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Archived Threads

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December 2007
908902Pun-PunA powergamer brings a kobold sorcerer with a viper familiar to the table.pun-pun, powergaming, shit2007-12-17 5 
September 2008
2684254Bananaguru's Thoughts on 4eSomeone starts a thread about 4th edition D&D being a MOREPIG. It is actually reasonable and leads to a debate over game design paradims and other such interesting things.4e, MMO, Unaccountably Not A Shitstorm2008-09-28 -2 
October 2008
2740879EuridEarthflame again, building a transhuman SF world with genetically enhanced super-agents. Basically playing in a completely different league than /tg/ in general.Earthflame Eurid Getting Shit Done2008-10-05 10 
2764879The Ends Justify The MeansA serious discussion of how to make a fairly generic "insane scalpel-happy doctor" villain slightly more interesting, and in so doing present a quandary to her would-be assassins.BBEG, morals, discussion, getting shit done2008-10-08 6 
2900429VampireA lazy storyteller searching for clues how to run a high school game in VtM. Quite unprecedented, he actually gets great advice. Archived for the purpose of showing how it should work.Vampire The Masquerade, World of Darkness, Getting Shit Done2008-10-29 9 
January 2009
3399003Chaotic Shiny GeneratorsAn Anon introduces a random generator site to /tg/. /tg/ amuses itself with them and ideas flow forth.chatoic, shiny, generator, random, shitstorm2009-01-14 2 
May 2009
4518764Transformers RPGAnonymous has a rich discussion on another well setup campaign settingTransformers Getting shit done2009-05-11 0 
June 2009
4750158Drew the Lich: Plottan part 2Shit hits the fan when Kiara returns. Continuation of previous thread.Drew the lich, OH SHIT, blackguard, we need more kiara porn2009-06-02 49 
4852108All Bards custom gameOP fantasizes about Metal Heads rocking up a literal storm. Him and /tg/ work on making a homebrew music-based system.Getting Shit Done, Music, Homebrew, Metal, Bards2009-06-12 3 
4974301Yet more Island DorfsAnon asks for dungeon ideas for the Tropical Island setting. Anon provides that, and more.island, dorfs, dwarves, elves, setting, getting shit done2009-06-23 6 
August 2009
5516917Zombies, Zombies, and yeah, More Zombies but with statslike the last thread but zombies are statted for All Flesh must be Eatenzombies shit gets done stats AFMBE2009-08-20 3 
September 2009
5863733The Doctor Is InPlayer wants to make a surgical genius as a character in 3.5 D&D. Advice ranges from Experts to Rogues to the home brewed Chiurgon Class. surgery, homebrew, 3.5 classes, get shit done2009-09-15 3 
5889885The Doctor Is In 2The return of the homebrewed Adventuring Physician class, made overall better by /tg/.surgery, homebrew, 3.5 classes, get shit done2009-09-17 3 
October 2009
December 2009
6977334A new Drew the Lich thread?In MY /tg/? It's more likely than you think. Technically, though, it's more a Kiara thread.Drew The Lich, Kiara, Blackfist, OH SHIT2009-12-03 21 
February 2010
8105568Lego + 40k = ?FUCKING WIN, THATS WHAT! Screw you, GW!lego, holy shit this is awesome, 40k, orkz2010-02-16 1 
March 2010
8377758ChronoChess/tg/ gets shit done, timetravel chess. Send your queen back in time to save your rook, then have your queens new and old pair up to pin his queen and knight - who then captures your rook the turn before. Chess, shit gets done, Chronochess, TimeTravel2010-03-03 14 
April 2010
9015413Elves gone awesome againSHARP. NARROW. POINTED. ANGULAR.elves, awesome, refluffing, Shit Got Done2010-04-06 7 
9063660Champion: The EscalationA discussion on the merits of Princess: the Hopeful (there are none) turns into a surprisingly engaging discussion of how to handle heroes the World of Darkness way.World of Darkness, weeaboo, homebrew, shit gets done2010-04-09 2 
9331425Science: the HypothesisHot new TCG! exellent theory thread about a game that does not exist but should, templates for the cards, beseechment to GET SHIT DONE. do it /tg/.Science: the Hypothesis, get shit done, TCG 2010-04-21 1 
May 2010
9746989Tinyhammer part 2The tinyhammering spreads over the face of the earth, and not just with wargame minis.Tinyhammer, apocalypse, oshit2010-05-11 5 
10137456Monster Hunter Tabletop It began as a simple discussion of the vidya, but soon people were volunteering tabletop conversion ideas and information, as well as complaining about 'not getting it'. Monst Hunter, FantasyCraft, TableTop, Get Shit Done2010-05-29 2 
June 2010
10217394Brother RotMagos Joran Bol'van hosts a Create A BBEG thread. /tg/ gets shit done, creates win.BBEG, /tg/ gets shit done2010-06-02 6 
July 2010
10964326craziest shit you have ever done in game/tg/ shares tales of some of the Craziest things they've ever done. New Namefag Waffle House Millionaire all but steals the show with the tale of Old Man Hendersonstorytime, crazy shit, Old Man Henderson, dashingbastard, Waffle House Millionaire2010-07-06 102 
11385446Archived He madshit thread2010-07-27 -12 
August 2010
11600995Zerg Quest VIIAnon hacks the Confederate Intelligence network, personally organizes the Invasion of Aiur, and THEN the epic starts.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, fleshlings, Starcraft, KINSTOOOOON!!!, Giant fucking crystals, Shit just got real2010-08-10 13 
11658404Engine Heart Deluxe Model EditionViral brings the polished Engine Heart to /tg/. Only $20 for a copy of /tg/ original content in paper form, and a free DL because Viral is a bro like that.Engine Heart, original content, /tg/ gets shit done, Viral2010-08-15 11 
September 2010
12281662Trollphysics/tg/ tries out Trollphysics- and it's surprisingly plausible FUCK NO IT ISN'T LOLOLOLOLITROLLUTroll physics, bullshit, fucking magnets2010-09-30 25 
October 2010
12311732If Movies and TV were campaignsWhat if movies, tv shows and vidya were campaigns?what if, rpg, bullshit2010-10-03 16 
12580929Command and Conquer: TabletopSome dumbass archived a Homestuck thread and gave it THIS thread's proper title.Tabletop, Command and Conquer, shit getting done, fuck yeah2010-10-26 4 
12591492Shi/tg/ets done SaturdayWhats starts as reminiscense of old /tg/ projects that were never finished ends with the resolve to start a weekly thread to actually get shit done on these old projectsshit gets done, /tg/, discussion, homebrew, rules, crunch2010-10-27 3 
November 2010
12711995Bombardini: The Return (Also his shitty DM rages)Probably staged, but the DM of the game Bomb "Ruined" returns to bitch and whine, interesting things ensueBombardini, Vampirefaggotry, Shit DMs2010-11-07 16 
12743172B-movie RPG homebrewA whinge thread gets anon back on the horse planning a B-movie RPG. Cool deaths, random monster generators, and Tim Curry await withinHomebrew, Horror, Getting Shit Done2010-11-10 7 
12752560Zerg Quest XIXAnon watches Confederate TV, and makes plan for ZergTV. It succeeds in beginning a war between the Protoss and the Terrans. It spends about two hours trying to goad Cerebrate Anon into making giant floating missile ships or something. TUCAMP shares part of his Zerg Quest-inspired stage play (no, really). Very little actually happens.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Let's add shit to it, yea verily Cerebrate, Collective Game, Talk talk talk2010-11-11 13 
12867375System of ROCK/tg/ gets shit done by making a system. Ends up revolving around bands, d12s, and has sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll as stats. Glorious/tg/ gets shit done, homebrew, d12, Rock and Roll, Metal, Heavy Metal2010-11-20 5 
December 2010
12995135Ain't No Stealth In SpaceA discussion of how to construct space-based ships and weaponry which would be capable of actually hiding in space. Emphasis on actual physics/engineeringSci-Fi, Space, Getting Shit Done2010-12-01 4 
13237239Biggs and Big IronWhat starts out as a wizarding troll thread becomes one of an epic tale of one Goliath and the hammer that broke an entire campaign. Includes a sarcastic bro-priest, a rules lawyer of justice, a little girl and a CE barbarian who gains levels in Paladin of Freedom after killing a man 3 times his level. Contains copious amounts of heroics and fuck the GM.Shit GM, That Guy, Biggs, HAMMERTIME, Little Girl, Paladin, storytime2010-12-21 23 
February 2011
13801279All Teched Up With Nowhere To GoWhat starts as a simple roleplaying horror stories thread turns interesting when one of the named GMs turns up and /tg/ learns the value of Teching Up.That Guy, Freeform, shitty games, horror stories, Tech Up2011-02-06 20 
