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    127 KB Jurassic Quest 3 Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)11:19 No.14062548  
    Previous Thread:

    - You DID NOT tell them you locked the HM's replacement out.
    - You DID NOT tell them you used the Yellow Access Card.
    - You DID tell them the information was already on screen.
    - You WERE NOT fired by InGen.

    To prevent more stumbles on my part, I'll be picking the majority.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)11:20 No.14062558
    - Blue Level Security Card
    - Yellow Level Security Card
    - JP Maintenance Dept. Hard Hat
    - JP Maintenance Dept. Coveralls
    - Utility Belt
    - Flashlight [Pwr: ||| ]
    - Walkie-Talkie [Pwr: ||| ]
    - Compressed Air Pistol
    - x20 Tranquilizer Darts
    - Toolbox
    - 2 Rechargeable batteries (Flashlight/talkie compatible)
    - Jury-Rigged Flamethrower (WD-40 and lighter)

    Mechanics [Basic]
    Computers [Basic]
    Survival [Basic]
    Park Knowledge [Basic]
    Dinosaur Knowledge [Basic]
    First Aid [Basic]
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)11:24 No.14062598
    It's 8 AM and you're currently in the Maintenance Building.

    "*static* Well, I don't have anyone else in Maintenance qualified to take over HM duties. I'll be sending over a Security Team to take over."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)11:59 No.14062947
    Okay, before we get going, could we summarized the events so far?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:14 No.14063091

    Here's what I've got so far:

    Early on the first day, we were tasked with repairing the windmills. We did so with the help of our buddy Perkins, but the job was a bit half-assed. We found signs that the park was starting to break down, and that people may have been killed.

    Outside the turbine, we were attacked by a dilophosaur, but managed to subdue it.

    On our way to Maintenance HQ to pick up equipment (we were tasked with investigating issues at the desalinization plant) we hit a dinosaur. Perkins was killed, and a Herrerasaurus came by and ate Perkins body and scared us off. We tried contacting Dispatch, but they seemed to care more about the dead dino then our predicament, or the death of Perkins. Harsh words were said.

    We went by foot to the Maintainance HQ, where we barricaded ourselves in the garage. We were woken up by a violent storm and went upstairs to investigate.

    We found the dead Maintainance chief, killed in his sleep by compys. On the computer, we used his authorization to send out repair orders for the dilophosaur fences, and say that a tornado was going to wipe out the fences for the T-Rex and raptor paddocks. We contacted Management to let them know the Chief of Maintenance was dead, and the fences were in danger. They claimed everything was dealt with, and said they'd send a new maintenance guy to replace the Chief.

    We went back down to the garage to wait out the night. In the morning, we found the guy they sent dead on the doorstep. Evidently they didn't give him a key or something, and he was killed by a dino. We got back on the computer, found e-mails that the Chief might be a corporate saboteur, and that while power is up the T-Rex and Raptor fences ARE down.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:16 No.14063113

    "Roger. Be advised, there is likely ate least one large predatory dinosaur still in the area."

    What was the last thing we said to Dispatch before this?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:21 No.14063156
    So just to clear this up for me.

    The park is falling because of incompetence or is it corporate spies wrecking shit?

    or both?
    We should tell dispatch about the fences for the wrex and raptors, maybe suggest a total park lockdown?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:25 No.14063207

    We don't know precisely what's causing it all. We couldn't find evidence in the emails of what Chief Ryan might have actually DONE to cause the problems with the park, just that he may have done SOMETHING.

    Dispatch seems more interested in profit then in human lives. I don't think they're precisely incompetent, but just extremely stressed by everything going wrong at once.

    the tornado has probably caused the most problems.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:26 No.14063216
    should we make our way to the water plant to fix the rusty water?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:28 No.14063239
    >We should tell dispatch about the fences for the wrex and raptors, maybe suggest a total park lockdown?

    We mentioned told them those fences were likely to be breached last night. They claimed the situation was well in hand. What's more, Dispatch has been very hostile in past communications. After Perkins' death, we yelled at them, and they yelled at us. They probably won't take advice from us on how to run the park very well.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:29 No.14063244

    Call me crazy, but I think we may have bigger problems then that at this point.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:29 No.14063248
    Dispatch hasn't said anything about it, and I say we wait until the security team arrives before we open the garage door.
    You just know a raptor's going to be waiting on the other side and will get us before we can lock ourselves in the Explorer.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:31 No.14063269

    Well, whatever killed the replacement guy may still be out there. So, yeah, I say we leave the doors locked for now.

    The bigger question is A) Do we tell them about the emails, and if so, how do we phrase it and

    B) Will they order us to do something new?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:34 No.14063287
    Yes, we tell Management about the emails.
    Say that Ryan also had his personal emails open, the one about sabotaging the park is what caught our eye.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:35 No.14063304
    "Furthermore, Dispatch, the security team will either need to be given keys to the facility, or make their presence know clearly when they arrive. After the compys got in last night when the door blew open and killed Mr. Ryan, and after the death of his replacement, I am locking the doors to prevent any other animals from entering the building."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:38 No.14063330

    Okay, but let's phrase it right. If we appeal to their bureaucratic sensibilities, they might actually believe us.

    "More importantly, though, Dispatch, I believe I have discovered extremely sensitive information that may pertain to the cause of the park's current situation. Is this line secure?"
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:42 No.14063368
    rolled 5, 6 = 11

    These two sound good. Let's go with them.
    We already broadcast on the Maintenance channel that the t-rex and raptor pens report as compromised, so Security's probably been alerted already.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:43 No.14063385

    Let's also combine those two with >>14063113
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:45 No.14063401

    What are we rolling for?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:54 No.14063491
    Not rolling for anything. I just had it on from another thread by accident.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:54 No.14063497
    While we're talking, let's copy those incriminating emails onto some of the floppy disks the GM said were laying around last night.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:57 No.14063521
    Yes, just in case. We should also find something secure and safe that we can carry the disks in.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:59 No.14063548
    Uh, it's been about an hour and a half since the GM last posted.

    Hello? Emergency Chair Warmer? You out there?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)13:15 No.14063714

    Sorry, had to go out. I'm back.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)13:20 No.14063767

    Dispatch was told about the emails last thread, they expressed skepticism and demanded proof.

    "*static* Alright, thanks for the warning. Security is inbound with a team. They should be there in a few minutes. In the meantime, get over to the desalinization plant to fix our water problem."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)13:25 No.14063822

    Damn. Can't anybody higher up over there just log onto the guy's email account and see for themselves? I'm sure someone in management has access to all employee email accounts.

    Do we know what equipment we'll need for the desalinization job? If so, do we know where it's located in the building?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)13:27 No.14063832

    The email account is private, you don't know the password.

    You don't know what the problem is at the desalinization plant, only that the water is tasting rusty.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)13:29 No.14063856
    "Roger Dispatch. I just need to pick up some replacement tools and such first. Fucking herresaurus fucking chased me a good mile or so before I was able to hide in a tree and wait it out.
    "I'll pick up the tools I lost and tow in the crashed jeep after the desalination plant."

