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  • File : 1287698215.jpg-(458 KB, 833x600, questing_knight_02_by_meyeranek-d2yq4d1.jpg)
    458 KB Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)17:56 No.12526343  
    Bretonnia, worst faction, or best faction?
    You decide
    Bretonnia general.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)17:58 No.12526360
         File1287698301.jpg-(386 KB, 569x800, Into_glory_ride_by_JanBoruta.jpg)
    386 KB
    So how bad are these fuckers honestly, I hear a lot of snuff about them, but they seem to have a loyal following for whatever reason, which I can only assume means they are still at least somewhat useful.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)17:58 No.12526363
    Bretonnia's the best. They're honorable enough not to NEED a new army book to profit.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)17:59 No.12526366
         File1287698353.jpg-(50 KB, 599x675, knight1.jpg)
    50 KB
    And look at dat majesty.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:00 No.12526375
         File1287698406.jpg-(271 KB, 1280x826, Begone__Foul_Greenskin_by_Adri(...).jpg)
    271 KB
    Sounds good to me, brother, together we shall ride down the enemy in a glorious charge.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:01 No.12526388
    Best faction, are you even looking at your pic OP? LOOK AT THOSE FUCKERS.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:01 No.12526391
         File1287698492.jpg-(64 KB, 375x500, knights-8.jpg)
    64 KB
    Lawful good reporting in
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:03 No.12526415
         File1287698629.jpg-(54 KB, 375x500, knights-41.jpg)
    54 KB
    Dat beauty
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:04 No.12526420
    best at being dull as fuck, yes.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:04 No.12526426
    Feels good man.
    Fantasy version of space marines reporting in.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:05 No.12526440
    Well, like, thats just your opinion man. You have the right too it though brah. Share your thoughts bro.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:06 No.12526445
         File1287698789.jpg-(61 KB, 375x500, knights-46.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:07 No.12526456
    I liked our book better when we didn't treat our Peasants worse than the Vampire Counts treat their cattle.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:07 No.12526460
         File1287698864.jpg-(48 KB, 375x500, knights-96.jpg)
    48 KB
    Dey all jelly of my divine wrath against the foul night creatures
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:08 No.12526468
    :[ feels bad man.
    Thats a good point there.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:08 No.12526470
    Green is the color of a peasant.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:11 No.12526496
    But we treat them worst.
    At least VC have waste magic into resurrecting them...
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:13 No.12526517
    Peasants often pay for their own funerals.

    The man who created the trebuchet was given a pig and some copper by the KING, the beacon of righteousness.

    In fact the peasants are inbred almost mutated. It is pretty depressing how badly the peasants are treated.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:13 No.12526519
         File1287699218.jpg-(38 KB, 448x641, green knight.jpg)
    38 KB
    Wut I dont even
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:14 No.12526533
    /tg/ - Morals and ethics

    Haha, jk. But you both raises good point. I wonder why that is, considering how they herp derp justice.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:16 No.12526540
    The Green Knight's choice in colors isn't based on his heraldry but rather the fey magics that have been infused within his being, fueled by the power of belief within Bretonnia.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:17 No.12526547
    Hopefully these guys will get a codex update and not suck so much. They look neat.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:17 No.12526555
    GW didn't think they were grim enough and decided they needed to grime them up. I can understand that, but they really went overboard. The peasants are subhuman, the ones we field in combat are the BEST of them. THE FUCKING BEST.

    The rest are too twisted and malformed to properly arm or train.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:17 No.12526556
    So green is the power of magic.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:18 No.12526557
    have been a big fan since back in the days when they truly were pillars of honor and virtue, albeit with the occasional squabble between nobles.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:18 No.12526560
    no that would be octarine
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:19 No.12526566
    aside from woodelves (and maybe even not then) the worst army in 8th edition. and i played them.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:19 No.12526567
    Fucking gamesworkshop
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:19 No.12526572
    Bretonnia is cool, but I prefer the Skaven.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:20 No.12526574
    Brettonians....ugh. As a VC player even I'm somewhat disgusted by the Brettonian ideals of social justice. A Brett peasant is somewhere between a zombie and a crypt ghoul in dignity and quality of life.

    I certainly find those 3-wide ranks of knights annoying as hell though. They may not be able to move anywhere but straight ahead, but at least they hit hard...sortof.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:20 No.12526579
    if you have any idea what you're doing you'll never lose a game against them.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:21 No.12526582
    So I think a cool unit for the Bretonnians in the next book would be a Knight accompanied by a loyal band of followers (squire, bard, Yeoman, etc) that fits into a rare choice as a Monster Slayer. A knight that just travels the lands to slay big monsters.

    Heroic Killing Blow coming standard on the knights attacks, supporting abilities based on the retinue chosen to accompany him. Possibly access to magic items to represent his quests.

    This would be a cool alternative to the Monsters every other army has, and would be a really cool set of models.

    If only I could get a hold of GW.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:21 No.12526583
    Looks like they ruined what should have been the best army in the game. Knights,glorious knights, knights everywhere, magical knights, pegasus knights, all train from child for justice
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:22 No.12526600
    >>12526582 A knight that just travels the lands to slay big monsters.
    the knights-errant would like to have a word with you
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:23 No.12526609
    yeah, no. no way could they be best.

    magic- decent at best
    shooting- LOL
    war machines- only one. and it's a fucking rare choice.
    special knights- expensive as fuck and generally die like bitches to range heavy armies.
    every other knight- this is 8th edition. if your army isn't walking to the battle, you've already lost.

    infantry- ha. hahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA literally the worst 5 pts you can spend in WFB
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:24 No.12526612
    [spoiler] I only had enough money for one army, so i picked the one that looked god damn amazing, only to find out GW fucked everything and nerfed everything into the ground [/spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:26 No.12526627
    Glorious Knights of Justice are not for WF. However Knight just being Knights, which does involve a little dickery to the peasantry but the peasantry would still be better off than they are now. Regular realistic medieval land is still grimdark enough.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:26 No.12526629
    Knight Errants would be an excellent model to accompany the Monster Slayer. The point is this knight may have forsaken his honor or even after completing his quest he simply continued to hunt nothing but dragons and other monsters.

    Knight Errants are the novices, these would be the professionals. The guy you called when your standard Knight of the Realm wasn't enough to get the job done.

    I get that all Bretonnian Knights fight 'monsters' but I doubt we could give them all Heroic Killing blow.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:26 No.12526631
    Bretts are by no means the worst, but they are shadow of what they used to be pre-7th. 8th put a lot of hurdles in their way but they can still unleash hurt if you know what you're doing.

    For me though, I'm just a sucker for Arthurian myth, and painting heraldry is pretty damn fun.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:26 No.12526632
    i love bretonnia, i'll never give up my knights, they'll always be my favorite, but i haven't taken them out of their case in a month. i don't even want to look at them when things are this bad for cavalry armies
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:29 No.12526661
    what i want to know is:
    decided it was cool to fuck over pegasus knights? they were literally the only thing we had going for us in 7th edition (oh flying circus, i miss you) and now they don't even get a rank bonus (meaning they can't deny enemy ranks)

    what the fuck man
    what the fuck
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:29 No.12526663
    >herp i dont understand how abritary numbers work

    >magic- decent at best
    They could have made grail knights have powerful magic attacks, and uped all the rest so it could be on even ground with other armies.
    >shooting- LOL
    Again, they could just up the stats on the archers, and they could have given the knights an option to have a bow from horseback, like medieval times.
    >war machines- only one. and it's a fucking rare choice.
    again, they could have just made more than one. They could have used a god damn dragon if they wanted to use imagination.
    >special knights- expensive as fuck and generally die like bitches to range heavy armies.
    Almost every unit dies against range heavy armies
    >every other knight- this is 8th edition. if your army isn't walking to the battle, you've already lost.
    Sad face. but they should have already considered this before putting those rules in and nerfing an entire army based on calvary, what are you thinking GW?
    >infantry- ha. hahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA literally the worst 5 pts you can spend in WFB
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:29 No.12526664
    Men-at-Arms, while low in terms of WS, are not that bad. They come with Light Armor, Shields, Halberds/Spears all for 5 points, on top of this they all benefit from the Ld of nearby knights as if they were the General (6 inches).

    In a 40 man block, they can be effective. In fact how most Bretonnians are winning now involves a large amount of Men-at-Arms with Halberds.

    The real problem I have with this is this is how Empire plays with knights and their foot sloggers. If I wanted to play this way I'd play Empire and have cannons to boot.

    Trebuchets are amazing though, they make the army viable. Run 2 for only 180 points and watch as they make their points up with ease.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:30 No.12526673
    are you familiar with warhammer at all? or bretonnia specifically?
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:30 No.12526676
    >>12526627 Glorious Knights of Justice are not for WF.
    and yet they were just fine for many editions until GW went all GRIMDARK EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:32 No.12526687
    Seriously, after all they did to make Calvary ineffective they had to add in how all Calvary take Difficult Terrain tests on anything that isn't open ground.

    How does a Calvary Charge not benefit from Always Strike First? How does a Calvary Charge not break Steadfast the turn it charges?

    At least they FAQ'd the Lance to break Steadfast.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:33 No.12526698
    i hear ya man. i don't know how they can justify this shit. it's basically all but written in the big red book

    'horses suck balls, that is all.'
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:34 No.12526706
    Yes and no, if you have something you think you should say just say it, as this thread is a good place to learn from. Ive never played an actual game of warhammer because i only have bretonnia and dont want to get my shit kicked everytime i play because someone in corporate didnt think anything out. Im all for a good challenge, but from what ive heard bret just got shafted.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:34 No.12526708
    Actually originally Bretonnia was GRIMDARK, basically the opposite of the Empire.

    GW decided this was silly, and changed it to a very different tone. Basically think of every Bretonnian has being from Mousillan, twisted sick bastards.

