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  • File : 1301609497.png-(266 KB, 800x618, ZeroSizeweb.png)
    266 KB Zerospace General Thread [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/31/11(Thu)18:11 No.14432270  
    Skirmish Quest gen thread, for you who don't know.

    OrbitalCommand is busy right now. If there is no word from Orbital by 10 EST tonight (4chan time), then there will be a game tomorrow in the afternoon.

    Rookies and vets are more than welcome to post and ask questions.

    Don't mind some light RP, or character backstories.

    Fanart is more than welcome.

    So... are you next to fight?
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/31/11(Thu)18:13 No.14432286
    Oh right, before I forget:


    Most up to date game codex:

    IRC server is Rizon, channel #skirmishquest

    Or you can use this link for the mibbit web irc client:
    >> [Nv. CO] Rear Admiral King !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/31/11(Thu)18:21 No.14432342
    rolled 8, 2 = 10

    Attempting to get some weapons platforms deployed in orbit. Missile platforms, point defense lasers, giant rail guns, any type of weapons platforms will do!
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/31/11(Thu)18:38 No.14432478
    rolled 10, 4 = 14

    Rolling for attempted diplomacy with the Alghorymes in establishing a better collaborative defense system/network. Static gun emplacements, barriers, borrowed Alghoryme tech to supplement our own guns, mortar emplacements, etc.
    >> [K] Blaze !HeLloxNGm. 03/31/11(Thu)20:25 No.14433357
    rolled 6, 8 = 14


    Nah just kidding. Bump.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/31/11(Thu)20:49 No.14433596

    There is simply not enough heavy naval assets that you can pull from the defensive line to perform such a task, especially since a naval base would be needed for such a construction fast enough.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/31/11(Thu)20:53 No.14433637

    The Algorhymes simply dont have the resources to protect themselves outside of their own factory, as it is the place of their birth, many are reluctant to leave Titania Heavy industries under defended by the xenos.

    They do know of a naval construction base that may boost ones' efforts, but protomassive resources have been long plundered by the xenos who are local to its underground wells.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/31/11(Thu)21:00 No.14433707
    Game is not happening tonight. Too much work, folks. I will post the reaps tomorrow.

    Report back in Noon Est. to see what what.
    >> [Nv. CO] Rear Admiral King !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/31/11(Thu)21:02 No.14433732
    From: Rear Admiral King
    To: All Bravo personnel on the ground
    Subject: Naval efforts

    All Bravo personnel are to keep an eye out for large sources of naturally occurring protomass, dubbed "protowells."

    Any located protowells are to be reported directly to Naval Command.


    >You heard the admiral, get looking for a protowell with a NCA!
    >> [M]Warden !WxbNziWAhM 03/31/11(Thu)21:06 No.14433777
    >then there will be a game tomorrow in the afternoon.

    >A man can only hope
    >> [St] Cpt. Geist !!lFMzOYrsgi4 03/31/11(Thu)21:26 No.14434026
    >Hey Lost
    >Would you mind contacting me over AIM?
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/31/11(Thu)21:31 No.14434111

    This best be future King talking, because I would really like to get on the good side of the Alghorymes.

    For those of you in the past, NCA's for improving our chances against a xenoform horde sounds most welcome.

    From my understanding, we have a choice between two missions for out next operation, AFTER the Alghoryme thing is concluded:

    1: Naval Yard Takeover
    2: Ground vs Xenos to take over a protowell.

    Both will support our naval efforts.

    Personally favor 2 because we rock at ground missions, however 1 comes with the bonus of having a second production facility, which means NCAs to simply improve it, instead of overtaxing our current ground-side facilities.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/31/11(Thu)21:40 No.14434215
    Current TIme Line:
    > Bravo had just disabled the AntiAir Assets
    > Femto Rescue reports a [success]
    > Found's forces had just rescued Alpha.

    > Delta Event, Ecto holdout, About to commence
    >> [PL]Ahab !OppEAx69HY 03/31/11(Thu)21:47 No.14434300
    rolled 10, 1 = 11

    Ahab is trying to get his Predator equipped with a harpoon gun. Rolling for cutting through bureaucratic red tape.
    Apparently he has named his Predator the "Pequod".
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 03/31/11(Thu)22:00 No.14434490

    Furthermore , if anyone wants to do something involved with the EVENT. That would be the time to plan for it.

