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  • File : 1288055190.jpg-(302 KB, 520x736, CommanderQuestPostOne.jpg)
    302 KB CommanderQuest XIV Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)21:06 No.12571430  
    >previously on commander quest: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12549593/
    >If the romans had ever figured out gunpowder, we would all be roman

    You are once again woke up about 4 years before you would like to be, not by rays of sunlight, but the cry of a griffon in the distance. You pull on your cloths and crutch your way out into the camp. The tents surrounding Blackbirds all seem to have been hastily moved, and poorly set up again. There are more than a few men who didnt make it back to their tents, one managed to sprawl out across a trio of anvils that were packed for moving, but not loaded into wagons. You steal an extra flask of water from the quartermasters tent and freshen up. You hear something crash to the ground a few floors above you and decide to go investigate.

    After a bit of tricky crutchwork you find yourself at the topmost level of the ruins, a lone figure outlined by the soon-to-rise sun.

    >investigate or try to rouse your men to get an early start?
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)21:11 No.12571486
    ... lone figure?

    Please tell me there was a night watch and our prisoners haven't escaped/been whisked away in the night.
    >> Maximus 10/25/10(Mon)21:12 No.12571505
    Investigate most foul.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)21:17 No.12571559
    Investigate, and did we ever take food and stuff to Laelith?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)21:19 No.12571581
    As you approach the figure sighs and kicks a few stones over the ledge, much to your relief you see a crimson robe wrapped around it. The perpetrator of your early awakening can be seen in the distance as is dives at something. Even had you been trying to sneakily approach the figure your crutches would have given you away. "OH!!! Good morning commander, something bothering you?" Kyria asks with entirely to much pep in her voice as she recognizes you after turning around.
    >> Maximus 10/25/10(Mon)21:21 No.12571608
    "Only the sighing you've hidden behind your cheery demeanor Kyria."
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)21:32 No.12571731

    As a commander we need to know about anything bothering our captains. If we don't, we could push them to their breaking point at a very bad moment...

    oh god. Now i want to reread Ender's Game...
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)21:42 No.12571865
    "That damned griffon woke me up" you reply curtly "And now the contradiction between your current demeanor and how your were acting but a few moments ago... and shouldn't you be more, groggy, sore headed, and hung over right now?" you ask, leaning against your crutches as the sun rises.

    "One of the first gifts my parents gave me has that I never fall ill from heavy drinking. If I looked depressed I apologize, I've been an early riser since I worked at my fathers smithy, so whenever I wake up alone I end up thinking back to when I was still there... before my life was burnt up around me and by me." She replies half-awake. She may not be ill, but she was up to the early hours of the morning, and woke up but a few hours after she fell asleep if she's up here for the sunset. However, you can think of nothing else to say, so you watch the sun rise until the sound of your maniple waking up below draws your attention. you decide to leave Kyria to her musings to see hat manner of foolishness your men are most likely trying to pass of as preparing to leave for DragonsReach.

    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)21:42 No.12571874
    crutches? Don't we get a horse for times like these?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)21:42 No.12571876
    As you reach the ground level you are nearly bowled over by Sansa, who is fleeing your maniples cook, the an armful of ingredients clutched to her chest. The felixsian however isnt as observant as your aide, and trips over the tray you used to bring some of the food to Laelith last night, his face getting covered in what wine the elf didnt finish.

    In another corner of the camp, Wulf is trying his best to chase down Aurelius, the latter man holding your proteges pants hostage... at least the boy had the foresight to cover himself before he gave chase, both of them bowl into one of the relocated tents, causing a terrible ruckus as they wake its inhabitants; but after a few moments you see a now fully clothed Wulf stalking back towards his tent, taking care to circumvent Blackbirds tent.

    >what do you want to do now, anyone you want to talk with, or do you just want to get under way to DragonsReach?
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)21:46 No.12571904
    Well, we still have Sansa, Laelith, and Khaless to talk to. But we can do that on the road.
    >> Maximus 10/25/10(Mon)21:47 No.12571918
    Now might be a decent time to talk to Sansa. She's likely making her anti-hangover brew and assuming it's in private, now's the chance I imagine. Otherwise I guess stuff can be done on the road.

    Actually we might want to ask Laelith about the chest we couldn't open first.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)21:48 No.12571925

    Consult Collin (that is the scott-dwarf's name, right?) on our route back to DragonsReach. His knowledge of the (still local?) area may help to keep us clear of the remaining wife's possible ambushes.
    >> Laurentius 10/25/10(Mon)21:48 No.12571930
    try and figure out what is going on between sansa and the chef and then find out why aurelius is so interested in wulf's pants
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)21:53 No.12571989
    It takes a while to get there, considering how convoluted a hub of activity your camp has become now that everyone is awake and making ready to leave for home, but you get to Sansas tent without being knocked over, which is a plus in your book. As you enter the tent, your aide is pouring vinegar into the tomato juice "What can I help you with Justinian?" she asks, cracking open an egg on the side of her cup.

    >how do you guys wanna come at this, and roll for persuasion to get the personal info out of her willingly
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)21:56 No.12572012
    dropped my trip hunting for a desktop, sorry
    >> Maximus 10/25/10(Mon)21:56 No.12572016
    rolled 56 = 56

    Just ask her if she feels like opening up about her past now. We've fought together for awhile and we're honestly interested in what happened to her and what's with that sash of hers.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)21:57 No.12572028
    rolled 72 = 72

    Let's try opening with a complement on how well she has been doing as our aide, then segue into "but one thing still bugs me, blah blah blah. If you don't want to tell me that's okay, but I am curious and would rather hear it from someone I trust than look it up in the archive. Especially if when the archive has it wrong."
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)22:16 No.12572188
    "A personal matter, to be honest Sansa" you reply, sitting on the chest she keeps her belongings in. "When we met, you said that you had no intention of dying over a crime you didn't commit. I'm genuinely curious as to what your story is... and about your sash." you reply as non-aggressively as possible.

