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May 2008
1638051/tg/ digs Giant RobotsMegas XLR in 40K? Fa/tg/uys approve!Chicks, Dig, Giant Robots2008-05-01 2 
November 2010
12671890Shin Megami Tensei Card SystemSome dude came up with a card based game system for running a game similar to a few SMT games...namely Persona.SMT Shin Megami Tensei Persona Devil Summoner Digital Card Homebrew System2010-11-05 4 
May 2011
14973713Portals & ParadigmsSo, what if the world of Aperture Science was played out as a tabletop RPG? Here's a good idea of how it would all go down.Portals & Paradigms, writing, writefaggotry2011-05-18 15 
14970952Wheately Head of GWbasically the title. P&P was spun off of this thread. and Wheately is massive neckbreadPortals & Paradigms, writing, writefaggotry, GW2011-05-18 6 
January 2012
17689732/TG/ BOOTLEG Meta Quest thread 3While metaquest is on hiatus, we play as a requisitions looter team. Shit gets fucked up and significantly more complicated.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Harry Potter, X-Men, Bootleg Metaquest, Bootleg, COMMON SENSE, Mario, Digimon, Street Fighter, Sailor Moon, Warcraft, Wakfu, Pokemon, Vocaloid, Neckbeard2012-01-27 6 
January 2013
22585441Digimon Quest Building Thread 1In which the foundation for Gale's Digimon Quest is laid. Mons are statted, harems are discussed, and people seem to like lesbians.Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-01-14 28 
22609771Digimon Quest Building Thread 2The Digimon is decided, Bro-tier russians, and shit, Gale fell asleep. Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-01-16 21 
22679163Digimon Quest The FirstThe Quest actually begins now, Princess Carry is best Carry, and eggs DO NOT GO IN THE FRIDGEDigimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-01-19 22 
22715576Digimon Quest The SecondIn which we meet our Digimon, discover he's a she, and Wayne can make a mean PB&J.Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-01-21 21 
22805199Digimon Quest The ThirdIn which Wayne jumps a border (between back yards), we invade a girl's room, and we finally learn something about that damned point system. Also: Damn, Salamon!Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-01-27 22 
February 2013
22935988Digimon Quest The FourthIn which we name our Digimon, try to communicate with the other side (of a computer), and bluff like a boss.Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-02-03 26 
23065305Digimon Quest The FifthIn which we con our dad (again), Zoe cons our dad, our dad is really fucking gullible and-holy fuck is that a ghost?!Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-02-10 29 
23200402Digimon Quest The SixthIn which we acquire the goggles, Sally infodumps us, and anon obsesses with scratching her cat...'s ears.Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-02-17 23 
23284468Digimon Quest The SeventhIn which we eavesdrop on Zoe, find out she's a fan of C.S. Lewis, and not much else.Digimon Quest, Collective Game, Gale, Digimon2013-02-21 22 
23340887Digimon Quest The EighthIn which we learn that Aslan is a prick, and we investigate ANOTHER school.Digimon Quest, Collective Game, Gale, Digimon2013-02-23 24 
April 2013
24088358Prodigal Boxer Quest: A Cyberpunk OneshotA quest about a cyberpunk boxer with brain problems, that tkaes place in an ambiguous cyberpunk setting.Prodigal Boxer Quest, Collective Game, Cyberpunk, Net Gain2013-04-07 10 
June 2013
25286275Digimon Quest The NinthIn which we find a Fuugamon, have our second battle, and learn that nobody fucks with Sally.Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-06-07 22 
25311262Digimon Quest The Ninth Part IIThe first second half of our Ninth Thread. Wayne takes Zoe home, we cook Sally an orgasmic meal, and Gale reveals something shocking about our little WitchDigimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-06-09 21 
25453363Digimon Quest The TenthIn which we debate the use of apps on a digivice, FINALLY arrive at Digiworld, and many, many things are discussed by anon. Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-06-16 22 
