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  • File : 1289772690.jpg-(838 KB, 900x1175, Red_by_kerembeyit.jpg)
    838 KB Dragon Quest XXIV Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)17:11 No.12797702  
    “I think you are taking this too seriously.” Scinnari says from your left.

    “Too seriously? I've only been told that I have the proverbial sword on a thread hanging over me, and am to be ordered about by an ancient enslaver of dragons. I'm having trouble figuring out how I could be 'too serious'.” you growl.

    “I think you are taking it at face value.” Scinnari replies. “The crystal has proven itself a liar. It is also intelligent, and has as much as told you it is only going to answer questions it wants to answer. Finally, it happily /gloated/ that it is a tool of discord and strife.” she says, standing and moving to you. She leans down over your shoulders, speaking softly in your ear, “And besides, you have already personally prevented the release of one of her servants. If destroying you was actually an option, I think she would have done it then, to prevent his destruction.”

    Her friendliness is probably mostly to annoy Cygnis, you think. Irritiably, you push her off.

    “And what then? She created a servant, a 'son', and hopes that I'll blunder blindly into releasing her?”

    “I think I can see what she is suggesting.” Cygnis speaks from you right. “It sounded like it was extremely difficult or... 'expensive', perhaps, for the Binde to remake people like you. It seems reasonable, then, that she would never destroy you, merely hoping that one day you would change your mind, or prove amneble to her bribes.”

    Thinking it over, you can't find anything solid to argue with here; there's no evidence but the crystal's claims, which have proven eager to twist it's answers, ignore your questions all together, or to, on occassion, tell outright lies. Anything that can say I can li- No, anything with a personality can lie, you correcct yourself. Hmm...

    As you're thinking, the Vlad the cook arrives with a tray of sandwiches and drinks. You watch him raise an eyebrow at Cygnis' renovations, but otherwise not comment.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)17:12 No.12797711
    “Mesenger. Delivered this.” he says shortly, handing the scroll tube to you. He pauses momentairly, but you have no questions for him, so wave him back to his kitchen. Ah... the Captain's Council. You could probably pawn the scroll tube for a few dozen gold. They're fond of trying to impress people. Cygnis leans over as you open it up, reading with as much interest as you. An invitation to the Council's hearing and verdicts on the events of the Unspeakable One's cult... You find yourself smiling ironically; they still don't even know what happened. To take place in the Port Authority building after the execution of ex-Sealord Milton Drac...

    “We obviously have to attend.” Cygnis says when she finishes. “It could be an invaluable opportunity.”

    “I suppose...” you concede.

    “Are you intending on inviting yourself along?” Scinnari asks Cygnis pointedly. Cygnis replies with a look of faint distaste for Scinnari.

    “The more I know about what goes on, the more assistance I can be in guiding events. And it's hardly unlikely for Cibach to invite his right hand for his business.” Cygnis adds with a hint of irony.

    [Anything before that?]
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/14/10(Sun)17:13 No.12797729
    rolled 7 = 7

    Woo Dragonquest!
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/14/10(Sun)17:15 No.12797770
    rolled 41 = 41

    Did you get the end of the last thread WD?
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)17:19 No.12797823
         File1289773195.jpg-(91 KB, 800x600, 1287097931702.jpg)
    91 KB
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/14/10(Sun)17:22 No.12797860
    rolled 4 = 4

    Cool. Can we have our chat with Scinnari?
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)17:26 No.12797905
         File1289773563.jpg-(453 KB, 1200x722, 1287099055930.jpg)
    453 KB
    What exactly do we want to talk about?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)17:26 No.12797912
    When are we invited? Immediately? If so, we should probably bring both Scinnari and Cygnis. It would be odd for us to go without Scinnari after attending the last one with her as our consort.

    We should try to talk alone with both Cygnis and Scinnari too. With Cygnis to see how she feels about these revelations, and with Scinnari to talk about all kinds of things including future plans. I suggest asking Scinnari about:

    1. Arman, it has been a while since she mentioned him to 'us' and we should be interested.
    2. Ask her when she thinks Finn's operation will be completely consolidated, and if she had any luck convincing him to spread rumors in our favor. "We" technically don't know Finn is dead, and her answer should be interesting.

    Finally, we need to talk to this crystal ASAP to find out more about "us" and this stuff that apparently applies directly to us. Finding out if our life is actually in danger is paramount. If it turns out that she can't actually unmake us then... well, I don't see anything the Binder can do to us besides some pain and annoy us with chatter every now and then. In that situation we can just keep on going about our empire building and maybe check in to make sure she's not freed every two hundred years or so.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)17:29 No.12797939
    Ask Scinnari about Finn's operation. Say we're going to want an income soon and how long before she controls it and how much it will bring in.
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/14/10(Sun)17:32 No.12797971
    rolled 53 = 53

    From last thread:

    !clYKH3bpFk 11/11/10(Thu)06:58 No.12757666

    rolled 100 = 100

    I do think we need a long open discussion with Scinarri though. Getting feedback will be very handy, rather than guessing at what she's trying to think.
    When did we start parading about as Ladon again?

    Potential questions and/or answers:
    What is Irking you?
    What are your ambitions at my side?
    What do you think of /me/?
    Are you /happy/ generally at the moment?

    If she asks, having clued onto if we're ladon, why?: I needed a way to dispose of Arman (the priest, can't remember his name) without drawing attention to myself.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)17:34 No.12797993
    I seriously doubt she has figured out we are Blackjack.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)17:38 No.12798032
         File1289774302.jpg-(125 KB, 848x1200, 1287549283466.jpg)
    125 KB
    Just gotta say this quest is the best one I've read in a while. My hat's off to you, OP.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)17:49 No.12798139
         File1289774979.jpg-(63 KB, 800x600, 1287099570632.jpg)
    63 KB
    Thank you. Glad people like it.

    "Alright..." You say, standing. "Cygnis? You are welcome to come, of course. Shall I meet you here?"

    "I can do that. If you prefer, I can meet you with a carriage here or at the docks, if you intend to watch Drac's execution." She replies.

    "Hmm... That will do nicely." you nod. "I may be by to see you before then, though. I feel we must... discuss some of what has been found out."

    "I am glad you are still willing to. Once more, I must apologize for the- " Cygnis says, cutting off. She glances at the cieling after a moment and adds, "for my lack of control. I shall arrange for it to be seen to shortly."

    "The most I could ask." you reply courteously. Seeing her to the door, you watch her go, then turn and head upstairs. The stairs themselves seem mostly intact. As do your room and the one you have given to Asha.

    "Scinnari." you say, as you reach the shielded second floor. "What's the status of your efforts with Finn? And Arman, he hasn't been around for a bit. Was he brought in?" You watch closely out of the corner of your eye as Scinnari responds.

    "I... There has been an unforeseen occurrence. Finn is no more, his organization has descended into civil war. I am confident I can reclaim it, under my rule, but it will take a few weeks, maybe a few months, depending on who tries to take advantage of the chaos."

    "I see.... A shame. I as looking forward to supplementing our income. And Arman?"

    "He was... a casualty of the fighting, today. Someone took my arrangements to prevent him from death as a sign that I cared about him, and tried to use him as leverage. In the interests of expediting my assumption of control, I focused on eliminating the opposition, instead. I am sorry if I have failed you, Lord."
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)17:50 No.12798149
         File1289775016.jpg-(1.28 MB, 1317x1056, 1287099585766.jpg)
    1.28 MB

    You weigh her words in your mind, acutely aware of how easily they could be twisted or misinforming.

    "Very well..." you say neutrally, revealing nothing. "What is bothering you?"


    "You've been... irritable. Touchy. Easily offended, it seems. No reason?" you ask, and she doesn't reply. Perhaps even she doesn't know. Or would prefer not to tell. "Very well. You are still an excellent and loyal companion. How may I repay your most skilled service? What do you desire?" you ask. That gives her pause.

    "Lord... To sit beside you. To serve you as your right hand, to... accompany you through the ages." she says at length, sounding almost embarrassed. "To partake of your power and authority, to help you rule. To..." she says, trailing off.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)17:57 No.12798232
    Laugh, and say that if that is what she desires then it shall be hers. She has been an excellent companion and our most valuable asset in these regrettably unruly times. Cue tender sexings.

    Then I think it's time to probe the crystal.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)17:57 No.12798233
    Who's the anon who's been mentioning how 'the more humanoid an outsider is, the more humanoid their desires'?

    Because I think we just stumbled onto it.

    I'd say reassure her, compliment her efforts again, and praise her some more. Let's keep our hell-tart loyal.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)18:03 No.12798292
    "But of course, Scinnari. Your aid, support, and loyalty have been invaluable these past months. Indeed, I can only see great things in the future... for both of us. When my empire arises I shall ensure that you rise as well, for both your service and your pleasant company."
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)18:12 No.12798377
         File1289776355.jpg-(162 KB, 900x676, 1287092775300.jpg)
    162 KB
    "Both capable service and pleasant company are rewarded." you reply, "And you have been a font of both. I do not exaggerate to say that you have been invaluable these past several weeks. More than I could have hoped for. Currently, you do sit beside me, and I do not expect that to change any time soon."

    "Thank you, lord Azaladon." she says, bowing her head.

    "Please. Rise. I do you no honor; merely your due." you say, taking her hand.

    [Do we have anything else on the agenda, or do we do as >>12798232 said, and cut to tender loving?]
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)18:16 No.12798420
    Can't think of anything.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)18:18 No.12798436
    We could ask her what she thinks of our methods and effectiveness so far. I seriously doubt asking her what she thinks of us would get an honest answer, she's both a devil and a subordinate after all.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)18:20 No.12798453
    Have we given Cygnis the enchanted anti-tranformational thingee yet?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)18:38 No.12798503
    So, from what I've read in the archives, our long term plans for Scinnari (provided she stays on our Lawful Evil straight-and-narrow) is for her to be our most trusted Leutenant and the mother of our children.
    While our plan for Cygnis in the short term is to subvert her resources to our betterment and to push the strain caused by her abuse via the cult, edging her towards breakdown, and thus vulnerablity. Long-term-wise the plan is to either:
    1. Cause her to crack under the strain and then torment/mind-rape her into our plaything. A laughable and broken shadow of her formerself to serve our every vile whim.
    2. Kill her if option one doesn't seem viable and subsume her networks and resources into our horde.

    That about right guys?

    >Shippen Torialck
    Actually Captcha, I'm more of a Scinnari/Cygnis shipper myself.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)18:40 No.12798514
         File1289778011.jpg-(588 KB, 1200x798, 1287099304889.jpg)
    588 KB
    Should we do that, and if so, what's our aim? Some seem to want to attempt to enslave her, others just to kill her. If we're going to do that, we need confirmation and a plan.

    Also, I'm having trouble posting, though if this gets, through, it may have cleared up.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)18:44 No.12798541
    No, I think we are planning to give that to Az. Especially as he most likely provoked this little stunt that wrecked our house. We should do that plan this evening.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)18:46 No.12798556
    Yes, that's right. I'm personally on the kill side.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)18:46 No.12798559
    We should at least try to find out how long he's staying here for. If he's leaving soon, it feels like a waste to use it on him and throw away a tool we can use to take out Cygnis if we have to. Supporter of trying to enslave her here.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)18:56 No.12798632
    Say Writer-dude, considering the private emails you've recieved in addition to the opinions of the thread proper, what would you say the ratio of people who want to kill Cygnis is compared to the people who want to own Cygnis?
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)19:15 No.12798802
         File1289780144.jpg-(142 KB, 1063x793, 1287099592694.jpg)
    142 KB
    "Now... While I would dearly love to indulge in your company yet again, I need to go speak to Cygnis." you say, drawing away from Scinnari. "I wish to find out if Azdukashen is still present, and whether we should follow up our plans to deal with him."

    "A wise move. Shall I await your return?"

    "Probably. I'm afraid I must speak to Cygnis alone. The less she thinks I trust you, the more... pliable she is likely to be."

    "A great goal, lord. Good luck." Scinnari says, as you turn to leave.

    Cygnis house is present as usual. Smaller than yours, though; you doubt it would survive if /you/ were to revert inside. No matter, though. You knock and wait a moment before Cygnis answers.

    "Ah.. Cibach. I did not expect you so early..."

    "I do not wish to intrude. Should I come back another time?"

    "Not at all..." Cygnis says, with a venomous glance over her shoulder. "My brother was just leaving."

    "Half brother. And yes... If you are certain on your decision. Still, I will have to speak to..." Azdukashen says from further back, pausing as his eyes come to rest on you, "...someone, about such revelations. I'm sure it should prove very interesting."

    "Leaving our fair city already?" you ask with a hint of sarcasm.

    "Hardly. However, the court of Tashz is always in motion. I believe there are individuals working against me, individuals who I should be showing..." Azdukashen says, baring his teeth, "The error of their ways."
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)19:17 No.12798817
         File1289780236.jpg-(665 KB, 1200x974, 1287101912118.jpg)
    665 KB

    "Well. If you have peers to put in their places, I would not presume to detain you." you offer.

    "Peers... Again, hardly."

    "You are leaving today, then?" Cygnis asks.

    "Yes. Perhaps tomorrow morning. Either way, I shall not bother you further, dear Cygnis. And since you intend liaison with the elf, I would recommend another identity. If it becomes known what is produced, it would ruin whatever identity you use at the time."

    "Thank you for your advice." Cygnis says, her tone walking a fine line between forced neutrality and extreme coolness. And perhaps a hint of a blush, though you may be imagining it. Azdukashen doesn't seem to notice, brushing past you and out the door.

    "Sorry about that." Cygnis says, closing the door behind him, "I was hoping to get him out of here before you came by. Anyway, what can I do for you?"
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)19:22 No.12798849
         File1289780530.jpg-(497 KB, 1280x590, 1287102283967.jpg)
    497 KB
    I've had two or three people email me on that subject, really not that many, but much easier to count than the threads. That said, at least two out of three, possibly two out of two or three out of three, have been in favor of enslavement, though one very clearly added the caveat of "It would be a waste, but if she insists on resiting, then just kill her. A shame of a waste is better than a risk, at least once we've tried."
    >> Anomynous 11/14/10(Sun)19:35 No.12798939
    rolled =

    Awesome, I vote that way too.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)19:38 No.12798966
    Priorities re. Cygnis should be 'employment' then excecution then enslavement.

    If we can keep her loyalty through being the best choice or ruler, then we have nothing to worry about, just like Scinnari was saying. And I prefer to kill her then to enslave her, because that's just far more effort then gain.

    Might be fun, but what does one actually do with a gold dragon in chains?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)19:38 No.12798971
    "I thought I should stop by to... speak with you. I know that the actions of my erstwhile "parent" have been very disturbing, to say the least. I wanted you to know that I have no intention of ever releasing such an abomination. And if you feel that you are unable to trust me because of my heritage, I will endeavor to correct the situation as soon as possible. I have come to rely on you a great deal and feel a... fondness for you, Cygnis, and would be distraught if it were damaged by the words of some crystalline star."

    No lies in there. Well, the respect and fondness thing is a half-truth. What we really rely on and are fond of is her gold supply and how she just seems to keep it coming, but I imagine the complete truth of being distraught will disguise any waver that causes.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)19:39 No.12798976
    I just don't see how that's possible. Dragons are territorial in the extreme, I doubt she would ever consent to being ruled over in that manner.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)19:40 No.12798979
    Complete access to her hoard an depending on the method of enslavement, we may have a golden dragon at our beck and call. Not too shabby if it can be done. I have no illusions that it'll be damn hard but if it can be done, it'd be nice to have. Plus, saying we have a dragon under our control is nice to say.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)19:43 No.12799012
    I'm actually on for Dragon Quest? And caught up? Awesome!

    It seems to me the only thing we need to talk to Cygnis about ATM is how she feels about us being Binderspawn. The crystal told us seducing her would work, at least to a degree, but that was before she knew. Still, it's probably worth a try, if only to help get the collar on her (kill supporter here, at least unless we get Binder powers or some such, and even then it would be awful risky).

    Oh, and how long do we have until this execution?

    And do we actually know what happened to Armon after we killed the Finn? I don't, so he may be alive, Scinnari may have killed him, or he may actually have been killed by someone else after the Finn died. We may want to try and find him, or his corpse, when we're got some spare time. Locate object his shoes or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)19:46 No.12799032

    We must capture Az tonight. Operation Amulet is a go!
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)19:46 No.12799033
    Hello? Let's try asking the crystal how to engineer a 'Binding' or whatever. It said we could learn it.

    Also dragon-sorcerer-king sounds pretty sweet.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)19:49 No.12799055
         File1289782170.jpg-(256 KB, 1200x553, 1287102445962.jpg)
    256 KB
    Two or three hours. It's at sunset, the Council meeting is right afterwards.

    >Do we actually know...?
    Not really.


    We may have a chance to ask a few questions prior to the execution. Should that be our main one?
    >> Anomynous 11/14/10(Sun)19:53 No.12799082
         File1289782390.jpg-(3 KB, 116x102, images.jpg)
    3 KB
    rolled =

    pic related when conveniant.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)19:56 No.12799112
    I'll confirm. He insulted us and started up our dragon's wrath. We'll settle this grudge tonight. And Cygnis will never know, because he's supposed to be leaving anyway.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)19:56 No.12799113
    Should we comment on the kiss we gave her before blowing the lighthouse?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)19:57 No.12799129
    Maybe as we're leaving, ask her if she has any more luck to give us?

    That's right, we smooth.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)19:58 No.12799133
    Countermand capturing Az. That's dangerous as fuck and he's leaving for a bit anyways.

    If we've got a few hours, we should either head back and spend some time with Scinnari or look for Arman. I don't think we have anything else on the todo list, do we? Unresolved stuff from the cult?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)19:58 No.12799134
    I'm pretty sure HE was. At least, I think he was. Perhaps he was trying to let us know he'd heard us trolling him.
    >> Anomynous 11/14/10(Sun)19:59 No.12799137
    Score some extra love-points before we go. Remember how we had her eating out of our hands and making lovey-dovey eyes at us before Stupid McCrystal dropped the whole "no cibol you are the binders" bomb.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:11 No.12799281
    Agreed. Send Scinarri. We're the binders children; maybe we can contrive a method to drain him of his power. Enough time (and dragons) and we could transcend our coloured limitation.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:19 No.12799389
    Going from "No you are the Binders" to "No you are the Tiamat" ?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:21 No.12799425
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:22 No.12799435
    More about "No, fuck you snooty gold bastards looking down on me because of my red scales and lesser innate power."