    Take this opportunity to load up the Explorer with tools and anything we need (lots of duct tape!), and if there's a weapons locker, some weapons.
    That should take long enough for the security team to arrive, giving us an excuse to stay here where it's safe, and we can safely open the garage door.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)13:30 No.14063869

    Hmm. Is there any general equipment that might be handy for a job at the plant? If so, is it stored here?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)13:31 No.14063889

    Dude, we already told them last night that the herrersaurus got distracted by another dead body. We called them from this place last night, they KNOW we spent the night here.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)13:33 No.14063899
    Yeah, but seeing as how Dispatch doesn't like us, reminding them of apparently how miserable we are should keep them happy and off our backs.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)13:35 No.14063922

    Right, but YOUR version is changing the story we told them before. Do we really need to get them second guessing us?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)13:40 No.14063939
    We should take the time to scavenge any useful materials from the Maintenance Shed and HQ before we head out. Who knows when we'll be back? Maybe a backpack to hold tools we may need at the desalination plant, or any simple implements we may have use for but don't have currently.

    Also, food would be good. It's been a while since we last ate and we don't want to have little energy when we most need it.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)13:40 No.14063946

    Your toolkit has most general tools, and any specific tools required would be located on site.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)13:50 No.14064018

    This what we want to do?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)13:52 No.14064030
    Let's plot out a path to the desalination plant, then.

    How long would the outer service road take to reach the plant? Perhaps this path is safest, as we don't drive adjacent to any breached walls.

    Check the gas in the vehicle too, I suppose?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)13:53 No.14064040
    I think so. We can't go around being the hero without knowing more about what's going on.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)13:56 No.14064058

    I agree on the backpack. Let's find one, and do a general search of the Maintenance building. We should keep an eye out for a weapon and a first aid kit. At the very least, we should grab something hard and metal that would make a good club. The best we've got is a wrench, at the moment. We can't take everything, and we probably shouldn't anyway; other maintenance teams may come here, and they may need the tools available more than we do.

    As for food, let's keep an eye out for a break room or a vending machine. If we can't find that, we'll swing by the Employee Bungalows, see if we can't find something there to eat on the road. The tornado went through the main raptor enclosure, not the pens near the Bungalows. Plus, there should be lots of people there. It's probably relatively safe.

    Now, given that the Rex and Raptor enclosures are open, I say we keep as far away from those as possible. Let's go North, along the service road, past the Bungalows, and then looping around the northern part of the island, past the hydroelectric damn. It's a longer route, but it's probably safer.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)13:58 No.14064075

    The jeeps have full tanks. The Explorer's battery is half charged.


    You scavenge around for supplies, finding a recharging cord for the flashlight and talkie batteries, along with two more batteries. There is a weapons locker present, but it's locked and the HM's card won't open it.

    There's a knocking at the door, and you can hear a muffled voice shouting.

    "Hey! We're here, let us in!"
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)13:59 No.14064080

    We go to the door.

    "You the security team?"
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:02 No.14064097
    Be cautious and on guard, but let them in.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)14:04 No.14064113

    "Yeah, now let us in. I don't want to stay out here any more than necessary."


    No backpacks. But you do find some assorted candy, but it's hardly a meal.

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:09 No.14064146

    It'll have to do. Maybe we'll find something a little more substantial at the bungalows.

    For the time being, let the team in.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:10 No.14064166
    Let them in, then, while munching on delicious candy.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:11 No.14064169
    Yeah, let the team in, and finish loading up the Explorer. Do we know if there's a charging slot at the desalination plant, or can we replace the battery with one that's fully charged?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:14 No.14064200
    I agree we should take the longer, northern route as it's probably safer.

    However, I must point out that there are 2 raptor pens: the old one near the T-Rex pen, and the new one located near the employee barracks. Either way, we're gonna go past raptors.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)14:17 No.14064241
    You open the door and 4 men rush in. They're outfitted with what appears to be a form of chain mail, and carrying rifles. Though one of the crew is lugging around what appears to be a rocket launcher.

    "Thanks, we'll take it from here."

    They immediately make themselves at home, with some of them hitting the hay, while one of them goes over to the computer and swipes his card on it, and gets to work. One of them goes over to the weapons locker and unlocks it. He rummages around in it before taking out what appears to be a crossbow with a spool of cable and a large box attached.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:18 No.14064243

    Right, but the tornado only went through the MAIN raptor enclosure, as well as the Rex enclosure.

    In theory, the newer, smaller raptor pen should still have intact, functioning fences. Plus, it can't hold as many raptors anyway, so even if they are out it shouldn't be as many.

    Also, let's ask the security team what things are like out there before we leave. they might be a little more loose-lipped then Dispatch.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:20 No.14064280
    >Also, let's ask the security team what things are like out there before we leave.
    Seconding this.
    "Yeah, guys, I'm really glad you're here. I know there's at least one herresaurus out around here somewhere.
    "And those compys? Everyone says they're just chickens but after seeing what they did to Ryan, I don't wanna take any chances. You guys got any advice?"
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)14:27 No.14064350

    "So far no one has seen the raptors, but you usually won't see them until after they get you. Security has been getting more and more quiet as the day's been going on. The repairs on the dilo pen should theoretically confine everything to the pens, but the cameras on the eastern end of the island were destroyed where the tornado blew through, so we don't know if the wind punched a second hole in the Rex's enclosure. I'm just glad we got this cushy job, otherwise we'd be on security detail for those poor saps in Maintenance fixing the dilo fence." He looks up at you from the computer.

    "No offense."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:30 No.14064382
    "Hey, no worries man. It really does suck, especially doing any work in the predator dino areas.
    "I'm just glad I get to go to the desal plant, which SHOULD be clear of any dinos. But yeah, those compys? Fuck them, man. They can chew through stuff like no one's business, and they hunt in packs, too."
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)14:32 No.14064416

    "Eh, they're not that bad. Just don't act injured around them. They only go after injured dinos or people."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:32 No.14064421
    After this, finish loading the Explorer and see if we can replace the battery for it.
    Also, if we take the long route along the north of the island, will the Explorer's charge hold out, and can we charge it at the desalination plant?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)14:34 No.14064442

    It'll take up about a quarter charge if you hit no difficulties. And the Desal plant doesn't have a motor pool.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)14:38 No.14064486

    As of right now, there are only drained or recharging batteries in the motor pool.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:38 No.14064494
    Guys, I don't want to get stuck out there if the Explorer's battery dies.

    Are any of the other jeeps fully enclosed, or are they both open-topped?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:40 No.14064511

    Hmm. Let's ask the Security guys if they've heard anything about the northern road.

    We don't want to get half way there, and then find out part of it got washed away during the storm.

    If they don't know anything, we can ask again at the bungalows.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)14:40 No.14064514

    Both jeeps are open topped.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:42 No.14064532
    Wait, do they keep more batteries or have a charging station at the Bungalows? I mean, that's got to be a big hub of employee movement.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:44 No.14064558
    Does the electric explorer have a back up gas system?

    I ask because in the book they had both types. Fully electric track cars for the tour, and electric/gas hybrids for the staff and regular gas jeeps for emergencies
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:44 No.14064563
    Good point.
    Let's do that.

    Also another good question. Maybe we can get a fully charged Explorer battery there.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:48 No.14064611

    Keep in mind, this game is mainly based off the movies, not the books.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)14:49 No.14064637

    There is a motor pool at the bungalows.


    "Couldn't tell you. All of Security is either providing guard duty for the dilo fence fix, or supporting the dino reclamation teams. Hold on, let me bring up the Security cameras....Some of them are offline, all I've got is bits and pieces of the northern road. But what I can see looks fine."


    This Explorer has no gas system.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:55 No.14064699
    "Alright, thanks guy."

