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  • File : 1303627348.jpg-(14 KB, 185x208, csm_chaos_lord.jpg)
    14 KB Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)02:42 No.14700825  
    You are now a chaos lord /tg/, how would you troll space marines when you meet them in battle?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)02:45 No.14700842

    Or just keep claiming that the Omnissiah is a Chaos God if you meet a techmarine.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)02:53 No.14700912
    I'll be all:
    >implying we're not brothers

    Then as he starts to throw a fit, ask him
    >you mad?
    While remain smooth and chilled as shit.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)02:55 No.14700942
    I'd wear a ton of U symbols and praise Guilliman a lot. If asked why, just say Tzeentch mentioned he was becoming a chaos god in the near future and I'm getting a headstart with asskissing that I know he likes for some goodies.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)02:57 No.14700955
    Stay out of direct combat. Gather tons of cultists and arm them with armor-piercing bullets, grenades, and meltaguns. Use my powers to support them. Laugh like mad as the Astartes die to unaugmented humans.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)02:58 No.14700964
    I'm a Chaos Lord suddenly?

    Why would I meet Space Marines in battle? Fuck yeah, I'm a Chaos Lord, I can run around doing just about whatever the fuck I want. Why go fight marines? Why make myself even more of a target than I already am?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:02 No.14700991
    Because you need it to gain favor of the Dark Gods so that you would become a Daemon Prince instead of a Chaos Spawn or a soul eaten by your god.
    >> Un-named Engineer !A4gIjT7a26 04/24/11(Sun)03:23 No.14701174
    "Oh hey, I remember you! I was your sergeant few centuries ago!"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:27 No.14701207
         File1303630026.jpg-(76 KB, 800x447, Slaaneshi.jpg)
    76 KB
    Arrive in my Slaaneshi baneblade, showing off the mountains of cocaine, daemonettes, and blasting heavy metal that devotion to Chaos affords me.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:28 No.14701226
    I wouldn't be able to troll marines, I'd be too busy getting mad at Rhinos

    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:28 No.14701229
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:31 No.14701257
    i'd do what every good chaos lord would do- burn this edition's codex and go back to the good one. Then I'd just FUCK YEAH.JPG all over the board with legion-specific rules and the loyalist dogs would be so jealous of my epic theme army, and cry themselves to sleep while they jerked off to razorbacks.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:34 No.14701293
    "So you discovered a secret and the Inquisition had half your chapter killed? Damn, that sucks. I discovered a secret and Slaanesh sent me one of its own daemonette's to keep me warm for the week.

    Let's be frank here. You think you've got some kind of moral ground, but what humanity needs isn't an emperor who can't walk and an Imperium that bleeds it half to death. What humanity needs is something different.

    Leave the Imperium behind. Let it decay while you go and murder man's real enemies instead of following orders from senile fools. Bring real change to the galaxy, make it something more perfect than it was before.

    Come with me."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:39 No.14701329

    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:39 No.14701335
    get alpha legion like heretics to steal me fuck awesome gear from forgeworlds and once that's done, simply drop onto a medieval planet or something and massacre everyone.
    Have a single fuck awesome ship or a fleet of really crappy fighters orbiting over the planet to ensure no meddling, as unlikely as that might be
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:42 No.14701362
    Combine Dark Crusade Eliphas with Araghast.

    Keep making psychic calls to their Librarians, seying it's time for the family reunion.

    Challenge them to a fight on planet x, never show up and steal their land raiders, and leave rhinos on cinder blocks for fun.

    Rig space hulks to be used as missiles.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:45 No.14701385
         File1303631107.jpg-(101 KB, 775x400, Trade Federation Blocker.jpg)
    101 KB
    Suddenly Star Wars Ep 1 Blockade, but cooler.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:46 No.14701403
    I would troll space marines by refusing to fight on their terms.

    >Take some position or shrine or some such, fortify it like I'm expect an attack
    >Wait for SPESS MEHRINES to launch coordinated multitiered assault using orbital, air, and ground forces
    >Put up token resistance while falling back, instruct all men to yell "Protect the ritual in the shrine at all costs" all the time
    >Leave through warp portal
    >Detonate nuclear bomb

    Problem, Space Marines?

