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    46 KB Envy Quest Soundless Voice 01/08/11(Sat)23:42 No.13449521  
    As you haul your emaciated form from the frigid water, and collapse to the icy floor, you feel a deep and aching sense of loss. A cold and spiteful envy fills you, and you remember... you remember that you are a Demon of the Circle of Bitter Seas, a Wretched Count of Envy... Eshara, Countess of the Endless Depths.

    "My lady!" Cries a shrill voice, "You return to us!"
    Looking up, you see a skeletally thin creature like some pitiful mashup of man and seagull, bowing and scraping in your direction.
    Hord, your butler's dogsbody.
    This does not bode well.
    >> Anonymous 01/08/11(Sat)23:46 No.13449563
    "Return, you say? How long have I been departed?"
    >> Anonymous 01/08/11(Sat)23:47 No.13449572
    Stand. We need to get information, and interrogating this wretched being while lying on the floor simply will not do. Strive to look as composed as possible while hating the fact that even this pitiful critter has more energy than we.

    "What happened? I must know everything."
    >> Soundless Voice 01/08/11(Sat)23:58 No.13449659
    You climb back to your feet, holding yourself with the desolate majesty of a frozen tundra, your exposed bones of salt-rimed ice glittering in the light through the hole in the roof of his cracked cathedral of ice.

    Hord cowers under your frosty glare.
    "Mistress... you do not remember? The hated Ibarys betrayed you and took your Estate. A year ago. The others all left you, but Hord did not. Hord is faithful."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)00:03 No.13449713
    Blasted creature won't give us anything beyond the obvious... all it knows must be ours.

    "Everything, I said! I require details that my faded memories cannot provide."

    Continue pressing until we have a complete picture of the situation- who is Ibarys? How strong is he, what capabilities does he have? Who does he serve? How did we fall? Whom amongst our servants betrayed us? Where might we find new minions? What was the value and name of our Estate, and how might we recover it or gain a new one?

    It is a sad thing to need to envy a degenerate such as this his mind, and a sadder triumph to sate it, but it's all we have at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)00:05 No.13449731
    Ensure Hord his loyalty will be rewarded. Ask what the Ibarys have done, and what they're doing now

    What does Envy have at her disposal? Her inventory, clothing, etc.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)00:15 No.13449817
    The stuttering, clicking Hord eventually provides the following picture;

    Ibarys was a Rabble under your command who betrayed you, though Hord does not know the details. By Mandate of the Palace Infernal, Ibarys was able to claim your Estate, and a such equals you in personal power. Your Estate was the Endless Depths, one of the more prestigious Estates in the Circle; your ascension to Earlessa was almost guaranteed. No other minions betrayed you, though they all have abandoned you. Acquiring new ones is a simple matter of coercing Rabble, and defeating Ibarys or another Count will allow you to claim an Estate from them.

    Presently, you are naked. You have no items in your possession save your natural weapons - your powers of Curse and Spite, and the cruel whip that lives in your blood.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)00:22 No.13449890
    How identifiable are we? That is, do a lot of demons look much like us or do we have a unique appearance? The moment someone sees us, is word going to get around that we've dragged ourself back from oblivion?

    Where would we go to find some leaderless Rabble, and how many would we need to present a credible threat to an established Count, like say Ibarys? Where might we get equipment without dealing with another of the infernal nobility?
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)00:29 No.13449977

    Your appearance is unique in the same way a human appearance is unique; you are quite recognisably a Count of this Circle, and your facial and magical features are largely your own. Your body is humanoid, skeletal, made of ice and salt. Your feet and hands are taloned, and your eyes a perfectly circular black pools of liquid. As your personality is now reasserting itself, you may make some minor aesthetic changes, but will still be recognisably Eshara.

    Finding Rabble is as simple as going outside, and a few dozen should suffice. The weapon vendors of Pandemonium will arm you, for a price.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)00:34 No.13450032
    Hmm. Masking ourselves until we've claimed an Estate might be feasible, if we're largely similar to others of our class, as long as we can get a disguise quickly enough. If Ibarys is cunning- and he must be, to have defeated us- he'll have assassins dispatched the moment he gets word of our return.

    To Pandemonium first, then. We'll want to be well equipped so that we can get the strongest Rabble reasonable. Instruct Hord to avoid the use of our name.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)00:47 No.13450145
    Hord informs you that the fastest way to Pandemonium is through the nearest shadow; pointing to a pitch-black alcove behind the pool whence you were reborn.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)00:50 No.13450169
    ...I figured we already knew that. Go through it. Bring him along.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)00:50 No.13450174
    Does Ibarys know of the possiblity of our rebirth?
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)00:56 No.13450219

    There is no doubt that Ibarys expects your return, though when is impossible to determine. Demons cannot die, afterall, only be discorporated.

    Passing through the shadow, all sound of the waves and reek of tears fades, replaced with a claustrophobic silence and cloying darkness. Motes of colour and half-glimpsed shapes shamble and melt at the corners of perception, and the landscape is impossible to clearly comprehend. You are in the Circle of Fevered Dreams, lair of Sloth and underlying fabric of Hell's bizarre geography.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)01:01 No.13450261
    We need to locate someplace that we can acquire equipment, of whatever type strikes our fancy. We further need to be able to do so with nothing more than we have right now- meaning that we need to pay in promises or be able to kill whomever currently possesses the items we desire with relatively little danger.

    Move in whatever direction will accomplish that, since we don't really have much to go on based upon the current description. If we're really as clueless as that leaves us, get information from Hord, and if he's clueless too strike out in a random direction, find a native Rabble, and interrogate them for directions.
    >> tgdude 01/09/11(Sun)01:07 No.13450321
    >hey op is wrath quest dead? was it archived offsite?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)01:10 No.13450352
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)01:12 No.13450383
    Hord cringes away, then speaks.
    "Visualize a door, mistress, and this place will make it so."

    As you do so, an archway of ice rises crackling from the ground in front of you, the empty space filled with water of a virulent blue that fades clear, a street of the Demon City visible on the far side.

    Stepping through, you enter Pandemonium.

    You stand in the bleak, crystalline perfection of Raw Pandemonium; a city street of astonishing, uniform structures with spires towering overhead. The city is lit by the golden glow of the Circle of Stolen Light, high above, at the peak of the Spire of Perfected Being in heart of the city. The gateway vanishes behind you, and you realise you also stand at the edge of a canal; the rivers of tears plied by Envy Demons who choose to live as Citizens of the Demon City.

    A shadow falls over this street - the Palace Infernal is passing high overhead on it's slow orbit of the Spire.

    The street is not too crowded; a few Demons and other creatures bustling on their business. The sounds of a celebration can be heard from two streets away, but this is not unusual - Pandemonium is rife with parties, parades, and ceremonies.