    >can't wait for that there paradox sauce.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 03/31/11(Thu)22:15 No.14434700

    While we don't have harpoon guns, there are extendo-claws available.

    Not sure if we can get your pred outfitted with it, though.


    Sorry if my extreme wariness of accidentally becoming my own grandfather ruined your plans, buddy.

    >Watch, Soap is going to do something, and the next thing we know, there are 30 mini-Soaps running around doing God-knows what.
    >> [M]Warden !WxbNziWAhM 03/31/11(Thu)22:27 No.14434817
    rolled 4, 3 = 7

    Goddamn memos, they just kep- wait, this one seemed important. Yes, resources, that's important. What's more, there was a rule about emergency takeovers from the ODF...

    Warden took to the TA room, and started shifting through the screens, looking for something. Platforms, warehouses, mining operations, orbital crews, anything.

    And then got to find all the necessary forms...

    >Attempting to takeover equipment to mine out protowell xeno locations
    "I need a maid"
    >Slipping programmable maidbot request in
    >> [Fc]CPL SoapwRX !!lIURwBKIw5c 03/31/11(Thu)23:20 No.14435373
    Really how would that even work, well I suppose he could sneak on to the drop pod and try to see if he can't try and control the time rift...hmmmm.
    >> [???]Cpl. Foolscap !!L2zyfu679cs 04/01/11(Fri)00:10 No.14435912
    rolled 4 = 4

    >NCA: Constructing Psicomm data isolation unit. Used to contain hazardous data, write Psicomm viruses without risk of unintentional release, or dump enemy databanks without triggering hidden countermeasures that would compromise Psicomm security.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)00:28 No.14436133

    just to clarify, the naval yard mission is also a ground mission right?
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 04/01/11(Fri)00:31 No.14436156
    Okay, so here's a goal that we might want to pursue:

    Giving the Alghorymes space-ship bodies.

    AKA making space ships out of the Alghorymes.

    That transform, because presumably, their comfortable walking around and stuff.

    I do believe I have justified the creation of a Macross-like Aerospace fighter.

    That, or Zoids/Zoltron/Transformers/Megazord/The giant robot from Gurren Laggan.

    Then we combine them with the xenoform fleet to make the Borg.
    >> [XF]Specimen Loki !1/Y/FThShM 04/01/11(Fri)00:59 No.14436449
         File1301633964.jpg-(714 KB, 1429x2000, kwm1.jpg)
    714 KB
    rolled 7, 8 = 15

    >NCA TIME. Attempting to unlock xenotypes seen in the enemy army for use in ours

    Loki's kennel started playing with Zorak's protomass, under her orders attempting to rebuild him as an allied unit, and unlock more xenoforms for us. she spent her time looking through the building blocks of xeno life, attempting to put her shapeshifting expertise to use.

    (fluffwise, Zorak i was thinking would look like image related but completely organic. with blades on the arm. the kind that are stored like facing out past the elbow but can flip to be like wrist blades and a manly chest. and then have. like the chest open up and drop out a miniature Zorak-Kun who's the pilot and moves around while the larger body hibernates.)
    >> [Fc]CPL SoapwRX !!lIURwBKIw5c 04/01/11(Fri)01:17 No.14436630
    rolled 5, 3 = 8

    >Attempt to aid the revival of Zorak.

    Soap watched as the Xeno hoard tried to reclaim Zorak. Hopefully they would be successful. Even if it was just a Xeno, it was useful and as much as he tried to get the thoughts out his head, he felt guilt over it’s death. When the creature had died , Soap had been experiencing it’s final moments through the psicomm filter. Going through that even with the psicomm filters it felt like a piece of had died to. He would have to check,his suit for malfunctions but for now he just saw himself when he look into the creatures dead eyes.

    As time went on it appeared as thought the hoard would not succeed at their task. Soap sighed and looked around the battle field. There were scraps all over, remnants of great war machines. Synthetic, organic Soap new how make the two fit together, and he bgan his work.
    >> [E] Pvt. Plaxinov !qsZKfWMhOQ 04/01/11(Fri)01:57 No.14436948
    rolled 5, 5 = 10

    >Cut off my left hand an install a mechanical replacement using field gear and leftover Alghoryme parts

    >> [L]Colton !81U2sifgT. 04/01/11(Fri)03:00 No.14437541
    The long awaited 2.1 update is here! Sorry it's taken so long, but we had a huge amount of stuff to cover. I'll list the good stuff here, but see the change long for the full details.

