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July 2009
5237253Dorf HistoryWe all know that dorfs have many traditions, facts and customs, some maybe alien and completely ridiculous. Let's invent some.dwarves, dorfs, breasts, bears, ale, beer, alcohol, mining, hammers, axes, mountains, awful good2009-07-23 17 
June 2012
19497943Planetary Governor Quest: Part TwelveThe first decent session in a while. We continue dismantling the Space Hulk, Get Skitarii help, and fight a mob of "evolved" Cyborks with huge, angry squigs and a really messed up mutant Warboss.Collective Game, Planetary Governor Quest, 40K, Warhammer, Space Marine, Chaos, Sisters of Battle, Sororitas, Hospitaller, Space, Quest, Zombies, Fungus, Space Battle, Orks, warboss, Blood Axes, Fang, Dreadnought2012-06-16 18 
June 2013
25694175Tax Quest 1In which Timothy L. Johnson, a humble tax collector, has a very strange day.Quest, Collective Game, Tax Quest, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes2013-06-28 40 
25726856Tax Quest 2In which Timothy L. Johnson gets a few answers, but they all lead to more questions.Quest, Collective Game, Tax Quest, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes2013-06-30 27 
July 2013
25821964Tax Quest 3In which Timothy L. Johnson tastes blood.Quest, Collective Game, Tax Quest, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes2013-07-05 25 
25961877Tax Quest 4Where something gets explained, and we get more questionsQuest, Collective Game, Tax Quest, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes2013-07-12 22 
26101504Tax Quest 5In which Timothy L. Johnson, loses some teeth and gets a new briefcase. Some murders also happen.Quest, Collective Game, Tax Quest, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes2013-07-19 21 
26197864Tax Quest 6In which Timothy L. Johnson realizes his talent for being inconspicuous.Quest, Collective Game, Tax Quest, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes2013-07-24 21 
26240864Tax Quest 7In which Timothy L. Johnson gets a close shave.Quest, Collective Game, Tax Quest, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes2013-07-26 21 
August 2013
26378907Tax Quest Thread 8Timothy L. Johnson goes to woods and meets some rude people there. Questions about legality of the proceedings rise.Quest, Collective Game, Tax Quest, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes2013-08-02 21 
26515406Tax Quest 9Timothy tries to finally escape The Hunt, along with his companions.Quest, Collective Game, Tax Quest, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes2013-08-08 21 
26646416Tax Quest 10Timothy finally leaves the forest.Quest, Collective Game, Tax Quest, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes2013-08-16 21 
September 2013
27009892Tax Quest 11In which Timothy visits the doctor, re-acquires his razor against his will and attacks a man with acidQuest, Collective Game, Tax Quest, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes2013-09-04 16 
27148114Tax Quest 12In which Timothy L. Johnson is forced to play a lethal game of Hangman, and we're disrupted by power outs.Quest, Collective Game, Tax Quest, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes2013-09-11 15 
October 2013
27796848InternalRevenue quits.The end of Tax Quest. IR quits, reveals his past and present projects and dumps notes. Tax Quest, Collective Game, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes, The End, sadness, QTG, Handler Quest, Quest, QTG, Late Night2013-10-18 13 
October 2014
35505297Mages Guild, Towers and Taxes EditionThe mages guild discusses the new taxes on towers above 4 storiesMage's Guild, Towers, Taxes, Wizards2014-10-13 2 
February 2016
45427746Death and Taxes QuestIn which a dead man becomes an awesome fire-themed Kamen Rider Golem.Kamen, Rider, Fire, Collective Game, protector, Death And Taxes2016-02-15 8 
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