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March 2015
39033501Extranatural Enforcer Quest #2Amber gets sent out by the EnRA to investigate an aborted casting, meets up with a wizard who has appalling taste in cars and even worse taste in manners, finds a lot of very confusing blood and then gets into a shootout with some thugs and something very un-thug-like.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleVinny, Goddammit Danzig2015-03-31 8 
April 2015
39267904Extranatural Enforcer Quest #5Amber wakes up in hospital where she learns she was briefly a mage but is thankfully saved from joining the Danzig & Friends Fedora Appreciation Society by the nerds at EnRA. She then gets back to work and arrives at the scene of a rather enthusiastic bout of arson and gets to investigating.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleVinny, Goddammit Danzig2015-04-11 6 
39330338Extranatural Enforcer Quest #6Amber begins connecting the dots that point towards a brewing gang war between LLC and TK15, then gets called out to a ongoing magic incident and gets in an altercation with a crackhead who thinks that throwing fireballs around makes him special, it doesn't.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleVinny, Goddammit Danzig2015-04-14 7 
39408104Extranatural Enforcer Quest #7Amber get's a visit from The Greater Bathrobe Association of Saintsburgh on her day off, then gets invited to a super secret Christmas party planning session where she finds out one of her coworkers is a lazy cowardly piece of crap and her partner is a bro, hashes out some details for the upcoming festivities, and then resumes her day off activities by drinking with her partner.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleVinny, Goddammit Danzig2015-04-18 6 
39550009Extranatural Enforcer Quest #10Jason navigates the minefield that is flirting with a terrifying and horny cougar who knows how to slice you up and stich you back together in order to get medical assistance for the upcoming raid. Amber then kicks the festivities off at the raid by well ventilating the roof and several fae hounds, seriously woman, remember the fundamentals and use your sights.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Mittens Made With Love, Goddammit Danzig2015-04-25 6 
May 2015
39695078Extranatural Enforcer Quest 11Wherein Reinhardt breaks everything: Petunias, Pelvis', and Promises to Promiscuous Physicians.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Mittens Made With Love, Goddammit Danzig2015-05-02 6 
July 2015
41061483Extranatural Enforcer Quest 14In another exciting episode, Jensen chooses her mutatant powers, investigates a house, and employs cleaning products as deadly weapons.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Goddammit Danzig2015-07-07 7 
41121893Extranatural Enforcer Quest #15The Greater Bathrobe Appreciation Society's local representative swings by for a visit while Jensen takes stock of the situation in the house that really needs to be burnt down, they then go troll hunting and Jensen gets to test out the ace up her sleeve before naming her pet symbiote.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Goddammit Danzig2015-07-10 5 
41249042Extranatural Enforcer Quest #16Jenson gets a checkup with the Doc as they discuss Q's progression while the Doc squeals like a fangirl meeting their favorite Mongolian cartoon character, then Jenson gets dragged into the politics of the LL/EnRA alliance and Warrens is still a dipshit coward.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Goddammit Danzig2015-07-16 6 
August 2015
41999207Extranatural Enforcer Quest #19Jensen gets close and personal with a stiff.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Goddammit Danzig2015-08-21 5 
42075992Extranatural Enforcer Quest #20Jenson continues to gather evidence and questions the property owner before grabbing security footage, then has a pleasant chat with Roman the slav.Collective Game, Extranatural Enforcer Quest, UncleGino, Goddammit Danzig2015-08-25 6 
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