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Archived Threads

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January 2008
1034444Creepy Wall campaignWhat starts out as a DM trying to bore his players to death turns into an interesting campaign idea.Guard, Wall, Creepy2008-01-19Editor's Choice
March 2008
1316306The Eclipsion TerrorguardA continuation of >>1312058, further fleshing out of the scariest Traitor Guards ever created.Eclipsion Guard, Lost and the Damned, Corrupted Starchild,2008-03-11 14 
1321750Eclipsion Terrorguard, part 3Continuation of >>1316306Eclipsion Guard, Lost and the Damned, Corrupted Starchild2008-03-12 4 
May 2008
1775987RapeguardA moronic DM shoehorns a celibate paladin into a magically-dominated fall because "all men want to have sex with women, no matter what they say." /tg/ plots revenge.No it's not a rape thread, blackguard, stupid DM, paladins2008-05-20 27 
June 2008
1927081Rapeguard, continuedUpdate on Anonymous' plan for vengeance on his group's DM.No it's not a rape thread, blackguard, stupid DM, paladins 2008-06-07 26 
August 2008
2397827Angry GuardA simple conversion idea request spawns a new regiment of guardsmen. Scriptarius also makes an appearance once more.Angry, Guard, Scriptarius2008-08-22 4 
September 2008
2600504Insert title here...Thin Fa/tg/uy begins the first chapter in a fantastic bit of writefaggotry concerning a rookie guardsman and his brush with Daemonic forces and the Grey Knightswritefag fluff warhammer 40k thin fa/tg/uy grey knights imperial guard2008-09-17 25 
2620824Insert title here chapter 2Thin fa/tg/uy continues to refuse to name his story about a guardsman named Jim brought before the inquisitionwritefag fluff warhammer 40k thin fa/tg/uy imperial guard2008-09-20 18 
December 2008
3122644Mouse Guard RPGAn early look at the Mouse Guard RPG rulebook, character sheets, promises of a MG mod for DFmouse guard2008-12-06 1 
March 2009
3931590Mantis LegionScriptarius' quest for an Imperial Guard army takes a turn for the epic as the idea of a psyker-filled night world is created and fleshed outPsyker Guard, Scriptarius, Imperial Guard2009-03-10 3 
April 2009
4329164What is it like to hold a Doomguard in your arms?Etc. etc. one of those for each faction. Moderately entertaining and so forth.Planescape, doomguard, Pentar, dark sun2009-04-20 7 
May 2009
4580594Roleplaying Horror StoriesHorror Stories of Freeform RPGs. Turns into win with James Bond the crab and generic guard.Freeform, James Bond the Crab, Guard, SuperGuard, Horror Stories, Players2009-05-18 20 
4686070Imperial Guard First Person Running and ScreamingYou are a guardsmen. Your objective? SURVIVE. 40k, Imperial Guard, FPS, survival horror2009-05-28 26 
June 2009
4750158Drew the Lich: Plottan part 2Shit hits the fan when Kiara returns. Continuation of previous thread.Drew the lich, OH SHIT, blackguard, we need more kiara porn2009-06-02 49 
4956404Help with glueSomeone glues guardsman pieces to his penisNSFW glue penis guardsman2009-06-21 70 
July 2009
5234728The Greater GoodThe journal of a guardsman captured by the Tau.Fanfic, Imperial Guard, Tau, 40k, writefaggotry2009-07-23 5 
August 2009
5486355 Eurides Calis/Khorna, psyker-chan/guardsman writefaggeryAnonymous writefag completes the story of Eurides Calis and Khorna, and posts psyker-chan and guardsman story as wellEurides Calis, Khorna, psyker-chan, guardsman, writefaggotry, 40k2009-08-17 0 
5557739Blackguard Radio Chatter*Hiss* Is this working? *Static* Inquisitor Lord are you there? Your blackship crashed and we're stranded! *Static* -end help. Did you survive the crash?Raido Static, Blackguard, Guardmen2009-08-23 -2 
5593714Guardsman EliGuardsman Eli tells why he is no longer a good man. A manly tear inducing story.Warhammer 40K, Imperial Guard, Manly Tears2009-08-26 27 
September 2009
5702219Random Guardsman Quest - Insomniac Edition/tg/ wakes up in a guard bunker and proceeds to FOR THE BLOOD GOD!40k, roleplay, quest, guard2009-09-03 10 
5704578Gary the Betrayer Quest Pt. 2MORE BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! MORE SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE! MORE TSUNDERE FOR THE TSUNDERE GOD!40k, roleplay, quest, guard, khorne, chaos2009-09-03 -1 
5705617Gary the Betrayer Quest, Pt 3We begin to build our force as we set our sights on the Tactical Genius himself. Cadia shall fall.40k, roleplay, quest, guard, khorne, chaos2009-09-03 -1 
5711048Gary the Betrayer Quest, Pt 3 Pt 2Sagefags fucked up the thread after the profile caused a GARY SUE Shitstorm. Fuckers. Will continue later tonight.40k, roleplay, quest, guard, khorne, chaos2009-09-03 -2 
5738533Gary the Betrayer Quest, Pt 3.3WE GET FUCKED BY DARK ANGELS AND RUN TO THE EYE. WE FUCK UP KHORNATE DAEMON PRINCES AND BROFIST KHARN. FUCK YEAR.40k, roleplay, quest, guard, khorne, chaos2009-09-05 0 
5740595Gary the Betrayer Quest, Pt 3.4Sagefags stopped it again tonight. Shitsux. Progress is currently 3/5th ready for assault on Cadia.40k, roleplay, quest, guard, khorne, chaos2009-09-06 0 
5768807Tactics QuestGuardsman Anon finds himself taking command of the remnants of his squad in the middle of his regiment's first battle with the Necrons. 40k, Imperial Guard, quest2009-09-08 6 
5794633Tactics Quest Part Sam!Tactics Quest continues. Gather the old team, meet the new team, and drop into a warzone.40k, Imperial Guard, quest2009-09-10 2 
5796371Tactic Quest Part COMBATTake up carefully chosen positions and mow down the endless waves of oncoming foes. It's just another day in the Emperor's service. Now with added Nurgle.40k, Imperial Guard, quest2009-09-10 2 
5950279Tactics Quest #5.5After a devastating enemy artillery bombardment (the result of garrisoning the a build with bright red target marks all over it) we must rally the platoon, as the arch-enemy attempts to breach the doors. 40k, Imperial Guard, quest2009-09-21 0 
6059325Moar Interlude from RightfagYet more sequential writefaggotry from 'Why the Imperium will win, despite GRIMDARK'. Sergeant-Major Briggs is alive, ready for duty and packing heat.40k, Stormtroopers, Imperial Guard, Sergeant-Major Briggs, Writefaggotry2009-09-29 1 
December 2009
7245628Armor Quest, Pt. 1The adventures of a leman russ crew.Armor Quest, Leman Russ, Tanks, Quest, imperial guard2009-12-22 0 
March 2010
8652839Paladins! Fuck yeah!Starts out slow, but grows to encompass Paladins that turn into Black Guards when they're angry, Paladins so British they shit crumpets, and Bards creating awesome by impersonating Paladins.Paladin, Fantasy, D&D, Bard, Black Guard2010-03-19 6 
April 2010
9158648Grunt Quest ISomeone posts a quest starter. After a lack of follow-up, a couple of replacement DMs take over and give the best Imperial Guard quest since Tactics Quest.Grunt Quest, Imperial Guard, IG, Quest, 40k2010-04-13 1 
9163548Grunt Quest IIWe take out three Noise Marines, get recommended a promotion and manage to save a tank driver from execution. Just another day in the life in His Majesty's Imperial Guard.Grunt Quest, Imperial Guard, IG, Quest, 40k2010-04-13 1 
939166040k replaced with animated mouseswhat happens when you mix dark herisy and mouse guard. Awesome happens thats what.Dark herasy, Mouse guard, 40k, mice2010-04-24 -2 
9395826Jopall Indentured Regiment/tg/ discusses a long-neglected Imperial Guard regiment of under-handed, money-obsessed scoundrels. Writefaggotry is done. 40k, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, writefaggotry, Jopall, Jopall Indentured Squadrons2010-04-24 7 
May 2010
9548788The HuntThe story of a IG sniper and the Tau unit that is chasing him.Warhammer 40, Tau, Imperial guard, Sniper2010-05-01 1 
August 2010
11530867Guardsman Quest 3Our guardsman goes through a fucked up dream sequence, gets (possibly fake) memories back, and raids the armory finally.Guardsman Quest, Guardsman, Imperial Guard, Quest, Collective Game2010-08-05 4 
11547558Guardsman Quest IVO=In which our noble Guardsman loots the armory, and meets Frank, the elevator Demon. Good times are had, he has a chat with Death, and meets Cog, a techpriest.Guardsman Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Guardsman, Imperial Guard2010-08-06 2 
September 2010
12127531The final moments of Pavonis StarportAn epic end to an epic writefaggotryImperial Guard, Writefaggotry, Epic, Dawn of War, Jon Falker, Vietnam 40k2010-09-17 30 
October 2010
12326310Guardsman Quest Part 1Corporal David Hayter wakes up on a battlefield, finds Private Hal Emmerich, a Long-Las, and a salamander with a girl in it. Brevets himself to Sargent, and starts on their journey.Guardsman Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Imperial Guard, Quest2010-10-04 5 
12350366Guardsman Quest Part 2Sergeant David Hayter and his group reach the rendevous point, discover everyone there is dead, discover that there are other imperial guard on the planet, get two new members to the party, and venture into a Chaos filled city. Meanwhile, the questers deal with an irritating grammar naziGuardsman Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Imperial Guard, Quest2010-10-06 3 
12362034Guardsman Quest Part 3In this session of Guardsman Quest, Evaline is refueled, we kick cultist ass, discover the secrets of Pvt. Katy Perry and Corporal Lucious Keldo, and meet Lieutenant John Keel and his group.Guardsman Quest, Collective Game, 40k, Imperial Guard, Quest2010-10-07 2 
12383837Hatamoto War WidowsTripfag introduces his custom guard regiment with a suprisingly well-developed backstory. Entertaining discussion on sources of inspiration and adapting cultures for 40K ensues.40k, Imperial Guard, writefaggotry, Hatamoto2010-10-09 4 
12397624Make an Imperial Guard Regiment Using Your CaptchaFun with captcha leads to creation of awesome and hilarious Imperial Guard regiments.40K, fluff, Imperial Guard, homebrew2010-10-11 6 
November 2010
12917518LARPing advice threadIn which Anon gets taught how the average LARP works, and tips on being a bard at same.LARP, bard, Blind Guardian bad, advice, tutorial2010-11-25 3 
December 2010
13000992Mouseguard: The Call of SteveIa! Ia! Steve ftagh The Cyclopean Nightmare of the Combine Tractors and other stories.Mouseguard, Steve, Chtullu, Humanity, Sanity check2010-12-03 5 
13153384Shy GuardsmanThe story of Klightus Sister Bethany.Klightus Sister Bethany Shy Guardsman2010-12-14 67 
13331994Shy Guardsman IIContinuation of the story of of Klightus and Sister BethanyKlightus Sister Bethany Shy Guardsman2010-12-29 29 
January 2011
13444943Shy Guardsman IIIThe story of Klightus and Bethany continues to continueShy Guardsman, Klightus, Bethany, Amaia, Guardsman, Sisters of Battle2011-01-08 27 
13501913Imperial Guard GeneralDark Heresy? I'll bring my flash light!"imperial guard"2011-01-13 0 
13541792Shy Guardsman IVThe final part of Klightus' and Bethany's story.Shy Guardsman, Klightus, Bethany, Amaia, Wiprecht, Guardsman, Sisters of Battle2011-01-16 28 
13547642The Blackguard's DaughterThread about a butthurt DM turns into original writefaggotry. Rape is surprisingly left aside.blackguard, elf, daughter, evil, writefaggotry2011-01-17 27 
13574563The Blackguard's Daughter Part IIA continuation of the story of Lily.blackguard, elf, daughter, evil, writefaggotry2011-01-19 20 
February 2011
13836896Johnny Bravo joins the Imperial GuardSome funny discussion and glorious latenight writefaggotry concerning that groovy motherfucker, Johnny Bravo.Johnny Bravo, Imperial Guard, Writefaggotry2011-02-10 33 
13904170Klightus and Bethany get marriedAt long last, Shy Guardsman gives us the long-awaited account of Klightus and Bethany's wedding. What better day than Valentine's Day to tell the story.Shy Guardsman, Klightus, Bethany, Amaia, Wiprecht, Guardsman, Sisters of Battle2011-02-14 32 
March 2011
14087660Imperial Guard Quest Part ILeft behind.imperial guard, quest, collective game, tau2011-03-01 0 
14126034Imperial Guard Quest Part IIthe unnamed soldier encounters a small village.imperial guard, quest, collective game, tau2011-03-04 1 
14400895Modern-themed Imperial GuardThread about how to make an I.G army that's closer to modern armies than WW1 soldiers.IG Imperial Guard Modern Operator Warhammer 40000 40k I.G2011-03-29 3 
May 2011
14793059City Guard StoriesStories and opinions from the guard mooks in adventure game settings. You know, the ones described with a single throw-away phrase and whom you don't notice until you've killed a half-dozen of them because they caught you trying to pickpocket a noble. They don't like adventurers much.guards, adventure, stories, writing2011-05-03 44 
14847413Guardians Exemplar 1The long-awaited sequel to the Übermarines. Contains all the infomation from a number of threads which never got archived.WH40k, Guardians Exemplar, Deathwatch, homebrew, Space Marines, custom chapter2011-05-07 2 
14868050Abyssal Jaws 9The fluffing out of the Maresian SeaGuard begins.WH40k, Abyssal Jaws, Maresia, Deathwatch, homebrew, Space Marines, custom chapter, Maresian SeaGuard2011-05-09 0 
15086122Let's make an IG Regiment (Arianius 27th regiment #1)Describing the all female 27th Arianius Regiment of the Imperial Guard. 40k, Guardsman2011-05-28 2 
August 2011
15905034/tg/GuardsWe take a look at a usual day at the /tg/ City Guard/tg/, citywatch, town watch, guards, tarrasque, apocalypse, goddamnitcarl2011-08-11 7 
16037299Traditional Anthropomorphic GamesI canhear yoou groaning from across the net, but I'm saving this thread not just for the wealth of playable furry games, but for >>16038331 this tale of 'HURR DURR YIFF IN HELL' gone too far. Sin is when we treat people as things; this applies to all people, those we feel compatibility with and those who like what we do not like.Anthropomorphism, Furry, Mouse Guard, Storytime, righteous rage, Yiff in Hell, asshole, assault 2011-08-23 -24 
16115726Uplifting Primer 2: The Nid EditionA friendly Guardsmen explains why the Tyranids aren't as scary as we think 40k, nids, tyranids, propaganda, truth, guardsmen, guardsman, imperium, humor, teaching, lessons, informative, IG, Imperial Guard, Imperial Guardsmen2011-08-30 4 
September 2011
1641893140k: The MusicalLyrics and music to the proposed 40k musical40k, Guard, Space Marine, Musical2011-09-25 5 
November 2011
16902450/tg/ Meta quest 18Wherein we loot more first age magic swords, and the OP goes to bed early.Collective game, Meta quest, Quest, Transpace guard, Meta, Middle earth, Barad-dur, Sauron, LotR2011-11-10 14 
December 2011
17067317Heretical LoveMaximus Decarus the last surviving member of his guardsman unit, must survive, and potentially prosper (in the coin of delicious xenos ass) in a world seemingly out to kill him off specifically.Collective Game, guardsman, xenos, writefagging2011-12-01 28 
17073735Heretical Love Maximus Decarus the last surviving member of his guardsman unit, must survive, and potentially prosper (in the coin of delicious xenos ass) in a world seemingly out to kill him off specifically. Thread 2 - EldarCollective Game, guardsmen, xenos, writefagging, Heretical Love2011-12-01 39 
17080400Imperial Guard Talk And CreationImperial Guard favorites talk leads to a Creation table on par of Rites of BattleImperial Guard, Creation Tables, Rites of Battle2011-12-02 5 
January 2012
17586782Space Wolves are AssholesStory is written about Space Wolves being assholes, /tg/ takes it upon themselves to write the other perspectivesstory, storytime, writing, funny, space wolves, space marines, guardsmen, whores2012-01-18 10 
17598005So this one time..IRL shenanigans. Encounters and such. İncludes a guard tackling a thief in a medieval fair and getting promoted...Guard, IRL, Random Encounter, Story, STOP RİGHT THERE CRİMİNAL SCUM!, Larp2012-01-19 5 
17733889BLACKGUARD QUEST - WITH STARS IN HIS EYESFreed Slave hopes to conquer world. collective game, fantasy, blackguard quest, adventure, 2012-01-30 11 
February 2012
17757543BLACKGUARD QUEST – Vol. 2 – MALIGNANT HOPECut off early due to random URL ban?!? Hero pays a kindness to old slave friends, goes to new land, explores new magicscollective game, magic, fantasy, blackguard quest, adventure, 2012-02-01 3 
17789368BLACKGUARD QUEST – Vol. 3 – HIGH ADVENTUREOur Hero enchants some weapons, delves into a dungeon, slays a necromancer, some lizardmen and some cannibalistic half orcs. collective game, rogues, magic, barbarians, fantasy, blackguard quest, adventure, 2012-02-03 3 
17801539BLACKGUARD QUEST - Vol. 3 pt 2 - The Sands of DespairOur hero accepts a quest to woo a princess and robs a templecollective game, rogues, magic, barbarians, fantasy, blackguard quest, adventure, 2012-02-04 2 
