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May 2016
47292901Shinobi Quest #1We ride through character creation, create the most spoiled ninja princess there ever was, and get team assignmentsCollective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-05-17 27 
47309315Shinobi Quest #2This thread, we do a bit of teambuilding, pick our weapons, meet Dad and your totally unassuming butler-teacher. Ohohoho~Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-05-18 23 
47391838Shinobi Quest #3In this thread, we initiate a muffin heist, meet our Sensei Ebisu, take our first test as Genin, poke the bear (fox?), and go shopping. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-05-23 22 
47415244Shinobi Quest #4In this thread, we wax sentimental with our Maid, learn a bit about our father, head to Danzo's secret lair, and burn some chakra paper.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-05-24 25 
47431719Shinobi Quest #5In this thread, we begin our training under Danzo, specifically the Shadow Clone Technique, then go out for a spa trip with Hinata.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-05-25 22 
47494701Shinobi Quest #6In this thread, Tsuki and Company go on their first official mission. (And it doesn't involve cats or weeds!) Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-05-29 24 
47511689Shinobi Quest #7In this thread, feels. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki, Ebisu2016-05-30 37 
June 2016
47547792Shinobi Quest #8In this thread, post-mission chats with Guy & Lee, Nori & Kushina, Danzo, and Hinata. We also plan release training, and meet smug Neji.Collective Game, Shinobi Quest, Naruto, Tsuki2016-06-01 22 
47599084Shinobi Quest #9In this thread, we theorize with Hinata, talk about weapons with Tenten, work on our release with Danzo, and meet our new sensei.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-06-04 22 
47615666Shinobi Quest #10In this thread, we get poked by Itachi, and initiate timeskip training. Results Guaranteed! Also, we finally develop the Stellar Release.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-06-05 22 
47654023Shinobi Quest #11In this thread, Tsuki meets a military dictator, learns about her dad's business practices, and watches Neji's semi-final match against HyCollective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-06-07 23 
47669812Shinobi Quest #12In this thread, Tsuki watches the final two matches of the chunin exams, and buys snacks for the group. Feat. Naruto, Neji and Sai.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-06-08 22 
47764560Shinobi Quest #13In this thread, we have the ultimate in Daddy/Daughter moments, and have a nice dream. Thread cut short by the evils of Comcast. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-06-14 25 
47780329Shinobi Quest #14In this thread, our teams interact before heading off to separate missions. Tsuki gets briefed, and we settle into our campsite. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-06-15 24 
47844386Shinobi Quest #15 (Big Money Edition)In this thread, Tsuki and friends come across a village under attack, suffer from nightmares,and hunt brigands while engaging in capitalism!Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-06-19 23 
47882119Shinobi Quest #16In this thread, maximum ohohos, Tsuki gets backhanded, and the team infiltrates the brigand hole-in-the-wall.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-06-21 22 
47901790Shinobi Quest #17In this thread, Tsuki, Lee, and Itachi fight the samurai, Yojimbo. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-06-22 23 
47980552Shinobi Quest #18In this thread, Tsuki and friends go to the hot springs, and meet some VERY interesting people. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-06-27 23 
48016867Shinobi Quest #19In this thread, Tsuki and friends return home to give their report- and exchange harsh words with a bitter old man. Also, headpokes. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-06-29 23 
July 2016
48067048Shinobi Quest #20In this thread, Tsuki says hi to dad, grills Danzo about Orochimaru and Akatsuki, and declares her intent to win the Chunin Exams! Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-07-02 23 
48135734Shinobi Quest #21In this thread, fan favorite Team MEGA MILK unites, and Tsuki begins a training montage.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-07-06 24 
48214977Shinobi Quest #22In this thread, Tsuki greets her returning sensei, and embarks with her team into a dangerous new mission into the Land of Wind.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-07-11 24 