    Then they decided to mix in the Arthurian legends, which brightened them up immensely. Of course they tipped it back, just a bit too far is all I think.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:35 No.12526715

    Have you SEEN the Bretonnian fluff for WFRP 1E? Bretonnia has become LESS grimdark as time has gone on. Seriously.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:36 No.12526719
    Pegs were never really effective line units. You used them to attack war machines, gunlines, and skirmishers. 8th actually made pegs MORE powerful since they can charge using fly and tlos and they count as monstrous cave, meaning the pegs get stomp as well.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:36 No.12526723
    I should add ive played a shit ton of 40 k though, space marine and tau armies.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:37 No.12526732
    and hard bro. but don't give up heart, we'll get updated soon and then our foes shall learn fear!

    one thing i thought would make the army much better: keep points on the knights the same, but make their attacks on the charge with lances work like impact hits. always hitting, with a chance to miss the wound.
    i can't tell you how many times my knights have sucked it up on the charge and had the horses do better. fuck that.
    >> Kriegfag !l.ic5nJKK6 10/21/10(Thu)18:38 No.12526745
    Brets are actually pretty good, if you know what you're doing. Mid-tier, definitely. Cavalry is still good, but you just gotta run them in 10s and 15s (unless you houserule the stupid Lance omission away). Men-at-Arms are great for 5pts, and Trebuchets? Amazing for a mere 90pts. Peg Knights are still the best units in the book.

    I mean, don't expect to win every game, but Brets are by far not the worst.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:39 No.12526747
    You can win with them. Don't let your opponent beat you before you deploy your army.

    Take a Prophetess, level 4 Life. Cast Throne as soon as you can with as many dice as possible. If you Miscast you can disregard it on a 2+, which is amazing.

    Life can really help the knights, giving them Toughness 7-8, and also heal wounds lost. Take the Banner of Chalons on at least one unit of knights to prevent Stand and Shoot reactions.

    Virtues can be amazing, you can make good heroes for challenges. We get our BSB for free, and you can pull nasty tricks with the Banner of the Lady (100 points), which is HILARIOUS against Skaven.

    It removes Rank Bonuses, which means their Strength in Numbers rule has no effect. They will still be Steadfast, but who cares.

    Take 2 Trebuchets, all the time, always.

    And Men-at-Arms are important. They will hold units in place while your knights take flanks. Your knights are tough, but try to always get flanks with them.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:39 No.12526748
    yeah, but i wasn't saying as using them as line units. using them to back up a combat from the side or rear used to be super effective because they'd deny enemy ranks in addition to charge bonuses. now they dont deny ranks.

    oh and yeah, 3~4 S4 stomp attacks at end of combat is not that big a deal.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:41 No.12526759
    Then why does everyone say theyre the worst?
    oh and fucking question while im here.
    Men at arms, what weapons can they have? I hear people want WYSIWYG models, so im trying to figure out what to give them. Can they only use haliberds? If I have a man at arms holding a sword but hes in a group of haliberds can he count as having a halibard? confusion, confusion everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:42 No.12526761
    No need to house rule, new FAQ like a week ago fixed Lance. It now Disrupts and counts in every way toward Steadfast and breaking it. Basically wherever it says 5 models across, Bretonnians use 3.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:42 No.12526767
    the sword is used to mark him out as the champion of the unit. he is equipped with the same weapon as the rest of the regiment.

    it's just a memory aide
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:43 No.12526773
    link to new pdf? i'm having a hard time finding the damn thing
    >> Kriegfag !l.ic5nJKK6 10/21/10(Thu)18:44 No.12526778
    Cool. Brets are even better now.

    Why do people hate 4e?
    Why do people get butthurt when they are wrong?
    Why do people respond to troll threads?

    People are dumb.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:44 No.12526779
    Majority of the unit is what they use. So if a few have differing weapons, that's okay. Usually the unit Champion will have an alternate weapon.

    They all come with Light Armor, Shields, Halberds, and Hand Weapons (pretty much meaningless now). You can replace the Halberds with Spears for no points.

    >helping rampourr
    Yes, Captcha. That is exactly the case.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:45 No.12526789
    I see. thanks. So what about my units of knights of the realm and knights errant? I notice when i assembled them "for fun" I just gave them whatever. Some have lances, and others have swords. Is this bad? I also notice you can have a musican, what is the point of this? can i just say one guy is a musican even if hes clearly holding a spear? I should just re read the rulebook or something online. I dont have it anymore.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:45 No.12526794
    When the majority of the stuff you're supposed to hit them with averages around T3, that stomp is a fucking godsend. And again pegs are still ridiculously good. You just have to change up how you use them.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:46 No.12526796
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:47 No.12526804
    Bretonnian bros, general. Help, and bros, Help and bros everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:47 No.12526805
    mmmmm, not at all man. i understand what you're saying, but the majority of opponents will be T4. and they only get to make those attacks if they're alive, which is a constant problem with those models
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:48 No.12526810
    thanks dude!
    anonymous delivers yet again
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:49 No.12526822
    You'll have to model one as a Musician. They give you the bits to usually make 2 Standard Bearers and 2 Musicians in each box. Just buy another box and assemble an extra Musician. Also remember that Knight Errants are different from Knights of the Realm.

    Musicians give you a chance to reform for free each turn (amazing) and when you tie combat, if your opponent has no Musician, you win combat.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:50 No.12526825
    I wouldn't say that Bretonia is in any danger of being the worst faction as far as potential battlefield performance in 8th is concerned, just the repulsive worst stereotypes of knightly feudalism that their lore represents.

    Worst tactical performance is probably still reserved for the Wood Elves or desperately-in-need-of-update Tomb Kings.

    Or maybe I just really like watching Bretonian peasants disintegrate to Banshee screams or be eaten by the dozens by Varghulfs while their big cavalry units spend their movement wheeling.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:52 No.12526844
    As a Goblin Warlord, I feel sorry for Bret players.

    I have yet to not table one in 7th or 8th edition.

    Massed Fanatics + cheap and now highly accurate war machines + disgustingly effective magic and magic items + LOL IMPACT HITS completey destroy Brets.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:52 No.12526847
    Confirmed for a Cold motherfucker

    Ah, i see. Yeah, i made these models as a teenager a few years ago, and back then was like, why would I give this guy a stupid horn, when he could have this awesome spear...? I thought I was real clever. :p
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:53 No.12526850
    You should be taking flanks with your P Knights, and only if you have a supporting charge from the front, preferably of Men at Arms who will have a shit load of ranks. As your P-Knights no longer have ranks, they can't disrupt a regiment on their own.

    However, they give you the bonus resolution, and you can't take supporting attacks against a Flank charge. This limits their attacks against your P-Knights, letting them add more to combat resolution.

    What sucks is despite having Hand weapons and shields, your Men-At-Arms can't choose to use them at the start of a combat, and MUST use their Spears or Halberds, always.

    Otherwise they would get the the ever amazing 6+ parry save.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:55 No.12526874
    goblins and orks are better tacticians and grand strategists than bretonians, who just rush forward and krump things
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:56 No.12526878
    Would it be ignorant for me to assume in most games there isnt any combat in the first turn anyway? I might just play on a bigger table than other people. :l Then again, i play 40k so maybe its different in fantasy, with bats and shit flying out of everyones ass across the battlefield
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:56 No.12526886
    man, i don't know about the rest of you knights, but the parry save pisses me off. when the blessing of the lady was first introduced, people were shitting themselves over our ward save. now EVERYBODY can get one pretty much. and, their's aren't even factored in to the cost of their models, and can be combined with other ward saves.

    and i especially love how it's written that cavalry can't use it...
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:58 No.12526899
    Yeah as a Bret player and a VC player, I must say I wipe the field clean with my VC. The Brets are much harder to play with, but not helpless. They require more finesse, and preferably decent luck with magic.

    As for Wood Elves, the best list I could come up with with my friend was mass Spirits. They can add like 5-6 Dispel Dice a turn, which they need as their magic is WORTHLESS. Magic items are terrible as well. Just terrible. Basically they require a very good strategy, and even then they are not optimal.

    Wood Elves need a book more than Tomb Kings/Ogre Kingdoms/Bretonnians, but I'd rather see an Ogre Kingdom and Bretonnian book.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:58 No.12526900
    >looks at my brettonian calvary heavy army
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)18:58 No.12526904
    for you as a bret, going second in first turn is where you'll win or lose.

    that turn you should be in charge range with your knights, and if you run into the enemy and break a couple, you'll probably win. if you don't? well, those next five turns might be long
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:00 No.12526915
    wait wat?
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:00 No.12526924

    1st turn is maneuvering, casting magic that might devastate the other guy, some artillery fires (or not, because they deployed to avoid it)

    2nd turn is somebody trying to charge in, an eagle comes to rape some cannon guys, some arrows are fired.

    3rd 4th etc. is guys losing combat, running, gettin flank charged

    and magic is usually being cast every turn this whole time. a mage duel is like two spectral penises trying to fuck an ass while blocking its own butthole.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:00 No.12526925
    Op here, I now realize warhammer fantasy is not to be trifled with. I might just stick to painting these things with intricate detail and never playing them. ever.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:01 No.12526934
    oh no man, you get out and play. it's funner than a motherfucker, but can sometimes be frustrating.

    think XCOM
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:02 No.12526940
    Well our Grail Relique can use it... oh I can't keep a straight face. Never use this piece of shit. Ever.

    Yes, hopefully there is something more to the Blessing in our next book. However, it should be noted it is often worth taking the Banner of Defense to increase the Ward Save to 4+ against missiles.
    Well you would need more strategy when your army is useless 1/6 of the time without sufficient Chariots/Black Orcs.

    Still, Bretonnians really can't win charging straight forward. We need to play very safe, making perfect movements. With charges much more random now, this becomes more difficult. We always needed the charge, but if we miss it we are really in a sticky situation.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:03 No.12526955
    yeah, i used to love the banner of defense... until i figured out it's only against strength 5 or higher, and only for missiles :/

    fucking handgunners.....
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:05 No.12526967
    Actually Bretonnians very rarely take the first turn, so I'd say you're wrong. We give that up for the Blessing.

