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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out those old status messages. It's probably a good thing that I haven't had to significantly modify the archive in so long that the 'updates' were from 2016. Here's to another... 13 years? Wow.

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September 2008
2530841What your DM is acutally thinking.GM'ing is a lot harder than one might think. That doesn't excuse their dick-ishness, though. See what your GM is really thinking when you get around his cleverly laid plans.DM, GM, Gamemaster, Dungeonmaster, Storyteller, inside thoughts, railroading2008-09-08 5 
November 2010
12781103XS writesfags about mithra and viera relationshipsit's rather cute and such. anon talks about making a setting with both of them in it, and discuss FF bunny and cat girlsXS, FF, writefag, world building, storyteller2010-11-13 3 
January 2012
17405102"Ashcan" Pete's Adventures in ArkhamA Lovecratian quest thread inspired by the Arkham Horror Board Game.Arkham, Horror, Quest, Thread, Lovecraft, storyteller, Arkham Horror Quest2012-01-03 12 
17416374"Ashcan" Pete's Adventures in Arkham: The ConclusionThe nail-biting finish to the showdown between a hobo with a magic flute and a town full of angry Dagon cultists. Collective Game, Arkham Horror Quest, storyteller, Lovecraft, Arkham, Horror2012-01-03 7 
October 2013
27584308A Matter of Taste: An Epicure's QuestXiombarg's Storyteller takes up /tg/'s request for Adult Cannibal Loli Thread, with less lesbians than usual. loli, Xiombarg's Storyteller, quest, cannibal, horror, Collective Game2013-10-05 21 
July 2017
1717966Build a QuestAnons help OP create a world and MC for a new Quest. Quest is christened Artificer Quest and continued in another thread.Build a Quest, Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-07-31 9 
August 2017
1720272Artificer Quest #1The artificer quest first threadArtificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-08-03 15 
1733688Artificer Quest #2The second artificer quest threadArtificer Quest, StorytellerQM,2017-08-10 11 
1770503Artificer Quest Thread #3The third Artificer Quest thread.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM,2017-08-22 12 
1799708Artificer Quest Thread #4The fourth Artificer Quest ThreadArtificer Quest, StorytellerQM,2017-08-28 17 
September 2017
1818809Artificer Quest Thread #5The fifth Artificer Quest thread. Beginnings of the Shirahoro Arc. John proves his Merit, and meets some 'old friends'.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-09-03 11 
1839818Artificer Quest Thread #6The sixth Artificer Quest thread. In which John talks to the Demon of the Dragon's Lair, enjoys the fruits of his labors, and goes on a jobArtificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-09-17 11 
1874215Artificer Quest Thread #7The seventh Artificer Quest Thread. John talks a bit with Archmage, does some gear upgrading with Dutch, and goes on a proper Ruin Dive.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-09-26 11 
October 2017
1907174Artificer Quest Thread #8The eight Artificer Quest thread. John picks apart his shiny loot, gets fucking plastered, goes out on a date, and works. Lots of work.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-10-05 8 
1919268Steam & Steel Quest #1Numar is on edge after recent murders. Arnold, the young scion of an old Mercantile House, has an unexpected encounter.Quest, Storyteller, Steampunk, City-State2017-10-07 6 
1933414Artificer Quest Thread #9The ninth Artificer Quest Thread. John begins his training. Skill leveling and R&D occur en mass.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-10-15 8 
1970616Artificer Quest Thread #10The tenth Artificer Quest Thread. Fancy clothes are acquired, alcohol is consumed, and dancing is performed. Then everything goes to hell.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-10-26 8 
November 2017
2013744Artificer Quest Thread #11The eleventh Artificer Quest Thread. The party is crashed, the dice gods demand blood, John gains a Nemesis, and politics occur.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-11-07 10 
2050081Artificer Quest Thread #12The twelfth Artificer Quest Thread. R&D happens en mass, John dreams of Westmire, orders are worked on, and the shop officially opens.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-11-20 10 
December 2017
2088031Artificer Quest Thread #13The thirteenth Artificer Quest Thread. A Prototype is tested, Orders are filled, a barfight is narrowly avoided, and John talks to Sun.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-12-03 9 
