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  • File : 1285535225.jpg-(450 KB, 1569x779, 1285303029208.jpg)
    450 KB Dragon Quest, pt. III Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)17:07 No.12233118  
    Details: Dragon Quest III. (II at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12185849/ )
    Summary: You are a red dragon, in the 'young adult' age category, edging on 'adult'. You are out to explore the world, gain power, treasure, a hoard, and whatever else you can get your claws on. To this end, you have arrived in Umbar, colliqually known as 'Freeport', city of pirates. You are travelling polymorphed into a male elf, under the guise of 'Mr. Smaug'.
    Brief history: You purchased Jerrik the Kobold, who was a slave. He seems loyal. You were hired by Leader (have not recieved his name, that's what you mentally designated him,) to assist his group as a transalator, for the looting of 'ruins, or something'. Turned out to be a Wizard's tower, instead. Further, you freed what seems to be a demon who was bound in his lab, and she has assisted you somewhat as well. You may have managed to bind her to you, you're somewhat unsure on that. She goes by the name of 'Scinnari'.

    You found out that this tower is apprently owned by a 'Kazmiri the Red', a feared figure around here. Enough so that upon finding this out, Leader and Sigmund, (dwarf, locksmith, and surviving member of the party,) were on the verge of abandoning the objectives and fleeing. (a pair of deeds.)
    You finally found the deeds, but accidentally set the library you were searching on fire. (trapped chest) Evacuating that room of the wizard's tower, you must settle on a course of action.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)17:07 No.12233124
    The conflagration spreads rapidly.

    "We've got the deeds! Everyon, get out!" you shout, raising your voice above Jarrik's babbling and the crackling of parchment and books being consumed by the flames. Putting the documents back into the chest, you shove it against Jarrik's chest, then shove him towards the door. He stumbles out, still babbling appolgies in his bastardized version of draconic.

    Rushing towards the back of the library, you begin searching through the books, fearing the oncoming fire not for yourself, but for the books, which, unlike you, are not immune to fire. "A Novice's Fundamentals of Magical Theory and Practice". That's it. Knowledge is power, particulairly when the knowledge is how to do magic. Exposure to the power of a real wizard has given you motivation to look into your own abilities, and those of others, more seriously.

    You turn, intending to take as many of the spell-scrolls as possible, to either keep or sell later. Your intentions are thrown awry, however, as the first scroll is consumed by the tongues of flame, and explodes in shards of ice. You pivot, taking cover behind the central shelving pillar, and feel pain as a sliver of ice somehow finds it's way through the shelves into your shoulder. Gritting your teeth, you hunch over, and rush through the flames, hoping to protect the book and your clothing from the now-magically-fed fires. You burst through the smoke and flame, clothing smoking, and literally into the group at the door.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)17:08 No.12233128
         File1285535305.jpg-(215 KB, 1680x1050, Babylon.jpg)
    215 KB
    Deciding to cover your blind barging under the guise of delibrate action, you wrap you free arm around Scinnari, and kiss her on the cheek, before giving a jubilant crow. Sigmund grumbles something vaguely disapproving, probably about how the demon has you wrapped around her fingers, but it doesn't really have an venom behind it; probably just grumbling for the sake of grumbling. Both he and Leader are not exactly overjoyed, but they certainly look relieved to have the deeds.

    Well, you've got what you came here for, and could leave immediately, lest this 'Kazmiri the Red' return early, but you also have a powerful wizard's tower at your mercy, and there may be more of it worth looting. A course of action is required....
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)17:22 No.12233254
         File1285536136.jpg-(33 KB, 400x340, AncientGreatWyrm_Red.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Alternate OP 09/26/10(Sun)17:31 No.12233334
         File1285536677.jpg-(178 KB, 832x624, acid rex.jpg)
    178 KB
    I vote for leaving. No intel on the wizard, no planning, no good. Return to base.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)17:40 No.12233422
    I have to agree. We don't know if we can even take the guy on. Gain more power/get a better idea on what we're dealing with before we risk running into him. If we can escape without him knowing it was us who did this to the tower, we won't make an enemy out of someone that seems to be pretty feared.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)17:48 No.12233491
    "We should leave." Leader says.

    "Aye, we don't want to be here when Kazmiri gets back." Sigmund agrees. You are reluctant; you've already found some very satisfying treasures, but, their terror has been somewhat contagious, they've got even you nervous now.

    "Why is this Kazmiri so feared?" you ask neutrally, following them down the staircase.

    "Well, they say he's flayed a dozen men alive, for a start." Leader says, slight quaver in his voice.

    "And is wealthy enough he could buy his own army, let alone this whole city." Sigmund adds. Wonderful, you've got them repeating rumors.

    "I... must recommend against using the route you entered by." Scinnari says, from behind you. Gesturing a halt as they glance back, you invite her to elaborate. "There will be elementals guarding the room." she says.

    "Great. Now how do we get out?" Leader says, fear obviously eating at him.

    "There is the primary entrance." Scinnari says, gesturing at the double doors below you. "They should not be warded from the interior."

    "Oh. Great." Sigmund says sarcastically, "Wander right out into the street. 'Pardon me, Breaking and entering? Of course not, why do you ask? And you never saw me, understand?" he mocks.

    "Do you have any better ideas?" Scinnari asks viciously. "We have to leave somehow. Unless you'd prefer to wait until Kazmiri gets back."

    "Obviously, you hell-tart, but I'd rather a method that doesn't leave Kazmiri finding us as soon as he bothers to try!" Sigmund shouts back.

    You've got to break this up, or at least choose a course of action, before it escalates any further. What should it be?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)17:52 No.12233529
    Is there anything we can use to disguise ourselves? Even sheets to cover ourselves up or something. Or can the demon do something to temporarily change our appearance?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)17:55 No.12233551
    Heh heh. Helltart.

