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    478 KB Commander Quest LII Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/12/11(Wed)23:21 No.13501065  
    >sorry about the incredibly late start, its my dads birthday and he picked the longest movie we got him
    >Last time: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/13474076/

    Its nearly sunset when make your way back to Laelith in the libraries, she has three tomes on the desk before her, each opened to a specific page. "Justinian, you arrived just in time. I think I may have found a clue to your most recent... vision, along with a possible way to circumvent being subverted by a mystic, and some very interesting passages on elementalists before the end of the first age." she greets you, straight to business.

    >so, what do you want to start with?
    >> Maximus 01/12/11(Wed)23:22 No.13501092
    Vision, Mysic and then Elementalist passage.
    >> Laurentius 01/12/11(Wed)23:23 No.13501095
    I'd say vision
    >> Generic 01/12/11(Wed)23:24 No.13501116
    >no worries!


    >> Anonymous 01/12/11(Wed)23:24 No.13501117
    Seconding this
    >> Laurentius 01/12/11(Wed)23:25 No.13501136
    sounds good to me
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/12/11(Wed)23:36 No.13501282
    "What clue did you uncover, to start with." you answer, taking a seat next to Laelith.

    "I was searching through religious texts looking for anything on oceans or seas. I found much on Karythria and Danarius... but nothing like what you described. Nexhai is the only deity whose form is never shown, I went from there, and found that most of her texts refer to death as a journey, one that takes you to a Bleak Coast... I would think a uniform gray fairly bleak, especially through your eyes. From the coast it is said that a ship tended by her greatest dead priests will collect the body and soul of the deceased and bring them to the Fields of Peace and Judgment. The other fact I was able to dig from this tome" she continues, gingerly patting the ancient book, which looks likely to fall apart at the force of a particularly stiff breeze "is that the Hag loathes necromancy, along with any other form of communication with the dead, as it both perverts the natural order, and in most cases, prevents the soul from returning to her realm, thus robbing her the due that all living things owe her. I would have more, but this tome is written in the Divine Language, ancient draconian, as we know it... a tongue even older than the one Lena has been learning. I... I truly hope you arent going to draw the same conclusion from that knowledge that I did." she finishes, a very uncharacteristic fear etched into the elfs features.
    >> Maximus 01/12/11(Wed)23:42 No.13501348
    "Based on the tome we have on the topic and one of the letters of Khalless' that Finian translated for me mentioning necromancy, I think we may have come to the same conclusion... Do you think there's anything in the tome we have on necromancy that might go into countering it? I rather assume the worst and over prepare at this point rather than think everything will be just fine. Especially after a vision like that..."
    >> Laurentius 01/12/11(Wed)23:43 No.13501368
    something tells me that this has something to do with the enemy counter-attack
    >> Maximus 01/12/11(Wed)23:45 No.13501382
    Yeah same here... That terrifies me since I thought we'd have more time to prepare for the undead. If we have to face them already, we're going to get horribly, horribly ripped unless the undead are frail in this universe.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/12/11(Wed)23:45 No.13501387
    Also, this would let us get into another quid pro quo relationship with the Hag; we both don't like necromancy, and so we could probably work together to put it down.
    >> Anonymous 01/12/11(Wed)23:48 No.13501429
    "Someone is using necromancy. A great deal of necromancy. We need to come up with a counter immediately- it should take priority over everything else. In my dream the ships were too numerous to count- that means there must be vast legions of the undead being raised under someone's command."
    >> Laurentius 01/12/11(Wed)23:49 No.13501435
    well in most settings fire is usually pretty effective...
    >> Maximus 01/12/11(Wed)23:51 No.13501455
    I thought that depended on the variant of undead. If they were animated skeletons, would fire still be sufficient to really stop them?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/12/11(Wed)23:52 No.13501473
    You sigh, and rest your hand on Laeliths leg "Between what we found in Khalless' possession, and that tome, I doubt that there is any other way to interpret it." you reply, deeply hoping that this will not come to pass soon, or at all.

    "How many boats were there?" Laelith asks, even more worried.

    You reply honestly "You described a boat, small, one priest and one dead. I saw vessels, galleys and long-ships, triremes and barges. A fleet... I fear that a great storm is coming, my love. Do you think the books on necromancy will have any way to banish the dead back from whence they came?" you ask, hopeful.

