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  • File : 1293417396.png-(478 KB, 553x943, CommanderQuestPostOne.png)
    478 KB CommanderQuest XLIV Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/26/10(Sun)21:36 No.13301394  
    >last time: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/13257844/

    You set out from your command tent, Sansa somewhat calmer and distracted by work after talking with her, though you are somewhat frightened by what she may do to get her revenge on you. The camp is busy again, set about the task of expansion. Degrian is running about like a madman, keeping his engineers on task with the wagons, and shouting at the soldiers erecting the two new sections of Fort Skywatch, cursing frequently in his native tongue.

    Eventually you reach Janos cell, upon entering he greets you plainly "Good morning Commander, how can I help you?"
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)21:40 No.13301437
    "Good morning Janos. Firstly I just wanted to check up on you and see how things are going. Any trouble from people at the celebrations the other night? Beyond that, I was thinking on how to bypass the fort on our side of the river and I was wondering what information you might have on the forces in the fort and anything else you might know about them. I'm sure the upcoming offensive would like that kind of information as well."

    Hope everyone has had a good Christmas so far.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/26/10(Sun)21:40 No.13301450
    Can Janos provide us with any intel regarding the fort that we have to bypass to get to the Greyrun River?

    Also, if he could get started on a map of the operational theater, including any natural terrain features that he can recall, as well as outposts and villages, that would be helpful.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/26/10(Sun)21:51 No.13301615
    "Good morning" you greet him "and yes, there is something I could use some help with. I was hoping you could transcribe the information you added to my other map of Uurlanth, to a smaller, topographically accurate map. I could also use any information you have on the fort we will be bypassing, and suggestions on how to accomplish that feat to the greatest effect, would be nice." you inform the former Uurlanthi politely, taking a seat on a spare stool.

    "The Greystone Fort is a standard square fort, if I recall correctly it has a minimal garrison of 2000 men, but can accommodate 4000 if need be. I would reccomend passing the fort on the southern border of the swamps north of Greystone, during the night, with speed. If the automated wagons are not numerous enough to move the entire force, the swamp would serve as a place to hide during the day while we cross the forts line of sight and scouting rings." Janos replies, wiping his face and handing his plate to Kaitlyn, who neatly stacks both of theirs just inside the door to the cell. "And yes, I could have the map ready for you within a day or two." Janos adds, stretching.
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)21:55 No.13301665
    "Did you happen to enter the fort temporarily as you were moving to the front? If so, do you have any ideas on what kind of troops that might be stationed there or ideas on who might command it?"
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:03 No.13301769
    How is wedded bliss treating you two? As a commander I could do the formal honors if you wish.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/26/10(Sun)22:04 No.13301776
    "Did you stop inside the fort during your advance to the front? what could you tell me of its garrison, its commander?" you press.

    "I did not stop inside, though I saw mostly armored sergants and levied bowmen on the walls when we passed." Janos admits "Though I know for a fact that Lord Dyron roatates his two sons, and two favorite knights through the forts command, so that each man is there for an equal part of the year. All of them are of average or better tactical skill." he adds.

    >anything else for Janos? if not anything you want to do, or timeskip to the outing with Jayne?
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:07 No.13301801

    An actual formal marriage would serve as a clear separator from Uurlanth, make him happy, and help assure both us and Jayne that his loyalty is truly to the Empire now.
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)22:09 No.13301821
    Don't think we're really qualified for that kind of thing though. I could be wrong.

    Hmm. I wonder if we should see what's going on with the gods in general. Been awhile since we've taken a look at how they all feel about us and I'm wondering if any of them might have any warnings like when we had our trial with the slaves.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:11 No.13301841
    Agreed, let's commune with the gods.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:12 No.13301858
    Let's make sure the automated wagons can deal with the swamp and see if Blackbird has any raider-magic, advice, or tactics for swampy terrain.
    >> girder 12/26/10(Sun)22:13 No.13301867
    Thirding the motion to commune with the gods.

    We'll want to ask Rayha how she feels about our mission and our intent to avoid causing too much suffering among the peasants.

    And in light of recent events Neytini might have something to say.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:14 No.13301872
    Well, if we're not qualified we should put it down on the long list of thing we need to accomplish in our lifetime.
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)22:15 No.13301886
    I imagine the swamp would be bad for the wagons since that kind of terrain is bad for them in general unless it's prepared. Regardless you're right we should check if they'd be alright or if we'll have to find a way to hide them if we can't make the trip in one night. That'll be talking to Degrian I suppose.
    >> Red Legion 12/26/10(Sun)22:18 No.13301904
    Swamps also means poisonous animals and disease.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/26/10(Sun)22:20 No.13301922
    Asking the gods if they're alright with our course of action is a little too close to asking their blessing for my taste.
    We need to maintain a formal business arrangement with the pantheon, and keep them at arm's length. Ask too much of them, or too frequently, and they'll think of us as a worshipper.

    Let's talk with Degrian and Blackbird, see if the wagons will be able to move through swampland, and if Blackbird can help in blazing a trail.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:20 No.13301926
    Have we implemented the plan to allow prisoners to work toward their freedom?
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:21 No.13301936
    Indeed, if we can find a different way across I would prefer it. Swamps and armies don't mix. Another reason we should consult Blackbird.

    And maybe, just maybe, our trip to the Duchy won't be all play. If we could secure an agreement to move troops through the mountains....
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)22:21 No.13301942
    Well the role of the 7th Praetorian was to make sure the Empire didn't do things to piss off the gods. Not a matter of their blessing but to see if we'd royally piss anyone off or not is the way I looked at it.

    That sounds suspiciously like slavery despite the fact they'll be freed at the end... At least I'm sure that's how certain people in the Empire will describe it when they hear we do this. From a political point of view, unless it's already been done by others in the Empire or not looked down upon, I think we should refrain from doing that.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/26/10(Sun)22:22 No.13301947
    >no, you need a few more promotions to be qualified to legally marry a couple.

    "Thank you for your help, I will take my leave." you reply, mulling over the information Janos had for you in your head. You set out to speak with Degrian about the limitations of the wagons, when you find an arm draped across your shoulder "After she ran, how long was her face still red?" Laelith asks you, smiling.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:22 No.13301950
    I agree we shouldn't be asking for their blessing, but just hanging out with them, asking them what they think, and hitting on Nyetini... that's not so bad, is it? Just because we ask them what they think doesn't mean we have to do it.
    >> I-C003-IN 12/26/10(Sun)22:23 No.13301965
    We also need to personally thank Neytini for helping Laelith so too shall throw my hat in with chating with the gods. Then go talk with Degrian and Blackbird.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:24 No.13301973
    "Only long enough for me to think there might be more denial there than genuine aversion. How are you my love?" Give her a kiss and bring her with us when we inspect the wagons, get her opinion on it all, and ask her about the tomes and what she has translated so far.