17811020BLACKGUAQUEST - Vol. 3 pt 3 – An Oasis of TalentTakes the Princess to the Prince. Denied reward. Murders prince and all his guards. Rides into sunset with princess in crew. collective game, rogues, magic, barbarians, fantasy, blackguard quest, adventure, 2012-02-05 6 
17871904BLACKGUARD QUEST - Vol. 4 - Blood From the StarsOur hero enters an ancient temple, and converses through dreams with black godscollective game, magic, fantasy, blackguard quest, adventure, 2012-02-09 2 
18117621Another Metaquest planning threadLet us discuss the ways in which the Meta works, or to be more precise, the ways in which it does not.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Orz, Editors, Transpace, Guard2012-02-28 6 
April 2012
18829626Necrons ain't got nothing on usOP with his merry band of ragtag rank 2 IG takes on Deathwatch 'Crons and wins like a baus40k, Dark Heresy, Imperial Guard, HFY2012-04-24 34 
18910050Mass Effect quest threadWe meet Vanguard James Rennick, alcohol is had, interspecies relations are discussed, shit hits the fan. TO BATTLESTATIONS!Mass effect, Vanguard, The Illusive Man, Ryncol, Biotics2012-04-29 10 
18921617A-Team Guardsmen vs Necrons - Part 2The unluckiest GM alive once again tries to to kill our heroes, this time with a Necron Tomb. Shenanigans ensue.40k, Dark Heresy, Imperial Guard, Necrons, Funny, Awesome2012-04-30 36 
May 2012
18933377Mass Effect Quest Part 1Wendigo and Jackal Squads continue towards mission objective. Sgt. Briggs makes Bro-tier, Newton proves to not be a total Jenkins, and we learn the dice Gods love Vanguards.Mass Effect, Vanguard, Geronimo, Briggs, Biotic2012-05-01 12 
18955531The Mass Effect quest part 3It seems Vanguard's are cursed with high dice rolls and strong grappling techniques.Mass effect, Vanguard, The Illusive Man, Geronimo, Nova2012-05-03 7 
19012677A-Team Guardsmen vs Necrons - Part 3The GM has realized that his Necrons have become ineffectual Saturday Morning Cartoon villains and just rolls with it.40k, Dark Heresy, Imperial Guard, Necrons, Funny, Awesome2012-05-07 30 
19231905Mass Effect Quest Filler Arc 4We learn more about our mysterious assailant, Geronimo is promoted to N1. LEVEL UP! We head back to Terra Nova to form up Jaguar Squad and let the ass kicking commence.Mass Effect Quest, Illusive Man, Geronimo, Karrigan, Vanguard, ICT, Briggs, Ajax2012-05-25 7 
June 2012
196399821st Emperors MembranesAn attempt to randomly create a Imperial Guard regiment results in the Membranes, 97% which are psykers.Only War, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Membranes2012-06-26 39 
July 2012
19765059Informative Artillery Lingo threadOP requests for military jargon to use in an Only War campaign with IRL servicemen. Gets more than what he bargained for. Very informative and detailed discussion.Only War, Artillery, Lingo, Military, Jargon, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard2012-07-07 11 
19817308Guardsman Quest: The fight for Amerigo SecondusIn this quest we take the role on the role of Fineas Edward Line, minor noble man and all around suave motherfucker. The planet gets handed over to the Tau by Governor nixon and Fineas sets off on a quest to defeat the Tau. He meats a gang of feline abhumans, gets recruited by an inquisitor and has nightmares while he's awake.Collective_Game, 40K, Imperial_Guard, Guardsman_Quest, Amerigo_Scondus, Tau, Catgirls, Heresy, Inquisition, Pancakes2012-07-10 10 
19859727GuardsMan Quest: Fight For Amerigo Secondus: Chapter Four: Rallying CryIn this quest we recruit beastmen, Squats, devour our first piece of living tech, Impregnate Anevka, and reccieve the blessing of the omnisiah.Guardsman_Quest, Inquisition, 40k, Imperium, Catgirls, Beastmen, Dark_Age_of_Science, Hunting_Rig, Tau, Underhive, Squats, Collective_Game, Quest2012-07-14 10 
19863172Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic EditionThe survivors of the Star City National Guard try to survive and make a place for themselves in the apocalyptic wasteland that was once the American north-west.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-14 20 
19870867Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 2Their position secure, the Star Guard improves their infrastructure and discovers a raider fortress.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-14 11 
19868766Planetary Governor Quest: Part FourteenWe talk about politics, Democracy up, make some good headway in dismantling the Hulk, and accidentally wake up something terrible in the core of the Hulk by abysmally failing a roll.Planetary Governor Quest, Collective Game, Space Marines, Astartes, Imperial Guard, IG, PDF, RT, Rogue Trader, Xenos, Warhammer, 40K, Tyranid, Tyranids, Genestealer, Pirates. spiders, oh god why, SOB, Sisters of Battle2012-07-14 11 
19878957Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 3The Star Guard destroys the raider fort, finds tribals at a hospital, and begins research.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-15 11 
19892493Civ Game: Post Apocalyptic Edition 4The Star Guard learns of a cure for the Redbulls' rage and fights their way to a naval base to find it.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-15 11 
19899086Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 5The Star Guard gets helicopters, explores the river, meets a megacorp, and sends guardsmen to live at the naval base.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-16 12 
19908799Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 6The Star Guard explore the city via helicopter and try to liberate the airport island and the Gold Stars.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-16 12 
19912279Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 7The Star Guard liberates the airport, starts spreading the Star Guard movement to other cities, and begins the Redbull offensive.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-17 15 
19926666Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 8Star Guard liberates Redbulls and kicks some tribal assCollective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-17 14 
19930293Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 9The Star Guard liberates child soldiers and establishes protected trade routes.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-18 14 
19941696Civ Game: Post-Apocalyptic Edition 10The Star Guard trades, expands, prospers, and then the main base explodes.Collective Game, Civ Game, Post Appocaliptic, Quest, Star Guard, Salient Blue2012-07-19 16 
August 2012
20544279Medieval X-COM - part 1Muscle trio of three barbarian assassins wrestle their way to the ruined castle where they kill the king.Collective Game, Medieval X-COM, X-COM, guard,2012-08-31 10 
September 2012
20567326Medieval X-COM - part 2Avant-Garde is formed, giant crabs are foughtCollective Game, Medieval X-COM, X-COM, guard,2012-09-02 7 
20595385Medieval X-COM - part 3troll bridge is conquered, Gaspard is savedCollective Game, Medieval X-COM, X-COM, guard,2012-09-04 6 
20721927Medieval X-COM - part 4hugs are given and cultists are killedCollective Game, Medieval X-COM, X-COM, guard,2012-09-14 6 
20745596Medieval X-COM - part 5merchants are saved, guards are killedCollective Game, Medieval X-COM, X-COM, guard,2012-09-16 10 
October 2012
21047822Zerg Quest CVIIOn the plus side, the XN are on the ropes! On the negative side, so is the fabric of spacetime! We might defeat both.Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, STOP BLOWING HOLES IN MY REALITY, Xel'Naga, The Guardian, War never changes, Boldly Going2012-10-09 7 
21081671The Journal of Grask HarnlinOne Imperial Guardsman's journal during the campaign known only as The Grand Shitstorm of Olenus Primaris. Brought to you by the OP of the original Olenus Primaris thread.The Grand Shitstorm of Olenus Primaris, Imperial Guard, writefaggotry,2012-10-12 3 
December 2012
21846007BLACKGUARD QUEST – Vol. 5Explores desert fortress, battles ancient metal skeletonsCollective Game, quest, blackguard quest2012-12-02 4 
21990896Private Linda RedshirtWhat starts as somebody attempting to force a joke transforms into something beautiful.40k, Pvt. Linda Redshirt, Imperial Guard,2012-12-11 28 
January 2013
22489457City Guardsman Quest 1We are Captain of the City Guard, Varnus Corr, and it is most definitely a Monday. We are inundated with work, the Guard is understaffed, a city noble has gone and 'accosted' the elven ambassador, and we forgot our daughter's birthday.Collective Game, Quest, City Guardsman Quest2013-01-09 5 
22504406The Commissar and MarciaCommissar adopts an Eldar into the IG psykerseldar imperial guard marcia commissar draw thread 2013-01-10 48 
22509195City Guardsman Quest part 2We are Captain of the City Guard, Varnus Corr. Investigating is done, we sort out some paper work take a nap and go for drinksCollective Game, Quest, City Guardsman Quest2013-01-10 2 
22560741The Commissar and Marcia :Training beginsa small session of training for the eldar convert, then some side pics by OPdrawthread, drawfag, eldar, IG, quest, imperial, guard, Marcia, Commissar2013-01-13 32 
22564863City Guardsman Quest 3We get a drink at a tavern, find out about a possible bandit mole, get knocked out, imprisoned by the Church, and get experimented on. They really should checked the bottles on their potions, though, and not mixed up "Will Kill The PC" with "Will Grant PC Were-Bear Powers".Collective Game, Quest, City Guardsman Quest2013-01-13 7 
22617928The Commissar and Marcia: Obstacle CourseThe Commissar's eldar conscript is put through the paces.Eldar, IG, Imperial Guard, Quest, Marcia, Commissar, drawthread2013-01-16 22 
22656737The Commissar and Marcia 5A character from the Commissar's past returns from the dead. He then proceeds to knock out an entire tavern's worth of patrons and recruits a psyker to serve as Marcia's teacher.Eldar, IG, Imperial Guard, Quest, Marcia, Commissar, Collective Game2013-01-18 21 
22668478Hormissar Gaunt Part 1The beginning of the tales of Hormissar Gaunt, the legendary commissar.Hormissar Gaunt Quest, Hormissar, Hormissar Gaunt, Tyranid, Guardsman, Imperial, Collective Game, 2013-01-19 25 
22686889Hormissar Gaunt Part 2The Adventures Continue! We have more Steak, more Guardifexes, and more fun!Hormissar Gaunt Quest, Hormissar, Hormissar Gaunt, Tyranid, Guardsman, Imperial, Collective Game, Steak, Guardifex. 2013-01-20 15 
22753651Fantasy Quest VIIIWe evade one of the criminals, meet a ganja-loving Orc and finally get to Newport Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard, orc, weed, carriage, guards, reggae2013-01-23 13 
22808008Space Guardian Quest 1We awaken after 1,1,67 years, drifting in space. We terminate intruders, and fight off a hostile squadron of ships. An ill-timed lowering of our shields results in enemy boarders getting through and disabling 25% of our heavy weapons. While we fight them off, we suffer 65% casualties.Space Guardian Quest, Collective Game, Space, AI, 2013-01-27 7 
22821878Space Guardian Quest 2After repairing the majority of the damage from the battle, we leave the planet of Haros as Empire colony and end up in yet another stuggle against Qua and win.Collective Game, Space Guardian Quest, Space, AI2013-01-27 6 
22822947The Hormissar, part 3we get some more troops, toys, and fun.warhammer 40k, quest, tyranid, hormissar, imperial guard, silly2013-01-28 10 
February 2013
22963001Only War CampaignA squad of Guardsmen are dropped on a Feudal Planet and with orders to turn it into a speed bump for the Tyranid Hive fleet arriving in 18 years.Warhammer 40K, Only War, Imperial Guard2013-02-04 10 
22956643the tales of the hormissar part 4A really, really strange installment. Leman russ with a tail.warhammer 40k, hormissar, imperial guard, tyranid, quest2013-02-04 7 
23016703Childhood friend became a blackguard, what do?OP asks the question, thread is derailed twice and quality writing is produced.What do?, paladin, blackguard, Descartes2013-02-07 4 
March 2013
23506779Whiteshield TrainingThread about whiteshields gets some classic whiteshield training OCwhiteshields, drill sergeants, imperial guard, IG, OC2013-03-04 3 
May 2013
24599545Best Blackguard Ever"One of my players decided to roll a Chaotic Evil Blackguard for my current campaign... I'm not sure if he's doing Chaotic Evil wrong, or if everyone else is." It's the latter.D&D, Blackguard, Chaotic Evil2013-05-03 63 
25064084RPGs for kids/tg/ discuss games they've ran for children.Harry Potter, /tg/, rpgs, GURPS, storytime, adorable, Toon, Mouse Guard2013-05-28 7 
July 2013
26003249Fear the Guard/tg/ tells stories of the city guards in their campaigns, many textblocks of how their PC's had their asses handed to them on a pike.Guard, DnD, NPC,2013-07-14 10 
August 2013
26838541Lord General Quest 1Lord General travels to the world of Vitalitas to raise his first Regiment before preparing to liberate the world of Le Keers. Politicking upon a dying world, securing aid, and raising his first Siege Regiment, the Lord General lays the groundwork for his future.Collective Game, Lord General Quest, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Commissars2013-08-27 22 
26876368Lord General Quest 2Lord General and the Vitalitas 1st Siege Regiment arrive at Le Keers to find the enemy's numbers larger than expected, but begin their attack undaunted! Perspective shift to a Company Commander's view takes the fight to a crashed Devourer dropship's survivors at the Starport of Omnissiah's Gateway... Guardsman Ronalds will not be forgotten. Collective Game, Lord General Quest, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Commissars, Invasion, Heretics, Death or Glory2013-08-29 20 
26917030Lord General Quest 3The liberation of Le Keers continues. For the Emperor, boys!Collective Game, Lord General Quest, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Commissars, Invasion, Heretics, Death or Glory2013-08-31 20 
September 2013
27022240Lord General Quest Vol. 4The Lord General and the Vitalis Siege Regiment launch a rescue and begin the Siege.Collective Game, Lord General Quest, Warhammer 40K, Quest Thread, Imperial Guard2013-09-04 16 
27052080(Royal) Princess Guard Quest 1Master swordsman Reinhold reports for his first day of his new assignment. Said assignment is far from pleasant.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-06 83 
27066493Princess Guard Quest 2First day on the job, part two. No fondling involved, despite certain people's best efforts.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-06 44 
27097267Princess Guard Quest 3Reinhold discovers the joys of castle life. Also, turkey legs.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-08 33 
27129972Princess Guard Quest 4Reinhold manages not to spill any spaghetti. He also meets a scary butler.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-09 33 
27168317Princess Guard Quest 5In which Reinhold learns of legendary swords. Also there is a trip into town.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-12 33 
27192267Princess Guard Quest 6Town outing, part the second. Then Reinhold gets spooked.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-13 33 
27232134Princess Guard Quest 7Reinhold meets a mage girl and proceeds to make her blush with his suaveness.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-15 33 
27255493Princess Guard Quest 8In which Reinhold totally punches a dude in the face.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-16 27 
27269627Princess Guard Quest 9Reinhold deals with the fallout of punching dudes in the face.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-17 33 
27289547Princess Guard Quest 10Reinhold acts like a total goof. Then, far too many 1s are rolled.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-18 41 
27320391Princess Guard Quest 11A new princess appears! Also, random setting information.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-20 45 
27357508Princess Guard Quest 12In which Reinhold stumbles upon a Habsburg plot.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-22 35 
27372566Princess Guard Quest 13In which we argue about shit we already haveCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-23 32 
27391517Princess Guard Quest 14Luciana rediscovers the joys of pancakes.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-24 32 
27425331Princess Guard Quest 15Reinhold meets the king, while posters decide to act like total faggots.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-26 32 
27424946Forrest Gump as an Imperial guardsman"Ah may not be a... Smart man. B-but I know whut Heresy... Is."gump, guard, 40k2013-09-26 20 
27459350Princess Guard Quest 16Sketching portraits, magic lessons, and meditation.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-09-28 31 