    Is this tower in the city? If it is, it might be flanked by buildings, which we might be able to reach from a window or something. Does the tower have windows?

    >another floor
    Yes, Captcha, that's what roofs would be to us.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)18:06 No.12233625
    "Can you disguise us?" you ask Scinnari, looking for a way out.

    "No, no, and no!" Sigmund shouts. "Trusting her to guide us around here is one thing, ta disguise us!? No! Completely unacceptable!" Ignoring Sigmund's rant, Scinnari responds,

    "No. I am unable to."

    How inconvenient. What can be done? "Windows!" You exclaim. "This tower is in the city, right?" you offer. Sigmund and Leader nod, while Jerrik and Scinnari wait to see where you're going with this. "Are there other buildings near by? Could we get access at the rooftop, or something?"

    "Aye, I suppose so..." Sigmund says thoughtfully.

    "Upward it is, then." Leader says, moving past you and up the stairs. "Sounds like our best bet."

    dice 1d100 in to the email field, please.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)18:06 No.12233630
         File1285538818.jpg-(93 KB, 800x600, 3 Angery dragons at the wizard(...).jpg)
    93 KB
    Forgot my name.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)18:07 No.12233640
    rolled 9 = 9

    I'm sure this will go well.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)18:17 No.12233731
    Oh god. We're dead.
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)18:28 No.12233849
    rolled 72 = 72

    I'll give it a try in case he wants another roll
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)18:28 No.12233852
         File1285540138.jpg-(131 KB, 640x480, You fucked up.jpg)
    131 KB

    There seem to be no windows. Two floors up, and none. On the third floor, however, there is a small balcony. A five foot diameter semicircle sticking out of the side of the tower, it looks over the city. Below is the street, beyond a large warehouse-looking building that, large or not, is still fifteen feet across from you, and twenty or twenty five below you.

    "Not jumping that." Sigmund says with a flat factuality.

    "I could make it. I could not come back, though." Scinnari says, looking down, and then back at you, almost speculatively in the dim light of the wizards' lanterns.

    "Maybe if we had a rope or something? You could take it across, secure it, and we could slide... climb down it?" Leader says, tentatively.

    "Jarrik... Jarrik have rope. Weak rope, though. Thin. Only thirty, thirty five." He says uneasily.

    >Plan of action:
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)18:34 No.12233923
    rolled 10 = 10

    hmmmm, we could use this to our advantage, let the demoness out first, then the kobold because he is the smallest then us, and then guess what? we just leave those two there to take the blame, we polymorph into another humanoid and we take our leave.......would be funny till the wizard got smart and realized those two couldn't have done it without us and them ratting us out but other than that, we would be good.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)18:37 No.12233967
    rolled 63 = 63

    If you want to let them take the blame, then we head back to the elementals and let them get killed but them and escape this way. Dead bodies can't give information. Unless this guy is a necromancer of some kind...

    Of course, if we really like these guys, couldn't we in theory stop polymorphing and help them out? Or polymorph into a non-dragon flying creature? Not sure what exactly we can do in that sense.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)18:39 No.12233996
    Have we made it appear as if we know magic? Otherwise this too could lead to trouble.

    Shapeshifting into a dragon in the middle of the city might not be the best move though...
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)18:41 No.12234025
    We shouldn't let them know that we are that powerful. Keep in mind being able to be in full control of a situation is plenty fine and we don't "like" these two. They are not even good pawns in the bigger game that we might possibly be playing soon. We need someone like this wizard on our side. These two have nothing but our "name", the kobold, and the fact that we are an elf at the moment to their name.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)18:44 No.12234066
    True, I'm all for the "leave them behind" idea. Getting them killed might take too much time and be a bit too much of a hassle. Perhaps we could fake it as being a "let's take the chance"
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)18:45 No.12234087
    Then we either let them die to the elementals or we all escape together and then kill them after. Then we return to the wizard with one of the items we took and say we found out they stole from him and we're returning it since we thought there might be a reward, blah blah blah. Of course, we let the demon get away since I doubt the wizard will fail to notice his demon is with us if she came with us.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)18:46 No.12234095
    Get her to fly across, with Jarrik's rope, then... I'm forgetting the word, but put a belt over the rope, grab either side, ride it down? Would that work? Maybe?

    What kind of adventurers don't have rope on them? Seriously.

    Oh, and remember, people, Leader is the one who hired us.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)18:52 No.12234171
         File1285541552.jpg-(12 KB, 350x231, Red.jpg)
    12 KB
    Hate to bump without advancing, but I'm not seeing a clear verdict here. Consensus required.
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)18:55 No.12234202
    Your point being? We are a red dragon, nothing is above us......except those that are more powerful, and that is only at the moment. I say we leave them. We can find out more about the wizard later, we didn't leave anything behind inside and apparently according to the rumors he is not a kindly person, but you know rumors, about wizards, from the townspeople....... either way, we have the deeds and other things we wanted and were able to get out of the library.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)18:57 No.12234230
    I'm saying we haven't been payed in advance. He's the one who knows how/where/who-with to cash the deeds for money.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)18:59 No.12234247
    So I say "Let's chance it". Ie, we send down deamoness and kobold with rope, then ourselves and then the others. They survive? Well then we made it and can get paid. They die? Too bad.
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)18:59 No.12234256
    What are the deeds for the wizard's tower?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)19:02 No.12234300
    Send demoness and kobold first. Then let Leader go first. If the rope snaps and he falls to his death then the others will be lost and abandoned in the tower, and we can still kill them and polymorph up some wings to get out of here if need be.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)19:12 No.12234416
    "Well, gentlemen, it looks like a time for action." you say, a devious plan forming in your mind. With a jump, you alight on the balcony's railing, balancing by placing your left hand against the tower. "Tie one end." you order in kobold, and Jarrik immediately begins tying it to the bottom of one of the balcony's railings.

