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  • File : 1286494820.jpg-(111 KB, 650x766, 1284472277456.jpg)
    111 KB Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:40 No.12365375  
    That guy advice/thread?

    I was having problems with a "that guy" personage and sought help from /tg/. The advice was great, but in execution everything went south.

    So in lieu of the failure, I was wondering if other people had that guy stories or issues to talk about?

    Pic unrelated.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 10/07/10(Thu)19:41 No.12365384
    You must elaborate on how things went south, the end result, and where you hid the body.

    >purfuers spinqui
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:41 No.12365387
    Well you could explain what you tried and how it went south.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:45 No.12365428
         File1286495136.png-(6 KB, 306x245, 1252211489027.png)
    6 KB
    Ok well the issue was that a PC that had betrayed us multiple times in the past had shown up again, and this time claimed she wanted to work with us.

    Prior to this, she'd caused two near TPK's on her lonesome, but despite this no one (the new characters) seemed to mind despite our (the surviving two characters) warnings.

    Anyway so us two knew things were going to go badly, so I asked /tg/ what we should do. The advice was great, and it all more or less resulted in killing her. The easiest and shortest notice was poisoning or killing her in her sleep.

    Well long story short neither worked out, and now my character is the only one (barely) alive. So all in all it was rather terrible business.

    But I do appreciate the advice allot though, you guys are a huge help.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:46 No.12365438
    I love Op's picture with a white hot passion
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:48 No.12365457
         File1286495311.png-(37 KB, 800x600, ALOT2.png)
    37 KB
    >But I do appreciate the advice allot though

    Advice Allots are always complimentary.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:48 No.12365459
         File1286495334.png-(77 KB, 1280x800, 1283806434374.png)
    77 KB

    Oh thanks. I just picked it up from here a while back.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:50 No.12365471
    Little-known fact: Roosevelt actually had a hat like that. It inspired and named the Panama canal.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:51 No.12365474

    Wait he had a hat about something that hadn't been built yet?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:51 No.12365480
         File1286495505.jpg-(22 KB, 450x560, political-pictures-teddy-roose(...).jpg)
    22 KB
    Well no wonder you're frustrated, i would be too if they were playing the most badass president of all U.S history.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:52 No.12365484
    >>now my character is the only one (barely) alive. So all in all it was rather fortuitous business

    Fixed it for you. Assuming you managed to kill the baddies, you now have the loots of your former party members. Found a guild and only let in certain types -- other players can make those types.

    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:52 No.12365487
         File1286495550.jpg-(11 KB, 362x328, 1280369612423.jpg)
    11 KB
    This kind of weirds me out, because it feels like it's my future. I run a female PC who's inflicted a bunch of player kills, and the other players' new characters are plotting to kill mine. They don't know my character doesn't sleep and is immune to poison. And it will probably end in the exact same result.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:54 No.12365507

    Well no, it's my character clinging for life, and the character we were trying to kill is still alive.

    In fact she pulled a "Just as planned" moment, and now she's both convinced the rest of the party to get rid of me, and also placed herself as the head of the party.

    Fucking bitch, but I must admit it was amazingly planned in response to our actions. She does crap like that all the time though.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:56 No.12365522
         File1286495770.jpg-(15 KB, 263x330, 1258652576370.jpg)
    15 KB

    That's me by the way.

    This is all more or less a follow-up to a thread the other night where people were talking about "That guys" and I asked for help dealing with a "that guy" girl who makes life miserable for us because she's so smart.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:56 No.12365524
    Get out and don't come back.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:57 No.12365529
    Thought you said you were the only one alive? Does your DM protect players from character death?

    Also, I hate when DMs have all these "just as planned" moments, because more often than not, it's only just as planned because the DM planned for exactly what the players could do, regardless of what the villain/npc could possibly know.

    I smell a DM -- problem player railroad combo. Does the DM by chance highly favor the cut of problem player's jib?
    >> a sorceress 10/07/10(Thu)19:57 No.12365532
    well, stop being such a fun-spoiling little bitch, maybe
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:59 No.12365550
    No can do. All of us belong strongly to the "it's what my character would do" school. The other guys get pissed when I kill them, but they would never call for me to change my actions or my character, and I would be the same way in their position. It's how we roll.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)19:59 No.12365553
    If you have a mature, story-driven group, shouldn't be a problem. You'll get yours in the end or go into villain territory, probably.

    If you're spoiling everyone's fun by player killing and playing a character contrary to the rest, grow up.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:00 No.12365559
         File1286496019.jpg-(14 KB, 178x283, 1259084178731.jpg)
    14 KB

    My character is the only one alive out of the two of us that decided to kill her, and as well, the only two who were survivors from the former parties.

    And no, it's no so much the DM as she's just very clever. I said in the other thread the other night, everyone in the group is horribly stupid, while she's really smart. As such she was simply prepared for our actions, no favoritism or anything.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:01 No.12365565
    You and your group need to read the "Making the Tough Decisions" article at GitP. Sounds like you're being problem players based on arbitrary character decisions.

    If you make a character that's going to kill other characters, that's your decision, not something forced on you by some independent character.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:01 No.12365567
    Phew. While I'm sure you're having a lot of fun, I personally, am very glad I am not part of a group like that. I would leave after the first night.
    >> Battlecruiser !!NjXZc4DB31l 10/07/10(Thu)20:02 No.12365574
    Just tell the story instead of trying to stick to vague descriptions.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:02 No.12365576
    Ignore her?

    Roll new character, declare no interest in following her as a minion and that you don't trust anyone.

    Go kill skeletons instead.
    >> a sorceress 10/07/10(Thu)20:03 No.12365581
    >>You'll get yours in the end or go into villain territory, probably.
    well, as long as this tenet can be gracefully accepted when the time comes.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:04 No.12365594
         File1286496279.png-(16 KB, 152x161, wolf_guy_v01_055.png)
    16 KB

    Holy fuck Ms Aoshika on mah /tg/s
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:04 No.12365597
    We're good, thanks.

    Yeah, I don't blame you. We have fun though. I've been on the receiving end, it's not just me messing up an otherwise normal game. We've laughed ourselves silly after an entirely preventable TPK more than once.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:06 No.12365607

    Well the problem is it's a very very long story.


    Well I had considered this, but she's made it clear that's exactly the thing she wants me to do and shoehorned me into this situation because of it.

    Earlier we put her in a similar situation which prompted her turning on us in the first place, so this is kind of a "fuck you" to me.

    Also my character's a mangled cripple now, but if she managed, I can manage.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:06 No.12365612
    This is me. I say all of this while also acknowledging that I had a character that kept plans for killing the entire party if I needed to.

    Not putting them down if they're dominated. Just killing them all if it benefited me.

    Probably should have done it given how most of it turned out.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:08 No.12365627
    She's still getting raped, by the way.

    20 chapters and counting....
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:11 No.12365657

    Wolf Guy? Crazy manga.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:13 No.12365675

    That is a wonderful philosophy.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:13 No.12365676
    Yeah, especially when the main heroine gets raped for twenty consecutive chapters (and counting)...
    >> Battlecruiser !!NjXZc4DB31l 10/07/10(Thu)20:14 No.12365684
         File1286496853.gif-(85 KB, 480x600, son-i-am-disappoint.gif)
    85 KB
    You say this like /tg/ doesn't like a story.

    Either that or you're saying you're lazy. In which case, pic related.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:15 No.12365688
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:15 No.12365692

    Well ok, give me a second to structure it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:15 No.12365693
    >>very long story

    Provide the details and /tg/ can provide some devious plans for you.

    But it really sounds to me like your DM has the character's back, or at least lets players do whatever to each other, and if you can't outsmart that player, they're going to run roughshod over you every time.

    It's like trying to win a debate against the guy in Thank You For Smoking. Doesn't matter what you do, they'll win by turning everything on its head.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:19 No.12365722
         File1286497147.gif-(51 KB, 210x330, 1282699621687.gif)
    51 KB
    Ok well it started out with all of us as a big happy adventuring family. We got sent on one mission in particular, to see about reports of a serial killer on the loose.

    Anyway during the mission, the "thay girl" in question threw herself in harms way to protect the party, taking the brunt of a spell that ended up taking off a leg and damaging her spine, leaving her crippled.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:21 No.12365742
    You already sound like a dick.
    >> Battlecruiser !!NjXZc4DB31l 10/07/10(Thu)20:23 No.12365759
    Hush, it's storytime. Listen, then evaluate.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:24 No.12365762

    Once the mission was done and things calmed down, we retreated back to familiar territory to seek help. After treatment it was revealed, yes, she was crippled for good. She was however, insistent that she could still travel with us and be of use, and with tears and anguish begged us not to discard her.

    Well unfortunately given the high speed low drag nature of our profession, everyone more or less just told her it was over, save for me and the Nun. So she was given a severance package which resulted in some loot, and was wished good luck. In actuality though it was more like we threw her off us outside the hospital and chucked some money by her on the ground.

    Probably could have been done more ceremoniously in hindsight, but then again I didn't want to end it with her then and there. Everyone else just wanted to get onto the next mission.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:25 No.12365772
    Well, never did it simply because too many people would've whined/quit. Even though their characters had it coming. Only 1 of the other players would have considered it cool/good for the game (DM would have, too).

    While murder and leavetakings/party breakups are natural in stories, in an RPG the characters are usually shoehorned because leaving means you give up the character, so you can end up with obstinate players "doing what their character would do" and yet not leaving when their character would obviously otherwise choose to.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:25 No.12365777
         File1286497539.jpg-(32 KB, 461x271, 1251394906093.jpg)
    32 KB

    >Sorry, meant she lost an arm, got mixed up there. She loses the leg later.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:25 No.12365780
    >taking the brunt of a spell that ended up taking off a leg and damaging her spine
    >she was crippled for good

    What bullshit engine is this?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:26 No.12365789
         File1286497614.png-(39 KB, 316x324, wolf_guy_v02_140.png)
    39 KB

    Poor thing, its all she knows
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:29 No.12365810
    Would work in Shadowrun. Lost limbs and surgery for attribute failure are pretty common. If your DM is a dick and uses the expanded rules for healing.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:31 No.12365827
    So your DM ad hocs a rule that cripples PCs, then when the party understandably doesn't want a crippled PC in the party, the DM later lets that player bring that character back (apparently not bothered by being crippled) to screw the party.

    Sounds like a crappy group/DM/game.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:31 No.12365830
         File1286497882.jpg-(68 KB, 848x480, 1265012349491.jpg)
    68 KB

    Ok so normally outside of the game, she was supposed to take that as prompting to roll a new character. Instead though, after some discussion with us and being told it was over for her, she asked the DM if she could instead, continue on her own and simply keep playing the game with her character by herself.

    We all figured she'd die off quick (how far can a one armed cripple get?), and then roll a new character to rejoin the party.

    Well that didn't happen to the others' surprise (I suspected something was up from the start, I've never trusted anything she's done), and we later learned that through sheer skill and planning, she actually managed to not only continue playing the game on her lonesome, but actually excel at it.

    Keep in mind this is all taking place over several weeks in real time, months (nearing a year) in game time.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:32 No.12365848
    Continue the story. How did crippled PC you didn't want to kick to the curb end up being a major threat you don't want in the party?

    (Also, if you planned the assassination/murder right, you should have killed that pc unless the DM interfered.)
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:33 No.12365861
         File1286498035.jpg-(109 KB, 1280x720, 1259630417248.jpg)
    109 KB

    Haha called it! Although I'd like to make clear beforehand that we have a new DM every week. Despite being the same game, we switch DMs every week.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:36 No.12365876
    >we have a new DM every week
    Is it a player swap, where somebody playing the game becomes the new DM?

    I've never been in a game that switches DMs like that, but just the sound of it makes me cringe.
    >> Battlecruiser !!NjXZc4DB31l 10/07/10(Thu)20:36 No.12365877
    Really guys, listen to the story, then call bullshit afterward.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:38 No.12365908
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:39 No.12365919
         File1286498365.jpg-(149 KB, 339x357, 1259563757301.jpg)
    149 KB

    During the interim while we were busy solving police crimes and the like, she went off and started scamming people (using her skills as the equivalent of rogue), made a little enterprise for herself and gained notification for charity work. After solving some notable problems with hired mercenaries, she garnered enough funds and recognition to undergo operations to help her physical state.

    In the setting, given her condition she's pretty much limited to cybernetics, but such things are *very* expensive, and really only people of renown can get them. Anyway she got augmentations on her spine to at least help her walk again.

