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  • File : 1276276197.jpg-(96 KB, 607x491, rowdy2.jpg)
    96 KB Rowdy The Rabbit - Part 2 - even more shit happens, guv Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)13:09 No.10428057  
    (;.;) <fuckin' hell not you lot again
    (' ' )o

    >part 1 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9945225/

    You and your CREW are at the HIDEOUT in SCOTLAND

    Your CREW consists of
    -Dim Jim
    -"Buggary" Floppykins
    -Only-half-there Angus
    -5 Thugs
    -Barry The badger

    In your INVENTORY you have
    -a knife
    -a greatsword
    -an automatic handgun
    -a spud gun
    -a nintendium spine bong
    -a phone with BUYER's number

    What shall you do?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)13:11 No.10428074
    First, smoke that weed.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)13:15 No.10428167
         File1276276514.jpg-(63 KB, 430x498, rowdy2 1.jpg)
    63 KB
    You SMOKE some WEED
    You are now feeling HIGH and HUNGRY
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)13:30 No.10428501
    Go talk to Dim Jim, see if he has any ideas

    >Also, Fuck yes Rowdy!
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)13:35 No.10428592
         File1276277730.jpg-(103 KB, 776x529, rowdy2 2.jpg)
    103 KB
    DIM JIM tells you he thinks the HIDEOUT might not be safe from RIVAL GANGS, and that you need to get more RESPECT or POWER.

    Listen to Dim Jim / Ask what Buggary thinks / ask what Angus thinks / other?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)13:41 No.10428714
    Ask them both.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)13:48 No.10428834
    excellent! I was hoping to get in on this shit next time around.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)13:52 No.10428914
         File1276278763.jpg-(165 KB, 1261x543, rowdy2 3.jpg)
    165 KB
    Only-half-there Angus tells you that his gang was the third most powerful in the area before you showed up. The two others are the gangs of PADDY COTTONTAIL and WINSTON "SLIPPERY" LUCKYFOOT.
    They might try to MOVE IN now that Angus has been beaten

    Buggary Floppykins is too busy being blown by Bitch to have an opinnion right now.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)13:55 No.10428966
    Rape BITCH
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)14:01 No.10429063
         File1276279262.jpg-(69 KB, 864x468, rowdy2 4.jpg)
    69 KB

    Ask Angus about rival gangs / Go spy on rival gangs / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)14:09 No.10429224
    Ask angus THEN go spy on the second most powerful
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)14:23 No.10429437
         File1276280608.jpg-(157 KB, 1063x703, rowdy2 5.jpg)
    157 KB
    Angus tells you that PADDY COTTONTAIL is the second in power, but he never comes out of his SECRET HIDEOUT
    Yo get to him you need to either infiltrate HIS GANG or SNEAK IN by following one of his liutenants.

    You find one of PADDY'S LIUTENANTS called BIG HANS at the PUB. He is PLAYING CARDS.

    Go talk to Big Hans / Join card game / Watch from a distance / other?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)15:01 No.10430152

    join card game
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)15:08 No.10430252
         File1276283297.jpg-(116 KB, 753x624, rowdy2 6.jpg)
    116 KB
    You join the card game

    Play even though you will probably lose / Bluff / cheat / other
    >> Alpharius 06/11/10(Fri)15:28 No.10430593
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)15:39 No.10430792
         File1276285198.jpg-(119 KB, 676x655, rowdy2 7.jpg)
    119 KB
    Big Hans agrees to raise the stakes - he will let you meet PADDY if you WIN.

    But if you LOSE, he get's to FUCK you in the ASS.

    Accept / Decline / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)15:42 No.10430844
    >> Alpharius 06/11/10(Fri)15:48 No.10430939
    Accept, and if we lose, gut him.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)15:49 No.10430962
         File1276285784.jpg-(204 KB, 1251x989, rowdy2 8.jpg)
    204 KB
    it is now ON MOTHERFUCKER
    However, your hand still sucks

    lose / cheat / signal Buggary to create a diversion / other
    >> Alpharius 06/11/10(Fri)15:50 No.10430979
    Signal buggary for distraction then cheat.

    If we still lose, gut him.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)15:51 No.10430997
    Cheat. Sacrifice Buggary for the to-be-buggered duty if we lose.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)15:51 No.10431000
    I second this!
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)15:55 No.10431090
         File1276286153.jpg-(169 KB, 1036x626, rowdy2 9.jpg)
    169 KB
    Buggary DISTRACTS Big Hans as you grab yourself a GREAT HAND

    Play / other?
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)15:56 No.10431097

    Bend BIG HANS over the card table and fuck him up the ass.