    Sansa sighs, downs her hangover cure and replies "It is your right to know the truth... and its not my way to keep secrets from friends either. I joined the Legion at 16, in my brothers Archer Battalion; freshly levied near the end of the last war against Uurlanth... I suppose you were already taking lessons from the Bear of Compitum then. Either way, the sash was my brothers good luck charm, never washed it, always wore it... The Commander of the maniple we were assigned to was a lecherous old man, and saw the fact that I was of age as an invitation. After a few campaigns he came to my tent and offered my a place in his retinue, which I declined stating that I was barely able to hit a target at 20 yards."

    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)22:17 No.12572198
    she sighs deeply before continuing "He stormed off angry at me, and I though that would be the end of it. The next morning he woke the entire maniple at dawn and began dressing down my brother about the state of his uniform, demanding he wash the sash, as it was part of my units uniform at the time. So, my brother tore the sash off and threw it to me, the Commander flew into a fit of rage and had him flogged for insubordination on the spot. He died later that night from the wounds that were inflicted on him. Two days later the commander came to me again, saying that without my brother around to watch me, he could do whatever he liked with me, so I ran. A few of the larger men in the commanders retinue almost caught me, but I got one of their knives from them. I didnt kill either, I had been training myself to join a hunter battalion for a few months so there was no real danger to me, but they bought enough time for their commander to catch up with me. He tried to force himself on me again, so I cut him too... then I ran. They caught me a month later on my way to DragonsReach to re-join under a different name. The charges int he archive will read attempting to murder a superior and desertion." She trails off at this, her hand brushing the sash she wears.

    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/25/10(Mon)22:19 No.12572211

    what was your old commanders name?
    >> Maximus 10/25/10(Mon)22:21 No.12572228
    Oh we should be pissed someone is shaming the Legion like that. Apologize for bringing up such painful memories for her. If there was anything we could do about the archives, we definitely would. Find out the name of this commander as well for future reference.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:26 No.12572284
    Apologize for bringing it up, and tell her that if she ever gets into a pinch again she can always talk to us about it.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)22:28 No.12572304
    "I... for what its worth I'm sorry for digging up a memory like that. I'll see what I can do about getting the archives cleared up, and you wouldnt happen to remember the name of that commander, would you?" you reply, nearly at a loss for words.

    "Thats alright, you have a right to know the truth. Thank you very much, and his name is Quintus Seventus... what do you plan on doing about him?" she replies, pulling the strings from her cot and wrapping her cloth around her bow.
    >> Maximus 10/25/10(Mon)22:30 No.12572334
    "Keep my eyes and ears open about him. Based on what he did to you, I wouldn't be surprised if he's done it to others. A man like that should not be allowed to command in the legions and if there's anything I can do to change that, I intend to."

    Hmm. Might be worth a look into the archives on how many times people have attempted to 'murder' him.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:34 No.12572373
    "I'm not sure yet, but I think behavior like that demands reprisal."
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:34 No.12572374
    I don't know yet, it mostly depends on how important, high ranking, and influential he is. But no officer should abuse his position like that, and hopefully I can make it so that it doesn't happen again.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/25/10(Mon)22:36 No.12572388

    so based on his service record and how many times he's done that , we expose him for the rapist that he is?

    can we challenge him to a duel for extra loyalty points?
    >> Maximus 10/25/10(Mon)22:37 No.12572402
    Well it depends on how important he is since we are in the middle of war at the moment but we should definitely aim to gather a case against him. Marching in there and accusing him without any backup beyond Sansa's word would just get us laughed off if we're lucky.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)22:39 No.12572423
    "For now, nothing. I'll keep my eyes and ears open, and perhaps look to see how many other soldiers have 'tried to kill him'. A man like that should not be allowed to command, or even serve in the Legion, and if a chance arises I will rectify the fact that he is." you reply.

    Sansa's face lights up in relief, and a shadow of a smile "Thank you Justinian" she replies "Now if you'd excuse me I need to change into my armor before we march... and I'm not quite as bold as you when it comes to being nearly nude around others." at that she shoes you from her chest and begins rummaging through it as you leave her tent.

    >what now?
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:41 No.12572452

    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/25/10(Mon)22:41 No.12572453

    ask laelith about the unopenable chest and then go see khalless
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:41 No.12572455
    Dwarf. Good routes without many chances to get ambushed
    >> Maximus 10/25/10(Mon)22:42 No.12572466
    I'll second this first simply because that's the most important but I think we already have an answer. He told us about some mostly unknown animal trails across the mountains he knew about. That should suffice methinks.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:43 No.12572475
    Laelith next I guess. We need to talk to her about the chest, Khaless, and her duties as one of our retinue. Also get to know her as well as we can, though I imagine she will be pretty frigid. I'd like to know what happened in her life and why she joined the rebellion, at least.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:46 No.12572515
    this first
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:47 No.12572533

    Speak with laelith first.

    Fish for some info to question the dwarf and see if we can get her to come for the interrogation.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:48 No.12572536
    Her objectives in life would be nice too. If she's floating without them then perhaps we could show her how being under our command is rewarding and not a bad life.

