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  • File : 1299967325.gif-(633 KB, 2443x2000, Map.gif)
    633 KB Jurassic Quest 11 Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)17:02 No.14219292  
    Previous Thread:

    You managed to replace the rusted turbine blades. You also found some poor sap who died of thirst from being locked in the storage room who had a rocket launcher with real rockets.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)17:05 No.14219307
    I say "Clever girl." And get eaten by a raptor.

    Thanks OP, this was a lot of fun.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)17:07 No.14219315

    Mechanics [Basic]
    - [Maintenance]
    Computers [Basic]
    Survival [Basic]
    Park Knowledge [Basic]
    Dinosaur Knowledge [Basic]
    First Aid [Basic]
    Firearms [Basic]
    - [Small Arms]

    - Blue Level Security Card
    - Orange Level Security Card
    - JP Maintenance Dept. Hard Hat (Floodhat)
    - JP Maintenance Dept. Coveralls
    - Chainmail (Hidden in Explorer)
    - Utility Belt
    - Flashlight [Pwr: lllll]
    - Walkie-Talkie [Pwr: lllll]
    - Compressed Air Pistol
    - x14 Tranquilizer Darts
    - Toolbox
    - 2 Rechargeable batteries (Flashlight/talkie compatible)
    - Recharging station (Battery)
    - .44 Magnum (Hidden in Explorer)
    - x23 .44 Magnum rounds (HP)
    - 12 Gauge Shotgun (Hidden in Explorer)
    - x12 12ga Shotgun Shells (Solid Slug)
    - Jury-rigged Flamethrower (WD-40 and Lighter)
    - Fire Extinguisher
    - Gas Mask

    The turbines need machinery replaced after the compys displaced some of the inner workings. In addition, both the power cable for the turbine and the building's electrical wiring are significantly chewed up. The computers are currently not not functional.

    It is now a little after 8 PM, you and the crew are starting to feel tired.
    >> Heinzy !qd9Ow3/M06 03/12/11(Sat)17:44 No.14219636
    Before we continue, I'd like to know how many visitors we have on the island.Seeing as the entire Maintenance crew is planning to abandon the island while dozens, if not hundreds of dinosaurs, are free this might cost InGen quite alot if we don't fix everything.

    Also, what dumbass thought it was a good idea to let the Compys run around freely?!
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)17:49 No.14219674

    The island can cater to two dozen visitors at a time.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)17:54 No.14219726
    Slow night.

    We need to get the electricity on asap.
    There was spare machinery parts laying around somewhere, right? I say we repair the turbine first.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)17:56 No.14219741

    Yeah, the storage room had everything you needed to repair the turbine.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)18:03 No.14219795

    Compys are a bit like rats; they get everywhere, and ar almost impossible to contain.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)18:05 No.14219815

    Right, then we get to work.

    Also, shouldn't the MREs, rocket launcher, and spare rockets be added to our inventory?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)18:12 No.14219891

    From what I recall, it was decided that they would be left in the store room until you finish your job, then you would load them into the Explorer.

    Make a Mechanics check. d100.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)18:28 No.14220042
    rolled 89 = 89


    Oh jeez, please let this work
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)18:38 No.14220118
    You take a look at the damage the compys did with their nesting, and boy did they do a number on it. You have Emmanuel and Juan bring the spare parts out while you finish your inspection of the turbines. A lot of parts need replacing, but you get to it. The job is easy, but time-consuming. By the time you finish, it's around 10 PM. The turbine appears ready to go.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)18:38 No.14220121
         File1299973129.jpg-(26 KB, 698x397, Octus.jpg)
    26 KB


    we are turbine fixin' MACHINES
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)18:41 No.14220137

    We flip on the radio.

    "Dispatch, this is Porter over at hydroelectric. Repairs are complete, preparing to activate, over."

    We turn it on.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)18:50 No.14220194

    The locks on the turbine can't be unlocked manually, they require the computer to tell it to unlock. Plus the water isn't flowing past the blades. The floodgates are down and the river is flowing over the dam.

