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  • File : 1278831920.jpg-(201 KB, 396x558, 1262855899175.jpg)
    201 KB BARD QUEST 07/11/10(Sun)03:05 No.11064384  

    The Fiddle is your bread, and your voice is your butter. You tell stories and sing song, to entertain is your livelihood...
    Last time you met the Half Ogre (half Half-Orc) Grue, who tried to rob you. Trickery, and food, quickly brought him into your fold. Returning to his base of operation, you defeated the Dwarf Glod and looted his cave. In this battle Grue lost an eye to the Dwarf's axe.
    Looting the cave was very profitable. Glod and Grue must have been here quite a while. You were able to salvage Glod's crossbow, 25 bolts, his chainmail shirt, and his helmet.You found several rolls of silk and cloth, some jewelry, and in a locked box 3 potions of healing and 4 gold coins. Though the potions are not very strong according to Newt.
    All in all you can probably sell everything for a total of 10 gold, including the 4 coins. This is the most money you've ever had.
    You were also heading to a small village down the road.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:07 No.11064413
    I remember that we wanted to save Grue's eye with one of the health potions.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:08 No.11064420
         File1278832099.jpg-(46 KB, 550x444, 2dmcv8m.jpg)
    46 KB
    I say we all climb on Glue's head and ride him into town. Like pic related.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:08 No.11064424
    Switch out our leather vest for the chain mail shirt. Ask Newt if our other health potion is strong enough to completely fix Grue's eye. You also might want to keep the silk with you and give it too a tailor in addition to some pay and get them to make some nice costumes for our show.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:11 No.11064446
    Why do you keep calling him Glue?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:14 No.11064470
    .... That ISN'T his name?
    >Glod and Grue must have been here quite a while.

    Oh. Fuck. Sorry. Grue! My bad!
    >> BonusPoints !!BMGaNpKMqX2 07/11/10(Sun)03:15 No.11064482

    This. Make a spectacle of ourselves from the get-go. That'll attract the crowds damn fast. If we are capable of displaying some entertaining, uncommon balance/coordination skill while riding on his shoulders we should go for it.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:24 No.11064590
    He probably wouldn't mind if we changed his name.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/11/10(Sun)03:24 No.11064594
    First things first. Grue's eye. The wagon gets to the cave and Tabby starts loading the loot. You take the healing potions from the cave and approach Newt, to see if any of them are strong enough. As soon as you ask Newt shakes her head. "No. This would have stopped the bleeding and the pain, but they would only have sealed the wound. They aren't strong enough to heal the eye. It would take a decently strong Cleric or a Paladin to do that."
    Looks like Grue will have to stay with an eyepatch for now. You have to scold him a few more times for picking at it.
    You take the dwarf's chain vest and put it on. It's a little short and wide, but it fits. Newt takes the padded vest from you. "Every little bit helps."
    With a little help from Grue you manage to get up on his back, sitting on one shoulder, Grue puts Zanne on the other. His shoulders are wide enough to sit on comfortably, even if they are a bit boney. As Grue lopes down the road, far too big to sit in the wagon but easily able to keep up, you spot a young man working in a field next to the road. He looks up at your approach, screams, and runs as fast as he can down the road. You can see the village in the distance.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:27 No.11064629
    Oh yeah, I don't suppose those villagers would be used to seeing a peaceful half ogre running through their village. Start to play some music and singing, tell Grue to join along and generally be nonthreatening. Get Tanot to go ahead and explain that we'll be coming to the town's populace before we enter.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:29 No.11064662
    The locals must be afraid of Grue. Cover him in the cloths and play a song about the most valiant Half-half-orc-half-ogre to remedy this.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:30 No.11064681
    Grue has been robbing people on this road for weeks now. They probably know of him as a bandit, and think he;s gotten more bandit buddies to loot the village.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:32 No.11064707
         File1278833552.png-(121 KB, 600x600, Sohftgutt_the_Cuddly_by_Kazuv.png)
    121 KB
    stop by the tavern for an ale and a cuddle duel
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:32 No.11064711
    Well, a song of peace then.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:34 No.11064734
    Awesome, glad to see this again. Wish I could stick around for it.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:34 No.11064743
    What is a cuddle duel? Which reminds me. Remember to cuddle each of our crew, but not Tanot, for being such a pro earlier.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:36 No.11064777
    I say we teach Grue about personal property laws, and what happens when those laws are violated.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:37 No.11064788