    There are four ways to acquire weapons: Visit the Pavilion of Splendour high on the Spire, the Living End at the edge of the city, the Dreaming Market, always just one step away, or locate an Avaricious weaponsmith.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)01:13 No.13450396
    >Wrath quest is not dead - I can go revive it from where it left off now if you and others so wish
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)01:21 No.13450456
    avaricious weaponsmith
    we already paid him by walking up stark naked
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)01:23 No.13450474
    This quest is already moving pretty slowly without you splitting your attentions.

    >There are four ways to acquire weapons
    We don't only need weapons. Actually, as we already apparently have a blood whip and some offensive magics, we need weapons much less than we do other things. Let's make our way to the Dreaming Market, which sounds rather general and is likely to have items of all sorts.

    What does one pay with in a demon market, when one has almost nothing?
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)01:26 No.13450495
    Souls and favours are the currency of Hell; mortal souls and demonic favours.

    >I'll need a consensus - Avaricious craftsman, or the Market? Further, this moves slowly because I don't like to act on a single post, and tend to wait for a second anon to weigh in at least
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)01:28 No.13450510
    agree with this anon, we already have a weapon. well weapons really since we have blood whip and claws and talons.
    clothes then?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)01:28 No.13450519
    I'd say let's visit the market. If we find something there we'd like to fashioned to our liking, we can still visit the craftsman.

    Another question - how does one acquire mortal souls?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)01:29 No.13450525
    I could switch to going with a craftsman, I suppose. Confining knowledge of our existence to one merchant and anyone who noticed us on the street has its own benefits. Just make sure it's someone who can do more than just weapons; I want to get some sort of magically concealing item, as well. Ideally, we'd walk up to Ibarys unseen and stab him in the face, then declare ourselves back and in charge when he falls over dead. Failing that we'll incite rabble to attack and stab him in the back while he deals with them.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)01:32 No.13450545
    One may trade a service for Obols - fragments of souls that serve as coinage. Or visit the mortal realm and corrupt a soul, though you are required by custom to tithe the bulk of the soul's value to the Infernal Princes. If you wish to visit the mortal realm, you may visit the Spire and solicit a summons.

    If you go the Market, simple close your eyes and step to the left.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)01:34 No.13450566
    Considering that we now have three votes for the Market I daresay you can assume that we're going there without requiring that we confirm.

    ...which means "go there", in case it was unclear.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)01:39 No.13450606
    What services would a former countess of envy be able to offer?
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)01:39 No.13450609
    You step into the Market; a structure shrouded in darkness yet filled with bright lights and colours, the glows of greens and purples failing to push back the shadows, but vision unimpeded. All around you mortal Diabolists, Demons, Vampires, Magi, and all manner of things chatter and haggle and shop. A stall to your left is selling nightmares, and a large shop to your right displays many fine smoking pipes. Prostitutes ply their trade from decorated alcoves and the scents of strange foods fill the air.

    A being seemingly composed entirely of filthy trenchcoat sidles up to you.
    "So... which of us should be askin' how much?"
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)01:44 No.13450659
    Hells, but there is so much to want here. So much we don't have. Hate and envy boil within me.

    What if anything enforces peace within the Market? Could we bushwhack one of these mortal shoppers, take their shit and use their soul as money?

    As for this guy... well, we are standing around naked, and we're no demon of pride. "Either, if we are prepared for the answer."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)01:51 No.13450730
    "Depends on who of us has something the other wants."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)01:51 No.13450741
    All of these ideas sound decent to me. I assume demons don't get STDs, and that there are no anti-prostitution laws.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)01:58 No.13450808
    The creature grins with a mouthful of corroded coins, and opens his trenchcoat wide.

    You find yourself suddenly in a stinking room made of brown fabric, with a small shop counter and walls hung with clothes.
    And what clothes! You could find anything you desired here, it seems.

    The vendor sits behind the counter. Still wearing his trenchcoat. Must be a Sloth Demon.

    >As to policing; The Arbiters of Pandemonium form the police force. Assaulting another Citizen of Hell can be a prosecutable offence, if you are caught. If you can commit a crime without being officially caught, you get away with it - might makes right, the strong take from the weak. If you have the power to do something, then you also have the right - but you need guile, too, lest the Arbiters get you.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:03 No.13450846
    hmm, so much to choose. this sloth demon has so much that he doesnt use, need, or deserve. envy tempers your desire to take all of these cloths.

    we should get somthing useful, not somthing flashy. going to need to get right down to work when we get cothed
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:06 No.13450864
    But assaulting a non-citizen is that person's problem, since they were too weak to survive their vacation in the lower realms? The mugging plan sounds more and more workable.

    Murdering this shopkeep sounds like it would get us nicely outfitted in snazzy style, too, but that's probably less practical. A pity; when we are properly titled again we will have to get a wardrobe to put this to shame, on principle.

    "Ah, such selection. Let us say I want something which would keep me unnoticed. What can you offer?"
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)02:11 No.13450913
    The Slothling grins again.

    "Unnoticed, eh? Very unnoticed, in fact? Almost invisible, might one say?" He chuckles in a moist, bubbling manner, and gestures - an exquisitely tailored outfit in silver and turquoise floats from a wall into your hands, the cut such that would hang and float gracefully from your body, the trailing fabric moving as if it ebbs in some invisible tide.

    "Just the job, milady... One favour, or fifty Obols, your choice. Make your will known, and it will make you... unknown, heh heh heh hah heh"
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:16 No.13450958
    regretfully one favour

    >nvy tempers your desire to take all of these cloths
    christ i need to go to sleep, thats just embarrasing
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:16 No.13450970
    Are the merchants of Hell known to sell false or flawed goods? That is, should I be paranoid here that it will only make us think we're invisible, or that it will only work once, or fail at a critical time? Or that he's trying to cheat us by lying about its capabilities?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:19 No.13450991
    I'd like to know that as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:19 No.13450992
    If we're selling a favor, can we set its size, a time limit that it has to be called in by, or restrict it from being double-traded? I really do not want to become a proper noble again only to have our extant favors be bought up by our enemies and used to fuck us over.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)02:20 No.13450999
    >The Mandate of the Palace Infernal forbids the sale of inferior goods. Any attempt to do so without express permission of a Principle results in Arbiter deathsquad.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)02:21 No.13451008
    >You may select the favour and all parameters, but he may refuse. An Arbiter will manifest to ensure the trade is fair and legal.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:22 No.13451013
    Dude, he's looking for a blowjob.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:25 No.13451031
    And I'm willing to give it, but if we think we're selling a blowjob and he decides to take something better from us because we didn't make sure, it'll be pretty fucking embarrassing.

