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  • File : 1276916626.jpg-(319 KB, 732x1536, 1264912005871.jpg)
    319 KB Baaww Thread Alpharius 06/18/10(Fri)23:03 No.10588204  
    Stealing a page from /b/'s handbook, let's have us a good old fashioned baww thread. Post anything that makes you tear up or shed manly tears.

    Sorry for not /tg/ pic, but I don't have any /tg/ baww material!
    >> Alpharius 06/18/10(Fri)23:04 No.10588214
         File1276916659.jpg-(184 KB, 556x1116, 1264911089798.jpg)
    184 KB
    >> Hojou Sounn !!liSXS3ubWZA 06/18/10(Fri)23:04 No.10588223
         File1276916691.jpg-(283 KB, 634x1807, chenjian.jpg)
    283 KB
    contributing non-/tg/ material
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:05 No.10588226
         File1276916700.png-(80 KB, 480x640, A_Final_Toast_by_DistantSound.png)
    80 KB
    Remember that Waddle Dee from Revenge of Meta-Knight?

    We never saw him evacuate.
    >> Alpharius 06/18/10(Fri)23:05 No.10588231
         File1276916707.jpg-(341 KB, 550x2061, 1264914644754.jpg)
    341 KB
    >> Alpharius 06/18/10(Fri)23:06 No.10588246
         File1276916766.jpg-(324 KB, 554x731, 1264914870438.jpg)
    324 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:06 No.10588253
    The back of my neck tingled a bit, and I almost felt compassion.
    Well played, /tg/. You have taught me to love again, etc.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:06 No.10588255
    This comic looks like it's cruising towards turning into a Chick tract. A much better than average one, but
    >> Alpharius 06/18/10(Fri)23:06 No.10588261
         File1276916809.jpg-(391 KB, 959x4314, 1264915552199.jpg)
    391 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:07 No.10588269
         File1276916826.jpg-(28 KB, 500x283, 1276218390798.jpg)
    28 KB
    Fucking chinks.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:07 No.10588282
         File1276916868.jpg-(66 KB, 600x600, 01 tears.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Alpharius 06/18/10(Fri)23:08 No.10588289
         File1276916891.jpg-(755 KB, 3500x990, 1264915295986.jpg)
    755 KB
    Because not EVERY thread should have neckbeards frothing at the mouth.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:08 No.10588293
    Forgot your sage.
    >> BROther Three Dog !!h0s0sLzn6uv 06/18/10(Fri)23:08 No.10588294
    I was there for those threads.

    Bromont. Truly, a scholar.
    >> Alpharius 06/18/10(Fri)23:09 No.10588308
         File1276916950.jpg-(59 KB, 499x666, 1264914021152.jpg)
    59 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:10 No.10588332
    Unfortunately its a propaganda piece to focus people on how awesome the Chinese people are when the main problem is that they used far below standard construction materials and contractors to build everything that fell down in the first place.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:10 No.10588338
    strangely this is how my relationship turned out, via the internet

    it has not crumbled into a horrible illusion yet
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:11 No.10588353
         File1276917089.jpg-(387 KB, 480x3254, Animal Crossing Comic Pt1.jpg)
    387 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:12 No.10588367
         File1276917125.jpg-(294 KB, 480x2458, Animal Crossing Comic Pt2.jpg)
    294 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:12 No.10588372
         File1276917141.jpg-(542 KB, 699x1904, 1271731776882.jpg)
    542 KB
    Does anyone remember this thread?
    >> Hojou Sounn !!liSXS3ubWZA 06/18/10(Fri)23:12 No.10588381
         File1276917176.jpg-(106 KB, 1024x577, girlytears.jpg)
    106 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:13 No.10588403

    True Utilitarian..
    >> BROther Three Dog !!h0s0sLzn6uv 06/18/10(Fri)23:14 No.10588418
    I do.

    I remember.

    My dad isn't the same way with me, but still.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:15 No.10588426
    >> Megatron 06/18/10(Fri)23:15 No.10588433
         File1276917320.jpg-(432 KB, 754x2520, 1265306058663.jpg)
    432 KB
    >> Megatron 06/18/10(Fri)23:16 No.10588445
         File1276917360.jpg-(43 KB, 400x534, 1265306082942.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:16 No.10588446
    >manly tears
    >crying like a bitch
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:16 No.10588466
         File1276917407.jpg-(1.17 MB, 996x1226, 1252500733594.jpg)
    1.17 MB
    Baw thread? Without me? Impossible!
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:18 No.10588490
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:18 No.10588496
         File1276917509.jpg-(546 KB, 1600x1116, 1276265656352.jpg)
    546 KB
    Star Wars related.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:18 No.10588500

    I didn't even see that one coming

    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:20 No.10588546
         File1276917626.jpg-(212 KB, 1600x549, 1276265738263.jpg)
    212 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:21 No.10588567
         File1276917678.jpg-(393 KB, 943x1371, Vader Misses 3PO.jpg)
    393 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:22 No.10588586

    I admit. I am a terrible person. I LOLed
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:22 No.10588593
         File1276917734.jpg-(322 KB, 1600x750, 1276265793022.jpg)
    322 KB
    >> Megatron 06/18/10(Fri)23:23 No.10588620
         File1276917799.jpg-(258 KB, 900x1200, 1266265421360.jpg)
    258 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:25 No.10588671
         File1276917915.jpg-(234 KB, 1600x613, 1276265862709.jpg)
    234 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:25 No.10588681
    I really hope there are more of these, Stalker.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:25 No.10588683
    The other Minus ones are more bawwworthy.
    >electric toothbrush or scooter
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:26 No.10588699
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:27 No.10588719
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:27 No.10588721
         File1276918028.jpg-(285 KB, 1600x713, 1276265918008.jpg)
    285 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:28 No.10588759
         File1276918127.jpg-(220 KB, 1600x576, 1276266009842.jpg)
    220 KB
    >> Megatron 06/18/10(Fri)23:29 No.10588789
         File1276918197.jpg-(387 KB, 496x1000, 1267142111829.jpg)
    387 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:30 No.10588804
         File1276918230.jpg-(239 KB, 1600x923, 1276266131609.jpg)
    239 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:31 No.10588819
         File1276918284.png-(41 KB, 780x1280, Dog.png)
    41 KB
    My favorite.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:31 No.10588825
    Star Wars crap ruined the thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:31 No.10588827
         File1276918318.jpg-(114 KB, 579x819, You jerk, now I'm crying.jpg)
    114 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:32 No.10588829
         File1276918332.png-(56 KB, 780x1280, Dog2.png)
    56 KB
    >> 01011001 !!0e0rM3tVUOn 06/18/10(Fri)23:32 No.10588846
    >Stealing a page from /b/'s handbook

    /b/'s handbook is rarely worth stealing from, and this is no exception
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:33 No.10588848
         File1276918384.png-(33 KB, 780x1280, Dog3.png)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:33 No.10588857
         File1276918404.jpg-(56 KB, 400x637, Maedhros___speedpaint_by_Gold_(...).jpg)
    56 KB
    ... I...approve...
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:33 No.10588862
         File1276918423.png-(41 KB, 780x1280, Dog4.png)
    41 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:34 No.10588881
         File1276918471.png-(20 KB, 780x1280, Dog5.png)
    20 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:35 No.10588891
         File1276918510.png-(45 KB, 780x1280, Dog6.png)
    45 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:36 No.10588913
         File1276918602.png-(52 KB, 780x1280, Dog7.png)
    52 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:37 No.10588935
         File1276918655.png-(60 KB, 780x1280, Dog8.png)
    60 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:38 No.10588948
         File1276918702.png-(42 KB, 780x1280, Dog9.png)
    42 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:40 No.10588980
         File1276918807.jpg-(430 KB, 1280x1006, 1276161591814.jpg)
    430 KB
    /co/ related.
    >> Hojou Sounn !!liSXS3ubWZA 06/18/10(Fri)23:41 No.10588997
         File1276918883.jpg-(148 KB, 612x750, girlytears2.jpg)
    148 KB

    The second time in one hour

    I hate you /tg/
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:41 No.10589007
    Dog died a couple weeks ago, Stalker.
    I approve of this comic.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:42 No.10589021
    F-fuck you, Alpharius...Fuck you.
    >> Alpharius 06/18/10(Fri)23:42 No.10589024
    Your letting all the girly parts go. When your time to shine as a man comes forth, you can be all you need to be.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:42 No.10589025
         File1276918933.jpg-(464 KB, 1024x1592, 1256567197689.jpg)
    464 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:42 No.10589039
    Has anyone here perfected the dog whimper?
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:43 No.10589042
         File1276918983.jpg-(71 KB, 684x1100, 1271733363947.jpg)
    71 KB
    It's raining /tg/, it's raining
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:44 No.10589068
         File1276919073.jpg-(403 KB, 765x702, 1241930916954[1].jpg)
    403 KB
    I'll post some...