    Keep in mind we learned of all of this in retrospect, it was happening while we were going about our adventuring.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:41 No.12365944
    So your DM ran solo games for her and she survived despite a handicap.

    Yeah, sounds like the DM just likes the way she played and let her win by getting around the rules. Assuming this was D&D, solo games are usually much more "look what I can do" than playing by the rules.

    (also, for future reference when posting stories, I suggest typing the whole thing out in word and then quickly posting all the bits here in multiple replies)
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:42 No.12365952
         File1286498545.jpg-(45 KB, 260x184, 1259725496800.jpg)
    45 KB

    Yes, each week we get someone new to DM, and for that game their character becomes a DMPC. As a sidenote, the "that girl" character was allowed to continue her playing her character under the stipulation that she would not be allowed to DM while her character was separate from the party, so as to avoid favoritism or unfair advantages.

    As for any nay-sayers, our group has always run like this by switching off DMs, and for us it has worked very well. Then again our group is familiar and mature enough to handle something like that.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:43 No.12365964
    I'm not a tl;dr guy, but if they don't post the story quickly, I lose patience.

    I'm only posting during commercial breaks and the story isn't done yet.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:43 No.12365971

    >(also, for future reference when posting stories, I suggest typing the whole thing out in word and then quickly posting all the bits here in multiple replies)

    Well I didn't know I was going to be telling the story in the thread when starting it.

    And like I said, switching DMs avoided favoritism.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:46 No.12366009
    Switching DMs every week either eliminates the possibility of NPCs coming up with plans secret from the players, or it forces you into a situation where the player knows far, far more than the character. Neither of these are good things.

    But, if it's been working for you, I suppose I can't really say anything bad about it (wrongbadfun ontheinternet), so carry on.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:48 No.12366026
         File1286498910.jpg-(48 KB, 500x328, 1260507078321.jpg)
    48 KB
    Back to story;


    Able to walk again, she went through a series of tasks and requirements such that she ended up marrying a Duke and gaining a title. From here she was able to gain her second augmentation, a cybernetic arm.

    It was around this time, almost a year later that she decided to pay our party a visit and resolve any unfinished business.

    She intercepted us during a mission, and while we were all over exploring a castle, she killed three party members, and injured the rest of us either by her hand or with traps.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:51 No.12366051
    How did it all go on? You have multiple DMs, so was one or more of them running entirely separate games for her? Solo games for a pc and then letting that pc rejoin the group is a very risky business. When you're the only player, you get a lot more leeway to work out problems.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:51 No.12366055
    Sorry to interrupt, but what's her motivation here? Revenge? Did she feel insulted that you were pragmatic about her position as a cripple in an adventuring party? Or is she just being a bitch, trying to lord over you with her new-found power?

    It just doesn't seem right to me that somebody who almost gave her life for some people, was given any kind of severance, and then crawled back up to be better than before would want revenge on those people who were her friends. This isn't Count of Monte Cristo, which is what it's trying to look like.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:52 No.12366066
    Yet not mature enough to avoid this whole "that guy" issue...and it sounds like this player gets what they want because they're smart enough to get around the regular restrictions and expectations.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:55 No.12366096
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:56 No.12366099
         File1286499409.jpg-(57 KB, 1280x720, 1269931715710.jpg)
    57 KB

    She made clear of her feelings and intents, and notably spared me and the Nun who had shown her kindness (she thought the third guy was dead). From there she took most of our belongings and finished the quest on her lonesome, gaining the reward and solidifying herself as our enemy.

    Survivors recovering and dead rolling new characters, we limped back to safety and had a hell of a time recovering. Still though we did recover, and didn't really have any trouble from her for a good while until another mission about six months later.

    The second mission I won't go into much detail because again it's terribly in depth, but basically she assaulted a formal ball we were attending while escorting/protecting a young foreign prince. This time she was sporting a cyber eye and leg on top of her former augmentations.

    With the use of a bomb and distraction she was able to separate the party again, and killed off another three, while working her way to the prince. Long story short she ended up pregnant with the now dead Prince's child, which was her goal from the start.

    We were saddled with the failure, while she underwent testing and confirmation that she was carrying the Prince's child, before being accepted as royalty into the foreign family.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)20:59 No.12366122
    >Long story short she ended up pregnant with the now dead Prince's child, which was her goal from the start.

    Confirmed for dude playing female PC.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:00 No.12366136
         File1286499621.jpg-(39 KB, 450x268, FOF.jpg)
    39 KB

    My advice? Roll a comedy character. Provide comedy. Look to Shakespeare; the Fools never died, and they were (contextually) entertaining as fuck.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:00 No.12366137
    Am I the only one that feels that OP is feeding us the plot of an anime?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:00 No.12366143
    Wait, so she spared the two people who showed her kindness... and then attacked you later? When you were hanging with new people? Just so she can get pregnant with the child of a prince? Her motivations really aren't making a lot of sense here. It almost sounds like she has a vendetta against the players, not the characters.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:05 No.12366174
    tl;dr Bitches and whores.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:05 No.12366183
    So let me sum up.
    One player gets solo game, uses smarts/creativity to get more power and wealth than other players, then uses power, wealth and schemes to kill other characters. Multiple DMs fine with all of this. Player than continues to antagonize/use party despite being firmly in villain territory. Gets more wealth and power (apparently more than party). Continues with schemes.

    You're dealing with a combination of a resentful and smart player and lenient DMs that will not allow you to have fun. Don't know if other players are having issues (maybe all in awe of this other player). Sounds like other player is just too smart/liked (has to be liked to pull off all of that/be given an ongoing solo game where they're Mary Sue Cristo).

    You can't win.

    Only hope is to make a new character, a relative of one of her victims who will stop at nothing to end her. Sounds like she's ruined a lot of lives. Should be ample opportunities. And if anyone objects to that plan (don't tell people), then other player is more popular than you and you should quit.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:06 No.12366185
    Again, it's kind of freaking me out how much this parallels the game I play in, but for the record, one of the players did this as with his new character and we got along fine. (He ended up dying due to unrelated reasons, and every other PC mourned his loss.)
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:08 No.12366201
         File1286500087.png-(4 KB, 150x125, 1260165931259.png)
    4 KB

    Yes the motivation was mostly revenge, but with a hearty helping of self-gain.


    After that, me, the Nun, and the other survivor had to deal with a world of shit for our failure, while the others rerolled. Eventually though we more or less made up for it and started to get by once more.

    Again, I'd like to make it known that in game, these events are separated by over a year, while in real time separated by several months.

    So we were doing good for ourselves once more, better than we ever had. There was starting to be this persistent problem for the continent though. We avoided the issues mostly though, until required to complete a difficult task more than a year after the formal ball event.

    Well who should show up, but "that girl" who had actually been rather vested in the issues plaguing the continent, bringing with her some lackeys and stuff to help. This time though she's bearing an olive branch and claims to bear us no ill will, despite holding the former betrayals in high regard. Being a party of new characters, they welcome the help of a higher level PC despite our (the survivors) warnings.

    So we're traveling with her going about to solve problems again, and she's all ecstatic about how "it's just like the old times" to us survivors, her words laced with superiority. All the while she maintains a guise of unfailing kindness to everyone, such that they can't believe she is or ever was bad.

    Us survivors knew though, that things were bad. Cue me seeking /tg/ help.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:09 No.12366209
    To continue in brief:
    Other player is still playing a solo game where you're all NPCs to be manipulated and used. Your rotating DMs (presumably you're one) are letting it happen. This other player is never going to be a team player as demonstrated by the second party kills. The first were revenge, arguably. The later ones were murder and treachery from a villain.

    Your DMs are allowing a player to be a villain, and that player is smarter/more charismatic and is in charge of the games.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:09 No.12366216
    Okay, here's the deal. Next time you DM, set up a Lovecrafty, pulp type adventure, depending on your setting.Mysterious cult, or Nazis or whatever. With dimensional/time portals. Party gets sucked through.

    Enjoy new setting where no one is royalty and your political power means precisely dick.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:10 No.12366222
    Sounds like this is more of a recurring villain than a problem PC. I say just roll with it, and hopefully in the end you'll get to defeat her in an epic confrontation.

    He did say they abandoned her at the hospital and threw some money on the ground, not unreasonable that being crippled and abandoned would make her snap.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:12 No.12366228
         File1286500353.jpg-(17 KB, 470x336, 1220900954597uv9.jpg)
    17 KB

    No she's a girl, playing a girl.


    Again, the motivation initially was revenge, but after having killed the people who she felt betrayed her, she mostly went off self gain. Nevertheless, each time she showed up, she never made an effort to harm us survivors unduly.

    Now her motivations are protecting the nations and Europe from a perceived conflict in the future (World War I)
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:12 No.12366231
    >they welcome the help of a higher level PC

    >one PC being higher level than the others.

    Ignoring all other slights, this one sets off the most bells; your group is objectively shit and you best bail.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:12 No.12366232
    If you cant beat them join them
    Die, re-roll a character ( possibly a giant crab with a sword ) under her comand
    (if she's a duke or some shit she's got to have guards 'n' the like )
    see what she dose.
    If she try's to get you killed on purpose then I'd call PvP
    ps "we have to stop meeting like this"
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:12 No.12366233
    Just to make sure I understand...

    >Your party fucks over a loyal ally
    >She takes revenge, spares two nice-ish people
    >She later demonstrates her superiority while sparing you two again
    >Joins up with you two later on, enjoying being part of the party after all this time
    >You two try to kill her
    >Get your asses handed to you

    You should've advertised that this was a poetic justice thread from the get-go. 10/10, would read again.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:13 No.12366238
    >She is mostly cybernetics.

    Microwave gun, dude, If you do anything else you're doing it wrong.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:13 No.12366239
    Try to confront them about it in character. Don't try to get revengeance, just try to get them off your characters case.

    Failing that, roll three ones to hit.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:14 No.12366248
    Higher level PC.

    So she's more powerful than the rest of you.
    I understand people made new characters, but if she's significantly higher (and wealthier), then your group is full of idiots and people that like that player too much.

    When a character is killing other characters and is higher level, it's just that player killer dick in the South Park WoW episode.

    Quit playing in that game.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:14 No.12366253
    Not unreasonable for an NPC. For a mature player as a PC in a party-based RPG, absolutely unreasonable.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:15 No.12366257
    Party fires crippled adventurer that DM cripples. Player refuses to make new character. DM(s) do solo games where other character becomes more powerful despite being crippled.

    Hardly fucked over.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:16 No.12366267
    Or, if you rotate DM, say you want to run a longer, cohesive story yourself. So when it's your turn to DM, DM your game. Well within your rights to say that, and just have that respite from her shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:17 No.12366282
    The CHARACTER wass plenty fucked over by the PARTY, is my point.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:20 No.12366310
         File1286500816.jpg-(9 KB, 214x213, 1259565569398.jpg)
    9 KB

    So basically the idea was to poison her and kill her in her sleep, as suggested by /tg/.

    Me and the Nun were in on it, and decided to end her and her machinations once and for all. So we poisoned the fuck out of dinner one night, and called a meeting without her, expecting her to get bored in wait and eat the food.

    While she didn't expect to be poisoned though, she did grow bored of waiting and simply retired to her room. After which, one of the assistants accompanying us tried the food and promptly died. Naturally everyone was like WTF, and in this instance even she didn't know what was going on. I suppose this sparked her suspicion though.

    Timeskip later that night, where me and the Nun conspire to kill her. The Nun says she wants to do it because of how "that girl" killed the Prince, whom the Nun was personally charged with protecting.

    Well she passes all her roles and sneaking skills/checks, and finally goes to stab "that girl" in her bed as many times as possible. Which she succeeds, only except that it wasn't "that girl" in her bed. Suspicious, she switched places with a maid before going to sleep, so that the maid was in her bed. Thus the Nun brutally murdered a maid.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:21 No.12366322
    Yes, the character was somewhat fucked over, and she got vengeance for it the first time. And should have been an NPC for that, because it's PVP otherwise.

    But the player chose to fuck the other players for something the DM did and wanted (make a new character), and the DMs allowed it. Sounds like no one will stand up to this player, at all, and just lets them do what they want, like becoming uber wealthy and powerful, moreso than the rest of the group who doesn't get a solo Mary Sue adventure.

    But even if we allow that the character is just getting revenge, they had their revenge and spared the OP. Then they came back and fucked the party again for their own benefit. That's villainy, and dickish player-vs-player behavior. Then the OP went for revenge and lost.