    So ask him to specify the favor in advance, so that we don't have to worry.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:27 No.13451047
    Just how neutral are the Arbiters? Will they spread the knowledge that we are alive once more? If we do, in fact, receive a defective cloak of invisibility, can we lodge a complaint with them anonymously?
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)02:28 No.13451053
    "Hmm..." he muses, in response to your question. "Just what you need, right when you need it? The fairest trade is something I need, right when I need it... How about next time I need competition dealing with you DEAL with it?"
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:30 No.13451073
    "Depends on who you compete with."
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)02:32 No.13451101

    He shrugs. "At the moment? Everyone. I mean specifics - next time one vendor really pisses me off and muscles into my business, you convince him to take his wares elsewhere, eh?"

    An Arbiter is in the room. An Arbiter was not in the room. An Arbiter has always been in the room.

    The empty suit of crystal armour watches proceedings in silence.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:35 No.13451120
    "Add that you must reasonably believe I will be able to succeed, and that is acceptable."

    No sense setting ourselves to get sent off on a suicide mission to send a message.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)02:38 No.13451156
    "Naturally. We gotta deal, princess?"
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:43 No.13451196
    Well, we know the item does what he says and that there are no hidden features/traps. We know he can't break his end of the deal. We know that our favor is something that won't get us killed.

    My paranoia is largely satisfied. Take whatever action- handshake, spit, gang sign- is typical of Hellish types sealing a deal.

    "So we do."
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)02:48 No.13451238
    As you both agree, there is a sighing sound from the empty helm of the Arbiter. As you speak, the breath from your lips turns to wispy white light, and drifts into the outstretched palm of the Arbiter, coalescing into a small cylindrical crystal.
    Which the Arbiter snaps in half, handing you each a piece.

    And the Arbiter was never here.

    "Right. Fuck off, then. I can't spend all day haggling with you when there's customers with actual obols out there."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:50 No.13451266
    Dress and do as he says. Will ourselves unseen as we leave; that, at least, is a weight off the mind.

    I am somewhat concerned at how we could possibly do violence when these Arbiters have time and space shifting powers. But if there are non-demons wandering around and they're not legally protected, we can prey upon them exclusively I suppose. Spend some time walking through the Market, looking for likely prospects.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:53 No.13451292
    I think he was summoned by the act of the trade. They aren't summoned by violence, though.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)02:55 No.13451305
    I'd say we visit the spire and start getting to work.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)03:00 No.13451349
    As you stand, now dressed, in the Market, you realise literal invisibility was not the effect of the garment - strangers sometimes glance at you, but their simply slide off and away. You are nondescript, unnoticeable, just another body in the crowd. Provided you do not draw attention to yourself, this effect should persist.

    >Incidentally there is an actual system involved in this quest. If you fancy making your abilities a bit more concrete at some stage let me know - I'll handle the numbers.

    There is some commotion to your right, in the crowd - a towering Wrath Demon is mocking a mortal visitor, and a crowd is gathering, To your left and slightly ahead, a shifty looking Vampire is ducking into an alley.
    Vampires are not protected by the laws of Hell, being too closely related to the hated Enemy, but some are tolerated, and some earn status. This one likely has not.

    Or shall you ignore these things and simply leave for the Spire?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:01 No.13451356
    Getting to work- try for a visit to the mortal realms, you mean? Don't we have infernal affairs to conduct?

    I'm not entirely opposed, I suppose; we do need money, and souls are it. But what does one have to do to get approved for a visit up top, and how long do those last?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:06 No.13451396
    >a towering Wrath Demon is mocking a mortal visitor, and a crowd is gathering
    I do believe that standard criminal procedure is to use any available distraction to take advantage of those whose attentions are caught by it. This seems a perfect opportunity to rapidly identify and seize an unwary mark while everyone else is focused on the convenient wrath demon. We've got a whip; we can stand in an alley, grab someone with it, and yank them back for a quiet acquisition of all they possess and possibly their soul.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:12 No.13451420
    Say, do we remember any favours we could still collect?
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)03:15 No.13451437

    > You are still owed a complement of soldiers by a Count Ouros of your Circle.
    > A visit to the Mortal Realm ends when you are defeated, and can be arranged by visiting the Spire. Incidentally it'll involve a Morrowind-style chargen segment
    >Are you agreed on lassoing some unfortunate into an alley?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:17 No.13451458
    Shit, if we're owed a compliment of soldiers we can just go pick them up and take back our Estate by storm. As long as they're a large enough compliment and Ibarys hasn't got enough troops to effectively oppose, anyway. If nothing else, they should make an effective hammer to supplement any band of rabble we can quickly throw together.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:19 No.13451469
    Yep, I'd like to earn some money instead of throwing favours around.

    It should also be interesting to interact with the mortal world.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:21 No.13451485
    "Ends when you are defeated" sounds like it's going to end in discorporation for us. We just recovered from that.

    Actually, if it always ends that way why would anyone ever go to the mortal realms? I think there are mechanics here I'm not fully grasping.

    >also I want to second lassoing someone but it was my idea so I can't; someone else help me out
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:27 No.13451525
    I'd prefer to follow the vampire, keeping a low profile and all that but - well, we're rather few players. So I'll go with your idea.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:27 No.13451530
         File1294561666.jpg-(12 KB, 201x201, Second.jpg)
    12 KB
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)03:32 No.13451566
    >It is only discorporation at the hands of sacred weapons. You may also return at will, but the Infernal Powers will question your loyalty.

    Standing back, in a darker alley, you focus... the matter of your left hand cracks, and splits, and a stream of tears issues forth, condensing into a long, barbed whip.
    A small group pauses at the mouth of the alley, watching as the Wrath Demon punches the mortal into a bloody smear. Some of the group are clearly mortal, and mostly well dressed. One terrified individual at the back and edge of the group is dressed in simple leather breeches, jerkin, and shirt. A sacrifice, possibly.

    >Roll 3d12 to snare him, first roll accepted
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:38 No.13451602
    rolled 5, 11, 1 = 17

    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:38 No.13451606
    rolled 11, 6, 10 = 27

    Here goes nothing...
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:38 No.13451607
    rolled 1, 4, 7 = 12

    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:39 No.13451618
    My compliments to the OP so far, this is definitely one of the most well-textured Quests I've read.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:42 No.13451637
    For a moment, you fear the strike will be off the mark... but your whip coils around his throat with a mercifully quiet snap, and you haul him back into the alley in one motion.
    The action kills him instantly, the barbs on your whip tearing his throat and poisoning his blood. But now you may harvest his soul...
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)03:43 No.13451642
    >Sorry, removed the name for another thread and forgot to replace it
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:45 No.13451660
    Delicious soul harvesting! Extract it quickly and abscond, in case the humans who were with him are more powerful than he and take issue with our actions.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:47 No.13451675
    How do humans fit into the demon hierarchy? What is the most powerful human equivalent to in terms of both status and power?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:48 No.13451684
    Assess the value of his soul?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:50 No.13451700
    In light of the attention it would bring, I am now more hesitant than I previously was to head off to the mortal realm. While it wouldn't hurt to gain some experience/coin, not being able to return at will without garnering attention isn't how I'd prefer to do things.