    Getting the Charge off is very important though. With the right set up a unit of Knights Errant can charge 26 inches in a turn. GLORIOUS
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:06 No.12526978
    If you even think you're facing Skaven take it. Fuck Warpfire throwers.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:06 No.12526980
    Like i said, im all for a challenge, just afraid ill lose every game i play and look like a chump. Your talking to someone who played ninja gaiden 1 on the xbox as a 7th grader and got used to dying 50 times on a single boss before progressing, and that was only after i learned i could get my shit kicked by the easiest enemies in the game. :l Thanks for the support though. Bro's, bro's everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:07 No.12526996
    no, not first turn
    going SECOND in the first turn of play
    first out of six turns
    i should have worded that better
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:09 No.12527021
         File1287702580.jpg-(198 KB, 900x983, Bretonnian_Knight_by_Wraithmis(...).jpg)
    198 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:10 No.12527032
    a couple things i'd like to spitball about with you guys

    someone mentioned charging knights attacking with their lances like impact hits from a chariot. i like this, i like this idea a lot. knights spend most of their time practising pinpoint accuracy with their lances from horseback in bretonnia, so this makes sense fluffily too.

    second: let's talk dice. do you think as i do that 3d6 additively rather than 'drop lowest' is neither game breaking or unfair?
    i mean, if you're worried about cav being too fast, why include them in the game in the first place? that's one of the reasons why real life cavalry armies were so effective: speed
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:14 No.12527063
         File1287702844.jpg-(216 KB, 900x1238, Bretonian_Grail_Knight_by_Jark(...).jpg)
    216 KB
    I like you kid, stick with me and well hit the big time in no time.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:15 No.12527075
    honestly guys? this might just be the best thread /tg/ has had all day
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:16 No.12527085
    Games Workshop is notorious for going too far in either direction. They alternate between books usually. One book is too strong, so the next book they put out is too weak.

    In this case, Calvary charges were too powerful in 7th. So now in 8th they:
    Suffer from hitting in Initiative Order
    Step up
    Anything but open terrain
    Distance moved compared to Foot sloggers
    True LOS

    I don't think I missed any. They still work, but in a very different role than before. They will need to do something special with the next Bretonnian book if they want an all calvary army to work.

    Okay, I'm done for now. Going to go play someone's Daemon army to show them how to run it.

    Feels like I need to teach everyone I play with how to run their armies.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:17 No.12527107
    right? i'm kind of relegated to that role in my communities. i'm one of the people who bought the big red book (totally worth every penny by the way, just don't read the daemons section while high) and i'm constantly teaching about rules changes or definitions etc
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:18 No.12527123
    They should just stick with a general concept and make small changes to help guide it in that direction if they feel the need, not gut it and make every army feel like shit tier or god tier back and forth every few months or years without reaching any goal.Just my idea. I also have a theory they nerf the the leas popular factions to appeal to the main money makers so people buy more of those sets.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:21 No.12527160
         File1287703319.jpg-(97 KB, 547x811, questing_knight_by_MEYERanek.jpg)
    97 KB
    We may suck but at least we look nice on a shelf collecting dust.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:23 No.12527168
         File1287703395.jpg-(223 KB, 1024x1596, Knight_of_the_Realm_by_AdrianB(...).jpg)
    223 KB
    All my men at arms have empire knight heads. IDGAF.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:24 No.12527179
    You should post some pictures sometime, that sounds interesting if you did it right, but id think it would look silly if the head was to big.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:24 No.12527182
    holy SHIT that picture is sexy
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:28 No.12527211
         File1287703684.jpg-(81 KB, 626x900, Pegasus_Knight_by_MEYERanek.jpg)
    81 KB
    i might have some more but its all from various artists. glad you like it.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:29 No.12527218
         File1287703749.jpg-(81 KB, 600x870, Breton_by_Nazzghul.jpg)
    81 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:29 No.12527226
         File1287703784.jpg-(339 KB, 600x600, During_the_battle_by_MEYERanek.jpg)
    339 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:31 No.12527238
         File1287703864.jpg-(112 KB, 900x641, Bretonnian_army_charge_by_Gopa(...).jpg)
    112 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:32 No.12527251
    Thats all i have right now, sorry bro. Im sure theres a lot more bretonnian art floating around out there, i just swiped all the good ones off of deviant art for the thread to entertain people.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:38 No.12527287
    If OP was interested in balance/rules issues, I wanted to say my experience with them in 8th has been that they are pretty good, actually.

    Yes, cavalry got nerfed, but Bretonnians have the lance formation; this is huge because they're the only heavy cav in the game who can easily get full rank bonus, which means:

    -Opposing units aren't guaranteed to get Steadfast against them; and
    -They can negate ranks with a flank charge even if they take a few casualties.

    They can also take Lore of Life, arguably the best rulebook Lore, and the trebuchet is just fucking insane now--probably the best war machine in the game--as are Pegasus Knights (though, of course, you can't generally charge blocks of infantry with them, but this was always so).

    Just make sure that you take at least one decent-sized block of Men-at-Arms (40-50, Horde) and the army works very well.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:43 No.12527330
         File1287704600.jpg-(188 KB, 1280x1024, bret_wall_1_1280.jpg)
    188 KB
    Have a wallpaper.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:45 No.12527340
         File1287704715.jpg-(34 KB, 448x641, lol.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:48 No.12527362
    What in gods name is that anon?
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:50 No.12527383
         File1287705059.jpg-(32 KB, 448x641, warhammer.jpg)
    32 KB
    Op here.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:52 No.12527396
         File1287705139.jpg-(52 KB, 727x694, lance use.jpg)
    52 KB
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that the couched lance was meant to be braced against the armpit - pic related
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:52 No.12527398
    Glorious BROTHER.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:55 No.12527416
         File1287705336.jpg-(632 KB, 2048x1536, Photo-0440.jpg)
    632 KB
    That would be being sensible, in the Warhammer universe.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:56 No.12527423
         File1287705370.jpg-(26 KB, 448x641, derp.jpg)
    26 KB
    get out
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:57 No.12527432
    oh this is Warhammer, never mind then. I just saw the pretty pictures and then got confused
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)19:58 No.12527439
         File1287705483.jpg-(17 KB, 417x353, 1281949147140.jpg)
    17 KB
    10/10 post
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:00 No.12527454
    But yeah, there's a bunch of pictures involving Brets with properly couched lances in their codex, it's probably a sculpting nightmare to get the lances looking good couched in.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:02 No.12527472
         File1287705773.jpg-(26 KB, 448x641, penut.jpg)
    26 KB
    but i just did it in 5 seconds in paint.
    *troll face*
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:03 No.12527481
    /tg/- bretonnian bros and ridiculous drawfaggotry
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:05 No.12527498
         File1287705947.jpg-(31 KB, 615x461, Photo-0204.jpg)
    31 KB
    >/tg/: Bro-tonnia

    I fixed that for you.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:06 No.12527506

    Wow, not only seeing my own drawings on /tg/ for the first time, but it's also praised. Thanks.

    Keep up with the Brets people. It's nice to see that WFB nowadays is not only about high elves - as GW is trying to suggest lately.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:06 No.12527509

    It could be done, but it would be almost impossible to have the arm holding the lance as a separate bit, then. And I believe this is a problem because a body connected to an arm *and* a long-ass lance would be really hard to fit on a plastic sprue.

    >>forich Brett
    Captcha is scaring me. It knows what we're talking about.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:07 No.12527512
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:08 No.12527529
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:09 No.12527542
    A drawfag challenger has appeared, do you think your art can stand up to my ms paint?
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:11 No.12527555
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:13 No.12527581
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:15 No.12527589
         File1287706503.png-(210 KB, 432x325, dont-tase-me-bro.png)
    210 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:19 No.12527640
         File1287706788.jpg-(293 KB, 900x898, gameofthronesmap.jpg)
    293 KB
    Huh, after reading this thread, I kind of want to try WFB for the first time. I've been dissuaded from 40k by the cost and the general retardation of the playerbase but you guys seem cooler. Is WFB any cheaper to get started with?

    Could one paint up an army of Bretonnians as a house from A Song of Ice and Fire without breaking any actual game rules? That might actually get me to drop some money on little plastic men.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:21 No.12527662
         File1287706892.jpg-(167 KB, 867x536, rycerz.jpg)
    167 KB

    My paint-fu is stronger than yours.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:21 No.12527667
         File1287706909.jpg-(28 KB, 433x325, dont lance.jpg)
    28 KB
    I was bored. And i liked your picture. sue me.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:23 No.12527680
    op here, i submit.
    I love that fucking picture. do you have an artists tablet by any chance? or are you just going vanillia with a mouse? either way its looking good :} saved

    >captcha: you groxbut
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:25 No.12527700
    Just look around on the gamesworkshop website for an aproximate price difference, since im sure it fluctuates from store to store. i dont know if its any cheaper but i just enjoy painting knights more than aliens and space marines. Horses not so much, but they go with the knights so i do it anyway. evidentlly bretonnia sucks though so be wary if you chose them.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:25 No.12527704
    Yeah, there's a bunch of people who've done stuff like what you're suggesting, i'll see if I can dig up a link or something.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:27 No.12527716

    Of course - many people are painting Brets after song of ice and fire. I made one Clegane knight and have some planned for the future.

    Only Stark heraldry is not quite proper - you know, those medieval rules do not support the idea of grey charge on a white field.