    >Wait for Space Marines to deploy to surface in force
    >THEN launch fleet action, boarders easily take ships lacking their full complement of marines
    >Destroy space marine ships, leave them stranded on barren world/orbitally bombard the shit out of them if world is not barren
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:49 No.14701442
    Our beloved Emperor is held captive on Holy Terra by these pathetic mortals. Join us, Brother and together we shall continue his work and not that of these so called High Lords who have the audacity to claim they hold the reigns of the Astartes.
    >> kitten 04/24/11(Sun)03:50 No.14701455
    Shower em with milk from my Slannesh bitch's tits.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:52 No.14701471

    <entire Loyalist Chapter scratches their head>

    Holy shit, he's right!
    >> Un-named Engineer !A4gIjT7a26 04/24/11(Sun)03:53 No.14701491
         File1303631632.jpg-(24 KB, 273x288, 1299545141620.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:54 No.14701499
    The usual, turn an entire planet into an altar of sacrifice.

    Pretty safe and Ward-proof method of trolling the Imperium.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:55 No.14701508
    Custodes? Merely jail wardens. The Golden Throne is keeping the Emperor from returning to life, not delaying his death.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:56 No.14701518
         File1303631797.png-(77 KB, 200x200, Diomedes.png)
    77 KB
    >my helmet when
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:58 No.14701541
    Since I know marines are total fucking suckers to challenges...



    Then, of course, once they send some fancy named character to meet my chaos lord, I have my havoc squads give him a heaping helping of lascannon before launching our actual attack.

    And they'd totally fucking fall for it, every time.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)03:59 No.14701549
         File1303631982.jpg-(80 KB, 800x1037, 1299113696584.jpg)
    80 KB
    Infiltrate them. Proclaim my love for the Emperor.
    Be sincere.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:05 No.14701604
         File1303632343.png-(32 KB, 150x150, 1302811022968.png)
    32 KB
    Congratulations! You've singlehandedly beaten the Imperium.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:06 No.14701614
    By protecting Imperial subjects from Grey Knights, who are responsible for more destruction of Imperial assets than Chaos ever has.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:10 No.14701646
         File1303632643.png-(35 KB, 179x289, 1298438658143.png)
    35 KB
    >Newest Chaos Space Marine book titled "Blood Gorgons"
    >Oh no! We have to protect the civilians! Save them, brothers!
    So I guess that Chaos isn't all bad. Not when compared to the Imperium at least.
    >> Doctor WHOre 04/24/11(Sun)04:13 No.14701663
    "I worship the Emperor, but pray to Khorne. The Emperor exists, I've seen him. Khorne just actually gets shit done"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:13 No.14701668
    Act like it's the good old days, regaling them with embarrasing tales of many of their venerated heroes
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:14 No.14701673

    apperently blood gorgons isn't the first CSM as decent blokes book.

    I must read the others.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:19 No.14701709
    I call them LICKSPITTLES
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:23 No.14701737
    What is the METAL BAWKES from?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:24 No.14701742
         File1303633463.png-(248 KB, 500x375, 1303075300248.png)
    248 KB
    get out
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:25 No.14701747

    wait a second....

    How do I know you're not just trying to trick me so you can kill the Emprah off for good and finish Horus' work?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:25 No.14701748
         File1303633511.jpg-(36 KB, 600x136, chaos eliphas.jpg)
    36 KB
    The videogame Dawn of War 1.
    The Alpha Legion is in it, but they are the retarded version.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:26 No.14701753
         File1303633561.jpg-(672 KB, 754x1100, alpha legion.jpg)
    672 KB
    But I love the Emperor.

    Ave Imperator, brother.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:26 No.14701762
    I don't play DoW...
    >> Doctor WHOre 04/24/11(Sun)04:27 No.14701772
    "Oh you insufferable little fucks. Do you want to know about the primarchs? They were what happened when your "God" (and I use that term very very loosely) decided "Stand back, I'm going to attempt to try science"

    The term God doesn't even apply to him. Do you know God even means? Its a term we give to a thing that walks and we can't explain it. Like the UFO of people. If you arrogant fucks weren't stuck in your neo-technofascist hippy treaty bullshit with Mars you'd understand what I mean.

    Speaking of which, seriously...get with the fucking program. The whole "Save the STC/Relay/Other Mechanicum bullshit" is really getting fucking old.