    Still, we are ENVY. We want what others have. And right now others have something of ours.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:51 No.13451701
    double-negatives all up in this bitch
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)03:53 No.13451715
    >All souls share the same value. You are entitled to only a small cut, however, and must present this prize at the Spire to receive it.
    >Humans in the Demon City can only every aspire to the rank of Citizen; to ascend higher they must become Demons

    You hold your hand to the body, and a slight weight suddenly forms under your palm; grasping it and examining it, you hold a small, spherical gem, perfectly clear but shining with a faint light. The soul.
    You close your eyes, step right, and one opening them stand once more in Pandemonium. This neighbourhood appears to share elements of Wrath and Lust - there is a petshop clearly owned by a Lust Demon on the left side of the street, and to your right is a household decor specialist run by a Wrath Demon.
    ...That's probably not a thought to consider too intently.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:55 No.13451721
    What about in power? Are all humans basically powerless against a demon?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:55 No.13451722
    i kind of wanna check out that pet shop...
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:58 No.13451734
    I guess we'll have to pay our tribute, don't want to test our luck with these invisible guardians being everywhere. And nowhere.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)03:59 No.13451743
    Head towards the spire. Apparently we have to turn this soul in to acquire currency. There's a risk involved with more upper-class areas (running into someone who we don't want to recognize us), but we've got our hands on the first step to taking that which is ours. We can shop around after we get some liquid capital.

    Also, personal curiousity, I'd like to know a bit more about this Spite ability mentioned at the beginning.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:01 No.13451752
    To the Spire, then; we don't want to be running around with this entire soul unless we're allowed to use whole souls as currency, and we have few other priorities at the moment.

    I am not inclined to go to the mortal world immediately, however. We have a favor extant which will likely get called in relatively soon- the merchant specified his "next" annoying competitor, which is more likely to be days or weeks away than any longer. Also, we have a favor which would allow us to call in a military force, and an Estate to reclaim; it seems to me that this should be our next objective.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:02 No.13451755
    >There's a risk involved with more upper-class areas (running into someone who we don't want to recognize us)
    We have cloaking now to avoid that risk. I assume that we're using it all the time.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)04:04 No.13451767
    >Most humans in Hell are Diabolists or Magi. They are far from powerless, and will often have allies in high places. When in the mortal realm you'll enjoy a meaty damage negation vs. physical damage

    Looking up, you can see the incomprehensibly towering Spire, the Pavilion of Splendour shining halfway up, and the Circle of Stolen Light which serves as Hell's sun capping it. The black Palace Infernal is presently hovering over the far side of the Spire.
    You can see the smokestacks of an Avaricious factory block between you and the Spire, and you recognise the district of Little Wroth spinward of your position. Which means a canal is antispinward of here, and you can travel to the Spire by pub.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:05 No.13451771
    How strong is the cloak? Could we just walk into our old place and be ignored, so long as we don't go anywere restricted?

    Then we go stealth-mode and plant our wip up that traitorous bastard's ass.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)04:08 No.13451787
    >Spite; Envy Ability Tree - Rank 1: Backlash
    >Cost: 1 Essence
    >For every point by which an enemy roll is superior to your own, deal them an equal amount of temporary Attribute damage in the Attribute used
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:09 No.13451793
    Hm. I'm see-sawing on the idea of the mortal realm. At first I was nervous about not being able to come back simply. Buttt... perhaps that is the thing to do. As much as that favor did specify the "next" competitor, I anticipate he won't suddenly have a thorn in his side crop up in the next day or two. Perhaps crossing to the mortal realm, stretching our wings a little and "re"-acquainting ourself with our powers, is the thing to do.

    For now, move towards the palace by the simplest route possible.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:10 No.13451803
    spire, not palace. mb.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:12 No.13451810
    I think it's as stated before? People seem to have trouble paying attention to us "unless we draw attention to ourself". I'm guessing higher-up demons would be able to resist an effect like that anyway.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:12 No.13451813
    ...as long as we don't have any of the rules that this is referencing laid out, perhaps you could phrase things like this in purely flavor/effect terms rather than posting the actual mechanics?

    Well, on to the Spire! No reason to dawdle.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:18 No.13451845
    I'm liking the idea of going out to the mortal realm, if not just to get some levels and fuck some shit up.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)04:19 No.13451851
    >I was unsure which you'd prefer - /tg/ has raged at me for going the flavour route in the past.
    >Spite is a force of elemental power carried in your blood - how dare an enemy surpass you? How dare they be your superior? The sheer force of your envy weakens them by every increment they dared to outdo you, and your caustic blood rots their arms and armour.

    You walk down the street past various denizens of the Infernal Realm;
    A pale man with eyes like black pits and long, bone pipe rides past you on an armchair propelled by skeletal legs. It drags a cart full of heavy books.
    A red-skinned, horned creature with eyes of fire is sat on the curb sharpening an axe - he is using a small, mechanical Demon as his whetstone, and the tiny thing cries in protest with a shriek of metal-on-metal.
    A pair of lovers kiss in a doorway; one is a blonde-haired boy of no more than eighteen, barbed chains extending from his back and embracing his lover, a taller man made of shadows and blood.

    You arrive at the canalside, where a tavern called the The Last Straw floats on the water, the gangplank lowered. Inside are creatures drinking away their woes; passengers using it as a taxi service talk animatedly over drinks on the outside deck. The ride is free...
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:25 No.13451889

    Stick with the flavour; this quest is really quite strong on the immersion already
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:25 No.13451892
    >The ride is free...

    Because that is not an incredibly ominous way to end a description. Still, assuming this is the most expedient way to the citadel, I say we hop aboard. Maybe pick up some more gossip/info on the ride?

    Also OP, I think the general lack of dice rolls and statting has given us the impression that this will be more of a flavor-based RP than a technical one. Which I am very happy about. That ability description? That was a thing of beauty.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:25 No.13451894
    Nothing is free, except death. And death costs your life.