    "*static* Alright Porter, I'm looking at the power grid."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)18:52 No.14220218

    What do we have to do, then? Raise the flood gates, then use the computer to unlock the turbines? Do we know how to unlock the turbines with the computer?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)18:56 No.14220248

    Flood gate and turbine controls are both controlled by the computer. To get those working, you'll have to get power to the building. There's a backup gas generator tied to the building's power system, but at the moment it's only filled with water. After that, you'll have to replace the power cables that were chewed up by compys. Then, once that's done, you can get the turbine running. But you won't get any power flowing out of the complex until you replace the power cable that was mauled by the compys.

    And yeah, you know basic operating procedures for the power systems.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)19:02 No.14220287


    Did we find any replacement power cables in our search of the building? Or gas?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)19:05 No.14220301

    There's a large tank of gas in the storage room. You have electrical cable in your toolkits, and there are a bunch of coils in the storage room.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)19:09 No.14220317

    How long do we think it'll take to repair the cables?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)19:11 No.14220328

    The compys only managed to chew on the cables on the ground, but there are a lot of them. At least an hour.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)19:15 No.14220354

    "Cancel that, Dispatch. Turbines are fixed, but it looks like there's still some power cables that the compys were chewing on. Will take another hour to fix 'em, but then we should be good to go. Will radio back when we're ready to activate."

    Right, we get to work on the cables then.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)19:18 No.14220375

    "*static* Please hurry up, the park is starting to get a bit out of control."

    You can either replace the entire cables, which will take on another hour, or you can attempt to splice cables together, a relatively simple job, for a maintenance check.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)19:21 No.14220397
    rolled 32 = 32


    So replacing them entirely will take two hours and splicing them will take one?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)19:22 No.14220407

    Whoops, didn't mean to roll there. Forgot to turn the dice off.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)19:22 No.14220411

    Yes. But splicing has the chance of something going wrong, making it take longer or, in extreme cases, bad things happening.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)19:24 No.14220430

    We don't take the chance. We replace the wires entirely.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)19:28 No.14220464
    This, we don't need more trouble.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)19:36 No.14220510
    It's a tedious task, but you replace every cable that was broken, stapling them into place along the floor and walls. Everything is now properly connected to the power grid.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)19:36 No.14220517

    Right. We gas up and start the generator, then try to turn on the computers.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)19:41 No.14220551
    If we fix this, then we should try to get some sleep. It's been a rough day for all of us and I hope Dispatch can get it through their heads that even Frank Porter needs good 8 hours of sleep.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)19:41 No.14220559

    You dump the water out and fill it up with gas. The generator roars to life and suddenly the room is bright. Some of the lights are burned out, but most seemed to have survived.

    !it's around midnight now, and the whole crew is starting to feel fatigued. You sure you want to keep going?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)19:47 No.14220595

    We should tell Dispatch that we've fixed everything and then try to get some sleep.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)19:55 No.14220663
    "*static**sigh* Alright, I'll give you a wake up call around 7."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:07 No.14220756
    Wait, wait, did we actually turn on the generator? That's just a matter of using the computers.

    Let's do that before turning in, that gas may not last the night.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:12 No.14220781
    are there any good areas to rest without getting munched on?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)20:15 No.14220808

    As long as the doors are closed, you should be fine, provided none of the dinos can open a door.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:18 No.14220824
    >provided none of the dinos can open a door.

    ...can we lock the doors?

    Also, at least turn the damn turbines ON before going to bed. How long will that take, really?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:19 No.14220826
    put something heavy infront of the doors

    or better yet, sleep in a closet/Small room
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)20:21 No.14220841

    None of the doors have locks.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:21 No.14220847

    Are you forgetting what happened to the guy whose body we found locked in a closet in a makeshift fort?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:30 No.14220901
    We barricaded the door in the lobby using filing cabinets, right?

    If there are any spare filing cabinet, we get Juan and Emanuel to go barricade the second doorway into the building.

    Then, we lower the floodgates/activate the turbines. We'll sleep in the turbine room, and we'll sleep in shifts. Do we or the other two have a cellphone with an alarm clock function, or a watch with a timer? If so, we use that to set the shifts.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:32 No.14220926
    Could you please post the map of this building again?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)20:33 No.14220934
    So do we want to take care of the computer now or later?