    It's good to have emotional release.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:45 No.10589076

    >>10589007 here.
    I used to get her to whine back and nuzzle my head when I did it. Does that count as perfected?
    Maybe I wasn't doing a good job and she was trying to figure out what kind of weird thing I was. Heh.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:45 No.10589080
         File1276919129.jpg-(100 KB, 640x640, 1242270588440[1].jpg)
    100 KB
    This one always gets me...
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:45 No.10589081
    This one was sad, but at least it ended on a semi-happy note. At least the one Stormtrooper found out about his birthday and cared enough to wish him a happy one.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:45 No.10589086
         File1276919154.jpg-(27 KB, 640x480, 1256567687039.jpg)
    27 KB
    Thanks. Sorry about your dog.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:46 No.10589094
         File1276919182.jpg-(224 KB, 500x1406, 1247925069889[1].jpg)
    224 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:46 No.10589097
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:46 No.10589102
         File1276919206.jpg-(309 KB, 1261x801, All for Lu.jpg)
    309 KB
    You never know what you've got until you've lost it.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:46 No.10589103
         File1276919206.jpg-(32 KB, 330x357, feels bad man.jpg)
    32 KB
    Ah fuck it Stalker, that shit made me cry. Made me think of my first cat. Wasn't no girly cat, either; he was this huge thundering house panther, and he was a total jackhole. A complete fucking asshole of a cat, a total bro of a feline, you know?

    Man, I miss that fucker. Though if history is any teacher, when I get to heaven the little motherfucker is going to be lying in ambush. Yeah, he was one of those cats, the kind that lurk under end-tables and pop out and attack your legs.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:46 No.10589108
    Or that it was his son.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:47 No.10589120
    Dad-related stuff always gets to me

    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:47 No.10589124
         File1276919252.jpg-(264 KB, 750x948, 1257946042999.jpg)
    264 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:47 No.10589128
    Just watch.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:47 No.10589133
    Those are the best cats! Except in summer i guess.
    >> Alpharius 06/18/10(Fri)23:48 No.10589146
    >> Alpharius 06/18/10(Fri)23:48 No.10589157
         File1276919327.jpg-(146 KB, 600x750, 1274315469449.jpg)
    146 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:49 No.10589171
         File1276919358.png-(83 KB, 985x412, 1252644909008[1].png)
    83 KB

    The thai insurance commercial.

    It's... something else. It hits me pretty bad.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:49 No.10589191
         File1276919391.jpg-(476 KB, 1155x1341, 1276163148138.jpg)
    476 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:50 No.10589207
    Oh you think that's good?

    Wait until the end. Listen to the tone of his voice, on his last word.
    He cared. We don't know why, but there was something there that was more than just another paycheck and a PSA. Lou wasn't threatening, or advising. He was pleading.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:51 No.10589225
         File1276919494.jpg-(92 KB, 1001x343, 1257750568703[1].jpg)
    92 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:52 No.10589245
         File1276919549.jpg-(204 KB, 548x1304, china4.jpg)
    204 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:52 No.10589248
    Anyone have the one with the two cats, where the one female cat is hurt and the male cat tries for a long time to "heal" her?
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:52 No.10589251
         File1276919570.jpg-(275 KB, 700x2739, 1253545032511[1].jpg)
    275 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:53 No.10589267
         File1276919616.jpg-(225 KB, 427x1600, china6.jpg)
    225 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:53 No.10589270
         File1276919625.jpg-(517 KB, 550x3500, 1257752691996[1].jpg)
    517 KB
    For those of you that played Mother 3...

    Shit that was a heartbreaking game.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:54 No.10589290
         File1276919679.png-(32 KB, 1256x340, 1257755171599[1].png)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:54 No.10589291
    What this thread needs is a picture of the guards in front of the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington...

    ... in the middle of a storm so bad that the trees are being bent over by the damn wind.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:55 No.10589300
         File1276919730.jpg-(205 KB, 579x1600, china_8_a.jpg)
    205 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:57 No.10589330
         File1276919823.jpg-(125 KB, 601x1292, china_8_b.jpg)
    125 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:57 No.10589337
         File1276919832.png-(215 KB, 460x1988, 1260122999356[1].png)
    215 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:58 No.10589366
         File1276919923.jpg-(60 KB, 1359x259, 1271663628966[1].jpg)
    60 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/18/10(Fri)23:59 No.10589375
         File1276919947.gif-(378 KB, 820x520, 1249554620215.gif)
    378 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/18/10(Fri)23:59 No.10589385
    If...if anyone has any, I'd like to see some more dad stuff, if it's not too much trouble...
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/19/10(Sat)00:00 No.10589392
         File1276920011.jpg-(274 KB, 796x1201, 1252324039420.jpg)
    274 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:00 No.10589398
         File1276920042.jpg-(302 KB, 1335x738, 1271724011876[1].jpg)
    302 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:02 No.10589418

    confirmed bullshit.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/19/10(Sat)00:02 No.10589424
         File1276920161.jpg-(104 KB, 517x800, 1276262098114.jpg)
    104 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:05 No.10589469
         File1276920325.jpg-(177 KB, 1184x310, 1271662411880[1].jpg)
    177 KB
    Sure bro.

    I have a few, mostly videogame related though.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:05 No.10589470

    Having lost my dad at a young age, this song always gets me
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:06 No.10589482
         File1276920370.jpg-(303 KB, 1207x336, 1271662906164[1].jpg)
    303 KB
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/19/10(Sat)00:06 No.10589484
         File1276920380.jpg-(596 KB, 648x4945, 1276262366141.jpg)
    596 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:07 No.10589499
    Watch this- >>10589171
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:07 No.10589504
    Oh god, all I want in life, all I want is to be able to do something like this for someone, once in my life.
    I just want to do good for someone...
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/19/10(Sat)00:07 No.10589512
         File1276920464.jpg-(329 KB, 1239x1636, 1276517668781.jpg)
    329 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:08 No.10589516
         File1276920486.jpg-(94 KB, 350x676, 1271722786716[1].jpg)
    94 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:08 No.10589521
    ok, that's enough of that, else I'm going to start really crying

    I love you guys

    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:08 No.10589527
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:09 No.10589535
         File1276920549.jpg-(112 KB, 617x922, 1271724292679[1].jpg)
    112 KB
    I do too.

    But if the opportunity came up, I don't know if I would.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:09 No.10589554
    oh god, what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:10 No.10589560
         File1276920633.jpg-(63 KB, 750x600, 1241932886586[1].jpg)
    63 KB
    I love you too man.

    I love all you bros.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:10 No.10589563
    And this is why you get a parrot.

    A pet that will live just as long, if not longer than you.
    >> Lantern !!lDj0ab9RrsU 06/19/10(Sat)00:10 No.10589568
         File1276920653.gif-(9 KB, 391x656, 1266050047248.gif)
    9 KB
    I didn't want to cry tonight, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:10 No.10589570
    Is there really a picture of that?

