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  • File : 1280790309.jpg-(795 KB, 1680x1050, 1268144475591.jpg)
    795 KB Sword n' Board 08/02/10(Mon)19:05 No.11495938  
    One year ago, one man had a solution...
    A revolution of elocution, to combat the pollution...

    Now I ain't that man, but I witnessed the resolution,
    And on that day there was retribution,
    as we gave birth to the finest institution,
    the evolution of absolution, with mass contribution,
    perfect execution, and wide distribution...

    And we remember this revolution...
    in this time of devolution...
    with solid restitution, we begin the ablution...

    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)19:06 No.11495953
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)19:11 No.11496026
    I've got nothing.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)19:14 No.11496053
    Uh...Team Rocket?
    >> DH/tg/ 08/02/10(Mon)19:14 No.11496055
    To the beat of :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp3y2f7_Hfk

    Uh yea
    Yea uh uh yea che - che -check it.

    What more can I say, I wouldn't be here today if the old school didn't change my way.(x4)

    I've been roaming around,
    Lookin down,
    At all these playas
    These fools,
    these rules and tools.

    What more can I say, I wouldn't be here today if the old school didn't change my way.(x4)

    Gary gygax, rollin deep,
    God rest him, in his eternal sleep,
    Craps, blackjack, balut and c-low, none of these games catch my flow.
    I've been rollin since I was in diapers,
    I'm so vicious they call me Viper.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)19:15 No.11496069
         File1280790934.jpg-(213 KB, 500x900, djphylactery.jpg)
    213 KB
    you can't just use words that end with -ution, thats not how rap works.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)19:15 No.11496072
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I've got nothing to say
    And nothing to do.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)19:20 No.11496137
    I gotta confess, my rhymes are a mess
    I can't figure out how to roll on the dole and keep it droll
    without muckin' it up like I'z muckin' about
    Just makin' a mess and gettin' thrown out
    Lotsa peeps are rappin' better'n me
    because I still haven't figured out a word that rhymes with orange
    >> DJ Monky Monk Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)19:23 No.11496179
    Now I'm new to the game so you must excuse me
    Any other board they might try to defuse me
    Prepare to be enlightened, a little frightened
    But most of all excited cause i'm about to blow your minds and
    Here's the deal, ya'll better listen
    I'm here cause I'm on a mission
    Using hands of steel and rhymes unreal I'm here to reveal
    The truth, my friends, you'll never be the same

    Sword and Board ain't all alone in the game
    >> DJ/tg/ 08/02/10(Mon)19:23 No.11496192

    Dwarves, elves, golbins and orcs.
    Sure, they may have called me a dork,
    But hell if I care, I'm not asking them to my lair.
    The old school, TSR
    Been playing before I ever bought my first car.
    Who cares if they think it's bizzare,
    atleast I thinkI'm a star.


    This ones to the old school,
    We were the cool kids,
    Rolling, and roleing, we knew were it was at.
    They used to call us nerds, imagine that.
    Stuffed into lockers, whatta shocker.


    >> Monk of Funk 08/02/10(Mon)19:24 No.11496203
    Aw yeah check out tha mighty OP.

    Aw snap
    Sword n board
    we needsta incrust ya sword
    with gems and shit
    as a reward
    for entertainin the board
    You... I adore.

    But I'm cuttin' dis suckup
    Get ready to get fucked up

    Rhyme time.
    >> Sword n' Board 08/02/10(Mon)19:25 No.11496214
         File1280791548.jpg-(171 KB, 820x1314, My sweet ass self.jpg)
    171 KB
    Get it goin, spin that shit up.

    Scrollin' through the board got me all in a drag,
    all haters gonna hate cuz OP is a fag,
    and behind my flag, y'all can rally,
    before I stomp the yard like a falling pally,
    and all those who oppose me end up as a tally,
    notched on my shield, never to reach the finale,

    ...and as I walk through the valley,
    of the shadow of death,
    My sword and shield comfort me,
    indestructable like Elspeth,
    spittin' dragon breath, with ice in the veins,
    cold like Abel gettin' murdered by Cain,
    I'm insane with the lyrical, every hit is a critical,
    My style should be biblical, with so many ranks in perform,
    because I take the word of god and give it physical form.
    >> Monk of Funk 08/02/10(Mon)19:26 No.11496219
    They say Wu-tang Clan ain't nothin' to fuck with
    But they aint got shit on the shaolin funk fist
    Blow after blow, diss after diss
    Ya got shit in the back, front soaked in piss
    microphone nunchuks swingin around
    rhyme and skill putting you on the ground
    Smack goes the blows
    matching my stylin sound
    I'm the baddest motherfucking monk around
    Punch after punch, blow after blow
    Every single strike matches with my flow
    uppercut to the head
    Rock em sock em warforged
    Neck cracks
    Now ya dead
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)19:26 No.11496221
    Where the hell is DJ Phylactery?

    Captcha: Had cabins.

    Obviously he gave birth to a cabin and is still in the hospital. I wish you the best.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)19:31 No.11496291
         File1280791869.jpg-(140 KB, 1100x1100, d4b42f3ab78e162f510fde7b6514f9(...).jpg)
    140 KB
    Rollin up in a dungeon.
    got the BBEG's panties bunchin.
    skirmisher,elite, brute?
    they ain't got nothin on me
    for all i see is easy X P
    got my theif popin traps like they were dc 10
    stickn' it to our rail roadn' DM.
    white knight? i'd rather fight!
    Personal trainer by day battle cleric by night.
    >> Def Blue-Blood Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)19:31 No.11496295
         File1280791878.gif-(6 KB, 133x123, blue-dragon2.gif)
    6 KB
    I remember that man, I remember him well
    He took a wrong step then helped my belly to swell

    Ya swallowed him up while he was crying, "oh lord!"
    Added his bones to the pile like adding gold to my hoard
    Now it's time to record a new page in modern history
    Def Blue's got new rhymes so hot they'll have you blistering
    So listen kids, best step back while I'm spittin' this cause I'll be hittin' these rhythms so hard they'll make your ears cave in

    It's time to step up to the alter of rhyme and originality
    To see who's king of the mountain and who's just pretendin' to be
    Who really brings heat
    Whose rhymes are just weak
    Who's slangin' verbal diamond and who's just a summer freak

    This is a challenge to all, step up and test your gall
    The Dragon's down to rumble, it's Blue against all
    >> Monk of Funk 08/02/10(Mon)19:35 No.11496344
    Off the topic
    off the chain
    Stylin sound that shocks ya brain
    +1 mic, Thundering chants
    Come on son, throw on ya sonic resistance
    I'll overcome that with my lyrical persistence

    Rollin like a duke
    With my gold in my bag
    Bitches cheerin "FUNK"
    While I stroll with my swag

    Sell the armor
    Sell the spears
    Gold to the commoners
    Hear the cheers
    Wisdom bonus to my Ac score
    Fuck equipment
    Cash to the poor
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)19:41 No.11496445
    This would almost make LARP bearable. It'd be like a sudden rap-off, only everyone would be dressed in armor.

