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  • File : 1279403350.png-(267 KB, 393x659, Giantess_color2.png)
    267 KB A Frost Giant is Thee ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)17:49 No.11191313  
    rolled 1, 6, 2 = 9

    #60: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/10602809
    #61: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/10739498
    #62: http://www.mediafire.com/?qwmayd2zwmq
    #63: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/10891493
    #64: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/10911008
    #65: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11035643
    #66: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11055182
    #67: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11073680
    #68: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11173181
    >> Incoming Text-Wall ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)17:50 No.11191323
    rolled 5, 6, 6 = 17

    Another page turns in your history. Kharok Five has been subverted to your purposes and purged of the virus that once threatened its ancient computer systems. Your instructions now drive the constructs in control of it, and it is by your orders that they continue their work.

    Several main hangars have been mapped, most of them subjected to serious damage and collapse over the centuries. Only two passenger shuttles are known to be recoverable. All other craft discovered so far can serve as little more than collections of spare parts. Fortunately, the emergency armory, encased in shock absorbing materials and heavy armor, remains intact even after nearly two millennia of wear. You now have access to working stunner rifles, anti-armor beam rifles, missile launchers, and various other weapons. However, much of the ammunition has degraded quite a bit and is no longer usable.

    The portable medical scanner has been encased in a special cover laced with anti-scrying charms and inscribed with Dreamwood's logo. Intense scrutiny would reveal its true origin, but you have no intention of letting Intelligence or the Conclave get their hands on it. A medical golem has been modified to look like something Dreamwood would make, and inscribed with glowing runes that do nothing, to contribute to the facade that it's a one-off device. The militia captain, the first to test Five's extensive medical systems, is now cancer-free, though he will need a few days to heal fully. An assortment of light painkillers is being administered to Korus, leaving him pain-free and much, much more willing to see things your way.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)17:50 No.11191328
    rolled 3, 3, 4 = 10

    During the brief period of rest following this strange ordeal, you took the time to tell the young Frost Giant stories of human ingenuity and badassery, such as the tale of Xiahou Dun, the ancient Chinese general who, after being struck in the eye by an arrow, yanked it out and devoured the orb whole to instill fear in his enemies. He was particularly impressed with Baba Deep Singh, who, according to legend, managed to lead his peasant army to victory even after having his head nearly severed.

    Taking advantage of the proven Frost Giant medical tech, you had Vasian brought in and scanned, thereby determining that the only thing keeping him going is willpower. After a month or two examining the wealth of information in Five and being treated by the capable golems of Command, his body's strength should once again come close to matching his spirit.

    A 'Tony Stark'-style presentation is being developed to seriously enamor the government with your military might, and convince them to allow Red Wings squadron to assist in the reclamation of Forus. Once the final bomber is complete, you'll set this plan in motion. One of Five's many fabricators has been restored to something approaching normal operation, and is manufacturing repair golems to replace some of those lost over the centuries. According to what's left of Command's databases, it is possible for it to produce a sealed hazard suit capable of resisting many terrestrial contaminants. However, it will not provide much in the way of radiation shielding, and the only way to ensure safety from magical threats would be to generate an anti-magic field. Besides massively reducing the suit's efficiency, this would render your magical talents useless.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)17:51 No.11191329
    rolled 5, 2, 3 = 10

    You have received a set of ten anti-viral command cylinders from Guardian. These can be used to temporarily wall off the primary functions of any standard console, allowing you to get some use out of it even if it's been infected. They can only be used once, and, depending on circumstances, they might fail in less than a minute.

    You have received a message from the high nobles regarding the Prince. The Lord has agreed to allow you into his presence to use the scanner, but only under heavy guard, and the Prince himself will be kept behind an armor screen. Fortunately, tests confirmed that the scanner can 'see' through about half an inch of steel, though this increases scanning time to ridiculous heights.

    Research teams in Kharok have discovered evidence that several data backups, placed far, far below the city, have survived and may still be usable. There is also reference to a 'city flight system' that does not correspond to any hangar or vehicle schematics, and appears to have been attached to supports weaved throughout the structure of Kharok's central districts.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)17:52 No.11191336
    I was afraid that you might have given up because of the 4chan board problems.

    Anyway, on to work.
    Ask the computer if it can fabricate full-environmental containment suits for chemical and biohazard situations, both in FG-size and human-size. This is, of course, contingent on the fabricators coming online.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)17:55 No.11191365
    rolled 6, 1, 1 = 8

    It can, but, as said above, these would be nearly useless against radiation or magical threats. However, the database may contain other, better designs. Once it is repaired, you might have access to those as well.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)17:57 No.11191378
         File1279403830.jpg-(147 KB, 576x711, Fuck Yeah - Misato.jpg)
    147 KB
    >'city flight system'
    Words fail me. I cannot find the appropriate words to express my joy and anticipation for what we will have once this system is operational once again.
    Oh, wait, I do have two words.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)17:59 No.11191397
    rolled 2, 1, 2 = 5

    The system was attached to the central districts. All of them resided in the area retrieved by the frost demon. I'm sure you know what that means.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)17:59 No.11191400
    Hey the site is back up.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)18:01 No.11191422
    It means that without an actual city there to fly, we will not have a flying city?

    Oh well.Regardless, we should get to the Prince ASAP. Hopefully by the time we get back, the full list schematics will be available, and hopefully there will be a better biological protection suit.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:02 No.11191435
    Have Korus be checked on by the medical scanners in the Medbay every other day; we need to keep a close eye on him, to see if and when the RAGE growths begin to hit hard.
    Wait for the databases to be restored, and a better containment suit design found, before striking off to K9.

    As for the databases found in Kharok Main: are they only the database modules themselves, or do the computer systems look like they can be reactivated?
    If only the cores survived, ask K5 if it could fabricate housings for them here.
    If the entire computer survived, we need to be there when they activate so that we can gain access; FG computers and AI likely won't recognize anyone but us, because we're the only Frost Giant right now that has a 'correct' FG physiology and genome.

    As for the High Lord, accept his stipulations, but remind him that it will take much longer for the device to work, and warn him that it might just burn out from the effort. Play up the fact this is still very delicate, and we expect it to burn out after use.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)18:02 No.11191436
    rolled 5, 2, 1 = 8

    Transport is prepared. Do you wish to go to the capital immediately?
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)18:04 No.11191454
         File1279404273.jpg-(47 KB, 544x440, laputa.jpg)
    47 KB
    >I'm sure you know what that means.
    It means we have to invade Ice-Laputa?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:05 No.11191466

    Thus, why one anon suggested we waited until the database repairs were complete before we went off to K9.

    So, do we have the Scan or the Red Wings presentation to do first?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:06 No.11191469
    As requested in the previous thread, have a stunner rifle be examined by our R&D think-tanks to try to tease out a target acquisition and Fire Control System charm for use in our pilot helmets. Make sure that only those with the proper clearance can get at the rifle.

    I think we set enough stuff in motion that we can start going to the Capital. If anything, we have radios that we can be contacted on.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)18:06 No.11191481
    Yes. Especially since I doubt that many people who will be in the room when the machine scans him are able to read Frost Giant, so having us there will help. I mean, we could send one of our researchers in our place, and we HAVE been trying not to do everything ourselves, but this is something of massive importance, I think that we're justified in going in person.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)18:08 No.11191496
    rolled 1, 3, 6 = 10

    Confirmed. Korus will be kept under observation and you'll wait for database repairs before grabbing a suit.

    The databases, in Kharok itself as well as Five, appear to incorporate their own integrated computer systems. Until assessments can be made, you won't know if they can be reactivated.

    Without a fair amount of data that's not yet available, Command can't fabricate anything very complex. There might be replacement parts in Kharok.

    Reminded and warned. From the high nobles' response, it seems that the Lord is clinging to whatever he can find to give him hope. Do you want the scanner case equipped with a pyrotechnic charge to play up its 'burning out'?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:09 No.11191512

    This. :D

    Oh man, I'm all giddy. 3 sessions in a row where some real meat has happened. I'm feeling good about this one, guys!
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)18:09 No.11191513
    rolled 2, 1, 1 = 4

    The presentation will wait until the Bomber is complete at the end of the month.


    Alright then. Stand by.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:09 No.11191514
    >equipped with a pyrotechnic charge to play up its 'burning out'?
    Yes, with appropriate sparks, smoke, maybe a bit of fire, and if we can pull it off, the sound of a sci-fi device powering down that we remember from Earth.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)18:10 No.11191522
    Hmmm.... only if it can be done *very* convincingly, I think.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:15 No.11191573
    Here are just some of my concerns, that can be answered when time permits. These are mostly just flavor, and not too important:

    A. Has our distillery been able to create a liquor worthy of the brand "Old Terra" yet? What of other brands, such as 'Daniel Jackson', 'Jenny Saunter', or 'Green Frost'?

    B. How is the expansion of our rail network going?

    C. Status update on our telephone system.

    D. Any progress on buying up more land, especially those holdings that contain Kharok facilities?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:17 No.11191588
    I'd say buying up land is pretty important. We don't know what those other K-Facilities are meant to research. One of them could have been an FG military weapons depot, for all we know.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)18:23 No.11191662
    >Do you want the scanner case equipped with a pyrotechnic charge to play up its 'burning out'?

    I think that would be overdoing it. We just have to turn it off.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)18:25 No.11191690
    rolled 5, 2, 4 = 11

    The journey to the capital is shorter than you remember, punctuated by short bursts of radio contact through the relays set up along the main rail route. You are nowhere close to establishing a real communications network, but the foundation is there. DCE's higher-ups are becoming increasingly concerned with security, especially since Five's repair processes have opened up no less than eighteen new entrances, but there is no indication that anyone from the government has noticed. Since you ordered Command to grant the twins administrator access just in case, there will be contingencies in case anything does happen.

    You disembark right on the palace steps as the Zeppelin connects to the brand-new capital mooring tower, disgorging your guards and the 'scientists' with the expensive-looking scanner. A few of the high nobles greet you in the foyer, managing to restrain themselves enough to look happy to see you. The last thing they want is for you to grab still more goodwill by healing the Lord's only son, but there's no way they can stop you, at least not without appearing downright treasonous as well as petty.

    The Lord, for all his royal pomp and circumstance, practically begs you to save the Prince, barely keeping himself standing. He looks like hell, and you can scarcely imagine what he's been through. In short order, you are led into the Prince's personal chamber, where the bed has been isolated by a thin sheet of aluminum, cut back in slots to allow the placement of windows. The room is thick with guards, all eyeing you as suspiciously as they would a rat in the pantry. You set the scanner down and activate it, keeping your mind on-task. A familiar blue beam sweeps across the armor, and the display gradually fills with a report.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)18:26 No.11191699
    rolled 1, 6, 3 = 10

    The Prince is in a coma. His heart and lungs are severely damaged, both by extreme heat. He has severe burns on 60% of his body, and his body temperature is far, far above normal. An infection localized in his bone marrow seems to be the cause; it is undoubtedly linked with some degree of fire magic. It is on-file but can only be treated in one of the installation medical stations. K9 would be best, but K5 can probably handle it.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:28 No.11191723
    Would this require the prince to be brought to the K5 installation itself, or does a medical golem have the necessary tools to perform the operation?
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)18:29 No.11191735
    This is problematic but not unexpected. We'll have to tell the Lord that yes we can cure him but not here.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)18:29 No.11191741
    *sigh* Of course. Ah well, if it was too easy it wouldn't be much fun, would it? Well, now that we know what the cause is, can normal healing magic fix the problem? Or will we really have to reveal our progress in the ancient city?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:29 No.11191743
    Did we bring the golem with us? And if we did, is it operational? This could be used as a test of how far K5's control reaches.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:31 No.11191755
    Holy Fuck.

    I mean seriously, 69 threads? I gotta start going through the archive to read this shit.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:32 No.11191764
    Yes, let's see if giving this information will be enough for the Lord's healers to be able to cure the Prince.
    If not, then first is we try the medical golem. If the golem or the scanner say that it would be insufficient, THEN we consider telling them about a place where we MIGHT be able to cure the Prince.
    K5 is not a guaranteed solution; K9 is the only hospital known to have had the equipment necessary for these kinds of operations.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:32 No.11191766
    Report the symptoms, tell them we MAY have a cure, but it's a long story and we have to go and get it ASAP.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:33 No.11191773
    Tell them the optimal procedures to PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)18:33 No.11191777
    rolled 2, 5, 1 = 8

    Charge placed. No special sound effects, though.

    Yes. Old Terra is being continuously refined, of course, but it is selling well in the meantime. The other named brews, and others, are also in production.

    Expansion of rail is proceeding well, especially now that other rail companies are being founded, taking their cues from your hilarious beatdown of AA by working as closely with you as they can. You will have all of Perin linked in a matter of years.