    Also, cuddle Grue twice. He's probably upset about losing his 'friend' the dwarf, and his eye.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:39 No.11064812
    So anyway, you can't take other people's things.
    >We took Glod's things.
    Yeah, but he was dead.
    ><Kills people so we can take their things without getting into trouble>
    >> BARD QUEST 07/11/10(Sun)03:42 No.11064843
    You resolve to discuss why theft is bad to Grue later, but now things could get...awkward. You also need to give everyone a hug... except Tanot, the jerk. He hasn't even apologized for not helping AT ALL. Everyoen will be getting a bonus tonight... except Tanot.
    After taking a moment to get Elisabeth out of the wagon, you start playing from your perch. It's a jaunty little tune that you hope will calm down the village once you get... Oh my. It appears that the entire village is in the town square. They all seem to be armed with pitchforks and other farming implements. You notice a torch or two, despite it being the middle of the day.
    Well, your a Bard. Public speaking is your forte.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:44 No.11064868
    explain that killing is only okay in self defense, or if we say so.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:44 No.11064872
    Play a jiggle! Play a jiggle like mad!
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:45 No.11064882
    Do... you perhaps mean a Jingle? Or should Zanne get mostly naked an jiggle?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:45 No.11064889
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:45 No.11064891
    Stop playing and just tell them what was happening. Tell them how Glod was manipulating Grue into scaring and hurting people so he could profit from him. Say that we made Glod go away (don't say kill, we don't want to startle Grue) and that they shouldn't have any more issues with highwaymen on their roads.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:46 No.11064896
    Isn't she ALREADY mostly naked?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:46 No.11064903
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:46 No.11064906
    Make sure to awkwardly add after that line "With my mouth."
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:47 No.11064916
    We should do both of these things. And also proclaim their days of fear over. Throw a few tasty treats about, have Newt make some lights. DANCE PARTY!
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:48 No.11064924
    Grue reduced his head to paste! How could grue NOT know he is dead? He isn't THAT dumb!
    But we SHOULD give the village elder Glod's helmet. No dwarf would ever willingly go without his helmet. Proof we took care of him.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:48 No.11064930
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:48 No.11064933
    Grue's probably blocking it out subconsciously.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:49 No.11064935
         File1278834543.png-(68 KB, 600x700, Pregnant_Warlord_Khierra_by_Ka(...).png)
    68 KB
    Did someone say jiggle?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:50 No.11064945
    We told Grue that he was just sleeping, he seemed to buy that. If you couldn't tell he's got the mental ability of a young child. He probably doesn't understand or can handle concepts like death.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:50 No.11064947
    How much would a helmet be worth? I like the idea though.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/11/10(Sun)03:55 No.11065007
    You stop Grue just outside f the town. Getting down off of him, now that you think about it, he has to be at least 8 feet tall, you cautiously approach the villagers while playing a song. They seem to huddle up some as you get closer, and an old man who is missing an arm steps foreword. "We've had enough of you rabble! You'll leave the village alone or we'll have to defend ourselves. The dwarf has finally gone too-" You interrupt him and tell him Glod is dead, and toss the helmet to him. You explain that you're just traveling performers. "And what about the beast you have with you? Do you know how many people he's hurt? He was the dwarf's dog!" He keeps peering down at the helmet, and back at you. "And how do we know you aren't just a new set to torment us? Just... go away!"
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:58 No.11065044
    explain that if we were there to harm them, we wouldn't have left the only thing really capable of defending us from a mass of pitchforks and torches back there while we came up here to talk.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:58 No.11065047
    "You would blame a dog for having a poor master? Sir, I have come here with good tidings, and the desire to entertain you and maybe trade....."yadda yadda we can talk our way out of this.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)03:59 No.11065062
    Alright... these folks are scared. Lets bring the other performers in and introduce them one at a time. Just do a performance and move on.
    Note to self, paint wagon brightly.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:00 No.11065088
    Yes, let's make ourselves BIGGER targets.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:00 No.11065089
    We have the entire village as an audience. If we don't turn this into a performance we are no true bard.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:02 No.11065102
    Yeah, with all our extra gold we should be set when we visit the next town. Use the silk for costumes, buy paint, maybe another wagon, and get some real advertising and performing going on.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:06 No.11065158
    Hey, we should get Grue to shout about our "greatest show on earth" when we come to a new area. Encourage him to get creative when telling people about our show.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:10 No.11065228