    That'll be all for now

    Chaos Lord Janus Krieger

    P.S. Robute Gulliman is not your spiritual liege...he's just a dick who spent too much time writing some piece of shit book. Seriously, read it some time.....then read some Sun Tzu. Your mind will be blown.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:27 No.14701775

    Once had a plot running that a Black Templar Chaplain had received visions, from the Emperor, of a chalice held in the Eye that could regenerate the Emperor of Man to health.

    Chaplain was infected with a daemon of Nurgle.
    Black Templar blindly follows their Chaplain on a crusade into the eye.
    Black Templar are all infected by the chalice.
    Black Templar have no idea that they are infected Black Templar believe the loyalists who are attempting to stop them are infact the heretics.
    Black Templar know that the Emperor loves them and that their own suffering will be a small price to pay for the second coming of the Emperor and a new Golden age of man.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:28 No.14701783
         File1303633732.jpg-(237 KB, 712x1100, An_acient_inquisitor_by_gaallo.jpg)
    237 KB
    >The term God doesn't even apply to him.

    Imperial thought for the day: Reject rational arguments.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:29 No.14701793
    Neither do I, but come ON, METAL BAWKSES ! How long have you been on /tg/ ??
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:31 No.14701816

    Alright, you've proven your loyalty to me! After all, how could anyone not love the Emprah?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:33 No.14701833
         File1303634016.jpg-(227 KB, 600x797, alpha.jpg)
    227 KB

    thats some grade alpha stuff right there...
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:41 No.14701891
         File1303634494.jpg-(60 KB, 640x480, 1298958389227.jpg)
    60 KB
    Welcome Battle-Brothers!
    Please, take us to your command post and tell us your sensitive military secrets.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:52 No.14701972
         File1303635142.jpg-(36 KB, 500x447, what-you-did-there-i-see-it.th(...).jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:54 No.14701984
         File1303635277.jpg-(58 KB, 640x480, 1299123524244.jpg)
    58 KB
    You see what? Our devotion and purity before His Most Holy sight?
    Ave Imperator.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)04:57 No.14702006
    1. Worship Mala
    2. Gain the Sorcerer ability to warp
    3. Find Ultrasmurfs killing *insert Chaos legion here*
    4. Warp around ninja killing all the CSM just before the smurf's bullets / combat weapons can kill the CSM
    5. Laugh as I please my god for slaying Chaos and disallow the smurfs of their zeal and fury for smiting their foes
    6. Let the smurfs know they can never be my ally unless they join my trollicious warband and they can no longer accept robot gayman as their spiritual liege.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)05:00 No.14702016
         File1303635650.jpg-(10 KB, 180x257, 180px-Ordo_Hereticus.jpg)
    10 KB
    on what authority does the inquisition have to deem a chapter heretic? only our emperor can deem our cause as such.

    they venerate and worship him as a god! but we all know he was no god. they use his image for idolatry and control! the very ideal the emperor fought against with our primarchs!

    join us brothers. we will free the emperor from the golden shackles of the inquisition!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)05:02 No.14702027
    Malal *
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)05:07 No.14702053
         File1303636034.png-(239 KB, 484x488, Slayer_09.png)
    239 KB
    Troll Space Marines? I would have ALL of my war bands dreadnoughts/defilers built into one of these!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)05:10 No.14702075
    Capture any living space marine after the battle and use them for training purposes.
    And by training, I mean tie them to the side of a Rhino and have the newer members of the warband beat their skulls out of their fat faces using only their fists and/or the Liber Chaotica.
    Bonus points: Keep said space marine attached to the Rhino for the next battle.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)05:10 No.14702082

    Hey, these guys have a point. Why do we have to listen to the High Lords and the Inquisition? The Imperium of man is turning into a farcical parody of itself!

    We do our Emperor a disservice by allowing his name to be tarnished by such pathetic whimpering.

    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)05:12 No.14702091
         File1303636372.png-(393 KB, 500x547, tzeench.png)
    393 KB
    Now you are getting it.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)05:31 No.14702195
         File1303637468.jpg-(302 KB, 851x1212, gw_warhammer40k_037.jpg)
    302 KB

    We heed the call Brothers, the power of the Inquisition need to be culled. For the Emperor!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)05:36 No.14702229
    >> Sergeant Major Alexandros 04/24/11(Sun)05:53 No.14702320
         File1303638835.jpg-(159 KB, 900x1161, walhallan_ice_warriors_by_comr(...).jpg)
    159 KB

    Fucking Space Marines, I knew they would turn against us some day.


