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    97 KB DuskWood Hearts IV-a Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)16:01 No.12171225  
    (Notes: This will be done in real time, expect slow posting. This story will be told twice, one from Joe's eyes one from Cú's eyes due to the party splitting up at the start of the fight)

    I awoke to the sounds of men screaming as they whipped themselves. I stumbled out of my tent, somehow it managed to be less comfortable then the floor in our apartment. The redemptionist were preparing for our siege on the Red’s stronghold. Some of the men were in prayer, some were repenting for some sin with whips and knives, and others were handing out lever rifles covered in purity seals.

    Cú stood at the front of the camp, once again he did not sleep.
    “There’s something there”
    I saw it too. There was something in the distance that looked like a human sized heat shimmer and before our eyes it vanished.

    No good would come of what was seen
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)16:06 No.12171267
    Rip and lupus emerged from their tents. Once more Cú attempted to get medical care. It seems some of his wound healed during the night, Emperor as my witness he seemed to grow hardier because of it. Still, regardless of his lack of complaining he has seen better days.

    I took this time to make sure Hart would not be killed in the upcoming brawl, personally greeting each redemptionist with his picture. “This is the man we take alive”

    I hoped they would listen, or all of this would have been for nothing.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/10(Tue)16:07 No.12171281
    >darkwood hearts thread
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)16:11 No.12171311
    The redemptionists were ready, we were ready and so we made our way deeper into the underhive. The east industrial complex, the bombed out building….we didn’t know what was awaiting us but we did no it was the Red’s base of operations. This would be a hard fight.

    It was dark by the time we arrived and we could see the building in the distance. A search light scanned the darkness and further back was the entrance. Sandbags and 6 men waited. From this distance it was impossible to make out what they were armed with.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/10(Tue)16:13 No.12171329
    apologies, DUSKwood hearts
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)16:16 No.12171353
    We watched the light pass for a moment, the redemptionists grew restless, but we made a break through. The search light was automated, its path was the same each time and would be easy to evade. A bit more observation and we discovered something even greater. A blind spot.

    Lupus was up and he was off into the darkness. We lost sight of him quickly but could hear him through the microbead.
    “Two emplaced heavy stubbers, four auto guns, and a sniper in the tower. Eliminating now” I could hear his grapnel fire through the bead, but none of the guards reacted. There was a moment of silence. “Sniper eliminated. Praise the Emperor”
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)16:25 No.12171435
    Cú seemed eager for blood, but I had to hold him back. He was in no shape for the front lines. I sent him down the same route as Lupus as his support. In a short while he was with lupus on the roof of the building overlooking the guards. They found no others on the roof, but they found two entrances. One was a utility hatch, it would be a rough fit thanks to the massive cable that brought power to the base from the middle hive but useable by both of them. The other was a hatch under the sniper tower. It seemed more of a general entrance. They stood guard over it, if a Red made the mistake of using that access it would be the last mistake they made.

    Now it was time for us to move. I turned to the redemptionist leader and told him my plan. We would march through the blind spot and hit the defenders from the side, making their heavy stubbers useless.
    “What a cowardly plan! Redemptionist strike fear into those who would oppose us with brute force and without mercy! They will not stand a frontal assault!”
    “There is no cowardice in good tactics. Trust me Sir, the Reds would fall and it would save you your pure few so they may cleanse another day!”
    He saw the wisdom in my words but there was a problem

    The charge was already underway.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)16:33 No.12171522
    A siren sound and the Red guards were already spitting shells into the charging men. Even under such heavy and focused fire I could hear the redemptionists chant the glory of the Emperor and damn the men that cut them down.

    We had no time, I grabbed the leader and rip and we made our way through the blind spot. The redemptionists needed us or they would die meaningless deaths. On route we saw sparks fly at the base of the sniper tower. It was Cú and Lupus. They were hacking the base of the tower apart and pushing it down. With a loud metal groan it plunged, blocking the line of sight for half of the gunners and buying the redemptionist a lot of breathing room. We arrived as the tower fell, its angle may have blocked the Reds from the redemptionist, but they would be able to see us clear as day. Surprise was on our side as I fired a suppressing burst, forcing all six men to cling to their sand bags. The blast door to the base slammed shut as the surviving redemptionists made it to cover.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)16:42 No.12171607
    Of the 50 men who set out with us 20 remained. Their leader would get revenge “YOU WILL BURN FOR YOUR HERESY!” He fired his flame pistol. The Red guards were unable to dodge due to their pinned condition and they did indeed burn. One of the men on the heavy stubbers went prone from the cone of fire. Many more would pass out and burn to death in moments. Still there were 4 survivors, most horribly injured but all still able to fight. Rip ran forward and dropped to the ground.