March 2011
14077407Touhou RPG: Tale of Phantasmal LandStep 1) Post a large and pretty PDF with Touhou selling point. Step 2) Mathfags, rollfags, roleplayers, Touhoufags converge. Step 3) Critiques and RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEG. But you have to admit... It's a fairly well done PDF. Let this be a lesson for all those ambitious homebrew makers: Yo shit gonna be picked.touhou toho homebrew rpg critique roleplaying rollplaying pdf d6 rpg rage system testing balance shitstorm fantasy mary_sue magic rules 2011-03-01 16 
14096871Touhou RPG: Tale of Phantasmal Land - Part 2Continuation of previous thread. /tg/ continues to balancing efforts and fixing shit. Autistic samefag from previous sages again.touhou, toho, homebrew, rpg, critique, roleplaying, rollplaying, pdf, d6, rpg,, system, testing, balance, balancing, fix, fixing, fantasy, mary sue, magic, rules, getting shit done2011-03-02 8 
14343366Zerg Quest XXXVIWhat starts as a simple bit of subterfuge quickly becomes shit hitting the fan.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Oh shit moment2011-03-24 10 
14352827Alce in Dark Heresy/tg/ succeeds in making a children's character even more Grimdark and will make you shit bricks.Alice, Dark Heresy, Oh shit2011-03-24 2 
April 2011
14754121The Game (Classroom)/tg/ finds vid of VA teacher running large-scale world RP in classroom. Contacts him for information, win ensues.homebrew, cooperative, getting shit done, original, collective game, loli2011-04-29 12 
May 2011
15029972Legend of Zelda RPG Planning Thread #4Sir Scribe's vision continues to take form as /tg/ demonstrates its ability to get shit done.Legend of Zelda RPG, Planning, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, homebrew, shit gets done2011-05-23 6 
15041421Pencil...Dice?Anon proposes that pencils can be substituted for six-sided dice. Math and SCIENCE! ensue./tg/ gets shit done, science, math, dice2011-05-25 26 
15051875Legend of Zelda RPG Planning Thread #5In which shit continues to get done.Legend of Zelda RPG, Planning, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, homebrew, shit gets done2011-05-25 5 
15069694Legend of Zelda RPG Planning Thread #5More shit getting done. Mostly refinement of the skill system and working on magic. Also some drawfaggotry.Legend of Zelda RPG, Planning, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, homebrew, shit gets done2011-05-28 5 
15091730Legend of Zelda RPG Planning Thread #76th thread was mislabeled as 5. Shit continues to get done, particularly in the combat section.Legend of Zelda RPG, planning, thread, Sir Scribe, Zelda, TriForce, homebrew, shit gets done2011-05-31 5 
June 2011
15170866Legend of Zelda RPG #9Thread #8 404'd without an archive. Shit continuous to get done.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, Shit gets done2011-06-07 7 
15229712Legend of Zelda RPG #10The RPG continues to take shape. The real crunch begins.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, shit gets done, crunch, drawfag2011-06-12 9 
15253114Legend of Zelda RPG #11More rules, more art, more progress.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, shit gets done, crunch, drawfag2011-06-15 11 
15290183Legend of Zelda RPG #12Magic and equipment gets expanded upon.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, shit gets done, crunch2011-06-17 8 
15297454Candy Land AdventuresOP took the classic board game and then turned it into something more.candy land, board game, getting shit done, expansion2011-06-18 12 
15334060Legend of Zelda RPG #13Shit continues to get done. Magic and music are discussed, and races are revisited and expanded. Also some more new artwork.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, shit gets done, crunch2011-06-23 6 
15375622Legend of Zelda RPG Thread 14Steady progress is made toward getting this thing playtestable. Some discussion of settings and fluff, rules for songs, a few new techniques, and more!Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Sir Scribe, Zelda, Triforce, shit gets done, crunch2011-06-25 6 
15396589Legend of Zelda RPG 15Compiling, designing, and editing techniques is the focus of this thread, with a few new mechanic ideas and artwork as well.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-06-29 6 
July 2011
15433135Legend of Zelda RPG #16Techniques and Magic gets worked on, and the RPG inches towards being playtest-ready.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-07-04 6 
15492650CazaclawCombining two of the most terrifying monsters ever to create the thing of nightmares.Fallout, New Vegas, Cazador, Deathclaw, Pants shitting, tarrasque2011-07-06 10 
15503489Lord Deathrape and the CazaclawrasqueBecause some PCs just deserve to die.Tarrasque, Horror, Holy shit, BBEG, Cazador, Deathclaw, Cazaclaw, God hates you, FUCK2011-07-07 14 
15496100Legend of Zelda Thread #17In which development and discussion continues, along with the odd bit of nice drawfaggotry.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-07-11 6 
15560584The Legend of Zelda RPG - Thread #18Steady progress is made, particularly regarding magic and music. Also the first bits of feedback from playtesting, and of course some lovely artistry.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-07-14 7 
156352452006 AK-47 Republic released!Anon teases us with a pic of the aforementioned rules on a scanner: shortly, he delivers. Accompanied by glorious Osprey and silly flags.Getting Shit Done, scan thread, delivery, AK-47 Republic, wargame, mercenaries2011-07-21 6 
15646309AK-47 Republic second edition!Updated rules! Redheads! Holy grails of scale-less wargaming!Getting Shit Done, scan thread, delivery, AK-47 Republic, wargame, Promotions, Drow, Redheads2011-07-21 9 
15683716Legend of Zelda RPG development #20.5Thread 20 vanished into the aether without archival...We won't let this one get away!Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Shit Gets Done2011-07-24 8 
August 2011
15759263Legend of Zelda RPG development #21Some tweaks and revisions to existing techs and spells, a thorough review/fleshing out of the weapon system, and more - /tg/ gets shit done.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-08-04 6 
15852524Most Insane EDH Deck EverThere is no win, only the madness. MTG, EDH, Commander, /tg/ Gets shit done2011-08-07 10 
15846057Legend of Zelda RPG development #22Some touches on magic and songs, finishing weapon properties, and development of an improved character sheet.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-08-10 3 
15964230Harry Potter RPG developmentGuy who said he'd make a game like, a month ago, returns. More work is done.harry potter, homebrew, /tg/ gets shit done2011-08-18 2 
15957628The Legend of Zelda RPG development #24Finally starting to work our way out of the productivity slump, progress is (slowly) made. A system for "foraging" for rupees and supplies is devised, a basic framework for item prices is laid down, and principles of dungeon and boss design are discussed.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Sir Scribe, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2011-08-24 3 
16078790Considering: a modern fantasy Wilderness settingAnon proposes a setting with some modern tech, encroaching wilderness, and a reason for adventures. We contribute monsters and justifications.Homebrew, Getting Shit Done, original content, pokemon, modern fantasy, setting, world building2011-08-27 8 
September 2011
16375960Araby fandex brainstorming/tg/ starts with the creation of their own Araby army book, this brainstorming is saved for future reference.Araby, warhammer fantasy, project, /tg/ gets shit done, 2011-09-21 23 
16433257Hallowe'en Thread - now with RPGTender fa/tg/uys everywhere, life's no fun without a good scare! What starts as Hallowe'en general/imagedump turns into the sharing of a Hallowe'en themed RPG for all to share. Hallowe'en, homebrew, gets shit done2011-09-26 5 
October 2011
16491215Fish out of WaterCampaign Idea: A PT boat gets sent to a fantasy world, cue survival horror/logistics/the odyssey. game ideas, fantasy, modern, getting shit done, 2011-10-02 12 
16580545Ar tonelico RPG Thread/tg/ tries to make the magic system from super-weeaboo jRPG series Ar tonelico work in DnD3.5e. Succeeds.Ar tonelico, DnD, RPG, jRPG, Getting Shit Done, 3.5e2011-10-12 7 
December 2011
