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February 2014
30152478Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 2You meet a possibly dirty cop, find out your love has secrets and crappy security habits, and meet the mother.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-10 23 
30179395Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 3You take a shadowy job for the dirty cop, get a new gun, grab a bag of dirty money, and get trapped with the target and his friend when mafia suddenly arrive.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-12 17 
30239417Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 4You stun some people, kill some people, get another new gun, get clocked on the head by a hobo and make breakfast to finish off a long night.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-14 12 
30266764Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 5You find some clues to how you got into The City, get a new gun and a pair of very nice blades, then you head shopping only to discover a ghost from your past is still alive.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-16 11 
30289585Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 6.1You follow a ghost of your past into a gunfight, but them OP has to cut the session short.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-17 10 
30308340Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 7You find out your Papa is evil, your Mom tried to save your life, and that the mystery surrounding you is deeper than you imagined.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-18 15 
30375396Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 8You get roped into doing a jailbreak, and find out that others have the same idea.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-21 11 
30394430Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 9You break out a pilot, slice a robot into pieces, find out you were going to be framed, broke a man's spirit and body, and found out a place that your mother may be hiding in before another troubled mother makes a request.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-22 10 
30416132Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 10You stalk your love for his mother, meet with the pilot you rescued and get some gear and ammo, and return home to be reminded that a mother is one of the scariest people in the world.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-23 15 
30438513Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 11You fake a man's death, and decide to investigate your Mom's safehouse. Inside, you meet a long-lost sister and nearly get killed by her.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-24 16 
30528547Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 12You find out that there is another sister who trolled you, share a tender moment and get some questions answered by the sister you saved, and make preparations when mercs spoil the party.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-02-28 9 
March 2014
30550403Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 13You get into a heated battle with a Mini-Tank and get wrecked before wrecking the tank back, you then dream before your insane sister hacks your brain to deliver a message.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-01 8 
30614669Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 14You fall off a roof and on top of your beloved, you reaffirm your wish to do whatever it takes to help, see the Moord Nag for the first time, and after Mom purges harmful code from your systems you discover that your past is far, far more complicated than you really know.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-04 14 
30714372Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 15You go deep cover, troll the Red Queen with a handshake, meet a strange man in a Junkyard, get trolled by Hacker Sis again, sneak through a ruined industrial area, and after a paranoid moment with a family having suspicious car trouble, you get ready to begin planting spy cameras.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-08 8 
30733684Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 16You steal a woman's clothes, plant cameras, have a disgusting encounter with another man, finish planting cameras, save a girl from trouble and get her number, give some data and get a gift from Troll-sis in return, have a bad emotional experience when you can't laugh, get comforted by Troll-sis, comfort Ian, and find out that you need to see Troll-sis to finally crack that neural core. It's been a busy day.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-10 9 
30835975Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 17You go meet with hacker-sis, discover that she both has no shame and is an incredible multi-tasker, find out that there is a fifth sister in That Man's grip, find out that Neural Core was a bust except for the possibility of a Cool Bike, and choose to get Optical Camouflage only to meet someone we never expected.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-15 9 
30855622Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 18You have an incredibly disturbing nightmare while getting optical camouflage installed, see points in the future because of it, and snap from the mental and emotional stress it caused. Then Ian Carter comforts you in your time of need.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-15 9 
30872378Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 19You get confronted by the mother and finally, after long last, reveal the truth about yourself. And Ian accepts you. Meanwhile, Rebecca knows something you don't, a favourite aunt is going to see her nephew, and your Mom prepares to get inked while hiding from That Man.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-16 14 
30898920Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 20: Arc 1 EndgameYou go to the Moord Nag to secure weapons for the job, and get challenged on your skills. After sneaking into her office, you find out that the Battlefield Generation all have links, Ian's Mom was damn hot for a supersoldier, and that the Moord Nag is damn sneaky as the First Arc enters into it's endgame.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-18 8 
30959360Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 21: Arc 1 EndgameYou get confronted with Rebecca's suspicions about Cassandra, which only confirm your own. You find out that Rat is someone with connections much higher than the street and a plan to infiltrate the local military base gets a little complicated.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-21 8 
30979741Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 22: Arc 1 EndgameYou deal with a very bothersome situation as you bring the air defence networks under Hacker-sis' control.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-22 9 
31022149Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 23: Arc 1 EndgameYou infiltrate the facility with your team and pull it off smoothly, quickly, quietly and cleanly, before Victoria observes the results of an important choice.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-24 8 
31041829Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 24 PausedYou start the mission to kill the Red Queen, but OP suddenly has to leave for the day.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-24 7 
31121900Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 24: Arc 1 EndgameAfter a strange moment of discontinuity, you fight off pursuing helicopters to reach the Old City, now a warzone. You get a glimpse of Rebecca's casual brutality, before helping some cops, get knocked on your ass by a Railgun, and then witness the true terror of a Battlefield Generation in action. Finally, the true enemy reveals herself for the fight that will decide the fate of The City!Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-29 8 
31142179Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 25: Arc 1 CompletedIt's over. The Queen is dead. You've save The City, and for now, you have the man of your dreams. Congratulations.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-03-29 14 
April 2014
31389872Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 26You are enrolled in school in order to make friends, and you make friends with some interesting girls, before one of them saves you from a bully, sharing an important secret with you. Meanwhile, a stalker decides that you must belong to her.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-04-10 7 
31412455Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 27Things slow down a little as you go on a shopping trip and find out that another of your new friends is not as normal as she appears. And then you meet someone who may be a future threat.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-04-11 7 
31454023Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 28Your temper flares when a childhood friend of Ian returns, and after making a foolish move, you discover that there maybe someone very dangerous in the school.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-04-14 7 
31604462Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 29Early archive as OP has to head out, but you find that everyone knows something but you, and it scares them.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-04-20 7 
31711980Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 30You hatch a plan to expose more of the mystery surrounding Hana Kanzaki, only for a mysterious Kitsune to attack your captors for an unknown purpose.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-04-25 7 
31761090Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 31You find a few clues in the ruins, and then suffer a bad vehicle crash before getting a cool bike. After finding that Seattle is important to Mom for some reason, you find her last gift to you, and a last message.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-04-28 5 
May 2014
31870185Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 32You find an important link between the mysterious killer and Kitsune. Midori Kanzaki gives you a filthy feeling. And you discover a ghost outside your safehouse.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-05-03 6 
June 2014
32509785Cyberpunk Yandere Quest Part 33OP finally gets his shit in order, and in this short episode Alice learns some disturbing truths about Midori and Hana before witnessing an enraging sight.Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-06-01 5 
32592832Cyberpunk Yandere Quest 34You watch a suspicious news report and have a brief war council with Rebecca. Then Ian comes home, and...Cyberpunk Yandere Quest, cyberpunk, yandere, Collective Game2014-06-06 10 
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