    I took aim at the prone man with the heavy stubber and fired. It pierced through his skull and flew out the other end. By the grace of the Emperor it came out at a remarkable angle and went through the skull of the man behind him before finally resting in the sandbags behind the two.

    One shot, two kills. I know not how I managed it.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)16:51 No.12171677
    “We’re going in. Emperor be with you” It seems Lupus and Cú decided to enter the base through the utility shaft. Hopefully they would be alright on their own. Still there were more pressing matters to attend to. Rip stood and fire a slug into one of the few remaining guards as the Redemptionist finished the other. Now I had a good look at our opponents for the first time. They were amazingly well equipped, each with a flack coat and either an auto gun. The heavy stubbers were also very worrisome. They had drum magazines, a modification that makes the large guns even more expensive. Well financed and trained, opening this blast door would be our death.

    I quickly made my way around the building looking for another entrance but found none. Rip accompanied me but she too was at a loss. Even worse we did not know the layout of the building inside. If it was a narrow checkpoint the redemptionit’s flame would be a great boon, but if it opened wide we’d have no advantage or cover.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)16:56 No.12171730
    We made our way back around, the redemptionists were already looting the fallen. “What news have you?”
    “None, it seems this is the only way in.”
    “Well your tactics saved my men before, what would you say is the next step?”
    I thought for a moment and formulated a plan.
    “Well I’d have your men get behind these sandbags and let Rip talk the machine spirit into opening the door. Have your men with flame units at the corners ready to fire the second it opens”
    The men shouted in victory, it was the last celebration many of them would have.

    The door suddenly opened on its own. Considering the size of the door it was up in a flash
    Out of the door came only gunfire and death
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)17:03 No.12171808
    It was a slaughter none of us saw coming. Autogun fire ripped into the flesh of the Redemptionist and many fell. Bullets ripped into the weak flesh and set fire to the crude flame thrower units. There was an explosion, and then another. Those who survived the volley began to burn.
    Only seven men of twenty survived. Three with lever rifles, two with shotguns, the leader and a redemtionist with a flamethrower. I ran to the corner of the doorway and fire a round that hit one of the three gangers in the head. His helm caught most of it but he was indeed injured. To the back I heard fighting. Cú and Lupus were engaged in the back. Shotguns fire. By the Emperor they were facing down men with shotguns! Still I heard screams, so they were still alive and still dealing their brand of death.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)17:16 No.12171940
    The surviving redemptionists returned fire in what must have been the bravest stand I had ever seen. They did not take cover or attempted to flee. No, the redemptionists stood where they were and fired into the gangers. The one I injured dropped instantly, as did another. Only one remained as Rip charged into the center of the room. She fired her combat shotgun at the man and he too fell.
    We thought we had taken the room, but we were unaware of the two that waited in the back.

    They charged in, and rip had no cover. Shells peppered Rip and it seems she had almost no protection under that cloak. However, her mechanical augmentations either pushed her endurance past that of a normal human or she simply hardier then she looked. No lasting damage was done but she was still in a bad spot.
    She dove to the side as I fired a burst into the two and my grouping was enough to drop one and knock the other down.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)17:25 No.12172033
    Rip attempted to finish off one of her attackers, but her gun jammed. The redemptionists did her the favor as I charged towards the back. I could hear through the microbead things were not going well. Cú grunted in pain, a sound that wouldn’t have stood for anything of men in battle if it came from anyone else.

