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Archived Threads

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April 2009
4264012Remember the Days of Rhy'DinAnon asks about the olden days of AOL RPing in Rhy'din, and all of 4chan weeps as they admit they took part in it. Also, a bar made entirely of dark corners to brood in.AOL, Rhydin, freefrom, Brood2009-04-13 0 
May 2009
4642511Broken/tg/ comes up with a setting about fighting things that eat Love. /tg/ finds itself tsundere for this idea.Broken, Heartless, Tsundere2009-05-24 2 
October 2009
6143735A broken Character Help threadA fa/tg/uy asks for help a Touhoufag deliversHelp, Broken, Touhou2009-10-05 1 
6164865Touhou HelpTouhous last thread autosaged and this in the continued3.5, Help, Touhou, Broken, D&D, DnD, Dungeon and Dragons, Advice thread 2009-10-06 0 
January 2010
7468480Guard QuestKyle is the worst guard in the whole freaking world.Dude punching out a gay dude, terrible failure, broken dreams, quest thread2010-01-07 5 
7470201Guard Quest Part 2Kyle still sucks at being a guard...so he's trying to become a wizard! Now with more gay sex!Dude punching out a gay dude, terrible failure, broken dreams, quest thread, magic, illegal, gay, blowjob, really gay2010-01-07 3 
7480046Guard Quest Part 3Kyle becomes more evil, more gay, and more powerful!Dude punching out a gay dude, terrible failure, broken dreams, quest thread, magic, illegal, gay, blowjob, really gay 2010-01-08 2 
7485175Guard Quest Part 4Kyle's wizardly prowess grows. He plans to travel by ship to the East, to study magic. Until the ship sets sail, he spends his time blowing cocks up and practicing telekinesis.Dude punching out a gay dude, terrible failure, broken dreams, quest thread, magic, illegal, gay, blowjob, really gay 2010-01-08 1 
7487084Guard Quest Part 5Kyle sets sail on the might ship the K.S. Oroblarm, and makes it to the eastern lands of Sha'azar, to further his magical studies. More magic and dickings, of course.Dude punching out a gay dude, terrible failure, broken dreams, quest thread, magic, illegal, gay, blowjob, really gay2010-01-08 2 
7690487Mutants and Masterminds: RiftsOP tries to stop the edition wars, by saying that M&M was the best system. Most of /tg/ agree's. And creates a new setting. It has elves that AREN'T gay.Mutants, Masterminds, Rifts, Setting, Smash Bros, Straight Elves2010-01-20 0 
April 2010
9341107The Tale of BronzemurderAn Anon recounts the tale of the dorf fort of Bronzemurder in beautifully illustrated images.Dorf Fort, Bronzermurder, dorf, dungeon, survival2010-04-22 8 
August 2010
11577265: Times when the PCs did something more awesome than you planned./tg/ shares a lot of epic stories about the games we play and some of those players with a dash of awesomeStories, long, epic, awesome, brofist2010-08-10 11 
11665005Mysterious, dark and brooding charactersThe OP complains about dark, brooding characters in his campaign. It ends up with an idea of brooding guild and how brooding should be distributed to the publicDark, brooding, mysterious, funny2010-08-14 26 
11700384Story Hour feat. Wizard, Psion, Brobarian And RogueOP starts with a tale on how The Dark Elf Trilogy made him feel envy for another man, then another story in which Wizard tells off Psion.Wizard, Psion, Brobarian, Rogue, Story, Real Life, Gaming Group2010-08-17 24 
11720537MP&CC's third taleWizard, Brobarian, Psion and OP (now known as Mahogany, Port and Cuban Cigars) return in MP&CC's third tale.MP&CC, Mahogany, Port and Cuban Cigars, Brobarian2010-08-18 21 
11781189MP&CC Strikes BackA story of a campaign which shouldn't be, but became an epic tale because of the leadership feat.MP&CC, Mahogany, Port, Cuban Cigars, Leadership, Brobarian2010-08-22 21 
September 2010
12025286Bro stories part 2The opposite of a "that guy" thread. SlOwP finally finishes his story"bro, story, slow, slOwP"2010-09-10 10 
12187108Brother Testicles, Fastest Apothecary in the West/tg/ creates a Deathwatch character. Some bad math and GM fiat results in hilarity.Deathwatch, Brother Testicles2010-09-23 41 
November 2010
12970601"Magic Talents" CampaignAnon proposes an awesome setting in which players possess one 8th/9th level spell they can use at will. Helpful anon makes a chart, and other anons roll for awesome results.Spells, Broken, Chart2010-11-29 2 
January 2011
13460254Sewing and ThrowingGood ole' fashion /tg/ discussion of sewing hobbies as it parallels and inter-relates to tabletop and LARPing. Much wisdomsew, LARP, hobby store, cool stories bro, etc.2011-01-10 4 
March 2011
14100357Cyblum Dell IIBuilding off of the previous thread, further expounding about a plot hook concerning the Festival of the Solstice is had. Also, military, government, religion, and racism are all touched upon. This is all because of one picture: textbook /tg/ getting shit done!original, setting, fluff, low magic, fantasy, cyblum, cyblum dell, dener, taraklet, brogitarius, yak2011-03-02 7 
14129488GM's Day. Let's fucking celebrateApparently March 4th is GM's Day, so to commemorate such a special day, I'll be uploading any .pdf that I've got to GMs/interested people who would like to try new systems other than D&D/WoD/40k/Cthulhu. Here are 5 screenshots basically showing everything I've got. Just request stuff and I'll upload it to mediafire, so be patient. Also feel free to ask what's in some of the folders I've got, but keep in mind I only save core books, or sourcebooks that are of my interest. Except for 3.5, I won't have splatbook #13. However, I do have settings, campaigns or historical variants.. because they're fun to read when I'm bored. downloads, files, /tg/, bro, awesome, files, pdfs, rapid shares2011-03-04 12 
