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  • File : 1277485001.png-(615 KB, 1200x833, motnage 2.png)
    615 KB Zeonquest 65 I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)12:56 No.10735787  
    Sorry about the late start.
    So. Soooo tired right now... fucking traffic.

    Once again you are Commander David Lister, Knight of the Principality of Zeon, and CO of the elite Nachtmaren Unit.
    Since March you've been fighting against the corrupt Earth Federation, and now the seccessionist forces of Gihren's "Loyalist Zeon" as well.

    Last week you successfully rescued a stranded recon team that had discovered vital intel on the Federal HeadQuarters in Jaburo.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)12:58 No.10735804

    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)13:02 No.10735848
         File1277485353.jpg-(334 KB, 748x1024, srwhotnews_ace6_msvr4.jpg)
    334 KB
    God, I hope these pills kick in before the headache does...

    Anyhow, you are currently about your base of operations, the Zanzibar Kai class Assault Cruiser "Outer Heaven" after just escaping an enemy assault force.
    The ship is currently making hell for leather to try and escape Jaburo's air defence force as fast as possible.

    After about 4 to 5 minutes Captain Mouser escapes the initial threats and heads out to sea, and turns off the red alert.
    For once, the rest of the flight goes smoothly and you manage to make it back to California, where the troops are marshalling for the second Jaburo assault.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:03 No.10735862

    And now they know we're coming.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)13:07 No.10735917
         File1277485659.jpg-(329 KB, 743x1024, srwhotnews_ace6_msvr5.jpg)
    329 KB
    After landing and dropping off the prized Recon data as well as the Mashiba Team, you're put on stand-by.

    It is roughly a week until Operation Joker, the second Jaburo Attack begins, from the looks of things you may just be free until then.

    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:08 No.10735923
    But they don't know about the path the recon team found. We still have some advantage.

    Additionally, is that new type girl we fought back in the day still with us or did we leave her behind after we last had her in the mobile armour I think it was? I forgot.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)13:08 No.10735933

    They don't however know that you've found the secret back door.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:09 No.10735946

    Still got the migraines man?

    -What is the current composition of forces at our base?
    -At best guess, when does the (main) Jaburo offensive begin?
    -After our last incursion into Feddie controlled territory, what does intel say about current movements regarding feddie forces. Is Jaburo being reinforced, is what I'm asking.
    -Current location of the Trojan Horse(s).
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)13:09 No.10735953

    To the best of your knowledge she stayed with the Flanagan boys after you agreed to escort her in the Braw Brow into the combat zone.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:13 No.10736008
    Damn. That could of been a possible way to find out more about new types and such.

    Maybe we should try to use this week to prepare facing the Federations mobile suits/gundam. There's a chance we might run into it and we need some kind of strategy to take it down quick. What is going on in space anyways? Any word?
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)13:17 No.10736072
         File1277486275.jpg-(292 KB, 876x1070, 83e096cfb5e6df0258213ade735955(...).jpg)
    292 KB
    >-What is the current composition of forces at our base?

    Last you heard, at least 3 Battalions of Mobile Suits plus other units were being used in concord for Operation Joker.

    >-At best guess, when does the (main) Jaburo offensive begin?

    Like I said, at some point next week, although due to operational security you don't know when.

    >-After our last incursion into Feddie controlled territory, what does intel say about current movements regarding feddie forces. Is Jaburo being reinforced, is what I'm asking.

    Unconfirmed, but by your guess it seems likely.

    >-Current location of the Trojan Horse(s).

    At present, not counting the one you captured, there have been roughly 5 sightings of different Trojan Horse class carriers across various battlefronts.
    The original Trojan Horse was persued by Captain Char and the Mad Angler unit to Africa, where elements of the Afrika Corps (including the Wulfgar Penal Squad) also joined in the hunt. Despite heavy losses, Char pursued the Trojan Horse to Europe where they were able to escape to the Federation held British Isles.

    It's currently believed to be hiding out in Dublin, and hasn't been seen for almost 3 weeks now. It's possible that the unit was disbanded after Char was able to successfully destroy the Guntank and damage the Guncannon Mobile Suits.
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)13:19 No.10736100
    This isn't a bad idea. Depending on the Fed's logistical situation, the G-3 could be undergoing trial runs in Jaburo right now. And we do know that the GM Command is undergoing limited production down there as well. We should review the data from Jo's, Zol's and Elaine's MS and see what we can learn about these new models.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:23 No.10736156
    I vote we also spend time with our crew. Even the intel officer who we never talk to since people forget about her. Don't want to jinx it but who knows what'll happen in the next assault. Part of me keeps thinking even we might get left behind and captured by the Feds at some point and have to break out on our own.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)13:25 No.10736189
    Oh god, computer died and now I have to use the 11" notebook.

    Things to do before the Jaburo Assault:

    Priority: -Agressor training against Dom Teams. Since they're the fastest they're the most likely to be called in to deal with fed MS that pop up.
    Reccomend using the Zaku FZ, Act Zaku and some goufs as stand-ins for Fed MS.
    These guys need to be ready to deal with this shit because our unit cant be everywhere.
    -Find out what MS and how many of each type will be deployed in the assault

    Secondary: -Discuss possible beam chaff applications with the tech boys. (Chaff grenades, coatings for shields, etc)
    -ask techs about possibility of upgrading the Act Zaku with vernier designs from the Zaku FZ.
    -talk to Midnight Fenrir and possible provide them with better suits if possible.
    -Find out if there will be an orbital operation coinciding with the assault

    Additional tech idea to follow in next post.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:26 No.10736195
    Oh wow I caught a thread before 200 posts.

    So, this is my first time posting in Zeonquest. Anyone care to give me a brief rundown so I don't spam SELF DESTRUCT! ?
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)13:34 No.10736316
         File1277487240.jpg-(149 KB, 861x1204, srwhotnews_ace3_cover.jpg)
    149 KB

    You decide to look over some of the combat data from this particular mission. Taking close attention to the new GM mobile suits you encountered.

    From what you can tell, this newer design came with improved armour and agility, but was only equipped with a standard MS scale machinegun.
    Whether this implies that the Federation have a production bottleneck with regards to Beam Rifles or simply a case of pilot preference you can't tell.

    With regards to anti-MS operations in general you find that some of your old recordings from Canada are probably more useful, you're about to crank them out and discuss things with the rest of the team when Garma asks to see you in his office.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:34 No.10736319

    >I vote we also spend time with our crew.

    Especially our infantry platoon, those guys deserve more attention after the operation in VBC.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)13:34 No.10736326
    Zeonic multi countermeasure dispenser (MCD) AKA 'Burning Bush'

    Before the introduction of the Gigan AA vehicle the vulnerability of MS to massed ground attack aircraft was a serious problem in need of a solution. One concept was to mount a flare, chaff and smoke dispenser on the backpack of an MS-09 Dom. The Dom would then use it's high speed to race around Zeon units or positions obscuring them from enemy sight. (Run around and troll Feddie air cover) Thankfully the Gigan has proven a success negating the need for this.

    Another application for this device has since been devised. Based on the sonar and minovsky decoys used in operation Terminus, the new device would be dropped by ships or large aircraft into a target zone to similar effect. This version would be equipped with a small Minovsky emitter, sonar decoy, flare and smoke launchers. With the Minovsky emitter the standard chaff dispenser is unnecessary so it has been replaced with beam chaff. In this new configuration it should prove capable of preventing Federation MS from bombarding our above ground attack forces in Jaburo with long ranged Beam fire. The Flares should also hamper thermal imaging of our vehicles.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:36 No.10736352
         File1277487380.jpg-(138 KB, 800x953, 15e75c5554c255721b7825dc34b0d9(...).jpg)
    138 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:39 No.10736388

    We also oughta train with Bernie and grenades. Nothing is as useful and deadly in a tunnel as grenades.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)13:43 No.10736432
    Agreed. Bernie with grenades and whoever's going to be piloting the YMS-14's should get some beam rifle practice. I imagine you dont have to lead your target nearly as much when firing weapons that travel near lightspeed.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:44 No.10736461
    Keep tabs on Cima and the Mashiba Team. And train against some of the units that'll be taking part in the assault: use our best MS and try to give them a taste of what they'll be up against if the Feddies deploy any Gundams.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)13:44 No.10736465
         File1277487897.jpg-(102 KB, 362x471, 1262547170571.jpg)
    102 KB
    When you arrive in his office you find him studying a large map of jaburo, festooned with pins, notes and pieces of string.
    He see's you and bids you to sit down. He soon joins you.

    "That last mission has paid off handsomely David, the recon data that the Mashiba Team were able to gain was the last critical piece of the puzzle we needed."

    "If I recall it was a water intake into Jaburo's base, large enough for a Mobile Suit to use wasn't it?"

    "Exactly so, and with a bit of luck it should take you right up into the middle of the facility, completely undetected. Which is what I want to talk about. It will be you're job to infiltrate Jaburo using this entrence, and try to find and destroy the enemies Mobile Suit manufacturing capablities in Jaburo. You've been given top priority in terms of mission resources, if you need any extra troops or equipment, you have but to ask."

    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:47 No.10736511
    Directed to my fellow zeonquesters. In case i'm not around if/when we run into incognito, see if we can get the events of the Gihren assassination plot going. With Legitimate Zeon backing.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:50 No.10736555
         File1277488216.jpg-(132 KB, 1024x768, 1229389183560.jpg)
    132 KB

    The Mashiba Team is good for aquatic ops, right? I think they deserve the right to help exploit the weakness a lot of their comrades got killed finding.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:51 No.10736567
    I suppose we're gonna try and pull off what Char did:

    Send in the Infantry, plant bombs, withdraw.

    That hole's too nice an entrance to waste it for anything but the main attack.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)13:51 No.10736573

    You mean the manga? I need to read that at some point...


    Actually, I'm pretty sure that's EXACTLY what the Outer Heaven used to jam enemy heatseeker missiles and mask your airdrop last episode. Except in my mind it was a large 5 meter log packed with various countermeasures, spamming them all at once.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:51 No.10736579

    For all we know, Incognito might be siding with Gihren's side. Just sayin'.


    Would it be possible to get one of those underwater carriers to drop MS designed to fuck their base up in through that entrance?
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)13:53 No.10736608

    It's an aquatic route don't forget, you'll need to make sure you bring SCUBA trained soldiers.


    You ask about the Mashiba Team, and Garma tells you they have a role in the assault for them already planned.

    BRB Dinner.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)13:54 No.10736614
    Ask for Char. We'll also be needing amphibious suits by the looks of it.
    Any chance of upgrading a couple of Acguys to use new beam weapon tech similer to the MSM-07E because every little bit will help. Heck, The old Jaburo assault MS are already pritty screwed up designs, upgrade a couple of those and anyone that we cant get Hygog's or Z'gok-E's for can use them.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:55 No.10736641

    >Ask for Char

    This. A thousand times this. If we do get Char, make sure to casually mention the teacup in conversation.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:56 No.10736651

    She looks familiar.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)13:59 No.10736705
    Damnit. I wish I could stay for the rest of this. Remember guys - make sure our team is well prepared for facing the gundam. Even if it's not there, if we're prepared for it it'll make anything else we come across a joke. Also, spend more time with them because hanging out with Zol and Jolyne always ends up amusing.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)14:00 No.10736720
    >Would it be possible to get one of those underwater carriers to drop MS designed to fuck their base up in through that entrance?

    Uh no. I would really not waste a hole big enough to drop MS in the middle of Jaburo for anything but the real attack.
    It's best if we use Commandos here and try to map out two or three withdraw routes other than the hole they're coming in.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)14:03 No.10736766
    Ok, so while we're training for the assault/ helping train others, we get a few commando teams training for a scuba mission. Should be pritty easy training since they'd be able to just use modified normal suits.
    >> Imperial Officer !!YyBcUam8cxl 06/25/10(Fri)14:09 No.10736859

    Wait...Char took out the Guntank?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)14:13 No.10736907
    1) We need to see if we can get our act zaku waterproofed. We'll need that shield. Also the gelgoogs. So we should see if we can get a Muaveshirt team attached to us.

