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Archived Threads

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September 2009
5923961Goblin Marketsctl: Goblin Markets is shared. Discussion is had, stories are shared, and ideas are fielded for how to make your market the best it can beChangeling, nWod, Goblin Markets,2009-09-19 3 
November 2009
6868629The Adventures of Bruce Killfist pt1You are a goblin, and you clan is dead. What will you do? Why you'll don the latest in cat fashion, catch a bat, pay a farmer to sleep in a shed, and go on a quest for revenge! That's what!quest thread, goblin, bruce, batman, revenge2009-11-25 3 
6880035Motherfucking (Dragon) Quest ThreadA dragon hatches and is greeted with the sight of a cave with several dead dragon wyrmlings. It sets out on an adventure and discovers some local history."Red dragon, Black dragon, Goblin, Wolves, Cave2009-11-26 3 
March 2010
8682575Settler Quest Starting with a choose your race settler quest /tg/ elects to go Goblin. They proceed to become Glorious Leader. Favored by Torg. Blessed by mutation. Slayer of the Bear Queen. Captor of the Bear Cubs."Goblins, Bears, Quest, Settler"2010-03-20 14 
8702610Settler Quest IIThe goblin tribe expands with another generation added to its ranks and plots to assimilate and conquer. The Glorious Leader is a clever bastard.Goblins, settler, quest, bears2010-03-21 10 
8702610Settler Quest 2Glorious Leader. Favored by Torg. Blessed by mutation. Slayer of the Bear Queen. Captor of the Bear Cubs.Goblins, Bears, Quests, Settler2010-03-21 10 
8709150Settler Quest 2.5A bugbear burial ground is defieled and a dangerous new enemy is discovered.Settler Quests Goblins2010-03-21 10 
8725635Settler Quest IIIFavored by Torg. Blessed by mutation. Slayer of the Bear Queen. Captor of the Bear Cubs. Crusher of bugbears, Impaler of the Slayers.settler, quest, goblins, goblin, village2010-03-22 9 
8802115Settler Quest IVThe Glorious Leader gets his interrogation on and uses his incredible charisma (and the soul of the old bugbear chieftain) to convince the bugbears to join him in his mission to destroy the humans. Goblin, Goblins, Settler, Quest, Collective Game,Bears2010-03-26 7 
8871718Enter the SargeFairly normal "what if" thread leads to our first encounter with Sarge, a badass wood elf on the edge, and leading role in the upcoming film epic: Full Metal Bodkin.Elves, Eldar, Sarge, All Goblins must fucking Hang, Fluff2010-03-30 14 
April 2010
8971811Warhammer Question/Animosity SuggestionsA question about an all-goblin army for Warhammer Fantasy evolves into a discussion about how to fix the animosity ruleWarhammer Fantasy, orcs, goblins2010-04-04 -2 
9003741Settler Quest VThe Glorious Leader is back in action, with both the bugbears and another generation of gobs to command--and new targets for pillage and conquest. Short but sweet.Goblin, Goblins, Settler, Quest, Collective Game, Bears2010-04-06 5 
May 2010
9779793Urist Rackwhispered, Dorfen child.A Fortress is annihilated by a goblin siege, leaving only one dorf child, will she survive?Dorf, Goblin, Siege, Sacrifice2010-05-12 7 
October 2010
12624754Goblin NationThe story of a goblin village's conflict with the local hobgoblins spiraling way out of control.Writefaggotry, goblin2010-10-31 1 
November 2010
12704192Goblin Nation IIThe war against the hobgoblins heats up as foreign powers get involved.goblin, Writefaggotry2010-11-06 1 
12786539Goblin Nation IIIThe war against the hobgoblins comes to its trollish conclusion. Suddenly, sequelhooks!goblin, Writefaggotry, fairies, hobgoblins2010-11-14 0 
December 2010
13333975Six racesA bunch of fa/tg/uys come up with alternate races for a fantasy setting.races, goblins, brainstorming2010-12-30 1 
January 2011
13581298Sir Reginald Goldensteel Part OneWritefag tells the tale of a fighter, a goblin shaman, and a thri-kreen dragoon.writefaggotry, thri-kreen, goblin2011-01-20 2 
13683280Sir Reginald Goldensteel Part TwoReginald takes on a blackguard that's holding a town hostage.writefaggotry, thri-kreen, goblin2011-01-27 0 
July 2011
15702313Fantasy Racial Equality in the Modern Era/tg/ discusses (in-character) the state of race relations in a modern-day world populated by elves, dwarves, goblins, liches, dragons...the works.stories, racial tensions, race, affirmative action, goblins, elves, dwarves, dragons, liches, mind flayers2011-07-25 10 