    "I doubt it... this tome, or if we are lucky enough to find one written for the high-priests of Neshai is more likely. Though if it is old and great enough to contain the knowledge you seek, it will also be in the Divine language, which is painfully slow to translate... the notes written in this tomes margins were more help to me in discerning the words than anything else. Do you want me to search through this tome next?" she asks, trembling slightly.
    >> Maximus 01/12/11(Wed)23:56 No.13501517
    "If it won't interfere with Lena's training or other things you need to do. Our visions haven't led us astray so far so it would be best if we prepared now."

    Hmm. I don't think the Uurlanth will be using the undead now that I think about it. If they were, wouldn't they of let their border lords buff their troops numbers and let them all die just so they could raise them from the dead later? If the undead are being used, I wonder if it's going to be done behind their King's back and this is something we're going to have to try to deal with by working with them...
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/12/11(Wed)23:56 No.13501521
    "Yes, but first, please tell me what you learned about how to protect against mystics and about elementalists.
    "We know that this cult we are facing has mystics, and likely more elementalists, in their employ."
    >> Anonymous 01/12/11(Wed)23:57 No.13501525
    "I want this problem to go away. Failing that, I think I want you to search through any tome you might find a solution in, ignoring all other problems and having Jayne keep you awake and refreshed until you find one." Sigh. "I am sorry to ask this of you, but if this is the planned Urrthlani counter... it could mean the balance of the war."
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/13/11(Thu)00:06 No.13501604
    "So long as it does not interfere with Lenas training or your other tasks, yes. Our visions have yet to lead us astray, and as badly as I want this problem to go away, I would be a fool to not prepare for this storm. Now what did you find about mysticism and elementalists?" you ask, hoping to lighten the mood.

    Laelith smirks "Lena is training herself now, she can read and speak Draconian, and I had precious little knowledge of magic to begin with." she informs you, sounding proud. "As to mysticism, I found a technique where one with a touch for the arcane, be it controll of the mists, elements, mind or soul, can resist, or at least notice, the influence of a mystic... there is however, a catch."

    "And that would be?" you ask, curious.

    "You need a mystic trying to influence you to train the skill." she replies, her mood dropping back to where it was a few moments before.
    >> Maximus 01/13/11(Thu)00:08 No.13501618
    "How skilled would this mystic have to be? One that has been trained to use their powers or as long as it's someone that has the potential and may be using them subconsciously?"
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)00:12 No.13501633
    "Well, that does leave us with the difficulty of finding a mystic... but we've had a fair bit of luck locating other talents. We'll keep our eyes open. And the passages on elementalists, what did they say?"
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)00:16 No.13501676
    "And what if I told you I think I know where we can find such a person?

    Mind you, I don't want her trained as a mystic and all the drawbacks that would entail for her... but she seems to subconsciously use her powers already when asleep. I think a little use won't be too bad, from what I have heard it takes years to train normally."
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/13/11(Thu)00:17 No.13501688
    "How skilled does the mystic need to be, and how long does it take to train the skill?" you prompt Laelith, hoping to buoy up her mood with some ray of hope.

    "Strong enough to reliably subvert the learner, and it varies from one learner to another." she replies, matter of factly.

    "Then we will have to keep our eyes open for a mystic to recruit to our cause then." you reply, as optimistically as you can "And what did you learn of elelmentalism?"

    "A list of items and materials that can increase an elementalists power. This particular tome has several such items listed, such as the magical equivalent of each element, if obtainable, as well as several other substances for each element... would you like me to simply list them off, or tell you those most pertinent to the maniple at the current time?"
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)00:19 No.13501712
    "A summary would be enough for now, I think- I trust that you'll bring up other items if they become relevant."
    >> Maximus 01/13/11(Thu)00:23 No.13501745

    "Does the book describe what would happen if you had multiple of these items or materials together? Would they work together to cause a greater effect or is it a waste to pile multiple of these on to one person?"
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)00:23 No.13501754
    "It would be great if you could prepare a full list for me by the time we return to Dragonsreach, but for now just the most pertinent ones. I also would like to know if there are any ways of inducing or enhancing elementalist ability in someone. I have a feeling I will need to be as powerful as possible for the future, and a way to become moreso without relying on items that can be lost would be ideal."