    2) If they're expecting Nachtmaren. LETS GIVE THEM NACHTMAREN.

    Go through personal records and pick out the best pilots from the battalions. 1 or 2 per. Then given them permission to paint their rides in our colours.

    /watch the outer defense line shit themselves completely.

    A good way to distract, divert and confuse the enemy.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)14:15 No.10736938
    Timeline elasticity. Ryu get's killed again. I'm betting Hayato will be back piloting a guncannon.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)14:20 No.10737007

    I remember hearing the White Base crew ditched the Guntank for a second Guncannon at some point in the novel.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)14:23 No.10737054

    Immediately after Jaburo when they went back in space.

    Of course according to Origins, White Space started with 3 gun tanks and 3 gun cannons so...
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)14:37 No.10737235

    Didn't several of those get destroyed during the attack on Project V?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)14:38 No.10737244

    Well, it'd be poetic justice when we do the actual attack. Possibly screaming out some reference to Hawaii.
    >> Imperial Officer !!YyBcUam8cxl 06/25/10(Fri)14:38 No.10737253

    I'm liking this.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)14:43 No.10737328
         File1277491430.jpg-(38 KB, 434x618, MSV-08_ib4f.jpg)
    38 KB
    >Any chance of upgrading a couple of Acguys to use new beam weapon tech similer to the MSM-07E because every little bit will help.

    Not really, as truthfully, a Acguy with beam guns is called a Z'Gok.
    The main draw of the Acguy is the fact that they cost about as much as a Zaku J to produce, so they can just be cranked out in decent numbers.

    >Ask for Char.

    You ask if Commander Char could be put into your assault team, and Garma promises to see what he can do, but last he looked, Kycillia had requisitioned him for some top secret work of her own, and in an effort to be impartial in the growing spat between her and Gihren decided to leave alone.


    The Act Zaku IS waterproofed. It loses a fair bit of mobilty in the water, but considering that most of the combat will take place on the surface, it might not be a problem. Your choice.

    Also, with your plan lifted from the 3 Amigos, will you be inducting these pilots into the Nachtmaren, or just letting them use the colours for this battle?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)14:47 No.10737392
         File1277491667.jpg-(96 KB, 848x1200, 6429-6_KASCS---eikou-mobile-su(...).jpg)
    96 KB

    No... They actually sortied to attack char's resupply (this time it was done on the surface of Luna 2. HOW, i have absolutely no idea).

    Pic related. Guntanks IN SPACE.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)14:50 No.10737436

    Tell those pilots they're brevet Nachtmaren.

    If they survive they can keep those colours as honorary members SO THEY DAMN WELL SURVIVE AND COME BACK.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)14:55 No.10737526
    >will you be inducting these pilots into the Nachtmaren, or just letting them use the colours for this battle?
    Just using the colors, I think.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)14:57 No.10737569

    Okay then.

    So, aside from making people shit themselves because the Nachtmaren are everywhere, what mobile suits and loadout do you want for the mission?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)14:59 No.10737594

    How many of the other suits are waterproof? No need to hobble ourselves with aquatic suits if most of the fighting will be above ground.

    And we're damn well good enough to win with a handicap underwater if it comes to that.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)15:00 No.10737603
    >Not really, as truthfully, a Acguy with beam guns is called a Z'Gok.

    Model number: MSM-04
    Code name: Acguy
    Equipment and design features: Forearms interchangeable
    Fixed armaments: 4 x 105mm vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; 6-tube rocket launcher, mounted on forearm; mega particle cannon, mounted inforearm; 1x machine gun, replaces mega particle cannon, mounted in forearm
    Well it's your game so you make the call.

    Who are we going to have piloting the Gelgoogs? Or are we just going to keep them in reserve for use after fighting our way back out of Jaburo in the marine suits?
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)15:02 No.10737629

    All of them are waterproof, and even if they weren't, your pilot suits come with an air supply anyhow.
    The real problem is the limited mobility in water, that's going to make you vulnerable during the entry into the base, as well as your retreat.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:02 No.10737638

    Hy-Goggs are the order of the day I believe. Maybe a Zock or two, as I have a feeling we'll need the firepower eight mega particle guns can provide. I'd also suggest borrowing a few generic pilots and equipping them with Z'Goks or Acguys, then having them cover our commando forces while we deal with the bigger problems.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:04 No.10737652

    Reserve, so that they will shit metric tons of brix when we do use them in the actual Jaburo assault.
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)15:04 No.10737656
    I wouldn't bring the Gelgoogs on the infiltration team. They're valuable enough that we want to avoid taking them in a situation where they'd be less then optimal, or be forced to abandon them behind enemy lines. Besides, MSMs are advanced enough that they can put up a very good fight above water. Enough Z'Gok Es can ruin any Fed's day.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)15:05 No.10737676
    Oh, well if MAHQ says that... you can have them if you want, but you DO have top priority, so you can probably do better than AcGuys.

    I tend to go by Gihrens Greed for most of my Mobile Suit loadouts, which is why I thought the Acguys were solids only.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:05 No.10737680

    Hrm. Is there a MS version of a scuba sled?
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)15:06 No.10737708
    Acguy arms are modular. We've seen models with dual claws and dual machinegun arms in different appearances. The single MP gun/claw and missile arm seems to be the stock option though.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:09 No.10737752

    Probably, though I wouldn't suggest bothering. The amphibious op isn't our only part to play in this if I'm reading things right - we're going in ahead of the main assault to wreck havoc within Jaburo itself, destroying as much as we can and weakening their defenses (both internal, IE: the poor bastards we're blowing up, and external, IE: the guys getting pulled off the line to reinforce their internal forces) just ahead of the assault.

    After we're done with the infiltration we pull out, switch to our usual MS, and proceed to rapeface.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)15:09 No.10737755

    Fraid not.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:12 No.10737787
    >God, I hope these pills kick in before the headache does...
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)15:13 No.10737803

    You targets are after infiltrating are:

    1.) MS construction facilities
    2.) Command Structures
    3.) Power Generation installations
    4.) Any other targets of oppourtunity

    Essentially they want you cripple Jaburo's key war contribution ability if not take it outright, that'll be the 3 Battalions on the surfaces job.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)15:13 No.10737817
    David: Z'gok E
    Zol, Jol, Elaine: Hygog
    Calvin: Z'gok E (maybe?)
    Hovis: Zok
    Bernie: ?? We need to give him some marine type training since he's the only one who hasnt used one before. Perhaps a second Zok or a standard Z'gok?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:14 No.10737830

    Are we bringing in any commando teams with us?
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)15:15 No.10737845
    If we want to ease him into it, I'd suggest an Acguy. Those things seem built mostly out of Zaku parts anyway. If we're going for fighting ability, then he should at least take a regular Z'Gok.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)15:15 No.10737846
    I love my Syndol yes I does. All the other pills aren't nearly as much fun.
    Shame about them wiping me out and giving me acid reflux for the next week though.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)15:17 No.10737866

    You've got one platoon of infantry stationed with your unit permanently.
    Although they all had to be replaced by a new bunch after you left them at Grenada.

    If you want more you'll have to ask for them.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:19 No.10737886

    If that's true about the Acguy, seems to be the way to go. I'm not at all familiar with aquatic suits, so I'm kinda useless here. :/
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)15:22 No.10737926
    >Bernie: ?? We need to give him some marine type training since he's the only one who hasnt used one before. Perhaps a second Zok or a standard Z'gok?

    Operating a Zock might be a bit much for a first timer since it sort of straddles the line between MS and MA as well. Z'Gok would probably be better.

    Also, like somebody suggested earlier, we DO still have the Jaburo Specials we used the last time. Although taking on a Gundam turned out to be somewhat beyond them.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)15:23 No.10737927
    You know what would be hillarious? An Acguy design compatible with the unified maintinence plan.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:23 No.10737929

    Ask for more.

    Also, wappas. :D
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:25 No.10737970
    It's too bad we can't pull a tow-style maneuver like we did space-side- do we have any high-powered aquatic mobile systems that could do the job? Basically, have a single/pair of suits piggyback for the intake run, then have the taxi suits wait near the entrance for recall and to cover our exit?

    We're going into the heart of the Federation base. Coming back in mid-firefight to find the Feddies blew the route back or worse would be big trouble on our end.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)15:26 No.10737982

    Hey thats my schitick.

    Besides I've toned that down...

    Why aren't we taking the Gelgoogs?

    They're pretty useful. I think taking them outweighs the risk of losing them... not to mention the combat data it would provide.

    They're, what equal to the gundams except the armor, right?
    >> Crix !!RpOLjtsjwNS 06/25/10(Fri)15:27 No.10738008
         File1277494062.jpg-(60 KB, 720x480, my face before I violate you.jpg)
    60 KB
    >Also, like somebody suggested earlier, we DO still have the Jaburo Specials we used the last time.

    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)15:28 No.10738023
    A Grabro could do it, but it's basically just a one-man attack sub. Once we get in the base, it'll be stuck in the waterways. Also, we don't know if it can fit through the entire cave system.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)15:30 No.10738046

    >Also, wappas. :D

    Your last team were actually trained Wappa Dragoons armed with AT Launchers. They were pretty damn helpful in scouting out your area for you last time. You ask for SCUBA trained commandos and special forces troops, as well as discussing the feasability to transporting Wappa's in somehow. Garma says he'll ask the tech guys to think something up.


    >It's too bad we can't pull a tow-style maneuver like we did space-side- do we have any high-powered aquatic mobile systems that could do the job? Basically, have a single/pair of suits piggyback for the intake run, then have the taxi suits wait near the entrance for recall and to cover our exit?

    Well, it's certainly doable, but remember, unlike space you'd be encountering a lot of drag on the both of you, so the suit that is towing you would suffer in terms of speed as well. It'd be an overall improvment, but the tower would have to dump you like a hot potato is a firefight broke out.

    Also, keep in mind that conventional firearms don't work underwater, only torpedoes and beams, harpoons etc.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:32 No.10738071
    >You targets are after infiltrating are:

    Infiltrating a base can be done at one of two points:
    Either we infiltrate in the secret entrance FIRST and wreck shit with the element of MASSIVE SURPRISE, fighting at 3am or something giving us at least 10 minutes to pew pew and gtfo.
    However, this has MAXIMUM CHANCE of being suicidal, as ending up in the enemy base with no backup is an excellent way to die.
    If we're going this route, we want to take the 6 nachtmareners, and 14 suits painted identically to serve mainly as decoys. 6 aces, 8 mauveshirts.
    Have an Orbital Drop of about 50 million Smoke 'n' Flare canisters coincide with the Nachtmaren exiting that pipe and stepping out into the middle of Jaburo.
    The Mauveshirts form a perimeter, radioing data back to the Nachtmaren. Every Mauveshirt should be carrying MAXIMUM EXPLOSIVE loaded with 25 to 50cm diameter ball bearings, radioactive if possible. (fuck yeah depleted uranium)
    The Mauveshirts' job will be to basically walk out, radio data about incoming MS to the Aces and the Nachtmaren.
    The Nachtmaren engage the incoming enemy MS, staying in radio range of the Aces in case they need backup.
    The Aces peel off and attack targets of opportunity inside the Jaburo compound; Turrets, Launch bays, Factories, that type of thing.
    When SHTF and people start getting overrun, the Aces cover the Nachtmaren's retreat as the Nachtmaren get right the fuck back down that hole, then the surviving Aces follow the Nachtmaren in.
    The Mauveshirts?
    Detonation in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:36 No.10738142

    You don't seem to understand how we run things here. People who go with us on mission? Not expendable. They are our brother and sister spacenoids.