October 2011
16717231King Alfonso Civilization Game 4New races made, new races discovered, and gunpowder. Decisions, decisions...civilization game, alfonso, sanguine kingdom, fucking dorfs, collective game, lizardmen, goblins2011-10-23 11 
November 2011
17037845Concerning GoblinsAnon asks what goblins were like in the original folktales. Cue discussion of goblin lore, Red Caps re-fluffed as rebels against Faerie, and decent writefaggotry.goblins, folklore, red caps, setting2011-11-27 10 
January 2012
17469578Pimpin' is easy, Genocide is hardElves discussing the best race to ally with whilst killing the rest before the talks go downhillElves, Humans, Goblins, confusion2012-01-09 22 
17743432Goblin QuestWe kill our chieftain, raid a wagon, and set up campGoblin Quest, Collective Game, Quest Thread2012-01-31 1 
October 2012
21179959/tg/ Goblin healthcareSomeone starts posting creepy fap material. /tg/ derails everything gloriously.Goblin healthcare, Skeletons, Elves still suck, Derailing2012-10-18 45 
December 2012
21963885Dragon Clan War: Desert Storm 2The dragons save their goblins. Get them some slaves. Check on the lizard bros and find some Orcs who are being forced to fight for a Red...who gets her ass whooped.D&D, Collective, Dragon, Goblins, badass2012-12-09 1 
February 2013
22933569Guy's Civilization Game: Arctic Goblins #1Just getting a feel for the land around us, we find some food sources, a tower with a golem inside, and prepare for a blizzard. Also we plan to kill all the gods.Guy, civilization game, civ game, civ, collective game, arctic goblins, goblins2013-02-02 6 
23073087Guy's Civilization Game: Arctic Goblins #2Fucking humans fucking our shit up, we find some giants living underground, and build a bat/spider farm.Civilization game, arctic goblins, goblins, guy, civ game, civ, collective game2013-02-09 4 
23348526Victorian BogeymenGo to bed on time, don't play in the dirt, and don't talk to strangers, or Nicky Nocks, Mr. Sweeps, and Penny Pinchfingers are going to pay you a visit.Boogeymen, Bogeys, folklore, horror, fae, creepy, steampunk, Victorian, England, goblins2013-02-24 15 
23376067Anon the Mad: The Greatest GoblinThreads start out with a lot of butthurt discussion of chaos gods and orcs, and get derailed by an anon posting his army list for warhammer fantasy... with 63 fanatics. Thus Anon the Mad is born, greatest Goblin Warboss under the mountainsWarhammer, Fantasy, Goblin, Orcs and Goblins, Anon the Mad2013-02-25 20 
June 2013
25159170Micro-civilisation Thread: ohgodwhy edition In which more computer problems force CouncilAdvisor to start up a new civilization for /tg/ to guide and shape. We go with demon-worshipping saytrs and goblin slaves this time.Collective Game, MNB, NB, Micro-Civilization, Civilization Builder, CouncilAdvisor, Goblins, Saytrs, Demons2013-06-01 0 
December 2013
29160409Goblin Quest IThe humblest of possible beginnings, barring non-sentients. Collective Game, Goblin Quest?, Goblins, Caves, Quests, Bones, Boners2013-12-30 6 
29179682Goblin Quest IIThe Headless Guardsman, and pyrotechnics.Collective Game, Goblin Quest?, Goblins, Caves, Quests, Fires, More Fires2013-12-31 3 
January 2014
29220662Goblin Quest IIIIn which our Gobbo drops panties, learns to do various things, and place Ace HardingCollective Game, Goblin Quest?, Goblins, Caves, Quests, Learning, Dead Guys2014-01-02 6 
29277103Oversized Weapon QuestYou get a big sword, get to be the boss, and find some people to boss around!Collective Game, Goblins, Big Swords2014-01-04 57 
29293825Oversized Weapon Quest 24chan cut things short. But you got the boys organized and trained, and got some presents!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords2014-01-05 41 
29331722Oversized Weapon Quest 3You train the boys up a bit, get a little discouraged, and get into a little fight.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Dwarves2014-01-07 36 
29474500Oversized Weapon Quest 5You start your journey! With a dungeon! And your first real fight! A very important system is revealed.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords2014-01-13 30 
