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  • File : 1289440814.jpg-(106 KB, 1000x573, Larvae_by_Andantonius.jpg)
    106 KB Zerg Quest XIX Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)21:00 No.12752560  

    It has been three days since our attack on Braxis. We keep our eyes and ears alert on Icarus for word, even as our eyes and ears on Icarus multiply. Nearly all of the remote areas of the planet are infested, now, with a good portion of the smaller settlements submitting to our will. We have moved a few of them into the large Capital, though we must step lively; Standing Colonial policy is to maintain DNA scanning stations at regular points in any major city. We spend as much time keeping our agents alive as we do looking for information.

    Labbrate, Nargil, and Internbrate continue to work on the Protoss. So far, they have isolated several compounds in their metabolisms that allow for increased stamina and strength. They estimate that they can adapt these compounds to increase the durability of our broods. They have also isolated the nerve clusters that allow the Protoss to use their psionic abilities. They are more specialized than the Swarm's, leading to an enhanced ability to alter reality, but keeping their abilities from manifesting the sort of psionic link that connects the Zerg.

    >bishop: wisears
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)21:02 No.12752585
    Zerg Quest and Commander Quest.

    This night can't get better.

    We ever gonna finish spooky zerg quest?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)21:03 No.12752597
    Spooky Zerg Quest is finished, friend.

    Here are the links to all three episodes:
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)21:05 No.12752614

    As always, if you don't want to do anything, I can make stuff happen.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)21:06 No.12752619

    Aw. From the ending I thought we'll be doing more feasting.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)21:07 No.12752630

    Maybe wait for more folks to turn up? Theres only 2 people in the thread presently.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)21:08 No.12752639
    There may well be more feasting. I haven't decided quite yet when or if the Dyles Entity will return (or exactly when Spooky Zerg Quest happened, in relation to the larger narrative), but it will definitely feast aplenty if I use it.

    Of course, you won't be in charge of it...
    >> Alpharius 11/10/10(Wed)21:11 No.12752668
    First order of business, we need a specialized zerg infiltrator designed to fuck electronics up something fierce. Preferably through retasking burrowing.

    Secondly, we need to assign Berniebrate a task before he comes up with something himself. Something like 'harry some merchants' or something.

    Thirdly, we need to bring more wayward zerg under our heel. We are in desperate need of improving our resource networks, in and out of system.

    And finally, we need to get Cerebrate Anon more liquor, as the quest is proportionately more awesome as he becomes inebriated.
    >> Alpharius 11/10/10(Wed)21:20 No.12752769
         File1289442053.jpg-(30 KB, 290x372, Fuck_your_theory.jpg)
    30 KB
    Since nobody else is doing anything, I'll bump with an image I feel represents KINGSTON quite well.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)21:20 No.12752770
    Our Science Corps is currently dissecting the Protoss. When they are done, they may be able to craft some kind of anti-electronic Zerg. We're not sure exactly how that would work, though...

    Reluctantly, we psionically squint at Bernie's World for a few moments. We notice the skins being pulled off of what appears to be a mammalian mutalisk. Its shrieks are haunting. Do we wish to set that sort of thing loose on somebody? We should be very sure before we do that.

    The only feral Zerg we know of are being exterminated one by one on the surface of Aiur, or in the small nebula that hovers above it. Gorn is still vehement that we should land troops, regain control of the Swarm, and strike at the Protoss. Warbrate continues to think that a Psi Emitter inside of the cloud could regain us some much-needed air units without detection. We have yet to act on either of these plans.

    (Oh, no drinkin' tonight. I've got work in the morning. I did plenty of that last night. Watched Scott Pilgrim. There's not an unattractive girl in that whole movie!)
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)21:24 No.12752816
    This idea has merit. Would it be possible to develop a unit capable of not only damaging and interfering with electronics through a directed energy discharge or electrically charged claws and talons, but also generates a variable electromagnetic field to cause further disruptions? We could call it a Teslalisk.
    >> Alpharius 11/10/10(Wed)21:25 No.12752827
    If we were to launch Bernie, we should play it up as him running his own (horrifying) faction of zerg of his own volition.

    The rough plan would be to have Bernie harry and demoralize Confederate forces. Hopefully, he can draw a large Confederate force to him, so we can sneak behind their backs and make a direct attack to one of their worlds.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)21:28 No.12752869
    This might work. Bernie's sick fury may in fact match Kingston's devious command. Of course, we did just attempt to set the Confederacy against the Protoss...and if the Protoss got wind of Zerg that were not feral, they would know that we survived the death of the Overmind.
    >> Alpharius 11/10/10(Wed)21:33 No.12752927
    Ah true, the protoss setup I had forgotten about.

    We may need to try to escalate 'toss and terran conflict a bit, and then convince both sides that Bernie is a creation of the other.

    To the terrans, he could be a protoss weapon of desperation, a tamed zerg turned to perversity to unbalance the Confederate Navy.

    To the protoss, Bernie could be a sick experiment by the ever-dabbling terrans. Further proof of the depravity of their foe.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)21:38 No.12752986
    News has begun to filter in on Icarus. The Confederacy has announced a new attack on Terran soil: a brutal, unwarranted attack on the planet Braxis. The Protoss burned away the brave pioneer terraformers without warning. Chancellor Kingston is expected to make a statement this afternoon.

    The sentiment we hear on the street is that people are unsure of whether the Protoss or the Zerg are a greater threat.
    >> Alpharius 11/10/10(Wed)21:40 No.12753009
    Before we move too much, what's the numbers on our non-zerg vessels? We still have some more carriers/an arbiter left, yes?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)21:43 No.12753035
    So, how possible would it be to infiltrate and infest the DNA scanning stations themselves? Would it be possible to rig the machines so that we could let infested in while periodically giving false positives?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)21:48 No.12753085
    The carrier we captured over Aiur is finally repaired, bringing our capital ship count back to three carriers, and two battlecruisers.

    The stations are run by Umojan Protectorate operatives. It would be possible to begin infesting them, but it would take some time to gain complete control of each station. If we did so, we could have as many of our agents walk through as we pleased.

    We have only seen the machine indicate a positive twice. Both times, the person was physically restrained, a blood sample taken on-site, and when the results returned positive again, the person was rendered unconscious and taken away.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)21:57 No.12753179

    What of the general opinion on the Zerg? Has there been any news regarding any major events such as the death of the Overmind?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)21:59 No.12753198

    We might be able to convince the Protoss of that Bernie is a Terran experiment, but not the other way around. They'd never actually claim responsibility per se, either way.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)22:00 No.12753213
    The news networks are running stories about what the Terrans know about the Protoss (not a lot), and their previous interactions (as of the attack on Braxis, the Protoss had destroyed three Terran worlds, and had been spotted attacking Antiga Prime after the Zerg assault on that world). There isn't much detail, and no information that we do not already know.

    A wraith pilot says a few short sound bites for the camera, with a banner proclaiming him the sole survivor of Braxis. Odd. We left four of them alive.
    >> Alpharius 11/10/10(Wed)22:01 No.12753221
    We need to have a bit more "senseless, unprovoked attacks" on terran soil by our carriers.

    Let's warp in to a sector, glass a colony with a cruiser, and warp out after hanging around juuuust long enough to be identified as protoss.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:02 No.12753230

    >Wraith pilots

    Only one could have survived long enough to evac. Disabling the wraiths might've been a rougher option than we thought.

    Although it's more likely that the Confed. dealt with them for some reason.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)22:05 No.12753251
    The Zerg are considered a horrible menace. Some kind of rabid hive species of monstrous insects. They are known to have attacked Antiga Prime (twice!) and Dylar IV, and they are rumored to have attacked some pirate settlements and remote government outposts. Every Terran knows that if you notice somebody acting strangely or seeming sick, you should make sure they get tested for the Zerg-bourne virus immediately. The public seems to think that some people are mind-controlled by the virus, but others mutate into zerglings.

    Our agents' memories indicate that stories circulate about sick Terrans turning into Zerg and devouring their own families. Everybody is afraid of the Zerg. That there has been no sighting of them for weeks is seen as a testament to Chancellor Kingston's leadership.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:09 No.12753287

    >Zerg Virus testing

    Although I probably already know the answer to this, what happens to people who test positive for the Z-virus?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:10 No.12753304
    >That there has been no sighting of them for weeks is seen as a testament to Chancellor Kingston's leadership.
    I think we should continue to lull the Terrans into a false sense of security.

    Call up Accountantbrate, Citybrate, and ColonyLord; how go our colonization efforts outside the Koprulu Sector, and our resource collection?

    Also, from the last thread, could Labbrate take a look at the feasibility of a cloaked missile base equipped with cloak nukes to be used as system defense? The base would be carved out of an already existing asteroid of sufficient size, and a capital ship-grade reactor used to power the cloaking system.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:13 No.12753344

    For that matter, did we ever recover those Zerg that we sent toward the Earth? If so, did they find anything that was noteworthy?
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)22:17 No.12753389
    Something I figured out while going back through the past threads for the purpose of making a play version of the quest, the song (now poem) kinda sprouted a sideshoot. We need to get the Confederacy to some how attack Col'Athea, the maybe new Protoss shipyards. Not quite sure how. Also how long would it take to glass Icarus with our 3 carriers? Also, the poem will be posted once I finish typing it up.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:18 No.12753400

    >False Security

    And perhaps try to undermine Kingston's authority while that's happening.

    We could possibly stir up public ire by trying to make a false-positive version of the Zerg virus, and making it seem like the Confederacy is merely using the virus as an excuse to arbitrarily abduct/silence people.

    Of course, the Confederacy probably did that many times in the past... but still, never hurts to try to open up a can of worms and possible Revolution.

    Who knows? If Valerian Mengsk is still alive, he might be able to rouse the public like Raynor did in the canonverse.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)22:20 No.12753411

    Colonylord proudly states that it has handed over the second wave of colonies (that makes 25) to Accountantbrate and Citybrate. They are producing resources quickly, and Citybrate estimates that we will have the first batch ready to produce offensive units within days.

    Colonylord is preparing the third wave of colonization overlords now. It estimates that at this rate, we will reach Earth in about six months, give or take.

    Cloaking an entire asteroid would require substantial investment of resources, as would carving one out. Even if we did produce such a thing, its range would be no greater than a conventional weapons platform. Warbrate approves of the idea of creating platforms for defense, and Accountantbrate seems torn over objecting to the expense of the platforms versus objecting to the very idea of the expense of the asteroid.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:22 No.12753444

    >>Glass the planet we spent a shitload of time infesting.

