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    94 KB Psyker Quest: Part 7 Pvt. Negi !5jqGhKqTxo 03/17/11(Thu)23:05 No.14280436  
    >Part 5: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14144463/
    >Part 6: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14154885/

    "Massssssive threat levels at the d-dooooor...." You say, readying yourself for the coming threat. The Governor jumps from his chair, diving for the window. He comes up short, falling only halfway through and impales himself on the glass.

    The door collapses, the sound of rebreathers and the bleeding stench of Chaos filling the room. Heavy boots clunk as a Chaos Space Marine enters... Then another... And another...

    The Inquisitor, and your group, step back, slowly.

    "Toch, Ted, exits?" She asks, the Storm Trooper simply standing with his gun ready.

    >Psychic Test...

    "FFFFFFFFFEEEEEL THE EMPEROR'S VENGEAAAAAAANCE!" You scream out as a hail of bolts sizzle the air and fill the area with the smell of ozone, the crackles of energy arcing to the lead Chaos Marine and diverting to the others behind him. The lead Chaos Marine writhes and boils in his armor, screaming out as he falls to his knees, then crumples into a heap. Momentarily shaken, the other two are too slow to react as the Storm Trooper and Inquisitor Vedra make quick work of them with a volley from his Hot-Shot Lasgun and blast from her Inferno Pistol.

    "Very effective. Let's go, before more show up." Toch says through his malfunctioning cogitator.

    The Inquisitor takes point as you retrace your steps back to the entrance, heretics harassing your cadre and subsequently falling to volleys of lasfire and meltagun slag.
    >> Pvt. Negi !5jqGhKqTxo 03/17/11(Thu)23:06 No.14280446
    The Inquisitor's Chimera is waiting, ready to roll, having no traps or unfortunate endings to belie its relative safety. You all climb aboard, Toch Prost taking seat at the controls and bringing the Chimera to life. You hear him mumbling litanies of preservation to the Machine Spirit as the lumbering tank lurches forward. You're thrown to and fro as Toch drives erratically to dodge mortar shells and krak missiles in an attempt to return to the friendly front.

    "Ted," Vedra says, turning to you. "Were you able to get anything from the Governor?"

    "N-No, Inq-q-quisitor." You reply, hanging your head as if you had shamed yourself for being useless.

    "Frak. Then we've nothing to go on." She grumbles, resting her hand on her bicep as she moves her other hand to rub the bridge of her nose.

    "I've something." A voice you have not heard before fills the Chimera as it grinds to a halt, possibly marking your side of the firing lines.

    Vedra, Toch and yourself all turn to the Storm Trooper. "The Governor was speaking to a Chaos Sorceror. I could not discern where the heretic was, but it was not on this world." He says, bowing his head lightly.

    "...Very well, Crisis." Vedra says, pulling a small whistle from behind her glove. She places her fingers awkwardly amongst the holes, and gives a light blow, a rather sour note filling the Chimera.

    The Storm Trooper convulses several times, and then collapses into his harness.

    The ramp falls, as a small command squad stands ready, as if waiting for orders. A valkyrie is waiting nearby.
    >> Pvt. Negi !5jqGhKqTxo 03/17/11(Thu)23:06 No.14280451
    "Theodore, it has been an honor to serve with a Psyker so devoted and strong in his faith, and frame of mind. May the Emperor continue to smile on you." Vedra says as she stands and strides to the squad, exchanging a few words before boarding the valkyrie. Toch quickly works the Storm Trooper out of his harness and carries him over to the valkyrie. You exit the Chimera and report to Lt. Mallear, along with Commissar Krent and his retinue. You're ushered into another Chimera and returned to the base for debriefing.

    After a lengthy conversation about what events unfolded, and much of Lt. Mallear swatting down Krent's pistol hand, you're dismissed to the forward base's barracks.

    >Your Chrono reads 7:57 PM. Mess is open, as is the Shrine and garage.

    >Input Command...
    >> Pvt. Negi !5jqGhKqTxo 03/17/11(Thu)23:17 No.14280579
    Bump up. I know you guys wanted to continue, and I apologize for not continuing for almost 2 weeks.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/11(Thu)23:20 No.14280612
    Yeah, well, that's probably why people don't want to post, because they think you'll just disappear again.
    >> Pvt. Negi !5jqGhKqTxo 03/17/11(Thu)23:26 No.14280672
    Well, it isn't as bad as it was last time, where I vanished for a whole fucking year.

    Seriously, sorry guys. Some stuff came up and I wasn't able to set aside adequate time to post for several days.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/11(Thu)23:37 No.14280810
    No need to act all entitled, shitstains. You don't even have to apologize, Negi. What you're doing is nothing short of a service and privilege for /tg/ goers to participate in.

    I say we go to the mess and get some fuckin CHOW
    >> Anonymous 03/17/11(Thu)23:42 No.14280873
    lets go hangout at the chapel and pray a bit, also we got some sort of ward that shut of the daemon from the warp when we were first partialy possesed, do we still have it and is it still in good condition?
    >> Anonymous 03/17/11(Thu)23:47 No.14280927
    Remind me Negi, when we used a fate point to escape the Warp (due to that horrible roll last game), what are the lingering consequences of that? Do we know or nay?
    >> Anonymous 03/17/11(Thu)23:49 No.14280955
    Go weld together some metal to make a sword.