    Okay, I say we take the Explorer and head for the employee bungalows. When we get to the motor pool there, we switch out the Explorer's battery for a fully charged one, or simply move all our stuff into one whose battery has a full charge.
    Then we take the northern route to the desalination plant.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)14:59 No.14064743

    Alright. The Bungalows probably have a much bigger garage then this place. They're bound to have a charging station. Hell, we should KNOW this. We live at the Bungalows.

    For the time being, let's continue with this plan: >>14064058

    Head to the bungalows, get some food, charge the car, head to the desalinization plant along the northern service road.

    Hell, it doesn't matter if it takes us a little longer to get there. I have a hard time believing that some rusty water is higher priority to HQ then a dino breakout.

    Two more questions for the security guys, though. A) Can we get a weapon from that cabinet of they opened, since we lost our rifle when that herrerasaur showed up and B) can they confirm that the secondary raptor pens near the bungalows are still secure?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)15:11 No.14064881

    "You're not authorized to be carrying anymore than a tranq pistol. As for the secondary raptor pens, those should be locked down still."

    You get into the Explorer and leave, almost crashing into a Jeep parked outside. The trip is quick and without incident. Most of the buildings are nothing but debris now, but a handful managed to weather the storm with only minor damage. Going into the one you were assigned, you find someone sleeping and a pot of lukewarm stew on a stove.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)15:14 No.14064912
    >you find someone sleeping and a pot of lukewarm stew on a stove
    Eat a bowl of stew. Then another. And another.
    You know what? Just eat the entire damn pot. If we're going to die today, at least it won't be on an empty stomach.
    Then go down to the garage and see if there's a fully charged Explorer we can switch over to, after beginning to charge the one we're using.

    Also, should we try to rustle up someone else to help us at the desalination plant?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)15:14 No.14064916

    Yeesh. Wasn't there a mess hall or anywhere else to get food? Well, the guy's probably just another desperate bastard like we were last night, holed up wherever was available. Let's leave him his stew and his sleep. Is there any other food in the place?

    If we can't find anything, wake him up and ask if we can share his stew.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)15:17 No.14064941

    Policy was that employees were provided with food, they cooked it themselves. That way they didn't have to pay for chefs. The food is communal, you can take some no problem.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)15:18 No.14064959

    Fine, soup it is. Let the other guy sleep, he probably needs it.

    Next, to the garage. And let's keep the speed under forty. We don't need a repeat of what happened with Perkins. No knowing what debris or animals are on the roads.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)15:19 No.14064971
    Also, check around for any granola bars or anything. Just something we could stuff in our pockets for the road.

    No knowing when we'll next have a chance to eat.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)15:29 No.14065072

    The pantry is full of food, you take a box of granola bars.


    You gorge yourself on stew. It's not hot, but you're not complaining.

    Leaving the bungalow, you drive carefully over to the motor pool, passing by a couple of Security patrols. You pull in and look around. 4 Jeeps, 2 Explorers, and 1 Dino Reclamation Vehicle. A DRT is sitting around smoking.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)15:30 No.14065091

    Also, do we know if there's a place here you can go to recharge the car?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)15:31 No.14065098

    Dino Reclamation Team.

    There's a rack of charging batteries along one wall. Plenty of them are fully charged.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)15:32 No.14065119
    Let's check the charges on the two other Explorers.
    If one of them has a full charge, put our current Explorer into a recharging receptable, move all of our gear into the fully charged car, and take that one.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)15:33 No.14065125
    Let's replace the battery on our vehicle with a fresh one, since there's nothing else we need let's move on to the desal. plant.

    But before that, let's take a closer look at the smoking vehicle.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)15:34 No.14065133
    Alright, let's just swap out the battery on our Explorer then.

    Greet the DRT.
    "Hey guys. Anything out there I should know about? I'm taking the service road along the north of the island and going to the Desalination Plant."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)15:35 No.14065147

    I believe it's the PEOPLE who are smoking, not the vehicle.

    "Hey guys. How's it looking out there?"

    Say this while going about the work of changing the batteries.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)15:48 No.14065268

    Make a Mechanics check, d100.

    "Rounding up raptors is not fun. Had a couple too many close calls today. If you're taking the north road, don't worry about raptors, they're concentrated around here and the broken pens. Watch out for the T-Rex though, he left through the eastern breach in his fence and nobody knows where he is."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)15:51 No.14065305
    rolled 80 = 80

    Mechanics check. Hopefully a good one.

    "Thanks for the heads up, man. If I see anything, I'll make sure to radio it in."
    These DRT guys are alright.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)15:52 No.14065315
    "Well, at least there's only the one Rex, and it's a big island. Plus, I'll feel him coming. Those raptors are too damn sneaky for my liking. You guys watch yourselves out there, I ran into a Dilo as far West as the wind turibines."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)15:53 No.14065325

    Nice roll.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)15:55 No.14065340

    It's a simple matter to switch out the batteries, and you finish the job quickly.


    "Thanks for the warning." They confer for a little while, then one of them goes to a weapons locker and opens it. He takes out a rocket launcher and a grey case and puts them in your Explorer.

    "In case you meet the Rex. Don't tell anyone and hide it. If they find it, we don't know you."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)15:57 No.14065376
    >He takes out a rocket launcher and a grey case and puts them in your Explorer.
    "Thanks again, man."
    Cover the weapons with a tarp or something to hide it, then if no one else can think of any other tools we need to pick up, let's get going.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)16:10 No.14065495

    Anyone else want anything done, or do you want to get going?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)16:13 No.14065517
    that should be all, let's get going
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)16:13 No.14065518
    Let's mosey on out.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)16:18 No.14065568
    ...Do we know how to safely use the rocket launcher without hurting ourself?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)16:19 No.14065580

    And keep it under forty, driving cautiously.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)16:20 No.14065588
    You pull out of the motor pool and head out to the northern service road. Passing the golf course, you see a herd of Parasaurolophus being rounded up by DRTs. Continuing on, you follow the coastline. Many trees were damaged in the storm last night, but luckily none of them block the road.

    About a quarter of the way onto the road, you hear the snapping of trees. You look to the side and see a dilo pushing it's way out of the trees, frill extended.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)16:21 No.14065595

    Nope. There might be an instruction manual in the case, but you didn't look.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)16:21 No.14065601

    Look at it this way. When the Rex shows up, would you rather have it or not have it?

    Because you KNOW the Rex is gonna show up.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)16:22 No.14065611
    rolled 44 = 44

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)16:23 No.14065621

    Keep the windows rolled up, and keep driving, picking up the speed a little. Try to drive right past it.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)16:32 No.14065705

    Which is it?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)16:35 No.14065741

    I vote second. There's no need to seriously speed up, especially when that could be dangerous if the dilo lunges out onto the road.

    As is, the car is bigger then he is. It might intimidate him. Plus, he can't spit through the windows. We keep going, a little faster, windows up, try to drive by. If it looks like he's going for us, slow down, but keep going.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)16:40 No.14065801
    i agree
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)16:48 No.14065877

    A wad of spit hits the passenger window, but you remain unfazed and continue driving, while picking up speed. The dilo roars and gives chase, but you easily lose outpace it and leave it behind.