    "'ey, he's got a rope!" Sigmund says.

    "Indeed. Scinnari?" you say, grabbing the other end of the rope with one hand, and inviting her closer with your other. Suddenly she appears to have large, black feathery wings, where there were none before. With a delighted smile, she steps closer, squeezing herself against you. A delightful feeling, too.

    Holding on tight, you let her lead, jumping off, and admiring the strange sensation of not-weightless drift. You're obviously a bit heavier than she can carry, and your descent becomes a bit sharp.

    Your landing is a painful impact on the roof, clothing tearing and skin abrading against the rough wooden planks. Unwrapping yourself from Scinnari, (something she seems almost reluctant to let happen,), you tie the other end of the rope to a beam in the roof. Just barely enough.

    "Jarrik first! And bring the chest!" you call, attempting to pitch your voice right to carry just far enough, and no farther.

    "No! I'll bring the chest." Leader says, suspicion evident in his voice.

    "We can't argue. No time and it's too loud!" Chest is too heavy, let Jerrik take it." you respond. If you are denied your chest... your gemstones..... leader will /wish/ Kazmiri had found him instead.

    dice, 3d100. First is whether you persuaded leader, second is Leader attempting a crossing (rope-not-breaking is > 45) and then Sigmund (> 60
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)19:15 No.12234446
    rolled 89, 72, 84 = 245

    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)19:15 No.12234447
    Let's hope this goes in our favor
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)19:15 No.12234449
    Let's see how it goes

    >fortic aruccanai
    I dunno what it means Captcha, but it sounds like an awesome warcry
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)19:16 No.12234458
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)19:17 No.12234464
    rolled 59, 95, 54 = 208

    damnit, i keep forgetting it changes back if it messes up........
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)19:17 No.12234466
    Stop it, we already got the rolls we need.
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)19:29 No.12234599
    oh noes, is OP having connection probs again?
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)19:41 No.12234729
    [Sorry for the delay.]

    You hear nothing more, but shortly Jarrick comes sliding across with the chest. A fairly impressive achievement, considering how small he is.

    Moments later, Leader, then Sigmund, come across. Sigmund is extremely careful, and doesn't so much 'slide' as 'climb' down, but he makes it, shortly.

    "Well. That's that, then." you say, opening the chest, and removing the deeds. "These are your job, now, and I hope you can meet us to deliver our payment? I believe we agreed your employer owes us significantly more than initially agreed upon for such an... unpleasant surprise."

    "Aye, that's certainly true." Sigmund agrees.

    "And... you certainly wouldn't think of cheating me, lest this Kazmiri hear about who looted his tower, yes?" you state, in a rather satisfyingly sinister tone. "Sigmund, please keep him honest. For all our sakes."

    "R.. Right. That I'll do." Sigmund mutters. Evidently he realized you used his name.

    "So, I'll meet you tomorrow evening, in the Sunken Cask, where you hired me." you state. There is no dissent. "Very well then. Have a good evening."

    You watch as Sigmund and Leader depart, with somewhat more hostility than they've expressed before. What a pity. Shortly, they seem to find a way down, and you turn to your own entourage. You have a fairly nice, very small chest, with seven gemstones in it, a kobold minion, and a demoness of some sort. About five hours remain until dawn.

    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)19:43 No.12234748
    No. I got derailed talking to a friend about minecraft. He's gone. My connection is solid today, and if it isn't, I know where I can go that it's guaranteed solid. [Excepting acts of god, or something. If the entire west coast vanishes in a ball of fire, I may no longer be able to update.]
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)19:53 No.12234849
    Why not just the Sunken Cask or other Inn near it, preferably across the street. That way we could keep watch on it and see if anyone /more/ suspicious than usual enters the tavern. Also, I figured that our real employer is one of the captains. Who else would challenge another captain on a high council other than another with deeds that were retrieved in a less than legal way? I say we find out as much as we can about them /before/ we meet at the sunken cask, so I'm up for idling/finding out more about/banging our sexy demon chick in a room till dawn, then hit up the local equivalent of a history book, which is probably gonna be a rumor mill area of some sort.......
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)19:54 No.12234869
    Decent tavern so that we may get to know our new demon companion more intimately in private?

    Fuck it, I dunno. Anyone got a better idea?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)19:56 No.12234878
    >banging sexy demon chick until dawn

    I mean, demon. DEMON. Bad idea. Further, do we want to indulge in such decadent philandering as the arrogant, hypocritical Golds do? Pfah.

    In truth, I think the reason Ms. Helltart is so interested in us is because we've been ignoring her attempts constantly and easily.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)19:59 No.12234900
    We're at the age of a Red Dragon's life where he should have a brood of his own. I vote for coitus with the Demoness.
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)20:05 No.12234972
    This wouldn't be philandering there is risk involved, hell, she might willingly serve us once she understands what we are.....granted I don't feel like it is appropriate to show her what we are yet
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)20:06 No.12234980
    So? It's not like she's gonna seduce us to the evil side. And give her what she wants and maybe she'll be inclined to give us what we want when we demand it.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)20:12 No.12235041
    Demon sex is always risky. I say hold off. We should use her to trawl for rumors of wealth though, I'm sure she could get more from people than we could.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)20:13 No.12235053

    As it turns out, there is an inn up the street from the Sunken Cask, an good place to watch. You wouldn't want to be inside if this Kazmiri showed up and demolished it.

    "Shall I... secure us a room?" Scinnari asks. Her intent is obvious.

    "Two, if you are capable." you say, gesturing at Jarrik. She nods, and goes to speak with the keeper. A few moments later, she gestures, and you follow her up the stairs.

