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December 2007
905841CthulhuTech MegathreadThe thread to end all threads on C-Tech.cthulhutech2007-12-16 5 
November 2009
6594156cthulhutech thread for beginnersarchived for all the people interested to cthulhutech so we can just point them herecthulhutech, tech, cthulhu,2009-11-06 0 
November 2013
28264679Pax Mortis: Tager QuestIn two days you will be undergoing the rituals to become a hidious monster so you can kill other hideous monsters....or die in the process.Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Mommy Issues2013-11-13 22 
28300637Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Pt 2Faced with a woman from your past, the impending Rite, and the horror of becoming one with something that will live inside you....Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-11-15 14 
28355446Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 3On the trail of an ancient mystery, you find some measure of answers, meet new and amusing people, and might just have room in your heart to comfort a friend in spite of it all. Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-11-18 18 
28394768Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 4The Rite of Sacred Union may not be a marriage, but it is far more intimate. If you survive it. Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-11-20 16 
28449699Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 5Anne has become one of the most powerful Tagers....but physical power won't help her with the death of a comrade and her first mission.Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-11-23 15 
28524878Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 6Your confrontation with Yen takes a abrupt turn for the worse, and secrets are divulged. Secrets that could have an awesome toll on the Eldritch Society....Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-11-27 13 
28542326Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 7With the horrifying death of your fellow Tager, you are left with more questions than answers. Also, perverts.Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Voyuer, Mommy Issues2013-11-28 16 
December 2013
28594700Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 8The Elder Efreet Towern answers some questions; a funeral is held; and finally...a mission briefing is begun.Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-12-01 16 
28554325Converting CthulhuTech to Void In which /tg/ merges the crunch of The Void with the fluff of CthulhuTech with good results.CthulhuTech, Void, Cthulhu, crunch, rules, conversion, rpg 2013-12-01 4 
28638902Cthulhu Void Tech Conversion 2efforts continue to convert Cthuhlutech to The Void's mechanics.CthulhuTech, Void, Cthulhu, crunch, rules, conversion, rpg, The Void2013-12-04 2 
28671945Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 9The briefing is held, and to the point, but you have at least one day to prepare....or investigate other avenues of inquiry.Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues2013-12-05 13 
28853609Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 10Rechert and Viss are just as lost as you are about why Yen wanted you to stay away. A gruesome discovery ensues...Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues, Gross2013-12-14 11 
28959873Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 11Hiding from an enemy that may or may not exist, Anne and her murder of Tagers face the facts....Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues, Dimensional Sharks2013-12-19 7 
28980969Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 12Prepared for battle, Anne learns what secrets Yen had...and something does come for them. But it isn't what anyone expected...Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues, Dimensional Sharks2013-12-20 10 
29016964Pax Mortis: Tager Quest Part 13Something comes through the wards, but it isn't what Anne expected. Someone has it in for her...Collective Game, CthulhuTech, Horror, War Band, Body Horror, Mommy Issues, Dimensional Sharks2013-12-22 9 
May 2020
4242533Multiplayer Eldritch Horror (Mythic RPG) #6This time, the setting is inspired by CthulhuTech. 1 player + 2 shared characters.Eldritch, CthulhuTech, Lovecraft, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG, Strategy, Troll2020-05-15 -1 
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