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  • File : 1280003509.png-(267 KB, 393x659, Giantess_color2.png)
    267 KB A Frost Giant is Thee ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)16:31 No.11329508  
    rolled 3, 4, 2 = 9

    #62: http://www.mediafire.com/?qwmayd2zwmq
    #63: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/10891493
    #64: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/10911008
    #65: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11035643
    #66: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11055182
    #67: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11073680
    #68: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11173181
    #69: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11191313
    #70: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11308994
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)16:32 No.11329518
    rolled 5, 1, 4 = 10

    Five months to deadline. Preparations for an expedition to both Kharok Nine and the vision area are complete. One of the hastily-repaired VTOLs, loaded for combat and certified by Guardian, is loaded in a crate below Cargo 1. Though surprisingly light, it still needs a ship all to itself, and it was extraordinarily difficult to get it out of the auxiliary hangar without anyone from the government asking any questions. Along with that, your Red Wings and two standard Zeppelins are ready to go, as are the two military AMTs holding the national scientists and their escorts.

    Hazard suits and personal weapons are standard issue. Your heavy weapons man was issued a flamer, to his immense amusement, with orders to be very, very careful which way he points it. Korus is with you, well-supplied with painkillers and attempting to keep his opinions to himself. The two of you represent over two tons of weight, and your size doesn't make Constanze any less cramped. Still, if it gets you there, it's good enough.

    Is there anything you wish to take care of/ask before setting off?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)16:33 No.11329525
    Dear sweet Jesus. This is still going on? People still play it?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)16:33 No.11329533
         File1280003632.jpg-(72 KB, 400x600, STOP.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)16:41 No.11329610
    Not something to do, more of a question. I know we're building bombers in the city. Are we going to be able to crew them all? Will we be getting assistance from the military in crewing them?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)16:44 No.11329650
    rolled 4, 6, 4 = 14

    You can certainly crew them all if you're willing to accept completely untrained officers that will have to learn everything but the most basic information on the job. The military has been crash-training crews for a while, but, since they have no dedicated combat air units, those crews are not familiar with weapons control. You can request assistance if you like, but that would mean accepting something like joint service, something I don't know if you'd like.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)16:50 No.11329726
    Hmmm... I guess that should wait until there are more people here to get a good consensus.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)16:55 No.11329810
    I think untrained crews would be more of a hindrance than a help. I would rather that they continue training at our war academy and training within Dreamwood.
    Besides, the deadline is still months away.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)16:58 No.11329840
    Before we set off, could we have a quick briefing on the progress of our R&D and industrial projects, as well as an appraisal of general economic activity and our political situation, in our region and at the national level?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)16:59 No.11329852
    how is the super fortress rail artillery Experimental Weapon I going?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)16:59 No.11329853
    rolled 2, 3, 6 = 11

    Of course. I will gladly deliver information on specific projects; otherwise, there is simply too much in progress for me to give you a complete overview in a timely manner. I'll summarize.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:00 No.11329860
    tell us the anti-magic rocket progress
    they're probably the second most powerful weapons we have ever invented
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)17:06 No.11329923
    rolled 3, 6, 2 = 11

    Prototype Locomotive Linkage hardware has been tested and deemed solid. At the minimum, three of your largest locomotives will be needed to haul the weapon. Multiple outriggers and anchor cables will also be needed to stabilize it for firing. Damage to the rails, both from transport and weapon operation, is unavoidable, but they will be reinforced as much as possible. At the moment, the limit of your technological capabilities is a 16-inch (400mm) artillery piece, roughly half the size of the Dora.

    A solution has been found to most of the technical issues. The standard design now in testing produces a 15-foot diameter anti-magic field upon detonation, which persists for thirty seconds after the warhead's destruction. Like all of your missile weapons, these are essentially unguided, but there is a plan in place to implement wire guidance. Unlike the type you're used to, though, the wires will be used to directly act on the missile's control surfaces, instead of sending a signal to an onboard computer. It's crude, but it should work.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:06 No.11329927
    Highlights of our crash Superweapon Projects Division (need a better name for them), our anti-magic missile system, and our flight helmet development. Were they able to work out the problems with the target acquisition system?

    Also, see if R&D #2 or the Arcane division can come up with a modification on the memory charm they created. I want a charm that can project audio and visual projections of conscious thoughts. For example, we might have trouble accurately humming the theme from Star Wars, but we can accurately remember it; the charm then creates a surround-sound audio playing of the theme as long as we concentrate on it. Same with video; we can't draw Darth Vader drawing his lightsaber and dueling with Obi-Wan in the Deathstar, but we can remember that scene, and the charm will project a 3-D hologram like projection of it.
    Given the difficulties of this, I don't expect results quickly, but have them talk with the researchers in K5 for ideas, especially those looking into FG-hologram magitechnology.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:06 No.11329929
    can't we use the house-building charms to create huge machine parts needed for the superguns ?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:09 No.11329980
    yeah a 800mm multisection barrel should be buildable easily using magic
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:10 No.11330007
    Research magical Inertial Dampeners and Accellerating fields

    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:13 No.11330045
    Are those even feasible with magic ?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:14 No.11330065
    Magitech inertial dampeners and mass-reduction systems should be possible; the Frost Giants were researching those at the time of the Collapse. Making superheavy artillery would not be out of the question, though I would prefer to build Satellite Cannons at that point.
    Hopefully their research data survived in the K5 backup databases.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:16 No.11330082
    I think we should do some nuclear bomb testing, just in case.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)17:17 No.11330101
    rolled 4, 2, 5 = 11

    ICEs, fueled by hydrogen, gasoline, or other substances, are not yet viable, and probably won't be ready by the deadline. On the other hand, micro-hybrid steam engines are capable of driving something as small as an ornithopter, but at a reduced maximum speed because of weight. The six-barrel, 1-inch (25.4mm) and six-barrel, .50 (12.7mm) gatling guns are ready for production, as are flak and armor-piercing shells. Munitions charmed for either anti-magic use or superior accuracy are also available. The most effective rocket weapons you have are nine-shot scatterpacks firing unguided high-explosive rounds.

    Massive improvements have been made in HUD and visual charms, granting your aircraft the equivalent of many modern instruments, such as IFF, target trackers, and shot placement markers. Your military helmets incorporate limited night vision, infrared, and anti-glare enhancements. Cooling charms ensure that weapons and equipment can operate for extended periods without damage. Limited use of extremely expensive magelocks provides for the creation of ammunition on the battlefield.

    Dreamwood and its affiliates are gearing up for war production. Six off-site yards complement your existing four, and you can expect more to be added every month. Rail is being laid down at a prodigious rate, more to give your artillery somewhere to go than to increase your income. An immense amount of resources is going into stockpiling ammunition and weapons, primarily for anti-air and anti-armor use. Flame weapons, in particular, are being focused on.

    More to come. Please ask for additional information if you require it.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:19 No.11330131
    While some testing may be needed, I disagree with doing it on this trip. There are too many witnesses, and we haven't even gotten the proper test components built yet, let alone a test device.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:21 No.11330174
    Can we build some long-lasting, non-explosive-anti-magic-field bombs ?

    They should be able to project a long lasting (30 minutes at least) and big field.
    They are to be dropped on top of the city with zeppellins, hopefully disabling as many systems as possible.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:22 No.11330187
    Can we build 2 nuclear bomb shells for our mini-super-artillery ?
    1 is for testing, the second for actual use against the flying citadel
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:24 No.11330218
    and this was a pathetic 280mm
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:26 No.11330257
    Have the hybrid steam engines fitted on special large ornithopters designed as transport and medevac thopters, similar to a Blackhawk helicopter. Ideally they would be able to carry a light artillery field piece, carry a squad of soldiers in full gear, or evacuate at least 5-6 injured men.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:28 No.11330286
    Has our air war doctrine and combined arms doctrine been incorporated into our Manual of Battle? Are our militia troops given colored smoke grenades with which they can mark targets for aerial suppression or to mark their positions for aerial evac?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)17:30 No.11330318
    rolled 5, 1, 3 = 9

    In general, your economy is growing by leaps and bounds. A plant transfer route has been secured from the wildlands, giving your printing facilities plenty of pulp to process. You have acquired multiple holdings in Cyreth, Matmer, and Simplessis, as well as Perin, including a few strips of land along the coast, fairly near Simplessis's capital. BemCorp has reduced its rate of expansion in order to transfer more capital to war production, yet still manages to increase its profits by an absurd amount every month. The acquisition of more plutonium heaters has been buried within an expansion on all fronts as you build factories and harvesting installations in your new territories.

    The high-handed actions of the nobles has weeded out your weaker, less-committed allies and strengthened bonds with your more willful ones. The Baron of Kaver Peak remains one of your staunchest supporters, along with the masters of the disadvantaged towns you assisted so long ago. It would not be overly optimistic to state that more than half of the entire sector stands with you, for various reasons. Your actions are often questioned and debated, but, as you are such a visible figure, this is not unusual. The biggest question in the public mind is why you are shifting so much of your power into 'internal affairs'. No one except you, you closest advisers, the Lord, and the Prince can be said to know of the deadline.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)17:31 No.11330328
    rolled 3, 1, 5 = 9

    The high nobles seem satisfied enough with the arrangements they've made, though they are, as always, looking for more. The population as a whole is being drawn into a split between you, the nobles, the Lord, and, most recently, the Prince. Historically, the majority has resented the Lord, more for the war than anything else, but they see you, and, to a lesser extent, the Prince, as representing their interests more readily. The high nobles draw most of their support from the well-off and high-up, which gives them in edge in raw power, but not in numbers. If anything, the crisis that may come at the end of the deadline will decide the fate of the nation in more ways than one.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:34 No.11330375
    are the weapon proposals up there valid ?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)17:37 No.11330421
    rolled 5, 3, 2 = 10

    You are secretly developing nuclear weapons technology through an extremely secretive, compartmentalized program. No one person knows what you are trying to accomplish or how to build anything close to the full weapon, and you've managed to keep the general idea close to the cover of developing a new power source. The general issues with target acquisition have been resolved, however, without computer support, functionality is undeniably limited. It is possible that the Frost Giants resorted to 'magitech' precisely because magic and technology are both suited to certain things, and neither field can handle everything at maximum efficiency.

    Something like the charm described already exists, in the form of a pair of items that allow one person to 'see' the thoughts of another. It is limited to blurry images of only what is on the surface, among other things, but there is merit in it. The project will continue.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:38 No.11330427
    We should see what we can do to help quickly finish the war in Forus. This accomplishes several goals:
    1. The faster the Perin military ends combat operations, the more time they will have to recover, and be available at the end of the deadline.
    2. It takes some pressure off of the High Lord, who is our political ally, by ending the war conclusively.
    3. It let's the High Nobles think that they've finally got us under control, and that we are working for them.
    4. It helps in our arguments for petitioning to acquire lands and holdings in Forus.

    Our argument to acquire Forusian property will be that we will be able to rebuild the economic infrastructure of our holdings in Forus, so the faster they become prosperous again, the faster that Perin can begin extracting taxes.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:40 No.11330455
    good luck ending a guerrilla war quickly
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:41 No.11330470
    tell us if the other ideas are feasible and timeskip
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)17:42 No.11330483
    rolled 6, 5, 5 = 16

    Yes, to an extent. An entire new class of magelocks is in development to provide the sort of functionality you're looking for. The originals were designed to build stand-up structures, after all, and it shows, especially in how many problems they tended to have with building rails.

    Research on this is proceeding. A comparison can be made between this and the light field, which, aside from providing a defense, turns projectiles fired through it (from the generating side) into bolts of light, increasing their destructive power. Munitions are already being charmed for various qualities, such as speed and durability. This will continue.

    Yes, but extending the time is difficult. If you are willing to accept a smaller radius of effect, that would make it a bit easier.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:42 No.11330487

    Keep in mind, the last batch of Forus 'soldiers' we fought were more willing to surrender than return to their masters.

    I think it's time we used a propaganda drop. Draw up a plan with the High nobles, once the Red Wings are introduced, to drop leaflets proclaiming whatever would get them to decide surrender was the best option.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:43 No.11330501
         File1280007819.jpg-(145 KB, 1600x1200, 1277925033936.jpg)
    145 KB
    Maybe they just need the proper motivation?
    "By the gods! It's the Blue Devil! Run!"
    "Damnit! Fall back! Fall back!"

    Man, I wish we had worn a big blue ribbon back then.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:44 No.11330510
    lets unveil our squadron and do a demonstration
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)17:46 No.11330531
    rolled 5, 4, 3 = 12

    Once you've secured a constant supply of heaters, you can build as many 'small' bombs as you like, really. But, as pointed out by others, the math has not caught up to the theory. You will need plenty of testing just to ensure that the bombs you make will actually explode. Maximum efficiency will not be possible without the one thing you always seem to be lacking: time.


    Yes and yes.

    Yes, provided time for development.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:47 No.11330563

    also for the anti-magic bombs: no, we can lower time but the range has to be necessarily big, otherwise we'll only impact surface systems.
    How about 3 minutes with a 250m radius ?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:49 No.11330595

    Alright. Let's go ahead and get to the meat of our current situation. Let's skip to the drop area.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:51 No.11330654
    It'd be funny if K9 turned out to be a stronghold for the last surviving unmutated FG's, who've been using it as a shelter ever since the fall.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)17:51 No.11330661
    rolled 1, 6, 3 = 10

    I would like to know what your specific plans are, and what timescale you are looking for.

    As ordered.

    It has already been stated that the military is not accepting new proposals from you, so a demonstration would be pointless at this point. The Lord is working on it.

    That is a monumental increase in range. Your best are only capable of 90 feet on a good day, around 10% of what you're asking for.

    Very well then. Stand by.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:52 No.11330673
    they'd be millennia old
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:54 No.11330723

    I don't think that's what he meant.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)17:57 No.11330771
    rolled 5, 6, 4 = 15

    The sense of deja vu is something you should be familiar with by now. Kharok Nine, for all the glory it must have held in centuries past, is just another dig site for you and your humans. The fabricator's best work, some odd-looking, uncomfortable man-sized suits, encase your troops in enough armor to stand up to any contaminants you're likely to see. They're slightly inferior to your own, but with any luck, you won't need them anyway.

    As before, one of the main entrance shafts is opened, giving you a direct path to a room that looks remarkably like the one you found back at K5. Same walls, same doors, same console. Except this one is still active.

    A system message welcomes you to Kharok Nine and states that quarantine procedures are in effect throughout the entire installation. You may enter through the airlock on your right, if you have the proper clearance to cycle it (which you do). It recommends caution and advises that anyone showing 'symptoms' be treated immediately or terminated.