14228987Neolithic Fantasy RPG Discussion/tg/ discusses concepts regarding a fantasy neolithic RPG.rpg homebrew neolithic nathandrals cave men bronze aliens2011-03-13 3 
14375710Sorcerer Quest 9We go back in time to experience life as Algers. But the question is, can we get back to the future?Sorcerer, Quest, Collective Game, Gnoll, Doc Brown2011-03-27 5 
April 2011
14663539That BroThe opposite of That Guy, That Bro and stories of themBro2011-04-21 2 
May 2011
15014422Brotherhood of the Megalith 2continuation of the mystic cavemen Inuit marines creation. We're getting to the cool fluffy bits.Caveman Marines, Chapter Creation, Brotherhood of the Megalith2011-05-22 3 
15040236Brotherhood of the Megalith 3Inuit-based Blood Angels successor chapter; fluffing out continues. Naming the Companies and deciding on initiation rites.Caveman Marines, Brothers of the Megalith, Stone2011-05-24 2 
15081716The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet/tg/ create a Iron Hands successor chapter. Thus the Knights of The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet are born Space Marines, Warhammer, 40000,40k, Knights, Deathwatch, Brotherhood Of the Gauntlet, Iron Hands, Brotherhood 2011-05-28 6 
15092844The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet: Part 2Discussion of the Brotherhood continues, leading up to the idea that the Brotherhood's past is linked to the Glistening host.Space Marines, Warhammer, 40000, 40k, Knights, Deathwatch, Brotherhood of the Gauntlet, Iron Hands, Brotherhood, Glistening Host2011-05-29 5 
15094060Glistening Host 3Another thread discussing /tg/'s homebrew Slaaneshi kill-crazies. Anons try to integrate chapter's history with the Brotherhood of the Gauntlet and OP does some sweet writefaggotry.Deathwatch, Chapter Creation, Chaos, Chaos Marines, Slaanesh, Heresy, Awesome, Homebrew, Writefaggotry, Brotherhood of the Gaunlet2011-05-29 4 
August 2011
15790684/tg/ encounters BroQuest/tg/ begins work on what /v/ started, a cliche JRPG focused around which party members you choose.BroQuest, drawfag, JRPG2011-08-02 24 
15797809monkeybro 2: the broner/t/g continues to help the OP get his vengence for monkeybro and topple the furry empiremonkey, bro, vengence, furry, kill em all, conquer2011-08-02 10 
15806982BroQuest Part 2The saga of the creation of BroQuest continues!BroQuest,drawfag,JRPG2011-08-03 10 
15819495BroQuest Dev General technically BroQuest 2: The Sequel to the Game Never Made. um... yeah. vidya game design in my /tg/? more likely then I thought.broquest, draw, quest, kinda, mspaint art, oh god the character achetypes.2011-08-04 11 
15860204BroQuest Part 3Work continues on developing BroQuest.BroQuest, drawfag, JRPG2011-08-08 1 
15894717BroQuest Part 4The continuing adventures of BroQuest Development!BroQuest, drawfag, JRPG2011-08-11 7 
16074132Monkey-bro 4: Rise of the PrimatesOP comes back with progress on Hominidae United and their fight against the furry menace. Primate Empire shows how bro they are by sending an army to help. GM says "I like you, cause you get shit done."Monkey Bro, Brorilla, Primates, furry, rebellion, monkey, humanity, revenge2011-08-27 17 
September 2011
16214371BroQuest Part 5Broquest: Now in Color!BroQuest, drawfag, JRPG2011-09-07 1 
16218346That Guy/That Bro ThreadOP starts a rage thread, but in the end a good time is had by all as people share stories of their 'That Guy' and 'That Bro.'army, that bro, that guy, D&D, stories2011-09-08 11 
16231827How /tg/ Met Their BrosFa/tg/uys relate their awesome and heartwarming tales of finding friendship. Apparently twins are god-tier bros.friend, friendship, bro2011-09-09 6 
16241526BroQuest Part 6More discussion of Broquest! And fanart! BroQuest, drawfag, JRPG2011-09-10 0 
16248221Broquest QuestA quest thread based on BroquestCollective Game, Bro Quest, Bro2011-09-10 10 
16259402Broquest Quest IIA quest thread based on Broquest; part 2.Collective Game, Bro Quest, Bro, Broquest Quest2011-09-11 8 
16286842Broquest Quest IIIA quest thread based on Broquest; part 3. Collective Game, Bro Quest, Bro, Broquest Quest2011-09-14 11 
16297297BroQuest Part 7More Broquest discussion! And catgirls, lots and lots of catgirls.BroQuest, drawfag, JRPG2011-09-15 1 
16425991Yet another story threadCool stories, a temporary devolution into argument, and then more cool stories. Also Pavarotti.cool stories, bro, cool story bro, dark heresy, D&D, bear spy, pavarotti,2011-09-26 2 
December 2011
17069430Kobold Sorcerer Quest Ch. 5 part 10You spend a bit more time in the future before returning to home sweet home.Kobold, Quest, Collective Game, Kobold Sorcerer Quest, Doc Brown2011-12-01 4 
January 2012
17483647Bronx Age/tg/ talks about a Warriors Style 70's Gang Fight System.Bronx Age Gang Wars2012-01-10 7 
May 2012
19112522Kindheitstrauma Playing Children Homebrew/tg/ collects point buy drawbacks for a childhood horror game, remembers own childhood, is being awesome.Mommy is sick, Daddy gets mad, My brother is dead, Mommy's Icky Friend, Divorced, Little Princess, Beaten, My Little Robot, Bad Touch, Jog Dad, Little Sunshine, In the System, Our Pride, Evil?, On Ritalin, Home Alone, Moving Again, I'm a Mistake2012-05-15 22 