    Fucking no
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:22 No.12753452

    How big is our Brood in comparison to the former strength of the Swarm? (pre-battle of Aiur, post-psi Distruptor)
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:23 No.12753453
    >false-positive zerg virus
    That could work, but we'd first need to get ahold of one of their testing machines, in order to find out which genetic and protein markers that the Confederacy is using to identify our Infestation spores, and then coming up with a 'common cold' version that has the same markers but completely different pathology.
    That could be difficult, as I imagine that they would test their testers even more stringently than the general population; from everything we've seen, Kingston is not stupid, stopped by entrenched bureaucratic stupidity, or (with the assumption of emergency martial law) political opposition.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)22:23 No.12753456
    Good point. We need to up the strength of our nukes. A whole arsenal of the Tsar Bomba.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:26 No.12753490

    >> Continuously bringing up stuff that Cerebrate Anon has said no to.

    Cut it out
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)22:26 No.12753501
    After we get the infestation spread I mean. Braxis was frankly a fringe planet, if Icarus a major agricultural world gets destroyed by the Protoss, the public outcry alone will force Kingston into war. I only wanted to know how long it would take in case Kingston needs an extra push. Also if the infestation is found out by the feds we could clean it up while making the protoss get blamed.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:28 No.12753518
    >Accountantbrate seems torn over objecting to the expense
    Mollify Accountantbrate that at most, this will only be done at 2 locations: Xenta, our current Hive Capital World, and some world well outside the Koprulu Sector that we will use as an emergency fall-back location in case Xenta is somehow compromised.

    Which reminds me: have Defensebrate and Citybrate go over the Second and Third Wave worlds for a suitable emergency fallback world. It should be well outside of the Koprulu Sector, preferably easily defended and with large amounts of resources ready.
    We will stockpile emergency caches of minerals, vespene gas, and Terran production facilities on this planet, to be called the Alpha Site, in case we have to retreat to it if Xenta falls, like what happened at Aiur and Char.
    With Tassadar and Kingston, I don't want to take chances.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)22:28 No.12753523
    As promised, bad poetry about Zerg Quest! For a first attempt a writing poetry I think it's ok.

    First, the Protoss. They are grumpy.
    They are ancient. They are stubborn. They stagnate.
    How do they kill? You can call it "The Glassing."

    Then, the Terran. They are clever.
    They make science. They make machines. They create.
    How do they kill? They burn. Setting all ablaze.

    Last, the Zerg. We are many.
    We come to take. We come to grow. We evolve.
    How do we kill? Better than all, we consume.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)22:31 No.12753566
    But let's not call it Alpha Site, too cleche, and it always got destroyed in stargate. Call it something creative, let Artisanlord name it, or call it Bob.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:37 No.12753657

    Also, not to disturb the Zerg Science Corps. important protoss infestation/integration work, but would it be possible to implement detection organs in ALL zerg units?

    It doesn't have to be as sensitive as Overlords', just enough for them to get a general sense of direction of where cloaked stuff is. That could be a HUGE step up in combating cloakers if no methods of detection are nearby.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)22:40 No.12753700
    We haven't sent any Zerg to Earth. We could, if you like.

    (You mean the Cannon-only tanks?)
    We are already spawning what we're calling pilotlings, which resemble Zerglings with digits suited to guiding Terran technology instead of melee combat.

    As with the Protoss, something about Terran DNA prevents us from spawning them as we spawn our broods (This is just too much of a gamebreaker, man. You can't spawn humans).

    Once again, our Science Corps is preoccupied with the Protoss. They believe that with a little effort, they can alter the Protoss' psionic organs to serve as a sort of psionic attack mechanism.

    We estimate that with all three carriers, the planet's population could be destroyed in four hours, unless they are interrupted by the planet's defensive forces. Burning the rest of the surface would take an additional three to four hours.

    (Playable version?)

    We're sure Labbrate could engineer a virus that would set off the scanners without posing any real danger to the host. We would still have to release it in the same manner, of course.

    (I hadn't had plans for increasing yield or range on Confederate nukes. I can start working on it for us, but I'll have to retroactively have Kingston start, too. You still want to? Anyway, still no nukecruisers. That's just not happening)

    We've got the production capacity to get back to that level once the first wave of colonies finishes its defensive construction.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)22:44 No.12753753
    Colonylord leaps to the fore of our mind. It has a world that could be perfect! It is called Yoshus. It was in the second wave, is relatively secluded, and its system contains an asteroid field rich in minerals that Accountantbrate planned to begin mining as soon as the planetary constructions were done. Defensive platforms would make that easier, which might make Accountantbrate actually happy to spend the resources.

    Excellent. Set it to music, and have a Youtube video of you performing it for us ready immediately. :D

    Unfortunately, all methods of detecting cloaked units either require expensive and intricate machinery (an observer is basically just this with an engine and a cloaking device strapped to it) or extensive cerebral material. The only Zerg ground units we have that are large enough for that are ultralisks, which would have to sacrifice almost all of their combat effectiveness for it.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)22:45 No.12753769
    I ment redoing it in the form of a play. It started in iambic pentameter, and rather Shakespearean, but that's too hard to write, so I made accountlord complain about it. I could post the beginning if you want.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:45 No.12753776
    >Not naming it Alpha Site
    How about Crystal Palace? I dunno, I got nothing.

    Anyway, CerebrateAnon, can we have Defensebrate begin bolstering the system defense network in the Xenta system once the First Wave colonies begin shipping back resources to Xenta.
    And have that emergency fall-back position scouted out and prepared.

    As for the fake Zerg-Virus, let's try to get it released on some other planet besides Icarus. If a new wave of outbreaks occur on Icarus, it could cause the planetary government to begin screening everybody, and we don't want that.
    >> Generic Overlod No. 81 11/10/10(Wed)22:47 No.12753802
    I was thinking. We know someone good at mind games, right? Kerrigan. She did pretty good with Zeratul.

    Why don't we contact her and see if we can get her to go all Brood War with Kingston and/or the protoss? Convince them she's free of the influence of the swarm now that the overmind is dead, yada yada yada (might not work on Kingston, could work on the protoss).

    If things get hairy, we can recall her out with our new arbiter. Hey, Tassadar and Zeratul pulled that shit on us, now that we have an arbiter there's no reason we can't do the same thing!
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:48 No.12753821
    Yoshus, codename Crystal Palace, will become our fall-back position. Have it prepped, and Defensebrate is to begin fortifying the planet; don't forget to include a comprehensive sensor net composed of intensive Overlord patrols as part of the System Defense Grid.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:49 No.12753838
    Let's hold off on sending any zerg to Earth until the human and protoss in the Koprulu sector are pretty much destroyed.

    We do not want to drag the U.E.D. into this while we are not even able to take on either the Confederacy or Protoss individually.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:49 No.12753844
    Yeah, but I don't want to let them know we even have time-dilation technology in our hands if we can help it.
    Though I guess we should let Kerrigan know what we've learned about the Confederacy, in case she's still unaware.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:52 No.12753877
    Right. After the Third Wave of colonization, we should alter the path of the main Waves to some other direction, but with a smaller sub-Wave still aimed at Earth.
    We want to get close enough to U.E.D. space to see what they're doing, but far enough away that they won't come and have a look.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:54 No.12753901
         File1289447656.jpg-(91 KB, 500x1700, ;_;.jpg)
    91 KB
    I support sneakily recovering Zerg units from the nebula above Aiur. Emphasis on Sneaky.

    Another idea, since we're still recovering at the moment, and high-yeild nukes are taboo among humans: False Flag Nuclear Strike. Big nuke on a visible terran target. Something to generate infighting.

    And as a final bit of input, for further down the line when the larvae are out of the bag that Zerg are back, we need to get Artisanlord its own holovid channel. And make sure it has a permanent spot on terran airways. Just imagine the reaction of the terrans when they channel surf into a Zerg Billy Mays pitching a complete line of Creep maintainance products, or a screening of The Mutalisk who Loved Me, or whatever the hell else that cultured ball of neurons can think up. Just make sure its available 24/7.
    >> Generic Overlod No. 81 11/10/10(Wed)22:54 No.12753902
    That would be some sort of a last resort IF Kerrigan screwed up. She played her cards pretty well in Brood War, but of course without Raynor her influence over the terrans might be somewhat diminished.

    I wonder what Kerrigan HAS been doing all this time anyway?
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)22:54 No.12753906
    We also should be able to intercept a fleet from Earth while they're still mostly in cryosleep. Not that anything like that would happen or anything. I see no OOC knowledge here, nope none.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)22:55 No.12753920

    We should probably give her a status update. If she doesn't already know.

    We've agreed to non-interference/non-aggression, but it wouldn't hurt to notify a potential ally in this universe about the low-down on one of the major Zerg antagonists in here.

    I'm not sure if the Brood War thing would work, though. The UED isn't here yet, and there aren't a whole lotta rogue zerg to take control of.
    >> Alpharius 11/10/10(Wed)22:56 No.12753929
    I second zerg Billy Mays.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)22:57 No.12753941
    Third. Motion carries
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:00 No.12753970
    Ripping off Mass Effect 2 here, but I think it would be pretty sweet if we could pull an ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL on an infested terran, basically resulting in a powerful ghost like unit we, well, directly control.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:01 No.12753984

    Remote infestation of Terrans via Artisanlord TV programming?


    DO IT!
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:03 No.12754002
    I'm against attempting to recover the feral Zerg forces over Aiur, simply because I think it's too risky. Any warp in could be detected, and if we try to warp in within the flesh nebula our units might end up turned into paste. We're not sure if the Protoss, being telepathic, might pick up the Psi Emitter's signal. And finally, the more Zerg there are infesting the holy space of Aiur, the longer it will occupy the Protoss.

    As for the nuke false flag operation, Kingston is well aware that we are capable of using nukes, as we used 4 of them when we attacked the Psi Disruptor. I don't think he would fall for it.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:03 No.12754006

    I think ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL is something we do as a default action. Only we don't really think about it very much because it's so reflexive.

    Although, having the ability to psionically super-charge/amplify a unit's strength by making it a Cerebrate Avatar thingy does sound pretty spiffy.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:04 No.12754010

    Of course, we could leave the UED fleet alone and let them reach the sector as they are supposed to. Then, they'll fight the Confederacy and Protoss while we stay out of the way. The other powers are occupied with something other then us and we get more room to manuever.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)23:05 No.12754021
    We can have the new tanks ready as soon as a factory is retrofitted for it. The production won't get really underway until our resource yield from our colonies increases a bit, though.

    (...What about those missiles?)

    My God. Bernie may have returned to the Quest, but Artisanlord has spread into the real world!

    Labbrate will have to develop it first!