27492988Princess Guard Quest 17Reinhold gets paid, prompting a discussion about finances.Collective Game, Princess Guard Qust 172013-09-30 26 
October 2013
27509651Princess Guard Quest 18In which Luciana heads back home.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-01 30 
27525958Princess Guard Quest 19Dancing, magic lessons, and sour grapes.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-02 41 
27535107Guardsman's Bizzare Adventure ~JoJo's Quest~ 0/tg/ gets a JoJo set up.Collective Game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, JoJo, JoJo Guardsman Quest, warhammer40k2013-10-02 25 
27541587Princess Guard Quest 20In which Reinhold casts his first spell and fights an old man.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-03 31 
27545712Princess Guard Quest 21In which Reinhold takes a day off from his guarding duties.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest 2013-10-03 33 
27575910 Guardsman's Bizzare Adventure ~JoJo's Quest~ 01: "A Guardsman Named 「JoJo」The beginning of the tale of Joachim Joestar begins in the grimdarkness of 40k. Much posing ensures. We befriend a pysker and meet a childhood friendA Guardsman's Bizzare adventure JoJo's Quest, Posing,Collective game, warhammer 40k2013-10-05 25 
27589382Guardsman's Bizzare Adventure ~JoJo's Quest~ 01: "A Guardsman Named 「JoJo」 Part 2In which we Awaken a Stand, chill with the Emprah, and have a commissar go bugfuck insane and kill most of our friens, and meet a foul xeno witch....with a standA Guardsman's Bizzare adventure JoJo's Quest, Posing,Collective game, warhammer 40k, 2013-10-06 23 
27595200Princess Guard Quest 22Shopping trips, friendly beatings, and spies.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-06 30 
27612258Princess Guard Quest 23In which Reinhold gets his /fa/ on.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-07 34 
27633324Princess Guard Quest 24In which an angry fedora causes an almost immediate autosage. And we talk to a whore.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-10-08 26 
27636586Princess Guard Quest 25Of Pastries and ProstitutesCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-08 31 
27651717Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure 02 Consolations, Hateful Posing, and Flighty Banshees.Collective Game, Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure, Warhammer 40k2013-10-09 24 
27649603Princess Guard Quest 26Fun with Nicolette's family!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-09 36 
27666958Princess Guard Quest 27Dinner with Nicolette's family! We deliver the pastries to Marianne.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-10 31 
27699693Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure 02-2Heretical shirtless bonding and flaming Stands.Collective Game, Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure, Warhammer 40k, 40k2013-10-12 6 
27711165Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure 02-3 Finding a disguise (shirt included), getting everyone ready and the dice seem to be hinting at something. I wonder what that could be? Collective Game, Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure, Warhammer 40k, 40k, Jojo2013-10-13 13 
27713988Princess Guard Quest 28In which Reinhold nearly gets experimented upon.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-13 28 
27731251Princess Guard Quest 29In which Reinhold learns that Princesses have feelings too.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-14 37 
27739960Guardsman's Bizzare Adventure ~JoJo's Quest~ 03The players come across a horrifying truth: the QM for this Quest is M. Night Shyamalan in disguise.Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure, 40k, Warhammer 40, JoJo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Collective Game2013-10-15 12 
27767420Princess Guard Quest 30Reinhold almost gets the Princess mad for being so goddamn nice all the time.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-10-16 37 
27782507Princess Guard Quest 31Sylvie casts Fist! It's super effective!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-17 30 
27788170Princess Guard Quest 32Reinhold spends the evening learning a new spell before archelon has to call it a night.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-17 31 
27799819Princess Guard Quest 33In which Reinhold discovers someone rustling his underwearCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-18 32 
27817494Princess Guard Quest 34Sylvie vs. Niklaus!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-19 32 
27837079Princess Guard Quest 35So we get the aftermath of Sylvie's epic asskicking, get to the next lesson and- OH FUCK OH FUCK CRIT FAIL OH GODPrincess Guard Quest, Collective Game, Archelon you sadistic bastard2013-10-20 130 
27818423Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure 03-2FABULOUS RESCUES, Tequila Bottles, and a Stinger.Collective Game, Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure, 40k, Warhammer 40k, JoJo's Quest, JoJo2013-10-20 10 
27851673Princess Guard Quest 36In which the aftermath of Marianne's meltdown is shown.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game, FUCK WE MISSED A MEIDOFLAG2013-10-21 40 
27858166Princess Guard Quest 37Reinhold learns about his predecessor. Righteous rage is had.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-10-21 35 
27872438Princess Guard Quest 38We foolishly decide to bake a cake.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game, I want to get off Mr Reinhold's Wild Ride, Cake2013-10-22 54 
27891264Guardsman's Bizzare Adventure ~JoJo's Quest~ 04In which we finally have Stand-to-Stand combat. Also more TWEESTS.Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure, 40k, Warhammer 40, JoJo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Collective Game, Warhammer 40k2013-10-23 11 
27905926Princess Guard Quest 39In which we get an awesome flashback dream and then all of our plans begin to come to fruition.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game, Archelon you tease2013-10-24 37 
27924264Princess Guard Quest 40Tea and cakes and childhood stories and feelings.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-25 33 
27943002Princess Guard Quest 41Reinhold tempts fate with yet another dance.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-26 35 
27960246Lamia Vagrant Quest/Humanity’s Vanguard Quest PrologueThe tale of a young, homeless lamia girl trying to scrape by in the city quickly takes a turn for the dark.Collective Game, Lamia, Paladins, Humanity’s Vanguard Quest , Lots of hate2013-10-27 27 
27963350Princess Guard Quest 42Timeskip and new spells! Reinhold prepares to go to town with Marie.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-27 36 
27978360Princess Guard Quest 43Reinhold and Marianne head out for a day on the town... and run into Citrine.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-28 35 
27995993Princess Guard Quest 44Backstory and turkey legs and stuffed alpacas.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-29 38 
28013465Princess Guard Quest 45Reinhold and Marianne make their way to the dressmaker's.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-30 40 
28011713Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure 05The gang find themselves in a reproduction of Morioh. WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS ensue. Collective Game, Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure, 40k, Warhammer 40k, JoJo's Quest, JoJo2013-10-30 11 
28029623Princess Guard Quest 46We stop a drunken fistfight way too close to the princess. Where are the guards when you need them?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-10-31 39 
November 2013
28078838Princess Guard Quest 47In which we are so close to going on a trip we can taste it!Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-03 34 
28096436Princess Guard Quest 48Reinhold and the royal family start on the road trip to Marconetti.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-04 35 
28148399Princess Guard Quest 49Carriages attacked by monsters and we learn more about ThierriCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-07 35 
28167965Princess Guard Quest 50Monique's PoV.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game, Monique2013-11-08 31 
28187509Princess Guard Quest 51Monique deals with his brothers and crash into a building.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game, Monique2013-11-09 31 
28223125Princess Guard Quest 52Monique's PoV's final instalment, up to Marconetti this time.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game, Monique2013-11-11 33 
28241673Princess Guard Quest 53Reinhold meets Loli and the (Other) Badass King.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-12 36 
28262185Princess Guard Quest 54Room assignments and we finally meet KarelPrincess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-13 32 
28276621Princess Guard Quest 55Reinhold uncovers his mentor's identity and almost has a duel with a little girl.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-14 31 
28292385Princess Guard Quest 56Minor spaghetti spilling and the voices that determine Reinhold's fate get in a barfight.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Quest, Princess Guard2013-11-15 34 
28312698Princess Guard Quest 57In which we share several intimate moments with SylvieCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-16 32 
28332604Princess Guard Quest 58Reinhold and Sylvie meet Matthias. Apparently even he can see the obvious.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-17 30 
28344995Princess Guard Quest 59In which we get dream closure for Volker and then are sad.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-18 31 
28352531Princess Guard Quest 60In which we meet Citrine's husband and take a pair of princesses shopping. With Takamura!Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-18 35 
28369648Princess Guard Quest 61Adventurers and dresses.Princess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-19 34 
28384633Princess Guard Quest 62In which we eat lunch with the Princesses and goes to our mentor's gravePrincess Guard Quest, Collective Game2013-11-20 33 
28405220Princess Guard Quest 63Reinhold and Citrine meet Volkner's grandma.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-21 37 
28412444Princess Guard Quest 64Adventurers again, getting into fights.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-21 35 
28398048Guardsman's Bizzare Adventure ~JoJo's Quest~ 05 PART 2In which we talk to Mikitaka in detail, and shit happens to the QM.Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure, 40k, Warhammer 40, JoJo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Collective Game, Warhammer 40k2013-11-21 5 
28445660Princess Guard Quest 65Reinhold seeks girls advice from Citrine and meets Karel's mom. Also Nicolette.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-23 33 
28457912Guardsman's Bizzare Adventure ~JoJo's Quest~ 05-3You see something you're not supposed to. It soon loses its appeal.Collective Game, Guardsman's Bizarre Adventure, 40k, Warhammer 40k, JoJo's Quest, JoJo2013-11-24 3 
28483300Princess Guard Quest 66Reinhold has an encounter with a Marconetti douche in his natural habitat. More Nicolette.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-25 31 
28501015Princess Guard Quest 67Reinhold spars and gets a kiss. Nicolette only has a marginal role in this.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-26 31 
28520592Princess Guard Quest 68Eating contest!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, you guys are embarrassing seriously2013-11-27 27 
28537316Princess Guard Quest 69Shopping with Nicolette and the Dragon Siblings.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-11-28 30 
December 2013
28610446Princess Guard Quest 70Interlude with Melanie, then we get some exposition.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-02 37 
28629573Princess Guard Quest 71We say goodbye to Nicolette and head back to our room, only to be visited by...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-03 31 
28644550Princess Guard Quest 72We finally get our sword match with Takamaru.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-04 37 
28651165Princess Guard Quest 73Alone time with Luciana... or is it?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-04 42 
28666947Princess Guard Quest 74In which thugs are slaughtered. Luciana be a cold ass ho.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-05 37 
28685857Princess Guard Quest 75In which Reinhold has brain damage.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-06 25 
28706197Princess Guard Quest 76In which Reinhold has slightly less brain damage and tries to make amends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-07 33 
28749006Princess Guard Quest 77Reinhold manages to apologize to Luciana without mishap, in spite of certain people's efforts otherwise.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-09 29 
28771647Princess Guard Quest 78Reinhold challenges Marius to a drawing contest. We never learn.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-10 31 
28790300Princess Guard Quest 79Sylvie teach Reinhold how to properly shoot his clay.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-11 33 
28807873Princess Guard Quest 80In which Reinhold and Nicolette are having The TalkCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-12 34 
28814820Princess Guard Quest 81Reinhold and Marianne get dressed and go find the other girls.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-12 32 
28831359Princess Guard Quest 82Meeting Emilio right befor the ball.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-13 35 
28887962Princess Guard Quest 83More Emilio, then some Celestino.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, ten years damn son2013-12-16 31 
28896424Princess Guard Quest 84Some introductions, then we sit down for what may be an awkward dinner.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-16 31 
28914168Princess Guard Quest 85Smalltalk is had and the party is about to begin...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-17 33 
28920649Princess Guard Quest 86Reinhold talks with several people as the party begins.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, insomnia2013-12-17 32 
28925460Princess Guard Quest 87An unexpected meeting.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-17 38 
28936228Princess Guard Quest 88Reinhold & co. do their best to avoid spoiling the mood of the party with a murder.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-18 31 
28953736Princess Guard Quest 89Agnes meets Citrine's husband and Reinhold's many friends. There's also a weird couple prior to that.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-19 29 
28960636Princess Guard Quest 90Reinhold saves Marianne from Giancarlo's douchebaggery.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-19 34 
28976886Princess Guard Quest 91Time for embarassing stories.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-20 34 
29011340Princess Guard Quest 92Monique's PoV 2: It's Time to PartyCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Monique2013-12-22 33 
29053440Princess Guard Quest 93Reinhold dances with Agnes; Monique is traumatized.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2013-12-24 36 
29104216Princess Guard Quest 94Hanging out with Nicolette and Melanie.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest 2013-12-27 26 
29163758Princess Guard Quest 95Dancing with Luciana.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest 2013-12-30 35 
January 2014
29205831Princess Guard Quest 97Dancing with Melanie.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-01 40 
29403586 Princess Guard Quest 98Reinhold agrees to duel with Monique. And the ball continues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-10 34 
29451355Princess Guard Quest 99In which it is discovered that Sylvie can NOT dance.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-12 27 
29474760 Princess Guard Quest 100Will the party end for the hundredth thread?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, congrats you magnificent bastard2014-01-12 32 
29498680Princess Guard Quest 101How to make the prick character likable by having him act like a total fool. Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Monique2014-01-14 28 
29521297Princess Guard Quest 102Sylvie continues Reinhold's magic training.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-15 29 