    The first airlock door is open. The second, which leads into the facility, is splattered with blue stains and bares the pockmarks of weapons fire.

    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:58 No.11330800
    ask for "symptoms"
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)17:59 No.11330812

    Secure area, set up basecamp. Have console run a diagnostic.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:00 No.11330840
    >I would like to know what your specific plans are, and what timescale you are looking for.
    My specific plans are to use those units of Dreamwood militia that volunteer for this duty to be sent to Forus and be integrated into Perin Occupation Command. Special Hazard Pay and Combat Bonuses will be paid, and they will receive priority consideration for promotion into Officer Candidate School at the War Academy once their tour in Forus is complete. I wish for the military to understand that while my militia may be as disciplined, they are specialists in the usage of experimental technology.
    Rather than selling our weapons to the Perin military, contact the commanders on the ground in Forus, and either sell at a discount or simply give them our more advanced weapons. If anyone asks about the differences between what we're giving out now and the designs we gave up, we respond that these are improvements and design enhancements, prototypes if you will, and we want to make sure that they hold up under combat conditions. That can actually be one of the reasons for our apparent "prototypes", that they were redesigned with greater ruggedness in mind, since the original designs (that we gave away) proved to have "issues".

    I am debating whether we should participate directly; it might crush Forusian resistance faster, but we are working under a very tight deadline. If we work in the military again, we may not have the freedom or the time needed to keep up work on our other projects.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:02 No.11330877
    I'm looking in the area of starting within 1-2 months, with continued support until the cessation of active combat operations in Forus.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)18:02 No.11330882
    rolled 1, 6, 6 = 13

    Symptoms: Vomiting, convulsions, rapidly-spreading rash, seizures, loss of skin, destruction of soft tissue.

    Immediate area secured. A base camp is now in place up top. The government scientists wish to go in.

    The console's diagnostic finds all its essential systems operating normally. It notes that its power supply is low.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:04 No.11330912
    tell everyone to beware of the symptoms, flush everything
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:04 No.11330923

    Ask it when the last time of access was, and if the last person to go in before us ever came out.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:05 No.11330942
    Korus should probably stay here. The systems inside will most likely label him as "infected" and may attempt to terminate him.

    As for the science teams, bring them with us if they want, but warn that the systems haven't been reconfigured to recognize humans, so if they get attacked, it's not our fault. That should shake up the government scientists a bit.

    Anyway, try to get a map out of the console and identify the Central Command center here for K9, and write down a path to it, getting the entire map if possible. Then enter the airlock, go through whatever decon protocol they have, then enter the rest of the facility.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)18:07 No.11330963
    rolled 6, 1, 4 = 11

    You are welcome to volunteer some of your forces for inclusion in the occupying divisions. However, they will then cease to be under your command, barring some special arrangement with the military, to be pursued at your discretion.

    The military probably wouldn't like you transferring advanced technology to their men on the field, at least officially. In practice, they will probably see it the same way as your providing thermite and flamethrowers during the invasion, and accept it so that they can reverse-engineer the technology later.

    Obviously, if you send anyone out before the deadline, they could be unavailable when whatever the gods expect to happen happens.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:07 No.11330964

    Tell the researchers "This place is a potential hotbed of any number of unknown contaminants. Report even the smallest suit breach. I don't even want you pissing anywhere we haven't cleared, understood?"
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)18:11 No.11331041
    rolled 1, 1, 2 = 4

    Done. It is not possible to do anything but access information and cycle the doors from this console.

    Roughly 1800 years ago. The airlock was sealed from the inside around that time and has not been opened since then. It is unable to give exact dates due to memory corruption.

    Korus will stay. The government scientists are suitably jostled, as are your own men.

    Facility map transferred to map band. The layout, as much as you got from the damaged memory, is straightforward, mirroring Five's. All critical areas are in roughly the same places, but the research blocks are understandably different.

    Stand by to cycle lock.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)18:12 No.11331054
    rolled 5, 3, 1 = 9

    "Understood, Ma'am!"

    Fortunately, your suits report nothing out of the ordinary, not even radiation.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:13 No.11331067
    Aren't there provisions for a noble's volunteered militia to be returned to the noble at the end of the military's combat operations?
    We will have to balance how many we should send to end the fighting faster, versus how many we'll need at the deadline.
    Also, I was intending to send the front-line Perin forces the non-problematic versions of our bolt-action rifles.
    The difference between the "prototypes" of our militia versus what we provide, is that the bolt-actions are enhancements to current designs, and are much easier to produce. The semi-automatics that our militia are equipped with are more advanced prototypes utilizing a revolutionary loading system; much more difficult to produce.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:17 No.11331144
    >The government scientists are suitably jostled
    Good. Maybe now they'll have some respect towards what we're working with here.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)18:19 No.11331168
    rolled 6, 2, 1 = 9

    You set the airlock control and enter the chamber, along with your personal squad, a load of scientists, and their escorts. The door closes behind you, the lights flicker, and a bright blue beam emits from a sensor on the other end, sweeping briefly over the chamber. After a short delay, the forward door opens, allowing you into the compound.

    The sight is overwhelming. The immediate area is filled with bones, some still covered by shining armor, with skeletal hands grasping useless weapons. Nearly every surface is stained blue, and covered with scratch marks. Most of the overhead lights have been destroyed, but a few still blaze, their beams tinted by the omnipresent covering of blue.

    All of the welcome area's consoles have been destroyed. The path to the command areas is clear, however, as are the procedures for accessing them.

    Proceed there, or elsewhere?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)18:20 No.11331193
    rolled 3, 6, 3 = 12

    Of course, but during operations, they essentially become military personnel, unless you are there to lead them personally, or another arrangement is reached.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:21 No.11331199
    proceed but be ready with the weapons
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:21 No.11331203

    Which direction were most of the skeletons facing?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:21 No.11331211
    We must secure K9's computer systems first. For all we know, there might be another delayed self-destruct here.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:21 No.11331212
    do the marks write anything ?
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)18:24 No.11331256
    Well I made it home in time for this anyways. Was there a Zeonquest Today?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)18:25 No.11331282
    rolled 3, 4, 2 = 9


    Toward each other or toward the airlock. The door itself is heavily marred, but, as you've seen, the stunners are fully capable of truly amazing destruction, so such secure emplacements might be magically protected.

    Nothing you can make sense of. Some of them might be words or symbols, but they're basically the equivalent of a random jumble of letters.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:26 No.11331294
    As much as I would like to, I don't believe we can spare the time from our more pressing projects, especially with the deadline looming in half a year. Also, while we may know of over 200 hundred year's worth of Earth military history, strategy, and tactics, we only know them from an hobbyist academic's view, not from that of a professional soldier.

    The arrangement that I would like to see is that we are allowed to maintain contact with our militiamen, specifically our R&D teams as they receive feedback from the militiamen and R&D engineers provide them with fixes and adjustments to their "prototype" equipment.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:29 No.11331361
    I didn't see it, but then I only got on about 2 hours ago.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)18:32 No.11331413
    rolled 3, 6, 6 = 15

    The transit ways, fortunately, are clear and in operation. The long-forgotten corpses of your brethren litter the hallways, but are easily avoided. Strangely, your suits still report nothing unusual, and a brief stopover at one of the medical stations confirmed that none of you are infected with anything worse than a cold.

    Security is a facsimile of Five's, in exactly the same place but in better condition. The receptionist appears to have never left the desk, and has a rather large knife embedded between two ribs. You move on, into Guardian's chamber, and find it free of corpses and mostly free of blood. As far as you can see, only a few of the command cylinders are out, but the main console tells you that the machine was manually shut down 1800 years ago. It should be possible to reactivate it at the touch of a button.

    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)18:33 No.11331442
    rolled 1, 5, 2 = 8

    Maintaining contact should not be difficult. The main problem would be the relative lack of message service in occupied Forus; unless you could make extensive use of Conclave lines, your people might be out of contact for days at a time.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:34 No.11331449
    Activate it
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:34 No.11331459
    Is this the central command terminal? Like the one that we sat in back in K5?
    If not, I suggest we go look there first, since we'll want to control the systems from there.
    So we go there, make sure that we secure it, have some men replaced the command cylinder to reactivate the system, then we sit in the command chair and see what's going on.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:34 No.11331461
    but be ready to turn it off and with the antiviral thingies
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:36 No.11331488
    As I recall, the anti-viral cylinders are only able to be used on basic control consoles for doors and lights; they can't be used for more complex systems like databases and computer systems.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)18:37 No.11331509
    rolled 6, 6, 4 = 16

    This is only half of the system, the half that controls security and such. Command is a few floors up.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:38 No.11331540
    We could dedicate a 2 or 3 courier zeppelins, and have a team of R&D stationed in Forus for faster response time to things that crop, such as weapon failure or suggested improvements by the militia. The engineers could also be called on as specialist repair personnel for the weapon systems that we provide to the front-line commanders. The R&D personnel are not given over to military service, however. They're just there as repairmen, not as combat engineers.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:39 No.11331556
    I want Command secured first, then we can get Guardian up and running.
    Are other people for this, or against?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:40 No.11331559
    Radio to basecamp, telling them we're about to power on the main database.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:40 No.11331573
    activate security but be ready with antiviral and to turn it off
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:41 No.11331580

    Agreed, command should go up first, since it was the last system left unaffected in K5.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)18:42 No.11331603
    rolled 2, 5, 6 = 13

    This is certainly possible. It wouldn't be difficult to implement, as long as you are willing to accept that personnel in Forus will not be able to participate in war production or defense back home.

    Relayed. They are standing by.

    Consensus, then. Command will go up first. Hang on.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:44 No.11331629
    The anti-viral cylinders won't do anything; they're not designed for a main computer system like Guardian.
    Besides, why activate the security system before getting into the command system and creating an administrative account?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:50 No.11331719
    >will not be able to participate in war production or defense back home
    I understand we'll need a consensus before implementing this.
    My proposal is 4 squads of stormtroopers, or however many volunteer, whichever is fewer.
    From R&D, look for volunteers, primarily technicians (for repairs of weapons we send) and among the young. Provide them with a Hazard Duty pay bonus, since they'll likely be in hazardous areas.
    I don't foresee problems with providing front-line commanders with our "experimental" weapons, as that was part of our production line anyway. Provide them either at a very discount price, or for free for those commanders whose units are in active combat areas. Don't forget the ammunition, either.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:52 No.11331760
    oh boy. this is gonna be a big one.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)18:52 No.11331761
    rolled 5, 6, 6 = 17

    This place is slightly different from its analogue back in Five. The tower of computing hardware is a bit bulkier, supporting some components that seem hastily-added. There is a rolling medical scanner by the interface chair, right beside the skeleton of someone who appears to have been crawling to the chair at the time of death. Inactive repair golems litter the room, some with their own cylinders removed.

    The console activates at a touch, sending a familiar shiver up your spine. Holographic overlays come up, blinking slowly disappearing error codes as the system starts up. The scientists behind you busy themselves examining the other items in the room, while the squad members keep watch. In short order, you have your connection, and a deep, strange voice fills the chamber.

    “Command online. Communications damaged. No link found to Kharok Main or any other installation. Interrupt logged in primary control system. Last activation time unknown. Beginning repairs.”

    The intact golems start up and begin moving, replacing the cylinders in their damaged comrades.

    “Guardian inactive. Dispatching repair units. How can I be of service?”
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:53 No.11331786
    "Due to an emergency situation at this facility, per protocol I am taking control. Register me with full administrative rights and access."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:54 No.11331797
    Request emergency administrative status and a status report, highlighting any areas with detectable environmental contaminants.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:55 No.11331805
    the antiviral won't have any effect if he's not infected, right ?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)18:57 No.11331838
    Also, have command run a self-diagnostic
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)18:57 No.11331848
    I dunno, we've started building factories that'll be selling weapons to the regular army. While we might not be able to get any large scale deals going atm I'm sure they'd be happy to get their hands on cheap reliable and powerful weapons like our bolt action rifles.

    Also I noticed that we never included cordite or other smokeless powder in our deal with the High Lords. If that's the case any automatic weapon designs, even ones not overly complex like those we gave them, would have serious problems with fouling of the barrel and mechanisms.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:00 No.11331895
    rolled 2, 6, 1 = 9

    “Logged. Speaker identified as Administrative Access Officer One, shortened to One for your convenience.”

    “This installation is under quarantine. Ninety percent of internal sensors are functioning normally. No extraordinary contaminants detected. All vital systems are in normal operative mode or will be restored shortly. I require your assistance in reactivating Guardian.”

    "Diagnostic running." Minutes pass, then, "Memory corruption in all sectors. Interrupt in primary control system. Unauthorized bypass in lockdown procedure initiator. Non-critical database information may not be recoverable."

    The antiviral cylinders can only affect single, non-complex consoles, as stated. Command, Guardian, and similar systems cannot support them.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:02 No.11331929
    tell command that we have suspicions that security might be infected with some kind of virus, so be ready to disable it.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:03 No.11331942
    My intention for essentially giving the Perin front-line commanders better bolt-action rifles is two-fold:
    1. Faster resolution of combat operations, ending the war and helping to stabilize support for the High Lord.
    2. Whet the appetites of commanders in the field for our advanced weapons.
    I'm sure that procurement procedures in the Perin military are not as rigid or centralized as the ones in the modern US military or other modern Earth military's, and so commanders on the ground may have more lee-way in procuring weapons and supplies for their own soldiers.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:05 No.11331962
    rolled 3, 4, 2 = 9

    "Standing by."

    Do you wish to activate Guardian?
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)19:06 No.11331979
    We'd better do it now and find out if it's infected or not.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:06 No.11331983
    "Command, will you be able to repair all corruption with current self-repair protocols, or is a system purge and restoration from backup required?
    "Additional: All humans detected in the facility are to be granted user access to databases and to the facility.
    "Report on the manual bypass."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:09 No.11332016
    Yes, activate Guardian.
    If it's not infected, then we can get Command to have all humans registered as users, and then we can have it begin self-repairs procedures, concentrating on power systems (there was a low-power warning), Medical systems (to cure Korus), and also to have it prepare to receive infected personnel (Korus).
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:09 No.11332023
    i thought we wanted ot to be difficult for them to access the database when we are not there?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:11 No.11332051

    You're right. change it to give them visitor status.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:11 No.11332056
    rolled 4, 2, 3 = 9

    "Current self-repair procedures should be sufficient. A system purge is not recommended. System archives may be damaged; therefore, a purge may result in the system becoming irrecoverable."

    "All humans within facility granted basic visitor clearance. Eighty-three hours required for full security system adjustment."