July 2012
19808531Chapter Quest Spin-Off II: PrisonerAfter the boarding action against Adeptus Sororitas Brother Montus is mistakenly listed as MIA in by his brothers while in truth he is taken prisoner. He there meets Sister Judith with whom he gets bonded in a very strange way... No, it's not a fapfic.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, Power Garrot, Strategic Girth, Spin-Off, Adeptus Sororitas, brother, sister, prisoner, Big Daddy, torture, neuro-whip2012-07-10 11 
19833002Chapter Quest Spin-Off III: Chasing Dark EldarBrother Montus and Sister Judith are sent with a strike force of Adeptus Sororitas to the Feudal World of Lituanica to stop the Dark Eldar slaver party. Everything goes better than expected, until they get into an ambush... The events that follow end the quest in a place a lot further away from monastery than anyone thought, A LOT FURTHER.Collective Game, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Chapter Master Quest, Ghosts of Retribution, Space Marine, Warhammer 40,000, WH40K, Imperium of Man, Power Garrot, Strategic Girth, Spin-Off, Adeptus Sororitas, brother, sister, prisoner, Big Daddy, Dark Eldar, Feudal world, webway, Commoragh, slaves, rape, Sororitas2012-07-12 10 
August 2012
20202232THE EPIC OF FERNANDO THE WIFEBEATERRichter Bromont arrives with an epic of Mexican proportions.Richter Bromont, Mexican, Fernando Wifebeater2012-08-06 14 
20478611Pax Americana Quest 1What if, instead of carrying out a psychotic quest to genocide every mutant in the world, half the Enclave rebelled and fled to the american midwest, encountered Brotherhood of Steel outcasts and set out to rebuild America in the image of the old world?Civilization_Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Fallout, Enclave, Brotherhood_of_Steel, Alternate_History, Power_Armor, Vertibird, Robot, Super_Mutant, Ghoul, Human, Cyborg, Mutant2012-08-26 15 
20485061Pax Americana Quest 2The American Union expands its borders, both in terms of territory, and socially.Civilization_Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Fallout, Enclave, Brotherhood_of_Steel, Alternate_History, Power_Armor, Vertibird, Robot, Super Mutant, Ghoul, Human, Cyborg, Mutant, Squirrel Force Recon, Intellapuma2012-08-27 18 
October 2012
21105648Bronze Dragon QuestWe are born, meet a hermit, eat some gold, and kill some vines.Bronze Dragon Quest, Collective Game, dragon, bronze, quest2012-10-13 15 
21120178/tg/ Dragon Quest Part DeuxBronze Dragon quest, 2nd thread. We woke up, ate ore, made masterwork enchanted armor from said ore, killed a big dragon, and grew into a steel dragon.Bronze dragon, quest, dragon, dragon quest, FirstTimer2012-10-14 11 
21139200/tg/ Dragon Quest Part 3We awaken to find we are no longer the child we once were, we finally have a conversation with the hermit and we roll a Nat 20 on our first attempt at flying.Dragon, Bronze, Steel, Metal, Hermit, FirstTimer2012-10-15 7 
21191520/tg/ Dragon Quest Part 4HAHA, TIME TO SLAUGHTER BARBARIANSDragon Collective Game Quest Bronze Steel Metal FirstTimer2012-10-19 10 
21310936/tg/ Dragon Quest Part 5HAHA, TIME TO get punched by your best friendDragon, Collective, Game, Quest, Bronze, Steel, Metal, FirstTimer2012-10-27 6 
November 2012
21431880Civ: Dragon's QuestA Civ game goes to a Dragon style game. Mostly because the /tg/ guys want the Bronze Dragoness to be goddess of the natives of the islands. Also, cat girls are given an actually cool raceDragon, Bronze Dragon, Civ, Collective game2012-11-04 3 
21445558Bronze Dragon Civ: 2Finding a new home in a fortress in the center of the island sure does make a fancy new home.Dragon, Bronze Dragon, Civ, Collective game2012-11-05 2 
21767432Zerg Quest CXIIIThe FINAL Zerg Quest. After 2 years and 113 threads, the Swarm finally meets its end. Zeratul stands with his blade poised. Will he strike us down? Will the Swarm end here, or will it be assured of its immortality?Zerg Quest, Cerebrate Anon, Starcraft, Collective Game, /tg/ dice, I'm too young to die, Big Brother, Death, Rebirth, Alpha and Omega, Metaquest OP, Portent?2012-11-27 24 
December 2012
22025314/tg/ Dragon Quest Part 6We wake with a hangover, vomit up a Golem, then create a Golem Butler.Collective Game, Dragon, Quest, Bronze, Steel, Metal, FirstTimer, Waiting for OP2012-12-14 5 
22076049A Web Between Stars/tg/ takes a spatial map of the internet (internet-map.net) and turns it into a space homebrewhomebrew, worldbuilding, space, internet, game design, internet map, setting, original content, oc, http, browser spaceships2012-12-16 26 
22080667A Web Between Stars 2A Web Between Stars continued.homebrew, worldbuilding, space, internet, game design, internet map, setting, original content, oc, http, browser spaceships2012-12-17 11 
January 2013
22663639Red Dragon Quest 7We fight a Bronze Dragon and gain some Lizardmen.Red Dragon Quest, red dragon, red, dragon, Collective Game, bronze, suahagin, lizard men2013-01-19 13 
22707838Bizarre Slime Alt 1 part 2The beginnings of Ash Kingley, a middling musician in a sci-fi world of monster girls.Bizarre Slime, Monster Girls, Richter Bromont, Collective Game, 2013-01-21 14 
22823971Part I of Rolo Bronzejaw's TaleA thread about Law and Order in Middle Earth is derailed into one anon's spectacular writefaggotry.Rolo, Bronzejaw, Rolo Bronzejaw, Noir, Dames, Detectives, Dwarfs, Dark Elves, Dwarf, Dark Elf2013-01-28 8 