29525616IG finds a strange device...An imperial guard regiment is stranded and besieged by orks, when a patrol comes across a strange and ancient item of randomly generated technology.Imperial guard, Random, Generator, 2014-01-15 10 
29544541Princess Guard Quest 103Elena interlude.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Elena2014-01-16 34 
29569813Princess Guard Quest 104Princesses in the morning Princesses in the shining Sun; ain't they all charming For Reinhold their darlingCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-17 25 
29576301Princess Guard Quest 105We head up to see Agnes, and then do what we do best: making a girl cry.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-17 23 
29594235Princess Guard Quest 106In which we try to salvage our relationship with the loliCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-18 25 
29598717Princess Guard Quest 107We visit Agnes and head to the duel.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-18 26 
29638206Princess Guard Quest 108We're in the arena!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-20 27 
29645757Princess Guard Quest 109Reinhold receives a visit right before the duel.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-20 35 
29651719Princess Guard Quest 110WRENLOFT!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-20 70 
29688894Princess Guard Quest 111The immediate aftermath of the duel.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-21 31 
29695152Princess Guard Quest 112Wakey wakey.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-22 29 
29716750Princess Guard Quest 113Reinhold discusses swords with Agnes.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, great job you assholes2014-01-23 28 
29738985Princess Guard Quest 114Reinhold and Monique in hospital beds. Not in the same room though, sadly.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-24 24 
29745682Princess Guard Quest 115Starting with a talk with Gregory and a stern glare from Marianne.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-24 23 
29761933Princess Guard Quest Q&AOur host Archelon answers some very interesting questions.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-25 24 
29779225Bloodline Protector QuestMistral the arena champion is scouted to be the new guardian of the prince!Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-01-25 21 
29788990Princess Guard Quest 116There's never enough timePrincess Guard Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Praise the Sun2014-01-26 21 
29802636Bloodline Protector Quest 2Hunky medics, training princes, and HORRIBLE FLASHBACKSCollective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-01-26 20 
29813483Princess Guard Quest 118Falling Down, Part 2, Act 1.collective game, princes guard quest2014-01-27 22 
29821727Princess Guard Quest 119Shit Goes Down Edition!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-27 24 
29829612Bloodline Protector Quest 3Another Assassination attempt, more hunks, and a damn fine feast. Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-01-27 16 
29837296Bloodline Protector Quest 4We finish off the feast, have a near FLASHBACK event, then play dice and get drunk. Soooo drunk.Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline 2014-01-28 16 
29854129Bloodline Protector Quest 5Lore, Demons, Dra lands, and Dueling.Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-01-28 13 
29865666Princess Guard Quest 120Princess Guard Quest 120collective game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-29 29 
29866589Princess Gaurd Quest: Pringles EditionA new take on the quest. This time we are a Knight guarding a very special can of pringles.Princess Guard Quest Pringles Edition, Collective Game, Pringles, Don't Pop The Top2014-01-29 40 
29877475Bloodline Protector Quest 7Fighting off memories of the past.Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-01-29 15 
29888822Bloodline Protector Quest 8The Wilds and Beyond.Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-01-30 13 
29889712Princess Guard Quest 121The immediate aftermath of the previous thread's events.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-01-30 30 
29903871Bloodline Protector Quest 9Reaching the Wilds.Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-01-30 14 
29925133Bloodline Protector Quest 10Returning home. Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-01-31 16 
February 2014
29938525Princess Guard Quest 122Bernard and Guillaume explore the castle back in Granache.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Bernard, Guillaume2014-02-01 23 
29945468Princess Guard Quest 123The second part of Bernard's interlude.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Bernard, Guillaume2014-02-01 26 
29948464Bloodline Protector Quest 11Interspecies relations. Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-02-01 11 
29946633Dragon Princess Giant Robot Guard QuestWe are in a giant robot. We are the protector of a princes that is also a Dragon. The castle is under attack, Lets do thisCollective Game, Dragon Princess Giant Robot Guard Quest, 2014-02-01 17 
29984805Princess Guard Quest 124With a new day comes more drama.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-03 28 
29997934Bloodline Protector Quest 12Time alone with Karl, and a visit to places from long ago.Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-02-03 12 
30006782Princess Guard Quest 125In which Reinhold gives bad news to all of his friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-03 32 
30019801Bloodline Protector Quest 13The Appal MinesCollective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-02-04 10 
30020961Expendable QuestImperial Guardsman fated to die terribly turns out to be not-so-expendable. One-shotcollective_game, 40K, guardsman, Expendable_Quest, one-shot, oneshot2014-02-05 26 
30031316Princess Guard Quest 126Finally breaking the bad news to Sylvie.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-05 27 
30102308Bloodline Protector Quest 14Fun times in the big cityCollective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-02-08 10 
30115157Princess Guard Quest 127Drama and announcements and other thingsCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-09 23 
30139384Princess Guard Quest 128Announcements and kings and other thingsCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-10 30 
30148306Bloodline Protector Quest 15back to routine (of a sort) Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-02-10 10 
30159867Princess Guard Quest 129Celestino finally makes his announcement. And then stuff happens.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-11 28 
30181757Princess Guard Quest 130Fighting assassins. Fighting LOTS of assassins.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-12 26 
30192738Bloodline Protector Quest 16"We have a fucking problem."Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-02-12 12 
30242997Bloodline Protector Quest 17Haha! Time to date boys! Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-02-14 10 
30247720Princess Guard Quest 131Opening with Nicolette, the fight against the assassins continues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Nicolette2014-02-15 25 
30259111Bloodline Protector Quest 18The Date with Karl. Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-02-15 7 
30295224Princess Guard Quest 132With a Sanctuary in plae, it's time to fight back!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-17 26 
30341717Princess Guard Quest 134With Gerhard finally out of immediate danger, Reinhold and the others decide their next move.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-19 29 
30361279Princess Guard Quest 135Opening with Monique, the fight with the assassins continues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Monique2014-02-19 27 
30375521Bloodline Protector Quest 19Arrangin' dates! Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-02-20 10 
30449329Princess Guard Quest 136Reinhold and the others try to figure out their next move. Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-24 25 
30460328Bloodline Protector Quest 20A new day and a new hand. Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-02-24 7 
30472018Princess Guard Quest 137With the barrier destroyed, Reinhold finally regroups with the missing royals.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-25 27 
30537621Princess Guard Quest 138Killing guards and saving mothers.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-02-28 25 
30547829Bloodline Protector Quest 21Time to visit the Arena again. Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-02-28 8 
March 2014
30611663Bloodline Protector Quest 22To Raev's church!Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-03-03 7 
30622392Princess Guard Quest 139Having confirmed that their family members are safe, Reinhold and Karel head back to their friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-03 25 
30645000Princess Guard Quest 140Giving good news, giving bad news...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-05 25 
30684673Princess Guard Quest 141In which Reinhold tries to smooth things over with Sylvie as best he can.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-07 23 
30734567Bloodline Protector Quest 22A long courtship indeed. Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-03-09 5 
30767187Princess Guard Quest 142In which Reinhold shoots the breeze with Karel and Emilio... and other things happen too.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-10 23 
30754093What /tg/ does with the drunken sailorWe have discovered a horrifying reality. There are people who have never heard that song and new versions are pitchedSea Shanty, Songs, What Should We Do With The Drunken Sailor, The Drunken fa/tg/uy, Cowardly Guardsman, Muppets Treasure Island2014-03-11 9 
30800102Bloodline Protector Quest 24Another long, lazy day. Or is it? Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-03-12 6 
30824800Princess Guard Quest 143Sisters and Princesses and Sister Princesses...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-14 24 
30844350Princess Guard Quest 144Angry kings and ead knights and bad news.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-15 23 
30873184Bloodline Protector Quest 25Preparations, Paranoia, and Parties.Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-03-16 5 
30895971Bloodline Protector Quest 26Security is important.Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline 2014-03-17 7 
30905257Princess Guard Quest 145In which Luciana and the others make preparations to leave home.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-18 24 
30946397Princess Guard Quest 146In which there is much angsting about leaving home.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-19 25 
30966230Princess Guard Quest 147In which Reinhold gets some reading done.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-21 25 
31019501Bloodline Protector Quest 26The day has arrived! Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-03-23 8 
31052756Princess Guard Quest 148The final part of the final night in Marconetti.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-25 28 
31122811Imperator Dirae, aka: Hell HarlotsWe roll the dice to make another guard regiment and end up with a collection of knife-loving, bloodthirsty female convicts.Only War, Imperal Guard, Imperator Dirae, Hell Harlots2014-03-28 6 
31131251Princess Guard Quest 149The final morning in Marconetti.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-29 24 
31161332Bloodline Protector Quest 27The second half of the Hunt. Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-03-30 6 
31170866Princess Guard Quest 150In which Reinhold checks in on his injured friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-30 24 
31183749Bloodline Protector Quest 28The Party.Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-03-31 5 
31192589Princess Guard Quest 151Eating breakfast with friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-03-31 23 
April 2014
31212730Princess Guard Quest 152In which Reinhold finally says goodbye to Marconetti.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-02 26 
31252179Princess Guard Quest 153Riding back home...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-04 24 
31302175Bloodline Protector Quest 29The trip to Tou begins, and we meet our escort. Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-04-06 5 
31335951Princess Guard Quest 154In which Reinhold catches up with old friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-08 23 
31377750Princess Guard Quest 155Hero worship and public embarrassment.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-10 23 
31399054Princess Guard Quest 156Reinhold and Karel pay Niklaus a visit. Strangeness ensues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-10 25 
31435449WH40k Titan Quest Prequel 5Legio Pugnatores Walks upon the Ork-World of Ahran. Operation: Eagle's Landing. Mass Titan battle for Site Primaris, part 2, and an interlude with the Tung Lancers.40k, Titan, WH40k Titan Quest, Collective Game, TwiceBorn, Imperial Guard2014-04-13 5 
31600437Bloodline Protector Quest 30A fight with a skeleton in a ruined temple. Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-04-20 6 
31673641Princess Guard Quest 157Reinhold prepares to get his sword fixed. And Karel tags along.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-24 27 
31758233Bloodline Protector Quest 31Time ticks away, as Yorick giggles.Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-04-27 5 
31771263Princess Guard Quest 158In which Reinhold and his two lady friends see a guy about a sword.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-04-28 29 
May 2014
31836111Princess Guard Quest 159Mended swords and royal feasts.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-05-01 24 
31914084Bloodline Protector Quest 32Dreams, Deductions, and Demons.Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-05-04 3 
31924090Princess Guard Quest 160In which Reinhold and friends consume obscene amounts of food.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-05-05 24 
31915719A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman QuestWe wake up, find out most of our friends are dead, fail at STANDING (gg team) and join a Lady Inquisitor.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman, 2014-05-05 34 
31945983Princess Guard Quest 161Food times finally begin.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-05-05 24 
31960929A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 2We meet the majority of our team, grab a bite to eat, and may or may not get in a fist fight with Sergeant Zi-I mean Commander Vincent.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman,2014-05-07 22 
32007410Princess Guard Quest 162Grand displays of gluttony.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-05-08 24 
32002078A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 3We manage to win the sparing match with Vincent, finish our tour, and move on to acquire additional dakka.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman,2014-05-08 20 
32029610Princess Guard Quest 163A quiet end to the day.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-05-10 27 
32038685A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 4We acquire dakka, pick up a servo skull butler, and get one step closer to starting our first mission.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-05-11 17 
32126049A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 5We manage to look out for our servo bro and begin to spend our last day before the mission begins and we die horribly. Or something like that.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-05-15 12 
32162414Bloodline Protector Quest 33Haha, time for prince things! Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-05-16 3 
32163984A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 6We FINALLY kick off the mission, but a mixture of bored players and FUCKING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES causes things to get interesting.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-05-17 12 
32195887The Commissar and Marcia-Sidequest: Da PodAn unidentified "Space Pod" lands in the thick jungle of Feral World "Loss". The Commissar calls the guardsmen and Marcia to investigate and find a rather unexpected lifeform.Collective Game, The Commissar and Marcia, Marcia, Commissar, Imperial Guard, Eldar, drawthread, Squat, Grotling, heresy2014-05-18 6 