    It was then I heard it

    A booming shot, singular but at loud as the heavy stubber fire was. Over the microbead I heard Lupus’ breath catch as if he was hit with a mighty blow. There was a furious cry as a defiant charge was made. Almost immediately after breath hissed through his teeth as he made a second attempt to attack. Another boom, this time a shotgun and Lupus had the wind knocked out of him. Then the booming shot sounded again and I heard Lupus impact against something hard, his breathing slowed and then there was silence
    “Target down.”
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)17:38 No.12172156
    Lupus was down, that voice would soon join him. I tore around the corner to see a room coated in gore and bodies wounded by both of the swordsmen’s weapons. Cú stood there, blood pouring down his arm and his aggravated chest wound. As I observed the blood I saw one of his hands had been horribly mangled. Fingers were smashed the wrong way and swollen, but he was still in his silent rage. The mangled fingers griped the hilt of the massive sword when they should have been useless.
    I tuned in the door way, hugging the frame for cover and saw more carnage. One body was efficiently sliced, clearly the work of Lupus and then I saw what remained of Lupus. He sat slumped against the wall, his cloak open to reveal his wounds. Though his hair hung in front of his face it was apparent he was hit in his head. Blood streamed down his chin and neck to his chest which revealed a shotgun wound. The worst wound was to his right arm however, a large hole exposed the shattered bone, but thankfully Lupus was still breathing. A man with a shotgun stood before him. Further down the hall stood large man in a heavy flak jacket and brandishing a massive pistol. His hand was to his ear, attempting to communicate with what he thought was his living men. It was the leader of the Reds.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)17:50 No.12172292
    I fired a burst into the man, however his size and armor absorbed majority of the blows. A redemptionist with a shotgun stormed in behind me and put a shell over the head of Lupus. The Red with the shotgun took cover behind the wall and fired inaccurately at us. The leader however was spot on as his massive pistol punched its way into the gut of the redemptionist.
    Cú tore his mask up with what looked like great difficulty. As easy as it was for him to get into the trance it seemed very difficult to get out. He took a large gulp of air, and his injured hand dropped to his side. He realized, even in his trance, that if he charged out now it would be his death and saved himself.

    Another ten shells left my Creed-9 and tore the life out of the Red’s commander. Gun still drawn I pointed it at the last red standing “WHERE IS HART!?”
    “H-he’s down the hall! Please don’t kill me!”
    As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t. I had to reload. Cú joined me as we marched down the hall. To claim our prize.
    “I-I DO!”
    “THEN BE WITH THE EMPEROR!” There was the sound of a shotgun shell and the Reds were no more. “VICTORY IS OURS!” a cheer came from the entryway as the looting begain.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)18:00 No.12172393
    We turned the corner to where Hart hid. There were three doors on each side, Cú decided to wait here in case anyone attempted to slip by me.

    I kicked in the first door on the right, empty and dusty. No one lived in this room for a long time now. I decided to mix things up and kick down the second door on the left side; it too was empty but better furnished. Still the layer of dust made me look else ware. The second door on the right held a fat and frightened man. His skin was not red but he seemed to work for the Reds as a supplier or accountant. I told him to take cover under his desk, if the Redemptionists found him he would be dead. He thanked me and I asked him where Hart was.
    “He’s in the last room on the right.”
    “Thank you”
    The door flew open and I was greeted by a room very much similar to our apartment, though this was much larger. More importantly it was clear that it was recently in use. The shower curtain was drawn, and I put away my gun. My riot baton was much better suited to taking a man alive.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)18:08 No.12172477
    I kicked in the first door on the right, empty and dusty. No one lived in this room for a long time now. I decided to mix things up and kick down the second door on the left side; it too was empty but better furnished. Still the layer of dust made me look else ware. The second door on the right held a fat and frightened man. His skin was not red but he seemed to work for the Reds as a supplier or accountant. I told him to take cover under his desk, if the Redemptionists found him he would be dead. He thanked me and I asked him where Hart was.
    “He’s in the last room on the right.”
    “Thank you”
    The door flew open and I was greeted by a room very much similar to our apartment, though this was much larger. More importantly it was clear that it was recently in use. The shower curtain was drawn, and I put away my gun. My riot baton was much better suited to taking a man alive.

    “Hart, if you’re in here I’m not here to hurt you.” It was true. Hart was just a thief, a very, very good thief who was scared. More importantly I promised the noble’s daughter I wouldn’t harm him. True this was before we learned he was the one who committed the crimes, but I don’t go back on my word.
    There was no answer, I don’t blame him. “Hart, you are wanted for questioning, that is all. You may not believe me but it’s true.” I put the tip of the club into the shower curtain and quickly pulled it open. It was empty
    “Aww shit”
    Seems like Cú found hart
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)18:22 No.12172632
    “Hart! Stop!” Hart was corned, he didn’t really have a choice.
    “Who the hell are you people”
    “We work for the inquisition-”
    “Aww shit”
    “We need info about what you stole and why”
    “Why the hell would I tell you?”
    “Uhhh, guys” It was rip over the micro bead “I just saw that shimmer again”
    My eyes grew wide for a moment. “Get over here” I grabbed Hart, as rip made our way over to us.