    Jarrik accepts the small room, with thanks, while you and Scinnari take the other. First things first, of course; you set the chest down on the desk, and examine the contents. A beautiful assortment of gems, and... one of them, you think, one of them you detect some magic on. Focusing... you can't make anything out, but the emerald, slightly larger than an eye, seems to have some sort of spell on it. The others are valuable and beautiful, but seem enchanted.

    "If you're done... Would you be interested in something softer?" Scinnari asks from the bed. She has retained the wings, and elven form. What is that race, you dredge from your mind. Avariel? Something like that. Winged elves. Such a form ought to be an eye-catcher, but not an obviously magical presence.

    >action? If it's anything other than what she's going for, 1d100 to ignore her. (Ought to be easy.)
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)20:15 No.12235075
    2 against, 5 for, unless someone wants to change their mind, or someone new wants to weigh in.
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)20:18 No.12235112
    rolled 37 = 37

    Actually since she is so willing, fuck it, resist. Also, we should take this gem into the Sunken Cask and give it to the inn keeper to pay for a round for everyone in the inn at the time if anyone is there. Also, in another form, so as to not give any leads. If this is a tracking enchanted gem, it would be interesting to see what happens and how powerful this wizard REALLY is.
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)20:20 No.12235137
    Also, I kinda want to emphasize that since we are not that magically powerful yet, it would be bad to be caught this early........ that or we could ask her to see if she was able to tell?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)20:21 No.12235150
    An emerald larger than your eye is worth a LOT more than that.

    I'm not sure I agree.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)20:28 No.12235221
    "Sure, we'll screw, but only if you can tell us what this is."
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)20:36 No.12235319
    4/3 in favor.
    "But of course..."
    It's a good thing you don't need much sleep. The sun rises over the harbor, and harsh rays burn through your window, waking you in the early dawn. Already, you can hear the city awakening below you.

    [Twofold. First, what do, second, there was a long enough delay between me starting this and finishing it that I think there may have been more replies. Also, I'd like to blame my roommates and all their friends who were wandering through our room for the delay. Thanks. More rapid updates from now on.]
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)20:40 No.12235360
    Also, what are we going to identify ourselves to her as?
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)20:41 No.12235372
    Jack. Cause /tg/ seems to only go by Jack.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)20:43 No.12235400
    Let's see what info we can get on this big bad wizard. Even if it's just rumors, it would be best to see what rumors are going around. Part of me is tempted to try to find Sigmund and Leader outside of expected meeting place just in case they try something shady like blaming what happened at the tower on us.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)20:49 No.12235457
         File1285548595.jpg-(17 KB, 250x185, Casket.jpg)
    17 KB
    [In case it wasn't clear, I've changed locales.]

    Scinnari is already up. Perhaps she needs less sleep than you do, or perhaps she needs none. you aren't to clear on demons.

    Standing, you return to the two treasures you deposited on the desk the night before. The book and the casket.

    Pulling out the emerald, you hand it to her. "Can you tell what this is?" you ask. You may have to get rid of it, if she can't. Perhaps you could find a street-wizard to do that? Hmm....
    [dice 1d100 for identification]

    "I can attempt to." she says. Turning your back on her, you retrieve your clothes. Dirty. Bloody and singed, torn and shredded. What were originally fairly decent travelling clothes are extremely well-worn and ready for a refuse pile. You will have to remedy this situation at some point today.

    Today... Kazmiri the Red is returning to port today, it's said. Any final preparations would best be done shortly.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)20:53 No.12235480
    'the HELL you talkin' about?

    A name, huh? Elric. Very generic and elfy. (I'm really not an elf person, though I can understand we might be using elves' expected arrogance/oddities to disguise our own.)

    Say, if she's (looking like) an avariel, could we shift into one as well? We'd make a wonderful couple, I'm sure, and that way we would both be able to fly.
    >air-born screwing
    Oh yeah.

    Head out to the docks. Let's see this guy come in.
    >> dice+1d100 Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)21:05 No.12235575
    This will be an awesome emerald.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)21:06 No.12235587
    rolled 36 = 36

    Let's try that again
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)21:07 No.12235598
    We obviously need to replace our gold but I also agree with seeing what this guy looks like. Shift to look like something else and then scope out the docks and see if anyone goes to contact him.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)21:09 No.12235612
    I'll wait till something gets seconded.

    "It seems a good idea to investigate this 'Kazmiri'." you say, partially speaking to yourself, partially asking Scinnari's opinion. "Perhaps we should go down and see his arrival at the port."

    "It might be a good idea." Scinnari responds, thinking about it. "Though it could be hazardous. I don't think he would recognize me... And I made sure to burn his book that had my True Name in it. Hmmm..." She pauses, thinking. "Whatever you wish. Though," she says, voicing your own thoughts, "You'll need to acquire some fresh clothing. You've certainly done a number on you own."
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)21:11 No.12235633
    'Replace our gold'?

    "I've never seen such an enchantment before. I'm afraid I can tell you nothing about it." she says, obviously disappointed. "It doesn't seem hugely powerful, though, so I suspect a subtle enchantment. I doubt it hurls fireballs."
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)21:14 No.12235656
    It could be some sort of divination spell. Just throwing that out there guys.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)21:17 No.12235684
    Indeed it could be.

    Let's go check out the docks. Maybe we should do some exploring, find us a cave near the city we can establish a lair in.

    Though I must admit, I kind of like >>12235480 's idea. Winged Elf Couple.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)21:17 No.12235686
    Take it to a mage's guild of some sort.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)21:19 No.12235695
    Sorry, I meant to say clothes. Typed something else I was thinking though. I also think I need to stop rolling dice.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)21:34 No.12235813

    "Let's head to the harbor, then, and see if we can make a few stops on the way." you decide. "Also, close your eyes."

    "What?" Scinnari asks, startled by the sudden change of subject. You stare levelly at her, though, and she obeys.

    Performing some random shifts, just to make it harder for her to discern, you concentrate, and change your polymorphed form. Elongation and modification of the shoulders... feathers...