    The main line between Dreamwood and the capital will be completed at the same time as the rail connection. Dreamwood itself has several essential lines, but no 'civilian' connections yet. Research continues.

    You have discovered that K4 lies almost directly beneath a rather large city and is thus inaccessible. Negotiations for the land containing K21 are underway, and you expect to control K6 shortly. Several other tracts of land are also being acquired under the pretext of expansion, and will be surveyed for resources. So far as you can gather, no one suspects anything.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:36 No.11191811
    "Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is, this scanner has told me everything that is currently wrong with him, from his burned heart and lungs down to an infection in his bone marrow that keeps him in this state.

    The bad news is, in order to treat him, I know of only two places that may be able to do it. They are both far from here, and only one of them has been found."
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)18:37 No.11191817
    rolled 3, 6, 3 = 12

    He would have to be brought to the installation. Considering his condition, it would be prudent to bring a few medical golems to keep watch during transport.

    No. Normal healing magic has been tried, and failed.

    Command's control extends to an absolute maximum of fifteen miles in the best of times. With Five's communications wiped out, there is no way it could handle anything at this distance.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:37 No.11191819
    what?! no remove the charge!

    remove it!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:38 No.11191835
    Eventually, we're going to have to tunnel deep under that city in Matmer, and get access to K4.
    We're going to drink their milkshake! Drink it right up!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:39 No.11191840
    Then I say we offer the King to take the Prince to the station for the healing treatment and allow him to come with us.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:39 No.11191841
    What the Hell are you talking about?
    The prince is behind an aluminum wall!
    The charge is small enough to imitate the device burning out, not a firework shell!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:40 No.11191852
    >thin sheet of aluminum

    read subproc's post again
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:41 No.11191864
    Well, if you put it that way. Remove the charge.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:41 No.11191865

    oh, relax. it's probably only a popper or two.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:41 No.11191875
    still a bad idea when we've got a severely injured person in front of it
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:41 No.11191877
         File1279406516.jpg-(97 KB, 600x600, Kazuv_and_the_Colossus_by_Kazu(...).jpg)
    97 KB
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)18:42 No.11191879
    rolled 6, 1, 3 = 10

    You deliver your report to the high nobles and the Lord, who is on the verge of a breakdown. You advise them of the Prince's condition (some of which they already knew) and tell them that you don't have the materials on hand to treat it, nor could you bring them out to the capital. You know of a place where the Prince could possibly be treated, but a move has to be made quickly, before he becomes unable to transport.

    The Lord laughs, his eyes filling with tears. "Marvelous! I knew it! Where is this place? We must leave immediately!"
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:43 No.11191898
    Okay, since we're going to have to bring him to K5 (K9 would be better, but it's not secured and far to the north), how about this:
    We set up a deception wherein we bring the Prince, the Lord (because he won't want to be separated), and maybe their bodyguards to Dreamwood.
    We take them down one of the auxiliary shafts into K5 - we tell them that we have been building an underground testing area for our more volatile experiments. Hide everything of advanced magitech we can, and choose the shortest path to the main Medbay.
    We need to make sure that they don't grasp the true nature of the facility, the size of it, or of what we've been able to gather from it so far.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)18:43 No.11191905
    rolled 1, 2, 6 = 9

    The charge is sealed within the case. Removing it would obviously alert everyone in the room to its presence. Fortunately, it cannot be activated except by the depression of three separate switches in the right order, so there is little chance of an accident.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:44 No.11191906
    "Actually, there are two places. One, all documentation points that it will be easily able to cure him, but I've never been personally been there so I don't know its state. The second is well known to us, but we aren't 100% sure it will be able to heal him."
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:46 No.11191926

    "There is an ancient ruin, in the swamp northeast of Dreamwood. The same ruin we had been studying for some time now. Among other things, it contains a working medical facility we just got up and running. It's worth the trip even disregarding current circumstances."
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:46 No.11191930
    >where the bed has been isolated by a thin sheet of aluminum
    >blue beam sweeps across the armor
    Did you read it? Were you able to comprehend this, or is English not your first language?
    The prince is behind aluminum armor, and the scanner and us are on the other side.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)18:46 No.11191937
    .....ah fuck it. My heart goes out to the old guy. I vote we take him and his son to the place that we have cleared ASAP, Kharok 5 right? Kharok 9 would be optimal, but we haven't even begun exploring it yet, so that's out.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:47 No.11191946

    Besides that, we don't even know that K9 is even in a state where you could breathe the AIR.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:47 No.11191948
    Goddamnit! Why are you telling them things they don't need to know! You're only opening us up to have the government declare eminent domain and take K5 from us!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:47 No.11191950
    What are the operation's success chance in Kharok 5?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:49 No.11191962
    Detonate the charge. Bemoan the loss of our device, but take heart in that it at least proved its worth.
    We need to keep up this deception.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:49 No.11191968
    The funny thing is, they can't use kharok installations unless they have friendly frost giants.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:50 No.11191973
    Make sure that when it blows up it's safely away from the prince
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)18:51 No.11191983
    rolled 3, 6, 5 = 14

    I'm going to wait for a consensus on revealing the installation and the existence of others.

    Less than they would be in K9. Five has the hardware, but it is cruder, less advanced than a dedicated medical installation would have. It can handle things as extreme as limb replacement, but specific conditions, especially those with a magical element, are always difficult to deal with.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:51 No.11191987
    We need to know how long it would take to secure K9 versus how much longer the Prince has.
    Do this >>11191962
    right after getting a prognosis for how much longer the Prince has.

    If we have the time, we go to K9. If not, then K5, with the appropriate deceptions in place.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:51 No.11191989

    you know what, eventually some dirt farmer was gonna stumble on one of the facilities and start pushing buttons. at least this way, it can be kept relatively secret. Plus, we are currently one of the few people with admin access to K5. They wouldn't know how to take THAT from us in a million years.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)18:52 No.11192003
         File1279407135.jpg-(113 KB, 1024x768, statler_waldorf_02_01.jpg)
    113 KB
    If they give us a hard time we could give them the cold shoulder!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:53 No.11192014
    stop saying that revealing the installations is a bad thing.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)18:53 No.11192022
    Yes, a dirt farmer in the middle of an arctic wasteland.

    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:53 No.11192025

    the only way to heal the prince is to take him to K5. K9 hasn't even been fucking opened yet to see if it's even SAFE to enter. They coulda been working on making nigh-immortal, acid-blooded, toxin-spewing chimeras for all we know.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:53 No.11192026
    Do you really think that they'll care?
    All they'll see is a Frost Giant, reactivating weapons and technology far beyond their control, and pushing to put that same magitech into the hands of other Frost Giants.
    Even if they can't use it, they will be concerned with preventing our access to it.
    Look at how they're treating Erivrus, a soldier of Perin, whose loyalty has allowed him to fight on, to serve Perin even in death.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:55 No.11192045
    Tell the King that we can take him, but ONLY him and the prince.
    Absolutely no one else. And no tracking devices.
    If we discover some kind of tracking device, the mission will be aborted.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)18:55 No.11192053
    Even if it didnt work it could keep him alive long enough to get K9 operational if that's possible. We'll have to reveal something to him it's just a quetion of doing it tactfully enough that the land isnt siezed from us.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)18:55 No.11192057
    rolled 3, 4, 6 = 13

    You discreetly activate the charge, which blows open a useless side panel and pops the command panel, shutting down the scanner. Everyone but you is surprised, and the guards immediately move forward to protect the Lord and the nobles from the device, should anything else happen. The Lord himself doesn't seem to care about anything other than his son's treatment.

    The scanner estimated that he has about eight months until heart failure claims him. However, it had only been observing him for a minute, and this estimate could be wrong.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:56 No.11192062

    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:56 No.11192070
    I say we can clear kharok 9 in ONE month.
    Let's do this!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:57 No.11192078
    I think we can clear Kharok 9 in less than a month.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:57 No.11192081
    You idiot! The High Nobles don't like us! And they'll like us even less after this, because we're getting more influence than them.
    On top of that, we are still a Frost Giant to them. As much as we have done for the Greater Good of Perin, that will not change.
    Any facility not under their direct control is a possible threat to them! That is how they think, otherwise they wouldn't have survived in government at the level that they are at.
    Your naivete is sickening.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)18:58 No.11192087
    fuck the high nobles
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:00 No.11192098

    Fuck them in the ear. The King will owe us HUGE, and so will the prince. I don't think there is shit they can do to us once this is over.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:00 No.11192099
    And they will fuck us right back. We do not have the resources, the equipment, the manpower, to be able to take on an entire nation ourselves.
    The High Nobles are part of the legitimate government of Perin. They are not a force to be trifled with.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)19:00 No.11192103
    rolled 2, 4, 3 = 9

    I suppose we have as much consensus as we're going to get. Stand by.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:00 No.11192106
    How about we tell the king that the area is a Dreamwood asset, and that we are worried that it's becoming public knowledge could make things difficult for us.

    Thus, we'll treat his son in exchange for complete authority and ownership of the site, and immunity from eminent domain.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:01 No.11192109
    we're a girl, we can withstand being fucked
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:02 No.11192124
    Alright, I'm voting for bringing the Prince to K5. At the very least, the equipment there should be able to keep him going long enough for us to secure K9 if it comes to that.
    I suggest going along with the procedures outlined here >>11191898
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)19:05 No.11192177
    Okay then. Um, what consensus is that, exactly?

    The question is, will the King be willing to wait a month? And before you say screw him, remember that he IS the King. If he orders us and we refuse, that's treason.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:09 No.11192221
    Even if we can clear the K9 facility in a month, it takes days to get there, and we still need to wait a month at least before K5 can fabricate a hazard suit for us. So in actuality, we're probably looking at anywhere from 2 to 3 months.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)19:10 No.11192236
    An excellent point.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)19:11 No.11192251
    rolled 3, 3, 5 = 11

    “There is one place under my control. There may be another, but I have no idea if it still exists, let alone if it could be used.”

    You inform the Lord that there are ancient underground ruins in the County, which you've been using as a testing site. Only recently have you discovered anything useful there, and, though it is small and damaged, there is something within it that may be able to save the Prince. If he is to live, he must be brought there.

    The nobles are less than amused. One starts, “And how exactly did you discover-”

    He's cut off by the Lord. “Excellent! Excellent! We'll leave at once. Jon,” he motions to one of his aides, “Get the nurses. We're getting my son out of this damn place.”

    For now, there's no way the high nobles can get anything out of you. The Prince is being prepared to move, and as soon as he's ready, he'll be brought to the Zeppelin along with several doctors, the Lord, and some of the Lord's personal guard. Radio messages will warn Dreamwood to ready for approach. A route to Five's central medical bay will be plotted and all others sealed off.

    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:13 No.11192279
    yes, but meanwhile try to tell the King that we're not 100% sure it will work and therefore not to get his hopes too high.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)19:15 No.11192296
    rolled 5, 2, 4 = 11

    You tell him, but he doesn't seem to listen. He's absolutely sure that the Prince will be saved now.

    On to Five.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/17/10(Sat)19:16 No.11192310

    Sounds good to me.

    Also, glad to hear the painkillers are having a positive effect on Korus' disposition. (just got in to find the thread)
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)19:16 No.11192323
    Very. Don't forget to have the medical golem standing by.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:17 No.11192325
    >The nobles are less than amused. One starts, “And how exactly did you discover-”
    I told you all that this kind of thing would start.

    Yes, the preparations are mostly acceptable, but there are a few additional ones I want made:
    The computer is to be ordered to remove all golems from the projected path, and work in adjacent corridors and sections is to cease until after the Prince and his escorts leave.
    If the PA system has been restored, then the computer is not use any vocal responses or accept vocal commands from the non-secure areas where the Prince and the Lord will be occupying.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)19:18 No.11192333

    Once the Lord is (hopefully)more calmed down and his son has begun treatment we're going to have to have some serious discussion about the K5 site. The nobles are going to ask him to take this place away from us we've got to come up with something to convince him otherwise, not just that we've helped his son.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)19:18 No.11192341
    rolled 4, 4, 3 = 11

    Acknowledged. Several will stand by out of sight in the med bay. They will only activate if necessary.

    Both confirmed.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:19 No.11192347
    what are we waiting for?
    lets get the king and his son to kharok 5
    tell him to please not tell anyone about this installation
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:28 No.11192450
    is a timeskip in progress ?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)19:30 No.11192465
    rolled 1, 1, 6 = 8

    You're impressed with your peoples' work. Every entrance not resealed has been disguised as a dig site, and the main part sports a brand-new mooring tower, large enough to anchor your current transport without trouble. On last-minute orders from one of the more coherent nobles, the Lord's visit is being kept secret, and as far as most of Dreamwood knows, nothing out of the ordinary is going on. The Prince, on a wheeled gurney, is brought into Five via a shallow ramp, surrounded by guards and with his father at his side.