    Oh god, I'm a racism crusader.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:22 No.12799436
    Rainbow dragon? We'd die of daibeties
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:26 No.12799500
    What ELSE can we do with Az? Short of recreating the ritual ourselves, which would be a *bitch*. We take his horde, rape his spirit and take his power. Or some of it; enough that we're equal to a Gold. Let's face it, there aren't many dragons running around. Cygnis is the other.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:32 No.12799577
    Assuming we can steal bits of power from other dragons. We need to study magic, like in the last thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:32 No.12799578
    Depends on what Az is doing
    If he plans on just fucking off somewhere that isn't here, let him go
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:34 No.12799604
    You know that may play directly into whatever extradimensional horror who's pulling the strings plans, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:41 No.12799688
    So might enslaving Az in the first place, or doing anything but knifing ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:43 No.12799728
    Still against doing anything to Az, but at /least/ wait until after Cygnis thinks he's gone. If we must, have Scinnari arrange a rendezvous with him outside the city tomorrow. She can give him the amulet then; we'll be waiting invisibly. And what the hell are we going to do with him once we've captured him? It's quite possible that he's a powerful spellcaster, even though Writer Dude doesn't seem to be doing the every dragon is a sorcerer thing, and we have no way of keeping him from just teleporting away.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:45 No.12799763
    Honestly as long as he's leaving, I say let him go in peace
    No need to open up a potential shitstorm
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:48 No.12799806
    Why outside the city? If he wants to meet her he will want to do so in a room with a bed, if you know what I mean. We aren't going to instantly kill him, we are going to knock him out and then eventually kill him after getting all we can from the fact we have a captured gold dragon. Maybe even give him to Scinnari for the coup-de-grace, gold dragon souls are probably worth a ton in the hells. Or maybe offer him as a sacrifice to Tiamat, get her to remove the Binder's ability to kill us instantly. (if it even exists, of course, we don't know if she can even do that)
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:49 No.12799821
    I agree, but all these people seem to want to grab him, and I'd rather not completely fuck ourselves over if we end up doing so.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)20:50 No.12799826
         File1289785810.jpg-(145 KB, 1086x736, 1287102926479.jpg)
    145 KB
    "Nothing terribly important, I'm afraid, but... I was hoping you were actually as at-peace as you seemed about our crystalline friend's startling revelations." you say with a tone of confession.

    "I did wrong you. My... fears-" Cygnis admits, a fairly big concession on her part, "got the best of me. You have proven yourself of,... Well," she laughs, "Not unimpeachable moral standing, but quite decent. Y-"

    "Oh, you wound me so!" you declare dramatically, falling into a chair. She smiles.

    "You're far better than most adventurers I've known, truth be told. And it has been a pleasure to work with you, even when you aren't rescuing me."

    "Hah. A rare enough occurrence." you reply.

    "Hardly rare enough. I'm ashamed to say it, but your devil seems to have been a better ally for you than I have." Cygnis says ruefully.

    "Hardly your fault. You have your own things to do. I am, regrettably, stuck with Scinnari all the time if I want to keep an eye on her." you say, "I... I was wondering if you had any advice on, ah, keeping her reigned in."

    "Ah... I really cannot say, aside from trying to bind her in a circle, or something of the sort. She has seemed... remarkably restrained for a devil, something I'm sure you are responsibility for. I'd have to say..." Cygnis says, pausing to pour drinks while she thinks, "You might try being extremely explicit with your orders.. and set up restraints-"

    "She has recommended that, yes." you say dryly. It takes Cygnis a moment, then she laughs.

    "I meant restraints to what she is allowed to do, while bound to you. Though I take it she is being quite the succubus?"

    "I- Yes. Yes. Very much so." you say, slowly bringing your hand up to your face.

    "While I know there are, sadly, hundreds who would kill for the arrangement you have with her, I can't imagine it would be to your advantage should you take her up on it. Devils are renown as manipulators, after all."
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)20:50 No.12799837
         File1289785858.jpg-(575 KB, 1280x795, 1287104112024.jpg)
    575 KB
    "True.. True." you agree.

    "You could write a book, probably. 'My time with an Infernal', or-"

    "I think 'Dance with the Devil' would be far more appropriate." you suggest with a grimace. "And Asha's sharing the house too. It's downright embarrassing sometimes.

    A pleasant hour is spent discussing and drinking with Cygnis. Though she did not have her potent stuff on hand, you are still starting to feel a few effects of the liquor despite your abnormal (for an elf,) constitution. At the end, she regretfully says you must leave, as she needs to prepare for her role as your business assistant, and you have to leave. You manage to beg another gift of a Gold dragon's famed luck, and depart.

    When you return home, your head is mostly clear, and Scinnari is awaiting you.

    "Scinnari. Az is leaving today." you state without preamble. "I think we may have a window."

    "I warn you, Lord, it's dangerous. I can do it, of course, but we will need a place to store him. And a means to transport him; I'm confident I can disable him, but I am worried we do not know his full capabilities." Scinnari says, some worry evident in her voice.

    "We could put him in a footlocker, for all I care. One of the unscryable-ones for preference." you reply.

    "That would be... delightfully demeaning." Scinnari agrees. "If you wish, I am certain I am capable. When should I do so? We have an hour before the execution, if I can find him, I should be able to do it, but I may not return in time to accompany you for your attendance of the event."
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:51 No.12799845
    that is the stupidest plan I have ever heard.
    We're going to try to kill and or capture one of the most powerful persons we've met yet on the off chance that he MIGHT be valuable?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:54 No.12799870
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:54 No.12799880

    Countermand. Still don't understand the point of going after the biggest target that can do us in at this point when their walking out the door to leave. Also the added complication of people coming to look for the dragon from an area that we don't care about adds unnecessary risks.

    >>brother. knormi

    Obviously captcha agrees that some dragon called knormi will come after if we proceed with the act.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:55 No.12799884
    Fuck yeah, dragon quest. Reading up.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)20:56 No.12799899
    I'm also against bothering with Az at the moment. I say keep our eyes open in the event he's staying behind to spy on us since he doesn't trust us, but if he is leaving, let's not mess with him now. We already have too much going on.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:01 No.12799966
    We really should listen to our devil and let Az fuck off to wherever the hell he's going
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:02 No.12799986
    rolled 77 = 77

    Throwing my vote out there to get at the bastard- he's already given us the beedy eyes a few times and we have a bit of an arrogant personality to be pleased. Would probably be amusing at any rate.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:02 No.12799989
    We should totally do it. I think, however, that we should accompany Scinnari and aid in this. I never suggested she try this alone, he's smart tough and deadly even in polymorphed form. The original plan called for us sneaking in invisibly behind her and while she distracts him chloroforming him from behind.

    Maybe just have her send a message to him that she would like to meet with him tomorrow evening, so we can be there to assist too.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:03 No.12800010
    WTF? come on we can take him let's do it
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:05 No.12800029
    Nobody will come looking for him... where do you get that idea? And he is never going to just leave us be after what we did. Hell, he has already tried to poison Cygnis against us.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:06 No.12800040
    Look, what do we have to gain from this?
    Az is going to leave us alone- if we go against him and don't suceede, not only will we have one of the most powerful people we've ever met on our ass, but we'll also loose Cygnis and all the support she's been offering us
    It's better to let sleeping dogs lie
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:07 No.12800052
    I think it's too risky. If things don't go according to plan and he escapes or gets a message off, we lose Cygnis' support and potentially have to deal with two gold dragons. Plus, unless we kill him right away, we lose the amulet which we've been saving for Cygnis if we need to off her. I just think it's unnecessary to deal with him now when we have other things to do, plus we haven't even tested the amulet out yet and if it can be broken in any means.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:08 No.12800062
    Well, Cygnis may start to wonder why she can't get in touch with her brother
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:09 No.12800075

    The gold has picked up someone on the side? Or is the elf referring to us? That's not something I recall seeing before mentioned at....
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:09 No.12800077
    We gain:
    1. Security. If he's out there running around we have a dragon with a grudge actively plotting to bring us down in the future.

    2. A captured gold dragon. At the very least we can sell his body parts for vast amounts of gold. At the best, we can trade his soul for some serious boons. Or suck out some power.

    3. His hoard. Huge amounts of cash and artifacts, and never underestimate our greed.

    4. Satisfaction. We have a grudge against him now for all the slights he has done us. By doing this we settle the score.

    5. Testing. We might be able to try and perfect the binding ritual on him.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:09 No.12800079
    Precisely what evidence do you have that we can take him? He's older and stronger than we are, by a fair bit. We /might/ be able to take him with the dragonslaying sword, but he'll have some nasty gear of his own, and frankly we're supposed to be Pragmatic Evil and not take crazy chances.

    Also, teleportation? Or perhaps a telepathic message to Cygnis? There are no end of ways this can go wrong. And what if Cygnis decides she needs her (half!) brother's help again?

    (Incidentally, we might want to ask her why he makes such a big deal of their relationship, in an offhand way. Don't want to upset her, but it might be interesting if it's anything beyond screwing your half-sibling being slightly less wrong than your whole sibling.)
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:11 No.12800104
    He will be locked in human form by the amulet and a bunch of puny ass humans took out Cygnis easily with the poison we have. Not only that, but with both us and Scinnari fighting him he won't be able to take us both. Hell, if you want we can bring Asha too. She can turn invisible.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:13 No.12800128
    As I mentioned earlier, we don't know how well this will work nor if there are ways to get around it. For a supposedly permanent means of stopping polymorphing, we were able to buy it rather easily. I'd prefer if we tested it first in some way and not be surprised by Az potentially getting around it or still being able to alert Cygnis to our treachery.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:14 No.12800138
    1. I don't think he's actively plotting against us
    2. How will we be able to sell golden dragon bits without tipping of somebody like Cygnis? I take it that they're not exactly easy to come by, so we can't just go down to the junk shop and exchange it in
    3. We don't know where his horde his, or what defenses he may have in it that could prevent us from getting it
    4. There are easier forms of satisfaction (smooching his sister, maybe?)
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:15 No.12800147
    Dude, we spent enough money on it that we know it's reliable. I assume we've even tested it to ensure it works. Don't try to cop out that way.
    >> Alpharius 11/14/10(Sun)21:15 No.12800153
    He also doesn't seem to particularly like the idea of Cygnis stating she'd like to (or rather would) have our babies instead of his.

    I can't believe noone else seems to have noticed that. Would be the ultimate hilarious for Cygnis to give birth to a full-blooded dragon that looks suspiciously not like her.

    A devil-dragon child and a gold-red hybrid. Great start to the dynasty if you ask me. Also sharing offspring with cygnis would make her cooperation implicit.
    >> Anomynous+dice+0d0 11/14/10(Sun)21:17 No.12800175
    Consider the risk/reward.
    Risk: Being eaten my a gold dragon.
    Reward: A Gold Dragon's horde will become unguarded.

    Notes: Even if the horde would be unguarded, we're a loooong ways away. Killing him wouldn't instantly teleport it into our lap. Furthermore we have no idea of the upper limits of his power/strength. The amulet was crafted with CYGNIS in mind, not her older bro.

    All the same, if we use him as a test for, say, some sort of enslavement/power-draining spell from our good ol' Big Bad Book of the Binder or sumsuch, MIGHT not besuch a bad idea. But with such a narrow window of opportunity I doubt we can get that done effeciently.
    I suggest we consult the Sage Spinal on a course of action!
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:17 No.12800178
    >1. I don't think he's actively plotting against us
    So you mean you have been ignoring the stuff he has been doing against us already? Yes, he is ACTIVELY plotting agianst us.

    >2. How will we be able to sell golden dragon bits without tipping of somebody like Cygnis? I take it that they're not exactly easy to come by, so we can't just go down to the junk shop and exchange it in
    Kobolds and the black market. You can sell just about everything, and Cygnis doesn't deal in that mess.

    >3. We don't know where his horde his, or what defenses he may have in it that could prevent us from getting it
    Yes we do... We know exactly where his hoard is, Scinnari got it of him last time. And we have a mind-reading jewel that we can ask to pull the secrets from his mind.

    >4. There are easier forms of satisfaction (smooching his sister, maybe?)
    Not to avenge the grudge, there aren't.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:19 No.12800192
    It's not a cop out when we haven't actually seen the results of using it and I rather not assume things will work out. For all we know, the guy who made it scammed us with how effective it is. Just because we threw gold at the problem, doesn't mean it's guaranteed to work as we expect it to. To be fair, it's not the biggest problem I have with taking Az out, but it's still something to consider.

    Hell, if we wanted to test it out, couldn't we just get Scinnari to do it? She can polymorph.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:20 No.12800205
    We ARE a dragon. We can test it. We have had it for weeks. Of course we know it works on dragons. You are just trying to find an excuse.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:20 No.12800208

    >>1. Security. If he's out there running around we have a dragon with a grudge actively plotting to bring us down in the future.

    There ain't that much of a grudge and he's evidently got better things to do then bother us. Probably will only come at Cygnis beck and call.

    >>2. A captured gold dragon. At the very least we can sell his body parts for vast amounts of gold. At the best, we can trade his soul for some serious boons. Or suck out some power.

    You got a market for the body parts now? I'm sure with the current dragon craze going on here we can make a huge profit, but yeah, that'll attract attention here real quick. Soul power sucking doesn't count as an option since we have no idea how to...for now.

    >>3. His hoard. Huge amounts of cash and artifacts, and never underestimate our greed.

    This works.

    >>4. Satisfaction. We have a grudge against him now for all the slights he has done us. By doing this we settle the score.

    We've been eschewing the small pleasures for the bigger goals for months now in the current circumstances. Decent point, but petty with the current "insults" he's offered.

    >>5. Testing. We might be able to try and perfect the binding ritual on him.

    It'd be better to have a remote idea of the ritual before attempting a capture option. I'm also sure going to enslave other beings for power is a quick way to start hearing voices....again. Don't know if that's what we are really trying to go for.

    I'd be so much better later when we could attempt this at a more convenient timing, maybe when we are sealord and could have more resources to throw at it perhaps? Hell that looks like a great way to gain political leverage if we could get an angry dragon to come to town...
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:21 No.12800222
    have we tested it on ourselves?
    I don't remember that
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:22 No.12800235
    Cite when we actually tested it then please. Don't just assume we did because we have it. Plus, I rather not test it on ourselves if any aspect of it does fail and we end up with ti stuck on ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:25 No.12800261
    Actually, we do have a vague idea of where his hoard is, thanks to Scinnari. It's in Tashz. That's a long way away, so if he was willing to come here for a week or however long it's been, he must have been damn sure no one was going to go after it. That means nasty defenses. Plus, how the hell would we get it back there? Strong as we are, we can't exactly fly it here from the desert.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:26 No.12800277
    In Tshaz on a mesa overlooking the city, to be specific.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:27 No.12800282
    actually the devil got that from Cygnis, who, in turn, was told by Az
    Az may have been lying to her
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:27 No.12800289
    Do want to kidnap. Scinnari said she was CERTAIN she is capable. If we can get the necklace on him, he's pretty much fucked. After that, it's just a matter of restraining him, easily done two on one, especially if he's caught off guard with no weapons.
    Stuffing him into a trunk and stashing him our basement for a few hours after that is just plain awesome.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:28 No.12800293
    Okay then: We test it before we depart to carry out the plan. It will take all of ten seconds. Happy? God, such a minor point to argue over.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)21:28 No.12800295
         File1289788095.jpg-(982 KB, 1280x1041, 1287106297295.jpg)
    982 KB
    Uh, that's kind of hard to do. Since, it wouldn't allow us to remove it or polymorph, if it worked, we'd have to either die or get it Remove Curse'd, which would break the spell.

    I'm going to relocate to get me some food. I should be able to post from there, but if not, I'll head back directly. Please have a verdict by the time I'm back on, I'd like to advance this.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:31 No.12800339
    Yeah, you're right. Totally a minor point. If the amulet failed in any way and Az got loose, that wouldn't of been a problem at all right?

    Hmm. So we haven't tested it and it sounds like this is a one shot deal. I thought we had a means of taking it off if you knew how to? Time to re-check the archives.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:31 No.12800342
    From what you posted way back when we got it, the locking enchantment is keyed to the command word not the anti-polymorphing. This was a result of getting the locking enchantment and the anti-poly enchant at two different places. It should be fine.

    And really, we made it so there's no release word? Seriously?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:32 No.12800347

    "I warn you, Lord, it's dangerous. I can do it, of course, but we will need a place to store him. And a means to transport him; I'm confident I can disable him, but I am worried we do not know his full capabilities." Scinnari says, some worry evident in her voice.
    >TLDR, she's worried we may not be able to pull this off
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:33 No.12800363
    Well yeah, if she's alone I would be worried about that too. That's why we should give her backup. Maybe bring Asha too.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:34 No.12800372
    This was posted in a previous thread:
    >2. The dragon amulet for Cygnis. When getting the anti-poly enchantment hidden it would be nice if we could also have the wizard put in a likewise hidden enchantment that makes the amulet only able to be removed after a keyword is spoken. She's not stupid and will likely attempt to rip it off immediately, and we're smart enough to know that. It seems like a reasonable precaution.

    So there's a chance we have it. Can you confirm writer-dude?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:34 No.12800373
    Seconding. The three of them should be able to handle it. And we still have dice saved up, hmmmmm?
    >> Anomynous 11/14/10(Sun)21:35 No.12800381
         File1289788501.jpg-(30 KB, 296x317, 1286071518499.jpg)
    30 KB
    rolled =

    Check with the goddamn Sage Spinal about the chances of success and what uses we could have with him insofar as the Binder's Book is concerned.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:35 No.12800384
    Thou worth sir?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:35 No.12800389
    I forgot about that, but yeah we have a 99 saved if it starts to go bad.

    I mean really guys, what's the problem here?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:37 No.12800403
    Because it will take more then three good rolls to take him down
    and we should save those for when we REALLY are in danger
    I say nay
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:38 No.12800422
    Jezum fracking crow
    why even risk it?
    This is completely unecessary
    The guy is leaving!
    I would be more worried if he had decided to stay and keep an eye on us
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:38 No.12800426
    Why? How do you know? You aren't writer dude. Not only that, we've been preparing to take down a gold dragon with this plan for a very very long time. If you are so scared of actually doing it why didn't you voice your concerns then?

    Cygnis is not much weaker than Az, you know.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:39 No.12800439
    No no no no. No.
    How magic is he, does he know remove curse? WE DON'T KNOW.
    That's fine, the amulet is resistant to remove curse right? WAIT, NO ITS NOT.
    Doesn't matter, he's way younger and weaker thanus, we can take him in a straigth up fight if something goes wrong and shit hits the proverbial fan. EXCEPT THAT THAT'S ALL BULLSHIT, HE'S OLDER AND MORE POWERFULL.