    But hell, this is WFB, and you really can do anything - and only historyfags would be offended.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:29 No.12527739
    Here's a suggestion thread from the Bretonnian boards:
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:30 No.12527745
    Op here. I am a history fag, only when it comes to the medieval warfare periods though, and im not offended. I guess im a casual then. That was one of my main reasons for picking bretonnians, I was thinking of empire but everyones huge mustaches fucking annoyed the god damn fucking shit out of me. Holy fuck. Whenever i see anyone with a huge mustache It bugs the shit out of me. It looks cheesey as balls.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:31 No.12527759

    quickie with a tablet - I have a noobish mouse and any attempt to draw with that shit would be a terrible experience.

    and thanks bro.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:33 No.12527775
         File1287707611.jpg-(499 KB, 873x627, m400843_99110203090_Bretonnian(...).jpg)
    499 KB
    Yeah, the QK on the right is the only guy manly enough to wear the 'tasche. All others are cheap imitations.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:34 No.12527793
         File1287707696.jpg-(50 KB, 615x820, helmet.jpg)
    50 KB
    hahaha, im terrible with a mouse. Heres a helmet i drew from memory though in class.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:37 No.12527822
    I just find facial hair to be generally unattractive, unless its something subtle and well maintained. Growing up as a kid i thought facial hair was the shit and wanted a goatee like a motherfucker, but once i grew up, and i use that term lightly, since im not even 20 yet, I realized 90% of beards or mustaches of anytype just dont suit most people and look awkward. TLDR, i chose a different warhammer army because one of them like mustaches.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:39 No.12527836
    /tg/-brotonnia, drawfaggotry, facial hair discussions.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:39 No.12527839
    >im in ur helmits, bein menacing
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:41 No.12527848
    I like their models and their whole crusader deal, but they never seem to do anything important in the fluff.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:42 No.12527861
    one more i have. questionable outline thickness on my part.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:43 No.12527873
         File1287708212.jpg-(32 KB, 717x538, helm2.jpg)
    32 KB
    god fucking damnit capcha
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:43 No.12527875

    Because all the fluff is based around the Empire and the North.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:46 No.12527903
         File1287708377.jpg-(52 KB, 604x475, n510600958_586803_366.jpg)
    52 KB
    I look roughly 14 when I shave. Also, the missus likes the 'tasche/beard combo, so i'm down with keeping the facefuzz.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:48 No.12527932
    can anyone help me find pdf's of old editions of bretonnia?
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:51 No.12527959
    a girlfriend?!?!
    in MY /tg/?!?!
    GET OUT.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:54 No.12527983
    /tg/- brotonnia, drawfaggotry, no girls allowed
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:54 No.12527986
         File1287708876.jpg-(24 KB, 615x461, Photo-0198.jpg)
    24 KB
    Will Cheesetank placate you?
    Which ones are you looking for?
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:55 No.12528002
    I've never played 40k or WFB and every red shirt I've ever talked to has been unwilling to tell me what I should expect to spend, at minimum, to start playing. I hear players of GW games constantly whining about how much it costs. Is anyone willing to just give me a ballpark number?

    If I just picked up a starter box of Bretonnia and the codex, is that enough points for a playable army? What else would I need to get started?
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:55 No.12528005
    >buy cheese
    >mold warhammer army
    > embalm in preserving concoction
    >> Twiggy 10/21/10(Thu)20:57 No.12528027
    >> Played bretonian because they looked fuck win
    >> hasn't won a game yet 0-12

    List HALP anyone? Here is what I'm currently running for a 2.5k league. no named chars allowed.

    Prophetess of the Lady(life)-220pts-Lord-Barded horse,lvl 4,Channeling Staff
    (channels on a 5+)

    Bretonian Lord-259pts-Lord-Grail vow,warhorse,Sword of Might,virtue of Confidence,Grail Shield,Gauntlet of the Duel
    (Re-roll to hit and wound vs opponent during challenge,Opponent cannot decline the challenge, str+1, must accept challenges, 2+(4+) save)

    Paladin-125pts-BSB-mounted,virtue of Duty, Grail vow

    9x Questing Knights-289pts-Special-Full cmd,Banner of Eternal Flame
    (flaming Attacks)

    9x Grail Knights-417pts-Rare- Full cmd, Razor Standard

    6x knights of the realm-168pts-core- Full cmd

    6x knights of the realm-168pts-core- Full cmd

    6x knights of the realm-168pts-core- Full cmd

    6x Knights Errant-161pts-core-Errantry Banner

    20x Men at arms-115pts-Standard, musician

    20x Men at arms-115pts-Standard, musician

    20x Men at arms-115pts-Standard, musician

    2x Trebuchetes-180pts-Rare
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:58 No.12528031
    I like you, because your ignorant like everyone else when they started this game. go to the gamesworkshop website to see how much you should expect to spend, to play the actual game i think youd need to spend about 100 dollars on all the minis, but the good news is you can buy one small set to see if you like them, and just enjoy painting them which is part of the hobby, and if your interested in playing, you can use objects as placeholders for units until your convinced you like the game and its worht playing.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:58 No.12528036

    Around 400-1000 dollars for an army, depending on size and units, 400 would be quite small, a thousand would be every unit you want. Paint and modelling supplies not included in that and expect to shell out a hundred bucks or so every once in a while for new units and such when a new army list comes out
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)20:58 No.12528040

    20 man MAA units are shit. Group those fuckers.
    >> Twiggy 10/21/10(Thu)21:03 No.12528085
    What size groups would you recommend?
    biggest issue i have is they are so fucking slow they never make it to combat -_-
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:03 No.12528087
    I'd say merge 2 KoTR block into a 12 man unit, and 2 Men at Arms into a 40 man block, let the block take the charges and counter-charge with the knights.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:04 No.12528099

    Only $100 on minis? What about all these guys saying stuff like 'always take two trebuchets' - those things are over $40 apiece...if I wanted to make an army that'd be competition-worthy and not just some starter box abortion I'd wind up spending a lot more, right?

    And painting supplies for that many minis aren't terribly cheap either, are they?
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:07 No.12528113
    You could always have a look around online for some guides on how to scratchbuild trebs. Also, eBay is your friend.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:07 No.12528120

    Ah, thank you. So it's a large amount up front and then you can kick in the price of a couple of video games every year or two and still stay competitive? That seems fair I guess.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:07 No.12528123
    To just casually start playing the game its really only like 100 dollars. That sets you up for a small skirmish which gives you a good idea of how the game works, and is short enough that you can play over and over to practice with. if your only playing so you can win all the time with some competitive army, then yea, you might have to pay a lot, but you didnt say that, and that isnt really that fun anyways. 1000 dollars is almost two armies.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:10 No.12528146
    Also bare in mind that time it takes to paint 100 dollars worth of minis is a long time. You shouldnt buy it all at once or youll be fucking overwhelmed, and will just assemble them to play with and itll be hard as fuck to paint them nicely when you get to them.if you buy the 100 dollar sets they come with like 50 people if not 60.
    >> zeeanon 10/21/10(Thu)21:10 No.12528148
    If by honor you mean feudal europe and stomping down on the peasants like the Empire does, then sure!
    Bretonnia is basically Medieval Feudal France plus Arthorian Britian.
    >> Twiggy 10/21/10(Thu)21:12 No.12528160
    lol your funny. tried the 2 big blocks of KOTR can;t maneuver for shit and gets raoed. been doing much better with the 3 smaller ones. also cannons don't ruin my day.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:13 No.12528167
    >just jumped into the thread
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:14 No.12528176
    Dont drop the soap dawg you gun get raoed bro, i warned you about that soap dawg, i warned you
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 10/21/10(Thu)21:15 No.12528194

    it keeps happening

    >bortfie jury
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:15 No.12528196

    They exist to soak charges. They shouldn't NEED to maneuver that much.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:18 No.12528223
    Fellow tau player i see, feels good man.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:21 No.12528249
    This thread got fucking huge holy shit.
    I didnt think many people even play bretonnia.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:23 No.12528270
    You are now aware that bretonnia has gone underground, and when we recieve our new update we will return in a glorious rage filled charge.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:31 No.12528357
    >What sucks is despite having Hand weapons and shields, your Men-At-Arms can't choose to use them at the start of a combat, and MUST use their Spears or Halberds, always.
    wait, since when is this a rule? I saw that character must always use their magical weapon over their mundane weapon (which i shit), but nothing about choosing to use a hand weapon over another mundane weapon
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:32 No.12528366
         File1287711151.jpg-(187 KB, 767x998, GDBalt2010-028-dArtBret.jpg)
    187 KB

    together with flying warships, wheeled trojan unicorns and all the cool shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:33 No.12528379
    Please tell me flying warships arent our new unit.
    Ill kill myself.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:36 No.12528404
    And this wouldn't be hilariously awesome, why?
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:37 No.12528423
    Because it would mean GW has finally gave up on us.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:40 No.12528449

    I dunno - this is just a confusing pic taken at a convention somwhere. Imperials already got (or will be getting) a wheeled warship from Forge World - and they won't be doing the same shit again, only with no wheels. I hope.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:40 No.12528450
    Proposal: New bretonnian unit, mage/ warlock. It would go with the theme at least. At the very least they could have sets of armor reanimated with light magic or something from the fey bitch, that could be an elite ground troop.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:43 No.12528486
    Master understatement technique unlocked
    I thought this was final fantasy
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:46 No.12528502
    I could use some new Grail Knights - with a shitload of options and generally being easy for conversions. I'd love to paint some crazy awesome killer GK.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)21:49 No.12528528
    OP here, i made a set with black armor with drybushed paintchips and gold studded armor. They look pretty interested if you want to try something like that, just try to make it look like impressive black coated armor, instead of black plastic if that makes sense. the clolors they use are red black and yellow. they look like a german flag in retrospect.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)22:04 No.12528647
    Colored armor
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)22:06 No.12528657
    Youve never seen black steel before? What about chaos you derp?
    >> that guy !CrwtTbFNxQ 10/21/10(Thu)22:10 No.12528686
    The fact that my VC vs. Brettonian thread last night resulted in this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)22:11 No.12528704
    i straight up do not understand that.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)22:13 No.12528716
    thats no contest though, your comparing an overpowered army against one thats been nerfed into the ground. thats like gloating that you beat up a retarded child.
    >> that guy !CrwtTbFNxQ 10/21/10(Thu)22:16 No.12528732
    Not gloating dumbass. I'm proud WHFB is making a resurgence on this board and I'm happy at the fact that the 100+ reply thread I made last night might have helped bring this on.
    And who the hell says VC are overpowered?
    That crumbling thing is utter bullshit and the Vampire ends up being shot at by everyone.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)22:18 No.12528755
         File1287713929.jpg-(84 KB, 700x525, user_2529_img_2014.jpg)
    84 KB
    gloaters gun gloat
    regardless heres a cool army i think youll like.
    VC conversion
    >> that guy !CrwtTbFNxQ 10/21/10(Thu)22:27 No.12528823
    Cool, though in my army the Blood Knights are to be converted Chaos Knights. Though Bretonnians aren't out of the question
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)22:27 No.12528826
    this thread literally makes me love /tg/ all over again
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)23:01 No.12529132
    Good night, fair thread,
    404 is such sweet sorrow
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)23:03 No.12529153
    I don't know why but /tg/ seems to be filled with Bretonnia love, which is awesome since bretonnia has always been my faction.