    Shit that'd be funny.
    >> Monk of Funk 08/02/10(Mon)19:49 No.11496561
    This a callout to the punk druids

    Save the forests
    save the trees
    Save the muskrats
    Save the bees
    Runnin 'round town with a bear in tow
    Pettin all the plants, makin em grow
    Hatin on my chains
    Cuz ya can't wear em

    Woodshape some grills
    So you can get some bitches
    But we all know
    That bears up in ya britches

    (this thread better not die)
    >> Monk of Funk 08/02/10(Mon)19:56 No.11496699
    Oh almighty Sword n' Board
    Leader of /tg/'s rappin horde
    ...This shit forsaken?
    You be flakin'?
    My time be wastin'?
    >> Sword n' Board 08/02/10(Mon)19:57 No.11496709
         File1280793455.jpg-(171 KB, 820x1316, My sweet ass self2.jpg)
    171 KB
    Aw hell yeah, Def Blue Blood in the house

    I ride out to meet ya', I don't know the meaning of loss,
    You roll like a dragon? I roll LIKE A BOSS.
    If you toss the challenge, I'll return the favor,
    because the progenitor of rap ain't a meal to savor,
    I gotta be braver, I'll walk into the city of portals,
    because when you killed that man, you made him immortal,
    And now you got less chance than a guardsman makin' corporal,
    and when I close the gap, snicker-snack goes my vorpal.

    I've got no qualms nigga, I'll go the distance,
    spittin flow so solid it overcomes damage resistance,
    Lyrical bullets flying to end your existence,
    so persistence is futile, against style so bold,
    And while you're sittin idle, hoarding your gold,
    I'll be honing my skills, your status: told.
    >> Sword n' Board 08/02/10(Mon)20:03 No.11496793
         File1280793799.jpg-(171 KB, 820x1312, 12726694255151.jpg)
    171 KB
    Fuck no nigga, we rap till we're spent
    I'm on a mission, hell-bent,
    committed one-hundred percent,
    to invent rhymes without peer,
    in a furious charge, unknown to fear,
    and the world will hear me, in glorious rapture,
    It's time for hard mode, I'll start rhyming captchas
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:09 No.11496896
    Unfortunately I must go to bed right now, will contribute in the mornings
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:10 No.11496912
         File1280794219.jpg-(1.46 MB, 1524x2078, 1269988662573.jpg)
    1.46 MB
    >rhyming captchas

    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:11 No.11496935
         File1280794313.jpg-(30 KB, 500x382, l35a42b970000_1_22144.jpg)
    30 KB
    I can't rap,
    Cause I'm white
    If you look around, You will know I'm right
    Uh yeah, Uh uh, uh yeah
    >> Monk of Funk 08/02/10(Mon)20:12 No.11496941
    Shit son

    My apologies for doubtin
    I guess I was poutin'
    At the length posters waitin
    Like a speedin' ooze
    Slow n easy takin'
    >> MC (master castellan) SMITE 08/02/10(Mon)20:19 No.11497081
    This here’s a shout-out to my paladins

    Yeah you was lawful good, rollin’ straight from the hood
    dropping dragons drinkin’ flagons just like a knight should
    when presented with moral choices don’t listen to the voices
    just follow the code and stay on the righteous road

    Swingin’ your holy avenger, on a smite and cleave bender
    ain’t gotta put up with disrespect just pally slash em’ back!
    layin’ on hands like the legend of Bagger Vance
    tell the wenches you’ve got a +5 sword in yo’ pants

    Ridin’ on your steed doin’ mighty deeds
    just remember to purchase some feed
    celestial charger livin’ life larger
    smitan’ evil all day yeah that’s the paladin way
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:20 No.11497101
         File1280794835.jpg-(5 KB, 133x123, blue-dragon2.jpg)
    5 KB
    The vorpal trick is played out, had a whole stack from punks I've laid out
    Took 'em all down to the market and I made out when I paid out! CHU-CHING!

    Adventurers are just dollar signs and don't ya know their all mine
    So comin' at me's all fine, but don't be surprised when you have to wait in line
    There's a queue to take on Tiamat's titan
    And most these punks around ain't even worth fightin'
    But the thought of takin' on Board's enticing
    So make yourself ready to step up and face the lightning

    Don't worry about my DR, nobodies ever got that far
    I set the bar up to the stars and made my AC so high you'll need a telescope to see that far.
    I got mad respect, your a foe that dished out those critical hits
    But in this games I'm like MC Hammer: to divine to touch this.
    >> Sparrow Clan Rappin' Bushi 08/02/10(Mon)20:25 No.11497186
    I come from the land of Rokugan
    To stand for the honor of the Sparrow Clan
    This Sparrow's beats are hot and fly,
    y'all are stuck on the ground while I rise into the sky!
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:27 No.11497230
         File1280795263.png-(94 KB, 214x198, Picture 8.png)
    94 KB
    /tg/ ain't ready for this master of MTG,
    just dropped an un-kicked scuta and i smacked you for three.
    after the game i stole your cards and i pawned them on craigslist,
    to fund a jucy set of tarmogoyf's for my pimpin' new decklist.
    nine hundred dollar playset of dual-lands ain't shit,
    flashed your bitch my black lotus, and she was begging for my dick.
    so don't step to me you played out planeswalker,
    i took a shit that looked like you, fuck, you look like a fen stalker.
    you've got it in your head that you can cheat fate,
    but when i'm slingin' my back deck, son, you will get raped!
    mate, i like to call you my boreal druid,
    because i tap your ass for mana like there ain't nothing to it.
    seriously man you can't compete, you're nothing but a poo-fleck,
    better get your ass to MTG salvation for a competitive netdeck.
    >> Sword n' Board 08/02/10(Mon)20:28 No.11497241
         File1280795305.jpg-(4 KB, 300x57, research machete.jpg)
    4 KB
    When I'm through, my foes look like spaghetti;
    they met the business end of my Research Machete,
    A weapon without peer, it ain't no understudy,
    analyzes your attack, and turns you bloody.

    It ain't got no right angles, all its series is Fourier,
    It was even given the edge in Deadliest Warrior,
    Between man and machete, I'll form an alliance,
    and turn the art of war in to a straight-up science,
    >> Monk of Funk 08/02/10(Mon)20:30 No.11497272
    Look at this sparrow nigga
    Small paragraph
    Thought it'd be bigga
    So long stretchin down
    Across the page
    Castin some wordy sleep
    On the most diligent mage

    Sparrows talk so damn much
    They make BRASS dragons back off
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:31 No.11497303
    Aw snap!

    AW SNAP!

    >> Monk of Funk 08/02/10(Mon)20:32 No.11497307
         File1280795527.jpg-(257 KB, 1000x1494, dsc_0474[1].jpg)
    257 KB
    >It was even given the edge in Deadliest Warrior

    Sword n' board juss cut off some niggas head.