    Didn't we promise Laelith a reward if she was good? We already gave her the rare books we found as well as the torches. While it would be a rather emotionally-heavy gift, I suggest explaining to her what the fat lord told us about the stockings and garterbelt then telling her we would like for her to have them.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/13/11(Thu)00:25 No.13501780
    Seconding these two.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)00:27 No.13501792
    I think that would be a sweet gift actually and also make clear to her that we care for her a great deal. It's basically saying 'hey wanna have my babies?' and that's a pretty good way to say you are in it for the long term and a real relationship. She might like (or need) that kind of grounding after her recent history.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)00:28 No.13501812
    Makes sense, but I personally think any excuse to get a smoking hot elf into thigh-highs and a garterbelt needs no further explanation.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)00:31 No.13501837
    Wasn't the "gift" just going to be a romantic evening alone and hot dickings?

    Not that I object, just saying.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)00:32 No.13501853
    Pax, are there different levels of innate elementalist power or is it all down to how much you train?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/13/11(Thu)00:34 No.13501871
    "The most pertinent will suffice for now" you reply "I trust you to inform me when another becomes relevant to our situation... though I would like to know if these items are even more powerful if used in concert."

    "For you, the excess stone from most mining processeses will be particularly easy to command, and become stronger under your influence. The boy should carry shockstone with him when possible, for when the air is 'dead' as he calls it. I would do well to avoid any consecrated fires, as they will be uncommandable to me, and should my fires mingle with them, I will lose those as well." Laelith answers you "And I have not found anything indicating that these different items do not synergize amongst themselves when possible, so yes, we should be able to combine them."

    >so, any more questions for Laelith? if not, what do you want to do?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/13/11(Thu)00:35 No.13501888
    >mostly innate levels, though enough training and time can get around your "natural" limits
    >> Maximus 01/13/11(Thu)00:39 No.13501925
    Convenient we have those shock stones then. Now we just need to bump our retinue up to have elementalists that can use water since our cook seems to be doing poorly.

    I can't think of anything else to ask Laelith at the moment. So I guess let her have fun with the rest of the library/take what she thinks would be best and then we're done with it?

    I'm also curious on what the Uurlanth response would be if the heir to these lands went missing. We should ask Janos that at some point.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/13/11(Thu)00:39 No.13501932
    See how far along the looting has gone, and get the maniple prepared to march to the nearest river tower. Make sure that the Mirthless Warriors are ready for their part in luring the enemy defenders out.

    Also have all loot that can't easily be transported on our marches loaded up into wagons and prepare to be buried for later retrieval.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)00:41 No.13501948
    Bid Laelith bend all her energies into either looking into counters for necromancy or locating books which might contain information to that effect; we'll be leaving this fortress soon, but she needs to find that information ASAP. Then thank her for her efforts thus far and get out of here.

    Go see how much loot we got from stripping the manor and city.

    >While it would be a rather emotionally-heavy gift, I suggest explaining to her what the fat lord told us about the stockings and garterbelt then telling her we would like for her to have them.
    Whoa, but we have a dwarven concubine too. This is a forking path that I'm not willing to commit to one branch of yet- maybe we'll be able to cheat it later by quietly having Lena study and copy/improve upon the item.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)00:42 No.13501974
    Do we have any idea how naturally awesome we are compared to others? Speaking of which, Jayne seems to have picked it up like a savant, she was able to stop someone's heart after like a month. She could be pretty scary later on.

    As for questions for Laelith, I can't think of any. Maybe ask her if she can make liquid fire like napalm via her abilities. Even better if it can be stored and transported. Also ask her about how she got her fire abilities, as I remember they were a gift from her goddess rather than innate, right?

    Also, I fully support the gift idea. Laelith is so moe. We should probably wait until the end of the day, however, for obvious reasons. IIRC it was still morning?
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)00:44 No.13501989
    >Whoa, but we have a dwarven concubine too.

