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Archived Threads

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September 2008
2563022God KaminaKamina from TTGL ascends to godhood with surprisingly few objections from /tg/, who forgive him for being weaboo on ground of awesomeness. Also inspires some writefaggotry.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Kamina, Awesome, God, Stat me2008-09-13 21 
July 2009
5133778godslaying antagonistscontinuation of previous thread about a party of antagonists bent on killing or subverting every godgod, slaying, antagonist2009-07-11 6 
March 2010
8580300good succubus worldbuildingRequest for "Make succubi good but not shitty or fapfest" workssuccubus, worldbuilding, god, YHWH2010-03-14 2 
May 2010
9594822!!SbnXxXER/Ds homebrewPlayers will take on the role of gods and make tribes their playthingsHomebrew, God, Game2010-05-03 5 
June 2010
10417239Dawn of World IV Part 2More divine shenanigans.Collective Game, World Generation, Map Generation, World, Map, Generation, God, Gods2010-06-11 1 
October 2010
12357292Lord of Cocks"At the end of the session that I just came from, one of my players declared himself, publicly, the Lord of Cocks." And then the thread was full of ideas about the proper response and repercussions for thisCocks, dicks, God, God of Cocks, One-eyed King, Cock Salesmen, Cock Duel2010-10-07 41 
January 2011
13722782Real Life feedbackGod asks for feedback on Real Life, and suggestions for the next editiongod, real life2011-01-30 9 
May 2011
15094464The Garden of EhnkieridianOP gives us a dark and tension-filled tale of a party entering a twisted and terrifying maze, worsened by his slow posting speed.game recap, D&D, Garden, Ehnkieridian, OPISAGOD, shadows, despair 2011-05-29 11 
September 2011
16460241Yahweh in 4EDiscussion of the Judeo-Christian God's place in D&D. Pictures, fluff, and stats of Jesus Christ.God, Jesus, Christ, Yahweh, D&D, 4E2011-09-29 20 
November 2011
17030999Miracle Quest IIn which /tg/ becomes the Joyous God of common sense, alcohol, and traps over the reveling Hinds of the forestCollective Game, Quest, Miracle Quest, Helili, God, Hind, deerbutt, yayification2011-11-27 12 
December 2011
17096840Miracle Quest IIWherein we take forms, meet some new characters and dispense teachingsCollective Game, Quest, Miracle Quest, Helili, God, Hind, deerbutt, yayification2011-12-04 7 
March 2012
18370497God of Delicious FoodsOP needs help making a deity of cuisine and taste for a freeform RP. /tg/ provides ideas.food, delicious, god, tasty, ideas, awesome, Ainsley, freeform2012-03-18 6 
April 2012
18664733When /tg/ met Nested Universe Simulator/tg/ jointly explored the Nested Universe Simulator. Amusement and hilarity gradually gives way to creeping horror.universe, god, philosophical, philosophy, creepy, horror, lovecraftian, sharks, ski masks, black holes, simulator, 2012-04-11 21 
September 2012
20775313Dice superstitions/tg/ discusses how to please the dice gods.die, dice, RNG, god, gods, superstition, 2012-09-18 8 
November 2012
21623452Maid Quest: The Life of Master part 38Hito have finally banish Nurgle back to Warp but he must face the last Chaos God, Khorne the Lord of Rage and Blood.Maid Quest: The Life of Master, Quest, Collective Game, CYOA, Maid, Chaos, Chaos God, Nurgle, Khorne, Merlin, Stonehenge, Caledfwlch, Rhongomyniad2012-11-17 -2 
21671598Goa'uld Quest 3We speak with the underling specialized in science, and use our divine intellect to snatch knowledge from the computation device.Collective Game, Goa'uld Quest, Goa'uld, Stargate, god, Leviathan2012-11-22 5 
December 2012
22040516Goa'uld Quest 4The fourth instalment of our travels, were we prowl the streets of the city at night, scope the criminal underground and are generally a noire figure with delusions of grandeur.Collective Game,Goa'uld Quest,Goa'uld,Stargate,god,Leviathan2012-12-15 5 
22230311Goa'uld Quest 5We continue planning a rebellion while discussing the relative merits of hovertanks versus gunships.Collective Game,Goa'uld Quest,Goa'uld,Stargate,god,Leviathan2012-12-29 6 
January 2013
22578538Paladins That Eat GodsOP tells the tale of an epic campaign.paladin, lovecraftian, god, gods, deity, deities, artifact, madness2013-01-14 31 
February 2013
22940280Teeje, god of chances and luckWhat seems to be a simple game suddenly turns into something more sinister as the number 3 continues to appear.Three, 3, god, Teeje, dice2013-02-02 24 
October 2013
27886400Washed up Villain quest 5Bethany attends a wedding, learns the meaning of fear and also loses one of his most trusted companionsMustache Twirler, Collective game, Washed up villain quest, Necromancy, Evil, Villain, god, 2013-10-23 6 