    I wonder why she values her appearance so much. I'm sensing some deep issues there.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/25/10(Mon)22:48 No.12572539

    why not just use the tunnels to go back and then on to high pass and then dragonsreach?
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:50 No.12572560
    They could use the tunnels too. In which case, we are trapped in the tunnels or trapped at the exit ruins. I prefer using a path they don't know about so we can avoid them completely.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)22:50 No.12572571
    As you pass Colins tent on your way to Laeliths you poke your head in and announce "You'll be leading the Maniple back to DragonsReach, preferably by a path that wont lead us to cross paths with Khalless' second wife."

    The tents only cot tunrs over, dumping Collin to the ground as he moves to respond "Aye" is all the hungover dwarf can manage before you get back on your way.

    You knock on a tentpole before you enter Laeliths tent, without much waiting she gives you leave to enter, you find her sitting in a meditative stance, a small candle burning in front of her. She looks up at you and asks "How can I help you this morning commander?"

    >roll for persuasion on her personal info
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:51 No.12572580

    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/25/10(Mon)22:52 No.12572589
    rolled 78 = 78


    can we get a lesson in elementalism while we're here?
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:52 No.12572591
    rolled 63 = 63

    >> Maximus 10/25/10(Mon)22:53 No.12572599
    rolled 3 = 3

    Damnit. This is what I get for not rolling when I had the chance and letting others, heh. Let's see what I would of got.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:54 No.12572617
    > return to DragonsReach
    > March to XYZ and join up with Commander Quintus Seventus. He is your superior for the duration of this campaign.
    > creeperface.jpg

    Not that Pax would throw that at us so soon... imwatchingyou.jpg

    Do we have a list of those we've taken prisoner and are escorting back to DragonsReach?

    After consulting the local dwarf for optimal pathing, that is.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:55 No.12572626
    we're on crutches. I don't think we look very intimidating, would it be possible to do the interrogation without them (bluff him into thinking we are unscathed), or do we really need them?
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/25/10(Mon)22:56 No.12572633
    rolled 46 = 46


    your the only one rolling from now on
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)22:57 No.12572637
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/25/10(Mon)23:00 No.12572668

    meh , everyone has their ups and downs
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)23:11 No.12572786
    "Well, first I had questions as to whether you know how to open Khalless' chests. I would like to know what sort of arcana I have recovered." you reply curtly

    Laelith turns her head to look at her changing screen, cinching the sash of her robe tighter at the same time, at this angle you almost cant see any scars on her face. "He kept a keystone on his person at all times, if it was destroyed and there are no other stones attuned to the locks, you would need a much rarer breakerstone to open them."

    You cant remember much of the last battle, so you decide to ask your captains if they found anything that could fit the bill. "Then, if you wouldnt mind telling me how you fell in with the rebellion? I make an effort to know as much as I can about members of my command staff." as you do your best to ape her position, your cast making it difficult, and your left ankle nearly giving out as well.

    "What is there to tell" the elf replies, cupping her chin in one hand and rubbing her cheekbone, her finger gliding up and down on the scar ridges. "Khalless met me when I was Studying at TruthsHaven, about a week before I was to return to the lands of the Seven Guilds. He gave me a new field to study, the truth of the first age, he said it was. all it did was make me servant to Lamynus. The things I did to gain that bitches favor... after what he had me do to gain her favor and become useful to him, his grand scheme was all that I had left. Your meditative form is good for some elements, but not earth, you arent opening to things around you, but what is beneath you. Did you want anything else commander" The elf replies, making ready to rise.
    >> Maximus 10/25/10(Mon)23:13 No.12572806
    Why did she have nothing left but his grand scheme? Didn't she have family or anything of her old life she could go back to?
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)23:14 No.12572822

    We might be able to get her to be his executioner once his trail is over.

    She might appreciate that.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)23:23 No.12572930
    I would think slaughtering her family and home was a part of the contract to gain favour from that bitch fire goddess succubus thing.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)23:24 No.12572945
    "Why did you have nothing left to return to?" you ask, trying to get more out of her before she ends the conversation.

    "He turned me to worshipping the goddes of lust and destruction... now think of what that did to my family and friends when I was in the process of earning my patrons favor." she replies icily before going back behind her scree.

    You respectfully move to lead towards the tent adding "If you wish, I can see about letting you execute Khalless when the time comes." Laelith doesnt respond, in fact she doesnt say anything for quite a while. you think you hear her mumble something to you as you leave the tent, but you cant be sure.

    >what now?
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)23:26 No.12572969
    Ask around the captains, see if anything like a keystone was recovered: soldier who brings it gets a bounty of 50 talents once we're back in the capital, or some other monetary amount that is appropriate.

    Otherwise, let's get ready to move out.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/25/10(Mon)23:27 No.12572979

    talk to khalles about this keystone

    insert clever joke about keystone light
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)23:28 No.12572980
    Now we talk to the little blue man himself and then have the legion start to move.

    We need to send some hunters out to look for Uursan dens. Big ones.
    >> Laurentius 10/25/10(Mon)23:28 No.12572985
    see what's going on with Blackbird
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)23:32 No.12573026
    Crossing the camp to where Khalless is being held, you hear more than a few of the soldiers talk about how _loud_ the big orc and his bride had been last night, you make a not to yourself to talk to Blackbird about that before you reach DragonsReach.

    You walk up to your moist wooden box, turn more than a few locks, and finally open a slat. "Ahh, my slightly less than honorable foe, I have some questions for you... and its in your best interest that you answer."