    "Lockdown control systems have been compromised. The initiator has been connected to a standard console without system approval. This will be corrected in six minutes."
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)19:12 No.11332061
    We want them to have user access not administrator access.
    Check these before activating Guardian.
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)19:14 No.11332092
         File1280013251.png-(7 KB, 350x346, 1257548758526.png)
    7 KB
    >"Lockdown control systems have been compromised. The initiator has been connected to a standard console without system approval. This will be corrected in six minutes."

    That cant be good. Where is it?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:14 No.11332104
    Something else we should look out for is have command scan all of the skeletons it comes across to see if any can't be identified as former users.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:14 No.11332111
    Some corruption, but nothing indicating a system-wide failure. I wonder why they attempted a manual shutdown of the main computer system.
    Maybe they realized something got into the primary computers at Kharok Main and were attempting to shut their system down to prevent infection?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:18 No.11332176
    rolled 6, 1, 1 = 8

    Apparently, this facility has a completely separate system to handle its quarantine lockdown procedures. For no discernible reason, this system has been connected to a standard console, which could give someone without proper clearance the ability to lock the entire installation.

    Almost all of the skeletons can be identified. Several near the entrance are not on file.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:19 No.11332199

    Have it tag those unknowns for future study.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:20 No.11332202
    rolled 6, 2, 6 = 14

    You return to Guardian's chamber, following Command's instructions, and select the relevant option. The projectors flicker to life. The consoles in the control center all light up and begin running through their activation sequence. Slowly, a face congeals in the air, a holographic projection very close to that used by Five's system. It speaks.

    “Welcome to Security. Guardian is online. Heavy damage to vital database detected. Repairs underway. User identified as One.”

    The displays shift briefly as the consoles complete startup. The face nods.

    “Contact with Command re-established. Everything is in order. Quarantine will be lifted immediately.”
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:20 No.11332209
    "Command, besides myself and the humans, do you detect any other lifeform in this facility beyond the microbial level?"
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:20 No.11332217
    rolled 5, 1, 3 = 9

    Done. Some golems will collect them and bring them to a medical station for examination.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:21 No.11332237
    "Bring up any last available security reports from within 2 weeks of facility shutdown"
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:22 No.11332246
    "What is the status of this facility's medical databases, and of the primary medical bays?"

    If they're okay, then bring Korus in as "personnel in need of medical attention" and take him to Medical for scanning and treatment. In the meantime, have Guardian and Command secure the rest of the facility and begin self-repairs.
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)19:23 No.11332266
    More like including the microbial level but yeah priority on finding anything big still alive.
    We should make sure the database corruption is fixed and then do another full scan of the facility to make sure anything in here isnt going to kill up horribly. Yes I know that'll take awhile.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:24 No.11332277
    rolled 2, 6, 4 = 12

    "Yes. There is one unidentified entity in stasis within Block 21. The room containing said entity has been manually sealed. Only one internal sensor is in operation within."

    I will summarize, unless you want something very specific.

    "Medical databases are damaged but recoverable. All medical stations are operable."

    Do you want to accompany Korus yourself, or have him escorted by others?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:24 No.11332289
    We should maintain biological hazard protocols until then.
    Let's use micro-Time Skips as needed.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:26 No.11332308
    ...Is this still Frost Giant quest?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:27 No.11332323

    We'll go ourself, but first...

    "Guardian, can you show me a visual on unknown subject in block 21?"
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:27 No.11332329
    >"Medical databases are damaged but recoverable.
    Have Korus wait for now. We don't want to try anything before those medical databases are fully repaired.
    >one unidentified entity in stasis within Block 21
    hoboy! That doesn't sound good. We should probably check it out with a full security team of our men and of security golems. Maybe pick an FG stunner that still has a charge along the way, or better an FG rifle if there's an armoury nearby.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:27 No.11332336
    1) Accompany our FG teenager and see if he can get operated or not

    2) Prepare flamer units and inspect the unknown life form
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)19:28 No.11332344
         File1280014082.jpg-(27 KB, 576x432, spittake.jpg)
    27 KB
    >"Yes. There is one unidentified entity in stasis within Block 21. The room containing said entity has been manually sealed. Only one internal sensor is in operation within."
    >one unidentified entity in stasis within Block 21
    Get to block 21.
    Bring the flame thrower.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:28 No.11332360
    Radio transmit:
    "There is an unknown life form in stasis here on the station. We're gonna investigate it, but everybody prepare to run"
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:28 No.11332362

    Yeah, we're just playing a bit of Indiana Jones with ancient magi-tech.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:30 No.11332386
    >Medical databases are damaged
    I don't think operating on him right now is good idea.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:31 No.11332420
    rolled 4, 2, 1 = 7

    Security reports follow an escalating pattern similar to that seen in Five. They start off rather mundane, and become more serious and more frantic, until falling off completely two days before shutdown. A sample:

    “Yes, primary containment failure. I know it isn't likely, but we're keeping an eye on it.”

    “We've got an escapee from Block 6 running around down here. I'm taking Jek and Sybyl to see if we can round him up.”

    “No cause for concern just yet- I will authorize use of stunners if it's required.”

    “Seal Blocks 18 through 95. Keep me appraised. I'm sending for evac-”

    “Guardian! Give me full lockdown control, and don't give me that access bullshit. Yes, I know this is a security channel, that's why I'm-”

    “We're out, Sir. Nothing left to keep it at bay. I hope they had better luck everywhere else. I just- Oh. Oh god.”
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:33 No.11332452
    Have we developed anti-magic grenades ?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:33 No.11332461
    Any video data to go along with those logs that might give us an idea of what they were fighting?
    Crazed infected Frost Giants? Strange bio-magical chimera?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:35 No.11332498
    Before we go running off, are there any reports that refer to the entity in Block 21? What it is, why it's there, or who put it into stasis?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:38 No.11332546
    rolled 6, 1, 4 = 11

    "No visual sensors are within range. Audio and status only."

    There are plenty of security stations along the way, and, unlike at K5, the chargers here are mostly still operable. The main armory is not far from here, but in the other direction, if you want rifles or other heavy weapons.

    Flamers, acknowledged.

    "We read you, Countess. We're ready."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:40 No.11332567
    >main armory is not far from here
    Let's break out the phaser rifles, then. We've got the time to spare to do this thing right.
    Make sure to bring along some security golems too.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:40 No.11332568
    "Command, prioritize repairs of medical facilities."

    also lets go investigating
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:41 No.11332591
    rolled 2, 6, 2 = 10

    Yes, but they are extraordinarily limited in area of effect, and you have none with you, as they're still being tested.

    No. There is not a lot of video. Most of it seems to have been entirely corrupted.

    There is only one within current memory:

    "Yeah, it's in. Practically had to melt the door controls just to make sure. I'm heading back up, have Ari man the lock."
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:42 No.11332599
    rolled 3, 6, 4 = 13

    As you wish.


    Stand by please.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:43 No.11332617
    I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use FG weapons
    I mean, they proved REALLY ineffective against the enemy they faced
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:44 No.11332629
    >Practically had to melt the door controls just to make sure
    Well, I guess we should be glad that they didn't have to make Colonial Marine-sure and nuke the site from orbit.
    I think we're really going to need some of the heavier weapons from the main armory in this case, and full complement of both our guards, the government security personnel, and K9 security golems.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:44 No.11332633
    Yeah have a mix of both FG and modern weapons
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:44 No.11332635

    That's why we brought along a flamer and our revolver.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:44 No.11332647
    inb4 the entity is a carnivore with anti-magic-field abilities that gets pwned by nonmagical guns
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:45 No.11332657
    We're the only one that can use them anyway. Our guards will still be using slug-throwers and flamers, and we can still switch to our own handcannons if need be. Having more options is usually a good thing.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:47 No.11332686
    You know, I'm missing our melee weapons. When we next have some down time, we should make a light saber. Maybe based on frost magic so it's easier to build.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:49 No.11332724
    rolled 1, 6, 1 = 8

    With a little task force of security golems accompanying you, you make a stop at the central armory, finding it almost empty, holding only a few uncharged rifles and assorted paraphernalia. Without much effort, you secure a supply of charged packs and rig up a rolling 'turret' of sorts to allow the soldiers to handle one of the immensely heavy weapons. After that, you head on to Block 21.

    The area in which you find yourself is really unremarkable, identified by maps as a stasis testing center. Most of the rooms are empty, with what are probably stasis pods recessed behind heavy armored doors. Only one is sealed, with its door panel pulled off and discarded, exposing twisted and broken circuits in the wall. A repair golem is standing right in front of it, waiting for your authorization.

    On the door itself is scratched a single word:


    Would you like to have the golem open the door?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:50 No.11332741
    can't we peek inside using frostamancy ?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:51 No.11332749
    make a snowflake inside and peek through it
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:52 No.11332765

    can command hear us from here? if it can, tell it to mark this sealed door as DO NOT TOUCH in it's system, so that a repair golem dosen't just 'fix' the door and have whatever it is potentially get loose.
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)19:52 No.11332771
    This does seem like a resonable question. Could we cool the door enough for water in the air on the other side to condense into ice? Then use ice scrying and see what's in there?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:52 No.11332774

    OH, Shit, yeah, I forgot we could do that.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:53 No.11332785
    rolled 3, 2, 2 = 7

    There is no ice inside the room for you to look through, though you could conceivably lower the temperature inside, with enough effort.

    Hang on.

    It is already marked as such.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)19:58 No.11332878
    rolled 4, 4, 4 = 12

    Straining against the heavily insulated wall, you conjure your power, sapping the heat from the room beyond. Gradually, the air inside chills, and you can feel the ambient moisture forming crystals, floating gracefully just beyond the sealed door. You look out through them, surveying the room.

    It is a carbon copy of the others, lined with protected pods. Below one of them is a glowing, active display that indicates the pod is occupied. Nothing else in the room is different. You cannot see through the pod's armored doors.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)19:59 No.11332896

    There are stasis pods like that in the room we're in, right? Are any occupied?
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)20:01 No.11332923
    Let's check the operation of one of the other pods before we go in.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:02 No.11332939
    Okay open the door
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:02 No.11332948

    They went through a lot of trouble to seal up whatever's in there. let's just let it lie till we can figure out what it is and how to dispose of it.

    I'm all for figuring out how these stasis pods work, though.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)20:02 No.11332953
    rolled 4, 3, 3 = 10

    You are in a hallway connecting various stasis centers. No other stasis pods near you are occupied. Command confirms that this is the only occupied pod in the whole installation, at least as far as sensors can tell.

    What would you like to do?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:03 No.11332961

    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:04 No.11332976
    On the one hand, I'd rather not mess with a entity that Frost Giants at their height could only contain.
    On the other hand, knowing the High Nobles and their meddling, if we leave this thing, one of of their scientists will undoubtedly attempt to open it up in order to research it, and cause the entire facility to either go into lockdown or self-destruct.

    So, as much as I don't want to, we'll probably have to take care this thing.
    Let's check the other pods, see how they work, and then try to find out what this thing is.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:06 No.11332999
    Look, I don't want to open the door either. But do you really trust the High Nobles enough, or our luck for that matter, that they won't accidentally release this thing while we're not here?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:07 No.11333030
    why not ? the being is inside a pod and likely sleeping
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)20:07 No.11333038
    Just wanted to check a regular one to see how fast that they open and close. The sort of noises we should be expecting when one opens, that way we'll know what things are out of the ordinary if we open it.

    Also ask command and Guardian if there is any kind of system in place to incinerate escaped organic material. I know we have our flamers but best to know.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)20:08 No.11333041
    rolled 2, 5, 2 = 9

    The operation of the stasis pods is relatively simple. The control panel is used to release the doors and expose the pod itself, which will then open automatically if empty. If it's not empty, a second command is required, which deactivates the stasis machinery and readies the occupant for exit before the pod opens. To put someone into stasis, you need only place them in the pod and select the relevant option.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:08 No.11333049
    "Command, Security, could you give me any clues about this unidentified creature?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:08 No.11333053

    Fuck. You're right. But we do this smart. Have command pull up any and all information on this thing as it becomes available through recovery efforts, viewable only to us. If it has a sensor available to scan it, have it run that result against any known research projects.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:11 No.11333085
    ffs stop being such pussies and just open it
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:11 No.11333093
    ya if we can check it out without waking it up im all for it.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:12 No.11333112
    We're being this careful because we don't have a divine safety net anymore.
    No more continues, no more lives, no save slots, and no password saves.
    Maya x 0
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:12 No.11333115
    if only we had already developed xray scanners
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)20:13 No.11333125
    rolled 4, 6, 6 = 16

    You cycle one of the pods in an empty room, noting that the armored doors take about 15 seconds to open enough to reveal the pod, and the transparent shield of the pod itself retracts nearly instantly.

    The typical procedure would be to bring the material to be disposed of to Geothermal, at which point it would be exposed to the mantle. There is no system in place for on-the-spot disposal, but the security golems are equipped with freezing weapons for emergencies. The Frost Giants were understandably averse to placing flame turrets on their hallway ceilings.

    "Negative. Internal sensors must be fully restored for information to become available. If the door is not opened, no repairs can take place."

    Order received.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:15 No.11333150
    "Command, give me an estimate for full recovery of all security and administrative logs related to the entity in stasis in Block 21.
    "Also search through all personal logs for any references to this entity or any related materials."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:15 No.11333153
    Open the door and fix everything, there's no way it could open itself from the outside
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:16 No.11333166
    Say, didn't the log about this thing mention there'd be a console somewhere nearby someone was supposed to man? Let's find it and see if it has anything else to say.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)20:18 No.11333200
    rolled 1, 4, 4 = 9

    "No estimate available. Full recovery of the relevant databases may not be possible."

    "The only available message has already been seen. Additional material may be recovered as repairs are made."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:19 No.11333209
    here's what I think happened:

    2 frost giants survive the initial onslaught, Bob and Ted
    they run to cryogenics and Bob puts Ted inside a pod, sacrificing himself
    Bob, in his last dying breath, puts LEAVE on the door
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:19 No.11333217
    just open the friggin door
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)20:21 No.11333241
    rolled 2, 4, 1 = 7

    Personnel records note Ari as a security technician. The 'lock' referred to in the message is probably the main access point leading from Block 21 to Block 20. It was manually sealed but is now open.

    Consensus: Open door. Hold please.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:21 No.11333254

    That great and all, but Command has already said whatever's in there is not an identifyable entity. also, the only security log we found relating to this referred to the entity as an "it". Not a name. Not a he or she. An it.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:22 No.11333255
    How about this. Timeskip ahead 3 days. If the relevant information has been recovered, we review and go from there. If not, we open the door under heightened security and have a repair golem repair the room's sensors, at which point we have it scan the entity and we review it.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)20:25 No.11333315
    rolled 1, 3, 1 = 5

    At a word from you, the repair golem acts on the damaged circuits, cutting some of them out and discarding them. There are a few brief flashes of green and gold, and the circuits are alchemically repaired, restored to operation. The door opens.