17107493Vinefolk in the Vineyard"why COULDN'T there be a plant race that favored technology and industry?" And thus the vinefolk (or Vinlanders, or vineborn, etc etc) are born.brainstorm, shit gets concept'd, plantfolk, vinefolk, create-a-race2011-12-05 14 
17175541Narutards shit up /tg/ for the 9th timeSeriously, they're like a plague. Why are they here again?shit, drawthreads, stuff that doesn't belong on /tg/2011-12-11 -11 
January 2012
17523320TG helps inspire children's book(s)Op asks tg for help developing t tg related children's book we offer up cool suggestionsMilly, story,writefaggery,Paladin,writefag, Getting Shit Done2012-01-13 8 
17580591MOI LI'L ORKY, BOYZ IZ WAAGH!Orkz are just like ponies. But with less cuteness and more killing.mlp, fim, ponies, orkz, boyz, 40k, what the fuck is this shit2012-01-18 8 
17734087/tg/ does crosswordsWe got this/tg/ get shit done, crosswords2012-01-30 21 
February 2012
17817039Wise Words From Veteran Adventurers/tg/ muses about what veterans would say to new adventurers. What transpires is awesome.awesome, discussion, getting shit done2012-02-05 38 
18061278Zerg Quest LXXVDancing with Dyles is dangerous, and humanity is about to find out just how much.Cerebrate Anon, Zerg Quest, Starcraft, Collective Game, Even More Terran Factions, Shit I'm Late!, OH FUCK2012-02-23 11 
March 2012
18303811Legend of Zelda RPG RevivalThe /tg/ Zelda roleplaying game project returns as a new concept is proposed. Efforts to streamline the mechanics of the previous version are discussed and hammered out.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2012-03-13 13 
18384531Legend of Zelda RPG Revival Thread #2With most of the broad concepts figured out, more detailed crunch begins.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Shit Gets Done, Crunch2012-03-20 6 
18526223Some faggy quest thingTAKE IT BACK TO /v/ YOU FAGSsome shit, collective game, quest shit2012-03-31 -10 
April 2012
18647845Armored Core Quest 7We take out a bandit after finding out that the posted difficulty was a lie. Also, HOLY SHIT DAVE.AC Quest, AC Guy, Collective Game, Giant Robots, HOLY SHIT DAVE2012-04-10 27 
18837867Magical Girl DystopiaMagical Girls take over and stunt human emotions by making everything into happy land. Rebels use gene therapy to become monsters and fight them. Fluuuuuuuuufffffluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-04-24 22 
May 2012
19085077Magical Girl Dystopia IIIMore fleshing out about the girls and the resistancefluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-05-14 5 
19119894Magical Girl Dystopia IVThe setting is solidified, ideas are developed, and issues from the last thread are snipped in the bud.fluff, magical girls, setting, game ideas, writefag, getting shit done, dystopia, world building, discussion, magicpunk, 1984, mahou shoujo, gene therapy2012-05-18 2 
19281105Zerg Quest LXXXVIIIbWe throw Kerrigan a parade. It's everything our little sister could have wanted. Also, Defensebrate is nearly murdered.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Collective Game, Starcraft, Oh shit, I love a parade!, dice don't fail me now, Tassadar2012-05-29 11 
June 2012
19671858Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Savageness: Thread 2With the basics of character creation done, Minifig now works on specific animals. Suggestions are made, things are refined, alliances are forged.RPG, rpg, Palladium, Savage Worlds, TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, homebrew, SW, /tg/ gets shit done, shit gets done, win, character creation, mutants, cordova is awesome2012-06-29 2 
19679204Homebrewed Tea Design Thread 1Anon posts about a little girl mascot for /tg/. This ends up starting discussion on a tea RPG game, where the players get hired to host tea parties and hold tea ceremonies.Tea, Homebrew, Game Design, Get Shit Done2012-06-30 2 
July 2012
19749704July 4th Deathstrike gameA store in the U.S. gets a 4th of July present from the U.K. A nuclear present.deathstrike, missile, Games Workshop, Warhammer 40k, global games, crazy ass shit, this is why we play, "fireworks show"2012-07-05 18 
19766361Freeform TaleOp and his friends have made actual good characters in an online Play-by-Post freeform game that's full of Mary Sues. Sit back and watch the magic happen.Freeform, Posting, Mary Sue, Bullshit Powers, OOC Knowledge, Poor Spelling2012-07-08 24 
19797267Legend of Zelda RPG Revival RevivalThe old project gets picked up. Again. Arguments are had.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Shit Gets Done2012-07-09 2 
19820279Legend of Zelda Revival▓ #2Slowly but surely working our way through the process of reviving the LoZ RPG project. Dice mechanisms are discussed and haters waste their time try to convince us we're wasting our time.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Shit Gets Done2012-07-10 2 
19844767Legend of Zelda Revival▓ #3We work on combat mechanics, and make a design document. Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Shit Gets Done2012-07-13 1 
19896559Legend of Zelda Revival▓ #4We finish up reactions, up the stat and skill limits, and discuss when the virtue bonus applies.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Shit Gets Done2012-07-17 2 
August 2012
20198386Shit Hits the FanHereticRAIDAA's group must overcome the oncoming green tide to...deliver a child.orks, deathwatch, 40k, near-tpk, holy shit2012-08-05 6 
20305622Legend of Zelda Revival▓ #5Still alive, what was discussed on Skype is shared.Legend of Zelda RPG, Homebrew, Zelda, Triforce, Shit Gets Done2012-08-15 -2 
20523795Zerg Quest CIThe Xel'Naga's testing comes to a head, and the Brood must decide just whose side it's on.Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, Xel'Naga, Protoss, Sibling Rivalry, Dimplomatic Immunity!, Shit getting real2012-08-30 8 
September 2012
20855711READ THISThis is a thread dedicated to a re-work of GW rules and shit crunch that happened. Seriously, read it.Homebrews, re-work, WH40K, /tg/getsshitdone2012-09-26 10 
October 2012
20949302Sauces that go with chicken/ck/ request anon takes a left turn at albaquerque, ends up in /tg/. Still gets question answered/tg/ gets shit done, /ck/, chicken sauces2012-10-01 6 
21067280The Grand Shitstorm of Olenus Primaris 2Shit HarderShit, Warhammer, 40gay, Haas2012-10-11 5 
21081671The Journal of Grask HarnlinOne Imperial Guardsman's journal during the campaign known only as The Grand Shitstorm of Olenus Primaris. Brought to you by the OP of the original Olenus Primaris thread.The Grand Shitstorm of Olenus Primaris, Imperial Guard, writefaggotry,2012-10-12 3 
21083240Wlmart Apocalypse Thread 3: We have a drawfag this time, what's your thrad got?anons homebrew fluff for a setting where walmart buys the world, we get art for the crazy rafter dwelling ninja and more fluff on the Dorfen nevergrows. good times.Walmart_Apocalypse, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-10-12 8 
21093664Walmart Apocalypse Thread 4Some writfagging, draw fagging, class descriptions, Superb Owl Sunday is explained, and the rise of the ambuleceti.Walmart_Apocalypse, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-10-12 4 
21103728Walmart Apocalypse: rise of the TeslawattIn this thread we learn that the 'Tronboys worship the Teslawatt, the Topdwellers live in constant migration, running away from an endless horde of omnivourus dire birds, and Hardware isrun by fueding, fuedal merchant houses called "Franchises"Walmart_Apocalypse, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-10-13 4 
21124413Walmart Apocalypse Thread...What are we up to? 6?More Fluff and Draw Faggotry, not much write faggotry this time around.Walmart_Apocalypse, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-10-15 2 
21141286Walmart Apocalypse Thread 7More fluff, faggotry of all sortsWalmart_Apocalypse, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-10-17 2 
21271988/tg/ Gets a CakeAnon posts pic of cake they decorated for us, thread becomes pile of awesome recipes.cooking, don't need other boards, shit gets done, cake, cookies, scroll addiction, perfect roast2012-10-26 6 
November 2012
21447676D&D Jetboats/tg/ works out how to use Decanters of Endless Water as engines for a longship.D&D, Decanter of Endless Water, boat, getting shit done2012-11-05 10 
21501734Archetypal Fantasy MagicStarts about barefoot characters; /tg/ makes it about magic done by following an archetype like the warrior, the mage, or the thief.Fantasy, World Building, Derailed, /tg/ gets shit done2012-11-09 9 
21505956Archetype Fantasy Magic 2In which the nascent setting is fleshed out significantly. Fantasy, World Building, /tg/ gets shit done2012-11-11 0 