    Now take your summer-/tg/ retardosity and gtfo.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:36 No.10738150
    I should specify that each Mauveshirt should have a Dead Man's Switch attached to their explosive packs rigged to go off 15 minutes after the Nachtmaren breaches the compound, so that even if the Mauveshirts happen to eat it, they still go boom. This puts a hard limit of 14 minutes or so of sticking around, but if you're in the middle of the enemy fucking base for more than that you're fucked anyway.
    (Think rookies from Xcom with their lovable suicide HEs. Only bigger.)

    The Aces should carry sabotage bombs - ideally a mix of Sarin - and just drop the fuckers as soon as they exit the vents. The Aces need that mobility.
    Have all Mobile Suits involved in the infiltration equipped with closed-circuit-breathing devices and detonate the Sarin bombs IMMEDIATELY upon entering the central courtyard of Jaburo. Closed-circuit breathing protects the Aces, the Mauveshirts and the Nachtmaren.
    The staff at Jaburo stay in their bunkers, thinking they're safe.
    Then the Rookies' massive det packs tear a hole in buildings, the Sarin seeps in, and they all die.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:38 No.10738165
    >People who go with us on mission? Not expendable. They are our brother and sister spacenoids.

    *Anonymous points to a rather large poster that reads "War is hell", then points to a spreadsheet printed out on his desk that reads "Acceptable casualties"*
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)15:38 No.10738174
    I like the plan up until the part where everybody dies.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)15:39 No.10738195
         File1277494793.png-(448 KB, 633x480, bittenfeld bullshit.png)
    448 KB


    You sure like expendable troops.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:39 No.10738199
    >>Mauveshirt bomb

    Hell no.

    >>Chemical Warfare

    Antarctica Treaty.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)15:41 No.10738224

    Also, the use of Sarin gas is a sure fire way of breaking the Antartic Treaty.

    Then the Feddies (Who i believe have more nukes than Zeon does), just decides to go the easy way.

    Bad end.
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)15:41 No.10738231
    And the part where we start violating the Antarctic Treaty with chemical weapons.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:41 No.10738240

    Yeah, no. We're heroes. Acceptable casualties are 0 casualties. If we acted differently, out CO would probably have courtmartialed us, anyways.

    Please put some effort into lurking before chiming in with plans.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)15:41 No.10738243
    >Sarin nerve gas

    Ok, this isnt Planes & Mercs, we do NOT violate the Antarctic treaty for temprary gains. If we fail to conquer Jaburo the Feds retaliate with nuclear missile spam all across the Earth Sphere.
    End result: We lose.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:44 No.10738278
    Moving along, from apologized's info, I don't think a tower is a good idea anymore. How about a mix of solid aquatic suits and land suits?

    I also agree this may not be the best place for a Gelgoog...
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)15:45 No.10738293
         File1277495111.jpg-(308 KB, 850x1190, sample-49f2feacfc02513bdd91ee9(...).jpg)
    308 KB
    Your mission is scheduled to occur simultanouesly with a surface attack to put both defenders underground and up top off balance.
    Unlike last time your assault wont be heralded by a day of artillery fire from Cuba either.
    Mostly because the feds bombed Operation Terminus (and most of the surrounding countryside) into the stoneage.

    So, the plan appears to be as thus.
    Your team, and about 40 commandos will take the secret entrance, the Commando's will be using Wappa's for extra mobility and will be acting as forward scouts for your team, they will also be armed with Demolition charges as well.
    Your team will attempt to find the MS bays and cause as much damage as possible.

    Sounding alright so far?

    What next?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:45 No.10738302
    After this is done, it's probably a good idea to orbital drop White Phosphorous on Jaburo - timing it to land roughly 2 hours after the Nachtmaren's initial incursion, or when Sattelite intelligence reports technical staff in the yard, whichever comes first.
    If the Aces have done their fucking job, the Anti-air turrets will be disabled, and a 3am attack leaves everyone tired as fuck and unable to manually operate anti-air at 5am. At least SOME of the white phosphorous should sneak through.
    This has three important benefits.
    #1: The burning rainforest denies cover to the Feds
    #2: Smoke inhalation and embers are still massive hazards to many enemy forces.
    #3: Obviously, burning enemy mans is good.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:45 No.10738305
         File1277495143.jpg-(55 KB, 720x480, 1224511746764.jpg)
    55 KB
    You need to get the fuck out since you obviously have nothing of value to contribute.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:46 No.10738316
    Aw man, we can't use chemical weapons?
    What about Radioactive weapons?
    Just use those then and time them to go off slightly later.
    What about Napalm or White Phosphorous?
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)15:47 No.10738338
    Sounds good. Can any interior data leftover from our previous infiltration still be used, or is it all junk thanks to those damn block sections and whatever else the Feds could have done to counter it?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:48 No.10738344
    >I like the plan up until the part where everybody dies.
    But that's the BEST PART!
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:48 No.10738352

    For God's sake warcrimes are off the table. Take your 40k and gtfo.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)15:48 No.10738356
    How about this plan?

    Stage One: Inflitration
    -Infiltrate the Federation Jaburo Perimeter.
    -During infiltration plant landing beacons for airdropped gunbrero AA Mobile suits and supporting ZakuIIs.
    -Assemble suits at Spillway in preparation for Stage two

    Stage Two
    -Airdropped AA units and ZakuIIs preform their duty. Keeping Air assets and Ground units occupied.
    -Follow plans and target priorites listed.

    Stage Three
    -Similar exfiltration: Blow hanger doors, combat extraction of all mobile suits.

    Uh.... all I can think of.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:49 No.10738367
    >Acceptable casualties are 0 casualties.
    What is this hippie nonsense?
    Acceptable casualties are "Enemy loses more matériel than you lose". If we blow them fucking apart, all losses are acceptable!
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:50 No.10738390
    I like the idea of towing units.
    Maybe we have a marine MS tow two gelgoogs. When we have to retreat, the gelgoogs would have the tow lines linked to their backpacks, so that they face rearward while the towing unit . . . well . . . tows them. Think of the towing unit as a wagon, and the towed 'googs would be riding on the (metaphorical) back of it, shooting at any chasers.

    Two gelgoogs with beam rifles is a nasty surprise for any feddy unit that tries to chase us into the waterway, and allows us to fight without sacrificing escape mobility.

    We also might want to think about some kind of capsule or mini-submersible for the commandos. If we could load them all up and have a marine suit carry/tow them. We are Nachtmaren so leaving them behind/not covering their retreat is not an option. However, waiting on them to paddle/swim out will force us to move painfully slow and be sitting ducks that draw bit huge guns into a small space cluttered with squishy infantry.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:50 No.10738391
    What, ALL warcrimes?
    What about burning plastic or rubber?
    Maybe if we just set Jaburo on fire after punching a hole in the bunker, the fumes would cause damage (at the very least, long-term health damage, especially if they're asbestos fumes) and it can be done without breaking the antarctica treaty. Unless that treaty also covers FIRE. At which point what is this I don't even. Just use massive amounts of smoke inhalation then.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)15:51 No.10738397

    And then your troops go off to join someone whose commander doesn't think of them as a number...
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:51 No.10738398
    Okay, this plan is probably the most amazing, complicated plan ever, and will take a lot of skill and timing.

    You guys ready for it? Yeah?

    We go in there and shoot everything that isn't painted with a skull motive.
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)15:53 No.10738427
    Jaburo isn't a bunker. It's a massive underground complex larger then the New York or Tokyo metropolitan areas.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)15:53 No.10738436
    You targets are after infiltrating are:
    >From above
    >2.) Command Structures
    Would be good but it's very likely decentralised because of the whole damn block thing. If the scouts find it/one priority.
    >3.) Power Generation installations
    This unless we find the command center
    >4.) Any other targets of oppourtunity
    Like say, busting open the main gates or blowing up the drive sections of a few Carriers in dock.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:53 No.10738444
    Disregarding the newfag idiots, this >>10737817 seems to be as good a place to start as any.

    Nachmaren head in via the pipes. Gonna go with >>10738278 and agree with a split of aquatic MS and land. We should also bring along our infantry to further wreck havoc and to hold the exit for us.

    Hey, we can't tow other suits with any ease, but could some scuba divers could hold on easily enough?
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)15:54 No.10738451

    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:54 No.10738459
    >You sure like expendable troops.
    Yes! ^_^

    >Your mission is scheduled to occur simultanouesly with a surface attack to put both defenders underground and up top off balance.
    We'd have to use Napalm then. WP dissipates before it hits the intended target. Fuck, so does napalm, but at least it's still BURNING when it lands, and you can't shoot down a wall of flaming liquid like you can a cruise missile.

    Is there any possibility of lighting Jaburo and the entire rainforest surrounding Jaburo on fire prior to this mission?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:55 No.10738473

    Protip: No nukes, no chemical weapons. Firestarters are fine, though.

    Also, we're only going to be able to feed so many troops so fast through the intake (choke point, basically). That's why I was suggesting the buddy-tow system down there. Just make sure whatever's being towed has respectable beam weaponry of some kind to help out if it goes pear-shaped underwater.

    I'd also suggest two-waving ourselves in. Our amphibious suits to scout the passage and beachead, then tow in the big guns like the Act Zaku and Gelgoog a minute or two behind them and proceed to raise hell.

    Also, get some advice from Midnight Fenrir. Urban combat is their specialty, and we're going to be doing some building-to-building work here.

    Finally, we need to have something that'll breach a heavy door. Remember last time we visited Jaburo?
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)15:56 No.10738485

    We tried setting fire to Jaburo's rainforest last time. It didn't work to well.
    In fact it actually worked against us since all the Feds did was retreat underground and use the tunnel network to get around instead.
    Meanwhile OUR infantry cooked up top, and our Mobile Suits suffered overheating problems.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:56 No.10738494
    I really hope we see the Dual Stars of Carnage in action.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)15:57 No.10738503

    Given that they outnumber us in terms of air cover. The Jungle canopy is the only thing that can feasibly protect us.

    As for Expendible troops? We're outnumbered. Zeonic militrary might has been our more experienced and technologically superior Mobile suits (Thus far) have kept the Feddies in check.

    We cant afford to lose troops unnecessarily.

    Thats why we didn't throw all of our forces against the gundam and the Trojan Horse.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)15:58 No.10738522
    >All uses of nuclear weapons are prohibited
    >All uses of biological weapons are prohibited
    >All uses of chemical weapons are prohibited

    Swap all incidents of Sarin gas with some Thorium instead, preferably in a fine dust form as to guarantee maximum dispersion. Since metal DOES NOT LIKE radioactivity, set it to a 15 minute switch like the Mauveshirt bombs.
    And, of course, after the Anti-air is disabled, napalm the everloving fuck out of the place.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:00 No.10738543

    No unnecessary casualties.


    We like our troops at LEAST a fighting chance.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:00 No.10738546
    Well yes. I mean, use napalm -ahead- of the attacking force.

    I assumed the Nachtmaren were infiltrating AHEAD of the main force to disable enemy fixed emplacements. If you're attacking at the same time, you're going to need high-altitude Napalm bursts (Because you can't shoot down liquid) dropped 12 hours beforehand.

    Obviously you only deploy the napalm BEFORE you attack, or AFTER you attack, not during.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:03 No.10738583
    >No unnecessary casualties.
    Well how about this.
    The mauveshirts carry the bombs in and walk to various key points in Jaburo facility, dropping the bombs if they get there, and providing radio data back to the nachtmaren and aces (who are in the middle of a HUGE FUCKIN' SMOKE CLOUD. Can you at least agree we'll be using smoke and flares? :P).
    Then, if the Mauves are still alive after spotting the incoming forces for the Nachtmaren to intercept, they can GTFO with the rest of us.
    The aces, obviously, focus on enemy launch bays and fixed emplacement turrets. That type of thing.
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)16:05 No.10738609
    Check again. Defense emplacements are not on our list of priorities. We're out to cripple their logistics, taking and holding it is pretty much still impossible at this point.