    They aren't actually magical, most likely. We were always going to need to trade favors with Nyetini for children with our nonhuman ladies. This is probably just symbolic.
    >> Maximus 01/13/11(Thu)00:45 No.13501997
    Let's get an idea on how long it'll take to make that cavern and how drained we'll be before we commit to it. If the Uurlanth are planning a damned big counter attack, we might not be able to get anything we bury unless we can somehow beat it and push them back.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)00:50 No.13502052
    So we have two days before the peasants reach a town to inform people of our attack. Then I would say at least one more before anyone important hears about it and starts marshaling troops. Then maybe one more day to reach us. That's 4 days, leaving only 3 that we will need to actually be fighting before the main force arrives. Of course, plans are probably going to change depending on what Blackbird reports.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)00:52 No.13502066
    We need to be acting well before he has time to find out anything of great significance and report back. Also, the mission we sent him on was very dangerous and he's moderately likely to die. For our purposes at the moment he might as well not exist; if and when he does show up it'll just be a nice bonus.
    >> Maximus 01/13/11(Thu)00:55 No.13502094
    Don't say that. Blackbird is too awesome to die a faceless death like that. I refuse to accept he's going to die that way.

    Also, I think we should talk to Bellatrix with that sensing crystal of ours and see if it goes purple. Might give us an idea on if she could be a mystic or not. Although I'm wondering if it only senses those that know how to use their abilities.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/13/11(Thu)00:57 No.13502113
    >she had a high innate skill, but Lamynus shortcutted her to nearly full power.

    "Thank you love, we will not be in this city much longer, but I would like for you to put as much energy as you can reasonably spare into finding counters to necromancy or tomes that would contain such information while we are here." you instruct her as you rise, kiss her, and make your way from the library.

    Around the camp it seems like most of the city has been combed through, and the work will be completed within a few hours. The pile of gold and gilded items is impressive, that of weapons and armor being set aside less so. A red-faced Sansa and Uurist have the wine cellar emptied, and are in the process of replacing the worst of the brewed beverages you brought for supplies with superior drinks. Near them is a neater stack of bottles and a few casks, each with a piece of parchment on it, presumably tagging its value. Seeing the nearly complete pile, you expect it would take you 4 hours to carve a cavern large enough to store it all, and do not doubt that you would end up sleeping for twice as many before stirring again, a good way to end the day after taking a crossing. Janos inturupts you from your thoughts "Commander, what is your intent of the Blentus and Kulp nobles?" he asks, curious. "And the captain of the Mirthless Warriors is eager to get under way, are you ready to set that plan in motion?"
    >> Maximus 01/13/11(Thu)00:59 No.13502134
    "That depends Janos. What do you think would be the Uurlanth reaction to the heirs of this piece of land going missing? In regards to taking the crossings, yes I believe it would be best if we acted on that sooner rather than later."
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/13/11(Thu)01:03 No.13502182

    Also, how far by auto-wagon are the nearest towers?
    Would creating our hidden treasure cache and then sleeping for the required hours take longer than it would to simply go out and smash the towers?
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)01:06 No.13502206
    Execute: Operation Execute.

    Then let's go see the elfin noble and his blushing betrothed. Digging the pit will knock us out for the night, tragic but we can delay being lovey dovey with our elfin lady until after we are immediately out of harm's way I suppose. We never said WHEN she would get the gift, after all.

    Though I'm pretty skeptical as to how we are going to recover these things if they have a counter-counter attack.
    >> Maximus 01/13/11(Thu)01:08 No.13502226
    Same. Unless we can stop it, all we're doing is denying the enemy access to the goods we took. Maybe we shouldn't bury everything just in case. I don't want to end this part of the campaign with no money. If we can survive until the fort across the river is taken, perhaps we can send some stuff back across the river to our old fort for safe keeping.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)01:10 No.13502258
    I had figured that we'd be taking as many of the valuables as possible along on our autowagons. How much that is relative to the totality of the loot, no idea.

    If we can't take much of it and don't expect to be back, I will once again bring up the matter of burning everything.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)01:11 No.13502262
    How about we just load everything we currently have into our trucks and not dig the caverns yet? We'll be able to store at least a few villages worth of loot before we start slowing down. I see no need for storing it all QUITE yet.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/13/11(Thu)01:11 No.13502267
    "That would depend on Uurlanths reaction to this pieces of lands heirs going missing" you reply.

    Janos thinks for a moment "As this particular holding will be broken militarily until the wars end, nothing, then, Lord Dyron would either reward some new face with the cities lordship, or the King would have to redistribute the entire area, depending on how effective we are on this campaign." is Janos' answer.

    "And yes, I think it would be best to get underway as quickly as possible, I will only have surprise once." you add.

    "Who will you send out for this operation?" Janos asks, covering for Sasna as she finishes the last task you gave her.