25585050Digimon Quest The EleventhIn which we talk to a rock, find out about one of the dangers threatening the Digital World, and talk to a couple Gods. Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-06-23 22 
25717011Digimon Quest The TwelfthIn which we archive early to prevent misfortune.Digimon Quest, Digimon, Collective Game, Gale2013-06-29 20 
July 2013
26134259Digimon Quest The ThirteenthIn Which Wayne tries out for Track and Field Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-07-20 20 
September 2013
27222942Digimon Quest The FourteenthIn which Wayne is a lobster.Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-09-15 15 
27349799Digimon Quest The FifteenthIn which we try new things.Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-09-21 10 
27472161Digimon Quest The SixteenthIn which Niklas rolls well.Digimon Quest, Collective game, Digimon, Gale2013-09-30 10 
October 2013
27488162All-children ADVENTURE party ideasOP asks if an all-kids adventuring party would be acceptable. /tg/ jumps on the idea and awesome ensues.campaign ideas, campaign, Children, Adventure, loli, /tg/_gets_shit_done, I wish to be the little girl, Monsters, Digimon, Game Ideas, little fears2013-10-02 16 
27828718Digimon Quest The SeventeenthIn which the plot thickens. Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-10-20 10 
27954474Digimon Quest The EighteenthIn which Daniil is smarter than we think Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-10-27 10 
November 2013
28213412Digimon Quest The NineteenthIn which we meet a bear. Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-11-10 20 
28476902Digimon Quest The Twentieth(?)In which things don't go so well Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-11-25 20 
December 2013
28657261Digger QuestBass Tremble wants to be a digger. But he needs money. Unfortunately he instead finds a man named Metalman, a Giant Purple Refractor with a prize inside, Pirates, and torture! This is ether the start of an adventure, or a legend. Digger Quest, Collective Game, Megaman Legends, Megaman, Pirates, Bass, Treble, Puns, Airships, Ocean, Adventure2013-12-04 17 
28696636Digger Quest: Chapter 2Bass attempts to escape from a pirate ship! How the players forget one important thing; In Megaman Legends, there must always be a crash landing. Digger Quest, Collective Game, Megaman Legends, Megaman, Pirates, Bass, Treble, Puns, Airships, Ocean, Adventure2013-12-06 14 
28719267Digimon Quest The TwentyfirstIn which Wayne receives his first perk and Gale talks about Korean Comics. Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-12-08 20 
28838955Digger Quest: Chapter 3Bass gets a Digger's License and gains an ally! He gets ready to go on his first dig, but takes it slow and prepares. He has a good time with his new found friend and we learn of his one true fear...Digger Quest, Collective Game, Megaman Legends, Megaman, Pirates, Bass, Treble, Puns, Airships, Ocean, Adventure2013-12-13 14 
28860460Digimon Quest The TwentysecondIn which Gale writes WALLS, and we learn how time works. Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2013-12-15 20 
28985042Digger Quest: Chapter 420's Galore! Bass Digs in his first ruin, uncovers a Refractor, and fights with a fearsome foe...Digger Quest, Collective Game, Megaman Legends, Megaman, Pirates, Bass, Treble, Puns, Airships, Ocean, Adventure2013-12-21 14 
January 2014
29283146Digimon Quest The TwentythirdIn which Gale takes way too long to post. Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2014-01-05 12 
29295883Digger Quest: Chapter 5We awake and learn many things. Dicks are punched, enemies are made, friends are enlightened, and we come to question the very nature of our greatest enemy. Oh and we totally forgot it was our birthday tomorrow.Digger Quest, Collective Game, Megaman Legends, Megaman, Pirates, Bass, Treble, Puns, Airships, Ocean, Adventure2014-01-05 12 
29330295Digimon Quest the TwentyfourthIn which we are not a hero, but we sure can diplomance like one Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2014-01-07 11 
29438364Digimon Quest The TwentyfifthIn which we are finally back on trackDigimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2014-01-12 5 