    Also, it's been said before, Jaburo is buried under bedrock. Dropping napalm on them isn't going to do anything to the base itself.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)16:05 No.10738613

    I'm pretty sure that the radioactive weapons like Thorin Dust would still be prohibited under the Antarctic treaty, and even if it wasn't it sets a bad precedent.

    Plus this isn't an area you have any operational authority over, the attack is already planned, all you need to do is plan you're particular part.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:05 No.10738616
    How about we install thermal vision on some aquatic mechs, equip them with grenade launchers, shoot smoke grenades everywhere, and proceed to wreck shit up?

    This is, of course, assuming they won't have any thermal or related on hand.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:06 No.10738626

    This... I actually see some glimmer of possibility.

    Zeonic special forces have demolitions expertise, why not have several 'Commando' versions of Zaku IIs outfitted with extra communication and sensor suites rigged with MS scale demolition charges, and extra Infantry scale explosives?

    That is a good idea man, especially when we've been using commando infantry as spotters in our combined arms programs...
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)16:07 No.10738640
    Let's try and simplify this to get things going.

    1) Get in
    2)Wreck shit
    3) wreck shit in our way while we GTFO*
    4) Link up with main attack force
    5) resume wrecking shit with beam equipped MS

    *Details to still be worked out
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:07 No.10738641

    Yeah, most MS systems have a bunch of visual sensors on board me thinks.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:07 No.10738644



    We have commandoes. Dress them in civilian clothes with suitcase bombs. Send them up through the secret entrance about 10 minutes after the surface attack starts. This allows them to discretely mingle with the panicked crowd and place their charges unmolested.

    If the plan goes well, Mobile suits are never needed.
    If the plan goes to shit, nachtmaren rises from the waterway and SUDDENLY, ZEON EVERYWHERE.

    We're trying to inflict as much damage as possible here, and the minute our MS's show up Jaburo is going to start sending their MS's to counter. Once it gets to that point, the commandos are basically a moot point.

    Send the commandos in first in plainclothes, they plant bombs, bombs everywhere, and exfiltrate back to the hidden passage.

    Once the bombs start going off, the commandos leave Jaburo completely back through the waterway while the MS's kool-aid into Jaburo and blow up anything the bombs missed.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:08 No.10738655
    Beam Rifles don't work well in the water unless they're a special underwater polarized type. The Gelgoog's beams aren't that type. (Z'Gok's are though, I believe.)

    Also, I can't wait until we run into the Blue Destiny and get our shit kicked.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:08 No.10738661
    (Last one for the night)

    The last time we were in Jaburo we encountered those VTOLs.

    We should make sure that our ground troops carry some light AA or else see if we can stuff a small half-track AA into a converted torpedo and bring it along.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:09 No.10738679
    Disabling AA in Jaburo, if done at the same time as a conventional attack, means (you guessed it) AIR SUPPORT!

    >1.) MS construction facilities
    Should be a lowest priority for the attack, given that if anti-missile is taken offline, we can just send the equivalent of a SABOT at them (first charge breaches building, second showers the inside with napalm).

    >2.) Command Structures
    INCREDIBLY YES. If any of these are above-ground or in any way within attack range, these aren't just priority #1, they're priority #0. But are there going to be many of them available? I doubt we have intel on where the command buildings are, and any decent command building is going to be hardened as fuck.
    Radio towers, IR towers, Sattelite dishes and the like are still a target though, of course. A blind enemy is an easy target.

    >3.) Power Generation installations
    If these are above-ground then Jaburo is stupid. They should be below-ground with only their cooling towers exposed. If Jaburo is stupid enough to have these above-ground then kill them as soon as the command structures are down. As for Cooling towers, not worth the ordinance. Better to rupture the pipes with a bouncing bomb than to blow them up with a ground attack, and the MS don't carry Air-to-ground munitions. :P

    >4.) Any other targets of oppourtunity
    Launch bays and Anti-air. Slows enemy reinforcing, allows our Air to reinforce. Hell, take out enough anti-orbital and nuke ... well, CONVENTIONAL MISSILE the site from orbit.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:10 No.10738687

    Actually, probably the best way to use any extra suits we have coming along. Equip them for maximum distraction and confusion capacity- lots of smoke, flashbangs, that sorta thing. The more chaos they're wreaking, the better damage we can inflict with the main team.
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)16:10 No.10738689
    According to Zeonic Front at least, the standard sensor package for MS seems to be radar (limited in a combat environment due to Minovsky interference), thermals, and a limited sonar suite. Specialized models like E-series Zakus obviously have more powerful equipment, and I'd expect MSMs to have much more extensive sonar equipment, but that's probably optimized for underwater use, not seismic like ground pounders.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:10 No.10738692

    I like this. When thing's go ploin-shaped, we drop the hammer.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)16:11 No.10738697
    >This is, of course, assuming they won't have any thermal or related on hand.

    ALL Mobile Suits have Termaloptic and Ingra Red sensors as standard, as well a limited radar.
    That's another thing watch out underground, the Minovsky count will be next to zero so radar and radio will work fine.
    As will Radar Guided missiles.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:12 No.10738719

    ...do we have anything that can disperse minovsky particles.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:13 No.10738731

    All of Jaburo in undergound.

    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)16:14 No.10738744
    >1.) MS construction facilities
    >Should be a lowest priority for the attack

    If our attack fails for whatever reason those production facilities need to be DEAD. With them intact the Feds can GM spam us to death eventually.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:16 No.10738769
    >Plus this isn't an area you have any operational authority over, the attack is already planned, all you need to do is plan you're particular part.

    Right. Lots of Smoke bombs, Mauve shirts with massive fuckin' explosive charges.
    ... Wait. Jaburo's multistage underground?
    Please tell me we can get some very sooty smoke in to clog their filters. Or is suffocating people a warcrime now. :P

    Mauves loaded THE FUCK up with massive satchel charges, preferably with bearings inside to pierce buildings.
    Nachtmaren in their usual loadout, operating as the Front and Rear guard for the advancing Aces.
    Aces carrying 1/2 very sooty smoke bombs, and 1/2 petrol bombs.
    The Aces deploy the soot bombs as soon as they exit the pipe, and set the petrol bombs to go off as they leave.
    The petrol should very quickly drain the oxygen supply of Jaburo.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:17 No.10738789
    As in, even more underground than the underground.
    Like, Underground Level 2.
    I sure as fuck wouldn't design a base with my ordinance in line-of-sight of my power plants, that's for damn sure. :P
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:17 No.10738794

    Fuuuck. This just reminded me.

    Gineals Saharin. What ever happened to that guy?
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)16:18 No.10738815

    You can pack dedicated Minovsky Spreader pods, they're roughly the size of grenades and need to be implanted into the ground.
    You need something with opposable thumbs to use them though.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:19 No.10738836
    Legality of Soot and Petrol bombs?
    Seems like they'd be SUPER GREAT to use in an underground environment to clog the enemy's air filters and suffocate them.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:19 No.10738839

    We are not equipping our brothers in arms with exploding mobile suits.

    If you are suggesting we equip them with Mobile Suit sized Det Charges, thats something different.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:20 No.10738848

    Jaburo defenses would be set up to capitalize on the no-minovsky environment (would be stupid not too)

    We want to have at least one of these on every mobile suit. Even suits without opposable thumbs, they can carry them for other suits to use.

    Alternatively, we make the footsloggers carry them for us. (lulz)
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:21 No.10738861

    The unfortunate side effect is we can limit our visibility on their home turf while we severely limit our ground troops visibility as well.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:21 No.10738868
    This is a pretty good idea for infiltration missions in urban environments. I like it
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:22 No.10738880
    Guys, just stop responding to the troll.

    This sounds good. Who's in what suit. Also, any chance of getting advice from Midnight Fenrir?
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)16:22 No.10738892
    Fine, we bring a team of Marine Zaku's to hold the insertion point maybe?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:23 No.10738900

    I think he fucked off to work with Gihren after Garma pulled the plug on the Apsaulus Mark III.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:24 No.10738934

    Shit, that means we might be fighting Gromlin's once we get back into space, if we end up in open war with Ghiren.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:25 No.10738943
    >The unfortunate side effect is we can limit our visibility on their home turf while we severely limit our ground troops visibility as well.
    Good point. Scrap that plan then.

    >If you are suggesting we equip them with Mobile Suit sized Det Charges, thats something different.
    Yes, that was the plan. Mobile suit sized Det charges. REALLY BIG ones that make things blow up!
    But the Det charges have to have dead man's switches, armed on a timer, so even if the suits die, their ordinance still deals damage. And let's face it, they're gonna die, we're attacking the enemy's main base. We'll be lucky if ANYONE survives :P

    >You can pack dedicated Minovsky Spreader pods, they're roughly the size of grenades and need to be implanted into the ground.
    I like this. Unfortunately the Minovskies are charged particles, so they don't penetrate all that well. :[ At the very least we should be able to massively fuck with electronics in Jaburo.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)16:26 No.10738958
    Okay, because one guy here doesn't seem to understand Jaburo here I go.

    Jaburo base covers an area roughly 40% the size of Brazil. It is at least 30 to 60 meters underground and get's it's air either from a web of armoured vents, or giant great big sea and orbital hangar bay doors, which are heavily armoured at least 20 meters thick, probably with Lunar Titanium.
    The base is divided into sections, these sections are mobile, hermetically sealed and can traverse across the underground area on rails.

    A little smoke will do fuck all except make you harder to spot.


    What's your exit strategy, taking the possiblity of a fighting retreat into account?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:27 No.10738975
    >We have commandoes. Dress them in civilian clothes with suitcase bombs. Send them up through the secret entrance about 10 minutes after the surface attack starts. This allows them to discretely mingle with the panicked crowd and place their charges unmolested.
    Is that viable? Wouldn't they be noticed? Jaburo's a pretty tight military facility!
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:28 No.10738992
    >an area roughly 40% the size of Brazil
    How can a BASE be roughly 40% the size of Brazil.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:29 No.10738997

    We survived once before.

    The problem with the dead mans switches is if a friendly Mobile suit dies nearby us, we could have a lethal chain reaction. Killing us as well. So I say no to that.

    Mobile Suit scaled demo charges I like.

    Also Apologized. As for transporting Wappas... cant we hook Wappas to our mobile suits? Think of like.. hanging long Christmas ornamanets on a belt or harness. Same principal?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:30 No.10739021
    as the proposer of that plan, my thinking was that waiting until the surface attack starts, and the confusion and panic of civilian evacuations sets in, a small team of plainclothes guys with suitcases should go unnoticed.

    Everyone should have suitcases, they're all going to bomb shelters for an indefinite amount of time, why wouldn't they pack up?

    A few commandos in civilian clothes with no markings and generic suitcases shouldn't appear suspicious at all.
    Use the surface attack for deception and social cover.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:30 No.10739022

    Underground. And because it follows the Rule of Cool.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)16:30 No.10739025
    One of the big main doors would be the best bet. We take and hold a gate long enough for some of the commandoes to find a controll room and open them. If that fails we either head back to our infiltration point or one of the underwater docks the other teams found in the last assault.
    >> St. Java The Incandescent, King of Good Vibrations 06/25/10(Fri)16:31 No.10739033

    Long time listener, first time caller and all that.