    I love my Men@arm peasants, the most fearless warriors in my army... and i have grail knights. The number of times they've made their break test or rolled double 1's for their leadership is astounding. love those little bastards.

    My knights always seemed to fail me, but i loved em anyways. i used to write extensive backstories for each knight and thats how i painted their heraldry.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)23:04 No.12529165
    thats the kind of shit i always wanted to do
    >> that guy !CrwtTbFNxQ 10/21/10(Thu)23:09 No.12529207
    I wish I could paint heraldry. I want to paint Old One symbols on the flags for my Undead.
    I write backstories too. It's all part of the fluff
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)23:20 No.12529315
    Yeah and my heroes were all members of the same family. husband wife two sons and a daughter. Even though they weren't the best, i was proud when they won me 4th at a tournament.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)23:25 No.12529361
    actually truthfully (and this is kind of sad) my General lord was painted with a combination of my mom's and my dad's coat of arms.

    I guess the biggest fantasy was a world where i had a wife and kids, because the rate its going now... lol
    >> that guy !CrwtTbFNxQ 10/21/10(Thu)23:33 No.12529438
    This is the second most deppressing thing I've seen all night.
    >> Anonymous 10/21/10(Thu)23:50 No.12529599
    what was the first?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)02:23 No.12530940
    Not so fast motherfucker.

    that sounds cool as fuck, post some goddamn pictures.

    where do you live that they still have coats of arms? you can say im fucking intrigued.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)03:05 No.12531284
    i'm both of the last two post that you quoted.

    I don't have any cameras so no pics. And most of them were painted when i was 12 (and living in africa with very very few paints to paint with) so they're not really the greatest. but i had a book about hereldry and i added appropriate symbols and wrote them down in a note book that i had.

    and yeah i still have my general, he was painted later and is actually just a generic old questing knight on a horse with lance. but i thought he looked cool. His shield was my master piece when i was younger, even if black and blue weren't the best colours (i thought it looked cool at the time) its hard to really see. but it was a quartered shield with a fleur de lys on a white and black striped background on the top right ( my moms coat of arms) with a dragon on a blue background on the top left (the dragon was his helm and i liked dragons his personal symbol), the bottom left was a white field with a black ship (my dads coat of arms) and the bottom left was a mermaid on a blue field (in the picture of my dads coat of arms it was on the helmet of the decorative coat of arms. dunno if it was related, but i liked it)

    i could probably do a better job, but i used him so mcuh as a kid i'd don't think it'd be worth it, even if he stands out in an army of newer models.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)03:28 No.12531437
    sweet childhood memories. You could probably touch him up, but it probably wouldnt be the same. Best just leave it as is.im currently repainting a lot of my earlier models, but since they where only from 3 or 4 years ago its not like theres too much nostalgic value in them anyways. never played with them, just painted them to stand around and look nice. And africa? huh. where you visiting or something? i dont think many africans had warhammer sets now or then.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)04:00 No.12531608
    moved there with my dad for his work. It was miserable. Proof that a large house, several staff, a large property and a huge pool doesn't lead to happiness. Not being able to leave and go for a bike ride, having 10 people in your class that live all throughout the city, not many lights at night, cold and dry, and when it rains fucking flying maggots everywhere (at least thats what it looked like) tropical diseases and spiders that were several inches big but which could hide in the smallest of cracks.

    Good pizza place though.

    i was only there for a year but no tv(because we were cheap) and no internet makes you way more productive with miniatures. though i ran out of paint and there really wasn't anyway to get any more until i moved back.

    I did get this totally sweet hand carved chess set with a tripod stand that could be folded up (carved out of a single piece of wood and not cut just cleverly carved (though it broke in half when a mover packed it in a retarded way))

    i kind of wish i could repaint the worst offenders in my army, but they're from 5th ed when i thought any old spray paint could be primer. i might as well just get new knights and put my old ones into retirement. lots of good memories there.
    >> Snarky Bastard 10/22/10(Fri)04:02 No.12531612
    outdated, but still dangerous. too stodgy and slow, though, despite the knights. i can outflank them with fucking Chaos.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)04:12 No.12531652
    although funny enough i first got into warhammer because there was a GW right underneath the Casino in the West edmonton mall.

    My mom loves to gamble (especially when stressed ugh, but she does have the luck) and she would leave me there, as if they were baby sitter. at first i thought it was a model shop and had nothing to do with games and i just sat outside of it. The next time it happened though i walked around inside and was offered a game by a redshirt. which was using the old bretonnian versus lizardmen starter set

    the third time i used some saved up allowance to buy the starter set (bretonnians and Lizardmen).

    It was great because we had just moved to edmonton, my dad had lost his job and was living off an early pension and i was bullied alot in school. I put alot of heart into the hobby and i must have read the army book and rule book a dozen times and when ever we went to the mall i'd bring my models to play a pick up game even if it was only a 500pt match with just a standard knight as a "hero". I eventually made friends (then we left town, i swear my parents chose to leave town when ever i started bonding with my peers) and i told them about warhammer and while we never played sometimes we'd pretend when we were riding our bikes that we were knights fighting orcs, and when we tried archery at a school camp trip we all thought the targets were orcs. (i think we hated orcs or something)
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)04:14 No.12531661

    Its times like this that make me just want to take my old models out and go to my local GW to see if any of the old grognards are there. But i retired myself from fantasy for university. and its been 6 years since i pulled out my brets (i got into 40k two years ago though with tau when my local friends got into it).

    But i think i might want to get back into fantasy and play. my local friends have decided to try fantasy by starting high elves, skaven, and tomb kings. funny because my old group that i played with regularly was Dark elves, skaven and my nemesis tomb kings...

    Yeah the knight bus is kind of hard to move around, only compounded with so much dangerous terrain everywhere, though quick reforms are a second blessing for brets.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)04:16 No.12531669
    i hate you guys, i've been out of the scene for several years....now i'm waxing nastalgic over my bretts and might have to bust them out for a game or two. Will be good to see the Haddigan clan again ( a unit of 20 bowmen that managed to soak the charge and overwhelm Zacharias the Everliving) my second fondest memory of table top gaming.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)04:34 No.12531777
    Op here, my heart is warmed. I wish i had childhood stories like that. Your life reminds me a lot of mine in some ways, but i dont think i should turn this thread into /tg/- life stories and self pity. I liked your post though. My first warhammer game was when i was with my family on a vacation in san fran, there used to be a GW store there a few years back when i was in 8th grade, and a redshirt offered to teach me how to play, but i got the tyranid vs space marine battle instead of the cool knight one you got. sadface. regardless i ended up buying some small random tyranid and space marine packs just to fiddle with and play with, it wasnt until a few years later when i was in 10th grade after moving that i would actually get into the game.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)04:37 No.12531794
    do it :]
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)04:47 No.12531852
         File1287737253.jpg-(284 KB, 823x543, Bretonnian KoR charging.jpg)
    284 KB
    I'm sorry for almost derailing this thread, but seeing so much bretonnia love made me nostalgic of my old campaigning.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)04:55 No.12531892
    Haha, i dont mind. I like hearing about that stuff, I wish i had a gaming group i had fond memories with, i mainly only play by myself when im totally bored out of my mind or one or two friends, its mainly a painting and modeling hobby too me. I doubt this thread will last much longer anyway, i started it almost 12 hours ago. /tg/ has probably lost interest by now. so we can post whatever. You should check out paintedfantasyminiatures.com to see some great paint jobs if your interested in just seeing some pretty models. They arent the best but their better than mine, some of them are really interesting designs too.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)04:57 No.12531901
         File1287737842.jpg-(57 KB, 375x500, pegasus-17.jpg)
    57 KB
    pic related, forgot to attatch one. Its a comission site and im not trying to advertise it, but, those bretonnians are just fucking nice.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)04:58 No.12531904
    also on an unrelated note
    I'm getting this damsel on foot and i'm going to paint them up like Lina Inverse.