    Status update on Lena is good too.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:25 No.13301981

    "You do good work. She wouldn't even tell me exactly what you DID."
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)22:27 No.13301993
    That reminds me. I really want to talk to Bellatrix about her dreams at some point but I'm not sure if we should let her go to someone on her own or not yet. Maybe we should give it a bit more time...
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:28 No.13302003
    I'll second these. Having more people weigh in about our situation always helps, as does spending time with our ladies. We also could really stand to know how Lena is doing at magic/reading and what information has been decrypted.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:30 No.13302019
    Tell her that she should stop by our tent whenever she feels like it since she is, so far, the only one we have gotten in the sack. Once that changes, of course, we will have to revisit the arrangement but for now we both might as well enjoy it.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:31 No.13302034
    Reposting plan:

    >We should get a list of names for our prisoners.
    >Then we should inform them that we are looking for extra hands doing manual labor. Any that accept will have their work count toward their freedom at the end of this conflict. Provide them with more food while they work, and any man or woman is free to work or not >work on any day.
    >Any that choose to work say, 10 days will be released even if their random isn't paid at the end of this war.

    They are offered a choice. should they take it, we see to it that they are released should their ransom not be paid at the end of the war.
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)22:34 No.13302070
    I'm aware what we'd do isn't really slavery but I'm looking at it from the political arena. People were still pissed we used the survivors as archers in our last campaign, even though we kept them far from the field of battle and that they all volunteered. The fact we're actually making a name for ourselves now means we will start attracting the attention of political players. People will not start to think - are we worth approaching as an ally or are we a hindrance to their plans in some manner? Those that dislike us will just twist what we did into us using slavery. If we were pressed for time, I'd be more likely to agree but we have weeks to prepare and fortifying this area shouldn't be our job in the first place. That'll be for the people who take it over while we're on the offense. It's not like this fort is going to get hit hard in the next few weeks.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:36 No.13302092
    Using war prisoners to make fortifications is much different from using citizens as conscripted soldiers. It's a time honored tradition in warfare, I doubt there is anyone who would object.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:37 No.13302097

    You're missing one key fact: with this plan, nobody was FORCED to work against their will, thus, no slavery was involved. These men would work, willingly, torwards their own guaranteed freedom.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/26/10(Sun)22:37 No.13302100
    After considering the plan again, I have to agree with Maximus.
    This could be easily twisted by our political enemies into Justinian using slaves. Our use of volunteer archers was still a near black mark on our record; usage of POWs in this matter could be similarly negative when we go in for debriefing at the end of the campaign.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:39 No.13302126
    How about we just ASK Pax how it would be taken. We're a goddamned citizen of the Empire ourselves. We should know exactly how they would take it. We shouldn't need to guess.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/26/10(Sun)22:40 No.13302136
    It DOESN'T MATTER if they volunteered or not, whether we forced them or not.
    All that matters is that we used personnel resources who were not members of the Legion or registered mercenaries.

    Read the session where we got a dressing down for using the volunteer archers when we returned to the capital.
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)22:40 No.13302142
    Nobody was forced to fight for us last campaign too. The council was still quite annoyed with us. It won't matter if someone wants to make an issue out of it.

    I rather have confirmation on that than just assume since this could hurt us politically.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:42 No.13302167

    You're BOTH missing another fact entirely, in that the guys who aren't ransomed back end up like Sansa was at our mock battle we got our commander title at, or end up in the gladitorial arena. The Empire doesn't seem to really care about prisoners so long as they're not used solely as slave labor and they have a chance of release.

    Actually, you know what, Pax, can you say wether or not the use of prisoners as a short-term labor force is a common thing in the Empire?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/26/10(Sun)22:45 No.13302197
    "Long enough for me to see her face still lit up when she found me. She was putting so much effort into denying that she _did_ anything with you that she never mentioned what you said to her." you reply, planting a kiss on the elfs cheek, the feeling of her scars on your lips making you feel more guilty than you likely should at this point.

    Laelith laughs "I was bending over to fresh out the water on my sponge and noticed she was standing directly behind me, so I moved my legs a bit further apart and asked her if I had missed anything. After letting the poor girl stand there in shock for a while I added 'if I did I would very much appreciate you taking care of it for me, darling'" Laelith explains "I had expected her to stand slack-jawed long enough for me to announce my jest, but she fled before I could fully turn around."

    You laugh heartily "Brilliantly done, my dear." you compliment her, before summarizing Janos' suggestion and asking Laeliths opinion on it.

    "I mislike the swamp around the Inland Sea." Laelith informs you "If you light no fire every Grasshound that can scent you will set upon your camp, if you do set a fire then Gray Basilisks will be on your camp in almost as great of numbers. The water is all foul, there are plants that will consume a large man, and fungi that release lethal spores in a light breeze. If I had better faith in our life elementalists I would like the plan better, as I would expect Uurlanthi patrols to give that place twice as wide a berth as they do the mountains to their south." she finishes, idly scratching the back of her head.
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)22:49 No.13302243
    "Then we'll have to hope the terrain favours us or that Degrian's new wagons can move our force fast enough within a night. I dislike the idea of the swamp as much as you do but if we can bypass the fort without being seen, it will make our crossing and first strikes much easier."
    >> I-C003-IN 12/26/10(Sun)22:49 No.13302254
    That settles it we need to be able to make it in one go and not go in that swamp if we can help it.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:51 No.13302282
    Hmmm. I see, thank you for the information my dear. From the sound of it I would rather have Blackbird clear a path through the scouts than hide in the swamps.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:52 No.13302289