    When she turns back around, you see surprise, suspicion, and, quite possibly, lust, in her eyes. "Do you think we'll look like a good couple?" you ask conversationally. She laughs, but doesn't answer.

    Scinnari makes a stop with the innkeeper first, while you go and get Jarrik. Quite happy with the accommodation, he seems in a good mood.

    The first order of business is easy enough. You manage to find a haberdashery. Unfortunately, they don't seem to think you're the proper type of customer. At least, until you flash a sapphire at them.

    Measurements take just over half an hour. Deciding it would be good to see just how far her loyalty goes, you hand Scinnari the emerald, and tell her to find someone who can identify it. Arrangments are made for her to meet you here, at the harbor, or in your room at the inn. She seems content to accept, and makes no request for means to pay for such a consulting. Either she's confident that she can charm who she needs, or that she has other negotiating... 'options'. You are vaguely disturbed to find out how much that thought bothers you. You are thinking of her as.... yours.

    She doesn't come back before your measurements are finished, so you leave, heading for the docks. Jarrik follows faithfully, though you've ordered he keep his distance somewhat, act as a tail.

    dice 1d100
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)21:39 No.12235850
    rolled 74 = 74

    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)21:41 No.12235875
    rolled 42 = 42


    Nice. Not a bad roll.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)21:47 No.12235928
    The docks are open, and seem to have less traffic. Still, they seem just as crowded. Kazmiri's ship is reputed to be quite a sight, at least, according to the old man drunk and telling stories to anyone who will listen. 'Hulled in Kraken-hide, and with bloody red sails. The whole thing can vanish in the blink of an eye!', and more along those lines.

    Cutting through the crowd is fairly easy; while not dense, or packed tight, simply has people distributed fairly evenly over every surface of the harbor. As you move towards one of the piers through the crowd, you notice some sailors closing in on you. Ugly, light dress, clubs. Tattoos, too. It seems likely to be a press-gang closing in on you.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)21:59 No.12236016
         File1285552760.jpg-(23 KB, 203x300, Red with hoard.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)22:05 No.12236082
    I'll bite. Can we try to elude them? Failing that, I want to signal Jarrik something along the lines of "Take the shot."
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)22:06 No.12236086
    rolled 14 = 14

    Forgot die roll. For whatever's possible.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)22:11 No.12236120
         File1285553501.jpg-(23 KB, 356x318, dragon.jpg)
    23 KB
    Your attempts to escape the net do not go as planned. You think you have it, and dodge around some barrels being unloaded, only to run literally square into a large, muscled half-orc.
    "Hah. You trying to escape? Not happening this time, elfy. Now why don't you hand over that sword? Or do I have to break your hand for it?"

    "But of course." You mock-accede, drawing making a thrust. The half orc dodges, blocking it with his club. His counter blow takes you in the chest, literally picking you up and sending you flying over the stack of crates behind you. You feel certain you've cracked a rib or two, if not broken one, by the fiery pain shooting through your chest.

    2d100, please.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)22:18 No.12236194
    rolled 18, 7 = 25

    We'll show them who's boss.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)22:20 No.12236210
         File1285554033.jpg-(84 KB, 499x349, ruh roh.jpg)
    84 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)22:26 No.12236261
    Someone else please roll the dice from now on...
    >> I'm dumping from my scenery folder in another thread, so I might forget my name. Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)22:27 No.12236278

    With a reflexive flap of your relatively-new wings, you manage to alight on top of the crates. Pain sears at your mind. Hatred follows close. They will pay. They will PAY.

    Jerrik fires on them, you can see him in the crowd from your perch. His shot, however, goes astray. Literally, it impacts one of their clubs, deflects, and goes into the water. You see him, cursing, probably, move behind some crates to re-cock his crossbow. Quickly, they move in to surround you. Height advantage you have, but you're surrounded, and outnumbered six to one.

    Stabbing down, you manage to drive one back, and turning, you force them to all to retreat a few steps.

    At least, until the half orc runs up and shoves the stack of crates over. You manage to get a good stab on his shoulder, but you're knocked from your perch as the crates tumble out from under you.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)22:28 No.12236291
    Forgot, 2d100 again.
    At a minimum, keep 1d100 up for the rest of the combat, whether or not I remember to mention dice.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)22:36 No.12236386
    rolled 81, 26 = 107

    Heaven or hell let's rock.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)22:46 No.12236509
    No need to call our attention on ourself by killing these shmucks- just get away with our retinue
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)22:55 No.12236618
    Kicking down, you launch yourself upward, gaining the maximum possible height off the falling crates. With a flap of your wings, you manage a backflip. In a flash of white feathers, you are again on top of the next stack of crates, no worse for the ordeal, this time. Unlike the press gang. The half orc seems to be ignoring the cut you gave him, but one wasn't so lucky, and was pinned by the falling crates. Judging by his bulging eyes, pained expression, and the fact that he looks like he's having trouble breathing, he won't be much of a problem.

    Jarrik's next shot is on target, and takes one of them in the back. With a scream, one tumbles off the pier into the water, windmilling and writhing, trying to get the bolt out of his back. A pink discoloration blooms near the surface of the water.

    Halforc isn't done, yet, though. He picks up the club from the crushed member of the gang, and flings it at you. You manage to knock it aside with your blade, and bounces off your right shoulder. A little painful, and probably a bruise, but no damage otherwise. The second one, you manage to deflect completely.

    "Strong but useless? What a perfectly /normal/ orc." you shout, taunting. It's hard to draw breath, but worth it. His face turns an ugly red.

    "Shut up."