    You've reached the lake just south of the coast when you find another dinosaur. A Brachiosaur that managed to get all the way out here. It's currently lying right in the middle of the road.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)16:50 No.14065903
    Drive around it if possible, but still slow down when nearing it
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)16:54 No.14065938
    rolled 70 = 70

    All terrain vehicles are all terrain. Drive over dat bitch.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)17:00 No.14065998

    Which one?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:01 No.14066003
    maybe radio in the sightning of the dilo and the brachie? - and I don't think we should go road raging ontop of a brachie, we might as well go around it.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:07 No.14066065
    i agree, let's radio it in as we slowly drive around it
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:07 No.14066069
    Go around. We've already been yelled at once for injuring "company property."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:07 No.14066070
    is it dead, and can we tell if it was attacked by another dino (eg. bites taken out of it)? That rex is out there somewhere, and if anything can take down a brachy it would be her.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:07 No.14066072
    Wait, wait wait. It's LYING DOWN in the road? Not standing in the road? Are brachiosaurs even physically capable of doing that?

    Can we tell if it's breathing? I have a bad feeling about this.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:09 No.14066106
    First: Ascertain if the animal is breathing. It's flanks are big enough we should be able to see them rising and falling.

    Second: If it IS breathing, report it in, and drive around it slowly, if possible.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)17:13 No.14066137

    It's breathing.


    It's legs are torn up. But the bites aren't huge like you would expect from the Rex.

    "*static* Thanks for the input, we'll get DRTs out there ASAP. How's the Brachiosaur?"
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:19 No.14066213

    "It's alive, but it looks like something was tearing at its legs. Can't say what, but the bites look smaller then the Rex. Probably had to be more than one to cut her up this bad. whatever it was might still be in the area. I saw a dilo on the way here, but I doubt he coulda done this either. I'd say raptors if it wasn't so far north."

    "Advise, Dispatch? It's blocking the road. Not sure I can get around it."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:19 No.14066216
    torn as in heavily scratched or torn as in damaged to the point of being useless?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)17:23 No.14066259

    Torn as in heavily damaged, something was taking chunks out. Whether they can still be used or not, you don't know.


    "*static* Don't count on that, Porter. We've managed to account for most of the raptors, they're running around inside the pens, but a few of them remained unaccounted for. See if you can get past it, if not, just follow the trail it made through the trees, that should lead you to another road.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:24 No.14066272
    rolled 10 = 10

    >Leave the road
    This is going to end REAL WELL.
    All terrain time it is then.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:27 No.14066299

    "Copy that, dispatch. Attempting to push ahead. If I get past the Brach, should I check in at the hydroelectric plant, make sure they're okay?"

    Try inching the car around the Brach's body.

    We are NOT getting out of the car if there's any chance raptors are active in the area.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)17:37 No.14066404

    "*static* Nah, the hydro plant doesn't have anybody manning it. Just keep going."

    There does appear to be enough room to get past the Brachiosaur, but it'll take some fancy wheelwork. roll d100.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:42 No.14066464
    rolled 41 = 41


    God help us.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:43 No.14066470
    rolled 6 = 6

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:45 No.14066507

    Oh come on. What is it with us and cars?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:46 No.14066526
    rolled 17 = 17

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:48 No.14066553
    Eh, not that bad. Hopefully this time we have seatbelts so no catapulting and breaking out necks.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:48 No.14066554
         File1298846900.jpg-(9 KB, 234x234, Hate.jpg)
    9 KB

    Fuck you you motherfucker.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:48 No.14066555
    rolled 84 = 84

    We're fucked. Roll to see how fucked we are.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:49 No.14066558

    Oh god, did we ever say if we put the seatbelts on? Please tell me we did.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:49 No.14066571
    guys. His is like, the third roll. First roll was 41. Not that bad. Chill out, you're gonna have heart attacks.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:50 No.14066581
    Guys, we were INCHING aroud the dinosaur. Worst case scenario, we simply can't get around him and have to take the jungle path.

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:51 No.14066595

    It was a 48 that killed Perkins.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:52 No.14066611
    Worst case, we ram into its damaged leg and we get docked pay, I figure. And since any sane man would quit after this shit, that doesn't really matter.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:54 No.14066637
    rolled 19 = 19

    Worse case we put a tire on a wounded Brachiosaur leg and it curbstomps our jeep.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:54 No.14066640
    I could have sworn it was like, a 14. And looking back, it was! 48 was a SUCCESSFUL sneak attempt to ass by a dino.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)17:55 No.14066648
         File1298847303.jpg-(51 KB, 650x366, Tyrannosaurus Rex.jpg)
    51 KB

    I'll be nice and take highest.

    You manage to squeeze through the gap, though you do nudge the dinosaur a couple times, much to its protest.

    The rest of the drive is quick, with a thud every now and then from compys. You just finish crossing the river when you see the massive water treatment tanks in the ground, along with a rather famous denizen of the park.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:56 No.14066670
    rolled 84 = 84

    Time to break out the RAWKET LAWNCHAIR, kick out the windshield and pray we don't get eaten.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)17:57 No.14066697

    Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit.

    Okay. Okay guys, they trained us for this. We know his vision's based on moment. We stop the car, turn off the engine, and sit stock sill as soon as we realize what we're looking at. How far away is it?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)17:58 No.14066714

    You're a reasonable distance away, and it's pretty busy drinking water from the tanks. It doesn't see you.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:01 No.14066750

    Okay. We call dispatch IMMEDIATELY. Tell them the Rex is at the plant, drinking from the water tanks. Ask for advice and a DRT as backup.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:02 No.14066756
    Let's figure out how to prep that rocket launcher and be as still and quiet as possible. Also, wait. If it doesn't even notice us we can just let it leave without wasting our rocket or blowing ourselves up.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:02 No.14066763
    If we're in an electric car surely it won't make that much noise if we reverse the car slowly, could we do that to a safe distance?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)18:08 No.14066838
    You bring the rocket launcher to the front and open the grey case. Inside of it are 2 huge metal darts, about the size of your forearm, and with a paper booklet.

    You're far enough away from the Rex that it's not going to hear you unless you start making excessive amounts of noise.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:08 No.14066842

    He might notice the movement. Let's wait to see what dispatch says, but while we're waiting, reach into the back seat, open that gray case the DRT gave us, and see if there's a rocket launcher instruction manual in it.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:10 No.14066866
    rolled 24 = 24

    Reading comprehension roll.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:10 No.14066873

    Okay. Before we go wild with the launcher, let's do: >>14066750

    We'll get in a ton of trouble if we murder their star predator. They might even tell us to forget about the desalinization plant entirely with this bad boy in the way.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:10 No.14066876
         File1298848250.jpg-(26 KB, 251x414, 1295745531127.jpg)
    26 KB
    rolled 100 = 100

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:11 No.14066884

    Oh god. The manual is probably Lorem Ipsum.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)18:13 No.14066915
    "*static* Alright, we'll get a DRT down there pronto, just don't do anything stupid." Faintly, you can hear
    "Look who I'm talking to, of course he's going to be stupid."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:15 No.14066939

    "I'm not sure I want to risk entering the plant with the Rex in the way. Please advise."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:16 No.14066963
    You know, to be fair? We WERE about to blow it up before finding out they're fuckhueg darts. I vote we stay put and don't do anything stupid, unless it comes towards us in which case... I don't know. I doubt we can outrun it.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:20 No.14066999
    *even with the car
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)18:20 No.14067000

    "*static* Just sit tight, we've got a DRT inbound. ETA 5 minutes."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:20 No.14067002
    Okay guys, I just want to put this out there.