    >roll for interrogation, and tell me what you want to know.
    >> Maximus 10/25/10(Mon)23:33 No.12573038
    rolled 88 = 88

    The keystone, what his endgame was and how he got his powers and knowledge on the old gods in the first place.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)23:34 No.12573042
    rolled 88 = 88

    Keystone location or how to get around it, why he rebelled, and about his wives... all of them.
    >> Maximus 10/25/10(Mon)23:34 No.12573044
    DAMNIT. I just had to waste the 3 on a test roll.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)23:35 No.12573054
    rolled 1 = 1

    Sigh. Maybe we can botch this? It's fairly important information. Then again, using our botch so early is iffy. What do you guys think?
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)23:38 No.12573076
    The dice have spoken.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/25/10(Mon)23:39 No.12573088

    >> Laurentius 10/25/10(Mon)23:40 No.12573094
    okay we definitely have to use our botch now
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)23:46 No.12573163
    "What do you want, child?" a deep rumbling voice emits from the box, one wholly different from the voice that was cussing at you on the battlefield.

    "First you can tell me where the keystones for your chests are." you reply tersely, doing your best to ignore the slight.

    The dwarf in the box chuckles, before a fine powder blows out of the box "It seems your men... smoothed that issue out a bit when they put me in this box. Clever idea you had coming up with it; tell me was it originally for my traitorous wife? has she tried to share a cot with you yet... I could scarcely keep her out of my tent before you maimed her." he replies to your questions evenly.

    "No, she hasn't in fact. Now if you would be so kind as to tell me what exactly your plan was? I dont have much time, and you might not either." you reply, quite off-put by how unaffected he seems to be by his position.

    "To fuck the worlds finest pussies, that was my plan... I nearly had it with my wives, no doubt their both dead now that you caught me. Its a pitty that you ruined my plans, though I suppose with a fire they may still be good..."

    >roll again, better this time
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)23:49 No.12573184

    can we use this>>12573054

    pwetty pwease?
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)23:49 No.12573190
    rolled 71 = 71

    Well, I guess we ask about his wives now? And if we can't use the 1, then rolling.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/25/10(Mon)23:50 No.12573195
    threaten to break all of his bones starting from his toes and working our way up
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/25/10(Mon)23:50 No.12573199
    the botch is an average of the first three rolls. that "1" is the only reason he didnt clam up right away on you. sorry bro, but the dice gods have spoken and you would do well not to anger them, oh dearest fa/tg/uy, for you know their disposition to us all to well.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/25/10(Mon)23:51 No.12573212
    rolled 58 = 58


    shit , forgot roll
    >> Maximus 10/25/10(Mon)23:52 No.12573220
    No. Don't make threats we don't want to carry out. We've been told to bring him back alive and doing something like that might kill him.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)23:56 No.12573270
    He seems inclined to talk about his "wives" though they sound more like slaves. Ask him about them.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)00:01 No.12573311
    "speaking of these wives... I would like to know more about them. What was their importance to your actual plan, not the face you just fed me." You spit back, not at all amused by the dwarfs making light of your inquiries, and his own plans.

    "They were to be my right and left hand, they lead my armies and kept my forces in check in my absence. Of course I needed complete loyalty, so certain measures had to be taken. Would that I had done more reasearch, learned more of them. Ahh well, there is always next time." the dwarf replies, still completely unaffected by your inquiries.

    >roll again, (maybe if I say roll worse you'll roll better, haha)
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)00:02 No.12573320
    rolled 76 = 76

    Inquire ahoy
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)00:10 No.12573407
    I think I should stop rolling tonight.

    To save time, after talking to Khalless, I think I'm up for heading back to the capital after doing a quick questioning on if we have the stone needed to unlock the chest.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)00:10 No.12573416
    "Now, I will only ask you this one more time, what was your plan? And remember I can make this trip much more comfortable for you if you give me an answer I can believe." you reply, trying to garner as much information as possible from the stubborn rebellion leader.

    "I wanted to take over the world of course" the dwarf replies, laughing again. you cut him off by sloshing the bucket of water kept on hand directly at the slat you were talking to the dwarf through. His laughs are cut off by spluttering as he moves his face to the top of the box while you close the slat and lock it. The box will be fully drained by the time the maniple marches a few hours from now.

    >anything else you want to take care of, or get to the marching?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)00:12 No.12573432
    Well, it seems we're sort of an idiot savant at interrogation. We break women down like tissue paper, but manly dwarves not so much.

    Maybe we can loosen him up a bit by taunting that this is the second time he failed miserably, who says the third won't end in ruin too? You're obviously incompetent to have botched it so badly both times.
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)00:13 No.12573447
    Or it just means we're a lady killer. I stand by my earlier statement - a quick questioning on if they found the stone we need, otherwise let's head out to the capital. Hopefully without being molested by angry wife 2.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)00:20 No.12573522
    You ask around the camp, and more than a few shiny stones are produced, but none of them work to open the chests. So much for looking for items you could keep for your maniple. As the camp is nearly packed up, and you are crutching your way over to the wagon that the wounded are being moved on, Jayne rides up to you on her Uursan "Care for another riding lesson Justinian?" she asks cheerily, obviously glad to be leaving the ruins.

    >if yes, roll to ride
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)00:24 No.12573571
    Might as well I guess. Someone else roll. I've screwed us enough tonight.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)00:26 No.12573597
    rolled 38 = 38

    Alright, Maximus. But remember, you asked for this.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)00:26 No.12573598
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)00:29 No.12573622
    Indeed. I asked for success. I think I blew my decent rolls for the next bit by getting that 1 against Khalless.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)00:29 No.12573625
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)00:34 No.12573681
    "I would, but I dont know how able I am with my leg broken." you reply sheepishly.

    As a response, Sansa whistles three times, the middle whistle lower in tone than the other two, while turning her mount around, revealing the cast on her left leg to you. "And I've rode into battle with worse, now mount up." she says while you climb up onto a smaller male Uursan she apparently signaled for.