    Speaking of, Labbrate happily informs us that it, Nargil, and Internbrate have finished scrounging what they can from the Protoss (we note that none of the specimens survived. We now have no infested Protoss). They have already begun integrating the metabolic processes to increase durability into the Swarm. Our units will be able to activate them in order to survive even following major organ failure, allowing them to continue fighting longer than before. They have also devised a psionic attack, though they are unsure of what to do with it (OOC: think Tassadar's melee attack) as it would require a brain at least as complex as a hydralisk's.

    Each cerebrate awaits new orders.

    You know, now that we think about it...we don't know where Kerrigan is. Or how to contact her...
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:06 No.12754026
    Not to mention picking off isolated units from the shadows, scavenging through the remains of battles, and assimilating the weakened survivors.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:06 No.12754029
    The protoss also know that we have nukes, but they think we're dead. It might be possible to nuke the toss in retaliation for Braxis. If they don't avenge Braxis then we'll do it for them.
    >> ZERGY MAYS 11/10/10(Wed)23:06 No.12754030


    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:07 No.12754039
    Zerg T.V.? Hell yes!

    Zerg sitcoms, Zerg NewsNetwork, zerg advertisements for the zerg cereal "Cere-O's"
    >> Generic Overlod No. 81 11/10/10(Wed)23:07 No.12754040
    I agree, but for different reasons. Surely the resources we put into maintaining secrecy and reclaiming feral zerg could be put to better use merely spawning more units.

    LABBRATE: Try to create a new strain with an emphasis on burrowing. Specifically, we want a kind of zerg that can dig tunnels very quickly and effectively. Combat effectiveness is secondary, but perhaps it has some sort of acidic bite that is also useful for digging.
    >> Generic Overlod No. 81 11/10/10(Wed)23:09 No.12754052
    She's probably on Char. Or at least she has units there. Can we send units to Char? Where did we find her last?
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:09 No.12754053
    I am not Artisanlord made manifest upon the material plane, cause it's not iambic tetrameter couplets like his history of the swarm.
    >> Alpharius 11/10/10(Wed)23:10 No.12754071
    Also, try to insulate him from electrical shocks from his claws or mandibles. This will allow him to annoy terran computer systems.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:11 No.12754077
    Nargil, make me lurkers!
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:11 No.12754084
    Labbrate: begin development of this new 'fake' Zerg Virus.
    Nargil: Attempt to build the psionic attack organ into a new form of hydralisk; a high-mobility melee fighter, with respectable armor and high speed, meant for close combat inside of Terran and Protoss installations and vessels.

    Internbrate: continue studying the time-dilation technology, to see if it can be recreated and applied to our production centers.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:11 No.12754088

    Were we able to scrounge up any type of stronger Psionic link from the protoss specimens? Any sort of resistance to future Psi-disruption would be *very* handy, even if it might be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming for the Confed. to produce other psi-disruptors.

    As for the Psionic Lash... can we assume that any units that are more expensive than Hydralisks have the necessary brain function/parts to make use of it?
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:12 No.12754097
    Act 1 Scene 1 of "My Poorly Written ZQ Play"
    CA: Besilus. Besilus. Thirsty these lands are.
    Need to tame these lands. Need a drone.
    Zergling? Why not? Bernie, Ernie. Scour the land.

    B: Look here I say. 'Tis of Terran make.
    E: Look here I say. 'Tis the Bones of Besilus.

    CA: I need someone to help with the harvest.
    A lord to take over, an overlord.

    B: I say, this here depot vexes me much.
    E: Look here I say. 'Tis the Besilus Tar Pit.

    CA: Bernie. If the depot vexes you so,
    to the north you shall find your release.

    E:Look here I say. The bones have come to you.
    B: Look here I say. There are riches up here.

    CA: A lord to find. This is a must, I think.

    Acc: Look here. This will not do. Simply let me.
    CA: Such is you life. Better the mine as you like.

    Sco: Bernie. Ernie. Follow my lead. Go forth.

    CA: Terrans. Maybe they will negotiate.
    Never would I speak for thine, my Father.
    Terrans. An abundance of technology.
    The swarm mechanized. Perish the thought.
    >> Alpharius 11/10/10(Wed)23:12 No.12754098
    Nargil, dessiminate Terran technology using only toothpicks and three zerglings. Use Internbrate to cover your advance. Stay frosty.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)23:13 No.12754103
    (Hey it's Vincelord with ZergWow! You may think you've seen bio-absorptive cleaning pads before, but ZergWow takes the cake. It's made on Chau Sara. You know the Chau Sarans always make the best stuff!)

    Labbrate and Nargil put their heads together. A Zerg unit that can dig tunnels large enough for others to pass through isn't particularly hard to create. Using hydralisk DNA, they create this strain of burrowlisks quickly.

    An overlord sent to Char shows very little there. The Creep has receded from the decayed bodies of our dead Brothers.

    (Oooooo, you should write in trochaic octameter. Like the Raven)
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:15 No.12754118

    Come to think of it, she's always contacted US whenever we're looking for her. Her psionic abilities might already surpass our own, in terms of remote contact.

    Is there any way we can trace her psionic signal thingy when she contacted us the last time?
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:16 No.12754134
    But it's a know fact that nuclear weapons are crap in space. To much of the energy is wasted going in other direction. The only way to make them work well against anything other than clusters would be to make them punch through the hull, but at that point a high-yield conventional warhead would be just as good.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:17 No.12754140
    The way I envisioned it, The Zerg Channel would appear to be a channel made for a Zerg Audience, that for some inexplicable reason is available on Terran TV.
    Meaning Zerg Mays would be selling you pro-zerg items, such as Oxi-Spores that tackle stains on your creep, inside and out!
    Rather than products that counter the zerg, such as spore removal.
    >> Generic Overlod No. 81 11/10/10(Wed)23:18 No.12754152
    Can we use those units in mass to, say, burrow out a large chunk of earth beneath a terran base, causing the earth to become unstable enough such that the weight of the structures causes the ground beneath them to collapse?

    I imagine since terrans can detect burrowed units they'd be able to quickly develop countermeasures, but once war starts up again we might be able to get a few victories via surprise using this tactic.
    >> ZERGY MAYS 11/10/10(Wed)23:21 No.12754181

    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)23:22 No.12754187
    Nargil is intrigued by this idea. It will take some time for it to complete such a rampant change in hydralisk DNA. Should we devote Nargil to this?

    (By some time, I mean a long time. You'll lose Nargil until it's done)

    Labbrate gets to work.

    This new strain of hydralisk would take less time to develop than the lurkers we proposed. Nargil can't work on both at once, though.

    Internbrate informs us that the mechanism that generated the time dilation field takes up almost twice as much space as the arbiter. It would take a long time to decipher how it works.

    (That assumption would be more or less accurate, yeah)

    Not in retrospect. If she contacts us again, we might be able to track her.

    (Goliath missiles are ALREADY anti-capital ship missiles)
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:22 No.12754193

    For the psionic attack, is it possible for the more complex Zerg units (i.e. hydralisks, ultralisks, mutalisks, guardians, etc.) to evolve this psionic potential to amplify their own default attacks?

    Having an ultralisk with psi-blades for arms might be out of the question, but having one that can charge its bone-scythe arms with psionic energy would probably have a lot more cutting power than one that didn't. Maybe this psionic potential could act as a sort of point defense system, shooting down rockets or jumbling up electronics.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:23 No.12754206
    I did notice, but most people would assume you meant to. Also
    In the Zerg swarm, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the hydralisks who investigate crime and the defilers who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)23:25 No.12754223
    We might be able to do that, though Terran structures can always just take off and relocate. Terran bases might also detect the increased seismic activity and act preemptively.

    (Hey, it's Vincelord with Zerg-Chop! This device's patented Zergling-claw technology lets you cut vegetables and food with the precision of three thousand years of directed evolution! Slice onions with monomolecular precision!)
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:25 No.12754224
    Well if it will take that long then screw lurkers.
    >> Alpharius 11/10/10(Wed)23:26 No.12754230
    Can't forget Days of our Zerg, Saved by the Zerg, Z*E*R*G, and Kerrigan's Isle.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:26 No.12754235
    If humanity must discover the zerg are still active, Zerg TV is the BEST way this should happen.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/10/10(Wed)23:26 No.12754238
    Is there a canon timeline we're limited to in this quest?
    *first time reader*
    I'm wondering if we can research/prep a form of Point Defense Drone via a Devourer? Do we have Devourers?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:27 No.12754242
    Seeing as Goliath missiles are anti-capital ship missiles, in addition to the nuke missile platform, could we also make smaller uncloaked missile bases that are designed for Goliath missile spam? Nothing more than a targeting computer, long-range sensors, maneuvering thrusters, and a fuckton of missiles.
    Have a couple dozen of these spread throughout the system, and the enemy fleet will be so worried about the tidal wave of missiles and torpedoes coming at them, that they won't notice the cloaked nukes until too late.
    And if they didn't know about the nukes, then their logical formation would be a tight pack so that overlapping point-defense systems could deal with the incoming flood of missiles, unwittingly making them into a prime nuclear target.
    >> Generic Overlod No. 81 11/10/10(Wed)23:27 No.12754253
    Damn, for some reason I had completely forgotten about the terran base structure ability to relocate.

    Well, it could work for cities or supply depot hubs, anyway.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:29 No.12754270

    Not yet. We're still pretty much using the base Starcraft I zerg unit set, although supplemented with some minor technological augments (i.e. hydralisks with machineguns), and various terran units and tech (cloaking harnesses, siege tanks, nukes, battlecruisers), with the odd infested protoss ship thrown in (carriers, scouts, and 1 arbiter).

    We can apparently manufacture protoss ships and terran ships, but it's *very* expensive to make brand new protoss stuff.
    >> Alpharius 11/10/10(Wed)23:29 No.12754279
    I think what you're describing is basically a Valkyrie missile platform that uses cloaked nukes.

    As fantastic as that is, we should really focus our efforts on evolving ourselves for now, and worry less about modifying terran tech to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:29 No.12754285
    Started a few moths before SC!, right now I think we're somewhere in early toss campaign. And welcome to Zerg Quest. Now with poetry.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/10/10(Wed)23:30 No.12754289
    Er, switch "Devourer" with "Brood Lord".
    >> Terran Cultist 11/10/10(Wed)23:32 No.12754316
    Early SC1 huh... Zerg with Terran manufacturer...