29564051Oversized Weapon Quest 6Things heat up a bit! Fight for your life!Collective Quest, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords2014-01-17 30 
29659165Oversized Weapon Quest 7You complete your first real raid, and get roped into some sorta quest.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Elemental Spirits2014-01-20 28 
29734929Oversized Weapon Quest 8You help that annoying rock guy out, and find more about the forest you're staying in for now.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Big Swords, Elementals, Goblins2014-01-23 28 
29775921Civilization Quest: GoblinsGorlnash Tribe seeks to take over the world!Collective Game, Civilization Quest, Gorlnash Tribe, Goblins2014-01-25 1 
29783750Oversized Weapon Quest 9You raid the Quarry! And then get a windfall of presents. Rollin' in the progress.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, all dem item upgrades and abilities2014-01-26 26 
29883511Oversized Weapon Quest 10Witches can't be boys! You identify some items, too. It was a relaxing day.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Witches, Curses, Poison2014-01-29 27 
February 2014
30002022Oversized Weapon Quest 11Set out for adventure! Find and take pity on an annoying girl, and also get a lot of work done.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Chain Raiding2014-02-03 28 
30152843Oversized Weapon Quest 12Your sidequests spawn more sidequests. You meant another elemental and take his trial by fire!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Gnolls, Elementals2014-02-10 27 
30334263Oversized Weapon Quest 13I prefer my elves medium rare! Meet some wacky gnoll guy.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Gnolls, Roasted Marshmellows2014-02-18 25 
30437513Oversized Weapon Quest 14You finish up the gnoll side quests with little fanfare, plan a big raid, and then the thread gets cut short.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords2014-02-23 25 
30525404Oversized Weapon Quest 15Loadse Raiding! You encounter a fated rival! You control destiny briefly!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Huge Weapons, Goblins, Chain Raid, /tg/ tactics2014-02-27 24 
March 2014
30587349Oversized Weapon Quest 16Finish up a raid! Get loot! Get lost!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, So Lost Without You, Goblins2014-03-02 26 
30675713Oversized Weapon Quest 17Scratch another sidequest off the list! Is this the start of a love triangle?! Some new guys show up. You make plans to knock out a dungeon!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Hexblade Spell List2014-03-06 27 
30736903Oversized Weapon Quest 18Exposition time! You meet a bunch of people, and a floating skull.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, demilich, Goblins, Big Swords2014-03-09 23 
30753404Knightly Discourse.A knight comes to the court of /tg/ with a most pressing quandary. The knights of /tg/ offer their advice.Knights, problem, squire, hobgoblins, roleplay, chivalry, sodomy2014-03-10 15 
30796824Oversized Weapon Quest 19We do the whole tournament! We meet an old friend. People like talking a lot.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Diplomancy, Goblins, Big Swords2014-03-12 23 
31039237Oversized Weapon Quest 20You recruit a bard lady, dork around with rock elementals, and raid a town. What is this strange sense of dissatisfaction?!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Ennui2014-03-24 24 
31101420Oversized Weapon Quest 21We go fishing!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Choppa2014-03-27 24 
31161169Oversized Weapon Quest 22You save some tree guys, and bring an end to act one. Good job! You make all kindsa decisions that may or may not have big impacts and meet a dragon disciple and her dragon master.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Thighs, Goblins, Kuo-toa, Big Swords2014-03-30 23 
April 2014
31279473Oversized Weapon Quest 23You enjoy some relaxing time in camp, and so do your subordinates.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Big Swords, Goblins, Parties2014-04-05 22 
31385441Oversized Weapon Quest 24We do some leadering, some shopping, some fashion shopping, and then get on a boat and fight some pirates. It was a busy day.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Fashion, Shopping, Leadership, Big Swords2014-04-10 21 