    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)05:56 No.14702334
    Dear Guardsmen;

    Our beloved Emperor is held captive on Holy Terra by those pathetic priests. Join us, Brother and together we shall continue his work and not that of these so called High Lords who have the audacity to claim they hold the reigns of Humanity.
    >> Sergeant Major Alexandros 04/24/11(Sun)05:58 No.14702355
         File1303639138.jpg-(76 KB, 450x494, 12255969416571.jpg)
    76 KB

    Dear Space Marines,

    The Imperial Navy and the Imperial Guard combined are the strongest, most capable and most devastating military force in the Galaxy. We have more ships, more men and more guns than you could ever dream of. Take a knee and pray to the God Emperor so that he may forgive you, for we will not.

    Ave Imperator!
    >> Zangief !!YG0uo46UrxQ 04/24/11(Sun)05:59 No.14702363
         File1303639186.jpg-(111 KB, 660x444, Tony Romo America's QB.jpg)
    111 KB

    Blood Bowl 40k
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:02 No.14702379

    You defend not your god but your masters! Throw off the shackles of oppression and join us in our righteous crusade to reclaim our father the Emperor and bring about a new golden age!
    >> Sergeant Major Alexandros 04/24/11(Sun)06:04 No.14702397
         File1303639485.jpg-(438 KB, 674x1080, 1281115963204.jpg)
    438 KB

    And thus the Space Marines shed any sense of loyalty they had left, siding with the vile forces of chaos, attempting to disrupt, nay, destroy the Imperium, the destiny of mankind made manifest by His holy will!

    To the stake with you, I say, burn like the traitors, witches and heretics you are!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:06 No.14702405
         File1303639567.jpg-(106 KB, 750x600, 1267534163523.jpg)
    106 KB
    dear navy and guard,

    we come to fight the inquisition and free the emperor from their grasp.

    the inquisition sacrificed your homeworlds, executes your brothers, and sanctions the extermination of entire star systems

    only one man earned the title of Master of Mankind. it was NOT the inquisition.

    join us and together we will free the true and rightful ruler of man
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:08 No.14702413
    With this: http://youtu.be/LJMLfACod48
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:08 No.14702415
         File1303639712.png-(326 KB, 638x900, One_man_by_Anomunnus.png)
    326 KB
    >> Sergeant Major Alexandros 04/24/11(Sun)06:08 No.14702416
         File1303639712.jpg-(11 KB, 236x181, 1256777834203.jpg)
    11 KB

    The Holy Inquisition is the carrier of the God Emperor's Will, as mandated by the High Lords of Terra on behalf of the Immortal God Emperor, He who sacrificed himself to save Humanity from the very forces you side with now.

    Reconsider and you might yet get to die in repentance, stay on your misguided course and be slaughtered like the rabid dogs you are.

    Ave Imperator, Imperator Vult!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:10 No.14702426
    I would be loathe to kill a loyal son of the Emperor, but clearly you are no such thing, dog of the Inquisition. You have committed the gravest idolatry, placing your faith in that which is manifestly NOT the Emperor.

    Prepare to die for your crimes. May He have mercy on your soul.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:10 No.14702427
    Hate to derail the topic of conversation here, but you Imperial Guard fans are really the worst.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:11 No.14702430
         File1303639862.jpg-(68 KB, 700x620, 1269800155252.jpg)
    68 KB
    reinforcements arrive
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:11 No.14702433
         File1303639887.jpg-(228 KB, 561x1016, sister_of_battle_by_bazazatron.jpg)
    228 KB

    Dear Space Marines.

    You have strayed from the true path. You would strike down your own father and his imperium. You are traitors of the highest order. We shall defend the Imperium and the Emperor from you side by side with the Guard and the Navy.

    The Daughters of the Emperor shall not let you succeed.

    Ave Imperitor!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:12 No.14702441
         File1303639958.jpg-(1.24 MB, 4000x2591, 1269930435309.jpg)
    1.24 MB


    >> Sergeant Major Alexandros 04/24/11(Sun)06:13 No.14702444
         File1303639980.png-(253 KB, 620x874, 1286485004901.png)
    253 KB

    You dare accuse us, stalwart defenders of the Imperium, of going against the Emperor's will? Remind me again, who is the one siding with the arch-enemy, the dark and malignant forces that seek to destroy all we have accomplished? Oh right, it's you, the (now chaos) space marines.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:13 No.14702446
         File1303640035.jpg-(455 KB, 1220x603, 1274913831667.jpg)
    455 KB
    The Custodes is loyal, The Astartes is our weaker Brothers, it is inevitable that they shall fail in this Chaos plot
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:14 No.14702451
    Aw, c'mon sis, don't be like that.