    Dass a KILLSHOT.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:34 No.11497335
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:34 No.11497339
    when my dice hit the paper,
    I'm called the annihilator,
    theres never anything but a crater,
    A suite of destruction is what i'll tailor,
    for any customer i'll cater,
    I serve my dish now and never later,
    the taste is an exclusive flavor,
    once in a lifetime, its somthing to savor

    Yeah i'm a chef of destruction,
    and somthing like blowing up megaton,
    or beheading you're firstborn son,
    whats done is done,
    but that doesn't matter because its fun,
    any weapon at my side knife or gun,
    every way is how I do my job but i've gotta say my favorite one,
    is throwing bitches like you into the sun.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:35 No.11497347
    Sparrows don't need a lot of words,
    Too much chatter and we'd all look like birds.
    Most Sparrows keep their rhyming short and sweet,
    'Cause not many peeps can take the heat,
    So unless you think you've got the meat,
    I'd step on down and take a seat.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:38 No.11497372
         File1280795881.png-(36 KB, 350x350, s_beer.png)
    36 KB
    Has it already been one year?
    Time flies too quickly for my liking, I fear.

    But I digress, no less, for trolling is one of my passions, I profess. Deep compassions to harass and transgress each gentleman and lass.

    The ground I tread, people forsake.
    For the posts I make, trolls partake.
    From the spewing of lead, to the disdain on each head.
    Is the signature toll I fulfill in my stead.
    >> Masakari !E0vZxebH1c 08/02/10(Mon)20:38 No.11497373

    fuckshit kids I forgot my trip,
    rappin what comes outta my lips,
    got my fingers thinking on their tips,
    while my minds delving the deepest crypts.
    >> Knife Strongington 08/02/10(Mon)20:45 No.11497467
    Now the name here's Knife, and I'm not well known
    but I figure it's 'bout time to get this party on;
    there's lyrics to be heard and there's beats to think,
    I'm a newbie but I'm choosy, so my rhymes don't stink.
    I figure, "Hey, just look at this, a rapping thread.
    Instead of lurking I'll get posting some of my own instead.
    I may not have experience, may not have class,
    but I'm Lawful Good, I'm in the hood, and I'mma here to out-rap your ass.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:45 No.11497471
    You call yourself a dragon, y'honorless fake?
    Hell, I don't even think you're a Blue DRAKE.
    Step up to the plate and defend your name,
    Unless, of course, you ain't got the game.
    >> Def Blue-Blood 08/02/10(Mon)20:46 No.11497487
         File1280796396.jpg-(3 KB, 300x57, captcha.jpg)
    3 KB
    Unique and lawless, this dragon's utterly flawless
    Tiamat knew the first time she saw us She'd never make another creature more boss
    The way I make communique leaves worldly poets in too much awe to speak
    They'll spend their whole life trying to seek a relic to make them sound this angelique
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:48 No.11497512

    yo yo, i'm looking at this nigga munk of funk,
    and all i can think of is how well he's gonna fit in my trunk.
    i got the fat low rider, and i'm a mystical entity,
    rolled up on your set, dropped my dice, oh shit... NATURAL TWENTY!
    i take a +1 shit on your lawn, then summon a crow,
    you're the party, i'm DM, and i'm running this show!
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:48 No.11497529
         File1280796533.jpg-(171 KB, 820x1314, My sweet ass self.jpg)
    171 KB

    I'm specced to slay, the anathema, dragonbane,
    I'll spit an army of words and directly attack your brain,
    and while you strain to comeback, all efforts in vain,
    I'll feign that attack and boot you off of this plane.

    And your homegirl Tiamat? I ain't impressed.
    I don't roll with bitch dragons, I roll with the best,
    so let that digest, truth cuts like a razor,
    Know that nigga Elminster? Fucker owes me a hundred favors.

    So come at me bro, my strength is absolute,
    Ya' ain't nothin to me but a CR and some loot.
    >> MC (master castellan) SMITE 08/02/10(Mon)20:48 No.11497530
    On the subject of crusaders,
    why all the haters?
    We’re like pumped up paladins,
    so what if we came out later?

    Rockin’ the tome of battle with the warblades and sword sages
    i just don’t get why this fa/tg/uy rages.
    We’re better than mages cuz’ we swing our swords through all the ages

    Drizz’t Do’urden’s got nothin’ on me
    call me a mary-sue? check my character flaws and see
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:50 No.11497556
         File1280796626.jpg-(67 KB, 471x576, 1277782666716.jpg)
    67 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:50 No.11497557
    This is just... just awful. All of this.
    >> vernacular funk 08/02/10(Mon)20:51 No.11497569
         File1280796668.jpg-(231 KB, 608x782, 1a..jpg)
    231 KB
    another night and i'm browsing /tg/
    whining and bitching incessantly
    looks like my favorite board
    has gone straight down the shitter
    but that's alright man, i was born bitter

    come upon a rap thread lookin so sweet
    as usual sword and board cleanin' the street
    i'm no man to mess with rhyme and beat
    but i gotta keep my mind up on its feet

    so here i go, i suppose
    muttering underhand insults towards my foes
    feel that rush of creativity tickle my toes
    even though i know that my rhymin' blows

    but hell man, i can't rap colloquially
    and so i'll proceed on stoically
    because my lyrics are about as useful
    as an MFA in poetry

    i won't attack anybody ad-hominem
    but, suffice to say, i think i can clobber them

    and detract was my captcha phrase
    seems like 4chan can read my mind these days
    but you fellas carry on in your beat riddled ways
    i'll hang back and admire the blaze

    let the thread roll on an' come to a close
    i'm sure /tg/ would rather watch
    some fetish anime shows

    >> Def Blue-Blood 08/02/10(Mon)20:52 No.11497593
         File1280796757.gif-(42 KB, 400x323, blue-dragon.gif)
    42 KB
    Those your four lines of fury?
    More like four lines of flatline
    You need to move your ranks out of commoner and spend some more time on your rhymes before you cross this line
    But don't worry, you'll get your chance to do this deadly dance
    I'll drop word on your that entrance, use my ability so many times per day you'll cry it's unbalanced
    Time to pack it home little dart farmer, and before you come back to garner my lair with your raps makes sure they are a little warmer.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:52 No.11497596
         File1280796767.png-(43 KB, 133x140, Picture 8.png)
    43 KB

    fuck you this thread is archive material!
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:56 No.11497677
    it's times like this I wish I wasn't a white nerd.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)20:58 No.11497713
    Just invoke the power of Weird Al Yankovic.

    >him, funny
    Captcha is right as always.
    >> Sword n' Board 08/02/10(Mon)21:00 No.11497747
         File1280797251.jpg-(3 KB, 300x57, already mace.jpg)
    3 KB
    I get the drop, win the initiative race,
    then outta nowhere there's already a mace,
    in your face, bonecrushing concussion,
    stammering comebacks, but there ain't no discussion,
    with another percussion from six pounds of titanium,
    shreddin' your brain with the shards of your cranium...
    >> Masakari !E0vZxebH1c 08/02/10(Mon)21:01 No.11497765

    You aint well known because you aint fully grown,
    Your death in the tapestry of fates been sewn'
    Any time you got left is on a really short loan,
    you're definitely not some solid snake because your covers been blown,
    more like some dumb rookie whose safety is on like a glowing crown,
    you think your hardcore and wanna be down,
    then lets see you rip some real sound,
    dont get on my toes because my rhymes sunder time,
    enough for me to do another line.