    Let's continue on foot and take in the sights. I doubt a bar would welcome a patron without money.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:29 No.13451914
    I just realized how sublime the occasional mentions of the floating Palace Infernal over the city are. Not only does it serve as a rising/setting sun to keep track of time, but we are a demon of Envy. Having that reminder of power and status hung eternally over our head, just out of reach... it grates on us.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)04:29 No.13451918
    >Thank you. I may ask for a roll now and then, for fair challenges, but will keep the flavour high. I hope you're enjoying the sights.
    >The ride is free. It's only fair to tell you clearly. Thanks to your clothes you won't be noticed and expected to buy a drink, which is the usual fare for travel
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:30 No.13451923
    Hey now, we're a somewhat attractive female demon. That's a form I would think would be always welcome in a bar. Someone may even buy us a drink.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:31 No.13451926
    The ride is free, eh? Well, if we go on there stay cloaked, and hopefully whatever isn't free won't notice us. We can eavesdrop on others for some free gossip.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:33 No.13451943
    We are an emaciated bitch made of salt and hellish ice. Our kisses are flavored with the bitter tang of discontent and our smile is transparently false.

    No one will buy us a drink.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:37 No.13451958
    Apparently you and I don't hang out in the same type of bars.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:39 No.13451972
    You've never been to a bar, have you?
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)04:46 No.13452018
    >I love you, /tg/

    You sidle aboard and take a seat near the prow, against a railing. Not long after the boat rocks into motion, gliding expediently towards the Spire.
    Near your a human and Pride Demon are conversing languidly over drinks - the Demon is at least a Count, with beautiful golden wings and shining flesh. The human is probably a Magus, judging by his lack of mutation.

    "...And I would apologise, but he just looks so good hanging over the mantle." Says the human.
    "Hah, I am sure. His wife will come looking for you, though."
    "Let her."
    "Foolish, Caelyn. You know Turosh was commander of Duke Ravnos' assassins, don't you? He hates to lose good materiel."
    "Hm... you have a point. But Ravnos has his hands full with Earl Vion..."

    The conversation continues in equally dense manner for a time, before they begin arguing about the quality of the wine.

    In time, you arrive at the Spire.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)04:50 No.13452043
    The Spire is immense, almost so much so that even your immortal mind cannot quite grasp the sheer enormity of the thing as it rises into the sky. The base is surrounded by a coliseum, but there is a levitation disc to the upper walkways that will allow you to cross to the Temple directly.

    Rising on the flat, silver disc in it's semi-circular alcove, you get a good view of the city - a parade is winding its way along the street below. Two streets away an Angel of Pandemonium approaches.
    That's going to dampen their mood.

    You step off the disc onto the top of the coliseum's wall, through a door in the dome, and stride down the corridor to the Spire itself, entering into a grand temple decorated with effigies of The Principles. Rites are being performed, prayers wailed, and sacrifices... sacrificed. All the bureaucracy happens down a hallway to the left.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:53 No.13452060
    This conversation is... of no apparent use at this time. But filing those names away for later.

    First things first. Turn in that soul we picked up. Then see what the procedure is for going Topside.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)04:56 No.13452079
    Could you be so kind and give us an overview of the hell/heaven relationship?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:03 No.13452127
    Time to turn in that soul.

    >Then see what the procedure is for going Topside.
    I'll agree with seeing what the procedure is, but I'd really rather get together some Rabble, call in our favor, and seize our Estate back than go running around in the mortal realms. Every moment that we're there would be a moment of allowing someone else to sit pretty with status that should be ours. We can take him.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)05:04 No.13452138
    >There is no Heaven. The Principles are the Great Dragons whence all Demons descend.

    You enter the hallway, which is lined on one side with small open cubicles, reinforced glass, and bored-looking bureaucrats on the far side. Taking a seat, you pass the gem through the appropriate opening in the glass. The desk-slave studies it, places it into a tube, and a moment later hands you a small pouch of delicate crystal fragments - Obols. 200 Obols, in all. Enough to buy a modest house in Pandemonium.

    If you want to request a Possession, now is the time.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:08 No.13452152
    Could you give us some details on that first?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:09 No.13452166
    Hm. 200 obols for one soul? That's a pretty price. I feel like, with the ease we roped that sucker off the streets down here, we'd surely run rampant in the mortal realm?

    We need to put our heads together and decide what our priorities are. My vote is to get a Possesion and head above. The pros are we (hopefully) pick up a number more souls, which seem to be appreciably valuable. We'd also get a chance to try out combat and see how to use our abilites, without being up against someone who is likely to be as strong if not stronger than we are. We'll also possibly gain experience/level up, increasing our strength in some way.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:11 No.13452178

    You forget the wonderfull feeling of driving mortals mad with envy....
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:19 No.13452228
    I suspect that we could also experience great success spending some time lurking in the market and preying on the unwary, just as we have thus far. And it would leave us with easy access to purchasing more gear.

    We invest in something to help us to escape quickly if something goes wrong, and something to help us trick/lure victims without them realizing what's going on. Viola, we're a stalker who can see what she wants and take it, smooth as silk.

    We don't know how easy it is to accomplish things up top, or how long we'd have to spend up there, and our goals and obligations are down here.

    I'm not dead-set on staying in hell, but it certainly seems a more attractive option to me at the moment.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)05:19 No.13452231
    >Twelve Principles created the universe, and govern its function. Betrayed by the mortal creatures they crafted, they dwell now in the Palace Infernal and plot their revenge. The natures of the Principles are not for one of your rank to understand or know. The closest thing to Heaven which exists is the realm of the Fair Folk, the great and hated Enemy of all Demonkind.

    >Of course, you only have the priest's word for that.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:26 No.13452273
    I actually wanted some info on the whole possession business.

    Nevertheless, thanks for the fluff.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:26 No.13452275
    We may not know how easy things are up top, but we do know that down here we run the risk of picking on someone more powerful than they look, or someone who has connections we don't want to risk offending.

    Really my only reservation about going up top is how long we'll be up there, and the idea of our loyalty being questioned if we return on our own. Then again, I suppose it'd be insulting of me to assume our DM doesn't have some encounters ready that could end with us being sent back down here. So I'm going to keep my vote to go up.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:32 No.13452309
    What oppourtunities do we have to make some more obols?
    We should probably go about acquiring a base of operations if we're planning on forcefully taking back our position.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:33 No.13452313
    Aw man I should go to bed but this is going so sweet. And I can't even whine about it taking too long cuz you're packing in so much quality flavor to each post.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)05:34 No.13452317
    >Pray for guidance at the Temple, and you can be given the chance to Possess a mortal and commence an Incursion. Alternatively, request a Summoning which will allow you to walk the earth in your true form, but attract more attention from the mortal Inquisition, Werecreatures, or Fair Folk.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:36 No.13452331
    Would either of those options cause problems with the favour we owe?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:37 No.13452336
    Ah, so there ARE forces up above which could challenge us. I agree that we're going to need to establish a base of operations, but I still feel that a quick jaunt up top to gather some souls would give us more capital to do that with.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:37 No.13452338

    Attention is bad right now so I believe a simple possesion would suffice
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)05:39 No.13452347
    >I'd like to move quicker, but I also like to get as many of you to weigh in as possible, and present as much choice as I can.