2118919Artificer Quest Thread #14The fourteenth Artificer Quest thread. In which John talks to the elven twins, works in the forge, and gets ready for a meeting.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2017-12-17 8 
January 2018
2165266Artificer Quest Thread #15The fifteenth Artificer Quest thread. In which John gets some news, he and Dutch go on patrol, and the meeting happens.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-01-03 7 
2212663Dreadknight Quest Thread #1You are Morgan Anderle, Soldier of Fortune stationed at Blackstone Fortress. At least, you were before you were dragged into Hell...Dreadknight Quest, StorytellerQM2018-01-11 13 
2198318Artificer Quest Thread #16The sixteenth Artificer Quest thread. John, Dutch, and Gladiator go to take out a vampire hideout. Things go as well as expected.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-01-15 7 
2235821Artificer Quest Thread #17The seventeenth Artificer Quest thread. The vampires return; there's fire and blood in the streets of Shirahoro.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-01-27 7 
February 2018
2266250Artificer Quest Thread #18The eighteenth Artificer Quest thread. Chaos continues to grow, and the Exile returns to Shirahoro.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-02-11 8 
2302070Artificer Quest Thread # 19The nineteenth Artificer Quest thread. Preparations are made and a journey is embarked upon. One final showdown ends the vampire arc.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-02-24 7 
March 2018
2341045Dreadknight Quest Thread #2Journeying East, Morgan makes allies, fights demons, tricks an Order, and gets an upgrade for his armor.Dreadknight Quest, StorytellerQM2018-03-10 6 
2400842Interstellar Merc Quest Thread #1On the planet Horizon VII, fresh Alpine recruit Lauren Meylor learns the art of piloting a mech. And half of one.Interstellar Merc Quest, StorytellerQM2018-03-31 3 
April 2018
2442745Artificer Quest Thread #20 ft MGFHThe first AQ&MGFH Crossover thread. Miranda, leading a full team, journeys to an unnamed deathworld to secure an Airship for a mafia family.Artificer Quest, MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, Crossover, MGHandler, StorytellerQM2018-04-11 28 
2469358Artificer Quest Thread #21 ft MGFHThe second AQxMGFH Crossover Thread. A boat ride is taken, and a Ruin that is far more than it first seem is slowly explored.Artificer Quest, MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, Crossover, MGHandler, StorytellerQM2018-04-24 22 
May 2018
2504819Artificer Quest Thread #22 ft MGFHThe third AQxMGFH Crossover Thread. Enemy mercenaries are engaged, secrets are slowly unraveled, and a nightmare is unleashed.Artificer Quest, MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, Crossover, MGHandler, StorytellerQM2018-05-06 22 
2539082Artificer Quest Thread #23 ft MGFHThe fourth AQxMGFH Crossover Thread. The Scourge, the Shadow, and the Sanctum.Artificer Quest, MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, Crossover, MGHandler, StorytellerQM2018-05-19 23 
June 2018
2577676Artificer Quest Thread #24 ft MGFHThe fifth AQxMGFH Crossover Thread. With some spare time on hand, the team continues investigating the frigate and the final team arrives.Artificer Quest, MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, Crossover, MGHandler, StorytellerQM2018-06-03 22 
2618113Artificer Quest thread #25 ft MGFHIn this thread we fight off the last team and their big axe wielding girls, kill a giant monster, And talk with Izumi about things.Artificer Quest, MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, Crossover, MGhandler, StorytellerQM2018-06-18 21 
July 2018
2664025Artificer Quest Thread #26 ft MGFHThe seventh AQxMGFH Crossover thread. Out of enemies to kill, all parties enjoy the remainder of their time in the Ruin before returning.Artificer Quest, MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, Crossover, MGHandler, StorytellerQM2018-07-02 21 
2701298Artificer Quest Thread #27 ft MGFHThe eighth and final AQxMGFH crossover thread. Returning to Shirahoro, the team enjoys a day and night off before the end.Artificer Quest, MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, Crossover, MGHandler, StorytellerQM2018-07-11 21 
2728029Dreadnought Quest Thread #3After having a conversation with a Chaos God Dragon, Morgan and Laura go hunting for hobgoblins before having a duel.Dreadknight Quest, StorytellerQM2018-07-28 2 