March 2013
23945081Rogue Broker Quest: A Net Gain Oneshotwe play a broker in the Net Gain world, who uncovers corporate secrets linked to a strange girl. what follows is a tale of revenge, a bit of romance, and one late-night quest.Net Gain, Rogue Broker Quest, Collective Game, Sci-fi, One-shot2013-03-30 10 
May 2013
24655141Mahou Shounen Quest 193.5continuation of yeterday's thread.Invisibility potion still being tested. Green Goo analysis. WE CHEMISTS NAO. Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, Today's show is brought to you by the number: -12013-05-06 6 
June 2013
25222776A Song of Ice and Fire - The Quest of House Harrock: Part 15In which Lord Artys of House Harrock, sworn of House Arryn, negotiates the acquisition of a new spymaster, Lymorian of Braavos, a master of disguise and wit. Lord Artys also bears witness to the final event of the tournament, the melee, in which Brock fights to the best of his ability, and with so many veterans of sword and mace, shield and armour, almost anything can, and does, happen...Collective Game, House Harrock, Harrock, ASOIAF, A Song of Ice and Fire, Quest, Mountains, Barbarians, Bastards, Game of Thrones, Brock2013-06-03 70 
25324824Hollow Quest Redux 7We make an inspirational speech, gain an army, then find the wolf bro and bring him into the foldCollective Game, Bleach, Hollow Quest Redux, AzureEarth, upgrade, Wolf Bro, Wolf, Bro, Ally, Spider2013-06-08 24 
25361633A Song of Ice and Fire - The Quest of House Harrock: Part 16In which Lord Artys of House Harrock, sworn of House Arryn, celebrates with his newly knighted son, Ser Brock Harrock, saying how proud he is of him, and that he has earned his place as the heir to Harrock. Artys also met with Lord Egen, now a supporter of the marriage proposal between Brock and his daughter, before going aboard Lord Yohn Royce's ship, where the three lords discussed the events of a few weeks ago, when Lady Maahira of Qohor visited the lands of Harrock and Egen, discovering a disturbing possibility for her presence in Westeros...Collective Game, House Harrock, Harrock, ASOIAF, A Song of Ice and Fire, Quest, Mountains, Barbarians, Bastards, Game of Thrones, Brock2013-06-10 52 
25652914Bromont Quest WhateverBromont finally learns how to put quest in the subject field. Maybe he will actually put it to use in the next threadMonstergirl, Collective Game, Bromont Quest, erp, shotacon, lolicon, futanari, monstergirl, is it really proper to call em girls when they all have dicks2013-06-26 -4 
July 2013
26255656/tg/ Bronze Dragon Quest Part 6.5Back after nearly a year-long hiatus!Collective Game, Firsttimer, Quest, Dragon, Metal, Bronze Dragon2013-07-26 5 
September 2013
27148972Post Apoc Hivemind Mutant Civ Quest Part 4We've gathered enough resource to unlock lower unexplored base. Unbelievable rewards in store. Addition of two new factions and heroes, Richard the Cyborg and the Broodmother.Collective Game, Mutants, Civ Quest, Hivemind, Cyborg, broodmother2013-09-11 5 
27408005Post Apoc Hivemind Mutant Civ Quest Part 15OP is busy, so mostly discussion. Later returns, and another close call happens. Ironically, peace is restored as we slowly settle into living the perpetual Battle of the 4 armies. New Ghoul hero.Collective Game, Mutants, Civ Quest, Hivemind, Broodmother, War2013-09-27 5 
October 2013
27510390Bizarre F/a/ggot AdventureHURF DURF IM FROM /A/ BUT IM GONNA SHIT UP /TG/ BECAUSE I THINK IM BETTER THAN THIS ENTIRE BOARD FOR WRITING SOFTCORE DICKGIRL FURRY EROTICAFaggot Slime, Collective Game, gb2/a/, that Bromont faggot is at it again2013-10-01 -5 
December 2013
28719869/tg/ Bronze Dragon Quest Part 7Time to atone for murdering all those people!Collective Game, Firsttimer, Quest, Dragon, Metal, Bronze Dragon2013-12-07 3 
28739094/tg/ Bronze Dragon Quest Part 8Apologies, apologies everywhere!Collective Game, Dragon, Quest, Bronze, Steel, Metal, FirstTimer, Waiting for OP2013-12-08 3 
28903956Girls und Panzer: Sherbrooke Girls High Quest #1In which we make some new friends, become captain of tankery, find and lose a dog, and acquire two new tanksCollective Game, Girls und Panzer: Sherbrooke Quest, Tanks, Canada 2013-12-17 11 
28926917Girls und Panzer: Sherbrooke Girls High Quest #2In which we find a tank or two, recruit a crew or two and hire an Ace instructor.Girls und Panzer, GuP, Tanks, Canada, Girls und Panzer: Sherbrooke2013-12-18 6 
28968696Girls und Panzer: Sherbrooke Girls High Quest #3In which we meet our Mountie team, Find a Tank and find our lost luggage.Girls und Panzer, GuP, Tanks, Canada, Girls und Panzer: Sherbrooke, Collective Game2013-12-20 6 
29154670Girls und Panzer: Sherbrooke Girls High Quest #4In which we fulfill the minimum requirements for Tankery by recruiting a couple more crews.Girls und Panzer, GuP, Tanks, Canada, Girls und Panzer: Sherbrooke2013-12-30 5 
January 2014
29216707Girls und Panzer: Sherbrooke Girls High Quest #5In which we have a picnic, recruit a crew, and watch some unsettling news.Girls und Panzer, GuP, Tanks, Canada, Girls und Panzer: Sherbrooke, Collective Game2014-01-02 6 
29328631 Girls Und Panzer: Sherbrooke Girls High Quest #6In which we find some tanks while digging around the ships bowels, and recruit a new crew.Girls und Panzer, GuP, Tanks, Canada, Girls und Panzer: Sherbrooke, Collective Game2014-01-07 6 
March 2014