    But if we dart that fucker and bring it down, we'll be motherfucking heroes. No more "check out the rusty water" jobs for US, no sir.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:22 No.14067023

    "Roger, dispatch."

    Okay, let's pull over to the side of the road, so if the Rex decides to come this way he walks PAST us instead of OVER us.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:24 No.14067048
    I doubt it. They fired us before the retcon because we didn't leave doors open for dinos to kill us in our sleep. Doing this and they'll find some way to use it against us. For this time, it's probably safest, for them and us, to just sit tight.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:25 No.14067064
    rolled 84 = 84

    Flee back to other side of wounded dino laying in road, read manual for rockit lawnchair
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:27 No.14067084

    dude, reread the GM posts and check the maps. We're MILES past the wounded Brach.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:27 No.14067088
    We need to keep that rocket launcher case at least.

    Our ass is gonna fry when they see that thing in our laps.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:29 No.14067111
    And attract its attention as we leave?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)18:38 No.14067224
    While you sit and contemplate what to do, you hear the roaring of an engine. Out from the jungle comes a DRV. It drives straight for the Rex, who turns around to look at it. You see an exhaust trail leap from the back of the DRV and fly past the Rex's neck. It roars in response and takes after it.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:39 No.14067241
    Quietly pull over to the side of the road and turn off everything but our radio(just turn the volume down a bit). Take a moment to carefully look around than repack the rocket launcher and ammo and stash it. To pass time we can skim the manual and look around every few moments for other dino's or to check on the rex.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:41 No.14067269
    Definitely seconding putting away the launcher.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:42 No.14067280

    Oh shit, it's on now. What does the DRV do?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)18:53 No.14067443
    The Rex starts chasing the DRV, which books it down the road. A second vehicle comes into the scene and moves behind the Rex. You can see the exhaust trail leave the second vehicle and end at the back of the Rex's head. The Rex roars and turns around, chasing after the second vehicle. The second vehicle flees back from where it came, with the Rex following.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)18:56 No.14067479
    Book it into the plant. At least he can't find us in there.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:00 No.14067536

    You really want to drive out there in the middle of all this? No, I say we stay put and wait to see how it ends.

    In fact, the DRVs probably aren't keeping the bosses informed, what with being busy running from/shooting at the Rex. Let's call up Dispatch, give them a running commentary. Hell, maybe they could use the entertainment.

    "Dispatch, this is Porter. The DRTs have engaged the Rex. Looks like they hit him, but he's not going down."
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)19:02 No.14067577

    "*static* Roger, we'll get hauling gear over there. Thanks for the info."

    The 2nd DRV comes back into the scene, with the Rex in pursuit. The 1st DRV pulled a U-Turn and comes at the Rex from the side, firing another dart. It misses and is growing much closer to you.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:03 No.14067592
    Good thing we pulled to the side of the road just in case it ran at us, as said here >>14067023
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:04 No.14067602
    T-rex or the dart?

    If its the dart, duck down!

    Else... START RUNNING.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)19:05 No.14067612

    It's the dart, pardon the misunderstanding.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:06 No.14067623

    Oh shit. Okay, where's everybody positioned? Are the Rex and the DRVs between us and the plant? How open is the area? How much room do we have to work with?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:06 No.14067636

    Then what he said, DUCK!
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:09 No.14067664
    we dont need to move the car, just duck to make sure the stray dart dosnt hit us.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)19:13 No.14067722
    You duck your head and hear the grass crash open. You cautiously look up and around. The dart is embedded in the passenger seat. A roar from the Rex draws your attention back to the fight. You see the Wrex chasing one of the DRVs but he starts to lag, and then just collapses onto the field.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:14 No.14067740

    Leap up, catch dart with teeth. Go full on Muslim on the Rex and run at it screaming "IALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA!" and stab it with the dart. Failing that, blow ourselves up in order to kill the infidels.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:16 No.14067777
    Obvious troll is obvious.

    Well, that's good. Radio dispatch, ask them if we should head for the hydro station now or wait until the capture team has removed the T-rex.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:20 No.14067829

    Now would be a good time to keep the rocket launcher.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:20 No.14067834

    Odds that Dispatch will thank us for find the Rex for them?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)19:28 No.14067932
    "*static* The Rex is down, go on in."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:31 No.14067968

    "Roger, Dispatch. Good luck with the Rex."

    Figures. Okay, let's get on down there. Shame we lost the windscreen.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:33 No.14067993

    Drive by the DRTs on the way, roll down window, yell congratulations on the big catch.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)19:43 No.14068112

    You drive by and yell your congratulations. They laugh and wave back. The two crews have gathered by the dinos mouth and seem to be posing with it, in front of them is a tripod with a small box on it.

    You follow the gravel road into the complex and park at the front of the complex.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:45 No.14068137
    >inb4 we come out of the plant and find a smashed camera sitting in an enormous pool of blood and body parts
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:46 No.14068144

    Is the desalinization plant manned? Is there a head office or a staff we can check in at?

    What would be the logical first place to check, given our mechanical knowledge of the park?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)19:49 No.14068175

    The de-sal plant usually has a couple of people manning it at any one time. They're usually at the front office monitoring things.

    The obvious place to check would be the filters.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:49 No.14068177

    I had the exact same thought.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:52 No.14068221
    ib4 raptors in the plant, dilo spitting through broken winshield, and rex having eaten the DRT guys.

    That being said.....I say we tie a harness to the Rex and when he wakes up, make for a ride check.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:53 No.14068241

    Okay. We park the car, get our toolbox, the radio, and the tranq pistol/darts (just in case) and go for the main office. We'll check in there, see what's up. Then we'll go look at the filters.

    It's been a few hours since that soup, so let's munch one of the granola bars we brought on the way. In fact, bring a couple extra for the office staff. They've probably been stranded out here, and I bet they'd appreciate a snack. Can't hurt to start off on the right foot.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:56 No.14068277
    Make that three.

    Let's look around, see if we can find them. If we can't after a few minute of searching, check dem filters.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:57 No.14068300
    Actually, is there a central office of control room for the Desal Plant? I say we go and check that first, see if the computer can tell us anything before we go poking around a labyrinth of pipes.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:57 No.14068307

    Not to sound like a broken record but have we kept the launcher yet?
    >> Emergency Hair Warmer Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)19:58 No.14068325
    As you walk in the door, you hear a screech, make a reflex roll, d100.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)20:00 No.14068360
    You walk into the complex and head to the main office. There's a scaly corpse in front of the door. Smells kinda cooked.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:02 No.14068385
    rolled 95 = 95

    K-style roll.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:02 No.14068398

    I see what you did there......and fuck your couch.

    Ditto what the others are saying, see if there's a central control room where we can check to see where the problem might be exactly. It'll save us a bit of time searching.

    Offer some granola bars to the guys there, ask if anything suspicious has been going on, make sure to ask about chewed wires, etc.

    Take the toolbox, flashlight, walkie, and tranq-pistol with darts. And some more damned ducttape. Because if you can't duc it....fuck it.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:03 No.14068415

    ...kept? Do you mean used? No, we haven't used the launcher yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:05 No.14068436

    Interesting. We call out. "Hello? Anybody there?" Are the lights on? If not, we switch on our flashlight and headlamp.


    Not cool, man.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:06 No.14068437
    "Hey, any humans home?"

    Can we identify the type of dead dino?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)20:07 No.14068455

    No reply, and you guys called it, Velociraptor. Lights are still on in the building.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:09 No.14068483

    >Raptors up in this bitch yo!