    That being said, might want to consult the "two truths and a lie" stone.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:39 No.12800440
    Agreed here. If we can find proof he IS sticking around and plotting against us, I'll be in for taking him down but if he truly is leaving? Let's wait when we're in a much more stable position with no other threats at our front door. Then we can deal with Az when we have more resources and he'll have had time to keep building up his hoard for us to take.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:41 No.12800464
    You people have no sense of fun.

    That's 4 against, and three for doing it, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:41 No.12800467
    Indeed, a gold dragon we know much better and can predict and manipulate due to her trust. Az already distrusts us and we have to rely completely on Scinnari to do this. If she messes up, we lose Cygnis and our hold in the city.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:41 No.12800470
    Even if he does know remove curse, what does it matter? He requires time to cast it uninterrupted, and he is going to have a polymorphed dragon, devil, and assassin chewing his shit up. He won't be able to cast anything!
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:43 No.12800488
    You know we won't be able to keep him being beaten down continously
    DnD goes by turns
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:44 No.12800498
    Fortunately this isn't D&D.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:46 No.12800527
    Then do you want to kill him ASAP or keep him around alive? If we keep him around alive, he could potentially cast it then. Keeping him locked up means there's a chance he can get away, and as we don't know what he is fully capable of, that is one of my main worries. And unless you want to keep a constant, competent guard on him, it's a risk I don't think we need right now.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:46 No.12800534
    We still have no way to stop him from teleporting or magically communicating with others, or doing anything at all once we've caught him. What if he has still/silent spell? Besides, while Scinnari was confident she could get the amulet on him, but I still don't see how we're going to subdue him without killing him. Dragons weren't made for nonlethal damage.

    Incidentally, we need to get some way to teleport. How are we progressing magically, Writer Dude?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:47 No.12800540
    Sounds about right, but the only argument against it is "Well it could be dangerous!" while there are several good arguments for doing it.

    And really, it was dangerous as hell to face down a dracolich too.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:47 No.12800546

    We were planning to use this on Cyngis, someone who we could actually take on one on one. Not the older dragon she called in for artillery support. Lets assume things go badly and we still live. Basically this entire thing here has been a bust for our previous activities since we won't want to stay in a known location and we'll need to abandon ship (I guess we're still technically up in terms of having treasure that we still would need to get out of there. Our demon also has a 50/50 chance of combusting if things go wrong also. Not really worried about surviving the encounter as so much as wanting to turn it into a Xanatos gambit where we still have something to gain if we fail. That is definitely not the case here.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:51 No.12800600
    The fact you're summarizing our issues with fighting Az as only because we think it could be dangerous shows how heavy your bias is in ignoring our arguments.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:51 No.12800608
    I suggest the following:
    *Beeb-beep-beep-boop-beep-boop-boop* "Hello, Sage Spinal? Yeah its me, C. What's the best I could gain from capturing that asshole Az? ....Mm-hmm. I see. What are the chances of success? ..Got it. Thanks, talk to ya later, bye."
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:53 No.12800627
    What if Cygnis finds out about this?
    Do we really need to make her an enemy right now?
    Why are we doing this now?
    Can't we wait until later when we're in a position of strenght?
    Is this even necessary?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:57 No.12800667
         File1289789832.jpg-(137 KB, 400x267, RouletteWheelOfFail.jpg)
    137 KB

    Well if you assume the thing is trying to play us, we could do the opposite of what it suggests since it would obviously want whatever benefits the binder. Or we could assume the thing is trying to read our minds and then choose the opposite of the opposite. It could tell us to capture it for evil experiments or tell us to do it knowing we'll fail and be forced to run away from our established plans and more pilable to it's suggestions. Or....

    Oh yeah, picture related.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)21:58 No.12800680
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:00 No.12800704
    Awwwww yeah, revenge for being slighted. Less do this.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:03 No.12800761
    IIRC, Binding a Dragon would was cost prohibitive for the Binder.

    If we are going to do anything to Azdouche, we shouldn't try Binding him. At all. If he ever gets free, at the very least, he will completely ruin everything we have worked on in getting our Elf persona a seat on the counsel, at the LEAST. We need to kill him, as quickly and efficiently and safely for us as possible.

    Another possibility is to use Asha as a political tool to help gain support against him in the Tashz courts.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:04 No.12800769
    Same fag much?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:04 No.12800773
    Would she even believe him? When would he get the opportunity to tell her? If we fail he'll just go straight to dragon and try to kill us.

    We're doing it now because he's about to leave, this is the last opportunity we have before we'd have to fight him on HIS turf.

    This IS our position of strength. The best we can hope for afterwards is to go assault his heavily trapped and guarded lair. We want to do this NOW so that we can loot his lair safely later.

    It is necessary for the reason that if we kill/enslave Cygnis, and he finds out about it, he WILL come back and kill us.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:04 No.12800784
    Looks like we picked up one more for the capture. 4v4.

    Assuming not samefag, that is.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:05 No.12800785
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:08 No.12800829
    I really don't think this is a good idea, you guys
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:10 No.12800863
    This is our best shot to take him out! Any other way we will be fighting him on his terms, which is something we CANNOT allow.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)22:10 No.12800865
    Ohgod. BAck. So sorry. Writing up a post as soon as I catch up.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:11 No.12800875
    You're not the only one.

    How could he tell her? Telepathy or any other kinds of magic he might be able to pull off quickly. We never asked how Cygnis contacted her brother in the first place did we? I'd also argue this isn't our position of strength simply because we can't use of any of it openly. The kobolds wouldn't help much unless the amulet worked and we only have Asha and Scinnari we can use openly. If we play our cards right, we might have the city guard at our disposal and that will require waiting in the event taking on Az screws this up.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:12 No.12800883
    Why do we even need to fight him in the first place?
    >> Anomynous 11/14/10(Sun)22:12 No.12800890
         File1289790776.jpg-(299 KB, 760x596, 1285564097575.jpg)
    299 KB
    rolled =

    It doesn't always lie.
    In fact, its mostly told the truth. If I'm reading things right it tell us the truth whenever it would be of greatest benefit to the binder. Getting our dumb ass killed would NOT be in the best interest of the binder, so if its a suicidal move it will tell us so. If there's a good chance of success you can bet your ASS we'll try to Bind him. Which is in the best interests of the Binder. Either way it should tell the truth.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:13 No.12800901
    More for capture? I can only hope! We might outnumber the naysayers now!

    But yeah, seriously guys. He's on our turf right now, and vulnerable. He will be far less so in the future. This is our best chance. We have the equipment, supplies, and opportunity. He is isolated and Cygnis won't miss him. It will be assumed something happened on his way back once his sister confirms he left.
    >> Alpharius 11/14/10(Sun)22:15 No.12800924
    Let's throw all our plots on the line for a gamble that will lively get us killed/outted that offers little immediate benefit!
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:17 No.12800940
    >>12800875 here.
    I'm against capturing him. Let the guy go. He's not vulnerable in any way and he'd be just as vulnerable in the future as he is now. It's not like he's wounded or anything and when we control the city in the future, we can easily get him to come back by saying something happened to his sister.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:17 No.12800943
    No, he thinks it a stupid idea
    Goddamn, learn to read
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:17 No.12800944
    Because we're eventually going to do something similar to the sibling he's got a lustful hankering for. She cannot be his because she will be ours, and if she is ours then he will attack!

    It's pretty much the most basic male driven territorial domination there is, and this is our best opportunity to have it done and come out on top.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:19 No.12800959
    He would be less vulnerable in the future because he'd be in his lair, surrounded by the legendary traps and guards that got mentioned multiple times.

    At least here he's not expecting any enemies, he's greedy and looking for more buttsex with Scinnari. If we show up at his lair later on, he's immediately going to be on guard if not outright murderous.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:19 No.12800961
    How do you figgure that?
    Why would he attack us if she takes us as a mate?
    She's already turned him down multiple times, and if he's still hankering for her, he's shown himself capable of waiting
    he's a dragon- the thousand years are nothing to him
    The guy can run the long game
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:20 No.12800977
    He's not expecting any enemies BECAUSE WE ARE HIS ALLIES
    Goddamn, only anon can turn a dickwaving contest into a blood feud
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:20 No.12800980
    Uh, how do you know he hasn't in fact killed her other prospects?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:20 No.12800986
    Because she hasn't taken a mate before. The idea of her mating with a lowly mortal (which he thinks we are) would be unacceptable to him.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:20 No.12800987
    What I'm trying to say is he's not particularly vulnerable now. That will not change in the future when he returns to this city. Why will he return? Because he gets a message saying something happened to his dear sister. If she's enslaved to us, we can get her to call him back and then we'd have her help taking him on too.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:21 No.12800994
    How do you know he has?
    Jeeze did you even bother to do a little digging on this guy?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:23 No.12801023

    That's one of the better suggestions in the thread. Jack the gold, get her to spill her secrets about her half-brother, work from there.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:25 No.12801046
    Goddamnit why are we being so manipulative?
    What does this profit us?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:25 No.12801049
    Sometimes, you need to satisfy a slight even at great risk. This is one of those times.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:27 No.12801094
    no it is not
    Not unless your idea of satisfaction includes us dying
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:28 No.12801109
    You seriously can't see why we'd profit by doing all these manipulations?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:28 No.12801112
    Yes, but what's to say he won't return with more at that time? Right now he is here alone because stealth was originally needed. What if he brings lackeys next time?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:29 No.12801129
    Just look at how the guy acts in general. He looks down on anything that's not a dragon and he didn't bring lackeys with him right now. Depending on why he is summoned back, there will be no reason for him to bring more. But that would be far, far down the line.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)22:32 No.12801171
         File1289791955.jpg-(1.12 MB, 1309x947, 1287108312759.jpg)
    1.12 MB
    "There's a fairly simple way to decide, then." you say, acknowledging Scinnari's doubts. Moving to the recently aired-out living room, you reach in and pull the crystal out of the fire by it's metal holder. Which is, you notice, glowing a faint red.

    "Crystal. Would it be feasible for Scinnari to subdue Azdukashen, via the plan we have been discussing?" you ask. You don't like it probing around in your mind, but if it can, you might as well see how far it goes. There is a pause, long enough for you to lose hope, as it has always answered quickly, even before you finished asking... But it answers.

    "Probably. Are you asking for ideas to fine tune the plan?"

    "And an estimate of how likely the plan is to work." you add.

    "Hmm... Azdukashen does entertain thoughts about Scinnari. I believe he would fall for... Lady Asmora's confession of heartfelt love, admiration, and abandonment of Cibach. He would not consider it anything serious, though. Only his due. Further, he would not consider it anything more than a single-day event. Dragons, particularly golds, do not tend to think that... liaisons? Is that really the word he used? Liaisons, then, with the lesser races, to be anything significant. I doubt your plan for infuriating him would work, by the way, as having sex with Cygnis or not, he would not think any more of it than he would of his dalliance with Lady Asmora." The last words are enough to make you glance at Scinnari, who, once she realizes what it's about, glares back at you defiantly. Then you reign in your reflexes. The crystal is a tool of discord, as she pointed out. You turn you gaze back to the crystal just as it adds a belated, "I am, of course, referring to the one you plan to use to disable him."
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)22:33 No.12801174
         File1289791990.jpg-(797 KB, 1280x690, 1287110465195.jpg)
    797 KB

    "Indeed." you reply. "And... Do you know if he intends to check in with his si- Does he have a plan to contact anyone or a scheduled date to return?"

    "Not as of the last time I was able to check. According to Cygnis' mind, almost certainly, however, she considers his precautions... ridiculous. Overly paranoid, at best. I suspect she would not notice if he failed to check in."

    "That changes things. Finally... the ritual for Binding. You can teach it to me?"

    "Of course." it burbles.

    "And I could perform it effectively, binding entities to my will?"

    "If by entities, you mean dragons, yes. There are several distinct flavors of the ritual, covering the types of dragons. You would be able to bind Azdukashen or Cygnariassis to yourself, should you perform it."
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:36 No.12801203
    "And, by proxy, to the will of the binder as well, I assume?"
    >> Anomynous 11/14/10(Sun)22:36 No.12801206
         File1289792188.jpg-(70 KB, 500x513, 1285432813887.jpg)
    70 KB
    rolled =

    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:37 No.12801216
    That settles it, we're doing it.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:39 No.12801235
    Am I the only one to notice that he hasn't mentioned the likely hood of us capturing Az?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:40 No.12801245
    That calms my doubts not at all. We'd still have to keep him secured until we can Bind him, and there's the very real chance that the Binding itself could be taken over by the Binder so she can use Az against us if we try to stop her from 'unmaking' us. Plus... what precisely would he do for us?

    Actually, that's a good question. How tightly do these rituals of binding hold the bound? Letter vs spirit of instructions, etc.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:41 No.12801265
    Nope. It ignored answering it by trying to piss Scinnari off at us.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:42 No.12801268
    Someone want to whip up a picture of a crystal ball with a troll in it in advance here? It'd be nice to have handy for the future. Still confused why we're playing with magical crystal ball that has dark powers and wants to seduce us over to some overpowerful being in another dimension. Thought we were doing this for our power, not in the pursuit of others.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:43 No.12801289
    Yeah same here
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:44 No.12801292
    EVERY time we've taken a major risk in this game, it's paid off.

    Scinnari? Paid off big time.
    Asha? Paid off.
    Blowing the lighthouse? Paid off.
    Adopting the Blackjack persona to spy on Scinnari? Paid off.

    We owe it to ourselves to at least attempt this!
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:45 No.12801306
    For the record, crystal, were you attempting to introduce discord between my devilish consort and myself by revealing half-cooked plans that likely would have never seen the light of day?

    Regardless, we should probably say something to Scinnari. She's looking a mite possessive.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:48 No.12801340
    We owe it to ourselves to create a powerful set enemies?
    And here I was thinking we'd done some nice things lately- oh well, karma's a bitch
    >> Anomynous 11/14/10(Sun)22:49 No.12801350
    rolled =

    Less debate!
    More action!
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:50 No.12801362

    I've agreed with all these for the record on the basis of "Can we kill it with fire?". As in, can we turn into dragon form and set it ablaze before us and it would kill off the problem. Magical dark forces and Az fall into the "No" category for this so far.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:52 No.12801391
    >SHE's looking a mite possessive.
    ehmmm... she seems a LOT less possessive than we do
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:55 No.12801435
    this is less then reassuring
    I vote nay
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:55 No.12801440
    Do it. This settles it.

    Also remind Scinnari that it's an object of discord and can lie. The plan to was to taunt him about sleeping with Cygnis, not actually do it.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:57 No.12801468
    Sure, lie to the devil about relationships
    See how that works out for you
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:58 No.12801476
    Can't wait to read the rest of this in the morning. Going to sleep, so that means less arguments against the capture/kill az idea from me. Continue on fellow warriors against this insanity!
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)22:58 No.12801482
    So, Az won't be pissy about us romancing Cyg?
    I guess he isn't a potential enemy then
    Best to let him fuck off to wherever the hell he's going
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)23:00 No.12801502
         File1289793603.jpg-(133 KB, 1280x889, 1287110567316.jpg)
    133 KB
    "I see... and would this, perchance, be the will of the Binder I do here?" you ask.

    "Not especially. She desires that you grow more powerful, so as to be a better servant, but you're hardly doing this for her."

    "Not at all." you agree, "Would she be able to usurp any Bindings I make?"

    "Not at all." it replies, mimicking your voice. "No more than you can usurp hers."

    "And how potent are 'Binding's? How tightly does it keep those Bound in check?"

    "The Binding forces them to obey your intended meaning. You could, for instance, order Azdukashen to kill himself or attack his sister. It can, however, be resisted, with sufficient drive to do so. That is, however, very rare."

    "How rare? Would Azdukashen be able to do so? How did the Binder deal with this?" you ask, a flurry of questions.

    "Very rare. Generally, it would take the form of extremely intense hatred. Such feelings, even among dragon kind, are vary rarely felt with both the intensity and immediate 'drive' if you will. You would not have to fear long standing plots or machinations, however, given enough provocation, he might be able to resist your control for a few seconds, minutes, or even an hour. All in a single minded fury, of course."

    "Is anger the only emotion that would allow this?" Scinnari asks from next to you. You repeat the question.

    "Not at all. Anger is merely the most common, and as it is generally felt in response to being bound, the seed is already there, so to speak. Love, for instance, is much less common, though on occasion stupidly powerful. I do not believe Azdukashen or Cygnis capable of resisting the binding for more than a few scattered seconds. Certainly greater dragons than they have never been able to."
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:06 No.12801596
    "And of course I should trust everything you say about this implicitly, right?"
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)23:06 No.12801597
         File1289793985.jpg-(907 KB, 1680x1052, 1287111423766.jpg)
    907 KB
    "And how did the Binder deal with this?" you ask, somewhat disturbed.

    "By sowing discord, of course. I told you what I was created for."

    "Discord... Mind reading and question answering. I suppose I could see that."

    "Indeed. When all of her bound are more interested in sniping at each other, they cannot muster the will to resist her compulsion. As I said, I performed my task admirably."

    [forgot this part]
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:06 No.12801600
    Well, it wouldn't exactly tell us if the Binder could take over, would it?

    Can we just go one post each and take a vote, rather than argue the thread into autosage? I'm against it.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:08 No.12801630
    Why do you enjoy basking in the fire? And would you stop with the charging nonsense if I set up a permanent blaze for you somewhere?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:09 No.12801651
    For it.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:09 No.12801652
    "If you are so open about your nature, you must not being doing a very good job,"
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:09 No.12801663
    Against it
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:10 No.12801667
    I'm pretty sure it doesn't need it at all. Just don't bring it up and we'll see if it mentions charging again. Odds are it won't, ever.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:12 No.12801710
    Against hitting Az now.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:16 No.12801777
    Still for it. We could use a little side task or break from taking over the city.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:17 No.12801804
    do eet
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:21 No.12801862
    Another vote for it

    Also still catching up, but we have all the in character reasons we need to off Az.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:22 No.12801873
    I am for capturing Az. Because we should do something besides talktalktalk. And having our "liason" with Cygnis blown open is going to get us a talking to from Scinnari, as much as she dares give us.

    I think that infuriating Az would be more effective if he knew we were a red. We inform him of our date over at Cygnis', brag about doing what he could never do, then drop how his sister is going to be despoiled by a creature she'd never even speak to if she knew what we were.

    Of course, with the crystal's warning about rage overpowering a binding, we might not want to try it unless he's firmly bound to prevent reverting and kicking ass.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:24 No.12801910
    I chuckled. There's still the matter of amuleting him, or getting the drop on him.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:25 No.12801914
    So are you for it or against it?
    I'm against it, btw
    >> Anomynous 11/14/10(Sun)23:25 No.12801924
    rolled =

    "Can binding permanently alter one personality? Twist one into a willful servant?"
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:26 No.12801928
    Well, we have a lot of ic reasons to be pissy with him, but not to actually, you know, kill him if it doesn't profit us
    This isn't highlander
    There can be more then one asshole in the world
    >> Anomynous 11/14/10(Sun)23:26 No.12801937
    rolled =


    ((Also, I'm totally for this now))
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:27 No.12801941
    >I am for capturing Az.

