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May 2012
19131401Romantic Comedy QuestGetting a girlfriend, matchmaking, and trying to dodge bad romance cliches.Collective Game, Romantic Comedy Quest, Anon-kun2012-05-17 11 
19143428Romantic Comedy Quest IIWe're confessed to and have to break a girl's heart. Our relationship continues its trend of open communication and we stay the night at our girlfriend's house.Collective Game, Romantic Comedy Quest, Anon-kun2012-05-18 5 
19156952Romantic Comedy Quest IIIOur best friend loses his bro status, our Grandma overworks herself, we learn more about our girlfriend's past and we receive a surprise at work.Collective Game, Romantic Comedy Quest, Anon-kun2012-05-19 7 
19165018Romantic Comedy Quest IVWe get our friend a job at the restaurant, our best friend is dead to us and we reach an ending to this tale.Collective Game, Romantic Comedy Quest, Anon-kun2012-05-20 7 
19210035Romantic Comedy Quest - Second StoryWe reconnect with an old friend, meet a new transfer student, and get roughed up by soccer jocks.Collective Game, Romantic Comedy Quest, Anon-kun2012-05-23 6 
19253795Romantic Comedy Quest - Second Story IIWe take Foreign-chan out for the day and find out she's more fucked up then we thought. Then we spend the night with Oldfriend-chan only for tragedy to strike in the morning.Collective Game, Romantic Comedy Quest, Anon-kun2012-05-27 5 
19265806Romantic Comedy Quest - Second Story IIIAs Oldfriend-chan recovers, we stay with her. Then Foreign-chan calls us, needing our help.Collective Game, Romantic Comedy Quest, Anon-kun2012-05-28 5 
19318611Romantic Comedy Quest - Second Story IVWith Dad's blessing, we allow Foreign-chan to move in with us. Also, Anon begins to become Delinquent Batman.Collective Game, Romantic Comedy Quest, Anon-kun2012-05-31 5 
June 2012
19399332Romantic Comedy Quest - Second Story VOldfriend-chan throws a jealous fit over Foreign-chan being present. Collective Game, Romantic Comedy Quest, Anon-kun2012-06-07 5 
December 2017
2159042Overwatch Gakuen1-Year Anniversary Bonus Episode: Transfer student Logan King begins his first day at his new school in Japan, Overwatch Gakuen.Overwatch Quest, Collective Game, Overwatch, Sci-Fi, Superhero, Highschool, Harem, Romantic Comedy2017-12-22 10 
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