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:09 No.14068496

    Shit. Well, a raptor doesn't burn itself. Presumably somebody killed it. Call in a report of Raptors at the De-sal plant to Dispatch. Tell them you need security and a DRT team inside the complex ASAP.

    Double check the door, make sure the staff didn't electrify it or anything.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:11 No.14068517
    ....do we really have to think about this? Get the fuck out, contact the boss people and get back to the guys by the rex and let them know about the dead raptor.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:12 No.14068519

    Ok, let's back the hell away from the door, get dispatch on the line, tell them:

    "Dispatch, this is Porter. We've got a deep-fried Raptor at the door of the Desal and no response from inside. I'm about to crap my pants right about now, and I don't think the smell alone will keep me safe."

    >leHel from

    Fuck yeah captcha!
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)20:12 No.14068522
    "*static* Alright, be careful in there. DRT teams are tied up with the Rex, they'll get to you when they can."

    You're beginning to think this guy has it out for you. Door to the office is ajar. The raptor's body has a pair of crossbow bolts in it, each of them trailing a wire.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:12 No.14068527
    Call up Dispatch.
    "Dispatch, this is Porter. There's a fucking raptor up here at the Desal Plant! Somebody got to it, but you know how these things are; if there's one, there's usually two you can't see.
    "Requesting a Security team and DRT."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:14 No.14068551
    >each of them trailing a wire.
    Do the wires go back into the office?

    I say we get our tranq pistol ready, and see if the coast is clear in the office.
    If it is, we barricade ourselves inside until a DRT gets here and sweeps the place.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)20:15 No.14068576

    Yeah, both wires trail into the office. You can see through the windows that the office is clear, there's another door in it that's ajar.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:16 No.14068584
    I second that thought...where are the wires going to?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:17 No.14068597
    crap i was slow....ok, bring tranq dart up and ease our way into the office...then listen for noises
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:17 No.14068599
    Okay. Get out the dart gun, make sure it's loaded, and push to door open with the barrel. Step over the dead raptor and enter the office.

    Make our way to the second door, peek through the crack.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:17 No.14068610

    >crossbow wires into ajar door

    Raptor with a crossbow in the building, I'm fucking calling it now
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:18 No.14068620
    Quietly go through the first door, then close and lock it behind us.
    Go up to the second door, and see what's behind it.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)20:25 No.14068720
         File1298856353.jpg-(48 KB, 725x541, Water Treatment plant.jpg)
    48 KB
    In front of the door are two crossbows that look like the one that Security guy pulled out at the Maintenance Building.

    A bunch of computers sit on the desks. The ones pointing towards the entrance display security cam footage. The ones pointing into the building display technical readouts. Windows on the inner wall show a bunch of tanks, the door at the side of a room leads to a catwalk running over them. A locker in the corner of the room stands ajar.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:26 No.14068723
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:29 No.14068771

    Do the security cameras have logs? Can we play back what happened in the room?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:29 No.14068774

    Okay, first we check the security cameras for any sign of the staff or of more raptors.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)20:30 No.14068784

    Make a Computers check, d100.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:31 No.14068788
    Do we see any blood trails/splatter, anything look like it's been knocked over by something large and heavy? Any signs of a struggle?

    Keep tranq-pistol at the ready, move quietly, listen for anything, heavy breathing, snorting, footsteps, thuds....

    Let's check the security cameras, see if there's anything on them. Close the doors to the officer, secure the office as well, check corners, any place big enough for a raptor to be obscured if it's standing or laying on the ground, in case someone tranqed one.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:34 No.14068837
    rolled 8 = 8


    Come on baby.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:35 No.14068865

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:37 No.14068879


    But seriously I'd rather fail this than fail a roll to not get my arm torn off
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:37 No.14068887
    how does I roll dice?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:37 No.14068888
         File1298857067.jpg-(40 KB, 240x249, GASP.jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:39 No.14068914
         File1298857163.jpg-(8 KB, 251x217, 1297244979171.jpg)
    8 KB
    rolled 81 = 81

    how do i computer
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:43 No.14068973
    Guys, shouldn't we secure the room first? There might still be raptors around.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:48 No.14069055
    Guys. The wires from the crossbow bolts are probably connected to some kind of charge pack, like a tazer crossbow. Just, since people were tossing around ideas of what they were, thought I'd join in.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)20:49 No.14069071

    You pull up the archives and watch. The POV is from the lobby looking into the main office. Most of the day has the workers just sitting around looking at computer screens. Raptors enter the picture, probably through the main doors. Then one of them looks up and screams. The other turns around and also screams (there's no audio, you can only tell based on their mouths). The first one rushes off camera and comes back with two crossbows. The raptors attempt to open the door, but can't for some reason. They ram themselves into it repeatedly, eventually buckling the door. The head raptor suddenly gets all twitchy and starts smoking. You can see the two scientists grab some black sticks and book it through the inner door as the raptor convulses. The two other ones chase the other two. Then they're all off camera, except the smoking corpse.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:50 No.14069088
    Okay. Let's shut and lock the first door, pick up one of the crossbows, check around for any ammo. then sit down and check the security feeds.

    We only rolled earlier to see if we could spot past footage, now let's check what's going on in the plant currently.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)20:50 No.14069094

    Clarification: The two other raptors chase the two workers.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:54 No.14069137
    Secure the room, grab the crossbow and see if we can get the tazer portion working again.
    Also, radio Dispatch:
    "Dispatch, this is Porter. I'm barricading myself in the central control room of the desalination plant.
    "I can confirm that there are two raptors within the place still alive according to the archive security camera footage. As for the guys that were here, since I don't see any of them on camera and they were being chased when they left view, I don't think they made it.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:54 No.14069149
    rolled 2 = 2


    Wait if that was a failed roll then what could we have missed. Rolling to switch to live views of the other cameras
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:54 No.14069150
    Ok it seems that the raptors may still be in the building, lock/barracade all entrances to this room and inform the boss people that it looks like theres a good chance that a pair of raptors are deeper inside the building
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:56 No.14069174

    Okay, that's the archive footage. What do the cameras show going on in the facility currently? Can we locate any more raptors, or either of the two workers?

    Also, in the archival footage, how many raptors did we count total? Just three, counting the dead one?

    And what the hell were those black sticks?

    Is there any ammo for the two crossbows we found?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)20:57 No.14069196

    You pick up one of the crossbows, the black box (probably a battery) seems to have a sliding bar on it, it is currently set at SMOKIN'.
    (d100 to figure out how to use it)

    The locker in the corner of the room has a box of shotgun shells, 12g solid slug and 3 batteries, same kind as the ones you're carrying.
    Cycling through current footage. You find a view of a storeroom that has a shaking figure in it. He's got a shotgun pointed at something off-camera and is twitching at semi-regular intervals.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)20:58 No.14069209
    rolled 25 = 25


    God damn I suck....no more rolling from me today.

    inb4 we press the wrong button and the computer makes loud noises
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:01 No.14069250
    rolled 5 = 5

    Better radio in we have a survivor, and let's grab those batteries while we're at it.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)21:02 No.14069271

    Radio's not working.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:04 No.14069287
    rolled 60 = 60

    Check them corners, lock them doors, and be quiet about it...better that poor sod than us facing down those raptors...at least he has a real gun.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:05 No.14069305
    >Radio's not working
    Wait what?
    Replace the battery if we need to. Try to raise Dispatch that we have a survivor.
    Make sure that the room is secured and all doors barricaded.
    Then see if there's a PA system we can use to try to speak to the guy with.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:06 No.14069314
    Can we rig the inner door to the batteries, so we can electrify it?