31452050Oversized Weapon Quest 25You land on an awful continent filled with awful people. You help them with their awful problems.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Adventure Party, Big Swords, Goblins2014-04-13 22 
31498025Oversized Weapon Quest 26You solve a case, get drunk, find a friendservant, and start your new adventure!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Alcohol, Lizardmen2014-04-15 22 
31602182Oversized Weapon Quest 27You summon a dryad, fight a golem, and reincarnate a party member.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Skeletons, Reincarnate2014-04-20 22 
31664085Oversized Weapon Quest 28You get god like powers, and start setting Utalaga ablaze!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Turtles, Goblins, Big Swords2014-04-23 20 
31803267Oversized Weapon 29You kill a shoujo love interest before it exists.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Vampires2014-04-29 18 
May 2014
31848516Oversized Weapon Quest 30You find another OWU! And fight them. your domain grows.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Librarian2014-05-01 20 
31998126Oversized Weapon Quest 31In which we finish up a big sidequest.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Light, Demi-Goddess2014-05-08 20 
32061492Oversized Weapon Quest 32You recruit a smith, and find a ride!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Monks Everywhere, Goblins, Big Swords, Q&A2014-05-11 16 
32123517Oversized Weapon Quest 33You get lost, fight a lady, complete a sidequest, level up, grab items, and get rid of something pointless.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Wedding Dress2014-05-14 16 
32262375Oversized Weapon Quest 34We kill the QMCollective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Turtles, Lasers, Metal Gear Solid2014-05-21 20 
32353005Oversized Weapon Quest 35Killing people results in boring paperwork. We managed to file all the forms correctly.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords2014-05-25 16 
32437444Oversized Weapon Quest 36You finish the coup, reunite with the boys, and get a move on with the next objective.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Big Swords, Goblins, Forests, Army Management2014-05-29 16 
June 2014
32546532Oversized Weapon Quest 37You get some help from some trees, and bully an elf to help and elf you bullyCollective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, All nat 20s2014-06-03 16 
32657757Oversized Weapon Quest 38Roll d20 to apply blackfaceCollective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Elves2014-06-08 23 
32801395Oversized Weapon Quest 39You make a deal, and then sorta disobey orders but not really?Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Tactical Goblin Action2014-06-15 15 
32861619Oversized Weapon Quest 40In which the QM loses focus and rambles for an hour and a half.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Unprofessional2014-06-18 13 
33085241Oversized Weapon Quest 41We get the best puppy everCollective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, big lizards2014-06-29 13 
July 2014
33167101Oversized Weapon Quest 42Shax gets back in town, and starts raiding random stuff again. Starting with a circus.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, goldfish2014-07-03 14 
33231300Oversized Weapon Quest 43A clown shows up.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, clowns2014-07-06 14 
33316059Oversized Weapon Quest 44Tokimeki Axe Girl's Side StoryCollective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, Inter-Planar Relations, big swords2014-07-10 14 
33399489Oversized Weapon Quest 45there, at the shrine of the silver monkey, you must assemble all three pieces to continue further into theCollective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, legend of the hidden temple2014-07-14 12 
33472864Oversized Weapon Quest 46Rise of the Cyber KoboldsCollective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Intermission, goblins, big swords2014-07-17 12 
33560011Oversized Weapon Quest 47You recap things for an old guy and Blaise reveals her ambitions.Oversized Weapon Quest, Collective Game, big swords, goblins, bdsm2014-07-21 12 