    Our troupe doesn't have a name yet, does it?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:12 No.11065250
    We should also have Grue come up with our name.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:13 No.11065264
    I'm not eager to find out how much Grue actually eats. He'll be chewing through our cash in no time, we'll probably have to spend double at the taverns just to keep him sated.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:15 No.11065291
    Good point. Can ogreorcs eat livestock meal I wonder?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:15 No.11065296
    Fine. We kill him when he sleeps and parade his head around the village, thus earning their fucking appreciation.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/11/10(Sun)04:15 No.11065300
    You point out, very reasonably, that if you meant harm to the village then you wouldn't have left your heaviest hitters outside while you came up alone to introduce yourself, also, you're wearing the dwarf's chain shirt right now. You tell them you'll be providing a free show for them, and encourage them to keep their weapons with them if it makes them feel better. Then you cheat a little. Using your ventriloquist skills, ghost sound for those keeping track, you make a voice from the center of the crowd. "Whats the harm it it then?" Several of the people in the crowd look around. The one armed man looks down at the helmet again. "We'll be keeping an eye on you... But keep that thi... please keep the half Ogre out of the village." He seems to consider this. "No. Bring him with you. I don't want him sneaking about."
    You motion for the wagon to come up. You introduce everyone one at a time. TABBY THE STRONG! NEWT THE AMAZING! ZANNE THE BEAUTIFUL! FARAL THE EXOTIC! GRUE THE GIGANTIC! And Tanot, the driver.
    You open up with a song about traveling the road, accompanied by Faral and Tanot, with effects by Newt. After a few more songs, the villagers seem to be relaxing a bit and you see women and children peering out of the houses, you let Tabby exhibit her strength. She picks up a bench with five men sitting on it, beats multiple farmers in arm wrestling, and such. Newt does more tricks, from lights to pulling a silver out of a little girls ear, she give the girl the silver.
    You end up in the village for several hours preforming. After the show, while you're loading up the wagon, the one armed man approaches you. "I... I wanted to apologize for before. We... couldn't trust you. Glod and Grue... Glod has been terrorizing the village for several months now. Is there any way we can make it up to you?"
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:17 No.11065321
    We'll be able to afford it if we keep one of our entertaining working at the inns we'll be staying at around the clock I suppose. Full entertainment services in return for as much food as we need and shelter for as long as we're saying sounds even to me.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:19 No.11065348
    We will run out of food eventually. Ask for supplies.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:20 No.11065359
    Another tent. A big one.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:21 No.11065363
    Well, if you have any clerics of paladins on hand we could use them to heal Grue's eye. The poor thing got himself hurt when he was helping us get rid of Glod. Short of that I guess if you have any young folks who have some talent we'd be more than happy to take them with us on our tour.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:22 No.11065378
    More mouths to feed?
    I say we ask for supplies, any they can spare.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:22 No.11065381
    This. Well, This as far as the cleric and Grue's eye goes. I don't think the village would be happy with us askign for their talented children.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:22 No.11065382
    Ask about getting a couple of horses to pull your wagon too.
    That way you can switch off as needed.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:22 No.11065384
    Is newt giving away our silver?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:23 No.11065399
    Who knows, maybe they have an annoying little tike who won't stop bothering people in the village with his tricks and wants out of his small town.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:25 No.11065419
    or some kind of necromantic sorcerer who keeps his grandmother in his closet.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:28 No.11065453
    We'll just deduct it from her pay if it was.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:30 No.11065465
    Only one it looks lie. Probably fed her family for the next week.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/11/10(Sun)04:38 No.11065558
    You ask about a cleric or someone with magic healing. "Sorry miss, if there was anyone like that around I'd have both my arms. But I know you can find some like that in Vimestead. You still have about a week, maybe a little less, to go." You ask about anyone with talent that wants to leave, which seems to get the old man defensive. "No, no one like that around." Then you ask for supplies, much to his relief. "We're just simple farmers, but food is something we can spare. Change out your horses for some better ones as well... for a small price. Horses is expensive, even trading."
    For 50 silver silver he's willing to give you the two strongest horses in the village, one riding horse, and a larger wagon. He'll take 10 silver if you leave the leave the old wagon and horses. The Supplies will be for an afternoon of entertainment, about 2 weeks worth for everyone in the party but Grue. For 3 silver he'll throw in a good fat cow.
    As of right now you have about 10 Gold 40 silver. (roughly 100 silver for one gold)
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:42 No.11065597
    I would suggest finding out about the specials in the town. Subtly.