29607612Digimon Quest The TwentysixthIn which we make for the green.Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2014-01-18 7 
29631930Digger Quest: Chapter 6Bass convinces Cruiser to turn his beloved AE86 into a amphibious gun touting death machine. He enters the first of the islands three remaining ruins, fights metal crocodiles, and levels up. Digger Quest, Collective Game, Megaman Legends, Megaman, Pirates, Bass, Treble, Puns, Airships, Ocean, Adventure2014-01-20 12 
February 2014
29951155Digimon Quest The TwentyseventhIn which we're not so sure about Aslan anymore. Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2014-02-01 6 
29948682Digger Quest: Chapter 7Bass continues to explore the Bronze Tower! Keys are found, bodies are discovered, and limbs are nearly lost! Will Bass find treasure awaiting him or will he only find sorrow and death?Digger Quest, Collective Game, Megaman Legends, Megaman, Pirates, Bass, Treble, Puns, Airships, Ocean, Adventure2014-02-02 14 
29972934Digger Quest: Chapter 8Bass single-handedly fights a city-destroying Reaverbot, decides to waterproof his gun, and buys crappy gifts for his friends.Digger Quest, Collective Game, Megaman Legends, Megaman, Pirates, Bass, Treble, Puns, Airships, Ocean, Adventure, No Seriously Bass Is Really Bad At Picking Out Gifts2014-02-02 12 
30125989Digimon Quest The Twentyeighthin which- holy SHIT, Sally!Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2014-02-09 6 
30262769Digimon Quest The TwentyninthIn which we finally have a beach episode! ...sort of. Kind of. Not really. Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2014-02-16 7 
30281809Digger Quest: Chapter 8.5Bass goes shopping and does some research at an old ass library. Thread stops short due to shitty OP internet connection during a storm.Digger Quest, Collective Game, Megaman Legends, Megaman, Pirates, Bass, Treble, Puns, Airships, Ocean, Adventure2014-02-16 10 
30414829Digimon Quest The ThirtiethIn which we learn a bit about chinese mythDigimon Quest, collective game, digimon, Gale2014-02-22 6 
March 2014
30590811Digger Quest: Chapter 9Bass gets his gear and attempts to go to the Silver Tower, but is forced to retreat. He goes searching for a job and gets to search for lost kittens. Word of a murder catches his ear and things taken an unusual turn...Digger Quest, Collective Game, Megaman Legends, Megaman, Pirates, Bass, Treble, Puns, Airships, Ocean, Adventure2014-03-02 10 
30740860Digimon Quest The ThirtyfirstIn which we have a very, very short thread. Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2014-03-10 5 
30853082Digger Quest: Chapter 10Bass is forced to take kittens home as a women is taken into police custody. He tries to find leads on who the real killer is, but ends up fighting a deadly sniper. He confronts the local militia general and things become heated. Digger Quest, Collective Game, Megaman Legends, Megaman, Pirates, Bass, Treble, Puns, Airships, Ocean, Adventure2014-03-15 10 
30854423Digimon Quest The ThirtysecondIn which we learn a lot, and Gale goes missing again. God damnit Gale. Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2014-03-16 7 
30873380Digger Quest: Chapter 11Bass is sent to the hospital and learns he might not entirely be human. He asks Tom for additional weapons and pays Hunter a visit, only to be attacked by a ridiculous looking robot.Digger Quest, Collective Game, Megaman Legends, Megaman, Pirates, Bass, Treble, Puns, Airships, Ocean, Adventure2014-03-16 10 
May 2014
32400513Digimon World Q #1A new quest taking part in an AU of Digimon World 1. Our protagonist, Bulk, meets his partner Gabuman and fights their first digimon.Digimon World Q, Collective Game, Ori, Gabumon, Digimon2014-05-28 5 
June 2014
33006491Digimon Quest The ThirtythirdIt finally happens. Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2014-06-26 7 
33014702Unified CCG/TCG Seting OP: Okay /tg/. You know how in these typical "Children's game is obscenely popular and people duel/fight with them all over the world" anime there's the megacorp who basically produces this shit and runs the world almost? Well a thought occurred to me. What if there was a setting where all those corporations had to actually coexist and interact.OC, worldbuilding, ccg, tcg, digimon, yu-gi-oh, yugioh, shadowrun, mmbn, megaman battle network. mtg, magic2014-06-26 10 