    fucking agreed. we should set up designated drivers to work in shifts to keep our asses moving.
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)22:55 No.13302322
    Might not be a matter of drivers. Maybe the wagons won't be able to take that much movement over a night without breaking down or maybe we won't have enough to carry everyone. We might need to talk to Degrian about the feasibility of using them to move all our men soon or we're going to have to plan something else.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)22:56 No.13302339
    Ask her about the translations and how Lena's abilities are progressing. Then suggest that she should see about moving some things into our accommodations for ease of access if she wants, since she is free to come over whenever she pleases. Wink wink, nudge nude, hug hug, ect. ect.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/26/10(Sun)22:57 No.13302350
    Yes. We need to make sure that the wagons will be able to handle a hard ride like we plan to do. We need to be able to bypass the fort and be out of their line-of-sight within one night.
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)23:01 No.13302389
    Also, Pax confirmed for me on which of our captains believed in the old gods and such and it was Gaius. He was standing right next to us when the vision started, so it seems belief in the old gods is not enough for those visions to have occurred... I would say worship since Laelith and Wulf fit that category but we don't. At least I don't think anything we've done is close to worship... Any theories on why we got those visions guys?
    >> Laurentius 12/26/10(Sun)23:02 No.13302395
    "what's wrong with our Life elementalists?, I thought Jayne and the Surgeon were doing well?"
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)23:02 No.13302404
    Once again, we should seriously consider trying to locate some Duchy dwarves in the south and leveraging that we killed Khalless into allowing us to move through their territory with the army. If we did we could pass directly into the heartland of the richest areas without passing the huge major lord fort.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/26/10(Sun)23:02 No.13302405
    "That sounds like an incredibly unpleasant place, and I for one am glad I never was deployed near it. Hopefully after speaking with Degrian I will know if we will be able to pass the swamp in one night or if making camp will be necessary." you reply, grimacing at the prospect of having to stay in such a place for any period of time. After walking for a short itme in silence you ask "How is Lena progressing?"

    Laelith sighs "Her reading is doing well enough, she seldom stops to ask of a word, or to sound one out now. Though she still reads no faster than a common soldier. She learns Darconian apace, though she is painfully selective as to which words she takes too. I expect her to be able to aid you in battle by the time we cross the Greyrun" she informs you, before a bright white flash in the direction of the practice fields draws the elf away with a worried sigh.

    You catch up with Degrian as he is sitting down to his lunch, swearing while looking over a piece of parchment one of the engineers handed him before running back to his task.

    >its perfectly allright to use POW's as short term labor, and offering to have them freed if they work enough is a good deal better than most commanders would offer. Any enemies could easily make a stink over it, just as easily as you could shut them up with the terms you are offering the prisoners.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)23:02 No.13302406

    I'd say it was because they had already made contact with us twice before, though on a smaller scale.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)23:06 No.13302440
    The average Imperial doesn't believe they exist. Maybe just accepting that they are around and believing they exist is enough to get the visions?
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)23:06 No.13302447
    When Aquila returns and we send what info we have on the fort to the second Praetorian, perhaps we should ask him if our empire has informed the Duchy of Khalless' death and if it would be possible to get partial access to their lands. Also seems like the POW idea is worthwhile although it sounds like we might have to free them rather than wait for the ransom.

    "I don't mean to rush you friend but how goes work on the wagons?"
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)23:08 No.13302467
    On the gods: Remember that some of them are working against us, and NONE of them are working towards the same goals we are. Any information we tell them we can assume will make its way to people who will be furthering their goals; it is therefore desirable to adopt a "ask forgiveness, not permission" policy with regards to them.

    >its perfectly allright to use POW's as short term labor, and offering to have them freed if they work enough is a good deal better than most commanders would offer.
    It seems to me, then, that we should offer any of them the choice of working as laborers until ransom/lack of ransom notice. If they're ransomed, they go either way; if they're not ransomed, then if they worked they get freed and if they didn't they face the standard fate of prisoners of war. It's a better chance than they'd get otherwise, and we can expect a somewhat greater level of willing compliance than otherwise with this system.

    >You catch up with Degrian as he is sitting down to his lunch, swearing while looking over a piece of parchment one of the engineers handed him before running back to his task.
    Explain the difficulty in bypassing the fort and ask how long his wagons will be able to reliably run continuously in the dark over unknown terrain. Or in swamps.

    ...man, we demand a lot of this guy...
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)23:12 No.13302512
    We do demand an awful lot of him.

    Perhaps we can offer to buy him his own workshop back in the capital? There he will be able to work on whatever he wants to his heart's content and we will fund him, provided we still get the things we desire for warmaking.
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)23:12 No.13302516
    We do demand a lot out of him... When we get back, I think we should let him set up shop and tell him to go nuts doing whatever he wants to give him a break and reward. Let him pursue projects he finds interesting and hopefully he invents something awesome for us at the same time.
    >> girder 12/26/10(Sun)23:20 No.13302609
    I believe we also promised Kyria to invest in a shop for when she gets out of the Legion as well.

    Maybe we can combine the two ideas?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/26/10(Sun)23:21 No.13302612
    "Degrian, my friend. How goes the work?" you ask him as you sit next to the diminutive engineer.

    "Well enough. How can I help you?" he asks, exhaustedly.

    "I simply require information." you reply, the karskyanas posture improving noticeably at that "How reliable will the automated wagons be over long periods of constant use, and how will they deal with rough terrain?" you ask

    "Some may need maintenence, but not be destroyed." he answers your first question, in between bites of his meal "Mud and wet terrain bad, slow the wagons by half and require more pushing. Uneven ground, rocky or full of fallen branches worse, will stop the wagon, potentially destroy mechanisms if going to fast. Starting harder than keeping moving. Why do you ask?" he finishes, only a few bites of food left now, he uses the parchment to wipe his beak clean.
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)23:23 No.13302647
    "We need to bypass the nearby enemy fort and I was curious if you think we could do it within a night using your wagons. It's part of why I asked you to work on them so much. Unless there are other parts of the terrain that favour our advance, we might have to make camp in a swamp and it's a place that I rather avoid if possible."
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/26/10(Sun)23:23 No.13302649
    Actually, that runs counter to what we've been ordered to do.
    Our orders and strategic goals are to force a crossing of the Greyrun River and to destabilize Uurlanth defenses so that the main force of the Imperial counter-attack can easily cross.

    Also, while we did take care of Khalless for the Duchy, allowing a military unit to pass through their lands in order to make an attack upon Uurlanth positions would endanger their neutrality.
    >> Laurentius 12/26/10(Sun)23:24 No.13302657
    Sounds good to me
    >> girder 12/26/10(Sun)23:24 No.13302659
    "I'm worried about part of our plan. If we don't bypass Greystone Fort quickly we will have to stay the night in a swamp, which, I'm told is not the safest or most healthful of places."
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)23:24 No.13302663
    We might need to have the wagons running at full capacity and maximum speed over long distances for 10 hours straight. Think they are up to the task?

    Then tell him what we decided about giving him a workshop, that should perk him up. Is it bad I think of him like Mordin Solus from ME2?
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)23:27 No.13302700
    Yes, but what would it hurt to try? And we could play off our cub-hunting romance trip as a diplomatic mission if caught. Win/win.
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)23:29 No.13302738
    We really need to give this guy a break when he's done with the wagons.