    What about Spider Mines loaded with Defiler Plague?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:32 No.12754320
    I agree that we should focus less on terran or protoss tech for now and concentrate on evolving the swarm, maybe getting some brood war improvements.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:33 No.12754323
    Valkyrie, I read that more as Macross. We also have Ultralisks and Hydralisks in power armour.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:33 No.12754325
    Pretty much. Remove the engines in order to increase missile capacity for the conventional ones, and put in a cloaking device for the nuke-capable version.
    Only the UED currently has Valkyries, though. It would be a nasty surprise for the Confederacy and Protoss.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:34 No.12754338
    Hey maybe I missed it, but has anyone suggested giving the overlords a psionic attack?

    I can see it now, overlord meets protoss observer in deep space. Overlord proceeds to blats protoss observer into scrap.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:34 No.12754339
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:35 No.12754349

    About our fake Z-virus; is there any way we can combine it with the common cold?

    If we make it highly virulent, but no more dangerous than the flu, and release it on Icarus, then basically EVERYONE is going to test positive for infection.

    The DNA checks will be overwhelmed, and in the confusion we could snap up some security personnel and control the checkpoints.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:35 No.12754353

    We'd probably be able to do that, although the Zerg quest format is not very conducive to the micromanaging nature of the Starcraft games. It's more of a macro-quest, after all.

    But your name gives me an idea! Cerebrate Anon, how many crazy Terran cults are there in the Confederacy? Are they really noticed/squashed, or does Kingston & Co. have better things to worry about?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:35 No.12754359
    Dosn't the defiler plague corrode metals though? How will we keep it from destroying the mine from within?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:36 No.12754369
    I don't know if we have the spider mine schematics. We'll have to check with Labbrate.

    Also, moving to have Nargil develop the new close-combat psionic melee unit.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:37 No.12754378
    The followers of The Church of the Reformed Larva are the number 1 terran subscribers to ZergTV.
    >> Alpharius 11/10/10(Wed)23:37 No.12754385
    ...You know, I just said something about not messing too much with terran tech, like a minute ago, but bear with me, because I'm about to be a gigantic hypocrite.

    Why not mount our Exploratorlords with say...some machine guns, or some missile racks, or something that makes a satisfying boom.

    Additionally, outfitting a zerg with terran kit blends nicely with our earlier plot to increase tension betwixt protoss and terran.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/10/10(Wed)23:38 No.12754392
    You could store the plague in a defiler... bladder?, and then store the bladder in the mine with a airblast charge to spread the plague. The real problem would be keeping the plague fresh/ripe/not-decomposing.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:38 No.12754394
    But as soon as that starts happening, the entire planet will go into quarantine, with a battle group enforcing a medical blockade, as they scan everyone on the planet. Our infiltrators will get identified before they realize via analysis that they're only getting false positives.
    The fake virus needs to be released elsewhere.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:42 No.12754444

    In that case, maybe we should somehow release the fake Z-virus on an unrelated Terran world.

    Kingston quarantines the world, while our agents on Icarus use the crackdown to exploit fears and tension, turning public opinion against Kingston.

    Once the Z-virus turns out to be harmless, the Terrans see the crackdown as unnecessarily brutal, and Kingston's position is undermined.

    If we get our hands on a media mogul or two, we can start spreading rumors that maybe the Zerg's threat has been exaggerated to quiet the truth; that Kingston is a despot and abusing his power.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/10/10(Wed)23:42 No.12754449
    I suppose the goal would to be to make a limbless micro-baneling/minimalist-organ-cluster-with-distended-bladder to act as a life support system when inserted into the warhead chamber.

    How to feed it though... Needs roots or something simiar... Tuber Mine?
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:43 No.12754454
    Act 1 Scene 2
    CA: So my austere airborne accountant,
    claim that plentiful patch over yonder?
    Acc: Indeed. Sadly foes may come pillage.
    CA: Perhaps you need some fortification.
    Acc: My one reason in life is not defense.
    Sire one to build redoubts if you need to.
    CA: Capital idea from the bulbous banker.

    Sco: Sire news. Bernie hast seen a Terran.
    CA: A fortuitus turn I think.
    Sco: Bernie is greatly vexed by this.
    CA: For what reason is he vexed?
    Sco: The Terran is pleasuring himself with vigor.
    CA: What a cretinous act. Bring him here.
    We shall remove his lecherous nature.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:44 No.12754467
    (cerebrate anon come back we miss you)
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:44 No.12754470
    Have the terrans started rebuilding on Antiga? IIt'd be funny to make them think we were going after that planet a third time. Actually a third attempt might make kingston think there is something valuable there and waste resources searching for whatever it might be.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/10/10(Wed)23:46 No.12754487
    >Actually a third attempt might make kingston think there is something valuable there and waste resources searching for whatever it might be.

    The Cult endorses this.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:47 No.12754493
    The only problem is that Antiga would still be a military planet, rather than one with a large civilian population. We want to get the civilians riled up.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:47 No.12754494
    Possible reasons he's missing
    Daria marathon
    watching Firefly
    getting Mac n' Cheese
    saying woo (but he's not drunk)
    getting booze (but he's not drinking tonight)
    internet down
    I can't remember any other past reasons right now.
    >> Alpharius 11/10/10(Wed)23:47 No.12754495
    Just have an overlord hover over planet in orbit.

    Just hover there, doing it's thing, not bothering a soul.

    When it inevitably gets killed/captured, we warp in the carriers and start blowing shit up, and then warp em out.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)23:47 No.12754504
         File1289450871.jpg-(89 KB, 600x460, Law & Order Objection.jpg)
    89 KB
    (No psi blades. An ultralisk with the Psi Lash could augment its attacks by psionically striking while it was slashing. It would kill things faster and inflict more damage at a time)

    (I'm now imagining Jack McCoy as the only human in an episode of Law & Order. It's brilliant. Pic related)

    (Oh, we diverged the hell out of the timeline. I'd heavily suggest reading some of the previous threads, though I'm sure my fellow Anons will recap the major points if you ask really nice. And no, we don't have devourers)

    >Nothing more than a targeting computer, long-range sensors, maneuvering thrusters, and a fuckton of missiles.

    (So...a Missile Turret with engines?)

    (Like I said, any huge advances in Terran tech I let you have, I'm going to have to consider giving to Kingston. And if you develop tech like that, you might be able to develop defenses against that tech, and so would Kingston)
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)23:48 No.12754513
    PART 2!
    (Why is flood detection still on with Captcha?)

    (No! No Brood Lords. Fuck those things. I fucking hate those guys. Fuck Brood Lords. Annoying shits, spamming my units from ridiculously far away...)


    >Nuke blitz Valks

    (No. Just no)

    We could do this, though there's no real way to "refit" older overlords with it.

    We could do this pretty easily, actually.

    There aren't very many cults, really. Our records indicate that Terrans used to take their religions very seriously, but it seems that after the Long Sleep, most Terrans considered religion, the supernatural, and even a lot of morality to be completely unimportant.

    We did create nukelords some time ago, like much larger, much slower scourge. They were more or less effective.


    We don't know. We haven't sent anything there since they turned it into some sort of science complex before the Swarm attacked.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:49 No.12754518
    I just realized that if we glassed Mienhof we'd probably end up blowing up the planet. Well, I know my next glassing target.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:51 No.12754537
    >So...a Missile Turret with engines?
    Yes! Designed to be deployed in space, so that we can string them together as part of a System Defense Grid and sensor net. The problem with missile turrets was that they needed to be built on solid ground and had no maneuvering thrusters that would be needed on a space defense platform.
    It's not a very big change, and since it's only a modification of a common Terran structure, it shouldn't cost too much.
    We may need to produce more SCV's, though.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/10/10(Wed)23:52 No.12754544
    (Hey! I never held us up for Daria. I watched it, sure, but we were on-time. I think...also, it's really creepy that you guys know me that well)

    (Except that the Swarm burned the planet down. I mean, it's still there as a rock in space, but they pretty much peeled off the first layer of planetary crust)
    >> Terran Cultist 11/10/10(Wed)23:52 No.12754549
    *sees no comment on Plague Mines*

    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:53 No.12754556

    Alright, combining several plans here.

    Release the common cold/Z-virus on Antiga. Kingston freaks out, and wastes resources on quarantining a harmless cold.

    We use on agents on Icarus to provoke the public, exacerbating fears about Kingston's presumably ruthless methods, and generally making him to seem reactionary and ineffectual. We should also release the virus on worlds close to Antiga but AFTER the quarantine is in effect; like Kingston did a shitty job.

    Then, on Icarus, we ramp up the infestation efforts, hopefully netting us some higher level individuals.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:54 No.12754570
    As long as the psionic attack doesn't interfere with any of an overlords current abilities it's not really a problem.

    We just Stop producing the old one and only use the ones that can attack from here on in. Overlords don't live forever after all, eventually the old generation will just die out.

    Also, can we send a cloaked unit to check out antiga?
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:56 No.12754588
    Our stores of Terran vehicles is woefully inadequate; I think we have maybe less than 5 Wraiths. Most of our Terran tech production has gone towards cloaking harnesses for our Zerg units and gauss rifles for our gausslisks.

    I am also very much in favor of combining the common cold with the fake Zerg Virus.
    Make it look like the common cold picked up some Zerg Virus traits as a random mutation.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:57 No.12754599

    Instead of manifesting the Psi-lash into a psi-blast attack, would it be possible to have it disperse in a wide area with no damage, but with disorienting/debilitating effects?

    An ultralisk or flying zerg unit that could disorient and/or seasicken groups of enemy units at a time could give a decisive ground/air combat edge more than adding an extra attack to each zerg unit.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)23:58 No.12754619
    We coould give the Defilers and Queens a psionic attack as well. Basically give it to any zerg that were previously incapable of defending themselves.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/10/10(Wed)23:59 No.12754626
    A summary of our brood. Cloaking/Protoss shield harneses standard, power armourd versions of Ultra and Hydralisks, Hydralisks with gauss rifles, Infested protoss, Fleshling=humanoid zerg result of zerg/terran breeding program, We have a female ridge scratcher, Labrate has a male ridge scratcher, Mengsk got trolled and is now infested and with Kerri, Tassadar lost his glassing fleet, took controll of protoss warp network, Overmind got killed by some protoss tart, destroyed protoss warp network, inadvertently cause the Confederacy to absorb the Kel'Morian Combine and the Umajon Protectorate. That's about it, give me a few weeks and I might finish the play.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:01 No.12754653

    If you scour the (many) previous threads, you'll get tons more material. I mean, the loss of our brother Cerebrates, the horrifying birth of Berniebrate, our early victories against the Terran and our devastating defeat at the hands of Feneschal, ending with the Overmind's hopeful message to us?

    Some epic shit right there.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)00:01 No.12754657
    (Sorry. Huge-ass post already. I suppose you could make those. I don't really see how they'd be much better than regular mines. Making a mine spray stuff at a whole load of units wouldn't really work, so you'd basically have a mine that caused damage over time to a small number of units rather than just shelling those same units)

    We could do something like this. We still don't know if there are any Terrans on Antiga, though. Also, how would we release the virus?