    By my count, it's selfish dick player 3, OP 0, other players 1.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:21 No.12366325

    Hey, here's a quick solution, dude. APOLOGIZE IN REAL LIFE. You jew'd her, man. Pure and simple. Tell her, "Hey, sorry we were fags. Let's start over from the beginning."

    I honestly don't see why you didn't bother with this and instead played the idiot game. Make amends. Reset. This ain't worth it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:22 No.12366338
    What is the system/setting?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:23 No.12366350
    Wait... she murdered the prince, but now she's royalty? The fuck? And that shit?

    Okay, I know you say there's a rotating DM schedule, and there's no bias, but she's getting away with too much.

    The most important thing is that the game is no longer fun. So run, OP. Run far away.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:25 No.12366372
    No, the real answer is to go on your own mary sue solo and get even MORE powerful. Like over 9000.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:26 No.12366391
    If she's got an IQ over 90 and is capable of separating her character's motives from her own, apologizing in real life will do absolutely nothing.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:26 No.12366397
    Yeah, did you do your plans to kill her out of earshot of that player and the DM? Because otherwise it sounds like that player has been metagaming plenty. If one player sets out to kill another character, unless there's meta or DM interference, they'll succeed. There's just too much leeway in planning that the system can't prevent (as evidenced by this other player becoming super powerful in solo games through planning and smarts). The inability to stop the murder is why there's an unspoken agreement to get along in most groups.

    It's the same with crime in real life. It is rare to stop a crime unless someone talks about it in advance. You might catch them later, but you can't stop a determined criminal from killing without foreknowledge or luck.

    I'd bet money your DM or other player meta'ed to keep that character alive, and has been doing so in the solo game. Your group plays favorites with this other player.

    Again, you can't win, and /tg/ can't help you because your DMs like this player too much and can't tell him/her no. As a result, he/she has killed multiple pcs and major plot NPCs all because a DM crippled her.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:27 No.12366403
    No. They've ceased playing the campaign. Now it's a pissing contest. The solution is to quit doing so, be a man, say you're sorry, and move on.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:27 No.12366418
    I'm not sure I follow you (I don't mean by that you're wrong), so let me rephrase what I'm saying and see how your respond.

    From my perspective, the game basically became PvP when they kicked a loyal, crippled teammate's ass to the curb with a few bucks like a used prostitute. OP is now whining not because it shouldn't be PvP at all, but because he's losing at it.

    Seems to me that, in-game at least, justice is being done on an ongoing basis.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:28 No.12366419
         File1286501282.jpg-(15 KB, 200x228, 1266565319318.jpg)
    15 KB

    So the Nun is freaking out when I go in there, trying to rationalize with her what happened.

    When in comes "that girl", seething with enmity, and then begins a rather creepy scene where it's sort of a three way discussion in the dark next to the dead maid, about why after all this time we would want to kill her (that girl). Eventually it resolves itself with her finally ending her patience and lenience on us, right then and there attacking us.

    Quite literally she "breaks" my character, then turns on and kills the Nun after much deliberation and taunting. Resolved, she drags my character out before the others, and shows them what we did and how she responded (self-defense).

    My character is unable to defend himself and the Nun (both physically and verbally), to which she convinces the others that my character should be cast out. They initially wanted to kill me, but she gave some spiel about death being too good.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:29 No.12366439
    What if you and the Nun were to retire? Call it quits, called off on some other duty or whatever. Reroll. Seems like your group has done it plenty.

    Then she's got no in-character cause for all this bullshit, and if she does it, leave.

    You probably enjoy hanging with most of this group, so it's worth giving it one more chance.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:29 No.12366440
    OP didn't jew her. Other players kicked her out (and DM wanted her to make a new character). She whined/begged and got to play a solo game where she was awesome, like pew pew. Then she came back and killed other pcs for revenge, left OP alive. OP can leave it at that.

    Then she comes back for more revenge and OP turns to /tg/. Sounds like the other player couldn't let it go, not the OP. Other player is the game's Mary Sue and should be the one apologizing, but it sounds like too many DMs let her get away with it and OP is alone in their complaints.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:30 No.12366448

    Heh, nice.

    Honestly I don't think everyone should be so "OP IS A FAGORT WHO GOT WHAT HE HAD COMING" or "BAIL ON THE GROUP". Because this all sounds like a very interesting challenge. I wouldn't be surprised if the player in question sees all this as part of the fun in the game and wants you to challenge her more.

    Anyway, solutions not problems. First up, what system are you playing under? The more you can tell us the more likely an errant fa/tg/uy can dredge up something to help you with.

    Second, EMP or Microwave weapons (as >>12366238 said). When you get down to it without those cybernetics she's still a cripple, disabling them has the double affect of leaving her lame and causing huge psychological impact.

    Disable her cybernetics, cut off the artificial limbs and throw her down in front of a hospital again with a handful of loose change. Shit will be cold blooded.

    If you think it likely that she will come back from that, leave her with an open throat wound too.

    I would've suggested diplomacy or at least taking the moral high ground but after the murder attempt you're in no position to.

    Also I get the vague feeling that OP is in fact the girl in question using /tg/ to try and guess what kind of things to expect from the other players so she can plan against it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:31 No.12366461
    Well, there goes that idea.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:31 No.12366470
    In most game worlds, people understand up front that adventuring is dangerous business, and that most people who go into it end up crippled or dead. They understand the idea that a mage's fireball or a fighter's sword can and will keep you from ever being able to walk again.

    If she understood that, that she expected pity from them afterwards is just pathetic.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:31 No.12366471
    Maybe so, but I'm convinced their campaign is proper fucked and getting out is the only way to resolve it. I'd still apologize to be on the safe side, though.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:31 No.12366476
         File1286501518.png-(19 KB, 589x375, 1266968351104.png)
    19 KB
    First of all, I fail to believe this game is even possible, unless it's over the internet, and second I still have a hard time believing anyone would play a game like this.

    I dub this thread uncool and /tg/ will believe anything.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:32 No.12366483
    Sorry for what. That's what I don't get. Sounds like this other player is victimizing the party, and even if she didn't directly hurt the OP, the OP decided enough was enough and tried to put her down for the good of the group and the game. You don't apologize for that because the other player is the one that can't let go. Telling her sorry won't do any good because she's having her fun by being the boss.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:33 No.12366500
    All right. I don't agree, but I see where you're coming from. Thanks for the explanation.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:33 No.12366505
         File1286501635.png-(134 KB, 200x200, 1271232071478.png)
    134 KB

    So they pack up camp the next day, leaving me medically treated but alone and the Nun in an unmarked grave.

    My character is now a cripple and missing an arm, something she specifically saw to while fighting the previous night. As they all head on though she lingers for a few moments, crouching down next to me with a pained smile, to utter one thing before she leaves.

    "Hey don't worry, we'll get through this together, alright?"

    Which leaves me silent, because it was more or less what my character had been saying the whole game, including when we were deliberating over leaving her behind back when she was a cripple, I said it to her when she asked if we could keep going.

    With that she tossed some money beside me on the ground and headed on her way, to lead her newly gained party which she was elected the leader of.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:34 No.12366510
    Oh, you just gave me a great idea.

    Reroll as an artificer-type. Who designs cybernetics. You're a friendly guy, really nice, polite, funny. Charming. Self-sacrificing. After a while, make her some.

    With extras. Explosive extras.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:34 No.12366520
    He would have no real reason, and this would just divulge into petty gamer backstabbings.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:35 No.12366523
    Even so, I'd still clear the air. I'd try to get things back down to reasonable level, have both sides drop whatever their trying to prove, and try anew if they want to salvage the group.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:35 No.12366527
    Speaking as the guy with the eerily similar game, it's entirely possible, it's not on the internet, and everyone in my game is having a blast. You should try expanding your gaming horizons.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:35 No.12366532
    I wasn't the guy you were having that discussion with, by the way. I just threw out my opinion.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:35 No.12366533
         File1286501731.gif-(39 KB, 468x605, 20051206.gif)
    39 KB
    From what I understand, the party was under the impression that the whole thing was a "make a new character" set up that the player wiggled out of. It was a bit metagamey, sure, but I doubt they were actively out to dick her over.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:35 No.12366539
    Or at least she's reading these threads. I guess he'll know if next game the player in question goes out and gets microwave shielding on her cybernetics.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:36 No.12366541
    >>My character is unable to defend himself and the Nun (both physically and verbally), to which she convinces the others that my character should be cast out. They initially wanted to kill me, but she gave some spiel about death being too good.

    Providing that you'll keep playing this fucked up campaign, you're in a similiar situation that "that girl" was in when your group threw her out...now it's your turn to go to town. Get yourself back to being physically capable and then go on a world-tour, Batman style, so you can show up and kick her ass.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:36 No.12366542
    I think we're well in to the realms of petty here.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:36 No.12366553

    doable but OP absolutely must finish this with his current character now. For the dramatic effect, for his character's honour and because if he starts shit with a new character that makes him a metagaming little bitch.

    We don't know for sure if the girl is a metagaming little bitch but either way he should not stoop to that level unless her revenge passes between characters.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:37 No.12366568
    Nah, it didn't become PvP there.

    What happened, based on the summary, is the other player did a cool thing and took the bullet for the team. The character was crippled. DM's way of saying, "You did well, but time to make a new character. This one has run its course." Other player refuses to make new character. DM(s) can't say no and let her do solo game for months, apparently apart from the rest of the group. During this time, she becomes more powerful and wealthy because other player is smart, and, oh yeah, is playing a solo game. I don't know if you've been in a solo game, but in them you either die quick or get really powerful because you can use story and RP to get whatever you want.

    The game became PvP when the other player refused to take the hint of the DM and all but 2 other players and make a new pc. They spent months of real time (a year in game) planning revenge on the other player characters. I'd say characters, but we know in hindsight that's not the case because the other player later comes back a second time and kills PCs again.

    Other player refused to give up a pet character, DMs couldn't say no, and other player twice had revenge (the second time unwarranted) before the OP got fed up with the favoritism and dickish behavior and sought his/her own option, to eliminate the character that is killing so many pcs.

    And it sounds to me like the OP didn't want PVP (they were unwilling to force the other player to make a new character), but got tired of the other player killing PCs.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:38 No.12366574
         File1286501882.jpg-(37 KB, 704x528, 1282436218085.jpg)
    37 KB
    Oh merciful thor, in a couple of months we're going to be hearing about how the party is basically everyone trying to fuck everyone else over.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:38 No.12366582
         File1286501911.png-(16 KB, 247x248, 1276577177441.png)
    16 KB

    That was last session, earlier today. The final results are;

    - "That girl" is the leader of the party now, the Nun player having rolled a new character

    - My character is now crippled and left behind in a fashion similar to how she was those years (and almost a year real time) ago

    I am left with two options now; either give up and roll a new character, or continue playing on my lonesome.

    SO I come asking you /tg/, what course of action should I take?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:39 No.12366588
    Yeah, voting for Batman. But if it's a magic-type setting, learn magic. Then it's the awesome old-world honour versus march-of-technology greed showdown.

    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:40 No.12366607

    No, he must NOT do this under any circumstances. He has to win on his own terms, he can power up from solo sessions sure but he mustn't become like her. If he ends up going through what she did then it's just going to end in a "just as planned" moment for her.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:40 No.12366613

    Wait that sounds familiar.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:40 No.12366616

    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:42 No.12366635
         File1286502132.jpg-(113 KB, 600x776, gandalf is a dick.jpg)
    113 KB
    Play by yourself, but be an absolute WARRIOR OF JUSTICE type. where she was a backstabbing cunt who killed other PCs, you swoop out of nowhere to save the day, steal the glory, then leave.

    Basically, you're Gandalf from DM of the Rings.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:42 No.12366641

    Don't replace that arm, keep it as it is. A symbol of your determination and your grudge.

    You will take a new arm from her dying body.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:43 No.12366642
    A few questions, if you don't mind:

    -Who ran her solo games?
    -What're the DM styles of the other players like? (Particularly hers)
    -What're the attitudes of the other players? Even if the characters haven't seen the shit that goes on, the players have
    -What's her character's name? (More idle curiosity that anything, but it can say a lot)
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:43 No.12366644
    Spend a year in real life rping your character learning electrical engineering, build EMP, blast EMP near cyber chick, rifle to the face, get killed by the rest of the party.