    An elevator brings you to medical. Almost every passage has either been walled off or made to look collapsed, and the guards are notable perturbed at having the monarch and his only successor in such a dangerous place at the same time. As soon as you're in, the Prince is carefully laid on the central bed in one of the 'operating rooms', and, through a nearby console, you tell Command to start the procedure.

    The Prince is bathed in bright blue light as the emitters above scan him thoroughly, transitioning to green and gold as they begin their work. His skin, horribly burned and scarred, regains its color and heals almost instantly, and several metal limbs descend from the apparatus on the ceiling to wrap around his arms and legs, surrounding them with a shimmering field that gives you a glimpse of the bones within. Minutes pass, then half an hour. The console gives you updates on the machine's progress, as well as its failings. The Prince's heart must be restarted several times, but he comes through.

    The infection is removed and all repairs are complete, though the patient will need several weeks to heal completely. However, he is still unconscious. Would you like to awaken him?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:32 No.11192483
    Ask the king if he would like us to do so.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)19:33 No.11192493
    rolled 5, 2, 3 = 10

    "Will... will it hurt him?" (it will not, according to the console)
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)19:33 No.11192494
    No! Goodness no, we should wait a few hours atleast. A good 6 hours anyways?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:34 No.11192501
    "We aren't sure. It might be best to wait a few hours to see if the condition worsens or gets better."
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:35 No.11192516
    Let the Lord know that it won't hurt him, but that we suggest he stay asleep for several more hours at least. His more critical injuries have been healed, but he will still need several weeks of recovery.
    Crack a joke that the Lord can finally sit his son down to have a talk.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)19:37 No.11192536
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/17/10(Sat)19:38 No.11192543

    "The machines are telling me he will be fine. He'll be somewhat disoriented, though, from having been out for so long."
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:39 No.11192567
    His muscles will have atrophied, probably. It means they are very weak due to the long inactivity.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:39 No.11192572
    For the Prince's recovery, will he need to stay here in K5, or can he be safely transported back to the capital?
    The less time the Lord and his party stay here, the less time our repairs are set back. Also, I'm sure that his guards would love a chance to get the Lord back to familiar ground and not be trapped in an underground ruin whose structural integrity they aren't sure of.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)19:40 No.11192580
    rolled 3, 4, 6 = 13

    "I understand." He clasps your hand in his, and smiles broadly. "Thank you. So much. I knew you'd come through. If there's anything I can do, anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask."

    "Ha! I don't suppose I'll be letting him out of the house again, will I?"

    The guards look exasperated as the Lord moves forward to stand at the side of the bed, eyeing the emitters. One of the doctors asks him if he's had anything to eat in the last three days.

    You have a pending message from the high nobles, through the Conclave. Would you like to move up top to receive it?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:41 No.11192603
    Let him sleep it off for a few hours. Maybe even a day.

    Coma patients can suffer serious psychological damage if woken up forcibly.

    I will not mention such damage in case it becomes a plot device.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)19:41 No.11192606
    rolled 5, 3, 4 = 12

    "At least he's alive. We can deal with the rest later, I hope. He won't be in any condition to run off to battle again, that's for sure."

    He can be sent back to the capital to recuperate. Command wants him kept around for observation, in case the infection reappears, but that's not strictly necessary.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:42 No.11192607
    Excuse ourselves with the Lord: the High Nobles wish to contact us.
    Go up and listen.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)19:42 No.11192610
    Agreed. In fact, why not just bring him back to the capitol, let him wake up in his own bed?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:42 No.11192616
    Go up top to take the message. Have some food and refreshments brought down for now; the Lord is probably starving.
    And tell the guards "And don't touch anything, please."
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:43 No.11192623
    get the king some ICE COLA!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:44 No.11192639
    Okay, keep the Prince here for observation for the next few days, just to be sure.
    Excuse ourselves from the Lord, mentioning a communication from the High Nobles.
    And tell the guards to not touch anything. It's very delicate machinery in here.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)19:45 No.11192653
    Reinfection is serious business. Can we convince the Lord about 2 days?

    Also take the call, better to deal with this sooner rather than later.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)19:48 No.11192689
    rolled 1, 5, 2 = 8

    You excuse yourself politely, making sure the guards (and doctors) know not to touch anything, lest they inadvertently break something. Or undo everything you just did. Refreshments are made available on your order.

    The high nobles are not happy.

    “How long have you been hiding this? That... thing you used on the Prince, you must have needed time to develop it, yes? How many more of these ruins are there, and where are they? Speak!”
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:49 No.11192718
    "Why do you want to know?
    This is all extremely experimental tech.
    We're lucky it even worked at all."
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:51 No.11192734
    "I'm pretty sure the King will be giving us full rights to these ruins. They will remain my property for the forseeable future. As for the technology, well, did you ever doubt what knowledge I possess?"
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:51 No.11192744
    tell them that it's not like we haven't done other amazing technological progresses at all
    tell them we just figured it out
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)19:52 No.11192757
    "I'm sorry, the number you are trying to reach is outside your area code. Please try dialing again."
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:52 No.11192759
    Seconding this. Ask the King if he allows it.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:53 No.11192770
    This is important.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:54 No.11192794
    "I don't think I need to bother with you anymore."

    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)19:55 No.11192796
    We'll have to talk to the King before answering any of those questions. It's his nation, and his decision what to do with the information we give him.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/17/10(Sat)19:55 No.11192797

    Stand firmly. Take the position that K5 will prove to be key to the well being of the people of Perin to come, and that it's careful study and dissemination of technology will bring that about.

    "We only discovered Karhok Research facility number 5 a couple months ago, and only more recently have we been able to get it working again. I took a trip to what was left of Kharok proper a little while ago, and noticed some glaring structural similarities of the topside ruins.

    My lords, this land has a fascinating history, none of us could have ever possibly guessed at. And what's more, I've discovered that the same force which aided Forus not too long ago with those area-denial beasts may have infact engineered the downfall of the Frost Giant civilization."
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)19:55 No.11192802
    rolled 5, 2, 4 = 11

    "Cute. Something you just happen to have lying around tells you that the only way to cure the Prince is to take him into unmapped ancient ruins that just HAPPEN to be in your own backyard?"

    "Oh, we'll see about that. YOU serve US, not the other way around. You are here at the behest of Perin, and you know it. We know you enjoy standing on your little pedestal, lording your knowledge over us. It won't last. It can't. It won't."
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:55 No.11192812
    don't be rude
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:56 No.11192815
    "These ruins? I've never hid these ruins. No one seemed to be interested in archeology or history, so why the sudden interest?
    "As for if there are other ruins, none that are exactly like this one [which is true; we don't know of another Kharok facility EXACTLY like this one]."
    "I admit, the progress on the device was faster than I anticipated, but you should know by now that I have quite a bit of knowledge concerning advanced technology."
    "I trust that I have answered your questions, sir."
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:57 No.11192829
    it looks like someone is butthurt that we were able to do something they could not
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)19:57 No.11192845
    It will. And don't you forget it.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)19:58 No.11192856
    rolled 5, 4, 5 = 14

    You seem to 'just figure out' quite a lot of things. They're convinced that you've had it a lot longer than you say you have.

    I'm sure I'll need a consensus for this.

    The Lord is not quite up to something like that right now. He wants a tour and some additional information before he considers granting you full rights to it. Considering his offer, you can certainly press the issue if you want to call in a favor right away.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)19:59 No.11192877
         File1279411174.jpg-(40 KB, 480x320, 20090702171656182.jpg)
    40 KB
    >"These ruins? I've never hid these ruins. No one seemed to be interested in archeology or history, so why the sudden interest?

    I like this line.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:00 No.11192893
    Don't say this!
    How long do you think that they will let us keep this facility for ourselves?
    They took Erivrus, and have been studying him instead of cooperating with him. At least he was human and Perinese; we are neither (former human in FG body, but they don't care about that).

    I told you all that the High Nobles would move against us. And you idiots were going to hand this facility over to them.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:00 No.11192895
    "I serve the KING. And so do YOU. Don't tell me that in the short time that his majesty has been preoccupied, you've become accustomed to power?

    I fully intend to keep this to myself. And if you take any movement against me, overt or covert, you should remember that I saved the life of the crown prince, and the King has promised me a favor."
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)20:02 No.11192921
    Eh, it was more of a joke answer anyway. But yeah, let's give the king and his guards and doctors a tour of the place.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:03 No.11192936
    I think this has been perpetuating a misconception about the government we currently live under.

    SubDM could you please clarify:
    Is Perin a Monarchy? Is the High Lord a king?
    Or is Perin more of a parliamentary system, with the High Lord as Prime Minister-analogue? If so, are the High Nobles the Parliament?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:04 No.11192956
    Tell the King:
    "I'll be honest and direct with you.
    You see, 2000 years ago, the Frost Giants were a great race that possessed incommensurable technology.
    Now they're but a barbaric race, mutated beyond belief.
    The Gods gave me this body a long while ago and I discovered that apparently, I'm the only non-mutated one of this race.
    All the Kharok installations respond ONLY to unmutated Frost Giants that know the Frost Giant language.
    I discovered this installation purely by accident. There are plenty like this one, all hidden through perin and the nearby lands.
    What I'm asking is simply two things:
    1 - Full permission to use, develop and modify the technology I find in the Kharok installations.
    2 - Protection from those butthurt High Nobles.
    Of course, interesting things will be shared with the Government, but we'll reserve some secrets unless absolutely necessary, like this event.
    Is it okay with you?"
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)20:04 No.11192961
    We should wait on any other discussion of the ruins until we've talked it over with the King and have come to an agreement. Perhaps he could assign some people loyal to HIM and not the other nobles to keep an eye on things as they progress here.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:04 No.11192964
    A limited tour first.
    If he can guarantee that we will have this facility, without interruption or interference from the High Nobles, then a more expanded one. We should let him know that this place is still quite damaged, and there are places we can't go because they're too dangerous.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)20:05 No.11192974
    rolled 3, 4, 2 = 9

    "And when were you going to tell us about all this?"

    They're taking the position that the ruins represent a national security interest, and as such, it is their right to take control of and hold them. You're only a Countess, and it's not your place to take charge of something of this magnitude.

    "If we had ANY IDEA these things were around, what do you think we'd do? Do you know how many thousands of ancient sites there are in even one sector of this nation? Do you think we have the resources to search each and every one of them IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR?"

    They want all your information concerning K5 and any installation that has a connection to it or the Frost Giants of old. They do not have the authority to outright demand it, but they are asking... forcefully.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:05 No.11192976
    Check the guards and the doctors for spy devices, please
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/17/10(Sat)20:05 No.11192981

    Nobles are titles granted by the king. High nobles have to agree to making a new high noble, unless under certain circumstances. I'm assuming anyway.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:09 No.11193039
    SubDM, please post a quick summary of the government of Perin, and what powers the High Lord has versus that of the High Nobles.
    We can't search the archives right now, and I think a lot of the suggestions being thrown around are, quite frankly, grossly misinformed.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:09 No.11193044
    "We told you about this only when we figured out how everything worked and IF it was safe. It isn't easy testing new technologies, you know".
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)20:09 No.11193045
    >They want all your information concerning K5 and any installation that has a connection to it or the Frost Giants of old. They do not have the authority to outright demand it, but they are asking... forcefully.

    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)20:09 No.11193046
    rolled 2, 1, 6 = 9

    "You have no idea of the forces you're dealing with. You will, WILL regret your actions."

    It is a Constitutional Monarchy. The Lord serves as head of state with the high nobles as cabinet. There is a separate Parliament, which administrates more on the local level and doesn't have much far-reaching power. Officially, the Lord has nearly absolute control, but in practice, he usually defers to the nobles, or at least accepts their counsel. If the Lord is incapacitated or out of contact, the high nobles are in charge. However, they have no legitimacy without him or the Prince.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:11 No.11193055
    "Do you think we should have you bothered with a non-working, half-broken prototype?"
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:11 No.11193060

    Inform them we've taken measures to secure those we could locate, and that we only just gained access to the technology. It was also right next to us and of personal interest due to the entire "Frost Giant" thing.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:12 No.11193070
    >position that the ruins represent a national security interest, and as such, it is their right to take control of and hold them.
    So, anyone else want to argue that we should have been more open about the K5?
    What the Hell did you morons expect to happen, after seeing what happened to Erivrus? That the High Nobles would fall over themselves to grant us the freedom we need to excavate and research the Kharok facilities?