    Then slap him with our dick and make him take us to PADDY.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)15:59 No.10431168
    Dude, that's gay.

    We're an angry bunny, not a faggy bunny.

    Now pwn Hans and get on with it. If he tries anything funny, punch his fat gut.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:01 No.10431192
    Just play, if he wins accuse him of cheating
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:04 No.10431247
         File1276286645.jpg-(158 KB, 1047x641, rowdy2 10.jpg)
    158 KB
    Shocked by the manhandling, Big Hans SUBMITS to you.
    He agrees to take you to PADDY COTTONTAIL if you stop raping him.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:08 No.10431341
    Go with him
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:13 No.10431442
         File1276287229.jpg-(97 KB, 912x465, rowdy2 11.jpg)
    97 KB
    Big Hans leads you to a BACK ALLEY DOOR and says PADDY is INSIDE

    Go in alone / Go in with Buggary / Get the others and go in all at once / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:14 No.10431448
    You should go in all at once, strength through numbers!
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:19 No.10431545

    Make BIG HANS go in first. Have BUGGERY keep a gun to his head.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:25 No.10431644
         File1276287916.jpg-(259 KB, 1519x567, rowdy2 12.jpg)
    259 KB
    You enter and come face to face with PADDY COTTONTAIL

    Dim Jim notes that there are lots of THUGS hiding in the room, and that it was an ambush.

    Talk to Paddy / Let Angus talk to Paddy / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:28 No.10431724
    Tell Paddy to tell the thugs to GTFO or we'll take his potatoes, put him in a box and mail him to Barbados.

    While he's busy being pissed, shoot the whole lot with the automatic handgun.

    That should do wonders on the respect department.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:29 No.10431737
    Try to talk. If all else fails then rape PADDY COTTONTAIL and assert dominance!
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:29 No.10431738
    INSULT the flowery ladyhat Paddy wears.
    Then FIGHT
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:30 No.10431766

    Use BIG HANS as a hostage. (Shoot him anyway when you get what you want)
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:33 No.10431842
         File1276288426.jpg-(139 KB, 1008x724, rowdy2 13.jpg)
    139 KB
    You CAP a few ASSES
    PADDY seems MILDLY IMPRESSED by your balls and offers PARTNERSHIP

    accept / demand further details / decline / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:37 No.10431935
    Demand further detail, we ain't getting into anything before we know what it is.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:39 No.10431980

    Rape PADDY and kill the other henchman.

    All or nothing, biznitch!
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:43 No.10432063
         File1276288986.jpg-(121 KB, 849x464, rowdy2 14.jpg)
    121 KB

    Paddy tells you to chill the fuck out and explains he runs the biggest pimping ring in all the highlands. You'd get half the cash and territory if you did all the risky work.

    Deal / no deal / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:44 No.10432080


    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:45 No.10432116
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:48 No.10432174
    execute HANS and demand at least 2/3rds
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:48 No.10432178
    It's a deal... for now. Later we can try to usurp Paddy's position.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:49 No.10432184

    Make BIG HANS turn on PADDY in exchange for a place in the New Order.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:53 No.10432257
         File1276289610.jpg-(118 KB, 867x478, rowdy2 15.jpg)
    118 KB

    Paddy agrees to give 2/3rds

    Dim Jim thinks letting him live will bite you in the ass later
    Angus thinks killing him would make you too large a threat to Winston Luckyfoot to ignore
    Buggary Floppykins agrees with Dim Jim
    Bitch finds the man-on-man sex hot
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:54 No.10432277

    Make PADDY a lieutenant in the gang. Have everybody keep an eye on him and execute him if he steps out of line.

    Hire on the henchmen to increase the size of the gang.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:55 No.10432290

    Might as well take it all since clearly we're top dog.

    Er... rabbit.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)16:58 No.10432341
    turn control of PADDY'S OPERATIONS to DIM JIM, make PADDY a subordinate, under watchful supervision by DIM JIM
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:04 No.10432456
         File1276290272.jpg-(195 KB, 1227x547, rowdy2 16.jpg)
    195 KB
    PADDY COTTONTAIL has joined the CREW
    10 THUGS have joined the CREW
    10 NEW BITCHES have joined the CREW

    THE CREW now rivals WINSTON LUCKYFOOT's GANG in power

    head back to the old hideout / establish Paddy's hideout as your new hideout / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:07 No.10432510
    Establish Paddy's hideout as your new hideout
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:09 No.10432563
    talk to PADDY and ANGUS about potential new HIDEOUTS. search PADDY'S HIDEOUT any hidden things, like GUNS or DRUGS or MONEY
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:17 No.10432704
         File1276291025.jpg-(126 KB, 838x712, rowdy2 17.jpg)
    126 KB
    Angus warns you that neither his nor Paddy's hideouts will be very good as WINSTON already knows their locations. He suggests looking for a NEW HIDEOUT.