    5 for and 3 against so far.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)23:27 No.12801945
         File1289795242.jpg-(51 KB, 584x585, Star artifact.jpg)
    51 KB
    "I doubt you do so well when you're openly talking about your nature." you observe in an irritated tone.

    "You'd be surprised. However, right now I am not obligated to sow discord. After all, the Bound are destroyed, imprisoned, or dormant. I need not work to prevent one of them from mustering the will to resist, even if any still could."

    "And I am, of course, supposed to believe an admitted liar like yourself?"

    "Only if you so desire. Perhaps you would be kind enough to return me to the fire? I require further charging."

    "Do you, now..." you say nastily. "And if I don't?" you ask. It doesn't respond. Disgusted, you toss it back to the fire.

    ###[Delay and time for events to unfold before we have to break the tie]###

    The docks are crowded. Whether or not he was a cultist, he was the Sealord, and descendant of one of the first Sealords, Captain Drake. Whether or not the man or the office are deserving of respect, the name is.

    From the mast of a navy clipper in the harbor, the voice rings out. “Milton Drac. You have been stripped of your rank as Sealord, and sentenced to death for crimes against the city of Freeport. Your sentence shall be carried out. Do you have any last words?” The ex-Sealord doesn't reply, merely standing with as much dignity that a man with a rope around his neck can.

    “Very well. In that case, the sentence is to be carried out... now.” the guard says, drawing a cutlass. All very traditional, for a pirate city, remeniscent of walking a plank. Drac takes a few steps towards the edge of the crow's nest, then off, and drops, a sickening crack echoing around the harbor as the rope catches.

    “So are traitors to thier city rewarded.” Councilor Elise intones from the Council's position at the bow of the ship. “Be they the lowliest scum or... the highest man.” The body behind her swings limply in the breeze.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:27 No.12801954
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:29 No.12801978
    Count me in for killing Az
    I don't see much reason in keeping him around much longer than necessary. Capture him and then gut him somewhere quiet.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)23:31 No.12802006
         File1289795479.jpg-(373 KB, 1422x964, 1287111508456.jpg)
    373 KB
    Actually, I'm kind of in favor of it, partially because it allows for the /tg/ dice to jerk us around, and partially because it's delightfully in-line with character. We have every reason to do it on a personal basis, except whether we think we can get away with it.

    If that seems to be the verdict, we'll do it. We can do it [ingame] tonight, I think.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:32 No.12802018
    when the hell did all these people show up?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:33 No.12802040
    Dragon Quest pulls a huge crowd, especially on Sunday evenings.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:33 No.12802049
    Again, this really doesn't seem like a smart idea
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:33 No.12802053
    There's a good deal of us who lurk and only vote on big game changing stuff. Also, there's been a large amount of samefaggotry tonight.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:34 No.12802056
    Sigh. One of the previous people who voted against it here. I hope you guys manage to pull this off then because I will be most displeased if all our plans are ruined and we have to eliminate Cygnis because of this.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:34 No.12802057
    >GM approves!
    Can I change my vote to against?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:36 No.12802088
    I want to know how much money I'll have to send to WD to get him to retcon this if it blows up in our face
    >> Anomynous 11/14/10(Sun)23:37 No.12802116
    rolled =

    Lets do it. From now on, lets question the stone in private though. So far questioning it with others present has fucked us over twice already. Let not do that any more. Furthermore, since next time we speak it will likely to inform us as to the details of Binding, a process that only works on DRAGONS, we might not want our Evil little waifu listening in. Also, when we do this we should inquire to the limits of the Binding to permanently alter minds.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:39 No.12802136
    Or we die. That would be unfortunate also.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:39 No.12802139
    We really shouldn't use the binding
    It's a bad idea!
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:40 No.12802168
    Yes. Yes it would. But the majority wants to take on Az now so there it is.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:41 No.12802182
    ( Personally, I think it's samefagging. Plus we have just as many IC reasons not to go against him then we do to enslave him)
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:43 No.12802215
    I personally think so too but there's no real way to prove it and part of me rather give people the benefit of the doubt. Ah well. Not much we can do unless we stoop to their level.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:47 No.12802266
    Hey, I've got it!
    Why don't we all vote real time in a chat room
    That way we won't be able to samefag!
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:48 No.12802279
    because then it won't be a /tg/ quest anymore.

    And there's nothing stopping people from logging in with different names and voting again if they're dedicated.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:48 No.12802287
    Server: IRCHighway
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:51 No.12802329
    Well, it would be harder to samefag then here
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:52 No.12802356
    Have to agree with this. Plus, I myself don't want to go through the hassle. If it keeps on being a problem, then maybe it'll be worth thinking about this more but it was over one decision and it likely wouldn't of happened if writer-dude has made his decision earlier when the against's were higher than those for. We got unlucky in when writer-dude called it I guess.
    >> Anonymous 11/14/10(Sun)23:54 No.12802386
    yeah, I guess you're right
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)23:54 No.12802390
         File1289796888.png-(26 KB, 681x624, temp.png)
    26 KB
    "Part of your comment isn't allowed to be posted."
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/14/10(Sun)23:55 No.12802399
         File1289796947.jpg-(516 KB, 1200x749, 1287111838730.jpg)
    516 KB
    "I see... Cygnis, a question if I may? Azdukashen, though I hope he's gone- why was he so specific about being your /half/ brother?" you ask. You hurriedly try to play it down, "I'm just curious, if you are willing to answer. It seemed odd."

    "It is. Mostly to make it... Probably to make his interest in me less taboo. For dragons... and certain demons and devils," she adds, staring at Scinnari, "Conception is actually controlled, meaning that most of the risk inherent in such a... an activity is non-existant. However, personally, I just think he either wants to be excessively precise and correct, or it just makes him feel less... guilty."

    "I see...." you reply, trying to be delicate. "Forgive me for asking, there is much I don't understand."

    "You are hardly alone there." she replies, "I... Am very glad he is gone."

    "Skipping out on the craze he caused. Fuagh, beyond dealing with the vrocks, which Scinnari did quite handily before leading them to him, he didn't help at all." you add scornfully. Cygnis looks like she's tempted to come to his defense, but doesn't.

    "That does seem fairly correct. Gods above, I feel like my family is seven kinds of... Never mind. I should whine at you, or scare you with draconic horror stories."

    "My understanding is that Az /is/ quite the whore." you reply. She laughs.

    "It seems that way. It's a lot different for him or I, though... Being draconic gives you a different perspective on those around you, I guess."

    "Something I can't argue with." you reply neutrally. The carriage pauses in front of the Port Authority building. Stepping down, you offer first Scinnari, then Not-Cygnis your hand.

    [still writing]
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:05 No.12802564
    For those of you without chat clients, use
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:09 No.12802619
    ...I still think this is a really bad idea
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:11 No.12802639
    Can we not use IRC? I'm sure the samefagging is fairly limited, and WD has offered his email to prevent it.

    If Scinnari gets pushy and demands that we stop going after Cygnis, we can just say "Fine, I'll stop pursuing her."

    Of course, we'll say nothing about turning down any advances on her end, which she may be making considering recent events.

    It would be so, so much sweeter if she chased us, only to find out afterward that we are a despicable red, than if we chased her. It'd make her guilt and shock that much greater.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:12 No.12802653
    Look killing or enslaving Az is a really stupid idea, and if you guys want to do it, then consider me out
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)00:15 No.12802688
         File1289798112.jpg-(277 KB, 1280x800, 1287112361667.jpg)
    277 KB
    The Port Authority building is large-ish, but the 'council chambers' are small. The council has a table against one wall, with them all facing the rest of the room, and those relevant but not on the council sit in the room.

    "All be silent. This meeting will commence." Councilor Elise says loudly. The councilor to her right, Lydon, bangs a gavel. From the look of it, he's just seizing the opportunity to bang it rather than actually enforcing her declaration.

    "We shall now deliberate on the punishment or reward for Free Captain Cibach Azal, who last night hired individuals to assault members and officers of the Sealord's Guard, who tresspassed upon and within the Lighthouse, is personally responsible for the destruction of the lighthouse, and may or may not be responsible for deaths among both the Sealord's Guard and his hired mercenaries by the demons that attacked in the chaos last night outside the lighthouse."

    "That's hardly encouraging." you whisper quietly, with both Cygnis and Scinnari as the intended recipient.

    "Wait. It could get worse." Scinnari says.

    "Or better. It has to get better. I may need to disappear momentarily, should I need to testify as myself..." Cygnis whispers back.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)00:16 No.12802695
         File1289798169.jpg-(667 KB, 1200x817, 1287112654278.jpg)
    667 KB

    "In the balance," Lady Elise calls out, "He captured the Sealord alive, killed the summoners of the demons, banishing them back to the abyss, and has thwarted the cult at ever turn, which may have culminated in the destruction of the lighthouse to prevent them from releasing and imprisoned entity...'the Unspeakable One.'" she recites, reading from notes. A small clamor goes up from the nobles present. "The council will hear objections from Lord Kellyn."

    "The Unspeakable One is dead! I heard the prophecy just as you did! It distinctly said, "But the Destroyer is dead, his followers misguided"!"

    "You maintain that Captain Azal did not save the city?" Elise asks, mildly interested.

    "I do not know enough myself. I maintain that he didn't save the city /from this 'Unspeakable One'/." Kellyn replies primly.

    "Well, some find the prophesies of bestial snakemen a little less credible than you do. Or are less credulous themselves." someone suggest, to a round of tittering. You can hear Lord Kellyn fuming.

    "No further objection, Captains."

    "Very well, then. The Council shall begin their deliberation on the subject. Witnesses may be called forward."
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:16 No.12802700
    If Scinnari is successful at enticing him to wear the amulet, then we're good to go. Once the amulet is on, he can't revert, and then Scinnari or us can deliver the poison. That will keep him nice and complacent while we put him in some stocks or something, which seemed to prevent Cygnis from reverting, so I assume that trying to polymorph while restrained like that would be fatal, as your body breaks before the restraints.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:17 No.12802709
    Eagerly watching this thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:20 No.12802741
    could we interject with "Even if the entity was /not/ the Unspeakable one, It did not seem to be a very pleasant house guest."?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:29 No.12802854
    We should call up some of the priests, or Cyg, to act as a witness for us. Some good testimony on our behalf would be nice.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:29 No.12802859
    Let's call the Paladin, Cygnis, and the other priests who held the portal closed. Have them testify as to what they saw and how there was no other way to stop the beast.

    Also have them testify about the summoned demons.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:30 No.12802863
    Put on our robe and wizard hat.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:32 No.12802897
    We should wait and see what the council has decided before opening our bone-box
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:34 No.12802914
    I think we should also state that we are still pursuing the cult even now, and we are still unearthing new corruption every day. Indeed, there is no way to tell how widespread or deep these vile roots go. So let it be known that we will see them destroyed for the safety of Freeport, even if they are among us even now...
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:37 No.12802939
    In our defense:

    "Whether or not the entity being summoned was the Unspeakable One itself, I, and the others in the room at the time, all got a good look at it and I can tell you it was nothing good. Dracoliches tend to be forces of evil, I assure you."
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:40 No.12802959
    rolled 82 = 82

    This sounds like a good bet.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:45 No.12803021
    And this is a good roll for it.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:49 No.12803048
         File1289800143.jpg-(158 KB, 800x525, I like where this thread is go(...).jpg)
    158 KB
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)00:52 No.12803087
         File1289800344.jpg-(1.06 MB, 1400x726, 1287114955019.jpg)
    1.06 MB
    "In my defense, presuming that Lord Kellyn was right, and that was not an ancient extra-dimensional god of madness and destruction, may we assume that it still would not have made a good neighbor?" you ask. There is some more scattered laughter.

    "In the future, Captain Cibach, please ask to be recognized by the council. However, as for you question, that may be the case. It shall be decided. The Council will call first... "

    The first few witnesses are both the mercenaries and adventurers you hired, and the Sealord's Guard they fought. Neither are particularly flattering testimonies, as "He paid us well." doesn't exactly clear a name. Despite this, you feel the Vrocks' attack was in your favor; far more died to the abyssals claws than to each other.

    "Now the question fall, then, can Captain Azal be held responsible for those attacks?"

    "Yes and no." you reply, standing. "Is a Navy captain that gets attacked by pirates responsible for the deaths and damage to his ship? I can flat out state I did not summon the demons, and had multiple allies at the time that would probably have killed me, had I been responsible and they known; In fact, I was extremely dismayed to find the tower so well guarded, and I realized my only hope was to lead them away, and prevent them from hindering my objective; the prevention of the cult ritual."

    "Which you succeeded in doing?" A councilor asks mildly.

    "In the end."

    "Then why did you find it necessary to destroy the lighthouse?"

    "That was prior to the end I was referring to." you state. "I do not know the other names, but a trio of clerics helped hold the rift, as well as the librarian Cygnis of the temple of Alset, and the paladin Sigurd also assisted in those efforts." you state. "Perhaps they should be called to verify whether or not that is true."
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)00:54 No.12803108
         File1289800482.jpg-(1.11 MB, 1298x914, 1287116687025.jpg)
    1.11 MB

    "In the interest of honest, I was mostly healing Lady Cygnis, who was wounded." Sigurd states from the row behind you. "She bore the brunt of the holding effort."

    "I see. Could the other clerics be contacted?" Elise asks. A guard, maybe the bailiff, stands forward.

    "I'm sorry, councilor, but two were unwilling to attend. The third is here, though." Sure enough, one of them steps forward, one of the humans.

    "The entity at the top was.... evil. Very evil. Huge. Powerful. I haven't the slightest clue what it was, but a wizard tossed out the term 'dracolich' when I described it, which sounds fairly correct. It didn't seem a normal lich, though. Too- Far too much rotting flesh and aura of undeath. Most liches-" he has to stop as a few people scoff at "too much rotting flesh and undeath". "/Most/ /liches/, thank you, are dead. Skeletons. Clean. Undead, but not... excessively so. Just being in their presence does not call you out to join them. In death." he adds, slightly distracted. He does seem to be shivering.

    "I see. Very well. Would the other two offer testimonies?"

    "Yes Councilor. Both accounts sounded similar to his, if.. ah, a little less heartfelt and affected by the event."

    "Thank you." The councilor says, dismissing the guard.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:57 No.12803132

    Maybe it is, but it would be fucking awesome. Really though, I don't care what happens to Az so long as he gets out of our way, for good. We can stop him from polymorphing, which will give us at least one surprise attack right now, and Scinnari would also be able to surprise attack/backstab him if we do this while he still has interest in her. If we wait for him to come back, or let him go, we will not have those advantages, though we might have access to other resources to make up for it.

    On one hand, we can hit him VERY hard while he tries to revert and fails, we also know about those chains Scinnari had made (that prevent magic use of any sort) even if she doesnt know we know that. If we hit him with the anti-polymorph, jumped his ass and locked him in the chains before he could escape, he would be fairly helpless. For added bonus, have Scinnari put the chains on him, as her first action(which would hopefully be a surprise attack/backstab). the big problem with this that we can't show that we know about her having the chains made, though we might ask her if she has any ideas on how to stop him from possibly using magic.

    on the other hand, if we waited, we could have a utterly massive trap set up for him, with an antimagic field in place around everything, poisons up the wazoo, Scinnari luring him into said massive trap and putting the anti polymorph would just be the coup de grace. However, this doesn't account for any aid he might bring, or that he might just ignore Scinnari. We also don't know when he might come back, making him a loose cannon, and also one of those types of problems that is liable to smack you in the back of the head at the worst possible time.

    So overall, Right now we can try and eliminate him while we have surprise on our side, or wait, and have massive preparation on our side. its pretty much gaurenteed we will have to deal with him at some point, but the question is WHEN.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)00:58 No.12803151
    Controlling/binding/enslaving Cygnis would be delightfully evil, gives us access to whatever resources she has, and fits our character pretty much perfectly, as a magnificent bastard. It also gives us a real nice addition to our horde, cause let me tell you, the number of dragons that can claim another as their horde, especially one of an opposite alignment? pretty damn small, so it would be an ego/status thing.

    No vote from me, though i am leaning for taking him out now when he is a known variable, rather than worrying about when he might pop back and fuck us up. If we can somehow trick Scinnari into telling us about the chains that Finn had used on her, then i think we might actually have a good chance, as those were supposed to stop most of the abilities of a dragon or magical being (which leads to the question of WHY she had them made, it was during the time we had some stress between us.) The important thing to remember is that he is a dragon, even without his real form he should be pretty capable of fighting like a humanoid, like ourselves. However, if he tries to revert and finds he can't, he would probably be open to a dagger in the ribs/ club to the face. The real danger lies in him escaping us and then fucking our plans to hell. If we do it, we should probably use a different form so he can't identify us.

    Speaking of forms, is that possibly a gift from the binder? I remember people saying that we should have been found out by anybody with True Sight, so maybe the binders gift was to boost the polymorph/ remove that weakness. This could potentially tie into the storyline somewhat. Anyone know how to treat a divine polymorph? being an essence shard of the Binder might have granted us that.

    Its late, so I'm getting the sleep i need. I guess I'll check for this tomorrow. Hunh. first multiple post I've had to do. Sorry for massive text dump, been thinking on this for a while.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:03 No.12803204
    I, for one, believe that Az should be killed now. Also, new thread reader reporting in. Just caught up last night.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:06 No.12803242
    > with an antimagic field in place around everything,

    That's actually very bad for us, because in such a field none of the items we would use to even the odds would work on him. Plus, he would likely autorevert to his natural form, which is exactly what we don't want. An antimagic field would make it a fair fight, and since he's both older and a gold he would absolutely destroy us there.
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 11/15/10(Mon)01:08 No.12803260
    rolled 1 = 1

    If it counts for anything, I vote for capturing/killing/binding him. Only capture if we can subdue easily enough. Catching him off-guard while he is unable to poly or cast would be best. If not doable, just kill him. I don't like loose ends and neither does our pragmatic character. At least loose ends we have to worry about.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:10 No.12803284
    I'm with this, mostly. If we can capture/bind him, then okay. But if we're dead set on confronting him, then if it starts to get too difficult to keep him alive, lets just kill the fucker as fast and brutally as possible.
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 11/15/10(Mon)01:12 No.12803295
    rolled 50 = 50

    And this is why I don't roll in this quest......I find that the dice and the Spinal Sage are similar by the way.......
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/15/10(Mon)01:13 No.12803303
    rolled 14 = 14

    I'm indifferent to the capture / death of Az if I'm honest. He's been a pain in the arse and imho deserves everything he gets at our hand.