31058715Broken Cyborg Quest #2Talos goes to the Black Flagon to track down the harvesters.Broken Cyborg Quest, Collective Game2014-03-25 0 
31084802Broken Cyborg Quest #3Talos prepares to raid Baker's hideout.Collective Game, Broken Cyborg Quest2014-03-26 2 
31098125Broken Cyborg Quest #4Talos delivers the money he promised to Ron's family.Collective Game, Broken Cyborg Quest2014-03-27 1 
31104083Cyberpunk Chef Quest #1/tg/ decides on a cute brown girl protagonist, has a lucky first day at work.Cyberpunk, Cyberpuk Chef Quest, Brown Girl, Collective Game2014-03-27 7 
31118698Broken Cyborg Quest #5Talos finds a new ally and returns to the old warehouse.Collective Game, Broken Cyborg Quest2014-03-28 0 
31138537Broken Cyborg Quest #6Talos and company set up shop in their new base of operations.Collective Game, Broken Cyborg Quest2014-03-29 2 
31158057Broken Cyborg Quest #7Talos heads down to the nightclub for his grudge match against Bassett.Collective Game, Broken Cyborg Quest2014-03-31 2 
May 2014
32102991Brouzouf QuestAn epic tale of treachery, deceit, greed, monstrosity, transhumanism and Brouzouf.Brouzouf Quest, Collective Game, QM Botched, Anticlimatic End, Sorry Guys2014-05-13 8 
32238823Brouzouf Quest 2The epic of greed and murder continues. Escapes have been secured. But of the night terrors, there is none such respite.Brouzouf Quest, Collective Game, Cliffhanger, No Waifus2014-05-20 6 
June 2014
32630072Brouzouf Quest 3.5Close encounters with nightmarish creatures, and close calls with Federal forces. And scrambled eggs.Brouzouf Quest, Collective Game, Continuation, Preemptive Archiving2014-06-07 5 
32712602Brouzouf Quest 4You learn more about your dreamy self than you'd wish for. New eyes bring new optionsBrouzouf Quest, Collective Game, Cliffhanger, PLOT2014-06-11 5 
July 2014
33290015Brouzouf Quest 6Wherein the Hero learns that riding forth against bandits and dragons is stressing business.Brouzouf Quest, Collective Game, White Knighting, Dragon Slaying, Shit Roll Surviving2014-07-09 3 
33489282Brouzouf Quest 7You face off against a centipede Manduco. Too tired for "deep" shizzle right now.Brouzouf Quest, Collective Game, Dreaming, Boss Fight, Post Loss Trauma2014-07-18 3 
33795464Brouzouf Quest 8In which a critfail leads to uncomfortable innuendoBrouzouf Quest, Collective Game, Soliciting, Insanity2014-07-31 2 
August 2014
33833352Cursed_Apprentice_Quest 2We get some nice threads, hit on a bar maid, trick a pickpocket into touching our dick, ruin our threads after we get shot,befriend pickpocket,and figure this cult shit outshota, Cursed_Apprentice_Quest, 360noscopearrowthrow, wenches, magic, Collective game, quest, brainexplosion, hugs, brown elves, nopumpkins,2014-08-02 10 
33858723Cursed Apprentice Quest 3In this episode we meet a QT spider and make it our familiar, We cuddle it and arwen, We decide to say fuck it with the town and ditch, on a walk to the city, Shit happens.Cursed_Apprentice, Quest, Collective Game, Spiders, Cute, Shota, Fried chicken, brown elf boobage, whyaretherenopicturesofshotawizards,2014-08-03 13 
33870969Digimon Quest The ThirtyfithIn which we get lost, and watch some TV.Digimon Quest, Gale, Collective Game, Digimon, Aegisbromon,2014-08-05 5 
34083697Brouzouf Quest 9Your excessive usage of Psi makes you expose yourself to plot. My family sux.Brouzouf Quest, Collective Game, PLOT, Short Session2014-08-12 2 
34293869Brouzouf Quest 10The day started nicely. Then you went to work and you killed your boss and co-workers.Brouzouf Quest, Collective Game, Blood and gore2014-08-21 3 
September 2014
34928447Brouzouf Quest SAC #1What do looters dream of, when they take a little looter snooze?Brouzouf Quest, Collective Game, Filler2014-09-17 1 
35024657Feminist (Dys/U)topia QuestGordon the white, cishet, truscum, male finally leaves his solitary education cell after 13 years.Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Collective Game, Satire, Patriarchy, Feminism, Trap, Bro2014-09-21 30 
35047360Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 2Gordon manages to save his balls, as well as taking on a brand new job opportunity.Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Bro, Trap, Collective Game, Satire, Feminism, Patriarchy2014-09-22 20 
35111271Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 3Gordon finally makes his way into the mines. After infiltrating the ranks of the miners, he finds the resistance group and their hidden base.Collective Game, Satire, Patriarchy, Feminism, Trap, TRIGGER WARNING, Bro, Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Commando, Tacticool2014-09-25 22 
35154876Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 4Gordon finds out that someone has set him up the bomb and has done something incredibly dangerous for personal gain.Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Bro, Trap, Collective Game, Satire, Feminism, Patriarchy2014-09-27 21 
October 2014
35484559Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 6OP is forced out of his comfort zone, and the MC's good nature works against him as he's forced into a rather sticky situation.Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Bro, Trap, Collective Game, Satire, Feminism, Patriarchy2014-10-12 8 
35505671Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest 7Gordon goes explorin' and ends up a bit deeper than he would have liked...Feminist (Dys/U)topia Quest, Bro, Trap, Collective Game, Satire, Feminism, Patriarchy2014-10-13 6 