    There's plenty political harm that could befall us if we screw it up. Not worth the risk unless we had direct confirmation from the Second to attempt it in my mind. And while not a lot of them liked Khalless, he did have allies amongst their nobles and just because we killed an old criminal of theirs doesn't mean it'd help. The only way we'd be able to use his death as leverage is if we talked to the right people at the top and we do not have that time sadly.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/26/10(Sun)23:37 No.13302851
    "Do you think ten hours of continuous travel through the ground just outside of a swamp would be too much for your wagons? We need to get past an enemy fort undetected and the surest way to do so is to pass a swamp." you inform Degrian, mentally making a note to yourself to reward the engineer once the campaign is over.

    "Yes" Degrain replies, thinking for a moment before continuing "if you refer to Inland Swamp I would recommend at least two days to travel, even skirting edge of swamp. If go you go south to take mountain pass along Duchy border three or four days, assuming only take pass long enough to circumvent fort. Wagons more likely to break along mountain pass, I recomend northern route." he informs you, standing up and brushing the crumbs from his fur. "Do you need help with anything else?" he asks you.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/26/10(Sun)23:38 No.13302877
    >Yes, but what would it hurt to try?
    We are captured and imprisoned, and since we attempted an international negotiation without authorization, we are brought up on charges in abstentia and dishonorably discharged from the Legion.
    Or the Duchy sees this as an opportunity to attack the Empire while it's preoccupied with Uurlanth.
    >> Anonymous 12/26/10(Sun)23:39 No.13302889
    "Not for now. Do you have anything that needs to be brought to my attention?"

    If he doesn't, we're done here. Have some more elementalism practice (focusing on skills needed for our river modification plans) until we go on our trip.
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)23:40 No.13302892
    "That should be all. Keep me updated with your work and take a break now and then. This is important but I don't want you exhausted Degrian."
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/26/10(Sun)23:41 No.13302907
    I think we'll be taking the swamp route, then.

    We'll need to talk with our medical staff, make sure that they know where we're going, and to prepare for the inevitable biting insects and disease.
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)23:43 No.13302930
    Still think we should take a look at how the gods are at the moment and if anyone is pissed at our plans to raid. It seems the gods tend to have a good idea of what we're doing without us telling them so it's worth checking in my mind. Plus I'm curious how the trickster god feels. If he's not angry as hell, I wonder if he still has things planned. Plus I believe he rarely acts or acts alone so I'm wondering why he's being so bold all of a sudden since he's normally the coward.
    >> girder 12/26/10(Sun)23:47 No.13303007
    Once again, I support his idea.

    If we're trying to be the 7th Praetorian we better get acquainted with the job.
    >> girder 12/26/10(Sun)23:48 No.13303020
    >We'll need to talk with our medical staff, make sure that they know where we're going, and to prepare for the inevitable biting insects and disease.

    Oh, and seconding this as well.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/26/10(Sun)23:53 No.13303102
    "No, that will be all for now." you reply "Your work is vital to my plans, and as important as it is, there is no need to overwork yourself. Take a break every now and then." you tell Degrain as he salutes and begins to head back to work.

    "Can rest when dead, reward is complete task" Degrian replies as he exits earshot. You continue going about your daily tasks, still mildly worried about Degrian, though you are able to keep it in the back of your mind. The medical staff was visibly nervous when you outlined your plan to them, going so far as to request that you lessen the amount of moonseye paste (as Blackbird named it to you) ingredients you want them to collect so they can better prepare for skirting the edge of the swamp. You inform them that you will tell them your decision on that matter after your outing with Jayne.

    The Uurlanthi captives mostly balk at your offer, though most of the levied soldiers seem eager to accept it, only fifteen or so refusing. The other captives are either mistrusting of your intent, or confident in their future ransom. Shortly after the sun sets, you are in your tent, settling into your meditative stance, hoping to make good progress on your training, and to get a better idea of the gods view on you and your current intentions.

    >roll for meditation
    >> Maximus 12/26/10(Sun)23:55 No.13303130
    rolled 46 = 46

    Wish I did a test roll earlier...
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)00:04 No.13303268
    >cave technique 4/8

    After spending some time working on making a space large enough for an underground cache, you decide its time to change your focus to the devine. After a short time you once again find yourself surrounded by 10 lights, five colors among them, paired opposite the light of the same color but a different hue.

    ?well, who all do you want to check on/for?
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)00:05 No.13303289
    Check on any that might of changed since we last saw them but we definitely need to check out Raynha, I believe it was. I keep forgetting the spelling on these gods...
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)00:07 No.13303308
    If we're shooting for the position of 7th, we have a responsibility to keep track of the thoughts of all the gods, not just the ones we're pretty sure we have good relations with. So look at them all.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)00:12 No.13303381
    You make your way around the circle, starting with Raynha, who seems to be satisfied with your recent deeds, though uncertain in regards to your plans. Nyetini is ammused by your antics, and you are sure to do your best to express thanks for her intervention for Laelith, though the response is too complex for you to comprehend. Jogra seems happy with you, as does Danarius; and Eago seems impassive towards you. On the opposite end of the circle you feel animosity from Lamynus and Baashek, and the same steady interest from Neshai. Karythria remains impassive towards you, and Garagush increasingly interested, and wary, of you. You expect this is due to you improving relationship with his rival, Raynha.

    >anything else, or timeskip?
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)00:16 No.13303425
    Raynha seems uncertain of our plans eh. Guess we best be very careful about our men and how we do our looting if we want to minimize relation damages. Honestly, I think as long as we loot we're going to hurt relations with her no matter what at this point... I can't think of anything else so I suppose we should move on. Plus I hope this cave technique works out in the long run... We're using up a lot of time that could be put into improving out other elementalist skills.
    >> girder 12/27/10(Mon)00:17 No.13303437
    I nearly forgot: Pax, can we get some physical descriptions of the newest additions to our maniple? (Janos, Kaitlyn, Lena, Bellatrix)
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)00:25 No.13303541
    Eight of ten not being pissed at us seems like a pretty decent success rate, really.

    >Garagush increasingly interested, and wary, of you
    He'll probably like us more after we start sacking and burning Uurthlani villages to fill our coffers and force their populace into refugee status. So that should be improving soon.