    They're human politicians, powerful and landed ones at that. Just because it's fantasy, doesn't necessarily mean that human behavior is going to change.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:13 No.11193096
    Don't tell them this, you fool!
    They'll confiscate every holding we have!
    They might already do that, with the way that people have been antagonizing them!
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/17/10(Sat)20:14 No.11193099

    Might as well compromise.
    "I will make a proposition, then. Set up a highly secretive organization dedicated to the study, reverse engineering, and safety of what precious few Frost Giant facilities fall within our borders. I will share with you all known locations (most of which are in the frozen wastes, and several falling within the borders of our neighboring countries.) and any of their known functions. I will provide men with the proper training, to train men that you, and the king, personally trust.

    It will be important to not disseminate any of the technology within until it can be for the most part understood. I know it may seem selfish of me to have not said anything at first, but I know how people react to seemingly impossible things. I really don't feel like fighting about this."
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)20:15 No.11193109
    rolled 5, 4, 3 = 12

    You speak to the Lord out of earshot of his guards and doctors. Fortunately, they have no detectable scrying charms.
    "I... I had no idea. All those stories, all those tales... You're the real thing, aren't you?"

    He admits that he's in no condition to consider what you're asking for. Once the Prince is awake and well, he'll listen, but these are matters of extreme importance to the whole nation. This could spark a political crisis of unprecedented size, you know.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:16 No.11193133
    No, goddamnit!
    This is not something to compromise this easily for, especially when we still have other assets we can call on (the High Lord).
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:18 No.11193150
    "According to the last time I checked, I'm quite sure I'm very real, my lord. Let's go have a night's sleep over this, you look tired."
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)20:18 No.11193152
    Then we should wait until he and his son are in proper shape to deal with it. Inform him that if he wants we can seal the ruins until has had time to make a decision with the nobles.

    (Meanwhile we can make a run to K9 and see about getting Korus cured.)
    K5 can continue it's self repair while sealed.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/17/10(Sat)20:19 No.11193163

    you're forgetting the indiana jones mentality: it does not belong to you, it belongs in a museum!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:20 No.11193172
    You know, you really live up to your tripcode.
    Your suggestion is a really bad one, newbie.

    Why should the High Nobles accept such a compromise when they can simply seize these ruins as a national security asset? Why should they work with us, when, given time, their own mages can crack the problem of compatibility with the magitech of the Frost Giants. Why should they bother with our existence, when by capturing and exploiting this facility, they will no longer have need of our knowledge.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:21 No.11193181
    >no longer have need of our knowledge

    we'll see that when our anti-magic rockets and grenades are finished
    nothing, I mean, absolutely nothing will be able to stand in our way.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:21 No.11193185
    The High Noble response of "So do you!" would involve cutting our head off and mounting it on a pike.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:22 No.11193194
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:24 No.11193206
    And how will we do that when all lines of transportation are cut, choking off our access to raw materials? When our title is officially revoked? When they roll in on us like they did with Bane of Forus, and half to 3/4 of our population become embroiled in internal conflict?
    Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk about logistics.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)20:24 No.11193209
    Agreed. 2-3 days.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)20:24 No.11193210
    rolled 5, 2, 1 = 8

    They aren't buying it. Considering your previous policies of keeping the best for yourself and releasing only what you can stand for others to have, they think that you have much more than you appear to.

    "You would never be so careless. Unless it served your own purposes."

    "I don't think my men would like me bedding down in a place like this." He shrugs. "If my son can be moved, even so soon, I should return to the capital with him. It is nothing against you or your beautiful town, you understand."

    "I'm sure I can guess what my friends back there want from you. Continue your work." He pats your arm. "Maybe you'll find something that can cure stupidity, eh?"
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:26 No.11193242
    Thank the King, and timeskip to the few next hours, until we're sure that the prince's condition is stable.
    Stop the timeskip drive in case anything happens.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)20:26 No.11193244
    rolled 5, 6, 6 = 17

    If that's your wish. It might be a long one. There's a lot going on now.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:27 No.11193256
    just a few hours until the prince's stable
    how many things are going on aniways
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)20:28 No.11193264
    Woah woah woah. Was that a threat? We'll come to regret saving the Prince's life? That sounds very close to treason.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:29 No.11193285
    Not yet.
    Inform Bem, and the twins, that BemCorp and DCE should prepare for attacks on us from the High Nobles. Industrial espionage. Economic warfare. Everything.
    Perin Intelligence and factions of the Conclave will also be turned against us.
    Confer with our Diplomatic Bureau, and see how much loyalty the local area towns, especially the DT's, are to the High Nobles versus to us. Would they be willing to back us in a political fight?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:32 No.11193309
    More likely it's referring to us not rolling over and handing this facility over to them. If we had, though, they would have done the same thing they've done to Erivrus. Most likely they would have either ended up causing the facility to self-destruct, or allowing the computer virus to take complete control over the facility and possibly creating a machine-Zerg hive.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:34 No.11193334
    let them do that at one station
    clap our hands, compliment their idiocy
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:36 No.11193364
    Just a heads-up to everyone?
    We're shit at diplomacy.
    We need to get an etiquette droid or what have you.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)20:36 No.11193373
    rolled 3, 4, 5 = 12

    The Prince is stable enough to transport, and will be going back to the capital shortly.

    You have ignited a crisis that will ripple through most of the government in days. Much will happen.

    It appears that they mean hiding the facility from them.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:37 No.11193377

    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)20:37 No.11193384
    I know, but how it's taken is up to us. I mean, if they DO try something, we can mention this. I doubt the King will be happy with assassination attempts or ploys to ruin the Noble who saved his son's life when all the others were only interested in power grabbing.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)20:40 No.11193430
         File1279413627.png-(6 KB, 666x121, post.png)
    6 KB
    rolled 1, 6, 2 = 9

    "...the high nobles? What do you expect us to do? We could barely deal with Bane of Forus!"
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:41 No.11193453
    Regardless, we need to harden our holdings against the inevitable attack.
    BemCorp and DCE must be warned.
    Perin Intelligence and the Conclave cannot be trusted.
    We also need to think of what we can do if the High Nobles emerge victorious and get our title and citizenship revoked.
    All the while we need to get more political allies, and drive a wedge between the High Nobles and their own allies.
    The demonstration of the Red Wings, and allowing the military to contract production of some of our more advanced designs might go a long way in that regard.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:45 No.11193496
    cant we have the installation defend itself as well with all the military golems and seal it up with the repair golems?

    secondly, when we get the chance can we try to capture an adult frost giant and give it pain medication to see if it acts differently?
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/17/10(Sat)20:45 No.11193498
    You know, I would not be surprised at all if facility 4 is the reason WHY there is a large city ontop of it.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:48 No.11193544
    And what about Dreamwood? Are you dense? The High Nobles have been antagonized enough that the K5 facility is now only an excuse to attack us and our holdings.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:48 No.11193545
    and if possible can we just isolate it from frost giants in the immediate area so we don't have to take it to any of our holdings to do it?
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)20:48 No.11193547
    Hopefully it will either be unnecessary or only have to last a short amount of time. We need negotiate. The creation of a special government unit (along the lines of the MIB?) that will co-research the sites along with us. We'll still be leading the teams exploring the sites and such to ensure the dont spontaniously EXPLODE!
    We need to stress that K5 was about to self destruct when we started up it's computer systems. (Technically true even though the self destruct had been halted.)
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)20:50 No.11193587
    rolled 4, 4, 1 = 9

    Yes. You can order Guardian to respond to threats with deadly force, and put the installation under quarantine again.

    You can do that whenever you wish, but it would be very wise to avoid tipping off the high nobles as to another one of your projects.

    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:53 No.11193627
    on a related note how is the mind magics going lets retool to bolt action rifles and mass produce to sell to army just above manufacturing and transportation so as cheep as we can as so we still make money :)
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:53 No.11193630
    then i vote we try the adult frost giant test on our way to k9 if we are doing that.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)20:53 No.11193634
    Once the Lord and his party leaves, bring Korus back down to the main medbay and have it scan him again. Have it calculate and extrapolate the rate of growth of the third lobe, and give an estimate as to when it will begin to compromise other parts of his brain.
    It might not be able to answer, but if it can, then we'll have an idea of how quickly we need to take care of the High Nobles and get ourselves to K9.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)20:57 No.11193694
    rolled 4, 3, 4 = 11

    Research on memory charms is proceeding, but they are much more effective on others than on you.

    Consensus will be required.

    At its current growth rate, the third quadrant will reach the edge of the limbic system in three years. There is no immediate danger, especially if his brain compensates as well as the rest of his body does.
    >> Bad Newbie !u8dVJyyGAs 07/17/10(Sat)20:57 No.11193696
    You know, I thought of something.

    Wouldn't it have been entirely plausible for the Frost Giants, of all the creatures on this planet, to have developed a form of cryo-stasis? If we get some time, we should look it up in the central database.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)20:58 No.11193711
    >The demonstration of the Red Wings, and allowing the military to contract production of some of our more advanced designs might go a long way in that regard.

    Yes! Right, start selling the military guns. Been working on something related to that.

    Firearms Manufacture registry.
    This numbering system is intended to assist in tracking the production and distribution of firearms as they enter mass production and enter widespread use. Although intended for military use there is no doubt that these very powerful and accurate weapons will eventually enter into ownership of private citizens. As with any weapon there is the possibility of them being used to prepetrate crimes, and their ease of use makes it very much easier to get away with some crimes. They could also be used by private armies, foreign infiltrators in attempts to sieze control of the country, and assassination attempts. While ways around this registy will no doubt be found that doesnt mean we cant make it harder for would be insurgents.

    Example registation code:
    Dreamwood Service Rifle Mk2 (Leaver action)

    Ammunition-Barrel-Mechanism Action-Company-Country-Production Number

    Pistol Ammo (P)
    Magnum (Classed as Long Pistol/ Rifle ammo?) (L)
    Rifle Ammo (R) [Necked and non]
    Shot/Shell (S)
    Caseless (C)
    Heavy (H) (Large caliber necked round suitable for vehicle mounted weapons)
    Magically propelled, powered, or enchanted (M)
    Inert (Magnetically Propelled) (X)

    Rifled Pistol (P)
    Rifled Carbine (M)
    Rifled Long barrel (L)
    Smoothbore (S)
    Laser (A)
    Magic (X)

    +Mechanism Action+
    Muzzle loading (ML)
    Breech Loading/Break action (BA)
    Revolver Single Action (RS)
    Revolver Double Action (RD)
    Lever action (LA)
    Pump Action/slide action (MP)
    Bolt Action (BA)
    Semi-Automatic (SA)
    Automatic (AA)
    Continuous beam (SR)
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)21:01 No.11193777
    rolled 4, 6, 5 = 15

    The Lord, the Prince, and their entourage head back to the capital on one of your Zeppelins, gone so quickly you could wonder if they were really here at all. As far as Dreamwood's population is concerned, nothing at all has happened, much less a visit from the leader of the nation. Sometimes you think you'd be better off if nothing did happen.

    The high nobles are absolutely furious. Despite the fact that there are 47 of them, most as stubborn as a mule and with opinions strong enough to boil lead, they are in agreement, using their formidable power to oppose you. All Intelligence support has been pulled from Dreamwood, and the Conclave's distance links have been cut to the minimum. BemCorp and all Dreamwood assets are under intense scrutiny. Your contacts and business partners are being assailed with all manner of inspections and most are also being watched by operatives who make no attempt to hide. Nothing official has been said, but word is getting around, and it's not hard for anyone to put the pieces together.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)21:02 No.11193790
    rolled 3, 3, 1 = 7

    All of your sources say that the government is in turmoil. The military is divided, as is the Conclave, but Intelligence seems to be coming down firmly on the side of the nobles. The Lord is trying to play umpire, but with his son now up and about, his attention's not where it should be. So far, no overt action, such as a full-scale investigation or the revocation of your title, has been taken, but that's probably because the Lord's approval would be needed. As it stands, you are staring down the barrel of a gun, with a mass of people arguing over pulling the trigger.

    The military has ordered a hold on further production deals, though it will continue to accept the fast transports you're building. New Aarmour and every other part of the government's science net refuse your communications. Construction has slowed and several towns that have contracts with you are looking for a way out. Sahl is urging you to back down, at least temporarily. You are not prepared to fight on this scale, unless you're planning to bomb the palace and execute the high nobles yourself. Practically all of your advisers concur.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)21:04 No.11193828
    The idea is that this would be used in conjunction with gun permits. There would be two types of permit Military and Civilian. Anyone selling a weapon would have to keep track of who it was sold to.
    Military gun permits expire the moment that person leaves the Army of Perin. For ease Civil permits dont expire.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:05 No.11193838
    Excellent! I vote for the implementation of this system within our own production lines, even if the military doesn't want.
    As for the types of guns to sell, offer the military rifled, lever-action, semi-automatic rifles. It will be a huge step up from what they have.
    Also light field artillery.
    We will need to consider machine guns though, since they will see them in action on the Red Wings, and will want them.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)21:05 No.11193840
    rolled 1, 2, 3 = 6

    They developed a comparable technology capable of slowing the metabolism considerably and using healing machinery to keep the body roughly in the same state. No stasis facilities are present in K5, but there might have been some in Kharok or elsewhere.