    >it would take as much time to set up your stash as it would to take the first tower. And remember, autowagons would ruin the ruse, due to their noise
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)01:13 No.13502289
    I support this. It also has the advantage of NOT having us out cold for 8 hours. All kinds of shit could go down in that time, and we want to be awake for it.
    >> Maximus 01/13/11(Thu)01:14 No.13502299
    "And if the original heirs were returned after the land was divided up or someone else claimed it? Would they have any claim to the lands still or at that point would it be gone?"

    I say we send the ghosts, hunters and mauraders on this little mission. A few salvos from a distance and the mauraders running in to finish them? Shouldn't be a problem to take them once they're out of the towers. The final tower will need more troops though since we won't be able to lure them out.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)01:16 No.13502316
    We'll need to hit hard, and use units which aren't distinctively ours. Our original mercenaries go with the ruse, while about half of our troops proper go after whatever towers they can't get at the same time. The rest of our proper troops stay here and finish looting and burning everything, plus ensuring that we don't accidentally torch a bunch of civilians when the city goes up.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/13/11(Thu)01:16 No.13502317
    Well, if we're worried about not being able to recover some of our loot, perhaps keep coins and jewels, but bury stuff like works of art and valuable alcohol?

    Also, liquid assets such as coins and jewelry are easier to buy off mercs with, like we did with the Mirthless Warriors.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/13/11(Thu)01:18 No.13502339
    I would say include the rangers as well. Their repeaters should be quite useful, especially if the ruse works and we catch the enemy in the open.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/13/11(Thu)01:26 No.13502424
    >so, Mirthless warriors, Impetus Marauders, Clarish Ghosts, Hunters and Rangers?
    >who will be in charge, and who will be disguised as Uurlanthi soldiers?

    >and you _could_ just set your stash up across the river after taking a crossing, you know...
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)01:28 No.13502443
    Still deep in the Uurlanthi side of the valley. We'd never be able to retrieve it once the push back begins.
    >> Maximus 01/13/11(Thu)01:29 No.13502447
    Heading out for the night guys but if Janos says the heirs would have a claim if they suddenly returned, I'm wondering if we should keep them and them let them go home after to cause some internal annoyance within Uurlanth after this war. If the various lords have to settle who owns this land, that could result in some interesting havoc between the lords and mess up their unity. If not, I think we should just ransom the youngins and bring the elder one back to our land for justice.

    You guys decide what's best for the assault. See you all later.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/13/11(Thu)01:30 No.13502458
    Mirthless Warriors and Marauders to look like Uurlanthi-hired mercs. Ghosts, hunters, and rangers to set up a kill-zone and spring the ambush once the enemy soldiers leave the safety of their tower.

    As for command, Aurelius. He is both a captain of the hunters, and is a former Ghost. He will hopefully have a good sense of timing for these kinds of tactics.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)01:35 No.13502519
    Sounds good to me.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)01:36 No.13502528
    We need to move fast. While that is ongoing, take the 196th and 454th legionaries, the 50th scouts, and the Kharynchek cavalry to go smash another couple of the towers on our own, ones that the Mirthless group wasn't paid to take. We lead them personally, with the intent of using our earth elementalist powers to quickly crack them open and destroy everyone inside.

    Everyone else gets left here to finish off thoroughly looting and destroying the place.

    We should be able to meet back here within a very short span of time, having cleared enough crossings to have unquestionably fulfilled our orders and leaving us completely free in our next move.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/13/11(Thu)01:39 No.13502559
    Sounds good; should we take the siege engines though, since we won't be able to lure the defenders out of their tower?

    Also, I realized that perhaps we should have the Swiftriders go with the Ambush team, for extra added mobile punch.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/13/11(Thu)01:40 No.13502572
    "I think I will have Aurelius command, his unit, along with the Clarish ghosts, 65th rangers and Mirthless warriors will deal with the first two towers. while we finish with our business here. They should set out as soon as possible. After a replacement Lord has been selected for this city, would the pair we have captured still hold claim, or would they be dead weight?" you ask, a plan forming in your head.

    "They would have no claim" Janos replies, at that he sets off to set your plan into motion, after you give him the specifics of it.

    >so, what do you want to do while the first tower is taken?
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)01:43 No.13502600
    See >>13502528 for what we do.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)01:44 No.13502611
    Go say hi to the elf and daughter? We've just divested them of their entire future, we can at least try to make them comfortable and coax their young love into blossoming.

