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  • File : 1274909198.jpg-(123 KB, 799x597, Exploration1.jpg)
    123 KB Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)17:26 No.10073577  
    Okay, this is irritating. /tg/ isn't letting me post the pre-prepared thing I planned to copy and paste so let me just say, I'm planning on continuing the quest thread that I started last week at this time.

    You guys seemed happy calling it Mega Corp Quest.

    Links are here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Megacorp

    If you feel interested in continuing, just say so. To people new to this quest, I give you a warning - lots of number-crunching and silly pseudo-science involved.

    If no one's interested, I'll let this die.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)17:36 No.10073798
    I'm giving this one bump now and one bump at 22:46. If no one who wishes to participate responsds, I will let this thread die and try tomorrow.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)17:46 No.10074010
    Final bump. If there's still no interesting, tough luck for me.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)17:47 No.10074032
    I'll play.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)17:48 No.10074057

    Anyway, for something a little more thought out:
    Seeing as how Morgan Industries didn't appear to be involved in the fuckery that was directed at us during the Texas Impact, and they've been straight with us so far (well, as straight as a megacorp can be), I suggest offering them use of a shuttle (free of charge) from our first cryo-ship currently in the Alpha Centauri system to contact their people on the ground, and a very large discount (50%? 70%?) on a portable portable facility to be dropped on Chiron on our next superfreighter going out there.
    Now, people are going to be asking why we should be giving away our services, but hear me out.
    1. Assuming that no such policy has been universally accepted already, we publically announce Sleipnir Interstellar's new stance on space travel; any time, any place, any one, if you send a distress signal we will answer, no questions asked. We have precedent, in the Laws of the Sea, where ships must respond to an SOS without any thought of personal gain. Our PR department should love what they can do with this little nugget. And can you imagine the negative PR someone would get if they tried to abuse this?
    2. We offer to assist Morgan Industries' current Chiron operations for a cut of the profits. Nothing has been mentioned of them getting another ship ready, and we are well poised to be very useful to their plans with our current construction queue.
    Now, I'm not saying we let down our guard; Morgan will suddenly and inevitably betray us at some point in the future. I'm just saying, until that point, why don't we both make a profit?
    >> TempDM !!WBgKxxhAACV 05/26/10(Wed)17:48 No.10074067
    I'm interested, although busy running DDQ.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)17:52 No.10074155
    What the fuck is up with these typing errors?
    Well hey.

    Right now, there are two things for me to post:
    1) The events of 2138.
    2) Basic information; ships and what they're doing; construction factories and what they're doing; colonies; research teams; etc

    Which one would you rather see first?
    >> TempDM !!WBgKxxhAACV 05/26/10(Wed)17:53 No.10074189
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)17:55 No.10074249
    Here ya go. For anyone new, might be a bit of info. overload.

    Crawler Probe 1 (Tau Ceti) (Exploration, Destination: Tau Ceti, 2140)
    Freighter 1 (Alpha Centauri) (Leased to RDA) (Returning with Cargo, Destination: Earth, 2139)
    Freighter 2 (Alpha Centauri) (Leased to RDA) (Returning with Cargo, Destination: Earth, 2139)
    Freighter 3 (Alpha Centauri) (Leased to RDA) (Delivering Cargo, Destination: Pandora, 2139)
    Freighter 4 (Alpha Centauri) (Leased to RDA) (Delivering Cargo, Destination: Pandora, 2139)
    Heavy Freighter 1 (Alpha Centauri) (Delivering Factory Parts, Destination: Hermes, 2139)
    Heavy Freighter 2 (Alpha Centauri) (Delivering Portable Portals, Destination: Hermes, 2144)
    Heavy Freighter 3 (Tau Ceti) (Delivering Cargo, Departs 2140, Destination: Tau Ceti, 2156)
    Cryo-Freighter 1 (Alpha Centauri) (Orbitting Hermes, Idle)
    Cryo-Freighter 2 (Alpha Centauri) (Luxury Cruise, Destination: Pandora, 2139)
    Cryo-Freighter 3 (Alpha Centauri) (Colony Vessel, Destination: Hermes, 2144)
    Cryo-Freighter 4 (Epsilon Eridani) (Colony Vessel, Destination: Epsilon Eridani, 2151)
    Cryo-Freighter 5 (Tau Ceti) (Colony Vessel, Departs 2140, Destination: Tau Ceti, 2156)

    Construction Yard 1 (Earth): Inactive
    Construction Yard 2 (Earth): Inactive
    Construction Yard 3 (Earth): Inactive
    Construction Yard 4 (Earth): Inactive
    Construction Yard 5 (Earth): Inactive
    Construction Yard 6 (Earth): Inactive

    Hermes, Alpha centauri A: 250 workers, 50 scientists, mining and studying Hermesium

    Umbra: Basics (Due Date: 2145)
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)17:57 No.10074287
    Now posting details of Year 2138. Which ain't pre-typed. Give me a few minutes.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)17:57 No.10074301
    Have we made the discovery of Hermesium public yet, or is that part of the 2138 update?
    Last I recall, we were letting our R&D boys and gals play around with it, without much success.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:04 No.10074464
    Yeah, some new rule. Copy and pasting from a document doesn't work anymore. It's supposed to stop kimmo spam, but I don't know how effective it is.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)18:06 No.10074495
    Year 2138:
    Multiple ships are constructed and sent to their respective destinations, except for the two intended to leave for Tau Ceti. You are not keeping anything secret.
    Further analysis of the unobtainium known as Hermesium tells you the following: It is a highly reactive element capable of burning as high as 3600 degrees centigrade in oxygen. It forms thermally unstable oxides which decomposes, allowing the reaction to continue. This loop is capable of continuing for approximately sixteen hours, gradually obliterating the Hermesium. The only truly effective use is militarily. Do you wish to make Hermesium public?
    Pentex has released and made a killing off of new Umbral technology that it has developed - Umbral habitats.

    The year is 2138.
    Balance: $282 billion.

    What would you like to do?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)18:07 No.10074517
    Huh. Well, it works from .txt.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:08 No.10074540
    As I recall, the only option they saw was for weaponry. Seeing as it is too intense for mining or something like that.


    I was thinking of when we got our shit pushed in by those other corps, and figured it'd be a good idea to get cozy with a smaller corp ourselves. One that is useful, but not all that powerful. Foster a friendship, work together, support each other. Perhaps merge in the future.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:09 No.10074571
    Can we do what was suggested by >>10074057
    As for the Hermesium, if Aperture couldn't find a use for it, I guess making it public couldn't hurt. We're not making any money on it now, anyway.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:10 No.10074587
         File1274911824.png-(49 KB, 838x898, vessels_defcolor1.png)
    49 KB
    Hell yeah. I was waiting for this.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:10 No.10074588
    Keep Hermesium under wraps. Super napalm is something we want for ourselves. If possible, release fake intel saying it's some useless metal. Not even useful for electronics or wiring. Useless as fuck. That could keep interest away from Hermes. Of course, if we increase our presence there, the charade won't last long.

    Can we get a list of smaller corporations that we could try to partner with?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:10 No.10074595
         File1274911858.png-(38 KB, 521x857, stations_defcolor1.png)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:12 No.10074626
    Just because we don't have a use for it yet doesn't mean someone else won't and beat us to the punch. So far, we're the only ones with access to it. Let's keep it close to the chest for now.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:13 No.10074647
    Badass as fuck
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:13 No.10074655
    What are Umbral habitats?
    >> Marauder Månsson !!z2RzcF4nnfb 05/26/10(Wed)18:15 No.10074709
    This seems pretty awesome a quest.


    Yes, do tell.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)18:17 No.10074752
    One vote towards making Hermesium public. One vote towards secrecy.
    Moving Cryo-Freighter 1 to pick up stranded personnel on Chiron.

    Anything else?