33678367Oversized Weapon Quest 48fairies skeletons beltbrasCollective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, big swords, goblins, beltbras2014-07-26 11 
33722800Oversized Weapon Quest 493spooky5me: Critfail EditionCollective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, ghost house2014-07-28 11 
August 2014
33893132Oversized Weapon Quest 50And there appeared another wonder in Manderlay; and behold a great black dragon, having seven owls and ten horns, and a crown upon her head.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, shax could join a knight order now2014-08-04 12 
34014942Oversized Weapon Quest 51In which Shax is the most demureCollective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, old natty 12014-08-09 12 
34090879Oversized Weapon Quest 52Shax reunites with some old friends, talks to some demons. A magical evening is experienced.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, magic tricks2014-08-12 11 
34347289Oversized Weapon Quest 53Shax deals with another boss! Makes a plan to fill an elven forest with undead.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, boss points are a decent mechanic2014-08-23 13 
34392916Oversized Weapon Quest 54Shax wanders into a tower and finds out how awful it is to fight an arcane caster in 3.5Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, caster edition2014-08-25 11 
34534690Oversized Weapon Quest 55You go to the beach, then make a decision.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, Final Chapter Start2014-08-31 11 
September 2014
34676456Oversized Weapon Quest 56Allonces' mom is hotCollective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, allonces' mom is hotter than anyone else2014-09-06 11 
34838120Oversized Weapon Quest 57You help some nerds. Oh, and also Ascend, I guess. That might matter.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, neeeerrrds2014-09-13 13 
34861114Oversized Weapon Quest 58You win!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, the real winners are the audience2014-09-14 27 
34867262Oversized Weapon Quest The EndLast few things since the thread died.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, big swords, alls well that ends well2014-09-14 25 
December 2014
36761332Victarian Mortas necromancer threadMortas goes to parley with the goblins and a disaster befalls him and octaviaVictarian Mortas, necromancy, collective game, civilization, goblins, undead, octavia2014-12-14 2 
May 2015
39848768Fenrir's Goblin Civ pt.1The jungle Goblins set out to strengthen their homely clearing; but with mishap after mishap, they don't make much headway. There's promise though, and the chance to become something great.collective game, goblin, civ, fenrir, thread, civilisation, jungle2015-05-09 1 
June 2015
40287078On Hobgoblins and other golbinoid creaturesHobgoblins, how are they used in different settings? What differentiates them from orcs or common gobbos? And also some goblin lore.fluff, goblin, hobgoblin, oc, orc, race, setting2015-06-08 6 
December 2015
43908563Awoken Overlord Quest IYour Name is Alice and you are the overlord now.Collective Game, Awoken Overlord Quest, Bad Rolls the Game, Alice is a goblin princess2015-12-04 5 
43925515Awoken Overlord Quest IIAlice starts her new job as the overlord and recruits the first few followers.Collective Game, Awoken Overlord Quest, Bad Rolls the Game, Alice is a goblin princess2015-12-04 1 
43949255Awoken Overlord Quest IIIAlice continues her quest, finds mighty allies and some other guys.Collective Game, Awoken Overlord Quest, Bad Rolls the Game, Alice is a goblin princess2015-12-04 1 
43980634Awoken Overlord Quest IVAlice continues her journey to become a supreme overlord, only stopped by OP's scheduleCollective Game, Awoken Overlord Quest, Bad Rolls the Game, Alice is a goblin princess2015-12-07 1 
44018196Awoken Overlord Quest IV.V (NSSF-Edition)Alice again continues her journey, this time with a QM who hasn't slept for two days.Collective Game, Awoken Overlord Quest, Bad Rolls the Game, Alice is a goblin princess, No sleep since friday Edition2015-12-07 1 
44043160Awoken Overlord Quest V: Fell asleep in the middle of the last thread editionAlice is back, after being interrupted by sleep. Also, a boar is caught and such.Collective Game, Awoken Overlord Quest, Bad Rolls the Game, Alice is a goblin princess, fell asleep edition2015-12-14 1 