    Roll up new character like nothing happened.
    >> Battlecruiser !!NjXZc4DB31l 10/07/10(Thu)21:44 No.12366660
    Determine whether you want revenge or to mend fences, or if you want to just give up on that character and start over.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:44 No.12366661
    please to give background on alternate past future cybereurope, also, system being used
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:44 No.12366662
    So she threw you out for trying to kill her after she killed many other PCs (your friends).

    The OBVIOUS answer is to demand a solo game where you gather her enemies (you know all her dirty secrets -- surely she has political enemies) and bring her down. This won't work if she is allowed to DM, though, and probably not at all since everyone seems to be on her team.

    Sounds to me like she already did OOC revenge the second time. The group apparently likes her too much to call her on it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:44 No.12366663
    So, if you and your players know about her little mini-coup and becoming royalty, stalking people and generally becoming a villain... why is she the leader, again?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:44 No.12366664
    Metagame wankery aside, "That girl" is one of the most awesome roleplayers I ever heard of.

    You want to know how to piss her off though? Laugh the whole thing off, make a new character to join the party, and play this guy.

    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:44 No.12366665
         File1286502285.jpg-(114 KB, 420x850, 1254075195494.jpg)
    114 KB
    As clarification, if any part of the story didn't make sense, or should be expanded on, feel free to ask and I'll explain as best I can.

    Pic semi-related, what "that girls" character is described as looking like (or, as close as I can get to descriptions)
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:44 No.12366666
    Leave the group.

    Any accomplishment you come to achieve will be undermined by the enabling faggot GMs that are, quite unfortunately, your fellow players.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:45 No.12366672
    Ooh, this. Appear in the party's darkest hour, when all hope is lost and defeat is assured.

    And save them.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:47 No.12366708
    Another vote for this. Become the whitest fucking white knight there ever was, and just so happen to overshadow anything they do by being even more JUSTICE.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:48 No.12366715
    She is most likely pulling a "Just as planned" as she hopes you RP solo the whole time, becoming the same type of character hers is.

    Either A. Screw her over and become a warrior of justice and create one of the best roleplays gaming has known, or B. Laugh it off and make a new character and foil her plans. Maybe a Gnome.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:48 No.12366716
    Only the dead nun and crippled and expelled OP were kept alive from her two murder sprees. She convinced the other new characters to like her because she's a higher level character.

    Sounds like other players are idiots. She apparently killed their characters twice (once for revenge, once for OOC spite) and they still went along with rather suspect circumstances as players. She's surely going to fuck them again because it's all she's done since she was asked to make a new character.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:48 No.12366726
    Oh, God, it's an anime drawing! Suddenly everything makes total sense.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:49 No.12366729
         File1286502553.jpg-(28 KB, 192x228, 1271809135011.jpg)
    28 KB

    >Who ran her solo games?

    The new DM each week.

    >What're the DM styles of the other players like? (Particularly hers)

    Some are competent, others aren't that competent. During this game, she wasn't allowed to DM to avoid an unfair advantage.

    >What're the attitudes of the other players? Even if the characters haven't seen the shit that goes on, the players have

    They're thinking all this shit is awesome. I'm inclined to agree, if I wasn't being singled out for simply noticing and resisting her plans.

    >What's her character's name? (More idle curiosity that anything, but it can say a lot)

    Illora Cheseri initially, although because of the titles she's gained and royalty she's entered, it's changed over time. Not to mention the times she's taken on false names.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:51 No.12366761
         File1286502683.jpg-(38 KB, 462x536, 124553301495.jpg)
    38 KB

    Well she also convinced them to like her because of the lavish gifts she imbued on them.

    Also, while the first TPK was out of revenge, the second was because they were in the way of her objective (the young Prince).
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:51 No.12366768

    Go the way of Griffith and sell your soul to demons. come back and conquer a different country, then START World War I. This now sounds like they are trying to get you to RP as hard as possible. Its a cycle of revenge.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:53 No.12366792
    Anyone who RPs revenge against the other players all because their character was crippled isn't awesome.

    And anyone, read that, anyone can become an awesome character if they're allowed to have solo games and only come back to the group every once in a while to work plans that the DMs clearly are allowing.

    I'm the guy that earlier pointed out I had plans to kill my party, and also the guy that pointed out you can't stop crime if they keep it secret. There's no doubt in my mind that in my game I could have killed all the other pcs, made a ton of wealth, and gone off on an adventuring spree that would have seen kings killed and realms shattered.

    However, as I was playing in a group game, and not a solo Epic novel, I chose not to ruin the fun of the other players by outsmarting them and murdering their "playing a game with my friends" cooperative characters.

    OP didn't want to force out other character but went along with other players and DM. Other player didn't take the hint or went diva and got a solo game out of it. That was clue one that things were heading the wrong way.

    Call it awesome if you like. I call it spotlight stealing and Mary Sue behavior. You think it's awesome, but only because it's not someone in your game killing all the characters and ruining plans and getting away with it as a PC, not as a DM run villain that everyone hates together.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:54 No.12366799

    Kidnap her child.

    Mold him/her in your image.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:55 No.12366817
    This. Do this.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:55 No.12366821
         File1286502952.jpg-(28 KB, 360x400, syndrome-the-incredibles.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:56 No.12366835

    Combine this with Batman plan.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:57 No.12366838
         File1286503045.jpg-(32 KB, 252x204, 1258619650745.jpg)
    32 KB

    >Metagame wankery aside, "That girl" is one of the most awesome roleplayers I ever heard of.

    Well yes, that's more or less the idea, or else I wouldn't be telling this story in the first place.

    What really hits home with me, I feel, is that despite all her horrible atrocities she's committed, including murder, theft, rape, and all other manner of terrible things, she's of Lawful Neutral alignment and wholly plays it and fits the alignment. It's fairly disturbing.

    I suppose I could also have names this story "How the Good Get Away With Murder."


    Of note to the whole "quest for revenge" my character should take, I agree that taking the high road is probably the better choice, however there is one character I would like to get revenge on;

    The third survivor.

    He survived along with me and the Nun from the formal ball, and has known of her treachery. He however sided with her on her return (I assume some deal between the two), and at the most crucial moment when he could have spoken out against her when she was accusing us of betraying her in front of the party, he remained silent.

    Now he's being led around by her with promises of gifts and royalty.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:57 No.12366843
    if everyone is having fun then i guess its ok, are YOU having fun op?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:59 No.12366858
    JUSTICE, doesn't have to mean being goody two shoes.

    Destroy her, and the third survivor. They have committed treacherous acts and must perish.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)21:59 No.12366866
    Thy path is clear, then. Become the Batman.

    "I'll make you pay. I will break and twist things within you. You can't conceive of the pain I can cause. It's pain that will go on forever! You won't escape it...

    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:00 No.12366871
    That cycle of vengeance will spiral out of control, I can feel it happening now.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:01 No.12366881
    OP, here's my advice to you before I go watch some Gaki No Tsukai for a good time.

    If everyone in your game likes all this backstabbery and players screwing other players because their characters want revenge, you do need to follow thru. It's the only way to get satisfaction. But you have to be patient.

    First step, you must demand a solo game. You simply can't do anything with that player watching because she will meta. I believe she's meta'ed already, and it's hard not to when your character is on the line.

    Second, while I don't think this is all one big "you let them kick me out, shame on you for betraying me" escapade, you should play it like it is. Work for months in real life to get to a point where you can stop her, and you must put a final end to her (put her out of her life of misery and hate), but you can't let hate rule your heart. It must be justice.

    She is murdering innocents, including royalty, and becoming royalty. The whole world is in danger. No matter what the character or player might say about trying to make the world better, she's shown herself to be broken. She did good and was crippled for it and forgotten. Rage took over.

    You can try to show her this and bring back the good, but then you must put the knife in her heart to heal her. Then maybe you can raise her son to be a good king. That is the best revenge.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:01 No.12366882
    Still don't get how she got royalty, and definitely not how she can GIVE royalty, sounds like some monty haul solo games were going on.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:01 No.12366885
         File1286503290.jpg-(11 KB, 182x277, bats.jpg)
    11 KB
    Don't do it OP. Revenge is easy. The high road is hard. Go JUSTICE WARRIOR on all their asses. Become folklore. Become the bat.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:02 No.12366897
    Okay, here's a couple of things to do based on what's been said by both you and anon now the story's over, a lot of these can be done together:

    Kidnap her child and raise them yourself. This can be done many ways depending on how you take the other points.

    Incite her enemies to move against her, she murdered royalty then squeezed herself into the family. There's no way anyone is happy about that, she probably only got away with it due to letter of the law rather than spirit.

    Become Batman/The spirit of justice and ghost the party, ready to save the day when all is bleak.

    Bargain with demons in order to gather the power for your revenge.

    Leave your own severed arm alone as a symbol, maybe take one of her artificial limbs from her.

    Start WWI.

    Make a new character geared to troll her.

    Leave the group.

    Is that everything?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:04 No.12366917
         File1286503484.png-(177 KB, 311x278, 1276876212830.png)
    177 KB

    I like this idea, however two problems arise;

    1. Both her and her son are of foreign royalty. To even get at him I'd have to travel to Spain, get into and out of the capitol and royal palace alive, with the baby.
    2. She doesn't really care about her child, he's being raised by the rest of the family. The only reason she mothered it was for the position of become royalty, she doesn't care about the love child that resulted of some prince she raped and murdered.

    However, the idea itself is a good one, and totally something I could do.


    Like I said, everyone is having an awesome time. I too see the merits of it all, but I don't like that it happened and is happening at the expense of Me and up until today the Nun. However, it is genuinely interesting and enthralling, so I definitely can muster through it to provide a good time for everyone.

    That's why I want /tg/s help with my character now, to create the best and most interesting situation I can in the game now.

    Ideally I'd like to one-up her character in terms of Roleplaying gold.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:04 No.12366918
    Pretty much. it boils down to:
    Leave the game
    Beat her at her own game
    Show everyone your game is far more awesome (BATMAN)
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:05 No.12366922
    This. You know, this story made me rage hard for that player being an annoying cunt, but becoming The Bat to make the game incredible would be amazing.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:05 No.12366929
    >You think it's awesome, but only because it's not someone in your game killing all the characters and ruining plans and getting away with it as a PC, not as a DM run villain that everyone hates together.

    I'm amazed I would even have to say this in an anonymous setting, but do me a favor - don't assume you know how I think. I stand by my opinion.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:08 No.12366958
         File1286503711.jpg-(3 KB, 126x103, 1243635353203.jpg)
    3 KB
    I don't know what adjective describes people like you, but I severely dislike it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:08 No.12366963
    Just read the thread, Batman idea has one more vote.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:09 No.12366967
    >Preparing for WWI

    Your group needs to learn2history.

    Also, assassinate Franz Ferdinand, start WWI, during war advocate elected governments, get rid of the royalty she worked so hard for.

    Oh, and if she can someone end WWI from happening that that is complete and utter BULLSHIT.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:09 No.12366968
    what other forms of technology are there?
    what other feilds of SCIENCE!
    is Spain still a slave holding nation?

    describe your character
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:09 No.12366973

    I agree, actually. Why are we still calling her "that girl"? She's an awesome roleplayer and this entire story sounds really cool to be a part of
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:10 No.12366983
    I want a crown like that.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:10 No.12366985
         File1286503855.jpg-(24 KB, 400x400, 1285567042661.jpg)
    24 KB
    Bear with me if I don't respond to you, I'm sorry, it's just allot to read in the thread of people wanting to know things and suggestions.


    First she married a Duke in our own country to gain a title (she killed him though, lol).

    For the Spanish royalty, she pregnant with the late Prince's child and this was confirmed. Thus she was brought into the royal family.

    It's true, that they don't really like her, being some foreign Duchess and mother of an illegitimate love child of the late Prince (particularly because he was only like 14 at conception and his death), but she's royalty nonetheless. They just kind of hold her at arms length.

    If ever they found out the nature of how she came to be with the Prince's child though, she'd easily, easily be put to death.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:10 No.12366986
    How about having this as your motivation for becoming Batman, OP: maybe all of this trauma has made your character realized that he was initially wrong to abandon The Bitch, that throughout his life his actions were flawed in this arena, and as a result he dedicates himself to serving the higher purpose of justice, to save everyone from personal and public evil.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:11 No.12366991
    It actually sounds like she's an excellent roleplayer, and great at pushing your buttons. Twice now she's spared your life when she didn't have to once after you tried to murder her (and ended up killing two innocents), and you're still obsessed with revenge?

