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Archived Threads

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March 2009
3925150Bungs & Barmaids/tg/ makes a card game about running rival taverns in a fantasy setting. SHIT GETS DONE!Bars, Bungs & Barmaids, Tavern, Alcohol, Homebrew, MuppetMaster2009-03-10 10 
August 2009
5656346You All Meet in a TavernSome awesome twists on the normal, and some nice intros for gamesYou All Meet In A Tavern, intros, awesome2009-08-30 0 
September 2009
5946371Tavern owned by lichWhat if a bored lich set up a tavern? Anon involves Drew the Lich in answering the questionDrew, Lich, Tavern, Inn, Great guy2009-09-21 12 
March 2011
14293240Tavern MusicOP requests good setting music for taverns. Good music ensues.tavern, music, dump2011-03-19 0 
February 2012
18066923RUMOUR THREADrumours you may hear in a tavern/inn.rumors, tavern, fluff2012-02-24 5 
June 2012
19478915Tavern Seduction TableA GM gets tired of coming up with people for a bard player to bed, asks for help making a tablebard, tavern, seduction, table2012-06-23 11 
September 2012
20620932Medieval Game RoomOP shows us an awesome medieval style room for playing roleplaying, board games & wargaming.medieval room, tavern, roleplaying, rpg, wargaming, board game2012-09-06 6 
April 2013
24091998Tavern QuestTallius Urist, disgraced noble and wanted man, makes his first forays into the wonderful world of Tavern ownership. He buys a property, scouts out the nearby area, and sets out to renovate the abandoned crossroads outpost into a place worth getting hammered in.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-04-07 37 
24225064Tavern Quest: Chapter 2Tallius Urist, disgraced noble seeking to start a new life as a Tavern owner, recruits Martellus the barman, Sif the barmaid, and Miaya the elven huntress/chef into his employ. He then proceeds to be scammed by a cart salesman. Damned cart salesmen. The night is to be spent in Gearwatch, Tallius and friends taking his extremely overpriced cart to the outpost on the morrow.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-04-14 26 
24361326Tavern Quest: Chapter 3Tallius gathers his employees and associates and leaves Gearwatch for the outpost. Along the way he runs afoul of a patrol of Paladins, and stares death in the face. Tavern Quest, Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Clockwork Empire2013-04-20 24 
24494453Tavern Quest: Chapter 4Tallius deals with Santher's impropriety, counts his profits, and has one hell of a dream. Sif kicks elven ass, and an Orc is stabbed in the balls. Good times at The Clock Tower Tavern.Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Clockwork Empire2013-04-28 23 
May 2013
24626800Tavern Quest: Chapter 5Tallius meets Reginald Brittanius, leader of the mercenary group known as the Rose Brotherhood. He then attempts to learn hunting, but really just ends up having a tumble in the mud with Miaya. And a boar. The boar is significant there.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-05-05 20 
24707557Tavern Quest Gaiden: LucretiaLucretia Le'Eforet is a woman without honor. Things are amiss at the Meridian Academy, and the Order is deployed to find out what's wrong. Mysterious encounters ensue, and Lucretia gets a lead on her true quarry.Collective Game, Lucretia Le'Eforet, Tavern Quest, Gaiden, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-05-09 20 
24768489Tavern Quest: Chapter 6CQC basics not remembered. Sexy dreams had. An Alliance is formed. War comes to the Tavern. War,as it is, has casualties.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-05-12 20 
24904629Tavern Quest: Chapter 7Tallius takes drastic action to aid an employee. A corner is turned. The night of fire and death comes to an end, as a deep connection is forged.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-05-18 20 
25036680Tavern Quest: Chapter 8Tallius ends some blackmail, mends things with Martellus, and has doubts about just what he's doing with his life. Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-05-26 20 
June 2013
25180133Tavern Quest: Chapter 9Tallius and Miaya begin a journey to Patch, and run into some old friends on the way. You would like to know more.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-06-02 16 
25455146Tavern Quest: Chapter 10Tallius and Miaya deal with Reginald, arrive in Patch, and engage in the festivities while headhunting for an entertainer for the Tavern. Beware stampeding musicians.Collective Game, Tallius Urist, Tavern Quest, Barkeep, Clockwork Empire,2013-06-15 15 
25587475Fantasy Cheers Quest 11Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.Collective Game, Tavern Quest, Deep and Mysterious, Deposed Nobles Are Totally Original2013-06-22 12 
June 2015
40832890Your Favorite Tavern and Shop Names/tg/ lays out it's best names for stores in their settings, both old and new.shop, tavern, setting, clever, funny2015-06-27 3 
September 2015
42554874Not your typical tavernLots of ideas for making an inn/tavern more interestingtavern, inn, fluff2015-09-19 13 
October 2016
662577Starborn Quest 13: And Then There Were ThreeWe roll through the night to Rono Pass. An old face returns and the village might bring some problems.Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Darna, Minerva, Wagon, Rono Pass, Travel, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Village2016-10-05 3 
673177Starborn Quest 14: The Village/ No Magical Girls for hire EditionWe have some fun in Rono Pass. Fun here meaning investigating the Darnites who apparently don't like us - who knew?Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Darna, Minerva, Wagon, Rono Pass, Travel, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Village2016-10-08 2 
690366Starborn Quest 15: Knuckle DownDown in Rono Pass, when the storms they're a raging. Down by the tavern - the bell is a tolling.Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Darna, Minerva, Wagon, Rono Pass, Travel, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Village2016-10-11 2 
704590Starborn Quest 16: Sunshine at MidnightWe explore the temple of Minerva. Begin doing some Tomb Raider puzzle solving and roll a nat 1. Also Frank.Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Darna, Minerva, Wagon, Rono Pass, Travel, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Village2016-10-17 2 
724408Starborn Quest 17: The Rono Pass Picture ShowWe continue exploring the temple, get some VERY BAD dice and take part in a lovely show. Then we get revenge.Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Frank, Minerva,Lust, Rono Pass, Rocky Horror, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Revenge2016-10-19 0 
733618Starborn Quest 18: CleansingWe look at the world through smaller, more innocent eyes before technical difficulties ruin everything.Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Frank, Minerva,Lust, Rono Pass, Rocky Horror, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Revenge2016-10-22 2 
November 2016
811757Starborn Quest 22: Tuesday's GoneWe travel, talk to Hona, flesh out her character, DOUBLE CRIT PASS, Collective Game, Purps, Hona, Luc, Fantasy, Starborn, Star, Darna, Minerva, Wagon, Singing, Travel, Enigma, Tavern, Feelings, Zen2016-11-12 2 
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