    "Truly, I've seen clever and more competent goblins." you continue. That got him. With an enraged scream, he charges, aiming to shove over your crates again. You aim for his throat, intending to put him down for good, when a club knocks your left leg out of alignment. Stumbling to your knee, and flapping your wings reflexively, you miss, and stab him in the gut, as he shoves the crates back onto the gang member behind you, and you down onto your back on the pavement. There's a crack as your head hits the ground, but you maintain consciousness. The pain from you impact, especially in your chest, makes you wish you hadn't, however.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)22:56 No.12236625
    As you struggle to stand, Jarrik's next bolt flies past you, and takes the next gangster just below the groin, in the thigh. A scream and he falls to his knees, but your attention is kept on the half-orc, advancing from around the crates, hand covering the lower part of his chest.

    Status: You [badly injured, regaining your feet. Its difficult. And painful.]
    Half-orc [unknown, that seemed a pretty solid gut-wound. He's still walking.]
    Press Ganger 1: injured, bolt-to-thigh
    Press ganger 2: uninjured, busy looking for the source of those crossbow bolts.

    2d100 again.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)22:57 No.12236632
    rolled 70, 11, 79, 64 = 224

    Assuming no one except our kobold servant is there, polymorph into something frightening (not our dragon form) (first die to polymorph, second to intimidate). Perhaps a giant alligator or something. If not, keep swiping at them and maintaining height advantage (third to attack, forth to stay aloft).
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)22:59 No.12236655
    rolled 2, 96 = 98

    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:01 No.12236673
    >On our back, badly hurt, struggling to rise, as one motherfucker of a bruiser who already hates us walks towards us.

    We're dead. We're SO dead.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:04 No.12236693
    rolled 30, 72 = 102

    we don't know who the two is for!
    Maybe the 98 is for us, and the two is for the other guy
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:14 No.12236798
    rolled 81, 100 = 181

    What about the rolls for
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)23:17 No.12236824
    > ( 2 ; 96 )

    It hurts like the blazes as you attempt to rise. Attempt and fail. Your leg twists under you, and you go down in a heap.

    Pain or not, though, you won't die like this. You refuse to. Gripping one of the nearby barrels with your off hand, you struggle to pull yourself up. Fighting the pain, and hoping you won't black out, you somehow manage to rise. The half-orc is still trudging towards you, with pain on his mind. You manage to bring your rapier up, provided you stay back against the barrel, and lean on it with your hand. Ow. "My ribs hurt." is about the maximum complexity of thought you are achieving here, around the fact that you very well might be facing your last minutes here.

    "I..." he coughs, evidently you hit him badly, "I will /enjoy/ killing you." he says, before suddenly crying in pain. He falls forward, feet flopping uselessly, heel tendons cut. Of course, processing this takes you a few seconds, and by that time, you feel something lifting you up, pulling you gently up, until you are standing normally.

    "It looks like you missed me." Scinnari's voice says from beside you. You're shaken slightly, and the half-orc on the ground lets out a cry of pain. Evidently, she's not above kicking the downed. "What do you think we should do with him? Oh, and by the way, I found out what the emerald does."
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)23:19 No.12236854
    At the risk of killing the magic,

    2 was for us. 96 was if Scinnari would show up. (I was thinking 85 or 90 +.)

    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:20 No.12236857
    rolled 22, 97 = 119

    "Leave him, I gain nothing from killing him- this entire episode was nothing more than an exercise in futility,"
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:25 No.12236909
    Ask him why he came after us. Otherwise let her do what she wants with him. In private of course. If we leave the guy alive, he might come after us again. Better to be rid of him than risk him coming back after us.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:27 No.12236928
    This is a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:28 No.12236954
    Let's hang him in the water. The first guy who went in with a crossbow bolt should have attracted sharks. This guy can feed them.

    Are you kidding? He damn near killed us! He accosted US, US of all people! How DARE he do such a thing? Dragons are not nice people. They do not let offenses like this stand. If an adventuring part was doing this, you can be damn sure they would have made themselves an enemy they would be fearing for the rest of their careers.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:29 No.12236960
    Leave him be, killing him is more effort than it's worth. He'll probably bleed out or die from infection anyway without us needing to raise our hand.

    Get out of the area. Take stock of our wounds. See if we have access to any healing magic.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:31 No.12236976
    I still recommend giving him to the demon. We're not even sure if she's bound to us and if she's not, she's going to expect repayment or some kind at some point. Maybe giving her annoyances that we'd like dead will lessen the price if we didn't bind her to us.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:32 No.12236990
    Stupid orc almost made us blow our cover in the middle of a town. Let the demoness have him. And find a temple to get healed at while she is having her fun.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:32 No.12236991
    rolled 55, 12 = 67

    We should try to avoid drawing to attention to ourselves though
    Also, I see no profit in being needlessly cruel
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)23:33 No.12236999
    back from dinner

    I say we just ask, no answer: kill, it's simple, if we do get an answer......go ahead and kill em, or hell, kill him and then ask the other guy.......
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:41 No.12237096
    I did not understand your post
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)23:44 No.12237130
    We ask the Orc, who sent him/why he was coming for us. If he doesn't say, we kill him........ Move on to other guy, rinse and repeat.....
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)23:45 No.12237145
    "Why did you attack me?" you ask. You already have the answer, of course, but you wonder whether he'll try to squirm. You would enjoy that.

    "Because slaves are valuable. And ex-" he is interrupted by a very bloody-sounding cough, "exotic slaves are very valuable." From his tone, he'd be spitting on you, if he could.

    "Fair enough. Let's go." you say, trying not to lean on Scinnari much. She drops the invisibility, and seems startled that you are willing to leave the orc. "He'll bleed out or die of infection." you explain to her questioning look, "I don't need to kill him myself. Instead of dying in battle, or being executed by an enemy, you'll either die shivering and burning in a bed, or as the last drop of blood trickles out of your body onto the wood. And who knows when the gulls will decide you look tasty? Enjoy." you finish, turning your back on him, and limping forward. You aren't sure where Jerrik got to, but you notice a priest of some sort approaching you.