    Also, list of smaller corporations would be useless - they are far, far behind the megacorporations. Existing megacorporations:
    Resources Development Agency
    Multinational United
    The Tyrell Corporation
    The Zorg Corporation
    Morgan Industries
    Solutions Tactical Finance United (your company, Sleipnir Interstellar is a subsidiary of them)
    >> Marauder Månsson !!z2RzcF4nnfb 05/26/10(Wed)18:19 No.10074796
    What kind of propulsion do we use to go from system to system BTW?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:19 No.10074797
    1 more vote to keep Hermesium under wraps for now. We'll let the other megacorps know it exists...when their Boards get a Hermesium Bomb, courtesy of Sleipnir Interstellar and Aperture Applied.
    >> Marauder Månsson !!z2RzcF4nnfb 05/26/10(Wed)18:20 No.10074821

    I was going to suggest something like that, if they don't know what it is, they don't know it can hurt them.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:21 No.10074847
    Exactly. Let's keep it our ace in the hole for now. Shit hits the fan like last time. Or even worse. We unleash some vacuum sealed Hermesium on our enemies, and watch them burn for 16 hours.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:21 No.10074848
    Back in the first thread, it was stated that we're using a sub-light anti-matter drive. Current speeds achieved are .5c and .75c. Umbral technology is purported to be something that could break the C Barrier, but long-distance Umbral Drives haven't been achieved yet.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)18:24 No.10074906
    Basic information about the Umbra is that it exists as a parallel plane where time and space exists in a different fashion, allowing for a rather interesting method of travel that could possibly become FTL.

    Umbral habitats are habitats that exist in this parallel plane. Permanent, habitable, static space. Essentially, buildings can now be built in the Umbra. City centres are now filled with apartment blocks in their reflections in the Umbra, which the richest commuters will pay millions for.

    Millions of commuters paying millions, and well, you can guess how much money Pentex is making off of this.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)18:26 No.10074954
    This is correct. Current technology is sublight matter-antimatter technology.
    Possible alternatives (with enough research) include:
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:27 No.10074972
    Hmm... sounds like if anything were to happen to these habs that pentex would be fucked.
    Also sounds like they are basically building habs in the fucking WARP.
    Smart move.

    Anyways. Ask around and attempt to rent out our some of our production lines.
    >> Harmless 05/26/10(Wed)18:28 No.10074996
    >Anyways. Ask around and attempt to rent out some of our production lines.

    Also forgot name.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:28 No.10074998
    If there is one, there might be others. We should find out how Pentex accesses the Umbra, and see if we can retool that technology to find another parallel realm ripe for exploitation. Bonus if it contains demons we can unleash on competitors.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:29 No.10075022
    So our first ships haven't reached Tau Ceti yet, right?

    Whatever. When we get there, make sure to explore if shit is cool.

    Keep our discoveries secret. Make a ship with more workers to send to Hermes? Mine and stockpile some in a safe place where it can't be activated by oxygen. Store it in Argon or Helium or something.

    Keep trying to hack into other megacorps' systems and find out information? Increase our own digital security! God damn, who knows if any of them have hacked into our systems. They already fucked with our space portal, which means they had to have gotten some access before. So increase defense.

    And advance time?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)18:30 No.10075028
    Currently, no one is interested except for MNU, who will pay $2b per ship they build. They are currently not building any ships.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:32 No.10075088
    Speaking of renting out, we need to change our ship rental policies. Rather than a lump sum, we should charge a tax on what they ship. For instance, for shipping Pandorium, we should ask for like, 1% of the cargo/Pandorium in exchange for using our ship. That would be a lot of tons, and if we're going by the movie, we would make more money off of the single percent than if we charged a dollar amount.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:33 No.10075109
    Build four more heavy freighters. We're going to expand operations to Pandora.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:33 No.10075113
    2b is small time. We're making more than enough already. This also leaves us with the capability to construct things of our own, and deprives a competitor of a ship.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:34 No.10075148
    If we're going to do this, open a contract with some military corp. Get shit loads of weapons. ADVANCED weapons. No fucking bullet proof vests and smgs. Fucking tanks. Lasers. Missiles.

    Oh, for those natives? Uh, no, of course not. >_>, <_<, >_>, those guys are nothing to worry about. But to protect us from other corps. Naturally.
    >> Harmless 05/26/10(Wed)18:35 No.10075177
    The Pandora we have control over?
    That place is a waste land, no reason to go there.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)18:35 No.10075182
    Hermesium shall be kept secret.
    You are currently researching that.
    Not yet.
    Another ship is already on its way. Will arrive in 2144.
    Workers will stop mining and start building a construction yard when the parts arrive in 2139. It will be complete by 2145.
    Storage advice noted.
    Corporations are passively hacking each other all of the time. However, if you want to access classified intel, you have to actively hack. Which requires a roll, a target and what you want to find out.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:38 No.10075228
    No, we have control over Hermes. Pandora has the shit we want.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:39 No.10075253
    Resources Development Agency
    Multinational United
    The Tyrell Corporation
    The Zorg Corporation
    Morgan Industries

    For the purpose of hacking, can we get a small summary of what these guys are most involved in right now? Nothing big. Just like a word or two. Like US - Portals/travel/ships. So we can get an idea for what's out there.
    >> Marauder Månsson !!z2RzcF4nnfb 05/26/10(Wed)18:40 No.10075279
    Beef up internal security, not just computer ways. Can we implement a system to track emolyee movement and access in high security zones?

    So when shit goes wrong we know who's there and who did what.
    >> Harmless 05/26/10(Wed)18:40 No.10075281
    Oh well fuck, forgot how the names worked for planets in that system.

    DM, how would it work for us sending stuff to the planet? Considering we have a competitor there already.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:40 No.10075286
    I never saw Pandora, but didn't the humans have to wear gas masks because Oxygen levels were low or some shit? Let's shoot some Hermesium "meteorites" into the Humans on Pandora's base facilities, which are full of Oxygen. Clear the planet of the competition.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)18:42 No.10075322
    Information about Alpha Centauri:

    Alpha Centauri A:
    Second planet (Hermes) has an unobtainium (Hermesium). You are currently exploiting this.
    Fifth planet (Ares) has advanced life and a habitable atmosphere.

    Alpha Centauri B:
    Polyphemus has twelve moons. Four possess life.
    - Pandora has advanced life and an unobtainium (Pandorium).
    - Chiron is fungal-based garden world. Morgan Industries expedition ship has crashlanded there.
    - Two remaining moons only possess primordial bacteria-based life.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:43 No.10075334
    Is anyone doing shit with Ares?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:44 No.10075368
    we should probably prepare an expedition to Ares, doubtfull that they have anything of worth, but still
    >> Harmless 05/26/10(Wed)18:46 No.10075402
    >Fifth planet (Ares) has advanced life and a habitable atmosphere.
    I think we should send a small expedition force here and see if the lifeforms are hostile or not.

    >Chiron is fungal-based garden world. Morgan Industries expedition ship has crashlanded there.
    Maybe we should send some scouts to see how they are doing to boot our rep with Morgan and get some good PR. Also we can claim the planet as ours along the way...
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:47 No.10075430
    Cryo freighters for last two construction yards? Then build more conyards?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:48 No.10075456
    We don't want to deal with Chiron. Fucking mindworms, how do they work.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)18:49 No.10075475
    You might have to open negotiations with RDA.
    Weyland-Yutani: Mining/Manufacture
    Resources Development Agency: Mining/Maglev
    Multinational United: Manufacture/Weapons Dev.
    The Tyrell Corporation: Biotech
    The Zorg Corporation: Weapons Dev.
    Pentex: Umbra/Manufacture
    Morgan Industries: Biotech/Manufacture
    Already been done.

    Next post containing time-lapse summary about what I think you guys want.
    >> Harmless 05/26/10(Wed)18:50 No.10075493
    So... we should send a scout force with a high planet rate then?
    Space hippy scouts?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:52 No.10075529
    WELL THEN LETS CHECK ARES OUT. Could be useful. A habitable world is a nice center of operations.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)18:58 No.10075667
    - Send Cryo-Freighter 1 (currently idle in Alpha Centauri A) to Chiron.
    - Construct Cryo-Freighter 6 to send to Ares with 200 workers, 60 scientists and 40 military to Ares (will be built 2141, will arrive 2147) Cost: $74 billion.
    - Construct additiona construction yard. Cost: $20 billion.

    That actually seems to be it.

    Sorry for delay, had to do something.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)18:59 No.10075680
    Uhh, A/B minimum periastron is around 11AU -- it's safe to assume Polyphemus' orbit is about 1AU and Ares is slightly inside that, but ... that doesn't leave much room for separate planet systems to keep from colliding.

    I'm not even going to think about orbital stability issues.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)18:59 No.10075681
    And since I wasn't clear, that is what you guys seem to want to do, right?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:01 No.10075714
    I guess so. The cryo freighter is empty, right? If that's the case, then offer rescue to Morgan's people on the planet. If it has people, put them down somewhere more hospitable.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:01 No.10075715
    What about the heavy freighters?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:01 No.10075719
    I'm using Avatar's science here.


    Ugh. Sorry, Hermes and Ares are around ACB, Pandora and Polyphemus are around ACA.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:04 No.10075773
    Ah, right.