    And do you want to do anything with the doors before sleeping?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:35 No.14220954
    put heavy objects infront of them
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:35 No.14220962


    A) could you please post the map again and

    B) Do we have anything we can use as an alarm to set sleeping shifts and

    C) Are there any other filing cabinets in the office that we can use to barricade the other doors?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)20:38 No.14220976
         File1299980295.png-(25 KB, 1204x777, Hydro plant.png)
    25 KB

    You haven't barricaded any doors.


    There are 3 filing cabinets in the office that could be used to barricade. There are also a number of wooden crates that could also serve that purpose.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:39 No.14220992
    i say we take turns haveing 2 hour shits
    by then it should be dawn
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:40 No.14220997

    And do we have any way to keep time or set alarms?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)20:41 No.14221005

    You have a watch, but it's analog.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:41 No.14221008
    2 hours might be too long. Perhaps 20 minutes if no actual alarms are present. With a shorter amount of time everyone is getting 40 minutes of sleep per cycle, but at least no one's going to doze off before the next guy takes over?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:49 No.14221068
    have our assistants barracade tha doors with whatever is on hand and not important while their doing that do the computre stuff. if we think we can get the power going to the park within the hour do it, if not just do what we can with the computer
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:51 No.14221079

    I'm not sure the human body can really function like that. I mean, it takes me twenty minutes or so just to fall asleep after I lie down.

    Hold up, though.

    Here's what I think we should do:

    First, we barricade one door with two filing cabinets. Then, we barricade the second door with the third filing cabinet and a few crates. Use ONLY the MRE crates, not the rocket crate.

    Second, we pile the remaining crates in the turbine room, against the door leading into the office. We will sleep in the turbine room. With one door into the turbine room barricaded, we can watch the other while listening for anything trying to get in.

    Third, we switch on the computers, then start the turbines after lowering the floodgates. The park needs that power crucially, and we don't know if the gas generator has enough fuel to run all night.

    Then and only then do we settle down for sleep. We divide the night (until seven) into three shifts. Whoever has guard duty stays up with one of the tranq rifles. We will take first shift, because I'd rather rely on Emanuel or Juan AFTER they've had some sleep.

    Sound good to everybody?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:54 No.14221104
    Barricade the doors and sleep in shifts with one person to stand guard while the other two sleep.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)20:57 No.14221134

    Sounds good to me.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)21:06 No.14221207

    The office and lobby are one level higher than the turbine room. Sorry if the map doesn't show that.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:06 No.14221208
    The only real concern I have is someone falling asleep while on watch. If that happens the watches afterwards become obsolete and everyone is already exhausted. We don't know if they can stay awake and still do all the tasks. What if while doing all this prep one member sleeps during all of this to take the first watch. Possibly getting in a good solid hour of down time to be in good shape for the first watch?

    Remember longer watch hours are dangerous.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)21:12 No.14221260

    So there are no more miscommunications:

    In the lobby, there is a door leading into the office and onto a catwalk above the turbine room. The catwalk has stairs that allow access to the turbines, it also has outside access to the top of the river dam The turbine room has a door leading into emergency storage as well as a door with hydraulics to separate the turbine blades from the rest of the machinery, so water doesn't flood the place.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)21:13 No.14221270

    *and one leading onto a catwalk.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:15 No.14221287
    Let's just turn everything on so that the power is flowing, then go into the room with the body, block the door with crates/cabinets/whatever we can haul in there, and go to sleep in there secured from rampaging whatevers. Leave the radio on (make sure it's charged) so that Dispatch can call us and wake it up if something goes wrong.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:17 No.14221309

    Okay, Juan can sleep while we and Emanuel set all this stuff up. Then we take first shift. And we barricade the door up to the office with crates. Juan takes second shift. Emanuel takes third shift.

    And hell, we'll break it into four shifts, with us taking the last one as well.