    Cygnis has been far more useful to us though, despite not knowing our true nature. And as such, I daresay that going the 'lawful' route with her (rather than the evil one) will do more to further our goals. Stupid evil we ain't.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:17 No.12803354
    Benefits for killing/capturing Az: being able to be smug
    Risks of failure in such an endeavor: Az becomes our enemy instead of just an annoyance
    Az and his allies now actively seek our destruction
    Cygnis becomes our enemy
    We loose everything Cygnis is currently providing for us
    We risk exposing ourself as a red dragon, if things get really out of hand
    We become unable to manipulate our way into the position of Sealord because two gold dragons now have declared a vendetta against us
    And so on, and so forth
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)01:17 No.12803361
         File1289801859.jpg-(235 KB, 700x1000, 1287118763612.jpg)
    235 KB
    Glad to have you.

    It seems pretty neutral. Your suspicion is that they are trying to balance the scales so that they are not obligated to reward your actions. Ideally, they won't be able to, but... Lydon with the gavel again calls your mind back to the current proceedings.

    "And so, this council holds the conclusion that Captain Cibach Azal has done the city a great service, but at great cost. The lighthouse that has been worked on for ten years is demolished, the very foundation blasted to rubble and partially collapsed. Dozens lie dead, and while the responsibility is mostly that of the cult, some too must hang over Azal's head.

    "The verdict, then, should be one that recognizes that. The Council is-"

    "Ma'am?" Lydon interrupts her speech, pausing from fiddling with the gavel.

    "I stand corrected. Almost all the council is in accord; Punishment and reward are both due. No single individual could afford to pay for the lighthouse, fined or not-"

    "Is that true?" you whisper to Cygnis. She was forced to exit as not-cynis and return to testify, after which she took up 'her' seat beside you.

    "Very. Don't even try it." she says with a faint wince. If /she/ thinks it was ruinously expensive, she's probably right. Hells, the entire /city/ considered it so.

    "- so we present the following offer; the purchase of all properties and deeds from Cibach Azal at three times market value, conjoined with the banishment of Captain Azal from the city of Freeport for at time not less than fifty years in length."

    "What?" you hear an outraged Cygnis whisper beside you.

    "As usual, however, the Council recognizes that it's judgement may not be flawless, and opens the floor to alternate sentence suggestions."
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:20 No.12803387
    Those backstabbing, traitorous pricks.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:21 No.12803403
    I'm tempted to say we should throw suspicion on those in the council as being friendly to the cult... After all, the last time someone tried to get rid of us or caused us problems after doing things to the cult, we and those related to us were constantly getting arrested...

    Otherwise, perhaps we should go on a spiel on how this is the way they treat people who have saved their city and without us, the cult would of succeeded without issue.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:21 No.12803406

    I expected as much. They don't want to keep us around, we're becoming too popular too quickly for their tastes and we're a threat to their rule.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:22 No.12803419
    Time to suggest that the Cult might not, in fact, be completely vanquished from Freeport after all.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:23 No.12803425
    Perhaps the kobolds could rebuild the foundation and/or lighthouse? Assuming the city provides the materials, the little fuckers are insane builders.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:24 No.12803436
    Perhaps a rousing speech to try to get the people attending on our side? If we can get the population of the city backing us, I don't think even their judgement can force us out. Not without their powerbase being crippled.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:24 No.12803437
    This demands a suitible responce.
    "This city would not even EXIST right now if not for me!"
    "I would like to remind the counsel that I was key in defeating a creature much more horrifying than an incompetent bureaucracy."
    Hmmmm. These don't quite cut it.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:24 No.12803440
    :-| wat

    ... How about we get 5 years to rebuild a lighthouse of our own accord. Not a replica of that one, but a lighthouse nonetheless.
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/15/10(Mon)01:24 No.12803441
    rolled 3 = 3

    Well - that certainly threw the entire toolbox in the works.

    I'm not a good negotiator myself, but I daresay getting them a new lighthouse might be a goodplace to start? Perhaps Az's hoard can pay for that.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:24 No.12803442

    Guys, is it possible that we could foist responsibility for the destruction off onto Az-douche? Did anybody see him in his transformed state doing any fighting? If we can somehow insinuate that a gold dragon from Tashz was seen in the area, and then establish a link between the two, then we could lead them to believe that it was the fault of Az rather than us. That his "overbearing need to resort to explosions" took what was supposed to be a suppressive measure and "led to the destruction of the lighthouse as a result of his antics" instead. And, of course, Tashz might then be drawn into it, creating a nice little mess.

    Don't know how Cygnis would take it, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:24 No.12803446


    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:26 No.12803464
    "The last time someone on the Council tried to banish us from the city, the Cult was involved. I'm beginning to suspect that may be the case here as well."
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:26 No.12803465
    Wouldn't work too well, I think They want the people of Freeport to be employed and given jobs and whatnot. Kobolds... well, they'll tolerate them, but they aren't PEOPLE.

    I'm kind of tempted to agree, but this has the possibility to backfire HORRIBLY. Horribly.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:26 No.12803468
    Looks like there's still a few cultists in the upper eschelons of society.

    Also, looks like Cygnis is shit at subtly guiding politics.

    >Richard Aterjalk
    Looks like Captcha is volunteering a new name to come back with to begin afresh with a new identity.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:26 No.12803472
    rolled 100 = 100

    Rolling for this, approval from me.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:27 No.12803481
    Why not offer to rebuild the light house out of our own pocket, and be allowed to run it at a fee?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:27 No.12803487
    Lolwat? Nothx.
    We should call for more time to decide on the matter. Right now the suggestions are:
    We be given a timeframe to reconstruct the lighthouse
    We peg the council as members of the cult trying to bugger with us
    We point out that we're been a force of good and that we've already saved the city, and that it'd be a terrible loss to the city to evict us.
    We point out that the lighthouse -wasn't- even all that useful for its cost.
    And, we rally the support of the people around us, and mention that any councilman who wishes to evict Cibach is in a very unpopular (hint: politically suicidal) position.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:28 No.12803497
    rolled 89 = 89

    Rolling low to counter the 100
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:28 No.12803498
    I disagree, I don't think the hoard should be used. I think we should just shut them down with implications of cultist tendencies.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:29 No.12803501
    I don't know, we shouldn't play the cultist card
    All that will do is just get us exiliship PLUS the fee of rebuilding the Tower
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:29 No.12803503
    rolled 69 = 69

    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:29 No.12803504
    Volunteer loudly to leave, but point out to the council that not only will it be massively unpopular, but that next time something goes wrong no one will step up to deal with it, and you won't be present to take care of things. Leave the city for about five minutes. Come back in disguise, wreck some shit, cause mayham and public outcry, wait to be called out of retirement.
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/15/10(Mon)01:29 No.12803506
         File1289802581.jpg-(42 KB, 475x302, mother of god.jpg)
    42 KB
    rolled 9 = 9

    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:29 No.12803508
    Actually, as far as I understood, she was working in us so that she could do that. You know, when we got to the council. Hard for a lower librarian at a temple to manipulate anything, even if they have lots of money to reluctantly toss problems.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:30 No.12803512
    The entire lighthouse had been built to cult specifications and was suffused with their vile energies, special materials, and runes within its very bricks. Our actions in destroying it did not remove one of the city's assets, but rather remove a clear and present threat to the safety of all within it that would have loomed over the populace for however long the lighthouse stood. The damages to the city were a theft perpetrated over the last decade by the Sealord and his cult, not by us or any of those who stood with us.

    We will accept partial responsibility for the deaths, but had we not destroyed the lighthouse it would have been the council's responsibility to tear it apart themselves, brick by brick, lest the next evil cult to come along and use that perfectly crafted site of malign power not be stopped in time. Turning the great service that we did to the city into a crime is no justice.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:30 No.12803515
    If they exile us they can't make us repay the tower fees.

    I say we should give them the finger and call them all cultists.
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/15/10(Mon)01:31 No.12803531
    rolled 97 = 97


    This is a wonderful retort.
    >> Anomynous+dice+0d1 11/15/10(Mon)01:32 No.12803539
         File1289802742.gif-(635 KB, 180x178, 1289699416342.gif)
    635 KB
    That's... PERFECT!

    It allows us to maintain the status quo, keep things going here and adds value to the fact that we're going to enslave and then murder Az!
    But, if we're going to be a good little boy and clean up our mess, then BY GOD they better fully reward us for saving them.

    Say... by giving us the Sealord's position.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:32 No.12803543
    rolled 27, 60, 50, 12, 49 = 198

    Fucking /tg/ dice, how do they work
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:33 No.12803550
    I don't think so Tim
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:35 No.12803575

    Well it looks like we just convinced Az to pay the way for a new lighthouse.

    Also to watch as we do his sister.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:38 No.12803623
    We shouldn't burn all that cash we get from it.
    >> Anomynous+dice+0d1 11/15/10(Mon)01:39 No.12803633
    >Also to watch as Scinnari does his sister.
    We don't want any interperson conflicts do we?
    >> Anomynous 11/15/10(Mon)01:40 No.12803646
    >burn through a whole dragon's horde
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:45 No.12803710
    Agreein' with the volunteering to build a new lighthouse.

    We should also strongly suggest that we be placed in charge of the project, and be given the authority necessary to oversee the effort.

    Though I would shy away from paying it all ourselves. We could ask for an annual budget, closely audited by the city for fraud, to help defray some of the monumental cost.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:47 No.12803718
    If they say that they wouldn't have destroyed the lighthouse after we declare this, by the way, that will be the time to act astonished at their unwillingness to act swiftly to remove major threats to their people, then launch into a fiery rant lambasting their sense of civic responsibility and declaring that they are placing the safety of the people as a lower priority than the state of their pocketbooks, and otherwise attempt to ensure that they can't refute our point without making themselves look like money-grubbing bastards.
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/15/10(Mon)01:48 No.12803730
    rolled 72 = 72


    Also an awesome idea
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:49 No.12803745
    Did you guys just ignore how Cygnis herself said to not even try to pay for the lighthouse? We're not going to have the resources unless we bankrupt ourselves, Cygnis and Az and that's not going to happen. Hell, that might not be enough to pay for it.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:52 No.12803771
    > Did you guys just ignore how Cygnis herself said to not even try to pay for the lighthouse?

    We're not talking about paying for the old one. That was a massively overpriced boondoggle because of all the cult involvement. We're talking about financing a replacement.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:54 No.12803781
    A small, functional lighthouse rather than a massive, lavish summoning conduit disguised as a lighthouse.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)01:58 No.12803811


    >Navers Luftwaffe

    I like your style, captcha, but I don't think we'll need air cover for this.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)01:58 No.12803819
         File1289804324.jpg-(253 KB, 857x1042, 1287120907666.jpg)
    253 KB
    "This is, quite frankly, outrageous." you state, rising.

    "Captain Azal, if you wish t-"

    "The entire lighthouse was constructed in precise accord with the cult's intent. The bricks held the cult's sign inside them, and the upper levels were a blasphemous shrine to their dark god!"

    "Point of order, you're the only one who was in those upper levels, so we're conveniently taking your word for it." one of the councilors states.

    "I was there too." Sigurd says, rising. "The good captain may be exaggerating, but is, essentially, correct. The lighthouses' primary purpose was to serve the cult."

    "And why do you /think/ that no one else has been to the upper levels in weeks?" you continue, a blistering diatribe, "The late Sealord's minions were busy putting their personal finishing touches up there. Such as a massive summoning circle, a magical focusing crystal, and the supplies to enact the ritual and summon thirteen greater demons.
    >> Anomynous 11/15/10(Mon)01:59 No.12803833
    rolled =

    Not financed by us either, rather by a portion of Az's Horde.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)02:00 No.12803843
         File1289804449.jpg-(184 KB, 640x559, 1287280223387.jpg)
    184 KB
    "Finally, you admit that I saved you precious city. If that's the case, why do you intend to punish me for it? In hopes that next time something similar happens, nobody will? In hopes that the next time the cult tries something, I will not be able to oppose them? I had thought the cult destroyed, but your actions give cause to think again." you finish, a hint of danger in your tone.

    "The cult is finished. They are no longer present." Sigurd says mildly from across the room.

    "Fine. My prior statements still stand; the lighthouse was the cult's tool. If it and they had both survived, you would be having them dissemble it themselves. You are trying to evict me from the city, at a guess, because you fear the popularity that would go with singlehandedly defeating the cult and saving the city. Fine. A fitting counter-offer. As punishment, I will pay pensions or provide for clerical rites with the guards who died in the action. As reward, you make me Sealord."

    Immediately a clamor goes up, outraged calls, some directed at you, others not.

    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:06 No.12803899
    rolled 45 = 45

    Bracing for impact
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:08 No.12803925
    >you will make me Sealord.

    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:08 No.12803926
    It's so lovely to see a paladin defending a red dragon and aiding our political goals, even if he doesn't know it.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:12 No.12803974
    "Capt'n, Epic detected off the port bow, it's powering weapons!"
    "Raise Shields! Evasive Manoeuvres!"
    "It's too late, capt'n, shields are failing, keikaku torpedoes closing"
    "All hands, brace for impact"
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)02:14 No.12804001
         File1289805278.jpg-(201 KB, 640x832, 1287280509920.jpg)
    201 KB

    "An alternate option." you shout over the noise. "I would be willing to finance a replacement." Several people shut up, and Cygnis starts, staring at you.

    "Are you insane? I warned you-"

    "A new lighthouse, with revised design, and less corruption.... Or cult involvement. The previous lighthouse was a mess, designed to be an edifice, a monument. Why not a simply /functional/ lighthouse? Is functionality not better than form? Maybe not in high society, but, those of you on the council who are actually Captains, which would you prefer to depend on, the ship that sails, or the ship that has pretty sails?"

    The room slowly falls to silence. Concilor Elise confers with her nearest companions for a moment, before responding.

    "The Free Captain raises good points. Perhaps we were in error. Our objective is, flatly stated, to make sure he is both visibly punished and rewarded. After all, a host emulators, or foolish children who think they can replicate your success, or that whoever wrongs them can be unmasked as the cult.... These are things we do not desire, we desire to prevent.

    "Consider, then, our second offer. Yo-" Elise starts, but catches herself and restates it formally, "Fifty years of exile, and all of your property in the city will be purchased by the city at ten times it's value."

    "Over a hundred thousand gold." Cygnis whispers from besides you. "Well over it..."

    "Again, the council opens the floor to suggested amendments to the sentence."
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:16 No.12804025
    We can have a replacement lighthouse built in record time, to exacting specifications, and at a budget that defies belief.

    We know just the people who can do it, and having them do it publicly would raise their esteem in the community.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:17 No.12804034
    Laugh. Do you really fear me that much? Is the price of your precious chokehold on the city really that high?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:18 No.12804036
    I still say we should barbecque them if this doesn't work out. We can't carry the gold out except in wagons, which are vulnerable. Let's raise the crowd against them - then leave the council ruling in our stead with very specific directions, while we learn magic and hunt out the Binder's slaves.
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/15/10(Mon)02:20 No.12804051
    rolled 39 = 39

    I think having a chat with Cygnis might be an idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:20 No.12804055
    Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. All of our work here for naught. The hold on the city's underworld wasted. The merchant companies and gold dragons and tunnels and kobold smugglers all gone.

    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:22 No.12804081
    Hrm. How about no exile, and instead our punishment is that we are appointed to some sort of position that will keep us busy seeking out problems that would threaten the city for a set period of time?

    Basically, be the Lord High Inquisitor of the city. We could manipulate events and people (and evidence) to get rid of our political opponents.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:23 No.12804092
    rolled 73 = 73

    Again restate our 'rebuild the lighthouse' but not be booted out opinion.

    Also, we have a 99 saved up.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:25 No.12804104
    I don't know about you, but I'm about done playing pet adventurer and want to get back to the long game. And for that this city that we have invested so much time is WILL be ours.

    Rallying the populace to support us is probably a good idea at this point. The common man will likely follow us.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:26 No.12804113
    We can still retain our hold over those by proxy
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:27 No.12804123
    We should just say that the people should decide, as they did so long ago with the ancient Sealord Drake. After all, are we not without a Sealord? The only precedent for electing a new one is to ask the people.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:29 No.12804141
    We need to avoid exile.

    However, I suggest that we let the city purchase what we own at that price. With a hundred thousand gold (or more), we can, well... do whatever the fuck we want, really. Quickly sell our house/lair to Cygnis, then re-buy it (they buy what we own, not what we've already sold). If we can avoid the banishment somehow (say, make our punishment having to re-build the lighthouse for the city instead - though as a functional one rather than what the cult did), then we've just suckered them and made a profit.

    >various butfulm

    Yes, Captcha. They are "butt fulms".
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:30 No.12804156
    I say no to rebuilding the lighthouse. Too much money down the drain. Hell, we shouldn't have to after what we did.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:30 No.12804157
    Are you kidding me? This entire city is /founded/ on emulators!
    I understand your fear of my popularity but at least make a sensible excuse.
    I came here prepared to accept a symbolical fine for the damage and a honorary position on the council, but with your attitude I'm starting to feel more of a sore winner. Perhaps you would /like/ to rule over the enraged masses who lash out at you for exiling their saviour from a corrupt, and quite frankly incompetent, governing.
    >> Anomynous 11/15/10(Mon)02:30 No.12804158
    rolled =

    We own this town. They're so desperate to get rid of us, we must really have them over a barrel. Build them their damn lighthouse, become Sealord. Acquire horde, fuck bitches.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)02:34 No.12804201
         File1289806487.jpg-(61 KB, 864x560, 1287642883409.jpg)
    61 KB

    Are we using our saved 99? [Confirm/Deny]

    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:35 No.12804212
    What roll would we be using otherwise?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:35 No.12804218
    I vote for going with the council
    Really guys think logically
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:36 No.12804219
    DO IT
    >> Anomynous 11/15/10(Mon)02:36 No.12804222
    Are things really that desperate? Is it really needed? Didn't we just get a 100 when the idea was posted?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:37 No.12804224
    If we avoid exile and get a seat on the council... I say yes.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:37 No.12804231
    We got one at >>12803472
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:38 No.12804236
    D from chat in here. Yes. Use it.
    >> Alpharius 11/15/10(Mon)02:40 No.12804251
    100 is here.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:42 No.12804266
    No 99. He didn't even ASK FOR A ROLL guys.
    >> Anomynous 11/15/10(Mon)02:42 No.12804270
    rolled =

    Use the 99, but save the 100 for Az.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:43 No.12804278
    This sounds like a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:43 No.12804281
    We already used the 100
    I'd say we accept exileship
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:45 No.12804292
    We need to foist at least some of the blame off us and onto somebody else.