    Four heavy freighters, with Alpha Centauri range (will be ready 2141).

    Cost: $66b x 4 = $264b

    Total spending: $356b

    This might put you debt, or you might gain back a reasonable amount next year.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:04 No.10075780
         File1274915081.jpg-(31 KB, 284x415, ARNOLD FOR PRESIDENT - 2016.jpg)
    31 KB
    I believe you mean ABATAB
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:06 No.10075823
    Yes. Abatab.
    Going ahead with this, then.

    Gimme a few secs, guys.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:06 No.10075825
    Make it three, and continue, please.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:09 No.10075870
    Any word on international and intercorporate laws concerning space rescue and salvage? I think our PR department could do some good if our public space policy was that we would unquestionably rescue anyone stranded in space.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:13 No.10075940
    We'll save lives. But the cargo will belong to us. :)
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:15 No.10076007
    Alright people, Sleipnir's bank account is dangerously low, what with our constant construction of ship. Let's hear some more ideas for new revenue streams.
    >>10075088 has good idea for renegotiating our contracts with RDA; anyone got anything else?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:19 No.10076069
    Year 2139:
    A new construction yard is built.
    Three inactive construction yards - building one Alpha Centauri cryo-freighter and three Alpha Centauri heavy freighters.
    Freighters 3 and 4 are shipping back cargo from Pandora, having just arrived.
    Freighter 1 and Freighter 2 arrive and released from their lease with RDA, after unloading their cargo.
    The true blessing of Pandorium is unveiled as a room temperature superconductor with a strong magnetic field. It is being used in technology all over the globe and suddenly, RDA is being praised despite all of the previous complaints against them.
    Thousands of pandorium engines are being sold for $125b. Hundreds are being purchased.
    RDA has purchased a monopoly of all goods coming out of Pandora. Any organization other than RDA selling Pandorium or any other objects that have came from that planet do so illegally.
    MNU has paid $6b for use of your three construction yards, which are being built.
    RDA requests lease of Freighters 1 and 2 again, for $8b.
    Cryo-Freighter 1 arrives at Chiron. You recieve a message from the deputy of Morgan Industries. You will be paid $50b not to interfere.
    Rumour has it RDA has already won the space race.

    Year: 2139
    Balance: $91b
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:19 No.10076071
    What about that Portal waste disposal system idea from the last thread? Has that been implemented yet? Do we have to research it, or can we begin implementation now?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:19 No.10076085
    Send shit into a star. Literally.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:20 No.10076096
    We have exclusive rights to portal tech. Instantaneous travel between any two points where a portal route exists, to the limits of Sol system itself. We have been working on small scales, transporting people and their baggage.

    We can make orbital shuttles, cargo transports, anything that travels between planetary bodies obsolete. With a portal facility on every planet, in every orbit, there is no need for any ship that doesn't travel to other systems.

    Barring, of course, asteroid miners, rescue and emergency vehicles, stuff like that.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:21 No.10076119
    Information on Pandorium engines?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:22 No.10076127
    You can request implementation. It's a basic use of already existing technology, so it doesn't need research.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:22 No.10076143
    Can we negotiate with RDA for a percentage of the profits, rather than a lump sum? I think that would get us more money.
    As for Morgan Industries, that's just the deputy. The CEO, Mr. Morgan, is on Chiron right now. My vote is to make contact with the CEO directly; my guess is that in the absence of the CEO, the deputy is making a powerplay.
    >> Harmless 05/26/10(Wed)19:23 No.10076161

    I like these ideas.
    Can we get an estimate on how much it would cost to build a portal gate linking 2 places on earth together?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:23 No.10076164
    Do it.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:24 No.10076183
    Start experimenting with alloys, maybe?
    >> Subprocessor 625 05/26/10(Wed)19:24 No.10076195
    Hiya, Plasma.

    How much to spread nasty rumors about the safety problems of Umbral habs?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:24 No.10076199
    Pandorium engines are considered rangeless. They can go any distance at 0.75c, unlike current engines, which can only go a preset distance (and back again) before requiring maintainance in order to fix up the superconductors.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:25 No.10076208
    Let's implement it, then. It should be a new revenue stream, for the disposal of hazardous waste, if we play it right it should net us some good publicity as the 'green' megacorp.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:26 No.10076232
    PR department would like $5b.

    $1b for the actual campaign.
    $4b for life insurance and the best security money can buy.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:27 No.10076250
    We already have this. This is one of our primary means of income.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:28 No.10076284
    This has already been done in a thousand different places on Earth.

    Currently, people seem to enjoy using RDA's maglev for intercontinental transport over the Umbra or portals due to the more natural nature - it isn't as disconcerting as the latter two.

    However, you have the monopoly over interplanetary travel at this moment in time, which is where you get most of your income from - which is also a hundred billion every year, these days.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:29 No.10076290
    But it could be so much better, so much more expansive. We could handle all transit between every world and satellite. A monopoly is within our reach.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:30 No.10076309
    This monopoly is already had.
    >> Subprocessor 625 05/26/10(Wed)19:31 No.10076339
    Hm. when even our PR department doesn't like their odds, it's time to think of a new plan.

    How much to hire discreet minions to kidnap the occasional janitor or other random, low-level employee from an umbral hab unnoticed, and THEN spread rumor that they're falling into the warp?

    And also, does that one give us any better odds of not suddenly having our shit assassinated?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:31 No.10076349
    You have a choice:
    a) Contact the CEO and interfere with what's going on down there.
    b) Get $50b for not interfering. Easy cash.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:33 No.10076393
    Give the PR firm 10 billion for the Umbra attack.

    We have shit around Pandora. Try to find footage of the locals. Use it in a PR move against RDA. Use archive footage of colonialism of Europeans mistreating Indians and Africans. Make RDA look like bad guys.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)19:34 No.10076404
    Would it be possible to build waystations in the paths from one planet to the next to allows say, canisters to move from one to the next through our portal system, and decrease overall time to a few days/hours/minutes?

    If so, do it and have all our freighters equipped with the tech to begin deploying them, and begin deployment.

    If not, add to research que.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:34 No.10076410
    So, our cryo-ship did reach Chiron orbit, right? Can we passively intercept any of the radio transmissions, if any, coming from the MI survivors? Did CEO Morgan survive? Can we find out how the survivors are doing via orbital sensor arrays and telescopes on the ship? And any word on how Morgan Industries as a whole is taking the disappearance of their CEO?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:34 No.10076414
    INTERFERE. Establish direct contact with Morgan himself.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:34 No.10076421
    The Na'vi are already confirmed to exist, as are all of the other species. This has already been brought up the P.E.T.A. and other organizations, but such complaints have been utterly CRUSHED with the beauty of Pandorium.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:35 No.10076425
    Alright, we've got those heavy freighters being constructed, but now that RDA has their monopoly, we can't set up like we wanted to.

    Let's load em' up with all the hardware we need to establish a resource base in Alpha C, so we can start constructing ships, stations, everything. We'll link the worlds of that system too, so every time Pandorium moves from the surface to orbit, it goes by portal.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:35 No.10076434
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:36 No.10076449
    In-system, portal travel is already instantaneous. If you're talking about going between Sol and Alpha C, you'd need a heck of a lot of stations.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:37 No.10076473
    Unrealistically expensive if you're planning on using this for interstellar purposes. This would require tens of thousands of portal facilities that one freighter just can't carry. Even then, it'd still take around a year for Alpha Centauri travel, and that's the closest.

    Basically, this concept is totally unrealistic. Such exploitation of portal mechanics just won't work on that level.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)19:37 No.10076482
    Yes you would. A station merely being large enough to say, sustain a portal that would allow a massive cargo container to move from one to the next instantaneously.

    Or a smaller one.
    We have the cash to burn if necessary.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:38 No.10076483
    I say interfere. 50 billion, while not insignificant, is not a whole lot in the scheme of things. Besides, if I remember the AC fluff right, Morgan is still a majority stockholder. If he can be put back in communication with his Board, he will still control MI.
    >> subprocessor 625 05/26/10(Wed)19:38 No.10076498
    Just throwing ideas out there, what if the next freighter carrying the RDA shipment were to suffer some sort of catastrophe? Preferably one that could be blamed on their Pandorium, or at least their personnel?

    Or, you know, we say it blew up and then we re-route it to Hermes or Chiron, or whatever. It's not like they can just look with a telescope and see that we took it.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)19:40 No.10076532
    please explain.

    From what I gather, it would just be building them and loading them up, trailing them from one world to the next, 1 reciever and one sender at each location... time to travel would literally be only the amount of time that it takes for the cargo to span through a hairsbreadth.