    >Do you want to attempt some havoc in the mortal realm, or continue down here? If you wish to make more obols, many opportunities exist - legitimate business, crime, mercenary work. A base of operations is easy to secure. Going to the surface is one of the two steps to increase your power, mechanically. And if you do well, you may even be gifted with a replacement Estate - or the head of your Usurper
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:40 No.13452351
    >>13452336 cont.
    I was originally gonna opt for a Summoning, so we could try out these wonderful powers in the Mortal realm. However... we're a demon of Envy, and there are plenty of ways that can be inspired from a mortal body. And an Incursion would attract less attention... tough choice.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:43 No.13452381
    I'd prefer a possession, if only for the chance to converse with the mortal we've taken over...
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:45 No.13452388
    >may even be gifted with a replacement Estate - or the head of your Usurper

    Well FUCK YEAH. That settles it. Envy would be all about insinuating itself with those at the top, getting what they have. Let's show the Powers just how inferior that pathetic Usurper is by raising some hell in the mortal world. I'm still at odds as to whether Possession or Summoning would be more efficient for us, but the phrasing of >>13452317 leads me to believe that the opportunity for a Possession is not a sure thing, so I vote for Summoning.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:45 No.13452389

    I still second that, and we can always get the possesed to summon us somehow should the need arise
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:48 No.13452400
    I'm willing to throw in with the mortal realms people, and I think I've been the greatest proponent of staying down here. Even a possession works, although it's unfortunate that we won't get our invisibility dress anymore.

    I'd rather stay in hell, but whatever- as long as we're moving forward towards increasing our power and not forgetting that we've got a traitor to kill sooner rather than later, I'm all right.

    How do we learn new magical powers?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:50 No.13452417
    I'm assuming that's part of what he meant by the Surface being one of the methods of increasing our power. Up there we can gain xp and level up, I presume by corrupting mortals, and possibly battling any enemies of Hades.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)05:52 No.13452428
    >Majority seems to swing for Possession at present

    You re-enter the Temple, descend a staircase into the Hall of Silence, take your place in one of the simple, padded cells behind a barred iron door, and meditate...


    Something touches you, deep in your core, and you find yourself staring into the face of a mortal. You are looking at him through his mirror. For a moment, his mind is laid bare to you; his name is Thomas Strobel, son of William Strobel, his family Vassals to House Maerlyn.
    Thomas lost his fiancee in a fire recently, while his older brother Micheal is happily married and next in line to lead the family.

    Will you take this vessel?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:53 No.13452431
    If we do go to the mortal realm how do we go about creating as much envy as possible?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:55 No.13452441
    I like him. This brother has had everything go his way, and why? Because he was born first? Thomas has done more for this family's name than that wastrel ever considered. Thomas is farrrrrrrr more deserving...
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:56 No.13452449
    Acquiring money & women, and rubbing it in everyone's face?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:57 No.13452450
    Thomas Strobel, today is your lucky day! Soon you'll have your brother out of your way and installed as the next of the family while you sip fine wine and you bang his wife
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)05:57 No.13452454
    >Gaining new powers comes from ascending in rank, or corrupting mortals. Every act of vice is a point of XP, essentially. Unlike most Demons, your powers are based on debuffing enemies rather than buffing yourself.

    >You have a second power, by the way; Curse
    >The idea that someone might stand against you is abhorrent. An acidic miasma surrounds you, wearing down the will and resolve of your foes.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)05:59 No.13452480
    >Thomas Strobel, son of William Strobel, his family Vassals to House Maerlyn.
    >Thomas lost his fiancee in a fire recently, while his older brother Micheal is happily married and next in line to lead the family.

    Oh, Thomas. Poor Thomas. You suffer so when everyone around you does not. Your brother is so happy, destined to inherit everything in spite of your servitude- and beyond that, your whole family is trapped in vassalhood to a family whose scions are certainly no more fit than those of your line! Such awful injustice.

    Make him ours.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:00 No.13452486

    I see no more efficient plan possible, Ockhams razor and all that
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)06:01 No.13452490
    Thomas seems mildly confused at this voice in his mind, and yet... the power to destroy his brother? ... No! How could he... could he?

    That moment of doubt is enough. And you slip inside, nestling behind his eyes, staring out of his face at the mirror..
    At this time, the corruption is not yet deep enough to control him.. but you can whisper to him, direct him, coerce him...
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:01 No.13452491
    Think of the havoc we could play with this mortal life. Spite for his brother, to reduce the ways in which he is superior. And if Curse reduces the will of another, perhaps we can have some success at swaying Micheal's wife. Not to mention the fact that the whole family are Vassals to another, giving them plenty to envy. Let us fill his life with glorious envy.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:03 No.13452501

    Let's wait on aggressive whisperings into his mind for now. We need to see a bit more of his life before sinking our vines into its mortar.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:04 No.13452512
    Exactly. We will pounce on the first chance we get to show him all the things that should be his.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:06 No.13452517

    I agree, simply point out all the horrible injustices we can see. Promises of change and power comes when we have already corrupted his mind
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:13 No.13452554
    Yay, we get to enjoy a day on Thomas-o-vision. Let's do a commentary on his daily life for our host.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)06:17 No.13452573
    Musing on the unfairness of his situation, the smug superiority of his brother, the vassalage to those degenerate Maerlyn, Thomas dresses. His room is large, and comfortable. He has a house of his own but... but he cannot bring himself to go there now, with the memories of Alessa still clawing at his heart.

    Thanks to your probing at perceived injustices, Thomas will spend this day being abnormally cruel to the staff - as he leaves his room that morning, he cuffs the pot-boy for being a moment too slow. He insults a maid for bumping into him in a hallway.

    The business of the day is a hunt; a deer hunt. To cheer him up, ostensibly. Micheal will be joining him, and his friends Marcus Van Der Welt and Simon Harte.

    After a breakfast of eggs and ham, he arrives in the stables - with you in his mind. The others have yet to arrive, it seems. Micheal's prize horse is here - and oh! It appears someone has left the hunting bow gifted to him by the Strobel father here as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:21 No.13452591
    Hm. The bow is just another mark of their father's undeserved favoritism for the eldest no doubt. Stealing it would surely not go unnoticed, but... oh how his palms itch for a bow that fine. Perhaps... if he were to hide it somewhere? In the hay perhaps? He could blame one of the servant boys for misplacing it...
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:21 No.13452592
    Take a long moment to carefully examine the bow. Admire the craftsmanship, the fine quality. Muse on the fact that Thomas did not merit such a gift- no, it was only your brother who received it. The best of horses, the best of weaponry for Michael.