    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:45 No.12804295
    We didn't use the 100, all we did was make the offer from that post. If we used the fucking 100 we wouldn't be here right now.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:47 No.12804307
    The 100 got us 100,000 GP
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:50 No.12804324
    I'm going to go with the Deungen Crawl view: don't save your potions.

    Spend that 99. This land is MY land.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:50 No.12804335
    What are we staying behind for?
    We can get kobolds anywhere!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:50 No.12804338
    Wouldn't it be better to save that 99 for a danger closer to home? Say, Scinnari?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:51 No.12804347

    what he said. we have accomplished too much here
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:53 No.12804360
    As long as we can keep our magic items, let's leave
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:54 No.12804362
    Too much? We don't have control over the city yet.

    Guys, if we keep on saving that 99, we're never going to use it.
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/15/10(Mon)02:54 No.12804367
    rolled 93 = 93

    I agree. We've put toomuch effort into this to have it swept from under our feet.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:55 No.12804380

    Accept banishment. Let Cygnis cash our properties, all that jazz... Then give her the necklace and take her with us.

    A, Azukden, or whatshisface, won't be able to find us. (We leave disguised as someone else, Cygnis our secret kidnapping victim,)

    B, we have Cygnis to taunt/torment/rape/murderize/turn to the dark side

    C, we have enough money to buy some mercenaries, find some balkanized area, conquer it, and declare ourselves king. (Which is exactly what any human would do.), we can start from much better than this elsewhere,

    Or D, we'd have enough money left over to build ourselves a bitchin' lair
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:56 No.12804385
    There, we have a 93. No more need for a 99.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 11/15/10(Mon)02:57 No.12804394

    do this just because it sounds awesome
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:58 No.12804403
    rolled 8 = 8

    Works for me as long as we can take Cygnis, Scinnari, Asha, and our amulets and swords along with us.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)02:58 No.12804406
         File1289807905.jpg-(58 KB, 567x882, I am the most MERCIFUL of men.jpg)
    58 KB
    Even I'm not going to put up with that. You could keep rolling until you had another 100, the first roll was still >>12804051
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:58 No.12804408
    That's stupid
    Just accpet money and leave!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:58 No.12804409
    Dunno. Unless the Binder stuff is more widespread, I think we might have issues if we tried running too far away.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:59 No.12804418
    I was under the impression it was best of two?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:59 No.12804422
    I can't believe people are going to accept throwing away all the work we put into this city...
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)02:59 No.12804423
    or we could say fuck you to the council and organize a hostile takeover of the city. They need a new sealord and we happen to be available and loved by the people, but a certain council that is possibly allied with the cultists (why did everyone just accept that no one was allowed on the third floor?) is in the way
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:00 No.12804430
    Talk to cygnis
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:01 No.12804440
    rolled 59 = 59

    Right. We're gonna need to take with us:
    Ourselves (d'uh) with adventuring gear
    Our dragonslaying sword
    Our invisibility emerald
    Cygnis (if possible)

    We should talk to the kobolds as Blackjack, say we've adopted a new disguise after our banishment. Regardless of if we leave or not, they'll appreciate the knowledge.
    From there, we follow Cygnis where she goes.
    ... And mention that we have enough ranks of disguise to stay in Freeport if desired.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:01 No.12804444
    Disagree. This is a far better area and we are on the VERGE of power here. The reason we are being offered this 100k to go away is because we are so dangerous and powerful now. Are we going to throw it away for some shiny coins? Are we going to waste everything we've built here and completely start over?

    Hell no, I say.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:02 No.12804450
    My vote is to stick around. Live as someone other than Cibach, but also use that persona to take over the underworld and start a revolution.

    If we can't have Freeport, nobody can.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:02 No.12804451
    Accept money, bow out gracefully, find new city who's light house we haven't destroyed
    Rule without asking Cygnis for pocket change
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:03 No.12804468
    Being here as Cibach is just as bad as not being here at all. Just as much of a waste.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:03 No.12804470
         File1289808232.png-(3 KB, 128x128, Sunglasses on thumbsup.png)
    3 KB
    This Anon knows what he's talking about.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:04 No.12804472
    It's been two months!
    Two months is like ten seconds to a dragon
    We can make up two months easy
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:05 No.12804497
    I support this!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:06 No.12804506
    Yeah, only another 25 threads. What's to lose right?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:07 No.12804516
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:08 No.12804527
    >Two months is like ten seconds to a dragon
    We got Demon, we got Assassin, we got Popularity, we got a bunch of magic shit.
    We can either stay in the town under a new identity, but that sacrifices the popularity and may risk losing the Cygnis (you say you can polymorph? HMMMMMMMM!).
    If we leave, we also may lose the Cygnis (who wants this as her horde), and we can't use the Kobolds any more.

    I'd say "New identity, hang around for a while".
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:09 No.12804532
    Agree here. No good reason to leave and if you guys want the gold that bad? Well once we're in control of the city, we'll have easy access to such gold if we play our cards right. I can't believe people are willing to back down from people who obviously want to get rid of us. I kind of liked the idea to letting the population decide due to lack of Sealord.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:09 No.12804538
    We are not dangerous or powerful
    we can make a mighty head ache for a few months, but in the end we'd fizzle out like all popular revolutions with no internal support
    (see the Brothers Gracchi)
    Honestly, with the underworld currently devolving into civil war and the kobolds being, well, kobolds, who will support us when the mobs eventually melt away?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:09 No.12804540
    This is our home.
    This is our LAIR.
    Fuck all if today is the day a bunch of simpering, dickless bureaucrats evict a RED DRAGON from his lair.

    Drop the 99, fuck bitches.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:09 No.12804543
    Quads? In fours?

    I think this is fate, gentlemen. We must do as he says.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:10 No.12804551
    What happens if we take the coins and exile, come back under another name (Scinnari already has the "Jassa" identity set up, so we can get in that way), re-buy our house and property (thus making a massive profit), and end up right where we started? We have a ring of CAN'T TRUESEE THIS, so our polymorph won't be detected.

    We can also let Cygnis in on it, saying that we have a ring of polymorphing or whatever (or that we have the skill to do it via our own spells/magic/whatever). Thus, we sucker the city out of its gold, we wind up keeping everything except for needing to re-establish our name (not all that hard), and nothing ultimately changes on a major scale.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:10 No.12804552
    This anon has the right of it
    >> Alpharius 11/15/10(Mon)03:10 No.12804556
    rolled 77 = 77

    You could take the exorbinant funds and return as a conqueror.

    Two advantages namely being you annex the government without warning, and thus gain an opportunity to prove councilor connections to the cult/their motives around the tower. Financial records made public could destroy their careers forever.

    Or alternatively just propose to have your position as a free captain stripped. Become a merchant tycoon officially for Cygnis' business. Benefits include popular support, boat-loads of money and continued access to the kobolds. No need to leave.

    Need I remind people that it is merchants who rule our real world, not kings.

    I am rolling for great justice.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:10 No.12804558
    Hey, we could rule with Cygnis as our errand-slave, if it works out.

    To elaborate on point C, there are probably a half-dozen places that are changing rulers every dozen years as one wandering warlord displaces another. Just move in as one, (we only need to hire an army if we want to be traditional, we could probably do it ourselves,), depose the prior one, declare oureselves. king.

    Wasn't one of the events Asha reported on a while back that some uber-wealthy port of Tashz declared it's independence? It might be a bit close to Az for comfort (though we could try, I don't know, ganking him as planned, cutting out his tongue, binding his fingers, then taking him with us, to prevent him from interfering. Hell, if we move quickly, we could do that, then do Cygnis, and do it so neither knows about the other.), we could roll into the port, restart our manipulations, or just buy out the govnor, who Asha said was a pushover, and use that. Probably much wealthier, too.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:11 No.12804559
    Yes, we are dangerous and powerful. We brought down the cult the man who was the current Sealord. You are the only one who thinks we are some kind of political wimp.

    Flex our muscle. Viva la revolucion!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:11 No.12804565
    Agree. Use the populace to our benefit. It worked for the Romans (well... sort of), it can work for us.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:12 No.12804575
    The dice gods favor Alpharius
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:12 No.12804578
    Seriously. As far as I'm aware, the events we held during that festival were a hit and we've been seen as a hero by the population for our actions against the cult. If we play things right, we'll have the population on our side and the council will not want that. Kind of why I want to suggest the population should make this choice. After all, it was the lighthouse of the city. Shouldn't the city decide how to punish the person involved in destroying it?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:14 No.12804599
    I say stay and fight

    >captcha: labourers dilemma
    not so
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:15 No.12804613
    Strictly speaking, no. Not in a representative government like this.
    But I see your point, and I like it.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:15 No.12804617
    It didn't work for the Romans! Tiberius and Gaius Gracchi were muredered by the senate, and they had the popular support of the populace over hard bitten issues like land reform, rather then just throwing out festivals
    And really, mob rule? Is that how you'll back up your rule?
    Name names of important people who will be wiling to support a regime change
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:17 No.12804632
    Another vote for accepting the GP and leaving
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:17 No.12804633
    Just because we don't personally know everyone in Freeport doesn't mean they won't support us.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:17 No.12804635
    Ah, but it DID work for Pompey and Crassus, and Caesar (most of the time, anyway - we all know what happened to the latter).
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:18 No.12804652

    Do you even know ANYONE who might have a beef with the council?
    Or are you just counting on the DM to throw you a bone?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:19 No.12804664
    I support this one
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:20 No.12804676
    I'm counting on the fact that the DM isn't going to end over 20 threads of quest on a minor detail.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:20 No.12804679
    This is our turf. We kick them out.

    Or rather, we stay.
    >> Autosage Autosage 11/15/10(Mon)03:21 No.12804685
         File1289809267.jpg-(11 KB, 300x300, autosage.jpg)
    11 KB
    You seem to have mistyped the verification.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:21 No.12804693
    try this again
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:22 No.12804705
    one more time
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:22 No.12804708
    Okay, there has to be a samefag supporting >>12804440
    now. Way too many posts saying they support it and that's it. If that many people WERE participating, there would be a lot more debate.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:23 No.12804714
    That is actually really tempting. Raising an army in some random land can't be too difficult, and then deposing some random king. I like it.

    And we can always offer Cyg to come along, then amulet her if she refuses. It all works out.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:25 No.12804734
    Personally, I think we actually have the advantage here. The council is desperate to get rid of us, why should we let them do that? We're a bloody hero, we took down the cult that they had been ignoring in favor of simply lining their own pockets. We can play that up, use it to paint the council as a bunch of irresponsible asses who don't give a damn about Freeport.

    We can fight this.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)03:25 No.12804736
         File1289809546.jpg-(17 KB, 400x267, 1287960004360.jpg)
    17 KB
    I'm going to openly admit, I will be very hard on such logic because I don't like it. You go "Come on, it will totally work!" and I go, "Sure, people like you, but this isn't exactly the Sov. Union 1992.", and then you go "Rails! Choo-choo, Casey Jones."

    Don't do that. Yes, I won't end it, but you may not like the result.

    going to try and reach a conclusion.
    >> Alpharius 11/15/10(Mon)03:26 No.12804739
    rolled 5 = 5

    >implying an inner circle that elects its own members is in any way representative of the common mans interests
    >implying the lighthouse was in the common mans interests
    >implying the sealord and council proper required public approval to fund the lighthouse
    >implying the population of the city isn't raging at the crippling expense of the lighthouse
    >implying that a city of armed, experienced and sociopathic pirates couldn't stage an armed revolt if a worthy leader presented himself
    >implying the situation we see presently isn't a historic repeat of early 20th century china/russia

    >implying that Alpharius doesn't worship his Spiritual Liege
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:27 No.12804746
    >> Anomynous 11/15/10(Mon)03:33 No.12804787
    rolled =

    How good a result would spending the 99 get? I favor spending it and then using Az's horde to build the lighthouse if the 99 will really get us significant;y far ahead.

    Otherwise it might be time to pull up stakes and settle in greener pastures. As fucking undignified as it would be...
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:35 No.12804801
    And I say we stay. We've got a solid line in here, are we just going to give up because the going got a little bit tough? No matter where you go, there will always be people to resist, that's not unique to Freeport. We're going to have to confront entrenched opposition at some point, and we might as well do it when we've got a good bit of leverage like we do now.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:37 No.12804820
    "Fine! Ill leave! ill go make my own FreePort, only it'll be better. it'll have hookers! and Blackjack!"

    i say we leave Freeport, if only temporarily. explore more of the world perhaps?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:37 No.12804825
    What leverage?
    The mob is in the middle of a civil war, and the kobolds are uselles
    Cygnis will probably be sitting on the fence, and I doubt that Lydon will be that happy to support a mob based revolution.
    The pirates may lend a hand for a while, but they fight for cash, which is something we don't have on hand
    The mobs will support us for, about a week, before getting distracted and moving on
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:38 No.12804829
    I support this plan!
    >> Anomynous 11/15/10(Mon)03:39 No.12804842
         File1289810371.jpg-(93 KB, 450x675, line-in-the-snad.jpg)
    93 KB
    Line in the sand. This is it.
    One one side, Alpha as fuck Red Dragon that don't take shit from anyone. One the other, faggy Elf adventurers that have gone native and acquiesce ever demand of flimsy mortals.
    We know where we stand.

    >Spent 1 (one) archived 99.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:41 No.12804859
    Seriously. I can't believe people want to take the gold and leave just because a few people tell us to. We have support here we will lose if we just pack it up or change identities. They're obviously desperate to make us leave, hence the huge bribe they're trying to give us. They fear us. Let's not back off.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:41 No.12804860
    Yep, faggy elf adventures here we come!
    Srsly we've been playing a manipulator, not someone who thinks with his dick. David Xanatos could bounce back from this easy, and end up even stronger then before
    I say we go with new horizons
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:44 No.12804878
    Yeah baby. Time to throw down.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:45 No.12804888
    A week of time controlling the mob is enough to potentially do a good bit of damage. That's our leverage, the fact that we are an unstable element that could very badly mess up the status quo. Which is why we can force them to give us a council seat. It makes us a part of the status quo and thus less likely to try to make waves. We can essentially extort a position of power out of them.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 11/15/10(Mon)03:46 No.12804896

    why dont you just proclaim the council as evil cultists, leave anyway, go raise mercenary army, conquer the shit out of random smaller kingdoms around freeport, come back as liberator of freeport from the corrupt council members

    enslave cygnis, kill (or Bind) azdukashen

    help the ancient sorceroress escape from her prison, backstabb her, take all her maggiks and then reveal yourself as a red dragon, but now infinitely more than a red dragon

    rule the world
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 11/15/10(Mon)03:47 No.12804910
         File1289810859.jpg-(64 KB, 750x600, 1278096486886.jpg)
    64 KB
    rolled 43 = 43

    Considering I just came back, and have been attentive from the very beginning of this quest, I say throw down the gauntlet, and use that 99. We are a red dragon no matter how we look it. We aren't Chaotic Evil or Stupid Evil sure, but we don't back down from opposition when we can just get shit done through bruteforce (metaphorically, physically, as well as OOC thinking. Use the 99, or hell Alpharius makes a good point. 100,000 gold is a shitton. We can still go through our plans with AZ, Cyn, and Blackjack, but we could also just expend a 99 and be done with it. We are a motherfucking red dragon and don't take well to shit from anyone.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:48 No.12804916
    That's also more logical, but still less unlikely
    They're trying to offer us a way out and still save face- if we push them they'll probably push right back
    It's a pretty damn risky tossup - they may call our bluff and then we're stuck as a traitor to the city and then it's US dancing the hemp fandango from a yardarm
    >> Alpharius 11/15/10(Mon)03:48 No.12804921
    Overrall the best option is to leave. Frankly this was a good beginning for us but an island was never going to be the epicentre of the empire anyway. It's time to accept that we never intended to stay, that yes we have been prepared to leave and that no - the town isn't that efficient or valuable and that no - fighting hard for a weak city isn't realistically worth the effort.

    What we can do, what we should do, is go and find somewhere to settle down for a bit, take over a town through force or whatever and then invite Cygnis to open a branch of her business there. Keeps her close to us (after all she was only ruling her business by proxy to start with, and she'll want to be on hand to handle any problems immediately) and ensures that we will be able to supply ourselves with weapons and equipment for our new army.

    Win-Win. Kobolds can stay in freeport as our sleeper agents.
    >> Anomynous 11/15/10(Mon)03:48 No.12804927
    rolled =

    Whats with all this talk of mobs and social discord? When did any of that become a good idea? Last I knew we could roll for (or use the 99) to win them over with our Draconian Cunning.

    I support staying, but only insofar as we don't burn a ton of bridges.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:50 No.12804943
    Gah it's four AM and I have an exam in four hours
    Just take the money and go you bastards
    I'm out
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 11/15/10(Mon)03:53 No.12804958
    rolled 26 = 26

    The options I am getting so far by the way are these with reasons:
    Leave: Because the grass isn't all that green over here and because we say so.
    Leave and Comeback: Reasonable enough, however, it would mean that we wasted some of our time. This is a no go for our Red Dragon persona. WE DO NOT WASTE ANY OF OUR TIME IN MATTERS WE DO NOT DEEM IMPORTANT.
    Stay and use 99: Easiest of things to do, don't feel like we wasted our time, have a decent BoO before we become an imperialistic ruler.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:53 No.12804965
    Thread archived.


    Don't forget to vote.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:53 No.12804968
    This island doesn't have to be the epicenter of our empire but it's the start of it. It'd be a base for resources and a place to expand from. It's a waste to drop it all for gold, which we can amass ourselves if we stay here and maintain businesses and so on. If we leave to start again, it will be much harder to become important because we won't have another Cygnis to hand us a start in the political scene.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:54 No.12804970
    Indeed, I have a paper to write, I must depart as well.
    regardless, If I come back to find a Red, the greatest of all dragon kind, with its tail between its legs like some sort of bitch that’s been remanded to the doghouse, I will be sorely disappointed.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:55 No.12804988
    But we will have 100,00 GP
    That's larger then a small kingdoms treasury
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/15/10(Mon)03:56 No.12804995
    rolled 56 = 56

    My opinion is that we stay
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:56 No.12804997
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:57 No.12805010
    Again, I like Alpharius' plan
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:58 No.12805016
    And a crapton will have to be invested in getting us established in a new city. Likely costing a sizeable chunk because we won't have Cygnis footing the bill for things at that point. Hell, we might also lose access to Cygnis if we leave, which could be a greater blow than gaining that gold.
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 11/15/10(Mon)03:58 No.12805023
    rolled 49 = 49

    That right there is 5 for staying. Again, I must emphasize that Freeport would NOT be our epicentre, just a staging point. It has resources, we are very close to attaining, might as well stay.