44189651Awoken Overlord Quest VIAlice is finally back and continues her conquest, even against some pretty bad odds.Collective Game, Awoken Overlord Quest, Bad Rolls the Game, Alice is a goblin princess2015-12-16 1 
March 2016
46295654Goblin civ #1Goblins are working towards revenge against the dwarven people.Goblin, Civ, dwarves, humans, elves, necromancy, shaman2016-03-28 2 
46380799Goblin civ #2Goblins are working towards revenge against the dwarven people.Goblin, Civ, dwarves, humans, elves, necromancy, shaman2016-03-31 1 
May 2016
72146The Goblin's QuestA little green goblin on his way to become king: The failures, the successes, the atrocities.Goblin, Dragon, Elves2016-05-06 2 
84719Wizard QuestAdventure on a stick.Wizard Quest, pixies, dwarf, goblin, satan2016-05-08 11 
154180Greentext Quest 5James dances and enjoys his friend's handmade meal. G.top, Collective Game, Monter Girls, dice, goblins, Greentext Quest2016-05-29 1 
September 2016
517749Goblin Chieftain QuestAfter the fall of the last Dark Lords, you will restore the goblins to glory. Collective Game, Goblins, Fantasy, Goblin Chieftain Quest2016-09-01 7 
October 2016
667016Goblin Quest #1we wake up in prison and are rescued by smithy the goblinGoblin Quest, Collective Game2016-10-09 3 
680132Goblin Quest #2after escaping the prison we run into an elfGoblin Quest, Collective Game2016-10-18 1 
November 2016
50257032kobold-purists-btfoanother stupid fucking kobold thread gets derailed by goblins and a demon. made me not OD on pills that evening, so I give it a thumbs upKobold, Goblin2016-11-17 -1 
March 2017
51915763King asks for goblins to be "taken care of"A king asks /tg/ to take care of a goblin infestation. /tg/ misinterprets hilariously.goblins, literal genie, troll2017-03-03 4 
May 2017
1422875Amateur Goblin Hunter QuestA child is the only person awake in a house full of goblins. OP disappears and someone else steps in.amateur goblin hunter, londry2017-05-13 2 
October 2017
55752274Goblins: Can They Be Civilized?Can they be made into more than just ravenous cannon-fodder for lowbies? Also discussion of WoW and COC gobs.goblins2017-10-08 -2 
January 2018
2196645Goblin QuestThe adventures of Mook the goblinCollective game, gob, goblin quest. Fantasy2018-01-17 2 
March 2018
2347526Overlord Lair Quest 1 Welcome to the DungeonThe Magi who sought forbidden knowledge. Made a deal at a fine price. A Dungeon core was given placed in a magma Ocean and Goblins summoned.Genie, Overlord, Dungeon, Worried Dungeon with to many goblins, Of Goblins and Mecha2018-03-14 4 
April 2018
2442054Goblin Civ ThreadFirst Thread of this game, as the goblins rise from the dirtCiv, Goblin2018-04-15 1 
2468068Starborn Quest 48: Purps Does A MopeIn the aftermath of her terrible relationship management Purps explores the town and discovers a pretty glaring crisis before it escalated.Collective Game, Starborn, Wagon, Purps, Fox, HawkFox, Honamurei, Lexington, Academy, Dealer, Goblins, Lucky, Double Crit2018-04-16 1 
May 2018
2505810Starborn Quest 49: SupernovaReal life stops QM from really getting into it.Collective Game, Starborn, Wagon, Purps, Fox, HawkFox, Honamurei, Lexington, Academy, Dealer, Goblins, Lucky, Double Crit2018-05-02 1 
July 2018
2682207Starborn Thread 50: The Fiftieth ThreadFor Thread 50 Purps deliberately doesn't take the spotlight and just gets some lore from the blacksmith.Collective Game, Starborn, Wagon, Purps, Fox, HawkFox, Honamurei, Lexington, Academy, Dealer, Goblins2018-07-04 1 
August 2018
2760577Starborn Thread 51: ResolutionStar's real life gets him sick and work keeps him away. So Fifty One is very start and stop.Collective Game, Starborn, Wagon, Purps, Fox, HawkFox, Honamurei, Lexington, Academy, Dealer, Goblins2018-08-05 1 
September 2018
2829491Starborn Quest 52: Resolution ContinuedPurps has some her time before heading in with the clean up crewCollective Game, Wagon, Starborn, Starborn Quest, Purps, Honamurei, Cabin, Lexington, Academy, Tornin, Chiron, Goblins, Cabin, Mission2018-09-04 1 
October 2018
2956615Consensual Rape: The goblin quest #1We play as a small band of goblins attempting to survive in a harsh world women don't want to be raped by small horrible green men.Prometheus, Goblins, Civ Quest, Rape, More rape2018-10-17 0 