    I live in Arlington, that'd be awesome to see. I've been to the tomb.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:11 No.10589573
    Congratulations /tg/. You truly have heart.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/19/10(Sat)00:11 No.10589578
         File1276920675.jpg-(297 KB, 990x669, 155496.jpg)
    297 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:11 No.10589584
    >Stealing a page from /b/'s handbook
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:11 No.10589585
    >>10589385 here
    Guys posting the dad stuff, thank you, so much

    God...I can't remember the last time I cried, but here I am, bawling my eyes out...
    I want to be a father, so badly
    I want to be there for someone...
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:11 No.10589589
    Is that the spy, the scout, the sniper, and the scout's mom?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:11 No.10589590
    inb4 its another spy dressed up as her cause that's the only way spies can get off. Dressing up as the love interests of their foes.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/19/10(Sat)00:13 No.10589616
         File1276920798.png-(161 KB, 483x3173, 1259486036991.png)
    161 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:14 No.10589630

    No problem man, give it time and it'll happen. If you must, there's plenty of countries where kids don't have parents. You could adopt from China, Africa, Sri Lanka is pretty messed up right now.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:14 No.10589632
    I doubt there's a picture, but it has happened.

    Guys who serve on Tomb of the Unknowns are hard core motherfuckers.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:14 No.10589639
    They are a bit intimidating, it's interesting shit though.

    Arlington House is pretty boring though, can't say I really care much for Robbie Lee.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:14 No.10589646
    Oh, the Balloon Adventure.

    This one always gets me. Both endings.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:14 No.10589647
    My dog used to bark when I unlocked the door to come home. I'd egg her on by knocking on the window.
    Sometimes I still knock on the window, waiting for that bark before I unlock the door.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/19/10(Sat)00:15 No.10589665
         File1276920931.jpg-(337 KB, 800x1733, 1276162196711.jpg)
    337 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:15 No.10589674
    Really hard to adopt out of other countries, those countries(understandably) don't want their kids all leaving.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:17 No.10589693
    I don't know much about it myself, but there's several stories of girl babies in china just being dropped off at a tourists hotel room and parents never being found.
    >> Nasdaq !l9MNasdaq6 06/19/10(Sat)00:17 No.10589700
    And there are plenty of American kids who need homes too, but people always go overseas cus that's just what people say to do.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:19 No.10589750
    I don't mean from a parents perspective.

    And I don't know about China, but for most countries, the kids reflect future workers, taxpayers, and generally population. So they don't want the future population ending up in another country.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:20 No.10589763

    I saw a documentary on Arlington. It had footage of the Tomb Guard standing watch during a tropical storm. I've also seen pictures of them standing guard with 3" of snow on their caps and 2 1/2' on the ground.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:20 No.10589770
    It's mostly because infants are snatched up almost immediately in america.

    Hence you usually find a pregnant girl and when she has the baby she gives it up.

    Overseas that situation is considerably less.

    But there's a shit ton of kids aging from 3-12 that really need homes that are overlooked because people want babies.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:22 No.10589815

    only chinks died so what?

    next time you want me to baaaw when a nigger croaks?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:22 No.10589819
    Which blows my mind.

    A child of five is capable of taking care of itself, to a small extent. Why you'd want something you have to take care of 24/7 over something that can manage itself and can communicate it's desires is beyond me.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:23 No.10589824
    Is there a conclusion to the china one where the guy's screaming "I CAN SAVE ONE MORE"?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:23 No.10589831
    Fuck, I'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight now.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:23 No.10589836
         File1276921428.jpg-(73 KB, 800x600, Cage_by_Mikeinel.jpg)
    73 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:23 No.10589841
         File1276921436.jpg-(25 KB, 216x282, 1276402831943.jpg)
    25 KB
    man I came in here expecting trolling and rage and to not feel a fucking thing

    god dammit /tg/ I can actually FEEL my heart right now, I suddenly feel the need to call up my dad and ask if he wants to go out for drinks sometime
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:24 No.10589854

    Probably because people want it to be "their" kid, so they don't want to adopt a child old enough to know that they aren't his/her real parents.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:26 No.10589889
    This one's not as Bawwworthy because it didn't... You know, ACTUALLY happen, but the idea is tearjerking.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:26 No.10589892
    God damn it...
    My father left when I was three...
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:27 No.10589898
         File1276921621.jpg-(79 KB, 500x289, 1233006140444.jpg)
    79 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:29 No.10589935
         File1276921742.png-(15 KB, 554x433, manly_tears.png)
    15 KB

    Exactly. They guard the tomb 24/7, no matter what the weather, no matter how bad the storm.

    War is a sick, miserable, brutal machine that eats the future lives of young men by the thousands. Most of the heroes we'll never know about- they died in chaos, with few if any witnesses, and often their sacrifices changed little. There's no way we can know who a fraction of them were, or recompense them their loss.

    All we can do is guard that marble block that stands for their memory. A meager gesture, for sure, but it's all we can do.

    So we do it.

    You can imagine those guards, in impeccable uniform, standing stock-still as the trees bend under the power of the storm-wind and the lightning splits the sky. Refusing to leave their posts for anything, even the wrath of god.

    America's going to end someday. Like Rome before it, the barbarians at the gates will probably win, eventually. But if you could see that picture- of a man standing resolute, in the dark, in the storm, refusing to let slip the only meager anchor of respect and love for the fallen- then you will realize that when the last American soldier draws his last breath, it will be guarding the Tomb of the Unknowns.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:29 No.10589945
    /tg/ has a heart... and it is big
    >> Meganonymous of Deth 06/19/10(Sat)00:29 No.10589953
         File1276921794.jpg-(15 KB, 174x167, kermit.jpg)
    15 KB
    Made me cry three times. My face is dry and kinda itchy from the evaporated tears.

    But this is the best I've felt on 4chan since I found it.

    Thanks, guys.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:30 No.10589975
    This alone is tearsworthy.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:31 No.10589981
    Thank you /tg/.

    From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/19/10(Sat)00:31 No.10589990
         File1276921908.jpg-(135 KB, 720x480, gary-gygax.jpg)
    135 KB
    Suddenly, things didn't hurt so much. The pain was gone, and the darkness as well. The touch of his loved ones' hands faded away, as did the pain.

    He was free.

    He wasn't sure when it happened, just that it did. There was a burst of light, and a feeling of utter calmness, and then a moment of understanding.

    He looked back only once, but already, what had been was fading away. A part of him longed to return, but a voice whispered to him that his time there was over. Something new lay ahead.

    But first, there was something he wanted to do.

    They were already waiting for him, smiling, just like he remembered. Sheets of paper with arcane symbols and numbers lay in front of them next to glasses of drink and small, polyhedral shapes that glowed in brilliant colors that no human eye could have seen. Faces long since missed. Friends and loved ones that he'd wished he could have seen one more time, and now he could.

    There was one empty seat waiting for him at the head of the table.

    He took his seat and cleared his throat. Reaching out a hand, he adjusted the shimmering screen and glanced over his notes.

    "All right, guys. Roll for initiative," he said.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:32 No.10589993
    How many tears
    have been shed
    because of this thread?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:32 No.10590009
         File1276921971.jpg-(238 KB, 556x544, no_macro.jpg)
    238 KB

    >She would know because we carved it into God's forehead in bold letters.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:33 No.10590018
    I'm sorry bro.
    If that caught you, and you're in the mood for more tearjerking, try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OqwKfgLaeA
    I still remember, I was 14, driving somewhere with my dad. I don't even fucking remember where. That song came on, and he just looked over at me, and said, "Don't ever let me get like that, okay?"
    I told him I wouldn't.

    His dad neglected him when he was a kid. Beat him. Bad shit.
    He told me that, one day. And told me he swore never to do that to me.

    Fuck, /tg/.
    Baww thread indeed.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:33 No.10590026
    If all you leave me is bones
    I will sing bones
    If all you leave me is dust
    I will sing dust
    If everything I have loved is taken away
    I will still play
    I will still play

    I won't change the course of the rivers
    Or sing up the stones
    You won't still be humming my tune
    By the time you get home
    I know we all go back to dirt
    At the end of the day
    But I will still play
    I will still play
    You can do what you want anyway

    It's cold in the land of the dead
    The rivers are slow
    They're shuffling off to their end
    And they don't even know
    Up there they've also forgotten
    It's all going grey
    But I will still play
    I will still play

    Laugh at me, that's nothing new
    It was always that way
    Change all the rules to the game
    From what they were in my day
    But I will still play
    I will still play
    I will still play

    Tripod, I Will Still Play, Tripod vs. The Dragon
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:34 No.10590033
    Those that were needed.