    And I have completely forgotten the pantheons of most of these gods. We need a reference image or something.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)00:31 No.13303619
    >Janos, about 5'9", with short-cut black hair, growing a beard, though his facial features are fairly juvenile. Not the most athletic build, brown eyes.
    >Kaitlyn, roughly 5'7", brown curly hair is about shoulder length, curvy, but not overly so, green eyes and relatively angular facial features
    >Lena, 5'3", very young features, lightly curled red hair is down to the spot on your back you can never reach, gray eyes, which are normally covered by her bangs, which she lets grow long as she cant see normally anyways. petite in form
    >Belatrix, 6', very athletic build, shares her sisters eyes, though she keeps her hair is black, straighter, and cut shorter. Her facial features are fairly smooth a trait she shares with her sister

    >so, timeskip then?
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)00:33 No.13303644
    I believe timeskip is a go then unless we can send whatever info we have to the second Praetorian. Forgot where Aquila is atm. Once Janos gives us the topography map, perhaps we can send out some scouts but that should wait until we have that I think.
    >> Red Legion 12/27/10(Mon)00:33 No.13303650
    when are we time skipping till?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)00:35 No.13303673
    outing with Jayne
    reference pic inbound
    >> Red Legion 12/27/10(Mon)00:36 No.13303679
    I feel like i am forgetting something but ffff it time skip away
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/27/10(Mon)00:38 No.13303694
    Timeskip, but there is something I need to know.

    Will our medical staff be able to acquire the herbs and materials they need for moonseye paste while we're in Uurlanth? Or can we only get the ingredients here?
    Because if we can produce more of the stuff while we're in our operation theater, then I think we should have our medicos prepare for the swamp instead.
    Even if it's only 2 days, the diseases that our troops could be afflicted by could last well into our operational time.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)00:43 No.13303748
    Timeskip, sure. Practice some more elementalism, learn that spike trick to block the river and destroy Uurlanth's economy.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)00:46 No.13303767
    Unfortunately, the river isn't the basis of their economy and their nation is pretty big. At best, we're going to severely cut their supply movement during our offensive and cut down river trade in that region of their empire. Their road network will be just fine. We're definitely going to do damage but not cripple them guys.
    >> Laurentius 12/27/10(Mon)00:47 No.13303774
    timeskip seems fine to me
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)00:48 No.13303776
    Damage is good. I'm cool with damage.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)00:49 No.13303786
    As am I. I just wonder if us doing that is part of why Raynha doesn't like our plans.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)00:51 No.13303807
    The next day is fairly uneventful, and early the day after you and Jayne are mounted up, and charging the sunrise before it can begin as you head for the mountains southeast of your fort. You press hard for the mountains, though you do slow to give a wide berth to a large troop of Plainsbadgers, nearly fifteen adults, as they accost a pair of Redboars. No more than 30 pounds each, they gray and tan creatures fearlessly and relentlessly strike at the boars, each the size of a mule; while the troops young feast on the three piglets that have already been slain, the brilliant red of the sunrise making the blood all the harder to discern on the doomed boars. By the time the sound of the fighting is gone it is well past sunrise, and the mountains but a few short miles off. You suggest breaking, as Spite is dripping sweat and you feel it is time for a light breakfast. Jayne replies "You have been spoiling that uursan, I am simply helping nim loose the weight from those extra steaks you have been feeding him." as she pets her Stormcloud, the beast not even looking winded. "Though I suppose he has worked enough for today." she adds, before closing her eyes for a brief moment, and pulling her breakfast out of her saddlebag. By the time you are done eating Spite looks as well rested as Stormcloud. You reach the foot of the mountains well before noon, as you stop Jayne announces "I have an idea of where we could find uursan, though if you wish to dictate where we search, I wouldnt mind overly much."

    >roll for looking (take Jaynes advice, easier, your own intuition, harder)
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)00:55 No.13303848
    No reason not to go with the experts advice at this point unless she's wrong. Someone else make the roll.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)00:57 No.13303866
    rolled 54 = 54

    Only reason I can think of to go with our own ideas is if we want to go somewhere that Uursan (or rather anything) won't be.

    Jayne's choice of direction is fine.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/27/10(Mon)01:00 No.13303904
    rolled 57 = 57

    Let's take Jayne's advice.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)01:07 No.13303965
    "I have no issues following you." you reply, raising an eyebrow. Jayne leads you for a time, and eventually you hear a sad low roaring ahead of you, along the ravine your are riding through. sure enough, three small uursan cubs are huddled around a larger, full grown female, dead, pinned beneath a fallen boulder.

    Cooing, Jayne slides from Stormcloud, and orders him to hold, restraining Spite you watch the noblewoman gently lift the cubs, likely no older than a year, gently petting and reassuring them as she loads them into an empty saddlebag. Her face grim but triumphant she tells you "We should ride ahead, with the season it is not unlikely that we will find more abandoned or orphaned cubs on the far side of this ravine." she tells you as she settles Stormcloud and rides ahead. Though something feels amiss.

    >give me a roll.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)01:08 No.13303976
    rolled 12 = 12

    Hmm. This better be good.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)01:13 No.13304015
    At a narrow point in the ravine you run your hand against the wall, and are instantly glad you did. You can feel mailed boots, enough for 10 men, just around the bend ahead of you, where the ravine opens up into a wider mountain pass, flanked by caves to the right, and a steep drop to the left. By their grouping, you doubt it is a travelers camp.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:13 No.13304020
    rolled 16 = 16

    let's go with jayne's knowhow
    >> Red Legion 12/27/10(Mon)01:15 No.13304043
    Tell janye to hold up and keep our mounts quiet

    Are they coming toward us?
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)01:15 No.13304047
    Stop Jayne and I think it might be time to go elsewhere. Part of me is tempted to say we should take a quick look stealthily just to confirm who it is. If it was Uurlanth troops in Duchy territory... The amusement I would have would be endless but I think it's too risky.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:18 No.13304068
    DERP, wow I was late.

    Alright. let's hold up till they pass.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:18 No.13304069
    If there's a steep drop to the left, then with our power over the earth we should be easily able to send these guys tumbling if they're hostile. Alert Jayne that we have a dozen unknowns immediately ahead, and move forward with caution.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)01:20 No.13304080
    "Hold up" you command Jayne, who is barely able to twist in her saddle, let alone turn Stormcloud around, with how narrow the pass is where she is.

    "What is it?" she asks, nervous.

    "Men ahead of us, mailed boots." you inform her, touching the wall of the ravine again, and cursing, as you feel a handful more sets of feet moving along the ravine above you, already behind you.

    "Do we continue, if it comes to a fight, do you suspect we will win?" she asks, looking down at her leather riding cloths nervously, and stroking her polehammer.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:21 No.13304095
    "More moving above and behind. Of course we'll win; between you and me, how can we lose?" Big grin. "Let's charge before they complete their encirclement."

