, so we can do it again.
    Any differences between dead-Kaleb's appearance and new-Kaleb can be chalked up to his falling through the collapsing demi-plane and the lichification process.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:54 No.14806107
    What, a lich driven to avenge his murdered family against the authority figure who was supposed to protect them but slaughtered them instead, isn't good enough?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)00:54 No.14806110
    Spamming liches, or anything really, will just lead to a magically intense, but boring, fight. We've been the most powerful mage ever, and are now ever stronger than that.

    Here's motivation for the twins: A pair of artifact rings (or maybe earrings) that, as long as they're worn, prevents the other from dying so long as the wearer is alive.

    Call it a ring of Other Immortality or something. They'll go crazy for them.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:02 No.14806188
    That's the idea I'm holding on to for now (and may even be working on minor writefaggotry, not sure how welcome that is. Vedibere certainly doesn't need any help in that department and I don't want to try and steal the spotlight from a kick-ass quest). In any case, that idea should be resolutely shelved for later. Right now we have our hands full with all the shit about to go down.

    It seems that with the thread over there may be less rash minds hanging around? Are we agreed on plan of action for next time? Let the fight go down, but keep a close eye on things and try to prevent any deaths without openly making our presence known? I'm trying to be as specific as possible here, what are things we want to harp on?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:03 No.14806193

    -We're assuming that the twins will pull out when shit gets heavy, and be able to do so freely. If this is not the case? I think our best course of action would be pretty much activate one of their escape items for them, and make it seem as though they escaped on their own. Hopefully we can do this without it seeming too out-of-the-ordinary for security forces.

    -Tissa needs to survive. My plan is that we can spirit her away once the combat gets heavy enough and make it seem as though she was killed. I'd rather not have to resort to something as crude as a body-double, but if the fighting stays low-intensity I'd accept it. It will just make it more suspicious when she shows up later.

    -Definitely keep Laressa alive at all costs. That's the only case I would justify openly showing our hand in order to save her and spirit her away. Personally I don't think she'll be involved in the combat herself, but it doesn't hurt to cover all our bases.

    -I don't really have a plan for Quorin, but I know some people are mildly attached to him. Feel free to suggest how we should handle him.

    -I'm pretty sure anyone else who is likely to get involved in this combat is... acceptable collateral damage, for the sake of our amusement. This includes the elven assassins and OrcGuard.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:07 No.14806233
    Remember that Quorin is the liason for that secret society. If he finds out that serious shit is going down, that'll make it into his next report and the guild might decide to act.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:08 No.14806242
    Of course they will. They will then add it to their already immense pool of powerful magical artifacts, and be even more OP than they already are. I know I sound bitchy, but this is not Magical Gift Quest. We've given our pawns items and powers in order to encourage them to do interesting things, or to reward their ambition. The twins would do neither, so giving them anything pretty much just adds to their power. We really need a more subtle touch with them.

    It's not the lich idea we hate. As I stated, I like the idea of bringing him back later as a foil for Tissa. It's the fact that you (or That Guy, if you are not He) keep stating that we should make him into a character from an existing series. If the character we create resembles this pre-existing character, that's cool. But we don't want a copy of someone from a tv show, we want our own cool, believable character drawn from the universe we're shaping.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:10 No.14806262
    Love this idea but with this spin: make the rings repel each other because they operate on the same magical wavelength. So the twins can't stay near each other. Also make it cursed with a very high DC (50) so they can't take them off. Possible knots with the Druid/Bloodmage?

    yes, the whole idea leaves a rosyglassed aftertaste. a bit cliched.

    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:13 No.14806283
    No, I'm not that guy. But we're not making a carbon-copy of Nox. It's simply that using by saying Nox, it's a form of short-hand to refer to a very powerful, very driven villain type character, who just wants his family back.

    And as you pointed out, you're fine with turning Kaleb into a lich, but don't want him to be a carbon-copy of Nox. That's a distinction that you needed to make in your post >>14806071

    Perhaps using Nox, without the proper modifiers to illustrate how Nox is just a possible template, was a mistake. But you're just as guilty of over-simplification and lack of details in your post as anyone else.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:18 No.14806322
    My apologies. In my defense, >>14806071 is not me. I'm


    I'm... gonna go do something else for a while. I just realized I've been about 50% of this thread for a bit now. That's not a good thing, so I look forward to seeing any other input.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:18 No.14806323
    As for "not being able to replicate his soul because a)we are not omniscient and b) we did soul-snatch it right away lol"m see >>14805709

    >Ok, ok, abduct random child, impregnate him with the fake memories of the wiz kid PLUS the pally killing him, make him go mad with images from the Far Side, ultralich him, and release him.

    that, or handwrestle the soul from the pally's diety.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)01:18 No.14806327
    A couple points. First, people seem to be assuming the twins can just do anything they want at any time with magic.