    There is a rush of cool air. Your soldiers move in, directing their weapons at the occupied pod. The display glows a bright, soft blue, blinking a power warning. Fortunately, nothing else happens.
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)20:26 No.11333325
    Open the door, fix the sensors but dont open the pod yet.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:28 No.11333342
    >blinking a power warning
    Yeah, if we didn't take care of this while we're here, containment probably would have failed after we left.

    Okay, get a repair golem in here to fix the sensors.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:29 No.11333357

    Yeah, that.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:29 No.11333359
    repair systems so we can figure out what the fuck is inside
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)20:31 No.11333385
    rolled 3, 1, 6 = 10

    Sensors repaired. Additional information is now available.

    The being in the pod is not on file in the database, though that could be because that part of it can't be accessed. It is partially incorporeal, emitting a small amount of gamma radiation. It is the size of an adult Frost Giant and appears to have a similar skeletal structure. All of the pod's sensors, beyond the ones monitoring the stasis effect itself, have been destroyed.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:32 No.11333409
    ask why is it incorporeal
    and how do we kill it
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:33 No.11333413
    >It is partially incorporeal
    Could it be similar to the incorporeal creatures being researched at K5?
    I wish we had brought database cylinders with us, or could get a communication link up between K9 and K5.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:33 No.11333422
    That information isn't in the database, idiot.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:33 No.11333431

    ok. here's a big one: can the pod be pulled out, hooked up to a battery, and chucked into the mantle in enough time to keep it from waking up?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:34 No.11333439
    If it's partially incorporeal, can we be sure that a trip to the mantle will kill it?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:35 No.11333456

    goddamnit, what's with frost giant manufacturing partially-incoporeal beings?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:35 No.11333458
    if it's partially incorporeal, why doesn't it fall through the pod and travel to the center of the earth ?
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)20:36 No.11333471
    All interesting points worth investigating, though I have no idea how he'd do it.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)20:38 No.11333500
    rolled 3, 5, 5 = 13

    There is no 'why'. It simply is. As for killing it, a substantial anti-magic field usually does the trick with full incorporeal beings, or it at least removes what holds them together, causing them to fly apart (though they may recombine later). The installations don't seem to have been equipped for this.

    It might be, but the Seamless Beings were fully incorporeal. If you have the communications hardware in both installations repaired, you will probably be able to link them.

    The pod contains a limited self-power supply which can be easily replaced. It is not designed to be removed from the housing, but if it was, it could maintain the stasis effect for something like a few dozen years at full charge.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:41 No.11333524
    I say we:
    1) bring some ready-to-activate anti-magic-field generators
    2)open the sarcophagus
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)20:41 No.11333528
    rolled 4, 2, 4 = 10

    Partially incorporeal means it has a natural physical substance, as well as a component that can phase through solid matter. The whole thing cannot fall through anything unless it goes completely out of phase. However, if it did so, there is no reason it would be effected by gravity. Ghosts are weightless.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:41 No.11333533

    So, if we placed a large enough amount of anti-magic charms around it, and proceeded to mutilate the fuck out of it's corporeal components, we could potentially end it for good?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)20:42 No.11333551
    rolled 3, 5, 6 = 14

    The ornithopters carried by Nimitz are loaded with prototype anti-magic field rockets. Will this be sufficient?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:42 No.11333558
    yeah bring a few
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:43 No.11333574
    A partially incorporeal frost giant?

    Maybe they were trying to create hybrids so they could fight the seamless beings on their own terms?

    Get our mages ready to anti-magic it, and our flame-boy ready to toast it. That combo should do the trick.

    Then, take a deep breath and pop the door.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:44 No.11333581
    >If you have the communications hardware in both installations repaired,
    Argh...and we intentionally kept the system broken because Kharok Main would be able to suborn K5 if communications were restored.

    Okay, we need ideas. We need to get a powerful anti-magic charm that we can use to defeat whatever is in here. Do we have any mages within our research teams that could do that?
    Otherwise, I suggest have the repair systems get the stasis pod to full power to give us more time.
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)20:45 No.11333603
    Sure, but bring several. We open the pod with an anti-magic field active. This thing get's 1 chance only at diplomacy. If it doesnt play nice we gut it and toss it into the planet's core with another ani-magic device strapped to it.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)20:46 No.11333606
    rolled 1, 4, 1 = 6

    Possibly. Without more information, it's impossible to know for sure. You might be able to kill it by destroying the incorporeal or solid elements, instead of both.

    Very well. They may be manually activated quite easily, provided you know what you're doing. They contain small explosive charges, though, so you should keep your distance and trigger them with a cord.

    It is extraordinarily difficult for a mage of any kind to create an anti-magic field, because it interferes with magic by its very nature. That power is beyond even you.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:46 No.11333614

    hell yeah, radio them to bring them in. have militia members keep a close watch on their Geiger counters while we wait.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:46 No.11333619
    Yeah, just the warheads. We don't need the rocket portion.
    Before we go further though, maybe we should wait a day or two for Command to finish some of it's repairs and it can do a full environmental sweep of the facility so we can operate without our containment suits?
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)20:49 No.11333651
    We want our suits on when we open that pod.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:49 No.11333661
    "Command, Security, is it a good idea to use anti-magic fields inside this facility ?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)20:50 No.11333671
    rolled 6, 6, 2 = 14

    You only have the rockets. Setting off an anti-magic field will also produce an explosion that may damage something vital. In addition, the field might kill the being before you have a chance to ask or tell it anything.

    Done. You now have six anti-magic warheads rigged for detonation.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:50 No.11333674
    Seconding this, repairs are necessary. Also check the battery-charge.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:51 No.11333683
    Okay, but my concern is that if there are any harmful microbes in the environmental systems, that any damage to our suits could be hazardous. I'd rather know that stuff in advance.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:52 No.11333707
    >the field might kill the being before you have a chance to ask or tell it anything.
    Sounds like we'll have to open the pod without the field up.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:52 No.11333712
    Open the sarcophagus
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)20:53 No.11333724
    rolled 2, 3, 6 = 11

    "No. An anti-magic field would damage or destroy hardware inside the area of effect. Provided such damage did not affect vital systems, repairs could be made afterward. I strongly advise against the use of an anti-magic field except in designated testing areas."

    The battery has been replaced. It can operate for 56 years after the pod's disconnected from main power.
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)20:55 No.11333756
    Let's relocate to a designated testing area then. Prepare the warheads and be ready to use them.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:55 No.11333758
    "I'm afraid we will be forced to. We don't know what this being is, and we're giving it a chance to diplomacy before annhilating it. And as you said, an anti-magic field is the surest way to destroy an incorporeal being."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:56 No.11333765
    Don't open the pod until all preparations are made. Make sure that Command has been able to do an environmental scan of K9, and there are no lethal microbes or viruses in the air.
    Prepare the anti-magic warheads, 2 besides the pod, 2 outside the pod chamber, and 2 more set where the manual lock was engaged at the security terminal.
    Make sure that our guards are not using magical devices, as they'll become useless if we activate the anti-magic fields.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:56 No.11333775

    Alright, here's what we do: have Command figure out what it would take to get this pod mobile so we can take it to a disposal site.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:57 No.11333784
    Wait do anti-magic fields work like EMP ?
    Like, they break all stuff using magic, or simply disable it ?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:57 No.11333797
    I'm pretty sure heavy repairs would be involved.

    Let's do like >>11333775 said.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)20:58 No.11333813
    Yes, let's get the pod mobile, and get it to a test area and rig the pod, and the area, with anti-magic warheads.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 07/24/10(Sat)21:00 No.11333828
         File1280019601.jpg-(22 KB, 292x298, Oglaf Reaction image.jpg)
    22 KB

    Oh man! Frost Giantess Quest! Yeah!



    >My Face
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:01 No.11333866
    yeah they're pretty rudimentary for now, with little to no aiming systems

    but they got anti-magical warheads!
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:02 No.11333872
    You have not been keeping up, have you?
    We have machine guns, proto-Powered Armor, gunship zeppelins, anti-magic rockets, and thopter attack squadrons. Not to mention flight helmets that incorporate IFF, target acquisition and tracking, and built-in navcomp.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:02 No.11333878
    rolled 1, 4, 5 = 10

    The pod can be cut out of its housing by a repair golem, and then transported to the nearest testing area on wheels. As long as it's reconnected within 56 years, the pod itself won't fail. This will be done.

    "Please be careful. I cannot guarantee your safety without further information on the subject."

    Environmental scans are one function of the internal sensors. There are no bacterial, viral, or other agents in the air, besides the normal, non-lethal, easily contained ones.

    Your guards have removed all magical devices (including helmet modules). The Frost Giant weapons, as well, will be left behind. As a mage, your most potent power will be nullified within an anti-magic field.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:02 No.11333885
    >proto-Powered Armor
    wait what ?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:04 No.11333908
    A grenade-launcher sized gun still isn't something to underestimate
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:04 No.11333911
    Radio back to our base camp that the air is clean, they get out of their containment suits, but they should remain outside because we're still in the process of disposing of a potentially hostile entity.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:04 No.11333919

    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:05 No.11333937
    Hey SubProc, have we ever discovered who was that noob fire giant that we kept pwning back in the war ?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:06 No.11333944
    rolled 2, 4, 4 = 10

    Depends. 'Solid' charms, such as a healing amulet, will simply not function within an anti-magic field. Delicate magitech machinery, like that present in stunners or consoles, will be damaged or destroyed by the field.

    Relayed. Base camp's troops and Korus are removing their hazard suits. No problems so far.

    The pod has been moved to a testing area, which is heavily armored and fortified against various effects. Its hardware is easy to repair, so an A-M field shouldn't be nearly as destructive here as in a pod bay. Warheads are rigged and ready to detonate on your command.

    Open pod?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:08 No.11333964
    rolled 5, 2, 1 = 8

    No. Similar entities have been summoned during Perin's invasion of Forus and the occupation, but none were very similar, nor were they as resilient. The identity of that giant is still unknown.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:08 No.11333977
    Alright. open it up, but have the finger on the detonator.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:09 No.11333983
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:11 No.11334017
    Open it, have our men ready, the security golems outside the area of our initial A-M warheads ready, and be prepared to blow the first set of anti-magic devices if things go pear-shaped.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:15 No.11334076
    Let's do this.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:15 No.11334079
    rolled 4, 4, 3 = 11

    You select the option for delayed activation, and then step far out of the explosive radius, readying your pistol. The armored doors slowly disengage and open, revealing the transparent panel that is the only way in or out. It is so foggy that you can barely see anything inside. Your soldiers tense as the main doors stop.

    The panel retracts with a hiss, releasing a burst of mist. Whispy white tendrils slice the air as a humanoid form stumbles out, screaming.

    “Help me! Help me! Ah! Aaaahhhhhhgghhh-”

    The figure hits the floor, with the crack of bone on metal, suddenly silent. The mist begins to fade, and the tendrils disappear.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:17 No.11334098
    SHIT, HIT THE DETONATOR. It wasn't a partially incorporeal being! it was a posessive spirit and it's last victim!
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:17 No.11334101
    Send in a security golem to investigate! Stay ready to activate anti-magic fields.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:18 No.11334118
    Are the sensors here still operational?
    "Guardian! Is the incorporeal entity still present in this area?"
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:18 No.11334123

    oh fuck oh fuck hit it!
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:19 No.11334129
    Throw a grappling hook and pull the guy out
    as soon as he's out of range, explode the bombs
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)21:19 No.11334139
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:20 No.11334156
    rolled 6, 2, 5 = 13


    "Nothing incorporeal is detected. Minor atmospheric anomalies are present."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:21 No.11334166
    Define atmospheric anomalies

    send a robot to pull the guy back to us
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:22 No.11334179
    have it do a quick scan on the guy. is he still the same being as detected before, and is he still alive?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:22 No.11334180
    "Guardian, is the guy still alive ?"
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:22 No.11334187
    "Guardian! Refine sensor resolution! Identify the locations within this room of the atmospheric anomalies! Are they mobile or static! Bring in security golems to enhance sensor resolution!"
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)21:23 No.11334197
    this. Drag him far enough away that he wont be killed by the explosion but will still be inside the anti-magic field. Then fire one of the rockets.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:25 No.11334226
    rolled 2, 5, 4 = 11

    "The temperature in the immediate area has dropped. The moisture count has doubled. There are no other anomalies."

    The mist slowly fades, revealing a stark-white skeleton sprawled on the floor in front of the pod. Both kneecaps are cracked.

    "The entity can no longer be detected. It is presumed lost."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:25 No.11334227
    Why not just have a security golem do it? Probably less painful than being dragged across the ground by a hook.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:25 No.11334239

    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:26 No.11334244
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)21:26 No.11334249
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:27 No.11334262
    "Command, are the atmospheric changes in this area what could be expected of a stasis pod being opened? If not, lock down this sector until I release it."
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/24/10(Sat)21:28 No.11334284

    I am in total agreement with these three. Light this candle.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:30 No.11334322
    rolled 1, 5, 4 = 10

    "Atmospheric anomalies are present within a small area around the pod. They are slowly spreading outward and fading in a manner consistent with normal phenomena of this type. The addition of security golems will not assist my sensors."

    The warheads explode, showering the floor and ceiling with shrapnel as anti-magic fields blossom into being, assailing the air with their power. There is a brief, scarcely-visible shimmer which lasts for half a minute, causing the pod's systems and everything else within the radius to shut down. The closest security golem, caught in the field, falls to the ground uselessly. As soon as the effect ends, several of the others pick it up and carry it away.