    Proceed to do so.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:22 No.13304103
    Are we in Dutchy lands?
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)01:22 No.13304104
    "Likely over a dozen men. It may be best if we disappear from the area. I rather not get into a fight with just the two of us and killing Duchy men might be problematic. If that's who it is at least."

    Maybe use our stone sense to escape them using the terrain to hide us? Get a quick glance at who it is if we can.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:22 No.13304109
    Could it be a duchy patrol? We are very close to their territory.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:23 No.13304118
    ...this is kind of an important question... charging would be very bad if these are the legitimate authority here. If we're caught an can't talk our way out of it, we'll have to kill them all and bury the bodies with our elementalist powers to hide the evidence.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)01:24 No.13304122
    >feet are to light on the ground to be dwarves, and the Duchy only ever watches the ruins above their subterranean cities, they dont care about the desolate mountain ranges and valleys.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)01:25 No.13304126
    We are not attacking anyone until we know who it is and we are not killing Duchy soldiers if that is who it is. The trouble we'd get into would be a nightmare. Better to be caught trespassing catching bears than killing their men. Ideally we'll escape with no problems though.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:25 No.13304132
    Oh. Well, then! Prepare to slaughter them all before they can spring their ambush, or just charge and gain the upper hand, then intimidate them into buggering off.

    The important thing is that, now that we know they know about us, we do not cede the initiative.
    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)01:26 No.13304144
    rolled 82 = 82

    So its more than likely bandit or an assassination team I say we attemp to sneak away but be prepared for a fight.

    also test roll
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/27/10(Mon)01:26 No.13304147
    We ARE in Duchy land, though usually they don't patrol out this far.

    Could we use our earth-shaping to create a cave, go in, and seal it behind us so that the patrol passes us by?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:27 No.13304148
    "Too light on their feet to be dutchy men, and we're not supposed to have anyone this far south."
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:28 No.13304159
    "I can't lose, with you at my side my dear. Charge before they can finish trapping us."
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)01:28 No.13304160
    Actually I suggest we hit the people coming from behind us and ambush them ourselves. Assuming they come out from around the bend. We can sense where they're moving around so we can strike when we want and we'll know where they are.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)01:34 No.13304219
    Hmm. Not seeing my last post for some reason. I think we should escape the trap for now and ambush them back. With stonesense, we can attack them whenever we want since we'll know where they are. Charging headfirst into them is kind of risky with the numbers they have. We're not kitted for a full fight.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/27/10(Mon)01:36 No.13304240
    Pax, does the Duchy use mercenaries in their military?
    Could this be a Duchy-affiliated mercenary unit that patrols their borders? It would make sense to, when one's two neighbors are at war with each other, to tighten border patrols so that one side doesn't launch an attack from one's land, threatening neutrality.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)01:37 No.13304243
    "Bandits, and with you at my side there is no way we can loose." you reply, smiling as you pull your mail from your saddlebag and slide it on. "Now get your mace and follow me, I have a plan. After ordering Spite and Stormcloud to hold where they are, you set to climbing the weathered cliff. Hestraieus, and the Air patron and matron may have swept all life from the surface of these mountains, but time has made the surface easy to climb, and before long you and Jayne are picking your way along a series of goat-paths and aurachnospecs tunnels. Before long you are over-looking ten armed men, mostly in leathers or wail, with an assortments of clearly low quality blades, spears and bows.

    "What is the plan then?" Jayne asks, smirking grimly as she sizes up the bandits.

    "We ambush the ambushers, and signal for our mounts to come to our aid once we are engaged." you reply, grinning yourself now that you have finished sizing up these vultures, their threadbare tents straining against the wind behind them.

    Jayne leans over to peck you on the cheek "I like it" she informs you, twirling her mace and sizing up the drop, no more than ten feet, safe enough.

    >roll for combat, elementalism, ect
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:40 No.13304270
    rolled 83 = 83


    alpha strike with earth spikes, then charge
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:41 No.13304273
    rolled 75 = 75

    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)01:41 No.13304279
    rolled 66 = 66

    Huh... Botch time?
    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)01:42 No.13304285
    rolled 6 = 6

    May I advise that you refrain from rolling.

    one more test roll
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:42 No.13304293

    ......yeah, botch time.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:42 No.13304295
    rolled 9 = 9

    After we drop, elementalism to open up a number of fissures underneath the men- they don't have to be more than a couple feet deep each, but there should be enough of them to make moving a bitch for the bandits. That'll let us engage them a few at a time and make our superior skill show though.

    Tell Jayne to watch for archers and drop them if they're about to shoot, if she's up to it, since an arrow to the face can end the best of plans.
    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)01:45 No.13304326
    rolled 32 = 32

    ...that is the lowest I've ever rolled in this entire quest hell I refrained from rolling as my rolls rarely if ever went below 50.

    I shall try for combat this time
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)01:50 No.13304368
         File1293432613.png-(125 KB, 2828x880, Pantheon.png)
    125 KB
    >big botch because I'm feeling magnanimous
    >also, pantheon summary

    Nodding to Jayne you leap from the ledge you were crouched on, you attempt to send spikes through the nearest bandit as you land, but something just doesnt feel right, and the spikes fail to mannifest. You draw your blade as you land, decapitating the leatherclad archer as your feet touch the ground. You are showered in bits of gore as Jayne pulls her mace from the chest of a mail armored man with her right arm, gesturing towards another and sending him into convulsions with her left. You continue on to the leader of the group, who is now shoting for his men to gather, to wake the rest of his band. As you knock the buckler from his hand you feel five more sets of feet falling from bunks and rushing about the cramped tents. To your right Jayne is moving like a bullet, her mace breaking through an oaken roundshield, contacting the mans chest and throwing him from the cliff. A blade striking your shield brings you back to the men in front of you. Men? of course, the vultures are to cowardly to fight fairly.

    >roll again
    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)01:51 No.13304383
    rolled 82 = 82

    here goes combat again
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:52 No.13304391
    rolled 29 = 29


    c'mon dice, stop fucking with us.
    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)01:52 No.13304399
    ... *insert long litany of swear words here*
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)01:53 No.13304401
    rolled 62 = 62

    Your luck can never hold. And no botch to save us. Roll to call in our bears I guess.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)01:55 No.13304415
    rolled 82 = 82

    Rolling for elementalism. Spikes into the leader's legs so that he visibly goes down screaming; that should demoralize the others.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)01:58 No.13304427
    >skill choice!
    >keep rolls as is: gain Combat Elementalist (-5 to ele rolls in combat)
    >switch rolls: gain levelheaded (-5 to command rolls in combat and negates some negative effects of being outnumbered in combat (branches later))
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)02:00 No.13304447
    I'm liking level headed simply because it helps us when outnumbered and it'll branch. Combat elementalism doesn't seem like it will.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:01 No.13304454
    Seconding Maximus on this one.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:02 No.13304456
         File1293433322.jpg-(78 KB, 462x355, dicelowfuuu.jpg)
    78 KB

    voting combat elementalist. we do this a LOT.