    >precred cattle
    Capthca is implying that a good cattle market would be good here. If it is from Freeport it is high quality meat evidently.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:59 No.12805025
    I don't know- isn't the whole point that we don't want to be dependent on Cygnis?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)03:59 No.12805033
    If Freeport can throw that kind of money around to get pesky adventurers to leave, WHY ARE WE LEAVING THIS PLACE? It's a veritable gold mine!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:00 No.12805035
    A group of adventurers approach the dragons cave. With a gout of flame and a roar that shook the sternest of them to the core, the dragon stood before them.

    A shortish human shivered as he held out a slip of paper.

    "An e-e-e-v-ev-eviction not-t-tice, your dreadfullness."




    >expelers Imperials
    Captcha is sentient. There are too many coincidences.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:00 No.12805037
    We're not. We're using her, and we've done so quite well up to this point. If we start over, we'll have to foot the bills ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:01 No.12805049
    I know, one of my captchas was
    >free Cygnis
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:03 No.12805061

    > If Freeport can throw that kind of money around to get pesky adventurers to leave, WHY ARE WE LEAVING THIS PLACE?

    This is a point that I think needs to be brought up more. 100,000 gold is a lot of money. If the council is willing to spend that kind of cash to keep their position of power, I'm thinking we really want to have that position. They've just tipped their hand as to just how lucrative this place can be, because if they're willing to spend 100k to keep it, I'm betting it's actually worth at least that much.

    We should stay. We'll make the gold here, and we won't have to start over.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:03 No.12805063
    And then the dragon brings the case for court for Redlining government estate tactics
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:04 No.12805078
    Haven't you ever heard not to look a gift horse in the mouth?
    Freeport is able to give us that money because the council is POWERFUL
    think of all the mercernaires they could by with that gilt!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:06 No.12805088
    Excellent reasoning. I fully support the motion of staying put (and spending the 99 if we have to).
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:06 No.12805091
    Short recess, consult with Cygnis, Scinnari, and Spinnel.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:07 No.12805094
    This is logical and reasonable
    So of course we won't do it
    (I'm throwing my support behind it)
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:07 No.12805101
    rolled 85 = 85

    Aptly put.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:08 No.12805109
    > Freeport is able to give us that money because the council is POWERFUL

    Which is precisely why we want to be on that council, and we can't do that if we leave.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)04:09 No.12805114
         File1289812151.jpg-(512 KB, 1202x1500, 1287775491633.jpg)
    512 KB

    "I am so terrifying, apparently, that you would rather drain the coffers dry than let me stay in the city? If it wasn't for Sigurd, I'd be convinced, now." you start, orating back at them.

    "Yet I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. The Sealord had to grease a lot of pockets to get his lighthouse going, and then to keep it going." you state, glaring evenly across the council. "I bet this city hasn't been run without graft in /more/ than a decade. That's the only way Drac could get the extravagant lighthouse through the council. That and assigning cultist to offer the plans, push the plans through, and oversee their implementation."

    "Captain, you are out of line!" Captain
    Torian shouts.

    "And this punishement is out of line. I saved this.." you have to restrain yourself from saying 'piddling', "city, and you want to exile me as a challenge to your authority. What?" you almost shout as someone bursts into the room, a messenger wearing the Sealord's Guard uniform. He ignores you, rushing up to the Council table, whispering to Lady Elise and producing, with some fumbling, a scroll. Your ears catch "Sorry, mi'lady, they sent me up to the Sealord's palace first. I still don't kn...." and a few scattered things like 'last week', and so on.

    At length,and after a huddled council-wide discussion, Councilor Elise rises.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:09 No.12805116
    Guys, I know we're all busy comparing dick sizes at the moment, but can we do this first?
    >> Alpharius 11/15/10(Mon)04:09 No.12805119
    You assume we are close to attaining it, but from what I've seen the nobles don't support us at all. They might argue with each other but overall they aren't on our side.

    Removing the rich & powerful you have the peasants and merchants. We are a rival merchant. We haven't done anything that the peasantry actually knows about to any detail and we're more of a celebrity than an influential political candidate.

    I think you are seriously over-evaluating our value to the state. We should leave and take over a modest town, then invite immigration from freeport to supplement our numbers. That would mean interested and arguably loyal people come to live under a hero's guidance, we stop being a threat to the other merchants of freeport, and we remove dissidents from freeport's councils list of problems. They'll end up thanking us for it.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)04:10 No.12805125
         File1289812253.jpg-(187 KB, 850x674, 1287775765780.jpg)
    187 KB

    "Three days ago, on the seventeenth, forces from Rhasver landed in Azar, the recently-independent vassal city of Tashz. In retaliation, Tashz, Amtarr, and Exheln have declared war and are mobilizing. As everyone- most everyone here /should/ now, we are allied with Exheln and have good relations with Amtarr... Meaning that this city is now, technically obligated to declare war as well. This emergency session of the counci-" she tries to say, but is drowned by a rising chorus of shouts, most along the lines of 'what emergency session?'.

    "This emergency session of the council, held just now, has decided to enter war on our allies behalves. That puts Freeport in a state of war." she says loudly and clearly. Then she turns to you.

    "Free Captain Azal. The Council has offered you the, as you have conceded, extremely lucrative offer to leave the city. However, my understanding is that you refuse the council's judgement, and intend to fight this decision. Is that correct?" Elise asks, neutrally spoken, but with sharp intent in her eyes.

    "Do not do this." Cygnis whispers from beside you, "They're allowed to order you imprisoned or executed, and would get away with it, with a war. Please don't fight them. For y- For both our sakes."

    With Cygnis' plea, you are now acutely aware of the dozen guards at the entrance, as well as the fact that most of the nobles in the gallery behind you have one or two guards themselves.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:11 No.12805133
    Alpharius Speaks sense!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:12 No.12805140
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:13 No.12805148
    For the love of God, listen to Cygnis and back down!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:14 No.12805153
    No, he doesn't.

    He's undervaluing Freeport. These people are willing to spend 100k gold just to get us out of their hair.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:15 No.12805165
         File1289812536.jpg-(26 KB, 350x366, idiots.jpg)
    26 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:15 No.12805167
    Time to throw down.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:15 No.12805170
    Let us stand, make a scene, and raise a mob in the process.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:16 No.12805172

    Leave, support the other side and crush freeport with military might. Show them their folly.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:16 No.12805174
    Back down for now.

    However, do not actually leave the city. We should remain to destabilize the current council in other guises, then reclaim the city as Cibach.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:16 No.12805178
    Leave with grace
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:16 No.12805181
    Goddamnit. Looks like if we want to dodge imprisonment/execution, we'll have to sell off our assets (Cygnis can buy the house back), bail, then come back under a different name.

    We might be a red dragon, but we're not stupid... right? Anybody else see another way out of this?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:16 No.12805182
    Now a war? Opportune time to strike!
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 11/15/10(Mon)04:16 No.12805185
    rolled 61 = 61

    WD, I assume that was not the use of the 99, if that is a confirmation request, you have my vote to use the 99 as well as at least 7 others behind it. So far maybe I know Alph, and 2 other anon's are against it.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:17 No.12805191
    I'm against it!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:18 No.12805197
    Leave the city
    Conquer it through mercantile prowess
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:19 No.12805207
    rolled 23 = 23

    "Freeport is in a state of war?
    Unpolymorph: who's laughing now, Councilwoman Pelosi?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:19 No.12805214
    "Alright, Cygnis I'm hotheaded not a bloody idiot. I'll accept the verdict. For now. Godsdamn I need to smoke."
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:20 No.12805222
    That is a bad idea and you should feel bad for that!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:20 No.12805225
    That's all you've got? An image macro calling someone an idiot?

    If you actually want to contribute, then go ahead, make a real argument. However simply calling someone an idiot doesn't actually get us anywhere.
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 11/15/10(Mon)04:21 No.12805232
    rolled 60 = 60

    These 7 are different people for sure. Three of which have left already and then me and the other three are still here and are for.

    So far against.
    These are the ones against it so far as me trying to see through the samefagging but I know at least Alph and two others are against it.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:22 No.12805240
    >nor sure if CHOO CHOO (but willing to assume it is not, out of respect of the DM skillz of WD)
    Fine, I'll take your offer, what fun is a city-state that's locked in someone else's war, anyway?
    Who knows? we may even end up on the same side of the conflict...

    How long am I given to pack and get my affairs in order?
    >> Alpharius 11/15/10(Mon)04:22 No.12805242
    You don't seem to get it. Oligarchy means public support doesn't count for diddly. If you attempt a coup then you will be labeled a traitor and/or terrorist and therefore legally liable to be hanged.

    Look at it like this: you got free lodging for a good few weeks, met some sexy ladies, have a gold dragon ogling your codpiece, are being offered a fortune and have the chance to tip your hat and leave as a hero.

    Sure you think you're losing everything right now, but you've actually just boosted your horde by 1000% and will have the support of "Jassa", Cygnis and be able to travel for a while with a sorceror-assassin-princess who might be able to set you up with a band of mercanaries, just in time for your 'convenient' discovery of a poorly defended middle-sized town.

    You take it over, establish martial law for a while, root out dissenters, open immigration to freeport for workers (effectively making your new town a loyal colony) and then have cygnis open a port for business.

    Game set and match.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:23 No.12805245
    That's it, the entire council is now on our list of people/things who need to burn.
    >> SPEND THE GODDAMN 99 11/15/10(Mon)04:23 No.12805251
         File1289813037.jpg-(107 KB, 730x805, WhelanDragonfire.jpg)
    107 KB
    This city's sleeping like a soldier
    trapped inside of an iron lung,
    Machines can keep you breathing
    but what happens when you find a new war's begun?
    Flip a switch and turn it off, you won't be able to breathe.
    So either way you're a casualty.

    I've got this burning like my veins are filled
    with nothing but gasoline.
    And with a spark,
    it's gonna be the biggest fire they've ever seen.
    Cut me down or let me run,
    either way it's all gonna burn...
    The only way that they'll ever learn

    We've got to turn it off,

    Flip a switch.

    Light up the night!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:24 No.12805261
    > Oligarchy means public support doesn't count for diddly.

    Enough public support to whip together a mob to destabilize a city that relies on trade (which in turn relies on a stable environment to trade it) does matter.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:28 No.12805279
    You seem to think that we're in any position to set up another town and turn it into something even remotely as lucrative as Freeport is. The 100k gold offer shows that they're willing to dig deep to keep this place. We should pretend to leave, stay on under a different guise, work to destabilize the city, and then "return" as Cibach to restore order.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:28 No.12805281
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:29 No.12805287
    You do know that, because they're willing to dig deep to defend their positions, unseating them will be much more cost intensive then taking over a middling size town?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:31 No.12805303
    > unseating them will be much more cost intensive then taking over a middling size town?

    Yes, but it will also be more rewarding. A middling size town can't throw 100k gold at someone just to get them to go away. And if it doesn't work out, no big deal. We can move on then. But the point is that we should at least try.
    >> SPEND THE GODDAMN 99 11/15/10(Mon)04:32 No.12805308
         File1289813535.jpg-(30 KB, 640x480, red-dragon-fire-animal.jpg)
    30 KB

    At the heart of the city there is a building that looks down over all there is.
    And the man in the tower controls it all without raising a single fist.
    It's like they gathered up the city, they sold it to the devil, and now
    It's gone to hell and they wonder how.

    Well, a friend once told me:
    Men, they would follow any man who would turn the wheels.
    Now the wheels are spinning out of control; what would they do if we held them still?
    If you destroy the working parts, what you'll get is a broken machine.
    A beacon of light from a burning screen.

    Light it up.
    Light up the night.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:33 No.12805315
    and potentially blow a huge chunk of our 100 grand, the only recompense we'll get for leaving this place?
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)04:33 No.12805317
         File1289813598.jpg-(212 KB, 1000x1502, 1288074537060.jpg)
    212 KB

    "Fine. In the interests of not disrupting this city's war effort, I will concede. The gods know you certainly need it." you say with some venom, but sit back down. You'll have this city eventually, that you are certain, if only to burn it to the ground.

    "Very well. We shall process the purchase of your property... tonight, I think we can manage."

    "So desperate to get me gone?" you ask sarcastically. Elise ignores you.

    "You have... one week, after the money changes hands, to depart. The city is willing to provide you with a ship, should you require one. I would not expect that, though."


    Leaving the room, you brush past the guards in disgust.

    "I suppose I'll be up all night handling the transactions." Cygnis says gloomily. You're pretty sure that isn't want she's gloomy about.

    "Damnable... politicians." you growl. "Scinnari, you will have to tell me how many of them are headed your way."

    "One that I saw. Third from the right, Maegoran, I think. Couldn't tell about the rest."

    "Hardly reassuring, though it is somewhat comforting." Cygnis says dryly. "Very well, then. I shall deal with the exchange of money, and you had better prepare to depart, I suppose?"

    "Indeed." you growl, upset at the world in general. You're walking down a mostly empty street towards home when Scinnari does something to lift your mood considerably.

    "You know... it would be much safer to capture either Azdukashen or Cygnis, right now. We are about to become extremely wealthy, and move to wherever we want..."
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:35 No.12805339
    >IT'S 4:30AM
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:35 No.12805342
    You really think that we can actually DESTROY enough of this town that we won't be able to squeeze at least that 100k from it? Hell, a pillaging spree could probably net that. An actual take over will get us even more.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:36 No.12805350
    rolled =

    If we've truly ruled out all the peaceful options we have access to, then discression is the better part of Machievellian plots. We pick up our toys and head out. Any city that rewards its Savior with exile is on the top of our Shit List. Their day will come.

    But if we can do anything to keep our position short of bloody revolution though, I'm for spending the 99 and doing it.

    That said, lets just move on either way.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:36 No.12805353
    IF, if being the key word here, we are succesful
    Failure brings you nothing but lumps and bruises
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:37 No.12805363
    Oh well, let's off Az. Scinnari can even come off as if she is trying to distance herself from a recent exile.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:38 No.12805367
    Can we have this shitstorm tomorrow?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:38 No.12805369
    We SO need to come back after dark, sneak into Elise's mansion or whatever, and kill her. Even if we're leaving, the bitch deserves death.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:39 No.12805382
    We could use the 99 to have Scinnari distract and slay Azdouche with the sleeping agent+dragonslaying sword, while we use the moment to give the special pendant to Cygnis, and subdue her for Binding.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:39 No.12805385
    So, are we coming back with a new identity in a couple of weeks?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:39 No.12805387
    Implement the plan on Az and send Asha for Elise.

    It must be done. We will show them what it means to wrong us.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:40 No.12805400
    IF we fail, then we can try your "find some tiny village somewhere that can't resist us" plan.

    But any place actually profitable is going to have determined opposition. That risk just comes with the territory. But I think we really should remember that we have assets that the council is entirely unaware of. Our kobolds, "Jassa," etc. I think our chances of at the very least being able to take over the underworld here are quite good. Our shape changing alone gives us a sizable advantage.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:41 No.12805401
    rolled =

    Derp, missed the Writer-Dude post.

    Yeah, whatever, capture and bind... one of them, I guess. Yeah. Prolly Az. That way we still have a friendly liason to Freeport and by the time we bind her we'll really be hot shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:42 No.12805409
    How about neither
    What are we going to do with a dragon in a jar now?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:43 No.12805414
    A couple of weeks? Try a couple of days.
    >> Alpharius 11/15/10(Mon)04:43 No.12805415
    In the immortal wisdom of Niccolo Machiavelli, if a common man suffers a grievance he can never expect his fellow commoners to come to his aid. Only the rich and famous get that possibility....

    and the council of Freeport is a fuckload richer than you. You stay, you die.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:43 No.12805417
    Can we just, just leave with dignity?
    Not like some petulant little toddler who had his toys taken from him?
    Just leave without murdering anyone or binding them
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:43 No.12805419
    We should leave Cygnis here to prepare for our eventual return. She can do things like hire bards to sing of our valiant assault on the tower and the evil council who exiled us only to turn around and drag the city into war.

    Not only that, she can personally spread propaganda about how good a guy we are. We would have no better ally upon our return.

    Then we can kill or enslave her, if we find it prudent.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:43 No.12805421
    rolled =

    >>12805401 here
    You know what?
    >>12805382 sounds good too. I'm cool with either, but FUCK I'm not cool with any more eterna-debates.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:44 No.12805427
    We should make an appearance as Blackjack before we leave, see how 'Jassa' will handle this event
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:44 No.12805431
    For all your attempts to apply Machiavelli to our situation, there's something very important that you keep forgetting.

    There were no dragons in Renaissance Italy.

    We can stay in a different guise.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:44 No.12805432
    Do we have to do this now?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:45 No.12805438
    That is...
    perhpas the most stupid post I have had the displeasure reading in this entire thread
    and this was a pretty derpy thread
    that's your argument, really?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:47 No.12805450
    he meant that we can polymorph
    we can take the offer of monies and assume a new identity
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:47 No.12805451
    > and the council of Freeport is a fuckload richer than you. You stay, you die.
    Really now, and how are they going to pull that off? We can keep polymorphing to stay ahead of them, changing names and faces while we destabilize them. You seem to be forgetting that this is DRAGON quest, not simply politician quest.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:47 No.12805454
    I am so tired I no longer care
    Fucking changing my vote
    Leave Cyg and Azdouche for now
    deal with them later when ic an think
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:48 No.12805461
    Why bother though, when the grass IS greener on the other side?
    This would be needlessly expensive and time consuming and would ultimately be more prone to failure then if we set up shop somewhere where the rulling council DIDN'T hate your guts
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:49 No.12805470
    > that's your argument, really?

    No, it isn't. The argument is that unlike all the politicians in Machiavelli's day, we can polymorph. We can use magic to change into an entirely different person.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:50 No.12805478
    No, that is simply your strawman of his argument.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:50 No.12805479
    Agree'd. We need Cygniarassis right now, if we want to come back as Saviours. But we should still off Azdouche. His permanent disappearance from the Political stage of Tashz could have very amusing political benefits for our future manipulations.

    Plus, we hate him.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:50 No.12805484
    We should abandon Freeport since we are apparently taking the gold. There is no point staying here as Cibach Azal. Kill Az and maybe that council lady who was such a cunt to us. Then we skip town and start aaaaall over again from the beginning. Fuck.

    Scinnari comes with us, our kobolds too.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:50 No.12805485
    Sure, as if we didn't have enough enemies to start with!
    No, not really- just leave!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:55 No.12805513
    rolled =

    Az isn't our ally. Capture him, practice Binding on him, get the lowdown on his horde. Kill him.
    >> Alpharius 11/15/10(Mon)04:58 No.12805530
    And in a universe of demons, angels, dragons and extra-planar horrors you really think that attempting to wrestle control of a city that's just entered a war is a good idea? Hello? That's the worst possible option! The easiest way for 'the people' to forgive a government for atrocities is to cite necessity. It doesn't matter what *we* are since you intend to *rule* the city, not kill everyone in it. If you have a bad reputation then you fight an uphill battle.