    Dang, that's nicely done on her part.

    You should go beg her forgiveness in character, and blame it all on the nun. Spend the next year or so earning back her trust, then kill her in a way she ain't likely to survive. I suggest fuckhuge amounts of explosives.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:12 No.12366997
    >She doesn't really care about her child, he's being raised by the rest of the family. The only reason she mothered it was for the position of become royalty, she doesn't care about the love child that resulted of some prince she raped and murdered.

    Oh you have SO got to kidnap the child now, there's no two ways about it.

    First, the kid deserves a better life. He'll grow up abandoned of love and kindness, kept around as a backup heir just in case and generally live a miserable existence. Show that kid ADVENTURE!

    I mean just imagine how he must see his mother, depending on how old he is. She's a monster of flesh and twisted metal that barely recognizes him as her own, he's going to grow up with all sorts of issues.

    Second, even if she doesn't love the child knowing that you took it will drive her batshit. If you solo game for a while you're protected from her directly trying to get you as well meaning you're more likely to get away with it.

    The best way I can think of is to get in good with her enemies in the royal family, convince them that she's bad news for the kingdom and that she's using her son as a means to an end. Get them to help you in the abduction, to keep him safe from his mother's machinations of course, so that the heir can be raised abroad that he might one day rise to his rightful throne and free the nation from tyranny.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:12 No.12367005
    As for becoming royalty, she married a Duke, becoming a Duchess. Then became the mother of an heir to the throne (which is a big thing). In this setting, that might make here a sort of queen, if the current ruling set were to die and her child were not yet of age to rule.
    As such, people she favors may be knighted and given land to lord over.

    >captcha: stocking reammed
    Totally reammed, captcha!
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:13 No.12367006
    That's... not how royalty works. Just because the prince fathered an illegitimate, bastard child doesn't make her a princess. But I guess at this stage that's neither here nor there.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:14 No.12367020
    You should play in a group that knows how royalty works. Bitches don't get treated that well, at best they would give her some maid position and keep the boy as a whipping boy, at worse they would kill her and the kid to keep her quiet.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:15 No.12367030
    Good lord /tg/, when did somebody being a traitorous bitch become "good roleplaying"? I'd hate to play in a game run by half the people in this thread.

    Even if it is good "roleplaying", it's the worst kind; causing party issues and murdering players just because "my character would've done it" makes you an awful player, no matter how good of an actor you happen to be.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:16 No.12367037
    You should Absolutely Become WWI Batman. Steal the lad, and let him become your Robin. Also, have a bit of a dragon motif, because I couldn't help but imagine the Batman punching fire. That is, when he punches, fire shoots out.

    >huffie subjects
    Lets hope thew royal subjects AREN'T huffie, Captcha. for the sake of this goal.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:18 No.12367057

    I think all the SS13 has made /tg/ more okay with endless backstabbing and so on.


    Batman is not a fire bender.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:19 No.12367067
    Ever hear of "Different strokes for different folks?" Some people, like myself, prefer immersion to "hey we're playing a game and have to get along," enjoy imaginary drama, and can keep our bad feelings in game while yukking it up out of game.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:19 No.12367075
         File1286504370.jpg-(38 KB, 400x534, Batman-victorian.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:19 No.12367076
    Kill her in real life. Inform players that she privately apologized for being such a bitch and decided to leave the campaign.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:19 No.12367081
         File1286504399.jpg-(110 KB, 1280x720, 1286254074173.jpg)
    110 KB

    The setting is an alternate history in the late 1800's, where Captain Nemo and a number of other like-minded inventors and innovators have started showing up hailing from and representing some unknown location in the Pacific they claim is a nation.

    As such, they've shown up for trading purposes, bringing with them fantastical tech, resources and inventions. This has sparked an arms race in new tech and industry, which is percieved as leading up to World War I. High points in the plot are geared around when one or more of these inventors shows up in Europe looking to trade. They only stay for a short while, trade their wares and return to the unknown country.

    We the party started of as a group enlisted by the Prussian high court during this critical time, as a task-force of sorts to not only go around and see about obtaining new tech and such, but also doing away with vestiges of the old world (things like vampires, satanic cults, magical beings and other strange things).

    Her character was a rogue who had contacts and such in the underworld and could be up to date on any reports and rumors, while my character is a Police Officer.

    It's a homebrew in case anyone was wondering.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:20 No.12367085
    >>12367030 Good lord /tg/, when did somebody being a traitorous bitch become "good roleplaying"?

    Once she had her vengeance on the others for abandoning her, she was willing to call it even. Even after OP at tried to murder her multiple times, she still spared his life.

    Sounds like good RPing to me.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:21 No.12367092
    Immersion and gameplay without dickheads are not mutually exclusive.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:22 No.12367106
    Um, no. Even after they had been killed, she attacked them at that royal ball, and THEN she recruited the third survivor to her cause. This isn't vengeance RPing, it's just shitty backstabbing dickery.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:22 No.12367110
    Gadgetpunk? This is just more fuel on the Batman Fire. DO IT. Use that money to GET TO THAT COUNTRY.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:23 No.12367119

    Your frequent use of animu reaction images with your posts is making me think I recognize you from somewhere. Are you or have you ever been a tripfag?


    Edward? Flea? Is that one of you?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:23 No.12367123
    Kill the third survivor first. String him up afterwards with a sign reading "This is the fate of all traitors" or something.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:24 No.12367126
    >Police Officer
    You are set up to become THE NIGHT quite well.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:24 No.12367133
    OP, if at all become Bismarck and unite Germany.
    Failing that, seek her forgiveness and become Francisco Franco.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:24 No.12367135
    Playing a dickhead doesn't make you a dickhead. Playing with dickheads is not entertaining, playing as dickheads (or with people doing so) often is.

    Also, I'd like to point out that you're straying into badwrongfun territory.
    >> No One Is Left Behind Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:24 No.12367136
         File1286504675.jpg-(15 KB, 200x200, DPR.jpg)
    15 KB
    GM: A young man walks up to your smoldering metal husk, followed by the masked man who you've been chasing. He watches somberly as the youth takes a knee, cradling your near-lifeless head to meet his gaze.
    NPC: "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
    GM: With that, he places two silver pieces over your eyes, then plants his thumbs into your eye sockets, digging deeply until your struggling ceases.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:26 No.12367156
         File1286504802.jpg-(40 KB, 218x258, 1269843239322.jpg)
    40 KB

    Well he was the only Prince and heir. So hearing of his death, nearly sparked a war.

    For them it was a godsend that some Prussian Duchess showed up carrying the child, and now only heir. Otherwise they'd have to cede the throne to like uncles and stuff. It didn't really matter the circumstances of how they assumed Prince had kept this a secret, or even that fact that he was only a kid himself. They were just glad she wasn't some peasant girl.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:28 No.12367172
    what does you officer have left?
    did he love the nun? prussia? does he have a family? where is he right now?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:28 No.12367173
    So, if they were to die, would she rule?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:28 No.12367175
    Ah yes, it's "badwrongfun" to say it's wrong to ruin other people's enjoyment of a game. Right. Carry on.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:29 No.12367189
    Wait, did she PROVE the child was his? Otherwise, start a campaign of misinformation and claim that she gained power by killing the prince so he couldn't dispute the kid's not being his.

    Bring her world crashing down, and cut her throat at the end of it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:30 No.12367195
    Is there some part of "we all enjoy it" that is not computing with you? You are NOT THERE to have your fun ruined, you have no standing whatsoever to tell us we are doing it wrong because you don't like it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:30 No.12367201
    Are you the OP? You're talking as if you are. Sit down, boy.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:35 No.12367250
    >causing party issues and murdering players just because "my character would've done it" makes you an awful player, no matter how good of an actor you happen to be.

    >I don't know what a role is, or what it means to play one. I just want to roll some dice and be told I killed a dragon.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:35 No.12367260
    OP, swoop back in and tell these faggots to stop arguing about what is ans is not good roleplaying.

    Also become the batman.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:36 No.12367267
    Gee, it's almost like somebody posted a poignant article related to this very issue earlier in this thread,
    but fucking nobody read it.

    also >hurr durr strawman out of context
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:36 No.12367268
    Stop being a faggot.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:37 No.12367274
         File1286505422.jpg-(43 KB, 375x479, 1273865590376.jpg)
    43 KB
    >I have no rebuttal, so I'll change the subject

    Okay, whatever homes.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:38 No.12367291
         File1286505537.jpg-(35 KB, 343x381, 1259744678285.jpg)
    35 KB

    Just his position as a failed Officer. I still have friends in high places, though, so I can continue being an Officer and getting work.

    He didn't love the Nun (also i say Nun, because it's the closest thing I can think of to describe her), she had some feelings for the Prince. Me and her were just old friends. Of note, initially the "that girl" character had feelings for my character until I abandoned her. She might still though I highly doubt it.

    My guy cares about his country sure enough, about as much as any citizen would.

    He has a mother and sister.

    Right now he's literally watching the party leave him behind, crippled and armless in some forest road leading to Russia. I have the money given to me by the "that girl", but I don't think I should use it; she didn't it's exactly the same money we offered her, that she never spent and returned.


    Oh dear, I hadn't considered this. She probably actually could become the ruler of Spain. And given her favor of the people, it might take.

    In retrospect, she's kind of like Princess Dianna a little bit, a non-royal married in and doing great things for the people.

    Despite all the horrible shit she's done to us, she's very good to the people and cares for their plight. Like I said she's Lawful Good and cares only for the well being of her people and country (Prussia first, Spain second).

    In fact, she's really the only one of main characters in the story who's actually taken methods to prevent the huge war in the future from happening.


    Yes she proved it was his. They even had to bring in forbidden magic to find out, they were that skeptical and desperate, but they did prove it in the end.

    The only ones who know of the true nature (the rape and murder) are now Me and the third survivor/triator.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:43 No.12367334
    "poignant"? Seriously?

    I think the problem here is that you have trouble with the meanings of words in general, and not just "role playing".

    Anyway, nobody wants to read your tl;dr. Role playing is putting yourself in your character's place and deciding what they'd say and do.

    If your DM let you put together a party of people who have good reason to all murder each other, and somehow when you all started trying to put yourself in their places and decide what they'd do, it didn't magically work out that they all cooperated nicely like the ragtag parties of random misfits in third-rate fiction, then maybe you all LEARNED something important and should call it a game well worth playing.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:44 No.12367343
         File1286505848.jpg-(30 KB, 480x493, 1269798969292.jpg)
    30 KB
    Again, I keep bringing up the formal ball, but it was a really complicated and lengthy event, compared to the first TPK where she just showed up and killed us while we were separated. The formal ball was actually really well executed, and easily the best bit of Roleplaying and plot in the game so far.

    I could write it out in full, to better explain what happened. Although this thread is pretty full now. Maybe if people were interested I could start another about that event, a little later from now?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:44 No.12367348
    Pre-WW1 Cybernetics and Magic? wtf?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:46 No.12367360
         File1286505961.jpg-(230 KB, 1600x1067, 1286067507113.jpg)
    230 KB
    do this
    then raise the children yourself with love :3
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:46 No.12367371
         File1286506002.jpg-(94 KB, 603x789, paranoiaxpcover.jpg)
    94 KB
    Solution: Play a /different/ game...
    I could scarcely think of a better one for YOUR gaming group.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:46 No.12367373
    ITT: faggots using "roleplay" as an excuse to forget the "game" portion AND butthurt morons who wish they had the level of ingenuity/favoritism/vagina as the That Girl.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:48 No.12367392

    Sweet Jesus you have the ingredients for an amazing revenge, if you can just get close to That Girl's son. How much magic is still in the setting?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:48 No.12367393
    >Like I said she's Lawful Good

    Wait, here
    you said she's Lawful Neutral. That makes a lot more sense to me, but which is actually correct?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:52 No.12367441
         File1286506352.png-(571 KB, 669x600, 1270350133280.png)
    571 KB

    Fuck fuck, hold on, let me clarify, sorry.

    >"That girl" is Neutral Good

    That's what I mean to say. If I haven't said it already, then that's what I meant and that's what I mean.

    In all things she serves her country and it's and the people's well being first. Everything she's done, from murder to theft to rape has been for the betterment of the country and to prevent war.