    Dont know what you deal with but this heres a new kind,
    the ones in this thread got the deadliest of minds,
    so much that they cant be copied by mr.mime,
    to rhyme on a dime and turn back time,
    yeah we whip it so hard even admins pay the fine,
    you're a noob sitting in nibelheim fighting the boss for trine,
    while we're riding around in pure armor like the knights of the nine.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)21:05 No.11497826
    Well, we’re the geeks of the industry.
    You don’t wanna mess with me, when I’m playin’ D and D,
    The geeks of the industry.
    And when you see us at your game, be prepared to flee.

    Well they say that nerds do it, freaks do it. (Do it.)
    Grab your character sheets and get to it.
    Got my D-twenty in my sack full of dice.
    I’m a miniature connoisseur for sure, so…
    Get all the models out of the hutch.
    I’ve painted so much lead, they call me the Dutch Boy.
    Religious groups claiming it’ll make me a witch,
    But, man, the worst you could say, is I’m the coven of ‘Litch’,

    Yes, from Origins down to GenCon, I am GAMA gamer trekkin’.
    You think you’re a dungeon master, ‘til I suck upon your neck.
    It’s Count Luke Ski, in black clothes I’m displayin’ and slayin’,
    But it’s more than cosplay.
    It’s Vampire: the Masquerade, col’ LARPin’.
    With a file, my faux fangs I sharpen.
    A physical challenge, and you think I’m paper blockin’ you.
    You show me scissors, but I’m rockin’ you!

    Cause we’re the geeks of the industry.
    Check out my huge power deck, when I C.C.G.!
    The geeks of the industry.
    And when you see us at your game, be prepared to flee.

    Say you’re gamin’. (Gamin’?) The other folks you’re playin’,
    Are the dorks from the towers in Wisconsin.
    Matt is the D.M., and Igor brought the ‘Igor bars’ in. (Mmm, yeah!)
    There’s Jeff, and bringing up the rear… (Is who?)
    A short furrball named Carson. (Heeere’s Johnny!)
    Nuh-uh, not the Carson with the talk show career,
    But the Muskrat roleplaying king.
    Got your caffeine? (Huzzah!) A’ight, let’s convene:
    >> Def Blue-Blood 08/02/10(Mon)21:06 No.11497834
         File1280797560.jpg-(170 KB, 400x323, blue-dragon.jpg)
    170 KB
    Let me shrug that off like a fur coat, my psychic resists is so high there is no hope
    So while you struggle with your verbal wreck I'll be off to elope and add your girls to my harem and get groped
    My lair is too dope, you'll never make it up this slope and I got Kord at my door to deny you with the velvet rope

    My lair is members only so while your out waiting in the rain lonely I'm kicking it with my godly homies.
    You got one wizard? I got enough to make a worldwide blizzard.
    He owes you one hundred favors? I got a dozen Djinn to give me wished in a million flavors.
    It's time to stop this bad behavior
    You should quit and just try to be a good neighbor before I take over your town and force you all into hard labor
    >> MC (master castellan) SMITE 08/02/10(Mon)21:06 No.11497835

    Look at this little kobold thinkin' he's the shit
    if I were you my scaly bro I'd just quit

    maybe get a job somewhere raidin' caravans
    till some level ones come along and crush you like ants

    It's true def-blue, you need to admit,
    your rhymes are whack and your beats are shit
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)21:06 No.11497842
    Your party’s on a bridge, up ahead ye see a hundred and twenty
    Gigantic orcs armed with machetes.
    Do you, ‘A’: Say ‘Hello, ain’t this a sunny day?
    ‘B’: You soil your armor and you RUN AWAY!
    ‘C’: Grab a can from your Mountain Dew stash!
    Well the answer is ‘D’, (‘D’?) MASH MASH MASH!

    So you’re slashin’ (hackin’), total monster mashin’ (mackin’),
    Orc attackin’, and soon your band is back on the quest.
    Whoever saves the damsel she will betroth*,
    Suspiciously familiar, she’s just like a perky goth!

    But to save her you will have to face sniper sloths,
    A vicious troll, a winged T-Rex, vixens who will eat your soul,
    And a drunk vampire with a puzzle trap, and if you
    Don’t answer right, you’re dead. What do you do? (What?)

    Jeff cast a spell, but it only knocked their hats off.
    Igor turned to Matt and said, “I kill Gandalf!”
    Carson just collapsed and quivered like a pup.
    Well here is what I did, so, yo, listen up:
    After I tightened up my tights, I hung a disco ball so that the lights
    Distracted them, I snuck right past their sights.

    Faced the troll, with my saving roll, he was defeated.
    I roasted the Pega-Saurus so I’d eat it. (Eat it!)
    The sirens I greeted, with my eighteen charisma they fainted, (add sound of women swooning)
    Then I solved the riddle of the mead-head.

    He said “Now pick a number from a million down to one!”
    I said ‘forty-two’, and he shriveled in the dawn sun.
    For rescuing Gilly, she said she would thrill me.
    Became my bride, mission ended, me on victory’s side.

    And before anybody gets a chance to speak,
    I say, ‘Yo, don’t say nothin’, I guess I’m just a geek’!

    Hot chicks in chain mail bikinis,
    In the hip joints, want our hit points.
    And we’ll ask ‘em when they face us in the
    Coliseum, ‘Who’s your D.M.?’
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)21:09 No.11497889
    >Open rap battle thread. Read all of Sword n' Boards and DBB's. Keep scrollan for the rest.
    >> Lion'el Richie !HdbvGtoIhw 08/02/10(Mon)21:12 No.11497936
    >> Def Blue-Blood 08/02/10(Mon)21:12 No.11497946
         File1280797977.gif-(16 KB, 233x214, blue-dragon3.gif)
    16 KB
    I guess it's true, haters gonna hate
    So let me break this down, short and sweet, in a way you can relate:

    Your rhymes and shorter than your dick,
    with skills like that no wonder you're the last pick.

    You should quit rapping and try fighter for a while,
    brain dead full attack every round seems more your style.

