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Archived Threads

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September 2011
16248221Broquest QuestA quest thread based on BroquestCollective Game, Bro Quest, Bro2011-09-10 10 
16259402Broquest Quest IIA quest thread based on Broquest; part 2.Collective Game, Bro Quest, Bro, Broquest Quest2011-09-11 8 
16286842Broquest Quest IIIA quest thread based on Broquest; part 3. Collective Game, Bro Quest, Bro, Broquest Quest2011-09-14 11 
February 2015
38377779Harem Bro QuestYou are the best bro of a standard harem MC. Your job is to support him to the very end.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-02-28 44 
March 2015
38426869Harem Bro Quest 2We continue our school day, go to boring classes and play dodgeball.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-02 30 
38447030Harem Bro Quest 3We finish class, meet the last harem member and one Mushroom-tan.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-03 27 
38517331Harem Bro Quest 4Time to work on resolving our bro's shit. But does he feel the same way?Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-07 23 
38541339Harem Bro Quest 5The duel inside the Reality Marble continues.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-07 25 
38549623Harem Bro Quest 5 Part 2An epilogue is posted, mostly because the other thread dropped off the board.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-07 22 
38896428Harem Bro Quest 6We take the time out to relax with our bro, and meet one Dick-Ass Thief.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-23 21 
38914938Harem Bro Quest 7We begin making plans to convince our childhood friend: Hatoko Kushikawa.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-24 21 
39033877Harem Bro Quest 8It's time to get to work. Let's try and convince Hatoko. Can we do it?Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-31 21 
April 2015
39052348Harem Bro Quest 9The conclusion of Hatoko's arc.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-01 21 
39182136Harem Bro Quest 10Our day kicks off to a flying start as the rest of the girls try to interrogate us.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-07 21 
39203055Harem Bro Quest 11We take Sachiko, STREUM and Syoko out to have fun at an amusement park.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-08 24 
39347656Harem Bro Quest 12We attempt to do calculus and check on Syoko's first day at school. Vending machines are involved.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-15 21 
39472561Harem Bro Quest 13We talk to our gender-bender pilot boy, decide which girl to convince next and fight against the machinations of time.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-21 21 
39592486Harem Bro Quest 14Cooperation Links are introduced. We hang out with Kurumi, Ayase and Syoko today.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-27 21 
May 2015
39774056Harem Bro Quest 15It's Ophis time, for a bit anyway. We take the time to show her around the house.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-05-06 22 
40057137Harem Bro Quest 16Polls are posted. Revelations are made. OP fucks up the title numbering for some stupid reason.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-05-19 24 
40202846Harem Bro Quest 17Time to break the bad news to the crew. Also, more rank ups for Cooperation and Social Links.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-05-27 21 
June 2015
40647023Harem Bro Quest 18A morning in the life of Courier Six first, and then it's investigation time.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-06-17 20 
40666570Harem Bro Quest 19INTERMISSION 1 PART 1 (cut off due to QM sickness)Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-06-17 12 
40684819Harem Bro Quest 20INTERMISSION 1 PART 2Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-06-19 15 
December 2015
44328443Harem Bro Quest 21 The Closure: Thorn tells us all about what would've been.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-12-22 14 
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