    And no more.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:34 No.10590036
         File1276922043.png-(98 KB, 313x272, 1276321287508.png)
    98 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:35 No.10590062
    god fucking dammit guys
    >> SHAAAAARK 06/19/10(Sat)00:35 No.10590073
    Dammit /tg/... just in time for Father's day to make me cry like a bitch ;_;
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:36 No.10590078
    Oh f-fuck you man ;-;
    That song's tied to two of the greatest men in my life
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:36 No.10590080
    You are now picturing the gates of heaven greeting that elf, with a sulky looking Ao sitting on his throne with "WE LOVE YOU LU" etched into his face.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:36 No.10590082
    God damn it /tg/, this world is *not* fair...
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:36 No.10590084
    Fuck you... /tg/ I haven't cried this much in a long time...
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:36 No.10590089
    indeed, this thread is a tear jerker
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:37 No.10590099
    It never was bro.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:37 No.10590105
    This one got me.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:37 No.10590106
    But it is. My father told me so. Life is always fair, it just isn't always clear how.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:38 No.10590124

    >Gary Gygax as God

    >God as a Dungeon Master?

    This makes my whole life make a lot more sense.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:38 No.10590128
    I don't get why this one is sad. Is there more to it? Or am I supposed to be feeling bad for the house?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:38 No.10590135
    I'll let that one pass... for once.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:40 No.10590173
         File1276922423.jpg-(69 KB, 660x550, 1271391329897.jpg)
    69 KB
    >>this whole thread, i shit you not, I am crying, i even has a runny nose now...
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:40 No.10590177
    My father never told me anything, at least nothing I can remember
    I never knew him

    Real fair, buddy, real fair
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:40 No.10590179
    Fuck /tg/, you guys made me cry, I always come here for the fun threads, getting shit done, all the things I love you for, even the troll filled edition wars threads, but this thread, fuck guys, I broke down, I bawled like a little bitch, I'm going to call everyone I care about and tell them how much they mean to me, cause you never appreciate people as much as you should till they're gone.
    >> planefag 06/19/10(Sat)00:40 No.10590183
         File1276922455.jpg-(314 KB, 2400x2400, Chandra-crab.jpg)
    314 KB

    And thus did the writefags of /tg/ discharge their duty.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:40 No.10590184
    I had him statted up as a deity in my last campaign setting. Whenever an entire group of great heroes died, there was a chance he would let them play a game with him to escape their fate and return to life, but even if they failed, he would say "This isn't the end. You can just roll the dice again..."
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:41 No.10590199
    Uggh, man I was afraid that I would never cry again. I've been so cold and heartless, my mother died in a car crash a month ago and my dog died a few days later and I didn't feel shit, I felt like a statue, and now reading these its like a cavalcade of emotions and I really can't stop crying.

    thanks guys.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:41 No.10590208
    Oh god, there's a LOT more. Nobody posted it... I wonder why.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:42 No.10590218
    I remember there being more to that one. Can't recall if it was sad though...
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/19/10(Sat)00:43 No.10590232
         File1276922585.jpg-(13 KB, 250x281, imgJim Henson4.jpg)
    13 KB

    Life is unfair, so they tell me
    Because they think I wouldn't know.
    They only can see a cheap gimmick
    On their children's favorite show.

    They say, "Oh, that's just foam and some wire
    Attached to a green velvet sleeve!
    Anyone can do that!" Well, that's true I suppose
    But who else could make them believe?

    What can I say without you there to guide me?
    How else am I supposed to give?
    How can I sing without you there beside me?
    How else am I supposed to live?

    You could never just do the expected,
    I was just an idea in a bog,
    But you sewed up your dream
    and we made quite a team,
    Jim and Kermit, a boy and his frog.

    It was me, Rolph, and you,
    but I think that he knew
    There was something that you and I had.
    The magic we made just kept growing,
    And none of it ever was bad.

    Then came Ernie and Scooter and Gonzo,
    Doctor Teeth, Cookie Monster, and more.
    But now all of those voices are silent,
    And I want to go on... but what for?

    No one can make me what you did,
    No one could walk in your shoes,
    Nothing can make me forget you,
    But that's not a thing that I'd choose.

    I can't just let it be over,
    And you wouldn't want it that way,
    So I'll stand up and I'll face it,
    And, though not quite in your voice, I'll say:

    I will go on without you there to guide me,
    There's so much more I can give.
    Whenever I sing, you will be there beside me,
    As long as I keep you, you'll live.

    We just wanted to make people smile,
    I was always much more than your toy.
    I will never regret and I'll never forget
    What we had,
    I'll miss you, Dad,
    This frog and his boy.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:43 No.10590243

    >This isn't the end. You can just roll the dice again..."

    Just gorgeous. You may consider this idea stolen, hardcore.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:43 No.10590248
         File1276922627.png-(57 KB, 573x393, remiq.net_12929.png)
    57 KB
    I wish I could understand why
    he never explained, he just left, and I have no idea why
    I always feel like it's my fault, like I somehow didn't deserve to have a dad, but its not fair...
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:44 No.10590254
    Courage the Cowardly Dog:
    The Starmakers. Commence BAAWWW.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:44 No.10590257
    Know where I can find it?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:44 No.10590272
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:44 No.10590275
    Heh, this is kinda /v/ related. I was playing Fallout 3, where you go back into the Vault (Trouble on the Homefront I think) and I had just told Officer Gomez what happened to the Characters Dad, he said 'Sorry for your loss', and out loud to myself I said "Thanks, I appreciate it" out of habit. I have to say, I chuckled a fair bit.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/19/10(Sat)00:45 No.10590293
         File1276922737.jpg-(587 KB, 836x4433, 1276261892512.jpg)
    587 KB
    >> Gnollbard !aDIap4MeRg 06/19/10(Sat)00:46 No.10590313
    God... DAMNIT.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/19/10(Sat)00:47 No.10590330
         File1276922863.jpg-(14 KB, 270x300, 2006-p.dement_iris.jpg)
    14 KB

    And you know the sun's settin' fast,
    And just like they say, nothing good ever lasts.
    Well, go on now and kiss it goodbye,
    But hold on to your lover,
    'Cause your heart's bound to die.
    Go on now and say goodbye to our town, to our town.
    Can't you see the sun's settin' down on our town, on our town,

    Up the street beside that red neon light,
    That's where I met my baby on one hot summer night.
    He was the tender and I ordered a beer,
    It's been forty years and I'm still sitting here.

    But you know the sun's settin' fast,
    And just like they say, nothing good ever lasts.
    Well, go on now and kiss it goodbye,
    But hold on to your lover,
    'Cause your heart's bound to die.
    Go on now and say goodbye to our town, to our town.
    Can't you see the sun's settin' down on our town, on our town,
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:48 No.10590341
    Good job /tg/, you've got me and my friend swapping b'awww stories
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/19/10(Sat)00:48 No.10590345

    It's here I had my babies and I had my first kiss.
    I've walked down Main Street in the cold morning mist.
    Over there is where I bought my first car.
    It turned over once but then it never went far.

    And I can see the sun's settin' fast,
    And just like they say, nothing good ever lasts.
    Well, go on now and kiss it goodbye,
    But hold on to your lover,
    'Cause your heart's bound to die.
    Go on now and say goodbye to our town, to our town.
    Can't you see the sun's settin' down on our town, on our town,

    I buried my Mama and I buried my Pa.
    They sleep up the street beside that pretty brick wall.
    I bring them flowers about every day,
    but I just gotta cry when I think what they'd say.

    If they could see how the sun's settin' fast,
    And just like they say, nothing good ever lasts.
    Well, go on now and kiss it goodbye,
    But hold on to your lover,
    'Cause your heart's bound to die.
    Go on now and say goodbye to our town, to our town.
    Can't you see the sun's settin' down on our town, on our town,

    Now I sit on the porch and watch the lightning-bugs fly.
    But I can't see too good, I got tears in my eyes.
    I'm leaving tomorrow but I don't wanna go.
    I love you, my town, you'll always live in my soul.