    The only time she's acted out of that is towards us during that first TPK, which was solely revenge. Since then, she's always acted under Neutral Good, with a greater good in mind.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:52 No.12367444
         File1286506356.jpg-(66 KB, 600x600, 1283470735927.jpg)
    66 KB
    i think op was trolling all along
    maybe op is the bitch showing off her great achievement of faggotry.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:54 No.12367461
    Neither, story is full of holes, and those holes are spewing shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:54 No.12367464
    >Lawful neutral
    >Betrays and murders old comrades

    Nigga what.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:55 No.12367476
    the most pragmatic thing to do would be to inform the high command that on of their (ex?) agents is positioned just behind the throne of spain, if the theme is super genius fight then i guess start making inroads with the catholic church. that girls back ground makes me think that she may have overlooked them as a possible source of influence. all that helping the mases must be costing someone alot of money. conflate the arrival of the newtech with end of days stuff, the whore of babylon rising from the sea as these, infernal, devices have done. get a wetnurse to tearfully admit that that girls son was stillborne and that her metalic witches fasioned a clockwork heart for the thing and if he ever sits on the throne he will be a puppet king in truth. she should have some trouble suppressing rumors from russia.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:55 No.12367484
    Well, if you really want to mess with them yeah go solo game route and work with her enemies but do it all above board or shadowrun style covert ops to put you in charge while gathering or forging incontrovertable proof of her evil. Once in charge, when WWI starts, by your hand or otherwise make sure you have close ties with ALL your military allies and try to be on the winning side or have forces in waiting, preferably battalion sized in strength with full armour support.

    After winning the war, pull your evidence on the world leaders showing her to be force of evil and chaos in the world, bonus points if you can pin the recent war on her as well.

    This should be enough to have her and her "accomplices" terminated with excessive prejudice. By a multinational strikeforce. You'll have plenty of hardened veterans from the ear itself, it won't mattet how high level she is.

    Revenge should be a dish served with complete indifferece as you will have stopped her, her party and be leading a hopefully victorious nation after WWI. Retire character in
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:56 No.12367488
    Well it made more sense than lawful good, unless OP himself is saying his comrades are the villains of the story.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:56 No.12367489
    At least it would be a very entertaining troll. Besides, the concept of Magic Steampunk Batman is worth the price of admission.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:57 No.12367499
    I only have one question.

    Why the FUCK didn't you report to the royal family that she RAPED AND KILLED their son when you were brought in for questioning about your failure?

    OP really is bad at this.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)22:59 No.12367528
         File1286506769.jpg-(138 KB, 640x440, 1250834248827.jpg)
    138 KB

    It's a very low magic setting. It's pretty much the real world, but if the people performing "magic" actually had some things come true as a result. Things like superstitions sometimes tend to be true, and performing a Satanic ritual and sacrificing plenty of virgins might get you a tiny bit of power, but it's really not more than that.

    That said though, things of the old world are very potent in magic. One of the things we've had to face was a Lich and undead, possible only because it hailed from the old world. Given that though, things of the old world are as rare as the fantastical new tech the inventors are bringing.

    Natural magic though, things like creatures (fairies, vampires, dryads, werewolves, etc...) and magic of the earth and trees and the like is, despite being uncommon, fairly widespread. Most people just don't notice it or they go by under the radar.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:02 No.12367566
         File1286506948.jpg-(15 KB, 553x351, 1275380568193.jpg)
    15 KB

    Because the words of three survivors, "injured and reeling from shock" as it was described, wasn't enough to outweigh the words of a Duchess and various others she'd payed off.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:02 No.12367573
    Done right, there is no downside, you end with an army, country, save the world from a dangerous psychopath and are untouchable outside of OOC reasons which you can call them on.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:06 No.12367615
         File1286507215.png-(12 KB, 470x457, 1259043689241.png)
    12 KB

    The only problem is that she has and is acting genuinely good and looking out for and trying to prevent turmoil.

    By her hand, the percieved World War I won't happen at all.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:07 No.12367624
    Just a wild, wild guess but does it happen to be the GM's girlfriend?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:08 No.12367636
    And? She has committed crimes. She must be punished. To do otherwise is to uphold injustice.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:08 No.12367641
    Your new character: Time Police. WWI must happen. It's fixed in the timeline. And no upstart faux princess will stop that.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:09 No.12367649
    >GM's girlfriend
    >rotating GM
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:09 No.12367653
    She gets around.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:09 No.12367654
    >By her hand, the percieved World War I won't happen at all.


    WWI will be horrible for thousands but fun for you, start the war homo.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:12 No.12367684
         File1286507521.jpg-(4 KB, 110x102, 1263587481295.jpg)
    4 KB

    Yes, she even fucks the other girl player.

    But seriously, no she's not anyone's girlfriend. At least, anyone in the group.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:18 No.12367773
         File1286507938.jpg-(77 KB, 626x461, 1276807602996.jpg)
    77 KB
    If you rotate gms, how could you have never known about her whiley plans, with you being the GM? That sounds like a terrible idea. And if there's rotating GM's, she surely must have GM'd your games and learned of all your plots and how to foil them.

    It ain't good roleplaying, it's being meta as fuck.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:24 No.12367852
         File1286508269.jpg-(27 KB, 183x154, 1258423224480.jpg)
    27 KB

    Neither she nor I ever DM'd.

    She because she wasn't allowed because of potential favoritism or an unfair advantage.

    Me because I don't like DMing.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:26 No.12367877
    >She because she wasn't allowed because of potential favoritism or an unfair advantage.
    >Me because I don't like DMing.

    I think I see where the other players would want to bone you, chief. It's the part where you're too lazy to do your part to keep a group activity going.
    >> TheDeathMerchant !!XI/WQ3Th2z1 10/07/10(Thu)23:26 No.12367882
         File1286508397.jpg-(52 KB, 750x600, fc54948_633502095110658970-Fac(...).jpg)
    52 KB
    After reading this meandering clusterfuck, here's the best advice I have:


    Provided this isn't a giant lump of bullshit you're feeding us, it still quite possibly the dumbest goddamn thing I've read and I'd be hard pressed to figure out who among your group is the biggest rube.

    In conclusion, I'd like to say that it's really hard to upset me, and you've done it. Good show, 7/10
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:28 No.12367911
    >Rotating GMs

    >No, I won't GM!

    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:30 No.12367936
         File1286508616.gif-(101 KB, 599x460, 124537692427.gif)
    101 KB

    I'm not really creative, sorry.

    Also I wouldn't DM when she plays because a) she'd probably turn the trolling up to maximum and b) because I don't trust myself not to play against her.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:31 No.12367948

    >Rotating GMs

    >Has stated that some DM's are bad

    >Still finds excuse

    God, you are just a bad player aren't you, at least some of them try.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:34 No.12367977
         File1286508881.jpg-(87 KB, 700x386, 1250930825968.jpg)
    87 KB

    I've tried DMing before, I never said I hadn't.

    If I think they're bad at it, then I'm the worst in the group.

    I'm not saying I'm a good player either, just relating a story.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:35 No.12367990
    >Bad Player

    >Bad GM

    You are verily annoying.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:35 No.12367992
    I think I've worked it out. Op is in fact that group's 'that guy'. Not the girl.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:37 No.12368012
    Yeah, it never sounds like it from their point of view until you get all the evidence on the table.

    I've been Thatrolled.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:38 No.12368028
    My first clue was that he refused to become Batman.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:39 No.12368036
    Explain. (I have not been trying to figure out if I was trolled, I was busy being entertained by the thread, BTW)
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:40 No.12368048
    A few questions about possible alternate history in the setting.
    What is the present state of Prussia, have there been the Austrian and Danish wars and if so, how did they end?
    What is the status on the unification of Germany, is Bismarck/in-universe equivalent in the process of it, or has it not started/been stalled due to That Girl's meddling?
    How are Prussia's relations with the other Germanic states, and with other European powers?
    Oh, also, what duchy is That Girl the ruler of?
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:40 No.12368052
         File1286509228.jpg-(76 KB, 637x588, 12453801436.jpg)
    76 KB

    What? How is this?

    I'm not seeing it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:43 No.12368081
         File1286509391.jpg-(714 KB, 800x818, 1256422891894.jpg)
    714 KB
    Of course you wouldn't. You unfortunate souls never do.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:45 No.12368126

    Start the gorram war through agents and catspaws. By virtue of technology, trench warfare can be averted decades earlier. If you can take hold of a country, you can gain some seriously hard troops to put this mad dog down once and for all
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:46 No.12368133

    Not DMing in a rotating schedule, hell bent on killing a player you have an issue with/promoting PVP when he could have let sleeping dogs lie, trying to derail the game from something that every other player is enjoying, coming to /tg/ for advice on taking revenge

    >ditactly manner
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:47 No.12368147
    Have any of the other players actively bad mouthed you? Can you think of any evidence that might suggest you are THAT GUY while being unaware of it, like some suspense thriller movie where the detective is the killer the whoile time.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:48 No.12368154
    Cop are lawful evil by nature, use every fucking law, nook and crannies to get her legally put to death, while scorned by her people (aka High treason)
    Spain is a very Christian country before ww1, that's your hint.
    your main play ground are to be Vativan and Spain.
    Destroy her socially. Before WW1 is also a time where the concept of Nation matter a fucking lot, I feel it's been underplayed in your group; Care to elaborate, please?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:49 No.12368180
    >Only the dead nun and crippled and expelled OP were kept alive from her two murder sprees. She convinced the other new characters to like her because she's a higher level character.

    >Sounds like other players are idiots. She apparently killed their characters twice (once for revenge, once for OOC spite) and they still went along with rather suspect circumstances as players.

    Because they are playing an RPG. Who gives a fuck what that crazy asshole and his murdering nun say when you have an awesome noblewoman telling you what to do? Let's be lackeys! Yay money! Yay power! Yay food!

    OP should obviously assasinate Ferdinand
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:50 No.12368186
         File1286509801.jpg-(75 KB, 845x652, 1260164972653.jpg)
    75 KB

    I never refused that!


    I'll answer but it's only from a basic understanding of the world in the setting (or, fairly basic, I'm a policeman not a politician or royalty). I'm not very learned in history.

    >What is the present state of Prussia, have there been the Austrian and Danish wars and if so, how did they end?

    Prussia's doing pretty well. There's talk of uniting with other nations or simply uniting/strengthening in the face of conflict.

    >What is the status on the unification of Germany, is Bismarck/in-universe equivalent in the process of it, or has it not started/been stalled due to That Girl's meddling?

    Bismark's around, last I remember he's doing what he can to set things straight despite all the turmoil. In the setting, major historical figures (like Bismark) are around, but lesser or not as influential figures (Spanish royalty) are substituted for characters.

    >How are Prussia's relations with the other Germanic states, and with other European powers?

    Currently Prussia is looking good because of our actions and that girl's too. Also it looks good with Spain specifically because of that girl. Really the ones out control and potentially the biggest proponents of the war are France, Ottoman Empire, and maybe Russia.

    Again, this is just my understanding, I'm not too well versed in the backstory going on.

    >Oh, also, what duchy is That Girl the ruler of?

    I don't think she's really vested in her Duchess title and holdings anymore. I mean she still owns it but she has other people running and representing it for her. Currently she's vested in Spain and trying to make it better while using it to make Prussia as a whole better.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:53 No.12368225
    Then redeem yourself by becoming the Bat.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:54 No.12368238
    Hypothetically, in a game filled with shitty players the guy who is the good player everywhere else, is That Guy. Think about it, OP, and you'll understand.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:54 No.12368239
         File1286510091.jpg-(28 KB, 440x330, 1257900497129.jpg)
    28 KB

    I'm not hellbent on revenge, the only reason revenge came up is because I asked /tg/.

    I came here only asking if I should be suspicious of her and how to proceed, that was yesterday I asked. Everyone responded that I should seek revenge.

    Now it seems that revenge is the only option and the thing everyone is still suggesting.

    Apart from the schedule, the only reason I would be a "that guy" is because of heeding /tg/.


    No, everyone's loving it. Before I was the glue holding the party together. Now that I've been supplanted in that role, they're anxious to see how I'll respond.

    Like I said everyone's generally having a good time and enjoying it. No one shares the sentiments of their characters, neither do I.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:56 No.12368262
         File1286510194.jpg-(49 KB, 317x284, 1282320215309.jpg)
    49 KB

    Elaborate how?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)23:57 No.12368279
    >Apart from the schedule, the only reason I would be a "that guy" is because of heeding /tg/.
    He listened to 4chan, the poor sap.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:00 No.12368313
    So are you still attached to your character, or what?
    Maybe you can start up a new character, but have this guy also doing stuff in a separate setting. Building resources in a way That Girl did, but for an entirely different purpose. Batman was an example, and I think it would be great, but you might not want to go that way.