July 2014
33363343Digimon Quest ThirtyfourthIn which alliances are forged, and bros are made.Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2014-07-13 7 
33751236Digimon QuestMC gets kidnapped by digimon, partners with pompous claw, and saves friend in digital worldDigimon Quest, Collective Game, Levonsong, Quest, Digimon2014-07-29 2 
33794087Digimon Quest #2first digimon waifuDigimon, Collective Game, Arukenimon, Keramon, Kidnapping2014-07-31 0 
August 2014
33817976Digimon Quest #3In which Betamon stops being so beta and we get some plotCollective Game, Digimon Quest, Levonsong, Digimon, Quest, Keramon2014-08-01 1 
33870969Digimon Quest The ThirtyfithIn which we get lost, and watch some TV.Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon, Aegisbromon,2014-08-05 5 
33912793Digimon Quest #4We say goodbye to Arukenimon and clear the air with JordanDigimon Quest, Digimon, Quest, Keramon, Collective Game, Levonsong2014-08-05 1 
33960156Digimon Quest #5Our heroes reunite with Petermon, meet a moe dinosaur, and run into some Digimon missionaries.Digimon, Quest, Digimon Quest, Collective Game, Keramon2014-08-07 0 
34012580Digimon Quest #6We find out the Digimon mormons were cultists, bond with a human, and find out the truth about KeramonDigimon, Quest, Digimon Quest, Collective Game, Keramon2014-08-09 0 
34061899Digimon Quest #7Damn friendship you scaryDigimon, Quest, Digimon Quest, Collective Game, Keramon2014-08-11 0 
34108040Digimon RE:Digitize QuestWe meet our partner, get called a faggot, drop kick a Digimon and visit a city. Such is the beginning of our bizarre digital adventure!Digimon RE:Digitize Quest, Collective Game, Dorimon, Royal Knight Drawfag2014-08-13 16 
34110474Digimon Quest #8Our team decides on their next action and the QM moving kills interestDigimon, Quest, Digimon Quest, Collective Game, Keramon2014-08-13 0 
34155655Digimon RE:Digitize Quest 02We say fuck you to the shounen tournament plot and choose to walk our own path.Digimon RE:Digitize Quest, Collective Game, Royal Knight Drawfag, Deep Purple2014-08-15 8 
34168221Digimon RE:Digitize Quest 03Short thread. We apologize to Akiho before heading to the Gym. Digimon RE:Digitize Quest, Collective Game, Royal Knight Drawfag, Deep Purple2014-08-16 9 
34187746Digimon Quest The ThirtysixthIn which we pretty much dun goof'd. Awkward... Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon2014-08-17 5 
34321220Digimon RE:Digitize Quest 04After a full day at the gym, we set off to explore the Railroad Plains. Digimon RE:Digitize Quest, Collective Game, Royal Knight Drawfag, Deep Purple2014-08-22 6 
34483729Digimon RE:Digitize Quest 05We team up with a former Digital World hero.Digimon RE:Digitize Quest, Collective Game, Royal Knight Drawfag, Deep Purple2014-08-29 6 
34489778Digimon Quest the ThirtyseventhIn which we may have traumatized Niklas. Digimon Quest, Collective game, Digimon, Gale2014-08-30 5 
November 2014
35977237Digimon RE:Digitize Quest 06 RKD returns from hiatus as we make plans to deal with Analogman's plans and do some more training. Digimon RE:Digitize Quest, Collective Game, Royal Knight Drawfag, Deep Purple2014-11-05 7 
March 2015
38660820ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 1Bit interviews for his new partner, answers messages, and hits the second round of qualifiers!Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, 2015-03-12 1 
38775234ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 2Bit faces the aftermath of his second qualifier, his sister spends the night and Ms Shank makes a deal.Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi2015-03-18 3 
38856800ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 3Bit explains what sleep is to an AI, and fights a banana split.Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi2015-03-22 3 
April 2015
