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June 2009
4878401The Aristocrats, FATAL-styleA troll thread gets counter-trolled by clever use of "The Aristocrats" joke. FATAL, The Aristocrats, Trolls2009-06-14 36 
January 2013
22400891Rocket Quest 1In which an Experimental Poochyena and Ghastly are acquired and a careless trainer is relieved of his pokemon.Collective Game, Rocket Quest, Pokemon, LabRats2013-01-05 7 
22535280Rocket Quest 2In which we get promoted, make a Doppleganger and mother some hoodlums.Collective Game, Rocket Quest, Pokemon, LabRats2013-01-12 7 
22668580Rocket Quest 3In which we order our hoodlums around.Collective Game, Rocket Quest, Pokemon, LabRats2013-01-18 5 
22795868Rocket Quest 4In which we set up a watch on Team Aqua and get spooky vibes off of Mount Pyre.Collective Game, Rocket Quest, Pokemon, LabRats2013-01-26 5 
February 2013
22925281Rocket Quest 5In which we have strange dreams and hold up the local Pokemon CenterCollective Game, Rocket Quest, Pokemon, LabRats2013-02-02 7 
June 2013
25515832Mage QuestA MAGE IS YOU. A small quest thread with no relation to the other Mage Quest. Mage, Mage Quest, Magic, Quest, Quest Thread, Collective Game, Rats2013-06-19 0 
January 2014
29474760 Princess Guard Quest 100Will the party end for the hundredth thread?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, congrats you magnificent bastard2014-01-12 32 
February 2015
3807679440k Skaven Worldbuilding/tg/ sets out to fluff an adaptation of Skaven into 40k. Lab rats, biotech horrors, DAoT AI, Pinky and Brain, Mass Effect Collectors and Portal get involved. The results would probably make a really weird army.Skaven, Rats, 40k, Warhammer, Worldbuilding, Fluff, AI, DAoT,2015-02-15 5 
August 2015
41649011Exterminator Quest #6We put a condom on a rat and delve deep into the mysterious underbelly of a seemingly innocuous toy factoryCollective game, insects, lizards, horror, fungus, rats2015-08-03 6 
41856259Exterminator Quest #9We play baseball with cats and sledgehammers before almost dying.collective game, exterminator quest, horror, insects, fungus, cats, rats, earwigs, braineaters2015-08-14 10 
41936632Exterminator Quest #10We win at pool, fail at flirting, and decide to go shopping. It's the weekend!collective game, exterminator quest, horror, insects, fungus, cats, rats, earwigs, braineaters, shopping, murder2015-08-17 7 
41960677Exterminator Quest #11Vincent picks up some threads and tries to check on his boyfriend. (He's a boy who's a friend, ok?!)collective game, exterminator quest, horror, insects, fungus, cats, rats, earwigs, braineaters, shopping, murder2015-08-19 6 
September 2015
42231686animeweebshit, #norugrats2015-09-01 -10 
42401479Exterminator Quest #12Things get badly out of hand.collective game, exterminator quest, horror, insects, fungus, cats, rats, earwigs, braineaters, shopping, murder, gun fighting, thieves2015-09-10 8 
42521826Exterminator Quest #13We make a deal and have a lot more fun than we usually do.collective game, exterminator quest, horror, insects, fungus, cats, rats, earwigs, braineaters, shopping, murder2015-09-15 11 
42651668Exterminator Quest #14The old man and the KFC.collective game, exterminator quest, horror, insects, fungus, cats, rats, earwigs, braineaters, shopping, murder, sea monsters, british girls, espionage2015-09-22 7 
42782384Exterminator Quest #15We finally save our sonfu and bring our bad luck to an end.collective game, exterminator quest, horror, insects, fungus, cats, rats, earwigs, braineaters, shopping, murder, sonfu2015-09-29 7 
42801353Exterminator Quest #16Had to end it, almost forgot to archive. Haiku description.collective game, exterminator quest, horror, insects, fungus, cats, rats, earwigs, braineaters, shopping, murder2015-09-29 7 
October 2015
42909568Exterminator Quest #18In which we abuse the public trust.collective game, exterminator quest, horror, insects, fungus, cats, rats, russians, abuse of authority2015-10-06 6 
October 2016
684380Dynamic Kid Quest 01Humble beginnings when Miles takes a request and drags a friend with him. Rats, barrels and something bigger ensues.Collective Game, Dynamic Quest, Collette, ice cream, rats, intrigue2016-10-17 -15 
November 2016
50096488Of Ratfolk and ElvesStarting with the bizarre idea that elves are in fact shapeshifting rats, posters discuss various ideas featuring both ratfolk and elves. Brainstorming, Elves, Rats, Shapeshifting, Ratfolk, OC, 2016-11-04 12 
November 2017
2089447Quest Lyoko 6: RecoveryAfter Xana's fun day. We switch perspectives to Sissi and then Odd. Also, GIANT ENEMY KRAB?Collective Game,Star, Wagon,Quest Lyoko, Lyoko, Xana, Odd, Sissi, Boss Fight, Critical Instinct, Krab, Hornets, Kanklerats, Ravine, Kadic2017-11-25 2 
January 2018
2167930Animal Tribes Evo 1Animal Tribes Evo begins off to a high pace start from the spring to fall seasons.Civs, Zookeeper, Discord, Evo, Animals, Rats, Dogs, Sheep, Raccoon Jews2018-01-05 4 
2197281Animals Tribes Evo IIWinter is coming, tribes are still developingEvo, Zookeeper, Animal Tribes, Rats, Dogs, Sheep2018-01-15 1 
November 2018
63018295Ratfolk (And Rabbitfolk)What is your preferred way to use ratfolk/rabbitfolk in your setting as a PC race, anons? Why do you like them so much?Ratfolk, rats, art, Skaven, Worldbuilding, brainstorming2018-11-19 9 
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