    We went into the second room on the left. “Look you thief, we just thought through an entire militarized gang to get to you and we’re being nice enough to let you live. Tell me what’s going on!”
    It seems this convinced him, and he suddenly warmed up to us
    “Look mac, it was just some Imperial lesion. I dunno if he worked for a noble or governor, all I know is the fool was imperial.”
    “Where did you drop it off?”
    ”The tipping tea cup bar”
    “Well what did he look like?”
    “I dunno, the prissy fuck was an unremarkable”

    Damn it, a dead end
    >> Anonymous 09/21/10(Tue)18:34 No.12172764
    is that all????? there's got to be more!
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)18:34 No.12172765
    “Why did you get so spooked?”
    “It was an assassin man! He came out of nowhere with swords and guns all over. I pumped every round I had into the guy and he fucking exploded!”
    “I think another one might be here-”
    “Aww shit”
    “Just stick with us and you’ll be alright.”

    We began to move the furniture around, a dresser went against the door and we huddled behind a bed. Cú drew an autopistol from somewhere. It looked like the one the ganger from the ambush had. I hadn’t seen him pick it up but it was for the best, his sword wouldn’t be much use while he was down a hand. He stuck to Hart’s right while Rip covered his left. I stood by the door.

    There was a knock on the door

    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)18:51 No.12172931
    Sorry man, got a bit distracted between those posts. Just know it's never over untill the >to be continued pops up

    The knock was only for a second, then it started to shake violently against the dresser
    “WHO IS IT?”
    “I am a redemptionist! OPEN THIS DOOR!”
    “It’s me! Joseph, We have Hart but there’s a proble-”
    “Alright hang on!” I moved the dresser out of the way and poked my head out
    “Ah Joseph! Why didn’t you say so?”
    “I did. Look there’s an assassin coming for Hart, get the men ready and have your leader meet us here”
    “It will be done!”
    He was gone, and in a second the barricade was rebuilt. We waited for what seemed like an eternity. There was no way to contact the redeptionist and find out what was going on. We just had to wait. The tension thick enough to cut with a chainsword until there was a knock.

    Oh thank the Emperor. “We’re in here!”
    There was silence and then the corpse of the fat redemptionist splintered the door.
    The assassin had arived
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)19:06 No.12173114
    He dashed over the dresser with a grace while casually flicking his right arm towards me. A heavy round dug itself into my arm; the force was enough to push my back against the wall. Whatever it was went right through my armored jacket and flesh. The pain was as bad as any other bullet wound, that is to say, intense beyond reason. I struggled to raise my Creed-9 while Cú fired a full burst from the autopistol. In one move the assassin rolled under the burst and leapt with a sword in his off hand. As luck would have it the trust was off and embedded itself deep within the wall inches above Hart’s head.

    Rip saved the day with her shotgun, the shimmer of a man took the pellets but he was clearly dazed and we took advantage of the situation. I ran up first disarming the assassin of his pistol. By the Emperor It was a Hecuter!

    Cú grappled with the man and brought him to the floor. Rip opened up his cloak to a grim sight. Explosive collars, 10 of them all over his body
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)19:19 No.12173258
    Wires ran from his mouth and heart to all of them. It was a failsafe, if he died the bombs would go off and we would be done for.
    “Hart! Get out of here!”
    “He’s like the one I took out! He’ll explode if you kill him!”
    We didn’t have time. I tore his Cameleoline Cloak off of him to reveal more of this man. Two knives were draped across his chest and a needle rifle was strapped to his back. Cú opened the man’s mouth, but we did not have a lot of time. He was clearly making his way out of his stunned condition.

    Rip looked into the man’s mouth. “He has no tongue! It’s been replaced with some kind of detonator!”
    It was time to act, if he died he would explode, when he woke up, he would explode. I thought of a solution quickly and punched him in the face “KNOCK HIM OUT!”
    Cú bashed him in the head as did rip and the Assassin was knocked unconscious. We all breathed a sigh of relefe and had a moment of joy. Three swords, a needle rifle, cameleoline cloak, and a full set of xenomesh armor made this man a walking treasure trove!

    our celebration was cut short as his chest started a high pitch whine.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)19:34 No.12173415
         File1285112096.jpg-(28 KB, 539x335, Explosion.jpg)
    28 KB
    Cú reacted the fastest and got out of there in a heartbeat and Rip showed remarkable agility for the first time since I met her.

    I wasn’t as lucky.

    The explosion was intense and I was thrown out of the room, alive but with the wind knocked out of me. Cú picked me up off of the floor and I told him I was alright. He walked into the room and recovered a few of the assassin’s knives that survived the encounter and the Redemptionist’s hand flamer. Hart was a nervous wreck but alive. Now he trusted us. It’s one thing to say you’re only there to ask questions but it’s another to take on an assassin to defend a stranger.

    All the Redemptionists were dead. Needles punctured a few of their skin and others were cut down with blades. We scooped up Lupus and anything worth carrying out of there.