    Because, really, that's just how we roll.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/13/11(Thu)01:46 No.13502620
    Make sure that the Impetus Marauders and the Swiftriders go along with Aurelius.

    Prepare the 196th and 454th legionaries, the 50th scouts, and the Kharynchek cavalry, as well as the siege engines, to march on a third tower, one tower away from the one that Aurelius is targeting.
    Then the two forces will meet at the tower between the two, and crush it.

    If the lordlings are going to become worthless to us if we don't ransom them, we need to find a way to get a ransom demand to Dyron.
    >> Generic 01/13/11(Thu)01:50 No.13502670

    love bloom can wait until friendly forces arrive.


    We should stash EVERYTHING on the opposite side of the river. Leaving it on this side is not a good idea, considering the possible counter-counter attack.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)01:53 No.13502704
    I suppose you're right. We should probably try to keep the warmaking and lovemaking portions separate. But Justinian has totally been a sucker for fostering love everywhere he goes... and then butchering his foes like a boss when they try to stop him.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/13/11(Thu)01:55 No.13502723
    As Janos heads off to set the ambushing forces off on their mission you make your way over to the two nobles whose fate is not currently sealed. They are sitting quietly, albeit unhappily, in the back of the cell given to them, their guards looking rather bored. "I have no information to give you, nor would I if I had any." the young elf spits as he sees you approach, Elaine touches his arm, and though he acknowledges her, he does not ease his glare.

    >right, Swiftriders and Marauders will be going with the ambushers as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)02:01 No.13502788
    "Talking like that to someone who has complete control over you is a good way to have unpleasant things happen, you know. But I'm not here for information, I've already obtained all I need and more.

    No, I'm here to decide your fate. If you want that fate to be a pleasant one I suggest adopting a more pleasant attitude and telling me your names. I won't pretend that we are friends after I just destroyed your lives, but civility is a small enough request."
    >> Generic 01/13/11(Thu)02:01 No.13502789

    "Don't tempt me to torture you before your... wife, was it?"

    Can we idly play with the knife we tortured her father with while we talk?
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)02:03 No.13502812
    Laugh. "Don't be foolish, of course you would, however much fire you show at the moment. Fortunately for you, I have no need of further intelligence at the moment. Have you any comments or requests regarding you own fate or each others', either of you?"

    I want to see what they say. Particularly regarding what we should do with the other. Press Elaine to speak if she doesn't, she seems quiet.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)02:04 No.13502822
    Seconding these. This elf is clearly either a moron or believes a bit too much in the invincibility of youth, and Justinian Trentz doesn't have time for his shenanigans.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/13/11(Thu)02:04 No.13502825
    I second this.

    Though being enemies precludes any actual friendship, that doesn't mean we need to get rid of civility as well.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/13/11(Thu)02:13 No.13502919
    "Now, I wouldnt hope to be friends with the two of you, as I did just take everything from you, save your, betrothed, or is she your wife already? But civility would be appreciated." you inform the angry lordling, resting your hand on the hilt of your sword.

    "We are betrothed, though there is a mere fortnight left before we are wed." Elaine replies sheepishly.

    "Ah, see, it wasnt that bad to give me that tidbit." you quip, drawing the dagger next to your sword and twirling it about your gauntleted fingers. "A word of advice to you, my young lordling, who will be very hard to ransom without a name to give, insulting and snapping at ones captors is a good way to encourage ill treatment of your body and mind from those captors... or to the body and mind of those near to you, if you are so unfortunate as to have such people held captive." is your response, so cathartic these mind games, they do wonders for your strategic planning.

    "Why would I allow myself to be a pawn to line the pockets of some animal with the gold from my fathers coffers?" the elfish lordling rants at you, eyes still full of rage.

    "Lady Elaine, you will have your work cut out for you." you sigh to the young noblewoman "Does he not realize that if the two of you are not ransomed, your future hall will be given to another, leaving you with nothing, more like than not?"

    The elfish lordling finally breaks "Felenthis Kulp, I'm sure my father will pay handsomely to free me from a boor like you."

    >anything else for these two, or is it off to battle?
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/13/11(Thu)02:18 No.13502967
    "There, now see, was that really so difficult?
    "Now that I know who you are, and there is potential value in your health and well-being, your safety and that of your betrothed will be more important to me than having you crucified."

