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March 2012
18494848Demi Quest IWe are Arnold McGraff, newly minted Demi pilot! A slow start, but we make friends with a sniper, and affirm our patriotism.Demi Quest, Collective Game, Arnold McGraff, McGraff, Demi2012-03-28 1 
18516112Demi Quest IIWe are Arnold McGraff, a man of the Empire, and we pilot a giant mechanical axe murderer. Demi Quest, Collective Game, Arnold McGraff, McGraff, Demi2012-03-30 1 
March 2013
23874485Demi Quest II Thread 1 We create, and begin the journey of, Alex Hanger, brilliant sniper and pilot of one of the Empire's elite war machines, the Demi.Demi Quest, Collective Game, Alex Hanger2013-03-25 26 
23881341Demi Quest II Thread 1.5The continuation of Thread 1, Alex Hanger teams up with Rallan Twist to take on Red Team in a two on two match to decide who is worthy of being in the Imperial Legion. Demi Quest, Collective Game, Alex Hanger2013-03-25 25 
23911732Demi Quest II Thread 2Alex 'Ace' Hanger and Danny Melon are paired up and sent to their new assignment in the abomination and barbarian infested jungles of the east. Demi Quest, Collective Game, Alex Hanger, Ace, Imperator2013-03-27 24 
23946301Demi Quest II Thread 3Hanger and Melon finish their first combat, and are introduced to their new posting and the people they will be serving with. Demi Quest, Collective Game, Alex Hanger, Ace, Imperator2013-03-29 24 
April 2013
23999604Demi Quest II Thread 4In this installment of Demi Quest, we perform our first real mission alongside Cheshire, the hunt for a rare breed of Abomination. The dice are out for Melon's blood. Demi Quest, Collective Game, Alex Hanger, Ace, Imperator2013-04-01 23 
24037501Demi Quest II Thread 5In this installment, Alex Hanger heads back to base with a vicious battle along the way. Afterwards, we catch some well deserved rest, and switch perspective to Vortez, pilot of Apex. Demi Quest, Collective Game, Alex Hanger, Ace, Imperator, Salaya Vortez, Apex2013-04-03 23 
24131344Demi Quest II Thread 6In this abridged session, Alex "Ace" Hanger wakes from his post-battle slumber and handles getting Imperator some improved weaponry. He begins to eat breakfast.Demi Quest, Collective Game, Alex Hanger, Ace, Imperator2013-04-08 22 
24171990Demi Quest II Thread 7In this installment, Alex Hanger visits the armory and camp store, then spars with the McGard twins and schools them in darts. Demi Quest, Collective Game, Alex Hanger, Ace, Imperator2013-04-10 22 
24300774Demi Quest II Thread 8Alex 'Ace' Hanger spars in tandem with Pitcher, and mingles with the other pilots before reporting with Melon to receive his next mission. Also, Doctor is alive and unharmed.Demi Quest, Collective Game, Alex Hanger, Ace, Imperator2013-04-17 22 
24341540Demi Quest II Thread 9Imperator and Cheshire go out on patrol, are ambushed and forced to retreat. Retter leads a counterstrike, but is defeated, and Pitcher is critically wounded. Yearning for vengeance, Melon volunteers the pair to go back out, and hunt the Huntress.Demi Quest, Collective Game, Alex Hanger, Ace, Imperator2013-04-19 22 
24403589Demi Quest II Thread 10Ace and Melon take on the Huntress at the Lake outpost. A tense battle unfolds, death at every corner as the lights of battle are reflected on the once peaceful waters.Demi Quest, Collective Game, Alex Hanger, Ace, Imperator2013-04-22 22 
May 2013
24572643Demi Quest II Thread 11The duo send a message back to base reporting on the success of their mission. Afterward, Ace and Melon take some time to ponder on the nature of their now deceased enemy.Demi Quest, Collective Game, Alex Hanger, Ace, Imperator2013-05-02 23 
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