March 2014
30827631Obscure Christian MythologyWeird shit in Judeo-Christian tradition turns into a legitimate discussion on religion, Christianity and a primer to the Kabbalah. /tg/ gets shit done againReligion, God, Christianity, Angels, Apocalypse, Kabbalah2014-03-14 10 
May 2014
32247033Deep Breath worldbuildingWe continue the worldbuilding marathon of Solod; it's been 24 hours, and it's still running.fantasy, setting, worldbuilding, homebrew, god, Solod, Deep, halfling are demonic deathseekers and orcs are junkpunk-borgs treants2014-05-21 4 
July 2014
33149503/tg/ deity inventionOP requests ideas for gods and pantheons. Worldbuilding, original content and the TF2 Pyro as a deity results. Also, native amarican raccoon-people.Deity, Deities, Pantheon, God, Gods, Worldbuilding, Brainstorming, Paladin,2014-07-04 3 
33271449/tg/ religious discussion/tg/ has a rather civil discussion about religion, including how bullshit some of the gods can be and the idea that gods samefag.deity, deities, god, gods, pantheon, civil discussion, samefagging2014-07-08 5 
August 2014
34009696Khornette Quest #2In which we blow up a Warboss' head, make a Bloodletter our bitch, then break into the MateriumCollective Game, Khornette, Orks, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, ELH2014-08-09 22 
October 2014
35411506TG Does StrangeOP asks for stories of worst settings. Stories of Stabbings, Space Operas, Fast Food Warriors, and Phallus Themed Islands ensue. Space Opera, Thor, Armadillo God, Fast Food, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Stab2014-10-10 11 
January 2015
37476470Poker Night in the WarpIt's Poker Night in the Warp and what goes better with poker than Nurgle preaching love and acceptance and the Big E. making up with Konrad and Cegorach?Nurgle the love god, Chaos, Poker Night, Cegorach, Roleplay2015-01-19 2 
February 2015
38137708Khornette Quest #21Cinder fights with a Lord of Change. Said Lord of Change pulls a Fuklaw. Collective Game, Khornette, Lord of Change, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, Benny Hill, Not as planned, Tyranids, Over the top Combat, ELH2015-02-18 16 
May 2015
40134590Halfblood Quest 1Alex goes on a field trip , ends up at a camp for demigods, wins a battle and finds out his dad is the god of swole, Hercules.Collective game, Demigod, Greek mythology, Camp Halfblood, Hercules 2015-05-24 10 
40149884Greater than GodWe become Alpharius Omegon, God of Everything - yet it isn't still enough! We meet Excercia, from a different universe, and we start to explore the possibilities beyond.Greater than God, Quest, Collective Game, CheeseCake2015-05-24 4 
40180153Halfblood Quest 2Alex gets some cool new rings and fights for hot showersCollective game, Demigod, Greek mythology, Camp Halfblood, Hercules2015-05-26 6 
40280525Halfblood Quest 3We get a prophecy and go on a road trip with a couple friends. Someone pisses off Fortunate. Collective game, Demigod, Greek mythology, Camp Halfblood, Hercules 2015-05-31 4 
August 2015
42075588Of roleplaying as christian missionaries and saintsAnon asks for a system to roleplay as a priest or missionary, /tg/ delivers and discusses and even creates some OC.demon, exorcism, fluff, GOD, oc, priest, smite, undead2015-08-28 3 
November 2015
43646188/tg/ creates utopiaIn which OP asks how /tg/ posters would create a utopia if given reality warper powers. Discussion of human nature, religions and the need for evil results. Surprisingly civil.ethics, utopia, dystopia, god, power, good, evil, Skull-King The Giant Robotic Scourge Of Mankind,2015-11-15 2 
43782487Underdark Quest 1: Character creationSomewhere, deep in the underdark in the city of Granthabur, Rahymus Razenbur, a male member of the Razenbur house starts his day and decides to train a bitCollective Game, Underdark Quest, SpiderGod, Drow, Horrible awful things, Evil, Underdark,2015-11-23 5 
43894252/tg/ designs a pantheon/tg/ designs a pantheon and an array of primordials, gods and demigods are created. And the Laughing god. He's there toopantheon, worldbuilding, the Laughing God, gods, demigods, primordials2015-11-30 10 
December 2015
43924087/tg/ designs a pantheon part twoThe concept is fleshed out. Bonds are made, Myths are written and the Laughing god keeps laughing. Oh god.pantheon, worldbuilding, the Laughing God, gods, demigods, primordials2015-12-01 5 
43931279/tg/ designs a pantheon part three This time, we focus less on gods and more on worldbuilding. Everything, from poems to maps, are made, and the Laughing God just laughspantheon, worldbuilding, the Laughing God, gods, demigods, primordials2015-12-02 5 