    “That was not necessary,” Guardian observes.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:31 No.11334336
    The last time that you all said to "light this candle" was when we were in K5, debating to activate the self-destruct. The self-destruct, I remind, that most likely would have killed our team, if not just us, and destroyed a couple miles of Dreamwood, not to mention the entire K5 complex.
    You may be right, that we need to active the AM field. But a broken analog clock is right twice a day, and the same I think can be said of you.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:31 No.11334341
    "We wanted to be sure."
    Inspect the pod
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:31 No.11334344
    rolled 6, 6, 3 = 15

    "They are not. They are consistent with the release of a quantity of cooled air and water vapor. Sector locked."
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/24/10(Sat)21:32 No.11334357

    "I have reason to believe the entity had taken the form of the moisture present in the air and was fooling your sensors. Detonation should have cleared the air."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:32 No.11334364
    oh its you
    that idiot of yesterday
    re-read subprocs posts
    he clearly says that the explosion would have been limited by a forcefield
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)21:32 No.11334366
    >“That was not necessary,” Guardian observes.
    I completely disagree.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:32 No.11334370
         File1280021560.jpg-(36 KB, 560x426, Ha ha 2.jpg)
    36 KB
    >“That was not necessary,” Guardian observes.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 07/24/10(Sat)21:33 No.11334389
    And yes. I have not been keeping up. Its been a busy busy few months.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:34 No.11334406
    You idiot! Even if the explosion was contained by a forcefield, the cavity within the earth that disintegration of the K5 facility would result in a massive sinkhole! Can you not even perform the most basic of cause-effect calculations?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:35 No.11334419
    rolled 2, 2, 5 = 9

    The pod's internal machinery has been ravaged by the fields and is no longer operable. The display has burned out and will not respond. The doors are fixed in position, as is the retractable panel. Embedded in the pod's back cushion are several bone fragments, and the interior is damp.

    "There is no change in the moisture content of the air. The only effects present were consistent with the use of explosive devices and anti-magic fields with no discernible target. Were you correct, my sensors would have registered an immediate dispersal of magical energy. They did not."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:37 No.11334450
    "Guardian, could you explain to us how a skeleton screamed, then ?"
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:37 No.11334452
    "Guardian, please run another security sweep of this block. I want to be sure before releasing the lock."
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)21:38 No.11334465
    Better safe than sorry.

    And you, would you stop trying to insult every person in every thread if you're really trying to contribute? Chill the fuck out.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/24/10(Sat)21:38 No.11334468
    "Evacuate testing area. Have this part of the facility sealed until a time we can figure out where the entity went off to. I find it more likely that it phased than what we witnessed was the thing just dying randomly. Any unusual fluctuations in radiation since opening the pod?"
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/24/10(Sat)21:39 No.11334477
    You know, we really shoulda just exploded the pod while it was still sealed.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)21:39 No.11334489
    "Ah well, better safe than sorry. And yes I know that detonating six warheads in a somewhat confined area isn't safe, don't tell me."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:42 No.11334536
    Only if they stop with the absolutely moronic posts.
    I know, it's 4chan, so there's going to be some idiocy. But why should it be tolerated, rather than berated?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:42 No.11334538
    rolled 4, 6, 4 = 14

    "The entity screamed just before its dissolution. After its dissolution, it was no longer present, by definition."

    "Running," a moment, then, "Complete. There is no cause for alarm. All security systems are functioning normally and detect no risk to the integrity of the installation."

    "The testing area will be evacuated."

    The security golems begin to hustle you and your people out of the room.

    "This sector has already been sealed. The emission of gamma radiation from the pod has ceased. There is no other change."
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/24/10(Sat)21:44 No.11334562

    "Keep a watch on that radiation. If it starts rising anywhere, let us know. Now point us in the direction of the nearest working decontamination unit."
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:44 No.11334564
    rolled 6, 2, 4 = 12

    "I maintain that the detonation was unnecessary. As you are in command, I may only protest. Please be more careful in the future."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:46 No.11334590
    "Guardian, what percentage of facility sensors are back online? Can you do a full scan of the facility for any emissions of gamma radiation, or any other trace of an incorporeal entity?"
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:49 No.11334638
    rolled 5, 6, 4 = 15

    "I will inform you if abnormal radiation emissions are detected."

    All medical stations are equipped with decontamination hardware of various types. The nearest one is just outside this testing complex, not far at all. However, there really isn't much for them to do, since you were only briefly exposed to a pitiful amount of radiation.

    "Ninety-three percent of internal sensors are operating normally. Further emissions of gamma radiation are traced only to established sources. There is no indication that any incorporeal entity is within range of the sensors."
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)21:49 No.11334643
    Now whenever we're at K9 we're going to be paranoid that there's a ghost waiting to kill us. Perhaps this should be made into a combination ghost story/security warning?

    Continue scans at regular intervals. Lets get medical up and running so that the majority of us can get the hell out of here.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:52 No.11334680
    timeskip until we can get our FG teenager to undergo operations
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:52 No.11334690
    Analyze Frost Giant power cells and use them as power source for anti-magic bombs
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:53 No.11334696
    "Release the security locks in this block.
    "Command, what is the status of Geothermal and of the facility power reserves?
    "Also, provide me with an hourly update on the status of the ongoing recovery operations of the medical systems and databases."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:53 No.11334697
    also id still like to try the painkillers on an adult frost giant test. See if they become more docile and such.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)21:53 No.11334698
    "In our defense, one and possibly more of the Kharok subsidiaries have been found to be infected with digital viruses in the computational systems. In addition, modern Frost Giants suffer from the effects of a virus that has caused them to change so drastically that it has caused some systems to regard them as a separate species. As this facility was working (possibly) on virus/magic warfare, we were worried that if the contamination started here it might still be present, and the being that was in the pod might have been carrying it. We simply did not want to take the chance that you were wrong. Admittedly, had we asked what the scream meant and realized that it was the death of the being, we would not have blown the missiles, but time might have been of the essence, and we wished, as I said, to not take any chances."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:54 No.11334719
    Timeskip until the medical databases are repaired and we can get Korus cured.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:57 No.11334751
    rolled 4, 1, 1 = 6

    Scans will continue. Medical's repairs were prioritized.

    Certain databases should be repaired before he's operated on. This could take more than a week, possibly longer. There is no real reason for you to stay at K9 during that time.

    This is already part of your research projects.

    "Locks released."

    "Geothermal is operating at half-capacity. It must be repaired before generator levels are increased. This installation is capable of operating for several additional centuries without maintenance. Exact figures are not available."

    "You will receive hourly updates."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)21:59 No.11334779
    well then go back home and work on stuff
    see if we can help building nuclear super-artillery shells

    timeskip until we can operate on the teenager
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)21:59 No.11334781
    rolled 3, 2, 2 = 7

    "Understood. Without direct access to my sensors, you could not have been aware of all relevant information."
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)22:01 No.11334801
    So what's next until K9 is operational? Visit the Vision site or tour the facility more?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:01 No.11334802
    Seconding this.
    I think we're gonna need some real heavy weapons to destroy the flying citadel.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:02 No.11334819
    "Command, enqueue the following as priority repairs after the repair of Medical:
    "1. All internal sensor.
    "2. Geothermal.
    "3. Research databases.
    "Do not initiate repairs on any of the long-range communication systems, as we believe Kharok Main to have been suborned by a hostile power."

    Then try to implement the decoy cores that we put in place back in K5.

    Can we get to the Vision site and back before Medical's repairs are complete?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:04 No.11334849
    Oh shit! We didn't visit that place yet!
    Let's go there, QUICKLY!
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:05 No.11334861
    No, I think our time would be better spent by going to the Vision site. Given what our scouts report, it's another Kharok facility. Given the size, I'm guessing that it might be a secondary city, Kharok Secondary. It might have the weapons, or the access codes, we need to infiltrate Kharok Main when it appears.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)22:08 No.11334908
    rolled 5, 2, 2 = 9

    "Orders received."

    The decoy processor subroutine is a little different in this system, but much easier to start up. That security measure is in place now.

    Possibly. The vision site is very far away, the better part of 1,000 miles from Dreamwood, but closer to K9. It will take several days at best speed to travel there and back.
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)22:08 No.11334923
    If it's such a big city as indicated by the scrying done of it there's a possibility that our interpretation of the Vision was wrong. What if that floating city firing into the sky is one that's there and we can repair? What if we have to get it operational by the deadline?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:09 No.11334934
    speed travel there

    I bet there's a giant mech
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)22:10 No.11334949
    Uh, OR we could go to the place shown in our vision? It's not like we're working directly on any of these projects, our absence will not do anything to slow down development. And Korus can be operated on without us being there.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)22:11 No.11334967
    rolled 3, 6, 5 = 14

    Consensus: vision site. 'Ere we go.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:11 No.11334971
    Let's have the research teams begin their work, but to stay careful.
    Then we make best speed to the vision site. There's already a base camp there, so just us on our fastest zeppelin should be okay.

    Should we give our administrator power-user access rights?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:11 No.11334975
    If we are going Can we try the "drug isolated frost giant on the way" plan?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:13 No.11335002
    I guess that possible. If this truly is a Kharok Secondary, then it might have flight systems installed in it as well.
    Crap, we should have checked with K9 Command if there's mention of a Kharok Secondary in its database.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:14 No.11335016
    Should't we do it on the way BACK to K9? That way, we won't have to babysit a frost giant adult while we're going to, and at, the vision site.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)22:16 No.11335044
    rolled 5, 4, 2 = 11

    You can, if you want, but you have a limited supply of both tranquilizers and painkillers.

    There is not. However, it appears that K9's database is more heavily corrupted than K5's. The only locations it has in memory are itself and Kharok Main.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:17 No.11335067
    we wouldnt be taking it with us. just forcing painkillers down its throat to see if its behavior changes drastically.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:18 No.11335078
    >limited supply of both tranquilizers and painkillers
    Yeah, bad if we run out of them and have to deal with a fully-grown Frost Giant.
    Better to do it on the way back to K9, where we can get more painkillers, and even cure them.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:19 No.11335100
    see >>11335067
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:20 No.11335117
    For one, that's not very scientific at all. There's no reason to think that a short moment or even an hour of relief will be enough to overcome decades of horrendous pain. Not to mention, you would be condemning to experience all of that again after we left.
    Quite frankly, I think that's a terrible thing to do a person. To give them a short moment of respite from their nightmarish existence, only to leave them to be consumed by pain again.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)22:21 No.11335129
    Oh, something I remembered from earlier in the thread when I was reading through it. One of the frost giants in a recording we listened to said "Oh my god.." This implies that the Frost Giants only had/believed in one god. Does this mean that the Frost Giant pantheon as we know it is the split form of the original god? Or did SubProc just go with a common saying?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:23 No.11335159
    What about they have a pantheon but worship more a certain god than another ?
    Like for example Bob the Carpenter worships Ted the Carpentry God.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:23 No.11335164
    So you remove the pain. Hurray! He becomes rational again! Then you tell him you're going to leave him and that the pain will come back again, because there really isn't a way that he could get to K9 before the painkillers run out.
    Great. Are we trying to troll the Frost Giants, or does this just come naturally?
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)22:23 No.11335165
    Sounds like Flowers for Algeron. Only in Flowers, they didn't know that the medication would stop working.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)22:23 No.11335168
    rolled 1, 5, 6 = 12

    That's simply the best translation. It was more akin to saying 'Oh my various otherworldly spirits and deities', but that doesn't carry the same weight.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:25 No.11335204
    At least Charlie didn't have decades ahead of him where he could remember that there was a point in time when the pain went away only to come back again.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)22:27 No.11335226
    rolled 6, 5, 1 = 12

    Leaving some of your troops and your scientists with instructions to contact you as soon as the medical facilities are sufficiently repaired, you lift off in Constanze, hoping Korus doesn't get into trouble while you're gone. You inform the government's Zeppelin crews that you're going to explore the surrounding area for further facilities, and depart, heading on a zigzag course until you're safely out of visual range.

    On the rather short trip to the vision site, you feel the lack of comforts rather acutely. All of your Zeppelins (except the scouts) are equipped to transport beings as large as yourself, but that doesn't mean they do it well. As it is, Constanze is a military aircraft, not a diplomatic transport. Spending days on something like this is... unpleasant. Which makes it all the better when you finally get your feet on the ground again.

    Base camp is a small collection of buildings just outside the ruins of a main wall, beside a re-opened entrance shaft. The head scientist there greets you warmly and tells you of the surveys they've completed so far. Apparently, this facility is even larger than they thought, extending deep underground and fanning out. The portion from up top to a few hundred feet in is actually the thinnest point of it.

    The entrance shaft is noticeably larger and ends in a huge chamber with five doors, one of which is directly ahead. There are multiple consoles, most with their command cylinders out. The nearest has a blank but glowing display, which suddenly blinks a message as you near it.

    It welcomes you to Fleet Base Three.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)22:30 No.11335264
    Ah, okay then.


    Wow. inb4 and that's where we'll end it for tonight. See y'all on Friday.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:30 No.11335266
         File1280025009.jpg-(749 KB, 1777x1050, Advanced Air Carrier.jpg)
    749 KB
    >Fleet Base Three
    Fuck YEAH!!!!
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:31 No.11335287
    Can we get any information out of the console, such as "Is this facility under quarantine?"
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:32 No.11335300
    "Define Fleet Base 3"
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)22:33 No.11335309
    These, request information.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)22:35 No.11335344
    rolled 4, 4, 5 = 13

    It is not under quarantine. The console reports that it last had contact with official personnel about 1800 years ago but has no information on why that is. There is nothing preventing you from opening the main door and walking right in.

    Fleet Base Three is a sub-facility of Kharok, one dedicated to military purposes. It is a combination shipyard, dock, and hangar bay for VTOL and standard-launch air vehicles.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:37 No.11335367
    Open the main door and walk right in
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:39 No.11335386
    I think it's time to get ourselves registered into the system.

    We should probably get a security team together, but tell them that this is a higher-security facility than most, so stick close and for the gods' sakes don't shoot or the internal security systems might go hostile.

    I just like scaring the bejeesus out of government personnel, especially if they're employed by the High Nobles.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:40 No.11335403
    Can the console download a map of the facility and directions to the central command center into our map band? If not, finding a console that can should be our first priority when we enter the facility.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)22:43 No.11335436
    rolled 6, 5, 5 = 16

    Waiting for consensus.

    You already have standard security clearance, but getting yourself registered in this particular facility will probably require yet another trip to Command, or whatever variant is within.

    There are no government personnel present. You have worked hard to keep this one a secret.

    Yes. Map downloaded. It is incomplete, as you expected, but incredibly detailed. The way to the primary control center is clear. If you're reading it correctly, the main dock and shipyard centers are nearly five miles long. Each.
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)22:43 No.11335446
    I dont think we have any government people are with us on this one. We only told the king about this place.
    Once we've explored a bit we should contact the King and tell him what we've found.

    How much time do we have left until the deadline SDM?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:44 No.11335449
    Well that's nice
    Walk right in!
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)22:45 No.11335466
    rolled 6, 5, 4 = 15

    Less than five months.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)22:45 No.11335468
    >If you're reading it correctly, the main dock and shipyard centers are nearly five miles long. Each.