21662853Old Man Henderson ReduxA screencaps thread turns into a retelling of Old Man Henderson by another of the playersstorytime, crazy shit, Old Man Henderson, Waffle House Millionaire, Cthulhu, plot derailment2012-11-20 27 
21661849I Submitted a Cartoon PilotOP asks /tg/ to help him revise the pilot for his D&D related cartoon. Fun and creativity abounds.Reggie, D&D, Get shit done, cartoon, collaboration, writing, funny2012-11-20 12 
December 2012
21884087CATastrophe: HomebrewWork Begins yet again on CATastrophe. The diligent fa/tg/uys manage to develop the beginings of The TAIL Roleplayoing system, setting locations such as Star Dust Port and Diver's Bay. Oh and a CATastrophe Dev Team checks in.CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-12-05 5 
21886730Halo homebrew Vorked Grimlock reveals his halo homebrew work. discussion and work ensues.homebrew halo /tg/gets_shit_done2012-12-05 7 
21902150CATastrophe Homebrew ThreadThe fa/tg/uys of /tg/ soldier on in the face of no opposition whatsoever. The TAIL development guy checks in, Diaspora is ripped off to develop settlement & Dive site generators and there's talk on having adventures in the Artic Tundra.CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-12-07 2 
21962000Not even reporting this one.Nope. Sleep in it.Enjoy your shit thread.2012-12-09 -11 
22040134Creature's Path: A game of mutation and adventureOP wants to know what a Dungeon crawler where people slowly mutate into standard RPG monsters would look like. /tg/ decides that this is a question that needs to be answered.Creature's_Path, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2012-12-14 10 
22064088CATastrophe ThreadMore Writefaggotry, Some Quest Hooks, and updates on the crunchCATastrophe, /tg/_gets_shit_done, Homebrew2012-12-16 7 
22140457Power Rangers Villians and 40KOP posts a picture of Lord Zedd calling him a heretek, one anon points out that Zedd is more of a sorceror than a heretek. Brain Storming Session involving Fluff for reworked Power Rangers villians as Antagonists for Dark Heresy and Black Crusade follows./tg/_gets_shit_done, Power_Rangers, 40K2012-12-22 8 
March 2013
23614573/tg/ against the FaeOP comes to /tg/ with a tale of mind-control fetishry and bad GM railroading, /tg/ proceeds to create weapons of mass fae destruction.Fae, railroading, shitty_gm, revenge2013-03-10 13 
May 2013
25023529Bioweapon QuestWe, a Shit Weasel, wake up on a cargo ship and being having lunch.Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, worm, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-05-25 21 
25037827The Real Bioweapon Quest IIWe get taken in by a pirate ship, we hide in rice and eat some bird people.Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, worm, evolve, feast, eat, adapt, bird, rice, stinger, giger, real quest2013-05-25 11 
25080933The Real Bioweapon Quest 3We sneak around the vents and stealthily eat more pirates before the ship heads to a populated asteroid.Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, worm, evolve, feast, eat, adapt, legs, hopping, crab, real quest2013-05-28 11 
25146882Bioweapon Quest 4In which we bite various undelicious things, fry some seafood, but send it back and eat the raw one, and get spotted!Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-05-31 10 
June 2013
25289656Bioweapon Quest 5We get messily ejected before catching a ride. Then we decide that showers are the best way to learn to sing.Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-06-07 10 
25309035Bioweapon Quest 6We find that having an iron bar shoved into our mouth is not delicious. Not delicious at all! And then we discover what colour we are, in the worst possible way.Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-06-08 10 
25386857Bioweapon Quest 7We snack on a bloated thing and a bouncy thing, and gain new combat evolutions! Also, our rival appears!Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-06-12 10 
25427645Bioweapon Quest 8We talk to a bug, eat a tree, then make a mess of things!Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-06-14 11 
25520490Bioweapon Quest 9We hide from, then bite an arachnoid. Something strange happens, and we decide to scram. After eating another fleshbag in the bathroom and destroying our rival, of course.Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-06-19 10 
25606112"On 4chan", The 4chan role playing game.What starts as a nat 1/20 thread derails into creating a 4chan based rpg.meta, /tg/, game design, /tg/ gets shit done2013-06-23 5 
25685591Yet Another Magical Little Girl Quest This time we are evil! SO ORIGINAL.Collective Game, Evil Precure Quest, Preure, Pretty Cure, Magical Girl, I wish I could think of a joke tag but this shit is already a joke2013-06-27 24 
25688765Bioweapon Quest 10An attempt to escape goes horribly wrong, then horribly right.Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-06-28 10 
July 2013
25763912Magical Power Armor/tg/ rationalizes the existence of magical power armorpower armor, magic, worldbuilding, magic, wizards, don't gotta explain shit2013-07-02 3 
25824305Bioweapon Quest 11We escape the grasp of a cyborg, leap between cars and gnaw on a metal box of tastiness!Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-07-05 7 
25981005Bioweapon Quest 12We tussle with a cyborg, eat a table, hide in a box, then make an entrance, and an exit.Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-07-13 5 
26038482Bioweapon Quest 13We defeat the evil fan once more, get shot, go fishing and then bughunting. New powers arise.Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-07-16 8 
26135904Detergent Quest - UncappedBecause we really need more quest threads where no one actually runs a quest on this board.Collective Game, Bleach, A reference to that one shitty overblown magical girl anime, recap episodes always suck2013-07-20 21 
26340635Bioweapon Quest 14We climb upwards, Interrupt a heated meeting, and make a friend!Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-07-31 7 
August 2013
26468972Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Savageness: Thread 3Minifig finally gets off his fanny and finishes off the conversion, then gives a storytime.RPG, rpg, Palladium, Savage Worlds, TMNT, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, homebrew, SW, /tg/ gets shit done, shit gets done, win, character creation, mutants, Savage Worlds2013-08-06 0 
26479439Bioweapon Quest 15We reach the top of the tower, find a dam for our brood, and a fight breaks out. Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, worm, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-08-07 6 
26795395Bioweapon Quest 16We eat a man, squash a slug, carry our princess over our shoulder, and have a few strange encounters.Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, worm, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-08-24 8 
September 2013
26946637Bioweapon Quest 17We balance our base desires, greet guests, and fell a tree!Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-09-01 8 
26968144Bioweapon Quest 18We kick a fireball, go hunting, and eat the most Delicious thing ever. The game has changed. Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-09-02 11 
27050010Bioweapon Quest 19We escape the green tide, nap for a while, and fight the undying beast!Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-09-06 7 
27207761Transformation Fetish QuestOh look, another thread about succubus transformation/corruption fetishes trying its damned hardest to be /tg/ related despite being /d/shit.We really dont need any more succubus shit on /tg/, Collective Game, gb2/d/2013-09-14 21 
27206011CATastrophe: The Floor Is Now Seawater Edition/tg/ gets progress reports on CATastrophe beta editions and kicks around fluff while one Anon provides mood music.CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg_gets_shit_done, music2013-09-15 6 
27250486Bioweapon Quest 20We get sent on our next task: To eat Delicious things! Then we eat a pair of delicious things.Collective Game, Bioweapon Quest, Bioweapon, Quest, shit weasel, evolve, feast, eat, adapt2013-09-16 5 
27347152CATastrophe Thread: The Oncoming Storm EditionMore fleshing out of fluff, discussion of crunch, and game artCATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/ gets shit done2013-09-24 2 
27464445CATastrophe Thread: Koin/MonÚs EditionBusiness as usual, hashing out fluff and weathering the occasional shit storm.CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2013-09-28 1 