    Currently, you cannot establish any new deals with the military.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:05 No.11193848
    I'm telling you guys, now is the time to play kiss ass. we need to make a deal like >>11193099
    suggested, or we're going to be sunk in deep shit for the forseeable future.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:08 No.11193884
    Quests: shit, or double shit?
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)21:09 No.11193908

    Do what we can.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)21:09 No.11193909
    rolled 2, 1, 2 = 5

    Confirmed. This permit system will be implemented.

    It was ordered that the Red Wings' weapons and equipment be downgraded before the demonstration, to avoid giving out too much information. Is this acceptable?

    Give them what they want. Let them take control of K5, but lock it down first. Obviously, they will need you if they want to get into its systems. Play ball. You'll definitely have to accept more government intrusion than you'd ever want, but it seems preferable to starting a war.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:09 No.11193914
    Will the High Nobles accept that compromise? And even if officially they accept, what's to stop them from using their own resources to keep the pressure up? They have their own intelligence operatives, not just Perin Intelligence.
    We need to think this through more.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:10 No.11193923

    Negative. we need a show of goodwill. leave the equipment as-is.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:11 No.11193932
    We should hang this over their head and the lord's. we took great risk showing them what we found to save the lords son. we didnt have to come forth with our findings and could have just let the prince die. we also helped the whole country advance at an exponential rate and pretty much saved them from the forus counter attack. we didn't have to do that either.

    tell them we still have great hings in store for them that can just as easily not happen if we feel mistreated.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)21:11 No.11193938
    Eh, sometimes knowing when to back down is the better part of valor. What are their demands, and how can we twist them against them because of poor wording?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:11 No.11193941
    And how will you answer, when they ask for the designs of Gatling and regular machine guns?
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)21:13 No.11193956
    The best way to find out would be to get to the Capital ASAP and get negotiations underway.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:13 No.11193965
    Then they will simply capture us, and rip our knowledge from our mind.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:14 No.11193976

    Give them. Hell, give them the specs for the stunners for all I care. If it ends the war, then good. they won't need weapons for a while.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)21:14 No.11193992
    rolled 2, 5, 2 = 9

    The high nobles want all of the installations in Perin and the unclaimed land under government control. They want a permanent garrison on-site as well as research teams, and your complete assistance, as the only Frost Giant citizen in the nation. They don't seem to know about Kharok itself.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:15 No.11194002
    Fuck you, no.
    Should we offer up our brain to be dissected as well?
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)21:15 No.11194003
    Er, that was supposed to be:

    >Ammunition-Barrel-Mechanism Action-Company-Country-Model Number-Production Number
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:17 No.11194033

    Incase you haven't noticed, they're choking the shit out of us.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:17 No.11194034
    I'm open to negotiation, but only if the High Lord is present, and will mediate.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)21:19 No.11194056
    rolled 5, 1, 1 = 7

    "But you could have done better," is what they say. You've kept the lid on quite a lot of technological progress and on some prominent discoveries, purely to advance your own agenda. You've been selfish. Obviously, the high nobles are incredible hypocrites, but they are in charge and you are not. The Lord is not calling them out or fighting them directly, but he is putting quite a lot of pressure on them. They've gotten used to him being either out of the loop or unprepared, and they like it that way. The balance of power is changing, and they really don't like that.

    That is (grudgingly) accepted. Would you like to take the next flight to the capital?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:19 No.11194060
    So negotiate. Deal. Don't just give in.
    And where are all of the posters that said that we could take on the High Nobles? That we were powerful enough to not be fucked by them?
    Did they all finally realize their own stupidity at antagonizing the leaders of the nation we reside in?

    Just because we're getting choked, doesn't mean we should give up.
    >> Harmless 07/17/10(Sat)21:20 No.11194063
    Let's stall them till the prince is better.
    He and the Lord may be our best allies right now.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:21 No.11194083
    Recall Bem. Assign best guards, double complement. Maybe triple or quad.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:21 No.11194087
    as long as the defeatists don't start bending over at the first sign f trouble.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:21 No.11194090
    Yes, next flight to the capital, and bring along our best negotiation team. They are to do most of the talking when we get there.
    Use the time in the air to talk with them and come up with a negotiation strategy.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)21:22 No.11194103

    And we dont need the country's research teams breaking stuff that cant be fixed. If they cant keep their hands off of things long enough for us to get them working then there's no way it'll work out. If they can agree to that then sure we'll accept the research teams. Garrison forces should likewise be prevented from breaking shit they dont understand or just carting it off. These site could be incredibly dangerous.
    We have got to tell them about K5 nearly being a disaster. This has got to get through to them.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)21:24 No.11194125
    rolled 5, 2, 4 = 11

    The Prince will be back to normal in a week or two, according to K5's information. He'll still need physical therapy to regain his strength, though.

    Recalled. He will be accompanied by your best.

    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:25 No.11194137
    General Objectives:
    1. Retain administrative and research control over the K5 facility.
    2. Retain control over the rate at which we release advances from our own R&D.
    3. Retain the right to continue our research unimpeded. This includes searching the Unclaimed Lands for new ruins, our own projects in Dreamwood and elsewhere.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:28 No.11194171
    Things we're willing to compromise on:
    1. The presence of Perin garrison force; only if they don't touch anything!
    2. The presence of Perin-government R&D teams in facilities; allowed, but if they break anything or cause the facility to self-destruct, it's going to be completely on their hands, not ours.
    3. The locations of other ruins. Can be negotiated, we can let them know of K4 in Matmer and K17 in the Unclaimed Lands. Others will have to be negotiated on. Kharok Main is off of the table, no negotiate, and don't let them know it exists yet.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:30 No.11194205
    try to only let them know about k5 and the one under the city.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:31 No.11194229
    General Terms:
    1. Technology uncovered, repaired, and understood from the Kharok facilities will be jointly shared.
    1a. Technology and applications derived from these discoveries, will remain in the hands of the discoverer:
    e.g. Perin-Dreamwood team find advanced targeting module. Both Perin and Dreamwood get Advanced Targeting Module tech. Dreamwood adds it to their stormtrooper armor and combat flight helmets. Perin must buy these products, or try to learn how to do it themselves.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:32 No.11194242
    K4 is the one in Matmer, and has a large city on top of it. That's the one I was referring to.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)21:33 No.11194263
    We should deffinitely tell them about 21. It's inside Perin's borders and if they find out about it after we'll be in serious shit.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:35 No.11194294
    General Terms:
    2. As the system will only recognize non-mutated Frost Giants, we will retain full administrative-level access to all facilities.
    3. The head of the Perin R&D team will be the only government official granted backup administrator access to the facility that they are assigned to (we have the computers make sure that we cannot be removed from the system, and the we are the true root user).
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:36 No.11194308

    We're already in serious shit. If we don't tell them about the only other facility in Perin's borders, they might as well bring out the executioner.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)21:37 No.11194329
    rolled 5, 6, 5 = 16

    You're in the air over Perin, traveling at maximum speed toward the capital, with Bem, your best diplomatic advisers, and plenty of guards aboard. The high nobles have thoroughly pissed you off, and you've always been one to resolve your problems directly, at the point of a sword if need be. Though that approach appeals to you, it would probably make everything even worse.

    “...so that's the way it is,” Bem says, “For better or for worse, they've got our nuts in a vice.” He smirks at you. “Our first concern is getting out of the vice. After that we can worry about getting those assholes back. Options?”

    One of your senior administrators speaks. “These are big players. They're on the top because they earned their place. They're sitting on a mountain of their oppositions' skulls. To them, we're just another uppity bunch of civvies to be driven into the ground. It's best if we let them keep seeing us that way until the bomb goes off in their bedchambers.”

    “We can't afford a confrontation,” another says, “The last few days have proved they're willing to toss us right out if we don't do it their way. So we do it their way. We can take a few hits, and we'll have to, if we want to stay alive and moving.”

    Bem grins, steepling his fingers. “To be honest, I wouldn't mind a bit if we dropped in and started shooting. But that's not your plan, is it?”

    Moving to negotiations.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:38 No.11194338
    Okay, how about this:
    When we get to the part of negotiations concerning other Kharok facilities, we tell them that the database containing other locations was damaged, but we have indications that there is another facility in Perin. Before we left for the negotiations, the database was restored enough that we have a better idea of where it is. We believe it to be somewhere near our newly acquired holdings.
    In essence, imply that we just found out about K21, and that our purchase of land containing it was pure happenstance.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:39 No.11194360
    Kill the high nobles. This will be our nation.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)21:41 No.11194382
         File1279417265.jpg-(8 KB, 184x185, hmmm.jpg)
    8 KB
    Dunno how well that 'concidence' would fly.

    We should also discuss something related to the Frost Giants in our negotiations. Finding a cure for their curse could both remove the threat of future raids from the north and add more people that could assist future research teams.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:41 No.11194387

    These guys aren't going to fall for that shit, so can it.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:42 No.11194401
    Control of newly discovered facilities.
    All facilities in Perin will be jointly administered. Those facilities in the Unclaimed Lands will also be jointly administered.
    Negotiate that facilities found in other lands be allowed to be under our control, with perhaps a Perin R&D team, but no garrison. Our reasoning is that Perin doesn't want other nations to know about these facilities as much as we do. Sending a military group to another nation is extremely dicey, but a civilian archeaological expedition, funded by Perin's universities, might be overlooked.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:43 No.11194430
    I think it's been said that they don't care about the ones that aren't in Perin.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:43 No.11194432
    You're right.
    Let them know about K4 and K21.
    K4 they can't do anything about anyway, and not telling them about K21 would be counter-productive.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:46 No.11194470

    Something along the lines of "Our studies have indicated they had a medical research facility, capable of fixing even the most severe of hereditary illnesses, which we are now trying desperately to find. Gentlemen, there is a good chance that if we take that facility and clear it of all unwanted presences, we could END the frost giants as a threat. And entire race of raiders, finally calming down enough to consider doing their own hard work."
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:47 No.11194481
    No, I'm pretty they wanted to know where ALL of them are. And they even want control of the ones in the Unclaimed Lands.

    Really, I think we should push that we be given more control over the ones in the Unclaimed Lands and in other kingdoms. A Perin military presence would only spark the suspicions of other nations. A civilian archaeological dig, not so much.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:47 No.11194496
    The last time we asked to be allowed to do this, to even try looking for a cure, they shot us down hard.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:48 No.11194509
    true, but they didn't know then that it might actually be possible.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)21:49 No.11194522
    They shot down our trying to establish our own holdings outside of Perin for those uses. Under these negotiations it would be jointly administered by the Perin Government.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:49 No.11194524
    Why would another nation allow an archaelogical dig (that has no reason to be looking for anything) in?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:49 No.11194529
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)21:50 No.11194549
    rolled 1, 2, 2 = 5

    The table you're sitting at could comfortably serve at least two hundred people. The high nobles, all of them, with their advisers, guards, and aides, occupy one end. You, Bem, the diplomatic team, and your own guards occupy the other. The Lord and all of his people are in the middle, between both sides and looking quite impartial beside the glares of the 47 oddball politicians.

    “Alright,” says the Lord, rubbing his eyes, “Let's begin. I won't tolerate any untoward speech. Anyone who can't keep a civil tongue in this room will be ejected. Clear?” Everyone nods. “Good. Iva,” he nods to one of the nobles, “Go ahead.”

    The high nobles want complete control of K5, a garrison in and around it, and a research base in the same place. They want the right to exclude any of your personnel if they choose, and the right to bring you in to assist with research 'at the earliest possible convenience', anytime. The same goes for any installations in Perin or the unclaimed land. They want the locations of all other known installations or ruins and all information you have on them.

    They want full access to every bit of information you've gathered from the ruins, and they intend to confiscate any materials, objects, weapons, etc. as well. They will not interfere with any of your regular R&D, or with anything else unrelated to the actual ruins. This is probably because they're already pushing legal bounds, not because they have any moral objection.

    Joint administration and R&D is negotiable if you hand over all military technology you've developed to date.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:51 No.11194560
         File1279417865.gif-(74 KB, 524x328, maya.gif)
    74 KB
    u mad?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:51 No.11194564
    They didn't want us to look for even the possibility.