    If so....let's lock the door and then jury-rig the door to fry any raptors that might come a'knockin...or at least disinterest them.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)21:06 No.14069325

    You look around and find a raptor, along with a worker. There are two bodies floating in the water of a tank. Raptor has its head blown off, and the worker looks pretty cut up. The water is a nice shade of crimson. Well, there's the rusty taste.

    The out door had its lock busted, but the inner door can still be locked.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:07 No.14069335
    rolled 91 = 91


    He might not have any shells though. Put as many shells as we can into our pack. Also rolling to determine if we can figure out the bow settings
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:07 No.14069337
         File1298858871.jpg-(151 KB, 715x561, myface.jpg)
    151 KB
    >The water is a nice shade of crimson. Well, there's the rusty taste.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:08 No.14069354
    Try to get the radio to work again; batteries are probably dead.

    "Dispatch, I have confirmation on 1 active raptor inside the plant, and 1 survivor who's alive for now. The other one I saw is dead and floating in a water tank. I think I found out what's causing that rusty taste."
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:11 No.14069385

    Howabout rigging that door? We know(?) that there's one survivor and one raptor left in the building.

    If we can rig the door, I suggest we do so, then try and find a PA system, tell the guy with the shotgun that we're going to lure the raptor away.

    After that, start banging on the wall near the door so the raptor hopefully comes and gets itself electrocuted. but make sure we're out of the way when it comes up, possibly moving some stuff in front of the door to create a barricade....maybe hide in the rafters or ceiling?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:14 No.14069417
    Well, there's gotta be some pool supply stuff for testing water. Hopefully there's a pole we can use to get the guy's corpse out of the water.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:14 No.14069422

    Uh, I think he meant the worker floating in the tank. I'm pretty sure that dude is DEAD.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:18 No.14069466
    We know there's 1 survivor, because we're looking at him on the cameras.
    As for the water tank, it has 2 bodies floating in it: 1 raptor and 1 poor schlub who didn't make it.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)21:22 No.14069524

    Replacing the batteries gets it working.

    "*static*....If you tell anybody about this, the lawsuit money is coming out of your paycheck. Alright, there anything you can do to get the bodies out of the water? Or help the other worker out?"


    Theoretically you can wire the door, but you can't find a PA mic for this place.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:24 No.14069556

    Okay, can we get GM clarification on this point? Is the guy alive?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)21:25 No.14069569

    Guy in pool = Dead

    Guy seen on security camera scared out of his fucking mind = Currently Alive.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:27 No.14069586
    rolled 20 = 20


    "Dispatch, not with that other raptor on the loose. What's the ETA on the DRT? I'm not exactly equipped to go out and do things with a raptor about right now. As for the other guy, I don't think you want me killing that raptor, and this tranq gun ain't gonna drop it before it guts me and the other guy. Looks like he's got a shotgun, but no telling how many shells he has.

    And don't worry, I'm willing to say it was a rusty pipe or something that's tainting the water...but if you don't get me backup soon it ain't gonna matter."

    Now, as for rigging that door.....what's it gonna take, a roll? If so....*prays to Gork AND Mork*
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:32 No.14069668
    I support the text. We're just a maintenance guy, not Security. Let's let the pros handle this.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:32 No.14069678

    "I'll have to get back to you on that dispatch. But I could really use those DRT guys up here ASAP. And a medic. Over."

    Okay, let's try locating the survivor. Look around. Is there any sign of a floor plan for the building? Or an intercom?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)21:35 No.14069717

    "*static* The guy has a shotgun? Godammit, those are only supposed to be used if the island can't be recovered."

    Faintly heard: "Water tech is using a deadly weapon without authorization."

    "Alright, he must've opened the weapons locker. Go in there and take out one of those crossbows. The thing is like a taser. Shoot the raptor when it's set to STUN and it'll drop him. After that, tranq him and he should be out. DRTs are currently escorting the flatbed carrying the Rex. Raptors want a free meal."

    Your attempt to wire the door shocks you. Your arm goes numb for a while and you've drained a battery.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:41 No.14069801
    rolled 83 = 83


    "Alright dispatch, I'll try, just tell them boys in the DRT to hurry up, and we probably need a medical team down here as well, no telling if the survivor is wounded.....not to mention if he shoots the raptor."

    Rollan to see if we can get our arm back in working condition quickly and if we have no ill side-effects of our botched trap attempt
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)21:42 No.14069811

    The security cam he's on has the room labeled Storage #1. Looking on a map, it's not too far from you. Go down some stairs in the next room and keep going forward.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:43 No.14069826
    rolled 91 = 91

    Rolling to see if we can figure out how to get the maximum non-lethal charge for a raptor out of the crossbow-taser.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:44 No.14069845

    Okay, first, what is the one live raptor we can see on the security feed doing? Can we tell where it is?

    Second, is there any sort of floor plan around?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)21:46 No.14069873
    >"Water tech is using a deadly weapon without authorization."
    Aw man, what is with these guys in Dispatch? 2 guys are dead and the thing that killed them is still loose, and all you're worried about is the that the guy is trying to protect himself with a shotgun and not die?

    Anyway, agree with >>14069845
    We need to know where it is.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)21:57 No.14069994
         File1298861847.png-(23 KB, 1204x777, Water Treatment.png)
    23 KB

    Switching through the feeds, you find CARGO Bay. You can see the raptor attempting to bust through a door. It's having a hard time.


    Incapacitating charge for a raptor would probably be KILL.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:01 No.14070048
    Hold up just a minute. We were first ordered to go check out the "rusty water" yesterday. BEFORE the tornado tore open the raptor enclosures.

    If those dead bodies are what caused the water problem, that means raptors were out of their enclosures before the fences were ever breached.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:02 No.14070078
    Fuck Dispatch, we set the tazer-crossbow to KILL; when we meet up with other humans, we'll bring it down to STUN.

    I think we can do this.
    We sneak to the door into the cargo area, and see if there's just one door from it to the rest of the plant. If there is, while the raptor is distracted, we carefully aim at it from the door and fire.
    If we miss, we close and lock the door to the cargo area.
    When that DRT gets here, we just tell them we couldn't put the raptor down, but we trapped it in Cargo.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:03 No.14070086

    So, as far as we can tell, that raptor is currently trying to get into the storage room the survivor is locked in?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)22:04 No.14070108

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:06 No.14070136
    ...Oh shit, you're right.
    The raptor pen breeches must have been Ryan's doing.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:07 No.14070147
         File1298862449.png-(34 KB, 1204x777, 1298861847376.png)
    34 KB
    this right admin?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)22:08 No.14070165

    That's right.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:09 No.14070194

    And of the three raptors we originally saw enter the facility on the security cameras, we have already found two dead?

    Okay.Then we go shut the front entrance to the plant, the one we came it. Don't want any more raptors getting in. Lock it for now.

    Next, can we even figure out how to work this damn crossbow?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)22:13 No.14070231

    You lock the front door and return to the office. You are able to find an instruction manual for the crossbow in the locker.

    It's simple.