35586462Space Pirate Naga Quest 15Our fearless captain bravely runs away from her unkillable nemesis and toys with ancient sciences that should probably never be touched and makes everyone else uncomfortable.Space Pirate Naga Quest, Collective Game, Space Pirate, Naga, Mechs, Ruin Looting, Lamias are just the worst, Don't think about dirty things while broadcasting your mind to the entire ship2014-10-17 6 
November 2014
36193159The Omegle Crusade/tg/ heads back to omegle to cause some more havoc.omegle, skorvar, brogan, troll, humour2014-11-16 1 
January 2015
37646059Broken Sky Online - Session 1An unknown player embarks on his journey into a virtual world that's far more complex than it appears.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-01-27 29 
37686014Broken Sky Online - Session 2Ascheritte makes his way to Averron City, quickly and unwittingly making an impression among influential people.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-01-29 25 
37731816Broken Sky Online - Session 3Ascheritte joins a party and leaves Averron for the ruins below.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-01-31 23 
February 2015
37757457Broken Sky Online - Session 4Ascheritte and party explore the ruins below Averron.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-02-01 21 
37804590Broken Sky Online - Session 5Ascheritte and his party defeat a boss and explore an ancient cathedral.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-02-03 15 
37884992Broken Sky Online - Session 6Ascheritte—Travis Foster—wakes up briefly, before battling the Nameless and meeting new allies.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-02-07 14 
38003684Broken Sky Online - Session 7Ascheritte and his party return to Averron, and encounter the leaders of Freakshow and the Crimson Guardians.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-02-12 12 
38115464Broken Sky Online - Session 8Ascheritte returns to Averron City proper, doing some much-needed shopping and examining the state of things.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-02-17 11 
38202767Broken Sky Online - Session 9Ascheritte groups with a smaller party and explores caves nearby Averron.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-02-21 11 
38211479Joker Quest 123Joker gives birth. Kazuya shows his true color. Wannabe Utopia Ruler rambles in paranoia.Collective Game, Joker, Joker Quest, There are still heroes left in men, bros for life, bros before hoes, bitches and whores, beaches and shores, total bromance, papa is proud2015-02-21 13 
38377779Harem Bro QuestYou are the best bro of a standard harem MC. Your job is to support him to the very end.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-02-28 44 
March 2015
38426869Harem Bro Quest 2We continue our school day, go to boring classes and play dodgeball.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-02 30 
38429954Broken Sky Online - Session 10An expedition is planned.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-03-03 13 
38447030Harem Bro Quest 3We finish class, meet the last harem member and one Mushroom-tan.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-03 27 
38517331Harem Bro Quest 4Time to work on resolving our bro's shit. But does he feel the same way?Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-07 23 
38525301Broken Sky Online - Session 11We visit the Crimson Guardians, then visit real life.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-03-07 11 
38541339Harem Bro Quest 5The duel inside the Reality Marble continues.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-07 25 
38549623Harem Bro Quest 5 Part 2An epilogue is posted, mostly because the other thread dropped off the board.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-07 22 
38637081Broken Sky Online - Session 12The expedition begins. We return to the lower branches to tackle the Inner Sanctum.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-03-12 10 
38896428Harem Bro Quest 6We take the time out to relax with our bro, and meet one Dick-Ass Thief.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-23 21 
38900585Broken Sky Online - Session 13The Guardian Construct is defeated.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-03-24 12 
38914938Harem Bro Quest 7We begin making plans to convince our childhood friend: Hatoko Kushikawa.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-24 21 
39033877Harem Bro Quest 8It's time to get to work. Let's try and convince Hatoko. Can we do it?Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-03-31 21 
April 2015
39052348Harem Bro Quest 9The conclusion of Hatoko's arc.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-01 21 
39127727Joker Quest 129Joker, Haze and Regios enter the shelter. Another bro takes the field, stops Joker's speech and shows his bro-ness.Collective Game, Joker Quest, Joker, broforce2015-04-04 11 
39182136Harem Bro Quest 10Our day kicks off to a flying start as the rest of the girls try to interrogate us.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-07 21 
39203055Harem Bro Quest 11We take Sachiko, STREUM and Syoko out to have fun at an amusement park.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-08 24 
39224341Broken Sky Online - Session 14The raid party returns to the upper Sanctum.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-04-09 7 