    And I am willing to go with the trade on the horses...
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:43 No.11065611
    So fifty to straight up buy the new horses and better cart, ten if we trade in our old set? I don't think forty silver is too much a difference and keeping the old animals and carts allows us room for expansion and make traveling less cramped . Buy that cow and with it plus the goat we have we can do a nice little petting zoo area for the kids (thought the effect of it might be diminished considering this is fantasy and most children work with animals all day).
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:43 No.11065615
    Like a tailor or something?
    But really, do we WANT to stay in this down for the several days required for that, do we have time for more then some quick trades?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:44 No.11065622
    Saving 10 silver is not so much a big deal at this point. I would be inclined to keep them
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:44 No.11065625
    I think the cow is for Grue's eating.
    Oh and... Why did Gregor preform int he act? That goat needs to pull hi weight!
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:45 No.11065636
    so we have roughly 1040 silver.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:46 No.11065647
    I approve of this trade. Sadly the horses and cart are not ours, and the decision is not ours to make.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:47 No.11065667
    He did. He was the biggest hit. Nobody's really sure what he did, but everyone loved it.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:48 No.11065674
    a tailor could be useful too. But I mean more like a sorcerer, or a some kid who can do cantrips, or an old lady who tells prophesies.

    Typical carni stuff.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:49 No.11065692
    Tanot can leave his horses here if he wants money, But these new ones should be our ownership.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:51 No.11065723
    I don't really want to stay for too long. I figure we've got a week to get to the main town and there's bound to more talent along the way. I am suspicious however of why the one armed man was so defensive when we asked about talent, it could just be because we were trying to nap one of their young kids, but I'm guessing there's someone he doesn't want us to take. I say follow him around tomorrow and see who he meets and talks to.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:53 No.11065743
    Staying one afternoon to get two weeks of supplies is a net gain all over. We should take it.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:55 No.11065769
    We could hold an audition or something. See if anyone wants to join us and has the skills to do so.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/11/10(Sun)04:56 No.11065772
    You give the man 53 silver for a new cart, horses, and a cow. You make it clear to Tanot that these are yours, and you won't take any of his property. Grue looks at the cow and pets it's head. "Cows yummy! Feed Grue for week easy! I call you Sausage!" Well at least the food problem for the next week is settled. You keep all the supplies in Tanot's wagon, leaving enough room for him and one other passenger, and make this bigger wagon you travel wagon. This is big enough that even Grue will be able to sit in it, even if he's hanging off the back. Sadly, no one seems to have pain in any other color but white int his town, and the only tailor is an old woman that says it'll take a week to make you a suit, and that it was inappropriate for a young lady to be wearing pants.
    As you make these transactions and the supplies are loaded, you inquire about anyone that the old man might not have wanted you to find out about, but with more finesse. The village seems to be just another farming village. The only person of note, other then the old man who is apparently the founder of the village, is his granddaughter. She spends a lot of time in the woods, sometimes weeks at a time, and is the best shot with a bow in the village, she makes more huntign kills then anyone else.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:57 No.11065790
    >"Cows yummy! Feed Grue for week easy! I call you Sausage!"