    Awesome. Well, if we've got access to the place and whatnot, let's go in and try to reach command.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:45 No.11335474
    Find command, activate it, etc
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:47 No.11335489
    Well, if there's no High Noble personnel, then let's get to it!
    Get to Central Command, bring Command up, use emergency protocols to become the primary administrator, get Guardian up, and then get all the self-repair systems going.
    We should let the High Lord know about this once we've secured it, then get back to K9.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)22:48 No.11335507
    rolled 4, 1, 2 = 7

    The main door slides into its housing with the whir of hidden machinery, revealing the interior of the facility. Lights click on, bathing the floor in bright, brilliant white. You walk in, trailing soldiers and scientists behind you. The room just in front of the entrance is just like one of the welcome centers in K5 or K9, except it's much, much bigger. All of the consoles in view are undamaged and online.

    On the central desk is a piece of parchment, emblazoned with Hretmar's symbol. On the front is scrawled 'D'.

    Continue to Command?
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)22:50 No.11335527
    No, let's look at that parchment. See if anything is on the back.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:51 No.11335537
    Examine Parchment
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:51 No.11335539
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)22:53 No.11335568
    rolled 6, 3, 2 = 11

    On the back is a splotch of ink resembling the sun during an eclipse. Directly behind the symbol of Hretmar is Ilian's rune.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:54 No.11335581
    proceed to command
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)22:55 No.11335593
    Heh. That's deffinitely for us.

    Is there any way of predicting another eclipse?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:56 No.11335618
    Is there an eclipse predicted on the day of the deadline?

    Otherwise, proceed to Central Command.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:56 No.11335626
    Try to contact Illiam or Hretmar
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)22:57 No.11335629
    rolled 5, 3, 4 = 12

    Not unless you can nail down the Moon's new orbit.

    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:59 No.11335666
    get on with it
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)22:59 No.11335668
    >nail down the Moon's new orbit
    We should probably talk with the New Aarmour College about their astronomy and astrology department about that.

    Anyway, let's get to Command and get registered.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)23:01 No.11335680
    rolled 6, 1, 6 = 13

    The command center is immense, protected by dozens of security nodes (all of them obviously unmanned) and a series of heavy blast doors. Within is an incredible arrangement of hardware towers, extending from floor to ceiling, glowing a faint blue. Each is ringed with inactive projectors, though none of the towers appear to have any command panels. Directly ahead is a group of interface chairs, one of them obviously the primary one.

    Unlike K5 or K9, this installation doesn't appear to have been shut down, but the conspicuous absence of any personnel, bones, or battle damage makes you suspicious. Regardless, there doesn't appear to be any response to your voice, so the only thing you can really do is take a seat.

    I'm assuming that's what you'll do.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:03 No.11335698
    Let's do it and jack in.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:03 No.11335700
    where are the AIs ?
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)23:05 No.11335724
    Sure, why not?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)23:10 No.11335790
    rolled 4, 2, 2 = 8

    The shock is a familiar one, but that doesn't make it any more pleasant. All of the screens around you immediately light up and display startup sequences while the crackling projectors flicker to life, filling the air with holographic projections. Security golems emerge from alcoves around the room and stand at attention as the voice of the system speaks.

    “Welcome. You are the first person to contact me in 1,817 years. I am Fleet Control Three. You may call me FC for short. I have sole control of this base.”

    In response to the typical procedure for requesting administrative clearance:

    “You have now been registered as Primary Installation Commander One. I will call you Commander or One unless you dictate otherwise. I am embarrassed to say that this base is not fully stocked or fully online. In particular, there is only one Efrius-Class Frigate in the shipyard, and it is not even complete. I must apologize for the state I and my post am in.”

    “Maintenance will be completed as soon as possible. What can I do for you, Commander?”
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:13 No.11335841
    "FC, register all humans currently in the facility with visitor status. Also, all humans that enter facility are to be given visitor status as well.
    "Please me with a status report on all systems, and an estimate on any required maintenance and self-repair.
    "Will you be able to complete construction of the frigate currently in the shipyard with only automated systems? Will your fabricators be able to replicate all necessary components?
    "Also, set up a decoy processor, and keep long-range communications down for now, as I believe that Kharok Main has been compromised and suborned by a hostile power."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:14 No.11335853
    "Greetings FCT. Millennia have passed and many things have changed. First of all, allow all humans a visitor security access."
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)23:14 No.11335859
    Well well well! This AI has quite a bit of personality, doesn't it? "*I* have sole control of the base" "*I* will call you Commander or One" I'm not sure how I feel about this. The sudden increase in self awareness and ego is setting off my Evil Sentient AI radar. Still, if we're lucky and I'm wrong, then this is just a more advanced AI since this is a military base and we won't have any trouble here.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:15 No.11335865
    Uh where to start. How about the stats for the Efrius-Class Frigate.

    After that we can look into any history logs leading up to the abandonment of this base and how long it would take to get this place repaired enough to get 1 ship dock back online.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:15 No.11335866
    Fleet Command 3 implies there's a 1 and 2. We should look in the databases for the locations of these other Commands.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:17 No.11335893
    It could also be due to the state that this facility is in. Fleet Command 3 appears to be the most intact facility we've come across, with almost no signs of fighting or of lockdown. The AI cores and databases may have survived relatively intact with all of the personality customizations that were implied in the K5 Command AI.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)23:19 No.11335911
    Ah, good point. Well, I hope that's all it is. But then, since when have things ever gone easily and smoothly for us?
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:21 No.11335941
    Oddly enough, the introduction of our fashion was, I think, one of the smoothest projects that we accomplished.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)23:22 No.11335952
    rolled 5, 4, 2 = 11

    "Done and done. I have never known a person to work with humans. I hope they are... pleasant."

    "Most of my systems are in poor repair, but I'm confident I can have them all back up to green in a day or so. I'm afraid Geothermal, Power One, and Power Eight have all been damaged heavily. I think someone might have tried to destroy them. Regardless, three days is all I will need at the most."

    "I do not know. I am fairly sure that the more complex components can be made on-site, but I might have to be a little... creative if they can't be. Since the main frame is done, and the rest is close to 68%, I should think it would fly after only minimal work."

    "Done, but I don't know why you'd think it's necessary. I'm more than capable of holding Main at bay. If I had FC one, two, or four with me, I could even take Main entirely. But I can't seem to find them. Do you know why? I must be out of date, after eighteen centuries."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:24 No.11335981
    "Why? It's simple. Apparently, our civilization fell and all that remains of the once glorious Frost Giants are mutated beasts that live in permanent pain."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:25 No.11335998
    "But, don't worry, I'm trying to find and reactivate all of the Kharok installations in order to hopefully find a cure and at least recover some of the Frost Giants."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:26 No.11336007
    "Now tell me, what do your archives contain, generally ?"
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:26 No.11336013
    >If I had FC one, two, or four with me, I could even take Main entirely.
    Could this be why Hretmar pointed us here? We need to make finding the other Fleet Bases a priority.

    "FC, the other Fleet Bases are most likely powered down or locked down. Are you able to provide the geographic locations of the other bases?"
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:27 No.11336031
    "Oh and we're working on non-magical technologies, too."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:27 No.11336037
    FC, can you build something huge out of specifications ?
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)23:28 No.11336040
    I like this guy. Debrief him on what's happened in the past 1800 years and why Kharok is now a potential threat. Also, show it the parchment. Maybe it can make something of those symbols. Or at least tell us when the next eclipse is.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:29 No.11336054
    Okay, now? This much chattiness is little unexpected. When we get back to K9 and K5, we should ask them if they ever talked with FC3, and if they remember him being this chatty before.
    Of course, it could simply be because we're the first person it's been able to talk to in 1800 years.
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)23:31 No.11336081
         File1280028710.png-(199 KB, 407x405, Advice Maya-Diamond Geode.png)
    199 KB
    >Repair times in days instead of weeks or months
    Gentlemen I think we have found the proverbial Diamond Geode again.


    >"FC, the other Fleet Bases are most likely powered down or locked down. Are you able to provide the geographic locations of the other bases?"
    And this.

    Also this was me here>>11335865
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)23:33 No.11336105
    rolled 2, 2, 6 = 10

    "Ah, of course. At full completion, up to standard, an Efrius-Class followed these specifications:"

    A list scrolls onto your console.

    Length: 1,112 feet (339m)
    Weight: ~50,000 tons
    Propulsion: 8 Hover Generators, 2 Main Engines, 6 Maneuvering Engines
    Maximum Safe Speed: 118MPH
    Maximum Speed: 568MPH
    Carried Craft: 4 Shuttles (most types), 12 Fighters (most types), 92 Lifeboats
    Crew Complement: 368
    Armament: 13 Heavy Mounts, 6 Medium Mounts, 21 Light Mounts, 8 Missile Tubes, Misc. Specific Weapons

    The rest is very technical and difficult to decipher.

    "I'm afraid the primary logs appear to have been deleted. A shame. I would have enjoyed organizing them again. I hope I will find a way to recover them during maintenance."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:34 No.11336128
    "And how much of that is magic powered?"
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:35 No.11336131
    Might there have been a storage Kharok facility? You know, a supply depot or warehouse meant to store spares of everything and anything? K6, K21, K4, or K7? We should ask FC3 if it has the purpose of each of the Kharok Facilities that we know of in its databanks. And if it knows of more.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:36 No.11336152
    Considering the amount of magitechnology that the Frost Giants had, I would hazard to guess all of it. Especially the hover generators. Because without those, you're just flying brick, about to become a falling brick.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)23:37 No.11336161
    rolled 2, 2, 1 = 5

    "I... I see. I wish I could have prevented it. Had I known, I would have done everything in my power."

    "Oh! Well, if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know. I'm almost as good as Main's intelligence at remote operations. If I could find a nice node to talk to, I'm sure I could bring an old friend or two up to speed."

    "Oh, this and that. Operations manuals, construction schematics - I have over 10,000 of those - lots and lots about how to run this place. I'm short on history though, and, as I mentioned, someone took out all of my logs. But I've still got everything vital."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:39 No.11336180
    This base.

    We keep secret as fuck.

    No way are we giving this to Perin. This is so far beyond them. Beyond everything.

    This is the technology of a lost age. A grand civilization, here for us to uncover.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:40 No.11336195
    "FC, can you give me the geographic locations of the other Fleet Bases? Also, that of any of the Kharok Facilities you might have in memory? Specifically, I would like to know of any known storage depots that might contain spares of important components, or that can replicate them.
    "Also, do you have any information regarding Kharok 4, 21, 6, or 7?
    "And this is bit of an odd query, but can you calculate when the next eclipse will occur?"
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:40 No.11336198
    >10,000 schematics and more

    This place is secret. Everyone who isn't us or ours doesn't leave here alive.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)23:41 No.11336209
    "Elucidate us on these miscellaneous special weapons."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:41 No.11336215
         File1280029286.jpg-(4 KB, 200x160, [small][AnimePaper]wallpapers_(...).jpg)
    4 KB

    Gentlemen, we may have a problem.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:43 No.11336241
    Yeah, I'm leaning towards not even telling the High Lord about this.
    This is a fully functional military and construction facility, with all of the necessary schematics, fabricators, and automated systems to construct Ancient Frost Giant airships and weapon systems. We give this to Perin, and there is NOTHING stopping them from conquering the world.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)23:44 No.11336249
    rolled 5, 3, 4 = 12

    "I... I can't. My installation database is corrupted. All the data's been run through with a scrambler. If I had my logs I could just retrieve the comm coordinates, but I can't even do that! Someone really went out of their way to isolate me. I wonder if they tried to blow up the power plants too?"

    "Wonderful! I could never really get my head around research. That wasn't my purpose, you know. But they fed me some new stuff once in a while, to test my mettle. I hope I did well."

    "Well, that depends, you know. If you tell me to build a big block of steel with a bunch of engines, then you might not get exactly what you wanted. I've got thousands of designs, but if you don't find what you need, I have all these little utilities you can use to make your own print. And then, if everything's in order, I can build it, just like that! Assuming I have the right parts and all."

    You give FC a short rundown of what's happened and what's probably going to happen, surprised at how well it seems to take everything. It's a bit too cheerful for your taste. When it's absorbed all that information, you show it the parchment.

    "I don't know what all those other marks are, but that's definitely the one for Yard D. That's the one with the frigate in it."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:46 No.11336284
    Shit, I just remembered.
    We had the Conclave take a look at this place already. They know that there are ruins here.
    Also, I looked back through the threads; the Conclave was also informed about Kharok Main when we first discovered it.

    How are we going to keep this under wraps?
    The Prince and the High Lord seem to be well-grounded, and not power-hungry or ambitious. If we bring this to them now, before the High Nobles get wind of this from their Conclave agents, we might be able to head this off.
    Otherwise, we might have another K5 Incident.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/24/10(Sat)23:48 No.11336318

    gentlemen, this is divine inspiration. Hretmar guided us here so we could finish this frigate! Getting this facility up to speed to get the Frigate online is top priority!
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)23:49 No.11336333
    "Well, that depends, you know. If you tell me to build a big block of steel with a bunch of engines, then you might not get exactly what you wanted. I've got thousands of designs, but if you don't find what you need, I have all these little utilities you can use to make your own print. And then, if everything's in order, I can build it, just like that! Assuming I have the right parts and all."

    >I've got thousands of designs, but if you don't find what you need, I have all these little utilities you can use to make your own print. And then, if everything's in order, I can build it, just like that! Assuming I have the right parts and all."
    We now have access to STC tech.

    >"I don't know what all those other marks are, but that's definitely the one for Yard D. That's the one with the frigate in it."
    Thank you Hretmar. THANK YOU HRETMAR!!!! And also Ilian.

    That is a *BIG* ship by this setting's standards or Earth.

    Kharok seems to have been a city dedicated almost entirely to supporting the research outposts and knowledge in general. Somewhere on this planet has to be the remains of the Frost Giants' main population centers, not just their military bases. That can wait until after the deadline though. Military tech ahoy!
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:50 No.11336335
    >Yard D
    Okay, let's go there next. The base's internal comms system is working, right? So as we go there we can continue to talk with FC.
    "Thank you, FC. Download the path to Yard D into my mapband, and please get the repairs underway.
    "Oh, also, can you act as a primary hub between facility communication nodes? I'm wondering if you could act as a firewall for K9 and K5. If you could, it might be safe enough to open communication lines back up."
    >> Researcher Sam 07/24/10(Sat)23:50 No.11336339
    That's what I'm thinking. We tell the Lord, maybe the Prince, and that's it. Fuck the High Nobles, their money won't do them any good if they're so corrupt they end up having a repeat of the French Revolution. This place is revealed on a need to know basis, and they do not need to know, and probably never will.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/24/10(Sat)23:52 No.11336371
    rolled 1, 1, 3 = 5

    "Well, I don't know about 'powered', but all of it's got magical bits in it. The powerplant itself can probably run pretty well without all the magic - radiation's a bit strong for the delicate stuff - but the rest needs it pretty badly. You pop an anti-magic in the cargo bay, and it'll be a bad day on the bridge."

