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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out those old status messages. It's probably a good thing that I haven't had to significantly modify the archive in so long that the 'updates' were from 2016. Here's to another... 13 years? Wow.

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April 2008
1582495Lofn drawfaggotry cont.What is that social hormone that chimps don't have that bonabos do? Women have more of it than men? Whatever it is this thread is full of it.D'awww, Lofn, LCB, nerds2008-04-23 6 
1590162Even More Lofn D'aaaaaaaawwwStarts with cute, then lots of Rage'n'sage, Lofn gets a big name, and more suggestions on backstory.D'awww, Lofn, LCB, nerds2008-04-23 5 
August 2008
2388010Thousand Son and GuardswomanDrawfaggotry brings out the original writefaggotry to a tear-jerker story. Also, Macha wrestling. Thousand Sons, baww, d'aww, macha.2008-08-21 4 
September 2008
2674408HS 40K (Chapter 3)Writefag continues his epic story of Highschool 40k and confused teenagers.HS 40k, writefaggotry, d'awww2008-09-26 13 
2676031HS 40k (Chapter 4)Writefag finishes his epic story of Highschool 40k and confused teenagers. Good end.HS 40k, writefaggotry, d'awww2008-09-27 13 
October 2008
2827253Macha's Destiny, Part 2More discussion of Macha and the Emprah who were meant to be, but never will. Plus more Lofn d'awwwwnessmacha, emperor, d'awww, fate, lofn2008-10-18 12 
January 2009
3554280Joan's 11th Suffering11th instalment ofJoanJoan, Joan d'Aww, collective game, fanservice2009-01-29 25 
June 2009
4752021DnD Cutebold GameAnon makes a DnD game where the players are Kobolds. Beware, you're in D'awwww country.Kobolds, Cutebolds, D'awww, mess of kobolds2009-06-03 0 
August 2009
5611054Unconventional romanceThey say love is blind. This thread proves it.true love, D'AWWW, romance2009-08-27 6 
February 2010
7956950Mrs. ScorpionIn /tg/'s own inimitable way, it manages to turn a monstergirl thread into something much more interesting, from cute images of scorpion schoolkids to discussion about exoskeletal physiology and the effects of decompression.monstergirl space d'aww2010-02-06 5 
8151384Hippy Fire ElementalsFire Elementals just want to spread the love. The love being fire.d'awww2010-02-18 3 
March 2010
8602020Free D'awwwwOP asks for free tabletop game rules, /tg/ provides, along with adorableness.D'awwwww, tabletop, table top, rules2010-03-15 2 
February 2012
17927799Eldar, adoption, and baking.Do Eldar adopt cross faction? What if Vect's daughter was raised by a Baker?Dark, Eldar, d'awww, Lofn, Writefag, Baking, <32012-02-15 6 
November 2012
21595624Bard Dad part 2Bard dad returns with more tales of his amazing daughter Kat.d'awwww, bard, Bard, IRL2012-11-15 48 
21647922Bard Dad part 3The Bard Father returns once again. /tg/ gathers round the fire to hear his words.d'awwwww, bard, Bard, IRL2012-11-19 33 
February 2013
23205251Shadowrun Cyberloli ArmyWhen a group of runners find themselves with a small army of augmented little girls, /tg/ knows just what to do with them.Shadowrun, loli, fun, adorable, just another day on /tg/, clips, d'aww2013-02-17 24 
July 2013
26179163Of Techpriests and TelepathsThe story of Litilus and Akadia, part 1writefaggotry, 40k, techpriest, psyker, D'aww2013-07-23 22 
May 2015
40282781Best Dad Ever Quest #1In this episode, you send off your daughter Eve to her first day of school, then rescue her with Papa Wolf Fury, and then have a d'aww.Best Dad Ever Quest, Best Dad Ever, D'aww, Collective Game, Artemis, ArtemisQM, Eve, Magical Girl, Slice of Life2015-05-31 13 
40300996Best Dad Ever Quest #2You wake up, eat breakfast, head to the clinic, meet Jackie and get new leg, and I make my worst writing mistake ever. Fuck. Disgusting. Sorry.Best Dad Ever Quest, Best Dad Ever, D'aww, Collective Game, Artemis, ArtemisQM, Eve, Magical Girl, Slice of Life2015-05-31 8 
June 2015
40720483Best Dad Ever Quest #3You wake up, cook delicious breakfast, grab some new threads, flashback to your days of Chivalrous, and get snatched at the end.Best Dad Ever Quest, Best Dad Ever, D'aww, Collective Game, Artemis, ArtemisQM, Eve, Magical Girl, Slice of Life2015-06-21 5 
40742431Best Dad Ever Quest #4You wake up in the witchspace, go blind (resulting in a mini shit-storm), hear some dastardly plans, get un-blind and destroy a vat of something spooky. Eve gets a Voice, and plays Chivalrous.Best Dad Ever Quest, Best Dad Ever, D'aww, Collective Game, Artemis, ArtemisQM, Eve, Magical Girl, Slice of Life2015-06-22 5 
July 2015
41304954Best Dad Ever Quest #8Check Twitter for the others! In this one, you jog with daughters, play frisbee, and mess around in the underground!Best Dad Ever Quest, Best Dad Ever, D'aww, Collective Game, Artemis, ArtemisQM, Eve, Magical Girl, Slice of Life2015-07-19 3 
41455056Best Dad Ever Quest #9You hold your Chivalry game, crush them at that, then crush Gerald with the good ol' times, then go have a fun little magical parent meeting, and FINALLY go monster hunting with the girls. Best Dad Ever Quest, Best Dad Ever, D'aww, Collective Game, Artemis, ArtemisQM, Eve, Magical Girl, Slice of Life2015-07-26 5 
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