October 2013
27488162All-children ADVENTURE party ideasOP asks if an all-kids adventuring party would be acceptable. /tg/ jumps on the idea and awesome ensues.campaign ideas, campaign, Children, Adventure, loli, /tg/_gets_shit_done, I wish to be the little girl, Monsters, Digimon, Game Ideas, little fears2013-10-02 16 
27577079Another CATastrophe Thread!Discussion of the /tg/ original setting. This edition features quest planning, original stories, and lore discussion.CATastrophe, Homebrew, homebrew, /tg/_gets_shit_done2013-10-05 3 
27775715nWoD STORYTEIMA slow OP regales /tg/ with tales of THE MACHINE and its OwnernWoD, STORYTEIM, THE MACHINE, Harlem Braxton, Lillum Dawnbreak, crazy shit2013-10-16 14 
27818954CATastrophe Thread: 'Nipped Out EditionPlenty of fluff development, including new locations for the setting. Also some comedy and ZERO shitstorms.CATastrophe, /tg/ gets shit done, Homebrew2013-10-21 2 
27992233Childhood Fears for Use in SettingsA bunch of fa/tg/uys came together and talked about their traumatic childhood delusions so that others can adapt them for use in settings.child chlidhood fear setting brainstorm neat cool shit2013-10-29 2 
November 2013
28063503CATastrophe Thread: Swimming with Sharks EditionA completed FATE Accelerated alpha, plus more fluff detail and more art from the resident drawfags.CATastrophe, Homebrew, drawfag, /tg/ gets shit done2013-11-03 3 
28092145Time Wizards playtestIt actually happened. Dear god.time wizards, homebrew, /tg/ gets shit done2013-11-03 97 
December 2013
28787019/tg/ talks swordsComplete with manuals by medieval masters, the various murder instruments and their uses, and civilised discussion.swords, getting shit done, helpful info, useful, history, fechtbuch2013-12-11 7 
28955152Nightlight: Toys Vs. Monsters 3Character creation is *finished* also, v0.01 of the character sheet and the first chapters of the rulebook... holy shit guys, it's happening.Game creation, toys, fire, nightlight, brainstorming, nightmares, grim bright, /tg/ gets shit done2013-12-19 1 
28984052Nightlight: Toys Vs. Monsters 4The fourth thread of Nightlight... in which things get done.shit guys, it's happening. Game creation, toys, fire, nightlight, brainstorming, nightmares, grim bright, /tg/ gets shit done2013-12-20 1 
29107830Nightlight: Toys Vs. Monsters 5Some writefagging and game balancing happens.game creation, toys, fire, nightlight, brainstorming, nightmares, grim bright, /tg/ get shit done2013-12-29 2 
January 2014
29489371/tg/ vs a KaijuOP playtests a simple d6 homebrew where CHERNO ALPHA sets a Kaiju on fire and then tesla punches it.playtest, getting shit done, pacific rim, Cherno Alpha, kaiju, giant robots punching giant monsters, mech2014-01-13 1 
February 2014
30008887/tg/ fixes a combi-boltgunAnon shows up with a gun tailored for pose striking, and /tg/ can't help but squeal 'makeover!'. Also tech-heresy.dork angles, Dark Angels, 40k, weapons, /tg/ gets shit done2014-02-04 9 
30255313The King of Fighters Quest Round 16: "Forever Alone"-EditionIn which the QM goes to far and the players revolt in-turn.SNK, Collective Game, King of Fighters, KoF Quest, Katja Hartkern, Instant Shitstorm2014-02-16 6 
30453585BoatmurderedSome Swede-fag tells /tg/ a story of the time he sent his players into boatmurdured.Storytiem, Pathfinder,Exploding Dice, Shitting the queen,D20,Boatmurdered, Dwarf Fortress2014-02-24 17 
March 2014
30638206Tim Quest OneshotTim, unknowingly to him, is stuck in a sort of time loop. As the loop goes on, his co-workers gradually disappear before only he is left.Collective Game, Shitty Drawquest, Quest, Tim Quest2014-03-04 0 
April 2014
31328439Party BeginningsAnons discuss interesting, memorable, unique, and awesome beginnings to roleplaying campaigns. GMs steal ideas for their games.game ideas, roleplay, game, DM, GM, awesome, /tg/, campaign, Campaign, ideas, Roleplay, original content, brainstorm, getting shit done, brainstorming, roleplaying, Game Design, 2014-04-08 3 
31601036Text Adventure Quest: SwordsageNo cunnilingus. Absolutely disgusting. The MC marries his dead brother's fiance, then fucks her.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut2014-04-20 6 
31674272A crazy PC's memorialA tribute to a good friend and crazy players like him. Story time, Storytime, awesome, crazy, crazy shit, D&D, Mage, lulz, epic, /tg/ 2014-04-24 10 
31732432Text Adventure Quest: SwordsageThe MC leaves on high adventure! Almost immediately stops to fuck wife and random other girl. Still no cunnilingus.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut2014-04-26 3 
May 2014
32182131Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 5An anon feels guilty and people decide to go fight a tentacle monster.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut2014-05-17 4 
32343607wh40k rap battlesWarhammer 40k RAP BATTLES OF THE DARK MILLENNIUMrap, rap battles, 40k, warhammer 40k, funny as shit2014-05-25 7 
June 2014
32507676Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 6The QM of this quest is a massive faggot who I hate. So much. This is the one right after the blue-balling with Cecilia.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut2014-06-01 2 
32633797Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage Chapter 7Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage Chapter 7Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut2014-06-07 0 
32778617Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 8With his new wife and his new fucktoy in tow, our hero heads home from his adventure.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut2014-06-14 3 
32921096Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 9Waifu #2 fucks and sucks the MC in a decadent display of marital lovemaking. Then some other shit happens, I dunno what though.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut2014-06-21 5 
33020042Brouzouf Quest 5Your scrab is alive and no longer an alarm clock. Your looter team meets a terrible fate.Watcher Quest, Collective Game, Shit Scrabs Say2014-06-26 3 
33065023Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 10MC breaks Kini in (nicely this time) and then...?Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut2014-06-28 5 
July 2014
33280350Weeb Quest 1/tg/ gets into some real anime shit. Johnny hones his mack sense. Jay is an asshole.Weeb, Quest, Weeb Quest, Collective Game, Real, Anime, Shit, Magical Girl2014-07-09 10 
33290015Brouzouf Quest 6Wherein the Hero learns that riding forth against bandits and dragons is stressing business.Brouzouf Quest, Collective Game, White Knighting, Dragon Slaying, Shit Roll Surviving2014-07-09 3 
33299673Weeb Quest 2Johnny battles a magical girl instead of fapping, and hears a tale of demons and sorcery.Weeb, Quest, Weeb Quest, Collective Game, Real, Anime, Shit, Magical Girl2014-07-10 9 
33358021Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage Chapter 11Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage Chapter 11Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut2014-07-12 25 
33449928Edge Sperg QuestYour older sister was killed by a railroad made out of edges. Now it's time for revenge! Raildex a shit2014-07-16 20 
33515486Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 12Immediately after buttfucking Chara, our hero is confounded by a threat which threatens his very sanity: economics.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-07-19 3 
33675165Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 13In which our brave hero goes to a local festival.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-07-26 4 
August 2014
33845348Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 14Post-petting, pre-coppergirl.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-08-02 4 
33841578Another Chapter Master thread: Shit Gets Done versionBased Duke comes out of nowhere with a nearly playable Chapter Master game, including screenshots. Alpha is going to be publicly released in a "few days".Chapter Master, /tg/ Gets Shit Done, Finally2014-08-03 10 
33997206Chapter Master: Shit Finally Getting DoneA Tripfag named Duke came... He finally delivered to us an Alpha build.Chapter Master, tg gets shit done, at last, god walks among us2014-08-09 75 
34011209Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 15In which our hero fights a coppergirl and probably gets killed for it.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-08-09 0 