2964112Starborn Quest 53: Bug HuntTime for the fight with the big bug. We learn goblin Matriarch is a walking bug factory, and we clip it's wings.Collective game, Starborn, Star, Wagon, boss fight, Purps, Goblins, Academy, Honamurei, Chiron, Jul2018-10-20 1 
2976939Consensual rape: the goblin quest #2The goblins continue to rape and expand their hive, as well they met an excellent fish friend and reaped a hero for good measure.Rape,More rape, Goblins,Shota goblins, Civ quest2018-10-26 -1 
November 2018
3013335Starborn Quest 54: AnnihilationThe boss is slain, Maria, Purps and Hona combining to take down the goliath. Shipping happens before a POV shift.Collective Game, Wagon, Starborn, Starborn Quest, Purps, Honamurei, Cabin, Boss, Academy, Lexington, Chiron, Goblins, Cabin, Mission2018-11-08 1 
January 2019
3117112Goblin Civ ThreadGoblins start on stone age and lose lots of battles.goblin, goblin civ, civ thread, civilization, civqm2019-01-02 2 
3140837Neet Weapon Quest 1Neet reincarnates as a gunblade, teams up with a Demon Loli, and commits Goblin genocide.Neet Weapon Quest, REDthunderBOAR, Goblin Slayer 2019-01-06 4 
3151427Goblin Civ IIWe don't do much at all because OP is super busy IRLgoblin, goblin civ, civ thread, civilization, civqm2019-01-12 1 
3158218Neet Weapon Quest 2We find Niph's father, get a new teammate, lose a new teammate, get placed on probation and survive an assassination attemptNeet Weapon Quest, REDthunderBOAR, Collective Game, Goblin Slayer, Niph, LeFay, Chaostear2019-01-13 2 
3175833Neet Weapon Quest 3Secrets are revealed, we take a test, and get a new party member.Neet Weapon Quest, REDthunderBOAR, Goblin Slayer2019-01-29 3 
February 2019
3207411Neet Weapon Quest 4Traveling Goblin Exterminators (and maybe dragons).Neet Weapon Quest, REDthunderBOAR, Goblin Slayer2019-02-07 4 
November 2019
3900176Slime Quest (pt3)Some time has passed, allowing for new arrivals, fateful encounters, and... a new perspective?slime quest, fenster, draw quest, ser fuzzylad, faerie, slime, sword, bottle, hammer, blunder, goblin, kobold, combat, skeleton, robes2019-11-22 0 
3937258Slime Quest (pt4)Runecraft is performed before going on hiatus.slime quest, fenster, draw quest, ser fuzzylad, faerie, slime, sword, bottle, hammer, blunder, goblin, kobold, combat, skeleton, robes,2019-11-30 0 
January 2020
3994634New World Goblin QuestOur goblin arrives at the new world, escapes slavery, meet the gods, explore alchemy and starts to leave a mark on this strange new worldNew world, goblin, collective game, america, jungle, alchemy, rogue2020-01-17 1 
February 2020
4035685New World Goblin Quest 02The gods continue their blessings, but shadows make things difficult for ZuzuNew world, goblin, collective game, america, jungle, alchemy, rogue2020-02-09 2 
April 2020
4151777Kobold Quest #2A near-death Trebol escorts a gnoll kid back to his tribe, hoping to be forgiven for injuring their chieftain and receive medical careKobold Quest, Collective Game, drawquest, kobold, gnoll, goblin, dragon2020-04-01 2 
May 2020
4261473Goblin Quest #1The rape goblins are forced out their home, now they have to survive. They have some victories than came defeat from Scaly hands.Rape, Goblins, Gobson, Collective Game, Gob, Goblin QM, Green and Hard, Kobolds, Dwarf2020-05-23 6 
June 2020
4272162Goblin Quest #2Goblins suffer, met new friends, Orks. Urm is killed, the nest moves to Grelob cave. Gobson is taken, he escapes and finds nest and met JadeCollective Game ,Goblins, Gobson, Gob, Goblin QM, Cold Bolt, Jade, Kobolds, Drawquest, Ork, Pale Orcs2020-06-03 6 
4284699Goblin Quest #3Gobson fought Griggers, Hunting, Drown, Escaped Underdark, gave his seed, saw things, got closer to Jade, centaur, Fun Dorfs, Evolve Goblin Collective Game, Dorf, Grigger, Goblins, Gobson, Gob, Goblin QM, Cold Bolt, Jade, Kobolds, Drawquest, Centaur, Ork, Pale Orcs2020-06-13 5 
4305149Goblin Quest #4Many duels, traveling, learning skills, battles, more cursed edits, drawings. Dorf fortress, meeting the crew and getting some help.Collective Game, Dorf, Grigger, Goblins, Gobson, Gob, Goblin QM, Cold Bolt, Jade, Kobolds, Drawquest, Centaur, Ork2020-06-23 1 
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