    Do they have a lot of powerful stuff? Yes.
    Do they use it intelligently? Yes.
    Were they scavengers and therefore likely to have huge holes in their abilities thanks to not finding any of certain types of times? Well, yeah.
    Even if they have said items, is it a given they know how to use them properly? Not really.

    The twins are pretty boss, but some people seem to be giving them godlike levels of power or an shield of invincibility. Pro tip? If you hadn't frayed the ropes of the assassin to come in from the window when they were ambushed before then Liss would have likely gotten a sword through the back.

    >Implying they wouldn't just chop off the finger and try to regrow it with magic rather than be apart.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:18 No.14806328
    >No, I'm not that guy. But we're not making a carbon-copy of Nox. It's simply that using by saying Nox, it's a form of short-hand to refer to a very powerful, very driven villain type character, who just wants his family back.
    that is exactly right, but I was too tired to get my point across corectly.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:23 No.14806356
    This is acceptable, apologies for the misunderstanding. My only caveat would be that I'd rather have him focused on vengeance against Tissa than "getting his family back". They're gone, he wants to make the one who betrayed them pay.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:24 No.14806368
    So, for now, can we get a majority agreement to see how things turn out here between the heroes and Laressa, and work on creating a new-Kaleb, who will be a lich or lich-like arch-mage and have immense power, and be driven to extract revenge on Tissa and/or do whatever it takes to get his family back?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:25 No.14806370
    Alright guys. Serious, short-term planning time. How are we going to change >>14806193 in response to >>14806327 ?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:26 No.14806377
    This is certainly acceptable, I'd just like to have the stuff with this coming confrontation worked out before we rush off and start a whole new project.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:29 No.14806399
    Before the fight occurs, I think we need to get an inventory of what the twins have in terms of magic items. Not an exhaustive list, but an in-depth scan enough to know where their weaknesses are, and what they might be lacking.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:31 No.14806414
    You know, I just realized that if Ugantu was still alive, he'd be a real counter to the twins, what with his anti-magic properties and all.

    Their artifact stash is incredibly useful to them, and makes it difficult to put them into interesting situations. They derail everything we try.

    So why not just remove their artifacts? Scatter them to the winds and let them hunt each one back down. They'll definitely grow more powerful in the "quest", and we'll be able to dick with them some more in the meantime.

    Of couse, Lissa probably wouldn't go with them...
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)01:35 No.14806451
    You can safely make quite a few assumptions with what you know.

    For instance: It's a safe bet that they lack any sort of long range teleportation magic that allows them to go to some point they have never been. Otherwise why would they have been stuck in Mardana-Fel?

    Also: With prep time they can batman the shit out of a situation, but taken by surprise in an ambush (like with the Kamada assassins) then they are not nearly as powerful. Read back over that fight while adding in one more assassin dropping in from the window directly behind Liss.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)01:39 No.14806495
    True, that would have gone very badly. Which leads me to consider that we may want to tweak things a bit in their favor again, as opportunities present themselves.

    Then again, we've also seen the extent to which they habitually ward the area around themselves, and this whole situation is happening because they've gone OVERBOARD with the defensive measures. Which means that I feel reallllly bad for whoever the first one is to attempt to enter without warning.

    I think what is most making us think that they are capable of escape is their exit from our little study. It gave us the impression that they do in fact have the ability to teleport out of a bad situation, though in hindsight that was stated to require prior setup to the destination point.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)02:33 No.14807012
    So, was there a consensus on what to do?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)02:36 No.14807049
    Doesn't seem to be one beyond watching what happens, and being ready with a body-double to rescue Tissa if things go really pear-shaped.
    The twins should be fine on their own, and they brought this entire thing on themselves.

    I'd still like to give Quorin a power-boosting artifact ring, but not the one made from the collapsing demi-plane. That one will go to lick-Kaleb.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)02:40 No.14807089
    Sometimes I feel so sorry for Vedi, what with all the (conflicting) suggestions he has to sort through in order to keep the quest moving.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)02:45 No.14807128
    And yet... from this torment, he summons forth ART.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)03:09 No.14807324
    It's almost as if he draws forth a plotline from the raw firmament of reality...
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)03:31 No.14807466
    I debated making this in-character during next thread, or even this one, but probably better not to.