    Well. . . I'd think the options are:

    A) Fight our way back to the waterway, which will probably suck if we've got limited mobility
    B) Hook up with our other elements midway through Jaburo, and retreat with them out the way they came in
    C) Nigh-on if not traditional Mastodon Battalion "Blow Shit Up" plan- blast our way out of Jaburo. Make a boom big enough to blast a hole straight through the roof and to the land above- so something that can get through 30-60 feet of earth and steel, straight up. Maybe carry a shaped charge going in dedicated to this function if we can't make Plan B). If we CAN make Plan B), then we just use it on a target of opportunity, and fuck that target up wholesale.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:31 No.10739037
         File1277497893.jpg-(32 KB, 275x400, ms-15b.jpg)
    32 KB

    I... do not recognize that designation. Which MS would that be?

    Also, I demand we get a Gyan High Mobility Type at some point.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:33 No.10739065

    It's mostly tunnels and rails that the mobile base blocks move along.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:34 No.10739070

    Haha we saw one of those. THey're out there.

    Currently we have some of the best MS Zeon has ever produced in the One Year War at this point...
    >> St. Java The Incandescent, King of Good Vibrations 06/25/10(Fri)16:34 No.10739071
    Liking this. I'd like to combine that with my Plans B) and C).

    Also: Speaking of commando operations:

    Where's Ramba Ral?
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:35 No.10739085

    We left him in space to help out Kycillia against Ghiren and his 'loyalists'
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)16:35 No.10739088
    Plan B is definitely the most plausible. A could work, but puts us at risk of pursuit for god knows how long and could likely lead us on an entirely separate retreat path from the main forces. And C...well, the original plan for breaching Jaburo's roof was Operation British, so yeah.

    Our best option is to have infantry make a break for the launch bays and lock them open, while Nachtmaren fans out and destroys production facilities.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:35 No.10739091
    You're right.

    So, Jaburo's a City underground (It is a massive underground complex in the heart of Brazil, which according to Tomino, is roughly the size that Tokyo was in 1979 - source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaburo)
    That makes it vulnerable to commandoes.

    Now, what vulnerability would a base like that have?
    Hm. I'm assuming Cavern Collapse is impossible beacuse of the way it's built.
    >The base is divided into sections, these sections are mobile, hermetically sealed and can traverse across the underground area on rails.

    Any possibility of flooding the rail system with magma? :D
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)16:36 No.10739098
    >Also Apologized. As for transporting Wappas... cant we hook Wappas to our mobile suits? Think of like.. hanging long Christmas ornamanets on a belt or harness. Same principal?

    The techs come back to you with a similar proposal of sealing them in large backs that are attached to a mobile suit that will removing it after surfacing.


    So the exit strategy is to play it loose and go with what works?
    >> St. Java The Incandescent, King of Good Vibrations 06/25/10(Fri)16:36 No.10739099
    Ah, right.

    Hm. Well, we've got a week. Any chance we can requisition him for the assault?

    Also: Where's Norris Packard? Didn't he bail us out last Jaburo assault?
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)16:37 No.10739123
    If I remember my G Gen correctly, the Gromlin is what you get when you cross the Big Zam with a Braw Bro. So a Newtype-use anti-fleet MA. Looks really wierd, but freakishly strong.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:37 No.10739126

    A true Dorf Fortress Answer.

    But I think Brazil is generally volvanically stable...


    We tried to sabotage the rail block lines in our first assault, and ran into a gundam.

    It was not fun.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:37 No.10739128
    REmOEv YUOR_IllGEAL ClOEN_Fo http://www.coCkStALK.sE/_(rEpLAcE CocKS wITH_aNon) imMeIDAtElY. cqulz enskaquc xcx g u cp ma mcbtphljgr bbcaq c gu dy l c
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:38 No.10739135
    >The problem with the dead mans switches is if a friendly Mobile suit dies nearby us, we could have a lethal chain reaction. Killing us as well. So I say no to that.
    Set det charges to {x} minutes where {x} = the time we expect to be in Jaburo before getting out, plus "Oh shit time". That'll ensure the charges go off no matter what, but we still get away!

    >C) Nigh-on if not traditional Mastodon Battalion "Blow Shit Up" plan- blast our way out of Jaburo. Make a boom big enough to blast a hole straight through the roof and to the land above- so something that can get through 30-60 feet of earth and steel, straight up. Maybe carry a shaped charge going in dedicated to this function if we can't make Plan B). If we CAN make Plan B), then we just use it on a target of opportunity, and fuck that target up wholesale.
    Carrying boom big enough to make a hole in Jaburo is plans A, B, C, D, E, F, all the way up to quadruple motherfuckin' ZZZZ. It's just that the USE of those explosives - the details - differ.
    >> St. Java The Incandescent, King of Good Vibrations 06/25/10(Fri)16:38 No.10739145

    I'm cool with playing it loose, mate. So yeah.

    Ah, and if there is ANY chance we can get Norris Packard and or Ramba Ral to help us out before we go in, since Ramba's saved our butts recently and Norris Himself bailed us out of the last Jaburo assault when it went south, I'd appreciate seeing if we can get a hold of him.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:39 No.10739162
         File1277498384.jpg-(21 KB, 400x311, sad-cat.jpg)
    21 KB
    >But I think Brazil is generally volvanically stable...
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:40 No.10739172
         File1277498422.gif-(2.94 MB, 400x300, zaku leap.gif)
    2.94 MB

    Norris is apparently working with Gineas still... which means he's probably with the Ghiren Loyalist faction...
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:40 No.10739176
    >volvanically stable

    oh lawd
    >> St. Java The Incandescent, King of Good Vibrations 06/25/10(Fri)16:41 No.10739188

    Let's just go in carrying all the explosives.


    And then work out what to do with them from there. We'll find a use for them. We're Nachtmaren, of Mastodon. We HAVE to leave Jaburo with at least one smoking Crater.

    Out for two hours now, damned driving. . . See you folks later. And remember: Make a mess, friends.
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)16:42 No.10739198
    We left Ral up in space, he's probably still doing damage control or cleaning up the mess Gihren made. If Norris is still under Ghinius though, he may have been forcibly transferred to the Loyalist forces.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:43 No.10739216

    Yeah,I mistype hahaha.

    I think taking and holding a hanger would be good for us.

    Make sure we have a beacon on hand to mark our position.

    Exfiltration rules thus follows:

    -Infantry/ dismounted pilots
    -Mobile Suit allies
    -Nachtmaren unit

    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)16:45 No.10739249
         File1277498702.jpg-(22 KB, 242x282, sdz.jpg)
    22 KB

    I think Jaburo is powered primarily by Geothermal and/or tide energy isn't it?
    Also, there's been a LOT of seismic impacts thanks to Operation British, it's not something I'd bank on though.

    Okay, so we have a general plan hased out. What do want to do in the week before hand?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:46 No.10739269

    Phase 1: Land attack team starts walking towards Jaburo's suspected location. Nachtmaren is NOT part of this assault.
    The 12 strongest pilots in this attack are painted in Nachtmaren's colors, but Nachtmaren is NOT involved in this attack team. This team attacks whatever opening it can find, and sends Jaburo into high alert.
    Phase 2: Commandoes infiltrate Jaburo via the water intake. They carry suitcase bombs, and their goal is to infiltrate Jaburo, make note of vital structures, sabotage anything that looks important (if they can get away with it), and then exfiltrate (in the chaos) via the same path the Nachtmaren takes.
    Phase 3.
    As many suits as can be faesably taken sneak in via the underground waterway - half of which are land suits, half of which are amphibious; the amphibious ones tow the land ones.
    Everyone who ISN'T a crackshot ace carries the biggest fuckin' satchel charge they can carry (including Wappa-sized ones for wappas, MS-sized ones for MS), and chucks it on any targets identified by the commandoes - preferably Command structures, Power plants, Mobile suit facilities.
    Everyone who IS a crackshot ace carries a Minovsky spreader and a lot of flares and smokes. Their goal isn't to take on the whole of jaburo. It's to get in, and STAY FUCKING ALIVE while the det packs get in position.
    Phase 4. Hopefully by now the land team has breached a wall in Jaburo, or has IDENTIFIED a wall that can be breached. Nachtmaren gathers up everyone inside Jaburo and heads straight for that point.
    The wall is breached, everyone GTFOs.

    Thoughts, gentlemen?
    >> Rick Dominated 06/25/10(Fri)16:47 No.10739277
    Get training with our troops, especially Bernie. We need to be ON OUR GAME.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:48 No.10739297

    This definitely.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:48 No.10739298
    As an aside to this plan, it needs to be on fire.
    >What needs to be on fire?
    All of it.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:48 No.10739303

    Train Bernie up, get advice from other aces (see Midnight Fenrir), make nice with the infantry, practice with the backpacks.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:50 No.10739322
    focus our training in simulated urban environments.

    Make Bernie participate in EVERY training exercise, including stints as OpFor.
    cut him out of training two days before the attack to give him a chance to recuperate.

    Make sure our commandos understand their roles, and (if possible) include them in our MS training regimen to better oil up this combined arms murdermachine

    Grant all forces training for the jaburo attack access to our combat data, as well as allowing them to review our urban combat simulation footage.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:52 No.10739355
    Priority targets should be Power-producing plants and accessible Command bunkers.
    By the end of this, Jaburo should be:
    Powered down
    In chaos due to damage to its leadership
    Full of Minovkskys
    Having a very large hole in it
    and On fire.

    This sets up the precursor to the "3rd invasion of Jaburo" - which is basically Commandoes stealthily derping in and sabotaging everything.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:52 No.10739357
    we are taking some minovsky pods, right?

    I'm fucking worried about anti-MS infantry with man-portable anti-ms missiles, ambushing us from windows and side streets all over the city.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:54 No.10739379
    >Everyone who IS a crackshot ace carries a Minovsky spreader
    Yep. We got that.

    Right you are. We need Urban Training for everyone.
    And "Carrying a huge fucking explosive" training for everyone else.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)16:54 No.10739381

    Remember when we had our ZakuII, outfitted with the boxer shield, and the extra munitions?

    Can we get some ZakuIIs outfitted that way, with the MS scale Demo Charges?

    ZakuII Commando.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)16:57 No.10739414
    Especially this
    Priority: -Agressor training against Dom Teams. Since they're the fastest they're the most likely to be called in to deal with fed MS that pop up.
    Reccomend using the Zaku FZ, Act Zaku and some goufs as stand-ins for Fed MS.
    These guys need to be ready to deal with this shit because our unit cant be everywhere.
    -Find out what MS and how many of each type will be deployed in the assault
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)16:57 No.10739418
    Good. Practice Urban combat, Share any data about Jaburo with anyone who could use it. Practice use of Huge Fucking Explosives™ as if it were a game of Xcom.

    Anyone have any additions or changes to this plan?

    We should try to get Midnight Fenrir, or any aces with urban combat training, to get in with us.
    In fact, take the 20 people with the best urban combat training with us down the infiltration pipe. More suits = more satchel charges = more damage, at the very least.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)16:58 No.10739427
         File1277499516.jpg-(67 KB, 800x531, 2860349603_4eb8972063_o.jpg)
    67 KB
    I like this. I like it a lot.

    >Focus our training in simulated urban environments.
    >Get Bernie involved on everything.

    Do you want to train Bernie in MSM use as well? You ARE in California, there's plenty of facilities available for this.

    NOTE: In order for the commando plan to work, they'll probably have to go in a day early. Garma say's that it's a risk that could go either way and ultimately he'll abide with your decision.

    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)17:00 No.10739453

    Nix on the commandos.

    As tough as they are... if even ONE of them talks, it could be a disaster for us.
    >> Imperial Officer !!YyBcUam8cxl 06/25/10(Fri)17:00 No.10739458

    Yes, send them in.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:01 No.10739465
    yes plz

    >Do you want to train Bernie in MSM use as well?
    No, we don't have the time. If we try to train him for everything all at once he's going to information overload and none of the training will stick. I'd rather have Bernie competent in one area of warfare than clueless in all of them.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:01 No.10739467

    Yes to MSM training for Bernie, Yes to commando deployment.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:02 No.10739479
    Also remember to mack on Cima too.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:02 No.10739490
    Aggressor training with Doms, Urban warfare training, Demolitions training. Share combat data with everyone.
    Commandos get briefed on infiltration - their role is to send data on vital structures to the Mobile Suits who infiltrate, and to drop a suitcase bomb at these structures themselves if they are able.
    Get Midnight Fenrir. Get as many Urban Warfare training people as possible.