    Sound good?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:22 No.14221345

    Dude, the room with the body has a body because the guy barricaded himself in there and STARVED TO DEATH BECAUSE THE DOOR WOULDN'T OPEN
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:24 No.14221366
    And he was apparently without a crowbar. Or a shotgun. Also, there are three of us with thrice the muscle power. I do not fear a stuck door.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:24 No.14221368

    Yeah, and we were able to knock that door down by ourselves. Plus, there's three of us, and we have tools. We could just take the door off its hinges if we had to.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:25 No.14221376
    Nor do I. +1 vote to do it. Just in case though, see if there's any water bottles or canteens to fill and bring with us.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)21:25 No.14221380
    You send Juan off to sleep, which he does gratefully, while you and Emmanuel blockade the doors.

    If you guys decide to turn on the turbines, it will be making too much noise for you and the the crew to sleep very well. You still want to turn it on now?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:27 No.14221388

    Okay. Then we do as stated in >>14221079 but instead of sleeping in the middle of the turbine room, we barricade ourselves into the emergency storage room?

    Do we ignore barricading the other doors, then, and just focus on this one?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:29 No.14221413
    The turbines are far more serious business than how well we sleep, and having the power on is the difference between life and death for others on the island. Turn that shit on.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:31 No.14221428

    Also, it'll mean we don't sleep TOO securely. That's actually a good thing.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:37 No.14221489
    Okay, so we're holing up in emergency storage, barricading THAT door, but not the others, and we're turning on the turbines?

    Are we all agreed on this?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:38 No.14221501
    Yes. While I'd like to seal up the whole building, that's simply not feasible and it's already really late. Better to secure a small area and worry about the rest later.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:42 No.14221523

    Right. And we make sure all our gear is int here with us, including the rocket launcher, rockets, and MREs.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)21:44 No.14221533
    Alright, you decide that power is more important than your fatigue and try to turn on the computers. They boot up just fine, but something is wrong with the system, someone was messing with it and it's no longer in standard mode.

    Make a Computers check. d100.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:46 No.14221551
    rolled 100 = 100


    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:46 No.14221560
         File1299984415.jpg-(18 KB, 231x336, Joy.jpg)
    18 KB


    I am FIRE tonight!
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:52 No.14221619
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)21:53 No.14221631
    You navigate the computer easily and return the computer to its standard layout. From there, you raise the floodgates, which automatically lowers the hydraulic door, and unlock the turbine blades. The turbine starts spinning and the power management program says that the turbine is putting out an impressive amount of power.

    Your radio squawks.

    "*static* Thank you Porter, damn fine job. Get some sleep you earned. Tomorrow, we get to work regaining control."
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:53 No.14221637
         File1299984801.jpg-(13 KB, 250x265, george takei.jpg)
    13 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:53 No.14221642
         File1299984817.gif-(96 KB, 158x140, Conan Approves.gif)
    96 KB


    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:54 No.14221653
    Was there any indication that the computers had been... tampered with?
    >> Naggarothian !!0S4L3hs2lkr 03/12/11(Sat)21:57 No.14221675
         File1299985020.png-(50 KB, 342x342, Awe face.png)
    50 KB
    >alpha as fuck
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)21:57 No.14221684
    It probably has more to do with months/years of disuse than intentional tampering. this place was obsolete before the stuff about sabotage was broached, iirc.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)22:09 No.14221798

    Right. We hole up in the storage room with out stuff, and we take first watch.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)22:10 No.14221812
    You head back to the emergency storage room, and have to crawl through a small hole in the barricade Emmanuel made. After crawling through, you take a look at the state of the room.

    The fort is still there, but it isn't as large. Juan is in the fort attempting to sleep. Emmanuel gestures for you to join Juan.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)22:10 No.14221816

    with our stuff*
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)22:13 No.14221838
    Engage sleep mode.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)22:14 No.14221856

    Ask Juan if he's sure, as we're prepared to take first watch.

    If he insists, we give him our wristwatch to keep track of the time and make sure he understands when to wake us up.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)22:19 No.14221913

    Juan is trying to sleep, Emmanuel wants to take the first watch.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)22:21 No.14221930

    Er, right, my bad. Same thing, but with Emanuel, then.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)22:25 No.14221966
    He insists on taking the first watch, and you give him your watch. You and Juan both manage to fall asleep.