39096605ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 4Bit arranges an upgrade with an Avatar designer, Beatie practices her music career, and Ms Shank tells Bit about a startling reality of someone close to him.Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, Drama2015-04-03 7 
39244894ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 5Bit has anxiety about the first qualifier as he chooses a publisher to give him an edge against Iron Angel.Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, Drama2015-04-10 3 
39389521ARCHLight Quest; Amateur League: Episode 6Night Lancer faces off against Iron Angel in the Sequoia wood. Digital Connection Quest, ARCHLight Quest, Amateur League, Fragment, Collective Game, Future, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, Drama2015-04-17 2 
May 2015
39937276Nasuverse Quest #4We finally get some answers, but then discover more questions, then we have to deal with some serious family dramaCollective Game, Sins of the Father, Nasuverse, TYPE Moon, Family Drama, Info Dump, Wendigo Problems, Mixed Blood2015-05-13 2 
December 2015
44289517Digimang Quest #1Dash Addams and his summer school class get sucked into a wild adventure in the desertDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-12-21 21 
44332009Digimang Quest #2The quest to retrieve some seeds, getting stomped by some monkeys, exploring the redlight district and meeting a spiderDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-12-23 15 
44435918Digimang Quest #3Dash and friends beat up some simians, free a bear-wolf-thing, get some sik loot and clues on finding more classmatesDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-12-29 12 
44476790Digimang Quest #4Dash and co. fight off a marine devimon, meet the twins, fix a jeep and more importantly: he hits of a lot of flags.Digimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2015-12-31 12 
January 2016
44551658Wendigos and were to find them.Anon got books on wendigos for Christmas and shares their incite. Also Wendigo Apocalypse setting.Wendigo Information, Apocalypse, Algonquian Legends, Indian Lore2016-01-05 10 
44603475Digimang Quest #5The trip to Khoman Doh gets screwed, the twins bitch at each other, Dash spends time with Eva, fools a bunch of turds into volunteering for prison and gets some sweet dreamsDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-06 12 
44731790Digimang Quest #6Dash and friends beat up a knight, before making it to Coded VillageDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-12 12 
44837611Digimang Quest #7Sensei is found, where does the group go from here?Digimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-17 12 
44849195Digimang Quest #7 Part 2 Fireside chatsDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-17 12 
44993336Digimang Quest #8The gang finally decides where to head out from Coded Village, broing with Elecmon, before he goes nuts, and Dash some punches calimariDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-25 12 
45060418Digimang Quest #9Dash and friends beat the piss out of a squid, our hero nearly drowns, gets an X, and continues towards Tube City, with spider promisesDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-01-28 12 
February 2016
45174293Digimang Quest #10Pirates, fairies, underground rivers, worms, Descarting a spider, Dash becomes a man, and discusses what it is to be a womanDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-02 12 
45318715Digimang Quest #11Exploring the cit, looking for humans, being served eggs by an egg, glitches, creepy stalker and GATTSUmonDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-09 12 
45394384Digimang Quest #12Finding clues on another human, but does he have good intentions? After that, birthday presentsDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-13 12 
45475442Digimang Quest #13Getting answers, meeting a demon lady Mega, pleasing Casey and punching armadillos! All on Digimang QuestDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-17 13 
45604390Digimang Quest #14Dash finds a party bus, then falls out of it to ruin his feetDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-24 12 
