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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out those old status messages. It's probably a good thing that I haven't had to significantly modify the archive in so long that the 'updates' were from 2016. Here's to another... 13 years? Wow.

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June 2009
5038665Ravnica D&DJuxtaposing the Ravnica Magic: the Gathering set with a D&D type roleplaying system. Great resource for potential rules of game play.Homebrew, Ravnica, Magic: the Gathering, D&D2009-06-29 6 
April 2010
8904756Eldrazi and Ravnica discussionEldrazi thread turns into a RAVNICA FUCK YEAH thread. Some interesting discussion about older sets ensues. Magic, Ravnica, Eldrazi, Kamigawa, Mirrodin2010-04-01 0 
May 2014
32262741 Ravnica Detective Quest: Case 1, Part 1Diktrashy "Pie-Eye, the Goblin P.I. starts on his journey to make it in the biggest city. Ever.Ravnica Detective Quest, Collective Game, PIs, HaHaHa2014-05-21 2 
32281483Ravnica Detective Quest: Case 1, Part 2Slow start and slow finish and the Captain learns a lesson.Ravnica Detective Quest, Collective Game, P.I.s, CaptainCarthage2014-05-22 2 
32308261Ravnica Detective Quest: Case 1 The Lotus in the Tower, Part 3Trashy picks up some rumors and enlists the help of an old friend. There is a very brief fight with a cat.Ravnica Detective Quest, Collective Game, P.I.s, CaptainCarthage, kebab2014-05-23 0 
32331523Ravnica Detective Quest: Case 1 The Lotus in the Tower, Part 4Plans are made, sneaking is done and young girls cry.Ravnica Detective Quest, Collective Game, P.I.s, CaptainCarthage, twists2014-05-24 0 
32395201Ravnica Detective Quest: Case 1 The Lotus in the Tower, Part 5Trashy finds his magic, runs from a fight and makes a delivery. Ravnica Detective Quest, Collective Game, P.I.s, CaptainCarthage, Frosty2014-05-27 0 
June 2014
32731285Raving Detective Quest: Case 1 The Lotus in the Tower, part 6The stars are back and cold, and the night is closing in, as I stare into the void, into the whirlpool of my sinRavnica Detective Quest, Collective Game, P.I.s, CaptainCarthage, Failure2014-06-12 0 
July 2016
367747Magic: Ravnica QuestThe players roll up a white equenaut who knocks up a dryad and betrays the church.Collective Game, Magic the Gathering, MtG, Ravnica2016-07-24 1 
August 2016
416587Magic: Ravnica Quest #2What could go wrong when you give sentience to an animal?Collective Game, Magic the Gathering, MtG, Ravnica2016-08-05 1 
October 2018
2956377Ravnica, City of BillsDuh, the Rakdos demon and Florence the Donor spirit are on the search for income. A Golgari coffee farmer pays good money for sabotage...Collective Game, Ravnica2018-10-20 1 
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