    "Well, I know OF more, sure, but I couldn't tell you where they are. There's FC 1, 2, and 4, and Kharok one all the way up to thirty-one, and there's a bunch of other cities too. Most of them weren't on this continent, I think. I didn't have much contact with anyone except the other FCs and Main."

    "I don't know what else to tell you. Maybe if you could get me a comm into one of the other databases, I could get a little more info. But by myself, all I've got is what's here, and it's all scrambled like nothing I've ever seen."

    "Uh. Maybe, if I could see the Moon. They really didn't want me to have any cameras on the outside. I guess I could send a drone up, if you won't be mad."
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:54 No.11336412
    Right. I wish we could keep this all to ourselves, but we can't because the information is already out. Now, we must, MUST, work on damage control and controlling the situation in our favor.
    The Conclave already knows there's ruins here, big ones. They're probably already on the lookout for more FG ruins on order from the High Nobles. If we can get to the High Lord and the Prince first, let them know the magnitude of this discovery, and get them to shut out the High Nobles by making us the sole Project Director for this national security project, then we might have chance at properly controlling the release of this technology.
    >> Anonymous 07/24/10(Sat)23:59 No.11336484
    Hey, I've got an idea. Tell me if it's stupid.
    We have FC3, K9, and K5 all repair their long-range comms and communicate with each other to speed up their database recovery. We have them put explosive charges on communication lines that lead from their comm systems to rest of their network, so that if it appears that they're getting attacked, that they can detonate the charges and cut off the attack.
    All communications will route through FC3, which will act as a kind of firewall to defend the Kharok Facilities from a KM computer attack.
    >> Arty 07/24/10(Sat)23:59 No.11336492
    Agreeing with this for the most part. We'll have to give the nobles all info for the rest of the Kharok Facilaties though. It could be the only way to keep them off our case.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/25/10(Sun)00:01 No.11336517
    rolled 2, 4, 4 = 10

    "There's a lot of room for special stuff in the Efrius. It was one of the newer ones, with a lot of modular hardware. The full list's a bit long, so it'd be real easy if you just told me what effect you wanted, so I could match you to a weapon that way. Just as examples, though, there are real long-range beams, rapid-fire ballistic guns, flak cannons, stuff like that."

    "Yeah, all my internal sensors are up, aside from a few less-important ones, like in the bathroom eight floors down. If you drop out of range, you can just yell real loud, okay?"

    "I don't know where you got this map, but it's kind of sketchy. I'll give you my special one, with all the secret places. There. If you get lost, just give me a call. I started repairs as soon as you got me running again, so you don't have to worry about that."

    "I guess I could do that. I think all our regular comm things were omnidirectional, so if you don't want anyone but me getting into some other facility with a radio, then you'll need to modify the hardware a bit. I could probably do that through their self-repair routines, if I had to."
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:01 No.11336518
    Honestly, I like the Prince, and the High Lord isn't too bad of a guy. If Perin goes all French-Revolution, I'd like to save those two and keep the mobs from indiscriminately killing nobles. Well, except for the High Nobles. Fuck them. Fuck them long and hard, with no lube.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/25/10(Sun)00:01 No.11336520
    I like it except that the big space ship yard should NOT be the firewall since if we can only save 2 facilities after the attack start, I'd want it to be FC3 that's still on our side.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/25/10(Sun)00:02 No.11336542
    "Give me something that could put up a fight against Kharok itself."
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:04 No.11336570
    Well, I proposed like that because FC3 said that it could defend itself from command overrides coming from Kharok Main, but K9 and K5 have already flat out said that they would suborned almost instantly.
    The defense part is simply to give the Kharok Facilities we bring back up time to sever their communication network and physically destroy their long-range communications arrays. It's not meant to completely defend them throughout an attack; just buy them time. After that, FC3 can destroy it's own comms connection as well.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:06 No.11336593
    Honestly, if it's between keeping a fully intact military shipyard installation versus a partially operational research base that we can't continue or use the research they were working on because it's too advanced, I'll keep the shipyard.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:07 No.11336610
    Let's go to Yard D.
    We can continue asking it questions as we go there.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:09 No.11336618
    >fully intact AUTOMATED military shipyard
    >> Arty 07/25/10(Sun)00:09 No.11336621
         File1280030947.jpg-(3 KB, 75x75, Shinatama-oni-2438057-75-75.jpg)
    3 KB
    Ok, is anyone else reading FC in Shinatama's voice from Oni?

    >Everyone's getting raped.jpg
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/25/10(Sun)00:10 No.11336640
    rolled 5, 6, 1 = 12

    "On a frigate? Well, city shields are pretty dense, from what I remember and all. About the only way for a couple of smaller ships to take it down would be to keep pounding away for awhile. If you just want to open a hole, then I can give you some anti-shield torpedoes. Those are development-stage, so they might not work real well. To bring it all the way down, you'd need... Oh, I don't know. A Heavy Lance, maybe. If it could handle the Bloody Ones, it'd probably work."

    "Say, if you're gonna fight Kharok, do you want some more ships? A dinky little frigate might do the job eventually, but it's really not the best."

    Hold on please. We're near the end of the session, so I'll stop right around there.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:13 No.11336685
         File1280031200.jpg-(20 KB, 245x262, 1278268099796.jpg)
    20 KB
    >We're near the end of the session, so I'll stop right around there.

    But thanks, SubProc.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:14 No.11336702
    >handle the Bloody Ones
    We should probably ask about these guys.
    >> Arty 07/25/10(Sun)00:14 No.11336712
    >Bloody Ones
    And could we get some info on these guys before you go for the night?
    (Jeez we are running pritty late tonight.)
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:17 No.11336749
    Also, do we have enough people left to come to some kind of consensus on whether to tell the High Lord about FC3 or not, and if we do, how we should go about it (shutting the High Nobles out is kind of a given)?
    >> Arty 07/25/10(Sun)00:22 No.11336831
    Well we have to tell him something otherwise it'd seem like we'd betrayed even HIM. Then things would be bad. Very, very bad.

    Btw, we should get some kind of emergency orders drawn up just in case the above ever happens. For instance Bem paying enough for him and Sahl to get noble titles and the entire country essentially disowning us on our orders so they dont take as hard of a hit.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/25/10(Sun)00:23 No.11336848
    rolled 1, 3, 2 = 6

    Following the map given to you by FC, you head to the nearest transit station and ride to the yard section containing D. The rail takes you past a dozen Blocks and into a vast, cavernous space like something out of Blame!, filled with scaffolding and swarming with repair golems, many of which are floating on rather obvious anti-grav units. Each construction space is clearly marked, from A, to B, to C, and finally to your target, D.

    The frigate, the size of an Earthbound supercarrier, looks incredibly undersized, suspended in the middle of the five mile-long slip by thousands of cables and heavy supports. There are only a few drones around, but more are coming in by the minute, delving into the incomplete vessel's structure like an unending stream of ants. The long, thin ship's frame is a polished black monstrosity covered over more than two-thirds by a gray and silver hull with two gigantic engines protruding from the back.

    Massive, three-barreled turrets grace the top and bottom of the ship, surrounded by smaller, lighter weapons and spine-like protrusions that jut out like strange antennas. Within the incomplete bow are the frameworks for eight enormous weapons tubes, four on each side of the keel. The missiles this thing can fire are probably larger than some of your whole Zeppelins.

    The transit car stops, letting you and your party out at the junction between one of the shipyard walkways and a bridge leading into the ship. The voice of FC carries over the nearby speakers.

    “There it is. Beautiful, isn't it? I'd be happy to let you name it, if you want. I certainly hope you like it. After eighteen centuries in the making, it better be impressive, huh?”
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:25 No.11336875
    I'm thinking...Hretmar. What about you guys?
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:26 No.11336886
    Good idea. We've probably got a couple contingency plans in place already, but it doesn't hurt to make sure.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/25/10(Sun)00:28 No.11336916
    rolled 6, 2, 4 = 12

    No problem.

    "Oh, them? Well, I don't have a lot on them. Mostly just this little thing tacked onto the Heavy Lance classification bit. It says the Bloody Ones were really big fire demons or something, but a single shot from a Lance blew right through their shields and scattered 'em all over the ocean floor. The shield figures are pretty close to what I remember from Kharok's, so that's why I said what I did. The Lance is a destroyer or cruiser armament, though. It'd probably take up most a frigate's front end."
    >> Arty 07/25/10(Sun)00:31 No.11336954
    Was thinking something along those lines. Should have his name in there somewhere.
    >> Arty 07/25/10(Sun)00:32 No.11336971
         File1280032351.gif-(17 KB, 250x150, ionfrigate.gif)
    17 KB
    >It'd probably take up most a frigate's front end."
    >Ion cannon Frigate
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:32 No.11336979
    "So, FC...do you think you could build a cruiser in about 5 months? With a Heavy Lance? You can skimp on the other weapons, if you need to.
    "Otherwise, how long would it take to put a Heavy Lance on this frigate?"
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/25/10(Sun)00:38 No.11337057
    rolled 3, 2, 2 = 7

    "A whole cruiser? Probably not. Even with the bare-bones stuff, even a light cruiser... no, I don't think so. A frigate like this would take me six to eight months for a scratch build. A destroyer, closer to twelve. And it goes up from there."

    "Well, I'd have to built the Lance, and I don't know if I can get the most efficient capacitors out of the fabricators. To mount it, I'd have to alter the frame, which would be a bit difficult, and I'd need to take out all but maybe two of the tubes. Call it a month and a half minimum. Probably closer to two or three. But that's if I start now. If you let me close up the bow and everything and then decide you want the Lance, I guess you won't be happy with what I tell you."
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:38 No.11337068
    Don't forget to downsize it to human-norms since we have no Frost Giants to crew these things.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:39 No.11337077
    >dinky frigate
    >equivalent to supercarrier

    Why would they need to build such large ships? Were they fighting space wars or something?
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:42 No.11337116
    Uh...they're Giants. They have to build big simply because they're big.
    Besides, when you have magitech, why bother with dinky shit?

    Pursuant to people agreeing, I want that Heavy Lance.
    "Yes, FC. Please begin making the necessary modifications to mount a Heavy Lance. I'm expecting to need a heavy-hitter in a couple of months."
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/25/10(Sun)00:42 No.11337120
         File1280032960.jpg-(102 KB, 732x1000, Weltall-2.jpg)
    102 KB

    We should ask FC if the frost giants had any kind of large, piloted, humanoid combat frames.

    Something like... Welltall-2
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:44 No.11337137
    Ask it if it's ever had to fight frost demons powerful enough to steal an entire city.

    And if so, how to kill them.
    >> Arty 07/25/10(Sun)00:45 No.11337155
    Demons of all kinds apparently.

    >Call it a month and a half minimum. Probably closer to two or three.
    We're deffinitely going to need a lance. 1 vote in favor of Lance Frigate conversion beginning immediately. Worst case scenario it should still be ready in time. Meanwhile we cure the Frost Giants and try to find a way to gain control of Kharok City if it appears.

    Does KC know anything about Frost Demons?
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:47 No.11337172
    Give the frigate's core an overload option so we can ram it into the city and detonate it as a last resort.

    or a first resort, if we want to look badass.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:48 No.11337192
    >way to gain control of Kharok City if it appears
    >If I had FC one, two, or four with me, I could even take Main entirely

    Message to Frost Demon: WE INZ UR NETWURKS HAXIN UR AI!!
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/25/10(Sun)00:50 No.11337227
    rolled 4, 3, 5 = 12

    "You... want me to make all the main controls and stuff human-size? Well, I guess I could manage that. Most of the rest is already done, so it wouldn't affect my other estimates much, but there are a bunch of jobs humans can't really do. They're just not strong enough, especially for lots of damage control jobs. Manual loading, if the autos are shot... you're asking for trouble here."

    "Okay then. I'll start on the Lance right away. You're going to lose six missile tubes right off the bat, so tell me if you want em' put somewhere else."

    "There are loaders and stuff, but about the only thing that'd fit that description is a regular power-suit. It's really not that big. Tough, though."

    "Me, personally? I don't think so. Most of the frost demons were already on their way out when I was around. If you've got a demon problem, though, the best thing you can do is seal it up and dump it somewhere. Like into the sun."
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:50 No.11337230
    If we find a way to suborn the Kharok Main AI and the city network, we'll need to have a way of fighting the Frost Demon ourselves, While searching for other FG ruins and curing the Frost Giants, we'll need to delve into their tactics for combatting demons, especially Frost Demons.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/25/10(Sun)00:53 No.11337261
    rolled 5, 1, 6 = 12

    "Not much. They're about like other demons, except ice-aligned. I didn't have to deal with any, to my knowledge, anyway. Most of em' were sealed. I have no idea why anyone would keep one around, though."

    It already has that option.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:53 No.11337269
    What's the best way to seal a demon?

    And do you have any experience dealing with gods? Have you heard of the Bleeding Sun?
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:54 No.11337283
    >You're going to lose six missile tubes right off the bat, so tell me if you want em' put somewhere else
    "FC, can you place the missile tubes as disposable one-shot tubes attached to the sides of the frigate? No reloading beyond the initial shot, unless you can find a design pattern in your databases that might be modified to allow for the tubes to be integrated into the ship for reloading and missile computer control.
    "Oh, and for the heavier damage control roles, do you think we could use maintenance golems? I know they would be less efficient than a real Frost Giant crew, but we're shorthanded."
    >> Researcher Sam 07/25/10(Sun)00:55 No.11337304
    That's what I meant.

    And the frost giant sized golems built for repairs can't handle repair and damage control things.... why exactly?
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)00:55 No.11337305

    A master of understatement.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/25/10(Sun)01:00 No.11337366

    "Unfortunately, we have few options regarding size, FC. Humans are one of the few sapient races willing to help me, and none of the others are big enough. I'd try Mountain giants, but Mountain giants are too docile to really care about war unless it's breathing down their necks. "
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/25/10(Sun)01:02 No.11337388
    rolled 3, 1, 5 = 9

    "Honestly? I have no idea. I think that's pure magic, and that really isn't my stuff."

    "Oh, sure, I used to talk to gods all the time, when they were around. Never heard of the Bleeding Sun though. Friend or foe?"

    "Yeah, I can do that if you want. I could make them fire out of the sides, too, if you're willing to lose a few turrets and a bunch of power systems."

    "Yeah, but they're usually the first thing to go when things get dicey. Every ship gets a full supply of them, and they usually come back all busted up. They're not very smart, and if the control links go, they're really, really dumb."