45613974Digimang Quest #14: Part 2Dash and the fairy study under the master Descartes, before a crazy monkey shows up in the middle of the night Digimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-24 12 
45710194Digimang Quest #15Dash and friends recuperate after defeating a monkey, and finally reach Tuhm BlurDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-02-29 11 
March 2016
45998181Digimang Quest #16Dash explores the deep, rich culture of Tuhm Blur, and almost dies again.Digimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-03-14 12 
46083820Digimang Quest #17Dash gets his shit ruined by a fire, then ice, then a fishing rod, then beer bottles. Fun times. Also deep philosophical discussion with EvaDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-03-18 10 
46321285Digimang Quest #18 Part 1A bunch of angels hijack Dash, and send him home, against his will, leaving his friends stuck in the digital worldDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-03-29 10 
46330341Digimang Quest #18 part 2Dash learns about the humble origins of the Digital World.Digimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-03-29 10 
April 2016
46469613Digimang Quest #19Dash fights angels and Eva discovers the power of LOVEDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-04-05 10 
46585804Digimang Quest #20The dashing Sir Dash bravely rescues the beautiful Princess Jeff. Also digimon are involved.Digimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-04-10 10 
46594690Digimang Quest #20 Part 2Licking wounds after the battle to save Princess JessDigimon, Digimang, Collective Game, Chuckles2016-04-10 10 
May 2016
71514Digimon World Mystery AdventureYour journey begins as a human sucked into the digital world! But wait, there's a catch! A journey and adventure begins for our protagonCollective Game, D-mon, Digimon World Mystery Adventure, Digimon, adventure, Consume and Evolve, Benevolent MC2016-05-08 5 
140865Digimon Champion Quest You are Lilliana, a 16 year old high-school girl. Find Digimon, Join a Championship.Collective Game, Digimon2016-05-19 1 
June 2016
47556791Wendigo Apocalypse SettingDiscussion of a setting based around an infestation of skinwalkers.Wendigo, Skinwalker, cannibalism, monsters, worldbuilding, flamethrowers, setting2016-06-02 10 
January 2017
51148976wendigo folkloreAn anon dumps large amounts of wendigo folklore and the Skinwalker Apocalypse setting idea from a few years back gets revisited.wendigo, folklore, skinwalkers, setting, apocalypse, worldbuilding, 2017-01-12 10 
March 2017
1225521Uruk-hai QuestA rowdy uruk quickly rises through the ranks. Uruk-hai, Wendigo-Chan2017-03-05 3 
1242926Uruk-hai Quest 2A rowdy Uruk bitch slaps a Nazgul and OP seeps into a blind rage before getting is revenge.Uruk-hai Quest, Wendigo-Chan, Nazgul, Middle Earth, Quest, Orcs2017-03-13 4 
1271579Uruk-Hai Quest #3The one in which an Ork breaks out of prison and kills a mutinous subordinate. Also QM gets very sick.Uruk-hai Quest, Wendigo-Chan, Nazgul, Middle Earth, Quest, Orcs2017-03-18 3 
1290010Uruk-hai Quest 4: The EndA rowdy Uruk gets fucked by a Wraith.Uruk-hai Quest, Wendigo-Chan, Nazgul, Middle Earth, Quest, Orcs2017-03-27 1 
April 2017
1322643Space Station 13 QuestA lone Spess man pranks the Clown, and has a run in with a wizard. Short thread.Space Station 13 Quest, Wendigo-Chan, Space, Space Station 13, spess2017-04-09 1 
May 2017
1416283Xenomorph QuestThe coming of darkness is born and scares some farmboys. Also death by no-bumpage.Xenomorph Quest, Wendigo-Chan, Quest, Xenomorph2017-05-06 1 
August 2017
1746252Digimon Trigger Quest: Episode 1Initializing. A new adventure begins. A Hero chooses a blue speedster and a training mission goes awry.Collective Game, Digimon, World Trigger, Crossover, Sentai, Action, Sci-Fi2017-08-07 1 
1803841Digimon Father Quest #1Richard Sharp's son has been abducted to the Digital world, Richard go's after himDigimon, Quest, Collective Game, Digimon Father Quest2017-08-27 2 
September 2017
1869863DIGIMANZ: the QUEST - Digital Wonderland, Episode 1First episode, meeting the characters you're stuck with, and something happens. Outrageous.Digimanz, Digimon, Episodic, Drawquest2017-09-18 1 