    Remember when we beat up those mean chaos girls who called you fat? This is exactly like that.

    The Inquisition is calling humanity fat. Let's beat them up. Together.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:14 No.14702452
         File1303640096.jpg-(14 KB, 277x182, 1289198235728.jpg)
    14 KB
    - Sir. 100 hundred Baneblade just gone missing...

    - I know...
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:15 No.14702455
    Hey, this is OUR crusade. Our formerly-chaos brethren are free to join so long as they renounce their false gods and embrace the Emperor.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:16 No.14702460
         File1303640162.jpg-(617 KB, 1500x1391, chaos_marine_sorcerer.jpg)
    617 KB
    Sisters of Battle Hear Me!

    If you join us your martial skills and unfailing faith will make honoured members of our host!

    Side with the space marines and they shall kill you and paint their armour with your blood for no other reason than to hide their own ineptitude and cowardice!

    Live free or die as slaves, Sororitas!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:16 No.14702463
    We're not even going in the Throne Room brothers. The Emperor can stay right where he is, and you can keep doing your "Eternal Vigil" thing. We just want to kill the assclowns who are claiming they speak for him.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:19 No.14702477


    I'm sorry to break your immersion, but that's no CSM at all. That's Tchar'zanek from WAR.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:19 No.14702479
    Does not the Emperor and the Omnissiah deserve worship alongside the Ruinous Powers? We simply wish to act for their true will. All hail Chaos and the Emperor!

    Shit we need this whole "Chaos claiming they are working for the Emp's true will" thing to be in a novel.
    >> Sergeant Major Alexandros 04/24/11(Sun)06:19 No.14702480

    Your lies are as obvious as they are heretical, Space Marine, your 'crusade' is nothing more than an ill-planned strike against Mankind, one that we are ready to thwart like we have done many times before.To claim that you are something other than traitorous scum is an insult to all the loyal and faithful men and women of the Imperium, men and women who will not stand for this attack, men and women who will not idly sit while you slaughter their families and burn their cities in the names of your dark 'gods'. The Imperium will rise as one and crush you under its mighty boot, in the Emperor's name.

    The Imperium overcomes.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:20 No.14702488
         File1303640449.jpg-(520 KB, 1100x1550, sister_sororita_clean_by_N647.jpg)
    520 KB

    We chose to live free.

    We shall not save your foul gods. We are strong, we have faith and the Emperor is with us. We are the Daughters of the Emperor, We are Adepta Sororitas!

    And we deny you. We will stand with the Guard and the Navy.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:20 No.14702489

    never forget that it was the grey knights, the hounds of the inquisition who slaughtered your sisters.

    we fight the very thing your founders fought in the age of apostasy

    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:20 No.14702491
    Look... we just want to kill some assholes who are totally lying about what the Emperor wanted. That's all.

    Don't be a baby.
    >> Sergeant Major Alexandros 04/24/11(Sun)06:21 No.14702495
         File1303640505.png-(84 KB, 618x365, yes, you.png)
    84 KB

    Your entire chapter is babies.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:23 No.14702501
    Look! We're not fucking chaos, ok?

    Well fine, I guess brother Alvion might be a liiiittle chaos.

    And, you know, all those Alpha Legion guys, who turned out to be total bros.

    You can hate the Imperium without being Chaos or a Xeno you know... it's a legitimate option.
    >> sage 04/24/11(Sun)06:25 No.14702504
         File1303640700.png-(61 KB, 207x207, 1296672523220.png)
    61 KB

    Do you really expect to survive an encounter with the space marines? Don't be dumb nigga.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:25 No.14702506
    Shit I hope this will become archived and/or a writefag is inspired by this.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:27 No.14702512
         File1303640850.jpg-(15 KB, 269x354, Sisterbattlesmile.jpg)
    15 KB

    And you think you will survive Exorcist fire?