    >Don't actually urge him to strike out yet, though- we're envy, not wrath, so let it simmer.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:24 No.13452605
    "That's a might fine horse, isn't it Thomas? I bet everyone admires a man riding a steed such as that. Compared to that one, your horse is insignificant.

    You wanna know why he has that great horse? He gets the things he wants. What do you want, Thomas? What do you deserve to have but don't?"

    Say something like that.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)06:28 No.13452627
    Thomas frowns, his knuckles whiten as his fist tightens on the bow, before he relaxes. Your talons sink a little deeper into his heart. In time, he will know the Principle of Suffering.

    He hides the bow in the hay, and wait, tending his own horse.

    Presently, the others arrive.

    "Hello, little brother," says Micheal, his voice soft with concern, a welcoming hand on Thomas' shoulder, "how are you this day?"
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:28 No.13452629
    Insidious whisperings all around then!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:32 No.13452638
    Whisper to Thomas that he shall bide his time. Soon, all that he deserves will be his but until then he'll have to play his part.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:32 No.13452642
    Keep the jealousy simmering, but below the surface. The hand lies heavy on Thomas's shoulder. Of course this oaf had to specify that he was the eldest.

    "As well as can be expected dear brother. I trust all goes well in your home?"
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:33 No.13452644

    "Greet your big brother Thomas, he is your superior after all..."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:38 No.13452678
    "He will surely enjoy the hunt with you. Next to you, he looks even better off.

    He's got a beautiful wife - what do you have?
    He's got a magnificent horse - what do you have?
    He's got the respect of the nobles - what do you have?
    He will inherit the estate - what will you have?

    How long has he used you? How long have you always been his lesser? Always getting the crumbs when he feasts?"
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:38 No.13452681
    i like this one alot
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:40 No.13452695
    come along thomas, dont want to keep your big brother waiting. run after him as a dog runs after his master, as it has been for your entire life
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)06:41 No.13452706
    "I am well... as much as can be expected, big brother" Thomas replies, stepping as to let Micheal's hand fall away, forcing an insincere smile.
    You can see Micheal take this as grief. Hm, it appears the oaf really does sympathize with Thomas' recent loss.
    "That is good, Thomas. Well, to hunting, hm? That ought to brighten the day a little."

    "Perhaps, Micheal. We can but hope... Here, you boys, fetch our equipment, won't you?"

    "At once my lord!" Replies one of a pair of servant boys, dogsbodies both.
    "But, my lord," says the other "Sera Micheal's bow ought to be here already..."

    "Why you impertinent little-" Thomas begins, cut off by Micheal.
    "Calm yourself, brother... Boy, if you brought my bow, where is it?"

    "It.. it was there, sir. By your horse, on a stool."

    "Well... we shall find it. Search, won't you?"

    And the search begins...
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:45 No.13452719
    Hm. This can't be traced back to us. We may have to be prepared to cover our tracks.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:47 No.13452729
    >lol thomas might have some splainin to do

    if the bow is found blame the dogsbodies for trying to steal it. righteous indignation it up
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:48 No.13452742

    It cannot be? you mean that him scolding Thomas wont ignite the fire? are you saying that isolating him from a loving brother wont aid our couse? let them find the bow and make sure that Thomas knows just how petty and childish his brother thinks he is.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:50 No.13452750
    could play hiding the bow off as a joke. which would tie into >>13452742 nicely, depending on reaction
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:50 No.13452754
    A point I hadn't considered. Still, if Thomas is looked on as a thief, this may inhibit our plans.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:52 No.13452764
    Thomas, calm yourself. There's nothing for you in showing bitterness. After all, it's not going to get you any of the many, many things that others have an you don't. Your lot is to wear a smile in their presence, until the day that you can act to reverse the situation and ensure that they are forced to smile as they bitterly reflect upon all they they don't have in yours.

    For now, catch some air outside with your brother while the servants search. Distract yourself from thoughts of his beautiful and so very living wife with a useful conversation topic of mutual interest- your oh-so-benevolent overlords, perhaps. Michael may be more favored that you within your family, but you stand equally low in their eyes; he's doubtless as interested in changing that as you are. And he should think well of you, as a loyal brother, devoted to the family's ascendancy... rather than your own.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:53 No.13452771

    you mean locked in all alone with nothing but his mind and thoughts for company? left to ponder the cruel world he lives in? Im having a hard time thinking of a better situation to offer him our services.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)06:54 No.13452785
    Yes! Invite the brother to step outside and let the servants do the work. He has to have someone to look down on doesn't he?
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)06:58 No.13452817
    The bow is found. The blame shifted to the stable-boy.

    Thomas continues to fume, but discussing Maerlyn....
    Infuriatingly, Micheal seems content that Maerlyn is seeing to their own collapse, and it is simply a matter of pleasing the King, that the Strobel family might be elevated to Great House over the Maerlyn lands.

    In time, you ride into the forest, to hunt. All goes quietly, for a time, a chase here, a misfire there, when finally, in a moment of silence, you notice (though Thomas does not) a fine stag... and Micheal preparing to fire.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:00 No.13452834
    Don't warn him. When Michael proves a better hunter than Thomas, it will just give Thomas another thing to be envious of, strengthening our hold on him.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:01 No.13452842
    Wait until Michael has shot.
    "See, what a brother he is. The hunt is supposed to be for your enjoyment and even now he has to steal the limelight."
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:02 No.13452844
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:04 No.13452869
    I'll go with the majority in letting Micheal take the shot. But the system was that we gain xp through causing acts of vice... shouldn't we encourage him to cause his brother to miss, out of his own jealousy?
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)07:07 No.13452884
    The shot is true, the stag falls. The footmen and friends praise Micheal as you whisper insidious things to Thomas.

    Your grip is tightening. Indeed, you have made quite some progress for so short a time... certain things are expected of you by Hell; corrupt Thomas, spread his corruption, and gain full possession of him; use him to head a cult, and summon your physical form to the world of men, that you might claim his soul.

    >>I fear I need to take a break here. I need a little rest and food and drink. I'll continue this thread if it is still up on return, or commence part 2. This part of the quest will involve a lot of timeskips between key scene, as the corruption will take at least a month to set in.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:07 No.13452887
    Nah, we're building towards a grand finale.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:10 No.13452903

    I look forward to thy return oh master of daemonic entities!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:10 No.13452908
    Do you have an estimated return time?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:10 No.13452911
    not telling thomas gives us ammunition to do somthing better later. causing him to miss is too blatant
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:11 No.13452914
    Perfect timing. I'll try to keep my eyes open for this thread when I get up in the morning, probably 7 or 8 hours from now.