    But I can see the sun's settin' fast,
    And just like they say, nothing good ever lasts.
    Well, go on, I gotta kiss you goodbye,
    But I'll hold to my lover,
    'Cause my heart's 'bout to die.
    Go on now and say goodbye to my town, to my town.
    I can see the sun has gone down on my town, on my town,
    >> Squigzog, attorney at WAAAGH! !hEpdoZ.tHU 06/19/10(Sat)00:49 No.10590361
         File1276922960.png-(5 KB, 429x410, 1269915314128.png)
    5 KB
    I love these threads.
    they make me feel like a person again.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:49 No.10590364
    I just want to let all you fuckers know that I hate you. God dammit Im sad now!

    Never change /tg/.
    >> Mr. Writefag !!UbPl9vFrxYB 06/19/10(Sat)00:50 No.10590378
    rolled 65 = 65

    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:50 No.10590384
    This is why I love /tg/
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:50 No.10590389
    in 2004, my grandfather died. I tried to be as stoic and not cry, and I didnt. He always had big plans for me, wanted me to go to MIT. He taught me how to play chess, and every time we were together we'd play. He'd always subtlely let me win, as I was only about 7 and would never be as good as he was. After the funeral, the rest of my high school time I spent drinking and doing drugs, as my GPA spiraled downhill. I somehow managed to get into college, for art, the only thing I could do while drinking my days away. March 8th, 2008, towards the end of my freshman year, I cleaned up when I realized I was pissing every chance I had away. This last semester I made a piece of art inspired by my grandfather, I told the story when I presented it, about his dreams he had for me, what he wanted me to be, everything. By the end of it, tears were rolling down my cheeks. it took 6 years for me to realize what I'd lost. I showed it to my grandmother and the one thing she said to me is "He'd be proud of you, you know that, right?" I've never heard anything that validated who I was in life more than that moment. I still have a chess set he gave me that he bought halfway across the world from me, I wish more than anything else in the world I could just play one last game with him and talk.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:50 No.10590392
    Instead you're crying like a little girl?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:51 No.10590394
    You have really faggy taste in music.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:51 No.10590395
    dont you fucking dare
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:51 No.10590402
    Someone, please archive this
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:51 No.10590403
         File1276923091.jpg-(112 KB, 800x600, 1263037245832.jpg)
    112 KB

    A beautiful song that will make you cry like a bitch. An ingeniously harsh song, for as the girls sing "Weep no more," you weep harder and harder.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:51 No.10590405
         File1276923098.jpg-(208 KB, 990x654, Tianasquare.jpg)
    208 KB
    tank man. quick google search will tell you what you need to know. This picture is my desktop background right now.

    He was on his way back from getting groceries, just an ordinary man. Tanks were driving to Tienanmen square, and he stopped in front of them. The world was watching, and China couldn't just get rid of him. I have no doubt that they killed him later, but for that moment, he stared down the tanks, and they couldn't do shit to him.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:51 No.10590408
    Damn. Well put sir, well put. More than anything else in this thread, that actually made me cry. Much respect for your facility with words.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:52 No.10590421
         File1276923143.jpg-(516 KB, 661x671, 1271389611299.jpg)
    516 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:52 No.10590424

    When I first heard this song, I cried.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:52 No.10590430
         File1276923162.gif-(150 KB, 353x496, mr_rogers.gif)
    150 KB
    Mentioning Mr. Rogers's name decreases the usage of profanity by about 40% for at least 15 minutes in any room of American men aged 27 to 40. Such is the respect and fatherly adoration felt for this man.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:53 No.10590443
         File1276923197.png-(19 KB, 589x375, 1275962574699.png)
    19 KB
    I watched it with a stoic expression and then posted this.
    You're a pussy
    >> The Tale of Trogg Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/19/10(Sat)00:54 No.10590452
         File1276923242.jpg-(156 KB, 530x779, wow-orc-model-530.jpg)
    156 KB
    Trogg was an orc. Not a very intelligent orc, but he had a strong back and he could carry a lot of weight. Our party had found him locked up as a prisoner in some dungeon and decided to release him and use him as a pack mule. He never said much, so we didn't really think of him as much more than an extra thousand pounds of carrying capacity.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:54 No.10590465
    You're joking right?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:55 No.10590470
         File1276923302.jpg-(109 KB, 500x685, 1276400524984.jpg)
    109 KB
    This always made me angry at myself. Then tear up a bit.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:55 No.10590471
    .............Magnificient, that is all I can say.................
    >> planefag 06/19/10(Sat)00:55 No.10590477

    Why thank you. I'm equally as pleased that I'm not the only one who feels the same way about the devotion evident in the guards of the tomb.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:55 No.10590483
         File1276923341.jpg-(335 KB, 1024x1570, 1271377319838.jpg)
    335 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:55 No.10590488
    "Here's an idea. No."
    Imagine if this had happened after the advent of the Internet. It was so easy for them to control the information, yet we still got this story, and a hundred others.
    And for every one we saw, a thousand more went unseen.
    Someday, there shall be a reckoning for the powers that be.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/19/10(Sat)00:56 No.10590498
         File1276923382.jpg-(38 KB, 1024x768, Ground Blizzard Negaunee MI.jpg)
    38 KB

    Then came the day that a badly botched teleport spell sent us from the jungles of Chelt straight to the snow-capped peaks of the Spine of the World in the dead of winter. With a blizzard closing in, our party huddled together in a cave, seeking warmth. We desperately tried to make a fire, but there was no wood, and no flint to light it, and our wizard had no fire spells memorized.

    We were doomed to die a slow, lingering death.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:56 No.10590505
         File1276923410.jpg-(73 KB, 453x604, 1276118892619.jpg)
    73 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:56 No.10590506
    Gary deserved it, he was such an asshole
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:57 No.10590517
         File1276923441.jpg-(361 KB, 1024x1603, 1271377369089.jpg)
    361 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:58 No.10590531

    His hilarious faces kinda kill any sadness...
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:58 No.10590534

    Another from Kamelot, and another about Dads

    The guitarists father died when he was young, the song is for him
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:58 No.10590537
    inb4 star wars
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:58 No.10590546
    shoulda' crushed the bitch's head
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:58 No.10590547
         File1276923529.jpg-(340 KB, 1024x1596, 1271377416971.jpg)
    340 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:59 No.10590550
    Does he cry, or rip his skin off?
    Placing bets now.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 06/19/10(Sat)00:59 No.10590553
    .... I wish I didn't kill my sons....
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)00:59 No.10590558
    in after l8
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/19/10(Sat)00:59 No.10590564
         File1276923590.jpg-(81 KB, 461x606, 74037_molik_karn_web.jpg)
    81 KB

    Then Trogg, the orc, stood up.

    "Trogg will find fire!" he declared.

    "Trogg, don't be a dunce!" the Paladin said. "There IS no fire."

    "TROGG WILL FIND FIRE!" declared the orc, and with that, he raced out of the cave and plunged into the blizzard.

    We tried to chase him down, but visibility was shit, and we soon lost track of him. We were forced to retreat into the cave, where a lucky Natural 20 on a survival roll managed to get us a rather small fire, which we kept fed by burning our bedrolls and our backpacks.

    It was a miserable night.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:00 No.10590571
         File1276923610.jpg-(296 KB, 613x2416, Father.jpg)
    296 KB
    Here you go, asshole.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:00 No.10590577
         File1276923627.jpg-(363 KB, 1024x1556, 1271377466766.jpg)
    363 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:01 No.10590588
         File1276923669.jpg-(256 KB, 1024x1569, 1271377501916.jpg)
    256 KB
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/19/10(Sat)01:02 No.10590602
         File1276923731.jpg-(83 KB, 500x639, 34f01fl.jpg)
    83 KB

    When we dug ourselves out of the cave the next morning, we found Trogg laying face down in the snow, frozen to death.

    "Poor guy didn't get very far, did he?" the paladin said.

    "Wait. . ." the ranger said. "Is that. . . that's a torch in his hand."

    ". . . and he's facing TOWARDS the cave!" the rogue said.

    ". . . sonovabitch," the paladin said. "That crazy fucker found fire."