    Even if its pointless i think one game i'll make her a level 4 heavens wizard and just hope i get the comet of casandora and call it the dragons slave. I could also call winds blast, blam gush, and i can call iceshard blizzard could be Freeze arrow and urannons thunderbolt can be digger bolt.

    lol it works better than expected.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)04:58 No.12531905
         File1287737912.jpg-(428 KB, 873x627, bretonnian damsels.jpg)
    428 KB
    derp forgot the image
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)05:02 No.12531925
    they are indeed
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)05:04 No.12531933
         File1287738280.jpg-(61 KB, 596x800, user_866_2dabc3c99e5838f8b3178(...).jpg)
    61 KB
    op here,haha, i lol'd im surpised many people at /tg/ know what that is, since its an animu thing. im not to heavy in it but dabble every once and a while. if you like grimdark anime (not that what you posted is, im just makind a general suggestion) you might be interested in something called jin-roh the wolf brigade. its a movie.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)05:13 No.12531983
    we are on 4chan... and slayers is awesome and kind of /tg/ related (i imagine lina is the stereotypical power gamer annoyed at their stupid other party members, Amelia is the Lawful stupid paladin, Gourry is the half retarded always high fighter that is usually too busy eating pizza to know whats happening, zelgadis is the guy who gave himself a dark and brooding past (some would say marry sue), Xellos would be the Lawful Evil DM's friend who's just in it for himself)

    But yeah i saw the model and i figured it'd be funny to do. I've recently gotten into small conversions (my tau army has an ethereal (that i never use) with a shield drone that is actually just a water caste reporter and cameraman) and some mercenary kroot with all sorts of weapons (one with double flint lock pistols))
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)05:26 No.12532055
    Lmfao. funny. a lot of that made sense which is the worst part out of all of that. cool that you use tau btw. I think i mentioned it earlier in the thread but i have a small tau force as well. i bought the tau battalion force or whatever and an extra fire squad. those fuckers look cool, but im still trying to figure how they see through the helmet, ive been thinking its a tiny lcd screen in the inside, but that just brings the question why?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)05:32 No.12532083
    op here, names steven btw forgot to mention that, im thinking of making a tripcode on her since i seem to be making friends with interesting people. ill probably be on later tommarow, but have to wake up early tommarow to go to the gym with my friend. I think the hardest part of staying in shape is going to bed early and waking up early to be honest, as my natural sleeping schedule is closer to, sleep at 4:00am, wake up at 3:00pm right now. derp. night /tg/
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)07:04 No.12532546
    Ive played brets since 5th edition.
    Knightly justice and glorious charges all day err day
    feels good man.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)07:17 No.12532625
    brotonnia everlasting i guess! this thread needs to survive until i get back from calculus
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)07:17 No.12532626
    Could someone explain how they were more GRIMDARK? I came kinda late to the game in WFB but love the lore.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)08:05 No.12532841
         File1287749144.jpg-(30 KB, 700x205, wotr_unit.jpg)
    30 KB
    I hope that with the new army book they will get varied and perhaps even capable infantry. I have some of Perry miniatures war of the roses infantry I'm just waiting for an excuse to use.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)09:05 No.12533063
    what i want to see are foot knights. they used to exist, and all the shit that's awesome about bretonnian knights plus the way 8th edition heaves on infantry's knob, they might just be the best unit in existance
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)09:28 No.12533134

    If I recall correctly they didn't used to have all the glory and honour junk about them. They were all like a bunch of medieval frat boys: they were bitchan and whoran and fightan (but in a feudal setting) all the time.

    Now, with all this arthurian junk that's been shoe-horned in, reading Brett lore sometimes feels like you've got two different cultures/armies mashed together. On the one hand you have this noble, honourable army saving damsels, slaying beasties etc and then you've got this arrogant bunch of don't give a rats ass about anyone but themselves. They just need to pick one and run with it.

    Anyway, what I'd like to see is more infantry. Dismounted knights definitely. Yeoman/town infantry for sure. Maybe some kind of kings/dukes bodyguard type force. An elite sherwood (whatever - GW has never seen a cultural myth it hasn't raped) forest style unit.

    Perhaps a dishonoured knights type unit with reduced armour but extra attacks or something.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)10:14 No.12533346
    sherwood archers were real. bretonnia had them back long long ago in the dim ages before shit sucked. they were deployed in a triangle, measured LOS from the rearmost rank, and everyone in the entire formation could fire
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)10:27 No.12533414
         File1287757669.jpg-(22 KB, 640x384, 1283292241335.jpg)
    22 KB
    >Be a huge fan of Knights and Chivalry.
    >See Bretonnia thread.
    >222 replies and 40 images

    You guys are fucking awesome. ZEUS HIMSELF APPROVES!
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)10:46 No.12533520
    bro, this shit's been running since like, 7:00 last night. we're almost to thread limit, but there'll probably be another thread sometime soon
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)12:44 No.12534106
    op here, actually made this thread at like 3 pm california time yesterday, its about 10 am here so in a few hours itll be up for a full 24 hours, but idk if that a big deal or not since i dont really go to /tg/ too much. regardless still happy too see people enjoyed it, i noticed i never saw anything about bretonnians so i wanted too change it and i got a good reception. if i can get my camera hooked up which is fucking unlikely, ill post some of my customs when i get home. love seeing what people think up for bretonnian customs. later /tg/
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)12:45 No.12534118
    op here, i just now realized somewhere my 3pm is probably someones 7 at night. fuck.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)12:49 No.12534138
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)12:56 No.12534176


    Play before charging your KotR, receive awesome
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)14:09 No.12534626
    michigan lol
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)15:03 No.12535008
    >Wood Elves need a book more than Tomb Kings/Ogre Kingdoms/Bretonnians

    No one needs a new book more than Tomb Kings.

    I want you to compare the cost and stats of a Chaos Marauder and a Tomb King Skeleton and then tell me someone else needs a new book before Tomb Kings.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)15:09 No.12535063
    i'm not that guy fyi, and i agree but well, comparing anyone to chaos is not exactly a fair comparison
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)15:22 No.12535180
    Very true.

    It just came up when Friend A, who plays Vampire Counts was looking at the Chaos book of Friend B, and noticed that Marauders were cheaper and better than his basic unit.

    I then took out my outdated Tomb Kings book and got pissed at the Point/Stat comparison.

    Fortunately rumor has it Skeletons will go down to 5 points a figure, which just makes sense.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)15:25 No.12535207
    well, then they'd be 3pts a model wouldn't they?

    but still, there are more incongruities with the game that need to be dealt with in the TK book than just pure points cost, and once they fix the 'how the f does this match up' parts, the army will be a lot better off in the first place.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)15:54 No.12535516
    Op here, i wish i could live in the future, when you get the new bretonnian codex travel back in time for us simple caifornian folk to tell me about it. ill never forget you anon. Good luck.

    Unrelated note: after driving home with my bro friend from the gym, inb4 haters gun hate, i caught a glimpse of my 6 month ago ex walking home, and for whatever reason my heart sank and i shut the fuck up in the middle of my sentence. This is probably bad considering i have a nice girlfriend. :/
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:04 No.12535606
         File1287777862.jpg-(156 KB, 470x1024, 1269471742085.jpg)
    156 KB
    Op here, theres been a lot of talk in this thread on possible new units for brets, which interests me as I have to agree with one of the trolls in the thread who mentioned bretonnian armies are all the same. it has some foundation to it. what do you think is the most likely addition? Part of me just wants another fuckawesome model to dick with and paint like a little kid, in fact thats why I chose brets. But the bitter gamer in me wants a fuck awesome unit that makes us a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully we get a little bit of both. But as i stated before, no god damn flying warships. This isn't final fantasy. yet.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:08 No.12535638
    Knights on foot need to come back. And probably will, seeing as how Gee Dub has been introducing all kinds of old stuff into the game lately.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:09 No.12535644
         File1287778148.jpg-(592 KB, 1200x2298, 1269471215835.jpg)
    592 KB
    If you just like knights and shit I can dump some armor for you, i have some reference pictures on here for my art that you might like to look at. not much though since most of my material is from hardbound books. As i said before i only picked bretonnia for knights. So i think were in the same boat. Something interesting most people don't know about armor, is that properly fitted and plated armor is articulated enough for people to do cartwheels and handstands in. Shit is cash.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:10 No.12535656
         File1287778218.jpg-(158 KB, 520x930, 1269469172924.jpg)
    158 KB
    Op here, glorious dump for my glorious brethren
    also, before anyone else does it
    > OP HERE
    >OP HERE
    >OP HERE
    >OP HERE
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:11 No.12535676
         File1287778297.jpg-(85 KB, 554x889, 22-9901l.jpg)
    85 KB
    bascinet, one of my favorite designs. Other than frogmouth jousting helmet which look menacing as fuck despite being awkward as a motherfucker
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:13 No.12535688
         File1287778389.jpg-(92 KB, 700x700, 22-899L.jpg)
    92 KB
    Id buy this shit if i could. only helmet i have right now is a greathelm my dad bought me for a christmas present. Kind of curious to know what the grade of steel it has since most battle ready helmets are 18 guage i think. Not that it really matters much anyway, since im not a knight. sadface.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:14 No.12535701
         File1287778489.jpg-(264 KB, 768x1024, 1269469368532.jpg)
    264 KB
    Gauntlets, motherfuckers are hard as balls to draw right. its like a god damn.
    /tg/ brotonnia- teenage relation ship drama- pretty pictures-people from the future
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:15 No.12535712
         File1287778533.gif-(34 KB, 315x402, bretknight3.gif)
    34 KB
    wow, Bretonnian thread. Awesome. Haven't dusted mine off in ages, but I approve.

    I was considering getting a unit of grail knights at some point and painting them in in yellow and red as ANGRY KNIGHTS so they could be always charging, all the time.