    With your mind.
    >> DatFrigginGoomba !ikPvLvYZGU 03/17/11(Thu)23:52 No.14280992
    Sweet, sup, y'all.
    Negi, I don't especially care, I run into quests I like on a whim, I don't look for them.
    Alright, let's hit the shrine, do a little prayan.
    >> Pvt. Negi !5jqGhKqTxo 03/17/11(Thu)23:53 No.14281001
    >Daemon is out.
    >No known consequences.
    >Our fists are better.

    You head over to the mess and scrounge up a meal, the meager remnants of the day's rations. Though bland and chewy, it's enough to fill your starving belly. You wash it down with a cup of decaf-recaff. It tastes like hot mud.

    >Input command...
    >> Pvt. Negi !5jqGhKqTxo 03/17/11(Thu)23:55 No.14281024
    >derp, forgot to pray.

    You also return to the shrine, bowing your head as you return to muttering your litanies of purity and sanctuary, praying to the golden effigy of the God-Emperor. From the back, you notice a cloaked figure sitting in the front row.

    >Reminder: The last time we neared a cloaked figure in the chapel, it was an Eversor.

    >Input Command...
    >> Anonymous 03/17/11(Thu)23:59 No.14281072
    >Psyker Quest
    I came.

    It's like a walking plot hook. Let's keep an eye on it, see if it's waiting for us, or someone else.
    >> DatFrigginGoomba !ikPvLvYZGU 03/18/11(Fri)00:00 No.14281081
    Talk to the cloaked figure.
    Say HELLO.
    >> Pvt. Negi !5jqGhKqTxo 03/18/11(Fri)00:14 No.14281233
    >Approach figure.

    You near the cloaked figure. As you draw near the figure, you fear that an Eversor may be waiting to rape your mind once again, but instead sense nothing wrong. You gently prod the figure on the shoulder. The figure pulls back his hood, revealing himself to be the priest who had assisted you previously in your rite of purification.

    "Ah yes, the psyker. Theodore, was it? How can I help you?"

    >Input request, or simply pray.

    >Sorry, about the duration. I just got a little freaked out by someone knocking on my window. Fucking drunk stepdad fucking with me again.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)00:16 No.14281265
    do we still have that ward or whatever it is that shut the demon off from the warp?
    it seems like it could be very useful if it isnt just a oneshot thing.
    >> DatFrigginGoomba !ikPvLvYZGU 03/18/11(Fri)00:17 No.14281275
    >nice to see your life is full of fun
    Uh, ask how he has been.
    I have some serious paranoia hitting.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)00:20 No.14281315
    thank him, very sincerly. His help almost certaintly saved our life.(or at least our sanity)
    >> Pvt. Negi !5jqGhKqTxo 03/18/11(Fri)00:34 No.14281489
    >Robes are flat grey/brown.

    "M-My thanks yet again for f-f-freeing me of the daemon..."

    The priest stands and turns to you. "What daemon."

    >You have entered a critical threshold of danger. Your precognitive abilities tell you that you will need to choose your words VERY carefully in order to survive.

    >Input response...
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)00:36 No.14281514

    The metaphorical daemon of self-doubt and uncertainty?

    ...did any of us actally *say* daemon there?
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)00:37 No.14281529
    >> DatFrigginGoomba !ikPvLvYZGU 03/18/11(Fri)00:39 No.14281562
    The daemon of doubt that brings the heart closer to heresy, of course. His calm words helped to reassure a quavering heart, reminded us of the purity of our mission.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)00:51 No.14281742
    >> Pvt. Negi !5jqGhKqTxo 03/18/11(Fri)00:53 No.14281769
    "The daemon of d-doubt and unc-c-certainty, preacher... Your words and assistance... b-bolstered my s-spirits and my faith, to carry His light w-w-with meeee."

    The preacher rests a hand on your shoulder, sighing.

    "Psyker, you must refrain from that word... For within this Shrine, I am bound by honor and faith to slay any who dares to speak such blasphemous utterances. I must fetch the lectern to purify the room once again."

    He turns to the small nook in the corner of the shrine, returning with a sanctified lectern, burning incense and filling the room with the bittersweet smell of purification. He begins mulling about the shrine, praying and chanting as he cleanses the taint of heretical words.

    You bow your head and pray for forgiveness, attempting to cleanse yourself of any ill feelings or mannerisms of the former taint.

    >Input command...
    >> DatFrigginGoomba !ikPvLvYZGU 03/18/11(Fri)01:01 No.14281844
    Make the abridged version of whatever prayer you normally make and skidaddle.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/11(Fri)01:56 No.14282371
    Culexus actually, we lost consciousness out of agony when it got near us.
    >> BoozeHound !TB7zDnr.js 03/18/11(Fri)03:18 No.14283020
    Bump, I like this quest, I was just too busy with Drunk Mage Quest. You there OP?

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