39347656Harem Bro Quest 12We attempt to do calculus and check on Syoko's first day at school. Vending machines are involved.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-15 21 
39472561Harem Bro Quest 13We talk to our gender-bender pilot boy, decide which girl to convince next and fight against the machinations of time.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-21 21 
39592486Harem Bro Quest 14Cooperation Links are introduced. We hang out with Kurumi, Ayase and Syoko today.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-04-27 21 
May 2015
39774056Harem Bro Quest 15It's Ophis time, for a bit anyway. We take the time to show her around the house.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-05-06 22 
40003078Broken Sky Online - Session 15Ascheritte leads the raid upstairs, and discovers some well-kept secrets on multiple fronts.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-05-17 7 
40057137Harem Bro Quest 16Polls are posted. Revelations are made. OP fucks up the title numbering for some stupid reason.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-05-19 24 
40202846Harem Bro Quest 17Time to break the bad news to the crew. Also, more rank ups for Cooperation and Social Links.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-05-27 21 
June 2015
40514899Superhuman Legacy Quest 6Thomas Cairn gets some answers, sees some shoddy work,creates an AI, rolls so well that I still don't understand, and realizes that he accidentally invented cold fusion.Collective Game, Superhuman Legacy, superpowers, Nanomachines, Tony Stark, How the fuck bro2015-06-10 8 
40647023Harem Bro Quest 18A morning in the life of Courier Six first, and then it's investigation time.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-06-17 20 
40666570Harem Bro Quest 19INTERMISSION 1 PART 1 (cut off due to QM sickness)Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-06-17 12 
40684819Harem Bro Quest 20INTERMISSION 1 PART 2Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-06-19 15 
40852896Broken Skeleton QuestYou are a one-armed mute amnesiac Skeletorc. But you still have your sense of humour!Collective Game, Quest, Broken Skeleton Quest2015-06-27 1 
September 2015
42257003Post Apoc Bandit Brood Civ QuestThus starts the journey of our Bandits, the Brood, and the Supersoldier in these monster and zombie infested megacity ruins.Collective Game, Civ Quest, Hivemind, Bandits, Super Soldier, Brood2015-09-03 1 
42317263Post Apoc Bandit Brood Civ Quest 3Another day of survival, of growth of the Hive and of Bandits as we gain new powers, new weapons, new challengesCollective Game, Civ Quest, Hivemind, Bandits, Super Soldier, Brood2015-09-07 1 
October 2015
43192350The Elder Scrolls: Dark Brotherhood QuestThe Elder Scrolls: Dark Brotherhood Questcollective game, elder scrolls, arena, skyrim, daggerfall, morrowind, oblivion, dark brotherhood, quest,2015-10-21 3 
November 2015
43829030Broken Sky Online - Journey Through The UndergroundWe are Sybil, elite Explorer for a mercenary vanguard on an important mission. Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-11-26 5 
December 2015
44267443Broken Sky Online - Session 16Ascheritte and party outmaneuver homunculi, and engage the boss of the Sanctum.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-12-20 5 
44284556Broken Sky Online - Session 17The showdown with the First Artificer, a covetous Precursor, continues. Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-12-21 5 
44309252Broken Sky Online - Session 18Shopping, exploration of the Observatory, and first contact.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-12-22 5 
44328443Harem Bro Quest 21 The Closure: Thorn tells us all about what would've been.Collective Game, Harem Bro Quest, HBQ, Harem Bro2015-12-22 13 
44363193Broken Sky Online - Pandora's BoxWe are Pandora, a powerful Artificer; and for once, we just want to do something nice for a friend. Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2015-12-24 6 
January 2016
44507775Broken Sky Online - Session 19Short thread. We awaken briefly, then prepare for our next journey to the lower branches. Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2016-01-02 5 
February 2016
45260556OmegleAnother "Go on Omelge and mess with ERPers" thread. Full of Orcs.omegle, orcs, barbarians, brogan, troll2016-02-08 6 
45364793Broken Sky Online - Session 20We catch up with a familiar face and don't bet on a fight. Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2016-02-12 5 
March 2016
45880593D&D: the animated series/tg/ becomes /co/ and designs a D&D-based cartoon.Cartoon, D&D, WotC, Hasbro, Faerun, Realms, Bards, Druids, Pseudodragons, Drow Appeal, Friendship, Is, Magic2016-03-10 7 
45965808Broken Sky Online - Session 21We finish up in the magma chamber and return to the Observatory.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2016-03-13 5 
April 2016
46505543Broken Sky Online - Session 22Ascheritte and Tatsumaki team up to battle new enemies beneath Averron. Meanwhile, guild politics grow ever more complex.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2016-04-07 5 
46531743Broken Sky Online - Session 23"Ascheritte, seek ever-stronger foes, and transcend memory itself."Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2016-04-08 5 
46550137Broken Sky Online - Session 24.1The Averron Alliance meets to discuss the changing political climate.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2016-04-09 5 