    At least try to avoid going the way of the Joker. Your guys day hasn't been THAT bad, right?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:03 No.12368353
    I'd like to know how the Natinalism fit in this setting.
    the world before WWI revolves around 2 main concept : God and the Nations, as in we all have one God but every nation try to fuck every other nation HARD.
    I don't see it at all in that setting.
    Furthermore she wasn't BORN noble and her son is thus nothing more than a bastard,(you have to be of royal decent for your child to be royalty) bastard can't access the throne.
    So many plot hole my head hurts...
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:05 No.12368377
         File1286510724.jpg-(22 KB, 427x349, 1256978994876.jpg)
    22 KB

    I could very easily part with the character. If I do so however, I lose this chance of an epic reversal on her as she did to me.

    Really I just don't want to let the group down of what they're expecting of me. I feel if I just roll a new character, they'll feel letdown. That said though, I don't think I'm up to the task of matching "that girls" cunning and smarts and seek /tg/s help.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:08 No.12368415
    Match her in purpose and commitment. Match her by becoming more of a legend. Become the Bat.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:09 No.12368419
    She's not that smart, nor that cunning. She's just getting pandered to and metagaming like fuck.

    I can't help but feel that this is an issue that's come from not having a consistent GM drive the story, given that no one of you really has the authority to say 'no, that's retarded. You're not doing that'.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:10 No.12368441
         File1286511053.gif-(6 KB, 130x203, 1254203409310.gif)
    6 KB

    Sure there's people rallying and struggling for it.

    Every time we've been to a city it's been parades and speeches and rallys. Military steeping and technological advancement to boot.

    That's why I think Captain Nemo and the other's are here, to exploit the system and reap the rewards. They are after all, one of the biggest driving forces behind the buildup of this conflict.

    As for the child, it was either accept her as the mother and the child as descendant of the late Prince, or let some Uncle be next in line. That she showed up a few weeks pregnant with an answer to their troubles, and to their knowledge a titled lady, they took it as a godsend and did what they needed to do to end their problem.

    Keep in mind it's all fantasy.
    >> Balancesheet !!SHS1MTVwiPD 10/08/10(Fri)00:11 No.12368445
    Become the Bat.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:12 No.12368461
    Would you consider it "giving up" if you let go of getting revenge?

    You could also try to get some sort of in character understanding of motivations and share why you did stuff. Your guy is perceived as crippled right? Could you find some way of talking to them one on one, get to an understanding, or not, but explain ...

    Fuck, I'm starting to ramble. In character, Hold a person to person discussion and find stuff out. What is That Girls characters motivation and or goal at this stage?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:14 No.12368492
    Considering OP refused to GM, he doesn't really have grounds to complain now. As the saying goes, you no play-a da game, you no make-a da rules.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:16 No.12368522
         File1286511419.jpg-(35 KB, 470x350, 1265085409574.jpg)
    35 KB

    Like I said I don't mind giving up the character, it's just giving up the opportunity.

    As for in game, I'm not getting near the character, not while she's got the party at her beck and call. They all believe I'm a murderer, and wanted to kill me initially.

    As I understand it though, her sole motivation now, and since the ball has been to prevent the coming conflict and save lives/Europe from destruction.

    Last I heard, I believe her intent was to combat the instability Captain Nemo and the inventors keep bringing, but naturally that would be *very* unwise on her part.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:18 No.12368539

    Wow, your pic is "Return to Sender"

    I haven't seen that comic in years.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:18 No.12368544
    Yeah, the way this arms race is shaping up it's completely unrealistic for her to stop the brewing conflict. It's like the industrial revolution on crack. If anything, the war would be worse.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:21 No.12368581
    You can't win she's backed by the rest of the group.
    Best you can do is phyrric victory, destroy her completely but gain nothing and destroy the world while doing it.

    We always bully the most the people we're interested in....any remote chance she'd like you?
    or is that even more impossible than her becoming the queen of Spain.....
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:21 No.12368586
    Try to make ammends. You can plot revenge for a later time.

    What sort of skills do you have to offer, crippled as you are?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:23 No.12368607
         File1286511825.png-(175 KB, 428x349, 1247210390759.png)
    175 KB

    Well in the beginning her character had a thing for mine which I didn't return. I believe it was destroyed when we abandoned her. I think now she just sees me as an interesting plaything to keep tormenting. I mean she could have killed me at anytime.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:23 No.12368609
    Join Nemo!!!!
    Do it!
    Join those she owes her rebirth to but fear the most now.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:28 No.12368678
         File1286512093.jpg-(9 KB, 300x300, 1265085510075.jpg)
    9 KB

    Not many, beyond my understanding of the supernatural we've been dealing with. She's now removed my physical worth you see.


    You know this actually is a possibility... one that could be a huge slap in the face if my character ends up propagating the cycle of turmoil against her striving for stability.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:29 No.12368697
         File1286512161.jpg-(749 KB, 866x1200, 1286478605277.jpg)
    749 KB
    After reading this thread OP, all I know is you better beat "that girl" to death with that sack of gold she left you before its all said and done.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:32 No.12368730
         File1286512324.jpg-(10 KB, 216x205, 1258359070602.jpg)
    10 KB
    Ok so just as a recap to clarify before things come to an end, with my character now crippled and her character leading the party I should;


    Any one of the following? Which should I enact first? I think the consensus is that I should use magic of the old world to combat her technological menace, become justice batman and steal her child, and start World War I, and bring her perfect world collapsing down around her? Is that the right idea?

    Again, I'm currently crippled lying in the dirt on some road to Russia.

    If people even care of this, I'll update as I play games. Next one is tomorrow, we do Thursdays and Fridays.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:32 No.12368742
    As Batman.

    (In case you can't tell, I really want OP to become Batman)
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:33 No.12368745
    ...I advise your character to get religion. See that doing any of the things the idiots above me are suggesting will only perpetuate the cycle of hatred. Forgive her, genuinely forgive her for what she's done to you, and be understanding if she can't do the same.
    Not only will it probably piss her off, it'll also be good roleplaying.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:34 No.12368763
         File1286512455.jpg-(72 KB, 734x404, 1260502422864.jpg)
    72 KB

    I am in favour of this.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:35 No.12368774
         File1286512537.jpg-(31 KB, 308x305, 1235355582677.jpg)
    31 KB

    Also of course, options on the table also include;

    - Roll a new character and simply forgive "that girl" (in game I guess, I hold nothing against her IRL)
    - Join Nemo and the inventors

    Whatever shall I do /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:35 No.12368777
    But... You tried to kill her in her sleep, after she had spared your life twice before. And in retaliation she did to you almost literally what your party did to her.
    She wants... no, -needs- your character to descend to her level, to make the moral compromises she made. Don't give her that satisfaction.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:36 No.12368788
    Don't do anything combative to her. Don't kidnap her son, don't try to kill her. Just become Batman, a force for good and justice, because you have nothing left but those two things. Make sure others don't suffer like you have. Be unerring in your quest for right, because you have been wronged. It isn't the thirst for revenge that guides your hand, it is the knowledge that if you try, if you sacrifice, you can be better than them. Better than you were.

    Be the Bat.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:37 No.12368792
    What this guy said. TAKE the HIGHER GROUND. Forgive her. Have your character send her a formal letter of forgiveness, prostrate yourself before the royal court, and then roll a new character.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:37 No.12368797
         File1286512662.jpg-(135 KB, 500x727, 1275789299545.jpg)
    135 KB

    >>12368697 here i want him to become batman as well. I can see this all taking place kidnapping the boy, explaining to the boy what his mom did, and then use the kidnapping to force a personal confrontation with "that girl."
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:38 No.12368805
    Join Nemo. Be the Bat. Kidnap the son.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:38 No.12368806
    Eh, no, I mean have your character eventually forgive hers without getting a new one. Like maybe take refuge in a Monastery or something, depending on where in Russia you are.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:38 No.12368813
    probably end of thread.
    But joining Nemo would give an interesting spin to your char.
    To destroy her ambitions, you, yourself would have to accept the machine as your antagonist once had. But rather than fear it, embrace it completely, maybe becoming an abomination of man and machinery.
    Would be overkill though but would definitely make them recoil in horror next time you face her.
    "Flesh is weak, flash can betray. I'll get rid of it, of all of it"
    Mechanical NWO.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:38 No.12368817
         File1286512723.jpg-(100 KB, 500x375, 1258345462053.jpg)
    100 KB

    Well fuck I'm getting all sorts of mixed messages here.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:38 No.12368820
    >propagating the cycle of turmoil against her striving for stability.
    Stability is stagnation! Chaos is growth!
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:39 No.12368831
    send letter of apology.

    apologise for joining Nemo.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:40 No.12368837
    If you want to descend to ultimate trolling levels, have your character try not to destroy hers, but to -save- hers, in gratitude for showing him the light and for all the good she could accomplish.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:40 No.12368844
    Yes. You're faced with a moral dilemma. Go sleep on it, and make your OWN decision.

    Listening to /tg/ got you into this mess. It's up to you if you trust us enough to get you out of it.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:40 No.12368847
    This is what you do. Become the better man. Become the Bat.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:41 No.12368851
    >>12368048 here, I'm a slow typer
    Okay OP, if you choose to keep your current character (which I'm assuming you do), then your first goal should be to acquire just enough cybernetics so that you are no longer an armless cripple.
    As you are almost broke, you need to decide how to raise the money, or at least befriend someone willing to get the cybernetics for you. to this end, you will need decide which path to power you wish to take. Given your cripple status, becoming an influential military figure is practically impossible without some luck.
    For diplomatic influence, you best bet is to get involved with Prussia's diplomatic corps, and from there, try to work your way to becoming one of Bismarck's most trusted advisors/lieutenants.
    For a more economic approach to the situation, try to get a job working for the Krupp family. As they are really fucking rich, they should have no problem getting you a replacement arm. As an added bonus they are the main producers of steel, artillery and munitions for the Prussian army, so in the event of a world war, if you are high enough in the company, be prepared to be a war profiteer.
    Actually, the Krupp approach sounds nice, because it involves both getting power AND screwing over That Girl's plans for peace.
    >> Balancesheet !!SHS1MTVwiPD 10/08/10(Fri)00:41 No.12368858
    Take her child.

    Raise him.

    Get him to kill her.

    A) Her son will kill her. This is politically advantageous because they're more likely to trust the son of a Prince rather than the harlot.
    B) She will kill her son. Suddenly, evilness comes to the forefront, she loses her good name, and everything she ever worked for.

    Problem solved.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:42 No.12368868
    Oh that's a given. Because you won't let yourself hate her. There is no hate, just drive. She is one life, and you will protect it. Because that is what you are. That is what you have become.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:46 No.12368923
         File1286513182.jpg-(122 KB, 1276x717, 1269230687375.jpg)
    122 KB
    Ok well before I make any long lasting plans for revenge or forgiveness, I have to at least get out of the forest and get myself back to shape.

    The question is, should I pursue cybernetics as well, or should I pursue magic of the old world to rival her technology?


    Her kid is not even one years old yet. Like she had they baby a couple of months ago, and came out to meet us when she heard our goals were similar, once she had recovered from the birth.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:47 No.12368939
    Get some arms, then magic so you can be Magic Batman.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:48 No.12368955
    About where exactly in Russia are you anyway? And is the wilderness hostile enough that there's a decent chance of you being eaten by an Ogre or something?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:48 No.12368956
    Getting training in legend and myth in monasteries across Asia and Europe does have a certain appeal to it... I think it depends on what you want to do long term.