34144124Kidpunk Thread #8: Shamefur DisprayThreads 6/7 failed to get archived, but Kidpunk continues on, now getting close to having character sheetsKidpunk, /tg/ gets shit done, homebrew game, game development2014-08-14 0 
34184617Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 16After his vicious and humiliating throat rape of the coppergirl, our hero emerges from the mines with her in tow.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-08-16 3 
34343491Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 17Chara's got a collar, and Patina's still waiting to be raped again? All this and more, on tonight's episode of Child Rapist Quest.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-08-23 5 
34509225Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 18Our hero goes to his parents' keep to investigate his older brother's murder.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-08-30 5 
September 2014
34675824Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 19Having finished up with Elisetta's side quest (and fucked her), our hero continues in his investigation of his older brother's murder.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-09-06 6 
34837564Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 20Our hero plans to head south and meet Sir Arthur.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-09-13 5 
34959953Sekirei Quest 3We fight in a shopping center, then the thread blows up.Collective Game, Sekirei Quest, Sekirei, Kiddo, Shitstorm2014-09-19 6 
35000017Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 21Our hero has a firm suspect: Lorenne, his brother's paramour.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-09-20 3 
35022120Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 22Our hero has sex with a small child and then heads off to the mountains on his quest for an heir.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-09-21 4 
35152884Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 23Our hero adventures in the Allimas, having met Erosette once more.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-09-27 -3 
35153074Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 23Our hero adventures in the Allimas. (Actual thread.)Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-09-27 5 
35174614Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 24After getting his arm slashed open, our hero continues to fuck his way through life.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-09-28 4 
October 2014
35302762Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 25Our hero confronts a brown girl on some rocks.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-10-04 4 
35453839Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 26Having finished raping a brown girl, our hero is shot at by some redhead bitch.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-10-11 2 
35608257Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 27Having finished brutally raping Lorenne, our hero deals with the fallout of Erosette's battle.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-10-18 2 
35750114Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 28With Lorenne taken as his rape toy, our hero should be wrapping up his business in the Allimas soon.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-10-25 4 
November 2014
35893634Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 29Having impregnated his wife, our hero completes his journey home.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-11-01 5 
36039362Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 30Having returned home, our hero has to manage his harem some more.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-11-08 3 
36182407Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 31Our hero is home at last, managing his harem.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-11-15 5 
36328568Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 32Our hero fugs Chara in the butt, again.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-11-22 4 
December 2014
36604642Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 33Our hero probably spends some quality time with Adelle or something.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-12-06 5 
36741120Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 34Our hero terrifies his captive and continues his investigation.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-12-13 3 
36821202The Buns! Quest Episode 6Miko joins a game, and makes a friendcollective game, the buns! quest, miko, creepyish, poker, mattias, new friend, ohshit2014-12-17 0 
36819300Just Some Evolution Game 4The fourth thread of this newest addition to the proud family of evo games. Kerps, groombs, fennets, and pholls (oh my!) all get their time in the alien sun. Also, say hello the the Icebreaker Fenish!JSEG, evolution, evo, like spore, except not shit2014-12-18 1 
36876645Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 35The interrogation of Lorenne continues.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2014-12-20 2 
January 2015
37138137Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 36Our hero must confront a shadow/slimegirl alone and unarmed. Is this the end for him?Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2015-01-03 3 
37285544Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage 37With the letter of intent in hand, our hero prepares for the last conflict.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Swordsage, Waifushit, Smut, Rape Is Okay If They're Monstergirls2015-01-10 4 
37467200Another Shitty QuestSOMNIUS pretends he can write, retarded faggots take the bait.Somnius, faggots, retardation, shit, quest, collective game2015-01-18 10 
March 2015
38492486Khornette Quest #24Cinder goes too hard and then has to travel to the past to try and commit suicide to prevent Ignitrix from being pissed. Needless to say, nothing goes to plan.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Time is bullshit, Not as Planned, Stop Hitting Yourself, ELH2015-03-05 12 
38662709Metal Gear Solid HomebrewAnon asks advice to start an MGS campaign. /tg/ fleshes out setting.Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, Snake, Big Boss, MGS, homebrew, getting shit done, homebrew setting2015-03-14 8 
38813279MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! TG Slowly builds a Mortal Kombat Character. A Biracial Viking biker with ice powers. AwesomeMortal Kombat, TG Get's Shit Done, Worldbuilding, Writefag, Drawfag2015-03-20 1 
38834528Khornette Quest #27We decide to go help Iggy find a very special book.Collective Game, Khornette, Lady of Change, Dice Gods are Bullshit, ELH2015-03-21 13 
April 2015
39604439The Search for KyleAnon posts old GW invitation for Warhammer, /tg/ contacts employee through internet detective skills, OP is re-invited to game.Games Workshop, /tg/ gets shit done, Real Life2015-04-28 96 
39673342Kant-O-Celle Quest #13In which the Regia Marina saves the day and no spaghetti is spilled.Collective Game, Planefag, ships, admiral, WWII, Kantai Collection, Kant-O-Celle Quest, Il Duce heard you were talking shit2015-04-30 19 
June 2015
40385805I Just Read A Lewd Manga And Now I Want To Run A Quest Based On It?You are so impressionable and feeble minded, anon-kun!collective game, catgirls are scum, /a/ is shit, /d/ is worse2015-06-04 2 
40521456Edgy Grimderp Magical Girl Quest SO ORIGINAL JUST LIKE MY MADORKAS 11/10Collective Game, Edgy bullshit, Magical Girls are all sluts anyways 2015-06-10 21 
July 2015
41028238Age of Sigmar and-oh fuck me.You still have not learned and I am ashamed.The whole reason I stopped coming to /tg/ was because for all your self-aggrandizing shit like this happens, that's why I shitpost on the archives, coming out of retirement, I haven't done thsi since 2013 so I don't know who this other faggot is, please learn to recognize shitposting and how the report function works, it takes two seconds of your time, consider developing a better policy on quest threads and CYOAs too, thanks, sincerly LWYS, XOXO2015-07-05 -18 
41520476eyy my manhow's it goingcollective shit2015-07-28 -6 
August 2015
41725256Dipshit's Amazing Plane Quest - Thread 1Pierre wakes up in his room and then proceeds to shit on Ivan.Collective Game, Boys und Flugzeuge, Plane Quest, Dipshit's Quest2015-08-07 0 
41725854Dipshit's Amazing Plane Quest - Thread 2After finishing shitting on Ivan, Pierre grabs food and inspects the aircraft he will use for the special shipment.Collective Game, Boys und Flugzeuge, Plane Quest, Dipshit's Quest2015-08-07 0 