    Also, image related. I feel it will get a lot of use in this quest.
    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)02:02 No.13304460
    I want to say levelheaded but with how often we use our Elementalism I'm having a hard time deciding.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)02:04 No.13304476
    Shouldn't that pic be named dicehighfuuu?

    While the -5 in elementalism in combat would be nice, unless it can be improved I think levelheaded would be a more worthwhile investment. It'll only really help around half the time when our rolls are 50+ is the way I see it. Beyond making the few 1's we get into super awesome events since it'd be 1 subtracting a 5.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/27/10(Mon)02:05 No.13304487
    We do use our elementalism in combat a lot.

    That said, we also shout out commands just as much in combat, and we're almost always outnumbered. Not to mention, this can branch out later.

    I'm voting for level-headed.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)02:05 No.13304491
    Gah. Worded that wrong. Elementalism will only really be useful when our rolls are in the 40-60 range or on the verge of being a botch in the 90's range. If it could be improved or have other beenfits than maybe I'd change my opinion but I think we should go for the one that has long term potential.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:06 No.13304500

    It's dicelowfuuu becuase that's what we try to roll in CQ. I'll probably do one later for the opposite, and a final one with both depicting /tg/'s dice generator as a trollface.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:08 No.13304517
    If Combat Elementalist is ALSO the start of a tree, possibly one related to smiting all who oppose us with massively powerful elementalist powers, I'm voting for it.

    If it's a standalone thing, eh, command has more potential.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:09 No.13304529

    Here. I'm gonna change my vote to this
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:12 No.13304565
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)02:16 No.13304610
    Annoyed you push back with your shield, turn and bury your blade in the new attackers chest, bringing the blade up to block the leaders axe as he tries to exploit your open side. You trade blows back and forth with the leader for a short time, still worryingly unable to do anything with your elementalism, to your right Jayne is holding off a pair of men, though she seems to be coming down from her superhuman onrush, a trail of bodies all that remains of her onslaught. As you disembowel the leader of the bandits, several things happen. Spite and Stormcloud burst into the opening, shredding the remains of the ambush force, while the rest of the bandits pour from their tents. One of them, clad in a gray cloak, flicks a wrist towards Jayne, sending a flurry of stones into your companion ahead of the four other fighters as Jayne strikes down one of the thugs. The stones connect with the noblewoman as she hurls another bandit off the ledge. As she cave in the third vultures head, she falls to the ground, left leg forced to an impossible angle as the bandits descend on her, mere seconds away.

    >what do, and roll for it
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:19 No.13304640
    Fuck those bitches up! Rolling for combat!
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:19 No.13304649
    ffff, combat roll now.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:20 No.13304656
    rolled 63 = 63

    fucking flood detection killing my roll.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)02:22 No.13304675
    rolled 72 = 72

    A few seconds... I would say a wall of stone but that won't be enough time. Spikes?
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)02:23 No.13304683
    Ugh. We've had a bad run with die rolls lately, haven't we?
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:24 No.13304703
    rolled 61 = 61

    Sure looks like it. Hell, watch, if Pax decides we suddenly need to roll high, the generator will still troll us mercilessly.
    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)02:26 No.13304723
    rolled 5 = 5

    Have the Spite attack the cloaked man and Stormcloud rush to save Jayne.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/27/10(Mon)02:27 No.13304730
    rolled 67 = 67

    Stone spikes to intercept those bandits.
    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)02:28 No.13304745
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/27/10(Mon)02:29 No.13304760
    >One of them, clad in a gray cloak, flicks a wrist towards Jayne, sending a flurry of stones into your companion
    Is anyone else concerned that a random bandit group has an elementalist with terrakinesis in their band?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)02:29 No.13304764
    Panicking, you rush the elementalist, desperately trying to spike the bandits rushing Jayne. Still struggling, now from fear for Jayne more than anything, you are only able to catch one through the leg. "Spite, JAYNE!!!" you bellow, grimacing as your mount rushes through several blades, earning deep gouges in his flesh as he rushes to the prone woman, who looks to be desperately trying to knit her flesh back together. Raising your sword to strike, you close in of the robed man.

    Laughing, he gestures again, this time sending your blade flying from your grasp "Let us settle this matter as civil elementalists." he quips, still standing just outside his tent, arms loose at his sides.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)02:30 No.13304777
    Yep but I've come to terms with it. We're not the only ones that will have elementalism in the world. Khalless and his crew had lots so we shouldn't be surprised others have started to pick it up by chance.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)02:31 No.13304795
    Wait what. He moved our blade from his hand? Suddenly I want to invest in terrakinesis if it allows us to affect metals like that...
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:33 No.13304820
    rolled 77 = 77


    "You've got some balls, challenging Justinian Trentz to an elementalism duel. Let's have it then."
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)02:34 No.13304830
    Sigh... No luck at all tonight with our rolls.
    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)02:36 No.13304843
    rolled 44 = 44

    You seem to have as much luck as I do with theses rolls.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)02:38 No.13304873
    Growling you thrust your arm forward, sending a trail of spikes towards the elementalist. Laughing, he throws up his arms, and your spikes stop dead. Behind you, you hear the last bandit die at the jaws of Spite, then the big uursan letting out a victorious roar. Though before you can look at the state of things, a wall forms around you and your foe, forming a circle roughly twenty feet around. "I dont want our duel to be interrupted" the man qualifies, begining to pace.

    >roll again
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:39 No.13304888
    rolled 20 = 20

    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/27/10(Mon)02:40 No.13304895
    rolled 12 = 12

    "Of course."