    You spend the rest of the day and most of the next few riding alongside Sansa, discretely asking questions about the taming of Uursan with the rest of the conversation. A feeling similar to the one you felt after aiding the Sullen Mountain clan settles over you by the second week of travel, and by the time you are 3 days from Highpass the cast can be removed from your leg.

    >Great success!! you can now comfortably ride Uursan out of combat, and with a bit more training in combat as well.
    >give me a d2 roll so I can decide which encounter to throw at you guys now please.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)00:35 No.12573696
    rolled 1 = 1


    well thanks for the warning
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)00:35 No.12573697
    rolled 2 = 2

    You mean Jayne?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)00:36 No.12573704
    rolled 2 = 2

    Have I doomed us all?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)00:36 No.12573707
    yea, derp. and yea, FUN inbound
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)00:41 No.12573757
    A few days after your cast is removed you notice something dark against the snowy landscape off to the distance, a group of some sort and there is quite a bit of yelling going on... Jayne seems to think this would be a good chance to make you practice riding at a full sprint, Sansa and Aurelius figure its a group of poachers going to blows, Uurist and Kyria figure its a gathering of dwarves, Cornelius and Gaius think its scouts for the second wife... and Collin is just plain worried about the storm headed this way and which paths it will render unusable.

    After hearing a few distinct shouts and a strange loud crack you decide to...
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)00:44 No.12573787

    ride them down with our uursan , go with them and see whats what

    if they turn out to be unfriendly , dont let any escape
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)00:45 No.12573790
    Uh, we decide to investigate. Might as well.
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)00:51 No.12573847
    No point going against the flow when no one else is in this situation.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)00:56 No.12573893
    Yup, I agree with everyone else.
    Let's check this thing out.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)00:59 No.12573922
    you shoot Jayne a grin, nodding at Sansa to lead the column "A race then" you tell her, before kicking your boots into your uursan. After a few moments of hard riding you can finally get a better view of what is happening. There are about 6 small creatures, the tallest would reach the shoulders of the shortest dwarf in your maniple, all of them are wearing some form of purple clothes, their skin pasty white, eyes sunken and beady, noses tall and flat against their faces. Behind then are several lizard-like creatures all of them a shade of brown, with palm-length quills instead of scales. About 3 feet from their head to tail, which ends in a series of particularly long quills.

    The purple garbed figures are surrounding a third figure of about the same size, in what appears to be a brown fur cloak, bodily curled around something and clutching it dearly, shivering from the cold and shaking from its several wounds. Two similarly garbed figures lie sprawled about the live one. They have long, lightly furred bodies, although the fur clearly isn't a substantial source of warmth in the cold. the creatures bodies have been stripped bare, from their feet up to their elongated necks. The heads, though strange with their comparatively large and floppy ears, and beaks where most would have mouths, are clearly frozen in pain.

    One of the figures in purple barks something off in a language you dont recognize, to which the purple figure simply spits into the snow. The apparent leader nods, and one of his accomplices advances towards the prone figure, right hand thickly gloved and holding a strange stone, pulsing blue. He holds it close to the furred figures skin, there is a loud crack and a small bolt of lightning jumps to the stange creatures already bloody left arm, he writhes in pain but does not relinquish his prize.

    >sorry about the weakass leadup to this, I was drawing a blank for how to get from there to here.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)01:01 No.12573942

    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)01:02 No.12573950
    Halt! You are in Imperial territory and subject to Imperial law. State your business and explain your actions immediately.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)01:04 No.12573979
    Second this.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)01:15 No.12574097
    "Halt! You are in Imperial territory and subject to Imperial law. State your business and explain your actions immediately." you announce as you bring you mount to heal near the small group. The apparent leader of the purple garbed figures rapidly spills out... something, to his companions, which you doubt you would have understood had you been able to hear it properly, but most of it was drowned out by your Uursan growling at the strange creatures the other figures in purple are now trying to prepare to ride. The strange mounts respond to your mounts verbal threats with a bout of hissing, and fanning out a sizable skin-flap that circles their head, this, combined with the needle-like teeth filling their mouths, which are dripping with a clear fluid to thick to be saliva is enough to unnerve you, and something about them takes alot of the fire out of your Uursan, as it steps back, and lowers the volume of its growls.

    "We are simple buisiness-gnomes, here to collect on a debt that our friends here owe us. They saw fit to attempt to withhold our payment, so we were forced to remind them of our agreement. We will leave your over-empire soon, servant of the Dragonslayers." the leading... gnome, replies. The prone figure tries to squeak something out, but ends up coughing up a splotch of blood instead of any audible words.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)01:17 No.12574122

    what exactly do they owe you?

    are we armed? where is the rest of the bear cav?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)01:20 No.12574148

    But really, we should ask them what this debt is and where the hell is the rest of our cavalry.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)01:21 No.12574159

    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)01:24 No.12574181
    >you are in your chainmail and have your spear, jayne is in the leather undersuit to her platemail, and has her mace handy.
    >the rest of the bear cav is with the collumn, you just kinda ran off to check shit out.

    "We were in a business agreement, these Kaskyana were under the impression that we would be sharing the fruits of our mutual labor. There was no such stipulation in the contract. These are some of the Kaskyana that managed to escape the termination of the contract, once we have our due we will leave them be." the lead gnome replies, as all of the mounts finally settle into a quiet state of staring each other down.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)01:25 No.12574186
    "Debts must be paid, on that we agree. But I would have you explain the method of your debt collection; physical force to extract payment is frowned upon, and the proper articles of extradition must be observed."
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)01:30 No.12574224
    And they ARE on Imperial territory and should abide by Imperial laws, yes? How I love rules lawyering.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)01:31 No.12574235

    what exactly constitutes this "contract" and what do they owe you?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)01:41 No.12574314
    If the contract was terminated he doesn't owe you anything, does he?