    Minovsky spreaders, Huge explosives, Aquatic suits (At least half) for the infiltration team so they can tow the heavy hitters. Focus on fast, mobile suits as this is Urban combat.

    Commandoes infiltrate and start collecting data on where the vital structures (MS production, Power plants, Command structures) in Jaburo are.
    Then the main force (with nachtmaren decoys) starts drilling their way in through one of the main doors.
    Nachtmaren takes as many urban warfare MS aces, and as many wappas, as they can through the infiltration pipe - carrying roughly 1/2 mix of Demolitions and Urban Fighting armaments for fighting off the enemy's Anti-anti-MS shit.
    Nachtmaren shows up, blows everything up, and runs their asses over to the hole the main attack team has made.
    They GTFO.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:03 No.10739502
    These aren't snitches. These are SUPER DUPER ELITE SPECIAL SPETZNAS TO THE POWER OF MOSSAD DOUBLE FBI operatives. They likely wouldn't talk if their balls were cut off.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:04 No.10739517
    Though, if possible, have their suitcase bombs be more discreet. We're actually using our main attack force for demolitions; these guys serve as scouts who paint targets for us so we can get In and Out as quickly as possible before the entirity of Jaburo rapes us.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:04 No.10739520
    even if they weren't super hardcore (which they are)
    They all know they only have to hold out for a few days before Jaburo gets fucked six ways to sunday and they get rescued.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)17:06 No.10739538
    Hold off on the commandos, they can go in with us in the assault.
    Train Bernie in MSM use.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:06 No.10739546
    Less than that, they have to hold out for less than 24 hours.

    Nachtmaren won't leave without them unless we're completely overwhelmed.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:07 No.10739558
    What's MSM stand for?
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)17:08 No.10739582

    Mobile Suit Marine
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)17:09 No.10739600
    It's good to see proper planning from you guys!

    This is great.

    Also, with regards to aggressor training, while the Doms are the fastest thing we can sortie, they also have a primary drive system that is intrinsically different from every Feddie MS we've encountered. I suggest we use Goufs and FZ or Zaku II Kais for GMs, and B3 Goufs, Act Zakus, and Gelgoogs for Gundams.

    In addition, there is only one problem with the plan I linked. What if we can't blow through a wall? We should give somebody an Agg for our backup exit strategy. Keep that person in reserve and safe, just in case we need them. Maybe Bernie, since we don't know what he should do.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:10 No.10739614

    What's MSM? If it doesn't detract from the rest of his training, absolutely.

    Yes to commandos. This is the kind of risk worth taking.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:11 No.10739632

    >We should give somebody an Agg for our backup exit strategy.

    When all else fails, use a bigger gun.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:13 No.10739651
    >What if we can't blow through a wall?
    Plan A: Use explosives.
    We're taking ... what, 40 commandoes, 20 wappas and 12 MS' worth of boom with us?
    With 24 MS infiltrating via the waterway (of which 6 are the motherfuckin' Nachtmaren), HALF of which have satchel charges (and the other half of which have "combat in an urban environment" stuff, plus minovsky spreaders), that's enough boom to take out pretty much any wall in Jaburo.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)17:13 No.10739658
    >What if we can't blow through a wall?
    Our marine suits essentially have unlimited ammo on their beam guns, and can rapid fire them. We just use our beam cannons to burn an outline the size of an MS then kick it open.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:13 No.10739659
    or just keep an ms-scale det pack in reserve
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:14 No.10739670
    >use our beam cannons to burn an outline the size of an MS then kick it open.

    you, sir, are made of THE RIGHT STUFF
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:15 No.10739696
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)17:17 No.10739707

    This is all of course assuming the closest wall, and easiest means of escape to our forces is just a wall, and not a wall covered by 30-60 meters of Nuke-Proof Rock. What if we get cut off by Feddie MS? What if Amuro shows up in the G3? What if we need a WAY faster way out of Jaburo than the plan currently allows for? Contingencies, gentlemen. Contingencies.

    And Arty has ALWAYS been made of The Right Stuff.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:17 No.10739713
    > What if we need a WAY faster way out of Jaburo than the plan currently allows for?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:18 No.10739729
    >What if Amuro shows up in the G3?
    Call for Char.
    Promise there will be wingmen.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:19 No.10739744
    sometimes you have to stand and fight, man.
    Jaburo is arguably the most important base on earth, this is arguably the crux of the OYW.
    This moment, right here.

    If we fail here, there's no point in surviving. All we will live to see is everything we've fought and died for get ruined by Gihren and the Federation.

    Escape, retreat, these are not options. We are here to destroy Jaburo, or die trying!
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)17:19 No.10739745
    That's not how it works.

    For all we know Char is assassinating Gihren right now. He might not even be in the same theater. Shit, he might not be on Earth.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)17:21 No.10739764
    Gee thanks! I still feel pritty bad about the Hawaii incident though.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)17:21 No.10739768
         File1277500883.jpg-(54 KB, 480x594, 1273471772324.jpg)
    54 KB
    >Also remember to mack on Cima too.

    Unfortunately you fail to find her in between training sessions.

    The week goes as follows, you train heavily for urban combat environment. Making sure that Bernie is up to speed, one never knows when they might be involved in a tense close quarters battle with a Gundam piloted by the cute redhead you macking on yesterday.

    Uh, hypothetically.

    Due to popular vote whilst your training, a team of about 40 commando's are sent in to Jaburo via the secret entrance, armed with satch cases, locator beacons and the best fake documents we can get. One can only hope it's enough.

    In the evening you begin with Plan Nachtmaren Nachtmaren Nachtmaren, and start picking out the best pilots within the 3 earmarked battalions. You find about 17 candidates you think are up to snuff and have them report to your office and brief them on their mission.
    You also talk to the Outfitters about getting special jacket patches and/or medals for those of them who survive being an El Meurto Grande.

    On the fifth day, training is going well, you've all familiarised youself with urban combat techniques, working in tandem with Wappa Dragoons, you're beginning to think you might actually get out of this alive.
    Garma sends a blanket missive to all CO's to attend the breifing room. It looks like the final run up to the operation has begun.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:21 No.10739776

    He raises a good point. Do we know if there are any feddie carriers here? With the frequency that Trojan Horses have been appearing, it would make good sense that one might be stationed here, what with Jaburo's importance.

    Do we know anyone who can hijack a carrier in case we need to bug out via an alternative route?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:21 No.10739781
    Hey, I have a question.
    If colony drop is illegal
    And nukes are illegal
    What if we fill a Colony completely full of Deuterium, except for its outsides, which contain conventional Uranium/Plutonium nuclear material, so that we have a Megaton Hydrogen Bomb.
    No, not a Hydrogen Bomb with a 1MT yield. A Hydrogen bomb that literally weighs 1,000,000 kilograms.
    And then we drop it somewhere.

    Would that be worth the illegal-ness?
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)17:22 No.10739788
    You mispelled Sieg Zeon, and are obviously unaware of why Zeon lost the Canon OYW. Also, you're not aware of the mission objectives. While destroying Jaburo would be nice, we're talking about 40% of Brazil here. It's not going to happen from such a comparatively small incursion. We're here to take out the enemy MS production facilities, along with any targets of opportunity we find. Our survival, and the survival of the majority of our forces means more to the Terrestrial Theater than you know.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:23 No.10739815
    >For all we know Char is assassinating Gihren right now.
    Nope, Char knows Gihren killed his dad. Or at least suspects it.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:24 No.10739821

    reMoeV YUOR_IlLGeaL_cLoen_fO_hTtp://WWw.coCkstalk.se/ (rEplace CoCKS With anon)_ImmeIdAtelY. qmutg rmu sncfphsm r uzcwd mui cz
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)17:25 No.10739835
    rolled 17 = 17

    Rolling to see if any of the commando teams are caught.
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)17:25 No.10739836
    That sounds like it might destroy the planet.

    He's on a secret mission for Kycilia right now, which means, given the current Political situation, he's probably fucking some Gihren shit up. But regardless, we have NO idea where Char is, and thus cannot count on him from a strategic standpoint.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:25 No.10739850
    Only if you drop it in the middle of the atlantic where the plates are drifting apart and the crust is thinner, so that the explosion opens up the earth's mantle to the atmosphere and covers it in a blanket of dust that lasts for a century and snuffs out all life on the planet.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:26 No.10739858
    >That sounds like it might destroy the planet.
    Well it's nice to have a plan C for spacenoid independence from earth.
    No more earth, no more dependence.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:27 No.10739878
    >But regardless, we have NO idea where Char is, and thus cannot count on him from a strategic standpoint.

    All we have to do is say "Gee, we sure do have a lot of disposable mobile suits here with disposable pilots! If only there was someone who could be their wingman..." and then suddenly Char.
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)17:27 No.10739881
    No. A colony is a three-kilometer long projectile, the largest in history. A portion of one annihilated 16% of Australia. Rigging one up like that would likely irreparably damage the Earth.

    You fail to exactly understand WHY this is all illegal. When it wasn't, half the human race was killed off in a week. We pull a stunt like that, the Feds unlock their UNLIMITED NUKE WORKS, and Side 3 is annihilated, along with anything else they think would be worth blowing up.

    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:28 No.10739889
    >irreparably damage the Earth.
    So what's the downside? ^_^
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)17:29 No.10739894
    Thank you Zeta. You saved me from typing that rant myself.

    All retardation aside, we should take one Agg with us. Agree/Disagree?
    >> Crix !!RpOLjtsjwNS 06/25/10(Fri)17:29 No.10739903
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:29 No.10739906
    > half the human race was killed off in a week.
    What if we kill off the entire human population on earth? Then we can be all like "Ha ha you can't nuke space or you'll be extinct, neener neener"
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:29 No.10739907

    "...and that about covers it, Lieutenant."

    I sat across from Cmdr. David Lister, Hero of Zeon and CO of the Nachtmaren. Maybe "sat stunned" would be a better choice of words. I gathered my wits and asked,

    "So let me see if I've got this straight. You want me to fight as hard as I ever have in my entire life, so terror and confusion in enemy ranks and generally act like the scourge of the Federation? And the only thing that differentiates this from any other mission I've ever done is that I'll be painted up as an El Meurto Grande and be a giant target on the field?"

    "And if you survive, you'll get a medal and a patch identifying you to all and sundry as a brevet Nachtmaren."

    Well when you put it like that. What idiot WOULDN'T jump at the chance to do his job for a bigger payout?

    "So when does my suit get its new colours?"
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)17:30 No.10739919
    The Agg is too much of a liability at this point, unless we really think there's a good chance we'll have to dig our way out. We have a way in, so until that point it's basically dead weight.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:31 No.10739924
    >You fail to exactly understand WHY this is all illegal.
    Oh, I know why it's ILLEGAL - because people don't want masses of people to die. I just don't see why it's WRONG.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:31 No.10739930
    No Agg

    Just no.

    stop it. Stop bringing it up. No Agg.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:31 No.10739939
    The land attack team can take the Agg. They can use it to open a door for us.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:31 No.10739940
    >If colony drop is illegal
    >fill a Colony
    >drop it somewhere.
    >colony drop
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)17:32 No.10739947
    Not really, the only ones who would know is Solomon and thair captured Trojan Horse, and if they have, you haven't heard anything.
    Damn civil war.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:32 No.10739949
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:32 No.10739959

    This. The more damage we do to the Federation MS facilities, the bigger a technological edge (and a smaller penalty we suffer in opposing numbers) we maintain.