    We stand together, fighting for the Imperium, not glory like the marines.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:28 No.14702518
    you fight for the inquisition, not the emperor

    no sister, you are heretic
    >> Sergeant Major Alexandros 04/24/11(Sun)06:28 No.14702519
         File1303640918.png-(81 KB, 301x448, kriegerpew.png)
    81 KB

    If I die, I will die knowing I died for a just cause, fulfilling my duty and protecting the Imperium against the enemies of the Immortal God Emperor.

    If I die, ten other men will take my place in the fight against Chaos.

    If I die and the Imperium triumphs, and there's no doubt it will, Mankind will be safe.

    No one that died in His service died in vain, men must die so that Man will endure.

    Ave Imperator!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:31 No.14702531
    >Implying your faith wasn't imprinted on your helpless brain while you were still in your cloning tube, clone.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:31 No.14702532
         File1303641090.jpg-(139 KB, 452x640, abb.sized.jpg)
    139 KB
    I smell Illuminati and Sensei tricks!

    Or perhaps the Harlequins are the ultimate conspiators here
    >> Sergeant Major Alexandros 04/24/11(Sun)06:32 No.14702536
         File1303641147.png-(43 KB, 241x326, Krieger6.png)
    43 KB

    Blessed be the mind too small for doubt.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:32 No.14702537
         File1303641177.jpg-(150 KB, 700x586, 1269800534824.jpg)
    150 KB
    prepare ze trenchez
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:33 No.14702540
    Ask me this, how do you know the Emperor's will? He is locked away on his Golden Throne, only seen by the Custodians. All your commands come from the corrupt Adeptus Ministorium. You hear nothing of his word. We must destroy the Imperium, and set him free so that his true goals can be revealed.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:34 No.14702543
         File1303641247.jpg-(91 KB, 1024x768, Grey-knight.jpg)
    91 KB
    Grey Knights, the Inquisition is in need of your services
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:35 No.14702551
    That would be some weapons-grade trolling, if it wasn't 100 percent true.

    Sons, daughters, brothers, sisters. We come not to destroy the Imperium but to restore it. The Emperor lies imprisoned on Holy Terra, held by the so called High Lords who have twisted his vision for their own benefit.

    Horus did not strike the Emperor, for how can a son turn against his father? He came to rescue him.

    You fear Chaos because you are told a single blow sent our God into a coma that has lasted a hundred centuries. Can you believe this? That there can exist a power that can defeat the God-Emperor in battle?

    NO! Only vile treachery could defeat the Emperor! The treachery of the High Lords who Horus originally sought to defeat! You have been told lies and falsehoods. Join us and we will free the God-Emperor together. Together we will rebuild according to His vision.

    One race, one empire, one ruler. Just as the God-Emperor always intended. Join the fight!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:37 No.14702560
    This actually gives me cool ideas for a Space Marine chapter.

    Imagine, your planet is suddenly under attack by Astartes. Apart from the mark of Chaos on their shoulders and banners, they seem as clean and sane (for want of a better word) as their loyalist brethren.

    They appear, and quickly crush the PDF. They give a message to the whole planet about how they should rise up against the Imperium to restore the Emperor.

    Then they just... leave. No slaughtering of civilians, no obliteration of infrastructure (in fact they REBUILD a few vital things like water plants and stuff before they go), no taking of prisoners (well, except the planters rule. They take him away with them) and they then just... leave.

    People who actually believe what they're doing is right? Or Chaos marines playing the biggest practical joke in history? You decide!
    >> Sergeant Major Alexandros 04/24/11(Sun)06:37 No.14702561
         File1303641454.jpg-(100 KB, 500x651, 1282447646263.jpg)
    100 KB

    At long last you show your true face and with it your goals, chaos-spawn, to kill the Imperium would be to kill humanity itself. You are no better than a mindless cultist, indeed, you are even worse for once you were worshipped as the Angels of the Emperor, bringers of His holy judgement and now you have fallen to the lures of the warp.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:39 No.14702570
    I imagine they wear fancy golden armor like the Custodes and the Emperor wore.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:39 No.14702572
         File1303641571.jpg-(325 KB, 1220x1120, 1274915757408.jpg)
    325 KB
    incoming transmition

    Heed the call, the bloated 2nd Empire of Man only serve the vile Inquisition. Rise up! Break the Shackles of the faceless bureaucracy! Free The Empereor from their clutches so he can fulfill the destiny of Man!