    Forgiveness - old world spirituality
    Revenge - iron fist of progress
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:48 No.12368959
         File1286513323.jpg-(34 KB, 492x496, 1270186111146.jpg)
    34 KB

    That's what I meant, should I recover my health with tech or magic?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:50 No.12368981
    Both, obviously. If you're gonna be Batman you should be fucking Magic Cyborg Batman.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:53 No.12369023
         File1286513636.png-(50 KB, 196x203, 1257191655671.png)
    50 KB

    I think we're near leaving Poland.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:54 No.12369033
         File1286513677.jpg-(248 KB, 655x850, 1268081552484.jpg)
    248 KB

    Old world magic. You must become her Antithesis. Were she has tech you have magic, were she is weak you must be strong. Obviously this will take time, but hey this is what great stories come from. You be the unbreakable object to her unstoppable force ,and after its all over and every one is dead simply ask if every one can just start new campaign.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:54 No.12369036
    is anyone gonna archive this?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:56 No.12369052
    I... GUESS it warrants an archive? Its been entertaining at the very least. Only do it if OP agrees to be Batman
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:57 No.12369059
         File1286513839.jpg-(62 KB, 334x248, 1254979352359.jpg)
    62 KB

    Yeah I think in terms of healing I have three ways ahead;

    - Magic = hard and long, but probably more appropriate
    - Common tech = like her, difficult to obtain and come by, but by far the easiest
    - High tech = Nemo and the inventors, hard to obtain but far, FAR superior to any other kind of tech
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:57 No.12369064
    And gives us updat-
    >doubtful favioust

    >> OP Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)00:58 No.12369071
         File1286513900.jpg-(34 KB, 375x427, 1257186857737.jpg)
    34 KB

    Is it really worth an archive?

    I mean I guess if I continue to update the story perhaps...
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:00 No.12369096

    Fuck yeah, I want to hear back after you become Magic Cyborg Batman. Hell, I kind of want to lurk and see how it all unfolds now.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:01 No.12369108
    It's actually already been archived
    >> Balancesheet !!SHS1MTVwiPD 10/08/10(Fri)01:01 No.12369114

    Go high-tech

    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:04 No.12369139
    Okay, /tg/, I'm out. Damn entertaining thread, OP. Do come back after becoming Magic Cyborg Batman and let us know how it turned out.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:05 No.12369162
    >Brutally maimed
    >Talk it out

    This reflects on badly as a person. Pussy.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:11 No.12369220
    Sounds like you have a great recipe for a coup. Uncles are being denied their birth right because some mysterious woman comes in? Give some eye witness accounts for bombing the place, easily done with some coinage, and sign her death warrant. Take the child on as your own. That way you have the "exiled noble" as your ace in the hole.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:16 No.12369280
    Become druid batman, GET A FUCKING BEAR ARM!
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:19 No.12369313
         File1286515146.jpg-(11 KB, 355x223, 1283401789830.jpg)
    11 KB

    The case was already closed as the prince being killed in the bombing by parties unknown. She testified to this and was believed along with those she paid off.

    And anyway, the formal ball happened almost a year ago, I don't think I'll have much chance to do anything with it.

    Which sucks, because despite being well-executed and planned out, it's probably the sloppiest she's been in her planning, as it was done on short notice.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:23 No.12369361

    Short Term:Get a prosthetic made of wood, wrap a sling around it.
    Mid Term: Learn magic. Start doing favors for people who do right by you.

    Long Term:Integrate yourself into the bohemian counterculture of Europe. Suddenly, MAGICAL COMMUNISTS EVERYWHERE!
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:31 No.12369464
    Happened one year ago you say? Anniversary is the perfect time for the uncles to band together their military forces and usurp the bitch and gain power, of course there will then be civil war in Spain, but that is of no consequence.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:33 No.12369477
    >Learn Magic
    >Become Rasputin
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:35 No.12369496
         File1286516115.jpg-(343 KB, 698x673, 1282442010822.jpg)
    343 KB

    It's true, and though they don't like her, however the people like her so it might be difficult.

    Still though, options to consider.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:39 No.12369541
    Become an agent of Chaos, start a civil war in Spain over the throne. Meanwhile, in Russia, start the Communist revolution, Meanwhile, in Austria-Hugary (or whatever it was called there) stir up more descent about their land being ruled over by foreign power and it is their birthright to take it back.

    Meanwhile, get an audience with the inventors and inform them of the woman's conspiring against them.

    Also, learn magic while doing this. Oh and because everyone else said it, be batman. It really helps the people follow a cause if they have an unseen guardian of the night... in fact, be a Zorro/Batman hybrid.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:41 No.12369562

    So to fight a Mary Sue, he has to become a Mary Sue?

    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:43 No.12369586
    And I didn't even begin to talk about getting a TARDIS and wrestling Aligators while reciting poetry.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)01:47 No.12369621
    >become Rasputin

    >Suddenly, Hellboy game
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)02:04 No.12369782
    Don't do this. All she did was kill your friends and cut of your arm. Are you seriously going to be petty enough to cause a war that will leave thousands dead, all for the sake of a grudge? You realize that while undeniably a vindictive bitch, from what's been said, that girl's character has done more for the common people than any of the other PCs right?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)02:12 No.12369838
    Twice before this person butchered your fellow party members with malice aforethought. You have tried forgiveness. You have tried simple assassination. Neither have proven successful.

    This man is close to the answer, but still a touch far off. The original poster's character was already a defender of all that is good and just. There is no need for him to hide in the shadows to continue doing that.
    Instead, OP, you must focus on what that woman has done to those who depended upon you. Focus upon the awful things she has perpetrated in her mad pursuit of power, and those she has killed or corrupted to bring about her fell schemes. You must live up to the archetype of the Failure Knight and AVENGE YOUR FALLEN COMRADES!
    >> OP Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)02:15 No.12369877
         File1286518557.jpg-(41 KB, 214x178, 1255723688270.jpg)
    41 KB

    That's what I've realized from the start. The only people she's fucked over are us, or threats to the country/people. Otherwise she gives her all to helping people.

    She strives for peace and prosperity, and given her way, World War I simply might not occur.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)02:29 No.12369997
    I'm pretty sure he never actually attempted forgiveness. And the second time she killed the party members was just because they were in her way. Nothing more than high-level mooks preventing her from accomplishing her goals. That they were PCs as well didn't and shouldn't enter into the equation.
    Plus she still let OP's guy and the nun live.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)02:33 No.12370030
    In that light, pursuing your vendetta would be akin to being the Rorschach to her Ozymandias, only without a Dr. Manhattan to get in the way.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)02:35 No.12370048
    My argument for starting the damn war yourself is that you will have started a war that will kill millions because she screwed you over and killed your comrades. Leave the world in flames and ruin in their name and before you land the final blow, let her know that she was the one that forced your hand. You did not kill the world, she did with her own selfishness. You were the gun, she pulled the trigger.

    Alternatively, sniper rifle, approximately 750 meters away, she won't see it coming, no grand speeches, no epic duel, just a bullet in the brainpan, squish. She's dead and all you feel is recoil. Nothing to plan other than to track them down and take your shot. This way, you get to do your revenge and hey, if she's as important as she made herself to be, it might start WWI anyway. World burns, good end.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)02:35 No.12370061
         File1286519748.jpg-(90 KB, 962x540, 1259567991674.jpg)
    90 KB

    Yeah, while the first TPK was out of revenge, the second was because we tried to stop her from getting at the Prince. So it was only because they got in her way that she killed them.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)02:43 No.12370140
    Except, that argument is bullshit in every sense of the word, and pretty much makes that character into the king of hypocrites, since cutting his arm of and leaving him behind was in retaliation for trying to kill her in her sleep as well as poison.
    Think about it, that is pretty much one of the lowest things you can do, cowardly as well.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)02:45 No.12370160
    Alternatively, you could ignore the more involved and long term plans for settling this girl's hash. Remember, she expects you to try for a long series of solo games where you attempt to become more powerful than she could possibly imagine. She will then try to continually outwit you, and given events so far, will most likely succeed.
    Play a VERY short series of solo games, with a single GM that you can trust to keep EVERYTHING you do a complete secret, even from his own characters, until it is far to late. The player who had the nun may fit the bill. Your goal is not to become a cybernetic monstrosity or an eldritch power, but to simply prepare a single event in the future. Hell, never replace your arm, just see to your wounds in the contemporary fashion.
    The plan is as follows. After you make a basic recovery, find some event, or location, where the traitorous, usurping wench MUST be. At the appropriate time, see to it that said location is rigged with a very large quantity of explosives. More is better. Shrapnel, and anything else you can think of to prevent troublesome survivors would also be a good thing. Bonus points if you can get the entire party with her as well.
    After setting things up with your specially chosen GM, stop attending sessions, until such time as the appointed hour draws near. When the time approaches, simply sit quietly in the room with your fellow players, smiling quietly. Then, when the clock strikes, let your smile grow to beatific proportions, and gently say "Boom."

    After the presiding GM explains how the bulk of the party just got annihilated by outrageous amounts of explosives, explain how much fun you have had with your fellow players, and ask if they would be interested in starting a new campaign soon. After all, almost everyone needs to roll up new characters, and I'm sure someone can think of a plot hook set about 10 minutes after the explosion.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)02:48 No.12370193
         File1286520533.jpg-(67 KB, 300x360, 1247210886911.jpg)
    67 KB

    Yes, I should probably make clear that while we didn't trust her, during the time that she was back adventuring with us, she definitely seemed genuinely happy and not at all likely to betray us. She only acted in hostility when we tried to kill us, otherwise she was kind and benevolent.

    Of course it couldn't have lasted, I mean here she was traveling with, eating with, sleeping with us, always right there like anyone else of the party, except that she had killed everyone prior. It was only a matter of time before something happened, even if she never intended to betray us again.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)02:49 No.12370204

    >we tried to kill her

    meant to say
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)02:54 No.12370256
    I'll admit that it's going to a retarded extreme. To be honest, I'd rather go with the sniper route simply because it's so impersonal. There's pretty much no way to prevent it or see it coming if it's set up properly and again, it denies the satisfaction of any sort of proper confrontation. The high explosive route works as well, though it's a bit messier, although quite thorough.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)03:12 No.12370487
    It kind of seems like even before she cut off your characters arm, she had already placed your position. I mean the paranoia of your characters prevented them from trusting her, even though she had a reason to work with them.
    If you were a Paladin, you would have fallen when you tried to murder her, and even though you aren't you are fallen in a matter of speaking. It's really up to you if you just want to keep descending into deeper levels of vengeance and cruelty, or if you're going to man up and rise up.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)03:26 No.12370634
    Bombing parties, marrying for a title then killing your husband, raping and killing 14 year olds... you know, what good people do!
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)03:28 No.12370655
    Well to be fair, maybe the kid was a bad prince. The real way to be a good ruler for a country is to abandon the place and promise entry into the royal family as bribes to keep people quiet on matters of justice.

    ITT: White knights think that a vagina can do no evil
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)03:36 No.12370733
         File1286523397.jpg-(21 KB, 520x470, 1268813641383.jpg)
    21 KB

    Well we spent a few months escorting him around while he was visiting relatives in our country, he seemed like a good kid. Enough that everyone had a soft spot for him and the Nun in particular (who was personally charged with guarding him) saw him as a little brother.

    For "that girl", becoming pregnant was simply the easiest and fastest way to what she wanted; a position of power from which she could do more good. The only reason she killed him was because she needed no one to know of the nature of the conception, otherwise she wouldn't have killed him.

    That she forced the Nun to watch though, that was out of spite.

    Again, Neutral Good towards everyone except us and those that got in the way of her doing good.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)03:47 No.12370827
    I think that, while many things are themselves Neutral on the scale of Order and Chaos, and while many things may be loosely defined as good...
    I have never heard anyone describe someone who rapes and murders children described as such.

    Just saying.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)04:03 No.12370948
         File1286524988.jpg-(25 KB, 431x400, 1285135247119.jpg)
    25 KB

    Well yeah the act itself, I don't think anyone's justifying or trying to say is good. But the motivation behind it and end result, ended up helping allot of people. One killed kid to help many millions.

    Is it good? Or bad? I don't know.

    All in all, she plays her alignment like a government operative for the CIA or something. "I'll do whatever it takes, so long as it's good for the nation."
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)04:09 No.12370993
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    >> OP Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)04:12 No.12371019
         File1286525531.jpg-(323 KB, 655x597, 1277274563736.jpg)
    323 KB


    For better or for worse though, both our nation and Spain are doing wonderfully because of her, and better for it.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/10(Fri)04:18 No.12371073
    Perhaps I should phrase it slightly differently.
    This character raped and murdered a child, specifically to cause the birth of another child about whom she does not care, solely to acquire personal power. Said power is to be used for the greater good.
    Congratulations! I think we can safely say that any protection due to a Good aligned character in a Good aligned campaign is officially rescinded. You may consider the above termination orders to be given. She is, at best, a fallen hero, who has been driven mad by her disfiguration and perceived abandonment.

    Kill the character. The sooner the better.

    For the greater good, of course.

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