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June 2013
25267640Akuma Quest 1: The BeginningYou were a young woman named Claire, that had baked bread most of her life... that is, until a filthy beggar strangled you for your bread... Your childhood friend called you back from the dead, and now you're wearing his skin and committing mass-murder. /tg/ likes to have demons bake bread.Akuma Quest, D-grayman, Duke of Millenium, Murder, Bakers, Hobos, Demon, Mecha2013-06-06 75 
25328005Akuma Quest 2: ExecutionsAfter creating another one of your kind for the Earl, rumors of your brother's activity draw in a group of Exorcists to your hometown... After teaming up with your kin to deal with one of their numbers, you continue your killing spree back in town and unlock more of your own potential in the process. /tg/ also develops a taste for JUSTICE, the most delicious of flavors.Akuma Quest, D-grayman, Duke of Millenium, Murder, Bakers, Hobos, Demon, Mecha2013-06-09 73 
25335577Akuma Quest 2: Executions (pt.2)You return to Jacob's family after setting flame to the disgusting poor people of Temes, their screams pleasing you greatly as you purge the unworthy for the Noah Clan... That's what they get for stealing your bread.Akuma Quest, D-grayman, Duke of Millenium, Murder, Bakers, Hobos, Demon, Mecha2013-06-09 71 
August 2013
26399223Akuma Quest 22: We All Rejoiced...Somehow the entire family lives through the funeral. Treachery is dealt with, an odd book is found, and a choice is made. Not necessarily in such an order.Akuma Quest, D-grayman, Duke of Millenium, Murder, Bakers, Hobos, Demon, Mecha, Collective Game2013-08-03 62 
26485147Kill QuestIn which OP kinda blows our minds. Everyone is sad.Collective Game, Kill Quest, Sadness, Desperation, Oh god what, Hobos, Paramedics, People dieing horribly2013-08-07 27 
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