    You're shaken awake right after, it seems to you, you had just closed you eyes. You look blearily at Emmanuel and he hands you the watch. 2 AM. He lies down on the concrete.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)22:28 No.14221997
    Eat something to keep ourselves awake.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)22:29 No.14221998

    Right, we pick up a tranq rifle and get to work and start our watch. Are we carrying the shotgun or magnum?

    Too keep busy we unload them, make sure they're working, then load them again and keep the safeties on. We don't know enough about guns to safely disassemble and reassemble them, and we've bot nothing to clean them with, but we can double check that they're not likely to jam.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)22:34 No.14222043

    You have the shotgun, not the magnum.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)22:39 No.14222081
    To keep yourself busy, you eat an MRE and take a look at the shotgun. There's some residue from use by the water tech, but it's in great condition, as near as you can tell.

    Your watch passes without incident, it's quite monotonous. It is now 4 AM.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)22:39 No.14222083

    Well, we unload it, make sure the pump, trigger, and safety catch all seem to be working fine, then reload it and put the catch back on.

    Just try to familiarize ourselves with how it works some more.

    We're mechanics, it should be second nature to us, figuring out how stuff works.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)22:40 No.14222099
    as we have nothing to do but wait lets read the instructions for the rocket launcher. its not much use if were more likely to blow ourself up than the dinos
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)22:41 No.14222104
    Wake up the last guy. Juan. Hand him the watch, try to communicate that he should wait two hours and then wake the two of you up, then give him a gun and get back to sleep.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)22:44 No.14222135

    They only know how to use the tranq rifles, so give him that one.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)22:49 No.14222195
    You give him the watch and he nods, evidently Emmanuel explained the procedure to him already. He gets up and gets the tranq rifle.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)22:53 No.14222231
    Unconsciousness beckons. Enter its sweet embrace.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)23:00 No.14222314
    You head back to sleep.

    Later, you feel hands shaking you awake.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:08 No.14222395

    We get up and try to take stock of the situation
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)23:12 No.14222446
    You get up and Juan puts his finger to his lips. He points to a space in between the boxes making up the fort.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:14 No.14222464

    We grab the shotgun, check to see where Emanuel is, then try to listen/look through the gap, see what he's indicating.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:14 No.14222465
    Lets take a quiet look. Get juan to wake Emanual up.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:18 No.14222499
    Be silent, given how juan is acting its something bigger than compys.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:20 No.14222511
    It's gonna be raptors, isn't it?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)23:24 No.14222554
         File1299990276.jpg-(46 KB, 450x338, Velociraptor Head.jpg)
    46 KB
    You point to Juan, then to Emmanuel, and you think he gets the hint. You take a look through the crack and see this peeking in through the hole in the crates.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:28 No.14222584
         File1299990507.gif-(67 KB, 326x240, Monocle.gif)
    67 KB


    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:29 No.14222597

    Clever girl...
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)23:30 No.14222607

    To clarify this point:

    The head is peeking through the hole in the crates blocking the door, not the crates of the fort.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:30 No.14222613
    Well fuck-a-truck.

    OK, grab the radio and lower the volume low enough to hear. Then silently scoot to the furthest end away from the barricade. Call Dispatch for DRTs. get everyone to Keep quiet and have weapons ready.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:32 No.14222636

    How far away from us is it, and does it seem to see us?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)23:37 No.14222671
         File1299991057.png-(26 KB, 1204x777, Situation.png)
    26 KB

    It doesn't seem to be seeing you.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:38 No.14222676
    Everyone awake.

    Everyone get tranq rifles. Those are one-shot kills (well, knockouts) on a raptor, even if they take a bit of time to work; it might be able to keep charging through a shotgun blast.

    Expect the raptors to smell us and attempt to attack shortly. If they don't, it's because they're planning to ambush us when we leave. Be ready.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:40 No.14222702
    We gesture for Juan to hand us one of the Tranq rifles.