August 2018
2774313Dreadknight Quest Thread #4The duel between Morgan and Laura finishes, some supplies are purchased, and then Morgan uses the Dreamcatcher Blade.Dreadknight Quest, StorytellerQM2018-08-17 3 
September 2018
2822746Artificer Quest Thread #28On a quiet day in Shirahoro, John works on a new project before receiving a new potential job offer.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-09-02 8 
2882219Artificer Quest Thread #29The twenty-ninth Artificer Quest thread. Despite a deal on the table and projects in the works, John says goodbye to a friend.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-09-23 5 
October 2018
2940588Artificer Quest Thread #30The thirtieth Artificer Quest Thread. With a job on the horizon, John dives nose-deep into R&D.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-10-16 4 
2976077Artificer Quest Thread #31The thirty-first Artificer Quest Thread. John encounters his Favored Enemy, drops off a gift, and receives an update on the upcoming dive. Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-10-29 4 
November 2018
3013701Artificer Quest Thread #32The thirty-second Artificer Quest thread. John hikes across a containment zone, enters a Blight nest, and then things get weird.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-11-12 4 
December 2018
3093988Artificer Quest Thread #33The thirty-third Artificer Quest Thread. John returns to Shirahoro and enjoys some downtime.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2018-12-24 3 
January 2019
3134186Artificer Quest Thread #34The thirty-fourth Artificer Quest thread. Downtime continues as John pays a visit to Sun.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2019-01-07 3 
3162782Artificer Quest Thread #35The thirty-fifth Artificer Quest thread. New rags are obtained just before the party.Artificer Quest, StorytellerQM2019-01-21 3 
May 2019
3508939Ancient Evil Reborn Quest #1The Wight-Lord awakens from his slumber and resumes his campaign of carnage. Op gets autobanned and thread stalls.Wight-Lord, Undead, Collective Game, Quest, Storyteller, Fantasy, Magic, Necromancer, Ancient Evil2019-05-20 1 
July 2019
3640227Artificer Quest One-Shot Thread #1Itís a Cold Day in Airgrid, the City of Fog. John and Dutch have a shady job to perform.Artificer Quest, One Shot, StorytellerQM2019-07-18 2 
August 2019
3695992Artificer Quest One-Shot: Cold Day in Airgrid Thread #2It's a Cold Day in Airgrid, the City of Fog. The job continues and the situation deteriorates.Artificer Quest, One Shot, StorytellerQM2019-08-12 2 
September 2019
3781479Unbound: From the Abyss to our WorldThe start of a Storyteller system based /qst/ where our character is a recently unbound Daedra that is accidently manifested in "our" worlElder Scrolls, Storyteller Sytem, God Intrigue2019-09-04 0 
January 2020
4008120Artificer Quest One-Shot: Cold Day in Airgrid Thread #3It's a Cold Day in Airgrid, the City of Fog. With a lull in the job, John finds himself in the business of the Scale Knights.Artificer Quest, One Shot, StorytellerQM2020-01-22 0 
August 2020
4374245Tai Lung Quest 1After the defeat of the Dragon Warrior, Tai Lung finds that his life goal was meaningless and thus leaves to persue a quest of redemption.Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung quest, Redemption Quest, Storyteller Luo, Collective Game2020-08-06 14 
4391139Tai Lung Quest 2Tai Lung continues to look for work in the city, investigates a murder, and comes face to face with He Ling.Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung quest, Redemption Quest, Storyteller Luo, Collective Game2020-08-24 8 
September 2020
4420148Tai Lung Quest 3The group concludes their battle against He Ling, deliver a letter to Shifu, and embark on a sea faring adventure.Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung quest, Redemption Quest, Storyteller Luo, Collective Game2020-09-17 7 
October 2020
4454563Tai Lung Quest 4Tai Lung spends time in the spirit realm, returns to his friends and makes it to Zhengyi before thwarting Triad assassinations and attacks.Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung quest, Redemption Quest, Storyteller Luo, Collective Game2020-10-12 10 
November 2020
4490334Tai Lung Quest 5Tai Lung teams up with the unlikest of allies to stop the Triads before discovering a mysterious town where the dead rise.Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung quest, Redemption Quest, Storyteller Luo, Collective Game2020-11-12 5 
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