    Then prepare to march out, and I guess we will need one of the prisoners to use as a messenger to send for ransom.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)02:19 No.13502982
    Allow them to stay together and bond through captivity. We've already destroyed the girl's home, no sense in depriving them of each others company as well. Might even bring them closer together.

    Bring the lady fresh clothes and allow her to clean herself. Noble brat elf will just have to suffer with what he has due to his impudence. Advise him to be more civil next time, the next time he gets taken prisoner in war he is like to be tortured if he talks to the commander like that. He's lucky we're so nice.
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)02:20 No.13502987
    "Ah! I'm glad that you can see reason. Enjoy your captivity, and I shall send all appropriate messages. A modest suggestion: Between now and the next time we speak, you might contemplate whether your ransom would be substantially decreased if several of your fingers mysteriously vanished in a tragic fit of insolence."

    We're done here.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/13/11(Thu)02:34 No.13503089
    "Now was that so hard? Now I would suggest that you consider the virtues of civility, and how greatly decreased, or perhaps even increased you value would be by my being forced to remove small, unimportant limbs due to the absence of civility, Felenthis. Lady Blentus, I will see that some of your cleaner cloths are sent to you, as a reward for your good behavior. Now, I believe that will leave the two of you to each others company" at that you leave the couple as they were, and set out to gather another force to strike at the tower you have not paid the Mirthless warriors to destroy.

    Shortly after your ambushing group departs, you have your legionary battalions, the 50th scouts and Vohzd Lennis' men ready to depart, along with two of your heavy repeaters, which should be more than enough to topple the tower. The remainder of your forces staying behind to finish your dealings at the city. As the autowagons clank along, your mind drifts again to your visions, more and more this seems like the calm before the storm, a bittersweet melancholy falls over your mind as you travel. You had told more than one member of your command staff that a storm is coming, and now that you are beginning to learn the size of it, you wish you had been wrong.

    Within a day the last tower held by the soon to be late Lord Blentus is clearly visible on the horizon, a garrison of merely 200 men living within. The only catch is that the next tower is much closer thatn the nearest Blentus held crossing, whatever you do, it will need to be done very quickly, lest a signal be sent, or the next tower notice the fighting in the distance.

    >so, whats the plan?
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)02:39 No.13503145
    What kind of signaling do the towers use between one another? If they're restricted to messengers, we have cavalry for that.

    If they actually have visual... well, I'm pretty sure that our objective here was actually to topple or destroy the tower. They are, after all, good locations to station troops looking to prevent a crossing, and we can't guard them- destruction is the only way to stop them from being reclaimed. So that leaves us with night ops or attacking and destroying both towers for shits and giggles.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/13/11(Thu)02:43 No.13503180
    >What kind of signaling do the towers use between one another?
    The towers use signal lights to communicate with nearby towers.

    Noon might be better for this kind of attack, since it will be harder to see a light in the distance during high noon than at night.

    I think we should move the repeaters into position, and open up with a barrage, looking to take out their signal room if possible.
    Then create a breach in the tower as quickly as possible so that the legionnaires can storm it.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/13/11(Thu)02:45 No.13503195
    >signal fires up top, but it doesnt look like their ready to light it from what you see right now. The next tower is a spec on the horizon, if they have a telescope they might notice the fighting, otherwise it isnt that big of a risk
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)02:47 No.13503213
    Unless they're blind, the people in the tower have seen us approaching with hundreds of men already; they'll have reported that we've begun our approach. A quick storm definitely seems the best option, with heavily elementalist support; frankly, I think that we've got virtually no chance of concealing this attack and might as well just try to topple the tower with the enemy troops inside for maximum death.

    >Going to bed now, though.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/13/11(Thu)02:51 No.13503237
    So a fast, strong, attack with heavy earth elementalism to breach the tower's defenses and then storm it.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 01/13/11(Thu)02:57 No.13503282
    >wow, it seems like everyone but you has punched out for the night, gods... it is a weeknight and I did start late. I hate to call it this fast but that seems to be the way its gonna go :(
    >do you wanna archive or should I?
    >back saturday at like noon, server time (to make up for the fact that I'm gonna be gone on friday)
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 01/13/11(Thu)03:26 No.13503491
    I shall see you at noon on Saturday, then.

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