    If anyone here is still around next time, I think we've just been given a great clue as to our ultimate goal. We need to stop thinking small-scale. Use the brother to gain a hold on Thomas. Once we control him, use his envy of their sworn House to push him: we can give him real power, if only he brings us into this realm.
    >> tgdude 01/09/11(Sun)07:11 No.13452919
    >> Soundless Voice 01/09/11(Sun)07:14 No.13452937
    >Call it eight hours, in case I find I need sleep sooner than expected.
    >I do hope everyone is enjoying it; and apologise for this gap. I'm having fun with the setting elements.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:14 No.13452941

    Still smallscale friend, Thomas is a single mortal and Im sure there are many more like him, ready to unite under a banner and cast out those who feed of them, ready to destroy the leeches that slowly drain them of life.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:17 No.13452958
    Yeah, but starting out as a noble, though a minor one, is still a pretty nice position. It gives us a lot more resources to work with starting out.

    Not to mention that after we get summoned, he can start siphoning us the souls of prisoners, criminals, and anyone who won't be missed. Authority is a wonderful thing.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:17 No.13452964
         File1294575475.jpg-(10 KB, 163x200, hitler_stalin.jpg)
    10 KB
    First thing, he needs to grow a distinctive moustache. From there on, it's easymode.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:18 No.13452969
    You're right, I didn't mean to exclude this possibility. A cult is exactly what we need, those petty mortals who resent the ones above them. If anyone here reads Pratchett, I'm thinking a Guards Guards!-type establishment.

    >sousky gentlemen
    That's right captcha. I'll see you all tomorrow, sousky gentlemen.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:28 No.13453067

    I havent read that, would you care to enlighten me?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:37 No.13453155
    *spoilers ahead*
    Basically a power-hungry bureaucrat creates a "secret society" (dark cloaks, code names, secret passwords) full of unimportant bakers and plumbers and merchants. All of them are petty, small-minded, rather mediocre men who are jealous of the success of those around them with actual skill. He promises them that through his (completely made-up) arcane rituals he will give them power over the ones they resent. He then uses them to acquire magic power and summon a giant dragon, which eventually goes horribly awry when he can't control it like he thought he could. But the author has some rather poignant points about how it is not passion or evil but rather the greedy, low-level pettiness of incompetent men that can bring about great darkness.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)07:55 No.13453295
    bump before bedtime
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)08:07 No.13453380
    basically, we start a communist movement against the bourgeois nobles and higher houses, secretly serving hell by sacrificing any groups who won't be missed or even blaming their ills on a third party and harvesting their souls

    nazi/soviet party planning!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)08:12 No.13453420
         File1294578763.png-(20 KB, 429x410, 1283706897714.png)
    20 KB
    Better than I ever dared to hope.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)08:14 No.13453438

    I stand at thy service mein comrade!
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)15:26 No.13456742
    soulless voice i would LOVE to see your notes about your system, this is an awesome setting
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)16:18 No.13457287
    Where are you Soundless Voice

    You said there would be Envy Quest now

    You said it
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)16:52 No.13457668
    Another player back. Slept till two, which was not part of the plan, but glad to see I haven't missed out on anything. I'll keep an eye in here and comb for a new thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)17:38 No.13458221
    Another player reporting back. I'm glad I didn't miss anything.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)18:07 No.13458487
         File1294614458.jpg-(9 KB, 300x300, pause[1].jpg)
    9 KB
    Still no sign of Soundless Voice. Dude probably had shit to do or needed to sleep or something. I'm gonna go pick up a reader for one of my classes and be back in a bit.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)19:27 No.13459272
    Eight hours, eh?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)19:48 No.13459479
    I knowwww. I want moreeee =(
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)20:28 No.13459894
    Lack of Envy quest makes me sad
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)20:46 No.13460065

    Maybe the whole thing is a set-up for disappointment quest?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)20:47 No.13460075
    What sin would that fall under? Sloth?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)21:00 No.13460187
    Nah, he would actually doing a quest - so it can't be sloth.
    Maybe his intent is to cause anger - wrather maybe? He said it's a lot more subtle than we'd imagine.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)21:02 No.13460214
    Impatience can be wrathful.

    Maybe he's going to wait until we really crave it, until we LUST after it...
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)23:17 No.13461612
    Alright. It's been almost 24hrs. since the original thread started. Hopefully now is around when he'll pop online. But I may just come back tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)23:45 No.13461912
    aren't we pretty close to autosage anyway?
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)23:50 No.13461978
    No, we're a good hundred posts short of it.
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)23:51 No.13461995
    We're at just about 200, unless I'm forgetting something. What is the autosage limit anyways? I was trying to keep my eye on the front page for a new thread, but I never saw anything.

    >William Eintan
    What's that captcha? No, our host's name is Thomas Strobel
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)23:53 No.13462019
    The limit has been raised to 300 a few months ago.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/11(Mon)02:36 No.13463872
    Sooooo this isn't happening today then it seems.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/11(Mon)02:52 No.13464026
    Yeah, seems to be the case. A shame.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/11(Mon)03:47 No.13464526
    Well, I'm heading to bed. Got class in 9 hours. Curious as to what timezone OP is in, but hopefully this'll spring back up some other time I'm on.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/11(Mon)09:14 No.13466740
    Still hoping for OP's return.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/11(Mon)12:51 No.13468130
    Hahaha and now I'm awake! Heading off to class, hopefully we'll see a return later.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/10/11(Mon)12:54 No.13468148
    >Apologies all; I slept for eighteen hours by accident.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/11(Mon)13:38 No.13468513
    Don't worry, you did a great job with the quest - I think we didn't really mind waiting for a bit.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/11(Mon)14:40 No.13469029
    Haha if you're in a position to sleep 18 hours, I don't think anyone is gonna begrudge you doing it.

    Just do your thing, and drop an announcement in here if you start a new thread. We can probably keep this bumped up for another day or so without trouble, and that way I won't have to go combing the front page every few minutes.
    >> Anonymous 01/10/11(Mon)16:23 No.13470161
    new thread
    >> Anonymous 01/10/11(Mon)16:30 No.13470242
    Thank you. I just kept refreshing this thread and would probably not have noticed the new thread if you hadn't posted it here.
    >> Soundless Voice 01/10/11(Mon)18:06 No.13471494
    >New thread, very sorry for failing to announce - Captcha is not my friend, it seems

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