    No go scurry off scared to your cloister,
    you're just a visitor anyway in this world that is my oyster.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)21:12 No.11497947
         File1280797978.png-(45 KB, 142x133, Picture 9.png)
    45 KB

    looks like this blue blood fool needs to be taken down a notch,
    my right hand holds a long sword, my left is clutching my crotch,
    because in the words of necro the penis is mightier than the sword,
    and i'll slap you to death with my erection, after i finished off your hoard.
    you slipped up buddy, you left your rear exposed,
    and slaanesh won't have shit on me after i'm done raping this hoe.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)21:14 No.11497961
    Is this really Sword n' Board?
    Hooollllyyy shiiiit.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)21:16 No.11497995
         File1280798191.jpg-(40 KB, 600x420, Your Shipment of Fail.jpg)
    40 KB
    Something just arrived for you.
    >> Knife Strongington 08/02/10(Mon)21:20 No.11498048
    Big words for a small man hiding in a Big Shell;
    better hope you've got better rhymes or this'll be hell.
    I may not be new, but all that means' I ain't stale
    so get your swollen head back in the game or else you might fail.
    Legends grow from nothings, but still nothing remains,
    because these threads are still so young, their mommas in labor pangs,
    so baby, listen, maybe you should think twice again,
    I could be around a million years, so don't start trying 'til then.
    >> Sword n' Board 08/02/10(Mon)21:20 No.11498052
         File1280798444.jpg-(171 KB, 820x1314, My sweet ass self.jpg)
    171 KB

    Don't kid yourself nigga, I'm tight with Kord,
    bestowed as his chosen, with my namesake sword,
    and as the lord of the mic, I ain't even fazed,
    I give the word, and your lair gets razed,
    but crazed I am not, you won't incite me to fume,
    I mean, we're practically brothers since I've shared your mother's womb!

    I've got material interests, you can keep the esoteric,
    and bitches ain't shit, I'm straight-up barbaric.
    The honeys get hysteric when I shove'em aside,
    bitches only try to latch onto me for a free ride,
    but I conquer and divide, I'll never take a bride,
    why buy the cow when the milk never subsides?
    My pride's all I need, I go where I'm beckoned,
    If it's all you can get, help yourself to my sloppy seconds.
    >> MC (master castellan) SMITE 08/02/10(Mon)21:22 No.11498070
    A true warrior knows when to admit defeat
    and my lizard friend you have me beat

    But I'm a lawful guy and don't quite know what to do
    so can I be an anti-paladin workin' for tiamat and you?

    seriously man i can do "bad"
    i'll be the best black guard you ever had

    captcha- system ignoble
    captcha, you magnificent bastard
    >> Def Blue-Blood 08/02/10(Mon)21:22 No.11498075
         File1280798543.jpg-(7 KB, 233x214, blue-dragon3.jpg)
    7 KB
    Sounds like you need some more glistening oil 'cause your rhymes are pretty shoddy and you better put away your little prick, my dick is bigger than your body.

    Quit wasting my time, I got bigger fish to fry than some whiny scrap of metal who was too stupid to die when Urza came by.
    How's ol' Yawg anyway? That's right, dead as dirt.
    Boy what a spectacle that much have been when you're whole race was wrecked by a senior citizen.

    Time to run little creature before I force you to explode
    I got my target locked and lightning breath set to overload
    >> D1000 08/02/10(Mon)21:23 No.11498085
    The time is right
    Drive me close to fight
    I wanna swing my sword
    I'll go overboard
    I rape and pillage
    Loot your whole village
    With a mount and blade
    And an Ace of Spades
    I make you mad like Cthulhu
    Shoot like John Woo
    and fight like Lu Bu
    Tear right through you
    A merciless gun man
    One in each hand
    Just makes it more fun man
    I got fleet and I charge with fury
    I don't get pens when I make a flurry
    I guard my title, territorial
    Been top dog for time immemorial
    Either way I live day to day
    Rollin' d20's to get my pay
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)21:24 No.11498113

    oh please you waste of air, that ship sunk at port,
    you want to phase me, write a rap, not a layman's retort.
    >> vernacular funk 08/02/10(Mon)21:33 No.11498221
         File1280799196.jpg-(38 KB, 500x357, 7tGEA..jpg)
    38 KB
    shit. refresh the page and loose my whole lyric
    ah well, i see what you're saying internet that shit's empiric.
    why everybody pretending to be dragons and knights when they slingin' only words
    this is /tg/ man, you know we all nerds
    i understand the need for escapism
    but damn, face your fears by facin' em
    startin' to sound motivational
    what i really meant to be is straight educational

    learn from the thesaurus and dictionary
    not some blue-blooded dragon and a full-armored fairy
    no offense, i know you guys are kings
    but watch your corruption man, loosen those rings
    where we gonna be if we're just name droppin' things
    >> Def Blue-Blood 08/02/10(Mon)21:34 No.11498230
         File1280799256.jpg-(23 KB, 511x369, blue-dragon4.jpg)
    23 KB
    You spit as mean as ever Board, and I'll be back for round two just as soon as I go manage my empire for a while. Keep the thread alive, but this Dragon's got work to do.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)21:35 No.11498255
    The name is Yurik, and I don't fight the guards
    I just live day-to-day and I live them hard
    True Neutral's the guise, reclusion's the style
    If you need some work, it better be worth my while
    So I'm a Druid, what of it? I just love my trees
    and if you fuck with my saplings imma break your knees
    so if you need some dungeon delving done
    then I'll call up my posse; our shit's number 1.

    3.5 for life.
    >> Sword n' Board 08/02/10(Mon)21:36 No.11498266
    Likewise, waiting for when you get back man. As long as people keep contributing I'll keep bumpin.

    bout to lay some more Raptcha down.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)21:42 No.11498370
         File1280799749.png-(90 KB, 223x191, Picture 10.png)
    90 KB

    my whirring gears click back like the action on a gun,
    you've got no chance against me flesh beast, i eat dragons for fun.
    blue blood will surely flow when i unload my horror raps,
    and not only that but my phyrexian crew will be bustin' caps.
    you speak of old yawg like like we were husband and wife,
    when it was in fact me who took his life,
    yeah that old fag urza was like a puppet on my line,
    and when they day is out i'm gonna drink his blood like wine.
    >> Sword n' Board 08/02/10(Mon)21:46 No.11498426
         File1280799965.jpg-(3 KB, 300x57, Yucatan Lubbock.jpg)
    3 KB
    Lemme hit you with the tale of Yucatan Lubbock

    Fuckin up the jungle in meso-america,
    a badass explorer, with an eye for the numerica,
    Yucatan Lubbock with his researched machete,
    tamed the Serengeti, fuckin' wrestled a yeti,
    returns to his homeland, greeted with confetti,
    don't bother with the petty, he goes for the big haul,
    got like a million dead animals lining his wall.
    they call him a monster, how he circumnavigates,
    from the other explorers he gets nothin' but hate,
    it's lonely at the top, but the view is great,
    shoots straight from the hip, ballin' like a felon
    This jacket? Vespucci. These shoes? Magellan.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)21:48 No.11498462
         File1280800115.png-(934 KB, 656x484, 1276082147637.png)
    934 KB