32206170 A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 7We make planet-fall and meet a crazy PDF trooper. The sun sets, the bell tolls, and things start to get... Riddickulous.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-05-19 12 
32275263Princess Guard Quest 164Home sweet home.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-05-22 28 
32263603A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 8A simple bug hunt turns into a rescue op, and we become Big Damn Hero's. Ignore the agent puddle.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-05-22 16 
32315090Bloodline Protector Quest 34Mike talks to Garibaldi and his boss and gets a kick in the pants.Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-05-24 3 
32419406A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 9In the grimdark nightmare of the far future, there is only DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-05-28 15 
June 2014
32540143Princess Guard Quest 165Breakfast with a princess.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-03 25 
32558473Princess Guard Quest 166In which Reinhold fends off misguided paternal wrath.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-03 26 
32550254A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 10We recover from DDR, fence with the captain, and get our leg fixed before reaching our newest stop.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-06-04 15 
32577648Princess Guard Quest 167Teatime and embarrassment.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-04 25 
32622194Bloodline Protector Quest 36Mike asks around for advice before the confrontation(s).Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-06-07 3 
32635614A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 11A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, GuardsmanA Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-06-07 0 
32703114Princess Guard Quest 168Last class of the day!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-10 25 
32693120 A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 12We begin our first undercover work as an agent of the Inquisition and may get roped into Vincent-related trouble.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-06-11 15 
32723469Princess Guard Quest 169The end of one magic lesson and the start of another.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-11 25 
32757659Bloodline Protector Quest 37The confrontation(s) and finale of BPQ.Collective Game, Avalon Guardian, Bloodline Protector, Bloodline2014-06-14 0 
32788896Princess Guard Quest 170Elena's adventures in a foreign land!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Elena2014-06-14 27 
32800424A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 13We get take a road-trip with a couple badman and meet a (possibly) old friend.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-06-16 14 
32850493Princess Guard Quest 171Elena's adventures in a foreign kingdom, part the second!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Elena2014-06-17 23 
32869969Princess Guard Quest 172Showdown! Elena vs Guillaume!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Elena2014-06-18 23 
32970701Princess Guard Quest 173In which Reinhold plays with his sword.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-24 23 
32990785Princess Guard Quest 174Breakfast times and discussion of current world politics and other such Princessly interests.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-25 23 
32980621A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 14Though we manage to kill a few gangers and get some guardsmen drunk, all's not well on Sidonas.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-06-25 11 
33097231Princess Guard Quest 175Border issues and tea time!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-30 23 
33115262Princess Guard Quest 176On the way to dinnertimes!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-06-30 23 
July 2014
33128968A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsmen Quest 15We (shockingly) don't get purged by the Inquisitor, and go about gathering a team.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-07-01 11 
33186276A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsmen Quest 16We prepare for our assault on the gangers, go /k/ for a bit, and have sweet dreams.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-07-05 11 
33259944Princess Guard Quest 177Elena vs. Guillaume: This time, it's for real.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Elena2014-07-07 25 
33281495Princess Guard Quest 178Crying girls and good food.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-07-08 25 
33322645Princess Guard Quest 179Talking to Gregory and eating his wife's cooking.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-07-10 25 
33401672A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 17The assault of the gangers occur, and is overall a success, but comes at a cost.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-07-14 11 
33483168Princess Guard Quest 180Dinnertime with the Migualt family!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-07-18 23 
33528057Princess Guard Quest 181Ending the day with some relaxation.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-07-20 24 
33664112Princess Guard Quest 182Reinhold prepares for a day on the town.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-07-26 24 
33713092Princess Guard Quest 183Hanging out with a Prince, hanging out with Princesses...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-07-28 24 
August 2014
33809441Princess Guard Quest 184Breakfast time naming discussions!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-08-01 24 
33798684The Zathras Legion, Part 2Excuse me, Commissar...imperial guard, 40k, Zathras, Excuse me commissar, questions, troll2014-08-01 3 
33856209Princess Guard Quest 185In which the previously-schedule trip into town is interrupted by international matters.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-08-03 24 
33983008The Guardsmens last gambitOutnumbered guardsmen undertake a daring plan to try and stop the Ork hordes. Things don't go as aplanned.Orks, chaos, Guardsmen, space wolves, clusterfuck, fucking recruitment trap2014-08-08 3 
34012287A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 18For once we have a dream that's not trying to kill us, and we try to deal with the aftermath of the mission.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-08-09 11 
34095013All Guardsmen Party StorytimeHoly shit this campaignStorytime, Dark Heresy, Guardsmens, Story2014-08-12 139 
34120858Princess Guard Quest 186In which Reinhold and friends make their way into town.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-08-13 25 
34219014Princess Guard Quest 187Big sisters and art stores. (repost)Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-08-17 24 
34333783The Case of the Missing PsykersThe All-Guardsman Party Returns! A PC is lost, and duct tape is used!All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2014-08-23 134 
34380381Princess Guard Quest 188Reinhold and friends visit Citrine's home for the first time.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-08-24 24 
34400823Princess Guard Quest 189Sister home visit, part the second.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-08-25 24 
344180951st Alaran Penal LegionTG tried to make IG regiments, first rsult is a Sororita without the funding Second one is the magnificent bastards of 1st Alaran Penal LegionWarhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Story time, Writefag2014-08-27 4 
34440423A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 19We talk to Roxy, have a service for Dominic, and get lewd with the Inquisitor.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-08-28 11 
34511309 A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 20 Post-lewd we get details for a new mission, and for once our psyche throws us a bone.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-08-31 11 
September 2014
34590644Princess Guard Quest 190In which Reinhold sees a guy about a cake.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-02 24 
34645043Princess Guard Quest 191Reinhold learns about foreign lands.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-05 23 
34659254Princess Guard Quest 192The city excursion continues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-05 23 
34651825A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 21We perhaps push ourselves a bit too much, but keep a stiff upper lip and follow our orders.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-09-06 12 
34660239The All Guardsmen Party and The BoxThe All Guardsmen Party goes off with their new interrogator to investigate a regiment's new weapons.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Story, Shoggy, The Box, Only War, Guardsmen2014-09-06 233 
34670149Princess Guard Quest 193A short interlude in the castle with Marianne.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-06 23 
34875463Princess Guard Quest 194Marianne's interlude continues...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-14 23 
34898710Princess Guard Quest 195Reinhold and the others return to the castle with a massive cake in tow.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-15 23 
34962458Amazon Guard QuestEl Presidente's Amazon guards find themselves out of a job following a US backed Coup. As the girls are extracted from the country on a CIA C130, the squad leader does her best to comfort her sisters.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2014-09-19 8 
34977586 A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 22We manage to convince Christina to give us a chance at being human. However, in return, some tinkering of the psyche may or may not go on.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-09-20 12 
34981585Amazon Merc Quest 2The girls spend the day in Dubai.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2014-09-20 7 
34985468The All Guardsmen Party and Nubby's GirlfriendThe All Guardsmen Party gets a smokin hot Interrogator and goes to purge some genestealers.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Nubby, Girlfriend, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2014-09-20 116 
35057015Princess Guard Quest 196In which cake is enjoyed by all.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-22 23 
35077477Princess Guard Quest 197In which Reinhold eats pastries with his lady friend.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-23 37 
35208437Princess Guard Quest 198Cake-related trauma.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-29 23 
35203037Amazon Merc Quest 3The girls are on a motherfucking boat!Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2014-09-30 6 
35230112Princess Guard Quest 199Giving presents and hanging out with friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-09-30 23 
October 2014
35239402Exalted - Guardian Beast QuestIn which we rampage as an abomination of nature, and then realise that we were (kinda) human all alongCollective Game, Exalted, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2014-10-01 10 
35279869Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #02We learn more about the woman we rescued, and about ourselves. Newbie QM fucks up and then tries to unfuck everything.Collective Game, Exalted, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2014-10-03 8 
35283784A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 23We bring Roxy along on our adventure with Delmar, play a few tunes, and meet a new friend.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-10-03 12 
35288600Amazon Merc Quest 4The girls get a new mission.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2014-10-04 4 
35319655Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #03Our glorious nudity is masked, we explore shapeshifting a little, and then we get worshipped by a villageExalted, Collective Game, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2014-10-05 5 
35357706Princess Guard Quest 200Back in Marconetti, Andreas takes the spotlight.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-07 22 
35377793Princess Guard Quest 201Andreas's interlude, part the second.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-07 22 
35403567Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #04We face off against the Coldstream Serpent and add a faerie to our party. What could possibly go wrong?Exalted, Collective Game, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2014-10-09 5 
35418866Princess Guard Quest 202Andreas's interlude, part the third.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-10 22 
35461504The All Guardsmen Party Purge Some HereticsThe All Guardsmen Party checks out why a wasteland world hasn't been praising the Emprah.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Crisp, Fallout, Heretic, Heretics, Purge, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2014-10-12 120 
35460166Amazon Merc Quest 5The girls celibrate their last weekend in Dubai.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2014-10-12 2 
35516654Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #05Short thread. We build a ship, and our Abyssal mate noms on our neck.Collective Game, Exalted, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2014-10-14 1 
35639520Princess Guard Quest 203The last leg of the story begins.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-19 22 
35660844Princess Guard Quest 204In which Reinhold decides to get an early start on his daily "pissing his friends off" quota.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-20 22 
35680376Princess Guard Quest 205Sick princesses and excited princesses...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-22 22 
35699141Princess Guard Quest 206Sick girls and tea.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-23 22 
35719380Princess Guard Quest 207While Marianne rests, Reinhold goes to bother his other friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-24 23 
35741052Princess Guard Quest 208Playing magic scientists with Niklaus and Sylvie!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-25 22 
35844579Princess Guard Quest 209In which Reinhold and Sylvie take a quick trip into town.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-10-29 22 
35864911Princess Guard Quest 210In which Reinhold bears many gifts.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest.2014-10-30 22 
November 2014
35885483Princess Guard Quest 211In which Reinhold bothers people who are trying to sleep. (repost)Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-01 22 
35894817A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 24The Gauntlet is run, blackmail is created, and we make an executive call.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-11-02 11 
35900879Amazon Merc Quest 6The girls visit a pirate stronghold and meet their pilot for the next mission.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2014-11-02 3 
35923989The All Guardsmen Party Buys a ShipThe All Guardsmen Party goes to help purchase a used starship. Nothing could possibly go wrong.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Buy, Ship, Occurrence, Border, Nubby, Warp, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2014-11-03 138 
36026726Princess Guard Quest 212The start of a new day!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-07 23 
36040439A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 25After waking up we get some foreboding news, take a walk with the Inquisitor, and get out of almost blowing ourselves up.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-11-09 11 
36044269Amazon Merc Quest 7The Girls get into some trouble on their way to Spratly.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2014-11-09 3 
36066881Princess Guard Quest 213In which Marianne tries to convince Reinhold that she isn't deathly ill.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-09 22 
36089794Princess Guard Quest 214In which Reinhold tries to be a good brother.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-10 23 
36149832Princess Guard Quest 215The (reverse) trap is revealed?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-13 22 
36182771A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 26We greet Alpha's new arrivals, run into some old friends, and attend a parade.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-11-16 11 
