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April 2014
31370688Medievalmon Quest part 1Ceil Millener discovers he has some latent potential, befriends a monster, then goes shopping.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-04-09 12 
31586832Medievalmon Quest part 3Ceil fights some pirates, beats up their captain, almost dies, then hugs a girlCollective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-04-19 10 
31667910Medievalmon Quest part 4Ceil arrives in Anistar, meets a psychic, chases a thief, and gets paid for a bounty.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-04-24 9 
31829605Medievalmon Quest part 5Ceil orders his armor, visits a mine, finds a rock, meets a lady, and things go wrong.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-04-30 8 
May 2014
32128021Medievalmon Quest part 6Ceil buys a gift, looks at some dresses, meets an enemy, makes a friend, and shares a moment.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-05-14 8 
32268726Medievalmon Quest part 7Ceil has some good luck, beats some monsters, then gets in some training.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-05-22 8 
32423846Medievalmon Quest part 8Ceil rides in the woods, talks to a stump, meets an odd family, and has a restless sleep.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-05-28 7 
June 2014
32718543Medievalmon Quest part 9Ceil arrives in the capital, finds a strange shop, discusses events, and practices with aura.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-06-12 8 
33026862Medievalmon Quest part 10Ciel arrives in Camphrier town, defends it and meets Lady Shabboneau's brotherCollective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-06-27 6 
July 2014
33150948Medievalmon Quest part 11Ciel heads back home, gains a new sword, rolls a bunch of Nat 20s and Lisa finds a Shiny!Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-07-03 6 
October 2014
35593483Medievalmon Quest part 12Ceil arrives in the forest, sees a woman, gets attacked, and has lots and lots of questions.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-10-18 5 
35713451Medievalmon Quest part 13Ceil wakes up next to someone, bids farewell, has a fall, and meets a new ally.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-10-23 5 
35819873Medievalmon Quest part 14Ceil learns about dragons, wanders through tunnels, escapes certain death, and has a talk.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-10-28 8 
November 2014
36024495Medievalmon Quest part 15Ceil meets two strangers, hears some news, makes a purchase, sees some stuff, then falls asleep.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-11-07 2 
36148304Medievalmon Quest part 16Ceil makes it back home, visits Lisa's parents, gathers intel, makes plans, and gets equipped.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-11-14 2 
36254245Medievalmon Quest part 17Ceil practices teamwork, practices bladework, makes a plan, makes a purchase, and talks a lot.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-11-19 2 
36417671Medievalmon Quest part 18Ceil gets lunch, plays with some pets, gets armor, and has a conversation.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-11-27 2 
December 2014
36533297Medievalmon Quest part 19Confessions, plans, and weird dreams.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-12-03 2 
36669783Medievalmon Quest part 20Ceil talks about dreams, finishes preparing, starts a mission, and things go right.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-12-10 3 
36805753Medievalmon Quest part 21Ceil fights a sea serpent, witnesses a change, loses a fight, wins a battle, and lies in bed.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-12-17 5 
37073958Medievalmon Quest part 22Ceil gets a surprise when he wakes up, spends the day with Lisa, and tries to figure things out.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2014-12-31 3 
January 2015
37209500Medievalmon Quest part 23Ceil fixes his dream problem. Finally!Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2015-01-07 5 
37401608Medievalmon Quest part 24Ceil gets a war report, makes plans, runs into trouble, and takes his time.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2015-01-16 2 
37514271Medievalmon Quest part 25Ceil starts his journey, fights off an attack, holds hands, and takes a walk in the woods.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2015-01-20 2 
37710371Medievalmon Quest part 26Ceil walks through a swamp, arrives in a village, meets new people, panics, and finds something strangeCollective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2015-01-30 2 
February 2015
37979367Medievalmon Quest part 27Ceil wins a battle, listens to a story, makes a friend, goes back to town, makes a decision, then experiences something unbelievable.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2015-02-10 2 
38180737Medievalmon Quest part 28Ceil doesn't know how to react, gets lost, gets found, then goes to sleep.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2015-02-20 2 
38298557Medievalmon Quest part 29Ceil gets out of bed, helps with laundry, eats breakfast, learns about ghosts, and plays hide and seek.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2015-02-25 3 
March 2015
38499108Medievalmon Quest part 30Ceil talks about arrows, has a nice lunch, chats about psychics, then practices aura.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2015-03-05 5 
38774649Medievalmon Quest part 31Ceil goes for a walk, finds a house, sets off on his trip again, climbs a mountain, then things go badly.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2015-03-17 4 
38956753Medievalmon Quest part 32Ciel reaches the top of the montain, good things happen as well as more dangerous onesCollective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2015-03-27 2 
April 2015
39096074Medievalmon Quest part 33Ceil does some research, gets a lead, gives encouragement, and things take off.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2015-04-03 3 
39349484Medievalmon Quest part 34Ceil fulfills a promise, gains new allies, meets old friends, and rides to battle.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2015-04-14 4 
39492736Medievalmon Quest part 35 (Finale)Ceil charges into battle, fights for his life, wraps things up, and finally heads home.Collective Game, Medievalmon Quest, Pokemon, quest2015-04-21 3 
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