    (We never sent out units to search for isolated Protoss, though. We discussed it, but you guys never set it into motion...and you've been proposing missiles of all kinds on BCs for a while. Can you let that go? They already have substantial weaponry. I know that level in SC2 was pretty cool, but we're not going to have a turbo-missile ship unless we develop Valkyries)

    We have Accountantbrate start using the new strain of overlord.

    Send a unit to scout Antiga?
    (Callin' for votes)
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:02 No.12754667
    The only reason I know is I went through all the past threads an took notes on anything I though I might need for the play. You also mentioned how you like chipotle and drank Fighting-Cock bran bourbon. Don't get to worried I can't afford to stalk anyone.
    >> BERNIE 11/11/10(Thu)00:02 No.12754668
    hay guys wats going on
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:06 No.12754713
    Yes, send a scout to Antiga.

    Citybrate, Defensebrate, and Accountantbrate are all aware (or should be made aware) that they are to devote a portion of resources to constructing the factories needed to replicate more Terran technologies, such as the Siege Tank Mk. II we designed, as well as more Wraiths and dropships, and an orbital shipyard for the creation of more battlecruisers and Protoss carriers when resources are available.

    We originally developed, or at least began work on, a spore warhead and missile delivery system. If it's not completed, have Internbrate finish the designs, with the addition of cloaking systems. We will use this new cloaked missile to deliver the Cold/Zerg-like Virus to Confederacy worlds to cause panic.
    Targets to yet be defined.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:06 No.12754714

    How about this?

    Send an Overlord into Antigan orbit. Fill it to the brim with our new airborne Z-virus and a very subtle airborne corrosive agent, and have it behave erratically.

    If Antiga is still a science outpost, perhaps they're try to capture the damned Overlord thinking it's feral, rather than blasting it out of the air.

    If possible, give our plagueblanketlord some realistic battle damage to make it seem completely non-threatening.

    With any luck, the scientists will capture the Lord, and be infected with the virus when the corrosive agent pokes tiny holes in their hazmat suits.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)00:07 No.12754724
    Any reason we're relying exclusively on terran units?
    It's just not an invasion with anything less than 96 zerglings and 24 hydralisks.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:07 No.12754725
    >Protoss abductions

    I think we disagreed on antagonizing any protoss due to their relatively united status, and the fact that abducting protoss from isolated settlements with Zerg assets would be a HUGE giveaway for the Swarm still being intact.

    Although if we build up terran tech/forces enough, we might be able to disguise it as Arrogant Terrans reaching beyond their reach and doing experiments on abducted Protoss. This might actually work a bit, if we can disguise our forces as adequately Terran.

    >Antiga Scouting

    Wouldn't hurt to send a cloaked overlord or two to scout out Antiga again. I vote yes to scouting to that.

    By the by, has Kingston given his speech yet? Can we listen in on it if/when it's going on?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)00:07 No.12754726
    Nargil sets to making the necessary adjustments.

    (I'm going to say no. We're already making some ridiculous mutations this session)

    >going on like I haven't been saying no to BC missile platforms for almost two threads

    (Starting to rage a little, man. Just saying)

    We begin construction of another battlecruiser on Xenta.

    (Yup! Also, since I'm thinking of it, FAIR WARNING: I will not be hosting Zerg Quest the night before Thanksgiving. I'll be at work all night)
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:07 No.12754730
    I wrote a poem and am writing a play. Your featured in it, your quite vexed.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:08 No.12754733
    With our limited machine infrastructure, that's going to take months.
    While we should start the ball rolling for having more Terran tech units in our Swarm, we shouldn't wait around for them to be completed when there's other stuff we need to be doing.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:09 No.12754743
    Also, use wraiths to scout. maybe even protoss units so we can scan the com channels. NO ZERG
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:10 No.12754748

    Anyone have any opinions on this?

    Would kill a couple birds with the same virus; we start turning the public against Kingston, we spy on Antiga, Kingston wastes resources on the quarantine, and we spread our new harmless Z-virus around to fuck with the Terran detection equipment.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:10 No.12754755

    Okie dokie. Let's put Psi-lash capability onto Ultralisks and Mutalisks then, and perhaps Defilers & Queens.

    Not sure if it would increase Hydralisk capability appreciably, since they're mainly spine-throwers anyhow.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:10 No.12754759
    Antiga is a dead world. If there are any terrans on it they're just a recon team.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:12 No.12754778
    Definitely use a Wraith to scout. NO ZERG!
    Have Internbrate see if the Terran cloaking systems are compatible with the Protoss Scout ships. Can't hurt to see if it'll work.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)00:14 No.12754806
    Sounds like you may actually want something more like a Science Vessel variant. Would probably require less modification.

    Which schematics do we have?
    >> Steven Spielzerg 11/11/10(Thu)00:14 No.12754808
    Dear Overmind,
    No doubt by now you have recieved full information about the untimely torture and death of your children enslaved on Antiga Prime. However there are some personal details...

    Spylord: Cerebrate Anon, I've found something you should know about.
    Cerebrate Anon: Yes?
    SL: These two Overlords died above Aiur, this one on Antiga Prime.
    CA: FamineBrate.
    SL: This one on Xenta.
    CA: PestilenceBrate.
    SL: This one last week on Braxis.
    CA: DeathBrate.
    SL: The Three Cerebrates are brothers, sir. I've just learned that this afternoon The Overmind is to be notified of the deaths of all three. Thats not all, theres a fourth brother, the oldest. Hes somewhere in above Dylar IV, we dont know where.
    CA: That boy is alive. We're gonna send somebody to find him. And we're gonna get him the hell out of there.

    Hankslisk: Some glorified Cerebrate from the first batch lost three of his brothers and hes got a ticket home.
    Privateling: Its not gonna be easy to find one particular Cerebrate in the whole damned war!

    In the last great invasion,
    Of the last war over the Psi Disruptor,
    The greatest danger for 18 Zerg
    Was saving... One.

    Hankslisk: I dont know anything about Warbrate, its just a name. But if finding him so that he can go home, if that earns me the right to go back to my hatchery, well then, thats my mission.

    Saving Warbrate
    a film by Artisanlord
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:15 No.12754815
    We captured an advanced ECM suite back in like the second or third session, but that's the extent of our electronics research.

    How many times do we have to say it before it sticks: Antiga is a dead world, it's population of Terrans scoured clean. The only Terrans there now would be a science team and their military escorts. Antiga Prime is a terrible location to release our new Cold/Zerg Virus.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:16 No.12754829
    Come to think of it, we should probably listen to Kingston's press conference before we get to far ahead. We might have to glass/blow up Meinhoff. Can we infest Meinhoff?
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)00:16 No.12754831
    I think we may want to locate and target a ComSat for acquisition.

    That would help us with all this scouting we're trying to do.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)00:16 No.12754833
    (It's not that I have a preference for Fighting Cock. I just think the name is hi-goddamn-larious. I appreciate that sort of thing in my consumer products. My cheap beer of choice is Miller, because it lets me say "It's MILLER TIME" every time I open a bottle)

    (Calling for a vote on sending cloaked overlords into Protoss space to scout for isolated fleets to stage an attack by the Terrans)

    (Two votes for scouting Antiga...The spore missiles were completed some time ago. We used them against the Dylerian shipyards and the Psi Disruptor. They were effective, but Kingston's forces guessed their purpose quickly)

    (3 votes for Antiga. Of course, if any of Kingston's troops are sprayed with a Zerg compound and start developing symptoms, they'll be quarantined immediately, giving the virus no chance to spread)

    (4 votes for Antiga. No votes against. Sounds like we're unanimous)

    Chancellor Kingston will give his speech shortly. We intend to listen in.

    (I've been putting it off since there's so much side discussion)
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:19 No.12754877

    >Antiga Prime

    If that's the case, then we should find another world. Although I'm not too familiar with the Starcraft universe's cosmology.

    What type of world should we release the new plague on? I'm thinking of a Core World, but it might be difficult to release the Z-virus in such a place without being detected.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)00:20 No.12754880
    'Toss typically Observer-ize everything. Cloaking against them is largely futile.
    I vote against poking around in their zones.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:20 No.12754882

    My apologies, didn't realize the world was dead.

    Why not use a cloaked Queen like we did on Icarus then?

    Find another Terran world with low security measures, hopefully one with at least several trade routes.

    Make sure the ZergCold has a long incubation time before becoming apparent; that way it has a chance to spread before Kingston starts seeing false Zerg reading along over his Empire, while Icarus remains relatively out of his attention.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:20 No.12754883
    You know Cerebrate Anon, I'm starting to think you should consider just heavily curbing the amount of Terran/Protoss tech assimilation that's been going on.

    I mean, we are the Zerg! We should rely mostly on zerg tech and use other technologies very sparingly.

    That and I don't want to see these quest threads mostly filled with "Add nukes to battle cruisers!" posts or other suggestions for incredibly unbalancing tech. Seems like all of it is just slowing the story down in my opinion.

    Much of our problems would be better solved by focusing on excess amounts of zerg units. Why not make more use of the good ol' ZERG RUSH?
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:21 No.12754897
    We shall never send zerg units anywhere to scout. A wraith to Antiga is anything, and wraiths to scout toss space if anything, "Terran expansionism is well" know after all.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:21 No.12754903
    >The spore missiles were completed some time ago.
    Have Internbrate modify the designs to include a cloaking field. I want these Infester Mk. II missiles to be able to sneak past planetary security and infect a planet without setting off alarms.

    >vote on sending cloaked overlords into Protoss space
    I will vote for this, only if it's changed from using cloaked overlords to using cloaked Wraiths, because it will help us keep tabs on the Protoss, and their usage of Observers is well known. We can't afford to let them know we are still alive by having an Overlord blunder into Observer sensor range.

    We only scout Antiga; Antiga is a terrible target for our infestation, and the errant thought processes that suggested it should be purged.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:22 No.12754913

    Reason why we haven't been throwing our weight around in huge numbers is because we don't have any.

    Our whole Brood was destroyed in the Second Battle of Aiur.

    Our new colonies ought to start mass-producing armies very soon though.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:23 No.12754918

    Voting against using the plague on Antiga Prime, then.

    We need TONS of civilians infected with the false Z-virus in order to set off the public, not a handful of military/scientific personnel that might not even be known by the Terran public.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:24 No.12754920

    Can we please not seed Antiga with the Zergcold, I was the one who originally suggested it and I didn't realize it's basically only science teams and nothing else.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:24 No.12754925
    Because KINGSTON!!!!! That's why no zergrush kekekekekekkekeke, it doesn't work. We've been using gauss rifles and power armour since forever, we also have siege ultralisks, that's an ultralisk with a siegetank cannon mounted on its back.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:24 No.12754929
    Yes, I fully endorse this policy.