    Poor sausage, we hardly new ye.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)04:59 No.11065804
    We already have an archer.
    >"Cows yummy! Feed Grue for week easy! I call you Sausage!"
    ... Fucking Grue! you're so fucking adorable! We should see if we can get Sausage butchered here in town. I don't think anyone in our party can do that.
    OH WAIT! Tabby can, she grew up on a farm.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:00 No.11065809
    Im going to guess something of a ranger.

    And not somebody we really need, unless we are CE or something....
    So lets entertain for the next night, hold an audition for talent, and then head out.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:00 No.11065812
    I'm not seeing how a hunter is useful in a circus.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:04 No.11065854
    Have you guys ever heard of trick shooting? You know amazing acts of skill and aiming that could earn use money. Like for example shooting an apple off Grue's head or hitting a silver coin in the air with an arrow. We may have an archer, but I doubt she's anywhere near that good.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:04 No.11065860
    have you ever heard of Cowboy Bill?
    Someone who can shoot good is always an attraction.
    And she might be a druid, depends though.
    If druid she might be useful to us, but is more useful to the town. If ranger, well, we dont need her.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:05 No.11065876
    Marksman. We could use that in the act. Also, she's probably a good tracker, as we spend alot of time on the road that would be good if we ever got lost. Hunting would greatly reduce our need to buy rations. It would CERTAINLY make it easier to feed Grue. We should probably get some white paint. You have to put a base coat on things before adding color to them.

    Marksman. Put an apple on someone's head and have them shoot it off, or other shit like that. Put someone on a spinning wheel and have them shoot at the wheel so they just barely miss the person tied to it. It's classic.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:06 No.11065883
    Fair enough. Cue her running away from dear ol grampappy the next morning.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:06 No.11065891
    we have an elven bard who can shoot a bow. We do NOT have an archer.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:10 No.11065941
    entertain as long as we can spare, pick up some more food, and run a talent show or something. THen pack up and head out. (do we have any major goals in mind?)
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:10 No.11065946

    Thank you for arguing semantics? It doesn't really change my point at all, we have someone who can shoot a bow, but not well enough that it'll attract a crowd. I'm still in favor of hiring the girl.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:12 No.11065967
    Weigh the need of the village, with that of our own. Offer her the chance if she is interested, otherwise we don't need her.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:12 No.11065977
    We are heading to Vimestead, a larger city where things happen. If we pick up talent, and much more money from the richer townsfolk, we can ultimately get a real circus going. Afterwards, new roads are opening up, elven lands or something
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:13 No.11065981
    Just doing my job.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/11/10(Sun)05:13 No.11065986
    At first you dismiss this girl, and then you get to thinking about what she could add to the act. You certainly have the room now, and she sounds like the outdoorsy type anyway. You ask after her, only to find out shes out of the village, but is supposed to return that evening. It;s still mid-afternoon. The only ones who HAVE to be in Vimestead are Faral and Newt, both of which are in no rush. You've been talking to them in the evenings, trying to convince them to stay full time and you've been making great progress.
    So you decide to stay for the night. You have the one armed man's permission, turns out he calls himself Persius and used to be a high ranking soldier.
    Faral wants to be in Vimestead before the Elven Trade Roads open, to gather news for her people. But the Roads don't open for a few more months.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:15 No.11066020
    New roads will be seeing a lot of new travellers. We should fund a bed and breakfast on the biggest one.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:16 No.11066028
    Excellent. It seems everything is going to plan.

    I say we buy that white paint for future use as a base coat for our new wagon.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:17 No.11066038
         File1278839828.jpg-(223 KB, 600x790, 1277616360325.jpg)
    223 KB
    So we need more drawfags or something for this Quest.
    We all know that Janis looks like the Ops picture, but what about everyone else?
    I picture Zanne kinda like this, as this picture has been used in a few other threads.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:18 No.11066051
    too bad this village isnt closer... then we could use it as our base.