    And I don't think torturing people on Imperial soil is smart.

    Uh, could we like... signal for backup?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)01:42 No.12574323
    "Now, while I agree that debts must be paid, would you be so kind as to explain the contract to me?" you reply, tilting your head back towards the column, Jayne lets loose a flurry of whistles before she finds herself being stared down by all 6 gnomes.

    "the Gnomes and Kaskyana entered a mutually beneficial business contract to develop certain... engines, Gnomes dealing with the... power, and Kaskyana with the mechanisms involved. The Kaskyana did not approve of some of the additions we made to the end product and attempted to back out. They tried to bring the mechanical portion with them. However the contract clearly stated that if one party reneged, the second was free to continue the project. The Kaskyana stole from our project using their incorrect understanding of the contract as a basis for their crimes. We simply need the gear this one is so greedily clutching to and we will leave him to walk back to the nearest warren gate." The Gnomish leader replies, sneering at your questions.

    "LL-" the kaskyana starts, but something streaks from the gnomes mounts and impacts the small creatures midriff, cutting him off.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)01:45 No.12574340

    im guessing he was going to say LLIES

    so what do you guys think?

    im kinda leaning toward grab the little furry guy with the machine part and hightail it back to the column
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)01:45 No.12574342
    "By my understanding, they were involved in creating the mechanism while you provided power. What right do you have to claiming the mechanism then once you've backed out? Your contract merely stated you could continue the project, not that you could claim all work put into the project."
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)01:46 No.12574346
    I wish to hear BOTH side of this.
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)01:46 No.12574350
    Change you've backed out to they've backed out. Typo most foul.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)01:47 No.12574355
    Okay, you won't be doing any more of that until *I* am satisfied that you should be doing so. What are your names and where are your warrens located?

    We should buy time.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)01:51 No.12574391
    If they attempt to shut fuzz ball up again then they've tipped their hand and proved they're up to no good.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)01:58 No.12574465
    We should also check on fuzzy and make sure the mount didn't mortally wound him/her.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)02:01 No.12574492
    "I would like to hear both sides of this story, so there will be no more cutting off of your former associate while I ask him questions, understood?" you reply to the Gnome, before dismounting and walking over to the injured Kaskyana. "So friend, whats your take on this business venture?" you ask him directly, trusting Jayne to watch you while you shield the small creature with your back.

    "Is as gnome says, Kaskyana people and Gnomes alwas live in peace at bedrock. Dwarves live in easy-stone and strong Gnome and Kaskyana frail, can barely carve out under-cities and warrens. We work together to make automaton to dig for us, make life better-much. Gnomes make us sign paper-thing, say for fair-make. Gnomes decietful, try to put weapons on mining construct, Kaskyana try to stop, Gnomes use paper to say that if we try-stop them they get construct. Is lie, we work together, succeed or fail together... no rights, no sales. Gnomes attack and Kaskyana fight back, but Gnomes have power-stone, make armor trap-death... when they have this piece, they will make more constructs, make them for war." the prone form turns his head to you, the long mustachios perched above his beak trembling in fear "Help me..." he whispers, barely clinging to consciousness.

    "What lies" the gnome replies, his face set into a mask of disdain "Yes we added weapons to the construct, we need them, we have goblins to worry about, and those damned dwarfs trying to swindle us too. It was only logical... we couldn't help that the fuzzies had an over-abundance of morals, we live in reality and needed to solve problems."
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)02:04 No.12574522

    if i give the piece of machinery to you , will you leave this ...fellow alone?

    to be honest , im starting to like these gnomes
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:04 No.12574527

    Well, was there a provision for weapons stipulated in the original contract?

    (If shit breaks down, we should consider the option of arrestign them on assault charges, if Imperial law prohibits the vigilante shenannigans they're doing.)
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)02:05 No.12574533
    "It sounds to me like if anyone breached the contract here, it would be the gnomes. It was signed under the pretense of creating something for digging but YOU changed it without consulting the other party in your contract. For someone complaining about the Dwarves trying to swindle you, your actions seem rather similar."
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:06 No.12574546
    I would like to see this contract.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:08 No.12574560
    The gnomes love contracts and regulations and laws, right?
    So due to Imperial law concerning assault and the due process of redress of debts, we are well within our rights to arrest the lot of them. But since there is a loophole regarding foreign nationals and law enforcement personnel in hot pursuit of a fugitive, we could let them go. As long as they are duly appointed and recognized members of law enforcement, of course.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:10 No.12574585

    I like the way you think.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)02:13 No.12574603
    i think we should side with the gnomes on this one

    if the contract is legitimate , they get the machinery

    if the contract is sorta hazy , then i suggest we give it to them anyway in return for the kaskyana's safety
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:14 No.12574611
    I understand that you have needs, but there is no need for him to die. What is so important about this one item that you must run him down and kill his associates? Why not just finish it or make a new part?

    How close are our reinforcements?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:15 No.12574622

    The concept of a "War machine construct loaded with weapons" may bode poorly for the Empire in the future, though. Not to mention these gnomes seem to want to go apeshit on anyone who goes against them.