    Also, they have a vested interest in not allowing the Frost Giant civilization to revive itself.
    Because if the Frost Giants are able to restore their civilization, where would that leave the humans?
    No, I think they've already considered all of the advantages of cured Frost Giants, and then they saw the big Blue Threat looming on the horizon.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:55 No.11194642
    > complete control of K5, a garrison in and around it, and a research base in the same place.


    >They want the right to exclude any of your personnel if they choose

    No. Delays progress, introduces risk.

    > and the right to bring you in to assist with research 'at the earliest possible convenience', anytime.

    Fine, but a limit on requests per month/year..

    >The same goes for any installations in Perin or the unclaimed land.

    Depending on the previous.

    >They want the locations of all other known installations or ruins and all information you have on them.

    Give what was previously decided by our consensus.

    >They want full access to every bit of information you've gathered from the ruins, and they intend to confiscate any materials, objects, weapons, etc. as well. They will not interfere with any of your regular R&D, or with anything else unrelated to the actual ruins. This is probably because they're already pushing legal bounds, not because they have any moral objection.

    I don't remember anything they can't be allowed to know. I'm ok with this.

    > Joint administration and R&D is negotiable if you hand over all military technology you've developed to date.

    What? At Dreamwood? Do they means schematics, or the results of our production, or both?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:56 No.11194646
    I'm willing to concede on allowing the garrison and the research base. However, locking our people out and basically having us on-call is unreasonable, especially as we have our own projects to attend to.
    Have our negotiations team use the points outlined in >>11194294
    With the change that we let them know about K4 and K21.

    I am willing to allow for joint-custody of all material recovered from the K5 installation and from other facilities.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:56 No.11194647
    >complete control of K5
    No. Joint control is the only option. Are they frost giants? Didn't think so.
    >a garrison in and around it
    Acceptable, if it's limited in size and doesn't restrict research.
    >and a research base in the same place
    Also acceptable, if jointly operated.
    >They want the right to exclude any of your personnel if they choose
    Hahaha, no.
    >and the right to bring you in to assist with research 'at the earliest possible convenience', anytime.
    They don't have a monopoly on our time. We'll help when we feel like it, and only if we have admin control.
    >The same goes for any installations in Perin or the unclaimed land.
    Acceptable, given these alteratiions.
    >They want the locations of all other known installations or ruins and all information you have on them.
    Fine, that's not much, though/
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:56 No.11194654
    We have to retain Administration and R&D rights, so let's talk about that.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)21:57 No.11194666
    >Joint administration and R&D is negotiable if you hand over all military technology you've developed to date.

    As in all of the weapons tech our Dreamwood R&D people have devloped besides what we found in the ruins? Well that's a rough starting point.

    Let's start our opening 'bid' at something signifigantly better than that for us and then work our way to the middle ground.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:58 No.11194682
    >They want full access to every bit of information you've gathered from the ruins, and they intend to confiscate any materials, objects, weapons, etc.
    They'll get what we deign to give them.
    >> Harmless 07/17/10(Sat)21:58 No.11194691
    This has my vote.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)21:59 No.11194722
    Also, what about the budget for the garrison and the Perin research team? Who's going to pay for their buildings, maintenance, logistics of providing food and medical supplies?
    This should be a negotiation point; with joint administration, we'll shoulder the costs. But if they want to have full, that'll mean they pay for everything themselves.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)22:00 No.11194724
    rolled 6, 2, 1 = 9

    Schematics, research notes, everything that tells you how to make it and how it works. If you need time to copy everything, that's fine. They can wait.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)22:00 No.11194729
    Leaning towards a mix of these two.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:00 No.11194735
    You're okay with them confiscating everything, and leaving us nothing?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:01 No.11194757
    If it's only schematics, and only past results with no obligation to provide future, I'm ok with this.*

    * I'm assuming we never got into machine guns, heavy artillery, flak, and other really modern weapons of mass murder.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)22:02 No.11194778
    Let's not hand over the Dreamwood R&D notes unrelated to Frost Giant Tech. We will continue with releasing that technology at the same pace we would have otherwise done.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:02 No.11194781
    We've already developed machine guns and light field artillery.
    >> Harmless 07/17/10(Sat)22:03 No.11194783
    : / deleted the wrong line
    has my vote
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:03 No.11194785
    Isn't it just at the one base/or just the bases in Perin? We'll have ample opportunity to get more later.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:05 No.11194829
    And what makes you think they won't continue to confiscate all tech in the future with other uncovered facilities?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:06 No.11194840
    You mean continue to make the demand.
    Different from actually being able to get to.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)22:06 No.11194847
    rolled 6, 2, 1 = 9

    The high nobles are willing to accept joint administration of K5, but not any other facility. They will limit the 'assistance' time to three days per month. In an emergency, you wouldn't have to assist, but if they ask, and there's time left, you have to go. They consider this absurdly generous.

    You have informed them of the locations of K4 and K21, as well as the fact that you have no idea what they are for. They think you're holding out on them, but there's nothing they can prove, yet.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:06 No.11194850
    They're demanding full control of ALL FG ruins we have now and in the future. They're not going to let us have a tech advantage over them anymore.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)22:08 No.11194880
    rolled 2, 6, 5 = 13

    You have made developments in all of those subjects. Please note that you can have DCE hide or destroy research if you act quickly, but there is obviously a chance of discovery.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)22:08 No.11194891
    We're going to have to go to K9 at some point or another they're going to notice.

    Have we brought up anything about eliminating the Frost Giants as a threat to the North lands?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:09 No.11194897
         File1279418945.png-(46 KB, 500x500, 1256605254112.png)
    46 KB
    There's no long-term risk to us in letting them have the toys currently on the table.

    They don't have experience or familiarity with their use. They can't be efficient with them, and are unlikely to properly identify their weaknesses and when they're suitable to bring to bear.

    We've played with future toys, and now what trumps them. We aren't anywhere along the weapon spectrum yet. We can still regain our lead.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:11 No.11194938
    >brought up anything about eliminating the Frost Giants
    I don't think we should and it should remain a personal project of ours.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:12 No.11194948
    Deny them again. They will not control us.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:13 No.11194972
    Negotiate harder on joint administration of other facilities.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)22:14 No.11194983
    rolled 6, 6, 2 = 14

    No, but the Frost Giants are seen as nothing more than raiders, and the high nobles are probably aware that, with their new weapons and air power, they could wipe them all out if they put some effort into it. They really have no interest in seeing them restored to 'normal', since that would not eliminate them as a threat, it would just change the nature of it.

    They're well aware that without you, they stand little chance of actually understanding anything they find. Frost Giant translators are extremely rare, and if the primary security systems are all keyed to the original Frost Giant biology, losing you would screw them completely. If they can't rope you into assisting them, there's no point.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:15 No.11194990
    >The high nobles are willing to accept joint administration of K5, but not any other facility.

    There is simply no benefit to excluding those already familiar with the risks, and risk mitigation, of these enviroments. It would be detrimental to the other nobles, and as a result all Perin, for us to accept these terms.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:16 No.11195010
    Still push for joint administration of any K-Facilities in the Unclaimed Lands. Concede to their full control of facilities in other nations, if need be.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)22:16 No.11195015
    God this sort of negotiation is as bad a Poker. Do we have any Poker players in the house?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:17 No.11195036
    Probably not, but I'm sure we have people from retail and call centers who can talk their way into or out of anything.
    Case in point >>11194990
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:19 No.11195057
    >yes we do have complete control of K5, a garrison in and around it, and a research base in the same place.
    sure they can join and help out

    >They want the right to exclude any of your personnel if they choose

    No.we are in charge

    > and the right to bring you in to assist with research 'at the earliest possible convenience', anytime.

    Fine, but a limit on requests per month/year..

    >anything in there lands is exactly that to us Perin or the well it is unclamed unclaimed land.
    >They want the locations of all other known installations or ruins and all information you have on them.

    Give what was previously decided by our consensus.

    >They want full access to every bit of information you've gathered from the ruins, and they intend to confiscate any materials, objects, weapons, etc. as well. They will not interfere with any of your regular R&D, or with anything else unrelated to the actual ruins. This is probably because they're already pushing legal bounds, not because they have any moral objection.
    hell NO but do countine to upgrade the nations military

    > Joint administration and R&D is negotiable if they stop the economic attacks
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:19 No.11195061
    I suppose that could be our "message/talking point": We were running this solo in order to put only ourselves under risk, and this is bigger than the both of us so it needs everyone's attention without exclusions?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:19 No.11195065
    >If they can't rope you into assisting them, there's no point.
    Exactly, so there's the incentive to allow joint control of all facilities.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)22:20 No.11195067
    rolled 6, 4, 4 = 14

    They will accept joint administration of other facilities if and only if you agree to a tech exchange. The exact details can be worked out, but they are primarily interested in weapons. If you're not going to share any technology, there will be no joint administration of any facility beyond K5.

    What they're looking for right now is control. Once they have the facilities in hand, they can bring in whoever they like. But they want them first.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:21 No.11195095
    Where are they, so far, in what tech they know we have produced? And also what they have.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:22 No.11195106
    We can confirm that access will be insured for them. Access isn't a problem. We can fly 'em out on our dime if they want. We'll make as many copies of the keys as they need. We're simply keeping an eye on the master set.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)22:25 No.11195155
    Then we'll have to share some technology. We were going to do that anyways. Lever action, even semi-automatic rifles and artillery would be fine. But there need to be laws in place to prevent just any joe (or Noble) from rolling into the capital with a hundred riflemen and unseating the King.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:25 No.11195158
    I'm all in favor of just sending in our terror-troops to assassinate the high lords in their own homes.

    And leave daggers with that other lord's symbol on it. The guy who messed with our train.

    Failing that, hand over some design specs, but make them exceedingly technical and over-engineered to a fault. We can at least make their gear break down every week.

    And only hand out older tech, like we've been doing. Bolt-action rifles, etc. Keep the machine guns and assault rifles for ourselves. And keep them hidden.

    We may need to pull a Night of Long Knives soon.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:26 No.11195170
    >primarily interested in weapons
    We can allow them to have our gun designs, and our artillery systems. We'll simply design better soon anyway. They can have the designs to make them, but without the knowledge of 'why', they won't be able to progress as fast as us.
    The flight helmet is right now only a navigation aid, and isn't technically a weapon system, since we don't have the FCS integrated yet.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:27 No.11195188
    He's dead.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:28 No.11195203
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:29 No.11195230
    They want all of the weapon specs, and it's probable that they would know if we tried to hide something. We'd be fighting against their personal intelligence agents, Perin Intelligence, and the Conclave all at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:29 No.11195233
         File1279420172.jpg-(90 KB, 589x375, Gent troll.jpg)
    90 KB
    >Failing that, hand over some design specs, but make them exceedingly technical and over-engineered to a fault. We can at least make their gear break down every week.

    Give them M-16's
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:29 No.11195239
    Did we ever start research on war-crime weapons? Ex, mustard gas, landmines, agent orange, etc?

    If not, fuck it. Let 'em have all the guns they want. We'll have the trump in a few weeks.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)22:30 No.11195244
    rolled 6, 1, 6 = 13

    They know you have better weapons, better communications hardware, and a vast jump in flight technology. They don't have many specifics, though, and they don't appear to be capable of producing their own Zeppelins yet. They have morse code radios and muskets, among other things, and they are far behind you in almost every area. They are definitely attempting to reverse-engineer your tech, but they can't legally acquire any designs you haven't released to the patent system.

    Assassinating them individually would be difficult and require complex operations. They are all here right now if you want to see how good the palace defenses are.

    If you're open to sharing weapons tech, you can have joint administration of all facilities. Is this acceptable?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:32 No.11195277
    >sharing weapons tech, you can have joint administration of all facilities.
    Only the weapon design we currently have in mass production right now.
    No prototypes, no experimental designs; only current tried-and-true models.
    And they don't get anything further from our labs unless we put it on the market.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:32 No.11195283
    Only current tech, or all tech that we develop in the future?

    If former, make them really hard to understand like earlier suggested. If the latter, stipulate that you'll need a long testing period to make sure that the weapons are safe to be used in large quantities. It would do no good for the King's armies to blow themselves up.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:33 No.11195291
    Yes. Give them guns up to lever-action rifles, and the light artillery.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)22:33 No.11195292
    rolled 5, 6, 3 = 14

    Yes. You can't yet make mustard gas or agent orange, but landmines are relatively easy.

    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)22:33 No.11195297
    rolled 2, 3, 4 = 9

    Current only.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)22:34 No.11195303
    I find this agreeable.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:34 No.11195306
         File1279420467.png-(45 KB, 146x194, 1264968826926.png)
    45 KB
    >If you're open to sharing weapons tech, you can have joint administration of all facilities. Is this acceptable?