    It would be unneccesary for one cargo vessel to take it, merely sprinkle it at the end of the journey, or on the return trip to allow for shorter trips to be made, and eventually no trips necessary at all.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:40 No.10076536
    Right now, it would just require too many facilities. We should research to extend the range of portals, or do as suggested and combine portals with Umbra.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:42 No.10076565
    Then we would never be able to use that freighter again. Since RDA rented it, they'd have that thing on record. And even if we changed the name and even the design, how do we explain a new starship suddenly being in our inventory?
    No, I think this is asking for too much trouble and not enough return.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:44 No.10076600
    Or we could ACTUALLY blow it up, and pin it on them.
    We lose one freighter, they lose 100 trillion dollars (or whatever) of Pandorium.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)19:45 No.10076607
    or manufacture a fake one, to be towed behind a real freighter, taking precautions against explosions and the like, and then maintaining that for a number of years, before detonating it in the end, as if it was their fault...

    Or leaking that their matierial has been causing major damage to all the people on the ship, and much of the structure, warping it enough that that ship can no longer be used for transportation of their goods, as it is far too damaging.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:45 No.10076617
    To the guy who wanted to renegotiate the RDA freighter deal:
    No. They're willing to pay up to $5b per return journey, but that's as far as they want to go.
    You've already got a portable portal carrying heavy freighter going to Alpha Centauri, and one wtih a space station that will be assembled there too. Still go ahead with this and fill those three with space station parts? Cost: $10b each, equalling $30b.
    Interferance accepted. Do you want to go ahead and communicate, then?
    This is a possibility, if you guys wanna try it.
    The facilities are quite big. They are also quite heavy. It'd take a very, very large freighter to carry them along and to be honest, being a DM for someone trying to exploit the mechanics and use them to such an efficiency that it ruins the game/quest kind of sucks.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:45 No.10076621
    The Pandorum made our workers on our ships that we rented to them sick.

    Time to put the evil in Evil Megacorp. All the employees we had on the ships we rented to RDA. Make them sick. Cancers maybe. Something like that. Pandorium did that to them. MY GOD! IT'S GOING TO KILL EVERYONE!
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)19:47 No.10076653
    what are the qualities of Pandorium?

    Radioactive? anything special that could potentially be used as a way to pin this on them?

    And I apologize for attempting instantaneous travel. Will not suggest it again.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:48 No.10076676
    It will be possible when you're appropriately far enough in the quest.

    Not at the very beginning. Sorry if I seem a bit bitchy about it, but it just ruins the pacing.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:49 No.10076694
    Pandorium is a room temperature superconductor with a very strong magnetic field.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:50 No.10076713
    Have you any idea the number of facilities that would have to be created, not to mention the horrors of trying to maintain such a system?
    We can barely get 80AU of distance with current portal tech. The distance to Alpha Centuari is 272,061AU. We would need to put down 2 portals every 80AU, which would mean 3400 paired portal facilities.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:52 No.10076754
    I'm fine with this. Clearly our lazy scientists have been slacking off after their initial portal science developments.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:52 No.10076760
    Yes. Fill em' up.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:53 No.10076777
    Plus actually laying those out, since we'd have to speed up and slow down every 80 AU to lay each one, would take a buttload of time.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:54 No.10076795
    Yes, communicate with the MI survivors, see if CEO Morgan is among them. Offer what supplies we can spare, and usage of our interplanetary shuttle.
    And yes, let's continue to beef up our space station. It'll be very valuable when we have a colony set up on Ares.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:56 No.10076833
    Seems to me to have been an attempt to recreate the stargate SG-1 midway station concept, where they strung together enough adjacent stargates that they could travel between Pegasus & Milky Way, rather than someone trying to exploit game mechanics.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:57 No.10076864
    Initiating communication with Morgan Industries.

    "This is Nwabudike Morgan speaking. If you have a shuttle, I request immediate evacuation."
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)19:58 No.10076882
    Sold! Hey, by the by, your second in command wanted to pay us off to leave you here. Just FYI.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)19:59 No.10076894
    I accept this and while it may seem that way, in previous threads he has tried to his best to push portal technology to logical limits that would simply make it far, far too powerful and imbalanced.

    So, here I am, trying to make things a bit simpler.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:00 No.10076919
    "Good to hear from you, Mr. Morgan, this is the Board of Directors at Sleipnir Interstellar. Our shuttle should be homing in on your transmission now."
    Rescue him, unless other people object.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)20:00 No.10076930
    we wouldn't need to slow down, just attach some kind of disposable rocket and drop it with the programming necessary for it to remain withing 80 AU of its linked gates.

    Anyway... Enough of that idea.

    I do have a question though, what was the verdict on the rail-guns via/portal technology? And destroying all of our competition with the stuff?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:01 No.10076932
    We're going to want every scrap of information they have on Chiron.

    Also, ask them what went wrong. Mechanical failure? Outright sabotage? Mutiny?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)20:01 No.10076933
    "Interesting information. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?"

    He's surprisingly business-like, although he sounds slightly tired. You would be too, after three years of being stranded on an alien world.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:01 No.10076937

    Realistically, we know nothing about this planet. It makes sense not to contaminate shit.
    >> In Class Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:01 No.10076946
    Rescue Morgan, hold him in the ship. Don't tell anyone we have him.

    Torture/convince him to give us his majority share of Morgan Industries?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:02 No.10076956
    Charles Bronson. CEO of Solutions Tactical Finance United.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:03 No.10076984
    Nah, we're Sleipnir Interstellar. STFU might be our overlords, but this is our operation.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:03 No.10076990
    "We're from Slepnir Interstellar, and you can consider this a test run of our "Laws of the Sea, for Space" program."
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)20:05 No.10077024
    With A technician identifying himself, not our CEO.

    That might end up being bad.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:06 No.10077034
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:06 No.10077047
    So far we've agreed to rescue Morgan and keep him isolated along with the dropship.

    Ask him what happened and then we work our way to trying to get a controlling interest in his company in exchange for his life.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:07 No.10077065
    I like it.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:08 No.10077086
    No, because that goes against everything in the Laws of the Sea (Space). We will quarintine him, as needed; he was on an alien world, after all, but not longer than necessary.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:09 No.10077111
    Mmm... Let's try to start at a reward. I mean, the acting-director of MI knows we're there, and so if we interfere but don't come back with Morgan, then he can pin the blame for everything on us.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:10 No.10077113
    Dude, this is Morgan. His middle name is profit, for god's sake. Offer him a partnership with SLINT.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)20:10 No.10077132
    "I thought it would be one of my own employees, not another organization that would organize my rescue. In half the expected time, as well."
    "Engine malfuction. The captain was also assassinated. As for information on Chiron, I will have a researcher compile it once on your vessel before our return to Earth."
    "As for what happened, the Unity was originally intended as a research expedition to take the best and brightest of humanity to Chiron, to try and understand its unique biology and geology. Unfortunately, after the emergency landing, civility quickly eroded and for the past two years, some of us have actually been warring, like savages."
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:11 No.10077146
    Is this something from our Viking background? I can see that, but I think we're totally capable of holding a high-value target for ransom secretly.

    The benefits of having a controlling industry in a rival mega-corporation would be insane.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:12 No.10077156
    This give me an idea...Hey Plasma, can we look through the world's universities for a professor by the name of Zhakorov, and headhunt him for Aperture? And a certain Dr. Freeman?
    >> Subprocessor 625 05/26/10(Wed)20:13 No.10077169
    So, what all else was ON the ship we sent to Chiron?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:13 No.10077171
    It's not the law of space. But it's the law of the world. We have him in an advantageous position. If we gain the majority share in MI, then we'd receive a massive boon to our company.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:14 No.10077185
    Well, fuck. We should put in calls to the other factions as well, then.

    (If Planet blooms we're all fucked.)
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:14 No.10077198
    Acting director knows we're here AT THE CRASH SITE. He has no idea that Morgan may or may not be alive, and wouldn't likely be broadcasting this knowledge considering he tried to pay us off to leave it be.

    An assassin? From a rival megacorp? Can you tell us some more about the flora and fauna of Chiron so we know what we're dealing with when we evacuate the rest of your loyal crew (After disposing of any disloyal elements).
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:17 No.10077247
    Hey, we should accept that $50bil, and tell him we're not interfering.