36187586Amazon Merc Quest 8The girls scout the nearby village, and Kitty goes into withdrawal.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2014-11-16 1 
36213274Princess Guard Quest 216In which important matters are spoken of. Embarrassing ones, too.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-16 22 
36235993Princess Guard Quest 217The visit to the Migualt household continues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-17 22 
36295801Princess Guard Quest 218Reinhold tries to find something else to do after getting thrown out of the kitchen.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-20 22 
36317930Princess Guard Quest 219In which Reinhold enoys the spaghetti.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-21 22 
36338781The All Guardsmen Party Teaches SchoolThe All Guardsmen Party goes to train some fresh recruits how be proper Inquisitorial Goons.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Cutter, School, Teach, Train, Necron, Necrons, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2014-11-23 132 
36380664Aerwin the Mon'Keigh ExpertAerwin Stroud, Eldar Explorer, travels all over the Galaxy in order to bring knowledge of the Human Race back to her craftworld brethren. Accompanying her is the Wraithguard Cameraman, Dave, and the Soundgrot, Mike. Featuring Inquisitor Attenborough.Elder, Aerwin, writefag, drawfag, dave, Wraithguard, grot, mike2014-11-25 32 
36402144Princess Guard Quest 220The Lakening?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-25 22 
36413926New adventures with Aerwin The show of Aerwin the eldar mon-keigh expert and her crew continuesEldar, Aerwin, writefag, drawfag, dave, Wraithguard, grot, mike2014-11-26 7 
36420301Gellar Field FailureAn Excuse Me, Commissar thread evolves into roleplay of a Gellar Field failure40k, roleplay, Imperial Guard, chaos2014-11-27 5 
36438031Princess Guard Quest 221Reinhold prepares to go out and kill stuff.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-11-27 22 
December 2014
36576958Princess Guard Quest 222Reinhold and Arnaud have a happy roadtrip!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-04 23 
36591070Princess Guard Quest 223Citrine's sad tale continues.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-05 23 
36609397Amazon Merc Quest 9The girls knock over a hornet's nestCollective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2014-12-07 1 
36654759Princess Guard Quest 224Reinhold makes it to Cateno.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-08 23 
36673004Princess Guard Quest 225Slums and monsters and little girls.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-09 23 
36692933Princess Guard Quest 226An unexpected reunion!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-11 36 
36726219Amazon Merc Quest 9.5The girls meet with a rebel representative. Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2014-12-13 1 
36748463Amazon Merc Quest 10The girls make plans to head into the jungle.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2014-12-14 1 
36791476Princess Guard Quest 227Karel gets ready for the big trip.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Karel2014-12-15 23 
36808778Princess Guard Quest 228Onwards, to the lake!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Karel2014-12-16 22 
36827347Princess Guard Quest 229The lake interlude concludes.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Karel2014-12-17 22 
36877879A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 27After a long absence help in an interrogation, find some clues, and meet an old face.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2014-12-21 13 
36881744Amazon Merc Quest 11The girls Travel upcountry.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2014-12-21 2 
36927012Princess Guard Quest 230In which Reinhold finally makes it to the lake.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-22 25 
36945481Princess Guard Quest 231In which Reinhold and friends deal with a bunch of secrets coming to light.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-23 23 
36951684Princess Guard Quest 232In which Reinhold continues to try and run damage control.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-24 23 
36963700Princess Guard Quest 233In which Reinhold and Luciana have an important conversation about the future.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-25 24 
37049316Princess Guard Quest 234Introductions and reunions.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-29 22 
37056288Princess Guard Quest 235Marianne and Carina's first meeting.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-30 22 
37074631Princess Guard Quest 236Welcome home feast!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-30 22 
37081434Princess Guard Quest 237Princesses in cute dresses!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2014-12-31 22 
January 2015
37114821Princess Guard Quest 238Eavesdropping and teasing and consumption of foodstuffs.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-01 22 
37190800Princess Guard Quest 239In which the big meal finally takes place.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-05 23 
37212696Princess Guard Quest 240In which conversations are had and far too much food is consumed.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-06 22 
37273891Princess Guard Quest 241Morning panic and other things.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-09 22 
37279810Princess Guard Quest 242In which Niklaus makes a new friend.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-10 23 
37286525A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 28We try to get our head straight after it was knocked for a loop and end up murdering everything.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2015-01-11 13 
37289823Amazon Merc Quest 12The girls meet with a tribe of headhunters. And character development happens.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2015-01-11 3 
37320328Princess Guard Quest 243Bunnies.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-11 23 
37327049Princess Guard Quest 244In which Reinhold eats breakfast with a bunny.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-12 22 
37341957Princess Guard Quest 245Breakfast and then a trip into the city!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-12 23 
37339037The All Guardsmen Party and the Super SpyThe All Guardsmen Party teams up with an Interplanetary man of mystery to investigate corruption in the Imperial Guard.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Tink, Deserter, Bane, Fumbles, Necrons, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-01-13 139 
37445197Amazon Merc Quest 13Lillian takes advantage of an intoxicated minor.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2015-01-18 5 
37474178Princess Guard Quest 246In which Reinhold is given an offer that he can't refuse.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-18 22 
37498084Princess Guard Quest 247Discussion of adoptions...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-19 22 
37577566Princess Guard Quest 248Agnes and Reinhold talk about old friends.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-23 21 
37601784Princess Guard Quest 249In which Reinhold orders takeout.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-24 21 
37590130A Fresh Start: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 29In a mad turn of events we find ourselves finding old things ending, and new things beginning.A Fresh Start (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2015-01-25 11 
37594825Amazon Merc Quest 14The girls make plans for a raid, and get in a drug filled lesbian orgy.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2015-01-25 5 
37624569Princess Guard Quest 250Reinhold and Luciana read a letter together.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-25 21 
37646682Princess Guard Quest 251Fun times in the Migualt household.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-26 21 
37735788Princess Guard Quest 252Reinhold's first morning as an Eschenwald.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-30 21 
37743696Princess Guard Quest 253The aftermath of Karel playing dressup?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-01-31 22 
February 2015
37757674Amazon Merc Quest 15The girls go on a sneaking mission collect 5 heads.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2015-02-01 3 
37784201Princess Guard Quest 254Breakfast with princesses.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-01 21 
37793282Princess Guard Quest 255In which Reinhold hands out with little girls.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-02 21 
37827545Princess Guard Quest 256Reinhold and Marianne crash a date.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-03 21 
37912729Amazon Merc Quest 16The girls shoot down a patrol plane and evade the army's patrols.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2015-02-08 1 
37937785Princess Guard Quest 257In which Reinhold acts as the wingman to two people.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-08 23 
37963945Princess Guard Quest 258In which Reinhold turns a blind eye to Karel's forced disrobing.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-09 22 
37982538Princess Guard Quest 259Picking out dresses...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-10 22 
38096747Princess Guard Quest 260A fallen knight?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-15 22 
38144308Princess Guard Quest 261Lost loves...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-18 23 
38162492Princess Guard Quest 262In which Reinhold is the bringer of bad news.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-18 23 
38184721Princess Guard Quest 263Asking for help in sniffing out a traitor.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-19 22 
38181397The All Guardsmen Party and the Greater GoodThe All Guardsmen Party go to Tau space to track down some vile, xenos-loving traitors.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Tink, Deserter, Bane, Fumbles, Tau, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Greater, Good2015-02-20 151 
38207544Princess Guard Quest 264In which Reinhold chases the white rabbit.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-20 22 
38225246Amazon Merc Quest 17In which the girls evacuate the village and the army begins it's counterattack.Collective Game, Amazon Guard Quest, Amazon Merc Quest, Smut, Operators2015-02-22 1 
38254112Princess Guard Quest 265Break on through!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-22 23 
38261065Princess Guard Quest 266This is a sneaking mission?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-23 23 
38278988Princess Guard Quest 267In which Reinhold tries his damnedest to murder a man.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-23 24 
38300234Princess Guard Quest 268Reinhold (and others) vs Leopold!Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-24 30 
38321694Princess Guard Quest 269Princess lap pillows.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-25 30 
38343592Princess Guard Quest 270Vincent vs. Ancellotta.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-02-26 28 
March 2015
38376181Changing Times: An (ex)Guardsman QuestWith our return comes answers to old questions and the beginnings of new. As always, not all's well in the Imperium. Or the Antebellum.Changing Times (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman,2015-03-01 12 
38413010Princess Guard Quest 271The return home.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-01 25 
38435315Princess Guard Quest 272In which Reinhold is princess carried by a Princess.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-02 26 
38456615Princess Guard Quest 273Reunited with friends and family.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-03 23 
38480324Princess Guard Quest 274In which Reinhold goofs off with his friends for the first time in a long time.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-04 24 
38503695Princess Guard Quest 275In which Reinhold escorts his lady back to her temporary home.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-05 24 
38573225Princess Guard Quest 276Post-makeout goofing off.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-08 22 
38596862Princess Guard Quest 277One last Monique interlude.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, Monique2015-03-09 22 
38585652Changing Times: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 2Delving into the dark with Melodi, we learn more about Inquisitor Alexi and get invited for a night out on the town.Changing Times (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman,2015-03-10 10 
38617614Princess Guard Quest 278The dawn of the final day.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-10 22 
38664040Princess Guard Quest 279Mommy issues and daddy issues and unrelated events.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-12 22 
38711135Princess Guard Quest 280In which Alberto falls into a trap.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-14 21 
38699804Changing Times: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 3Following a bit of rough mediating between mother and daughter we hit the town for a few rounds. Hilarity ensues.Changing Times (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2015-03-15 10 
38735709Princess Guard Quest 281In which Reinhold leads Marianne around for a change.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-15 22 
38758556Princess Guard Quest 282Chatting with a future brother-in-law...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-16 23 
38820731Princess Guard Quest 283Winding down...Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-20 21 
38839017Princess Guard Quest 284One final trip back to the castle.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-03-20 47 
April 2015
39121088Princess Guard Quest 285The epilogue.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest2015-04-04 40 
39165875The All Guardsmen Party and the Xenotech Heresy P1The All Guardsmen Party investigates a string planet-wide disappearances.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Aimy, Drone, Mechanicus, Tech-priest, Xenotech, Heretek, Eldar, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-04-06 113 
39185203The All Guardsmen Party and the Xenotech Heresy P2The All Guardsmen Party investigates a string planet-wide disappearances.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Aimy, Drone, Mechanicus, Tech-priest, Xenotech, Heretek, Eldar, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-04-07 120 
39425500Changing Times: An (ex)Guardsman Quest 4In the aftermath of our night on the town we inspect the damage, as well as speak with a new guest.Changing Times (Quest), Collective Game, 40K, Guardsman2015-04-19 12 
May 2015
39739103Safeguard Quest 1We go towards a distress beacon rescue a fellow Safeguard destroy a cult and some MonstersSafeguard Quest, QM KC's Mouthwash, Collective Game, Post Apocalyptic, Scifi2015-05-05 11 
39769107Safeguard Quest 2We leave the shelter kill some bats, a Minotaur and a stranger appears.Safeguard Quest, QM KC's Mouthwash, Collective Game, Post Apocalyptic, Scifi2015-05-06 1 
39758713Guardsman UniverseWhat started as a "Excuse me,..." thread derailed with INFINITE GUARDSMEN. Many lulz were had40k, derailment, guardsmen2015-05-06 45 
June 2015
40548119Penal Regiment Designation: /tg/ - The Crusade Continues>Our... adept Guardsmen prepare for an attack on a Chaos bakery >The Vostroyan Liaison Officer wants to find the man who stole his sweetheart's picture >The Commissar just gave up >There's some Tallarns around here somewhere doing Emperor knows what A demonic dough monster rises and a lone guardsman makes a brave sacrificeGuardsman Sergeant Joe, Guardsman Lieutenant Joe, Bakers Legion, WarChef Boyzrdees, Guardswoman Kal Teest, Vostroyan Regiment Liaison Alexandr, Tallarn Roughrider Lieutenant Aaliyah, Chimera Sacrifice, Valhalla all shiny and crome, Warhammer 40000, Guardsmen quest, Penal Regiment Designation: /tg/2015-06-12 12 
40533884 Penal Regiment Designation: /tg/ - The Crusade BeginsCommissar Gaurun has the unfortunate task of presiding over the Penal Legion /tg/, and what begins as an innocuous day of alcoholism and heresy soon devolves into a frightful day of pants thieving genestealers, insanity and a full fledged crusade against a chaos bakery.Commissar Gaurun, Weapon Specialist Lyn, Private Lemming, Vostroyan Regiment Liason Alexandr, Jeanstealer, Aaliyah, Ruh, Stephan Meltaman, Guardsman Sergant Joe, Kal Teest2015-06-12 9 