    Cause a pit to form underneath our foe's feet, then crush him.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:40 No.13304903

    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)02:40 No.13304904
    rolled 50 = 50

    Put a small quake below his feet then run a spike through his legs.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)02:41 No.13304913
    Not sure if we should crush him. Take him alive and find out how he got his talents just to confirm if he randomly formed his talent on his own or not. Maybe.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)02:48 No.13304968
    "ENOUGH!!!" you shout, stomping down and thrusting your arms out in the same movement, the quake throws off the elementalists balance and concentration, allowing you to put a spike through his shin. Roaring in pain and anger, the robed man casues the spike to break loose, and sends it flying at you. It gashes your arm as you dodge it, as you re set your stance you see 4 stones the size of a mans head orbiting the elementalists upraised right fist, his punctured leg slowly being coated in stone. A gray crystalline amulet seems to have slipped loose from underneath his robe, his smile gone a look of grim determination now on the mans face.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:50 No.13304996

    Oh shit son! Rush his ass! Grab the amulet!
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)02:51 No.13305006
    He's going to have to die but I assume that's a juicy piece of arcana. Someone else roll since my rolling has been to spotty tonight. Kill him in the face.
    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)02:51 No.13305008
    rolled 84 = 84

    Send a few more spikes his way aiming to remove that amulet from him
    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)02:52 No.13305016
    rolled 35 = 35

    Curses I think I'm done for tonight for rolling.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)02:54 No.13305026
    rolled 2 = 2

    Great. Just when he's serious we do that bad... Test roll to see what I might of got.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)02:54 No.13305031
    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Why do you mock me /tg/ dice?
    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)02:56 No.13305042
    They mock us both my friend.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)02:56 No.13305045
    You try to send more spikes at the elementalist as you rush him, your first tow spikes are shattered by your foes stones, and before you are able to form another you are interrupted by a stone hurtling towards your head. You dodge the rock, seeing it go on to shatter against the wall, then everything flashes white as the smallest of the four impacts with your side, sending you into the wall. You collect yourself to see the elementalist standing firm, though everything below his right kneecap is encased in stone, he has another quartet of stones orbiting his upraised fist. "I'm going to enjoy your friend." he taunts "Is she a good fuck?" he asks, leveling his fist at you
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/27/10(Mon)02:58 No.13305063
    rolled 54 = 54

    While he's concentrating on the rocks aimed at us, have a spike come up from directly beneath him and skewer him.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)02:59 No.13305083
    rolled 27 = 27


    "You'd be dead before you could even undo your belt."
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)03:00 No.13305084
    rolled 38 = 38


    "Fuck you!"

    send spikes at him from EVERYTHING. nearby wall, ground, even the bastard's own stones!
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)03:09 No.13305179
    The red hot pain of shattered ribs in your side subsides, as is your usual, hot, anger. Everything is ice, colder than the northernmost reaches of the Wastes, fiercer than the worst of b blizzards "No one." you almost whisper, barely loud enough for the man to hear "No one, touches my ladies." with contempt and hatred you focus all of your energy into forming spikes, the ground around him, his stones, his wall. Lightning fast the spikes fly at him, the rocks fall as he throws his arms out, spikes shattering and showering him with rock shards, inflicting a thousand and more cuts on his body, some deep, some not. Finally, a spike gets through, piercing the right side of his chest. Coughing up blood, the man looks down "Did I anger you?" he asks, throwing his arms wide again, grinning like only a madman can.

    >one more roll.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)03:11 No.13305198
    rolled 65 = 65

    C'mon, give me some luck
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)03:11 No.13305201
    rolled 16 = 16

    Not even gonna dignify it with an answer. He dead.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)03:12 No.13305214
    Bugger. A few seconds too late...
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)03:13 No.13305220
         File1293437609.gif-(35 KB, 673x505, more rage.gif)
    35 KB
    rolled 9 = 9

    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)03:17 No.13305242
    rolled 15 = 15

    What the heck lets see what I would have gotten.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)03:18 No.13305248
    Where have these rolls been all night?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)03:20 No.13305265
    The elementalist claps his hands together, the amulet shattering, a massive ravine ripping out from him, blasting the wall apart. You barely manage to avoid the fissure as it forms, catching the ledge on your uninjured side. Dangling from the ledge you look out from the wall, to see Jayne and spite both lying down, passed out or very near, Stormcloud pacing nervously at the mouth of the bandits camp. Inside the ring, the elementalist hangs, dead. A splash of color on either hand. Climbing up is going to hurt...

    >who do you go to first?
    >> I-C003-IN 12/27/10(Mon)03:20 No.13305268
    rolled 33 = 33

    I think they may have partied a little too hard at our last celebration and as such were later getting here.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)03:21 No.13305270
    Fuck you, /tg/ dice, fuck you forever.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)03:22 No.13305289
    Sigh. No earth arcana for us it seems. Figures. Check on Jayne.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)03:24 No.13305300

    Get to Jayne first. Then check on spite. Bandage wounds, then loot dead for goodies. The good thing about bandits is when you kill them, it's like whacking a pinata with all the goodies spilling around.
    >> No Gods or Devils, Only Mortals 12/27/10(Mon)03:26 No.13305309
    Check on Jayne, then Spite.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)03:26 No.13305312
    Assuming they're successful bandits. They didn't look too successful. I think the biggest loot was on their elementalist and he just blew it up on us. We better do a good job when we start raiding or hope we get something awesome when we ransom troops because we haven't gotten anything this campaign so far in terms of money or arcana.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)03:27 No.13305318
    You haul yourself back onto solid ground, a slow task with only one arm to work with. After knitting some of the wall back into the earth you make your way over to Jayne "Your hurt..." she worries, weakly "if you have to go home to recover neither of us will... It will take even longer." she finishes after a while.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)03:31 No.13305351

    Let's bandage up, check the bodies over, and make our way back to Skywatch. Slow, if we have to.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)03:38 No.13305418
    How badly is she wounded? Same with Spite.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 12/27/10(Mon)03:43 No.13305469
    "Dont worry, we'll both recover fine. Now you worry about resting, I'll take care of everything else." you tell Jayne soothingly, before hobbling over to Spite to look in your saddlebag for something to start bandaging everyones wounds with. The sun is nearly ready to set by the time you have Spite and Jayne taken care of, and your wounds are crusting and aching by then. "We may need to rest here for the night" you announce, but it seems Jayne is already asleep, she must have pushed herself pretty hard today. You push yourself off the ground, and pick Jayne up, wincing, you carry her to a tent, tonight will be cold, and with a break as bad as hers, a little warpth will go a long way.

    >right, I have work at 7am and we seem to be winding down, so I'm gonna call it.
    >someone archive please
    >I'll be back Tuesday at 9pm server time
    >If you have any setting/CQ questions email me at: paxcomquest@yahoo.com
    >sorry about the shoddy endpoint tonight, but tomorrows gonna be enough of a beast without me trying to get to a better point.
    >> Maximus 12/27/10(Mon)03:45 No.13305491
    Thread archived. See you all next time. Hopefully with better die rolls...
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)03:55 No.13305570
    The dice, they hate us. It is fate.

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