    We should only be using Overlords and the colonization-variants outside of the Koprulu Sector, where we can be reasonably sure that we won't have to worry about bumping into a Confederacy recon squadron or a Protoss Observer drone.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)00:25 No.12754932
    >focus more on the zergs
    How about this:
    Evolve magnetic bone structures within the Hydralisks's jaws and skulls, and give them the electricity generation capacity we're evolving for the computer busters, and have their spines grow with more iron in them.

    Mild Gauss for boosted spit range/armor pierce.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:26 No.12754950
    And before the second battle of Aiur there was the Psi-Disruptor and the Battle of Dylar. And before that there was the battle of Antiga Prime.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:28 No.12754965
    We already have Gausslisks, and they come with power armour shields and cloaking.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:28 No.12754970
    Admittedly, the siege-ultralisks were something of a failure (if still somewhat useful). But you have to admit that the gausslisks and the Power Armor Ultralisks, as well as our cloaked mutalisks, were great additions to our fighting forces.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)00:29 No.12754980
    >Gausslisks with power armor and cloaking
    Our brood is imba. How are we losing these battles?
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:30 No.12754987

    I'm all for scouting for isolated protoss settlements and/or small fleets for SURPRISE CLOAKED WRAITH ATTACKS, but without the whole zerg scouting thing.

    Would be spiffy if we could grab the protoss pilots though. More protoss integration into the Swarm is a good thing.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:31 No.12755006
    Because of Kingston, and Tassadar, being a lot smarter than us.
    Read back through archives.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:32 No.12755023


    Our brood is a bit imbalanced by Starcraft RTS standards. However, we are balanced by the fact that our brood was never large, and that producing Terran & Protoss tech takes much longer than spawning zerg units.

    And also the fact that our opponents are very wily, and our allies up until the death of the Overmind were not as wily.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)00:32 No.12755024
    So, basically, do we need-need to successfully create a reproducible Zerglot mutation? Dark Archolisk?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)00:33 No.12755031
    We don't have any more advanced sensor systems that would fit on that small of a ship.

    (And like you say, they're already scouts. Just scout with them)

    (I've been trying, Anon. I really have. And it was going well until a few threads ago, when somebody decided they wanted to make a tank crewed by hydralisks that shot banelings or something. Then suddenly every other post is "can the tank fire nukes?" "can we put missile turrets all over BCs?" "how about Plague spider mines?" "How about a defense network of 20,000 Protoss photon canons suffusing the entire star system Xenta's in?" etc. Nothing's even happened this session, really)

    We could cloak the missiles, but their detonation will be visible regardless. The effect would be minimal.

    (That's enough votes for Antiga, then. Intel forthcoming)

    (Whereas our manufacturing base for Terran units was trashed when the Disruptor caused their staffs to start wrecking all their shit)


    Our wraith comes out of warp over Antiga Prime. There is still significant wreckage here, but we don't detect any active ships. The surface is visible only in patches, as there is still a lot of smog in the air from the fires of the Zerg assault. Scans don't indicate any settlements.

    A satellite in orbit pipes out a constant message that the planet is under Confederate quarantine until further notice. Any ships detected interacting with the planet will be detained by Confederate military forces.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:33 No.12755039
    Not to metion that we've been small this whole time. Sure we destroyed Tassardar's fleet, and the psidisruptor, but those actions completely depleted out forces. This is the single longest stretch we've gone without having a major battle.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:34 No.12755050

    It's very difficult to get a hold of protoss to infest. Also, infesting protoss just results in the protoss being dedicated to the Swarm instead of huge hybrid units of death.

    Last session we tried to integrate our infested Protoss' DNA into the Swarm to strengthen it as a whole. We got some huge durability bonuses and a psi-lash attack, but it's going to take a lot more Protoss experimentation to really start making some crazy hybridization.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)00:37 No.12755086
    Okay, so, to return to zerg-like roots and ignore the Protoss and Terrans, we should probably be scouting for any and all types of planets. Per the SC1 manual, Hydralisks were mutated from giant sloths found on some random unrelated planet.

    We could probably upgrade our forces more and better by scouting low-risk civilization-free planets.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:38 No.12755098

    To put less of a focus on non-zerg tech, you could remind everyone that Kingston, wily as he is, should have little difficulty reverse engineering any improvements to terran tech we make.

    Which means focusing too much on non-zerg tech leaves us fucked.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:39 No.12755106

    We're already kind of doing this with our colony world expansion stuff, but if it wasn't clear, we NEED to absorbing as much natural wildlife into the Swarm as much as possible.

    If it's living, and new, we need to examine it. This should be Nargil's new job after we're done with the current tech bullshit.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:39 No.12755107
    I made that tank for 2 reason. First, to see how far you'd let things go, and second to make our tanks better in some way. When you finaly put your foot down saying it was never going to happen you also said that they already had cloaking and shields, as did every other unit. Since then I haven't pitched it or other crazy overpowered ideas. Also it didn't shoot banelings or have a yamato cannon.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:40 No.12755117
    >Nothing's even happened this session, really
    Well, we DID get started on our emergency fall-back position, and we've started work on a plan to mess with Kingston.

    >We could cloak the missiles, but their detonation will be visible regardless
    Can the detonation be air-pressure based or otherwise make the release of the virus non-visible or not attention-grabbing? It doesn't have to be invisible, just as long as no one will notice it if they're not looking for it.

    Have the Wraith loiter around, check for any Confederate ships in the system or facilities on the planet. If it can't pick up anything in a few hours, have it bug out and return.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)00:42 No.12755144
    Seconding creating a biodiversity catalog of recently annexed planets as top priority.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:44 No.12755167
    But things have happened, poems and plays, and ZergTV.
    Act 1 Scene 3
    CA: My lord of thought, how goes infestation?
    Lab: Not well my Sire. Bernie masticated
    the offending member. A sanguineous mess.
    Does mine Sire have a plan for this Terran?
    CA: Best to plan for anything. Do as you will.

    Sco: Sire news. Ernie hast seen a mountain pass.
    Acc: Tell these paranoid fools to cease their teft
    of all my help and all my wealth.
    Def: We must not leave our long border defenseless.
    War: Static defense is a waste. A mobile...
    Acc: Still raids my coffers you twit.
    CA: Childish cerebral chaps. Compromise.
    Sco: Sire news. The pass leads to the Terran mines.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)00:46 No.12755190
    (Also, he has worlds full of scientists that don't have to worry about evolving psi-lashing overlords and shit...Labbrate and co. may be awesome, but the Confederacy's been in the Terran tech research game since before Labbrate existed)

    (But our units had had cloaking and shields for a long time...Like, since the fourth or fifth thread)

    Internbrate chimes in, telling us that functionally, the less visible the missile is, the less effective it will be at distributing the virus. Not to mention that our best bets for targets are large population centers, which are usually heavily guarded and on alert.

    The wraith keeps a holding pattern for several hours before we recall it. It doesn't look like anything's happening on Antiga. Artisanlord says the planet has been through enough action for an aeon these past few months. We're not really sure what that means.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:47 No.12755200
    Or we could just ask Nargil to keep an eye out for any interesting genome from the colonies. It was his job after all. Also the evolution of the hydralisk too time, quite a bit of time actually. Cerebrate Annon said that to get lurkers Nargil would be working on it for some time, so completely new would take even longer.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:47 No.12755202
    Okay so Antiga is no good for the virus.

    I still want to "sneak" some zerg there though. Of course I mane for them to be seen but not stopped, and hide somewhere. Just to make Kingston waste resources searching a dead world because apparently there's something there that interests the zerg
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:51 No.12755239

    Any major population center HAS to have a big water supply.

    Could we engineer the spore missile to release the ZergCold into a river or lake feeding into a major population center on a Terran colony? If the cold is virulent but doesn't present symptoms immediately there's NO REASON why it should be detected until the Cold already offworld. I mean, Christ, this is the problem that edemiologists have to deal with in real life; virii don't immediately turn you into a bleeding mess, so they have a chance to spread.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:51 No.12755240
    Yeah, I noticed it this time going through the archive for the play. I get to feel stupid quite often for forgetting things. Like that we nuked the disruptor the previous week so it being on fire would be irrelevant.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)00:52 No.12755246
    Hmm... so what's left... tactics?
    What's our main goal? Simple survival/comquest?

    (in b4 "read the archives" when I already have multiple tabs open. It's 20 threads guys, if I wait 'till I'm done reading I'll miss this thread)
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:52 No.12755249
    Too much risk for too little reward.
    Kingston doesn't just command the Confederacy; he now commands the all the Terrans of the Koprulu Sector united against us. Searching a planet would waste some resources, but not enough to be worth it.

    But the problem is that we can't tip off the Terrans that the new wave of false-positives is in any way intended. It needs to seem like a natural mutation.
    We will need to reconsider this plan.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:52 No.12755261
    Still waiting for information on the defenses of Meinhoff.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:54 No.12755276

    Basically, our immediate goals are rebuilding our forces, and creating dissension between the Terrans, and between the Terrans and the Protoss.

    We basically need to break up Kingston's iron grip on the Terrans, and we NEED to make sure the Protoss don't team up with the Terrans.

    We got our asses kicked when trying to take on the Protoss or the Terrans one at time, if they both come at us, we're fucked.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)00:55 No.12755286
    Well it's 19+3, as Spooky Zerg Quest is not part of the main quest. Also less happens in some of the later threads, spent half a thread debating whether or not to push a button.
    >> Techbrate 11/11/10(Thu)00:56 No.12755312
    CA, can we hear that speech now plz?
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:57 No.12755319
    Well, we could potentially look at the Cold/Zerg Virus to have water as a vector.

    Have Internbrate look into modifying the spore warhead to disperse underwater.
    If we can identify a world with cities using a lake or some other body of water for their water needs, it might work.
    There would still be the problem of getting the virus to survive the filtration systems, though.

    It might be easier to send another Infestation team to some other world, Infest a very small group of agents who will then infiltrate the water distribution and filtration system.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)00:57 No.12755326
    The news networks all suspend their normal programming as Chancellor Kingston takes to a podium.

    "My fellow Terrans, we have been assaulted. Over the past few months, we have made first contact with two alien races, and both of them have been hostile. We've been attacked within and without. We've discovered aliens posing as human beings. The aliens have done their best to grind us underfoot.