    Dim Jim goes off to establish his rule among the NEW BITCHES


    Look for new hideout / relay customer list to Buyer / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:18 No.10432741
    Find a new hideout, preferably an easily defend-able one...
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:23 No.10432817
         File1276291398.jpg-(54 KB, 766x375, rowdy2 18.jpg)
    54 KB
    Buggary Floppykins and one of the Thugs have located an OLD UNUSED BUNKER

    use it as your hideout / find something else / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:26 No.10432876

    Use BUNKER to host SEX ORGY with NEW BITCHES.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:26 No.10432884
    Take the bunker. Fortify and expand as much as possible. We're making that thing a fucking fortress.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:29 No.10432925
    distribute HANDGUNS to our THUGS. settle in BUNKER and begin analyzing CLIENT LIST
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:32 No.10432964
         File1276291939.jpg-(128 KB, 834x364, rowdy2 19.jpg)
    128 KB

    Send a message to Winston Luckyfoot / Go confront Winston in person / draw up battle plans / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:33 No.10432979

    Orgy to establish dominance over new BITCHES.

    Burrow under bunker to expand.


    Gather intel about WINSTON's gang.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:38 No.10433070
    We're going to need some better weapons than just a shotgun and some handguns. You should find an arms dealer...
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:44 No.10433190
         File1276292649.jpg-(183 KB, 1096x595, rowdy2 20.jpg)
    183 KB
    The THUGS are now ARMED
    You have a SEX ORGY and discover that the NEW BITCHES are well trained

    BUYER calls back about the CLIENT LIST and tells you that there are some VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE on that list. He promises to get back to you on this later.

    arrange meeting with Winston / spy on Winston / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:45 No.10433222
    Spy on winston, find out what he is up to.
    Also, I still think we need better guns...
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:47 No.10433248


    Use PADDY's contacts to find an arms dealer.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:52 No.10433343
         File1276293148.jpg-(85 KB, 691x392, rowdy2 21.jpg)
    85 KB
    A Thug has located an ARMS DEALER, but he will only talk to YOU about such a BIG PURCHASE

    Your Spy returns with his ears torn off and a polite letter nailed to his face -
    "Dear Mr. Rowdy "Fudgepacker" Rabbit
    Your recent actions in the area are very much in my knowledge and make no mistake - I am more than prepared to wipe you out if you prove to be even the smallest nuisance to me.
    Stay out of my way and you may live.

    Polite regards
    -Sir Winston Luckyfoot"

    Go meet arms dealer / go confront Winston / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:55 No.10433377

    /Raid Arms Dealer
    /Kill ten of WINSTON's best goons
    /Throw their severed heads through the window of his hideout.
    /Apply C4 liberally.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:55 No.10433386
    Go to the arms dealer. We are going to need the biggest and badest guns we can get to stand a chance against Winston.
    Also, if required, use a lifetime discount on bitches to sweeten the deal
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)17:55 No.10433395
    Go to ARMS DEALER by yourself, see what weapons he has and what you can afford.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:03 No.10433548
         File1276293824.jpg-(118 KB, 685x500, rowdy2 22.jpg)
    118 KB
    You meet the ARMS DEALER
    He offers you a wide arsenal of guns and ammo, but it will cost you almost all the money you have amassed, even after the discount you get from giving him BITCHES.

    He warns you not to try and rob him though, he has come prepared for such low-class strangers.

    accept the deal / haggle / refuse / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:05 No.10433600
    Accept the deal, we can always make more money.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:06 No.10433614

    Bite his nose off and spit it in his face while choking the life from him.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:07 No.10433631
    HAGGLE by assessing the weapons like a motherfucker, pointing out sturdy weapons and low quality of the ammo.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:14 No.10433782
    HAGGLE with him, offering RAPE if his prices won't go down.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:16 No.10433807
         File1276294583.jpg-(353 KB, 1683x870, rowdy2 23.jpg)
    353 KB
    You buy the GUNS and ARM the CREW
    You now have very little money left