    The afterlife: Every reality's cosmology is different, as is the afterlife. In this one the souls of the dead fade away into a great river that flows around the various planes in it like a stream around rocks. Over an enormous amount of time the soul is slowly washed clean of all the memories, destiny, hardships and pleasures of life and when completely cleansed of everything it used to be flows back into a newborn child. This soul is technically 'reincarnated' this way, but nothing of the previous person remains so it can hardly be called such.

    Once a person is dead they are just that: Dead. Resurrection can happen, but it is a legendary thing with only two known methods. In the distant past when the blood-mages of Mardana-Fel ruled it was possible through great labor and sacrifice to return a soul to life via arcane magics, but those techniques are lost to time now.

    The second of the methods is divine intervention; a deity can (at tremendous cost to itself) restore a person to life... but that person is forever changed. While they are in theory they person they were before, the divine essence that courses through them turns them into a virtual living saint, an earthly avatar of their god. They can feel the will and thoughts of their benefactor and none escape completely unchanged. With time the amount of power needed to sustain these beings grows and eventually it becomes too much for even the most powerful gods. Alas, when the flow of divine spirit is cut off the resurrected soul both has nothing left to hold it together and no way to return to the River of Souls. The soul then completely disintegrates, gone forever and having given the ultimate sacrifice to their god.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)03:31 No.14807475
    Now there is a third way: you. It would hardly be difficult for you to resurrect someone. There is only one caveat; dipping into the river of souls will change them a bit. Not much, unless they stay in there for a long time, but a few memories will vanish each time they die... swept away by its black waters. Depending on what memories are taken they might or might not come back... different.

    Undead: There are undead. Necromancy is considered a profane art as it rips random souls from the River to place into and drive the corpses, locking them in a tortured, hellish, rotting existence of agony until released. All undead are driven to kill and consume the living (even skeletons, who smear the blood and flesh across their bones) by their horrific suffering, abated only by whatever shards of life they can absorb from fresh kills.

    Liches are the only undead who become that way willingly and are universally powerful mages who were not -quite- powerful enough to achieve actual agelessness within their lifetime. They instead, rather than die, settled for ripping out their own soul and grafting it back into their corpse. Not pleasant, and they have to bathe in the flesh and blood of the living regularly to keep the horrific suffering normally caused by their undead state at bay.

    They are, of course, considered abominations to be exterminated by even the most vile of normal living creatures. Nations at war and mortal enemies have united to fight undead. The /only/ 'people' who don't care about the undead (and actually coexist with them in places) are the Srite. Mostly because Srite flesh and blood doesn't slake the burning pain due to not having souls.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)03:35 No.14807503
    >Mostly because Srite flesh and blood doesn't slake the burning pain due to not having souls.
    Oh, right. And Srite are unique among sentient, intelligent creatures in not having souls. When they die they're gone for good, poof. Not that Srite are given to excessive metaphysical philosophising.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)03:37 No.14807530
    >There is only one caveat; dipping into the river of souls will change them a bit. Not much,

    So what? We're gonna drive him fucking insane with visions of power and an ultimate hatred for defeatist paladins. The mythology reminds me a bit about Buddhism; it's said the male children is born envious of his father because he saw him fucking his mother. Well, gnight.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)03:38 No.14807534
    So, what about instantaneous intervention? Like if we're on hand to catch the soul right as it exits the body. Will it still lose a shard of itself just from the separation?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)03:38 No.14807542
    Definitely picking up some future potential from the Srite. We need to find a way to incorporate them into our plans. This may actually work well with our ideas of creating Kaleb lich later. Once again, we seem to be on the same page with that plan, so I feel it can be set aside for now.

    This new info is interesting. It means that, should we accidentally screw something up even more than we already have, we can PROBABLY pull someone back from the dead. At that point the issue becomes... do we want to? Also, while I try to avoid direct questions, it seems like it might be a bit tricky for us to "create" a lich. We are omnipotent and all, but seeing as how the main qualification seems to be that it is a willing transformation, I'm not sure whether it's something we could just bring into being.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)03:40 No.14807555
    Wish this setting had a campaign manual or something.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)03:40 No.14807560
    No, but you best be /right/ the fuck there if you want to catch it in the nick of time.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)03:45 No.14807606
    So, is there an equivalent of speak with dead in this setting? I imagine the nature of the afterlife would make that odd if yes?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)03:45 No.14807614
    There are two main difference between liches and other undead.

    1. A necromancer does not control the lich, it controls itself. This can happen with other undead whose masters have died or have been specifically made that way, (ex. vampires) but it is always true with liches.