    But we have not been ground to dust. We have united. We have grown stronger. No matter what has been done to us, we have bound together as a single force, not just a Confederacy, a Combine, or a Protectorate. Not as a nation, or a series of colonies, or even as just a military group...we have bound together as one species. One, indomitable force: humanity. And together, we have become unstoppable.

    Today, these Protoss have struck at humanity. Well, I say an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. It is for this reason that I am arranging for a counterattack immediately. I urge you to help humanity defend itself in any way you can. War bonds are available at a Confederate branch outpost near you. Confederate military recruiters await brave volunteers to help defend humanity against these alien threats.

    But foremost, the best and most powerful way to combat this threat to humanity is not to let it destroy your resolve. Do not cower in fear. Do not let these Protoss intimidate you. Sleep soundly tonight. Commute boldly tomorrow. Walk into your workplace proudly. Show no fear. You are human beings, and no alien can take that away from you."
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)00:57 No.12755328
    Those are pretty good goals. Broad, but still clear.

    So, to bolster our forces, do we only have: evolve larvae, infest other, and terran manufacture? What about revising a virus strain to infest non-humans? Have infested crows and shit scratching at eyes?
    >> Techbrate 11/11/10(Thu)01:00 No.12755365

    >Noone can take you being human from you

    Oh, whoever believes this is in for a BIG surprise!

    Also, GREAT SUCCESS on plan whateverthefuckitsnamewas.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)01:00 No.12755369
    Nice. We didn't even get name-dropped as a species. Sounds like we have a window for entrenching without significant threat of disruptions.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:01 No.12755382
    Ah shit...I just realized we might have created another 'Sons of Korhal' situation by having the Confederacy and the Protoss fight.
    Before, the Confederacy was just scared, and concentrating on internal security.
    Now we've given them a clear threat, a clear enemy, and put all of the Terrans in the Sector onto a total war footing.
    Even if the two sides drain each other, their rapid militarization will still give them more heavy defenses and stronger militaries for when we initiate our own attacks.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:02 No.12755396
    I know it may sound odd, but I do love Kingston. He's probably planing on also salvaging as much protoss tech as he can get his hands on. We might just have to start sporadically glassing Terran worlds, maybe Meinhoff.
    >> Techbrate 11/11/10(Thu)01:05 No.12755431

    True, however, unless the Terrans have some EXCELLENT scientists, we might be able to salvage a couple hulks and get a couple more carriers on the field after a battle.

    And, you know, we might be able to gank any tech advances the Confederacy comes up with, if we can keep an eye on the conflict without being discovered
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:05 No.12755439

    Originally our goal was to serve the Overmind and and use our relative independence to conceive of new tactics and strategies for the zerg.
    Now that the Overmind is dead, I suppose our goal is survival, returning the Swarm to it's former glory and beyond, assimilating the protoss and terrans, total conquest.

    We are still waiting to listen to Kingston's speach, after which new actions or plans may be devised in response to it. That or perhaps we could consider a little time skip to where our forces are rebuilt, say a month or so?

    We could also grow into a new Overmind and make some actual new cerebrates to grow more broods, so that the Swarm grows faster (the cerebrates, while submissive to our will, would have more autonomy then 'brates such as labrate or warbrate).

    Also consider making a "dummy" overmind with it's own cerebrates. Once we are discovered, have it manifest on Char and build it back up.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:06 No.12755448
    This is as far as I've gotten Act 1 Scene 5
    Sco: Sire I have some foul news of Ernie.
    CA: I am known of his pictographic endevors.
    He is merely lonely. Give him company.

    Lab: My Sire, wouldst thy permit salvage of the depot?
    I may have need of our terran eunuch.
    CA:Learn what you can. Innovate the brood.

    Acc: An illness has overtaken me.
    Our queen is lewed with the offensive fool.
    CA: Thou art petulant. Me thinks thou need
    to befriend the municipal manager.
    Acc: Wouldst thou end this inane verse?
    CA: You don't like it?
    Acc: It's too taking on the writer. We're not even thorough the first thread yet.
    CA: Fine. No more bad iambic pentameter. Artisanlord excluded.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)01:07 No.12755457
    (Aside from a zombie mission in SCII, is there anything important about this world? I'm not seeing why I should put it in)

    (The jolly candy-like button!)


    This is possible, though the Terran water treatment systems are quite advanced. This would severely limit the initial distribution of the virus.

    (Heh. Rhetoric rarely reflects reality very well. Shit, if it did...wait...no. I'm not going to start the politics. I know how you are, /tg/. There'll be more Ayn Rand in this thread than Zerg in ten minutes)

    (My DM is always telling me not to give him ideas. It's advice you might want to consider)
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:09 No.12755476
    Remember innovate the swarm/confound our enemies was really code for MAKE SURE I DON'T DIE ON AIUR. So we kinda failed in our mission, but it was so close.
    >> Techbrate 11/11/10(Thu)01:11 No.12755487

    Don't listen to them, listen to me! Leave those delicious Carrier hulls for US to loot!

    Also, as a ballpark figure, a carrier built scratch by us costs, what, 1/10th to 1/4 of any given systems resources?
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:11 No.12755494
    >My DM is always telling me not to give him ideas. It's advice you might want to consider
    When it comes to Kingston, we've gotten into the habit of expecting the very worst. And that's still usually not enough to out-Creed him.

    >water-based Cold/Zerg Virus
    Have it developed, and look at the remains of the water filtration systems from the former Terran colony on Xenta to figure out ways to bypass their filtration systems.

    If nothing else, we'll just send an Infestation team, and once some agents are readied, infiltrate the Terran's water filtration facilities.
    >> Techbrate 11/11/10(Thu)01:14 No.12755520
    You know, with the confederacy openly attacking the toss, it would be a LOT easier for us to attempt a capture raid for more toss ships, even if the toss would be in somewhat larger fleets after a while.

    CA, how long until we'd have an all Terran tech force capable of boarding and seizing a carrier ready to go?(And how long to get enough Wraiths to win the space fight?)
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:16 No.12755534
    I was confusing Meinhof with Redstone III. Redstone II that's the lava map which I'm thinking we should glass. Also, I would keep my mouth shut if it wern't for the fact that every time you so something sneaky (warbrate on the science vessel) I call it pretty quickly, so it's not like I say anything you weren't thinking anyway. Seriously, Kingston must be lusting after the carrier glassers, and even though he has entire worlds devoted to research he does not have the memories of a couple dozen protoss to use as a reference point when it comes to reverse engineering protoss tech.Sure he'll out tech us with terran stuff, but he'll be slower when it comes to implementing protoss tech.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:16 No.12755535
    You know what? We should try to find Kingston's location. Assassinating Kingston would go along way.

    No matter how clever you are, not much you can do about being obliterated by a carrier beam from orbit.

    Also, did CA ever comment on the ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL idea from way back here
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)01:17 No.12755542
    (Metafiction inside a stage adaptation of my Quest thread? How delightful!)


    Yyyyyyeeeaaaaaah. Pretty much.

    (Ew, numbers. Let's not spread those around. You put two numbers together, and suddenly you've got operators and equals signs, and more numbers. It's like some kind of Von Neumman venereal disease, with little pustules that cause crabs or something. Bad juju. I deal in words)

    (This was a method we used on several worlds, remember. Xenta first among them, actually)
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:20 No.12755563
    I'd say Kingston is "on" Tarsonis, the most heavily guarded planet in terran space. But, who know where he actually is. If I had to guess I'd say his actual command post would be the ghost training center, where ever the hell that is.
    >> Techbrate 11/11/10(Thu)01:20 No.12755564

    Sorry, I was hoping to know just how much we'd fuck over a colony by beginning carrier construction on it, on a scale from gentle to horse up the pooper.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:20 No.12755573
    >This was a method we used on several worlds, remember. Xenta first among them, actually
    Exactly. When we're stumped, sometimes we just need to go back to tried and true methods.
    Though getting past the security at the filtration plants might be tricky; it might be easier to cut a tap valve into the central water distribution main after the filtration plant and distribute the spores that way.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:22 No.12755585
    It also occurred to me that should we morph into the new Overmind, we could resurrect any of our cerebrates that are killed without dark templar stuff. Probably just a power increase in general.

    New goal: Morph into Overmind
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:24 No.12755608
    I then go on to have Cerebrate Anon claim that defenselord is not morphing into defensebrate, but instead got into his stash of boose. It seems to work out for some reason. And are you talking about taking a dropship with a drone and fleshlings to build a spore producing building? Or maybe infecting the water supply by killing infested terrans?
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)01:24 No.12755614
    The people we infect, do we have any capability to control them?

    To me, the thing to do would be to target the unprotected underclass on the fringes of society such as in rural areas. Have infected terrans run a soup kitchen giving away infected meals. That sort if thing.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)01:25 No.12755623
    A carrier by itself? Our current supply of battlecruisers and wraiths could disable a carrier or two before taking serious casualties. Of course, if there's a larger space battle going on, we'll have to increase the force to compensate.

    (Redstone...was there anything important there, either? A surprising number of worlds in SCII were pretty damn meaningless to the Sector at large, in retrospect. Anyway, Warbrate was really obvious. I tried really hard to push you guys into that...because I didn't want to kill off Warbrate. I'm allowed to be attached to characters, too...)

    (The DIRECT CONTROL idea doesn't really fit with Zerg. A cerebrate is basically a brain the size of a bank devoted entirely to keeping control of its units. Technically speaking, we've already assumed direct control...of all of our units...all the time. If we transferred our actual central consciousness to the front lines, the death of that one unit would be like the death of a cerebrate: the brood would shut down until it reincarnated. They'd just stop fighting. You don't want that)
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:27 No.12755647
    I'd rather not morph into a new overmind. We'd need to increase our brain mass, which means eating cerebrates, meaning OUR CEREBRATES! Or we could spawn a metric fuckton of overlords and combine with them, but even so we don't really need to "morph" into an new overmind, we already have an eye. Lets just make Dukebrate and be done with it.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:28 No.12755649
    Infesting the water supply by having Infested Terrans dump spores into the water supply.
    We won't have to have them sacrifice themselves, since canisters of spores could be dropped off with our agents.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:28 No.12755658
    I don't like this idea.

    It could really piss off Kerrigan.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:29 No.12755668
    Ah yes! I had nearly forgotten about Dukebrate!
    Should we use him as a front-line commander, and Warbrate coordinates larger strategy?
    >> Techbrate 11/11/10(Thu)01:29 No.12755670

    Oh. I thought that terran tech required a somewhat large numerical advantage over the toss to succeed without horrendous casualties.

    If we can, I would like to suggest producing enough fighters to comfortably take on four carriers and escorts, along with our 2 BCs(And the third we're building now if it's done in time), as well as the boarding parties to secure at least 2 carriers.