September 2015
42231686animeweebshit, #norugrats2015-09-01 -10 
42665944moeshitmoeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit moeshit 2015-09-22 -11 
42739371weekly weeb shitweekly weeb shitweekly weeb shit2015-09-26 -4 
October 2015
42889010Renegade Space marine creation threadAn odd thought turns into a good idea that is well thought out and fluffed into a usable chapter./tg/ get shit done, Space Marines, Renegade Space Marines, fluff, good ideas, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, At the edge of known space,2015-10-06 -1 
43081579Home brewed reworking of Bioshock RPGOP asks for input to work Tonics into spell systems. /tg/ runs off with it into the direction of it's own game system. Crunch ensues.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-10-20 5 
43219967Home brewed Bioshock RPG #2Continuing from the first thread.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-10-23 0 
43332824Home brewed Bioshock RPG #3More crunch added along with discussions about how real life tech on building on the bottom of the sea. Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-10-30 1 
November 2015
43453917Home brewed Bioshock RPG #4New Homebrew guy posts up parts of the Alpha phase RPG and anons start to dig in to get shit done.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-11-04 0 
43478161Kindly Skaven and noble vampires: Bizarro Warhammer!Compiler, Grimgor, the King of the Halflings, and Skeetch spin a tale of knightly vampires and fair Skaven, and the Empire that threatens to destroy the peace.Skaven, Vampire, Empire, Orcs, Warhammer Fantasy, story, Getting Shit Done, worldbuilding2015-11-09 12 
43540626Home brewed Bioshock RPG #5Status effects, Melee weapons and conditions are worked on. 3D IRL table top figurines are made as well.Bioshock, Bioshock RPG, Home brewed, /tg/ gets shit done, Big Daddies, Little sisters, crunch, fluff, brain storming,2015-11-10 0 
43584194BIONICLE RPG Thread #2In this thread, we brainstorm ideas for the BIONICLE RPG and make puns out of Onua's name. (Just the one, really.)BIONICLE, RPG, WIP, /tg/ gets shit done2015-11-14 3 
43707780Fallout 2k, continuedMore roleplay in a universe where Fallout is a tabletop war game, with some actual getting shit donefallout, alternate reality game, roleplay, au, homebrew, getting shit done2015-11-20 4 
43817453It's Too Late for this Shit QuestIt's 8 AM. In the last two days, you've gotten three hours of sleep. And now, someone's pounding on your door.Collective Game, Tired, Shaderic, Too Late For This Shit, 2015-11-25 5 
43826037The /tg/ "Justice" LeagueSuperman comes to /tg/ for help against the forces of evil and /tg/ decides they don't need Superman. Odd god tier heroes emerge and hilarity ensues.DC comics, superman, heroes, fowlweatherfriend, /tg/, Stupidity, Funny, Hilarity, Justice, League, Overpowered bullshit, why is everyone god tier, plz buff superman, too low tier, 2015-11-27 10 
January 2016
44587052Become the VAmpirebullshit about the werewolves i mean fucking really? When are they going to become a fuckmothering Vampire?becometheqm, collective game, furry, waifu bullshit2016-01-05 3 
45084461Real Life ShadowrunnersDisturbing real-life tales that would make great inspiration for Shadowrun games! And whose participants are essentially shadowrunners.Holy fucking shit, the fuck did I just read, is this shit for real, oh god this is real isn't it, Shadowrun2016-01-29 23 
45108739The Lonely Vampire Quest #1French vampire hobo visits post-apocalyptic city and finds hanged womanCollective Game, Vampire, Lonely Vampire Quest, Polaroid Camera, Old Protagonist, Hobo, Shitforbrians, Drawquest2016-01-30 1 
March 2016
46095195Saving Anime QuestExactly like what the title say. Except you're stupid and you don't really know about anime so good luck.Collective Game, Shit Thread Op, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-19 6 
46159995Saving Anime Quest (2)We play ping-pong, escape from a trap, and overall discover that anime people are dicks.Shit Thread Op, Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-22 4 
46181558Saving Anime Quest (3)In which we obtain the Behelit, also dude prophecies lmaoShit thread op, Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-23 3 
46224849Saving Anime Quest (4)Anons get mad, other characters get really irritatingly smugShit Thread Op, Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-25 2 
46268717Saving Anime Quest (5)We take a trip to the sport-shounen sector.Shit Thread Op, Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-28 2 
April 2016
46461023Saving Anime Quest (6)In which we gain a powerful albeit dark ally.Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest, Shit Thread Op2016-04-05 1 
46692821Saving Anime Quest (7)Half of the riddle is solved, questionable figures are met.Collective Game, Shit Thread Op, Saving Anime Quest2016-04-16 2 
46732108Saving Anime Quest (8)The OP was a mistake, apart from that, new characters are introduced and we're off to a good startSaving Anime Quest, Collective Game, Shit Thread Op2016-04-18 0 
46766232Shitty Spookym QuestCertainly lives up to it's name.Shitty, The Spookster, SSQ, Collective Game2016-04-19 7 
46811798 Dear Battle brother, I am in need of advice!Astartes Dating advice. Turns out Kriegers got the best moves. 40k, Space Marines, Chaos, Dating, Stupid silly /tg/ shit2016-04-21 0 
46817052Saving Anime Quest (9)Somewhat of a slower episode with fewer anons playing. It's the beginning of the end (of this arc!)Saving Anime Quest, Collective Game, Shit Thread Op2016-04-22 2 
46857981Be the BEG Chapter 22What mysteries do the relics hold?Collective Game, BEG, Be the BEG, Evil Shit2016-04-23 7 
46945073Saving Anime Quest -Arc Finale-The Gran Finale we were waiting for. Also last quest on /tg/Saving Anime Quest, Collective Game, Shit Thread Op2016-04-28 0 
4423Marvel comics quest. Choose your own superhero and go on an adventure, True Believer! This may involve weird sex fantasies and incredible journeys.Marvel, Comics, Capeshit, OPchooses2016-04-30 0 
May 2016
3861Australian World Domination QuestIt's literally all shitposting. Recommended for Australians.Collective Game, Australia, shitposting, drawquest, poorly drawn,2016-05-01 1 
97108Black Company Quest #6The Black Company is good at what they do, and what they do is not good. We achieve a hat trick of awful rolls. And also kill our other bossBlack Company Quest, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Shit rolls, No Parents, Daemons2016-05-09 26 
June 2016
276655Hill Giant Civ Quest IVAfter the events of Amberly, the giants and humans agreed to a year-long ceasefire. These are the events that transpired during it.Hill Giant Civ Quest IV, hill giant, Hill Giant Civ Quest, Collective Game, Civilization, civ, shitty dragon battle2016-06-22 1 
August 2016
48719849/tg/ plays tic-tac-toeOP challenges /tg/ to tic-tac-toe, hilarity ensues.tic-tac-toe, /tg/, shitposting2016-08-10 38 
471693Bullshit Quest - Thread #1Where the goals don't matter, the enemies are shit, and OP is a faggot.bullshit, quest, comedy, fun, RPG, Manhorse, karma, combat, PvP, PvE, demons, angels, challenging2016-08-14 5 
478630JJBA:HV????????????????????????????????????????Meme, Collective Game, Shitpost2016-08-16 0 
September 2016
555892Bullshit Quest - Thread #2A small group finds a strange new world full of memes and evil-- good thing nobody knows what the fuck they're doing.bullshit quest, hard, bullshit, fighting, memes, karma, lewd, Collective Game2016-09-11 1 
November 2016
791193Lace and Tux 1You signed up to serve and protect your master, but as it turns out, you might be doing much more of the latter than the former.Action, Collective Game, LeaveQM, Maidshit, Combat-focused2016-11-12 2 
December 2016
50568400Another 40k letter writing threadIn this episode: we write to Draigo, Digganobz, Marbo and several more40k, letters, shitposting2016-12-07 5 
920796Shitty Bard Quest: #1A commoner with a guitar passes as a bard. Carnival games ensue.SBQ, Shitty Bard Quest, Shitty, Bard, BardQM, Collective Game2016-12-10 12 
939471European Dragon Quest 43In this episode we give the QM some feedback, tumble a mage, and we all realize Ren should really stop fucking around. Liz's boobs get big.QuestingQM, Irony, Collective Game, European Dragon Quest, Dragons BTFO Shit, MUTATIONS!2016-12-20 1 
January 2017