    Random destruction other than as a distraction while we do this is a waste of our resources.


    Nothing is worth it. Treaty broken, Federation free to mushroom cloud/gas opponents in detail. We lose, both in strategic terms and in keeping Zeon morale from plunging from prosecuting a "dirty war" that kills civilians (and habitats) by the millions or billions.
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)17:34 No.10739978
    You were obviously not present for the first Jaburo assault.

    First legitimate argument so far. Thank you Zeta!

    Not a terrible idea.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:36 No.10740020
    Well yes it's illegal.
    But it also makes a crater the size of Saudi Arabia and opens up a massive portion of the earth's mantle (and thus sulfuric dust) to the atmosphere, sort of like an extinction-level meteor strike.
    I'm thinking that if we drop it directly on the equator, at the mid-atlantic ridge, the dust thrown up should kill any life on earth bigger than a bacterium.
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)17:37 No.10740026
    Using the Agg above ground would require a good level of coordination between teams, something the sheer distance and amount of bedrock might not allow. Not to mention the ECM the Feds will deploy above ground.

    Also, the Agg will require a guard, which is troops that could be better spent running around as a distraction, or locating the main launch gates for infiltration.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:37 No.10740035
    >Using the Agg above ground
    Good post! I agree with you completely, let's use that Agg above ground.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:39 No.10740058
    >Not understanding why annihilating the entire earth's population is wrong"

    You have to be a troll. No one can be this fucking stupid.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:40 No.10740065
    Only the population on the SURFACE of the earth!
    Not the population in space!
    It's not complete extinction, and it would guarantee independence from earth!
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)17:40 No.10740070

    This, leave the Agg.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:40 No.10740072
    Yeah. We're waging a war of conquest here. Blowing up the entire thing we're trying to take over seems a bit counterproductive.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)17:41 No.10740092

    Then the people in space with family on earth rebels.

    Stop it.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:42 No.10740102
    Well all right you can keep the earth intact.
    I just think it was a good Plan C, is all.
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)17:42 No.10740109
    Legit points. But the Agg is an MSM. Why not simply leave it dormant upriver in the Amazon in case we need it? Stick a Combat Engineer/Pilot or some shit in there, and just have him sit tight until it's time to beat feet, or we need help. The problem with this idea is that I can't think of how we'd get into contact with him, especially with the combined shit both us and the Feddies will be throwing.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:42 No.10740112
    What's Zeon's goal(s), again?
    I'm just saying, a way to massively destroy the vast majority of the human species is always a good plan to have in reserve.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)17:42 No.10740114

    ... you're actually Ghiren Zabi, aren't you?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:43 No.10740120
         File1277502217.jpg-(26 KB, 576x384, fireball.jpg)
    26 KB

    Dipshit. Genocide is not civilized warfare, and we're fucking spacenoids, the superior, civilized humanity fighting to free ourselves from the tyranny of the earthbound.

    Re-enacting the K-T event with technology is unacceptable, barbaric, and you deserve to experience re-entry to atmosphere clad only in boxer shorts for such a suggestion. GTFO, pic related to your new job as atmospheric debris.
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)17:44 No.10740136
    And then what? With the Earth fucked up that badly, there's no more Lagrange points, and all the colonies drift off, dooming humanity to a slow, cold death in space.

    Clearly you have some major ethical problems and should probably find some other quest to participate in.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:46 No.10740183
    you're so close-minded! the K-T event was awesome. And what do we have technology FOR except to make cooler explosions?

    And what if I -am- the legitimate ruler of Zeon? :P
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)17:47 No.10740185
    TROLLAN TROLL IS TROLLAN. This plan has been debunked like a trillion times over. Everyone can stop responding to him now.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:47 No.10740194
    stop feeding the troll

    this is 4chan 101.
    get it together /tg/
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)17:48 No.10740204
    Alright, training, done. Preparations. Done.

    Zeon Sized Detonation Packs?

    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:48 No.10740206
    >With the Earth fucked up that badly, there's no more Lagrange points,
    ... Um, no. The earth still retains almost all of its mass and its lagrange points are fine.
    I'm not suggesting blowing the earth up, that would be counter-productive. Just suggesting eradicating all life on the planet's surface larger than a bacterium by use of enough deuterium to create a fusion explosion that opens up a caldera 200km in diameter directly to the earth's mantle and covers the entire planet in a nuclear winter of volcanic dust.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:48 No.10740208
    Even if the guy is trolling Hard as fuck, I do like that Super Nuke Colony Bomb idea.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:49 No.10740220
    A detonation pack as big as the whole of ZEON?
    That's SO done! It can even be made out of ... those pissy little 'conventional' weapons.
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)17:50 No.10740245
    About those, who do we mount them on? If they're anything like normal supplementary MS equipment, we'd need proper hands to use them. The only MSMs we're taking that have those are Hygoggs, and they have some ginormous fingers.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)17:50 No.10740246

    Meant Zeon Mobile Suit Det Pack...
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:51 No.10740266
    > there's no more Lagrange points
    Well then we'll just take the orbital path that Earth previously occupied.

    >Clearly you have some major ethical problems and should probably find some other quest to participate in.
    Ethics is for pussies! Planes and Mercs, fuck yeah. :)
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:52 No.10740279
    >Ethics is for pussies!

    someone is in the wrong thread
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)17:52 No.10740283
         File1277502746.jpg-(58 KB, 457x343, GMRush_ib4f.jpg)
    58 KB

    Especially given that we've already taken over about 50% of it and have a shitton of troops on their ourselves.

    Okay, so after you all shuffle into a briefing room, the lights darken and Garma takes the podium.
    It sort of reminds you of how Operation Elephant got started all those months ago back in space.

    "Gentlemen, the time for out second attack on Jaburo has come. As you all know, we have been preparing for a second attack ever since the end of the last one, and effectively it's know or never. In two day's time, we will be mounting the a full scale attack on Federal HQ, involving 7 special independant units, and 3 battalions of Mobile Suits drawn from across the theatre. Aside from this 3 Mechanised Infantry Battalions and 9 Air Squadrons will also be taking part. Your roles in this mission will be as follows. We will be attacking Jaburo in a multi-pronged simultaneous suprise attack, which will occur just before dawn of November the 11th. 1st Battalion and attatched assets will be attacking via Gaw Paradrop from the north east, in from the coast, 2nd Battalion from the North West, you will engage in a rolling drop operation, taking down enemy flak nests and pockets of resistance but avoiding any large scale delaying engagments before meeting up with the other battalion in the middle. You're targets are those of oppourtunity, and you will be on the lookout for any way into the base you can find. If our commando teams already infiltrating Jaburo have done their jobs this will be made easier due to sabotage actions. Now for the underground infiltration teams..."

    He turns to you.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:56 No.10740342
         File1277502961.gif-(13 KB, 320x300, EMS-05_Agg.gif)
    13 KB

    Then we invite you to meet Char with a teacup, and your argument is invalid.

    (Ignoring Genocide Options from here on in.)

    Make a suggestion here. You want that Agg working for us, let's get one of those dozen+ auxilary pilots in it. Once we find where that water entry comes out to (commandos?), we set that Agg to digging an escape tunnel topside that goes from surface to that point underground. Once we're clear, we blow the Jaburo-side entry shut and proceed at full land speed with our non-amphibious suits topside, while our aquatic types can use the water intake for a full-speed exit. If nothing else, the split may very well insure that some troops escape if everything truly goes to hell.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:56 No.10740352
    >Super Nuke Colony Bomb idea.
    Hm. now that you put it that way it doesn't sound as cool as before.
    I guess the idea doesn't translate that well to a space setting after all.

    (The original plan was to get a Superfreighter with a Nuclear or Fusion engine, and have it completely filled with supercooled Deuterium - 100 kilotons of the stuff is a decent tare for a superfreighter. Then nuclear devices placed around the ship explode, causing at least half of the Deuterium to undergo fusion. The Ship would be parked in international waters on the mid-atlantic ridge to maximise devastation, though the original plan put it closer to 35 north, to devastate the atlantic coast and europe with a tsunami, and to localise the nuclear winter to the northern hemisphere)
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)17:56 No.10740359
    >via Gaw Paradrop
    I am very concerned about the sort of danger they'll be exposed to from Fed AA units.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)17:58 No.10740372
    not our problem, really.
    I'm concerned as well, but we can't do anything about it without jeopardizing our primary mission.

    Risk is an inherent part of war, as least we know they will fight and die with honor
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)17:59 No.10740401
    Excellent idea.

    Sounds like we'll be sabotagan some of those nests ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:00 No.10740406
    >Risk is an inherent part of war
    When you say "Risk"
    I say "EXPLOSIONS!"
    Fuck yeah, risk!
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)18:00 No.10740408
         File1277503229.jpg-(82 KB, 400x338, ms-17b.jpg)
    82 KB
    >Even if the guy is trolling Hard as fuck, I do like that Super Nuke Colony Bomb idea.

    So did the primary bad guy from Crossbones if I recall, he later decided on simply mass-producing giant MA's armed with Nukes in the end though.


    "The Infiltration teams are as follows: Nachtmaren Unit, the already deployed Vandermanns 7th Commandos, and the Mashiba Team. Your role will be to infiltrate Jaburo and using the hopefully deployed targeting beacons to find and destroy Jaburo's MS production facilities, and then try to take out central command. Even if none of the top brass are still there, the destruction of the CnC facilities will greatly hamper the federations overall strategic ability in South America. The Mashiba Teams role will be to draw fire away from the Nachtmaren Unit by attacking nearby targets of oppourtunity, as well as locating hangar bays that will allow the conventional troops entry into the base."
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:01 No.10740434

    We're going to have our hands full, and the more trouble we can cause down below, the bigger the disruption to their C3 and hence their anti-air capacity.

    This is going to hurt. You don't attack the biggest enemy base around and not expect to need to pay in blood and metal to do it.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:02 No.10740454
         File1277503377.png-(6 KB, 257x262, toon_link.png)
    6 KB
    >Now for the underground infiltration teams..."

    >He turns to you.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)18:05 No.10740497
    We did issue cyanide capsules to those infiltrating commando teams right?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:05 No.10740503
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:05 No.10740516
    Naw, chemical weapons are a violation of the antarctic treaty, they have conventional explosives instead.
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)18:06 No.10740534
    While I don't necessarily agree with you, I DO like the cut of your jib.

    Sounds good to me. Also, this opens a Mack-on-Cima path. We can be all like "Hey you're taking fire for us tomorrow, let me take you to dinner tonight."

    Then we can see who is jealous. Well, jealous and female, anyway. Then mack on them. Harem end.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)18:07 No.10740548
    No you dolt, cyanide capsules are so you can commit suicide to prevent capture.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:07 No.10740552
    Suicide pill man. Not a bomb.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:09 No.10740573
    What's the point of carrying cyanide if you're only carrying a tiny amount of it? There's no overkill in that! =[
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)18:10 No.10740606
    6/10 Notbadtroll.jpg

    Now shut the fuck up.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:12 No.10740640
    No, you shut the fuck up!
    I like my sacrificial rookies and my war crimes and my chemical weapons and my nuclear explosions and my mass extinctions. I like them as much as /tg/ likes ladyboys, and that's a LOT!
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)18:13 No.10740651
         File1277503989.jpg-(225 KB, 1024x724, srwhotnews_ace6_msvr6.jpg)
    225 KB
    >We did issue cyanide capsules to those infiltrating commando teams right?

    Yes. They did indeed all get Cyanide dentalwork done.

    "Now for the Air units, aside from the Dopp, Dodai and Guncopter units, we'll also be using the new SaberTiger heavy fighters as well, so hopefully we'll have a better air-to-air capacity than we would have previously."