    We turned him over, and we found that his dead body had a huge grin on his face. He looked so proud.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:02 No.10590603
    Since we're posting music


    Always fucking gets me.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:02 No.10590610
         File1276923755.jpg-(226 KB, 950x1491, 1271377878829.jpg)
    226 KB
    and another quick one
    >> Squigzog, attorney at WAAAGH! !hEpdoZ.tHU 06/19/10(Sat)01:03 No.10590627
         File1276923813.jpg-(204 KB, 653x1024, leah1.jpg)
    204 KB
    more from /co/
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:03 No.10590629
         File1276923816.jpg-(273 KB, 950x1526, 1271377944871.jpg)
    273 KB
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 06/19/10(Sat)01:03 No.10590642
         File1276923834.jpg-(17 KB, 300x324, emprsad..jpg)
    17 KB
    not gonna cry.... not gonna cry.... not gonna cry....
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/19/10(Sat)01:04 No.10590647
         File1276923843.jpg-(50 KB, 240x240, gravestone.jpg)
    50 KB
    Our DM doesn't allow resurrections, so we had to bury him there, under a cairn of stones. We placed the torch under his head. It seemed fitting.

    Before we left, though, we engraved an epitaph upon the stones.

    He found fire
    >> Squigzog, attorney at WAAAGH! !hEpdoZ.tHU 06/19/10(Sat)01:04 No.10590649
         File1276923849.jpg-(201 KB, 663x1023, leah2.jpg)
    201 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:04 No.10590653
         File1276923856.jpg-(21 KB, 518x344, 1271745860104.jpg)
    21 KB
    >> Squigzog, attorney at WAAAGH! !hEpdoZ.tHU 06/19/10(Sat)01:04 No.10590667
         File1276923886.jpg-(193 KB, 672x1024, leah3.jpg)
    193 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:04 No.10590668

    This song gets me, all because of "The Shield"
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:05 No.10590671
    Play this while reading these, you'll bawl like a bitch

    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:05 No.10590672
         File1276923914.jpg-(216 KB, 800x839, 1271389307477.jpg)
    216 KB
    ha, i was about to post that next.
    >> Squigzog, attorney at WAAAGH! !hEpdoZ.tHU 06/19/10(Sat)01:05 No.10590673
         File1276923917.jpg-(189 KB, 674x1024, leah4.jpg)
    189 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:05 No.10590677
         File1276923932.jpg-(12 KB, 282x240, Why did I do that....jpg)
    12 KB
    >> Squigzog, attorney at WAAAGH! !hEpdoZ.tHU 06/19/10(Sat)01:05 No.10590680
         File1276923947.jpg-(201 KB, 688x1024, leah5.jpg)
    201 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:05 No.10590685
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:07 No.10590706
    I hate you. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:07 No.10590714

    Fuck YOU! :'(
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:07 No.10590718
         File1276924079.jpg-(24 KB, 350x197, 59028.jpg)
    24 KB

    Dammit Stalker...
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:08 No.10590728
    Bro man, bro,bro bro bro man.
    >> Squigzog, attorney at WAAAGH! !hEpdoZ.tHU 06/19/10(Sat)01:09 No.10590732
         File1276924141.jpg-(275 KB, 796x1201, leah6.jpg)
    275 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:09 No.10590735
         File1276924160.jpg-(77 KB, 500x402, 1271722309398.jpg)
    77 KB
    fuck, this one gets me.
    >> Squigzog, attorney at WAAAGH! !hEpdoZ.tHU 06/19/10(Sat)01:10 No.10590749
    I cry just looking at the thumbnails.
    I cried posting this.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:10 No.10590762
         File1276924256.png-(25 KB, 634x703, 1271596974265.png)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:11 No.10590764
         File1276924272.png-(587 KB, 384x4640, smallsnowflake.png)
    587 KB
    This was a real dream.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/19/10(Sat)01:12 No.10590776
         File1276924321.gif-(41 KB, 321x240, 37907-23957.gif)
    41 KB
    My family is with me today. They wanted to come with me. To be honest with you, I wasn't sure how I'd feel coming back here. Every day I think about what you said to me that day on the bridge. I tried to live my life the best that I could. I hope that was enough. I hope that, at least in your eyes, I've earned what all of you have done for me.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:12 No.10590792
    archive this
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:13 No.10590802

    These songs don't make me baaw, but I did like the songs.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:14 No.10590819
         File1276924470.png-(170 KB, 1095x590, You_Know_The_End.png)
    170 KB
    Only one piece of Creed-Writefaggotry ever really appealed to me. Most of the time, it felt subversive to the idea of the Imperial Guard for there to be great victory without great sacrifice... And Galt knew it. So he wrote it the way it was meant to be.
    >> Goshujin-Sama !6uAFIV1ifw 06/19/10(Sat)01:16 No.10590848
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:17 No.10590873
         File1276924664.jpg-(511 KB, 829x1000, sad.jpg)
    511 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:17 No.10590878
    This is so retarded. It didn't make me feel bad when they showed this episode, and it doesn't make me feel bad now. Does anyone else agree with me here?
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 06/19/10(Sat)01:18 No.10590882
         File1276924690.jpg-(163 KB, 1280x960, 1272301536212.jpg)
    163 KB
    No one is left...Everything's gone... Kharak is Burning.

    Kharak is being consumed by a firestorm. The Scaffold has been destroyed.. all orbital facilities, destroyed. Significant debris ring in low Kharrak orbit. Recieving no communications from anywhere in the system... not even beacons.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:18 No.10590887
    Whoever posted "Blue October- Hate Me," know that it is a good song and I baaaw'ed.
    >> Ginger pally named !.rDally6hU 06/19/10(Sat)01:18 No.10590893
    fuck you guys, i wanted a happy evening
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:18 No.10590895
         File1276924727.jpg-(42 KB, 533x330, sad2.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:19 No.10590900
    Damn it, that's my next DH character. Just so I can unleash that on my party when everything goes to hell. Just for that.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:20 No.10590936
    ...Creed. Goddamn, now I've got to start using him.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:20 No.10590938
    No. Go away, you heartless fuck.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:21 No.10590951

    I heard this in Fleet Intel's voice.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:21 No.10590952
    These fricking Thai life insurance commercials... /tg/ I'm going through them all and having the worst bawwwfest ever.

    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:21 No.10590957
         File1276924892.jpg-(280 KB, 1403x898, 1269308100299.jpg)
    280 KB
    My uncle died when he was in his mid thirties. I was in 7th grade.
    A black man, who took care of his wife and three kids. Aman who escaped a life of gangs, drugs, prison and alcohol, all for his children, the oldest of them is the same age as me. I went to that funeral, I saw my entire family cry, it was the saddest thing I've ever seen in my life. I looked like a waterfall hit me. I was a complete mess. When he died, so did god, I left the last remnants of my idol and savior with my uncle. I tossed in my golden cross given to me by my godparents into his open carcass.

    How did he die? Cancer. Cancer at the age of 35, a non smoking middle aged man left this earth with three kids and a wife because of cancer. I'm reminded of this everyday, as where he used to work is quite literally five fucking houses down.

    Love you Patrick. I may have just been getting to know you, but I love you.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:21 No.10590962
    Never owned a dog, I agree - I have teared up a few times in this thread but this just doesn't do it for me
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:22 No.10590971
    Thank you /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:22 No.10590983
    The "couldnt wait to grow up" one ripped me apart.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:22 No.10590985
    I'm sorry anon
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:23 No.10590995
    *carcass ----> casket
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:23 No.10591003
    lol Failbaddon.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:23 No.10591009
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:24 No.10591021
         File1276925070.jpg-(4 KB, 123x127, teary rage.jpg)
    4 KB
    This entire thread...
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:24 No.10591024
    this always gets me
    >> Ginger pally named !.rDally6hU 06/19/10(Sat)01:24 No.10591029
    every fucking time
    >> Gnollbard !aDIap4MeRg 06/19/10(Sat)01:25 No.10591031
         File1276925100.jpg-(13 KB, 235x154, Ed Pained - Copy.jpg)
    13 KB

    You are lost, you can never go home...
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:25 No.10591038

    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:25 No.10591040
    Fuck yoy, you made me cry.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:25 No.10591050
    Always the good ones die young. Not sure why.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:26 No.10591053
    I cried for the first time in almost a year
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:26 No.10591054
    I can't believe that smurf actually complemented the IG.