    I'd prefer to not let them get their hands on anything, personally.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:18 No.12574643
    I agree. I think once our reinforcements get here we will have to take the fugitive into custody ourselves. We are officers of the law, after all. If they wish to contest this confiscation of property they can send envoys to Dragon's Reach and file a complaint.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)02:20 No.12574649

    thats why we get in good with them now , and set up a mutually beneficial relationship

    we help them with their goblin problem , and they supply auxilary forces in the form of these war machines

    im not saying we should trust them completely , in fact , we should be fully prepared should they try to backstab us , but what do we get out of helping the kaskyana , who seem to a be a race of peace loving furrbies?

    nothing in this humble gentlemans opinion
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:21 No.12574658
    I love this idea though I would like to see this contract.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:21 No.12574661
    If we do this then our superiors are the ones who have to deal with it, not us. Thank god for the chain of command.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)02:22 No.12574672

    are gnomes actually citizens of the empire?

    if we pull this , will we piss off gnomes in high places?
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)02:23 No.12574682
    With the way they've been acting to us, I don't think they think highly of the empire. I doubt this will win us many brownie points with them and I think the risk is too great giving them the potential to basically have war golems.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:23 No.12574685

    Who cares? They're Gnomes.

    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)02:24 No.12574699
    Does the empire have an asylum or refugee equivalent? We could always try to claim that the thing on the ground asked for it very quietly if that is the case...
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)02:26 No.12574711


    what compells you to do this?

    what do we get out of helping this kaskyana , besides the ire of the gnomes , who could probably fuck with us later on.

    please reconsider

    this is an opportunity , dont waste it wantonly because of a misguided sense of justice
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:26 No.12574718

    No need to bluff it, just say very loudly that if we're adjudicating the situation we're required to verbally list all the rights and responsibilites of the involved parties... and stick "Asylum" on the top of the list.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)02:27 No.12574726
    "I would like to see this contract you keep referring too" you reply to the gnome, rising and turning to face him, only to find that they have drawn several crackling metal bars have been drawn by the gnomes.

    "Dont have it with us, let us take our due and we'll be on our way... we'll even be nice and let this one walk home; even though by rights Gnomish laws state that those who renege on contracts are to be punished... we will not enforce that justice upon him." the gnomish leader replies.

    "Unfortuanately for you, there are several regulations regarding the proper use of arcana and apprehension of fugitives. As the ranking Imperial officer in this exchange I _AM_ the law, and by rights I should take you to DragonsReach for your punishment... but as you are foreigners not originating in Uurlanth in pursuit of a criminal... I will let you leave, and perhaps resume your pursuit another time. and you may return adhering to proper regulations you will be allowed to apprehend him as you will." you reply, doing your best to maintain your calm, judging the distance from your current position to your spear.

    "Not arcana, shockstone, naturaly occuring." the gnome replies.

    "I've never heard of a stone that contains lighting that _WASNT_ arcane. You lie." you reply tersely.

    "You are ignorant, dig deep enough and you will find it." the gnome replies, sounding even more agitated than before.

    "and if you climb to the peak of Mt. Garnibal you'll find a dragon egg ready to hatch if only if had enough heat. Obey the laws, or face the consequences." you shoot back, muscles tensing.

    "My law is force and my contract is in steel and shockstone" the Gnome replies. "STEP ASIDE."

    you hear the sound of metal on metal behind you, apparently the Kaskyana had something stashed in his ferret-like body, or maybe in those long drooping ears.
    >for the kaskyana, think ferret with the back of a "cutebold"s head, but a beak (with moustache in the males) instead of a snout
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)02:28 No.12574746

    who have some kind of magic power stones that shoot lightning and these lizard mounts that make an uursan think twice about attacking

    im sure they are far more dangerous than their stature implies
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:29 No.12574749
         File1288074556.gif-(1.29 MB, 340x256, 1278312172043.gif)
    1.29 MB
    Their building fucking tanks, FUCKING TANKS. DON'T LET THEM GET THE GEAR.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:30 No.12574764

    You know, not offense, but it really makes you sound like a total dick when you say stff like that.
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)02:31 No.12574774
    "I guess we can add threatening a member of the Imperial Legion to your situation then. I guess it's-" and then jump out and attack them and hope to whatever god is looking out for us that those shock stones don't take us down.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:34 No.12574790

    Raise our hands and back off saying that we don't want any trouble. Back towards our uursan and our spear. As soon as we think we can, turn and grab it.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)02:38 No.12574831

    to be honest , i am a dick

    that's just my personality , and now because everyone in this thread decided to put on their goody two shoes , the gnomes are pissed at us and we have to fight them


    if we had just cooperated from the very beginning , we could have had gnome tanks

    but no, you guys wanna be the good guy , well thats fine , go ahead ,
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:41 No.12574859

    Well, there's your problem. The rest of the guys in this thread appear to be decidedly *not* dicks. Uphill battle I'm afraid, mate.
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)02:42 No.12574867
    "and now your threatening an officer of the Emires Legions, you are going to find yourself in a rather undesirable position fairly quickly if you keep on this course." you add, edging towards your uursan. The only response you get is a grunt as the other three gnomes draw blades.

    >roll for pulling off your plan (the whole grab spear/dodge/attack deal)
    >Pomp, for my gnomes, think Ferengi, then crank up the douch-o-meter a few more notches, and your close to how these guys act.
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)02:43 No.12574877
    rolled 34 = 34

    I did well in combat yesterday.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:43 No.12574878