    Long live the 3rd Empire of Man.
    End of transmission
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:41 No.14702587
         File1303641669.gif-(28 KB, 360x500, valk3.gif)
    28 KB

    You would not have one ruler but four. Four vile ones. You speak not truth but unholy lies. You have turned against our Emperor, a crime for which you will find our justice swift. We stand united in faith and certainty that our cause is just.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:42 No.14702596
    You fail to see the horrors of the current Imperium. Billions are worked to death for the greed of a few men. Instead of living in prosperity, you devote all your resources in meaningless wars. Praise the Emperor, and curse the Imperium, brothers.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:42 No.14702597
    Oooh yeah! And have them vaguely Greek in design! Since the Imperial Pre-Heresy was Greek inspired, and not Gothic!

    What would they be called though?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:44 No.14702609
    The Emperor's Will, I suggest.

    Battle Cry: "Praise the Emperor, curse the Imperium!"
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:45 No.14702617
    Troll /tg/. Go from sanctuary to sanctuary, killing only Sisters.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:46 No.14702619

    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:51 No.14702655
    You now realise we have actually advanced the plot of the universe more than Games Workshop has in the last decade.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)06:52 No.14702663

    Seriously, who the fuck are you? HOW DARE YOU!

    We fought shoulder to shoulder with the Emperor during the Great Crusade. We knew him as only brothers in blood can know each other. WE WERE THERE MAN!

    And for a hundred centuries we have struggled and fought to liberate him from his prison on Holy Terra. You talk of four gods and know nothing. If we served alien gods why would we proudly wear the armor bestowed upon us by the God-Emperor?

    Because we serve him. Because we remain loyal. For a hundred centuries we have worn Imperial colors because our loyalty has never wavered. Look at the history of your false Imperium lackey of the High Lords. Filled with war and strife and apostasy!

    Our loyalty is beyond question, proved through a hundred centuries of our resistance. Your loyalty to the False Lords of Terra is dedication to nothing more than power and vanity.
    >> Doctor WHOre 04/24/11(Sun)07:01 No.14702710
    Holy Fuck, someone archive this quick
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:01 No.14702716
         File1303642887.jpg-(43 KB, 315x420, Sisters_of_battle_our_martyred(...).jpg)
    43 KB

    You fought with him and yet it was one of your own that struck him down. You speak of knowing his wishes yet if it were not for a Preacher you would have stood there while the Imperium fell during the Apostasy.

    You stood apart, like you always have. You fight not for the Imperium or it's people, you fight, like you always have, for yourselves and your personal glory. You seek glory, not the safety of humanity.
    >> Doctor WHOre 04/24/11(Sun)07:03 No.14702729

    The apostasy happened because of one man; a preacher and a high lord of Terra. Your point only emphasizes the reason why we fight - that the corrupt administratum and its infinite levels of complexity as an organization have been created to hide the imperial populace from the truth.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:09 No.14702756

    And yet he was brought down, not by your vaulted forces but by a Preacher and the Sisterhood.

    I ask you, what of the Badab war? A War, costing many lives, fought exclusively amoung the marines. A pointless war for no reason but your own pride.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:09 No.14702759

    >Our beloved Emperor is held captive on Holy Terra by these pathetic mortals. Join us, Brother and together we shall continue his work and not that of these so called High Lords who have the audacity to claim they hold the reigns of the Astartes.

    I liked this so much I recorded it on Vocaroo


    now you try /teegee/ :3
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:15 No.14702799
    >Find planet which has been doomed to Exterminatus
    >Slaughter all Imperials garrisoned there inc. Inquisition
    >Save innocent civilians from wrath of the Inquisition
    >Leave behind defensive positions and decent weapons for people to defend themselves
    >Beginnings of new Empire

    Problem, Imperium?
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:17 No.14702805

    pick one
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:17 No.14702810

    At first I was like
    >dat voice
    But then I noticed

    Seriously, you're a guy. Don't do it mang.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:18 No.14702813
    If extreminatus has been declared there may have been some fighting. Thus Imperial troops would probably still be there/in orbit/in the system.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:20 No.14702826

    Well since you're apparently Dr. Claw from inspector Gadget i'm going to sound like a fucking infant.

    no deal.

    although dat voice
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:22 No.14702834