    Microbeads, a .54 Tranter, the hand flamer, the cloak, Hecuter, and two drum fed heavy stubbers.
    I took a purity seal that was in good condition and replaced the band on my fedora with it. Cú seemed to like the idea and just stuffed dozens of bloody seals into his pockets.

    (I love Zeon Quest, I'm sorry)
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)19:48 No.12173565
    Lupus was stabilized, but he wasn’t going to wake up any time soon. I gave Hart one of the redemptionist’s lever rifles in case another assassin popped up. Most people would question the logic behind that, but Hart seemed to trust us and the necessity of another gun in the face of those assassins way outweighed any damage he could do if he turned it against us.

    We marched for a whole day, exhausted and injured but finally we made it to the end of the underhive just in time for a patrol car to be passing by.
    “Stop and drop you’re weapons”
    I raised the seal with the Inquisitors pass code and my badge
    “Arbities Joseph Evens on orders from the inquisition, I need your assistance getting to the upper hive.”
    They weren’t reluctant at all as we crammed ourselves into the car. Rip was again against me, but I was too tired and too hurt to care. I drifted into sleep for a few moments and when I awoke we were at the Inquisitorial palace.

    I spotted the servo skull that delivered the note that started all this hell, and soon I would be free from all this. I’d go back to being Joseph Evens, and I’d get away from the madness of Rip, Lupus, and Cú.

    We were stopped here too as the elite forces guarding the palace asked our business. I explained our mission, told them how Hart would direct them to the buyer and the stolen goods.

    “Good, we’ll take him inside. His interrogation will be quick.”
    My heart sank. I knew what it meant to be interrogated in the Inquisitor’s palace. They grabbed Hart and started to take him away. I had to say something
    “Hart…I’m so sorry Hart.”
    “Aww shit”
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)19:59 No.12173671
    Just like that he was gone. I asked the patrolmen if they could give us a ride to the nearest medicate facility and they obliged.
    We limped in and asked for assistance, they asked for 2000 thrones.
    By the Emperor they didn’t deserve that. They were freaks, they were mad, but they gave their all and we couldn’t afford a bill like that. I had to think of something, and then it hit me.
    “We work for the Inquisition.”
    Suddenly the work was free.

    I didn’t need such serious care as the others, a quick patch job and I was done, but they would need to stay over for quite a few days. It was for the best. I needed some time alone, and I needed to tie up some lose ends.

    I hailed a shuttle and got a ride to Lorenzo’s estate. They’d want to know what happened. I told them everything, and they were stunned at the hell I had gone through. His daughter seemed ok, it seems all the love she had for Hart left as soon as he was exposed for a letch of a thief. Still the goods were not recovered yet, but with Hart in the hands of the Inquisition it wouldn’t be long.

    He said he wanted to reward me for his fine service and so he presented me with a fancy hat. I liked Lorenzo, but this was more a token of defeat then a reward. My will was tapped, and for the first time I looked forward to that shitty apartment

    (gotta eat, again comments, tips, and critique is very appreciated)
    >> Anonymous 09/21/10(Tue)20:03 No.12173712
    got to say, loving duskwood hearts so far. it's almost like watching another, more badass Damnatus
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)20:28 No.12173976
    I think that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me, only because I know how badass Damnatus is.

    It was refreshing to be alone again. I took my time to clean up. I was pleasantly surprised that the shower had warm water and managed to give myself a shave. I hadn’t had a chance since the start of this fiasco and developed quite the scruff, but today was a new beginning. I would say farewell to those nut jobs.

    Don’t get me wrong, they were invaluable to this case. Lupus is the best swordsman I’ve even laid eyes on, Cú was brutally efficient and took more punishment then a man should endure without a care. Rip’s personality was quite a boon and her cheer infectious, but these things did not distract from their obvious insanity and issues. Soon I would be rid of them.

    I’d wish them well, by the Emperor I wouldn’t even mind to see them once in or twice sometime down the road, but I’d be free of this madness. I would continue to do what I aspired to do ever since that day long ago. Protect the citizens of the imperium of man from themselves.

    Just then there was a knock on the door
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)20:41 No.12174095
    “Who is it?” no answer just more knocks. I just smiled and opened the door to a familiar servo skull.

