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July 2017
1609123Gyrocite: Beta CaveA crew of handymen look for their employer's missing merchandise while something crawls about.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-07-01 2 
1655250Skirmish] Gyrocite Beta Cave IIThe crew dives deeper into the cave. Fires are lit and mistakes are made.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-07-18 1 
1680184Gyrocite: Beta Cave IIIThe crew secure the last of the prototypes and find something unexpected. Also more cave spider things.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-07-24 1 
August 2017
1701113Gyrocite: Felman HollowThe crew try to find an engineer and encounter their creations skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-08-02 1 
1751639Gyrocite: Felman Hollow IIThe crew take on automatons and find the engineer.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-08-18 2 
September 2017
1804824Gyrocite: Felman Hollow IIIThe crew finish off the last automaton and prepare for the Vitas Fair. Assets are acquired and the plot thickens. skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-09-11 1 
October 2017
1887552Gyrocite: Vitas FairThe crew travel to Capital for the Vitas fair in Capital. They begin their tech demo in earnest while complications arise.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-10-02 1 
1929406Gyrocite: Vitas Fair IIThe crew continue their demonstration and subterfuge while the Gyre siblings overcome and go under.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-10-13 1 
1970106Gyrocite: Vitas Fair IIIThe crew's demonstration reaches its finale while the others take care of the bagmen.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-10-30 1 
November 2017
2047172Gyrocite: Capital BallThe crew start their second shift in Capital all on separate assignments.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-11-19 1 
December 2017
2085278Gyrocite: Capital Ball IIThings get hectic when the crew face off against their main adversaries.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-12-01 1 
2117587Gyrocite: Capital Ball IIIThe final waltz begins and in the park danger lurks.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2017-12-16 1 
January 2018
2159373Gyrocite: AcquisitionsThe crew receive their pay and find out where they'll be going next.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2018-01-02 1 
2182318Gyrocite: Praia de OroThe crew venture into the criminally hot slums to find some hostagesskirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2018-01-09 1 
2219479Gyrocite: Praia de Oro IIThings get hotter as an armory ignites and the heavy guns are brought out.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2018-01-22 2 
February 2018
2261020Gyrocite: Praia de Oro IIThis start coming together as the crew happen upon some information about things happening behind the scenesskirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2018-02-08 1 
2303325Gyrocite: Praia de Oro IVFire and mortar consume Jove as the crew make their escape.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2018-02-26 1 
March 2018
2345589Gyrocite: Praia de Oro VThe rescue is complete but not without cost.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2018-03-08 1 
April 2018
2401243Gyrocite: Acquisitions IIAfter their adventure in Foz de Plato the crew take some time off.skirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2018-04-02 1 
June 2018
2642599Gyrocite: Line PK72 IIThe crew look for their target and mingle with fellow passengersskirmish, gyrocite, steampunk2018-06-27 1 
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