    "That was amazingly well done." the priest addresses you. "One against five? An achievement for anyone." he says. Obviously missed most of the battle. You lower your opinion of him somewhat.

    "Get to the point." you mutter through gritted teeth. Pain makes you irritable. Who would have thought?

    "But of course, I'm sorry. First of all, I would be happy to offer you whatever healing you would accept, and, if you are willing, I would offer you a job."
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)23:46 No.12237155
    "I'll take the healing. Tell me about the job." You glance around, and notice that Scinnari has not followed. You can sort of understand, him being a priest and all.

    His chanting and prayers take longer than you want. You consider telling him to hurry up, but doubt it would do anything positive, though it might hurt; gods are supposed to be touchy like that. A few minutes later, you feel a wave of agony and then... not agony, but the lack thereof, as bones move and knit, and flesh seals. You feel... fine. The priest looks over you for a few moments, verifying his work. Then,

    "Er, now about the job, if you would be so kind?" the priest asks.

    1d100 for how Jerrik is doing with the final one.
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:47 No.12237162
    rolled 53 = 53

    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)23:48 No.12237171
    One thing at a time, healing first, it might get me thinking a bit straighter. *observe what kind of priest and which deity he is serving* Insert snarky comment about what the divine entity of whatever want the help of a winged elf.......
    >> Anonymous 09/26/10(Sun)23:48 No.12237175
    rolled 76 = 76

    I'm sure I'll roll just fine for Jerrik. Let's hear the details on this possible job.
    >> Gloquenteentleman !yVrZbEGJ8A 09/26/10(Sun)23:49 No.12237189
    forget about healing comment, didn't refresh before you posted the second little tidbit
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/26/10(Sun)23:57 No.12237282
         File1285559854.jpg-(73 KB, 692x493, Lair.jpg)
    73 KB
    [Okay, confession time.

    Recently, I was reminded of my first D&D game ever, back when I was ten-ish or something. All nostalgia-like.

    Anyway, anyone object if I alter it somewhat to fit us? I only ask because it was an actual published module, and someone might recognize.

    If no, then that's good to. Just thought I should ask permission before I used a real story that someone might have encountered already.]
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)00:04 No.12237334
    whatever makes the ebst story OP
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)00:12 No.12237414
    Even if you use your old story, I'm sure we'll cause things to be different. Do whatever you think will be better.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/27/10(Mon)00:16 No.12237447
    Alright, but if someone complains, I'll find a way to twist it into something else. I feel guilty.

    The priest starts walking, and it's rather pleasant to suddenly be able to do so yourself, without wheezing through cracked ribs.

    "I... I had- have a friend, in my church. Temple of Alset, god of knowledge. Sister Cyignis. She was my friend ever since I joined the temple myself. Suffice to say, she has disappeared, and for reasons that are rather difficult to explain, my temple officials are unwilling to search for her.

    H"hence, I'm out here looking for individuals who look capable of taking care of themselves, in hopes that you might be able to find her, and rescue her, should she need it. I can provide you with lodgings, if you a recent arrival, and three hundred gold pieces for you services. Healing, too, of course. Are you interested?"

    As you listen to him prattle on, you hear a cry going up among the docks. You pause, trying to figure out what it's about, before you notice a pink dot on the horizon. It looks like Kazmiri's ship is returning.

    "Er, are you interested?"
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)00:18 No.12237470
    We should ask our demoness if she is a succubus or erinyes. It would come in handy to know if she is immune or merely resistant to fire should we need to break out the big guns. Not that I am advising that, best to play our cards as close to the vest as possible when it comes to infernals.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)00:20 No.12237495
    Ask what kind of a time frame we're on. We already have other potential engagements and we wouldn't want to accept this job if that would conflict.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)00:20 No.12237498
    We're interested, but if that is all the information he has to go on we should include the caveat that we might not be able to find her with so little to track her.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/27/10(Mon)00:26 No.12237554
    You make a mental not to investigate what Scinnari actually is. It might do to look for some more in-depth information on demons or devils...

    "I'm afraid I am a recent arrival, but also have other pressing business here. Can you tell me what sort of time frame this job would require?" you ask. It sounds like a good idea, but it would really grate against your instincts to risk not being able to receive payment for a job already done.

    "Oh, as soon as possible would be good. Of course, I still want her found, so..." He pauses for a moment, thinking. "I'll keep it an open job, is that good? If you can find her, I'll pay. I don't know anything about such things, but I would assume it would be easier the sooner start."
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/27/10(Mon)00:27 No.12237567
    "Well, I wouldn't want to take up too much of your time if you aren't interested. I can, of course, provide more information if you'll take the job."
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)00:32 No.12237613
    Then we're interested. Let's find out the details and since it's an open job, we are able to just forget about it/put it on the backburner if something else important comes up.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)00:34 No.12237629
    "Alright, color me interested- I'll see what I can do"
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/27/10(Mon)00:49 No.12237756
    "Wonderful. Well. Um." The priest says, collecting his thoughts, "About six years ago, Sister Cygnis came into the temple one day, and she was a completely different person. Possessed, or something. We'd been friends ever since we first were taken into the temple. But suddenly she had to ask what my name was, couldn't remember anyone. She treated teh whole temple as her private library!" he practically shouts, before remembering where his is. "Shortly afterwards, she was ejected from the temple, for violating the sanctum, and accessing books in the archives she was not allowed to. She left the city, and I heard no more of her for several years.

    "Then without warning, she returned, and begged acceptance to the temple. She claimed she remembered nothing of the preceding years, and did not even know why she had been evicted. Thuron, the High Priest, was adamant about not letting her in, until a private meeting with her, after which she was allowed back.