    Better than nothing. Maybe try and wrangle the wording so that it implies the weapons are in a final state, and excludes prototypes. Then any weapon we want to be covert about and get caught with we can just go "lol prototype"
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:34 No.11195309
    just to clarify to we still get paid for giving them the weapons?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:34 No.11195310
    >>11194983 They're well aware that without you, they stand little chance of actually understanding anything they find.

    We have the Keys.
    "I'm beginning to feel a little more comfortable with this arrangement, gentlemen. So, here's what I propose. Garrison presence will actually HELP the project to deter robbers, so I'm fine with them. My men at K5 are already quite familiar with it's workings, so removing them would be counter-productive. They stay, but you get to send whomever you want, so long as they obey safety regulations, which I am VERY strict about. Lastly, I am willing to hand over all of the working military tech specs we've been working on to, let's say, grease the wheels a bit. Anything that hasn't been fixed yet we will keep working on and eventually make for sale."
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:35 No.11195315
    Let's see, that would mean lever-action and bolt-action rifles, and possibly the light field artillery, tri-barrel machine gun, and man-portable machine gun.
    The flight helmet is still in development, and the 'thopter gun pods are still in the experimental because of aiming issue.
    We would have to give them our older zeppelin designs, probably.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)22:36 No.11195335

    We'll also have to see about increasing the rate of tech release in other areas besides weapons. Voice Radio deffinitely and our first Zeppelin designs.

    Also pattent the current series of ornithopter designs since they're going to be instantly outdated the moment we have Internal Combustion technology.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)22:39 No.11195375
    rolled 4, 6, 2 = 12


    This is accepted.

    Ornithopters patented. Not many changes were made from original designs.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)22:40 No.11195387
    rolled 5, 2, 3 = 10

    As it stands, the agreement is as follows:

    You will hand over some degree of weapons technology, consisting of designs currently in mass-production, intentionally over-engineered to give the government a bit of trouble.

    All facilities will be jointly administrated. The high nobles will have the right to order you to any installation for up to three days per month, unless some legitimate circumstance prevents it. They will confiscate everything you've taken from the ruins. They will have the right to exclude personnel from the facilities if your administrators agree, or if they are deemed a security risk.

    How's this?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:41 No.11195411
         File1279420914.jpg-(18 KB, 406x342, 1252035021655.jpg)
    18 KB
    Looks good, all things considered.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:42 No.11195419
    So, here's the list as I see it.
    Current Mass-Production and therefore given to Perin:
    Lever-action Rifles, Bolt-Action Rifles, Basic Zeppelin Design Concepts, tri-barrel machine guns, light field artillery, man-portable machine guns.

    Prototypes (stuff they don't get):
    combat ornithopters (and their associated weapon systems), combat flight helmets, gas-powered semi-automatic rifles (think M1 Garand), ICE's, anti-magic missiles.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)22:42 No.11195428
    About the best we can expect to get. What about any new facilities we find in the unclaimed lands?
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)22:42 No.11195436
    Looks good. Ask Bem and our diplomats what they think though.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:43 No.11195453
    I'm not liking the confiscation bit.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:44 No.11195472
    I still don't like the part where they confiscate everything from the ruins.
    I'd be willing to accept joint custody of all currently existing materials (worded in such a way that when K5 fabricates painkillers for Korus and environmental suits for us, that they can't just take them away).
    >> Harmless 07/17/10(Sat)22:44 No.11195474
    30 days per year, with no carry over, and we can never be called in for more then 3 days in a row, and we must be allowed to stay in contact with Dreamwood.

    Everything else sounds good.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:44 No.11195479
    >They will confiscate everything you've taken from the ruins.

    What have we taken from the ruins? What about stuff still in the ruins?

    >They will have the right to exclude personnel from the facilities if your administrators agree, or if they are deemed a security risk.

    I want a definition of "security risk" in place so they can't just label all our people a security risk.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)22:46 No.11195498
    rolled 4, 5, 2 = 11

    All new facilities that are found will be jointly administrated. In the case that they lie in another nation's territory, who gets to do what depends on negotiations with that nation.

    "Go for it," Bem says, "We'll come out with a new rifle in two weeks and bleed em' dry. Or something like that."

    "I'm satisfied," says another adviser, "Well, you know what I mean. At least the Lord made them play nice. They could have insisted , and we wouldn't have been able to do a damn thing about it."
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:46 No.11195501

    remind them that confiscation of materials from K5 might not even be nescissary, as K5 has it's own fabrication facility.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:47 No.11195515
    I'll take it, as long as we don't have to cough up any additional sites we may find.

    Which we must, immediately. We cannot allow the High Lords, who have clearly made themselves our opposition, maintain a grip on our technological advancement.

    When we are called in for help, stymie them as much as possible. Erase data archives, corrupt logs, set security traps in areas that you haven't "officially" explored yet.

    And tell the facility to not grant any administrator privileges, or understand any human language at all.

    If we can pull that off, then their tech will be limited to 3-day crawls 12 times per year. Slow enough to be meaningless.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:48 No.11195533
    NO! Don't tell them shit about anything.

    When they call us in to examine the stuff, make sure it breaks down. We can chalk it up to age.

    And reroute all power away from auto-repair.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:49 No.11195553
    Oh, damn it. Agree. But steal and hide as many things as we can.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)22:50 No.11195559
    Okay, looks to be as good as we're going to get. I say we accept.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)22:50 No.11195564
    Dont tell them that just yet. Let them find out. We could easily use it to make a tiny hidden stockpile of guns somewhere for a SHTF situation before their people lock down the site.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:50 No.11195565
    I doubt that will work. They're going to be keeping a much, much closer eye on us, and they will be trying to track us every time we go out, in case we find another facility.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:51 No.11195584
    this guy has the right idea
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)22:51 No.11195590
    rolled 3, 5, 5 = 13

    They want all materials studied on-site, by joint crews, unless previously agreed upon. They don't want you hoarding anything.

    42 days, nothing less. That's three per month over fourteen months. They won't take you for more than three consecutive days.

    You've taken golems, weapons, and miscellaneous pieces of technology, such as map bands, command cylinders, the remains of a console, etc.

    Security risk is defined as a person 'likely to cause damage to operations or materials within project boundaries'. They are very resistant to changing this definition.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:52 No.11195598
    We need to set DCE agents up as archaeologists and researchers as soon as possible, so we can steal everything from the sites.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:54 No.11195621
    Hide as much as possible, so they can't confiscate it. We need to be exceedingly sneaky about this, and everything in general, from now on.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:54 No.11195633
    Who decides how likely someone is to cause damage?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:55 No.11195636
    I'm sorry, but no. These guys had Bane of Forus good and FUCKED while our agents were chasing shadows. We'd be steamrolled like a pubbie player on a korean starcraft server.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)22:56 No.11195647
    We'll have to use one or more of the now abandoned project labs as a joint R&D center. We should bring back all of the stuff taken to Dreamwood R&D ourselves so it doesnt give them an excuse to go rummaging.

    They know we'll need to take the anti-virus cylinders and the like away from the sites to help open up new ones right? It would be counter productive if they tried to halt us for shoplifting gear needed to open the others.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)22:57 No.11195670
    Not only that, but they've already stipulated that any new facilities will be jointly administered. Trying to hide something like that will be very difficult, especially now that they're going to be looking for it.
    They might even uncover our hiding of Kharok Main.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)22:59 No.11195702
    rolled 6, 2, 2 = 10

    All newly discovered facilities will be jointly administrated. If the high nobles do not discover any new facilities, they will not be able to take control. Thus, you could theoretically operate in any place they don't know about, but if they found out, you could very well be tried for treason or something similar. So far, they only know about K5, K4, and K21.


    The government's administrators. They are very committed to this, and it's clear that they want the power to boot out people they don't want snooping around in the ruins. Under the circumstances, you really can't blame them, but that's beside the point. You won't make any headway in this area unless you offer something substantial.

    They don't know this yet, but they will, if it turns out that K21's systems are infected.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:00 No.11195715
    look honestly we just want to improve the lives of every one we can,

    and If weapons will let you help us do this then we will give you more bigger and killer weapons than you could imagine

    start magic a bomb project that golden sheld amplfied damage like 5x or10x lets magic up
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:01 No.11195723
    >The government's administrators. They are very committed to this, and it's clear that they want the power to boot out people they don't want snooping around in the ruins. Under the circumstances, you really can't blame them, but that's beside the point. You won't make any headway in this area unless you offer something substantial.

    Guys... this security thing is probably going to be their loophole for ousting us. We need to plug this one.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:02 No.11195741
    Could you please write in proper English?
    It's literally painful to attempt to parse your text.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:04 No.11195754
    But how? What can we offer that they would accept in exchange for giving us this control?

    And for the idiots saying we should just give away our weapons technology, that's one of our primary revenue sources. Revenue we need in order to fund our many other efforts, including all of our social programs.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:05 No.11195759
    I don't know :/ That's why I'm requesting proposals.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:05 No.11195761
         File1279422356.png-(325 KB, 2108x2108, 1279313394632.png)
    325 KB
    Dont they need to consult us before ousting people like you said in your previous post? and hiding k main shouldnt be too hard since its so far away as long as we stay careful.
    and i don't see k9 on here but we need to try as hard as possible to hide the facilities that aren't in perin. maybe set up a secret settlement in the unclaimed lands.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:08 No.11195785
    >>They will have the right to exclude personnel from the facilities if your administrators agree, or if they are deemed a security risk

    They need to consult us, OR deem them a security risk. Or. By my reading they basically claim a security veto over if we protest.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:08 No.11195789
         File1279422516.jpg-(162 KB, 1280x866, 1278195878512.jpg)
    162 KB
    saw k9 after i posted.
    it being so far out there means it should be easy to hide.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)23:08 No.11195792
         File1279422521.png-(134 KB, 1116x1016, Missing sites.png)
    134 KB
    Guestimated positions on some of the other sites. Dunno what we're going to do about Kharok Main. We should pull our teams out of there though.

    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)23:08 No.11195795
    rolled 6, 4, 5 = 15

    Actually, it isn't. Most of your weapons are produced for internal use. Transit and BemCorp are your major sources.

    They only need to consult your administrators if the person in question isn't a security risk. If he is, they can eject him without approval from your side.

    K9 is the facility farthest North. At the moment, the only way to and from Kharok is by Zeppelin. Once you have a government presence by the ruins, it will be difficult to conceal those flights.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:10 No.11195812
    As bad as that post is I must agree, we want to explore crate, advance, hell we want to start the star trek federation but right now we need the help of the nobles.

    Let us build a bomb a magic nuke :( to make the nobles feel safe
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:10 No.11195823
    How do we get supplies to K-Main and to K-9 without arousing suspicion? Explain the missing personnel, the zeppelin flights with no apparent destination into the North?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:12 No.11195841
    >if it turns out the system is infected

    "infect" the system with an anti-human protocol.

    Let them get there first.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:13 No.11195851
    Nicely done.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:13 No.11195852
    The frost giants had very effective teleportation technology.

    If we can master it, we can run our own programs without worry. We can teleport directly from the sites to the research base in Dreamwood if we wanted.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:13 No.11195854
    Seriously, they're right in front of us. Lets just kill them. We have guns on us, they don't. KILL THEM AND GET THIS OVER WITH.

    That, or let Bem finish the negotiations.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:15 No.11195871
    >government presence by the ruins, it will be difficult to conceal those flights.
    Well, that seems like we now have 3 options:
    1. Continue hiding Kharok Main until the Nobles inevitably find out and have us tried for treason.
    2. Pull out of Kharok Main.
    3. Reveal the existence of Kharok Main but only after the agreement has been signed, as part of revealing the locations of the other facilities.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:16 No.11195877
    >kill them all, run to frost giants
    >reactivate frost giant ruins, cure species
    >rebirth of FG super-civilization
    >march back into Perin, save Dreamwood, kick a whole lot of ass

    I'm all for it.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)23:16 No.11195883
    rolled 2, 6, 4 = 12

    You have a cache of plutonium. A gun-type nuclear weapon would be fairly easy to manufacture, but you probably don't have enough material for a test bomb as well, putting aside the obvious problem of how to test one without anyone finding out.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:17 No.11195894
    Until we get ICE's for trucks and such we use the charms we've been using so they cant scry us and fly low to the ground so they cant see us.
    As for theyre security ousting thing just straight up say we don't trust them to not just Label our crucial people a security risk.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)23:17 No.11195897
    Seriously? I can only assume you're trolling or joking. We're in the middle of the Capitol. We do that, and there are countless mages more powerful than us here who will kill the fuck out of us.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:18 No.11195903
    Which was still in the experimental stage, and they had only complete 1 test jump. We don't know if the all of the research data and schematics survived, or if the fabricators can replicate the materials needed.
    Even then, hiding the supplies, getting them to where they can be teleported, maintaining operational secrecy while moving people and doing it all under the noses of Perin Intelligence and the Conclave.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:19 No.11195918
    Blast it far enough away and I think most won't know. There have been over 2000 nuclear weapon detonations in our world. Most people can maybe name four, and would only guess there have been 50-100.