40623401Blackguard Quest #1The opening thread for blackguard quest, we go through chargen, and find out that everything we've thought was true was a pack of lies.Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Chargen, Eclipse2015-06-15 12 
40631620Blackguard Quest #1.5We fall, form a pact with two evil gods, and soul-meld with our bro Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Chargen, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-06-16 7 
40641779Blackguard Quest #2We decide to keep a child, and fight our first boss battle Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-06-16 6 
40648761Blackguard Quest #2.5Wherein Jasmine falls, and we have a talk with our ring. Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-06-17 5 
40667357Blackguard Quest #3We socialize, burn down a cathedral, get introduced to our first familiar, the flashback ends, and we level up. Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-06-18 7 
40696834Blackguard quest #4We kill a shit-ton of goblins, have a run-in with negative energy, and almost die. LOSTBOY delivers another story Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-06-19 5 
40747009The All Guardsmen Party: Tyranid Acquisition ExpertsWorking alongside Astartes! Meeting Orks and 'Nids again! Critfails galore! It's episode 12.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Drone, Mechanicus, Tech-priest, Xenotech, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Sarge, Twitch, Nubby, Doc, Tink, Aimy, Interrogator Greg Sargent2015-06-22 128 
40800364Blackguard Quest # 5I don't know why I ever thought that there would be SOL in this one. Avitus re-discovers Ravenchain Castle, a hidden fortress that feels oddly familiarCollective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-06-24 6 
40709006Imperial Guard appretiation threadAnons discuss which Imperial Guard Regiment they think is the most interesting, fluff-wise.40k, Imperial, Guard, fluff, Warhammer2015-06-29 0 
40917414Mission to OR-42Anon posts a Metroid/40K crossover. Anon 2 writes Samus's PoV. Anon 3 writes Necron PoV.Warhammer 40000, 40K, Metroid, Necrons, Imperial Guard, Commissar, Samus, Samus Aran, Write, Writing2015-06-30 7 
July 2015
41327589Blackguard Quest Lore Q/A sessionI return! Several questions are answered, slight world-building is done, and LOSTBOY get himself in a fightCollective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-07-20 3 
41351008Blackguard Quest #6We take our rightful place as the lord of Castle Ravenchain, and get set to bitch-smack a paladin.Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-07-21 5 
41416286Blackguard Quest #7Thread takes a massive nose dive and goes full retard when Eclipse abandons the thread. Bleach and lawful retarded ahoy.Collective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard2015-07-24 5 
41436539Blackguard Quest #8We beat the shit out of a paladin. Archived early, lostboy might have put in some greentext, so I advise reading through the whole thingCollective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard, Paladin2015-07-24 5 
41467604Blackguard Quest StorytimeA clollection of in-universe short stories, with some lostboy greentextCollective Game, Quest, Blackguard Quest, Eclipse, Blackguard, Storytime2015-07-26 2 
August 2015
41994183The 'Skippy's List' for the Imperial GuardPossibly the definitive version of the hilarious implied antics of bored soldiers in WH40k flavour. An Excellent read.Warhammer 40K, Imperial Guard, Guard, Writefaggotry, IG, Guardsmen, Commissar, Epic2015-08-21 42 
42204030The All Guardsmen Party Interlude: DewarpA short look into how much of a bitch it is to transport a live Zoanthrope across the galaxy.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Mechanicus, Tech-priest, Zoanthrope, Dewarp, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-08-30 83 
42212183Australian Imperial Guard GenerationHonorable space Australian gangers who prefer close combat despite having a fucking titan.Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard 2015-08-31 14 
October 2015
43288004The All Guardsmen Party: Tyranid Delivery Experts Part 1The all Guardsmen Party tries to make a simple supply run.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Zoanthrope, Tyranid, Delivery, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-10-26 122 
November 2015
43549681Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #06GBQ makes its return to /tg/! The ladies bicker, then shake hands; we trip a trap, and then get an epic roll of the dice.Collective Game, Exalted, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2015-11-09 4 
43652791Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #07The moon is changing and we arrive at Rubylak, where the dead are not so dead.Collective Game, Exalted, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2015-11-15 2 
43785153Exalted - Guardian Beast Quest #08Something is rotten in the state of Linowa, and we get to the heart of it. Collective Game, Exalted, Guardian Beast Quest, Lunars2015-11-23 4 
December 2015
43944461Talons of CorvusWhat if Raven Guard had a successor Chapter that was essentially a more heroic version of C&C's Brotherhood of Nod.Space, Marines, Space Marines, Warhammer, Warhammer 40000, Warhammer 40K, 40K, Raven Guard, 2015-12-02 5 
43962808Talons of Corvus 2nd ThreadContinuation of the previous thread. Now with more fleshing out and a nice story.Space, Marines, Space Marines, Warhammer, Warhammer 40000, Warhammer 40K, 40K, Raven Guard, 2015-12-03 3 
43990923The All Guardsmen Party: Tyranid Delivery Experts Part 2The party slowly limps their way across the galaxy in their shitty ship, while their passenger steadily ruins everything.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Zoanthrope, Tyranid, Delivery, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-12-05 80 
44018095Talons of Corvus 2nd ThreadContinuation of the previous thread. Sadly with less activity...Space, Marines, Space Marines, Warhammer, Warhammer 40000, Warhammer 40K, 40K, Raven Guard, 2015-12-06 2 
44027113The All Guardsmen Party: Tyranid Delivery Experts Part 2 The SequelThe party slowly limps their way across the galaxy in their shitty ship, while their passenger steadily ruins everything. Part 2.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Zoanthrope, Tyranid, Delivery, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2015-12-07 91 
February 2016
45429618Hua Yuan Exterminators Creation ThreadThe Hua Yuan Exterminators were created during a "roll up a guard regiment" thread and the idea is worth savingHua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Creation Tables, Guard, 40k2016-02-16 15 
45464029Hua Yuan Exterminators 2nd ThreadSome More fluffing happens and a wiki page is createdHua Yuan Exterminators, Imperial Guard, Guard2016-02-16 5 
45481136Hua Yuan Exterminators Third threadWe start fluffing their homeworld alongside more draw and write related faggotries.Hua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-02-24 3 
45493144Hua Yuan Exterminators Fourth threadWe expand on their homeworld fluff, taking great inspiration on Hong Kong and the Walled City of Kowloon.Hua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-02-25 2 
45506052Hua Yuan Exterminators Fifth threadHua Yuan gets fluffed even more alongside the Fire Sect Monks and some moreHua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-02-25 2 
45523520Hua Yuan Exterminators Sixth threadRiccianon edition, worldbuilding Hua Yuan even more.Hua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-02-25 1 
45557612Hua Yuan Exterminators Seventh threadWe fluff the noble houses and the upper hive of Hua YuanHua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-02-25 1 
March 2016
45635229Hua Yuan Exterminators Eighth threadWe fluff the gangs and other criminal groups of the Hua Yuanese underground.Hua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-03-01 1 
45684137Hua Yuan Exterminators Ninth threadWe work on the common man, their conmutes and how they live.Hua Yuan, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables2016-03-01 2 
45773792The Imperal Guard writes a Letter to AbaddonA letter is written to Abbadon, and he responds. Finally, the tau recieve a letter of their own. All one word at a time.40k, imperial guard, abaddon, tau, letter, funny2016-03-03 45 
45782556The Imperal Guard writes a Letter to Chaos GodsThe letter by letter letter writin antics continue, and this time we write clickbait for chaos gods, a poem for Magus, and orders for Orks.40k, imperial guard, Chaos Gods, Magus, Orks, letter, funny2016-03-03 16 
45791510The Imperal Guard writes a Letter to EmperorLast from /TG/ Imperial Guard trilogy, where we finally message Emperor and end our adventure.40k, imperial guard, letter, Emperor, funny2016-03-04 16 
45785537The Wandering Brotherhood-Regiment CreationThe Wandering Brotherhood of Saint Domingo the Ferocious, Shepherds of the Lost, Faithful of Castauella. Guard Creation threadWarhammer 40k, RPG, Only War, Imperial Guard, Monks, Regiment Creation2016-03-04 1 
45802201The Wandering Brotherhood-Regiment Creation ContinuedThe Wandering Brotherhood of Saint Domingo the Ferocious, Shepherds of the Lost, Faithful of Castauella. Guard Creation threadWarhammer 40k, RPG, Only War, Imperial Guard, Monks, Regiment Creation2016-03-04 -1 
45786331Hua Yuan Exterminators Tenth threadDesperate bumps and Mechanicus fluffing occurs. Hua Yuan, Exterminators, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables, Homebrew2016-03-06 2 
45851515Hua Yuan: Mandatory Fun EditionWe fluff out the regular line infantry, the armored regiments, and many more!Hua Yuan,Hua,Yuan,40k,Warhammer,Imperium,Imperial Guard,Guard,Guardsmen2016-03-10 1 
45934995Hua Yuan Exterminators Twelfth ThreadProgress is made on the wiki and the Infantry Regiments get a little more fluff.Hua Yuan, Exterminators, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables, Homebrew2016-03-14 1 
46006584Hua Yuan Exterminators Thirteenth ThreadAn epic blood fued erupts in a shower of autism as namefaggots battle over what history is the right one.Hua Yuan, Exterminators, Imperial Guard, Guard, 40k, Creation Tables, Homebrew, Autism2016-03-19 1 
April 2016
46575971The All Guardsmen Party and the [REDACTED] ConspiracyThe party deals with a conspiracy that threatens them with torture and execution. But mainly execution. All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Zoanthrope, Tyranid, Delivery, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2016-04-10 95 
46600041The All Guardsmen Party and the [REDACTED] Conspiracy Part 1.5The party deals with a conspiracy that threatens them with torture and execution. But mainly execution. Part 1.5 because it's very small.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Demonthrope, Tyranid, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2016-04-10 74 
46748328Serikkan Arbalists: Thread one - the beginningWe roll up a IG regiment, containing two different cultures, a frozen jungle and awesome governors.Imperial guard, 40k, Serikkan Arbalists, Fire ze cannons,2016-04-19 1 
46766714Serikkan Arbalists 2: Artillery boogalooWhere we make figures of importance and figure out our culture.Imperial Guard, 40k, Serikkan Arbalists, Fire ze Cannons,2016-04-20 1 
46864402The All Guardsmen Party and the [REDACTED] Conspiracy Part 2The party deals with a conspiracy that threatens them with torture and execution. But mainly execution.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Demonthrope, Zoanthrope, Tyranid, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman2016-04-24 76 
46807799Serikkan Arbalists 3: OP can't name editionWe finally set up a 1d4chan page and make up some more stuff about the worldImperial Guard, 40k, Serikkan Arbalists, Fire ze Cannons,2016-04-24 0 
May 2016
10535Shadowrun Quest 1A Shadowrun Quest,we are a snake bodyguard.Shadowrun, Snake, Naga, Bodyguard2016-05-01 12 
June 2016
237914Hero Guardian Quest #2Lin steps up when all hell breaks loose in the Forest Realm.Collective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ2016-06-08 17 
255364Hero Guardian Quest #33 years have passed since the Humans broke through the First Barrier. Lin is on the brink of becoming a Guardian.Collective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ2016-06-14 14 
267968Hero Guardian Quest #4Lin finally becomes a Guardian and decides to join the Guardian Branch that ventures outside the safety of the barrier!Collective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ2016-06-17 13 
47837763Vanguard I: Old Farm Blues [Skirmish]A new skirmish game, most of us do nothing while Barnaby kills everything.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Vanguard, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2016-06-20 4 
282585Hero Guardian Quest #5Captain Lin starts her mission with her team of Guardians.Collective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ2016-06-21 19 
298190Hero Guardian Quest #6As the climax for The Grim Knight Arc arrives, Captain Lin comes face to face with more than she bargained for and discovers something new. Collective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ, Shounen2016-06-27 25 
July 2016
321045Hero Guardian Quest #7Raubtier find herself facing a trial of execution and Aiguo, the Human Hunter is introduced.Collective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ, Shounen, Original Setting2016-07-03 15 
316473Whirlpool Quest - Thread 10You are sent to the hospital after being knocked out by an alcoholic dessert. Afterwards you have a social walk then have an encounter.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-07-05 3 
338353Hero Guardian Quest #8SoL exposition and the Red Flower answers questions. The new fifth member of Team 2 is revealed!Collective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ, Shounen, Original Setting2016-07-08 16 
340386Whirlpool Quest - Thread 11The plot thickens as the people you encountered turn out to be affiliated with the Management District. You also have another makeover.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-07-11 3 
353401Hero Guardian Quest #9Captain Lin is informed of her team's mission and they set off towards the western front. Meanwhile, a "new" villain is introduced!Collective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ, Shounen, Original Setting2016-07-13 13 
370138Hero Guardian Quest #10Captain Lin and her team set out into the Western Front where dangers, loss, and revelations await them!Collective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ, Shounen, Original Setting2016-07-17 15 
392101Hero Guardian Quest #11A new Human PoV offers some insight while Captain Lin faces the aftermath of Jin's death.Collective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ, Shounen, Original Setting2016-07-24 14 
416863Hero Guardian Quest #12Team 2 finishes their mission, and discovers something disturbing about the Human leader.Collective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ, Shounen, Original Setting2016-07-30 21 
48535884Vanguard II: Neighbourhood WatchAfter the screw-up in Argetina, things are re-organized and Vanguard deploys to a perfectly normal suburban home. Owned by vampires.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Vanguard, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2016-07-31 2 
432192Hero Guardian Quest #13SoL EditionCollective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ, Shounen, Original Setting2016-07-31 18 
August 2016
433084Whirlpool Quest - Thread 12After a hiatus, the quest resumes and you encounter even more people from the Management District.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-06 -2 
48569222Vanguard III: PartycrashersVanguard operatives infiltrate into a seemingly normal party. Hosted by an invoker.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Vanguard, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2016-08-07 2 
450659Whirlpool Quest - Thread 13The action ramps up and you learn more about the people in the Management District, including their mysterious leader: Petroleum.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-09 -1 
48691803Vanguard IV: StakeoutHankering for some R&R, Vanguard goes spelunking in a perfectly normal cave system. It's full of 9 century old vampires.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Vanguard, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2016-08-10 2 
451871Hero Guardian Quest #14The Climax of the Western Front Arc, in which Captain Lin participates in a huge assault and face off against the Masked Twins! Collective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ, Shounen, Original Setting2016-08-11 23 