    It flew in and opened its mouth to reveal a data slate, one that began projecting a message. An old, weathered man sat bound to his chair by life support systems as papers piled on the desk around him. He had no lower jaw, just a vox box where one would be, but it was of stunningly high quality as his voice sounded normal. In the background servo skulls flew by delivering, and taking away letters and a blinding pace. It was then the man talked.
    “I am inquisitor Saul and my time is short. I must congratulate you, Joseph Evens, on a job well done. Hart has told us much of what we needed to know. Moreover, he has shown amazing talent and skill when it comes to his trade. I have decided to take him on as a fellow acolyte so that his talents won’t be wasted.”
    Oh praise the Emperor, Hart would be alright after all.
    “This business with the assassins gives me great pause. Thus, I am taking you off the case for a more experienced team of mine. There is however something within your skill set that I’d like you to take a look at.” He lifts a note and skims it “It seems settlements have gone missing on the planet Strank. I have bought you 4 tickets you’ll find on the servo skull. The shuttle leaves in four days.”
    My heart was sinking
    “I am Inquisitor Saul, and I am your master.”
    The transmission ended, and that was it. No longer was I Joseph Evens, Arbities of the Imperium of man. I was Joseph Evens, Saul’s acolyte and nothing more.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)20:55 No.12174238
    I found the tickets on the servo skull with ease, as well as an option to record on the servo skull. I tried my hardest to hold back my rage as I recorded, but I feared some would seep through.
    “I wanted to thank you for sparing Hart. I promised him he wouldn’t get harmed and I like to keep my word. As for this business on Strank…it will be done.”
    That was all I could muster without cracking the skull open with my bare hands. It went on its way, and I shut the door behind it.

    As much as I didn’t want to, there was work to do. The Emperor as my witness it will be done. I put on my fedora and placed the .54 Tranter in its new holster at my hip. I walked to the Medicate facility and gave them the news. Lupus just looked at me without an answer, Rip seemed ecstatic. “You’re a weird one….here” I tossed her the hat Lorenzo had given us. She put it on in front of me and smiled a mad smile.
    The last one to tell was Cú.
    “Rest while you can, we’re heading to Strank in three days.”
    Cú was silent and then he said something that caught me off guard.
    “Do you ever miss your home world Joseph?”
    I was stunned, I was hurt, and I was not in the mood to talk about this. Some brute from a hell world wouldn’t think anything of my tragedy. I would not waste my breath. I exited without a word and prepared for the journey.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)21:07 No.12174367
    After a nights rest I sold the Hecuter to an arms dealer. He had the courtesy to point the gun at my head before complimenting me on the quality of the gun and asking me where I got it. I told him the truth and he paid me 180 thrones. The others made a fast recovery and joined me late in the day. They all seemed to look forward to another mission together. I was the only one who seemed to think negatively so I didn’t say a word. Lupus didn’t seem excited either but I was beginning to doubt that he could feel anything anymore. Still he was the one I could stand being with, probably due to his silence. We had just got our salaries and I offered to help him get new armor. It appears we were all promoted several times during this whole episode.

    While Rip and Cú bought ammo for the heavy stubbers we recovered, Lupus and I split the cost of a new hardened body glove and Lupus seemed to appreciate the gesture. He confided in me that he lost all respect for Cú during the raid. He had an opportunity to flee after a kill but stayed to save the raging guardsmen. He felled another Red before charging the last two alone. All he got to show for it was a Tranter round to the head, pellets in his chest, and a shattered arm which healed into a grisly scar. I tried to tell him Cú was in his battle trance and was fighting to escape it before it lead to his death, but Lupus didn’t care. While I worried they’d attempt to kill each other I was in awe over the mental image of these two fighting.

    The final day Rip dismantled the traps for their spare parts and Cú spent his final night as a bouncer at the jiggling bones club
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)21:23 No.12174520
    The day arrived.

    Cú started this journey with guardsmen flack, his sword, hard fang, and a knife as a sidearm. Now he stood shrouded in a cloak with a large metal pipe, two mono knives recovered from the assassin, an auto pistol, and a heavy stubber. Not that he could use it, but he was the strongest. Regardless it sure helped his intimidation factor that much more.

    Lupus began with an armored body glove, a ratty cloak, 4 mono knives, a mono long saber, a bolo knife, a grapnel, and an engraved knife of the moritat reapers. Now he stood in a hardened body glove, a chainsword, a hand flamer, and he was wrapped in a cameleoline cloak.

    Rip started with a combat shotgun and a flack vest. Now she carried a meat hammer, a nice hat, and a heavy stubber. For some reason she felt the need to change her robes style; rearranging herself to resemble some sort of rouge trader.

    As for me? I ended this much like I started. All my gear was hidden underneath my flak jacket. A gas mask, the Creed-9, a tool kit, glow lamp, handcuffs, spark rocks, a broken watch, and my uniform. Now I had a lock pick kit, the .54 Tranter, and a purity seal in my fedora.