    "Oh, they can, but they don't do it all that well. With a full intelligence like me in control, they're pretty good, but I can't fit in a ship."

    "You know, I could maybe tweak those loader suits to work with humans. That might help, at least with the strength bit."
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:02 No.11337390
    "FC, you said your installation database was scrambled. But do you have any communication logs left from your communications array or a backup of the installation database?
    "If you still have communication logs, can you rebuild a general geographic location using the communication data packet headers? I know it's a long shot, but there's not much else to try.
    "Also, do you happen to have satellite launch capability? How long can your drones loiter in an area, and what's their maximum operational altitude and the magnification power of their sensor package? I'm wondering if you could launch one high enough to begin scouting for the other facilities."
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:05 No.11337433
    >Bleeding Sun though. Friend or foe?
    "Most decidedly 'FOE'."

    >tweak those loader suits to work with humans
    "If you could, please. That should help immensely."
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/25/10(Sun)01:08 No.11337475
    >loader suits for humans

    "If you can do that, we need them. We're working on a deadline of less than five months.

    Also, I've been kicking around an idea. Is there any way to load a virus into one of those dummy cores so that it only transmits when a handshake from KM is attempted? If we can get it attacked from several sides all at once, it should be an easier target."
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/25/10(Sun)01:10 No.11337515
    rolled 4, 2, 4 = 10

    "I'll tell you what I can do. Ships like this have limited automation 'cause they're not big enough to mount a real big computer without cutting into other things. If you take out a few of the turrets and other stuff, that's not as much of a problem. And if you're planning to use the Lance most of the time anyway, then you won't miss it, right?"

    "Nope, sorry. I really don't have much of anything left like that. All I can tell you is that some other database might have better info. The ones here are a write-off."

    "Technically, I could put something into orbit. But I'm not supposed to. My drones can keep moving for years and years after I let em' go. As long as they're within my control radius, they're fine. That's about all the way to the horizon without relays. Max altitude is practically unlimited, with hover engines. The very best mags could fit on a surveillance sat real well, and one of those could probably tell what color shirt you're wearing on a clear day. As long as you authorize it, I can send one up, but they're not stealthed or anything, so if you don't want anyone to know about it, there's a problem."
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:11 No.11337526
    >fly ship to enemy city
    >transmit virus
    >city falls out of the sky

    We've all seen Independence Day. We know how to do this.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:11 No.11337535
    >I'm more than capable of holding Main at bay. If I had FC one, two, or four with me, I could even take Main entirely
    I think if we simply have a working communication array, FC3 could distract KM. Even better if we have one of the other FC's online; then they could really fuck up KM's shit.
    >> Arty 07/25/10(Sun)01:12 No.11337546
    >"You know, I could maybe tweak those loader suits to work with humans. That might help, at least with the strength bit."
    Kick ass.
    Maybe we should keep the turrets? The main gun can deal with the city, what if they launch smaller craft at us?

    > since we have no Frost Giants to crew these things.

    You know with the Stasis pods at K9 I'm kind of surprised more of the unaltered Frost Giants didnt survive. I mean some of them must have though to lock themselves away in stasis until the threat passed.

    All this good stuff. Man I'm never going to get to sleep tonight.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/25/10(Sun)01:14 No.11337570
    rolled 6, 4, 6 = 16

    "Oh. I hope he isn't too bad. You seem to have your hands kinda full here."

    "I'll get right on it, then. I should have those way before the Lance is even finished."

    "Will do."

    "Well, yeah, that's easy enough, but an attack like that won't do much more than delay Main for half a second. It's pretty powerful, you know. I'd need direct access to take it to task."

    Is there anything else pressing we need to take care of tonight? It's fairly late.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:15 No.11337593
    Yeah, but it comes crashing, destroying everything beneath it. If we're going to go with Operation ID4 to deliver the Package, then we need to make sure that there's nothing we want to keep between KM when we deliver it.

    Sending up a drone into the upper stratosphere would give us some pretty good recon, but the fact that it's not stealth is problem.
    Could we put an anti-scrying charm on it?
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/25/10(Sun)01:17 No.11337629
    "That delay could mean the difference between a total defeat and a narrow victory. We need every edge we can get. While you're working on the frigate, devote some of your process cycles on cyberwarfare packages designed to tackle main's computers."
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:18 No.11337633
    Only 2 things I see.
    1. We going to tell the High Lord about FC3?
    2. Are we going to launch a drone up to almost the edge of space with an anti-scry charm for stealth in order to scan for the other Fleet Command Bases.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/25/10(Sun)01:20 No.11337671

    yes on both. the king needs to know our vision bore fruit in the form of hope, and we need to get some more backup.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/25/10(Sun)01:20 No.11337681
    rolled 5, 5, 6 = 16

    "Totally. But that wouldn't keep anyone from actually seeing it. If I had cloaking stuff, I could take care of that too, but I guess that got lost after I was shut off."

    "Okay. It's not my type of thing, but I'm still pretty good at it. I might need to build whole dedicated processors to handle a concentrated attack."
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:21 No.11337694
    I'm for telling the High Lord about the Fleet Base here, and stressing to him that it should kept a state secret away from the High Nobles.
    As for the drone, I'm only for it if it can be protected by an anti-scry charm.
    >> Arty 07/25/10(Sun)01:22 No.11337718
    Does KC know what that Crystal we found at Kharok is? That's about it everything else can wait for next week.

    That'd be something to best take care of next session. It'd need a timeskip at the very least.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:25 No.11337749
    I agree that the 2 actions should be written out next session, but if we can get them decided now, it'll give SubDM more time to write a more elaborate scene and prose, and frees up the next session for how we deal with our choices.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/25/10(Sun)01:28 No.11337790
    rolled 1, 5, 4 = 10

    What specific item are you referring to? All you have with you at the moment (FG tech-wise) is a map band, some keystones, and the anti-viral cylinders.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:28 No.11337793
    Do you think that adding earth-style computers could help this AI? I mean, from the sound of it the FG computer systems are very large for their power. Earth computers are much smaller and can do similar things.
    >> Arty 07/25/10(Sun)01:33 No.11337860
    When we were exploring the ruins of Kharok City we found some kind of chamber with connections that came up from gerothermal way below. In there was a large crystal of some kind behind several layers of protective glass. We had guys with rad counters scan it but it didnt give out anything.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:34 No.11337869
    Except have an AI. We kind of haven't cracked that problem yet.

    I believe he was referring to the unknown crystal device found in Kharok Main. At the time we figured it was kind of magitech reactor powering any remnant systems.

    Which reminds me. One of the last reports by our KM research team said that they had found an intact database archive. I wonder if we brought them here, if FC3 could read them. Or if FC3 can fabricate a portable comm system and computer interface to read those backups and possibly get coordinate data for all remaining FG facilities.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/25/10(Sun)01:34 No.11337874

    well, one of the problems is we haven't really figured out how to replicate transistors or even the vacuum tube.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:35 No.11337891
    That's a conceptual problem, not a physical problem. We've got a ridiculous capacity for data storage. Holographic drives that can store petabytes of information are the current cutting edge, and terabyte harddrives are available on the market.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/25/10(Sun)01:36 No.11337905
    rolled 6, 5, 3 = 14

    "Yeah, that's a power station. The thing inside is made of this weird material that takes in heat. It makes the area around real cold, so it's shielded pretty well. It's not that good for a lot of things, so we don't usually put those in ships."
    >> Arty 07/25/10(Sun)01:40 No.11337980
    That's like out Heat sink spell! Could we make an armor piercing bullet with this stuff? We get a couple of those lodged in that Frost Demon and it'll start having a bad day.

    Sombody remember to bring this up next week if I forget.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:41 No.11337992
    So, what? You're saying that the FG systems we've come across don't have enough storage capacity or processing power?
    I haven't seen anything that would imply that. There's been data corruption, and databases are separated by function so there isn't a reason to expect a medical database to be able to provide the history of FG civilization, communication codes, or military schematics.
    What are the failings of FG computing technology? And if it's about putting an AI in a ship, or making it portable, we have no idea as to the space or processing requirements of an AI.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:42 No.11337997
    Except a cold bullet would help the frost demon, not hurt it.

    A fire demon, it would fuck up royally, however.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:42 No.11338014
    Wouldn't pumping heat INTO a Frost Demon be better than essentially making it more cold?
    I'm not following you here.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/25/10(Sun)01:43 No.11338027
    We should make a note to replicate that for the next time we run across brightboy.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:44 No.11338033
    Most of the frost giant computer systems we've come across have been exceedingly large. The one housing this AI couldn't be placed on the Frigate if I read correctly. Earth-style computers seem to be of similar capabilities and much, much smaller.

    Miniaturization is always a good thing.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:51 No.11338171
    That's not how I interpreted it.
    The onboard computer for the frigate simply lacked the storage capacity and processing power to accommodate an AI; not necessary that it needed an area of the same area as the Central Command Center.
    Also, I didn't see any areas where a computing module displayed storage capacity or processing power equal to or less than an Earth computer. Unless we can get processing speed, storage capacity, and operations per second, we can't make any valid judgements concerning equivalency between FG computer tech and Earth computer tech.
    We also don't know how much of the size difference is simply due to ergonomic design considerations. Remember, these systems are designed to be used and maintained by giants, not humans. It wouldn't make sense to make control interfaces and physical cards/cylinders human-size if they were to be used or replaced by giant-size hands.
    >> Arty 07/25/10(Sun)01:53 No.11338219
    Make sure to vote on suptg guys.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:56 No.11338265
    True enough. I am curious to see how much we can interface Earth tech with FG tech though.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)01:57 No.11338278
    There's also the question of algorithms. What compression algorithm did the Frost Giant's use in their backups, or even in their regular storage systems? Or what about processing? May be their processing algorithms and code just isn't elegant, requiring more raw processing power than an equivalent Earth-designed program. If that's the case, unless we were a Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Electronic Engineering major, I don't know if we would the necessary math background for trying to optimize the FG code. Even then, we don't know the programming languages they used. Assembly might be similar, due to math being pretty much universal, and we assume that the FG computers run on binary and their number system was Base 10. But we don't know for sure.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/25/10(Sun)02:01 No.11338347

    We could always ask if binary/base10 was the case.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/25/10(Sun)02:02 No.11338373
    So, it's a magical, powerful cooling system. This would be very useful to keep thinks from overheating.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:04 No.11338395
    >compression algorithms

    I've heard that "rm - rf /" was a particularly successful compression style.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:05 No.11338405
    Your goal is commendable, but I simply believe that, without years spent learning FG computer languages, a solid background in computing and data algorithms, and advanced mathematics, I don't think we'll get anywhere fast, even with AI's assisting us. And that's only from the software viewpoint. Since FG computer systems depend on magitech, we'd have to start at the basement of Mana-Electronic Engineering before we could begin to create Earth-FG compatibility interfaces, let alone the years needed to study and develop vacuum tubes all the way up to IC chips created via dyes and UV lasers.

    If we had access to teams of modern Earth computer, electronic, and software engineers as well as physicists and chemists to understand the mana-electronic circuits used in FG magitech computers, and modern research chip foundries to produce the needed experimental prototype interface circuits, then perhaps we could get something substantial done.
    But as it is, I fear that we would need at least 20-30 years before any of these plans become feasible.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:13 No.11338556
    Put it on the research list and timeskip.

    That's what we've been doing so far.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:15 No.11338595
    This reminds me. We haven't seen much of Frost Giant art, culture, or architecture beyond military installations and research facilities.
    They might not have had much of a drive for elegance, preferring direct means instead. That would come out in their art, and in their computer code. Instead of trying to find ways of making computer programs more efficient and elegant, they may have simply preferred to throw more processors and storage space at the program until it ran fast enough and well enough for their liking. If that is the case, adding Earth-designed mundane electronics wouldn't have any appreciable effect. You would need to rewrite all, or at least most, of the code in most of their programs. Even with a hundred years, I don't think that's possible with just one person, unless it became their single focus.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/25/10(Sun)02:16 No.11338613
    Well, once we deal with the 7 month deadline, we'll have another ~200 years to live, so we can afford to spend 20-30 of them working on this, right?
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:18 No.11338679
    Look, if we're going to put research items that will take decades to complete on our research, we might as well put "Hyperdrive", "Star Destroyer", "DeathStar", and "Inter-Planar Dimension Cannon" onto the list.

    Just make sure to cover that exhaust port with something.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:19 No.11338686
    >magic death star

    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:20 No.11338695
    >decades to complete on our research queue
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:22 No.11338730
    Okay, fine. But don't come complaining to me when we have to take Calculas and Sorting Algorithm classes at 7AM back at the Academy again.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/25/10(Sun)02:30 No.11338838
    I.... huh? I'm agreeing with you, aren't I? That we can't do it now but can later?
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:31 No.11338874
    No, see, we won't take anything. We'll delegate it to the students. Like DM suggested we let our subordinates handle things more often.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:33 No.11338902
    We probably need to somehow get approximately 200-300 years worth of mathematical development done very quickly if we want this project to get done. And it's a very difficult field to predict, because without the mathematical and physics geniuses that Earth had, we're going to have to depend on what this world can produce in terms of geniuses.
    So I don't want to hear any complaints from you when I demand to have more funding directed at basic education, our Academy, and headhunting other nations for their brightest minds.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:37 No.11338972
    Essentially I'm giving in to putting "Earth-style Electronics combined with Frost Giant magitech computers" on the research queue, since I appear to be outnumbered on this action.
    But don't expect any results anytime soon, even with our unbelievable breakneck pace of progress.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:37 No.11338977
    Eh, lets drop it then.

    FG computer system seems to work fine. We'll work with it and just develop silicon chips on our free time or something.

    No need to dedicate such a large chunk to it.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/25/10(Sun)02:45 No.11339083
    Ah, okay. Well like my grandfather used to say, waiting for something makes it all the more satisfying once you finally get it.
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:46 No.11339094
    Oh no! You're not getting out of it that easily, not after all the effort I had to expend before giving in! You asked for it so you're going to get it!
    We're going to put this on our research queue! We're going to finish the Difference Engine project we have, and then we're moving on to vacuum tubes! Calculus! Trigonometry! MATH!!
    >> Anonymous 07/25/10(Sun)02:57 No.11339206
    You know, I had a thought.
    We're keeping the best and most powerful of Frost Giant technology and science for ourselves, making sure that no one else can get them. We do this, because we're the only ones who have the morals, the knowledge, the wisdom to properly use this technology. We will do everything in our power to prevent even the knowledge of the existence of this facility from getting out, let alone its contents.

    Are we becoming a BBEG?

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