    And then, can we go hunting?
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:30 No.12755684
    Redstone III, jorium, the rich mineral fields. Though maybe it's abandoned, in which case lets get ourselves some of the specter juices.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)01:32 No.12755705
    >on a scale from gentle to horse up the pooper.

    (Exactly the kind of scale I'd expect from Bernie...anyway, they're pretty expensive, but they're not strip-mine-a-world-per-ship expensive. That would just be cruel on my part)

    (Advanced Zerg Plumbing. I like it. Mario/Zerg crossover?)

    (Ah, Defensebrate. It kind of disappeared, what with Citybrate doing pretty much the same job. I feel guilty about that, but it's a bit late for it to just be there and say, "Oh, I've been here the whole time. Yup. Whole time. Just quiet. I'm a quiet cerebrate." Anyway, I believe we were discussing having infested Terrans mess with the water filtration systems again)
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)01:34 No.12755719
    Actually... think we could tempt Kingston with forbidden power? Use false promises to lure him to infestation and our control, and thereby gain all of the Terran warmachine in one fell swoop?
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:36 No.12755739
    Well, I did notice a post before the secon battle of aiur that said he was on auir for some reason, and we only made escape pods for labrate and citybrate...
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)01:37 No.12755746
    (HINT: We're already the new Overmind. We've basically been on equal footing with it since we grew an Eye and started spawning cerebrates and whatnot)

    (So what you're saying is...no, there's really nothing special about it. :P)

    (You can certainly try. If your plan is suitably clever, it might even work)
    >> Techbrate 11/11/10(Thu)01:37 No.12755747

    So, expensive, but not prohibitively so?

    If possible, have accountantbrate set up a reserve of all subsequent minerals mined(Not much, but something that will add up over the weeks and months) specifically for carrier and scout construction, of all minerals mined, and produce 6 scouts and 1 carrier whenever there's minerals there.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:38 No.12755754
    Tried that before, he doesn't bite. Unless I'm confusing him with Zeratul. I don't think I am. For Dukebrate I'm thinking 5 overlord and a hive.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:40 No.12755776
    Nope, he's to clever for that.

    So even if we don't morph into a new Overmind (which I don't know why Kerrigan would have a problem with if we made no attempt to control her), we should make several more autonomous cerebrates for the purpose of forming other broods. This would increase the speed with which our Swarm grows by a ton, enough that we might not have to worry about getting wiped out so easily.

    (not a Bernie brood though, a somewhat independent Berniebrate is terrifying enough)
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)01:41 No.12755784
    (Like I said, it'd have to be a clever plot. He's wily, after all.)

    >Robert evepoing

    Oh, Captcha, just because Bob was able to poing Eve doesn't make him as wily as Kingston. It's impressive, but it's hardly the same as dropping goliaths through the roof of the docking bay.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:43 No.12755807
    Redstone III and Mar Sara/Bel'Shir are completely pointless for anything other than rare psionically active compounds, which in the hand of Labrate may or may not result in something cool. That or we could just eat tons of jorium and terrazine, might make our will resistant to a psi disruptor.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)01:43 No.12755811
    (Reminder: We do have three unnamed and currently unused Cerebrates just hanging around, playing X-box on the couch and eating all our Funyons)

    >jogetras sometimes
    Well, yeah, sometimes they jogetra, too.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:44 No.12755826
    So what would we offer Kingston exactly? Immortality within the Swarm, his own brood, front row seats to all Artisanlord's plays and free ZERG TV forever?

    Just saying, I'd accept for the ZERG TV alone.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:45 No.12755828
    >dropping goliaths through the roof of the docking bay
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)01:45 No.12755833
    (Of course, then I'd have to get all Tal'darim up in this bitch...)
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)01:45 No.12755836
         File1289457933.png-(7 KB, 141x322, Clippy-letter.png)
    7 KB
    >> Techbrate 11/11/10(Thu)01:45 No.12755839

    Hmmm... I think we should form a second internbrate, to allow for more SCIENCE(ALWAYS GOOD!), fuse one with an overlord with Dukes mind in it, and have the third one learn from warbrate and gorn, to become Tacticsbrate.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:47 No.12755852
    Right, keep forgetting about the unnamed cerebrates. Wormface will get a brood, Toaster will get a cybernetic brood, and Salem Saberhagen will get whatever he wants as a brood, same as Dukebrate
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:47 No.12755854
    If we are going to try to lure Kingston into being infested, it'll have to wait and we have to hope his war with the protoss does not go peachy. The longer and more painful the war is, the most likely he'll consider accepting any deal with us to likely backstab us when he feels it is time. Of course, we just have to plan for that backstab and adjust for it and infest him before it happens. As long as his forces are doing fine though, he won't be very tempted to accept any help from us.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)01:50 No.12755876
    Unless we can convince him that winning is a losing proposition. We could tell him infestation is a path to gaining the psionic abilities needed to rip protoss secrets from their mind before they are made extinct by his war machine, and that we only ask he share what he learns for we are MUCH too weak to face the Protoss ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:50 No.12755882


    Cylon-Zerg? I can see that both ending horribly and being amazingly awesome.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)01:51 No.12755892
    >Cerebrates. Cerebrates everywhere.

    (It's late. We're going to wrap up soon. Can we hold off creating new characters for me to remember?)

    (Like I said, your plan will have to be pretty damn clever)

    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:51 No.12755895
    Scratch that Dukebrate gets and areal brood. Gorn is big on land combat (he's also insane by cerebrate standards), so we need a sane and flying brood to balance, I think it's right up Duke's alley. Alpha Brood would never leave this biomass behind!
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:52 No.12755902
    I dub two of the cerebrates Dord and Kul, they shall lead their own broods for the glory of the Swarm.

    >>and woolayot

    What is that captcha? Yes, the third cerebrate shall be known as Woolayot. He will command our third brood.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)01:52 No.12755907

    What did I just say?
    >> Techbrate 11/11/10(Thu)01:53 No.12755911

    Whatever you say.

    Can we get to scouting for isolated protoss fleets to hit with Terran gear, to piss em off even more?

    As for Kingston, I vote we ram an asteroid or five in Tarsonis. And then broadcast Artisanlord reenactment of the Kingston family BBQ on ZERGTV.
    >> Generic Overlod No. 81 11/11/10(Thu)01:53 No.12755915
    I have a plan.

    Let's crash Bernieworld into Tarsonis.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:54 No.12755921
    Working on it while you posted. Don't worry I'll remember what I want done with the cerebrates have no fear. Only be afraid if I finally decide to start a Terran Quest.
    >> Techbrate 11/11/10(Thu)01:55 No.12755928

    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:55 No.12755936

    This is an excellent idea. If he is in danger to losing to the protoss, he may get desperate to accept our aid..
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:56 No.12755947

    Sorry, typed and posted before I saw that.
    >> Generic Overlod No. 81 11/11/10(Thu)01:57 No.12755957
    And now I'm imagining Berniworld somehow raping Tarsonis oh god why

    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:57 No.12755958
    Can we still get Dukebrate, though? We need a good aerospace and fleet action cerebrate, and Alpha Brood would just fuck with Confederacy morale.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)01:59 No.12755978
    In danger of loosing to the Protoss? Like if the "Protoss" keep glassing planets while he's engaged with their fleet? I like this idea. Since the Conclave is still in power the Protoss are a not going to be doing much other than cleansing Aiur, so we need to take potshots at Kingston.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)01:59 No.12755984

    A planet sized mass of penises and vaginae, capable of literally raping entire systems just by drifting through them.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)02:00 No.12755986
    We don't need to wait for fear or desperation. Any of the seven deadly sins is a valid starting point for a temptation.

    Greed and Avarice generally work well on people who are accustomed to having everything. They generally dislike the thought of something they don't have.

    Knowledge is power, and power is wealth. Exterminate the Protoss too quickly and too well and their knowledge will be but mist in the wind.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)02:00 No.12755988
    It's a general idea. The plan itself would still need to be damn cunning but that can be tackled if his war with the protoss becomes painful. I don't think it's worth tipping our hand in his direction until that happens.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)02:01 No.12755994
         File1289458860.gif-(1.78 MB, 333x194, sogood.gif)
    1.78 MB

    Says you.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)02:01 No.12756000
    Next week though. It shouldn't take too long to make him. It will just take forever to decide what to make him with. Missile guardian was suggested in the last thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)02:03 No.12756016
    >Advanced Zerg Plumbing
    Yes, have work done on this. Whether special Zerg organisms can be grown to eat their way into a pipe and survive the water pressure, or if plumbing and water pipe maintenance equipment can be salvaged from the sewage treatment plants of the remains of the Terran colony on Xenta.
    We need to work on this, to put in motion our plans.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)02:03 No.12756018
    Next time on Zerg quest: If you suggest adding missiles to something, we WILL send you to Bernieworld.
    >> Terran Cultist 11/11/10(Thu)02:05 No.12756031
    What if we suggest turning something INTO a missile. vis-a-vis adding an ion thruster to a zergling?
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)02:05 No.12756035
    Missile Guardian sounds good.
    Another idea is modifying a battlecruiser so that his new form can become one with Norad III, the logical conclusion of our Zerg-Terran hybrid experiments.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)02:06 No.12756048
         File1289459214.jpg-(17 KB, 294x284, Why I am not a drawfag.jpg)
    17 KB
    So I can show up and suggest cloaking tanks and shit? ;)

    I'll forgive you. This time.

    You're now realizing how phallic peninsulas look, with respect to Bernie's recent global-level horrible torture porn.

    It is quite late, and I have to work kinda early.

    Next week, maybe we'll actually set some of these plans into motion! Also, next week we might recoup our losses and be ready for Zerg-based combat. If things really get going, we might even find out what Kerrigan's doing.

    Or WILL we?!

    Here's our archive, for recording and voting.

    I'm consistently amazed that we have 200+ posts, but we haven't broken 10 images per thread in a long-ass time. I should start requesting zerg pictures from drawfags, just for flavor...or something. Lord knows I can't make it. Pic is a reminder of that.
    >> TUCAMP Rep. 11/11/10(Thu)02:10 No.12756092
    Cloaking tanks? That's a violation of Confederate regulations. But that's the main reason I'm reluctant to do it.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 11/11/10(Thu)02:19 No.12756184
    You're holding off for fear that I might troll you?

    I'm not that ruthless. You can have Starcraft-related quests if you like. I'll just require a small tribute. Something to wet my beak. Nothing you need to tell the authorities about. This is our thing. Una cosa nostra, as the Italians would say...

    But in all seriousness, if you want to, go for it.

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