44391623God of Creation [QUEST]You are a god of creation at the dawn of time. Atet-Ri, the god of light, born from the sun, has descended upon the barren earth to create stuff, in his own, smug way. He created the mountains, a large hole, an orb of light and a golden race: the Alw. What will happen next? Who knows! Atet-Ri, Creation, quest, god, god of creation, light god, alw, Tenen-Ru, Oracle of Giberish2015-12-26 13 
44406724God of Creation [QUEST] part2You are a god of creation at the dawn of time. Atet-Ri, the god of light, born from the sun, has descended upon the barren earth to create stuff, in his own, smug way. This time we created cattle, monkey guys, hung out with our cool new music/water friend, grew a tree and OHFUCKWHATTHEHELLJUSTHAPPENED?!Atet-Ri, Creation, quest, god, god of creation, light god, alw, Tenen-Ru, Oracle of Giberish, Helitaur, Fredd-Murc2015-12-27 6 
March 2016
46351268Blood Marked "Quest"We introduce Lucy Cook, a young woman in modern time who has suddenly gotten very good at killing, but very bad at hiding the evidence.Collective Game, Blood Marked, Lucy Cook, Eldritch Abomination, Evil, Villain, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, Insanity2016-03-30 2 
April 2016
46394015Blood Marked "Quest" 3We suffer a massive identity crisis as every new post gives us a new name. In the story we kill a man and plan to post pictures on the web.Collective Game, Blood Marked, Lucy Cook, Eldritch Abomination, Evil, Villain, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, Insanity, April Fools 20162016-04-01 1 
46458081Blood Marked "Quest" 4In which we battle for control over our body... win... and learn more about what we've become.Collective Game, Blood Marked, Lucy Cook, Eldritch Abomination, Evil, Villain, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, Insanity2016-04-04 1 
June 2016
255133Left Beyond QuestFundamentalists rule a flattened earth. God is due to erase the universe in 100 years. Cancel the apocalypse.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-17 15 
271723Left Beyond Quest 3Even in the Millennial Kingdom, under eternal daylight, cloak and dagger is possible...left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-18 8 
278917Left Beyond Quest 4The Osaze Renaissance is well under way, but you have maybe 80 years to defeat Yahweh.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-19 10 
285367Left Beyond Quest 4a - Still Alive EditionWe took a break from strategy and made an Angel run through the Enrichment Center. Now it's fightin' time.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-21 5 
293981Left Beyond Quest 5 - Charlton Heston EditionThe revolution has been televised! Now, it's time to brace for the Plagues of Egypt.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-23 5 
301038Left Beyond Quest 6 - Plagues of Egypt editionThe Plagues of Egypt are finally here, so let' science the shit out of them.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-26 5 
305284Left Beyond Quest 7 - Plagues of Egypt editionDarkness encroaches. Plagues call. The Angel of Death is just beyond the horizon. Beat the crap out of every single one.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-26 7 
308511Left Beyond Quest 7 - Aftermath editionDefeating the Angel of Death may have been the beginning of your problems...left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-29 5 
July 2016
318791Left Beyond Quest 9 - Weirdness editionCan the forces of Omega fight two enemies at once?left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-02 5 
338953Left Beyond Quest 10 - Land of Nod editionLost the territory, but kept the goodies.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-08 7 
344115Left Beyond Quest 11 - Back to the Shadows editionAs the mid point approaches, a terrorist with a new kind of weapon shows up.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-10 5 
364380Left Beyond Quest 12 - Illuminati EditionOmega takes a turn towards becoming the Communist Gangster Computer God.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-15 5 
374485Left Beyond Quest 13 - Black Sky EditionYour agents return to space, you get a gift from the past, and looks like war is coming.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-16 5 
379238Left Beyond Quest 14 - Midgame EditionAs the clock hits mid-game, Omega hatches a plan to go after the Angel Ithuriel.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-19 6 
400826Left Beyond Quest 14 - Rumors of War EditionWhere is the QM? Did the original fiction's author die? Can Dr. Vahlen please pick up the courtesy phone?left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-29 5 