    The BITCHES are now ARMED
    Your LIUTENANTS are now ARMED
    You now have access to SEVERAL GUNS

    charge Winston's hideout / march to Winston's hideout and demand him to step down / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:18 No.10433850
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:19 No.10433863
    Try to catch Winston by surprise.
    Use explosives when initiating attack, then clean up with other weapons.
    Also, if possible, we should arm ourselves with a minigun or an automatic shotgun.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:20 No.10433880
    Arrange a diversion by sending bitches out in the front, demanding him to step down and bring your THUGS through the rear/flank and try to find another way in/to surprise him
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:25 No.10433967
         File1276295111.jpg-(140 KB, 690x675, rowdy2 24.jpg)
    140 KB
    You make it INSIDE with the THUGS and BITCHES creating a DIVERSION

    look for Winston before he can stage a counter attack / wait to rendezvous with other Liutenants / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:26 No.10433995

    Kill them all and sell the bodies as cheap beef.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:26 No.10433998
    look for Winston before he can stage a counter attack
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:27 No.10434014
    rendezvous with your lieutenants, smash through all opposition.

    Also, someone needs to archive this...
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:29 No.10434069
    Look for Winston, THUGS first
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:34 No.10434137
         File1276295674.jpg-(239 KB, 1197x876, rowdy2 25.jpg)
    239 KB
    You locate Winston, who is unarmed
    Before you can do anything, Angus and Paddy pull their guns on you.

    "Stupid laddy, diyyae reely think you could just waltz on in an' take over my Highlands? NEVER."

    Think fast / Deus ex machina
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:35 No.10434151

    Activate the C4 strapped to your chest.

    "If I cannae have it, lads, non will"
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:38 No.10434193
    Your lieutenants make a dynamic entry just in time, murderizing the enemy.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:39 No.10434204
    Angus and Paddy ARE the Lieutenants, fuckwit!
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:41 No.10434239
    Point a gun at Winston and warn Paddy and Angus that Winston will be capped if they so much as twitch their noses - and to drop their guns.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:42 No.10434254
    Shit then, getting kind of late so I ain't really that perceptive right now... I probably meant the other members of the crew...
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:42 No.10434270
    Quickly pull a hand grenade out and remove the pin, caliming you will all die if you lose the grip.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:44 No.10434312
         File1276296289.jpg-(177 KB, 967x694, rowdy2 26.jpg)
    177 KB
    You, Buggar Floppykins and Dim Jim now face Winston Luckyfoot

    However, Winston has already made his escape

    look for Winston's escape route / rally your troops / other
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:47 No.10434385
    Look for his escape route, kill everything that stands in your way. Also make sure that he is not simply hiding in this room.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:54 No.10434489
         File1276296866.jpg-(131 KB, 1341x763, rowdy2 27.jpg)
    131 KB
    You fight your way to the ROOF and find Winston boarding his HELICOPTER GUNSHIP

    "Come no closer, Fudgepacker. I admire your persistence but there is a limit even to my patience. I shall take my leave and let you live so we may settle this like gentlemen another day.

    But I warn you - Once false move and I'm gunning you down with this thing faster than you can say 'I like to hump men in the bum'. FAREWELL"
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:57 No.10434530
    Let the coward leave, see him off with the most menacing glare you can manage.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)18:58 No.10434552
    Okay, fine. I don't do anything, but one of my CREW with the fucking ROCKET LAUNCHER I bought him is bound to show up soon.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)19:00 No.10434592
    Oh! Forgot to mention: Look totally badasa while doing it.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)19:08 No.10434736
         File1276297737.jpg-(205 KB, 1097x1013, rowdy2 28.jpg)
    205 KB

    Your Crew includes
    10 Bitches
    20 Thugs
    Dim Jim
    Buggary Floppykins

    Your associates are
    the Buyer
    the Badger Brothers
    the Arms Dealer

    Your enemies include
    Winston "slippery" Luckyfoot
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)19:10 No.10434762
    Awesome. We should strengthen our position against any future conflicts.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)19:11 No.10434785
    Recruit more thugs. Send out some agents to gather information on Luckyfoot's wherabouts.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)19:13 No.10434814
    Create impenetrable crime-lord fortress
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)19:13 No.10434828
    Recruit thugs from the younger strata of society, like children!
    >> Paragon Scriptarius 06/11/10(Fri)19:17 No.10434907
         File1276298261.jpg-(234 KB, 1029x1066, rowdy2 29.jpg)
    234 KB
    I hope nobody will hate me for calling it a night at this point. My drawing hand hurts.

    Thanks to everyone who took part in this. You guys are tops.
    >> Anonymous 06/11/10(Fri)19:18 No.10434924
    Nah, this seems like a good time to stop anyway.
    Hope you will continues some other time.

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