    Then continue with our interfering plans.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)20:18 No.10077270
    I like this... and put him on a diffrent planet, or accept the 50 bil, and assassinate the acting director before letting Morgan return, in our pocket of course.
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:19 No.10077289
    They might not transfer payment until our ship leaves orbit. But since we've already entered orbit at the planet long enough to open communications I doubt we could attempt such shenanigans.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)20:21 No.10077324
    then talk to morgan, and let him know that there is 50 billion on the line, paying you to leave him there... Ask if he wants to go home, and ask if he would be willing to owe you guys a favor later.

    a favor worth more than 50billion.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)20:21 No.10077325
    Empty. Everything was deployed on Hermes.
    Morgan has not disclosed and refuses to disclose their names. He demands immediate evacuation then he will see to the evacuation of the others.
    Currently, Cryo-Freighter 1 is empty.
    A researcher is put on the mic and gives you the details, as simply as possible. Fungus covers much of the moon's surface, the ground, the water, even the air in some places. It is fed on by a symbiotic and psycho-reactive organism that they're still finding out all of the details about.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:22 No.10077337
    FUCKING EVAC MORGAN ALREADY. Only onto the ship. Not out of system yet.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:23 No.10077363
    Agreed. Get him off the planet.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)20:25 No.10077383
    Morgan is evacuated, as are the highest priority staff and security (who prevent lower priority staff from getting on).
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:26 No.10077397
    Be wary though. They've been on planet for several years now. Who know how advanced he's gotten his tech. He could be planning to steal the drop ship we send and take over the evac himself, leaving us with nothing. Make sure there're some armed men in the drop ship.

    But evac Morgan asap.
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:26 No.10077402
    Evacuate whoever he wants evacuated, but keep them seperate and contained, preferably inside dropships with lots of guns aimed at them.

    51%+ of Morgan Industries > 50 Billion. Hell, even 15% is better than 50 billion.

    I'm sure there were other people on that ship who had stock in the company. We could amass a fair amount of property if we play our cards right. How much are their lives worth to them?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:27 No.10077442

    Then if it is not satisfactory, we make demands.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)20:28 No.10077454
    and declare salvage rights on the planet. Since we are rescuing Morgan and his peeps, then the planet ought to be ours.

    Also offer anyone that doesn't leave with Morgan, a job, and quarantine them in a separate part of the ship... both parties.
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:30 No.10077495
    I think this is a given, of course. No need to resort to violence immediately.
    I'm not so sure this is a good idea. I'd rather not be crewing my ship/seeding my colonies with dissidents, murderers, and savages.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:31 No.10077513
    Cypher, shut up for a minute. You're giving bad suggestions ALL the time. Sit back for a minute and think before saying stuff.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)20:31 No.10077528
    true... but we need to get the population, the entire population off that planet.

    kill them, lock them up, anything, but get them off the planet.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:32 No.10077535
    Acquiring rights to the planet isn't exactly a bad idea.

    Imagine mind worms all up in RDA's shit.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)20:33 No.10077551
    reasoning behind this?

    Potential sabotage could be made, they might know something we need to... And we don't want to leave anything that could be potentially dangerous down there, which basically entails humans as their things are mostly only dangerous with them around.
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:35 No.10077588
    Why do we need them off-planet? Humanitarian reasons? If Morgan wants his employees to stay there, I think they should stay. Its not like we need them for anything.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)20:35 No.10077597
    Salvage rights are denied. Also, there is limited space and Morgan isn't giving you the locations of the others.
    In exchange for safe passage back to Earth, you're offered 8.5% of Morgan Industries' stock.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:36 No.10077605
    Morgan will not give up full control of Chiron; he would be stupid to. And since Morgan Industries has claim to it, we'd have to fight them if we wanted it, a fight that we probably would not win (both from a megacorp vs. megacorp perspective, and the STFU Board will be very unhappy).
    Asking for too much is just a sure-fire way to not get anything.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:36 No.10077616
    9.5% or we put him back.
    >> Harmless 05/26/10(Wed)20:37 No.10077633
    This is fine. Send an extraction team for anyone he wants picked up.
    Just keep them in quarantine until we can make sure they are not infected with any microbes that could be harmful to us.
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:38 No.10077643
    Don't give a fuck about salvage rights. You only get those when a company doesn't want it anymore.

    I think we need more than 8.5. How many of Morgan's staff that we evacuated own stock in the company?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:38 No.10077652
    We should try to negotiate a little more; our aim should be a good 10%, with a small stake on Chiron, or we go with 8.5%, but with junior partner status on Chiron's ownership.
    >> Harmless 05/26/10(Wed)20:41 No.10077719
    How about this. 8.5% for Morgan, and 1% for everyone else we evac?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:42 No.10077743
    You mean 1% for rescuing everybody else, right? Because, to be frank, demanding 1% for each person would be laughably stupid.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)20:43 No.10077747
    8% and junior partner status. That is something that he is able to settle on.
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:43 No.10077758

    I agree, but I don't think they're willing to pay 1% for concubines and favorite janitors. How many are we taking up here?
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:45 No.10077797
    Wait wait wait, junior partner status in a hostile environment is worthless to us, especially since we're focusing our colonization efforts elsewhere.

    I'd much rather have a bigger chunk of the company than whatever this junior partnet bullshit is.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:46 No.10077815
    8%, Junior Partner, and a relatively generous lucrative fee. 100 billion sounds reasonable.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)20:46 No.10077818
    does he know about the 50bill we were offered?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:46 No.10077819
    As it is, that's a pretty good deal. I say we take it.
    Also, anything weird show up on our bioscans of the Morgan Industries people?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:46 No.10077824
    That makes us a junior partner in Morgan Industries. The entire company.
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:47 No.10077834
    I assume that some of these people control parts of Morgan Co., so we ask for 1% of the company from what they control. If they can't afford it, they get left.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)20:48 No.10077848
    For immediate evacuation to Earth:
    +8% stock in Morgan Industries
    +Junior Partnership on Chiron's ownership

    He is willing to accept this.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:48 No.10077856
    That's because you obviously haven't thought of what is on that planet. A psycho-reactive organism, implying that psionics and PSI is a real field of research, something that we don't have, nor does any other company. This is has great potential, and a junior partner position would be well worth the investment.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)20:49 No.10077873
    I find this acceptable...
    What exactly does junior partnership entail?
    >> Harmless 05/26/10(Wed)20:50 No.10077904
    I say take it. We have been working on negotiations too long.
    Lets look into setting up a research base on the planet.
    Time to see if we can tame any mind worms. And then put them into a freighter bound for Pandora... accidentally anyways...
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:50 No.10077914
    But "we" aren't a person, we are the board of Sleipnir Interstellar. A junior partner "position" wouldn't be helpful to us, unless I'm very confused.

    Unless this position comes with some control over the company, in which case it should be expressed in the form of a percentage or something so we understand how much clout we get.
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:51 No.10077931
    Fuck it, lets just take that, whatever it entails.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:51 No.10077935
    A share of the profits and anything that comes out of Chiron, a say in what goes on there, and certain other remunerations.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)20:53 No.10077960
    then yes, take it.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:53 No.10077966
    Sleipnir Interstellar would be the junior partner of Morgan Industries' ownership of Chiron.
    This isn't anything rare, it's quite common even now, in the world for a corporation or other entity to be a partner of another corporation or entity.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)20:56 No.10078049
    Generally, the following are correct:
    If you need a percentage, let's say 20%. No further negotiation.

    Where do you wish to get from here?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:58 No.10078085
    Accept the deal. Return Morgan to Earth. Get some ships ready for Chiron and to explore Ares/construct a base there. Claim monopoly/ownership over Ares.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)20:59 No.10078104
    We want all the information we can get our hands on. Everything about Chiron, everything about Unity, its cargo, and its crew.

    What does Morgan want, now that he's been evac'd? Immediate return to Earth?
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)20:59 No.10078113
    I concur.
    Also, some preliminary research into these mindworms for more offensive purposes (I.E. releasing them into a few Umbral Habs.)
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)21:01 No.10078159
    Immediate return to Earth.

    So, this deal has been accepted, and Cryo-Freighter 1 is heading for Earth. You have 8% shares in Morgan Industries, a 20% junior partnership when it comes to Chiron and an extra $100b in the kitty.

    For now, the Chiron business is concluded.

    Your researcher tells you everything there is to know about Chiron. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sid_Meier's_Alpha_Centauri)
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:02 No.10078177
    So you're proposing unleashing a mindhive of psychic worms into infinite space between space? And you don't see any possible downsides to this?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:03 No.10078195
    Alright. Expand research/exploration/colonization of Ares.

    Is there anything interesting about it?
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)21:03 No.10078208
    I think absolutely nothing could go wrong with this.