    Maybe they're not that bad after all.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:26 No.10591059


    cried like a bitch
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:26 No.10591061
         File1276925183.jpg-(401 KB, 630x800, 1273407167148.jpg)
    401 KB
    To reserved to cry at something like this thread.

    Feels bad to always keep the pain inside man.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:27 No.10591074
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:28 No.10591093
    Here's another one that felt like a punch to the gut.

    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:29 No.10591107
         File1276925352.jpg-(20 KB, 500x376, HATRED.jpg)
    20 KB
    >entire thread
    >feel nothing
    >my face
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:30 No.10591114
    This guy is my hero T_T
    >> CommissarCandyland 06/19/10(Sat)01:30 No.10591115
    I shed man(l)y tears... Jesus Christ.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:30 No.10591131

    ...fuck man, no words.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:30 No.10591133
    "That guy" did something nice for a single kid in a way that would be viscerally pleasing to himself, rather than doing as much good as he could with that money.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:31 No.10591138

    Hatsune, oh no ;_;
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:33 No.10591168
    I...I want to have a dad!
    I deserve to have a father!
    I don't even know if I'm sad, or angry, but I can't stop crying
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:33 No.10591169
    How do you define "as much good"? How can you place a value on how much joy you've brought into a child's life?
    >> CommissarCandyland 06/19/10(Sat)01:34 No.10591178
    Amen, bro. :,,D
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:34 No.10591198
    dude man, man man mannn broooo
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:35 No.10591202

    Are you a fucking utilitarian or something? Everybody won.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:36 No.10591233
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:37 No.10591237
    Goddamn man, I haven't felt anything this entire thread.

    Maybe the meds are working.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:37 No.10591239
         File1276925825.jpg-(63 KB, 550x339, jesus_no.jpg)
    63 KB


    At 1:13 Judas presents your argument.

    At 2:00, Jesus rebuts it.

    Give up. You, sir, have been schooled by Jesus.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:37 No.10591240
    That's retarded
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:38 No.10591261
    It's the guy from "One" in loli form. A prisoner of his own mind. Why is it retarded?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:38 No.10591279
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:39 No.10591285
    Thank you /tg/. I needed this thread. Too often I try to live life convincing myself I can go on smiling in the face of everything, that I can live on laughter and wit and cynicism alone. Times like these I'm reminded that pain is a part of life too and if it must be felt, then I can think of no better way of doing so than within familiar settings.

    Sorry if that didn't make much sense, I'm having a hard time staying lucid with everything I'm feeling right now.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:40 No.10591308
    amen to that brother, sometimes we all need to be shown our own capacity for compassion
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:40 No.10591315
         File1276926059.jpg-(4 KB, 150x150, 1270998192992.jpg)
    4 KB
    Dammit it all to hell /tg/!

    The moment I think everyone here is full with shit you pull something like this that restores my faith in humanity and myself.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:41 No.10591323
    Yes, it's retarded
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:41 No.10591327
    Been there, know the feeling.

    Gets better, bro.
    And once you're out, and you look back and see how far you came?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:41 No.10591333
    This is supposed to be a baww thread

    this has no place here
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:42 No.10591341

    Damn this thread got me choked up. All these songs made me hunt down the damn song. This movie had two things going for it. Mrs Brisby, possibly my favorite female heroine. And Justin, the definition of valorous rogue to me.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:42 No.10591346
    Yeah, the card is lolworthy, not bawworthy
    >> monotreeme 06/19/10(Sat)01:42 No.10591347
         File1276926156.jpg-(135 KB, 850x1169, temporary.jpg)
    135 KB
    who thinks this thread should be archived?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:43 No.10591357
    people have been saying that for a while
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:43 No.10591360
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:43 No.10591367
    >>carved her name in god's forehead
    mother of god.jpg
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:44 No.10591373
         File1276926251.jpg-(429 KB, 2480x3508, Helghast Emblem 1.jpg)
    429 KB
    Anybody who has played both Killzones will understand this, but let me give you some context.

    Throughout the series, you take role of a ISA (Earthy Federation Folk) soldier, and fight against the Helghast, a race of men who were long ago exiled to a horrible world called Helghan. They began building up their military, and they were defeated once. For the last X years, your side has been keeping them from getting another chance to invade, to prevent another war.

    Well, they do it anyway. Scholar Visari unites them under one banner, the image posted here. They invade Earth and kick everyone's asses, but they are eventually pushed off. Then, the ISA pursues them to Helghan itself, invades it, and fights all the way to their government building, where they capture Scholar Visari himself.
    Visari tells the main character and his war buddy that it isn't over. The Helghan people will not be ruled again, they will not be oppressed again, they won't be placed under the bootheel of the ISA again.
    And about then, it starts setting in. The Helghast were kicked off of Earth, sent to a shithole with poisonous air, and then kept there. Every time they tried to leave, they were attacked. Every time they tried to perform legitimate business, they were attacked. They were feared and resented for no other reason than that their ancestors were hated sufficiently to merit them being sent literally to hell. They have spent a century living in worse conditions than the worst place on Earth... And they've grown strong. Somehow, they built a war machine strong enough to nearly destroy the much more modern ISA.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:44 No.10591376
         File1276926265.jpg-(86 KB, 416x670, watership-down.jpg)
    86 KB
    Read when six.
    >> ARCHIVE ARCHIVE 06/19/10(Sat)01:45 No.10591389
    ARCHIVE THIS. The day /tg/ cried. Like little... Wee.. Girls. I did...
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:45 No.10591400
         File1276926338.png-(622 KB, 893x717, Helghast Emblem 2.png)
    622 KB
    Eventually, Visari taunts the main character's buddy into shooting him, yelling at him that the ISA will eventually come to him and beg him to take control again, just to stop the mayhem.
    And he falls to the ground, and you understand. The Helghast aren't fighting so hard because they have nothing to lose. They are fighting this hard because you have already taken everything else from them. They don't have luxury or comfort, or hope or a future, they don't have compassion or beauty or freedom...
    All they have is each other. And as Scholar Visari lies dying on the ground, we cut to his view, and see what the Helghast Flag is meant to represent. The one thing that the ISA couldn't take from them. (Pic Related.)
    Their Unity. And by killing Visari, the one man who might be able to convince his people to surrender, you the player and your jackass friend just guaranteed that you could never win. The game ends with the PC realizing this, and sitting down on the steps, as Helghast ships that nobody knew existed appear in the sky.

    The character and the player both realize at the same time that they are the villains of this story.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:45 No.10591405
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:46 No.10591413

    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:46 No.10591415
    This is my second vote!
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:47 No.10591439
         File1276926457.png-(502 KB, 397x600, velveteen-rabbit.png)
    502 KB
    Reminded me of the most tear-jerking book of my childhood, I well up just thinking about it
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:47 No.10591442
    I think we could multiply the power of this thread by 1d100 if we all opened up /b/ in another tab and just listened...
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:47 No.10591444

    Goddamit. After following this thread and bawing my eyes out someone just had to play the trump and bring up this book. Defined my childhood.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:48 No.10591450
    The thread has been archived. Multiple times apparently.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:48 No.10591453
         File1276926503.jpg-(62 KB, 344x500, bridgetoterabithia.jpg)
    62 KB
    >> monotreeme 06/19/10(Sat)01:49 No.10591472
         File1276926566.jpg-(130 KB, 529x776, 1220572338809.jpg)
    130 KB
    is the archive fucked up or is it just my computer?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:49 No.10591475
    Thank you /tg/. thank you
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:49 No.10591481
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:50 No.10591492
    The Helghast were the good guys?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:50 No.10591500
    Thank you /tg/, you made me cry. It feels good.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:51 No.10591518
    They could build ships but they couldn't properly paint their flag?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:52 No.10591524
    I have seen much 'archive this shit' and very little 'archived'

    I will archive if someone fucking tells me how.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:52 No.10591534
    Same here.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:52 No.10591543
    it is done