1060667Trainwreck QuestRails? We're in the ocean now. Became simulation, anhero, nukes. What the fuck even happened here?trainwreck, shitstorm, abstergo?, collective game2017-01-18 1 
February 2017
1098283Joker Quest 151Joker once again finds himself trapped in the Hell that forged him. At least this time he has company.Joker, Joker Quest, Collective Game, Daegal, Team Bro Wins, Shits Fucked2017-02-02 8 
March 2017
52005009CATastrophe threadWhatever happened to CATastrophe?CATastrophe, Homebrew, /tg/ doesn't get shit done2017-03-12 6 
May 2017
53150680/tg/ decides to create an AIAn anon vastly overestimates "/tg/ gets shit done" and tries to convince /tg/ to create a sentient AI. This goes predictably ineffectively/tg/ gets shit done, /tg/ doesn't get shit done, failure, AI, artifical intelligence, futile,2017-05-19 -9 
June 2017
1536253Metahuman Quest: Issue #1Morgan Barrett moves into Gotham with his mother and makes some interesting new acquaintances.Quest, Metahuman Quest, Collective Game, DC, density, Batman, cape, capeshit, SleepyQM, Sleepy2017-06-07 18 
53827480The 108 Pearlworlds of the Nerakan ReclusiamAnon starts up a non-Imperium human realm, becomes zen Buddhist Chaos monks in space.40k, warhammer, human, get, shit, done, tg2017-06-18 13 
1581996Trick Shitpost Series: White Rhino QuestYou are the last survivor of an extinct speciesTrick shitpost series, white rhino quest, Trick2017-06-19 2 
July 2017
1666872Storm Demigod Quest #7Aisha presses the limits of Kasai's sanity and gets married.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Demigod Quest, sappy shit2017-07-23 6 
August 2017
1793475Alien Resistance Quest 1Tactics were used, aliens were slayed, and mutants made from alien weapons turned into our weapon. X-COM, Mutants, Genie, Getting shit done with mutants2017-08-30 2 
September 2017
1814822Alien Resistance Quest 2We did some research and found out what happens when mutants stay locked up.X-COM, Mutants, Genie, Getting shit done with mutants2017-09-05 1 
1840538Alien Resistance Quest 3 A chemist took some alien drugs, a mutant became to smart, and we survived a supply raid. X-COM, Mutants, Genie, Getting shit done with mutants2017-09-17 1 
1867223Alien Resistance Quest 4Recruiting, it was once a simple thing. Now a weapon to surpass gauss. X-COM, Mutants, Genie, Getting shit done with mutants2017-09-24 1 
October 2017
1930897Shitty Acting Quest 1The adventures of Gabriel Lincoln, newbie actor and crit-addict.shitty acting quest, collective game2017-10-06 30 
1896296Alien Resistance Quest 5Went to down to the office for some paper work. Ended up kicking the hornet nest. Called in weeds to help. Ask the base to deliver roundup.X-COM, Mutants, Genie, Getting shit done with mutants2017-10-06 1 
1923264Alien Resistance Quest 6Not much to say. We killed the plants, we got the info, and now we gotta get our boys home. If the game ever gets picked back up.X-COM, Mutants, Genie, Getting shit done with mutants2017-10-12 1 
CollectionShitty Acting Quest 2Gabriel continues training for his first big role. Crits put QM on suicide watch.shitty acting quest, collective game2017-10-21 0 
1954538Shitty Acting Quest 2Gabriel continues training for his first big role. Crits put QM on suicide watch.shitty acting quest, collective game2017-10-21 7 
November 2017
56461002mipuiOP shares his online map editor (collaborative too!) with /tg/ for testing and input.map editor, mipui, map, maps, collaboration, free, online, open source, /tg/ gets shit done, shit gets done2017-11-22 22 
December 2017
2149299Fate/Altered Type Thread 1In which we summon a Servant, meet our childhood friends, and see a priest about a war. Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Nasushit, Collective Game2017-12-18 7 
January 2018
2158902Rural Worm Quest Thread OneLeah Redd goes out, finds evidence of mysterious goings-on, makes a friend on a field trip, and investigates some cavesRural Worm Quest, Collective Game, Earth Bet, Worm, Capeshit2018-01-01 4 
2182710Fate/Altered Type- Thread the SecondIn which we die. At least twice. Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Nasushit, Collective Game2018-01-07 4 
2192620Rural Worm Quest Thread TwoLeah Redd spies on the terrorists, lets the Protectorate know, gets info on some capes, and joins the art clubRural Worm Quest, Collective Game, Earth Bet, Worm, Capeshit2018-01-13 2 
2216875Fate/Altered Type- Thread the ThirdIn which we get another truce, and meet a black knight. Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Nasushit, Collective Game2018-01-15 3 
February 2018
57739952/tg/ makes a mapThe anons create a beautiful mixed-genre clusterfuck congealed into an amazing little hexcrawlmap, worldbuilding, robots, Getting Shit Done2018-02-02 7 
57853937/tg/ makes a map: episode 2In which our fine elegan/tg/entlemen come together once more to create another awesome hexcrawl as our board culture slowly returns.collab, worldbuilding, robots, Getting Shit Done, /tg/ gets shit done, hexcrawl, map2018-02-11 3 
April 2018
2450892Fate/Altered Type- Thread the FourthIn which a QM's hiatus ends, and we wind up with a houseguest. Or four. Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Nasushit, Collective Game2018-04-13 1 
2481685Fate/Altered Type- Thread the FifthIn which OP makes two posts and disappears into gacha. And we buy time with Taiga. Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Nasushit, Collective Game2018-04-29 1 
May 2018
2518451Another halfway threadShit QM can't pay attention to one questshit2018-05-11 1 
July 2018
2724478An Animated Dealing: An Animated Dealing: Multiplayer Toon RPG Quest (Part 2: Fuck It)This Multiplay Quest is a bad idea, don't even try to bother.An Animated Dealing, Multiplayer Quest, Toon RPG, It's Shit.2018-07-14 0 
60985974Space Marine working in modern office?OP asks how a biologically augmented superhuman would fare in a modern office setting, writefaggotry ensues. How would X do in 40k thread, But strangely not shit, Miracle of miracles2018-07-24 18 
2752391Dungeon Rebirth Quest Gaiden 0: CRABNEET is killed by a meteorite. Somewhere along the line he ends up as a Mecha Crab Kaiju. Mostly a shitpost.Dungeon Rebirth, CRAB, Magic, fantasy, NonGent, collective game, The Snake Report, Shitpost, Mecha, Robots2018-07-26 3 
August 2018
2816506Dungeon Rebirth Quest Gaiden 1: CRABHeroic MechaCrab goes to hell to battle for justice, honor, friends and tiddies. Mostly a shitpost.Dungeon Rebirth, CRAB, Magic, fantasy, NonGent, collective game, The Snake Report, Shitpost, Mecha, Robots2018-08-28 2 
September 2018
61836127shity segmentum: valentine battle edition welcome to 40k roleplay parody at the better autistic style of /tg/,enjoy.40K,roleplay,shity segmentum2018-09-08 0 
November 2018
3035246Capeshit QuestMcDonald's employee Charles Wolf gains superpowers in a mysterious event and adjusts to the resulting world.Collective Game, Capeshit Quest2018-11-19 1 
3049473Dickweed QuestDickweed the short man of the waves lives and dies in this amazing quest.Dickweed, shit quest, one shot2018-11-21 3 
January 2019
3131597Fate Quest Pt. 3: Arrows and GunsIn which we save our ally's ass from being ripped to pieces, find out that Assassin's not dead and turn Assassin's Master into a Vampire.Fate Quest, REDthunderBOAR, Puppets, Ibaraki, Vampire Autism, Fuck Off Caster of Red With Your Bullshit2019-01-05 1 
February 2019
3281240Superpowered Neckbeard QuestDerek, 342 pound neckbeard leaves his mommy's home, stabs a kickboxing cricket man to death, and spontaneously develops superpowers.Collective Game, SNQ, Capeshit, Superpowers, Vigilante, Neckbeard2019-02-26 8 
March 2019
3299177Superpowered Neckbeard Quest, Episode TwoDerek's sad life continuesCollective Game, SNQ, Capeshit, Superpowers, Vigilante, Neckbeard2019-03-09 5 
3358095Persons of Interest #1Start to Persons of Interest. The protagonist finds out his abusive father has mind-control abilities. Can he save his little sister?Persons of Interest Quest, original capeshit, superpowers, Healer Protagonist2019-03-31 7 
April 2019
3390130Persons of Interest #2Chris also needs to deal with the legal consequences of his actions while assuring of his sisters mental well-being and how to move forward.Persons of Interest Quest, original capeshit, superpowers, Healer Protagonist2019-04-07 5 
3425382Persons of Interest #3In the hospital, Chris spends his time learning more about his abilitiesPersons of Interest Quest, original capeshit, superpowers, Healer Protagonist2019-04-23 1 
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