    We use a box in the barricade to support our aim, and shoot the Raptor in the head with a dart.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:41 No.14222711

    Why wait for them to detect us? Shoot it now.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)23:48 No.14222789

    The crack in the crates is too small for the rifle barrel to fit into. You'd have to exit the fort to shoot the raptor.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:50 No.14222819
    We probably shouldn't use the flamethrower or the shotgun with that big gas tank not too far from the door. Get out our dart pistol, make sure Juan and Emanuel have their rifles loaded and ready.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:51 No.14222835
    Wait, what TIME is it? Switch of the radio; we don't want the Dispatch wakeup call to attract the raptors.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/11(Sat)23:52 No.14222840
    shoot it with the tranq rifle and radio management for a DRT team. Theres no telling how many are out there and from the sounds of it were one of the only maintence teams still working. Also I think this is the seventh raptor we have seen, there were suposed to be only six. If my count is right that confirms that there are a unknown number of raptors roaming the island.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/12/11(Sat)23:57 No.14222902

    Juan gave you your watch back, it's 5:45 AM.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/13/11(Sun)00:02 No.14222974
    So the plan is to reveal yourself to the raptor and shoot it with a tranq?
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:03 No.14222981
    Does the radio have a volume control we could turn down, so we could ask Dispatch to send a DRT? We could whisper, and if we turn the volume down enough, their response won't be so loud as to attract the raptors.

    Also, earlier we discussed barricading ourselves in here and NOT barricading the other doors, so does that mean our door barricade includes the filing cabinets? Or is it just crates?
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:04 No.14222997

    No, we're still deciding. Right now it's just make sure the three of us have our guns loaded and ready to go if the raptor notices us and tries anything.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:04 No.14223000
    The plan is to QUIETLY wake up and arm all three of us.

    All other plans can be conducted after that, including radioing dispatch and shooting raptors.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/13/11(Sun)00:08 No.14223045

    The radio has volume control. The barricade does include the filing cabinets.


    Juan has awoken Emmanuel, who whispers to you.

    "What's going on?"
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:09 No.14223061

    We whisper back: "Raptors in the building. One's peeking through the barricade, but I don't think it knows we're here. Get your rifle, load it, and be ready if it tries something."
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:10 No.14223077
    Murmur. Don't whisper, whispers carry.

    "First, be very, very quiet, no matter what I say. Understand?"

    "Good. There is a raptor poking is head into the room. I think it smells us, and they hunt in packs. Get a tranq rifle."
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:12 No.14223102
    Get the radio, turn the volume down really low (but not off) and call Dispatch.

    Say: "Dispatch, this is Porter over at Hydroelectric. We have raptors up here, I don't know how many. I need a DRT up here to secure the building ASAP. The raptors are INSIDE the building, repeat the raptors are INSIDE. Send help at once. Over and out."

    Listen for a response. If they confirm, turn off the radio. If they don't confirm, still turn off the radio. Then check back on what the Raptor is doing.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:21 No.14223220
    >>14223077 then >>14223102
    Make sure our own tranq is ready in case.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/13/11(Sun)00:22 No.14223236
    Emmanuel whispers to himself.

    "Hijo de puta!" Juan grunts in agreement. Emmanuel grabs a rifle and pulls the bolt, moving a dart into the chamber.


    You're attempts to contact dispatch leave you with nothing. No one answers.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:23 No.14223253
    Switch to maintenance channel, see if anyone's there. Then switch to security channel, see if anyone's there.

    If those fuckers left us behind, I will be so pissed.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:24 No.14223260
    We aren't wearing our chainmail, are we? If we are it makes sense for us to take point since we're most protected.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:26 No.14223290
    Its a bit optimistic but they could still be asleep
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:27 No.14223302
    Dispatch is probably asleep. Jurassic Park is heavily automated, the island is designed to run on a small staff, there might only be one or two guys.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/13/11(Sun)00:28 No.14223328

    You don't know the Security frequency, but you switch it to the Maintenance frequency. Instead of the automated signal, you've got a cacophony of voices, most of them speaking Spanish.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:29 No.14223341
    Fuck, turn it off before the raptor hears!
    >> cromwellanon 03/13/11(Sun)00:30 No.14223358

    Ask them if any of them speak english.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/13/11(Sun)00:31 No.14223369

    You have to hold the radio up to your ear just to hear them over the turbines, there is no way the raptor can hear them.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:32 No.14223373
    We could just ask Emanuel or Juan to listen.
    >> cromwellanon 03/13/11(Sun)00:33 No.14223381

    Can they translate?