    This IS Megacorporation Quest. I assume some protagonist will fight them off.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)21:04 No.10078226
    Not our problem... we use portals.
    >> Harmless 05/26/10(Wed)21:05 No.10078241
    I think that we should look into getting some tanks and attack choppers to go up with the people to Chiron.
    That and also get some air-burst Hermesium missiles to deal with anyone planet side who wants to fuck with us.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:06 No.10078277
    Hermesium saturation Planetside does sound like a good failsafe if shit breaks down.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)21:07 No.10078279
    The vessel you're planning to send there will arrive at 2147.

    So, looking at the rest of the thread...

    1) Spend small sum ($3b) on starting the portal garbage disposal initiative throughout the Solar System.
    2) Spend small sum ($5b) on discrediting Umbral habs.
    3) Handle Morgan - DONE.

    Advance to Year 2140?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:07 No.10078282
    Hermesium burns forever in an oxygen atmosphere. Once the payload was delivered, it would take a great effort to stop it after the job was done.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:07 No.10078301
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:07 No.10078304
    10b on discrediting Umbral.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:08 No.10078314
    It burns out after 16 hours.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:08 No.10078322
    There was an update that changed it to about 13-16 hours.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:10 No.10078349
    I agree, especially if there's so many factions fighting. Should we simply sell the bombs to MI or drop them ourselves?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:10 No.10078357
    On the next update, could you include our income for the year and current balance?
    I want to see how much a fully-equipped warship with planetary bombardment capabilities would cost. You know, just in case.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)21:11 No.10078372
    I updated it. Made it a little bit more sensible. Hermesium molecules are gradually obliterated over a period of sixteen hours in an oxygen-based atmosphere.

    Advancing, with the $10b instead of $5b on the anti-hab program.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)21:11 No.10078381
    16 hours... not unlimited.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:12 No.10078388
    Increase to 10b and begin research into mindworms to induce psychosis in Umbral Hab owners.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:12 No.10078389
    Well, we have an overall 8% stock in MI, as well as a 20% say in Chiron.

    I say we keep the methods secret, keeping Hermesium to ourselves, put propose that we orbitally bombard rival factions on the planet, seizing it for MI/Sleipnir. We don't tell him what we'll bombard it with, keeping it secret, but he'll know that it should wipe them out, and should burn out in about half a day.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:13 No.10078416
    We'd need to dedicate some R&D for a Hermesium warhead, and currently they're all tied up with Umbra research.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:15 No.10078449
    We've got time to spare. Overall, a Hermesium missile/bomb shouldn't be hard.

    Take a normal missile delivery system, in place of a warhead, store large quantities of Hermesium in a gas in which it acts inert. Helium or something. Drop the missiles, warheads open, burning Hermesium rains over enemy outposts.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)21:20 No.10078546
    wouldn't a normal missile system be able to be countered? why not use a portal delivery instead?

    Just saying...
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:22 No.10078575
    Hmm..well, I suppose we could repurpose some old chemical warfare delivery systems, specifically the ones for sarin since they used a 2-part warhead where the chemicals for the sarin were kept in small paired vials. We'd have to get some ICBM designs, too, for the re-entry MIRVs if we're going with an orbital strike capability. I suppose we could try to license the technology from somebody (perhaps the Chinese?), but it might look a bit suspicious for us to suddenly enter the weapons market, especially with such high-profile products as WMD designs.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:23 No.10078597
    Will military action against our competitors cause a public or governmental backlash?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:24 No.10078609
    And how do you propose to generate the portal at the target coordinates, hmm? You would still need a delivery system, in any event, and portal generators are not cheap enough to be disposable.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:26 No.10078647
    How would anyone ever know? Chiron is cut off from the rest of space. Sadly, when the Unity crashed, only Morgan and his people survived. Graciously, he granted partial ownership of Chiron to us, for saving him.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:26 No.10078657
    >portal generators are not cheap enough to be disposable.

    Then we shall research until they are!
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)21:26 No.10078672
    Year 2140:
    MNU stops using your three construction yards.
    Your crawler arrives at Tau Ceti. You share information with the Tyrell Corporation. There are three planets. Two terrestrial and one gas giant. No unobtainium is detected. The second terrestrial planet is thriving with algae and bacteria and the surface is covered in water. Much like a develping Earth. No other interesting information.
    Heavy freighter has arrived at Hermes. Hermesium mining has stopped. Space station construction initiated. Will be completed by 2145, with additional aid from workers arriving by 2144.
    You have one cryo-freighter and one heavy freighter with Tau Ceti as their destination. Still send them, or give them another destination?
    The garbage disposal portal mechanism is moderately successful with the liberal, green crowd. It's found to be much less expensive to stick with the ordinary methods. Still, some cash is gained from it.
    Anti-hab campaign is launched and is generally considered hilariously uninformed with no evidence to back it. A failure. Luckily, the extra cash prevents it from being connected to S.L.I.N.T. Publically, anyway.

    Year: 2140
    Balance: $253b
    Income: $105b

    Next post contains information about what everything is doing.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)21:27 No.10078686
    Crawler Probe 1 (Tau Ceti) (Exploration, Destination: Tau Ceti, 2140)
    Freighter 1 (Alpha Centauri) (Leased to RDA) (Delivering Cargo, Destination: Pandora, 2145)
    Freighter 2 (Alpha Centauri) (Leased to RDA) (Delivering Cargo, Destination: Pandora, 2145)
    Freighter 4 (Alpha Centauri) (Leased to RDA) (Returning with Cargo, Destination: Earth, 2145)
    Freighter 3 (Alpha Centauri) (Leased to RDA) (Returning with Cargo, Destination: Earth, 2145)
    Heavy Freighter 1 (Alpha Centauri) (Delivering Factory Parts, Destination: Hermes, 2139)
    Heavy Freighter 2 (Alpha Centauri) (Delivering Portable Portals, Destination: Hermes, 2144)
    Heavy Freighter 3 (Tau Ceti) (Delivering Cargo, Departs 2140, Destination: Tau Ceti, 2156)
    Heavy Freighter 4 (Alpha Centauri) (Delivering Factory Parts, Destination: Hermes, 2147)
    Heavy Freighter 5 (Alpha Centauri) (Delivering Factory Parts, Destination: Hermes, 2147)
    Heavy Freighter 6 (Alpha Centauri) (Delivering Factory Parts, Destination: Hermes, 2147)
    Cryo-Freighter 1 (Alpha Centauri) (Delivering Morgan, Destination: Earth, 2145)
    Cryo-Freighter 2 (Alpha Centauri) (Luxury Cruise, Destination: Pandora, 2139)
    Cryo-Freighter 3 (Alpha Centauri) (Colony Vessel, Destination: Hermes, 2144)
    Cryo-Freighter 4 (Epsilon Eridani) (Colony Vessel, Destination: Epsilon Eridani, 2151)
    Cryo-Freighter 5 (Tau Ceti) (Colony Vessel, Departs 2140, Destination: Tau Ceti, 2156)
    Cryo-Freighter 6 (Alpha Centauri) (Colony Vessel, Destination: Ares, 2144)

    Construction Yard 1 (Earth): CF 6
    Construction Yard 2 (Earth): HF 4
    Construction Yard 3 (Earth): HF 5
    Construction Yard 4 (Earth): HF 6
    Construction Yard 5 (Earth): Inactive
    Construction Yard 6 (Earth): Inactive
    Construction Yard 7 (Earth): Inactive

    Hermes, Alpha centauri A: 250 workers, 50 scientists, mining and studying Hermesium

    Umbra: Basics (Due Date: 2145)
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)21:27 No.10078690
    though if we are destroying our competitors, are we really worried overly much about cost?

    Though I do understand what you are saying.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)21:28 No.10078706
    Ugh, messed something up there.

    Cryo-freighter 6 will arrive at Ares at 2147, not 2144.
    >> Boomer !!MBwbEofHcyx 05/26/10(Wed)21:29 No.10078719
    Propaganda, commercials, rhetoric. Advertise our goods and their evils until military action becomes not only acceptable, but marketable and we are paid for it.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:30 No.10078767
    Send them. Claim the Tau Ceti worlds and begin the long process of preparing them for colonization. This is a system we could have all to ourselves, given the lack of exotic materials to draw other megacorps to it. Let's make it SLINT property.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:32 No.10078809
    We need to get ZAKHAROV on our glorious R&D team. Get his ass off planet. Then burn the rest.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)21:32 No.10078819

    Generally, this year, all you have to do is decide three things:
    a) What do you want to do with Heavy Freighter 1, now it's delivered its space station parts to Hermes?
    b) What do you want to do about the Tau Ceti vessels?
    c) Do you want to do anything with those abandoned construction yards?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:34 No.10078851
    Begin construction of crawler UEV's destined for Gamma Leporis and Delta Pavonis, both at .75c.
    They're far, but the other megacorps haven't shown interest in the farther planets. We might be able to hit it big with something in the farther systems.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:35 No.10078890
    We should build a large ship, or a fleet of smaller ones, loaded up with hermesium warheads. Lots of them.