    - Infantry rules for grappling, climbing, swimming, and team up powers (Ms messing with As' rockets, Knights superflanking with Fs).

    - Comprehensive listing of all armor up to date, the long awaited armor updating system, and two new armored vehicles, the Sw and the Xk!

    - Basic Xeno and Robot rules teased out of OC, something to get those bible writers going!

    - A massive fix of typos, plus clarification for many rules!


    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 04/01/11(Fri)05:54 No.14438510

    >Time for a bump, isn't it?

    I cannot imagine what motivated you to do this.

    Then again, I assume you have something planned.

    Not my problem, I suppose, since Geist will be the only CO present while I'm out.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/11(Fri)07:01 No.14438827
    Colton, you sly dog...
    >> [K]Iofiel !xXEdPe9TZ. 04/01/11(Fri)07:08 No.14438860
    rolled 9 = 9

    Helping to reinforce any defences we have in the general area, more walls, more turrets. Using the Knight Armour for heavy lifting.

    Best offence is a unbreakable defence.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 04/01/11(Fri)09:47 No.14439653

    Keeping this shit around for the game later.

    Disregard Colton's shenanigans.

    Although I do recall Knights having a special charge ability that isn't listed in the infantry visual guide.
    >> [???]Cpl. Foolscap !!L2zyfu679cs 04/01/11(Fri)12:02 No.14440508
    So, Walker, how do we intend to stop the 700 points of navy headed our way?
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 04/01/11(Fri)12:21 No.14440649

    Don't know. With all the time dickery going on, it's hard to make any kind of plan.

    Furthermore, with a lack of information on available resources as well as those at our immediate disposal, along with what may be interpreted as active attempts to sabotage our own efforts towards a unified, cohesive, front, creating any sort of plan to confront this threat in an effective manner seems to be an impossible task.

    Conflicts of interest, as well as a lack of constructive input also impede progress.

    tl;dr I don't know, and conditions ensure that even if I did, I probably wouldn't bother to, as making it one would be pointless.
    >> [L]Colton !81U2sifgT. 04/01/11(Fri)16:28 No.14440763

    It's in their own "How to K" guide. Oh, and I'll only restore the files back to their old condition after this thread dies.
    >> [sR]Grey !NQb6hVwgYU 04/01/11(Fri)17:12 No.14441027
    for those who don't know yet:

    game postponed and moved to saturday night
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 04/01/11(Fri)20:33 No.14442831

    Sometimes, I wonder if you're not our THAT GUY, Colton.

    Also, the Algorhyme mission got resolved somehow. Guess our defense worked, or something. Though we have the robot dudes watching us now.
    >> [CO] Col. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 04/01/11(Fri)23:46 No.14444794
    Bump to keep this alive.

    Also, the tl;dr version of the resolution of the Algorhyme mission:

    Defense was a success. Algorhymes are converting corpses down to protoproteins, allied xenoforms are taking a nibble here and there, and the robots got lots of guns pointed at us, who are stationed outside, because they want to observe us. Out of curiosity.

    Planning on sending myself, R00, who will act as a conduit for Paradox Command, and Ghoul, to go do some talking with the head honchos of robo-dudes.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)00:28 No.14445107
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)03:22 No.14446154
    >I'll give it another bump.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 04/02/11(Sat)05:44 No.14447072
    The sunlight gleams on the sweltering factory. Engineering Gates outside hover about breaking down the newly won dead, extracting what small traces of Protoculture they could from them.

    Outside the perimeter, the xenos scout unseen, as they are given a share of the kills for themselves.

    However, the luxuries afforded to the humans are simply their tolerated presence. Sentries, Kill teams and patrol groups are online more than ever in the event that these new guests were prove their suspicions.

    However, The group is given audience, for the Algorhymes are curious. A trait that seldom manifested in AI with a prime directive, and all the tools and knowledge necessary for their tasks.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/11(Sat)09:07 No.14448264
         File1301749669.jpg-(76 KB, 866x770, k.jpg)
    76 KB
    >bumping with fanart of [K]

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