    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:22 No.11195944
    Punctuation, can you use it?
    Anyway, flying low to the ground is pointless if they can see it being loaded. Do you really think that Perin Intelligence and the High Nobles are stupid enough to NOT have the zeppelin yards watched by agents? Or to now flood Dreamwood with spies?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)23:22 No.11195946
    rolled 2, 3, 1 = 6

    They promise not to abuse the security clause. The Lord promises to hold them to their word.

    That was in a world without scrying.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)23:22 No.11195954
    He does have a point. We should have a means for contesting who is deemed a security threat even if it's only to find out what they know.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:23 No.11195964
    Good point on the scrying.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:25 No.11195986
    Just agree already. This is getting beyond boring.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:25 No.11195987
    >The Lord promises to hold them to their word.
    As much as I hate it, I think we have to concede this. I am not willing to give the High Nobles any more of our valuable technology or resources, and as long as the High Lord can keep the High Nobles from abusing that right, I think it will have to do.
    But stand firm on being able to perform our own experiments and projects in the Kharok facilities, and on joint custody of any technology that is recovered.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:28 No.11196016
    Is your attention span too short to be able to stay focused on the problems at hand?
    You say this is boring, but these negotiations can determine what happens for the rest of the quest. This should not be taken lightly.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)23:29 No.11196017
    rolled 2, 4, 3 = 9

    They'll tell you why they think someone's a security threat, unless it is so serious that the information itself is vital to national security. In that case, though, the person in question would be arrested, not just removed from the facility.

    All experiments will be jointly administrated, so there will always be at least some government oversight. Joint administration by definition includes joint custody.

    Shall we wrap this up?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:31 No.11196041
    I think this is all of the concessions we'll be able to get out of this deal. I don't like it, but as one of our advisors said, we'll pay them back later.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)23:31 No.11196042
         File1279423868.gif-(46 KB, 250x236, indy6.gif)
    46 KB
    Yes. Now throw us the Idol and we'll throw you the whip... or is that the other way around?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:32 No.11196064
    I believe in this case, we throw them the idol so they throw us the whip.
    We can only hope that they step into a trap and get themselves killed a little bit after their inevitable betrayal of us.
    Of course, in the movie, Indy lost the idol to his rival...
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:32 No.11196067
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:33 No.11196069
         File1279423983.png-(2.29 MB, 1068x1420, 1260492745557.png)
    2.29 MB
    We'll agree (for now).
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)23:34 No.11196083
    rolled 1, 5, 6 = 12

    Very well then. I'll end this session here. There will not be a session tomorrow, but we will resume Friday, if all goes well.

    I'm sure you'll be planning how best to screw over the high nobles.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)23:34 No.11196088
    I meant SDM not the Nobles.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:34 No.11196090

    Alright, but I'd like to bring forward the item of a cure for frost giants again. While curing the entire race might not be as, well, sexy as wiping them out, maintaining a population of NON-retarded, non-hate-raping FG's would actually benefit the nation. Only one or two ferals would be experimented on, and when a cure was found, a strict number of ones whom accepted the offer to a cure would be allowed to undergo the treatment. I'm not ready to give up on an entire race of people, rageaholics or not.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:34 No.11196091
    Yes, high lords. I'm sure that the holy grail is the one with the gems. it's the one best fit for a king, after all.
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)23:37 No.11196119
         File1279424250.png-(194 KB, 407x405, Advice Maya-you're awesome.png)
    194 KB
    Meh I'm more concerned with reviving the Frost giant race. Basicly tell Bem to do what he does best and dont hold back.
    We've got questan to do!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:37 No.11196124
    We should continue that as a personal project. I doubt very much that the High Nobles right now would be open to anything that might bring back a Frost Giant empire.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:38 No.11196137

    That and, well, as mentioned, the facilities won't work without a non-feral FG to light the candles, so it would ensure the continuing function of the facilities should something happen to us.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:38 No.11196138
    What's our personal level of magic at nowadays? Have we continued to gain magical strength like we did in the old days?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:40 No.11196156
    Why not do both?

    We need to expand our holdings, get more land and resources. We need to get back into working with the military, even if not directly with us serving on the front lines. Don't they already have provisions and laws for when a noble sends their militia and knights to aid the national army in a war?
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:42 No.11196184
    I want to bring up the adult frost giant painkiller test again.
    We should definitely still try that.
    and when we get nuclear weapons we should show the lord of perin the test and say "you could have had this" to troll him and the nobles.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)23:43 No.11196198
    rolled 5, 5, 5 = 15

    I should probably watch that again. Last Crusade as well.

    You're getting a 'maybe'. They're not happy with you, and there is no way they're agreeing to anything they don't have to, at least for now. Having an army of re-educated Frost Giants teleported into their houses in the middle of the night is a potential concern.

    Bem will do as he always does, and he will make obscene amounts of money, as usual.

    You haven't gotten in as much practice as you'd like, since administrating all of this stuff really does take up a lot of your time. You haven't used your full power in a long while, but at this point, you could probably destroy a town with a wink.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:44 No.11196215
         File1279424670.jpg-(157 KB, 1368x1026, task.jpg)
    157 KB
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)23:44 No.11196220
    rolled 1, 1, 3 = 5

    They do. In such cases, those troops are normally integrated into a regular military unit.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)23:46 No.11196236
         File1279424809.jpg-(51 KB, 640x480, 1279295839881.jpg)
    51 KB
    rolled 2, 3, 1 = 6

    I am honored by this.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:48 No.11196260
    What I'm trying to think of is ways that we can acquire property and holdings within Occupied Forus. We can just buy more land in Perin, and possibly in Cyreth (though there are probably laws concerning foreign nobles owning land that our legal team will have to navigate), and we can try carving out settlements in the Unclaimed Lands.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/17/10(Sat)23:51 No.11196297

    Thanks for the session today SubProc!
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:52 No.11196305
    Say, I just thought of something. Didn't Subproc say Perin was negotiating a merger with Cyreth, the country to the north, when the war with Forus happened?
    >> Arty 07/17/10(Sat)23:53 No.11196317
         File1279425191.png-(94 KB, 407x405, Advice Maya.png)
    94 KB
    >You're getting a 'maybe'.

    That's not a no. Time to discover K9 and get Korus healed up!

    That looks pritty handy, I should get one of those.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:54 No.11196331
    They're pretty cheap. Got it at a dollar store. Might've been three or five dollars? (Canadian)
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/17/10(Sat)23:56 No.11196361
    rolled 4, 5, 6 = 15

    No problem. Sorry we got so bogged down in this.

    I don't remember this. I wouldn't know the first place to look for confirmation, anyway.
    >> Anonymous 07/17/10(Sat)23:58 No.11196377

    I'll point it out in the archives next time there's a session and suptg is up.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/10(Sun)00:00 No.11196403
    >Sorry we got so bogged down in this.
    No, it's alright. It's very important that we get the ownership of the Kharok facilities hammered out. While we had to reveal the existence of the K-Facilities and allow the High Nobles to muck around with them, I think that in the long run, getting the Lord and Prince on our side, and preparing to fuck over the High Nobles, is more important.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/18/10(Sun)00:00 No.11196408
    rolled 2, 3, 3 = 8

    Thank you. I hope I haven't forgotten anything absurdly important.
    >> Arty 07/18/10(Sun)00:00 No.11196411
         File1279425611.jpg-(43 KB, 811x164, Epic Quests.jpg)
    43 KB
    Also we finally broke even with Zeonquest yesterday.

    As for that Convoy that went missing waaaaay back when now we should hire a mercenary or private investigator to look for them. Pay him a bit straight off since it could take him awhile to track down what happened and include a revolver (and gun permit) as part of the final payment.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/10(Sun)00:03 No.11196444
    And a supply of bullets, with more ammunition available as a discount.

    Hmm...should we start up a Dreamwood PMC? Something like "Winterfrost Security" to provide air assets and special operations units to the Perin military?
    >> Anonymous 07/18/10(Sun)00:04 No.11196465

    Probably a good idea. The workers on that shipment probably had family who've been worried sick ever since, so we could at least offer closure to them.
    >> Arty 07/18/10(Sun)00:10 No.11196532
    I bet you 50 internets that the people escorting the convoy hijacked it, sold off everything and went to live the 'high life' in some tiny city along the route.
    >> Researcher Sam 07/18/10(Sun)00:10 No.11196533
    It's cool. It needed to be done, and you couldn't very well have the high Lords just roll over and accept everything. I mean, you could have, but it wouldn't have been very believable.
    >> Arty 07/18/10(Sun)00:16 No.11196611
    I think he misremembered an attempt by Forus to annex Cyreth. Perin prevented it.

    Good game SDM see you next week.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/10(Sun)00:17 No.11196622

    That coulda been it, too, but we won't know till the archives are fixed.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/18/10(Sun)00:17 No.11196633
    rolled 3, 3, 4 = 10

    Thank you. See you later.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/10(Sun)00:20 No.11196684
         File1279426855.jpg-(69 KB, 500x417, democracy_will_come_to_you.jpg)
    69 KB
    I figured out how to fuck over the high nobles.

    Convert Perin to a democracy.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/10(Sun)00:22 No.11196711
    I think our primary concern next session is going to be getting to K9 and restoring it to a functional state.
    As for the other Kharok facilities, I'd rather slow down their excavation, simply because we'd have to work with the High Nobles on them.
    We can use the saved time to build up our power-base, and try to find ways to get back at the High Nobles. We need to become unassailable.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/10(Sun)00:26 No.11196772
         File1279427186.jpg-(1.28 MB, 2994x1998, B-52 - Do not mess with.jpg)
    1.28 MB
    Have some Democracy, which comes in many different convenient sizes and shapes!

    In all seriousness though, a parliamentary system is probably better, as we'll still need the support of the other nobles.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/10(Sun)00:34 No.11196883
    Cruise missiles. Did we ever research cruise missiles?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/18/10(Sun)00:37 No.11196931
    rolled 4, 6, 1 = 11

    You don't yet have the technology. Your short-range rockets are practically unguided and fairly inaccurate. Study of the Frost Giant weapons could help, but the high nobles will also have access to them.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/10(Sun)00:37 No.11196933
    Eventually. But we don't even have effective ICE's, let alone jet engines or magic that would allow them to fly that fast and far.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/10(Sun)00:44 No.11197019
    Ah, how goes our military academy? Training of new officers and recruits, and of our Top Gun school?

    We need a name for it, too.

    Oh, and have we taught or written down modern tactics and fighting techniques that take advantage of the weapons that we produce? Such as fireteams, maneuver warfare, and calling in air and artillery support? Have we re-written a copy of The Art of War with what we can remember?
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/18/10(Sun)00:53 No.11197154
    rolled 2, 6, 6 = 14

    Well enough, but even the longest training stint barely qualifies as a crash course, since you are expanding so rapidly that you need as many officers as you can get all the time. On-the-job training proceeds on the basic foundation laid by the academy. As it is, almost none of your military personnel are up to Perin's usual quality standards. Your technology advantage offsets this, of course.

    You have been writing down all you can remember on a variety of topics. Your common-sense Manual of Battle, incorporating wisdom from your world and this one, is required reading. You have been careful not to expose too much information too quickly, so each successive edition of the war texts incorporates information on the latest technology. A year ago, air doctrine did not even exist. Now it's one of the fastest-growing sections in the curriculum and the books.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/10(Sun)01:08 No.11197353
    The "Manual of Battle" sounds good, but I'd like to have a more strategic-level oriented book written, specifically based on Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' and on Clausewitz's 'On War'. The principles laid down in the books are independent of tactics or technology, and can be equally applied from Bronze Age armies to Information Age nations.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/18/10(Sun)01:11 No.11197392
    rolled 3, 1, 6 = 10

    That's basically what it is. Tech-specific information mostly resides in other texts. Remember that you don't have access to an infinite supply of Earth knowledge. There's a limit to how much can be retrieved.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/10(Sun)01:18 No.11197497
    Okay. Ah well, there goes my hope for becoming a legendary strategist in this world. I guess I'll just have to make do with being a super-scientist and industrialist who turned a backwater hamlet into an industrial and scientific titan, and accelerating technology from the 1600s to WW1 in 4 years.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/10(Sun)01:30 No.11197634
    Welp, this was a fun session. See you Friday, SubDM.
    >> ★ Subprocessor DM 07/18/10(Sun)01:33 No.11197687
    rolled 3, 2, 2 = 7

    Thanks for being here. Good night.

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