    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:53 No.10591556
    Ended with Helghast story.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:53 No.10591565
    There may indeed be a god, if not some sufficiently advanced alien with a good disposition towards humanity.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:54 No.10591568
    all of us humans are selfish assholes, when God finds a trully pure soul he snatches it back up before we get to corrupt it.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:54 No.10591570
         File1276926852.jpg-(56 KB, 500x332, 1276819181912.jpg)
    56 KB
    /tg/... I've been in a pretty grim dark depression for a few weeks now. And this thread just fucking made me bawl my eyes out. Now I feel better. I love this place <3
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:55 No.10591596
    This thread caused me to place some serious emphasis on self-reflection.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:57 No.10591624
         File1276927030.jpg-(189 KB, 554x1078, 1271727256167.jpg)
    189 KB
    don't think i saw this one
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:58 No.10591653
         File1276927113.jpg-(124 KB, 998x311, 1271724585455.jpg)
    124 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)01:59 No.10591675
         File1276927179.jpg-(348 KB, 1280x1024, 1271720679709.jpg)
    348 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:00 No.10591685
    I can still tend to the Wabbits...Right george?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:01 No.10591696

    TF2 will never be the same for me, ever...
    >> CommissarCandyland 06/19/10(Sat)02:01 No.10591699
    FUCK YOU! you beat me to it...
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:01 No.10591700
    You motherfucker, I just read this book.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:01 No.10591705
    Reminded me of Fredo's death:

    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:03 No.10591730
    rolled 31 = 31

    Die young, die now
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:03 No.10591740
    >> CommissarCandyland 06/19/10(Sat)02:07 No.10591791
    He ain't no good for his'self.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:09 No.10591833
         File1276927763.jpg-(20 KB, 603x380, big-boss-salute.jpg)
    20 KB
    i'v been struggling with getting over a relationship and a betrayal of two close friends of mine.

    i met them say a year and a half ago probably first true new friends at a new school. well they knew each other before hand so they were good friends before hand. as time went on i started talking to both of them more and more, all three of us were into very similar things the guy was into vidya and shared a common taste in games, and the girl was into anime/manga, RPing, and Sci-fi especially star wars.

    i started talking to them more and more and eventually i started to fall for the girl. eventually i told her after consulting my friend and he said go for it. simply put it was a rather awkward ending with us sorta silently thinking of something else to talk about as usual. Well eventually she started to feel the same as me and we finally began dating.

    she was my first gf, i wont lie and my past at a catholic school did not help me for having a girlfriend, i was shy timid and simply unprepared to be a good boyfriend. but she stood by me and she helped me learn to do the right things, she ran me though the loops and i learned alot about myself and relationships from her.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:10 No.10591843

    Fucking Chinese are godtier at this motivational propaganda shit.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:11 No.10591868
         File1276927881.jpg-(43 KB, 470x397, win-one-internet.jpg)
    43 KB

    unfortunately like all firsts it ended but not happily. you see my other friend had well left his earlier girlfriend for no reason right before we started dating. a month in he confessed to me that he liked my girlfriend. i thought little of it seeing as i was once again so naive and ignorant at the time. but as time went on he made more and more moves and did more and more things to win her heart and well "sabotage" my relationship. it worked, eventually. i became cold hard and untrusting of my girlfriend and she hated me for it. as for my other friend? i cut the line to him, never talked never responded, everything. i hated just seeing him or even the thought of him.

    she broke up with me when we were on a vacation from school, it was the second time we ever got to truly be alone and just hang out outside of school, and started dating my by this point in time first true hated person and ex friend.

    its been about about a year now /tg/ and in that time i have become hard cold, and violent towards the people around me, i hate those two with a fiery passion and i probably wont trust many new people again like i trusted them. it took this thread /tg/ to make me realize how foolish i was and to extinguish my flaming hatred for them.

    i salute you /tg/ for washing away my hatred and giving me peace for the first time in a while. never change and never forget how awesome you are
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:14 No.10591899
    /tg/, I thank you. I love you fucking people. I have been under a lot of stress and depression lately.

    I fucking bawled. I have never cried like this in a long fucking time. Jesus Christ.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:16 No.10591936
    my dad died when I was 4

    I'm 20 now but I still remember him, I never had the time to know him better, but I miss him so much

    I never had anyone I could call a father.

    even when my mom married again, I never called my stepfather of dad or father, I always knew my real father was gone
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:17 No.10591942
    It's stylized.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:23 No.10592006
    Fool! Hate leads to power! Strike down the betrayers and join me at my side!
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:25 No.10592044
    I bawwed. It was the dogs, /tg/. The dogs made me cry.

    And I did cry. Like a fucking bitch.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:26 No.10592068
    Good show /tg/. I'm proud to call you my battle brothers
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:28 No.10592105
    Your boyz? Your guardsmen compatriots? Your 'crons?

    The same from us to you.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:33 No.10592180

    Wait a minute, OP. You expect /b/ to be able to b'aww better than /tg/? We baww with the best!

    The chemical composition of the average fa/tg/uy is 29.7% manly tears (although it's also 31.6% Blood, Thunder, and Victory at Sea).
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:34 No.10592191
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:41 No.10592342

    >(although it's also 31.6% Blood, Thunder, and Victory at Sea).

    I'm not gay and do not like butsechs you know
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:44 No.10592380

    Who said anything about being gay? We just have a lot of honor around here.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)02:52 No.10592538

    "I wont get pregnant."
    I, like a chump, assumed she knew what she was doing.
    A few weeks later she certainly did get pregnant.

    From my personal experience growing up in a single parent home, I couldn't just leave the kid and I couldn't wait until a paternity test let me go with good conscience. I had to give it everything before calling the relationship with my partner over.

    I was stuck.

    I fooled everyone and myself into thinking I was happy. Or at least content.

    Hazel got sick when she was two years old. She had a fever of... 38? or 39?... just 1 degree away from "very serious". We took her to our GP, who checked her over and noticed a rash.

    The doctor didn't say "meningitis" but it was obvious that was what he was thinking.

    We raced in an ambulance and arrived at the hospital.

    My partner strongly dislikes hospitals, so she went home.

    The nurses tried to do a lumbar puncture. Hazel screamed and stretched, fighting all the way. The nurses tried to hold her in place, I tried to hold her in place, but she fought too hard for us. It was 20 minutes before the nurses gave up.

    We stayed the night, Hazel and I. Hazel refusing to drink or eat, or properly sleep. She just whimpered. I held this kid, one who I had had no strong love for. How horrible that we were both alone.

    3 years ago, my daughter gained a real father. And I don't need to fool anyone into thinking I'm happy.

    She started school yesterday.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)03:13 No.10592913
    I have an unbelievably high amount of respect for you after reading that.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)03:14 No.10592923
    Nobody starts school nthis time of year.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)03:15 No.10592935
    I would not only take off my hat to you, sir, but would offer it to you as a more worthy owner.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)03:16 No.10592945
    Probably copypasta. Good copypasta though.

    Or summer preschool?
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)03:16 No.10592948
    I cried so many times. Especially the dog ones. I had a pig who was stubborn as hell. For those of you who don't know pigs are just like dogs only smarter (most of the time). I was raising her for a livestock show for FFA in high school and god did she make my life hell.

    Somewhere in that time though I started to love her. One day I asked my parents to take care of her so I could hang out with my friends. It turns out she was acting all weird, I didn't think anything of it. The next day my teacher gives her some medicine and thinks she will be fine.

    My family go shopping and on the way back we stop at the barn to check on her. For some reason our pen was darker than all the other ones. She also wasn't lying down near the heat lamp, but rather she was lying in the farthest corner of the pen. My mom instantly told me not to go in the pen, but I thought everything was alright.

    Until I got closer and noticed she wasn't breathing. It wasn't until that moment that I realized I loved her. Damn it I started crying. The worst part is I didn't name her anything because I didn't want to get attached.

    I love you pig
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)03:19 No.10592997
    Oh, I admit that it's good, it's just a bit unreasonable to praise someone for actions that likely weren't theirs, or possibly didn't happen.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)03:20 No.10593019
    This is 4chan. Just about every story here possibly didn't happen.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)03:22 No.10593052
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)04:00 No.10593601
    OC. Kids in New Zealand start school when they turn 5 years old.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)04:02 No.10593639
    And, I'm not looking for praise.

    She deserves the praise, for saving me.
    >> Anonymous 06/19/10(Sat)04:05 No.10593671
    You get praise anyway, sir. Because you should.

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