48265221Shinobi Quest #23In this thread, Tsuki and company meet the shinobi working with Lemeza's competitors, watch the sun rise, and start exploring some ruins. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-07-14 23 
48346020Shinobi Quest #23In this thread, Tsuki and Co. continue exploring the ruins. Grim truths and grisly secrets await in it's depths, along with an old friend. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-07-19 22 
48440682Shinobi Quest #24In this thread, Tsuki and friends stave off the Zetsu hoard, generally roll well, and escape the ruins- the welcoming party sucks, though.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-07-25 27 
48525283Shinobi Quest #25In this thread, Itachi and Shisui square off, and the horde of Zetsu make their return. អ្នកកា&#Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-07-30 23 
48542064Shinobi Quest #26In this thread, Tsuki interacts with some rabbits, and departs from the Land of Wind. Asian Moot is revealed as the true villain all along. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-07-31 23 
August 2016
48698389Shinobi Quest #27In this thread, Tsuki has a long chat with Danzo, and meets Hiruzen Sarutobi. Exam planning begins.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-08-09 23 
48748011Shinobi Thread #28In this thread, Tsuki and Team hold a strategy conference, Tsuki plays chicken with Shikamaru, and we get SWOLE.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-08-12 23 
48762624Shinobi Quest #29In this thread, Tsuki sees some of the foreign competition for the exam, discusses her worries with Danzo, then hopefully the Exams start.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-08-12 22 
48783388Shinobi Thread #30In this thread, the Chunin Exams begin! We meet Neji's mystery partner, intimidate Shikamaru, and take a test. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-08-14 24 
48874838Shinobi Quest #31In this thread, Tsuki and Company go over the aftermath of the 1st round of exams, and enter the Forest of Death for the revamped 2nd round!Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-08-19 24 
48926594Shinobi Quest #32 (Stellar Edition)In this thread, Tsuki meets a Snake. (We also finally drop the Stellar Bomb.)Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-08-22 33 
48994395Shinobi Quest #33In this thread, Tsuki meets a sad rabbit, escapes from the Forest of Death, and smooches a psychopath.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-08-26 26 
49028966Shinobi Quest #34In this thread, the Prelims of the Third Round begins! Matches 1 - 7, including Tsuki's match with Dosu. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-08-28 26 
September 2016
49122876Shinobi Quest #35In this thread, we resume the Chunin Exams in control of Hinata for her fight against Neji!Prelims end~Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-09-02 27 
49232347Shinobi Quest #36In this thread, more feels. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-09-08 25 
49250139Shinobi Quest #37In this thread, Tsuki talks to a Goddess- and makes a choice on her upcoming training. Promise!Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-09-09 24 
506638The Garden of CripplesAfter a mysterious accident, Hisao Nakai wakes up with a strange power: he can see the 'death' of things, and a strange creature haunting The Garden of Cripples, Collective Game, Katawa Shoujo, Nasuverse, Kara no Kyoukai, Tsukihime, Melty Blood2016-09-09 13 
515623The Garden of Cripples-2With the help of Professor Mutou, we discover more about the nature of our powers and about the organization known as the Demon HuntersThe Garden of Cripples, Collective Game, Katawa Shoujo, Nasuverse, Kara no Kyoukai, Tsukihime, Melty Blood2016-09-10 8 
567971Shinobi Quest #38In this thread, we migrate to /qst/, and have a very serious conversation with Danzo, and see Yoru's true face.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-09-14 22 
576988Shinobi Quest #39Tsuki finally trains for the final round of the exams.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki, finally2016-09-16 23 
525533The Garden of Cripples-3Hisao starts looking for Kenji, his former classmate, who is also suspected of being a Vampire. The Garden of Cripples, Collective Game, Katawa Shoujo, Nasuverse, Kara no Kyoukai, Tsukihime, Melty Blood2016-09-16 8 
599357Shinobi Quest #40In this thread, the Exam Brackets are released, Tsuki concocts a cunning scheme, buys a business, and develops afterglow. Anons get scared. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-09-20 23 
555354The Garden of Cripples-4Kenji is dead, and for the first time you have to face your nature. At the same time, school accidents are multiplying. The Garden of Cripples, Collective Game, Katawa Shoujo, Nasuverse, Kara no Kyoukai, Tsukihime, Melty Blood2016-09-22 6 