    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)21:49 No.11498470
         File1280800148.png-(40 KB, 137x128, Picture 11.png)
    40 KB
    fuck that's tight
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)21:51 No.11498501
         File1280800267.png-(16 KB, 298x451, 1270575348431.png)
    16 KB
    captcha is rummaged gear
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)21:52 No.11498516
         File1280800321.png-(16 KB, 500x600, 1277857165608.png)
    16 KB
    >> vernacular funk 08/02/10(Mon)21:52 No.11498528
         File1280800363.jpg-(37 KB, 411x599, 411px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-R1(...).jpg)
    37 KB
    talkin' bout guns and bustin' caps how original
    man, your rhyme's are goin' down like a faulty dirigible
    step it up man, be self-referential
    right now your lyrics be losin' their potential
    sit down and philosophize
    like socrates seein' the skies
    quit droppin these weak artificialities
    your personas dyin more often than greek tragedies
    now i know you can have at these
    but right now it's all just fallacies

    you're a line of text, no demonic creation
    terrorizing your parents basement, not a nation
    get off the avatar high horse
    come at me with that heavy rhymin' force
    pick up the pencil, stop bein' so mental
    bitch your idiocy is pretty detrimental.
    >> Masakari !E0vZxebH1c 08/02/10(Mon)21:54 No.11498554

    Stop right there criminal scum!
    you rhyme like an illiterate bum,
    look like a dirty crumb stuck to the walls of a semen stained slum,
    always acting hard when you dragons a-come,
    I think it best I get it off my chest and send you back where you came from,
    to save all the future posters a mile of walking through your dung,
    The beginning of your end is here and your unmaker has sung.

    eat all your families eggs while i'm at it,
    oh man its my favorite habit,
    when I eat the siblings of my enemies and hunt em like wabbits,
    I have a stomach bigger than the dunes of arrakis,
    and I have teeth bigger than Gabe.Ns fatness,
    with more grandeur than the most infamous space captains,
    I spit rhymes on par with the rap legends,
    against me a baddie like you couldn't last seven seconds.

    I'll slurp down your mommas clutch while I prep the banlist,
    Eating your brothers and sisters while your on top of the threads shitlist,
    Is the best kind of arousal for me to do this business,
    your treasure equates to a poor kids christmas,
    but any loot looks good when you're poor,
    unfortunately for you I've got more wealth than ARM and CORE,
    when I come I wont be knocking on the cavern door,
    i'll be aiming for your head right between the eyes bleeding on the floor.

    loot from a gecko like you aint worth the trouble,
    its time for you to leave that bubble,
    up and shave that stubble,
    and go to work with an ungrateful grumble,
    because your shit got jacked by a hungry rookie with a stomach rumble.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)22:04 No.11498705
    Thread's over. Go home.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)22:12 No.11498820
         File1280801542.png-(12 KB, 364x66, Picture 12.png)
    12 KB
    against blue and board my flows are lacking,
    but i'm in for long haul, so you won't catch me napping.
    i too come with a tale this one from the 41st millenia,
    about a guardsman named scuds from the planet of cadia,
    and how he came to be mutated into a pet bull terrier.
    scuds was patrolling with his squad when the 13th hit,
    and like most guardsmen on the frontline, he couldn't do shit.
    he sreamed and ran when faced with the noise marines attack,
    to which he was knocked unconscious, shackled, and stuffed in sack.
    this tale ends in a way that is truly callous,
    scuds is now a slaanesh plaything with an extra phallus.
    >> Sword n' Board 08/02/10(Mon)22:14 No.11498844
         File1280801644.jpg-(3 KB, 300x57, Pectorals Lawrie.jpg)
    3 KB

    Number 2 in Lubbock's crew, "Pectorals" Lawrie,
    they share their adventures, they share the glory,
    a full story tall, the man moves mountains,
    motherfuckers drink pints, Lawrie drains fountains.
    He don't count the gold, but knows how to procure,
    flexin' the muscle like an entrepreneur.
    Such is the life of Pectorals Lawrie,
    Not the brains of the op, but workin' security
    >> Masakari !E0vZxebH1c 08/02/10(Mon)22:14 No.11498853

    You must not see where i'm coming from that well,
    laughing at a nub like you coming to a LAN with a stock dell,
    you prance around like an elite jarman kell,
    but your a scrub that cant even rhyme that well,
    although you're up against someone who washes his balls in the fires of hell,
    step down or you'll get fucked up harder than the highest paladin whom fell.

    you're under the covers while I slip into your bed with a knife,
    like a cake i'll savor every slice and dice,
    i'll consume your body so through there wont even be a chunk left for the mice,
    you cant roll the dice to save because your veins are frozen like ice,
    while I take your heart out like a surgical bank heist,
    I hope you come back so I can eat your giest,
    maybe then you'll put up more than this weakass fight.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)22:16 No.11498872
    How about a rhyme from the grim dark future?
    A place so bad your commissar tries to shoot ya?
    You know we roll tight in our pimped out tank
    Blowin' up xenos like our shit don't stank
    Greenskin hordes ain't got nuthin' on us
    Blow a hole in the ranks with a Leman Russ!
    And how about the Tau with their fancy ass guns
    Here's an orbital strike like a thousand suns!
    Best watch your back when the Eldar come near
    They use their minds to kill ya, but we got no fear
    For every one of them we got a million more!
    Then you got the Necrons, and they're hardcore
    But keep on blastin' and they just disappear!
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)22:16 No.11498874

    >single-syllable rhymes

    son, I am disappoint

    >extreme counsels
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)22:16 No.11498882
    I lol'd


    Goddamn. Drawfaggotry. Writefaggotry. these need to join the ranks of Crazy Hassan and Gav and Bob as beloved /tg/ characters.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)22:21 No.11498941
    back to the front page with you
    >> smooth negator 08/02/10(Mon)22:29 No.11499053

    mate the only shit that's going down is vernacular funk,
    and while you're down there you can cop a face-full of spunk.
    my dirigible's re-inflatable and it tea-bags your face.
    you're rhymes are disgraceful son you best leave this place.
    you're dropping philosophy like you're name's damocles,
    i'm sword over your head, and the string that breaks easily.
    you're style's dead, so is your whole rhyme family,
    vernacular you can't play, i'm hold this down like gravity.
    >> smooth negator 08/02/10(Mon)22:32 No.11499086

    fuck epic typos my bad
    >> Monk of Funk 08/02/10(Mon)22:37 No.11499160
         File1280803079.jpg-(77 KB, 619x595, 1268557852662[1].jpg)
    77 KB
    >leave thread to watch movie
    >finish it, listen to The Antlers while playing minecraft
    >45 minutes listening to Hospice album
    >come back to see grand thread
    >in no mood to try to rhyme anything

    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)22:41 No.11499194
    Rollin dice, smackin kobolds with my 20s
    Getting that exp, earning my winnings
    Up comes a boss that we cannot beat
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)22:42 No.11499216
    Newfag here, got little to say
    Got no dice across the table
    No campaigns to play
    Ain't much of a fa/tg/uy
    I'm not a great player

    Nuh uh!

    But check it peeps
    got plans for later

    While rollan' skills I lack
    and my builds are obviously wack
    my write'n skills ain't slack
    and form the basis of my attack!