    To be fair, we haven't really done a lot of anything except following Imperial legal procedure, like an officer of the Legion is supposed to, goody two-shoes or not.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:43 No.12574880
    rolled 83 = 83

    rollin for the grab
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:45 No.12574896
    Thank you for rolling before me or this would've really hurt.
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)02:45 No.12574903
    I know the feeling. I've said that a few times in old threads.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:46 No.12574906
    You fucking idiot. What makes you think that the gnomes would even consider allowing the Empire access to their advanced military technology? Did you honestly think that letting them go with the vital piece of engineering would have somehow endeared us enough to their nation that they would provide the Empire with weaponized tunneling automata?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:51 No.12574954
    There's an equal chance of them helping us later on as there is of them steamrolling us with their tanks, and just because we help them doesn't mean that there's even a positive outcome to the situation. It could be we help the ferret thing and get a neutral future of help the gnomes and get a tank-death future and any number of things.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)02:52 No.12574957

    before pax explained the demeanor of the gnomes in this setting , i asssumed that we could strike a deal , we scratch their back , they scratch ours , we eventualy become allies , a steady transition , not just give them this piece of tech and then ask for tanks.

    now that i understand what we're dealing with , i have revised my position on these gnomes.

    in future , can we dedicate some time to this setting and getting to know it better?
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)02:52 No.12574963
    In one swift motion you leap to your right, sliding your spear from its sheath on the uursan, which leaps at two of the lizard-mounts the gnomes had with them. As you block the swordstroke of the lead gnome you hear the Kaskyana wheeze, looking to your right you see it pull one of the shockstones from its chest and drop it on the gear it had been clutching. The gear begins to rotate as the Kaskyana throws it the gear accelerates to a blinding speed, darting out and beheading the gnomes that had drawn batons one drps the baton on his now lifeless body. The second baton falls loose from its dead bearers grasp, a bolt of lightning erupting from the tip and striking you leg, numbing it for long enough to knock you down. you hear the roar of an uursan, and you look off to your right as you block the lead gnomes blow to see your mount being circled by all three lizard-creatures. One of them flicks its tail, launching a few of the spikes on the end of it at the giant bear, one of the massive quills sticking into the uursans flesh, the beast retatiates by taking one of the legs off of one of the beasts attacking it, the beast to slow in extending its quills to save its limb, falls to the ground.

    >one more combat roll should get you guys through this, excluding terribad /tg/ dice
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)02:54 No.12574977
    >yea, once you hit DragonsReach you could spend some time in the archives to learn all the shit you would have learned at the academy were you not sleeping and womanizing
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)02:55 No.12574985
    rolled 47 = 47

    To battle!
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:55 No.12574986
    rolled 53 = 53

    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:55 No.12574988
    rolled 80 = 80


    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)03:00 No.12575042
    rolled 96 = 96

    Never really done a roll before, and first quest/extended period of time I've spent on /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)03:01 No.12575048

    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)03:01 No.12575049
    You hear a Gnome cry out in pain as Jayne finally hits it with her mace behind you, the satsfying crunch of steel on scull shortening the cry considerably. You deflect several blows of the gnomes leader on your spear while you wait for feeling to return to your leg. The diminutive creature terribly outmatched by you, he manages to graze your right arm as you finally rise. You spin your spear in a tight arc, catching one of the ferreted ends at the back of the gnomes kneck "We could have ended tis civily" you state plainly as the rest of jayens men arrive, saving the embattled uursan from being further maimed by the two surviving lizard beasts. Inadvertantly you time your pulling back on the spear with your mounts roar, making you feel quite a bit more accomplished than you feel you should.

    >what now?
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)03:03 No.12575065
    Let's get our wounded friend some medical attention and make sure he survives this. Then we salvage what we can from these gnomes. Maybe they'll have some letters or something on them that could be of interest. If not, those stones could be cool.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)03:03 No.12575069

    Search the bodies. Confiscate the stunsticks. Loot any potentially valuable arcana. See to the furry, and find ot what that fucking killy thing of his was.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)03:04 No.12575074
    Now I think we confiscate that wonderful spinny disc of death and give the furry dude medical treatment. And shackle the living gnomes. Burn and bury the bodies.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)03:06 No.12575089

    nurse the fuzzy back to health on our way back to dragonsreach , then hit the books

    also , collect all of the shock stones and shock rods
    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)03:11 No.12575133
    you look around, it looks like Jaynes cast was cut, along with your arm, but no other human injuries. Your uursan is now limping back towards you, head low, a chunk of meat in its mouth. You order the newly arrived men to gather up anything useful and to burn the corpses.

    the Kaskyana hobbles its way over to you, the gear it had protected so closely held in one hand, a discarded blade held as a walking stick held in the other. "You save my life" is says to you plainly "How do you wish I repay you? I can be useful, yes. Help you with constructions and contraptions, fortifications and defenses Commander of the Dragonslayers army."
    >> Maximus 10/26/10(Tue)03:12 No.12575142
    Accept. Accept completely. This is a new fountain of knowledge and our rangers might become super awesome with his help.
    >> Pompieus the Butcher 10/26/10(Tue)03:14 No.12575157

    if he's going to stick around , we might as well learn his name
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)03:14 No.12575161
    Say that we were just doing our duty of upholding the laws of the Empire.
    But, we are in sore need of an engineering professional. We have a job opening in our retinue, if the Kaskyana wishes to apply.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)03:17 No.12575188
    If he wishes to join us hes hired as we could use such expertise.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)03:19 No.12575196
    rolled 93 = 93

    >> Pax !uGYNBMPzOs 10/26/10(Tue)03:20 No.12575203
    "I was merely upholding Iperial law... but if you wish to aid me I could use one with your skills in my retinue. The pay is good, the work is... well war can be hell sometimes, but the pay and alcohol make up for it in my opinion. All I would need is your name to add to my quartermasters payroll."

    The ferret-like creature ponders for a moment before respoonding "Degrian Klastius" extending a long-fingered hand, the joints on his hands nearly doubling those on yours.

    >gah, morning class and I figure this is a good point to stop. Someone archive please, I'll be back wednesday at 8pm (9pm server time)
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)03:23 No.12575225
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