    Whatever was making colonist disappear on Strank would never stand against our combined might
    >to be continued
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/21/10(Tue)21:34 No.12174653
    Reading through (Sp)ace Dick's write-awesomery now. Will start to post Cú's perespective and thoughts soon.
    >> On the next installment of Duskwood Hearts Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)21:36 No.12174671
    We go into SPACE
    Cú Can't stop asking about the Dark holds
    Joe gets drunk, this becomes a trend.
    We arive on a planet that might as well been called stank
    Shit goes down

    But first, Cú will tell his version of the fight, whenever that happens

    maybe even in this thread
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)21:48 No.12174788
    I wonder if anyone even reads these threads

    i mean there's >>12171281
    and the dude who post AC pics but that seems like it
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/21/10(Tue)22:08 No.12175017
    Sorry about the delay, just finished reading. I got to the party late tonight.


    To clarify, I threw away the autopistol the instant after I fired fruitlessly upon the assassin.

    Also, I ended with Hardfang, a mono-longsword, a mono-knife, a normal knife, a steel quarter-staff, and a heavy stubber with drum magazine.

    NOW... I will begin to write up my PoV.
    >> DuskWood Hearts IV-b Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/21/10(Tue)22:13 No.12175086

    >Battle... And yet here I stand, my Hardfang's blade clean. I cannot suffer the torture of safety, of coddling, of cowardice... for the respect I hold for Joseph, I would follow his orders, vowing to plunge in and through with all that I am.

    >Lady forgive my hesitation.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/21/10(Tue)22:17 No.12175144
    I wasn't off by much. I said two mono knives when one was a mono sword

    no big you don't use anything besides hardfang anyway. Then again it'd be dumb of you to use anything besides hardfang.
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/21/10(Tue)22:18 No.12175146

    >If the blood of my foes is beyond my reach, then savage destruction and the sowing of terror is not.

    >For you, my Queen, I'll fell this petty tower and crush the bleeding things beneath it. I wish you to have a wonderful show.
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/21/10(Tue)22:24 No.12175238

    >The other swordsman and I decided to enter the ripe, unrazed structure. Surely it must be packed so tightly with skittering little men, scattered and disorganized in their terror.
    >> Anonymous 09/21/10(Tue)22:26 No.12175271

    >I wonder if anyone even reads these threads

    Yes, and you better keep posting them.
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/21/10(Tue)22:41 No.12175432

    Lupus leapt down before me. For my Lady-accursed wounds, my body wavered and I found myself lain flat on my face below.


    Wounded. Broken. Bleeding. Frail. Weak.

    I will not allow it, not for my Lady. I am Her knight. A warrior.

    A Warrior.

    I rose to my feet, my veins pounding, scorched with the welcome agony of searing fury as it swelled them nigh to tearing. My wounds, now throbbing, ecstatic fetishes for Her love, opened anew and wept in the joyous pain of rage.


    I heard a curious handful of prey stop, thinking they'd heard myself and Lupus, only to soon pass.

    The feeling of seeing one's prey make a wondrously fatal mistake is an ecstasy of the highest sort.

    I felt my body shudder with pleasure at the thought of the condemned man's face, shocked, confused, his death so swift that he has not even enough time to realize his mistake...

    We gathered silently at the doorway to a corridor and I readied myself to force my shattered body into the conductor's role again for you, my Lady.
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/21/10(Tue)23:06 No.12175679

    I lovingly latched shut my mask and sank into Her gentle, cold embrace, my nerves melting away from my fragile, aching flesh with a single breath.

    I heard my legs flutter beneath me, carrying me across the hall.

    A hot, scathing gust of wind breathed angrily upon my left arm, whipping a tiny scarlet mist from the flesh. It sent a sweet, sickening jolt of pleasure across my gut as I half-noticed my second and third fingers on the left hand loosen their grip on Hardfang's haft.

    I did not slow. Two little frightened men in a small, dark room; I fell upon them like the fog and chose the one on the right.

    His arm was constructed from blood and ribbons of flesh, it seemed, for Hardfang gently unraveled it.

    The Crow beside me crashed into the second man, his long, iron beak biting deep into the flesh of his prey.

    The one before me was mine. He drew a small, black trinket from his waist and pointed it toward my face. I would not be bribed with this thing's baubles and garbage. I struck the offering from his grasp, and then he presented something I recognized.

    A blade.

    This half-broken thing gripped a small knife with its shaking little hands.

    A swordsman? Yes. YES!!!

    In my excitement, I broke the thing, rending asunder the soldier's second arm.

    Soldier... Oh, Lady, I was undone. If not for your love and the strength you lend this loyal son, my knees might have buckled then and there.