    One game of DH, gutted and tweaked
    props to /tg/ for their perfect technique
    Cuz we playing Evangelion in a coming week

    With my table covered in angel gore
    I'm run'n a newer game from before
    A month on into the school season
    Hosting 4e, though trolls think it's treason

    Nope, I ain't got no neckbeard
    And I don't play four ten K
    Not thin'n no paints
    Nor deep strike'n tanks


    But just gimme a season or two
    And my Nid's are coming afta' you!

    Heya! /Tg/! Cut me some slack!
    I gotta get myself employed
    Don't you give me no flak!

    just cuz I'm not a /tg/entlemen
    don't mean I ain't real
    Take another look at the rhymes I now deal

    Now I ain't gonna beg, I'll work for it all
    show those other newfags how to answer the call
    How to be a /tg/er with their own two hands
    and post more than spam about being FATAL fans

    Gonna pull myself up my way
    all the way to the top some day

    And on that day!
    You're all gonna say!

    "Man that's the /Tg/er I wanna meet someday"
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)22:45 No.11499257
         File1280803556.jpg-(51 KB, 252x265, 1251245547400[1].jpg)
    51 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)22:46 No.11499259
    >> Knife Strongington 08/02/10(Mon)22:49 No.11499310
    Chaotic Evil detected, oh shit, yes it's time.
    Just calm down a little. Let's interpret your weak-ass rhyme;
    funny that you keep using the same syllable to work off.
    Face it, you're a dragon fighter, but you're still a jerk off.

    New kid on the block, maybe, but you've got no soul.
    If you sold it to a demon for rap, ask for a refund, fo'
    yo' stylin's just ain't stylin', 'cause it's looking kinda weak.
    You try too hard, you ain't no star, your skills all seem to reek
    of a guy who's wheel five on a car built for four;
    if you sell out yourself much harder people'd call you a whore.

    So in conclusion, words leave contusions but my words can still heal;
    you're my elder, not my better, and I don't intend to steal
    some imaginary rhyming crown from down atop your head.
    I just want you to admit that I deserve some respect.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)23:27 No.11499399
    we seem to be back. bump
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)23:33 No.11499517
    fuck archives, I'm saving this to my goddamn hard drive for posterity
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)23:39 No.11499640
    the sheer amount of OC these rap threads turn out is mindboggling

    to my knowledge there has never been a single repost of something that was archived previously.
    >> A CHALLENGER APPEARS 08/02/10(Mon)23:40 No.11499649
    Not one of y'all fools can withstand my ownin' beats,
    movin' up on ya like a squad of Roman feets
    Don't fuck wit me, boy - come on, it's on
    I'm tossin' my dice, now I'm crossin' your Rubicon.

    Look at you splutter, can't fault you for tryin'
    even though my skill just threw you to the lions.
    Now time-warp to CE 80, you're a Christian made a martyr
    ending up a bigger disappointment than Jimmy Carter.

    I can't help but laugh when you lyrically stumble
    I'm rollin' natural 20s while you critically fumble
    and are humbled, then go back to lurkin' like a clod
    with your pants smelling fresh, like you just seen an Elder God.
    >> DJ Deadhead 08/02/10(Mon)23:51 No.11499854
    Unbeknownst to ya'll fools coming straight from the nether
    A new kind of attitude and rhymes creeping up on you like bad weather
    I'm here to smack you, crack you down like you was wearin leather,
    A down ass bitch, ball gag in your mouth to keep your rhymes from the people,
    They're salutin the new king on high as I preach up on the steeple.

    Give me two lines and I'll expand your minds,
    Words you can hear but sounds you cant make,
    I'll bring the unholy to life and shatter sanity in my wake,
    I've got Cthullu, a zulu, and two broads watchin hulu,
    on my imac I attack to let you fools know it's time to get with the end times and celebrate the end of days? Why whatta what? Cause it's the motherfuckin end of days and the dead will rise!

    Surprise surprise, all you pallies and priests you're first on the list, top of the menu bottom of the heaps.
    Holy vestments wrapped around your ankles, caught you on the john, No sense waiting, we go sunblock for the coming dawn.
    No sense asking for Bhamut, he'll vomit, once he sees what we got in store, a whole legion of zombie necromancers gonna dance a all up on his whore, his priestess, the leastest of things we gotta worry about.

    So now that I bring my fat beats to a close, just want to let you know why the dead rose,
    It's the second coming, but the first LP
    Going to go bring about a new way of the world, and it means we all favor CE....

    Chaotic evil up in this mother ya'll... we out. Live dead and ready fo yo punk asses.
    >> Anonymous 08/02/10(Mon)23:52 No.11499868
         File1280807540.png-(960 KB, 696x700, 1280571680676.png)
    960 KB
    need art for a hombrew magic card. where should i go to find it?
    >> DJ Deadhead 08/03/10(Tue)00:00 No.11500013
         File1280808036.jpg-(1.51 MB, 2300x1505, 1271332673029.jpg)
    1.51 MB
    rhyme on gentlemen
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)00:10 No.11500191
         File1280808623.gif-(535 KB, 120x98, 120px-Neckbeardrage.gif)
    535 KB
    I got the Dew an' I snatched some weed
    Was gonna get the crew for some D&D
    I'm Dungeon Master bitch, be ready for me
    Cause I got traps and monsters you wouldn't believe

    Got traps in the walls, spikes down in the floor
    Poison acid pits you ain't seen before
    Collapsin' the roof, annihilatin' spheres
    Ain't a chance in hell you gettin' through here

    What, made it through? Fine traps ain't solid
    Maybe I'll test your riddlin' knowledge
    What's on three legs in the mornin', afternoon two-
    Fuck it man, I ain't got time be dealin' with you!

    Got monsters in the halls, balors an' shit
    Yuan Ti, aberrations, a fuckin' demi lich
    Got through it all? Ain't you a lucky fucker
    Don't worry G, I got me kobolds like Tucker
    >> Maestro !!NxCm0N6yFOe 08/03/10(Tue)00:24 No.11500404
    I know I said I'd go away, I wasn't here to stay,
    But how could I resist coming out today?
    Just a bit late joining in the fray,
    So much is said, so much to say,
    At least the trolls have been held at bay.
    /tg/ came out and busted some rhymes,
    I'd say that we've had some good times,
    Things have changed for better or worse,
    You might say we've suffered a curse,
    OC taken out in a hearse, all it needs is a nurse, converse and coerce a reverse.
    Clearly I'm not terse in my verse, I hope you're not to adverse.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)00:40 No.11500655
    I like big swords and I cannot lie
    Them other fighters just deny
    But when a rogue walks in with an itty-bitty shiv
    And sticks it in my spleen
    I get *pissed*
    Wanna get cleavin'
    'Cause I got attack like you ain't believin'
    Stab him in his smug snake face
    Smash his skull in with a heavy mace
    Gonna swing around my zweihander
    No time to banter
    The guy in the bar tried to tell us
    But that Bluff you got
    Makes me so helpless
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)00:52 No.11500802
    ((Thank you everyone who has already posted, and those who will continue to post for making this board even better.))