    2. They have retained their spellcasting abilities via the ritual. Normal undead can't cast spells because of soul fuckery and possibly mindlessness, and magic uses the mind and soul to channel power. The liches used a special ritual that let them keep their soul "pure" and mind intact while ripped free of their body.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)03:47 No.14807627
    Can't we *sense* a particular essence, then hunt it down? Alternatively, create magical construct which will house our lich, bind ALL THE SPIRITS IN THIS WORLD to said construct, imprint them with the memories of Kaleb Fakeguy(yeah, some will crumble. Most. Millions), give it a couple of arcane levels and some restrictions(something tells me the mad spirits and ancient necromages would pack more than either the PCs or our waifu could handle) THEN drive it insane. Then release our luvly-wuvly crime against nature into the world. A plan this mad surely must work!
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)03:47 No.14807628
    >So, is there an equivalent of speak with dead in this setting?
    Not really, no. If it exists it would likely be viewed as/actually be a form of necromancy that harasses and tortures the dead for information.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)03:49 No.14807641

    This is interesting stuff.

    Do all undead have to be made via magic? Does the stereotypical ghost exist?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)03:49 No.14807642
    Alright. Well, I suppose that's not a "no you can't do that". Another question- if we were to, say, create a fully-formed body, could we drag-and-drop a preexisting soul into it? We have trapped beings in inanimate objects before, so it seems plausible?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)03:49 No.14807647
    I would let you do that.

    I would then have the entire reality /explode/ because you just ripped out its guts and started playing them like a fiddle.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)03:50 No.14807654
    this makes me want to make a hilariously unlucky hero that keeps dying but coming back
    a la kenny from south park, the bard from The Gamers: Dorkness Rising and necrons from 40k
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)03:52 No.14807672

    Ok then, with these in mind: Can we communicate with a soul we have "caught" without harming it?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)03:52 No.14807673
    From now on whenever a necron warrior revives in my head I'll hear "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-!"
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)03:53 No.14807680
    Depends. Do you want it to become a living person? Would likely have an even higher failure rate than mindfuckery.

    Storing a soul in a glass jar or bone quill is a million times easier than integrating mind/body/soul and trying to bring it back to life.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)03:54 No.14807691
    >Do all undead have to be made via magic?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)03:58 No.14807730
    >This just ruined so many of my plans
    Actually, I meant while it's still a soul, without putting it into anything.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)03:58 No.14807736
    Oh, in this vein: I assume for "Yeah you can res them fairly easily just maybe some gradual memory loss." that you have their mostly-intact original body on hand to fix up and stick it back into.

    Without such it's... far less likely. Once again, extremely ludicrously high failure rate -- much moreso than mindfuckery.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:00 No.14807748
    So then I'm guessing there's some sort of connection between a soul and the body it's used to inhabiting? It may not be absolutely essential for the soul to function, but it... makes things easier to be in familiar surroundings?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)04:02 No.14807770
    You can communicate with a soul that is "in hand" yes. It will begin to decay if you "hold" it for too long, though, much like the divine-souls that have been left without power.

    I would advise treating souls like hot potatoes, otherwise they might not exist when you come back. You can't just create a cold-storage locker for people's souls. Well, I mean, you /could/ if you knew how that shit worked, but you aren't omniscient.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)04:08 No.14807828
    I've stated this many times before, yes. A soul/body/mind set are like... hmmm, what's a good analogy...

    Like a child's tinkertoy set. There are square pegs and round pegs matched to square holes and round holes. A body, mind, and soul are matched pegs and holes. Even a slight difference means you're trying to ram a square peg through a round hole. At best, things break a little as it goes in.

    The only reason you are able to do mindfuckery at all, for instance, is you have a hydraulic press called omnipotence to force the pegs wherever the fuck you want them to go plus more more magical experience and skill than anyone save an omniscient being. And you have had... notably mixed results there.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:12 No.14807858
    You said that every reality's cosmology is different.
    Does that mean that we could, say, create a lich in a world a couple of realities over which is more hospitable to the types of things we want to do to the soul in question, and then shunt it back to this reality to run around?

    Like, pick up a soul from some other plane of reality where editing souls is easier to do, create our new-Kaleb there, then bring him here to be Tissa's nemesis?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:15 No.14807898
    I'mmmmm gonna guess no.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)04:15 No.14807899
    'Fraid not unless you are willing to break reality. That would be like trying to fit a 12 dimensional object into a 2 dimensional world. The realities are all different at fundamental levels.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:19 No.14807946
    Oh well.
    I wanted to try to get that "falling through the planes, ending up in the cracks between realities with unforeseen consequences" for lich-Kaleb.