    The briefing continues in much the same vein.
    You have 2 days, you'll probably need them to make sure everythings up and ready.
    Is there anything you want to get done during those 2 days?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:13 No.10740660
    shut up, stop fagging up the thread, take your bullshit elsewhere, nobody cares, etc etc etc etc

    stop trolling it's boring and wasting space
    >> Zeta Zaku 06/25/10(Fri)18:14 No.10740679
    >Zeon heavy fighters

    My god, finally. I was beginning to wonder if the poor Dopp would have to win the air war on its own.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:14 No.10740683
    not really.
    Maybe requisition a sidearm if we don't already have one.

    I'll just vote for timeskip to the good stuff
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:17 No.10740743
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:18 No.10740748
    No, you!
    Now when do we get to execute some civilians? :^)
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:18 No.10740753
         File1277504308.jpg-(87 KB, 500x264, Gihren_Zabi.jpg)
    87 KB

    This is Zeonquest. Gihrenquest is another thread entirely.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)18:19 No.10740776
    Can we get some stats on those fighters?
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)18:21 No.10740809
    Okay, after some last minute training, you prepare to get some sleep for the last night.

    Also, what are we having Bernie pilot for this? We never really decided.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)18:22 No.10740827
    Er, shit, talk to Okawara (sp?) about stuff we can use beam chaff on. Like anti-beam plates for our MS.
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)18:23 No.10740848

    (To be given immediately before Deployment to all assembled forces.)

    Ladies, and Gentlemen. Soldiers of Zeon. This is it. The day all of us have been waiting for. Every one of us. This is the day we strike at the heart of our enemy.

    Even as our Homeland sees fit to try and tear itself apart, I look across all of you and see nothing but Patriots, warriors whose hearts share the same burning love for the Principality as mine! And now we are to begin an undertaking that we've feverishly dreamt of since the beginning of this destructive conflict!

    Jaburo has long been the Federation's mightiest symbol. An impregnable underground fortress immune to even the mightiest weapons.

    And now we set forth to destroy it.

    We will succeed where the mightiest weapons science could produce have failed.

    And why? Why will a small group of men and machines bring victory where even the splitting of the atom could not?

    Because there is one thing that Fortress is NOT immune to. And that is the will of Patriot's. The heart of Warrior's. The Courage of Soldier's

    The Earth Federation has taken something from all of us! They have taken someone from all of us!






    >> Rick Dominated 06/25/10(Fri)18:23 No.10740849
    I'd say another Z'Gok E.
    Those things are pretty survivable.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)18:24 No.10740870
    Acguy with 1 beam and 1 MG arm or a Z'gok.
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)18:24 No.10740886
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:27 No.10740936
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:30 No.10740973

    Yep, got my curiousity. What are those new heavy fighters? (The pic is a pair of Federation craft)
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:30 No.10740982
    *snickers and giggles*
    Sir, did you order a Large Ham? :D
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:31 No.10740992
    Why is there a recolored UN Squadron logo in the OP?
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)18:32 No.10741009
    You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:32 No.10741017
    My people. Sons and daughters of Zeon.... For many years, we have been a broken nation... Shunned, oppressed, and conquered by those we sought to escape. ...Ten years ago, I asked for time, and that time was granted by you. You, the strength in my arm, the holders of my dreams.... Our forefathers embarked on the greatest exodus in the history of all mankind... An exodus for freedom. side 3 became that freedom... Our new colonies changed our bodies. At first, it weakened us, but in fact, we were growing... stronger. In the time you have given me, I have rebuilt our nation, I have rebuilt our strength, and I have rebuilt our pride!... Our enemies at home have been re-educated. We have given them new insights into our cause. On this day, we stand united once more. On this day, those driven to divide us will hear our voice! On this day, we shall act as one, and we shall be ignored NO MORE! Defenders of the ZEONIC dream, NOW IS OUR TIME!

    It really does fit in quite well
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/25/10(Fri)18:32 No.10741018
    Alright lets do this.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)18:32 No.10741023
    >Can we get some stats on those fighters?

    They're basically just copies of the Saberfish painted green.
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)18:34 No.10741049
    I tried to avoid too much Patton-esque language in there. I also tried to use the language I'd used in past speeches. It came out alright, I think. Your gentlemanly thoughts?
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:35 No.10741072

    Hmm. Still respectable, as it gives us units that can stay in the air that pack a decent punch to boot.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)18:35 No.10741077
    Ha! I actually wrote up a bit with Mauser leading a squadron of modified Saberfish in Operation Terminus. Using Colombian IFF's to bluff their way into the Fed bomber formation. Only to find out there was a second wing of Fed bombers incoming after they blew their cover.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:36 No.10741079
    "My people... Sons and daughters of Zeon. This much I know. The history of these days will be written in blood. By crushing the armies of our enemy, by seizing the weapons they thought to turn against us, we were fighting for our very existence. But if there are those who would deny us peace; refuse us our rightful place in the universe, then we will unleash such terrible vengeance that generations yet unborn will cry out in anguish!...The enemy may shatter our bodies, but they cannot break our spirit. Even now they advance on our colonies, to seize by force what they cannot claim by right. They cannot imagine what awaits them. WE WILL SMITE THE INVADERS FROM OUR SKIES! Though they sweep over our colonies like meteor showers; never again will we bow before them; never again endure their oppression; never again endure their tyranny. We will strike without warning and without mercy; fighting as one hand, one heart, one soul. We will shatter their dreams and haunt their nightmares, drenching our ancestors' graves with their blood. And as our last breath tears at their lungs; as we rise again from the ruins of our cities... they will know, the future belongs to Zeon.

    Fuck it really does work well
    >> Rick Dominated 06/25/10(Fri)18:37 No.10741099
    So, we're not using the Gigan here, right?
    Can we donate ours to the regular invasion to give them better air support?
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)18:37 No.10741115
    It was Eisenhower actually but yeah yours was nice.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:38 No.10741120
    on that note, will the Outer Heaven be participating in the surface attack?

    An extra cruiser with beamspam could probably go a long ways
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)18:38 No.10741126
    Okay one last count, this is what I've gotten our MS list as.

    David: Act Zaku
    Jolyne: Hygogg or Z'Gok E
    Zolomon: Hygogg
    Elaine: Hygogg or Z'Gok E
    Calvin: Hygogg
    Hovis: Zock
    Bernie: Z'Gok

    Also, just so you know, we probably wont be doing the Jaburo assault tonight, I'd prefer it if we did it when I'm not so tired and under the weather.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)18:39 No.10741146

    Most likely, although it's been ordered to knacker itself doing so, as it's still your primary extraction route.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:40 No.10741162
    I am ok with this loadout. Hope you feel better.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)18:43 No.10741218

    >although it's been ordered to knacker itself doing so
    Um... I dont, uh. Translation for us colonials please?
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)18:45 No.10741244
    >although it's been ordered to NOT knacker itself doing so, as it's still your primary extraction route.

    Oh god. This is why I don't want to do the main attack tonight.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:46 No.10741254
         File1277505993.jpg-(89 KB, 640x480, 1204896195706.jpg)
    89 KB
    Thanks for running this Quest tongiht, despite your skull attempting it's own Jaburo compartmentalized rail system switching.

    Feel better soon Apologized.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:47 No.10741260
    Then don't. Just take a nap or whatever and come back tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)18:49 No.10741298
    The Hivelistermind of Anon definitely prefers a well rested apologized. Much done, enough done. Sleep the sleep of the just.
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)18:53 No.10741357
    David: Act Zaku, Beam Rifle, Bullpup, Heat Saber, Boxer Shield
    Jolyne: Z'Gok E, Standard Weapons, Missile Attachment
    Zolomon: Hygogg, Standard Weapons, Missile Attachment
    Elaine: Z'Gok E, Standard Weapons, Missile Attachment
    Calvin: Hygogg, Standard Weapons, Missile Attachment
    Hovis: Zock, Standard Weapons
    Bernie: Z'Gok E, Standard Weapons, Missile Attachment
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)19:01 No.10741497
         File1277506898.png-(219 KB, 768x480, Episode 65 Epilogue.png)
    219 KB
    With your team assembled and as prepared as they'll ever be you decide to get an early night, you'll have to be up by 3 tommorow.

    "So, here we go again huh boss?" Zolomon says to you as you make your way back to your quarters.

    "Yeah, hopefully with less suprise mobile suits, and us in something better than what appeared to be a Mobile Suit Mariachi Band."

    "We should totally trick those Jaburo Specials with like giant instruments and do that when we win." Zolomon suggests.

    "Yeah well, that's enough jinxing for one night Zolomon."

    "You sure? I can talk about how I'm only four months away from retirment and show you family photos if you want."

    "Goddamn stop trying to get us all killed!"

    You get a reasonable amount of sleep, and are waken up in what is essentially still the night by your alarm going off. Dragging yourself up you get dressed and prepared and meet up with the rest of Nachtmaren.

    You feel a speech going on.

    "Gentlemen... This is it."

    As you mosey up to the launch pad you see the Zanzibar II Lili Marleen loading up the now reinforced Mashiba Team all armed with their new Mobile Suits you give Lt. Girahou a wave as you load up.

    Garma comes on the line and addresses the troops.

    "Men and Women of Zeon, You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you."

    The Outer Heaven takes off. It is time.

    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)19:03 No.10741535
    Awh, Gosh, Apologized. Thanks for using it! :D

    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)19:06 No.10741576

    The irritating thing is I hadn't had a headache in almost 2 weeks by this point. Then I have a couple of late nights, and drive into and out of cambridge twice to drop of and pick up my Car, I hit rush hour traffic on the way out and OH LOOK THERE'S A HEADACHE.

    I blame Nissan.
    I'm going to be wasted tommorow, I can feel it.
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)19:08 No.10741617
    Fuck Nissan then. And just chill and rest if you're feeling out of it tomorrow. You've earned it!
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)19:11 No.10741650
    Another great quest apologized.
    Get some rest bro.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)19:21 No.10741838
         File1277508075.png-(59 KB, 480x272, ba1a77f4a8c0aafbf2d38523.png)
    59 KB

    MS-14F Gyan Marine

    In the last months of the One Year War, the Legitimacy of Zeon introduced the MS-14 Gyan as a direct snub to the Loyalist's Gelgoog. Gyan variants also appeared to fill specific mission roles, and one variant was the MS-14F Gyan Marine. Built exclusively for Zeon's marine troops, the Gyan Marine (or "F-type," as it is sometimes called) featured improved thrusters, speed and maneuverability, as well as external propellant tanks to increase its range while offsetting the extra fuel used by its more powerful thrusters. The beam sword of the original Gelgoog was replaced with a Beam Lance and The original Gyans Needle Missile and Mine deploying shield was replaced with a smaller more efficient shield, which was tougher, more durable, lighter and similarily armed. With its good cost performance, the Gyan Marine was perhaps the one of the most heavily mass-produced Gyan variants built, with many units surviving the war.
    >> I apologized on 4chan !!O1JS15Z6lxy 06/25/10(Fri)19:21 No.10741854
         File1277508106.png-(61 KB, 480x272, cbe28e0234be6c2d4bfb5122.png)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/25/10(Fri)19:26 No.10741984
    I wonder if we're going to have a chance to talk some more with Cima later on?
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)19:35 No.10742146
    Oh god dammit. I figured we'd still be getting Gelgoogs but ones adapted to fit the united maintinence plan.
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)19:38 No.10742210
    Being Neutral has its advantages. We should be able to deploy both 'googs and Gyans. And also, the faster we end that Civil War, the faster we have direct access to both.
    >> Arty 06/25/10(Fri)19:39 No.10742235
    But I want the Gelgoog Jaeger now dammit!
    *Thows fit*
    >> MS-06FUCKYEAH !!rJGvHLVN3on 06/25/10(Fri)20:10 No.10742823
    You can't have it now! Blame Gihren! Beat him up and then you can have it.

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