    "Anyway, we were all glad to have her back, and she seemed ready to go back to how it had been before. And it did, for several months. Then she started looking haggard, and asking questions about what she did during her missing time. Thuron and Eidomon, his assistant, told her to drop it, but she wouldn't.

    "I grew more and more worried, she seemed on the verge of descending into insanity. Then two days ago, she failed to come to the temple. I went to her home, and couldn't find her, nor could I when I searched everywhere that I could. The High Priest and Eidomon are unwilling to look for her, but I know something has happened to her. If you could find her, I would be most grateful."
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)00:51 No.12237775
    Find out where the woman's home is and find out what things she was looking into when she treated the place as her personal library.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)00:55 No.12237804
    Goddamn Yithians, getting in my D&D.

    We should ask our demoness about this and see if she knows anything about it.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)01:01 No.12237847
    "Where can we get in touch again?"
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/27/10(Mon)01:13 No.12237955
    Yithians? Like, Delta Green? What?

    "But of course. Her house was on the corner of Drake and Sorrow street, in the Old City. And... I don't know. I suppose Eidomon might know something, but I'm afraid I doubt there was much records kept of the subject of her research."

    You are about to make a scathing comment on how one might think that priests of knowledge would be most interested in preserving it, but a bell toll rings out across the city, and the priest jumps. "Oh, I need to be leaving soon, it's almost my time to go in for my duties. You can reach me at the temple of Alset, in the Old City section, I'm Brother Arman there. Uh, it would probably be best if my superiors didn't know I was involved here, if you could pretend you're friends of hers from her... missing years, that would probably be best. Is there anything else I can answer before I go?" He asks, almost hopping. Evidently, he takes his duties seriously. Or, you feel a more realistic part of your mind comment, he's worried about being discharged himself.

    [Alright, kicking it off here. I think it might be best to end with this conversation, tonight. Monday tomorrow, and all.]
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)01:14 No.12237970
    right, g'night OP
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/27/10(Mon)01:14 No.12237972
    >kicking it off here

    *Thinking of cutting it off around here.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)01:16 No.12237987
    rolled 55 = 55

    What does the woman look like would be nice as well as if she has other relatives and such.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/27/10(Mon)01:22 No.12238048
    "No relatives that I know of, though she was gone for several years. Hmm." Arman says as he starts moving through the bustle of the docks. "I.. I think she still has a picture of herself in her house. In fact, if you- I can meet you there this afternoon, if you want, to let you in if you want to investigate it." He offers, almost stopping his trek through the docks.

    Either way, helping a priestess doesn't sound the kind of thing that Scinnari would like, but, hey, it pays. And there could always be more to it than it seems.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)01:23 No.12238058
    In the Cthulhu mythos, Yithians are highly advanced aliens that send their minds through time and possess other minds so they can learn about more stuff.

    The victims have their minds wiped of everything that occurs during that period, so it's as if a large chunk of their life just disappeared.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)01:24 No.12238074
    Then we shall do that. Until then, let us look into Mr. Big Bad mage again and our friends who might try to stab us in the back on our payment.

    If Scinnari doesn't like it, I'm sure even she'll realize something must be up with how she disappeared and then reappeared with a new personality. That alone raises questions on there being more to this it seems.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)01:27 No.12238098
    true but Mi-go are still extant beyond dinos. maybe a case of mistaken identities?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)01:35 No.12238169
    I don't understand what you're saying.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/27/10(Mon)01:36 No.12238182

    "At the sixth afternoon bell-" the priest says, still walking along. You are relegated to the somewhat annoying positions of keeping up.

    "That won't work. The pressing engagement that I mentioned earlier."

    "I- Alright, Fourth bell? Would that do?"

    "That will work." you concede. "Be there if you want to see her again."

    "I-But of course!" he stammers as you stop, and he carries on into the crowd.

    That should leave plenty of time to do the other things you needed to do this morning.... And to investigate the house, and meet Sigmund and leader at the Sunken Cask.

    [It turns out someone's already archived this thread, thanks whoever that was. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12233118/

    I'll probably be able to continue this around 19:00 4chan time tomorrow, if you guys want.]
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)01:37 No.12238191
    Hopefully see you then OP.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/27/10(Mon)01:37 No.12238192
    Me neither, I'm afraid.

    Anything else I can do/answer before I depart?
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/27/10(Mon)01:39 No.12238204
    Same. Stick around for another six minutes, then I need sleep.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)01:40 No.12238215
    What can we do/what don't we know about ourselves? Or is this in old threads? I admit, I haven't had the chance to read them yet.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/27/10(Mon)01:48 No.12238289
    No worries, glad you're willing to drop in.

    We can polymorph, basically at will; lasts as long as we want, but we can only 'do' it once per day. (I.e., changing our breed of elf earlier.)
    As a red dragon we have 'locate object' at will, I think. We're immune to fire, somewhat vulnerable to cold. (One of the reasons I was, in the first thread, reluctant to be 'red' was because they were more muscles, and less interesting abilities. Who knows, though, we might have reason to gain more.)

    Anything specific I can answer?

    [note: Can look up just about anything 3.X here:


    But I'm playing it fast-and-loose, and if something doesn't sound right, I'll change it. I.E., Scinnari, who I originally thought to be a Erinyes, until I looked it up and found out that Erinyes have, basically, nothing succubus-like. (I was thinking the Devil succubus-equivalent, but apparently there isn't one. I'm still undecided, she may be one, the other, or one heavily tweaked. Or something else, if I get particularly evil ideas.)
    >> Anonymous 09/27/10(Mon)01:54 No.12238338
    Not at the moment. It's 2 in the morning almost and my mind is too tired to think of anything. If I have questions, I will ask them tomorrow I suppose.
    >> Writer-dude !vf05RX1JTQ 09/27/10(Mon)01:55 No.12238350
    Alright. Not meant sadistically, but I'm glad I can keep people up. See you all tomorrow, then.

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