    Guess we'll just have to try the tried and true method of burning out the minds and souls of thousands of candidates to create our pawn.
    Though this time, I suggest we keep the extras who pass. I think it would be useful to keep a few spares on ice, as it were.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:20 No.14807962
    sorry for sounding like a broken record...
    but the more I think about this, the more I want to do it
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)04:25 No.14808010

    Okay, I just wrote down everything and mentally did a check over it, so I have a slight retcon:

    Memories will be lost when someone dies and dips into the river. How much of them is left after being ressed will never be a certain factor. It could be a little, it could be almost everything. This is because time doesn't work the same way in the River of Souls and it depends on what current they get caught in.

    You will still be able to prevent any memory loss at all if you are on-site to catch them at the time.

    Consider this and everything else stated above as firm.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:29 No.14808044
    Can't we just make bodies and then pull "used" souls from the river to modify until one fits? It would save lives.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:31 No.14808057
    We certainly *could*, the questions is, well, do we give a shit?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)04:31 No.14808058
    You could, sure. But for every life you save you would likely permanently destroy tens of thousands of souls. Once again, much harder than mindfuckery.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:31 No.14808060
    would it be possible to make an artifact that catches souls and sends them to a jar in our office?
    Or even automatically resurrects them in our office
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:32 No.14808063
    Hey Vedi, is there a limited number of souls in circulation?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:33 No.14808068
    Easier to use already born people, then we can store the extras.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:37 No.14808099
    What about demons and devils? What do they need souls for in this setting?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)04:38 No.14808108

    Damn! I was hoping nobody would ask this. You totally ruined my eventual grimdark revelation.

    Nope, limited number of souls. Yes, this means every time a god resurrects a champion they are slowly driving their reality toward the absence of sentient life. Every time a soul gets consumed or destroyed (like, say, with Laressa's eyes...) that's one less soul circulating through the world.

    Now, there are a /lot/ of souls. We're talking super big numbers, enough that you don't have to worry about ever running out realistically.

    But yes, every soul death slowly drives this reality towards oblivion. At the end of the reality the only thing that will be left... would be the Srite. Assuming they don't get wiped out somehow.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:41 No.14808141
    well, assuming evolution applies in this setting. the srite would probably slowly evolve into multiple species capable of existing without souls. So it would be less of an end and more of a reset with different rules...

    Specifically no souls, which I guess means no gods or magic anymore?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)04:42 No.14808153
    Power. They graft souls to themselves to gain more power. They're basically souls made manifest already and how they grow in power is not dissimilar to just pouring more water into a glass. A newly formed demon has a little water in its jar. Every soul it eats puts more water in. Mind you, these souls don't merge into it or anything... they just are sort of grafted on. They are used as currency in the hells and when a demon dies all the souls fly away back to the River of Souls. The demon becomes a 1-soul demon once again, the lowest rank, and has to start all over from nothing.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:45 No.14808169
    Heh, and we unmade how many thousands just to get a family of 5? lol
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)04:46 No.14808175
    Hey, hey, hey. Stop that. Catgirls are dying. Eventually there will be Srite. Just Srite. Assuming they don't get wiped out before then.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:47 No.14808187
    So the demons are actually a part of the system then? Rather than the interlopers that D&D portrays them as?
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:48 No.14808198
    Something planning of wiping out the Srite?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)04:50 No.14808210
    Also: You are the only one (other than omniscient beings, who know everything from everywhere...) who knows all of this. It is only your omnipotent powers combined with vast intelligence and research abilities that let you find it out.

    Nobody in this reality -- including the gods -- knows all of it. Some know pieces, like how the afterlife works. That's it.
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)04:52 No.14808225
    Sort of, yes.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:52 No.14808231
    nothing compared to what we have done in many other realities before
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)04:54 No.14808248
    Only every civilized nation that borders them? The Srite smashed the largest empire in the world and turned the entire interior of a continent into charred, beshadowed wasteland filled with horrors, undead, and legions of Srite that kill both each other any anything that comes into it. They are constantly trying to advance in all directions to finish the job.

    Srite do not make good neighbors.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)04:59 No.14808267
    >The Srite smashed the largest empire

    How'd they manage that? Do they have their own unique abilities/magic to give them an edge or was the empire stagnated?
    >> Vedibere !!O+eQDn0BBx8 05/04/11(Wed)05:00 No.14808275
    Find out in-game if you want.

    Plus, I'm totally not up to another huge blurb tonight. I'm only hanging around to answer questions while lying in bed trying to fall asleep.
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)05:05 No.14808319
    rolled 24 = 24

    What are Strite?

    can't remember them being mentioned in this quest
    >> Anonymous 05/04/11(Wed)05:12 No.14808373
    Check the archives, in one he mentions the races in this setting.

    Posted a pic too.

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