46639976Broken Sky Online - Session 24.2A prophecy is revealed. The Alliance members prepare to fight a war.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2016-04-13 5 
May 2016
51273Fate/Broken Destinies As Frederick Ainsworth, join the Holy Grail War and bring fame to your familyFate/Broken Destinies, Collective Game, Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Katawa Shoujo2016-05-07 6 
74785Fate/Broken Destinies (2)We explore Yamaku and have our first fights. More main characters are introduced and we quarrel a bit with Saber.Fate/Broken Destinies, Collective Game, Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Katawa Shoujo 2016-05-13 2 
106207Fate/Broken Destinies (3)We join an alliance of magi to fight against the Masters at the school, and we learn more about the settingFate/Broken Destinies, Collective Game, Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Katawa Shoujo 2016-05-16 1 
123377Fate/Broken Destinies 4Fight with Berserker, Assassin and the theft of our precious music boxFate/Broken Destinies, Collective Game, Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Katawa Shoujo2016-05-22 3 
141390Fate/Broken Destinies 5This is it, guys! The narrative's arc finale!Fate/Broken Destinies, Collective Game, Fate/Stay Night, Nasuverse, Katawa Shoujo2016-05-24 1 
September 2016
550943Broken Sky Online - Session 25Ascheritte gathers his party before venturing forth.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2016-09-10 5 
580189Broken Sky Online - Session 26Ascheritte and party scout ahead into unexplored territory as a war begins.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2016-09-17 5 
625942Broken Sky Online - Session 27Ascheritte and company skip to the end.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2016-09-26 5 
December 2016
50519158AtlantaAsia pt 2Second half of the epic tournament.AtlantaAsia, Broken system, cat-o-nine-tails2016-12-04 26 
949671Broken Sky Online - Session 28Ascheritte descends to the deepest known branch of the Underground, and wields a bitter memory in the battle to seal off the Earthsea. Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2016-12-18 5 
980053Broken Sky Online - Session 29In which powerful Memories are explored in anticipation of a return to a changed Averron.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2016-12-28 5 
January 2017
993431Broken Sky Online - Session 30Ascheritte returns to the Observatory. The ultimate weapon is (not) unleashed.Broken Sky, BSO, MMO, MMORPG, Quest, Collective Game2017-01-01 5 
February 2017
1098283Joker Quest 151Joker once again finds himself trapped in the Hell that forged him. At least this time he has company.Joker, Joker Quest, Collective Game, Daegal, Team Bro Wins, Shits Fucked2017-02-02 6 
July 2017
1643258Cinderella Sanction Quest #1Prologue: They Are A-Changin' & BEGIN PART ONE: TAKE ME TO WONDERLANDCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, Modern Fantasy, Broken Masquerade2017-07-09 15 
1670571Gemini Quest #1Whitaker Schnee is created and given place in Remnant. Family drama ensues, schedules are ruined, and new friends (kinda) are met. Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant2017-07-17 24 
1677697Gemini Quest #2Initiation! Guilt is accrued, but in exchange, a not-so-solemn vow is kept. The twins make quite a team.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant2017-07-18 21 
1683357Gemini Quest #3Whitaker meets up with his team, becomes the biggest brother, and accidentally implies that he is a robot. Smiles continue to be protected.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant2017-07-21 20 
1668718Cinderella Sanction Quest #2We lose our shit on Fancy and learn more about our new alliesCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, Modern Fantasy, Broken Masquerade2017-07-22 10 
1689655Gemini Quest #1Cracks begin to form as team SPWB threatens to fall apart. Whitaker tries his best to keep the team together.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant2017-07-25 16 
1692740Cinderella Sanction Quest #3We have a dream about hamCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, Modern Fantasy, Broken Masquerade2017-07-29 10 
August 2017
1716509RWBY: Gemini Quest #5Whitaker discovers what's under Penny's skin, a plot to rob beacon, his acting abilities, and some monkey troubles.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-08-01 13 
1718417Cinderella Sanction Quest #4We investigate Carroll HouseCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, Modern Fantasy, Broken Masquerade2017-08-05 10 
1734328RWBY: Gemini Quest #6In which the cat is let out of the bag, Yang and Whitaker duke it out, Whitaker makes a pun and a plan to crash a club.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-08-08 12 
1744605Cinderella Sanction Quest #5We dredge up a whole lot of shit from the pastCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, Modern Fantasy, Broken Masquerade2017-08-12 6 
1767163RWBY: Gemini Quest #7Solid Whitaker busts a club, arrests the crook, goes bowling and wakes up in a strange place.Gemini Quest, Collective Game, BrotherQM, RWBY, Remnant, Little Snowman2017-08-15 12 
1768574Cinderella Sanction Quest #6We have a date with Fancy in a slow threadCollective Game, Changeling: the Lost, New Avalon, Modern Fantasy, Broken Masquerade2017-08-20 6 
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