    Maybe we should start our own village type-place... Storing our items that we dont need for the season, traveling when it is off season, and being there with a circus during traveling season.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:18 No.11066061
    Relax for the night then. We'll be here for a week if we want our ring leader suit so we may as well get comfortable.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:18 No.11066064
    And Tabby a bit like this, but redhead and more muscle.
    And more armor.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:19 No.11066069
         File1278839962.jpg-(58 KB, 724x900, 1278838665028.jpg)
    58 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:20 No.11066077

    Delicious barefoot girl?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:20 No.11066079
    We'll find a cartographer and pick an ideal spot eventually.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:25 No.11066117
    The old lady wont makes us a proper one. She said it was unladylike to wear pants. I say we wait until we get to Vimestead, the big city.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:25 No.11066122
    Let's wait for this chick, then talk her into coming with us.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:26 No.11066137
    Play our music while we wait.
    Practice makes perfect.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:31 No.11066192
    oh, and I am off to bed... Archive this when its done, thank you.
    Good quest btw.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/11/10(Sun)05:36 No.11066259
    You wait out the rest of the day. You practice your music and at one point entertain the villages children with semi-educational tales. One little child, you can't tell if it's a boy or girl under all the dirt, seems very interested in your violin. "Someday I wanna play music and beat up badguys too!" Tabby helps the local butcher prepare the meat from Sausage for travel, although it seems that Grue likes playing with his food... as in he plays with the skull like a puppet.
    Eventually evening comes. The village doesn't have an inn, but several people have offered their haylofts to the party. You are unable to find Persius' granddaughter, so you settle for the night, or you begin to anyway.
    "I hear you've been lookin' for me?" A woman stands in the doorway of the barn you're sleeping in. She's wearing a dark green hooded cloak with a longbow strapped to her back and a band of throwing knives around one arm. She leans against the door frame and flicker her dark hair from her gray eyes, her red shirt seems an dd color to wear with green to you. "Want do you want?"
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:38 No.11066281
    >although it seems that Grue likes playing with his food... as in he plays with the skull like a puppet.

    God damn it Grue, why do you have to fluctuate between adorable and disturbing every update?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:42 No.11066319
    Company... and too see what your skills are like
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:42 No.11066323
    "I was wondering if you'd like to go out on the road. Join our troupe perhaps?" Perhaps flirt ever so carefully.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:43 No.11066331
    We don't even know if she's cute!
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:44 No.11066347
    I think it's safe to assume at this point all the females in the troupe are pretty gorgeous and that we will continue to meet hot and inexplicably talented women on the road to the big city.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:47 No.11066376
    Because that is what we want and the OP delivers.
    Dark hair and gray eyes. And a ranger. That means athletic. Shes cute.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:48 No.11066390
    I didn't mean it as a bad thing. I think it's pretty awesome.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:48 No.11066392
    Indeed. Flirt with her muchly.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/11/10(Sun)05:56 No.11066468
    You ask her what her skills are. She spits into the hay next to your foot and grins. "I'm the best damn shot this village has, and in the surrounding ones. Only person better then me would have to be an elf, one trained from birth. And then only because they would have a couple decades more practice then me." You ask if she can back up these claims. Almost before you can finish the sentence, she has three throwing knives out and tossed. They pass close enough that you can feel them passing your ear. Turning around, all three are firmly in a knot in the wood behind you. "You're damn right I can. Ruby never make a boast she can't follow through." You look her up and down. The best word you can think of is lithe. Thin, but well toned. Intrigued, you ask her about coming with you. "Sure, I've been wanting to leave this dump for years. We heading out tonight? It'd be easier if we did. Gramps wont be happy."
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)05:59 No.11066492
    I assume we have everything packed and they gave us our supplies already, so why not? Just make sure she leaves a note somewhere saying she's leaving.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:00 No.11066504
    I don't see why not. Vimesward Ho!
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:00 No.11066506
    Yes. God yes. We're leaving tonight. You can share my tent.... And even my bedroll, if you like.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:03 No.11066529
    Ew gross, she spits!
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:03 No.11066533
    I... wow that's hot. Tomboy or just cocksure?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:06 No.11066566
    So... Ruby wears the pants in any relationship she's in, doesn't she?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:07 No.11066579
    She can wear as much or as little as she likes, as far as I'm concerned.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:10 No.11066603
    Make sure she stops by her house to pick up as much as she can carry.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:18 No.11066697