    Is this heresy?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:15 No.12535714
         File1287778542.jpg-(806 KB, 1315x1650, 1269469276428.jpg)
    806 KB
    >its like a god damn.
    holy shit im an idiot.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:18 No.12535748
         File1287778733.jpg-(276 KB, 1000x766, 1273622151971.jpg)
    276 KB
    op here, makes sense to me, if you studied medieval warfare youd know knights single handedly ruined battlefield formations and lost battles because instead of following commands and holding back, they would charge in like dumbshits ahead of the foot soldiers (for personal glory and to prove valor, etc etc) and just get killed.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:22 No.12535785
         File1287778978.jpg-(110 KB, 354x500, 3678286501_5ffcab64d2.jpg)
    110 KB
    frog mouth jousting helmet. most of these where impossible to see in or out of by design unless tilted downwards from horseback, as in a joust your expected to throw your head up at the last moment to prevent shards of wood from lances from entering the eye holes blinding you like a motherfucker. Sure is piles of useless knowledge in here that wont ever help me in life in here.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:23 No.12535795
    That's probably the single most atrociously awful attempt at a helmet I've ever seen.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:26 No.12535829
         File1287779198.jpg-(224 KB, 519x1541, White_Knight_by_Cyaneus.jpg)
    224 KB
    op here, should also mention those little holes on the bottom are for attatching (sp) that shit to the chest plate so you cant turn your head at all. it isnt practical in combat but was helpful during a joust where the energy from a charging horse was concentrated through a metal pole to a pinpoint and could break your neck >like a god damn
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:28 No.12535863
         File1287779312.jpg-(76 KB, 728x700, angryattack.jpg)
    76 KB
    That settles it then. Next time I have enough time and money to make it happen, I'm painting up some Angry Knights whose job it will be to punch through enemy lines with great fury to give give the Lady's enemies a taste of their RAGE

    Hmm. Should probably use Errant knights for that
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:31 No.12535894

    Questing knights have the great weapons. Either way, it'll be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:33 No.12535914
    Op here, its actually a very nice helmet (imo) and is based off of a very common design. everything in the basic shape of the helmet is very practical for its purpose. This is tournament armor, and its pointed and pronounced mouth guard is meant to intercept a blow to the face and turn it into a glancing blow that rolls of the sharp angle of the "beak". The hinged construction was also very advanced for the time period. Also it appears to only have vents drilled on one side, which was important so you could have one side that you could get airflow through, and the other side which was most likely to be hit, had no holes therefore maintained maximum integrity. It might not be the best helmet but its nowhere near worst. you trollin me nigger?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:35 No.12535938
         File1287779724.jpg-(175 KB, 700x598, 1268863411966.jpg)
    175 KB

    And Questing Knights have moustaches. Moustaches of JUSTICE

    Fuck, I need money.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:37 No.12535959
         File1287779852.jpg-(4 KB, 126x125, 1286373454488s.jpg)
    4 KB
    op here.
    the more you know, anon. I actually lol'd when i found that out. It was actually pretty common. supposedly for the time, if you could keep your knights under control you where basically considered a military genius for the time period. enough said. It was mainly a result of the way knights where ranked, combat determined your ranking basically and any hesitance to fight basically meant you where a pussy and hurt your chances of ever climbing up in social status, so the first chance they got those fuckers took off and just went to town.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:40 No.12535986

    Oh yeah, definitely familiar with the discipline shitshow that was the medieval battle line. It was one of the contributing factors at Agincourt & Crecy, too.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:43 No.12536022
         File1287780227.jpg-(75 KB, 873x627, beastmen2..jpg)
    75 KB
    These guys are pretty cool too.

    Just saying.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:44 No.12536031
    you...you....DOUBLE UNGOR
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:44 No.12536033
    op here
    nice to see someone with some knowledge of these things in here, not that i look down on people who dont understand it, as its akin to beating a person down for not knowing something that has no impact on anything really. I just like seeing people with similar interests i suppose. But yeah. Its kind of frusterating but if you look at it through their eyes,(the knights) its really the only way to make any progress, and if your peers where being bitches and whores, youd have to put on a show for them to maintain your visage. kind of reminds me of

    [spoiler] highschool [/spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:46 No.12536061
    God damnit, my spoiler fu never works.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:47 No.12536067
    >Ungor means not-Gor
    >Double Ungor
    >Double not-Gor
    Does that mean I am in fact a Gor?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:48 No.12536074
         File1287780499.jpg-(559 KB, 680x1024, Armour ca1530 02.jpg)
    559 KB
    That thing is to a close helmet what a burning crater is to aircraft. It's what you wear on your head (strapped to the side of your head probably, because odds are no human head will fit inside) while wielding something shown here: http://bjorn.foxtail.nu/fulaste2.htm
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:49 No.12536083

    [spoiler] highschool [/spoiler]

    [spoiler] highschool [spoiler/]

    [/spoiler] highschool [spoiler]

    [/spoiler] highschool [/spoiler]

    God damnit you foul contraption, work, tools of the god damn fucking devil, i motherfucking condem thee.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:49 No.12536084
    no, it makes you a filthy dirty peasant >:(
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:50 No.12536094
         File1287780609.jpg-(573 KB, 673x887, KnightDeathDevil.jpg)
    573 KB
    there's a few learned historyfags on /tg/ but I think they usually come out at night. One of the reasons I like the board.

    Its fun to mix history and profanity without having to excise it from a paper.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:51 No.12536101
    Spoilers only work on certain boards.

    [spoiler]Not including this one...[/spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:51 No.12536102

    Spoilers don't work here.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:52 No.12536114
         File1287780756.jpg-(327 KB, 1360x480, skin of man.jpg)
    327 KB
    Ah, so I'm a Bray Shaman.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:54 No.12536127
    op here, i dont really understand whats wrong with the helmet, or why you couldnt fit a head in there, maybe im retarded but id like you to spell it out a little more clearly for me. it looks fine to me. If your saying you cant get your head inside it, theres hinging for putting it on and off. im confus. either way welcome to the thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:55 No.12536138
    The Skin of Man is like Tactical Genius turned up to 11. Why? Because it was errata'd to work with chariots as well. That's right, they can make an entire goddamn Razorgor Chariot look like "a particularly ugly peasant".

    Why the Beastmen don't rule the Old World is anyone's guess.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)16:56 No.12536157
    [non working spoiler] if this thread gets to 300 posts before dying ill feel like i actually acomplished something worthwhile on 4chan [non working spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:02 No.12536225
    Knights on foot? how does that work? is it just like a suped up men at arms or something? are they a unit or a unique?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:03 No.12536234

    They rule over the parts that matter to them. Everything else is just there temporarily.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:03 No.12536239
         File1287781433.jpg-(1.03 MB, 1704x2560, dscn0030.jpg)
    1.03 MB
    It's a very, very poorly made modern replica, which tries to look like a close helmet, but which fails miserably, simply due to being shaped all wrong. Look at some original specimens, compare with that one, and if it isn't clear as day that it's about as off as a cubist painting (assuming the painting fails to capture the spirit and lack any and all forms of artistic merit) then I fear I might as well explain colours to a star mole.

    If you're lacking pics of old armour to look at, here's some to get you started:
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:04 No.12536247
         File1287781496.jpg-(127 KB, 386x412, 1282922302686.jpg)
    127 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:06 No.12536263
    >implying OP wasn't specifically asking our opinion on the Brettonia faction, even specifically mentioning the idea that they are the "worst faction"
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:07 No.12536271
         File1287781644.jpg-(92 KB, 773x768, 1271118679964.jpg)
    92 KB
    Problem, Beastmen?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:10 No.12536292
         File1287781808.jpg-(101 KB, 752x743, Brettoniancharge.jpg)
    101 KB
    Haters gonna hate
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:13 No.12536321
    They were quite literally knights on foot. Same statlines, same equipment (apart from the horse and lance). They even had unmounted heroes back in the days (well, the current Bretonnians have that option too, but it sucks).
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:14 No.12536334
         File1287782051.jpg-(27 KB, 512x384, 1287111865354.jpg)
    27 KB
    You ignoramus, i led you into a trap and you took the bait quite flawlessly. I now have even more learning material to absorb to add to my ever expanding, superior logic. You uncultured swine. Do you really think im that much of a fool?

    *troll face*

    But in all seriousness, ill be sure to give this a look, as you seem to be pretty confident in your opinion, and i doubt that would come from nowhere, your probably right. Thanks for all the cool shit im sure to find in here, stay for as long as you like. I guess im nothing more than a medeival

    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:14 No.12536340
    if knights on foot come back, i will be very, very tempted to play bretonnians, because it will mean i can play Agincourt/Crecy style british armies, with longbowmen, longbowmen EVERYWHERE!
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:15 No.12536349
    is it just me or would brettonia look slightly cooler looking if GW were to make the Pegasus look a little more, monstrous, now i don't mean grim dark it the fuck up, but, as the masculinity of flying animals stands, Pegasus just look kinda gay
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:16 No.12536356

    Knights don't use ranged weapons at all. That's peasant shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:16 No.12536360
         File1287782208.jpg-(103 KB, 1024x576, 1285757870249.jpg)
    103 KB
    >You ignoramus, i led you into a trap and you took the bait quite flawlessly. I now have even more learning material to absorb to add to my ever expanding, superior logic. You uncultured swine. Do you really think im that much of a fool?

    10/10 post
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:17 No.12536365
    are those all book downloads?

    because if they are then I love you with an undying passion,
    /tg/ has the best armour image dumps around, but I can't use any as reference material for my Art course because I can't source them.
    however if these are books, then I can source the hell out of them.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:18 No.12536379
    op here.
    id like to make another educated comment, but that sly motherfucker is going to shoot me down with some mind blowing bullshit most likely and make a fool out of me.

    Shit fuck god damn
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:22 No.12536403
    well, durr. peasant longbowmen everywhere, backed up by a few blocks of knights on foot, mabye a couple mounted ones to counter-charge if needed.

    Look up british tactics in the 100 years war, and you'll know what i mean.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:24 No.12536419
         File1287782665.jpg-(184 KB, 932x934, OHSHITNIGGA.jpg)
    184 KB
    Helping OP get to 300+ replies with some kickass Bretonnia art.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:26 No.12536432
    guise, peasants are smelly shitty little fuckers.
    Dammit, we have to put up with them, isn't that enough ?!

    I actually really like the gritty side of bretonnia, and think we should be able to have crossbowmen, and less chivalrous knights.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:28 No.12536445
         File1287782917.gif-(1.39 MB, 240x252, 1283412060101.gif)
    1.39 MB
    Op here. Consider the following.
    (pic related, animated gif)

    End game: GW in the next edition accidently overpowers bretonnia to the point that no other army stands a chance in competitive play, but dont bother to fix it because they're GW, (and by consequence everyone buys a bretonnia army. Every game is now bretonnia versus bretonnia and is fun as shit. Years later when they revise it again, because their slow as balls, and balance everything out, no one cares because they already have a fucking awesome bretonnian army, and GW changes the game from Warhammer fantasy battles to Brotonnia and friends. Every update is now a new a brettonian unit.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:28 No.12536450
    lol OP, i'm
    and my name is also Steven. Kinda of funny that.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:29 No.12536452
    and hunting hounds,
    and wood cutters (peasants with great axes) - not because they would be powerful in game, but because it would be kewl.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:29 No.12536456
    Why do peasants have to pay for what is essentially digging a hole, filling it up and maybe putting some wooden sticks behind it?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:30 No.12536459
         File1287783011.jpg-(87 KB, 810x576, Pegasus Knights.jpg)
    87 KB
    Dude, I wish they could make the Pegasus look MORE graceful and elegant. I love the idea of romanticized Arthurian Knights.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:31 No.12536465
    That was last edition.
    Bretonnia full cavalry could rape just about anything.
    (until demons was released)
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:31 No.12536474
    because they are dirty peasants.