    Target hostile (oxygen-present) world and fire payload. Watch it burn for 14 hours (avg.)

    Exterminatus, motherfuckers.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:35 No.10078891
    Send more people to Ares to colonize it. We need to act fast. Make it clear that it's ours.

    Also, do we have any info on Ares yet? The natural life and whatnot?
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)21:36 No.10078900
    I would suggest begining the construction of a heavy duty colony/warship/cryoship, for deep space exploration, and colonization of potential useful resources.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:37 No.10078914
    a) Is there any way it can be outfitted with cryo pods in Alpha C?

    b) Send them, establish resource base and colony.

    c) A colony to Ares and two crawlers, as per: >>10078851
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:38 No.10078930
    What is furthest system with possible life supporting planets? That no one has gone to yet, as far as we know.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:38 No.10078934
    Send the Tau Ceti vessels on their way.
    As for the Heavy Freighter, would RDA be willing to rent it for, say, 4% of the profits from the Pandorium that it could bring back? Otherwise, it might be useful to send it back to Sol with some sample of whatever we can get from Chiron (hey, we're a partner, it's our property too!) and some Hermesium (to be kept under lock and key, and at a high-security space lab once it enters Sol space).
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:42 No.10079010
    Hey, is the life on Pandora giving the company some real trouble?

    Offer to hermesium-bomb the place for them for payment/shares.

    Fuck I love this hermesium stuff. We need a RL version.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)21:43 No.10079037
    I would advise that if a warship such as the forementoned be constructed, that it have both traditional weaponry, and our special weaponry.

    Would also recommend that it have some capacity for construction, so as to manufacture drones and the like to send back to us with anything that might be of use/interest.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:43 No.10079043
    Nah. What we do is wait for the natives to fuck them up. Then we swoop in on a SAVAGE WORLD! Wipe out the natives with Hermesium, and take Pandora for ourselves. "Sorry fuckers. You couldn't take care of it. We can. Fuck off."
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:43 No.10079048
    We've been keeping Hermesium secret, and I'd like to keep it that way. We also haven't built a delivery or dispersal system for it yet, so we don't have Hermesium warhead-equipped MIRVs, missiles, or torpedoes yet.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)21:44 No.10079075
    Gravitational acceleration of 12.47m/s
    Highly active in a tectonic sense - appears to be suffering a permanent volcanic winter.
    Very little axial tilt, leading to a lack of season.

    Overall, the weather conditions make it very difficult for precise observation of life forms on the planet. Swamps and forests of brambles and lateral ivy have been located, as have artificial structures, but otherwise, no luck.
    a) No.
    b) Colony will be established.
    c) Constructing these ships as requested.
    d) Adding "Space Combat" to Research Queue for Cypher.

    Preparing time lapse.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:45 No.10079089
    >no exterminatus weaponry

    Goddammit, what are those laze-abouts in R&D doing?

    Is Hermes itself known, or is it on our list of secret planets?

    We should try to find out if our competitors have any secret planets.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)21:46 No.10079116
    We need to research these missiles then, or at the very least small arms which can fire the Hermesium in small caliber rounds.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:47 No.10079124
    Hermes is known, but not the existence of Hermesium.
    Undoubtedly the other megacorps have hidden colonies. IIRC, Pentex has sent a colony ship somewhere, without telling anyone the destination.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)21:48 No.10079138
    thank you... and make priority low on the space combat... It isn't necessary, but when it does become necessary, it will feel good to have it.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)21:48 No.10079145
    Known only in detail to WY, who haven't sent anything. Even then, they don't know the exact details of Hermesium and what it does. You do.
    List of systems with Terrestrial Planets:
    Alpha Centauri: 4.3ly
    Epsilon Eridani: 10.5ly
    Tau Ceti: 11.9ly
    Gliese 876: 15.3ly
    40 Eridian: 16.5ly
    Eta Cassiopeiae: 19.4ly
    Delta Pavonis: 19.9ly
    Beta Hydri: 24.3ly
    Pi Orionis: 26.3ly
    Gamma Leporis: 29.2ly
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:50 No.10079185
    Let's construct and send a long range colony ship complete with like, a crawler or whatever, to Pi Orionis: 26.3ly. We don't know for sure if anything's there. But there could be, and it's worth a few billion to send a ship.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:53 No.10079228
    We've already got two, going to Gamma Leporis and Delta Pavonis.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:54 No.10079251
    I don't see anything on the lists.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:55 No.10079263
    Can we extrapolate the trajectory of that competitor ship that didn't announce it's destination?

    We could send a small probe that way and try to find out what's up.

    And paint Pentex's logo on it.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:57 No.10079318
    >Constructing these ships as requested
    A colony to Ares and two crawlers, as per: >>10078851
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)21:59 No.10079376
    What's the time estimate on researching system to system portal travel again?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:00 No.10079392
    Probably decades
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:01 No.10079419
    Time estimate doesn't really matter, since it requires trillions of dollars. Which we don't have.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:03 No.10079460
    To implement. Obviously we would be researching ways to bring the cost down with it. And once we have it, bam, we win.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:04 No.10079493
    It takes money to do research, genius. And for that to be possible, it would take a number of innovations in energy production, storage, and use. And that's just to power the shit.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:05 No.10079497
    No, to research. It requires trillions of dollars to research.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:12 No.10079659
    Dats sum expensive Chinese graduate students
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:12 No.10079680
    And that's WITH our R&D bonus. So I think Umbra research is a very, very good investment right now.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)22:13 No.10079692
    Year 2141:
    Space travel is no longer romantic. Starship destinations no longer have to be publically announced, although they sometimes are if the results will be REALLY GREAT! So, the megacorporations have a bit more privacy.
    Cryo-Freighter 6 has been built and is on its way.
    Heavy Freighter 4 has been built and is on its way.
    Heavy Freighter 5 has been built and is on its way.
    Heavy Freighter 6 has been built and is on its way.
    MNU has given you $8b and has claimed Construction Yards 1-4 to build crawlers.
    The other corporations are now regularly launching ships. There's no need for details. It's a common occurance.
    Income: $115b

    Year 2142:
    The following two probes have been made.
    Crawler Probe 2 (Exploration, Destination: Tau Ceti, 2169)
    Crawler Probe 3 (Exploration, Destination: Gamma Leporis, 2181)
    MNU has borrowed Construction Yards 5-6 to make crawlers. You gain $4b.
    Income: $119b

    Year 2143:
    The following vessel has been launched:
    Cryo-Freighter 7 (Alpha Centauri) (Colony Vessel, Destination: Ares, 2149)
    MNU crawlers leave Construction Yards 1-4.
    MNU borrows yards 1-4 and 7 to build more crawlers. You get $10b.
    Income: $124b

    Year 2144:
    Heavy Freighter 2 and Cryo Freighter 3 arrive at Hermes. Surface portal facility deployed. Orbital portal facility deployed. Additional workmen to build construction yard, will be finished 2145. Those two ships are now idle.
    MNU crawlers leave yards 5-6.
    Yards 5-6 borrowed by MNU for crawlers. You recieve $4b.
    Income: $126b

    Year: 2144
    Balance: $673b

    What do?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:17 No.10079772
    Check in with STFU. We've made a lot of progress, let's see what they have to say about it.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:18 No.10079795
    Send .75c crawlers to all systems with terrestrial bodies that are not already being explored by us. We got the cash, let's make it happen.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)22:19 No.10079827
    "Lots of progress? Doesn't look like it from our angle. We haven't gotten a dime from it so far. We want at least $250b by 2160, $500b by 2180 and $1t by 2200, or your project gets shut down.