    - Select setting
    - Aim
    - Fire.
    - Collect arrow
    - Respool wire
    - Repeat
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:13 No.14070233

    Oh just set it to stun. Come on. If we miss, THEN we can set it to kill.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:14 No.14070245
    rolled 71 = 71

    rolling for dual-wielding the crossbows and shooting them accurately while diving to the side.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:15 No.14070261
    Dude, if we miss against a raptor, we are NOT getting off a second shot.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:16 No.14070274
    >Come on. If we miss, THEN we can set it to kill.

    Actually, that leads naturally to my next question. Let's practice real quick. How long does it take us to LOAD the crossbow?

    I mean, if we fire and miss, will we even have time to load the bow again before the raptor is on us?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:18 No.14070294
    Wait, how many darts can we load into the air pistol at a time?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:18 No.14070303
    rolled 51 = 51


    Probably not. Fairly small room, raptor has a long stride and decent acceleration. Crossbows take at minimum, a few seconds to reload. As this is a tethered crossbow, bolt retrieval, or fitting a new battery is required, both of which add to the time (and the first would be impossible with a charging raptor). Then add several more seconds to shoulder, aim, and fire the weapon....and you've been gutted.

    There are NO second shots.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)22:18 No.14070304

    Clip size of five.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:19 No.14070310
    admin how high is the catwalk? Could the Raptor make that jump?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)22:21 No.14070333

    It's about 8 ft. up.

    Make a Dino Knowledge check.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:25 No.14070369

    come on brain
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:26 No.14070387

    Okay, thought. An adult raptor is six feet tall. An adult dilophosaur is TEN feet tall.

    We successfully tranqed a dilo with these darts before. Thus, logically, we should be able to tranq a raptor with one as well.

    I say we shoot the crossbow at the raptor from the doorway of the cargo area. If we miss, then we unload the full clip of darts at him--no need to reload. As soon as we shoot the last dart, we slam the door to the cargo area.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:28 No.14070413
    if we can make a makeshift torch we might be able to save on ammo.

    Fire scares everything, every single living animal is afraid of it regardless of intelligence. If we can tear up a spare jacket and tie it to a metal rod, or even find a road flare in an emergency kit, it's going to go a long way towards getting a raptor to move in the opposite direction.

    Also, if we turn on the sprinkler system it might drive them out of the building. Unless we are going by hollywood rules where animals like standing around being soaking wet. If it floods the building that only works to our advantage as it would slow down anything charging us as it would have to slog through water and whatnot.

    Just a couple thoughts. I'm glad to see this quest thread is remaining interesting. Good Job ECW

    >tpk marye
    ah fuck captcha, don't jinx us with that tpk talk
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:28 No.14070420
    rolled 74 = 74


    oops, lets try again
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:28 No.14070422
    rolled 67 = 67


    IIRC the dialogue from the movie & books, an 8 foot jump is a piece of cake for a JP raptor. Fuck.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:29 No.14070425
    rolled 64 = 64

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:29 No.14070428
    rolled 93 = 93

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:29 No.14070430
    rolled 98 = 98

    Come on dice!
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:30 No.14070439
    rolled 51 = 51


    Rolling for dino-knowledge!

    >captcha octiodu agl

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:31 No.14070456
    All the more reason to do it. Both stun and kill will put it out of commission, one permanently, the other for long enough for us to tranque. Both cases, we only have one shot. So lets not do the one that'll put us in even worse graces with the powers that be.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)22:31 No.14070458
    So that's where those good rolls were going.

    You recall hearing the max limit for a raptor jump is around 20 ft.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:34 No.14070502

    TWENTY? Sweet jesus. Okay, screw the catwalk, let's go with: >>14070387

    I'll trust a shut an locked door a lot more then I will sneaking up on him from the catwalk.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:43 No.14070617
    Seconded. Let's do this.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)22:43 No.14070618

    This the plan of action then?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:44 No.14070636
    rolled 32 = 32



    Rolling for accuracy!
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:44 No.14070642

    Sounds like. And that Crossbow better be set to KILL. We're not taking any chances.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:45 No.14070649

    yes but FIRST lets look at that monitor again....is the Raptor still there?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)22:45 No.14070656
    Alright. You exit into the water treatment area. As you're descending the stairs, you notice a black splotch in the tank next to the one with the bodies in it. As you get nearer to Cargo Bay you hear sounds of roaring and pounding. You go through the door and see that the raptor has managed to put quite a dent in the door, making one corner of it peel inwards. You can hear the screams of the man inside.

    Make a Weapons [Basic] Check.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:45 No.14070660

    Hold up a second there, we should get two rolls. One for the crossbow, one for the dart gun.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:46 No.14070673

    Is that another d100?
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)22:48 No.14070687

    I'm going to ignore the one made before I asked for it.

    Make two.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:49 No.14070694
    rolled 54 = 54


    Rolling for weapons check...

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:49 No.14070697
    rolled 66 = 66

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:50 No.14070709
    rolled 42 = 42

    OCTIODU AGL, guide my hand for roll #2!
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)22:55 No.14070780
    Did you guys replace the battery in the crossbow?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:56 No.14070802

    This is why we can't have nice things

    >captcha idego maximal

    Raptor will change sides! Become Dinobot! Repeat Shakespearean lines before dying
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:56 No.14070807
    Men, it's in times like these, when we have surprise on our side that we should learn to take an action to aim. We only get a hand full of chances in this life, and don't feel like having our collective face ripped off by a raptor wearing a god damn top hat.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)22:58 No.14070824
    Yes, I would think that getting a fully charged battery for the crossbow would be something that we would have done automatically.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)23:00 No.14070849
         File1298865601.jpg-(124 KB, 359x478, 1254751253925300.jpg)
    124 KB

    But he looks so dashing. I'm sure he wouldn't stoop to uncouth "face-ripping" behavior.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)23:01 No.14070872

    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)23:02 No.14070886
    The crossbow bolt catches him in the leg. The raptor keels over and starts twitching. The shot from your pistol misses.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)23:04 No.14070903
    Quick, take aim again with the tranq pistol and fire off another shot.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)23:05 No.14070920

    Weapons check.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)23:06 No.14070931
    rolled 43 = 43

    Come on, hit!
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)23:07 No.14070945
    rolled 97 = 97

    rolling for AIM THIS TIME STUPID and fire the pistol again. If we miss, fucking unload on him and slam the door.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)23:08 No.14070968
    Wait, you said the Raptor had caused the door to partially peel inwards, right? Is there enough space to throw something through? And are we carrying any of the shotgun shells we brought with us earlier?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)23:11 No.14071004

    You really want to cross the room that has a pissed off raptor with a headache in it to throw shotgun shells to a scared shitless man that was TWITCHING on the monitor?

    >captcha: iewslimu really?

    fucking right captcha
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)23:16 No.14071065

    If the raptor is temporarily stunned and we need to retreat anyway, it might be worth it.
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)23:18 No.14071094

    Yes and no. Respectively.


    Get him in the neck. He's down for the count.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)23:18 No.14071098
    How many more rounds do we have?

    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)23:20 No.14071117
    >Get him in the neck. He's down for the count.

    Fuck yes.

    Okay, we take a moment to catch our breath. Then we yell out "You okay in there?"
    >> Emergency Chair Warmer 02/27/11(Sun)23:20 No.14071122

    3 in the clip, 15 spare.
    >> Anonymous 02/28/11(Mon)09:38 No.14073525
    Seconding checking on the survivor. Don't go near him yet in case he freaks out, just yell to ask him if he's ok and let him know we've tranqed the raptor, so he can come out now.

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