    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:32 No.12536480
         File1287783164.jpg-(8 KB, 273x198, 1283374665366.jpg)
    8 KB
    inb4 WAAARD and Rowboat Girlyman
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:33 No.12536483

    Wood cutter guys would get fucking owned by the Wood Elves in the fluff, though.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:34 No.12536497
    ward wrote the demons book, amirite?
    I think last edition that bretonnia was too powerful, but by accident, like totally not on purpose.
    >> HankPym !!A0/lWspso1i 10/22/10(Fri)17:35 No.12536504
    Because they are filthy peasants, obviously.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:35 No.12536511
    yeah, but they would so kill all the wolves that go after grandma.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:37 No.12536527
    op here thanks for the awesome artwork man. bros for life.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:38 No.12536541
    >300 posts and 70 images omitted
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:43 No.12536587
         File1287783807.gif-(1.99 MB, 308x244, 1284294773038.gif)
    1.99 MB
    Op here
    I will remember this day for years to come.
    My other longest thread was like, 50 posts.
    pic related, its the spiritual journey my thread went through to get to this point and reach the ever elusive 300 post count.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:50 No.12536639
    The Middenheim list introduced in Storm of Chaos had that exact unit, so I guess it's entirely possible, if unlikely.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:50 No.12536644
    OP here
    haha, thats ridiculous. I had no idea it was you. I just put my aim up a second ago but took it down because its my private one, i just made a new aim account named brotonnia if you want to chat ever. anyone on here can add me. (lol brotonnia)
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:51 No.12536657
         File1287784307.jpg-(160 KB, 731x1024, Bretonnian Squire.jpg)
    160 KB
    Fuck year!!
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:53 No.12536668
    favorite thread
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:54 No.12536675
         File1287784440.jpg-(71 KB, 673x739, peasants.jpg)
    71 KB
    I do say though, they certainly made the peasants look like Hardasses.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:55 No.12536690
         File1287784546.gif-(34 KB, 304x299, PegasusKnight.gif)
    34 KB
    The hell are you talking about, the pegasus are kind of manly they're fairly ripped for horses with wings, and they even have beards, Thats right they're so manly that they're horses with beards.

    I mean look at this fucker, I'm actually pretty content with how they look, they could even be a bit more graceful looking for what its worth, The idea of pegasus knights is awesome. and the BRAF

    So they'd get hatred(beastmen), but wood elves would always have hatred against them? Or how about Hatred(warbeast), GOD DAMN FUCKING WOLVES

    i'd personally like to see some of the older special characters return. maybe add bretonnian marines. or professional pikemen. Also i'd like the peasantry to be a bit better treated on average but bretonnia a bit worse off on the whole (as in shits going down). to balance it out a bit more.

    And while i know the knights abhor ranged weapons, i don't see why the peasants can't have a bombard. I mean the bretonnian navy has cannons on all their ships.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:56 No.12536695
    im glad people liked it, despite it being nothing more than a passing conversation on a website. I had the idea to start it up but didnt do it until i had saved up some artwork to keep people interested and built up some conversation topics, since i wanted the thread to be at least somewhat decent. A little planning goes a long way. And a shit load of luck that the people in the thread who liked bretonnia were online at just the right moments too see it.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:57 No.12536700
    yeah, and not just cannons, but CANNONS

    p.s. anyone know where i can find man o war models?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:57 No.12536708
    >Storm of Chaos
    >Buy awesome models, because let's face it, they won't create moulds for new models and then only use them for one campaign
    >Get new army book
    >No Storm of Chaos units
    >Slayer Doomseekers and Goblin Hewer gather dust on the shelf
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)17:59 No.12536727
    First one has pics saved from http://www.flickr.com/photos/roelipilami/collections/72157603206939094/ he usually tells you in the pic info which museum the piece is residing in.

    Second is basically source-less stuff.

    The third one consists of pics saved from http://www.wallacecollection.org/

    The last one consists of scans from Historischen Waffenkunde II by Bruno Thomas (scanned and originally posted over at /k/ by Kakanian).

    And tossing in one more, here's some photos from the Royal Armoury in Stockholm: http://www.mediafire.com/?r4x3a2mls19s2e9
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:07 No.12536806
    op here. /tg/ mods, i am dissapoint. your killing my thread. soon bretonnia general will be replaced with a myriad of 5 reply topics about dark elf sprues and testicles. Sure is going out with a whimper and not a bang in here. goodnight sweet prince.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:12 No.12536862
    what? dude, no you got it all wrong, after going for so long a thread just doesn't bump anymore. 4chan pretty much needs it, otherwise you'd have to go to page 8 to find something that isn't a troll thread with like 50000 replies. i posted Haley Williams as a reward for my bros
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:13 No.12536868
         File1287785584.png-(156 KB, 576x432, 1285746424778.png)
    156 KB
    For this glorious thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:14 No.12536882
         File1287785662.jpg-(151 KB, 1098x678, angry.jpg)
    151 KB

    Something like that? I ran out of ideas how to make him more angry...
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:18 No.12536910
    dont worry OP, Bro-tonia will live on.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:19 No.12536921
         File1287785946.jpg-(52 KB, 375x500, knights-48.jpg)
    52 KB
    Sigh, too true i suppose.
    hexes and damnation.
    Would be nice if mods had the ability to exempt certain threads from the rule that were of sufficent quality. God i have the spelling of a child. Oh well. Hopefully this thread lives on through more like it. I enjoyed watching this thing grow from a peanut into a fucking unstoppable force. id try to get it archived but it isnt really anything worth archiving i dont think. is it?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:19 No.12536928

    damn, when I was drawing the thread began autosaging...
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:20 No.12536933
    Yep. that's more or less what I had in mind. thanks bro-tonnian drawfag!
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:23 No.12536970
    dude who's reading the entire thread, and who will want to read the entire thread again anways.

    its like saving chat transcripts, half the time its pointless.

    i prefer threads to be pruned because it just means new theads in the furue
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:25 No.12536987
    op here, i love it. all i can think to add would be a dragon ball Z aura around him, or some gore somewhere. I thought the middle finger helmet was a good touch. I lold at the little fuck scroll. I might color this sometime if you dont mind.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:26 No.12537011
         File1287786398.jpg-(775 KB, 972x1296, 18th century polearms 2.jpg)
    775 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:28 No.12537034
    Your probably right, but if anyone here thinks its worth it ill vote for it. just for the fuck of it. I just thought it was neat.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:30 No.12537059

    Thanks and sure, feel free to do with it whatever you want.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:31 No.12537068
    This could probably go with the brotonnia theme. under the helmet the knights would actually just be angry bros. Barding and heraldry would be shit like beer and chicken wings.>>12536882
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:35 No.12537106
    is there a way you can upload this without all the dirty pixels? I could probably get rid of it myself if i use photoshop or something though. its just going to be a bitch and a half to color like this. Either way i dont really mind since i like the picture so much.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:44 No.12537197

    Sorry, I was working on a single layer so for me it's still the same work - manually removing the dirty lines. I may try to do something cleaner - and upload it if this thread would be still alive then.

    But seriously, I liked the idea - and I could make something more serious later. Write some suggestions about how an ANGRY KNIGHT should look like, and in some time I will probably post the results.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:49 No.12537241
    i remember taking photoshop classes for highschool, and theres a method to get rid of those pixels thats mainly automated, just for future reference since if you can figure it out itll help you out a lot in the future, you basically just set it as turn x into y and it does it for you. Thats an overgeneralized version of it though. just a recomendation to help you in the future.

    And angry knights, hmm. just try to get in the character so to speak, imagine the way they would think, and try to emulate it in your work, what would they WANT to look like, but still look like bretonnians? What would they be doing and how would the be doing it? its mainly a matter of getting into the mind of the character. Youll know best since its your art. Mainly just have him in sporadic and extreme poses in dangerous situations that are over the top and rage induced. i know thats a vauge answer but i think if you take it to heart itll help you more than if i flat out told you to do x y and z. im coloring your picture right now in paint by cutting with the free line tool, relining with the chisel brush, and coloring in cel shade style. derp. too much time on hands mode.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:51 No.12537265
    might be a good idea to start a new thread to flesh out ideas for the Angry Knights (looks, ethos, that sort of thing)
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:55 No.12537295

    and I, also being in such mode, began making the cleaner version. You want that or will you stick with the old one?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:57 No.12537321
    implying it didnt take like 15 minutes to do this one minute section. yes please. ill make the new thread right now.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)18:58 No.12537332
         File1287788322.jpg-(64 KB, 1098x678, colored.jpg)
    64 KB
    lol whoops
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)19:05 No.12537409

    link to new thread?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)19:08 No.12537436
    here you go bro, sorry it took so long, i only got like 3 hours of sleep and decided to work out and am having a caffine crash like a motherfucker.
    [spoiler] for bretonnia [/spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)20:19 No.12538188
    broing out with your bros will have that effect
    >> Anonymous 10/22/10(Fri)20:48 No.12538439
    thats basically the jist of brotonnia.
    >> Brotonnia !!kgt9PWyoNNR 10/22/10(Fri)21:43 No.12539065
         File1287798214.jpg-(24 KB, 302x262, 1275281974775.jpg)
    24 KB
    op here, this thread has served me well, and in its honor, motherfucking brotonnia.

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