    "And if you give us extra, who knows. We might find it our miserable, shrivelled black hearts to give you a few goodies."
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)22:20 No.10079842
    All construction yards are currently occupied by Multinational United, who appear to be renting them for... mass crawler production?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:20 No.10079843
    Load the cryoship up with passengers from Chiron, then bring them back to Sol.
    Do we have a freighter available to send some portals for Chiron and Ares?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:20 No.10079846
    Well, fuck, we can give them the 250 now if they want to be dicks about it.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:21 No.10079863
    Build another yard. As soon as the others are freed up, task them with producing our crawlers.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)22:22 No.10079867
    The nearest heavy freighter will arrive at Earth by 2146.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:22 No.10079876
    I don't remember, did MNU sign a lease for 50 years or something? If not, start restricting access to our yards. They're up to something big.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:22 No.10079883
    Sixteen years early. Six if you go with the original deadline. How 'bout it?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:23 No.10079897
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:26 No.10079976
    Why do I hear this in the Padishah Emperor's voice?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)22:28 No.10080014
    No, it's pretty much permanent.
    Sending cryo to Chiron to pick up survivors.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)22:30 No.10080038
    Advancing a year.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:30 No.10080047
    Because you remember Dune, and it was the best game ever.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:30 No.10080050
    Does STFU not realize that we have an income of 125b+ per year? I thought they were pretty cool when covering for us, but that was just stupid.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)22:33 No.10080090
    Around the time, your income has dropped to $3b.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:34 No.10080111
    we lost an income of 122b a year? How?!
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:36 No.10080144
    Did we just send a message to the past? If not, we should research that.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)22:44 No.10080289
    begin construction of additional, extra-solar construction yards?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:46 No.10080326
    I don't suppose we could renegotiate MNU's conyard contract?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)22:48 No.10080369
    Year 2145:
    MNU crawlers leave Construction Yards 1-4.
    You demand no further over-construction.
    They demand that future fees are reduced to $1b but back down.
    Building the follow:
    Crawler Probe 2 (Exploration, Destination: Delta Pavonis, 2179)
    Crawler Probe 3 (Exploration, Destination: Gamma Leporis, 2184)
    Crawler Probe 4 (Exploration, Destination: Gliese 876, 2170)
    Crawler Probe 5 (Exploration, Destination: 40 Eridian, 2171)
    Crawler Probe 6 (Exploration, Destination: Eta Cassiopeiae, 2175)
    Crawler Probe 7 (Exploration, Destination: Beta Hydri, 2182)
    Crawler Probe 8 (Exploration, Destination: Pi Orionis, 2184)
    Freighters 1 & 2 arrive with cargo at Pandora.
    Freighters 3 & 4 arrive at Earth with Pandorium and other objects and are released from their lease with RDA. They do not wish to use them again.
    Morgan has arrived on Earth and has assumed control over his company.
    Construction yard is built on Hermes.
    R&D department is going into overtime. Completion date pushed back to 2147.

    Year: 2145
    Balance: $731b
    Income: $126b

    Posting who's doing what information next post.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:49 No.10080390
    So how DID our income drop that much?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:50 No.10080419
    That was back during the fiasco where our orbital fell on Texas.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:50 No.10080421
    Should we just pass a couple turns so we can get 1t, then give it to STFU so we can fly free?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)22:51 No.10080427
    Crawler Probe 1 (Tau Ceti)
    Crawler Probe 2 (Destination: Delta Pavonis, 2179)
    Crawler Probe 3 (Destination: Gamma Leporis, 2184)
    Crawler Probe 4 (Destination: Gliese 876, 2170)
    Crawler Probe 5 (Destination: 40 Eridian, 2171)
    Crawler Probe 6 (Destination: Eta Cassiopeiae, 2175)
    Crawler Probe 7 (Destination: Beta Hydri, 2182)
    Crawler Probe 8 (Destination: Pi Orionis, 2184)
    Freighter 1 (Alpha Centauri) (Leased to RDA) (Returning with Cargo, Destination: Pandora, 2151)
    Freighter 2 (Alpha Centauri) (Leased to RDA) (Returning with Cargo, Destination: Pandora, 2151)
    Freighter 4 (Alpha Centauri) (Idle, Earth)
    Freighter 3 (Alpha Centauri) (Idle, Earth)
    Heavy Freighter 1 (Alpha Centauri) (Returning, Destination: Earth, 2146)
    Heavy Freighter 2 (Alpha Centauri) (Idle, Hermes)
    Heavy Freighter 3 (Tau Ceti) (Delivering Cargo, Destination: Tau Ceti, 2156)
    Heavy Freighter 4 (Alpha Centauri) (Delivering Factory Parts, Destination: Hermes, 2147)
    Heavy Freighter 5 (Alpha Centauri) (Delivering Factory Parts, Destination: Hermesm, 2147)
    Heavy Freighter 6 (Alpha Centauri) (Delivering Factory Parts, Destination: Hermes, 2147)
    Cryo-Freighter 1 (Alpha Centauri) (Idle, Earth)
    Cryo-Freighter 2 (Alpha Centauri) (Luxury Cruise, Destination: Pandora, 2139)
    Cryo-Freighter 3 (Alpha Centauri) (Idle, Hermes)
    Cryo-Freighter 4 (Epsilon Eridani) (Colony Vessel, Destination: Epsilon Eridani, 2151)
    Cryo-Freighter 5 (Tau Ceti) (Colony Vessel, Destination: Tau Ceti, 2156)
    Cryo-Freighter 6 (Alpha Centauri) (Colony Vessel, Destination: Ares, 2147)
    Cryo-Freighter 7 (Alpha Centauri) (Colony Vessel, Destination: Ares, 2149)
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)22:51 No.10080436
    Construction Yard 1 (Earth): Cr 5, 2147
    Construction Yard 2 (Earth): Cr 6, 2147
    Construction Yard 3 (Earth): Cr 7, 2147
    Construction Yard 4 (Earth): Cr 8, 2147
    Construction Yard 5 (Earth): MNU, 2146
    Construction Yard 6 (Earth): MNU, 2146
    Construction Yard 7 (Earth): Inactive
    Construction Yard 8 (Earth): Cr 4, 2147
    Construction Yard 1 (Hermes): Inactive
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)22:54 No.10080490
    Doesn't quite work like that. It just means that you meet their expectations. They still own your sorry asses and can make further demands of you - and probably will.
    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)22:54 No.10080497
    are space fighters possible yet? using conventional weaponry....
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:54 No.10080502
    Crawler 1 is exploring the planets, I'm assuming.

    Have Freighters 3 and 4 retooled for flight to G 876, along with Cryo-Freighter 1. Send them to G 876 to establish a colony. They can turn back if the crawler finds nothing suitable.

    Have HF 2 and CF 3 prepare to transport materials and people from Chiron. Contact anyone left on the surface of that planet.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:56 No.10080528
    Start the Hermes conyard producing orbital and ground portal facilities for use in Alpha C. Link the system like we've done with Sol.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:56 No.10080544
    Well, that depends on your definition of fighter. We can probably make warships, but what's the point, really?
    >> In Class 05/26/10(Wed)22:56 No.10080545
    Load freighter 3 with resupply goods and send it to Epsilon Erdani to help set up the colony there once the ship arrives.

    Load freighter 4 up with colony goods to send to ares to get that started up. Bring our Cryoship back from Tau Ceti and send the other one out from Sol with colonists to land in Ares.
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)22:59 No.10080596
    Using conventional weaponry, yes.

    Using conventional programming, not quite yet.

    Any sort of space combat whatsoever requires a wee bit of research.

    Anyway, I'm crashing early tonight. The crunch is tiring me out.

    The year is 2145, and all is going well. So far.

    Hopefully I'll be a bit more imaginative next session.

    Seeya next week, folks.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)22:59 No.10080601
    When you say Tau Ceti, you mean Alpha Centauri, right?
    >> Plasma !UHUuLXLjhk 05/26/10(Wed)23:00 No.10080608
    Archive here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Megacorp
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)23:00 No.10080622
    Freighter 3 wasn't originally meant to go that far.
    Can we upgrade the engines for a trip to Eridani, or will it mean a complete overhaul?
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)23:00 No.10080624

    >> Cypher !Qfw/yKqFpE 05/26/10(Wed)23:07 No.10080746
    as far as fighter's go, I mean basically something like the spitfire from world war 2, suited for space combat. Or just something missile like...

    For some reason I got a fear that we will be running into something just as advanced, if not more advanced than us...
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)23:14 No.10080891
    Not only would we need to research the fighter, but also the carrier ship as well. We would need the weapon systems, power plants, electronics suite (fire control, navigation, and general systems), not to mention the metallurgy for the materials needed. This would be a major undertaking.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)23:30 No.10081272
    Yeah, but if we did, we could just mass-produce and take over.
    >> Anonymous 05/26/10(Wed)23:44 No.10081593
    That looks like one of the wands from PSO

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