August 2016
425436Left Beyond Quest 16 - Not Dead EditionWar, war never changes. Except when it does. Heroes die and angels lie.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-08-01 10 
449676Left Beyond Quest 17 - Anxiety EditionNot much happens, but a plan is hatched.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-08-10 5 
January 2017
1011212Left Beyond Quest 18 - New Year EditionSpace, and dwarves. But not space dwarves, that would be silly.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-01-05 5 
1014507Left Beyond Quest 19 A bit of fluff, a bit of planning, a bit of space station building... and the clock keeps ticking.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-01-08 5 
1039018Left Beyond Quest 20 - War and AftermathTensions with The Other Light finally come to a head. Many people lose theirs.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-01-14 5 
51243124What is the cosmology of your world ?OP asks /tg/ what is the cosmology of their settingsetting, settings, cosmology, gods, god, religion, D&D, gnosticism, demiurge, demiurg, plane, planes, universe2017-01-16 0 
1067417Left Beyond Quest 21 - Unending March editionThe endgame draws near. A peace is brokered. A heroine sails for the last voyage.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-01-22 5 
1091325Left Beyond Quest 22 We do more space stuff. TOL decides orbital bombardment is a good idea while we make sleep gas.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-01-26 5 
February 2017
1109934Left Beyond Quest 23More arguing about R&D, but we start retaking Pacifica.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-04 5 
1126866Left Beyond Quest 24Pacifica is retaken, so obviously, it will have to go through a mini-Apocalypse.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-07 5 
1144012Left Beyond Quest 25 - That's XCOM Baby EditionThe battle for Pacifica continues. Meanwhile, the Millennium Force get a lucky break after another.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-11 5 
1156242Left Beyond Quest 26 - Surfin' Noah EditionThe endgame nears as the centuries-old dream of the Cosmist cult finally comes true. But will it make a difference?left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-13 5 
1168551Left Beyond Quest 27 - March to Doom editionIt is the last day of the Millennium. The Final Battle looms. God vs Satan, with Omega in the middle.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-21 5 
1187561Left Beyond Quest 28 - Per Aspera Ad Astra editionJesus called down Doomsday on Earth, and then, It Is Done.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-21 12 
March 2017
1192069Masterpiece of a Shattered GodA draw game, the premise being that anons are the shattered consciousness of a God seeking to create his masterpiece.Collective Game, Masterpiece, Shattered, God, Masterpiece of a Shattered God, MSG, MSG Quest, Draw, Draw Thread, Draw Quest2017-03-01 1 
1222037Masterpiece of a Shattered GodPlayers are a god. They make commands and OP draws it...God, Sandbox, Bad_Art2017-03-08 2 
April 2017
1384313Masterpiece of a Shattered God 7A draw game, the premise being that anons are the shattered consciousness of a God seeking to create his masterpiece...God, Sandbox, Bad Art2017-04-26 1 
May 2017
1416060Masterpiece of a Shattered God 8A draw game, the premise being that anons are the shattered consciousness of a God seeking to create his masterpiece...God, Sandbox, Bad Art2017-05-06 1 
June 2017
53990655non-abrahamic monotheistic religion worldbuildingWorldbuilding and setting discussion about hypothetical monotheist religions derived from sources other than rehashed abrahamic mythology.worldbuilding, setting, religion, mythology, monotheistic, deity, god,2017-06-30 7 
July 2017
1666347Fleets of God Quest #1A boring patrol gets a little too exciting.Fleets Of God, PixelAnon, Sci-fi, collective game2017-07-14 6 
1689241Fleets of God Quest #2We return home, get an upgrade, and decide not to be rude. Fleets Of God, PixelAnon, Sci-fi, collective game, AI2017-07-21 4 
1715933Fleets of God Quest #3A world is defended and weapons tested. Fleets Of God, PixelAnon, Sci-fi, collective game, AI2017-07-29 3 
August 2017
1739870Fleets of God Quest #4In a slightly shorter thread the Odyssey is discovered and protected. Fleets Of God, PixelAnon, Sci-fi, collective game, AI2017-08-05 2 
1785032Fleets of God Quest #5After being relegated to picket duty and seeing a disturbingly large fleet, Dauntless makes an even more disturbing discovery. Fleets Of God, PixelAnon, Sci-fi, collective game, AI2017-08-19 1 
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