    The sudden thrill of near danger, her self assured attitude. We're honey in her hand.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/11/10(Sun)06:20 No.11066715
    It takes a focused effort of will to keep yourself from salivating, and you immediately agree to leaving. You ask that she leaves a note or something to prevent the village from chasing after you with torches. Ruby grins at your response. "Hey, I'll try damn near anything twice. Meet you in the square." She blows a kiss to you as she leaves the barn, and you hear her chuckling, a thick, velvety chuckle.
    You quickly and quietly wake everyone up and try to get them moving. Much confused and sleepy muttering later everyone gets on the wagons. You calm them down you tell them that the Persius isn't too pleased with asking about his granddaughter, and that he polity asked for you to leave before morning. everyone tries to get comfortable and most fall back asleep. Tanot doesn't seem to be all that surprised with leaving, come to think of it he came into the bard a few hours after everyone else, and he drives the supply wagon without complaint. The riding horse is tethered to Tanot's wagon, and Gregor is acting as a pillow for Zanne. Grue lopes easily alongside the wagons.
    As you pass through the square, a pack thumps down on the bench beside you, followed quickly by Ruby. "I'm used to leaving on short notice. There's a nice spot for camp a few miles up the road. If we head out at sunrise no one in the village will catch up."
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:22 No.11066738
    Sit next to Ruby. After a while feign a yawn and lay our head on her shoulder.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:24 No.11066748
    >Hey, I'll try damn near anything twice.
    This means she knows what shes doing in bed! SCORE!
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:24 No.11066749
    Nothing else to do until we get to said spot.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:26 No.11066762
    oh god. she'd better not be the town slut.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:28 No.11066785
    She said twice, which implies shes only tried it with a girl once.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:29 No.11066796
    Oh well. First is great. Last is the best.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:32 No.11066829
    >come to think of it he came into the bard a few hours after everyone else

    Tanot's got some staying power, I'll give him that.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:34 No.11066852
    Glorious typo there.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:35 No.11066863
    Maybe he doesnt' have staying power. Maybe he was just late to the party?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:36 No.11066870
    What does it mean that she's used to leaving on short notice?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:36 No.11066871
    We should find Ruby's bedroll and coax the goat into eating it.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:38 No.11066886
    I like the way you think. But we'd better be extra sneaky.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/11/10(Sun)06:40 No.11066913
    With most of the crew asleep again you give a theatrical yawn and lean against Ruby. She takes the reigns from you and otherwise ignores you. She doesn't seem to mind, or care, that you're leaning on her. You spend the time it takes to get to the clearing leaning comfortable against the ranger.
    After reaching the clearing it doesn't take very long to set up camp. It's a nice enough night that most everyone doesn't bother with tents and just sleeps on their bedroll. Ruby takes first watch, and you immediately volunteer to stay up with her, saying that now that you have enough people it's safer to have two to a shift.
    After everyone else falls asleep Ruby looks at you and steps out of the firelight. "Come with me, and try not to make too much noise."
    >> BARD QUEST 07/11/10(Sun)06:41 No.11066932
    Ok, it's almost 5AM and I have D&D today. See you guys tonight.
    I need to proofread my posts better.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:41 No.11066935
    You dreadful tease you.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:42 No.11066941
    ... Either she's going to rob us blind, or fuck our brains out.
    I hope we keep our money in the lockbox.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:43 No.11066948
    Fun. Goodnight author, have a good game.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:46 No.11066977
    I... I NEED a picture of Ruby!
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:47 No.11066988
         File1278845267.jpg-(54 KB, 800x800, Daemonette02.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:48 No.11066993
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:50 No.11067012
         File1278845409.jpg-(237 KB, 1100x1600, 1275522463688.jpg)
    237 KB
    How about this for Ruby?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:50 No.11067016
    doesn't really fit the Ranger theme, but I can dig it.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:51 No.11067024

    Give me a short description so I don't have to dredge the entire thread
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:51 No.11067025
         File1278845471.jpg-(181 KB, 512x630, 1277587408060.jpg)
    181 KB
    Also this for Tabby, but without the chain mail loincloth.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:53 No.11067037
    >She's wearing a dark green hooded cloak with a longbow strapped to her back and a band of throwing knives around one arm. She leans against the door frame and flicker her dark hair from her gray eyes, her red shirt seems an dd color to wear with green to you.
    >You look her up and down. The best word you can think of is lithe. Thin, but well toned.

