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Archived Threads

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June 2008
2019049How to make Nod unit conversions for 40KA basic and limited guide on how to convert vehicles and units for the Brotherhood of Nod.Nod, 40K, short2008-06-17 5 
May 2009
4597583Two Sentence Campaign Hooks, Mk IIAfter the awesome first thread, /tg/ gives it another go. 2 sentences or less describes what might be your next setting/plot.plot hooks, short campaign ideas2009-05-19 2 
February 2011
14016938Zerg Quest XXXIIAnon tries to convince VoidGate to give up some of its secrets, which turns into a stunted philosophical debate. Over Shakuras, Anon has an hour-long awkward pause before letting the suspicious craft zoom off to one of the most populated planets in the Sector. Cerebrate Anon then ran off for...personal business.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Diplomacy, Awfully Suspicious Ship, Cut Short Due To Coitus2011-02-23 12 
August 2011
15897590/tg/ lives in spaceold spacers, engineers and pest controlers share storiesshort stories, sky filled with thunder and fire, space, sci-fi2011-08-11 12 
January 2012
17751827Library of BabelOP creates a world-sized library, based a setting on a short story by Jorge Luis Borges.library,Library of Babel,campaign setting,short story2012-01-31 13 
February 2013
23128043Civilization Game Part 61Sadly cut short due to some internet problems, but Chani retrieves her brothers body and the tribe learns of their new enemy.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, short2013-02-12 5 
March 2013
23685882Civilization Game Part 67 Part 1Trym prepares for battle. Just what is with the fox-tails and the bear anyway? (Thread truncated)Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, short2013-03-14 3 
May 2013
24590290Civilization Game Part 77Mikuhla departs on a pilgrimage, guided, oddly enough, by the Sun People!Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, short2013-05-02 5 
25138543Civilization Game Part 79 part 1Despite a complete lack of activity, some interesting facts about the gods are revealed.Collective game, civ game, Civilization, Civilization Game, Prehistoric, Red White and Britfag, short2013-05-30 0 
August 2014
34083697Brouzouf Quest 9Your excessive usage of Psi makes you expose yourself to plot. My family sux.Brouzouf Quest, Collective Game, PLOT, Short Session2014-08-12 2 
34498343Modern Fantasy Serial Killer Quest 3 (Part 1)We get down and dirty with some ruskies and talk to a goblin, we currently considering how to or not to teach the goblin the electric boogaloo (Part 2 tomorrow after I improve format and get a new dialog style)MFSKQ, Edgy, Dark, Murder, Funny, Limblesslivingonaholeteasing, short thread, no dice, OP slightly off his game, Nobody gets shot with a 22., Collective Game, Quest, Modern Fantasy Serial Killer, 2014-08-30 1 
May 2015
40136203Quest Quest 3 Episode 1Quest Quest returns, this time following the story of a lucky mage named Abby McSwag!Collective Game, drawfag, quest quest, abby mcswag, shortstack2015-05-24 13 
40202809Quest Quest 3 Episode 2Abby and Rabbit take on a band of bandits! After some luck, they make it out unscathed and journey to the casino!Collective Game, drawfag, quest quest, abby mcswag, shortstack2015-05-27 13 
June 2015
40371255Quest Quest 3 Episode 3Abby and Rabbit hit up the Oracle Casino! Will they get lucky?Collective Game, drawfag, quest quest, abby mcswag, shortstack2015-06-03 14 
July 2015
41435790Exterminator Quest #4collective game, exterminator questA stupidly short quest, called off for QM reasons.2015-07-24 3 
May 2016
119739SUDSVENTUREControl three quasi-mobsters attempting to escape a small prison. Crit roll shenanigans occur.SUDSVENTURE, Prison, Crits, Multiple characters, Short,2016-05-15 1 
October 2016
651566The End of the Aftermath: A Ryukuza Side QuestA 1-4 shot sidequest, of what may happen in other places after the end of Ryukuza Quest...Collective Game, madness, Hastur, Cassilda, the King in Yellow, Yellow Sign, blood, sex, weird, short, monsters2016-10-02 8 
665271The End of the Aftermath: A Ryukuza Side QuestPart three begins with Cassilda and Nyean parting ways at the shore of Lake Hali....what dangers lurk in Carcosa for the young mystic?Collective Game, madness, Hastur, Cassilda, the King in Yellow, Yellow Sign, blood, sex, weird, short, monsters2016-10-05 5 
December 2016
944872Sn@kevin buisnessOne of the best mind fuck quests ever madeSnake, true_love, death, mind_contro,l middle_management, short2016-12-28 2 
January 2018
2218443Metahuman Quest: Issue #10Morgan begins his dive into Metabrawl.Quest, Metahuman Quest, Collective Game, DC, SleepyQM, Gray Ghost, Artemis, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Roulette, Short Thread2018-01-17 5 
May 2018
2576664Metahuman Quest: Issue #18Morgan takes on a mission of supernatural causes.Quest, Metahuman Quest, Collective Game, DC, SleepyQM, Gray Ghost, Teen Titans, Blood, Short Thread2018-05-28 5 
June 2018
2605742Metahuman Quest: Issue #19Morgan fights a blood cult in his efforts to find the source of the nightmares.Quest, Metahuman Quest, Collective Game, DC, SleepyQM, Gray Ghost, Teen Titans, Blood, Short Thread2018-06-09 6 
November 2018
3024415Overmaster Quest #3We get our first hired lackey, and learn about the guardian of the Bazaardungeon, fantasy, overlord, monsters, short,2018-11-21 1 
January 2019
3187826Nothing Short of a MiracleYou are a thaumaturge, and today, you have a dream to achieve.Nothing Short of a Miracle, drawquest2019-01-22 12 
February 2019
3226521Nothing Short of a Miracle 2You tackle the task of weeding a courtyard.Nothing Short of a Miracle, drawquest2019-02-04 7 
3267884Nothing Short of a Miracle 3You get to know the Anima Forest uncomfortable well.Nothing Short of a Miracle, drawquest2019-02-20 6 
March 2019
3311365Nothing Short of a Miracle 4A field trip to the barrens.Nothing Short of a Miracle, drawquest2019-03-07 5 
3355185Nothing Short of a Miracle 5The local shard offers a revelation.Nothing Short of a Miracle, drawquest2019-03-19 4 
April 2019
3444459Comiket Question: Episode #1Ouji Kaiji, a retired doujin artist, goes to Comiket, but is drawn into a series of ridiculous events he could've never predicted.anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous, short2019-04-28 2 
May 2019
3474118Comiket Quest: Episode #2Ouji Kaiji finally gets the doujins of his waifu that he so desires and his feud with Higeki Enno heats up.anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous, short 2019-05-16 1 
June 2019
3587092Stories From (Slightly Before) the Second WeltkriegIn this short story, a drinking game between vietnamese generals causes an uprising.SFTSW:AKQ, Kaiserreich, Short2019-06-20 1 
July 2019
3651822Comiket Quest: Episode #6Kaiji enjoys the third day of Comiket, meets his favorite manga artist, and the story comes to a close. anime, manga, Comiket Quest, comiket, collective game, Japan, otaku, ridiculous, short, QMWalrus2019-07-22 1 
August 2019
3717085GenesisFortunaQM tries a bit of purple prose and is struck by QM bad luck in the form of an illness. An attempt at emulating Sumero-Akkadian epics.Sumer, Abzu, Collective Game, Cut Short, QM Curse, Mythic, Female Protagonist, Sorcery2019-08-09 1 
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