612411Shinobi Quest #41 "Fucking Long" EditionIn this thread, Tsuki learns things, talks to people, and the Finals of the Third Round begin. Hinata vs. Lee and Tsuki vs. Nori. Long.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-09-25 25 
589584The Garden of Cripples-5It's time. We will rescue our friend and kill the Dead Apostle, no matter what!The Garden of Cripples, Collective Game, Katawa Shoujo, Nasuverse, Kara no Kyoukai, Tsukihime, Melty Blood2016-09-28 5 
October 2016
643217Shinobi Quest #42In this thread, Tsuki wakes up in the hospital, talks to family, teases some boys, and watches Hinata fight Gaara. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-10-01 24 
663863Shinobi Quest #43In this thread, Tsuki Norihime fights Sai Hatake and talks to Nori. (Lots of Art and Wrestling!Holy Grail War talk on the side. A+ Thread)Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-10-05 23 
670209Shinobi Quest #44In this thread, Tsuki Norihime fights Gaara. The anons make a very important choice that changes the fate of the world. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-10-07 24 
688819Shinobi Quest #45In this thread, the Konoha Crush begins in earnest. Old Faces, New Faces, and fateful choices. Struggle, Konoha- and grow strong.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-10-13 23 
714107Shinobi Quest #46In this thread, Tsuki Norihime and company pay tribute to Home Alone in an effort to repel the Akatsuki from the Norihime Manor. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-10-19 22 
725776Shinobi Quest #47In this thread, the fight with Deidara and Sasori comes to a close- and Tsuki makes a friend. Perspective change cliffhanger! I'm evil. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-10-20 21 
744997Shinobi Quest #48In this (short) thread, we take control of Nori Uzumaki, accompanying Jiraiya in the hunt for Minato in the besieged Konohagakure.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-10-28 21 
761644Shinobi Quest #49In this thread, Anons start as Nori, and implement a daring plan.Later they switch to Tsuki, who plays with bugs and talks to a bad Uchiha.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-10-31 22 
November 2016
790153Shinobi Quest #50In this thread, Tsuki and Danzo fight Kisame Hoshigaki, and Tsuki pays a visit to everyone's favorite controversial Moon Goddess. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-11-08 21 
816275Shinobi Quest #51In this thread, Tsuki leaves Kaguya behind, and has her first true interaction with The Four. Afterwards, she wakes to an ailing Kushina. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-11-12 21 
832403Shinobi Quest #52In this thread, a wild Neji appears! Tsuki and Kushina take the fight to Kurama, to end the Crush once and for all. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-11-18 21 
December 2016
887230Shinobi Quest #53In this thread, Post-Crush happenings. A nice thread, where absolutely nothing bad happens. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-12-03 21 
913539Shinobi Quest #54In this (short) thread, Tsuki eats breakfast and heads off to the Aburame Clan compound to facilitate an alliance. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-12-11 20 
959841Shinobi Quest #55In this thread, Shinobi Quest returns in a blaze of glory! Tsuki and Kogoto discuss the ethics of power, and Tsuki argues with the very godsCollective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2016-12-22 21 
January 2017
1049974Shinobi Quest #56In this thread, Tsuki Norihime gets a letter from her father, and goes to the moon. Slow Wargle posts an Omake.Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2017-01-21 21 
1078754Shinobi Quest #57In this thread, Tsuki talks to the denizens of the Moon, teases boys, and rolls some cursed dice. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2017-01-24 20 
February 2017
1102116Shinobi Quest #58In this (very short) thread, Tsuki tells a story to some rabbits and signs a contract in blood. Collective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2017-02-04 20 
November 2017
2081819Shinobi Quest #59/The Return!! #1THE BIG RETURN THREAD! After 9 months away, Tsuki Norihime returns to get shit done!Naruto, Collective Game, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2017-11-22 22 
December 2017
2137589Shinobi Quest #60/The Return!! #2In this thread, NEGOTIATION! The once-vaunted mechanic makes it's return, with two subjects and new rules! Tsuki's silver tongue never dieCollective Game, Naruto, Shinobi Quest, Tsuki2017-12-20 13 
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