    The description posted in the thread.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:54 No.11067049
    That+pants-the shield=Perfect Tabby!
    Speaking of which, we've kinda flirted with Tabby and Zanne, do you think they'll get jealous?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)06:55 No.11067058
         File1278845753.jpg-(119 KB, 750x1024, 1276292277415.jpg)
    119 KB

    Apart from the colors of clothes, maybe. I dunno, not either of those anons.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:02 No.11067113
    Did Faral use harp or violin?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:02 No.11067114
    OOOH! The hair and eyes are right, and she has a bow. That's good enough for me.
    After all, you can always change clothes.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:02 No.11067121
    Neither of them seemed to take us up on it. Newt too, but she just got embarrassed.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:02 No.11067122
    Harp. And Tanot can use Lutes and Flutes.
    We have the violin.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:04 No.11067133
    Yeah, none of them really strike me as lesbians. Tabby MAYBE, but a good man is probably what she wants...
    Lets just keep her away from Grue, because that would be weird.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:05 No.11067148

    Time to learn the special induce-lesbianism music... Where's that bard trainer...
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:05 No.11067150
    I'm sure we can find everyone a little something when we hit the big city, hell we might even find someone for Grue.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:08 No.11067177
    I rather like the idea of Grue/Tabby. Grueby. Tabue
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:08 No.11067183
    He has the mind of a child! I don't think he even thinks about sex!
    Besides, he seems to be crushing pretty hard on Zanne food-lady.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:09 No.11067184

    WWw.aNolOLTALK.se REPLACE LoL WIth_n
    aod q gmc evvau e ppyeud ini axwk sz g l
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:09 No.11067187
    ... I should not want but... Threesome!
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:11 No.11067203
         File1278846702.jpg-(66 KB, 600x1084, durp.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:12 No.11067208
         File1278846733.jpg-(112 KB, 786x1017, Commission___Ealyrian_by_Jacin(...).jpg)
    112 KB
    Or this Faral?
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:12 No.11067210
    Make the ears pointy. She's an Elf after all.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:13 No.11067221
    A sort of Pappa bear, mumma bear, baby bear thing.
    I lament our lack of artists.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:13 No.11067222
    That one! Defiantly that one!
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:14 No.11067233
    But... Who's who?
    Grue has the mind of a child, but is the biggest
    Tabby... Well Tabby fits the Momma Bear pretty well.
    And Zanne was abused but has escaped her abusive family.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:15 No.11067240
    So we still need a picture of Newt and Tanot.
    Because >>11066038 fits Zanne pretty well.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:16 No.11067249
    You are way over-thinking things.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:17 No.11067257
    Look at the OP picture.

    Look at the pictures you're posting.

    This is not your personal fapping session, anon.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:23 No.11067295
    I'm not understanding what you're trying to say. None of these are very sexual.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:23 No.11067296
    That's kind of what fantasy art looks like.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:29 No.11067348

    For fuck's sake anon.

    Did the GM ever lovingly describe the boobs and ass of the characters or that they were dressed like whores?

    I think not.

    Take that hand off your dick before you post.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:31 No.11067364
    Well he ALMOST did with Rubi.
    And he DID say several times that Zanne was dressed in scarves and was mostly naked... but that's standard fantasy gypsy fare so I don't know if that counts.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:33 No.11067385
    The DM never said they have boobs. Therefore they don't have boobs.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)07:39 No.11067436
    I'm honestly just posting the first shit I find that fits their gender, class, and race description. You should blame the fact that almost all women fantasy artists draw are wearing chain mail bikinis. Better yet you could not throw a hissy fit over art that's far less explicit than half of the furry, xeno, monstergirl dribble that gets posted every day.
    >> Anonymous 07/11/10(Sun)09:14 No.11068251
         File1278854095.jpg-(33 KB, 361x447, Gold Prospector_Rosenberg.jpg)
    33 KB
    A butthurt sage!

    A butthurt sage!

    Look boys it a butthurt sage!

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