    If so, GET IT DONE.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:33 No.14223388
    Pass it to Emanuel, ask him to find out what's going on if he can.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:34 No.14223397
    Emanuel speaks both English and Spanish.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/13/11(Sun)00:37 No.14223429
    He listens for a while. Then whispers to you.

    "Sounds like a lot of new workers came onto the island. Where are the old ones?"
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:38 No.14223439
    "Maybe they got sent off the island. Do the new workers know the situation?"
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:44 No.14223503
    "At a guess, off the island. They were gathered at the docks last I heard. Still, bringing in a whole new crew to replace them... those people will be clueless. No training, no familiarity with the island. With the dinos loose, half of them will end up dead in days unless management brought in just as many new DRT types as they did maintenance."
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/13/11(Sun)00:48 No.14223549

    "They know, but they're confident that management and security have the situation under control. Sounds like they're at the bungalows getting them fixed up to sleep in. Some of them are impressed with the guards Dispatch sent them."
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:54 No.14223619
    Grumble silently about how it'd sure be nice if we had guards. Is the raptor still looking for us or has its attention shifted?
    >> cromwellanon 03/13/11(Sun)00:55 No.14223634

    "They won't be impressed for long. See if you can find out what kind of weapons the guards are carrying. Some sort of head-count would be good too".

    in the meantime we think about the raptor and whether or not we should check if it's still lurking around.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)00:57 No.14223649
    "Well, either they'll learn or I will be pleasantly surprised. Anyway, Dispatch isn't answering, which leaves us with a raptor problem. I'm inclined to shoot any of them that poke their noses in here, then use the radio to call in a DRT- if the maintenance channel is open, we should be able to talk our way through to someone eventually- and fort up until it gets here. I wouldn't relish leaving this room when raptors could still be waiting outside. You have any better ideas?"
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/13/11(Sun)00:59 No.14223672

    You look back in time to see it yawn wide and retreat its head from the crates. You then see them start to wobble. Looks like they're trying to move them. Not putting a lot of effort into it though.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)01:00 No.14223686
    Oh crap.
    Oh crap.
    Check one last time that everyone has tranqs, then... we could try pushing the crates onto them.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)01:01 No.14223690
    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you our PC: He can repair a power plant in six hours, but can't build a decently braced barricade to literally save his own life.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)01:02 No.14223694
    When Jurassic Park raptors are involved, the rules are risky.
    >> cromwellanon 03/13/11(Sun)01:02 No.14223696

    Get emanuel off the comm. immediately and prepare for a confrontation, but keep it quiet.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/13/11(Sun)01:03 No.14223705

    Technically Emmanuel built it, not you. And the crates aren't moving, just wobbling. As in moving in place.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)01:04 No.14223721
    >Fuck with barracade

    Tranq the one in the face, approach hole, tranq others.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/13/11(Sun)01:04 No.14223725
    Hmmmmmmmm. Cliffhanger? Getting tired? Sounds like a good place to end tonight. Night all. Someone archive please.
    >> cromwellanon 03/13/11(Sun)01:05 No.14223728

    As if something had been leaning against them and then suddenly moved away very, very quickly?

    Oh shit.

    Whose bright idea was it to leave the guns in the explorer?
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)01:05 No.14223737
    We can't tranq them without exposing ourselves to attack anyway. If they're pinned down they'll be unable to react before we can get a shot off.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)01:06 No.14223743
    We didn't leave the guns in the explorer. We have many guns in here with us, where they belong.
    >> cromwellanon 03/13/11(Sun)01:06 No.14223744

    > implying you can sneak up on a raptor.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)01:08 No.14223767
    Who the fuck said anything about sneaking.
    Look, if they're being held down by the crate, possibly with a broken bone, they are physically incapable of attacking, at least before we can shoot them.
    >> cromwellanon 03/13/11(Sun)01:14 No.14223831

    Alright fuck it, but send Juan in first lol.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 03/13/11(Sun)01:18 No.14223879

    Since some people may have missed this.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/11(Sun)01:20 No.14223900
    >> cromwellanon 03/13/11(Sun)01:21 No.14223920

    I saw it, was just thinking about what the next move should be until the thread archived is all.

    nite nite bro

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