    Let the council drag itself into war, let it make the whole city hate them, let them go bankrupt. And one day, ONE DAY, you return with your armada, your armies, and you fuckin Troy that shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:59 No.12805538
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)04:59 No.12805542
    Abandon it? Fuck that.

    I propose that, as a red dragon, we start preying on the ships that set sail from Freeport. Let us exact our revenge for the slight. Also, once we Bind Az-douche to us, he'll be helping lay waste to Freeport's shipping.

    They insulted us. Insults must be repaid a hundredfold.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:04 No.12805575
    Only if we are in the neighborhood. I'm actually thinking we should find some rich-as-hell city somewhere and set up there instead.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)05:04 No.12805576
         File1289815495.jpg-(46 KB, 290x409, Erinyes.jpg)
    46 KB
    At home, Scinnari prepares. Clothes. Necklace. Story. Everything necessary for gaining then betraying Azdukashen's trust. Arrogant bastard that he is, (heh, probably literally,) you doubt she'll have much trouble with her deception. Implementation, however...

    "By the way..." you say, as if coming up with the idea, "Do you have any restraints that would hold him? Spellcaster that he is?"

    "I.. No by themselves, no. I have a set of trick-cuffs I can appropriate; they'd probably work, only I know the secret, but that would obviously be a bit too risky. Combine that with something else, though, and that would prevent him from casting anything."

    "What about polymorphing?" you demand.

    "That too, I think. Though perhaps something more like that iron cartwheel Cygnis was in when we found her. Though it was a bit oversized."

    "Actually, I'm starting to sympathize with them." you admit, "With the prospects of having a much larger angry dragon on our hands... I'm getting a little worried myself. That thing might be nice."

    "I suppose. Alright, I can get him.." she says, folding the necklace in a cloth and placing it in a small jewelry box. She then pulls the highly-dangerous perfume bottle out, and slips it into a fold of her robes. "What do we do with him once I have him? How do we transport him while he's unconscious, and restrain him once he isn't?"
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/15/10(Mon)05:05 No.12805582
    rolled 12 = 12

    We could very well polymorph into someone else and start fucking shit up
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)05:06 No.12805583
         File1289815562.png-(393 KB, 333x567, Erinyes.png)
    393 KB
    Meant to ask for dice 1d100, too.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:06 No.12805585

    I like these plans, and think we should plan to do both.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:07 No.12805592
    We establish ourselves and our new hoarde somewhere neutral.

    After, we
    A) Send Cygnis away. Somehow. We offer our services destroying Freeport shipping for a modest fee.

    B) Learn magic from Scinarri and Cygnis for a while and, when Freeport is weakened, duck off and annihilate it.

    C) Take a great, steaming dragon dump on the council RIGHT NOW.
    We go to the ones who declared War on Freeporrt, after establishing ourselves elsewhere, and safeguarding our new Hoarde.

    We offer them our services, for a modest fee, against the Freeport shipping.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:08 No.12805603
    rolled 55 = 55

    what could go wrong?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:09 No.12805607
    We /cannot/ afford to mess this up. If the 99 is still available to us, we should use it here.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:10 No.12805618
    rolled 77 = 77

    Here goes.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:11 No.12805619


    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:11 No.12805620
    > Let the council drag itself into war, let it make the whole city hate them, let them go bankrupt. And one day, ONE DAY, you return with your armada, your armies, and you fuckin Troy that shit.

    Except we can do all that while staying in the city because we don't need to stay "Cibach." We can take the money, polymorph, and continue to build up our underworld presence and kobold minions.
    >> Alpharius 11/15/10(Mon)05:12 No.12805626
    Or you could just act in a reasonable manner. The gold dragons are associated with your name. The council is fallible, so far the only major mistake Cibach Azal has made was destroying an extremely expensive tower, that noone really wanted anyway.

    The council puts on a good show and all but the fact remains is that they didn't just seize the property and deport us forcefully. I don't think they're worried about the damage to their wallets.. remember these are the people who *own* the city, these expenses can be recovered quite quickly. What they are worried about is how an elf managed to convince 2 gold dragons to work with him to banish a dracolich being summoned by the ex-sealord; all of this having gone largely without their knowing.

    They're not afraid of Cibach directly, they're scared of his friends. Golds are Lawful Good and can't exactly interrupt a lawful execution/deportation of a terrorist.

    If we leave Freeport as a hero-figure then so be it. On the docks, before our farewells, state that we're continuing the hunt elsewhere (true enough, that's what Sigurd is doing anyway).

    No more damage to the city, no chance to damage our reputation.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:13 No.12805640
    Don't use the 99. Just have ourselves and Asha accompany her, probably invisibly. That should make this open and shut.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:15 No.12805653
    > It doesn't matter what *we* are since you intend to *rule* the city, not kill everyone in it.

    What? What we are matters a lot. It's the reason we've got those kobolds. It's the reason we can so easily pick up new identities if need be. It's the reason we can stay in the city instead of abandoning our work here just because we ran into some resistance.

    If we turn tail and run at the first sign of someone actually trying to keep something from us, then we're going to spend the entire quest running away. And while you might be okay with that since the only time you participate is to call people idiots, that's neither fun nor interesting for the rest of us.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:18 No.12805667
    And we can do all that... and then not actually leave the city. You seem to be forgetting that we can polymorph.

    I'll reiterate something I said earlier:
    You seem to be forgetting that this is DRAGON quest, not simply politician quest.

    We have a lot more tools at our disposal than you seem to be willing to consider.
    >> Alpharius 11/15/10(Mon)05:19 No.12805680
    If it's that easy why does noone seem to be agreeing with you?

    What you have is a poorly conceived plan with many holes. How do you expect to retain any power as not-Cibach, in a city now at war? What about Cygnis? Without her funds you are losing your own hoard, money which had to come from *somewhere*. People will get suspicious, including Cygnis. Your Kobolds aren't at fighting strength, don't ever mention them again please. You plan to contest the power of a war-economy, fascist state that doesn't blink twice about exiling popular citizens. "Jassa" will control Finn's gang, and could never give it to you. Power doesn't work that way.

    How do you plan to take control when you have noone to lead?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:21 No.12805692

    And you seem to be forgetting that the namefag you're responding to, Alpharius+12GMT, the one who claims to have a monopoly on Machiavelli, is a troll. Remember the last time he was here? Way back after we had saved Cygnis the first time and excepted her initial deal? All he did was call us all idiots. That's the full extent of his participation in this quest. For god knows what reason he just really doesn't like this quest and has taken it upon himself to derail it as much as possible.

    Ignore him.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:27 No.12805746
    > How do you expect to retain any power as not-Cibach, in a city now at war?
    Through our kobolds, Jassa, and Cygnis for starters. Plus we can reestablish ourselves under a new identity and use our magical abilities, items, and connections to rise in power again.

    > What about Cygnis? Without her funds you are losing your own hoard, money which had to come from *somewhere*.
    We can bring her in on this, and she can polymorph as well if she wishes to.

    > Your Kobolds aren't at fighting strength, don't ever mention them again please.
    Who ever said anything about the kobolds fighting? They're a smuggling element. We use them to acquire things and as laborers. They matter, so I don't see why we should just ignore them.

    > You plan to contest the power of a war-economy, fascist state that doesn't blink twice about exiling popular citizens.
    A state that doesn't know what we're capable of, and doesn't know the full extent of our reach or abilities. We have an information advantage.

    > "Jassa" will control Finn's gang, and could never give it to you.
    Which is why we have our "Blackjack" persona to keep an eye on her. Or have you not been keeping up?
    >> Alpharius 11/15/10(Mon)05:29 No.12805755
    >And while you might be okay with that since the only time you participate is to call people idiots, that's neither fun nor interesting for the rest of us.

    For the record I haven't called ANYONE an idiot. What I am doing is arguing with 1 or 2 people that think a city which just suffered an attack from 13 demons and a dracolich doesn't have the resources or motivation to hunt down and kill a shapeshifter, who even when he is revealed as a dragon, won't be much harder to kill than a pair of the aforementioned demons.

    I'm not being unrealistic or rude. Just stating the facts as I see them.

    But this IS politics. Even if you think you have some kind of special power that suddenly makes people look past you raiding supply lines and performing acts of terrorism against them, you still have to lead.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:31 No.12805765
    Fuck, guys, the decision was made, shit happened, and now we're moving on to do something else.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)05:31 No.12805766
         File1289817073.png-(392 KB, 393x495, Erinyes1.png)
    392 KB
    "Ah.... Lady Asmora. I thought you had decided." Azdukashen's voice grates on your nerves, as he greets Scinnari at the door to his room. You, for your part, are standing around the corner, in the stairwell. You can hear their conversation well enough, though.

    "I.. Was busy that day, lord Azdukashen." Scinnari replies, embarrassed. "I had to assist Cibach. Much to my regret."


    "He is nothing. I.. I saw your magnificence. In the battle. I- I'd like to apologize, lord. Beg forgiveness." Scinnari stammers, like one enthralled. She really sounds like she's over-doing it. But it seems to be working.

    "He intended to court your sister, you know. He's unworthy of her."

    "And how did you know this?" Az replies, his tone suggesting a raised eyebrow.

    "He had this made for her, a gift. You deserve it far more than she does... or at least, more than Cibach deserves a gift to give."

    "Indeed... Tsk, tsk. Such infidelity, among humanoids. I am surprised." you listen to him say, faint clinking of the the fine gold chain reaching your ears.

    "It... it would look magnificent on you, lord."

    "Really? Shoddy work, hardly worth Cygnis' time, let alone mine." he replies, "Anyway, I'm much more interested in how you would look on me."

    That bastard. That pompous, arrogant, self aggrandizing bastard.

    "I am sorry, lord. Should I... dispose of it?" a nervous apology.

    "No... No, I suppose I can put up with it. Something to ameliorate all the time I have suffered his presence. "

    "It truly looks better, for being on you, lord. As clear and beautiful as the full April moon."

    "Praise indeed. Now shall-" you hear a flurry of movement, a shout, and then silence. You're running lightly forward, trying to approach without making a sound-
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:31 No.12805771
    > What I am doing is arguing with 1 or 2 people that think a city which just suffered an attack from 13 demons and a dracolich doesn't have the resources or motivation to hunt down and kill a shapeshifter

    Considering that even the Sealords opponents weren't able to ferret out the cult, they're apparently a bit lacking in the information gathering area. We can use that to our advantage.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)05:32 No.12805776
         File1289817131.jpg-(327 KB, 1024x671, 1288074651034.jpg)
    327 KB

    Scinnari rests on top of Azdukashen, holding his head up, and the perfume bottle under his nose. There's the start of an ugly bruise on her cheek, but she is otherwise unharmed.

    [Where should we be taking him, how should we be restraining him, and what should we be doing in the meantime. I need to cut this off SOON. Twelve hour thread is too much.

    Also, deleting die roll again? Fuck you. Fuck you.]
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:36 No.12805793
    > But this IS politics. Even if you think you have some kind of special power that suddenly makes people look past you raiding supply lines and performing acts of terrorism against them, you still have to lead.

    The special power that you're so eager to dismiss allow us to circumvent the councils sentence of exile. It's a powerful tool.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:37 No.12805799
    Underground Kobold Lair.
    Get Spinnel, learn "Binding for Idiots".
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:37 No.12805802
    rolled 51 = 51

    I rolled twice, I deleted the higher - 57. Didn't think it'd matter.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)05:38 No.12805805
         File1289817525.jpg-(171 KB, 800x600, And Then There Was Silence.jpg)
    171 KB
    It's possible people's attitudes have rubbed off on me. Either way, fuck it. I need sleep. Post here or email me verdicts, I'm out.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:38 No.12805806

    Cuffs, gag, additional bindings as needed. Something capable of holding a being of great strength, which I'm sure AZ is even in human form. Plus the anti-polymorph necklace thing. Beyond that, into a trunk, and to a place out of the way, preferably one that is scrying proof.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:39 No.12805811
    stuff him in a chest (leaded of course), we're just moving some of our belongings to our house prior to moving them onto our ship.

    Rag in mouth, hands bound and secured (as we did with Asha)
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:41 No.12805818
    Thanks for the thread Writer-Dude.
    I appreciated it and I know that other people did to, even if they got carried away with silly things.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:42 No.12805828
    To the second cult area we found, under Kazmiri's house. We can do whatever we want there, no worries. We want to keep him out while we fetch the crystal, then brain probe him for hoard location, traps and illusions that are around it, and any guards. Then any merchant companies he owns, who the major employees are, and how we should go about taking them over.

    Then we wake him up, taunt him, laugh evilly, maybe engage in some ball-ripping torture.

    Finally, we kill him.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:43 No.12805838
         File1289817817.jpg-(64 KB, 333x250, batman_beyond-show.jpg)
    64 KB
    > April moon.

    Fuck yeah.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:46 No.12805855
    We need to let slip our disguise at one point, just slightly. Enough to know just how big he fucked up. Smoke coming from our throat as we laugh and our pupils dilate into slits.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:47 No.12805865
    For future reference, I think deleting posts should be avoided.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:48 No.12805874
    > There's the start of an ugly bruise on her cheek

    For that, we should use the french ball vise that got posted a few threads back.
    >> Alpharius 11/15/10(Mon)05:51 No.12805886
    You're going to need mind-control for what you're wanting. And I'm talking about brainwashing an entire city, not Azdukashen.

    What makes you say that? The Sealord knew about Cygnis being a dragon. How do you know the council didn't act, the entire time, because they *wanted* Drac dead?

    As if it had all been planned from the start.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)05:52 No.12805890
    Kill him? Why not find out the Binding ritual from the crystal, then use it on the dick? That way, we'll enslave a gold dragon (and a moderately powerful one, at that) to our will, and he'll know it. If we let him realise that we're actually a red dragon as well, and what we're going to do to his sister, it'll infuriate him all the more. A lasting torture is much more worthwhile than mere death. It might rub him particularly sorely if we let Scinnari reveal not only what she is, but have "fun" with her in front of him as well.

    Either way, we DO need to keep him somewhere out of sight, I agree.

    Awesome thread, WD.
    >> Alpharius 11/15/10(Mon)06:02 No.12805942
    And strong emotions will free him. Good idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:08 No.12805967

    > You're going to need mind-control for what you're wanting. And I'm talking about brainwashing an entire city, not Azdukashen.

    Says who? We don't need to brainwash the city, we just need to keep up expanding in the city's underworld while we work to destabilize the council's position. Not all the Sealords buddies are out of the picture, the opposition party isn't going to be entirely unopposed. And if we can paint this war as the council yet again lining its pockets at the city's expense, we can keep them worried about general civil unrest rather than an organized criminal enterprise and a kobold smuggling ring.

    > The Sealord knew about Cygnis being a dragon.

    Because the cult had agents within the Temple of Alset. The cult had consistently been able to outmaneuver their council opposition. Why? Because the council was at an information disadvantage. Saying that the cult was able to discover Cygnis says nothing about the council's abilities, only the cults.

    > How do you know the council didn't act, the entire time, because they *wanted* Drac dead?

    Because if it hadn't been for us Drac and the cult would have succeeded in bringing one of the Binder's servants back into the world, which would have been bad news for the council.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:13 No.12805990
    No more than a few scattered seconds (if that) was what the crystal said. And he'd be wearing the anti-polymorph necklace plus being restrained on top of that, which keeps him nicely trapped.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:14 No.12805995
    > As if it had all been planned from the start.
    Problem: Why would they let the cult's ritual go unopposed? Why were we the ones who had to go stomp on it?

    Suppose they really had planned it all out, they were risking the dead dragon getting loose and tearing their city a new one. And for what? So that we would be the ones who stopped it? For what purpose? They ended up spending 100k just to get us to piss off. If they knew about the cult and could stop its plans on their own, then why let some upstart do it, claim the glory plus 100k gold, and potentially be an even greater threat to their power?

    You're spinning increasingly absurd stories to justify your "we should abandon Freeport for some weak town that doesn't have the resources to resist us" plan.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:15 No.12806003
    And a fat lot of good being free of the binding for a few seconds will do him when he's physically bound, gagged, and unable to return to dragon form.
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/15/10(Mon)06:27 No.12806074
    rolled 18 = 18

    Being as we're getting booted out, I emailed WD asking for the ship.

    Also - having an Island base to work from is very handy (assuming that this island is more than just the city of freeport). I say we carve our own little demesne in a secluded spot with all we need and work from there.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)06:54 No.12806193
    We are agreed. I was against the torture before but bruising our devil? Painwork starts now.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)07:37 No.12806363
    Keep the gold dragon in the shackles.
    Keep the choker on him.
    Get him in a bath of molten lead or molten tin - not enough to reach the shackles or his neck (choker), but enough to pin him. He'll need to lay on his back, but whatever.
    We Sage Spinel the location of his Hoard and the description of all its Traps and Guards from his mind.
    We then poly into a Red Dragon in front of him.
    Beat him to within an inch of his life
    KO him with the chloroform
    Take the shackles off
    Kill him.
    No point keeping him around, as it's a recipe for disaster. Just spinel his hoard's info out of him, and kill him.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)08:30 No.12806602
    So, OOC, am I understanding this correctly when Freeport was pretty much the Starting Area intended to get us up and running but was never supposed to be the actual stage for the quest?
    If so, now what? Will we get an Awesome Ship and play Red on a Boat or is a new stage already set for us somewhere?

    ... Red on a Boat idea sounds pretty cool really, don't really like the idea of getting involved in the war. Sail from port to port, spreading some wild oats and just generally travelling. We're pretty young after all, do dragons get wanderlust?

    Though that should probably be done in a timeskip, Image Board rp isn't really the best medium for a relaxation campaign...
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 11/15/10(Mon)11:19 No.12807317
         File1289837988.jpg-(365 KB, 1495x1491, 1287776187738.jpg)
    365 KB
    >We're pretty young after all, do dragons get wanderlulst?

    That was, back in the first few threads, the whole backstory.

    As for stages, whatever you guys end up wanting. We can end up with our own small kingdom to work with, plottan' political machinations in Azar, or whatever. I will generally try to come up with something.

    Verdict with Az seems to be capture'd -->restrain-->transport-->interrogate-->torture/taunt-->kill. May start the next thread (today if I'm feeling good, otherwise Wednesday.)

    And a final note, no quest next week, over (what's for me, anyway, ) Thanksgiving break. Just early warning for y'all.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)11:56 No.12807510
    Huzzah, caught the eleventh hour update!

    Personally, I'd rather stay on in Freeport under a different identity, after our business with Az is concluded of course.

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