1891270DIGIMANZ: the QUEST - Digital Wonderland, Episode 2Wyatt and Lexi make it to some crazy place: Stay for the show, or we gotta go?Digimanz, Digimon, Episodic, Drawquest2017-09-25 1 
October 2017
1916404DIGIMANZ: the QUEST - Digital Wonderland, Episode 3All you had to do was get on the train, Wyatt...Digimanz, Digimon, Episodic, Drawquest2017-10-02 1 
1939100DIGIMANZ: the QUEST - Digital Wonderland, Episode 4New places, new faces, and a need for a plan.Digimanz, Digimon, Episodic, Drawquest2017-10-09 0 
1943647Digimon Hunter Quest 0An entirely unplanned prologue to a tale of Olympia Server, the humans that live upon it, and the digimon that serve as weapons or friends.Digimon, Digimon Hunter Quest, Nam Etag2017-10-14 1 
2009342Digimon Hunter Quest 1In which you receive your partner, partly by triggering your fellow cadet's mental breakdown.Digimon, Digimon Hunter Quest, Nam Etag, DHQ2017-10-27 1 
October 2018
2988354Digimon 2.5 quest #1We generate our MC and come upon a substance of possibly evil origins.Digimon, Exerty, Digimon 2.5, quest2018-10-22 2 
December 2018
3133909Wendigo: A Worm Quest 1 We are accepted by the Merchants, make our first waves with violence, and have a happy New YearsCollective Game, Wendigo Worm Quest, Worm, He Who Meddles, Quest, wendigo2018-12-31 13 
January 2019
3148428Wendigo: A Worm Quest 2We steal arms, get promoted, and meet a fellow Abbadon capeCollective Game, Wendigo Worm Quest, Worm, He Who Meddles, Quest, wendigo2019-01-10 7 
3166808Wendigo: A Worm Quest 3We recruit Corrosion, mindrape Cricket, rip and tear through more Nazis, and end with a football game. SipsCollective Game, Wendigo Worm Quest, Worm, He Who Meddles, Quest, wendigo2019-01-17 5 
3169193Digital Monster Trainer Questa hot anime chick gets a digimonCollective Game, Digital Monster Trainer Quest2019-01-23 0 
3185089Wendigo: A Worm Quest 4CRABS AND BOAT, We eat the Empire, and get ready for Lung's fancy dinnerCollective Game, Wendigo Worm Quest, Worm, He Who Meddles, Quest, wendigo2019-01-24 5 
February 2019
3202920Wendigo: A Worm Quest 5PHO Interludes, HWM is flakey, we acquire dogCollective Game, Wendigo Worm Quest, Worm, He Who Meddles, Quest, wendigo2019-02-04 5 
3239431Wendigo: A Worm Quest 6Rescue a dog with Path to Murder, have friendly dinner with local dragon, hail Skidmark's return, and go to Canberra to face the Simurgh...Collective Game, Wendigo Worm Quest, Worm, He Who Meddles, Quest, wendigo2019-02-14 4 
3262181Wendigo: A Worm Quest 7Several interludes, meta knowledge, and memes, HWM took a breather basicallyCollective Game, Wendigo Worm Quest, Worm, He Who Meddles, Quest, wendigo2019-02-21 3 
March 2019
3282061Wendigo: A Worm Quest 8We give a speech, Coil is doing something shady, and the Crab Shack opens. At long last.Collective Game, Wendigo Worm Quest, Worm, He Who Meddles, Quest, wendigo, Crab Shack2019-03-04 5 
October 2019
3827166The Grave DiggerYou're the Grave Digger, you have some deja vu. You decide to leave your cemetery for the first time...Grave Digger, drawquest2019-10-04 3 
3857520The Grave Digger: 2#You're the Grave Digger. You've made some allies and resolve to reach the grand city of Metaldom.Grave Digger, drawquest2019-10-17 3 
April 2020
4197994Digital Evo Thread 1A young Digital World is born, is divided into biomes, then malfunctionsEvolution, Collective Game, Evogame, Digimon, Digital Evo2020-04-28 0 
July 2020
4289328Digimon Researcher QuestA researcher has a bad day at work.Collective Game. Digimon Researcher Quest, Digimon2020-07-03 0 
4338425Digimon - VR of Miracles #1Real pain in a VR and the birth of 2nd generation chosen.Digimon, VR of Miracles, Colective game, Bumon2020-07-13 0 
November 2020
4525205Digital Evo Thread 2A mass extinction is narrowly avoided....Evolution, Collective Game, Evogame, Digimon, Digital Evo2020-11-21 1 
April 2021
4719736Digital Evo Thread 3Digital Lifeforms evolve in a water-rich environment. Evolution, Collective Game, Evogame, Digimon, Digital Evo2021-04-14 0 
September 2021
4981260Virtual Pet QuestA couple of Anons hatch virtual pets and go on adventuresCollective Game, Digimon, Tamagotchi, pet2021-09-27 0 
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