    So sit right there, let me spin you a tale
    One of a dude all dressed in mail,
    His name was McKnight, dashing and bold,
    For he was one who would never fold,
    Dragons, Chimeras, Ogers, you name it,
    Longsword, Greataxe, you name it,
    Beatin' back wenches, too many to name 'em,
    For he's a man of strength, you can barely face 'em,
    Best step out of his way before you get wasted,
    For he is a man that twists and binds,
    All that exists, the very fabric of time,
    And will crush you down so you best be kind,
    Take a step back, rewind,
    And remember to never cross McKnight.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)01:27 No.11501233
    This was amazing. Thank you all.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)01:36 No.11501338
    bump. this rap thread ain't gonna die after only one day.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)01:38 No.11501373
    Luciph33r is going to record a song for your ears. WATCH OUT.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)01:52 No.11501550
    This IS getting archived, right?
    >> MC JOE BOOMAH 08/03/10(Tue)01:53 No.11501554
    Yo, it's MC Joe Boomah right here on da floor, and I'm here to show you my dope rhymes I've been working on for the past 30 seconds. CHECK IT:

    Yo yoyo yo yo y oyo y o
    Yoyoy oy oyoy oy yoyooy
    >> Maestro !!NxCm0N6yFOe 08/03/10(Tue)02:03 No.11501717
    Nigga, yo rhymes fall flat and are just not phat,
    Take the time if you're gonna rhyme,
    Just being lazy, why you gotta be like that?
    Brotha, I know you can do fine,
    Just get in the flow, feel down low,
    Take it slow and be a pro.
    >> PREPARE FOR THE SHITTY SHIT Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)02:07 No.11501764
         File1280815638.jpg-(3 KB, 300x57, Cremona26B.jpg)
    3 KB
    Cremona 26B a tiny moon on the edge of the system
    plays host to some outlaws, all of them professing to be victims.
    But like the All Seeing Emperor we peer through their disguise,
    nothing but heretics do we see in front of our eyes.
    So we approach with stealth and much tactical genius
    and unleash a stream of Holy Promethium burning hot as the surface of Venus.
    The cleansing fire purges the place and scours the polluted rock,
    as long abandoned freighters beatifully explode on the dock.
    This heartwarming sight elicits from our Hierophant a prayer.
    Wheresoever there is heresy, the Inquisition soon shall be there.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)02:40 No.11502127
    that's not shitty at all
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)02:55 No.11502317
         File1280818527.jpg-(20 KB, 400x334, commissar_front.jpg)
    20 KB
    Guardsmen ready
    Chimera runnin'
    Old school
    Las gunnin'

    When the commissar walks in, you know how you feel
    It's like your reading Problem Sleuth, 'cause shit just got real
    We're the Imperium of Man, and we're here to fight
    Chaos brings darkness, good thing we have a flashlight
    We're on the warpath, and Chaos avoids where we trod
    We're like the Blues Brothers, on a mission from God
    Any battle you win, I can throw it back at'cha
    Cause your victories are about as useful as reCaptcha

    So fuck you chaos! The Big E is where it's at!
    I think I'm done here, pants status: shat
    >> Luciph33r Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)03:04 No.11502420
    Check it.

    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)03:12 No.11502479

    It pops too much, can't understand a word you're saying.
    >> Luciph33r Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)03:17 No.11502521

    Yeah, my pop filter caught fire/melted. It is very hot here. I'll upload a version with the vocals mixed a bit louder.
    >> Luciph33r Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)03:18 No.11502534
    >> Maestro !!NxCm0N6yFOe 08/03/10(Tue)03:42 No.11502821
    In the past couple weeks we've had a few leaks as the spambot speaks,
    We've put up with spam with tongues in our cheeks,
    Makin' and playin' and having fun,
    Moot put up CAPTCHA and we were glad to be done,
    Here's my current one: Lemnizter, Blane,
    Haters were hatin' sayin' CAPTCHA is lame,
    That with it /tg/ just wasn't the same,
    Then the spambot returned,
    A trick the /b/tards had learned,
    We piled on /g/ and called it their fault,
    Once again it came to a halt,
    Moot made a good choice and took out voice,
    Again the channers rejoice,
    The spambot is now gone, ending my song.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)04:40 No.11503310
    Bump for awesome
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)07:22 No.11504365
    I still haven't figured out 4chan time.
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)07:25 No.11504394
    It's just military time.

    ...or did you mean something else?
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)09:59 No.11505435
    Just about every awesome rap thread stays around for a couple of days and gets posts until it autosages.

    That's 4chan time.
    >> DJ Deadhead 08/03/10(Tue)11:34 No.11506265
    so glad to see this thread is still alive
    Gonna get mad and bad and make you strive
    To be a harder, smarter, quicker on the trigger
    DJ deadhead here to bring the voodoo so you do all the work for my undead niggas

    Bringing about the end of times
    with a skill and flair in the air with my rhymes
    The dead will rise and it's all under my guise
    To bring about the new world order with sacrificial knives.

    The word's getting out about this demi lich
    Spitting fire his desire to make the rapping world his bitch
    Got a legion of zombies and a seven year itch
    Serving up beats so fat you go damn that's rich!

    So bring in all the undead,
    Necrons, tomb kings, zombies, and vampire counts
    No LG cunts can top us,
    No priest can stop us,
    The band of the hawk had Corkus
    And we don't serve Orcus

    Yeah, DJ deadhead we out. Coming for you PCs, got a stable of succubi rollin my blunts, you know this shit is fly. Undead, classic campaign BBEGs know what I'm saying.... We out we out
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)13:33 No.11507250
    Thread needs to keep on rollin
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)14:40 No.11507945
    ain't gonna stop till we catch one in the brain
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)14:41 No.11507950
         File1280860893.jpg-(3 KB, 300x57, rapping some.jpg)
    3 KB
    <------ aw HELL yeah
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)16:47 No.11509400
    Poland cannot into rap, crap
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)18:28 No.11510683
    I love this thread
    >> Anonymous 08/03/10(Tue)19:06 No.11511233
         File1280876777.png-(7 KB, 314x76, gersvalentine.png)
    7 KB
    lemme tell a little somethin' 'bout Valentine, Gers Valentine, the master of rhyme,
    who could slap a beat together so buttery sick, everybody in the club would get straight chaotic
    because hearing such rhymin' with impeccable timin', could get just any nigga straight-up movin' and jivin'
    the flow from his lips made bitches bounce hips; you could tell this nigga wasn't doing small-time cantrips
    He was a masterful bard if there ever was any, he made the bitches swoon, and he'd fucked quite many

    Like a well-done Bard, Valentine's role was played right; if the party is the stage, this nigga is the spotlight
    in social stances, and spinnin' tale, and when it came to rap, he was the Holy Grail
    Everyone was a fly to his honey-rich beats; visiting far and wide to see him rockin' the streets
    Everyone but the dorfs, but it's pretty clear why; with Gers, the chance of cave-ins only multiplied
    dorf architecture may be the best around, but Gers Valentine is best at bringin' the house DOWN

    Rock on Chicago

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