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May 2016
117093The Laughing Dog: Chapter 1Kejeral Roericar awakens buried deep within a tomb, surrounded by the undead bodies of his kinsmen. He rallies the few survivors and escapesNobledark fantasy quest2016-05-12 8 
127949The Laughing Dog: Chapter 2Korathi survive the desert, find shelter, and recover some memoriesNobledark fantasy quest2016-05-14 2 
140816The Laughing Dog: Chapter 3The Korathi remember a piece of their past and encounter a party of Gnollish scouts. They barter for the fate of two slaves.Nobledark fantasy quest2016-05-16 1 
145671The Laughing Dog: Chapter 4Keje is nearly killed by sandcats. The Korathi buy two slaves from Gnolls, and start to head to the native girl's hometown.Nobledark fantasy quest2016-05-17 1 
154453The Laughing Dog: Chapter 5The Korathi and their new companions make the dangerous journey to Kiyya's people. A storm and tragedy strikeNobledark fantasy quest2016-05-19 1 
195054The Laughing Dog: Chapter 6The Korathi ride out the storm, explore the depths of a cave, and discover a dark secretNobledark fantasy quest2016-05-28 1 
June 2016
246046The Laughing Dog: Chapter 7The Korathi escape the subterranean caverns and the serpents within, Kejeral communes with the apparition that has followed themNobledark fantasy quest2016-06-11 2 
273341The Laughing Dog: Chapter 8The Korathi endure the desert, are captured by an Imashet patrol, and brought to the tribe's warlord. We politics now.Nobledark fantasy quest2016-06-18 1 
301486The Laughing Dog: Chapter 9The Korathi meet with Kiyya, learn about the city's politics, and then find a new ally in Imala et SolatheiNobledark fantasy quest2016-06-25 2 
July 2016
328805The Laughing Dog: Chapter 10The Korathi enjoy the company of Imala et Solathei, but are set upon by an ambush in the streets of Tel Amarset. Civil war erupts.Nobledark fantasy quest2016-07-02 1 
356520The Laughing Dog: Chapter 11The Korathi consider how to restore order to Tel Amarset, consult with Kiyya, and find themselves under siege from rebel insurgentsNobledark fantasy quest2016-07-10 1 
380974The Laughing Dog: Chapter 12The Korathi fend off an attack by Imashei rebels, are forced to conceal Kirari's arcane talents, and dive deeper into Imashei politicsNobledark fantasy quest2016-07-17 2 
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