    Forgive me, Lady... But I can do no more...
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/21/10(Tue)23:16 No.12175785

    Forgive me, Queen, for I have not your divinity. I bleed and I make bleed, I am undone through bringing ruin to your foes.

    But forgive me, love me, for I can go no further.

    I wish not to die but in the arms of your Demesne...

    I felt my body screaming with the exertion of holding itself together, the nerves of my shattered, shredded hand cried out in confusion and pain, my fingers crushed and twisted.

    I tasted the faint trace of blood which my trance had forced back up my throat...
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/21/10(Tue)23:26 No.12175912

    My mask grew hot, oppressive, choking.

    I collapsed to the floor, my back to the wall, and tore frantically at the suffocating mask, finally throwing it open and gulping desperately for air.

    Through Her love, I was left spent and sore. I had done so much for my Lady, and I felt her pleased embrace as the agony came flooding back, the shock nearly thrusting me into unconsciousness, but leaving my head spinning and my shattered, bloody body quivering weakly in ecstasy.

    I'll just catch my breath here for a moment...
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/21/10(Tue)23:50 No.12176257

    >I was not tormenting Joseph, but he seemed to think this the case.

    >I despise this giant steel coffin of a city. I need the frigid, faintly humid, pristine air of Dusk. I need the sharp chill in my bones when I wake and the warmth of Aoífe's shoulder as she lends me her blanket and her company. I need the gruff admonishment and stern praise of my elder hunters as they teach me the blade. I need to go home.

    >Lady, am I wrong to think all worlds are a home like ours?
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/21/10(Tue)23:53 No.12176292
    Duskwood Hearts IV:


    Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes?


    Maybe some "Ask Cú anything."-type questions?
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/22/10(Wed)00:05 No.12176436
    Damn... It's really seeming like there's maybe 3-4 people who read these...
    >> Anonymous 09/22/10(Wed)00:21 No.12176609

    no i do and you need to keep posting fo' realz
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/22/10(Wed)00:25 No.12176657

    Thanks, man.

    I'm probably done with the writefaggin' for tonight though, unless anyone has questions.
    >> Joseph Evens 09/22/10(Wed)00:39 No.12176809
    I'm back if anyone has questions of me or my character

    Also for anyone who wants it:
    Lupus Thaddius (I play him whenever his player can't make it. Hell the only character I haven't played due to absence is Rip!)

    WS:50 BS:26
    S:35 T:24
    Ag:42 Int:34
    Per:31 WP:28
    Fellowship:23 Wounds: 11

    Fate Points:2
    Insanity Pts:2
    Corruption Pts:0
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/22/10(Wed)00:52 No.12176946
         File1285131164.jpg-(385 KB, 2741x1888, 1204907244042.jpg)
    385 KB
    Gonna go to bed because I'm fat.

    Bumping for justice. Let's get some people reading this.
    >> Synbios !!wutpLZkcFng 09/22/10(Wed)05:02 No.12179645
    Justice bump for the bodice-rippers.
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/22/10(Wed)09:00 No.12180742

    What's that? Dead Thread Redemption?

    A thread involving red, dead redemptionists?

    Lets get some content in here why not.

    What say you elegen/tg/ents to having a sort of "Interview with a Berserker" kind of thing up in this bitch?"
    >> Anonymous 09/22/10(Wed)09:42 No.12180929
    >I wonder if anyone even reads these threads

    I do! Shit is CASH!

    >Damn... It's really seeming like there's maybe 3-4 people who read these...

    well, here's one more!

    wow, I must say that this is some awesome literary works you got going on! Am hoping for more in the future!
    >> Anonymous 09/22/10(Wed)10:44 No.12181356
         File1285166648.jpg-(245 KB, 1230x1230, CuBW_Crop.jpg)
    245 KB
    Would you magnificent few have any interest in hearing some more tales about Dusk?

    Maybe the history of Cú Airúath Siblaid's tribe or the significance of his greatsword and mask?

    I mean, really you could prompt me with anything about the character and I'll churn out some writefaggin'.

    Also, is there interest in some bits of detailed design sketches I've done of Cú's armor and mask? The kind that are compulsively driven to be ergonomic, realistic and form-fitting to the body? (No "PAWLDRUNNSS!!")
    >> Knight of our Black Annaiys 09/22/10(Wed)10:51 No.12181406

    For the record, that was me. Just forgot to re-do my ego-stroking namefaggotry.
    >> Anonymous 09/22/10(Wed)12:42 No.12182153
    Bumping because I feel I must satisfy some strange compulsion.

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