48740386Vanguard V: WolfdenVanguard goes to Münich and enjoy the serene city. They visit perfectly normal noodle shop. It turns out to be full of gunmen and demons.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Vanguard, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2016-08-14 2 
475556Whirlpool Quest - Thread 14We finally meet and recruit Stoddard, head of the Maintenance District. Then we begin the assault on Petroleum and the Management District.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-17 -2 
48903031Vanguard VI: MoonwolfThe annual company picnic looks to be cancelled because of a pending apocalypse. Vanguard travels to outer space to preserve the picnic. Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Vanguard, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2016-08-23 2 
496503Whirlpool Quest - Thread 15The assault on the Management District continues as the group faces a serious opponent after a brief respite.Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-08-25 -2 
September 2016
516955Whirlpool Quest - Thread 16After having dinner, the group begins the assault on what could be Petroleum's hideout in the Management District. Violence ensuessWhirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-09-01 -2 
598767Whirlpool Quest - Thread 17The group continues to fight their way towards Petroleum, but it seems someone takes the initiative and strikes first! Surprise boss fight!Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-09-20 -1 
October 2016
697637Whirlpool Quest - Thread 18The group finds Petroleum's group already waiting for them in the R&D District! After some dramatic reveals, it's time to finish this quesWhirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-10-17 -1 
49815449Fumunco Ganger regiment thread IPeople through around some basic Idea and a combination of the Mafia and the Wild west crops up a lot, also their homeworld gets a nameFumunco, Imperial Guard, Regiment creation, Warhammer 40K2016-10-18 0 
49864582Vanguard VII: MoonwolfierStuck on the moon, lost in space, out of time. Will the picnic (and world) be saved?Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Vanguard, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2016-10-21 2 
50033219The All Guardsmen Party and Inquisitor Asshat's Stupid "Stealth" Mission - Part 1The party prepares to get ready for their new mission, while being hated by their new boss and everyone else.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition,2016-10-31 73 
November 2016
773280Whirlpool Quest - Thread 19We finally defeat Petroleum. Now the plot winds down as we begin to wrap things up. Thank you for playing (or lurking/reading at least).Whirlpool Quest, Waterworks, Drawquest, GuardianTempest2016-11-02 0 
823973Hero Guardian Quest #15: ResurrectionCaptain Lin wakes up from her unconscious state, and learns what's happened since she's been unconscious, both outwardly...and inwardly.Collective Game, Awoo, Fantasy, Hero Guardian Quest, HGQ, MGHandler, Original Setting2016-11-15 3 
December 2016
50535024The All Guardsmen Party and Inquisitor Asshat's Stupid "Stealth" Mission - Part 1 ReduxThe party gets on the trail of "The Conspiracy" while having to deal with Sciscitat, his team, and other assorted bullshit.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition,2016-12-05 80 
889046Vanguard VIII: Great Victoria Wasps Escaped the moon only to be stuck in an even worse place: Australia! Still no picnic.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Vanguard, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2016-12-09 1 
50728576Akbar Chosen Sons-ISIS in SpaceCreating a new Imperial Guard regiment, the Akbar Chosen Sons, a regiment themed after both Arabian culture and modern Islamic terrorism.Warhammer 40k, Homebrew, Imperial Guard2016-12-17 -11 
916341Vanguard 9: Desert BeatVanguard goes to a Perfectly Normal Town. A little too normal.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, Vanguard, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2016-12-20 1 
February 2017
1121806Guardsmen QuestGuardsmen quest, OP is a lazy fag but it's worth itGuardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-02-05 3 
1124998Guardsman Quest #2: of Nids and Birds OP is STILL a shit eating lazy faggot. Writes good, doesn't do anything else with his life.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-02-05 1 
1126922Guardsman Quest: A heresy a day.....Players find Chaos shit and immediately touch it all over, much like OP does to his Mom when his Mom passes out drunkGuardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-02-05 1 
1164033Guardsman Quest #4 Hello Grimdark my old friendwe begin once more with guardsman, heresy and shenanigans ensue. OP still lazy.Guardsman quest, Soup, 40k2017-02-24 2 
51754631A day in the life of a guardsmanTurns out guardsmen don't have the best days.warhammer 40k, writefag, the imperial guard, a day in the life2017-02-25 18 
March 2017
1200269Guardsman quest #5 To walk in another person's shoesOP and friends decide to be a girl, it will be a long time before they are not a girl. also op is still lazyGuardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-03-05 2 
51891571A day in the life of a Guardsman 2Turns out guardsmen don't have the best days. warhammer 40k, writefag, the imperial guard, a day in the life, writefaggotry2017-03-09 4 
1234721Guardsman Quest #6: mutants and cultists, what could go wrong?continuing being a girl, we get several people killed. also turns out that old "friend" was a daemon.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-03-10 1 
1251827Guardsmen quest #7: and then there was firewell, daemon two down and also answers for why it was so easy. also finally Ordo Hereticus has arrived, they like fire.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-03-19 1 
1285539Guardsman Quest #8: One should not tempt fateGuardsman remains a girl, also new recruits to the party loli psyker and complete psychopath. also kinda now stranded on a eldar craftworld.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-03-31 0 
April 2017
1346148Guardsman quest #9: Only way out is inRecruitment: two Xenos scum, also we are still kinda stuck as a girlGuardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-04-18 1 
52865307Argo Brigade Creation ThreadA /tg/ Guard regiment made one word at a time, surprisingly not shit.imperial guard; guard; creation thread; homebrew; argo; argos; brigade; argian; argus2017-04-26 6 
52921937Argo Brigade - First Edition EditionEveryone's favourite fanatical counter insurgency brigade receives some more well deserved attention.imperial guard, guard creation thread. homebrew, argo, argo brigade, argian, argus2017-04-29 4 
1378898Guardsman Quest #10 you have 169 problemswell the hidden masters decide to play puppet master and bullshit with you, also you are the inquisitor nowGuardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-04-29 1 
May 2017
52962986Argo Brigade thread 3Bjilding a custom IG regimentwarhammer 40k, homebrew, imperial guard, argo brigade2017-05-01 1 
52989751Argo Brigade thread 4Trying to make it work.Argo Brigade, homebrew, Imperial Guard, Warhammer 40K2017-05-03 1 
53053332Argo Brigade thread 5Getting the goddam wiki sortedArgo Brigade, homebrew, Imperial Guard, Warhammer 40K2017-05-08 2 
1414351Guardsman Quest #11: Back to the grimdarkwelp traveling though the warp and such, also first attempt with diplomacy with a rogue trader ended baddlyGuardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-05-10 1 
1445840Guardsman Quest #12: Orks, why did it have to be Orkskill one cult and more appear, we are going to be busy for a whileGuardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-05-22 1 
June 2017
1487651Guardsman quest #13: a apple a day keeps Nurgle awayFirst we are the hunter, now we kicked a hornet's nest and zombies are attacking.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-06-01 1 
53593459Surprise Field Kit Inspection!An enraged Commissar calls a surprise field kit inspection on a rag-tag Imperial Guard regiment. But just who the fuck are they, anyway?Imperial Guard, roleplay, 40k2017-06-03 3 
1524985Guardsman Quest #14: Cruel fates, shattered hopesshit happened, like really bad shit happened.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-06-10 1 
53754134The Bush Fang Correctionals.Lizard mutant Imperial Guard regiment.40k, Imperial Guard, Mutant, creation,2017-06-13 -3 
53727323 FIELD KIT INSPECTION!enraged Commissar calls another surprise field kit inspection on a rag-tag Imperial Guard regiment.Imperial Guard, roleplay, 40k 2017-06-15 2 
1561285Guardsman Quest #15: Of Orks and MenGood news and bad news. Good news is we are not probably the best chance for big E to return. Bad news we probably will die because of it.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-06-20 1 
July 2017
1623385 Imperial Guardman quest Jorg Brets, a newbie imperial guardsman, gets his first taste of battle on his very first mission. A one off guardsman quest, anons had fun one off, mini quest, Imperial Guardsman, warhammer 40K, catachanon, first quest 2017-07-02 1 
1602587Guardsman quest #16: old friends, new enemieswelp we found out that loli psyker can swear, also we found out that we may have a traitor in our ranks. Loli psyker is also kinda powerful.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-07-06 1 
1644088Guardsman Quest #17: When the inquisitor comes to playWelp seems we have reached our next target planet and got a royal welcome also we suspect betrayal from one of our inner circle.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-07-19 1 
54578358 The All Guardsmen Party and the "Stealth" Mission Part 2The All Guardsmen Party Returns!All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2017-07-28 57 
54594909The All Guardsmen Party and the "Stealth" Mission Part 3The party assists in the acquisition of a spooky box. All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2017-07-29 59 
August 2017
1720815Guardsman Quest #18: Disaster and profit (continued)Well we fought a demon and then got dragged into a game with Tzeentch, mistakes were made.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-08-12 1 
1773032Guardsman Quest #19: End of a small game, start of the grand game.we beat the god in a children's card game, sure we cheated but what are rules anyways? also Markal and Thera are back.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-08-25 1 
September 2017
1815710Guardsman Quest #20: At last the pieces fall into place.We meet Markal and Valrisa again. Have some drinks, and get punched. Also we find out that it seems we have a big target on us now.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-09-09 1 
1856121Guardsman Quest #21: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.welp we learned from our eldar friend that we cannot in fact brush off the farseer who wants to see us, also Valrisa enjoys her chainswordsGuardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-09-21 1 
October 2017
1887312Guardsman Quest #22: Flame for the hereticsThe fight with the cultists continues, because we cannot just kill them all in one go.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-10-01 1 
1924149Guardsman Quest #23: If you will it, so shall it be.Well we won and things happened, and some really bad things happened. Like the base we were at before has been taken by fucking heretics.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-10-11 1 
November 2017
2000129Guardsman Quest #23: the good the bad and the hereticalbreaking into a cultists and demon infested building was not a good decision, somehow we made a worse one.Guardsmen Quest, Soup, 40k2017-11-04 1 
2076489Ex-Guard QuestAn Ex-Guard begins a new lifeGuardQM, Ex-Guard Quest, Collective Game2017-11-28 5 
December 2017
57047444WELCOME TO THE FRONTJust an ordinary day in the trenches of the Imperial Guard. Well, not quite ordinary, but you get used to it.Roleplaying, Imperial Guard, Warhammer 40k2017-12-24 9 
February 2018
58159093The All Guardsmen Party and the "Stealth" Mission Part 4The return of the nightmare superiors.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-02-25 67 
58177335The All Guardsmen Party and the "Stealth" Mission Part 5In which a lot of shit blows up.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-02-26 58 
March 2018
58286435The All Guardsmen Party and the "Stealth" Mission Part 6Shit goes down with Bane, and Asshat lives up to his name.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-03-04 61 
2401253Guardsman QuestProtagonist is defined and named and enters service in a planetary militia.Warhammer, W40k, Bolter, Armstrong, Bolter Armstrong, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard2018-03-31 4 
April 2018
2441826Guardsman Quest IIA post-battle thread where we talk big time with our lieutenant and see what we're gonna train next. Interrupted due to a 4 day hiatus by QWarhammer, W40k, Bolter, Armstrong, Bolter Armstrong, Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard2018-04-05 2 
2438744Princess Guard QuestAutistic Blast from the PastCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest, White Hand, Autism, Shadow2018-04-06 10 
2452421Princess Guard Quest 2We Meet Nicolette and Get MagicCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest, White Hand, Autism, Shadow2018-04-06 10 
2474835Princess Guard Quest 3Did Marianne finally find a friend?Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, White Hand, Autism, Shadow2018-04-14 9 
2497998Princess Guard Quest 4Reinhold's day offCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest, White Hand, Autism, Shadow2018-04-22 7 
2518661Princess Guard Quest 5Reinhold goes to townCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest, White Hand, Autism, Shadow2018-04-30 6 
May 2018
2547436Princess Guard Quest 6Reinhold spends the day in bedCollective Game, Princess Guard Quest, White Hand, Autism, Shadow2018-05-09 5 
June 2018
60232637The All Guardsmen Party Interlude: Escape?Internment in and escape from the laundry-brig All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-06-10 57 
July 2018
60621322The All Guardsmen Party Interlude: Escape? pt.2Oak has a drink with the boys and the final mission is plannedAll Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-07-02 58 
60800706The 212th Unimportant and the Space HulkA Guardsman Recruit of the 212th Unimportant Infantry Regiment asks /tg/ how to survive in a Space Hulkwarhammer 40k, guardsman, Collective Game, roleplaying2018-07-14 3 
October 2018
62492676Unbreakable TritonsFa/tg/uys make a Guard Reg of kickass mariners40K, Imperial Guard, Wet, Sonic Guns, Submarines, 2018-10-16 6 
62528232Unbreakable Tritons #2More writefaggotry for the Unbreakable Tritons.40k, Imperial Guards, /tg/, Unbreakable Tritons, sonic weapons, wetsuit.2018-10-17 0 
November 2018
62972087The All Guardsmen Party and the Inquisitorial Penal Legion pt.1The Guardsmen get sentenced to a penal legion and Oak forgets that they are not, in fact, trained Inquisitorial infiltrators.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2018-11-12 61 
December 2018
63542055Emperor's Mad Kids Creation ThreadWe make an Imperial Guard regiment of Mad Max style Beastmen.Imperial Guard, Beastmen, Mad Max, 40k, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k.2018-12-16 21 
April 2019
3384471Vanguard: Property InspectionRIPPER team comes out of the dark to find a missing dog, end up finding a lost citySkirmish Quest, Collective Game, Vanguard, Art?, Skirmish Sketch2019-04-19 1 
May 2019
65977935Predator Marines Part 2A continuation of the first Predator Marines thread fleshing out the glorious clusterfuck of a sector they're based in.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-01 11 
65998356Predator Marines part 3ITT, we finally get around to rolling the ork klan. Also, cyborg Xenomorph combat servitors and Jew Necrons.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-03 10 
66035693Predator Marines part 4We continue working on the Venaro sector, Jewish dark mechanicus, and move towards Genestealers.Chapter Creation, Space Marines, Predator Marines, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, 40k, Writefaggotry2019-05-08 5 
66179418The All Guardsmen Party and the Inquisitorial Penal Legion pt.2The infiltration attempts beginAll Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2019-05-12 44 
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