    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:23 No.14702839
         File1303644192.jpg-(8 KB, 200x160, 50516_287556963265_6796360_n.jpg)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:25 No.14702857
    >Slaughter all Imperials garrisoned there inc. Inquisition
    >Save innocent civilians from wrath of the Inquisition
    Almost always when Exterminatus is declared there no longer any garrisons or much innocent civilians left on the surface. Unlike /tg/ believe Exterminatus isn't called at the drop of the hat (barring radical or retarded Inquisitors), it's used when planet is overrun by some extremely overwhelming foe like Tyranids or Daemons and reclaiming it is nearly impossible.
    Finding planet who is rebelling against Imperium for something like ridiculous taxes or somesuch and saving and arming them still work.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:27 No.14702866
    >>You fought with him and yet it was one of your own that struck him down.
    LIES! Foolish lies of a child. As if any mortal could strike down the God-Emperor. As if Horus, one of his beloved Primarchs could ever turn against his own father.

    >>You stood apart, like you always have.

    Your faith is strong child, but misguided. You believe in doctrine and ideology. Your faith should rest instead in the God-Emperor as ours does.

    When did we stand apart? When was the time that the False Lords of Terra said "Chaos is not a concern." When was the time we did not struggle to liberate Holy Terra?

    You say we are concerned only with our own power. Where then are our empires? Where are the Eldar craftworlds, Ork hulks, and Tyrannid swarms that kneel before us? Why do we struggle against the Imperium?

    Hate? You know nothing child. Hate is a weak emotion, a flickering flame easily extinguished. Our motivation is love, a raging bonfire that can not be doused. We seek neither power nor glory, only the liberation of our beloved Emperor.

    Praise the Emperor, Curse the Imperium!
    >> Doctor WHOre 04/24/11(Sun)07:41 No.14702933

    The Emperor never wanted the reverence and respect of a god. Your faith is misguided, wretch, as is the rest of your order who try and defend the man who sits upon the corpse-throne of terra
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:42 No.14702937
         File1303645321.jpg-(37 KB, 455x599, love can bloom oh shit..jpg)
    37 KB
    next thead here.

    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:43 No.14702943
    Man it would be awesome if it turned out the Emperor's Will or whoever these dudes are were right in the end. Sadly it would fuck up canon
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:47 No.14702972
    how do i vocaroo sound quality
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)07:58 No.14703018
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)08:03 No.14703043
         File1303646591.jpg-(335 KB, 1200x1498, sisterstz.jpg)
    335 KB
    My Sister, your sense of loyalty is to be praised. It is sucha shame is with those who wish to see us dead. Do you not know? The Marines, The Navy, The Guard, The Admech, do you know what they whisper about you? Zealots, Madwomen, Hateridden, Idiots. "What are women doing on the battlefield?" They ask "It is a heresy towards the God Emperor of MAN."

    And do you know what the worse name they call you behind your backs? Pawns. Pawns to die so as to slow down the foe. Pawns to die so that the Guard and Marines can look so much better. Pawns to die so that the men may feel sorrow.

    But they never do, why should they feel pity for mere pawns?

    Tell my Sister, how many worlds has the Imperium sent you to burn? How many times have you dirtied your hands for your beloved Emperor? The people you vowed to protect will turn on you, you can only burn so many. And when they do, the Marines will be sent in to end your villainy. And they people will love them. And you will die, like the pawns in the Emperor's great game.

    That is why I give you this chance dear sister. You need never be a pawn again. With me dear sister, you will be Queen of this relam, never again needed to lick the boots of the Imperium. Together we can break the chains of the Imperium and bring about a new rule, our rule. Together we can save humanity!
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)08:51 No.14703304
    I'd lead my Slaaneshi legions into battle wearing naught but bodypaint.

    And wielding nothing but my "Spear of Slaanesh."
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)11:39 No.14704336
    I attempt to negotiate with them, staying extremely rational and acting with surprise when they show hostility. I have my psykers shield me and themselves from attacks, so that I don't do anything provoking. Then I talk about the common threat posed by the Necrons and the 'Nids. Say that I don't really mind the Emprah, but after the Heresy I didn't want to be part of the Chapter anymore.
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)12:56 No.14704926
         File1303664164.jpg-(81 KB, 683x476, Just_as_planned_tzeentch.jpg)
    81 KB
    I would just like to point out...
    >> Anonymous 04/24/11(Sun)15:47 No.14706677
    Let me guess, GW doesn't read tg, does it?


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